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T.A.,, 10/30/98
I think neo-tech is the next step for mankind and human evolution

A.T.,, 10/29/98
I am new at this. I grew up in a catholic school so you can Imagine my inner conflicts. With Neo-tech it's like the floodgates of my mind opened. I have a long way to go to get rid of all the mysticism that I have, but thank you for writing a book that I can use to fight it with.

K.K.,, 10/29/98
I read God-Man and the Neo-Tech Discovery. I knew there was more to life than was being presented to me by the mystics and neo-cheats. I am so excited and happy about my discovery of new knowledge.

J.O.,, 10/29/98
Hi and thanks for saving my life, the God concept is no longer with me.

S.W.,, 10/29/98, Australia.

M.C.,, 10/28/98
I understand that over one million people have had access to this web site. Do you understand the profound implications of this? No matter what happens to Wallace, his associates or Neo-tech publishing or even this web site, Honesty now has a permanent and immutable foothold on this planet. It doesn't matter what chain of events occurs or who dies or is or is not silenced, I have this knowledge and so do thousands of others .We will take over if need be. This thing is out of anybody's hands now. The only thing open to debate is the time frame it will take for the arrival of the civilization of the universe. Perhaps it is already here or has always been here but just hasn't fully manifested itself.

K.K.,, 10/27/98
I read both God-Man and The Neo-Tech Discovery and was elated at the content. I am now using the web site to further my value producing capabilities. I absolutely admire the energy and thought that went into these publications.

B.D.,, 10/27/98
Thank you for neo-tech, I can feel my life changing as I read the truth.

R.P.,, 10/26/98
I have read your God-man book and think it is great!

J.W.,, 10/25/98
I'm calling for a nation wide boycott of the year 2000 elections. We can defeat them.

L.M.,, 10/25/98
You have a lot of insight toward a unified theory (its my mind talking here not somebody else's) but unless it can be fully quantified (symbolically modeled with adequate detail) in some way, it cannot be experienced in the same way by very many, and therefore cannot eventually get into human consciousness (includes subconscious) via genetics and DNA and cause the necessary sense of global family and future evolution of life. Take a look at (watch out for the capital letters)

J.S.,, 10/25/98
Thank you for Neo-Tech. After reading the negative responses, I'm convinced Neo-Tech is the cure for the basturd, immature thinking and corruption that exists in our society today. I'll continue Neo-Tech'ing' until I Neo-Think to a fully appreciative and compassionate human being. The negative's really help me see the negatives in myself. Thanx once again.

D.F.,, 10/25/98
The web is the last vestige of free speech in the world. Even the most vile filth has it's place on the web (not that you fit into that category). Regulation of thought is the most immoral concept in the world, as well as completely unattainable. Those who do not agree with you have every right to disagree, not read your literature, and try to persuade others to avoid you. However, in the final frontier of truly free discourse, you and everyone else have a place on the web. Let freedom ring.

G.M.,, 10/25/98, Canada
I've voted for this before... but I want to vote again. I Simply have one thing to say about Neo-Tech. It's THE only way anyone can hope to survive through the dark beginnings of conscious existence. Once beyond that darkness, a person can begin to integrate and understand more fully and confidently everything that goes on around him/her. And that knowledge and understanding will enable each of those individuals who use it to better inform themselves as to what it is to be a conscious being... to LIVE... as a self-aware, fully-integrated organism- with potential for more! Definitely keep up the tremendous work, and don't stop!

M.B.,, 10/25/98
Do you ever reply to any of these comments? This is my third time writing and I don't think you have read the first two. Can I get an E-mail address of someone in your group?

S.S.,, 10/24/98
I agree with everything you are saying. I am having a Difficult time changing my habits. 'Tomorrow's another day' I know this thinking is not beneficial for me. It's like there are two of me. One part wants to live and make changes to do so, and the other wants to live without making changes, and sells me on the idea that I don't have to. (make changes in my lifestyle) I believe this is death speaking. Death wants to live in me. I don't like talking this way for I think our words are very powerful. However I must see it for what it is. So, Why am I telling you all this? I feel I would like to have HELP with making these changes. Everyday I think 'just DO IT!' And something holds me back.

A.L.,, 10/24/98
your twist is very interesting, but I would like to read more on what I personally can do to become more real.

G.S.,, 10/24/98
I am in the area of a fellow that has written a book titled 'The Theory of Unity' by David E. Pressler. His address is: P.O. Box 1290, Goshen, IN 46527. In the book he says he can prove God exists. Since Neo-Tech admits it can not explain all things this might be of interest. I am open minded enough to listen to logic. By the way; have you heard of the International Criminal Court that needs 60 nations to ratify. If activated it would likely over-ride any nation's control and thus personal freedoms. Any questions on this issue please call: 1-800-JBS-USA-1. Thank You

T.D.,, 10/24/98

J.H.,, 10/24/98
more info wanted on philosophy of health and safety law from nineteenth century

M.G.,, 10/24/98
I am just begins to learn.

A.M.,, 10/24/98
This is an exciting new frontier of human development, all That I have read thus far makes sense. I am still reading and learning every day. Looking forward to the rewards that follow!!!!!!!

