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M.W.,, 9/30/99, Canada
Excellent!! You make so much sense! Control your own existence!!

Barbara R.,, 9/29/99, Canada
Since I have been introduced to the precepts and concepts of Neo Tech, I see things with more clarity than ever before. I know that as I progress in my character development, as I automatically use DTC in all that I say and all that I do, as I continue to grow with totally integrated honesty I will better my life and, by extension, those who share in my life. Since I have been introduced to N/T, I have also discovered what I consider to be the big 'payoff'; I have found a psychuous, loving relationship. Imagine my wonder when this turned out to be my best friend. Imagine my delight to find a Neo-Tech Husband in a world populated by mystical neocheaters. Thank you to all who dedicated the time and effort that it took to bring this concept to the rest of us. Please send me the most recent literature on love and relationships; I would like to be a better N/T wife for my new husband, and I know that the only way to do this is with the help that Neo-Tech can provide.

M.D.,, 9/26/99
This is amazing reading. I've read several books searching for answers as to what EXACTLY is wrong and how to fix it -- in my own life and the lives of those dear to me. Thank you so much for the comprehensive info. Neo-Tech is now a reality in my life.

B.T.,, 9/25/99, United Kingdom
Practical, realistic and, dare I say it, HONEST!

C.W.,, 9/25/99
The Neo-Tech/Neothink System has put me on the path of life, prosperity, and happiness, thank you.

S.R.,, 9/25/99
Neo-Tech is by far the most important and beneficial information I have personally discovered. I recommend everyone discover its power. Frank Wallace is undeniably a genius and completely dedicated to building the highest quality of life for the human race. There is no other discovery that can show an individual how to find complete fulfillment and happiness in everyday life. Don't ever stop Neo-Tech!

M.M.,, 9/25/99
Remain on the web, people ought to know the truth.

R.W.,, 9/24/99, England
Neo-Tech out-shines all other web sites.

D.A.,, 9/22/99, Australia
Thank you for Neo-Tech what an eye-opener, congratulations

S.S.,, 9/21/99
The contents of the web site gave me reason to think of my own successes and failures in life.

J.P.,, 9/21/99
Neo-Tech offers an alternative view of the future.

W.L.,, 9/20/99
I finally seen the real truth about myself and the real world!

D.H.,, 9/20/99
Neo Tech provides a clear, perfectly crafted lens through which Honesty and only Honesty can be absorbed, all 'truths', philosophies, fantasies, or nightmare driven depictions of reality are simply deflected before they can infect and destroy the human mind or its potential.

S.K.,, 9/20/99, England
I would like to thank your organization, for their ongoing work in bettering, NO, transforming the world we are living in today. And for all the personal advantages I have gained as a direct result of being exposed to your materials.

L.R.,, 9/19/99
After reading 'The Virtue of Selfishness' a few years ago, I made the commitment to stand behind Objectivism. Now after reading the 114 advantages and other various pages from within this web site, I now stand behind Neo-Tech. I am a value producer and value consumer.

S.C.,, 9/18/99, Australia
Wonderful. Incredibly intelligent material. Someone has opened the door and had a look through -- and I want a peek.

J.B.,, 9/18/99, United Kingdom
Neo-tech has pulled me out of the clouds and down to earth where I belong.

S.C.,, 9/18/99
I started reading neo-tech material 10 years ago. My self-improvement is coming along slower then most. However my level of mysticism was much higher than normal due to the subliminal mental programming that the lyrics of my favorite music pounded into my unconscious mind. Realizing that country music is to often an instrument of recruitment for religion and big government I was in deep conflict with my attraction to the sound of a steel guitar and my repulsion to the secular suggestions and abuse of one's love partner in the lyrics. Being broke and fed up with the music business and the klanish types that run it, I dumped it all and started a home study course on computer science and network communications. I am now a network engineer for a local university tripling my income and level of self-worth. All I could think of through those long nights of studying is the Neo-Tech manual stating 'people who work 12 to 16 hours a day are most likely to achieve their goals'. It wasn't easy working 60 hours a week and qualifying myself through a home study course on computer communications to get a better job then the 7-dollar an hour factory job I had at the time. But the Neo-Tech phrases kept bouncing around in my mind whenever I got an inkling of mysticism and felt like goofing off. Now, I'm getting paid to do something I love to do, fix repair and most of all program computers in a large office environment keeping a network of 240 administrators and 900 Students on the intranet and internet. I feel richer because it's work I really enjoy, not just because it pays well. The changes are starting to show up. I had a feeling it would take ten years of 'de-programming' an improperly programmed mind of thirty years of mysticism. Thank you.

