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J.T.,, 10/31/01
This is a most fascinating site... I sit enthralled for hours at a time,.

R.S.,, 10/31/01
Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to the reality of situations. I no longer follow blindly like some sheep, but instead I've learned to question everything.

E.D.,, 10/30/01, US of A
NT is the solution to most of the problem I am aware of with this world and the inhabitants.

J.L.,, 10/29/01
Neo-tech cuts through all foggy-mystic jargon, allowing a healthy respect for reality.....finally!

,C.C., 10/24/01
I find that neo-tech on the web will help to make me a better person, the person I was meant to be. I think that if more people learned about this info the world will go through the most profound and dramatic change ever in history, for the better.

J.H.,, 10/24/01
Neo-tech is a great value. Every individual of positive value should have it. I'm raising a flag for science and a universal civilization.

,, 10/22/01
Please, please, please keep a corner of the web constantly lit by the bright light of reason and hope – the hope that such a light will eventually illuminate the entire internet.

R.F.,, 10/22/01
This is definitely a challenge to my externally superimposed authority seeking "moral" upbringing. Since I began (doubfully!) reading The Book, I have seen changes in all areas of my life. I have never been happier, and I am seeing my true personality- lost to me since my teenage years-returning stronger everyday.

D.W.,, 10/20/01, Cook
I brought Neo-Tech in 1995, I didn't believe it. After several miserable years, I woke up one day and remembered your e-mail address and have been down loading since January 2001. Me the Disabled Veteran, Ex-Mailman, and Non-active Master-Mason, have fina lly found the answer. Finally I have the answer to really make me happy as an adult. Society will end without Neo-Tech, please continue.

C.J.,, 10/20/01
I love the seemingly infinite amount of knowledge that I have encountered through the books and the sight itself. This site is a precious and valuable source of mind opening information.

M.B.,, 10/19/01
I read the Neo-tech books 7 years ago and after 9/11/01 I saw the mysticism destruction I was warned about come to fruition. Neo-cheaters will vanish by their own actions.

Peter,, 10/19/01
Dear Mark, I am reading, perhaps, the best book that I have ever read (The Story). It's in the same category of 'Gone With The Wind', 'Sea Wolf', and another 101 of the World's Best Books. I am surely enjoying 'The Story.' More will be said upon comple tion.

p.d.,, 10/19/01
I ordered 'the book' in December & started reading it, but I was not committed to it. so I put it down for some time, yet, very exited about it & scared. because I have a Christian. at some point I had become disenchanted about religion as well as a slave to it & feeling like a battered wife, getting verbally beat up that I am a sinner & not worthy etc. the explanation's of neo tech provided some more hope, that I am & can become very powerful by tapping into things within me. I did however pick up the bo ok for the second time, ready to commit. I'd like to find out how that turns out. also, if there is god-man, is there not goddess-woman? Thanks

O.O.,, 10/19/01
Neo-Tech (not Jesus) is my true savior. Through it's knowledge, I have moved past a life of dishonesty, dishonest friends-family, and drugs, leaving those mental diseases behind, for my solo journey into a new life. Neo-Tech opened new doors in my mind ex panding it's capacity to think logically. I no longer have to use the bicameral mentality that seemed so natural, but was making me do automatic things, like an animal, but for what (a higher authority),a group of friends who I once thought I needed until I discovered the power of my own mind, the greatest asset in this universe, making conscious decisions. I spent a lot of energy and effort asking help from friends, when I realized I was hypnotized by drugs and wasn't dealing with reality, just a fantasy . MY Motto is, Learn the Past, Live The Present, And Gain The Future with Neo-Tech. How could I of been so narrow minded to ask for help, when I couldn't help myself at the time. That's the key: Don't expect help if you can't help yourself. After taking control of my conscious, I can apply Neo-Tech and work with my conscious Mind. But now I'm drug, smoke free and happy. THANK YOU NEO-TECH.

C.R.,, 10/19/01, UK
This is certainly a very honest piece of writing

S.D.,, 10/18/01, England
An excellent manual for life, bringing happiness and fulfillment.

a.j.,, 10/16/01
The neo-tech discovery was one of the most fascinating books I have ever read.

HORUS,, 10/16/01
BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO. A Job, Welldone.

K.W.,, 10/15/01
I am now on my way to being fully integrated. Iam unleashing my extremely productive and inventive mind. Goodbye fear, guilt, dishonesties, and irrationalities. I will be purchasing more material from I&O publishing soon. I am the happiest I've ever been. I am displaying my productivity and not working for those that do not agree to my terms to gain from my actions and mind. Thank you Neo-Tech, stay here forever, for I plan to be here. I do not know where I would be right now otherwise. Eternal life for F reedom, Prosperity, Wealth, Productivity, and Love. Eternal life for everything moral and EARNED.

K.S.,, 10/15/01
The more I read the more I want to read.

