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G.H.,, 9/30/01
Absolutely valuable and inspiring,

R.B.,, 9/30/01, Mauritius
I wish I could enlist myself in your team for the FRW Battle Plan. I would give my life for freedom, business, peace & romantic love.

C.d.,, 9/30/01, Netherlands
Neo Tech/Zonpower is the most incredible find I have done in the last 52 years. I am from the Netherlands and we have a zonrise every morning, which I feel now is a good omen. (zon=Dutch for sun) Congratulations Frank R. Wallace and thank you with all res pect for your accomplishments.

M.M.,, 9/29/01, Canada
Finally, The truth has be laid out for all to see. In exchange for a few minutes of reading, this article gives everyone the knowledge so sadly missing in the education systems of the western world. How is it possible that people could be so misled and repressed from free thinking? What a freeing experience to allow oneself to be selfish. A Hero. thanks to all involved for sharing the truth.

J.P.,, 9/29/01, Comments : I can say without reservation that Neo-Tech has been a major influence in the development of my thinking - a process that is on-going. The identification of the differences between non-action philosophy a nd action mode Neo-Tech, coupled with the broad integration of many related, but elsewhere disassociated areas of knowledge is, I think, Neo-Tech's unique contribution to the human store.

K.J.,, 9/28/01
After beginning my awakening into the Neo-Tech world, I almost instantly got a promotion, in my six year profession! I am now the youngest Executive Chef, in the history of the company I work for, and they have over 240 locations nation wide. I am hon estly beginning to find happiness. Thank you!!

H.S.,, 9/28/01
The Book has opened my mind to see past the elusions and recognize realities around me. The world needs to know about this.

N.B.,, 9/28/01, Australia
Neo tech has helped me to get in touch with the child in me again by giving the confidence to me to ask the question why.

J.P.,, 9/27/01
Neo-Tech *MUST* remain on the web if we are to ever realize the widespread integration of its concepts worldwide. We are dangerously close to Nuclear Threshold annihilation because of the monstrous disease of mysticism and the fabricated God-concept. N eo-Tech's truth is needed now more than ever!! I'm considering producing the following bumper sticker to be put on cars, bill-posts, bulletin boards, telephone poles, anywhere that it may be seen: See how the world SHOULD be: WWW.NEO-TECH.COM/THESTORY / Discover the secret of how it can! The message must be delivered at all costs. Neo-Tech is the answer. Neo-Tech is the weapon of choice. Neo-Tech is the *only* solution. Any other solution will fall short of what's needed and completely, inevitably f ail.

J.D.,, 9/27/01
It was without a doubt the greatest investment I ever made, and I know that my partner shares that attitude. With Neo-Tech, life is exciting and full. Without Neo-Tech, life was empty and boring. If you're reading this and you haven't yet read NT mater ial, you should turn the page now! Every second counts!

M.K.,, 9/26/01
Neo-Tech integrates REAL LIFE by so many different vectors. It's in-the-moment honest, straightforward, and far-thinking.

T.R.,, 9/25/01
Neo-Tech always gives me the real nitty-gritty after hearing and reading what everybody else thinks.

N.C.,, 9/24/01
best thing that anybody could ever learn or hope to learn in their lifetime

Steven C. D.R.,, 9/24/01
The past year and 8 months of studying Neo-Tech. has been interesting and a constant battle within myself. I've gone from blindness to reality in a relatively short time.

H.B.,, 9/24/01, Canada
From conversations I have in my taxi, I have referred many people to this site. For the most part I have no way of knowing if they visit but I refer them in response to their thirst for something ' outside the box'. Thank you for your efforts. You are greatly appreciated! Live long and prosper.

C.I.,, 9/23/01, United Kingdom
The terrible, tragic events of 11th September ironically bring closer everything that Neo-Tech stands for - the Civilization of the Universe. Awful to watch as that event was, it bought to me recognition that this truly was a 'world changing event', b ut not for the reasons the TV commentators were thinking of.

A.A.,, 9/23/01
After reading THE STORY. I was emotionally moved beyond words. If only all teachers could be like Miss Annabelle--what a world it would be.

