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Feedback Comments From Jan 1997-May 2003

Below, 500 Random Testimonials From 1997-2003
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"Thank you very much for the information that has helped me
identify individuals in my life that have been neocheating me out
of just about everything. Now I have some form of defense and can
start to enjoy my life."
S.H.,, 3/8/97

M.S.,, 7/23/02
I found your site very stimulating. It is pleasing to find a website with view/opinions and the proper resources to support such statements. Keep up the good

J.S.,, 9/3/98, Australia
Extremely informative material and mentally explosive from
a psychological perspective. It has unplugged all the ugly waters of
mysticism in
my mind.The corrosive elements of mysticism simply dissapears
from one's mind once the literature of Neo-Tech is read.

"Keep up the good work."
C.A.,, 4/18/97, United Kingdom

J.W.,, 7/18/97
Your information is amazing. I'm a high school debater,
this information is excellent.

J.S.,, 3/5/00
The site is informative.

D.T.,, //
When I saw the neo-tech web site, I got as
excited as when I
first started reading The Book. I love everything that the
team is trying to do. You people are great! The Book as
forever changed my life. I will
do my best to bring great values to society one day. I don't
if I could have done it without neo-tech.

Tim,, 9/21/02
The Bible, philosophy , and human history all integrated and plausibly and rationally explained at last ....Brilliant! Tim

think for themselves. Should I never read another piece of Neo-tech literature for the rest of my
life, I have already gained unmeasurable advantages that I will continue to pass on to future generations as long as I live. Should Neo-tech remain on the

H.A.,, 9/1/98
Dr. Wallace's writings and theories are
a breath of fresh air in a world gone mad.

David,, 7/2/00

E.G.,, 10/23/98
I know this site should remain for decades to come. You see,
This type of information can be obtained NO-WERE, THEREFORE
IT IS UNIQUE IN ALL IT'S CONTENT'S. I don't own the package yet do
to monetary lack of but I will very soon to become the millionaire
I know I will be. Sincerely: E. paulino, E.P.G. Literatures.
P.S. Please send me the latest mailing offer you have so I can
send for the package A.S.A.P. Thank you for making my life what I
knew it was always meant to be.

M.R.,, 8/24/99
Absolutely one of the best sites I have EVER
seen!!!!! Keep up the good work

Have been searching for over 30 years for this type of confirmation
to my intuitive self. Thank you for your efforts and may we all grow.

B.S.,, 1/12/98
Neo-Tech has a lot of valuable info & has helped me a great deal.

D.E.,, 10/4/97, New Zealand
Neo-Tech makes more sense to me as each day goes by. I see
the better world
Mark Hamilton writes about in 'After2001: The New Code' and I
want to be part of that world. The world needs Neo Tech now.

im off and anticipate his next move with unbelievable accuracy. I am currently 40 years old with no college at all. I am convinced beyond any reasonable

J.A.,, 7/28/02
I have discovered honesty on this site.

"It's wonderful!"
T.W.,, 12/26/96, P.R.China

D.K.,, 10/24/97, Canada
"Neo-Tech is so different from other points of view, it
stimulates thinking. One may not agree with what is
being presented or may be shocked or outraged, but that
kind of challenge is necessary."

"I keep reading! Got to #42, and have to leave now."
J.S.,, 1/22/97

T.W.,, 11/8/01
I have profited from these products for a few years now and would consider this site closing down a great loss to society , this is a doorway to a better
life and its absence would be an opportunity missed for many .

Anon.,, 3/31/98

S.W.,, 3/12/00
I feel that "The Story" has encapsulated the
essence of the Neo-Tech Discovery, in such a way, that I no
longer feel alone, after having cast aside the indoctrinated
beliefs of my past.

B.Z.,, 1/15/98
I'm only a 21 year old Psych student but see the future as
described by Neo-Tech.

M.K.,, 6/21/02, Malaysia
Before finding this web site, I had to pay a fortune for such a valuable information! Pleeeeese expand!

J.B.,, 3/8/98
I am interested in real success and prosperity principles,
like those found in your materials. These materials are the most logical,
practical, philosophically sound information I have read since
I last read Atlas Shrugged.

L.B.,, 7/22/97, Australia
Although I have read only a small
fraction of the information contained in this site, I feel
a niggling sense of relief from the debilitating fear and
confusion which has prevented me from achieving anywhere
near my true potential. As a mother of a very young child
I have been driving myself to insanity wondering how I am
going to help my child achieve his potential, have love,
health, happiness and prosperity.
Thank you for providing me with another option, especially
one which makes absolutely, rational, logical sense.

to speed up the revolution.

R.J.,, 12/9/00
The only things we need to overcome is the
almighty power of
nature, the parasites in and around us, and produce value
for ourselves and others. Then We Should Be On The Road To
Recovery. NEO-TECH Teaches All Of Us How To Overcome These Things.
Read Everything On This Web Site Live Happy. This Is Near The End
Of The Century: December 9 2000 Look Ahead NEO-TECH IS HERE

G.Z.,, 3/15/97
Fantastic site! Absolutely can't wait for interactive Zon. I predict
that we will all begin to experience the final fall of the neo-cheaters when
the `hits' to this site increase geometrically. Permanently bookmarked as my
favorite site.

M.A.,, 10/8/97, Australia
"I would definitely like the Neo-Tech site to remain on the Internet as it
is invaluable. Neo-Tech has done wonders for both myself and my partner and
I will continue reading whatever information you make available to the world
over the Internet. I hope I made myself clear in the above comments, if
however you would like more clarification, I would be more than happy to
respond to any questions/queries you may have. Forever a faithful Neo-Tech

J. Y. Givens-Simmons,,
I have heard a great deal about neo-tech from a couple of friends that own and
read The Book. I am woman, single parent of a teenage son, and I have been looking
for information that might help my son to see that there is so much more to life
than a party. In the course of my looking and learning, I have found myself,
that there is so much more to life than I ever realized. Basically, I have known
innately that my life should be different and I was the master of how to make
it happen however, I always felt so overwhelmed by the changes that I tried to
make that I just couldn't maintain it or make any long term changes. I want so
much to feel more fulfilled by my life and to demonstrate to my son as well as
others that through finding yourself, you can find all there is in the world
in terms of happiness, love, joy, and success. I am so excited.

e.a.,, 5/4/00
Neo-Tech is one of the greatest values. it
teaches people
how to think, and anybody who attacks Neo-Tech is just lazy

B.S.,, 4/5/97

m.d.,, 8/8/01, canada
Everyone should read this. Too bad most are too
weak and small minded to accept any of it. After reading some of the
negative comments made about this site, I wonder if humanity will
manage to avoid self-destruction.

"I think this site is fantastic, and yet simple enough to
understand. If these ideas are put into practice success is
guaranteed. I urge everyone to read this with an open mind."
J.K.,, 6/3/97

G. R.,, 4/5/00, South Africa
Extremely exciting stuff!

N.T.,, 12/2/02, Canada
words wont express my gratitude to all involved, but thanks just the same. This backwards-assed human race we call 'civilization' desperately needs Neo-Tech.

"This is my first time on this web sight. I will visit more
C.M.,, 2/12/97

C.S.,, 5/18/98
I'm not thru reading the books yet and can see the abuses that
our neo-cheaters in government have been very busy destroying
our county for greed and there master plan. thank you for introducing
me to Neo-Tech.

P.B.,, 11/6/00
I want the future to start NOW! I'd
like to find out where the closest Neo-Tech Church is to
me. I live in MO. I believe in the vision ya'll share.
want to be an active part of it.

Anon,, 1/30/03
Neo-Tech is a great tool for anyone seeking to do great things with his or her life. Thanks to rational thinking, I have avoided the path often taken by most
who have allowed themselves to let someone do the thinking for them. This web site inspires me to
continue on the same path. Thank you.

S.D.,, 10/22/97
"By all means, this web site should stay on the web as
an aid to mankind. It opens up man's mind and awakens
him the higher meaning of life. I support your research
and the work Neo-Tech is doing."

"I believe that ZONPOWER is the key to health, wealth, and
happiness. Also, the fact that this web page has opened my mind
as well as many others is great. This web page really does have
all the answers. I looked into the matrix and almost fell over at
the LIMITLESS amounts of information on everything."
H.R.,, 4/3/97, Canada

Date : Tue May 6 14:05:13 US/Eastern
2003 Neo-Tech changed life for me, keep up the good work.

Frank, , 8/22/02, Puerto Rico
This site allows someone to empower themselves and break free from the manipulation and (needless) control imposed by those in our society that can only feel
powerful and accomplished by trampling all over most of us 'innocents' in society. I will no longer allow anyone else to control and victimize me or those that I love just to make themselves feel important at my expense. I reject the idea that my
happiness is dependent on anyone other than myself. Think about it.

"Hello! This WEB-side is really great! I enjoy it every day."
M.H.,, 12/21/96, Germany

D.D.,, 1/28/00
I'm beginning to understand how my values have been beaten down
to the 'accepted' level. Look forward to turning this ship
onto the correct course.

D.W.,, 11/16/97
Neo-Tech will fulfill everything the bill of rights promised
but couldn't deliver. VIVA LA NEO-TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.W.,, 3/9/98
Great page. I learn a lot.

L.A.,, 2/19/97
You are the most important people in the universe.

Y.G.,, 9/12/00
To come face to face with mysticism after 50
years of be
in it, in one form or another, is freeing and scary at
times. But there is no going back. I have also felt for a
long time that there is no reason for us to die. Thank you
this site should definitely stay on the web. Who would say
only those who promote death and destruction.

M.K.,, 8/20/97
"Only facts will awake the uncivilized from their sleep."

T.M.,, 1/4/99, Lebanon
Dear Sir, Neo-Tech is the best thing that happened in my life.
It gave me a new focus and a new dimension where very little
people actually go.

C.H.,, 2/3/02, United Kingdom
Have just read the Neo-Tech world summit article... Snookering Libertarians, Objectivists, and Muslims. After reading this wonderful speech from the summit
I found myself pacing up and down my room unable to calm down as my heart started racing and a surge of uncontrollable happiness welled up inside me like I
have never experienced in my life. I found myself clenching my fists and tightening my body as the joy I felt became almost overwhelming, to the point that
it became almost 'painful' as if it were
too much joy for one person to contain. Even now, a half-hour after reading the article I feel that every cell of my body is tingling. The way I feel is
almost impossible to put into words. To put it simply, I feel alive. I am a long time Neo-Tech owner but nothing has given me such a feeling of joy as this
article. I guess it is the first time that I have fully grasped that the civilization of the universe really is not only possible, but is starting to become
a reality now, today, this minute.