M.B.,, 10/24/98
I received an add from you trying to get me to buy your course. I sent my order form in on the 21 of this month. in the add this man goes into a library and finds a book, which I don't know if this is true or just part of you selling plan, but I would like to know the name of the book that he talked about. I have bought your course but it will take a couple of weeks to get here and I am really interested in know the answer to this question?

R.M.,, 10/24/98
I have ordered the books on Neo-tech, but have not received Them yet. I have never heard of Neo-Tech until that letter. I have always researched the human mind, but have not found what I have been looking for. I hope these books will open a New door for me.

E.C.,, 10/24/98
From the little bit of what I'd scan through, I'm impressed That this perspective of free-thought exists in written form. In last 2 years, I've been evaluating some of these issues along the same line of thought. I noticed mention of Greek philosophers, what about Eastern comparison on ethical & ecologically balanced human existence? Still, what is the meaning of 'LIFE'?

M.B.,, 10/24/98
What is the name of the book that this man read to come up With this system?

E.G.,, 10/23/98
I know this site should remain for decades to come. You see, This type of information can be obtained NO-WERE, THEREFORE IT IS UNIQUE IN ALL IT'S CONTENT'S. I don't own the package yet do to monetary lack of but I will very soon to become the millionaire I know I will be. Sincerely: E. paulino, E.P.G. Literatures. P.S. Please send me the latest mailing offer you have so I can send for the package A.S.A.P. Thank you for making my life what I knew it was always meant to be.

J.V.,, 10/23/98
This is a great web site and should remain on the web. I just ordered the God-Man and Neo-Tech books! Hope to receive them soon!

R.L.,, 10/23/98
I feel I've found the key to the puzzle

D.L.,, 10/23/98
This is a very important site. every one should now the truth about the problems with the system.

D.M.,, 10/23/98
This past week I sent for your Neo-Tech Discovery along with all the other information included with the offer. Is what I'm reading on the web site the same information that I sent for?

M.M.,, 10/23/98
The information available on this site is extremely interesting, and could possible change lives.

G.V.,, 10/23/98
I think that pleasure, happiness and joy are pale reflections of being itself. Pleasure always takes a direct object: for instance, ice cream or sex or money. Happiness is the order that one places these things in so for instance if one accounts money a greater good thing than say recreational time, in the pursuit of money one will find happiness. Obviously, happiness doesn't have any lasting significance though its duration is related to ones will or need rather than how full your belly or sex drive is. When the dark side of being human becomes apparent through death, meaninglessness or despair, pleasure and happiness fade into oblivion. What can take its rightful place at that time is joy. Joy is the transcendent portion of being human- of human awareness where the infinite becomes incarnate. It is poetry. It is indifferent to pleasure and happiness so seek well the direction of your life.

R.B.,, 10/23/98, Australia
great to be able to re enforce concepts

J.W.,, 10/23/98
In 1988 I came down with MS. In 1995 l lost the ability to walk. So now lm in a electric scooter trying to get my life back in order. Been shacked up with a lady for 11 years now, and its not really fair to her. My ssdi doesn't really pay more than my part of the rent. When l lost my walking, l lost my job. If I can read the book and turn a profit l would gladly pay neo-tech the money for the book.(REALLY) As it stands now l cant pay anything. It's your call now, do l get credit or do l give hope up for good?

D.L.,, 10/23/98
I believe Zonpower and its rational intensive information is a must for today's society. but I think that the information given is still in too much detail or maybe its so general that people might not get the point to be intrigued to read more. yes I understand about neocheaters but ultimately Zonpower must appeal to a larger population for it to take a stronger hold on society as a whole. I have two books on the manual, actually they are the same; Zonpower/Neo-Tech and god??/Neo-Tech, sorry I forgot the name and I'm not home. nevertheless, I really want more in-depth interpretation. I read most of the book, but what I want to know is how do I apply this in my life. I think already I live mostly as an Objectivist but I still feel something is missing. any comments? please write me or send to my e-mail: or write to: Denise LeCompte 1420 Fallswood Drive Potomac, MD. 20854 thanks so much.....D

D.L.,, 10/22/98
this site is the greatest on the web, for not only will it smother mysticism, but it will advance the population of earth into the C of U! GO NEO-TECH! may the value-producers inherit the earth and the parasitical elites be broken by integrated honesty! DOWN WITH DEATH..........UP WITH LIFE!! I would also like to cheer on the RIBI. Thank you for being there to advance earth beyond death. Beware you may have competition in the future!!! LIVE NEO-TECH LIVE!!!!!! LIVE FRANK WALLACE, MARK HAMILTON, AND ERIC SAVAGE, LIVE!!!!! and to I&O publishing, A Huge thank you for making the neo-tech discovery available to me! I now know true integrated honesty! HAPPINESS IN BOUNTIFUL IN MY LIFE.....all thanks to my desire to accept and use honesty and to destroy my own faults in dishonesty.....that's all folks! I'll see you in the C of U.

