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T. MOORE,, 10/31/00

A.D.,, 10/31/00, Canada
I must say, though, it is very well written; concise, thought provoking and insightful.

I.G.,, 10/30/00, England
Thank you for bringing your amazing discovery out into the open.

J.T.,, 10/30/00
Just read the 'Proof' page - fascinating!

DM,, 10/30/00, australia
FREEDOM is UNDERSTANDING REALITY. To UNDERSTAND REALITY one must know the FACTS To know the FACTS one must be HONEST. INTERGRATED HONESTY RIDS the mind of MYSTICISM. CONSIOUSNESS allows the INDIVIDUAL to express FULLY INTERGRATED HONESTY to himself and all other beings, thus, ENDLESS KNOWLEDGE is free to enter. NEO-TECH prepares the mind for ENDLESS KNOWLEDGE thus generating WISDOM where one can experience ENLIGHTENMENT. Through this ENLIGHTENMENT the mind will undergo a LEAP to where the INDIVIDUAL becomes FREE from the restraints of this ANTI CIVILIZATION and thus able to experience unlimited MONEY/POWER/ROMANTIC-LOVE in the CIVILIZATION OF THE UNIVERSE!!! *****************BE AT PEACE WITH YOURSELVES*************** !READ NEO-TECH OVER & OVER!

M.H.,, 10/29/00, U.S.A
Very well done, I learned a lot of new insights, and found some old archived feeling, and thought processes awakened!

D.B.,, 10/29/00, Canada
I will recommend The Story it to my friends as it has touched a deep emotional chord with me and so it will with others.

A.P.,, 10/28/00, N.Ireland. U.K.
This site makes being on the web worth it, very educational.

A.M.,, 10/28/00, Kuwait
a superb treatise!

M.F.,, 10/28/00, United Kingdom
I have 'The Book' Trilogy and find it's concepts mind opening and fascinating. I am keen to embrace many of the concepts and in particular those of educating my young children (4) and (1) in the methods of integrated honesty thinking as brilliantly portrayed in The Story. Any advise on bedtime stories or other guidance would be appreciated before their pure minds become polluted with mysticism. Many thanks.

I. M.,, 10/25/00
Mark, your story is amazing and I'm only on the third chapter. Very inspiring. You really inspired me to continue the fight with DTC. We will get to the C of U someday.

n.p.,, 10/24/00
Very informative and helpful to people all over the world!

B.H.,, 10/24/00
4 or 5 years ago, I received the Neo-Tech (Zonpower) Manuscript and just put it in the closet. 7 month's ago, my entire right leg had to be amputated (due to an osteoscarcoma 'tumor'). I was dealing okay with the situation and when I was starting to get up and around and learning to live life with only 1 natural leg I came across the manuscript. Since I was spending so much time being laid up and recovering, I started reading......and I just want to say 'THANK YOU!!!' It's the most amazing thing I've ever read in my life. I had cancer -- went through intense chemotherapy -- and lost my entire right leg (hip dis-articulation) -- and I've never felt and been more in control of my life. Everyone is simply amazed at my attitude throughout everything. I credit Neo-Tech with a good portion of my new encouragement and enjoyment toward life. Once again, THANK YOU! Thank you for being there to help me through the worst point of my life.

S.V.,, 10/23/00
NEO TECH must strive to become a 'household word'.

G.T.,, 10/23/00, U S A
This system is thought-provoking. People can judge it ONLY when they have a chance to judge it themselves.

R.S.,, 10/23/00
The information on this web site is fantastic. I can feel the change, I am living it.

K.P.,, 10/22/00
What can be said after absorbing information like this....I cannot see where it promotes devil worship....But I always know when I'm walking in truth...And I find myself wanting more.

P.H.,, 10/22/00
I think it is a great site! Very informative and interesting. Keep up the great work!