A.B.,, 9/23/01
Neo-tech is the only site on the web that can end the cycle of destruction. I cannot express enough gratitude for what neo-tech has done for me personally. I acquired neo-tech as a suicidal teenager victim of the anticivilization and turned my life in the right direction. My thinking has been spurred in a new color direction and I can now see things that nearly everyone around me is not even close to knowing. Everyone needs neo-tech now more than ever.

J.M.,, 9/22/01
It gives me so much hope to see that there is a growing number of people who are willing to open and USE their minds to their full potential. This web site and The Book have helped my boyfriend and I in every area of our life and will continue to do so as long as the truth and knowledge keeps on spreading.

A.C.,, 9/22/01, England
I think that yours is easily the most important site on the web and hope that it can hasten the demise of Earth's anticivilization.

Em,, 9/22/01
I think that you have hit on the PERFECT blueprint for a perfect world in a time when perfection is but an illusion and the events of September 2001 is proof enough that most humans are unable to put aside the emotional hang-ups in order to work sensibly with anyone, let alone their perceived 'enemies'... howling for blood any blood is NOT the answer...

G.F.,, 9/22/01
I have studied several religions and philosophies, and looked into many more, hoping to find one that made sense. Often I was initially excited, sometimes for months, even years. Disappointment always ensued. Finally, Neo-Tech explains why all religions a nd all philosophies, save Objectivism and Secular Humanism, are wrong - both incorrect and immoral. Keeping an eye open for a utopia, I've found many claim the word. Some can be immediately dismissed (e.g., not self-supporting); others fail in practice. F inally, Neo-Tech is the path to utopia, the Civilization of the Universe. Finally, even in light of the recent catastrophe, I have hope for myself and humanity. Thank you.

D.B.,, 9/22/01
Thank you for an outstanding insight to what is really going on that most people have no idea.

J.M.,, 9/21/01, UK
I am busy reading The Story and find that it helps me to live with a happy frame of mind, knowing that so much of what goes on in the world is merely an illusion created by government and media.

Alexandria,, 9/20/01
Neo-Tech speaks the truth, and can lead everyone to complete happiness by opening up their minds to reality.

M.S.,, 9/20/01
Neo-tech is chock-full of razor-sharp common sense. It is such a relief to read clear-thinking in a muddled world!

L.B.,, 9/20/01
Dear Mr. Hamilton,I love your characters in The Story. Ms Annabelle is wonderful and so are her 12 children. Many have asked you to make this into a move but I want to ask if there are any neo-tech schools to send our children to? If this is supposed to be a true story, can I get a copy of Ms. Annabelle's tapes for my children. I am a 26 year old mother of 2 boys who's IQ soars. They are 6 and 4 years old and I don't want them corrupted by society's illusions. If there is no school, can we start one? Ple ase let me know.

C.V.,, 9/19/01
Without a doubt NEO-TECH is a must read! It needs to be studied cautiously because it will shatter your world forcing you to rethink everything, and I mean everything. When I first received the book I almost threw it away because of the Money, Power, and Romantic Love drawl in but I'm glad that I didn't. This form of advertising leads one to believe that it is a get rich scheme or something of that nature. To me this is a book of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and peace. Every human being on this plane t needs to read and study this book, it should be taught in schools (Grammar Schools) and should be written with that goal in mind using every conceivable analogy possible (simple analogies that everyone can relate too.) I believe this is the most valuabl e information I ever obtained. Thank You!

Matt,, 9/18/01
I think everyone, everywhere can benefit from the knowledge of NT!

PC,, 9/18/01, australia
With Neo-Tech I am supremely confident about my future in this world. A world governed by Neo-Tech principles is my and the worlds best chance of creating prosperity for everyone. The Neo-Tech beacon must remain with all of us to ensure unlimited riches.

A.P.,, 9/17/01, Ireland
As we move toward 'the nuclear threshold,' we more than ever need neo-tech sites on the net as a sign of sanity in, seemingly, an increasingly irrational world, and as a buffer against their 'holy war'

S.B.,, 9/17/01
The terrorists have thrown down the gauntlet. Humanity is at a crossroads; we can either move forward with fully integrated honesty, or we can sink into another 'dark age' and perish. Now more than ever, Neo-Tech MUST remain on the web to bring its alues to as many people as possible. THIS MAY BE OUR ONLY HOPE!