J.G.,, 10/22/98
Hi my name is jack and I received this letter in the mail of a personal memo from the desk of Erick Savage. My curiosity was set ablaze and I sent right off right away for the neo-tech discovery. I have not gotten it yet and I don't know what to expect after I get it. I do know that if there is something that I should know that can make my life better and make me a better man I want it. Will talk to you again latter and tell you what I think of it.

D.L.,, 10/22/98
No thank you God help you.

L.H.,, 10/22/98
I guess it could all go back to the first mistake with the Excuses that followed. How do we undo something that is so integrated in the system we live in?

C.J.,, 10/22/98
I think that it important that everybody can see how there is a way we can all live and get along. This is going to become more important over the next few years. I received your letter in the mail and you said I had to respond by Friday, is that really fair if I don't have the money?

Anon.,, 10/22/98
You don't explain what neo-tech is. what is the point of Buying it when I don't even know what it is. Do you think people are that stupid? what is Neo-tech?????????????????????????

M.F.,, 10/22/98
I am a proud owner of the Neo-Tech/God-man literature. When I first ordered Neo-Tech I was upset at how long it took to receive the package and even expressed my opinion here. But now that I have read most of both the Neo-Tech Discovery and God-man books(I am 3/4 of the way through both), I can understand that with the screening and all it takes some time. I would like to apologize in my unfair and too quick judgement of calling the people of Neo-Tech Neocheaters. Sorry. But I was and still am upset with your marketing materials, which in my opinion are SOMEWHAT misleading. I say this because I received the second and final notice TWICE which in my opinion, shouldn't have happened with your computer tracking capabilities talked about in the marketing materials. But I can see how it could be an honest mistake with all of the mailing lists you all rent. Also I must admit that they were sent to two separate addresses, one to my P.O. Box and one to my street address. At the time I assumed you got my P.O. Box address from my order form which included both addresses. I was just so excited to receive the materials that I jumped the gun. I have been screwed by many get-rich-quick companies that wanted my money but never sent the materials that 'guaranteed' my success. I thought Neo-Tech was another one of those companies. After all the marketing materials say that with Neo-Tech I will get unlimited prosperity, happiness, and romantic love easily after reading and integrating the Manuscript. So I hope you can understand where I am coming from. Also I am disappointed that I did not REALLY receive the complete Neo-Tech I-V, most of Neo-Tech I was omitted from the manuscript that I received. I understand that I don't really NEED it to fully understand and integrate the Neo-Tech Discovery. But the marketing materials assured me that I would receive the complete package I-V. I happen to be very interested in cards, being from a family that plays a lot of poker for fun and for money. I ask of you to PLEASE send me the complete Neo-Tech I free of charge due to the fact that the marketing materials state that I would be receiving the COMPLETE NEO-TECH I-V. Although I do feel that the $60 price is a good price for what I DID receive, I also feel that I was SOMEWHAT mislead. And frankly, I don't have the extra $40 for the materials I believed was to be included. In fact the $60 I spent for the Neo-Tech Discovery put me a little bit behind on my bills, which I'm still trying to catch up on now. I know $40 or even $60 doesn't mean much to a company such as yours, but unfortunately it means a lot to me. I'm trying to support a family of 5 on a measly $5.50 an hour, it's not easy, believe me. I'm not writing this out of anger, I honestly feel mislead and even got other peoples' opinions before writing this. I would also like to say that I don't agree with everything contained within the Neo-Tech/God-man literature and have found some contradictions. The Neo-Tech Discovery says to reject ALL mysticism UFO's, ESP, PK, Telekinesis, Astrology, Psychics, etc. But God-man/The Final Revolution is based on 'visions' and even says something like only through Neo-Tech can you become a TRUE psychic. I don't get it. What is that supposed to mean? Do you believe in psychics or not? I'm just confused on this. Also it says 'mind over matter' is mysticism. I disagree, being someone that has used mind over matter in the sense of ignoring pain in many ways, that most people just could not do. How about deja vu? And seeing future events in dreams or a hypnotic state or just seemingly out of nowhere? Astral Traveling? Mind messages to other people/from other people (ESP). These are all things I have experienced. How about magic? Controlling the weather...i.e. RAIN. This may sound unbelievable, but I've made it rain with a simple spell... several times....coincidence? I don't think so. If you think all of this sounds strange....check this out...when I was in the Marine Corps, a buddy and I studied some witchcraft and a Cpl said we were crazy and if we could really perform magic put a spell on we did, we made him impotent with a simple impotency spell by tying a string in three knots saying 'Far si far, fa far fay u, far four na forty Kay u Mack straik it, a pain four hun creig wel Mack smeoran bun bagie.' Then we hung it on his door knob for him to see. I don't know why, but it worked. He couldn't get a hard on, even the normal morning stiffy until the spell was broken two weeks later by untying the knots! He even tried to bring charges against us for practicing witchcraft outside our religion; because when he brought a woman home from a bar, she left when he couldn't get it up:-)!!! The charges didn't hold up only because I have NO RELIGIOUS PREFERENCE and my dog tags stated that!!! I didn't really think it would work, but obviously it did. We didn't tell him we did it or what the string was for until he tried to bring us up on charges and our Staff Sgt. asked us to fix it. He even went through the dumpster to find the knotted string so we could undo the spell. Sounds farfetched I know, but it happened. If you