D.B.,, 10/22/00
You have opened my eyes, I have become a freethinking knowledge seeker thanks to neo-tech. Neo-tech has changed my views on many issues for the better, has enabled me to integrate knowledge in a much clearer way, and finally in my life I feel complete and honest. I feel it is essential for all to be introduced to these concepts when they are ready because they will help promote a better understanding between all individuals. This current spread of higher understanding is taking place noticeably all across the internet with its new technology, people from all walks of life are sharing their views with each other, and the weaknesses of our current way of life are slowly being exposed. Your site is wonderful, and can only help promote a better way of life. Thank you for all you have done.

R.T.,, 10/22/00
I find the neo-tech material to be creates new thinking, new ideas, and opens possibilities for a variety of renewed insight into one's current position in several domains!

M.H.,, 10/22/00, UK
I rediscovered Neo-Tech and the story by Mark Hamilton. The story helped to clarify many recent thoughts. Keep up the good work and if we all keep honestly producing valuable products that can be exchanged between one another and overcome the neocheaters then we will have a better society.

B.A.,, 10/22/00, Canada
I cannot wait until there are actual Neo-Tech schools available for my daughter and myself and most importantly for our future generations. I must thank you all at I&O publishing for creating a new kind of hope for mankind. I can see what it will be like to live in the civilization of the universe. Striving at being an honest value producer could only benefit conscious beings. My home is now a lot different than the way I was brought up much more love and happiness everyday. I know from experience that it is hard to change old habits but it is all worth it in the long run.

B.R.,, 10/21/00
In a nutshell: (1) I've dropped two sizes in the waist in the last 60 days (2) I'm being considered for a promotion at work. This was just out of the blue one day. (3) I'm single and have been going out with some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I used to be shy and withdrawn now they love to hear what I have to say about any subject. (4) My Friday night essence is paying off very handsomely. I am looking forward to hopefully meeting Mark one day to give him my personal gratitude.

b.d.,, 10/21/00
Great info - keep it up.

D.G.,, 10/19/00, Australia
Neo-Tech has powerful medicine, it rids the mind of a disease called STUPIDITY. Neo-Tech is the only salvation as it introduces a new language altogether and another perspective of viewing reality.

K.P.,, 10/18/00
I am 18 and found your piece of literature around Feb 2000. There is a power gained from each word that is read. There is a change undergoing in me. When you first read Neo-Tech, you develop a mild case of schizophrenia. After this will follow feelings of euphoria. I now see life for all it is worth and I am exhilarated at all the endless possibilities I possess now. The Growing exhilaration for life has consumed me. Also I had a taste of that “love, passion, intimacy' that you talk about in The Book. The feeling beyond nirvana and the mental orgasm that is experienced cannot be described by words. Life has been coming together in puzzle pieces showing me all the vast possibilities. I am overjoyed by this feeling of euphoria. I am consumed with overwhelming feelings of goodness because I now see life as it was suppose to be seen. I am now able to sit down with middle age men and women and discuss about life on the same level at age 18! I speak of truth now and offer help other people. I sit around and knowledge engulfs my mind. It is almost as if there is a constant flow of information going straight through my brain. Day by day I grow more intelligent and people see this progress. Good luck my fellow kinship and don't be scared of the truth (metaphorically speaking)

D.G.,, 10/17/00
Neo-tech has given my mental freedom back. I am thinking the way that I used to think when the world was new and everything was possible. Neo-Tech is the Natural way of thinking of all conscious beings.

L.B.,, 10/17/00
I'm truly excited about my purchasing The Book because already its making my journey more exciting and achievable.

R.J.,, 10/16/00
NEO-TECH has taught me things I would never have known. NEO-TECH made a turning point in my life in 1986 when I bought my first NEO-TECH Book, the best bargain I ever bought in my entire life I gave up sugar, caffeine, Nicotine, alcohol, chocolate, white flour and a few other things. This is the happiest I'VE been in my life, my health is better I am really in love and in full control of myself. NEO-TECH has made this MY only way to live and be happy. I am looking forward to a long life with NEO-TECH and all my NEO-TECH FRIENDS My LOVE goes out to all my Honest NEO-TECH Friends and FRANK R. Wallace the MOST HONEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. We Are Ready to bring in the NEO-TECH PRESIDENT AND NEW NEO-TECH WORLD.