"This site is very well laid out. It is quite fast and the neo
ideas of the future are very interesting."
M.R.,, 1/17/97, Australia

c.e.,, 6/24/02
All humanity is on the line, knowledge is the key to salvation. Keep on telling it like it is, for all our sakes.

L.S.,, 2/21/01, Guatemala
I read many of the negative comments, and from
the ones I read
there is none to convince me that it is evil. Besides it is
for religious people to be frightened. And they always want
banned the things they disagree with.

Keep on telling the truth!!! We are looking for it!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the various drafts of Limitless Riches -- Automatic
Romance!? It is incredible to see how much effort is going into this manuscript.
It is awesome to read the latest draft and find it even more valuable than it
was just a few days or weeks before. I appreciate having such an in-depth look
at the creative process, and I look forward to the final manuscript with great

"I look forward to the day when all human beings know Neothink
(natural thinking for conscious beings). There is no compromise
with Neo-Tech. Contradictions are easily identified and
eradicated. The overwhelming beauty of recognizing the objective
'meaning of life' triggers an irreversible change in
G.W.,, 3/21/97, United Kingdom

"Thought-provoking information!"
M.B.,, 3/23/97, Philippines

S.W.,, 5/24/98
I think your site is really great. Your articles have
changed me a lot.

On buying and reading Neo-Tech Discovery
in 1992 my outlook changed and I found a clear, happy and exciting world.
Over time I tend to allow myself to think lazily and mystically. It is at
these times I need to open my book. Within a short amount of time, any trace
of mysticism is wiped out of my thinking.

S.P.,, 9/5/97
Reading Neo-Tech gives me peace of mind, confidence, and

"It often takes eye opening, thought provoking material to nudge
people in the right direction and this looks to be some of the
G.P.,, 3/10/97

J.S.,, 6/3/02
The ability to think without the clutter of the anti-civilization is an asset sorely needed today, it is needed by people like myself who seek to create new
and exciting paradigms to create value in the world (universe).

W.R.,, 7/15/00
Neo-Tech is realistic information that can be
applied to daily life.

R.P.,, 7/17/02
I find what is written very profound and backed by a consistent theory.

"Neo-Tech is very interesting."
C.K.,, 5/21/97, Australia

"I know that I want to live for 100 or 200 years and only the
philosophies of Neo-Tech will power societies and encourage
economic values to a point where we will be able to survive that
long. Mysticism brings down these advancement by stopping people
from doing things that seem 'godlike' (i.e. cloning)."
J.G.,, 6/12/97

R.V.,, 1/19/00
Life changing information, lets get going!!!!

"Very interesting concepts...I will check in again. Thanks."
S.M.,, 3/17/97

"Never before have I come across a system like this. I have seen
every kind of scam claiming to furnish you with the results that
Neo-Tech actually gives you. And unlike scams, Neo-Tech is simple
and has definite integrity. I think Neo-Power will definitely
change my life."
N.F.,, 1/29/97

"Keep up the good work."
C.A.,, 4/18/97, United Kingdom

Anon,, 5/3/02
The information is sound and when applied will work. It is rational and well thought out.

F.F.,, 2/25/97, Netherlands
I have already the NEO TECH in SPANISH. This is the BEST BOOK that I
ever read.

NEO-TECH is one of the most dynamic
web sites I've ever had the privilege to visit.
Neo-Tech is great! It has become apparent
that everything I was taught is total mysticism, and I am moving in the direction
to becoming a Neo-Tech man.

B.H.,, 10/24/00
4 or 5 years ago, I received the Neo-Tech
Manuscript and just put it in the closet. 7 month's ago, my
entire right
leg had to be amputated (due to an osteoscarcoma 'tumor'). I
was dealing okay with the situation and when I was starting
to get up and around and learning to live life with only 1
natural leg I came across the manuscript. Since I was spending so
much time being laid up and recovering, I started
I just want to say 'THANK YOU!!!' It's the most amazing
thing I've ever read in my life. I had cancer -- went through
intense chemotherapy -- and lost my entire right leg (hip
-- and I've never felt and been more in control of my life.
is simply amazed at my attitude throughout everything. I
Neo-Tech with a good portion of my new encouragement and
toward life. Once again, THANK YOU! Thank you for being
there to help me through
the worst point of my life.

Mogabe of Zimbabwe, or war mongering G.W. Bush, with the aid of his lap dog Tony Blair, who wants to distract the American public from the impending global
depression , Alan Greenspan or the so called 'free press' etc., everyone of them seem to have hidden agendas. In business we spend the whole day trying to
solve problems, but one gets the impression that those of causing problems get further in life. Your website gives me the courage to carry on fighting and
shows me that there are other people in the
world who also do not get fooled by all that is dished up in copious helpings every day. Keep the presses going, please!!!

"Take this off the web! BAH! the government just wants us to obey
big brother and be slaves of one big brother! I can easily see
their reasoning for trying to be rid of this. Obviously people
are protesting this because they don't want good people to get a
hold of it and turn the tables in their favor."
P.G.,, 2/5/97

"This is a good site. I am trying to get people to read this cool
C.A.,, 2/13/97

A.L.,, 7/27/98
An infinite array of values for the mortals on this planet.

Beth R.,, 7/2/98
Dr. Wallace's wide-scope accounting methods are beginning to
emerge within the anti-civilization. Previous e-mails between
are being considered as hard evidence in law cases. They can
try to run away from the facts but reality is catching up and
soon all professional value-destroyers will suffer from their
own demise! Thank you for your vision, Mr. Wallace.

Cathy W.,, 3/24/98, Canada
Thank you for having the courage to create and maintain
this site.

J.B.,, 12/13/96
NEO-TECH is certainly the most important site anywhere!
The information delivered from NEO-TECH has made my
life more than I ever thought it was. NEO-TECH is
protection from the nightmare of mystical illusion.
Because of NEO-TECH, I know that emotions can prevent a happy
life if they are misplaced. We need to hate only what hurts
us and to love what helps us. Certainly, positive emotions are
the goal of all life. Read NEO-TECH if you have not already!!

"Inquisitive information with bold statements -- is this
possible? Intriguing!"
L.F.,, 1/29/97

M.E.,, 3/15/98, Australia
I love what Neo-Tech stands for. Words can
not express the way Neo-Tech makes me feel. It feels like I've
spread my wings and I'm free. Free from the professional mystics
and neocheaters. My goal now is to become ZON!

T.O.,, 9/4/02, Australia
There is so much fascinating reading on this site. I love it.

"I find Neo-Tech fascinating."
Daisy D.,, 5/21/97

"Neo-Tech literature reflect the foundation of future."
V.P.,, 12/18/96

"Thanks for each and every word of wisdom that you've shared with
P.M.,, 5/11/97

G.S.,, 9/11/97,
"I think you should include more negative comments if there are any. It
seems like they make a good comedy section, for laughing them out of

B.L.,, 6/2/97, Canada
Without Neo-Tech, who will demystify people? Seems to me that the Net
is THE WAY to spread Neo-Tech info.

"It is a nice and helpful web site."
S.S.,, 6/8/97, Indonesia

C.V.,, 4/24/97

"I am a Neo-Tech owner and the thoughts behind this system are
very useful. Anyone looking to make changes in their life, this
is a great way to start."
V.V.,, 2/11/97

"This web site should continue to expand until all mysticism has
been uprooted and rejected. When the anti-civilization collapses
and we all are Zon, then this site will no longer be needed.
Until that time, this site must continue to grow."
M.W.,, 2/5/97

L.L.,, 2/29/00
I just read The Story. I am amazed. I conceived of New
Utopia to begin anew with what I thought to be the only
escape from the villainy of so called democracies. I don't
know that your "Story" has changed my perception. I suppose
that I still think that a new environment, with all the
virtues, will set an example and others will follow. That
somewhere a politician will see the light and do as Jonathan
Ward did in your story. Unfortunately those who have tried
to make even smaller changes have been struck down by the
established system.

M.H.,, 4/30/00
I have found much truth in the words printed in
this site, and I hope it stays up forever. Without it, I believe the world
will slip into a de-evolution.

R.S.,, 3/15/03
I find Neo-Tech very compelling and insightful. The depth of Wallace's
scholarship is amazing and impressive. An impressive web

J.V.,, Washington
This has been the most profound awareness that I have come
across in my search for what I Have been looking for all this life-time.

"Very interesting. I could easily spend hours jumping around
reading the material you have made available. Thanks."
S.M.,, 2/2/97

"I like your ideas and am very much interested."
V.T.,, 2/14/97, Kuwait

B.B.,, 5/27/98
I just got started with Neo-Tech this week, I am very
excited about it.

Robbin, L.C.,,
The book is full of useful information

Love your outlook, nothing that I've ever read made any sense until
Zonpower came along. I will be a soldier for your cause.

c. s.,,
The change into god-man is a hard one, but achievable.

g. j.,, u.s.
Great book

I have discovered honesty on this site.

Thank you for showing me the way, to the Civilization of the Universe.

Paddy,, scotland
Excellent, your advantages are very enlightening, I'm glad my two sons
will be able to read this and it will definitely help me to empower
them to be all they can. Cheers

Congratulations! The intelligent guiding hand. I admire your website.
Good self-liberating material. Every man and woman has sole claim to
his or her life and every person has sole claim to his or her labor
and the fruits of his or her labor.

Please keep neo-tech on the web. Without the stance that neo-tech gives
the everyday person, and the geniuses of this world, our world will
fall into the hands of the parasitical elites who work so hard to protect
their lazy and dishonest lives.

Great information!

B.H.,, Australia
You are teaching information that I don't see taught elsewhere. Who
else will do the job if you don't remain on the web?

I truly feel that Neo-Tech is perfect.

I've been having a lot of changes since I read this big book I ordered
from Neo-tech, years ago. It promoted a different mode of thinking
that has benefited me greatly.

C.I.,, United Kingdom
Most copywriters would tell you that content is king. If that's so
then Neo-Tech certainly is the King of all websites. No other site
comes even remotely close for delivering such fantastic values - and
for free! is my homepage and will alway s remain so.

The Greatest Kept Secret!!!

I have often wondered what motivates anyone to want to be employed
by the IRS. Is life so tough and their talents so meager they must
resort to harassing fellow Americans just to make a living?

I found your site very stimulating. It is pleasing to find a website
with view/opinions and the proper resources to support such statements.
Keep up the good Work.

Great reading

I love and adore your site.' You say things in powerful way.