think I'm lying, research a little bit. The book we got the spells out of is called 'The Complete Book Of Magic & Witchcraft' revised edition by Kathleen Paulsen. I learned some ESP and Astral Travel from David St. Clair's 'Instant ESP'. With the things you talk about in Zonpower, none of this is really too farfetched. I don't believe everything I hear, but the things I've experienced I have to believe. I guess you could explain everything away with 'coincidence' but still something is going on here. Also, I must point out that this knowledge in Neo-Tech isn't really new knowledge. I knew a lot of this stuff before ever even hearing about Neo-Tech as far as the God concept, religion, government, lawyers, certain professors, etc, etc. It's all a bunch of B.S. They are liars who live off of destroying others. The whole fully integrated honesty bit is GREAT. Biological Immortality and most of what I've read so far is great and I'm glad someone has finally produced such a Manuscript for everyone to enjoy. I've HONESTLY ALWAYS rejected mysticism including the magic and ESP stuff until I experienced some of it. But I still do and always have rejected the GOD concept and ALL religion and government, knowing it is/was a big lie. I've always believed in individualism. And whenever I've been asked how long I think I'm gonna live, I've always said forever. I've said 'I've got the POWER' since I was three years old! I've always believed in the POWER of the mind...NOT GOD!!! But I think Neo-Tech is cutting itself short by rejecting SOME ESP! Although, overall I think Neo-Tech IS going to help us EVOLVE into more than most people are willing to accept...which I find strange, considering most people are gullible enough to believe in such stupidities as GOD and government!!!!! I could go on and on and on as you've seen already....but I must go now. AGAIN, Thanks for not necessarily NEW knowledge but knowledge that needed to be spelled out to most people of the world who have fallen into the traps of Neocheaters and Mysticism! Before I go I must say that even though I knew a lot of the knowledge contained in Neo-Tech before ever seeing the books, you have basically put it into step by step instructions to fully integrate and then benefit by it. Thank you Matt Fulger P.S. Please respond and let me know your thoughts. And tell me, will you PLEASE send the complete Neo-Tech I free? I'm really upset about this whole Clinton scandal(s). I personally do not believe Clinton should have even been allowed to run for office, much less become the President of the U.S. considering the fact that he dodged the draft. In 1992 I was not allowed to vote due to the fact that I was in boot camp for the USMC and was denied the right to vote! I was really upset, but what could I do? I did not vote in 1996 in part because I had moved to WV from MI right around election time and did not know how to cast a vote from WV being registered in MI, but also because the only business minded candidate, Ross Perot, was forced out of the race by Clinton and his minions. He is obviously not a man that wants to serve our countries best interests. Who knows how many countless scandals the man is/was truly involved in over the years? He is obviously one of the biggest liars this country has ever had to deal with. He says he smoked pot but didn't inhale..... please! I smoked pot and did inhale while serving in the USMC. I took responsibility for it and turned myself in to a Sgt. in charge of drug testing and as a result received an Other Than Honorable discharge. I was also denied the right to my personal belongings that I was forced to put into a storage facility in Camp Pendleton before going over seas to Okinawa, Japan. I have been out of the military since Nov. 1995 and am still fighting with the government to get my personal belongings back, or at least some monetary compensation (I believe that they have auctioned my belongings)! Also in dispute is approximately $3500 in damages to my stereo equipment and lost items that were shipped from Okinawa. The gov't decided to grant me only $425. I disputed that figure and they called my house one day asking my girlfriend for my bank routing numbers so they could direct deposit an undisclosed amount to my account. She did not have the info. and tried to take a message, but was told that they would contact me at a later date....that was at least 6-8 weeks ago. I'm really frustrated and do not know what to do. I've called all the contacts that I was told could help me and have yet to get ANY 'help'. I figure the government owes me approx. $15,000 which actually that is a smaller amount than the actual retail value if I were to go out and price everything contained on my inventory lists(I did keep good records 'just in case'). Not that my record keeping has done me any good thus far. Do you have any ideas of how to go about getting back what is rightfully mine or the $15,000 figure? I would rather get my belongings, but like I said, I believe that everything has probably been auctioned off. I can't afford a lawyer and am not sure I could find one that could win against the gov't anyway. Please help me or at least point me in the correct direction. I think that my things were stolen by the gov't because I smoked pot. But I do not believe that anyone, including the gov't has the right to steal from anyone just because they made a mistake... ..especially when our President even admitted to smoking pot...and probably still does! Thank you very much, Matt Fulger P.S. Please respond. My email address is:

R.W.,, 10/22/98
Dear Mrs. Goldman, This was my fist time to your web site after learning from it in a booklet I just received. I found your site to be laid out very well and quite frankly fascinating. I believe you are very fair with the negative and positive comment sections. I believe your site should stay on the web. This is after all a free country, You have the right, and people have the right to or not to believe or apply the techniques. This is an individuals decision and should be kept this way. Like bellybuttons everyone has their own opinion. Like to see more info on winning back an ex-girlfriend/lover - comments, winning love and making money. Hope to receive your most recent Money, Power, Romantic Love information in my mail box soon. Thanks A million!