J.R.,, 10/16/00, England
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying reading the book and applying it to my life. I already feel that my life will never be the same, and I want to share that joy with the others. Thank you for bringing Neo-Tech into my life.

Karl,, 10/15/00
I would just like to say that I really enjoy reading the books you guys publish. It makes sense and it definitely changed the way I look at things around me. I always come to this site and learn something new. After reading Discovery I am enlightened, aware, and more intelligent than I ever was. Good stuff!!! Keep up the good work with the books and this well organized, informative web site.

R.L.,, 10/15/00
I bought the book about 5 years ago, when I received it I looked at and put it down. I didn't pick it up till about 3 days ago. I now want to learn more! Now when I read I understand what It's saying.

C.B.,, 10/15/00
Neo Tech is the most important information in the universe and can't be destroyed. It must be available to all humans.

C.D.,, 10/15/00
I have The Book which is great but I like reading The Story as it helps to put the puzzle together.

,, 10/15/00
Amazing. Everything I have known in my heart to be true. Ideals that I thought lofty and unreachable are a reality.

c.r.,, 10/14/00
This site helps me learn more about neocheaters. It also helps me on my journey to god-man..

b.s.,, 10/14/00
This is the best information any person can get. If you follow it completely it really works!! Every time that I stray things go hay wire.

j.l.,, 10/14/00
I have a deep spiritual longing to free myself from this realm of irrationality that seems to encompass every aspect of my life. I feel as a trapped animal must and am ready to chew my leg free from it's restraints to open myself up to truth and knowledge. I am very well educated I'm both ancient and modern western philosophy and have never read anything so profoundly true as the Neo-Tech bible.

S.M.,, 10/14/00, Japan
I am not so good in English, but I think this website is wonderful.

V.M.,, 10/13/00, United Kingdom
I have noticed a marked increase in my personal confidence as a direct result of reading these publications.

J. P.,, 10/12/00
Hi, my name is Jesal, I am a 15 yr. old boy from England! My brother introduced me to The Story, and I am hooked! Sadly, I have not had time to read as much as I have wanted! But, with the 9 chapters that I have read, I have been able to pierce through some of the illusions that I see! I found new answers to those questions which I have been asking myself about life!!! I now can look at life, and give all I have to offer, and then take what is rightfully mine: a life of god, on earth!!! as a musician, I feel I can make a different set of values for the world!!! Its emotional stuff!!! The way of thinking that I have now, is top!!! It's like I have a way of seeing life before I go to live it!!! Its weird, but that's what goes on, and its really helped me We are humans, we can be gods on earth, we can be powerful, wealthy and happy, but that's not all -- we have “super-human' powers!!! I mean that everyone of us humans is superman!!! But the thing is, it seems too good to be true, and so no one will believe it at first!!! I am using this story to develop my way of thinking, to break through the shit in this f---ed up world, I am going to take advantage of my real human abilities, and be a real god on earth! When I have finished reading this story, I will be able to go out into the world and do all my stuff properly, because of what you have shown me, it is just sooo right!!! I swear, I am gonna be a millionaire within 15 years time, thanx to you, and thanx to those others in the world who questioned our existence, and life, and “this society'...wicked stuff!!! Peace out man, thanx for the new ways!!!

J. Brophy,, 10/12/00
I can vaguely see the vision, and it appears to be a lovely one.

R E Lory,, 10/12/00
I've finished The Book three days ago -- my first reading, that is -- and find the NT site to be an excellent refresher and expander of The Book's contents. Stay the course!

N.L.,, 10/12/00, Brazil
It's provocative, makes you think. I'm 100% for absolute dedication to work, including weekends and Friday nights, as soon as Love is your motor. Love! Light! Neo-Tech!

K.R.,, 10/12/00
For someone to truly understand Neo-Tech, they have to understand that what they believe is evil or unproductive is not what really is evil or unproductive. The vice versa works the same. What they currently think is good and productive could actually be, in reality, self destructive and unproductive.