Dr.W.N.,, Germany

John D H Eatwell,,
Simply Realistic. I Now Spy With My Little Eye All The Cheats. Love
To Talk To Anyone In Christchurch New Zealand. Frank Wallace & Mark
Hamilton You Are Truly Genius Thank You Forever John

M.I.,, U.S.A
Almost a year ago I purchased THE BOOK(GOD-MAN/NEO-TECH DISCOVERY),after
reading it I found the missing piece of my puzzle, that: the conscious-being
is the highest form of life that there is! And there is no god or higher
power that controls us! Thanks t o all of you, that gave me my clarity!

Neo - Tech is the most valuable information in the universe. Every man woman
and child needs Neo-Tech. After 9/11 it is apparent that without it we will
all perish in a mystical nuclear annihilation. We have to discount the ridiculous
political solutions being offered. The office of homeland security will just
add strength to the INS paranoid delusions. All the undocumented aliens need
Neo-Tech as does the office of Homeland Security. All will benefit and start
producing values for others and stop playing cat and mouse games.

K.P.,, US of America
Neo-Tech should be visible in this great medium so that others, like myself,
can live free of Neo-Cheaters.

BbQ,, Philippines
Great piece of information! I recommend it to kindred thinkers of our society
today! It changed my entire outlook in life! No longer i'll be drained by
people indulging in parasitical mysticism. We must spread neo-tech into the
far-ends of the earth. Kudo s to objectivity and rationality!

S.W.,, australia

This information and knowledge should be taught at school. The only real
guide to life and reality ever constructed. I have grown and changed greatly
by applying these advantages. I am awaiting the arrival of Biological Immortality,
which will only come a bout through Neo-Tech.

J.L.,, 1/24/01
This is truly a wonderful thing. In a world
that is filled with
such dishonesty and mysticism, this site is a must for all.
am truly a hater of dishonesty and lies. If everyone could
know the truth, the world would be a better place to live
work in. Frank Wallace is a good man and a man who intends
help bring a stop to this unnecessary neo-cheating and
I would be still lost if it wasn't for that letter I
and this web site. I appreciate everything I have learned
will learn. Neo-Tech is the only way.

H. M.,,8/24/00
There's a lot of brains out there that need to
be defragmented and gain common logic. Thanks for the great info.

S.K.,, 7/10/97
"I am almost 21, thanks to Neo-Tech and the support of my father
for Neo-Tech, everything about life is becoming crystal clear.
Keep up the good work..."

P.B.,, 1/28/97
I have never been so amazed by a web site as I am by this one.

J.M.,, Scotland, U.K
Neo tech is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise toxic anticivilization.

d.f.,, 11/22/00
The truth will always be the villain…until it
is accepted
by all. Today, Neo-Tech is the villain.

S.D.,, 9/25/97, Canada
This inf. is amazing --I just 'ate' up the text.
This site is vital to keep those of us alive who die a little every day at
our mundane jobs....

This is one of the most thought provoking
sites on the Web today! This site is a way for me to stay connected to Neo-Tech,
24/7. The Neo-tech web site is an important key in the flow of information
that I believe is needed in the 21st Century.

J.C.,, 3/16/00
Has shown me everything that I need to know in
life! Thank you all!

I ordered 'the book' in December & started reading it, but I was not committed
to it. so I put it down for some time, yet, very exited about it & scared.
because I have a Christian. at some point I had become disenchanted about religion
as well as a slave to it & feeling like a battered wife, getting verbally
beat up that I am a sinner & not worthy etc. the explanation's of neo tech
provided some more hope, that I am & can become very powerful by tapping
into things within me. I did however pick up the bo ok for the second time, ready
to commit. I'd like to find out how that turns out. also, if there is god-man,
is there not goddess-woman? Thanks

Anon.,, 10/18/99
Through Neo-Tech I found something was holding
back my own creative genius

D.D.,, 3/31/98
What Neo-Tech is not is a system of faith, a package oftruths,
or a “how to guide on how to run your life bus a series of
thought integrations based on basic eternal undeniable axioms which are:
A) The conscious individual is the highest value in the universe, B)
Mankind is basically good, C) Mankind can flourish without control or
force from external authority, and D) Everybody has an unalienable
right to his/her own life and property (that which is earned).

S.G.,, 10/20/97
Neo-Tech will drastically change my life.

Steven C. D.R.,,
The past year and 8 months of studying Neo-Tech. has been interesting and
a constant battle within myself. I've gone from blindness to reality in a
relatively short time.

G.C.,, 12/12/96
Very well thought out. Table of contents and index were
very usable and useful. Excellent reading.

I believe that Neo-Tech is the way of and to the future. We
need Neo-Tech now more than ever to show us the true path to wealth and happiness.

P.M.,, 12/11/96
I am very pleased with the
results it has brought to my life, Thank You!

"I'm just beginning to discover Neo-Tech."
Y.R.,, 1/31/97, Malaysia

One is are either green and growing
or ripe and rotting. Neo-tech is green and growing!!!

R.E.,, 2/28/97, Australia
Neo-Tech Discovery has changed my life. Neo-Tech has improved my
memory power immensely, given me a diet which is logical as to why I was
overweight (I'm now many kilos less), lowered my cholesterol and triglyceride
levels and blood pressure and made me much fitter aerobically. These are the
side effects. The main effects are that Neo-Tech has given me a whole new
purpose in life that has led to a new business, a great increase in happiness
and a future of certain success. Thanks to everyone at Neo-Tech, Frank Wallace
and Mark Hamilton in particular, and please keep the best site in cyberspace

But it seems the enemy is HERE and not THERE! How anyone
actually work for the IRS is beyond me. Of course Hiltler's
always used the excuse, 'I was made to do it.... It was my

S.O.,, 5/9/99
Thank you Neo-Tech, for providing this forum to expose the
Planned destruction of America -- last week I got my IRSS
notice in the mail.

E.S,, 8/7/97, Canada
Neo-Tech must stay on the web! Finally people will open
their eyes to the corruption of politicians, lawyers and other dishonest

Astounded that so much info. is packed on your page. Thanks for
your great and grand work.

T.M.,, 12/29/98, Lebanon
Thank you for changing my life to its potential.

R.S.,, 7/7/97
"This stuff looks pretty interesting."

M.P.,, 4/28/97, Canada
The Neo-Tech philosophy speaks of a universal truth that seems to
benefit all. It brings optimism into the hearts of those that listen. It makes
obvious that which bewildered the naive for so long. Neo-Tech is an answer to
the cry for help from those that are caught in the web of societal confusion.
Thank you Neo-Tech for sharing your wisdom with all. Freedom awaits us all.

"I found this web site very interesting and informative. I have
already told my friends to read this web site."
J.A.,, 6/4/97

D.H.,, 1/5/00
The light bulbs are turning on faster than you
can imagine, and what I have suspected all along, I am
finding to be reality. I am ready to stand and be counted as
one of the true believers in Neo-Tech and Neo-Think.

T.K.,, 7/4/00
I admire your work very much and hope that one
day I will contrib. to
the vision of God-Man because that is our happiness. With
respect, Theodore

M.T.,, 7/14/97
"Expanding this web site would greatly help society. Thanks for
exposing me to Neo-Tech, its knowledge is better than schools."

best book in my opinion.

K.K.,, 9/1/00, Austalia
... Now, I feel
more relaxed and at ease with myself (I also have had
lovers,with my new found confidence) ... and will be starting a
very soon...

"It's great to know better times will come."
M.H.,, 2/25/97, Germany

Jagjit K.,, ENGLAND
I am so happy, I have embarked on a new life. I have finally had the strength
to end a bad relationship.

M.G.,, 11/19/02
Neo-tech MUST remain on the web, for the world wide web is the best and most readily available way to inform and educate the mystically befuddled people of
the entire world. This site should most definitely be expanded!

R.S.,, 1/21/01
The most enlightening info. I have come across
in a long time.

D.R.,, 9/16/02
In reading 'The Book' from Mark Hamilton, I finally can make sense of that which has always bothered me about our society and the unhappiness that I see in
my own life as well as that of my family and friends. Neo-Tech is the key to existence. Keep up the good work....


J.C.,, 2/19/98
This page kicks ass!!!! I want to be a member!!!

"A wonderful piece of work. Keep up the great writing."
T.M.,, 2/18/97

Carlie.G.,, 6/6/97
By finding this site, I have found a new insight to a lot of
different subjects.

"Learning about Neo-Tech is becoming a really eye opening
experience and is helping me to think in new ways. Your material
has helped me to dispel all the ingrained negative knowledge I
have been taught. I can now get on with my life as a happy,
productive individual. Thank you very very much for opening my
eyes, keep up the Excellent work."
S.E.,, 5/27/97, England

"Nice job, first time on your site, just started to read The
Neo-Tech Discovery (Very Good)."
M.P.,, 2/2/97

J.C.,, 9/16/00
neo-tech has put my life on the right track.

F.H.,, 1/3/97, West Malaysia
I have found this web site to be too good. There's so much to
discover and to know about reality. Zonpower has so much to offer, not many
people know about it. I hope in the near future I will be able to know all that
Zonpower has to offer.

E.W.,, 6/19/01, ETHIOPIA
I think neo-tech is wonderful.

T.L.,, 2/27/03, Canada
I am completely blown away by how easily you have debunked the
religious myths that I have had to live with all my life. I was
raised as a Roman Catholic and I have known that something was
wrong with religion since I was 13 years old when I stopped going
to Mass and did not suffer any adverse consequences that all
my religious leaders said I would. Thank you for making thing
so clear.

"I would like to see this site expand."
A.W.,, 4/23/97, United Kingdom

M.L., yahoo Philippines
The articles are really amazing. They threaten the present structural set
up of government and religion.

C.P.,, 5/8/98, Canada
Fascinating reading. Thought provoking.

Crites,, 10/27/02
I am pleased that this information is on the web because it helps others begin to put the puzzle-pictures together to uncover a truer picture of reality.
This, in turn, will help not only the individual, but also all of society as we gradually--or perhaps
suddenly--awaken to a new realization of our surroundings. This awakening will ultimately lead to a more prosperous existence for the human race.

R.T.,, 3/23/97, United Kingdom
I love Neo-Tech ideas. Powerful, practical, hands-on,
change-your-life stuff.

Some of the most valuable and unique information on the web

R.W.,, 3/13/98, Canada
For me honesty is the only way. Honesty is a beautiful thing.
'I love you all' THANK YOU

"This whole idea certainly has a high level of attractiveness."
J.S.,, 3/21/97

P.R.,, 10/13/98
Neo-Tech gives such a feeling of future prosperity and success that such
a work of literature, I'm sure will be considered a timeless classic in
the future. Integrated honesty is surely the only way that civilization
will continue to survive.