A.H.,, 10/21/98
Thank You very much for your insight

B.W.,, 10/21/98, Sweden
Too tired at this 4.30 a.m. moment in Sweden to comment in depth. However, I have seen enough in a few minutes to read you as mad, okay, enough to blow minds to love if not smithereens.

C.W.,, 10/21/98
Technology has reached a point where we can see a brave new World Weather it is a new Plato or a new nightmare will depend upon US! information becomes free, speech becomes free, information becomes free, the Universe opens up to us. I am Magical (beliefs) yet every friend has a different religion. We all seek the same, a creator. Someone who knows what is the real deal. Either everyone has the communication ability or the corrupt control. Like the people who use recreational drugs, used like the Nazies used the Jews. Something to focus the attention on while the corrupt take control.

M.R.,, 10/21/98
I recently purchased the neo tech manual(thick black book) and I was wondering if everything that is on this web site is contained in the manual.

D.T.,, 10/21/98
Wow, I really can't begin to point out all the errors in facts and logic. For example, Darwinism has long been held the“scientific' explanation of man's existence. However, as pointed out in Behe's 'Darwin's Black Box' research at the cellular level indicates 'intelligent design.' Nowhere in ANY of the scientific cellular research is there a valid mention of evolution from the cellular perspective. This is because cell operations are like a mouse trap—that is to say, each of the dozens of cellularprocesses are irreducible (not reducible to simpler functions and unable to depend on the prior function of another structure within the cell ). Like a mouse trap that cannot work with one part malfunctioned, the cell fails if just one thing is faulty. Since such cells cannot just happen, or evolve with such a complicated design (Darwinism weeds out structures evolving with a purpose to supply an as yet non-existent structure—thus not even Darwinism wouldsupport the “evolution' of a cell), it must be created. I have not found this addressed anywhere in the Neo-Tech data—and facts are,after all, the alleged backbone of your position. Another example of faulty facts: While it is true no evidence exist regarding the visitation of UFOs, your reasoning regarding the existence of life elsewhere is flawed. Consider if you will the following information (Of approximately 100 billion stars (10 to the 11th power) in our galaxy, 1/10th may support a planet. Of those 10 billion stars, perhaps one of a hundred would contain a planet in an orbit conducive for life. Of these 100 million stars (10 to the 8th power), about 1/10th should be considered reasonable candidates for supporting planets with life. Perhaps 1/10th of these 10 million (10 to the 7th power) stars have already developed life. The improbability of seeing evidence of life from these one million stars (10 to the 6th power) is due to the size of our galaxy and the development of any of those planets. Our galaxy has a volume of about 10 to the 14 power cubic light-years (a light year is the distance light travels in one year at 186,000 miles per second—about 6 trillion miles). On average each of the million stars has 10 to the 14th power divided by 10 to the 8th power cubic light-years of volume for itself (meaning 10 to the 8th power cubic light-years of volume for each star assumed to support life). The cube root of 10 to the 8th power is approximately 500, meaning the distance between any one of the galaxy's life-supporting stars and its closest neighbor would be 500 light years. Further, any possible civilizations are bound to be scattered in time, coming into existence and then dying out. Even if advanced life forms lived for 100 million years (the time from early mammals to a possible twentieth-century nuclear holocaust), these life forms spread uniformly over the 12—15 billion-year historyof our galaxy would result in fewer than 10,000 stars in our galaxy supporting advanced life at any one time. Thus the distance between neighbors would jump to more than 2,000 light-years (paraphrased from John Allen Paulos, Innumeracy, Vintage Books, 1990, pp. 80—82). Adding to this is the concept of E= MC2, whichrequires any speed of light ship to have an energy (E) equal to it's mass (M) which must remain constant (C), the output of which is Squared (2). In other words, to even travel at the speed of light requires an unlimited source of power that never diminishes and is double that of the mass and energy of the ship (which is why sunlight travel at the speed of light—it's mass is equal to it'senergy because it has no mass). Certainly, one can postulate all forms of alternate space travel—but we are dealing with facts no imaged possibilities (so forget about the science fiction computer into which a number of space faring civilizations would be tied). While Neo-Tech's understanding of theology is equally dismaying, the factual content alone suffices to invalidate the information presented. One final observation: If indeed the source data is an 1872 publication translating a manuscript of some 2,300 years of age which was found in a “Nevada ghost town-like library' (per sales literature received in mail) how is it the manuscript knows of our modern science? If the manuscript does not mention the modern data which Neo-Tech addresses, then the Neo-Tech information must originate—in part or all—from the mind of someone whhas incorrectly represented the origins of these concepts. Of course, either way it fails to hold up under scrutiny. As to Neo-Tech's place on the web... Well, if it wasn't here, that would be one less source of incomplete reasoning. As it is here, one can only hope your avg. Joe knows to do a little research before swallowing the hook, line and sinker.

G.G.,, 10/21/98
You make a clear case for the elimination of government. Excellent clear writing style and the content is excellent. Please leave this on the web as an example of good quality English. Thank you.

