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H.J.,, 10/31/99, Australia
Stay on the web its only the beginning against evil. The tall poppy syndrome will be replaced by the Neo Tech prosperity for every one reality.

Anon.,, 10/30/99
I feel that whatever a person's orientation, they could benefit from reading the information in Neo-Tech. I think the information is powerful and should be available to the greatest possible number of people. Neo-Tech is a fresh perspective that is worth investigating.

C.V.,, 10/30/99
I am very, very impressed with every thing you have in print. Stay on the web, expand, and continue the great work you have done.

P.H.,, 10/29/99, United Kingdom
I was surprised at the amount of information, bloody good

P.W.,, 10/28/99
Keep up the fight! Neo-Tech is the future.

J.C.,, 10/28/99
Excellent philosophy!

S.G.,, 10/27/99
As I explore your site, I see that it all comes together. Best web site & CONTENT that I have seen yet. Always wondered if the web would ever hold information for public view of this type -- and survive the neocheaters! Thank you for inspiring me. Someday this will be widely taught in schools.

Fran A.,, 10/27/99
I am afraid of admitting there is no God because I'm afraid of HIM punishing me. But I really feel religion is a delusion, propagated by the people who run this country and the religious ELITES who use their influence on the masses of working class to get them to send their money through their ministries.

R.F.,, 10/27/99
In today's fast paced realm, it is good to have access to these concepts 24/7. Additional it has allowed me to show my friends whereas they would not have read an 'old-fashioned' book.

L.D.,, 10/26/99
Neo-Tech will help open the eyes of all those deceived and will lead us to create a better quality of life for mankind. Does humanity need to be destroyed to understand that we need to grow up and take responsibility for our own lives?

M.D.,, 10/26/99, England
Brilliant insight into business thinking and dynamics. I wish I had known about this years ago.

M.K.,, 10/26/99, United Kingdom
This should be taught in schools.

C.L.,, 10/26/99
Neo-Tech is the best thing that happened in my life, U enjoy it . I am only seventeen years old.

C.W.,, 10/26/99
Although at first I found it hard to believe that such bliss could be achieved, I have begun to realize the teachings of Neo-Tech and come to understand them. They have helped me tremendously. Keep up the good work!

E.R.,, 10/26/99, Venezuela
I became a better person since I became a neo-tech man.

J.D.,, 10/25/99, United Kingdom

Marla J.,, 10/25/99
Believe me, I have been into mysticism for 22 years and it did nothing for me, except screw my mind up. Everything from Christianity to the new age movement. I am studying your website with an eagle eye and it is helping me so much. I am a 45-year old housewife. I feel I may get my individual self back. Thanks for such an exciting website. DOWN WITH MYSTICISM!!!!!

J.B.,, 10/24/99
I first thought NEO-TECH was some kind of 'TRICK'. But soon after I started reading I realized how I could start identifying and avoiding the potentially deadly, lazy scumbags who in the past hurt and exploited me. NEO-TECH is like a magnifying glass for ME!NOW I CAN SEE! Look-out anticivilization here I come, I now have the tools[NEO-TECH]to take you on. I am a VALUE-PRODUCER! you are not. LET'S DANCE!I am playing your songs.

T.T.,, 10/24/99
I really enjoy your website enormously, it's fabulous, and revealing. Thank you Honestly, and keep it up. with a smile from my entire family.

Sandra A.,, 10/23/99
It seems this site has given me the necessary information to move ahead in my journey as a citizen of the universe.

Katie W.,, 10/23/99
You tell it like it is. You have courage and insight into everything. I need more don't take this off the web.

C.A.,, 10/23/99
We all must read this knowledge and learn from it, and remember the things we were taught to forget since birth.

S.C.,, 10/23/99
One of the most interesting realistic and informative articles I have ever read. Really opens your eyes to the reality facing the world today and tomorrow. Thanks for such a thorough and informative piece of work.

J.F.,, 10/22/99
What a refreshing new way of thinking, whoever came up with this concept is a genius I've been searching for the truth for a long time and I believe I have found it.

C.W.,, 10/21/99, Australia
Neo-Tech Rules! This morning and last night I just couldn't help but laugh at my newfound success. Its Dizzying. Laughing out loud at the joy of life. It also rubs off on all those around you. So natural. I have truly rediscovered life.

A.C.,, 10/21/99
Neo-Tech provides a promise for a amazing and wonderful world where the individual has limitless control of his/her future. The human mind being used to it's full potential in a positive and productive way will open the mysteries of the universe and our creator. The Neo-Tech future affords mankind the opportunity to uncover the nature of who we are and expand our goodness through the universe.

S.H.,, 10/20/99
It has been a long while since I have enjoyed life. I am now on my way to my own destiny. The possibilities of me soaring through life with all the happiness I deserve are endless. The riches, love, no more guilt. I never would of thought life could be this easy. Neo-Tech has taught me so much, I have finally taken charge of my life. Knowledge is power. Thanks again.

J.L.,, 10/20/99
I knew deep down inside that there was something else, something that seemed to be left out. Now I know what that 'something' was: THE TRUTH!!!!!

C.B.,, 10/19/99
This is an excellent site--the best on the web.

Paula R.,, 10/19/99
Everyone should know that this information is out there to improve there lives and to enrich there relationships.

B.C.,, 10/19/99
Best thing I have ever read. It's changing my life.

J.G.,, 10/18/99
It's unbelievable how Neo-Tech enabled me to see the light. The best material in print for helping oneself to become strong and independent and alive again. BIOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY A DEFINITE MUST!

T.G.,, 10/18/99
This is some of the best Information available on the earth to day. And that's an understatement.