"Well done."
C.K.,, 5/10/97, Malaysia

"This is a super site delivering a cornucopia of values to enrich
me mentally, sexually, financially. I have just completed the all
powerful, 'nuclear power-like' Mystic Busting Bible, I literally
feel and sense how I am moving into a new dimension!! Today I
made more money then most make in a week! As I walked back to my
office I sensed a powerful force which I know with certainty will
propel me into limitless wealth and power. I am like a hungry
lion! I am hungry for more Neo-Tech!!! Please make the other 'To
Appear' articles available soon! I'm looking forward to Maria's
next article, hit me with your powerful integrations baby!!!"
B.R.,, 2/20/97, South Africa

D.V.,, 7/6/97
"I found this subject not only informative, but very possible to

C.C.,, 3/5/99
Neo-Tech has categorically delivered me from
mystical delusions. I was the last person who thought I
would ever stop believing in God. As a physicist in
training, I try to logically deal with reality based on the
scientific method. If it were not for such a background, I
probably would have overlooked the TRUTH which is Neo-Tech.
Now, I look back in awe of the magnitude of the absurdness
and irrationality of the Platonistic philosophies and all of
its derivatives. This feeling is due to the fact that now
Neo-Tech concepts are so natural to my conscious. The beauty
of the natural logic which clearly sustains Neo-Tech is
breath-taking. As many others now realize, only the
destruction of mankind itself could possibly stop Neo-Tech
from developing on our planet. History will forever laud
Frank Wallace as the true messiah and savior of mankind!

Anon.,, 10/9/98
I wish everyone felt the same way about life as you guys do.

"I have not read much, but I am already intrigued. I shall read
P.C.,, 2/21/97, Scotland

T.D.,, 9/6/98
Excellent info ....especially for my business.....I found that
by applying bit by bit the info all comes together....and
makes more sense, especially when you are experiencing it for
yourself.......results are astounding!

J.H.,, 11/28/02
I think this site is one of a kind, a real gold-mine.

I actually Consider Neo Tech a medical breakthrough. Probably the greatest since
the smallpox vaccine. I look forward to seeing a Nobel prize come from this.

A.S.,, 6/22/98, Canada
I can honestly say that Neo-Tech has changed my life!

j.q.,, 1/29/01, n/a
What a powerful book! I am 28 and my brother
is 22 and we both feel
that our lives will be MUCH different than those of our
I could not put this book down, the first time I read it, it
like seeing for the first time! I didn't sleep much that
night, but I also awoke feeling completely rested and
thank you so much!

B.C.,, 12/30/96
I have always been fascinated with the mind but could never figure
out how to tap into its real power. This web site is so exciting it's scary.
It's scary to imagine a world where everyone is in touch with true reality.

"I am very interested in learning more."
T.S.,, 5/8/97

T.L.,, 8/11/00
Once you decide to apply the techniques, there
can be no half
stepping. I've found that Neo-Tech requires serious
Do you have it in you?

G.K.,, 12/19/96
well organized, easy to use, search system.
like a global library or data base

"Great Web site... I especially find the topic search
capabilities very useful."
S.N.,, 4/21/97

Heather S.,, 12/23/97
Neo-Tech sounds as though it may become the mainstay for my
life. thank you.

E.L.,, 8/31/98
Neo-Tech has changed my way of thinking. Dr. Wallace has
done a great job!

J.B.,, 2/4/98, South Africa
Most enlightening literature and many benefits for me.

Everything written is so true. I have so much more power in my life
thanks to neo tech, I'm sure of my future. Thank you neo-tech for helping to
create a better world not by faith, but by reason.

M. L. Schmidt,, 12/1/01
It is the most realistic information that I have read in my life.

R.K., HUGHES.COM, 2/1/03
Hi Emma, Don't ever get rid of your website. Cyberspace is where it's at. Information is at your finger tips. I have tons of Neo-Tech books/tapes at home.
I've had a lot of fun with Neo-Tech over the last 20 years. I've really 'rocked some foundations'! The 'negatives' people write about Neo-Tech and some of
those people really scare me. I live in the same country they do, what the heck are they thinking!

I have had the pleasure and fortune of enlightenment through Neo-Tech.
Thanks to Neo-Tech, I see crystal clear through the mystic fog that has been
shrouding us for centuries. Not only would I like to see this sight expand, but
it must expand to conti nue to spread the word of a better, brighter and mystic
free world. Knowledge is power. I only hope that it is not to late to save ourselves
at this crucial juncture in time. It is the best thing that has happened to me,
and definitely the best thing f or the human race. The computer is the beginning
of a universal community (a very powerful tool) that will eventually make the
Neo-Tech way of life known to the masses. Therefore this site must never come
down, but continue to grow as it continues to reach and pull the people out of
the mystic fog that has stifled us for far to long.

A.A.,, 12/13/99, Ghana West Africa
You guys are really helping me to rediscover
myself. I will appreciate it
very much if you send me guides to teaching my kids so that
they will also not go astray as I did. You guys are just too
great. We love you!!!

"I feel this is a very interesting site. I took a chance to find
it and I am very happy."
J.G.,, 1/27/97

"I think that Neo-Tech is wonderful reading. I can't wait to
receive the package for I've heard so much about it. I just
receive my computer and had to research this topic. I so glad
that you are on the web."
M.B.,, 12/31/96

N.S.,, 8/27/97
"Neo-Tech has changed my life. I am a better person through it."

S.B.,, 1/18/98
The web-site and the literature are wonderful
-- keep up the good work. I embrace Neo-Tech and find it to be
the way to the future. I daily fight with the lawyer-like dishonesties
of the government/anticivilization here in Ohio. I am waging
an ongoing battle, and I am winning -- through knowledge and confidence
I gained from Neo-Tech, combined with my own ability to think
and separate right from wrong. Every move the government quislings
make, they step further into the trap of the Neo-Tech matrix.

S.B.,, 12/31/96
Wow! I'm an Objectivist, but have recently been having some doubts
about my Objectivism and Objectivism in general. There seems to be a missing
link, something that indicated that Objectivism wasn't quite right, but I
couldn't put my finger on it. The Neo-Tech stuff at least provides a metaphoric
answer to that missing link. This is compelling stuff. A useful tool.

J.B.,, 1/30/97
There is a wealth of information in this Web site! Timeless
principles, when put into action, that really work. Plus, all of the
information validates what many people truly believe in -- honesty, integrity,
character and courage.

I bought THE BOOK and I have a hard time putting it down. Since I opened THE
BOOK, I have already made my life more worthwhile. I have patented an idea and
started writing a book. I also am in the process of starting a business that
helps people. I really do not think that I would have had the open-mindedness to
start any of these projects if it were not for Neo-tech. I will soon be running
for city government and I will start to turn the city into a business rich
environment that relies less on the government and more on its people. Those who
talk bad about you have not read anything about what the Neo-tech world is
about. I thank you for spreading your message and I for one will be a loyal
believer for what you have helped me realize about myself. Thank you.


I love neo-tech.

"I think this site is great! Wish I had found it earlier!"
L.D.,, 5/15/97

"This is a great web site."
A.B.,, 4/26/97

P.P.,, 1/24/01
First of all I have to say I have really enjoyed The Story.
I've found myself not wanting to put it down or rushing to
get back to it. I haven't quite finished it yet though. I
do have a question for you... I would like to know if there
is anything available like the recorded lectures of Miss
Annabelle or the bed time stories book she wrote. My 11
year old son has also started reading The Story, but I would
like to introduce the whole idea to my 4 year old and 14
year old (who doesn't like to read unless he has to). Do
you know where I might be able to find something like that?

R.G.,, 9/27/98
Neo-Tech kicks butt.

D.W.,, 10/14/97
"I enjoy your information and motivation. Can these ideas be applied to a
high school curriculum?"

Anon.,, 3/19/98
Your company's philosophy sounds very much like Ayn Rand's
philosophy. I agree with most of what I've seen. Keep it up.

"I am very grateful for any knowledge I receive that improves my
thinking and outlook on life. Thank you."
M.O.,, 5/28/97

L.C.,, 12/24/00, The Constitutional Republic Of The United

J.L.,, 10/11/00
very informitive

L.B.,, 2/18/00
This is an incredible forum for ideas and growth.

C.D.,, 11/30/97
The POWERS that be have limited the minds of the people across
the globe with its doctrine. Neo-Tech will unlock the
mind and give individuals a new way of thinking -- let Neo-Tech
circulate worldwide.

J.B.,, 8/14/00
You have inspired me to start a brand new

N.R.,, 12/11/01, Canada
thank you Dr. Wallace for the most integrated and complete set of principles for life ever published.

G.M.,, 8/3/98
I find this new information fascinating and incredibly
appealing. I have long searched for truths of knowledge. You and your
knowledge have given me new purpose. I thank you.

S.B.,, 1/2/96
My #1 Web site. You have opened doors which I knew not were there.
Keep up the excellent work. Bravo.

G.P.,, 3/10/97
It often takes eye opening, thought provoking material to nudge
people in the right direction and this looks to be some of the best!

"Your concepts about individuals make a lot of sense to me.
Rational selfishness is the best tool to pursue happiness. The
creation of surplus values seems to be the moral way to help one
R.L.,, 2/11/97

J.C.,, 3/16/00
Has shown me everything that I need to know in
life! Thank you all!

P.B.,, 8/23/97,
"Keep it coming! --- Mind purification."

M.S.,, 1/7/01

J.P.,, 5/8/97
I can see the potential for the Neo-Tech mind to truly aid those who
develop and use it. The entire theory of Neo-Tech is quite interesting, and
perhaps I can use it to finally take control of my life.

K.A.,, 6/4/97
If the gov't is trying to censor this literature, then it must be

W.A.,, 5/15/99
I like this whole honesty thing.

J.S.,, 2/25/02
Dir sirs, I have never written you before. I have spent the last year studying neo-tech and integrating the psychuous concepts into my thought pattern and
not a day goes by that I'm am not amazed at how powerfully and wonderfully neo-tech has changed my o
utlook on life. I use the word 'changed' reluctantly because I do not feel that neo-tech has altered my thinking pattern as much as it has freed my mind from
the unrelenting dishonesties of this anticivilization, allowing me to return to that beautifully
vivid state of mind of my early childhood that I can hardly recall now. I am so happy now at the freedom and peacefulness I now feel, more free than I've
ever felt in my life. I am now empowered to carve my own destiny in life and each day I find more str
ength to resist and overpower all neo-cheaters and their mystical deceptions. I cannot watch the evening news without being filled with disgust at the lies I
was powerless to perceive previous to neo-tech. I am writing to say thank you. Thank you all so v
ery much for helping me become truly free for the first time ever in my life.