T.T.,, 10/21/98

R.P.,, 10/21/98
received your offer to purchase God-Man: Our Final Evolution. I've decided to explore your web site before making my purchase.

Michelle A.,, 10/21/98
I think that people should stop cutting on the IRS they have to do their job just like every body else. You wouldn't have any problems with them if you would obey the law

C.C.,, 10/20/98
I feel this is a secret that should not yet be let into the vast world of people this fast. A more gradual approach would be best in my opinion.

S.B.,, 10/20/98
It didn't take long to find that you are indeed blaspheming God's Word. You foolishly call 'Nature' the Alpha and Omega, when your Creator has told you who He is. You not only swallow the nonsense theory of evolution, but bow down and worship it as well. Personally, I don't trust anyone who doesn't have the sense to figure out that mathematically this universe -- in all it's complexity -- could not have happened by chance. Men will never be gods, but they are offered a home with their Creator, if they will accept it. It will be amusing when the Y2K bug crashes your delusions. When you're huddled in the corner, burning Neo-Tech literature to stay warm, remember the tower of Babel.

R.R.,, 10/20/98
I almost got the book. But after reading the negatives I wouldn't take it if it was Free. Leave this site on to warn other people What Sin is worth forever in The Lake of Fire??????????? Your own mouth condemns you, and not I; And your own lips testify against you. Job 15:6 Their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death Rev 21:8 Sir, get Right with GOD, your spirit never dies-it will go to heaven or hell. It will be your choice.

F.A.,, 10/20/98, Australia
neo-tech knowledge and information has changed my life Completely so much so that if I never discovered neo-tech I would have never known how painful and damaging it is to live in ignorance.

R.S.,, 10/20/98
I have read the Zonpower/Neo-Tech manual. Before I read it, I had years earlier made a discovery that things weren't as I had been lead to believe. This, of course, as with all other periods of enlightenment does not make one comfortable. Just so I was not comfortable with my 'enlightenment' as you might suspect. After reading the Zonpower/Neo-Tech manual, I read the section on freeing the bicameral mind which is what this did for me. I can easily see why governments do not like this type of thinking, or this type of literature. Keep up the good work. I can no longer be controlled with guilt as I used to be. I no longer have feelings of guilt and wonder if I am doing the right thing or if I should consult my 'higher power' as I learned to call it in A.A. Nor do I worry over insignificant things.

R.B.,, 10/20/98, United Kingdom
Love to have it, cannot afford it. (Yet) I've downloaded all the 'advantages' and what I've read so far coincides with much of my reasoning/thinking. I have a slight problem with Neo-Tech's mysticism, or, rather, its denial of mysticism. I accept nothing which offends my reason. To deny all areas which fall under Neo-Tech's 'mysticism' umbrella to me appears unreasonable. What I am saying is that (for example)I find it perfectly sensible, that is, reasonable, that the phrase 'I am not my body' holds some truth. I may be wrong, but at this time I do not believe I am. I have modified my opinions & beliefs continually over the years and I recognize that I will continue to do so. However, at the moment, the body and the spirit (for want of a better name - let's just say the essence that is me) are, in the final analysis separate entities. Whilst I aim to live for as long as possible (I'm aiming for 125+) I have no fear of death. I look forward to it as then I will discover the truth. Or not. As the case may be.

Dorothy B.,, 10/20/98
Today I received a note from you, and so I decided to look you up on the web to see if you are for real.

A.S.,, 10/20/98

G.P.,, 10/20/98, United Kingdom
I have been an owner of the neo-tech manuscript since 1991. I quickly lost interest in the manuscript, but I now realize that I was not nearly mature enough to accept it. Since that time I have gained more experience of life and I am now just beginning to understand the document. Every time I read it I find a wave of excitement sweeping over me as I sense the awesome power the document confers on the ordinary individual. I can spot neocheaters easily now in everyday life. However, find I have real problems applying the 114 Neo-Tech advantages. This is harder that I ever thought possible. As soon as I put the document down I find the waves of excitement ebbing away as I feel myself being pulled back to the dead, lifeless world of the mystics. If I can pull off the mighty integration of the 114 advantages then I know great days will come for me. I am in awe of Dr. Wallace as I can now see the super human efforts he has undertaken to give the world his gift of true happiness for the most important person on this planet. The conscious individual. Thank You. All the Best Gareth Phillips Keep Neo-Tech on the Internet for ever. PS. I mean forever, the possibility of biological immortality fills me with a sense of awe and excitement.

Anon.,, 10/20/98
A system that takes the worst of scientology and Christianity and spits them out in a form unrecognizable to the very sheep it claims to help. Applaudable that someone can twist philosophy and psychology to create another cult. I applaud the cunning of the creator of this ideology and am certain he will live well of the money of the dim- witted. Well done.

Anon.,, 10/20/98
This sight is the most damaging site I have ever witnessed on my computer! I actually think any individual would be less harmed if they were hooked on heroine. I am repulsed and will pray for the souls of those who have developed this site and promote articles such as yours. In exchanged for the God of 'power' you have sold your soul to 'Satan'. YOU are working for all the wrong things in life! Be careful, if a person gets everything they want out of this life, such as the things you promote, there will be no 'life' after death. I feel badly for you!! Sounds like some thinking on your part would be a good idea!