Anon.,, 10/18/99
Through Neo-Tech I found something was holding back my own creative genius

R.T.,, 10/17/99
Great insights with awesome transforming power! My life has turned into a series of excitingly new challenges and opportunities. Let us all become Zons!

A.Z.,, 10/17/99
I find the views expressed on this site are intensely rational and sound. This site is a true gem.

R.A.,, 10/15/99

K.O.,, 10/13/99
My life will never be the same since discovering Neo-Tech It has transformed my life from what I thought was well adjusted and happy to the real thing. I reconnect to my child like enthusiasm daily; I pursue value production with a vengence and the results energize me with a real happiness I never knew.

M.W.,, 10/13/99
I know this information is too powerful. Only those with the password should be able to enter the web site! This needs to be more under wraps!

J.L.,, 10/12/99
I am simply amazed. This is the brutal honesty that we all need and should have access to, so we can recognize all of the neo-cheating and deception that has kept us back for so long.

P.G.,, 10/12/99
Wonder of wonders the ideas you have put before me are mind blowing! I love the fact of using total honesty your web site has made what Neo-Tech is all about a lot more clear for me before. I'm definetly going to USE the principles of Neo-Tech in my life thanks. The world will turn out to be a better place if people follow Neo-Tech principles.

Tonya M.,, 10/12/99
I realize, its been the missing link in my life. Now I am more aware of my surroundings, life, happiness and the business world. I'm glad that I am on a journey to more happiness and more Knowledge.

S.M.,, 10/12/99
Without Neo-Tech there is nothing but laziness and dishonesty. Anyone who is against Neo-Tech, is against honesty. Neo-Tech will always remain from now on. Or, humankind, as we know it, has ended.

A.C.,, 10/11/99, Australia
'The Neo-Tech Discovery' just blew my mind. Over the last couple of years I have read so much from your book and from your web site that has turned into reality, such as: The October '97 market crash- Bill Clinton, an out and out liar(Neo Cheater)-The theory of the Universe, which is now starting to be seen as accepted fact. The great carbohydrate lie, which I have tested....great stuff!

J.S.,, 10/10/99
The more I read Neo-Tech literature, the more power I find within my self.

D.J.,, 10/10/99
I am so glad to finally start dispelling this mystic stuff from my life. I am the son a minister and I attended church faithfully. I left church and started in on the traditionally mysticism path. I am tired of it all and now I have identified my own delusions through this reading. Thanks so much.

S.B.,, 10/10/99, Australia
Should only 10% of your readers apply your 114 advantages to their every day life, the world is definitely going to be a better place.

Anon.,, 10/9/99
I think that your system is brilliant.

G.S.,, 10/9/99, Spain
It is Helping me get off of drugs, and turning myself into a person with total and integrated honesty. No more begging for help. the resources are and have always been within my own self: MY MIND AND CONSCIOUSNESS

C.P.,, 10/8/99
We need a Neo-Tech president.

D.H.,, 10/8/99
The Book is inspiring and motivating, I feel it is an awesome time to be alive. Hamilton's proven writing technique draws out ideas in a hypnotic pattern of words which even individuals with virtually no memory can grasp

A.W.,, 10/7/99
If other techniques are like having a pocketknife, Neo-Tech is an inter-continental ballistic missile.

R.N.,, 10/6/99, Australia
The best investments I have ever made. I'm enjoying life much more than before and my health has improved immensely since I dumped mysticism, I can't thank you enough.

P.S.,, 10/5/99, Australia
Death is a disease, and must be eradicated, so that future developments of technology can multiply for the benefits of all man/womankind. And NEO-TECH is the only key that will unlock the door to real scientific biological immortality for those who choose it. It is imperative for all mankind to be given these options as it will multiply VALUE PRODUCTION in all directions. An endless thanks to Frank Wallace.

B.J.,, 10/5/99
Neo-Tech is a voice in the wilderness. People need to know there is real hope and that life is not that you just get taken advantage of by governments and that a person can take control and be responsible for their own lives. Its also important for people to be able to see the irrationality involved in life as it is portrayed and lived today and all the lies that are fostered on the unsuspecting public today. Without Neo-tech there would be more mental depression. Neo-Tech gives a person a whole new perspective on life which can change gloom and doom to joy and bountifulness.

J.W.,, 10/5/99
I am a candidate for President of the United States and I searched for this site on the Web in order to help me pursue my campaign. A school of thought as comprehensive as Neo-Tech deserves my undivided attention as to its concepts and principles. Neo-Tech is an awesome teaching tool and education in and of itself. Keep up the great work!

Tina G.,, 10/1/99
Thank you for publishing such important materials. I want to free myself of the mysticism and neo-cheaters in my life.

Yolanda D.,, 10/1/99
I feel that Neo-Tech is the 'Teacher' that now I am ready to have. I feel much gratitude for this magnificent truth. I thought that I was just a lost and dreaming soul that believed in total honesty in every aspect of our lives. Thank you for being there!

G.S.,, 10/1/99, New Zealand
Prospects of breathtaking hope for advancement in endless areas. Inspiring and curiosity-provoking. Expansion of knowledge and possibilities applicable to each individual's life will bring about profound change. I am hoping to discover more and unearth the power beneath this new technology.

C.W.,, 10/1/99
Right on! Thank you for correcting some of my misconceptions about Objectivist/Libertarian ideology. As more mysticism is exorcised another puzzle piece falls into place.

J.G.,, 10/1/99
The development of 'biological immortality' (as you call it) is 'step number one' in mankind's (and my own) search for a better existence.

September 1999

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