J.H.,, 9/17/99
Neo-Tech is a life preserver of truth in a sea of dishonesty. Keep the good works coming, they are the fruits of life that sustain our happiness and keep us awaiting what life has to offer.

J.J.,, 9/16/99
It taught me to recognize the true evil behind the smiling faces of the neo-cheaters. The information helped me to realize why life became stagnate at an early age, with only death to look forward to. I can clearly see how neo-cheating has destroyed our health, social lives, finances, and hope. It is the ultimate crime of all time. At least there is now hope for a better future. Everyone needs to know the truth, and be aware of the evil that has been destroying mankind for so many centuries. There are so many talented people who have never exposed their potential, because of the retarding effects of mysticism, and external 'authorities'. It's time to awaken the suppressed talent, and develop a productive world for all to live in.

Anon.,, 9/15/99, South Africa
Keep up the good work guys and spread the truth to the whole world.

J.L.,, 9/15/99
I go to your site as often as I can to glean new knowledge And insight. I think that is the most important movement in the world to reverse the trend toward socialism, totalitarianism.

Bettie Ann H.,, 9/14/99
This mental orientation does indeed give one a new leash on life. Our society is in big trouble. This logical approach to life needs to be available to every one that is seeking truth.

R.V.,, 9/13/99
I think that your web site contains a high truth value.

T.S.,, 9/13/99, England
Excellent site

C.W.,, 9/11/99, Australia
I love Neo-Tech! Absolutely Rhapsodized!........YES!

P.M.,, 9/10/99
Deep, Thought provoking

J.R.,, 9/10/99
I am very happy to have found this information. After many years of searching, reviewing and looking for answers, reading every spiritual and self-help book I could get my hands on. The Neo-Tech information has removed all doubt. Thank you.

K.O.,, 9/10/99
After reading Will America Go Neo-Tech I can honestly say that I will never be the same. I feel elated moments after waking everyday knowing that the formula for happiness is my value production. I always worked hard but sometimes I wasn't happy about it but now I focus on the aspects of the job i.e. the bottom line...I was a pro before and now I'm a happy pro....There are so many things I could say....thank you

S.B.,, 9/9/99
One very fortunate day, my mystical beliefs reached out for some very promising fulfillment's from something called Neo-Tech. However, very quickly into my reading, I found that the Love, Wealth, Happiness, and Security I hoped to find would not come at all by the mystical path I had imagined this would be. Instead they would come through a very different, reality-based, 'awakening' and belief in myself (a very much alive, earth-bound individual). Thank You Neo-Tech for your introduction to this new believable, sense-making, world that bears no immoral harm to anyone. May this site and many others like it help those who are not totally closed-minded to have the courage to seek new knowledge and a better, rewarding and moral life.

C.P.,, 9/9/99
I am Christopher Pearce, remember that name because I am gonna be a prosperous individual because of neo tech. I am 18 years old, I applied neo tech to my life almost instantly and with that knowledge, I got off my lazy ass and looked for work. After looking for work for almost a week I apply for a car wash place and I run into a business man, dressed in work clothes with 'express detail' on his shirt. He offered me to work with him, we bonded. He now wants me to work with him and head other companies he is opening (i.e. Skateboard company, bmx company, and a jet ski outlet, to fix and sell jet skis). I'm gonna work at his detail company and by the end of this year (with hard work and saving up $$$) and I am gonna help him he said ' I've got bigger plans for you,' either way my life is going into new and exciting areas. Look for my name one day, because I'm gonna be successful, all thanks to neo tech by telling me to get out there and be productive.

Donna M.,, 9/9/99
This info is too important to keep from the public.

D.F.,, 9/6/99
I'm finally beginning to become conscious. Thanks for your role in this process.

T.T.,, 9/6/99
Some of the information could be quite deadly in the minds of the evil.

L.P.,, 9/6/99, Australia
It is essential that every human sees the future available through Neo-Tech.

C.P.,, 9/6/99
I am amazed with the content. The truthfulness of this book is amazing,

N.S.,, 9/5/99
I have found what I was looking for...

J.S.,, 9/3/99
This is great stuff! The proof is in your 'Negative Comments' section. You have the 'Neocheaters' runnin' scared. So keep up the great work you are doing for mankind. Thanks so much!

P.M.,, 9/3/99
Greatest source of info. ever, period.

R.S.,, 9/3/99
My eyes are opened I want more!!! It'll turn the world around!!!

H.M.,, 9/2/99
At first I was scared at what I read, but later I opened my mind to the new information and techniques. I think neo-tech is the way to wealth and biological immortality.

C.B.,, 9/2/99
Neo Tech is making the world a much richer/better place. It certainly has changed my life.

C.P.,, 9/1/99
I would recommend the readings of Neo-Tech to anyone who is tired of being drained by our system.

August 1999

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