Anon.,, 10/20/98
It's just a hoax!

D.E.,, 10/20/98, Philippines
I heard some impression from your books in one of my friend that from abroad. please send me some literature so that small people like me can grow.

T.W.,, 10/20/98, Australia
I guess you should stay on the net because that is what freedom of speech is all about. It is by reading your view of reality that helps the rest of the world realize how lucky they are to be brave enough to have their feet on the ground. In the words of Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story) 'You are a sick sad little man and you have my pity'.

M.S.,, 10/19/98
From what I have read so far...Wow!!!

D.T.,, 10/19/98, Australia
I think that the dialogues are wonderful and provide a unique insight into the new Neo-Tech world. I too have come to feel that all philosophies are just ways to justify behavior, even with Objectivism, it seems like another excuse for a certain style of behavior. What I am really interested in is what in physical terms IS the C of U and how you plan to create a Neo-Tech society. As far as the dialogues go, I can't wait until the next posting. I keep checking every few days for the next addition as I want to know what Wallace tells Helen and what happens to Brand and Augie. It is very funny and very illuminating. Thank you for the opportunity to read this piecemeal rollout.

M.O.,, 10/19/98, Australia
I have at home the GOD-MAN book with the Neo-tech discovery tacked to the back. I am finding the books very very useful and insightful

F.B.,, 10/19/98
just got it and briefing though it and hoping I'll find what I'm looking FOR

Brend A.,, 10/19/98
I am just starting to read the Neo-Tech information and am Finding it to be very interesting and informative. It looks like something I have been searching my whole life for. I hope this does not leave the web, but if so, how would one go about getting a copy of this in book form?

G.J.,, 10/19/98
I would like to obtain a copy of the Neo-tech encyclopedia so much referred to in the manuscript. Please, send information to: Guido Jimenez 524 E Elk Ave #306 Glendale, CA 91205

Angie K.,, 10/19/98
This sounds really fascinating! The info was sent to my Husband in the mail. We don't have a lot of money right now, in fact our situation is desperate at this point. I turned 40 this year and I am seeing and I know , 'There has to be more than this!' I want my life to change. This looks like the possible answer. I am going to do what I can to order the information. Thanks.

Linda H.,, 10/19/98
This is more of a question than a comment. My father is facing imminent foreclosure on his home after years of struggle with the IRS. He has asked his children (all grown, non-dependents) for help in paying off his IRS liability before his home is taken. If we help out financially, can the IRS come after each of us for any further monies that they say my father owes? I would be grateful for any advice. Thank you.

S.C.,, 10/19/98, England
your information has given me a solid base on which to build my life. it has been invaluable and exciting, thank you.

C.S.,, 10/19/98, Australia
would like someone to contact me about the seminar in Las Vegas in November

M.C.,, 10/19/98
I'm about half-way through God-Man and would like to be put in touch with practical applications and contact with others, including of the opposite sex. If there is a Neo-tech 'dating service' out there, how is it accessed? Is there any game-plan in place or recommended for helping to cover and digest all of this information and, using my own judgment, determine how much and how to integrate into my lifestyle? Some guidance would be appreciated, including how best to navigate the web site. I think it's important to get your information 'out there' and expose those of us who have been looking to it so that we can process, evaluate and potentially utilize it. And for those who have not been looking, perhaps awaken an interest.

D.S.,, 10/18/98
Until this past month I have wasted my life chasing the Moonsine madness of spiritual 'revelation'. My fevered race down this ill-kept path showed me almost every infinitesimal curve of Death's singular face. From the esoteric of the under-the-counter culture, to the autohypnotic pharmacopoeia of the New Age, I have tasted more forms of mental disease than one would expect to find in a well-stocked sanitarium. As a human being I was once a waste; a burden on all those who befriended me and a squanderer of the efforts of others. In an attempt to cure myself I followed the advice of every guru and would be prophet to scam a buck. Now, I refuse to let myself be lazy, I actually experience it. The gift of the Neo-Tech discovery is one I'll never be able to find appropriate thanks for.

A.F.,, 10/18/98
I believe this information can be extremely useful in the Quest for success.

Shirley F.,, 10/18/98
I've only had the book, God- Man the final evolution, for a few weeks and it has already made an incredible difference in my life. I can't put it down. I feel like most of what I've read, I've always felt - or maybe always knew in the back of my mind, it's so hard to explain. I feel such a feeling of freedom since I've received it

M.G.,, 10/18/98
The truth is out there, that's what you are offering.

A.T.,, 10/17/98
I feel like I'm loosening the chains of Dogma that have been tying me down for most of my adult life.

C.H.,, 10/15/98
Neo- Tech. com is the best place for update on the new life for the year 2000, sorry that I didn't know of it years ago. My whole life has turned around and I'm the happiest I have ever been.

K.S.,, 10/15/98, United Kingdom
Keep up the phenomenal work.

D.E.,, 10/15/98
The best inf. in the world about money/love/power!

J.S.,, 10/14/98
All I can say: It's beautiful! I hope everyone can learn about it.

