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Winner +,, 10/31/02, New Zealand
In ordinary life a mouse may have problems getting to the end of the maze. With Neo-Tech it doesn't matter how complex or large the maze is, one can always find the way out for N-T gives you advanced thinking that is faster and more logical for this is on e autobahn with no speed limit. One is more creative and through that creativity there is no end regarding what you can get out of life. This material once read will blow your ancient analog mind, even sheep in my country are thinking better thanks to N-T .

Peter,, 10/29/02
I so appreciate your bravery and fortitude in allowing this timeless wealth of information to be available on the Web.

V.M.,, 10/28/02
Thank you for the invaluable info on 'Malefactors and Envy.'

M.M.,, 10/27/02, Germany
Neo-Tech is the only sensible way forward. It teaches us how to behave, succeed and gain an upper hand in all life's situations. Remember--challenges are not there to stop us, but to give us an opportunity to show our creative powers and our superiority. Neo-Tech provides us with the psychological tools to do this. If you haven't got the Neo-Tech concepts buried deep within your subconscious; you're going to find that even the mundane daily stumbling blocks swell to become insurmountable obstacles. With N eo-Tech you can soar above all situations.

Crites,, 10/27/02
I am pleased that this information is on the web because it helps others begin to put the puzzle-pictures together to uncover a truer picture of reality. This, in turn, will help not only the individual, but also all of society as we gradually--or perhaps suddenly--awaken to a new realization of our surroundings. This awakening will ultimately lead to a more prosperous existence for the human race.

J.K.,, 10/27/02, Australia
Of course Neo-Tech appealed to me (after I reeled in shock at the first reading of Neo-Tech Discovery). Only Neo-Tech makes sense. My search for meaning has ended.

D.B.,, 10/25/02, UNITED STATES

M.D.,, 10/25/02
Neo-tech is absolutely supreme. Super integrated useful knowledge bombs you out of deadliest world. And while you read on, neo-tech softly leads you to the beautiful riches of the world. Neo-tech will rise the hidden power of able people to the extreme, a nd will be the key to unlock the door, which opens towards the meaning of life. Your happiness, wealth, love, and intelligence will be at your control. For the first time you will feel like a king.

Z.B.,, 10/24/02
Those who fear Neo-Tech don't realize the potential they can achieve. Maybe they are scared.

M.L.,, 10/24/02, Phillippines
I applied the principle of downstream focus which falls under GODS MAN's topic and I found that this is really effective in the realization of my dreams, specifically wealth. I just concentrate on my job fully as instructed...the result is really fascinat ing.

J.S.,, 10/23/02
There is so much eye opening info for those who have been deceived all of our lives. When I originally was exposed to Neo-tech, thirteen years ago, I dismissed the material much to my regret. My life has been a series of ups and downs, mostly downs since then. Now that I have rediscovered Neo-Tech, the material is now making much more sense, and I do not feel guilty absorbing it.

k.c.,, 10/23/02
I believe neo-tech is a site of actual substance in an ocean of meaninglessness, personal entertainment, frauds of gods and life destroying politicians. Please be careful neo-tech you know they want to destroy you

C.M.,, 10/23/02
Everyone should read this book it AMAZING!!! Some of the stuff in this book blows you away but its all true. To everyone at neo-tech THANK YOU SO MUCH you've really change my life.

L.K.,, 10/22/02
I think you are the greatest thing ever....I received your mailer about 15 yrs. ago.....I thought the ad was too...outlandish...I never saw....anything lie soooooo blatant in my face with such arrogance and confidence and I saved it.. ..for 10 years... I decided to test you out....I found out about you on the web.......I started reading you and I printed out a lot of stuff and kept reading it...and then I studied it in depth....and I started reading Ayn Rand..........This has been the biggest change in my life since I took LSD......... Everything, changed.

Jen,, 10/19/02

C.L.,, 10/19/02
I think Neo-Tech is the most beautiful and informative information for this blind world that we live in. Please keep it on the Internet, it is a must. I had never read information more interesting and eye opening than Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that most people only dream about.

C.M.,, 10/19/02
I think this site is great I just received my first book a few weeks ago and i can't put it down. I'm impatiently waiting for my second book. I'm finally getting out of the mysticism rut I've been in for 18 years of my life all thanks to neo-tech.

M.H.,, 10/18/02
We must grow Neo-Tech ever larger so the reality/truth based information can spread throughout our planet. The computer age is an ally of Neo-Tech. I inform many people of this site. Like me, they are looking for the framework of truth and find it here.