J.J.,, 9/17/01, Holland
It is very important that Neo-Tech take over the world otherwise it will be the end of it.

D.T.,, 9/16/01, Canada
The Story clearly explains and demonstrates the value producing concepts and ideas introduced in Neo-Tech. BEAUTIFUL!!! As a proud Neo-Tech owner, I would be honored to contribute funds for a movie.

F.C.,, 9/16/01, Ireland
It's hard to believe that once a person has read Neo-Tech books/manuscripts that they can bury their head in the sand and pretend that it does not exist.

D.W.,, 9/15/01
Neo-Tech has served me well and helped me throughout bad times. When things got bad, I remembered some things that are taught in the manuscript.

J.T.,, 9/15/01
Honesty, rational action, accountability, and the identifications of dishonesties and irrationalities in and around the modern world is imperative to the humanity of planet Earth's survival.

Cry,, 9/15/01, UK
Neo-tech the only way to the future world.

S.S.,, 9/15/01, UK
Groundbreaking ideas. The best therapy anyone can receive.

N.P.,, 9/15/01
This site is a warm light in cold surroundings.

b.l.,, 9/15/01
Out of all the books I have read neo-tech sure blows the lid off everything!! neo-tech tells it the way it is and it's easy to see why the mystics and neo-cheaters want it off the net. they are afraid of full integrated honesty, it would destroy them.

J. Brown,, 9/15/01
I'm only 21 and Neo- Tech has shown me the path to a better life. The life every man and woman was meant to live. Besides putting me on the fast track to success and having an overall advantage in this anticivilization, it has also removed the blinders fr om everything around me. The terrible WTC attack only made it that much clearer that we are at the point where the world must choose. We must choose to either leave mysticism behind or be destroyed by it.

G.P.,, 9/14/01, Canada
Anyone against Neo-Tech obviously hasn't experienced it or even given it the time of day, since it challenges their deep rooted beliefs about life and God. Lets take the irrationality out of life and make it rational, leaving nothing unanswered, living li ves full of meaning and fulfillment. We are entitled to peace and harmony within our lives, everything we need and desire is contained within Neo-Tech's teachings, lets make a lifetime of happiness amongst our fellow man and believe paradise on Earth does exist. We are the creators of the universe, masters of time and space, lets believe it again for the 'first' time.

R.B.,, 9/14/01, Mauritius
I wish President Bush would get his solution from the Neo-Tech web.

Curtis,, 9/13/01
I am so thankful I have found the truth. My life has changed in every way. I look back and I can not fathom how I ever lived in that mind set. I am filled with more warmth and joy now than I have ever been in my entire life. Thank you

j.R.,, 9/13/01, uk
The Neo-Tech world is a very bright place to be!

J.B.,, 9/13/01
I am sure that Neo-Tech is the world's greatest hope for a safe and happy future. The collapse of mysticism is essential. I have watched the World Trade Towers fall at the hands of envious mystics.

B.N.,, 9/12/01
I have purchased many Neo tech products, they have opened my eyes to the truths and realities of the world and all the deceptions and lies that are out there.

E.C.,, 9/12/01
This information is essential for everyone and for many of us it has changed our lives. There's nothing better than finding one's Friday night essence which leads to happiness to oneself and the creation of values for those around him.

Ronald,, 9/12/01
After watching what happened to the Twin Towers, I can see that Neo-Tech is needed more than ever. It is no longer a matter of what you believe. It is now a matter of life or death.

,, 9/12/01
Hello, I, just like all genuine human spirits, have a hole gouged in my heart because of the World Trade Center attack. The only refuge I could find was my knowledge of Neo-Tech and how I am going to stay focused on the true meaning of life. Neo-Tech is t he most powerful, no BS information I have ever experienced. I hope everyone can sooner than later learn the power and benefits that the Neo-Tech concepts can give to all conscious human life. So simple, so powerful. I can't describe the feeling with word s...