F.T.,, 10/14/98
I love you folks!!!!!!!!! I have learned lots from Neo-Tech.

S.L.,, 10/14/98
One of the most important sources of super-thinking anywhere on the planet today.

P.R.,, 10/13/98
Neo-Tech gives such a feeling of future prosperity and success that such a work of literature, I'm sure will be considered a timeless classic in the future. Integrated honesty is surely the only way that civilization will continue to survive.

J.S.,, 10/13/98
There's so much here about who's behind the power structures that are 'neo-cheating' us.

M.T.,, 10/13/98
I am very glad to finally be able to clear the fog of mysticism that has clouded my vision since a very young age. Thank you DR. Wallace for your persistence in your quest for knowledge and your generosity to share that knowledge with all of us who are hungry for that knowledge, something better than we had before. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

S.W.,, 10/12/98
The story about as about ann rand and St.Agustine is great.

L.P.,, 10/12/98
Its what I have been waiting for. Thank You

L.R.,, 10/11/98, Mexico
Excellent page...keep it going, humankind needs this knowledge

Tamara F.,, 10/11/98
I really enjoyed the Neo-Tech advantages.

D.F.,, 10/11/98
This is the most eye opening materiel I have read.

R.A.,, 10/10/98, Canada
Neo-Tech got me out of the mysticism that I was involved in. Thank you for Neo-Tech, particularly Dr. Wallace, and for what it HAS done for me these past 5 years.

Jan M.,, 10/10/98
I just got done looking at that article written by Tracy on the spiritual hoax-- That article is great. I live in the Midwest where church going is the thing to do. I don't think that most people even allow themselves to comprehend the break-through to the hoax that Tracy is referring to. To realize it is so scary for them that they cling desperately to their idea of god. It makes people act crazy. It is so sad to witness such a waste of humanity. Neo-Tech principles are the only way to view life. I have grown much.

J.C.,, 10/9/98
neo-tech is the cutting edge information on the planet!!!!!

Anon.,, 10/9/98
I wish everyone felt the same way about life as you guys do.

H.F.,, 10/9/98
It's about time someone told the truth! Maybe now the human race can take it's rightful place in this universe!

F.T.,, 10/9/98, Italy

Sherry G.,, 10/8/98
Wonderfully revealing and exciting.

M.A.,, 10/8/98
While looking through the negative comments one in particular caught my eye, some idiot babbling about how we should all learn to respect and fear the lord. I always felt fear and respect were mutually exclusive. Throughout history the church has tried to enforce its beliefs with the use of threats and physical force.

D.N.,, 10/7/98, United Kingdom
I have just finished reading the literature provided on your web-site and I was astounded. Your policies on love and money were very convincing. Thanks for your enlightenment on Neo-Tech, I am desperate to hear more.

D.S.,, 10/6/98
NEO TECH is the best thing that happened to our planet!! Thanks to all who made it what it is and what it will be. VALUE PRODUCERS RULE!!!!!!

U.F.,, 10/5/98
I go along with Neo-Tech fundamentals, I believe the human race will be free from mysticism.

C.B.,, 10/5/98
So much thought-provoking information!

B.G.,, 10/5/98
This information MUST become widespread by whatever means.

Karen B.,, 10/5/98
I was having a difficult time with jealousy, your article was real helpful. I've sent the article to friends and they agreed that it is helpful.

R.J.,, 10/4/98
I find this information inspiring. It could be the best thing to happen to me in a long time.

W.L.,, 10/4/98
This information is not available elsewhere.

J.C.,, 10/4/98
This stuff is incredible!! If only we all knew about it years before!

M.B.,, 10/4/98
Neo-Tech should be a required learning subject in the primer years of young children. The parasites who spend their lives dreaming and implementing new ways to rob the people of their labors have got to go. Neo-Tech is the first system based on having good for all.

Julie L.,, 10/3/98
Fascinating, entrenched in examining the text.

P.S.,, 10/3/98
I am really happy for what Neo-Tech has done for me. It has made me feel something I have never felt, I am learning more and more by the day.

Cynthia C.,, 10/3/98
I was at a cross road in my life, I felt that there was more out there for me I just didn't know how or where to find it. Then I came across your site and it has changed my life. I now have no where else to go but up. Thank you so very much for giving me so much to digest thank you thank you thank you

C.C.,, 10/2/98
I am a firm believer in the ways of Neo-Tech. They have changed the way I view life and given me a reason to keep going. I will not give in to the destructive people who are constantly trying to bring me and everyone around them down. There are many evils in this world that Neo-Tech is extremely capable of vanquishing forever. The sooner everyone knows about Neo-Tech, the sooner we can all get on with eternal lives of prosperity and happiness. Thank You.

T.C.,, 10/2/98
I Learned of Neo-Tech about 4 years ago living in NYC, and since then its become a major contributor to my on going development and consciousness. I feel that the fundamentals of this material provides hope and gives something real, honest, and empowering.

T.A.,, 10/2/98
Keep up the work. We the people of this planet need more enlightenment. The material gets folks to thinking and questioning the status quo

Penny P.,, 10/1/98, Canada
Excellent site and very interesting.

September 1998

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