E.A.,, 5/25/97, Canada
This web site is needed to help all people
receive a chance at changing their lives. Without
Neo-Tech we are all just empty beings. But with
it, we can bring down all neocheaters and are
masters of our own lives for a change. This
web page has to stay because it will continue to
grow and teach people the truth. It has to stay
for the sake of all human beings who want
something more out of life!

R.L.,, 6/22/01
This is THE way to reach the 'masses' and
defeat the

S.Z.,, 6/23/97, United Kingdom
I was first introduced to Neo-Tech in 1989 -- since which I have held
the philosophy with the deepest respect. Not one to take anything for face
value, placing the concepts into action has produced a degree in mechanical
engineering, straight into business in 1992, successfully sold out in 1996, and
now committed to a direct-mail computer software business turning over
UK[sterling]700,000 per year. I possess a powerful skill to test new boundaries and
the business hence grows at accelerating speed while focus on the means allow
the ends to take care of themselves. I feel so intensely for people who go
through life not realizing their potential, indeed the accurate perception of
the new civilization which will come, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.
Everything in my life revolves around a central core of strength that is
Neo-Tech. Thank you sincerely.

E.R.,, 5/22/98
Very interesting reading.

"I think this is a great web site, I'm a Mexican, a country where
neo-cheating is growing as you may not expect and the material on
this web-site will help the producers to succeed"
S.U.,, 12/26/96, Mexico

J.L.,, 4/28/99
Neo-Tech is just starting to become a way of
life for me and I love it. Let the ignorant who wish to ban
it suffer there own fate for they will eventually force
themselves to extinction.

C.M.,, 1/18/03

D.B.,, 4/5/99
I am a frequent visitor to your web-site, you
have made a difference in my views of the world like no
other. I thank you and keep up the good work.

Dorothy S.,
I know something good is, I have a new
outlook on life a new way of thinking I am looking forward to an extraordinary
life, and I am full of life again.

"I have been searching the Web for months, looking for a site that
gives useful, importantl information. I think your site is great."
Z.S.,, 6/12/97, England

M.L.,, 9/16/97, Australia
I see the changes that are occurring in this world. Neo-Tech has
changed my life so much for the better. You are making a difference for the
better for this world.

L.H.,, 3/10/00
The past few days I have been reading The Story
in what little spare time I have. Ummm... everything is
starting to click together now. The inner-child thing really
got me thinking. In my younger days we used to play games
like “what if this and what if that'. We had come up with
some pretty wild ideas back then - why isn't that quality
encouraged to grow and be applied to real life scenarios? If
I ever would have thought of applying those creative juices
to real life, then I would be a totally different person.
The pieces are starting to come together.
I have rediscovered my inner child and brought back that
ability to think creatively to put the pieces together. It
would be an absolute travesty if I ever let that ability
fade in my daughter. As I make other breakthroughs, it will
help me keep those alive in her as well.
I have taken small steps; this is my first leap. Cheers to
many more to come!

Everything written is so true. I have so much more power in my life
thanks to neo tech, I'm sure of my future. Thank you neo-tech for helping to
create a better world not by faith, but by reason.

T.S., Sun.COM, 9/13/00, u. States of America
I do believe that 'neocheaters' suck the life
out of many would-be
happy people. I am a truth seeker, I see a lot of merit in
your material.

D.P.,, 1/25/98
I love life and I'm ready for the
neo-tech world, I love the knowledge and
life changing material . THANK YOU.

D.H,, 8/3/97
Suddenly everything is very clear.

K.V.,, 8/9/98
I am astounded by the breadth of the Neo Tech vision. We have for
far too long been enslaved by a controlling autocracy that trains
us to limit our dreams and thoughts. For the fortunate few that
have still the courage to think and dream freely, your site is
a gift.

J.L.,, 1/29/97

"Great site! All the upcoming features sound great. I can't wait
to read Frank's novels, and listen to his Opera's."
E.M.,, 2/12/97, New Zealand

M.B.,, 4/19/97
What an abundance of truly helpful

I extend tremendous thanks to Dr. F. R. Wallace, his family, and
associates. Growing up mystified, I always wanted to be someone else, somewhere
else, some other time. Since I read Neo-Tech I enjoy myself, here, now, forever.

T.T.,, 3/12/00
The Story is one of the most compelling pieces of
literature I've ever read.

D.A.,, 5/14/97
Extremely informative and optimistic prognostication
on world issues and economics!

L.T.,, 1/14/02
I have been a neo-technician since January 6, 2000 when I received my copy of The Book. My life has changed immeasurably and irreversibly since that day.
Having a much better grip on reality and the ability to see to essence of things, I now see the preciousness of life for the first time in my life. I have been exhilarated beyond words and now feel my long-lost happiness and excitement of my youth. I can't
get enough out of each day as I feel such a loss of precious time. I feel, like never before, my life has truly just begun and so much joy and adventure lies ahead. I owe all this to Dr Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, Tracy Allexandar, and all
the beautiful people at Neo-Tech Publishing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

A.H.,, 1/28/98
You have some revolutionary ideas. This site might
just save the world. I'm also trying to get the word out to everyone.
I keep telling them that they got to see this.

JH,, 1/11/00
Poker: A Guaranteed Income for Life', by Frank R. Wallace.
A major milestone in poker books -- and beyond. This should
have been the poker book that ended poker books. At the time
it came out, it was far, far deeper and more sophisticated
than anything else in the field, and in some ways, despite
the exponential improvement in poker literature, still is.
When the Jacoby's and Rubens's were telling us to keep
stakes down, quit by midnight, and don't let players get
hurt, Wallace knocks down those barriers like wooden fences
in a category 5 hurricane.
This book is the only one I know of which provides a
framework for working a maximum-win approach in home poker
games, with stark amorality.
The book gets its true greatness at the end, when he
explains that for all the possibilities inherent in poker,
it's a losing proposition. After teaching us to be "good
players," he explains why the "good player is the biggest
loser in poker." Why? You'll have to read.

J.H.,, 3/5/99
Your publication is the most revolutionary,
hopeful piece of work I have ever read. It is the only valid
way our world can move forward. Your organization is the
only one I have seen that seems proactive enough to make
real progress. How can I help?

R.V.,, 3/2/97

A.F.,, 3/4/00
I am very impressed, I am opening a new world.

C.K.,, 12/22/97
I like the way Neo-Tech shows me what is really happening in
the world and in everyday living. After reading Neo-Tech, I can
usually tell if a person I am talking to is being honest or not.
I feel I am much more in touch with reality than I was before
I read Neo-Tech.

P.P.,, 2/19/99
I love you people and I'm thirsty for more of
your news and encouragement.

"Thank you for sending a message via the Internet to a person who
thought for a brief time that he lived on an island of
rationality in a sea of mysticism. But now I see other islands
and I am helping to create other islands in my community and
personal life."
S.R.,, 1/26/97

D.K.,, 1/28/98
It's interesting and entertaining.

R.S.,, 6/5/97
What I have read is truly powerful. More people need to be exposed
to these ideas.

A.T.,, 4/16/99
I read the 'Neo-Tech Discovery' years ago, but
my mystical mind fought the process. Now a decade later, I'm
back and ready to learn.

S.H.,, 8/13/97
"The information is much needed."

L.L.,, 2/29/00
I just read The Story. I am amazed. I conceived of New
Utopia to begin anew with what I thought to be the only
escape from the villainy of so called democracies. I don't
know that your "Story" has changed my perception. I suppose
that I still think that a new environment, with all the
virtues, will set an example and others will follow. That
somewhere a politician will see the light and do as Jonathan
Ward did in your story. Unfortunately those who have tried
to make even smaller changes have been struck down by the
established system.

M.S.,, 12/26/96
I have begun reading these pages and am keenly interested. I cannot
remember how I was drawn to this page but am glad I discovered it to learn a
new theory on wealth in America!!! Thank you for putting this page out to
public viewing. I expect that many will think the theory too deep and not read
all. I plan to read all as that is how theories derive, from knowledge and
diverse knowledge.

"Wow!! You've put into words the natural chain of events! I
enjoyed this immensely."
J.O.,, 2/18/97

Jagjit K.,, ENGLAND
I am so happy, I have embarked on a new life. I have finally had the strength
to end a bad relationship.

"You are the most important people in the universe. Keep up the
good work."
L.A.,, 2/19/97

T.D.,, 11/13/99
I find your web site fascinating. This information should be
available to all. Those that continue to attack and
criticize this work are only afraid of truth--refusing to go beyond
their limited thinking.

"Looks fascinating."
B.D.,, 5/12/97, Australia

Z.G.,, 5/8/97
This is the best web sit I have EVER seen. It has practical
applications that anyone can apply to improve their life!

Cameron,, 12/29/00, New Zealand
I love the sheer diversity of new information
that I find to stimulate my brain, and your site certainly
given me some food for thought.


"Neo-Tech is very interesting. Somebody called Art Bell on his
famous nighttime radio talk show and asked if he had ever heard
of Neo-Tech."
T.D.,, 1/22/97

Life finally makes sense

"I love you guys."
A.A.,, 4/30/97

Hi Mark; absolutely brilliant, when can we
expect to see the film.

P.L.,, 4/7/00
THE STORY its really making sense. It was written on my level so that I have better understanding of all Neo-Tech literature. Mark
you've done an outstanding job. Keep up the GREAT WORK YOUR DOING.

A.M.,, 5/30/02
I love everything about your organization. You've changed my life although I've still far to go.

Jansett,, 10/14/01
Magnificent! I simply couldn't stop reading, chapter by chapter, even when my eyes started to tire. I'll need to go back and read The Proof again because I
really can't absorb much more right now, but I want to say that The Story told the tale so powerfully that I was captivated beyond anything I've ever read
before. I loved it. It was interesting to observe myself and my gut reactions as I read because I have had many similar experiences (on a less dramatic
scale, perhaps, but equal emotionally) and
each time felt so let down by other human beings, people who chose to go the way of power and ambition (or so they thought) at the expense of honesty and
hard work. I have been “betrayed' several times in my life, but I've kept my determination. I must
admit that I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever find another human being who knew what I knew (although I have never articulated it so eloquently
as The Story). I am beyond ecstatic at this moment. I am eagerly awaiting the Neo-Tech Summit in
November to get the opportunity to meet other people who feel “just like me.' Glorious! The Story is great, really great. Thank you so much. Cheers,

"I love the web site, I just need to spend more time caught in it
so I can fully consume it. I have much to learn, and I plan to
use this site for my education. Thank you, goodbye."
R.R.,, 2/7/97

B.I.,, 6/16/02, United Kingdom.
If neo-tech is to be successful in re-educating the world populace for the good of mankind, then the importance of retaining Neo-tech on the web cannot be

L.T.,, 5/16/97
I find this web-site highly informative and of great insight into the
human condition. I would recommend it to anyone interested in advancing their

C.P.,, 10/21/97
"I found the content of the site to be quite thought provoking."