Eric,, 10/17/02, U.S.A
NEO-TECH has helped me find out who I am and what is my purpose. I am lost for words, but the feeling is overwhelming. Thank you much!

f.h.,, 10/16/02
This is a great web site. neo-tech is awesome! I wish I had it when I was a teen. it should be required reading for all high schoolers. Keep up the good work.

H.P.,, 10/15/02
I believe negative comments about neo-tech are only reiterated from closed minded, mysticism induced individuals, who from years of programming can no longer think for themselves. Should I never read another piece of Neo-tech literature for the rest of my life, I have already gained unmeasurable advantages that I will continue to pass on to future generations as long as I live. Should Neo-tech remain on the web......UNDOUBTEDLY!!! Only when the fog has lifted, can you see the horizon. As I see it, Neo-tec h has become the Sun that started burning off the fog. Without the sun, it will only be that much longer till the fog lifts.

S.P.,, 10/13/02, Australia
I've never written or sent in a Neo-Tech Comments, after 9 years of reading and learning from Neo-Tech. I still can't think of anything better to say.......than this? 'I would give my one and only life to spare YOURS Dr Frank R. Wallace' So you could live and continue ON with your goal.' But! I know 'you'll' live forever my dear un-met friend. You truly deserve the gift of eternal life and happiness forever without judgment!

R.M.,, 10/12/02

M.F.,, 10/12/02, Almeria, Spain
I fully appreciate your efforts and work, please keep it up. I believe in what you're saying and urge others to read the same, even though some people seem to be to entrenched with the present mystical society. I will continue to spread the word where I c an, mystics have learned that controlling information available to the masses controls or rather clouds the thought process.

S.P.,, 10/9/02
Best site on the internet. The world needs this philosophy.

Y.S.,, 10/6/02
It helped me to carry on after my parents and son were killed.

s.l.,, 10/5/02, new zealand
I was freaked out by neo-tech when I first found it 12 years ago - I own three of your manuals. This is a paradigm shift. It changes everything. I will continue to study this information and integrate it into my life.

S.M.,, 10/5/02, UK
An excellently presented site that delivers much food for thought.

T.S.,, 10/5/02
I remember when I first got this book. I did not understand it but then I read it again and saw that it soooo true.

NCO,, 10/5/02
I love you! I absolutely love your work and what you stand for! you made honesty mean everything to me. now I live for honesty. And with honesty comes peace, calmness, strength, understanding, kindness, balance, stability, honor, courage, power, insight, motivation, trust, and everything else that remains true and good in the whole universe. I now exist on my own terms. I belong to me. And all I have to do now for protection is expose people by pointing it out when I get attacked by them. Its awesome! tru e losers always fall apart when I expose them. they know I am correct. they feel cornered or even flee when I show them the face of their own doing. how much more life can you take in? Want to be fearless? Read neo-tech and find out for yourself how to be come a 'free' human being that knows no boundaries. the power is yours. now claim it!!!

W.C.,, 10/4/02, Australia
The information is amazing it has removed the confusion that has been in my head for 41 years. Now I know what to look out for in my life. My life is making sense for the fist time. I am able to see the life that I should be living, and the man I should b e. To all at Neo-Tech a very deep felt 'Thank you' I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as I did when I was a child.

H Holguin,, 10/4/02, Great Britain
I think Neo-Tech is the 'most':(interesting, realistic, full of truth, eye-opener, hope giving, facts establisher, honest) material we can have access to; and I am full of happiness in finding Neo-Tech's Knowledge...because now I am certain that by applyi ng Neo-tech's principles in our lives, the rewards became tangible.

L.D.,, 10/4/02
What I have read up to now is like a finding a fountain of fresh water and being very thirsty.

S.B.,, 10/3/02, Australia
I feel Neo-Tech is a must read to allow people to understand what their futures hold and how to handle the new founded freedoms. Keep up the good work as I will be promoting each and every concept that you have written, as many people have found Neo-Tech feels truthful and this knowingness of the truth is what will advance the population of Earth.

gabriel,, 10/3/02
I knew all along that there had to be an explanation to why so many bad things happen to so many good hearted people on this planet,, now I have a goal for this life.. To let as many people as I can know the truth..

p.w.,, 10/3/02
neo-tech is the only approach to life. Without it one is lost and in a rut. But with neo-tech and applying it's concepts each day one builds self esteem, wealth, and power.

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