Lance,, 10/15/01
Hello Mark, The Story was fabulous, it should be read by everyone. This new approach to explaining Neo Tech through fiction is a great concept, it cuts through to the essence of what Neo Tech is trying to accomplish. Also, if it is really Mark reading th is email, I am very interested in joining the fight. What do I need to do to start my own Church of God-Man. I have a lot of past success in start up operations and I'm sick of reading literature, I want to take action. I live in the Seattle area and w ant to be apart of your team, what can I do? We are on the brink of jumping to the next evolution, I believe now is the time. Lance P.S. Where can I get more Neo-Tech products, I haven't seen the Neo-Tech Marketplace in a long time. I want to be able to purchase more products?

J E B,, 10/15/01, Australia
Awesome Stuff!!! Keep up the good work!! Just read your book Neo-Tech - Get Rich By 2001... just banked an extra $5000 with one idea I got from your book!!!

Jansett,, 10/14/01
Magnificent! I simply couldn't stop reading, chapter by chapter, even when my eyes started to tire. I'll need to go back and read The Proof again because I really can't absorb much more right now, but I want to say that The Story told the tale so power fully that I was captivated beyond anything I've ever read before. I loved it. It was interesting to observe myself and my gut reactions as I read because I have had many similar experiences (on a less dramatic scale, perhaps, but equal emotionally) and each time felt so let down by other human beings, people who chose to go the way of power and ambition (or so they thought) at the expense of honesty and hard work. I have been “betrayed' several times in my life, but I've kept my determination. I must admit that I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever find another human being who knew what I knew (although I have never articulated it so eloquently as The Story). I am beyond ecstatic at this moment. I am eagerly awaiting the Neo-Tech Summit in November to get the opportunity to meet other people who feel “just like me.' Glorious! The Story is great, really great. Thank you so much. Cheers,

B.S.,, 10/14/01
It is important that everyone should have access to this most valuable information. Keep up the great work. And thank you.

T.S.,, 10/14/01
You are a fine writer, very good.

M.C.,, 10/13/01
Neo-Tech, I truly, truly appreciate 'the 114 advantages'. Each have leveraged my: sense of life, scientific approach to thinking, purpose, business affairs, and artistic passions. I direct tremendous gratitude toward the Neo-Tech team.

j.t.,, 10/12/01
By far, the greatest literature ever written. changed my whole world.

B.S.,, 10/10/01, Australia
The bible should have been 'the book' from the start. The world would definitely be a better place now.

Robert hunter,, 10/10/01
This site is the best on the internet. It has changed me into god/man. thank you neo-tech.

D.M.,, 10/10/01, Australia
I love it. Great web site. Great advice. It seems to annoy the really Religious people. It must lock-up their poor brains.

L,, 10/10/01
Nothing has ever opened my mind so much, and I have been on a long, long search.

M.G.,, 10/9/01
I consider Neo-Tech to be very important. I know it is on the right track. I want to play a part in its growth. I wish to live forever. I wish to be a value producer. I also want to meet other people of like (Neo-Tech based) interests and believe that thi s site offers the best avenue to do so.

Z.J.,, 10/9/01
Neo-tech to me is a way of life the world should now implement. I give the utmost respects to its founders. I thank you and your staff for everything. Neo-tech has opened my mind and the minds of others

Anthony C. Metroplis,, 10/9/01
I believe that Neo-tech will lead us into the future of Freedom and prosperity. One has to only read and learn!!! The truth awaits us all!!!

M.M.,, 10/8/01, england
Neo-tech is the elixir that mankind has secretly been waiting for, for life. Everyone who has common sense about them will take on neo-tech.

J.M.,, 10/7/01, Canada
Neo-tech is an awesome discovery.

P.C.,, 10/7/01, Australia
Neo Tech has been an incredible resource in my life.

J.H.,, 10/7/01, United Kingdom
I have been reading Neo-Tech literature for years and I could no way go back to life without it. If only it were taught in schools, the world would be a beautiful place to live.

D.J.,, 10/6/01
Since obtaining The Book I have prospered personally as well as professionally. In addition, I am more attuned to mystical thinking, bluffs, and other's bicameral need for authority than ever before. Which of course allows me to dismiss these forces and n ot be controlled by them.


G.C.,, 10/5/01
Neo-Tech is stupendous. I discovered Neo-Tech in college. It has provided me with wonderful insights into mankind and has significantly increased my ability to enjoy my life. I am now reading 'Cyberspace' and am anxious to learn how to escape the anticivi lization because the insights I have into man's diseased mind often frustrates me, resulting in less than maximum happiness.

S.S.,, 10/5/01
That is the most interesting and down to earth information on Love and Romance -- the do's and don'ts in a love affair. Thanks Shirley

brendan,, 10/4/01
Great to see Neo-Tech being a beacon of sanity amongst the recent world events!

D.M.,, 10/1/01, united kingdom
Since purchasing the Neo-Tech Discovery and other products, I have evolved from an over weight death spiral human into a happy productive 40 year old who feels great. Neo-Tech was the catalyst that made this happen.

R.E.,, 10/1/01
Everything written is so true. I have so much more power in my life thanks to neo tech, I'm sure of my future. Thank you neo-tech for helping to create a better world not by faith, but by reason.

G.H.,, 10/1/01, Canada
I think it is the most enlightening view I have ever heard. It has changed my outlook on life in a very positive way.

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