D.H.,, 11/17/99
I am very excited about all the pertinent information that you
have begun to show the world. Daily I see myself grow in the
knowledge that I can now identify the cheaters and leave
them behind. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

"This web site has it all. Innovative ideas to global marketing."
M.Y.,, 1/12/97

"I am anxious to get started in developing an in depth
understanding of the concepts of Neo-Tech."
M.W.,, 1/22/97

V.J.,, 7/6/97
"I like your new flashing text article. Keep up the good work, I
am behind you all the way."

m.d.,, , canada
Everyone should read this. Too bad most are too weak and small minded
to accept any of it. After reading some of the negative comments made about this
site, I wonder if humanity will manage to avoid self-destruction.

E.R., .,
I am glad to see such progress has been made. It feels as though
the light has come back to all.

D.G.,, 10/19/00, Australia
Neo-Tech has powerful medicine, it rids the
mind of a disease
called STUPIDITY. Neo-Tech is the only salvation as it
a new language altogether and another perspective of viewing

Anon,, 9/1/97,
"It's great to know the truth"

The information gained from this site and the products I possess are worth more
than I can think to repay. Thanks.

M.W.,, 7/15/97, England
Please forward more information on how to raise children
and young adults in this soon to be changed world. I want to thank Dr.
Wallace because without his knowledge, I would be suffering trapped in a
world without a way out. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Joe,, 12/13/00
I enjoyed reading 'The Story' more than
anything I ever read. And I bet it would sincerely bring
someone great pleasure as described in The Story to be among
all those benevolent people creating an extraordinarily
wondrous atmosphere such as that. Perhaps it could really
become an actuality within my life time. Hopefully, one day,
I can become a God-Man as well.

J.B.,, 12/31/98
This Web-site should remain free and unfettered to disseminate
knowledge and information key and integral for the advancement,
prosperity, and happiness of humanity as we head into the new
millenium. The outrageous, immoral actions of past and present
governments, dictators, mystics, and Neo-Cheaters must be exposed
long and often.

NEO-T.C.,, U.K

Excellent literature!!!! I have read Neo-Tech and I have used
it and today it makes me a better person. For the last 3 years after having
my first Neo-Tech literature, never before I seen the Cosmic powers that
works for me but also for everyone who have neo-tech knowledge. Neo-Tech
teaches me to be self aware of those people who neo-cheats everyday and
every moment. I can actually see those neo-cheating scheme practiced by
neo-cheaters. Thanks a million Neo-Tech.

N.S.,, 6/25/02, Hamilton
You cant do enough to get this powerful message out. Thank you so much for your love for the human race.

"Whatever you do please don't take this site off the Internet. I
think it's the best one that exists. What is, is."
J.Y.,, 3/23/97

"Great Site."
J.P.,, 2/12/97, England

I feel Neo-tech is the best information source on how to live
life. It's an aid, a motivation, and a great tool. I try to spread the word
to my friends.

C.C.,, 4/17/98, New Zealand
The greatest educational medium available today and this
is one of the best means of presenting it.

W.S.,, 9/30/00
Neo-Tech changed my life forever.

F.B.,, 6/22/98
I love this site, and of course think it is the most
important/valuable site on the ENTIRE INTERNET. Keep up the awesome

G.H.,, Canada

H.H.,, 3/15/00
Mark, As predicted, fantastic stuff, and I have
put my comments on NTN13.
Can't wait until the next one, and how soon too the movie.
As I commented to Ted, (Fox). Steven Speilberg as director
or NZ's very own Roger Donaldson.
You guys are something else and your Dad, well, the words
have not been invented, to describe this great value
producing individual. You guys are going from strength to
strength. FRW has been mine and millions of others Miss
I want to wish your group every success in project life and
if there is anything I can do, let us know.
A NT friend in Aussie and myself are contributing Web Sites
to NT. Mine will be on and We are negotiating with web designers
now. That will be our contribution to NT. The main focus on
our sites will of course be Neo-Tech and will have direct
links to
Any information that does not appear on your neo-tech site,
for example promotions on political aspirations and
information on project life that you may feel will be of use
to consumers in this part of the world. Please send to us
and we will include that info on our web page.
Once we are satisfied with the final outcome of our
contribution to NT, we will be promoting those pages in
local newspaper advertising, for people to log on and learn
something that will change their thinking from the current
coercive, believe in higher authority stagnant mentality
into the neo-thinking.
The end result will be, well it's written in the last
chapters of 'the Story'.
Well done and congratulations.

G.G.,, 2/7/97
Excellent web site, one of the most valuable and powerful that I have
found. It just may save mankind. I would like to see more intellectual
ammunition like this. Thanks, keep up the great work.

W.W.,, 4/19/97

A.D.,, 9/22/98, United Kingdom
Everything that is ever said from Neo-Tech cannot be argued
against, unless “they' are scared and trying to hold onto a false
value-destroying pseudo-life. I love pointing out
mysticisms to other people, then slowly watching the clarity wash
over their guilt drawn faces movingt them towards a guiltlessly
uplifted, happy face. ...The best face-lift you could ask for!!!

Anon,, 1/30/03
Neo-Tech is a great tool for anyone seeking to do great things with his or her life. Thanks to rational thinking, I have avoided the path often taken by most
who have allowed themselves to let someone do the thinking for them. This web site inspires me to
continue on the same path. Thank you.

D.S.,, 6/18/97
I think this is very powerful material that should be learned in

PC,, australia
With Neo-Tech I am supremely confident about my future in this
world. A world governed by Neo-Tech principles is my and the worlds best
chance of creating prosperity for everyone. The Neo-Tech beacon must remain
with all of us to ensure unlimited riches.

L.H.,, 4/1/02
The information on this web site and in the literature is very helpful in battling my depression. Recovering with ideas grounded in truth is proving to be invaluable.

K.M.,, 4/30/97
What I have heard of this site is absolutely astounding. Let's put it
to good use by all and all will flourish.

T.C.,, 5/19/01
Deep inside I know what's really going on and
I know
I can change my situation. I won't give up and thank you for
all of the GREAT WORK you have published over the years.

I think everyone, everywhere can benefit from the knowledge
of NT!

P.M.,, 4/22/98, Philippines
This site should remain on the web to enlighten everyone
about reality, honesty, human nature, prosperity, happiness, psychuous
pleasure, and other new concepts, ideas, and philosophies that
must be adhered to by conscious human beings. Please, give my
regards and extend my thanks and gratitude to Frank Wallace for the
precious knowledge he imparted to me through his valuable books which
I will treasure for the rest of my life. My countrymen, the Pilipinos,
have suffered so much under the claws of mystics, neocheaters,
and other value destroyers for a long, long time already. I intend to
provide copies of your books to my friends and relatives.

C.F.,, 6/11/98

"Very interesting, indeed!!! Enlightening and certainly
mind-opening! I'm reading all I can download and want more!"
J.M.,, 1/5/97

"I love the search option that accompanies each work. The design
of your web site is tasteful and very intuitive. Everything I've
read so far has caused me to look at life and wish I only knew
about The Neo-Tech Discovery sooner."
E.S.,, 1/30/97

"I had never heard of the Neo-Tech Advantage but in browsing
through all of the helpful information you have provided, I was
amazed at how true the information is. Please keep up this
wonderful self-help site. It's extremely interesting reading."
A.P.,, 4/22/97

M.B.,, 7/17/02
After using Neo-Tech for 3 years, I gave up thinking about it for a year or so. I turned to drugs. I quit working hard in my life. I started lying about
everything to get things from other people that they worked hard for. I basically didn't even remember
much about neo-tech anymore. I almost lost the love of my life. I am crying right now as I type this. But it happened gradually. I didn't even realize it
was happening to me. Neo-Tech literature warned me about this. That if I stopped caring about removing lies from my mind, I more than likely would end up
unhappy again. I am here to testify that they were right. I am ashamed I let myself go so far down. I felt suicidal for awhile. But one little spark that I
remember from reading Neo-Tech just rekindled
my spirits today. It gave me a life raft to grab on to. It was the concept that no matter how bad things get in life, if I choose to turn my life around
again, and work as hard as I can, it is possible to rebuild my life. So here I am. I have returned, a
little bruised and very unhappy with myself, but with a new spirit of change inside. I will never let myself gradually fall again. I will never forget the
pain that has come from it. I owe everything to Neo-Tech.

E.M.,, 5/28/99, England
I think it is essential that Neo-Tech remain on the Web

My life has evovled to a new way of thinking because of
this book. I am a better person to myself my family and my community.
I know I am becoming a God -Man. I feel it in my bones and it makes me
smile, laugh and cry all at the same time. This is the mos t fantastic
feeling I could ever experience. I am using my new knowledge to create
my new World which is a fantastic vision I already see in my minds eye
.I visit this place every day. I am a much healthier, wealthier and happier
person than I was just a short time ago. I could go on and on about how
this personal leap of evolving has benefited me. My happiness as a man,
a father, and a better person to my friends . I believe I am living In
what the Neo-Cheaters would like to think was my own Heaven on E arth.
Well it is just that, and I challenge anyone to knock me off of my mountain.
Thank You To All involved with bringing Neo-Tech to me to. Thank You,
Thank You, Thank You.

R.N.,, 1/3/03
Neo-Tech information opened my eyes about the deception religion and government do to human beings. People need this knowledge. Thanks for this knowledge. I
have removed a lot of mysticism in myself and I am a better person because of this. Happiness forever.

"I like it."
A.H.,, 2/15/97

M.M.,, 2/9/97, Canada
Your site promotes `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' The
Neo-Tech literature literally saved me from suicide at age 48. Through Neo-Tech
I am learning how to EARN self-esteem, protect myself from dishonesty, define
my own mission, produce and market my own products and services, do my own
accounting in non-traditional ways that guarantee success. The happiness I long
ago dreamed was possible is dawning again in me. I see how I can make a
difference, starting by applying the right information (Neo-Tech) to transform
myself and this world into the glorious Civilization that I know is possible
for all.