H.M.,, 9/11/01, Canada
The information supplied on the NT site and also the books have given me the hope for a better life.

L. Singh,, 9/11/01, U.K.
The most profound information I have come across

C.C.,, 9/11/01
I think Neo-Tech is power in its' purest form. The power of Neo-Tech is so simple yet powerful most people will shun from it. I have experienced this when friends would ask about my personal views on life. When I say that Neo-Tech is power, I mean real va lue-producing, life-enhancing power not a power that fades in and out from day to day, month to month, or year to year.

J.M.,, 9/11/01, Scotland, U.K
Neo tech is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise toxic anticivilization.

S.P.,, 9/11/01, uk
Neo-Tech is an outstanding contribution to understanding the universe that we live in. May it continue to grow and turn our world the right way up, at last.

Teresa,, 9/10/01
I have read almost the whole Book.. I found myself not being able to put in down .. I am very enlightened by what I have read.

D.R.,, 9/10/01
To any neo cheat that may be reading this site, you will fail in the end and the end is sooner than you think

G.Z.,, 9/10/01
Neo-tech leads the way in clearing out mysticism and in building a future we choose instead of one we only inherit.

G.S.,, 9/10/01, Spain
Neo-tech is giving me something I lost long ago: passion for life.

P.C.,, 9/10/01
Neo-Tech is a sign of things to come, or at least I hope so for not only myself but my children and their children.

C.H.,, 9/9/01, United Kingdom
I love Neo-Tech literature... it holds so many great values and has so many great values to offer everybody... What is amazing to me is that I have reached a level of integration that has bought me to the realization that my success is now inevitable. I n ow know exactly the steps I need to take to succeed... this is because I have found my 'Friday night essence'. Once you find your essence, success is inevitable. Not only do I now know the steps... but, I am now taking them every day. The clarity of what I have to do every day to succeed is so clear that it staggers me. What I love about Neo-Tech is its ever evolving nature, despite now focusing on my business I am always drawn back to the Neo-Tech web site because I feel as I integrate its new concepts, I further evolve. Neo-Tech should stay on the web because it gives people what they really need... not hope, or faith but mind cleansing honesty.

J.B.,, 9/9/01
The greatest gift I've ever received in life!

tom binns,, 9/8/01, uk
Neo-tech is my strength.

a.c.,, 9/8/01
I love neo-tech and everything that it has done to enrich mine and my families life through hard work and discipline. Thank you.

M.S.,, 9/7/01, England
Neo-tech reflects the underlying plans of the Universe. Did god play dice with the Universe? No, Zon Neo-thought it! The Civilization of the Universe, here we come...

D.K.,, 9/6/01
Neo-Tech information and the way it's communicated is so profoundly pro-life, pro-consciousness, pro-values, pro-reality, I simply can't get enough of it. And it's so easy to read. Every sentence and every word is so exciting, it just draws me in while an excitement builds within to where I don't want to stop reading. Neo-Tech is showing me the way to a far far better life than anything else out there. Actually everything else out there seems so irrational and archaic. Neo-Tech is giving me the intellectual and emotional fuel to live a Neo-Tech life.

T.M.,, 9/6/01
I want this site to remain online because you guys post a ton of great information that benefits my life. The sections on finding love and the Pocket Therapist I found extremely interesting.

E.G.S.,, 9/6/01
I have been a N/T owner, since 1987, I at that time was a long time alcoholic, had attended numerous self-help seminars, at no avail. I had been a charismatic bible thumper, even with my drinking. In 1995 I was involved in a serious auto accident (while drinking) nearly killing me and two other person in the other auto. I decided at that point with the knowledge of N/T and the strength it gave me I would never touch another drop of alcohol again, and I have not. The information contained within the pages of N/T have given me the gift of happiness and wealth of knowledge and a new look at my future health.

Ron & B.G.,, 9/5/01
I have just received The Book a couple of weeks ago and find its contents very amazing. I am beginning to see things differently in this government controlled world.

M.E.,, 9/3/01, México
Neo-tech is a great achievement.

m.m.,, 9/2/01
thank you for the awakening.

pat,, 9/1/01
Mysticism's demise is imminent

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