G.L.,, 10/11/00
Do not remove this site. Since reading the 'Book' my life has begun to change. I actually benefit from this information. Thank you.

D.C.,, 10/11/00
We have just started reading The Book and it is fascinating! We can't put it down!

D.G.,, 10/11/00, AUSTRALIA
Just started scanning through the first few pages and already can sense a deep resonance within. Access to this type of information is just what humankind needs. Drop the previous guilt-baggage-mystical illusion jargon and shoot straight from the heart. Excellent Stuff.....

D.D.,, 10/11/00
Neo-Tech is a great source of information.

J.L.,, 10/11/00
very informitive

P.L.,, 10/10/00
There is a lot of valuable information, on this site. It has helped me a lot.

R.G.,, 10/10/00
The 'Story' captivated me and could stop reading. Many of my questions of life have been answered and it has opened my mind to creativity and power!

briksha(mahendra),, 10/8/00
I like this web very much it allows our mind to think in a new light and question traditional knowledge.

T. Anpalagan,, 10/8/00
Highly thought-out super writing. More People should read, so that they could have a chance to develop a balanced view of the circumstances that surround them. Even if Neo-Tech is not able to solve their problems, it would have provided a new perspective of life. Thank you very much for making this available on the web.

M.N.,, 10/8/00
I couldn't stop reading. Very interesting stuff. You got my mind thinking.

D.H.,, 10/7/00
Never imagined my life would change as much from the simple act of reading and applying the principles from 'The Book.'

S.A.,, 10/7/00
I hope that all of the honest individuals on this planet would get a copy of the Neo-Tech Discovery and God-Man

Kevin O'Keane,, 10/7/00
How could it be otherwise Neo-tech spread throughout the world or how else are we to survive? The neo-cheater enslaver will destruct the world. It amazes me that I was duped for so long but what else could I do. The neo-cheating is so strong and before I even knew what neo-cheating meant what else could I do? I live my life with WSA & IH to demonstrate though invisibly the benefits of fair play, of value production for the benefit of my family and society that this will teach others to be responsible; to be leaders in their own worlds.

C.H.,, 10/7/00, Canada
TRUTH is the most Powerful Force in the Universe! Thank You Frank R Wallace . You are one of the most Honest and Truthful people I know. Civilization of the Universe - Here I come

adonai-j.r.,, 10/6/00
This is a very powerful approach to life, success and happiness. I am having some difficulty digesting this information ... it'z just so out of the box. Do, I dare to believe IT! My search for reality is endless, nothing that I have implemented has brought me much satisfaction ... I am willing to give this approach serious consideration.

L.P.,, 10/6/00, U.S.
At first Neo-Tech is hard to accept, being raised very Christian and in Christian schools. But, when you truly think logically and rationally you see it is the plain truth. For years religions and government have oppressed our society by scaring and coercing us. The only promise that religion has is something you receive after your dead. I challenge all people to read and try to understand the Neo-Tech philosophies, read it with no bias or prejudice then make a logical decision on its teachings. The only negative comments on this website are that of religious mystics who never truly tried to understand the material. The Bible is a book written by man, translated many times to fit the needs of a controlling religion. See it for what it is and wake up.

J.B.,, 10/6/00
Wow, 'The story' is it, where are these teachers? This ranks right up there with 'The Fountainhead' and 'Anthem.' I am honored to be reading it. Thank you.

T.B.,, 10/6/00
I fined it hard to put 'The Book' down.

Dr. S. D'Montford,, 10/5/00, Australia
Valuable stuff. I have been banging my head for ages trying to get people to see.

V.G.,, 10/4/00, Australia
The story is very well written and quite insiteful.

B.N.,, 10/4/00, New Zealand
Neo-Tech should definitely remain on the web. Humanity needs Neo-Tech information to bring a swift end to this life diminishing and value destructive society in which most of humanity is suffering. I like what I see and I'm will check it often. Thanks a heap!

M.H.,, 10/1/00
Splendid information! Neo-Tech is the best thing I have ever read.

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