M.S.,, 5/20/98, England
I finally got it, Zon. Eternal thanks to you and
your staff Dr. Wallace.

"New ways of improving ones life is always of value."
N.A.,, 6/3/97

"Most definitely Neo-Tech can only be good for humanity."
P.S.,, 4/11/97, United Kingdom

M.A.,, 4/15/97, Australia


B.K.,, 2/28/97, Canada
Skeptical at first but after I started reading some of the articles,
I said to myself how can you argue with something that just makes sense.

"I intend to completely explore this page in the days to come."
A.P.,, 2/12/97

M.T.,, 9/13/97,
"Neo-Tech is pure unadulterated honesty. The only people who have anything
to fear from Neo-Tech are the dishonest."

"I found this web site very informative. I recently received a
letter discussing Neo-Tech and wanted to learn more about the
concept. This Web site made that possible and answered many
D.B.,, 1/28/97

B.M.,, 5/26/97, Canada
Overwhelmingly sensible.

Ginny R.,, 9/9/98
Delicious. Thanks.

A.A.,, 12/5/97
The subject matter is absolutely profound.

T.L.,, Canada

"READ, IMPLEMENT, AND SPREAD we are almost there. Even though the
fall of communism and the Berlin wall seemed to happen overnight,
those events will seem glacier-like compared to the hyper-speed
pace we are about to enter into with the final world-wide
acceptance of the Neo-Tech philosophy. THANK YOU MR. FRANK
T.W.,, 2/13/97

R.M.,, 4/27/01, South Africa
Nutrition to my mind.

K.W.,, jackson

I.F.,, 2/24/97, United Arab Emirates
I have found it very interesting.

A.S.,, 2/14/01, GERMANY
Definitely I want Neo-Tech to remain on the
web; for it's the
only consistent myth-smashing force on the planet today.

A.W.,, 1/3/00, United Kingdom
Hello to all. I'm 17, and from the UK. I 'borrowed' my dad's
copy of God-Man and it's certainly opened my mind to a whole
new way of life. Upon first glances, it seemed a little to centered
around money and business for my liking, but subsequent reading
shows that this is the most moral way to progress. Business is
the tool that creates happiness, prosperity, values, wealth and
employment. I have no doubt that, like John Lennon once said,
Christianity will perish. The only way that it
will 'survive' is by continuing as a prime
immoral cult that stabs values produced by others.

C.G.,, 8/26/97
I think Neo-Tech has incredible, untapped potential!
The sky is no longer the limit!

M.C.,, 3/2/00
An interesting realization that I've come to,
is that these people in the Story, while factually based
recreations, DO represent what is available to us NOW! They
too started off in the anticivilization, yet when they
started expunging personal mysticism, they entered the C. of
U. ,through injecting their natural creativity in society.
This was particularly true of the children ,as they BEGAN
with much less mysticism and therefore had less obstacles to
be overcome. That Teddy Winters; man! The thought of a nine
year old running a national ,million dollar business.. Can
you imagine the pride his Dad and Miss Annabelle must have
felt? That gave me hope and showed me the way things SHOULD
be in society. Also near the end of the story, the death of
Martin ... that was one of the most touching parts of the
story. An innocent man with the best of hopes and
intentions, courageous enough to be a pioneer to help save
himself and everyone else, struck down by the inane
stupidity of death.... that point really struck home..

T.T.,, 7/25/98, Germany
Neo-Tech has told truth to human beings.

N.C.,, 7/2/97, England, UK
"Insightful and wonderful, a truly unique web site unlike any
other. Everyone should visit this site."

"Well well well, someone has finally got it right!!!! Neo-Tech is
definitely the way of the future, this site should be available
to everyone. I am going to make a link to it on my home page!!!
thank you."
S.S.,, 3/10/97, Australia

J.M.,, 7/26/98
You are the only one who knows what honesty means and lives by it.

P.L.,, 4/7/00
THE STORY its really making sense. It was written on my level so that I have better understanding of all Neo-Tech literature. Mark
you've done an outstanding job. Keep up the GREAT WORK YOUR DOING.

B.A.,, 12/31/00
Battling against my own internal dishonesties
proved to be one
the biggest battles of my life -- approximately 8 years.
like u say: from impossible to succeed to impossible to fail
NEW YEAR !!! At least for some of us HA HA

'The human organism must experience emotions in order to Psychologically live.
If a person continually diminishes self-awareness or represses emotions, that
person will steadily lessen his or her capacity to feel emotions. To compensate
for that deadening of feelings (thus a deadening of life), that person must take
increasingly stronger measures to feel something until the only feeling left
to feel is pain.' That excerpt is from this website and is quite simply the most
profoundly true statement I have ever read. That is exactly what happened to
me, that nearly killed me, before Neo-Tech saved me. I rationalized destructive
actions through non-real and delusional mysticisms. I wish every one would read
this website front to back, I feel like a kid on christmas morning every time
I come here!

R.W.,, 2/10/97
This site makes it easier for more and more people to learn about
this incredibly valuable technology.

"good site, it must stay on the web."
C.C.,, 2/19/97, France

v.g.,, 8/4/01
Brilliant.....I am stunned into thought with these pages and ideas that make so much sense.

a strong opinion of another persons beliefs.

"I am an avid reader, and I must say that the Neo-Tech/Zon
information is the most integrated, realistic, powerful collection
of literature and philosophy that I have ever encountered, or been
exposed to. It totally shatters the misconceptions and outright,
deliberate lies and B.S. that are, in many cases, purposely
propagated by the 'powers that be.' It gives the average person a
way to truly understand what is really taking place on planet
Earth. The world seems to be in a deep freeze, and most people are
fast asleep, having no idea of what is happening, and how the
world is changing so rapidly. This web site is a great way to
introduce people to the NT/Zon concepts. Most people will not ever
hear about NT/Zon, but will still be affected by it. I think that
eventually, a critical mass of people will start a cascade of
rationality and production that will not be able to be ignored by
the backwards anti-civilization inhabitants, and then, the anti-
civilization will be left behind forever. I would like to thank
everyone at the NT/Zon center for their work and dedication to the
eradication of mysticism and neo-cheating. "
D.D.,, 6/28/97

"I don't believe so many people should be enlightened by this
powerful information!"
K.W.,, 2/18/97

Chris,, Canada
I've been dangerously close for a while now to falling into
a mystically-based self-contained world of hallucinations and delusions.
Thank you for opening my eyes, clearing my head, and letting me face the
reality in front of me that I always knew was the re.

P.R.,, 6/11/98, United Kingdom
It was brilliant. I found it intriguing. I want to see

"I know your site will help me accomplish my business and life
goals. Keep up the good work. You are not alone."
R.D.,, 6/3/97

K.A.,, 10/11/97
"Truth and honesty for all and to all."

james,, 12/3/01
what you are doing is almost overwhelmingly beautiful.

S.B,, 2/4/97

C.R.,, UK
This is certainly a very honest piece of writing

"I am using Neo-tech every day in every way. Thank you for keeping
this knowledge alive and please continue making it accessible to
as many people as possible."
P.P.,, 6/28/97, Malaysia

Neo-Tech must remain get the message out that there is so much fraud and gain-seekers
who steal individual values from innocent people for their own selfish gain!

I would like to see 'The Story' made into a
movie or even a mini series followed
by a weekly TV show.

"I look forward to the day when all human beings know Neothink
(natural thinking for conscious beings). There is no compromise
with Neo-Tech. Contradictions are easily identified and
eradicated. The overwhelming beauty of recognizing the objective
'meaning of life' triggers an irreversible change in
G.W.,, 3/21/97, United Kingdom

T.D.,, 5/4/97
No other information source has made such a profound and vertically
rising difference in my life. I would heartily recommend this to anyone and

At 23, I hadn't read a fictional book in over 7 years. I recently
read 'The Story', and I don't think I'll ever read another story again. Why?
Because I don't think I'll ever find anything so powerful, so emotionally
moving, so earth shatteringly life cha nging ever again. Nothing else could
come close. I'm introducing everyone I know to Neo-Tech, to spread the message.
We must all find better ways to spread the message before the Neo-Tech machine
is stopped by the envious, threatened authorities whose mes sages are very
convincing to the 'non-(Neo-Tech)educated'. I foresee a global revolution.
I already see signs of Neo-Tech and Neothink in the 'non-educated' and believe
that a natural changeover is imminent. Thank you for awakening me to this
new world.

Thomas E . T.J.,
Neo-tech changed my life 10 years ago . No, it saved my life
10 years ago. Thank you for bringing me out of the darkness. My life , health
,finances and future look great . Dr. Wallace should receive the Nobel Peace
Prize .Thank you

Very informative web site and the book was great! This is such
a fresh look at our existence, a welcome look. I would like to get involved
in the political part of the Neo-Tech movement?

A.T.,, England
Neo-Tech must remain on the web. Without access to it's reference
we can easily forget the conscious effort required to continue integrating
honesty thus returning to sad, mystical lives.

Now with your help I'm finally learning how to regain my sanity.
For so long I've living my life as if I were blind and letting things happen
to me. I kept remembering that I was more successful as a child than an adult.
I believe that as an adult people get scared over what people are thinking
of them and sometimes even using them. I hope Neo-Tech manifests to a point
where anyone can realize their potential.

B.A.,, Canada
I have been studying neo-tech for quite some time now. Neo-Tech
has opened my eyes to a whole new world full of endless opportunities. I
can honestly say that I don't ever get bored anymore. I now run my own business.
I love having no BOSS! I have never f elt so free in my whole entire life.
Although I am only 26 years evolved. I do not want to get older I only want
to get wiser. Thanks to the neo-tech crew who made this all possible for
me. Especially Dr. Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton Thank-you for shar ing
your wisdom and knowledge to me (an average person).

S.o.,, America
I think that this site should remain on the web to stimulate
thinking among those who still think.

R.B.,, Mauritius
Even here in this small island those life-crushing taxes are
dreadful. We should not waste time for the job ahead. I, too will go beyond
my physical limits to help Neo-Tech win.

We love Neo-Tech, it has truly changed our lives. We are free
now. Please stay on the Web, you are changing the world. Thank You!!

I absolutely love neo-tech! It is right it is just and it has
me growing again as we all must. The thought of growing infinitely into eternity
puts me into state of elation, the reality of that thought would be as great
as creation.

I feel that the info provided can really leave one to question,
'what the hell am I doing wasting my life when I could be doing what i was
meant to do in life?' So much time wasted, just reading the info has inspired
me beyond belief.

The information on this web site and in the literature is very
helpful in battling my depression. Recovering with ideas grounded in truth
is proving to be invaluable.

H.C., lvcm.comU.S.A
I love your site.

I am at that point where I can truly see the truth of it, but
also able to feel how this threatens the old hierarchy of thought.

W.S.,, 5/4/99
Neo-Tech has become a catalyst to the desire in my life.

L.L.,, 3/5/00, United Kingdom
I think this story is very psychuous! It gave
me tingling sensations throughout my nervous system. It
taught me the fundamentals of common denominators and how
they get to the essence of happiness.

M.J.,, 3/7/00
Many sincere wonderful words have been told
about The Story by others. I am not going to repeat them.
Instead of words, you have my standing ovation.
The Story is written by you, a man who once spoke
a few words to me personally.
That recollection gives me a lot of satisfaction.

J.D.,, 9/27/01
It was without a
Without Neo-Tech, life was empty and boring. If you're reading this and you haven't yet read NT material, you should turn the page now! Every second

P.S.,, 12/11/98
I enjoy reading Neo-Tech literature and it helps open my eyes
to the evils of so-called fundamentalist Christian movement.
That same Religious Right is a bunch of control freaks who are
out to destroy our precious individual rights and personal
freedoms that we now have.

B.E.,, 7/15/97
"I love philosophy"

M.S.,, 4/18/02
Fantastic information! Going to apply these principles to my new business.

J.G.,, 8/25/99
The world needs Neo-Tech more than ever.

"I think the Neo-Tech info on mini-days is great!"
R.A.,, 5/8/97

M.M.,, 1/16/99
I first began reading Neo-Tech because I was curious
about how to become rich and powerful. Little did I know how
life changing the material was. Neo-Tech
is a breath of fresh air. Neo-Tech is the
most intelligent, thought out material I have ever read, and
I can only hope that more of it will be put on the web.

S.M.,, 7/25/97
"I think that you have very interesting comments about what the world has in
store for us in the year 2001. A different way of thinking!"

"I think It is like a gate to the limitless abundance of the
A.R.,, 1/12/97, Mexico

J.D.,, 12/17/96, New Zealand
Interesting site, appears to present a wide range
of challenges for those seeking change in all aspects.

M.G.,, 1/9/98, Australia
Neo-Tech is the most powerful system of honesty I have ever
seen. Its great to see there are people in the world who think
with pure honesty.

T.L.,, 8/11/00
Once you decide to apply the techniques, there
can be no half
stepping. I've found that Neo-Tech requires serious
Do you have it in you?

"Have not finished checking it out yet, cool and weird!"
B.F.,, 1/9/97, Canada

N.H.,, 1/1/99
Yes, please remain on the WEB... now more than ever. The
Anticivilization is coming to an end... the Y2k problem they
created is nigh.
It is hard to believe the denial of the coming crisis extant
worldwide. Thank you for the insights provided in the literature.
I have every publication you have put out since Neo-Tech I.
I am a Ph. D. in clinical psychology who read Julian Jaynes in
1978. Virtually none of my colleagues have read it nor do they
understand why it should be read. Thank you for your courage
and insight. Happy New Year!

"NT has really help me understand who I am. Now I am better able
to control my life, to live happily and successfully! Thanks NT, I
waaas lost, but now I'm found."
S.H.,, 6/14/97

Civilization of the Universe will be, and I know that it
be wonderful, I am already experiencing it, and loving every
moment of my life. Finally there is a really powerful hope!
is asleep and is in desperate need to be wakened! I love
web site!!

D.F.,, 8/17/97
I believe Neo-Tech is something new, refreshing, and truthful in
the fullest extent. I can certainly understand why Neocheaters are doing
everything in their power to ban this literature--it means the end to life as
they now know it.

M.B.,, 7/25/97, Brazil
It is a new awareness.

Neo-Tech is the best, period. Without it all will fail. By using
Neo-Tech each day one controls their destiny

"I have found invaluable help and information contained within
this site. I feel that it is instrumental to my financial and
personal success."
J.R.,, 3/6/97

LSD,, 8/22/97
"This site needs to stay available, Definately!! No wonder there is so much

W.L.,, 10/4/98
This information is not available elsewhere.

"I very much enjoy your site."
A.R.,, 4/11/97

It has captured me with awe. The thinking is very profound in it's ideas
and concepts and moves the individual in the direction and at the speed
we all should have been moving at all along. I read a piece of literature
once that said 'quote from God', 'and joyous will be the day when you realize
that you need no God. On that day you will rejoice. Looking at this I have
come to the conclusion that we are God and God is us, we are 'The God-Man'.
Thank You for this wonderful piece of work. I look forward to continuing
the process and journey.

"Keep this site on the web and keep up the good job!"
J.Z.,, 4/8/97

D.K.,, 7/14/98
Unbelievable idea that I do understand. THANK YOU.

"The views expressed in Neo-Tech are both interesting and bold.
Neo-Tech could definitely be the radical step needed to project
our society to the next level."
J.E.,, 6/10/97

C.B.,, 8/28/97,
There are those among your readers who can discern the sublime
within your 'honesty'.

J.S.,, 9/3/99
This is great stuff! The proof is in your 'Negative
Comments' section. You have the 'Neocheaters' runnin' scared.
So keep up the great work you are doing for mankind. Thanks
so much!

D.S.,, 3/12/00
Reading The Story, is having some sort of effect,
and I'm not sure exactly what kind, but I've gotten up at 3
am to continue the reading, and even started reading it to
my children.


Thanks to NEO-TECH for doing the best and greatest Job for mankind ever done.
There is no turning back, Neo-Tech forever!!! Thanks for being my friend to all
Neo-Tech writers & Owners where ever you are, C.O.U. Here we come!

T.S.,, 4/25/98, Denmark
I like your material.

J.P.,, 7/3/97, England
I found your site very influencing,
aiding me in all my decisions and allowing me to detect the
menace of the neocheaters.

HZ,, 5/7/03, South Africa
Good ,true and powerful needs to be known by the whole world.

H.B.,, 3/20/00
More people should know and become aware of
Neo-Tech. I find great peace and fulfillment by spending
hours reading it.

D.M.,, 1/7/00
The Neo-Tech is the way of the future. It
has changed my way of thinking and doing things.

"I believe that Neo-Tech is a totally new idea that will
revolutionize known thought in the world. It is a necessity to
every man wanting to hold dearly a happy life free of worry and
full of pleasure. Without stress, the world becomes much clearer,
and Neo-Tech has the ability to do that."
S.B.,, 4/23/97

W.S.,, 10/20/97
"The Zon constant is the same as courage in a metaphorical sense, once we
all find are own courage is the day we will ALL rise from are knees. Thank
You all, for being honest, I now only hope to find, my courage."

B.T.,, 6/14/98, Canada
Amazing! I return to this site daily, and daily gain new
insights. Your integrated honesty is like food for my {personal} thought
I have along way to go, but I have at least found the road.

J.D.,, 8/5/98
I have found the information in Neo-Tech/Zonpower to be
amazing and fascinating.

"I have read your material and have found it to be very
interesting. I would like to see more examples of rejecting
mysticism and neocheating."
J.S.,, 3/2/97

S. Grimm,, 12/4/01
Since the time I have had The Book I have drastically improved my life. I have a much nicer place to live, in a much better neighborhood. I have the car I
have wanted since high school, and I have now the beautiful daughter I can't imagine living without

B.E.,, 7/20/99
Neo-Tech makes the anticivilization appear as though it were
an ant on the sidewalk. When integrated honesty is entered into
the equation, things really are as a true Neo-Tech person views
them. Enjoy the fight against the anticivilization it is
still quite massive -- but not 4 long though -- it is one
big rock and Neo-Tech is the jackhammer.

B.P.,, 6/25/99, Australia
The concepts contained in the NEO TECH manual remove all the
garbage of this world from your mind -- if you let it!

R.P.,, 3/3/99
Well what can I say, Mr. Wallace you are the man, I use to be
a firm believer in God, because I was born into the
religion. But I always thought that there had to be a better
reason of how we evolved into intelligent human beings.
Thanks to Neo-Tech every human being can find their
own happiness without feeling guilty or have to sacrifice
their own life in order to get something in return. The only
sorrow I feel is
that I did not finding out about Neo-Tech sooner. And
for you Neocheaters, your time of ruling
over others has come to an end. Because weather you want to
see it or not, you are all going to go out of Business.
Sincerely, an honest young conscious man.

"This web site should continue to expand until all mysticism has
been uprooted and rejected. When the anti-civilization collapses
and we all are Zon, then this site will no longer be needed.
Until that time, this site must continue to grow."
M.W.,, 2/5/97

M.R.,, 8/24/99
Absolutely one of the best sites I have EVER
seen!!!!! Keep up the good work

"Very interesting. The information was very motivating! Would
encourage anyone to start a business."
F.M.,, 1/4/97, Canada

The world could have done with this
so much earlier its extraordinary I prize knowledge above everything else
now I know more than I could have imagined. The Zon discovery is worrying
for me to look in everyone with so much honesty peace inner love and forgiveness
is by far the most courageous thing I have been asked to do

SNUBBY,, 9/28/00
I have been put through hell in the last 6
years. People
say pray to god for strength. I must pray wrong because I
get the shaft. THE BOOK is the only thing that makes any
sense. Live your life for yourself, wife, children, and
money. And tell all the idiots to go to hell.

R.W.,, 10/8/97
I can feel the cracking whip of Neo-Tech destroying the evil
that has ruled this planet for 2300 years!! Thank You Neo-Tech Publishing.

I cannot express the extent of my gratitude
to the people of NTP for helping to change my life. With the aid of DTC,
FIH, and WSA, I have been able to break through the layers of mysticism and
develop into the honest, value productive woman I am today.

B.C.,, 3/1/00
You should make 'The Story' into a movie, it would be a sure
hit, and think of all the lives it could touch and change.

Anon.,, 4/15/98, United Kingdom
This is a great site!! At last some people who can see past
the lies and the deception of the neocheaters. I really liked the
decoded revelation. I could never read the Bible
because it did not make any sense to me. The decoded version
makes total sense. Thanks also for all the advise on how to achieve
success in one's career.You have a great site and it
has given me the chance to focus on my goals.

"Absolutely the most amazing thing that humans have thought of. I
am ready for the civilization of the universe right now!!!!!"
B.S.,, 5/22/97

"The Zonpower/Neo-Tech site is growing into the most educational
and exciting of all of the web sites that I browse. With the
arrival of multimedia and interaction to this site, it will be
the enhancement that knocks-out all the rest!"
J.R.,, 12/27/96

R.M.,, 3/2/02
I have been very attracted to the positive results of applying Neo-Tech. it makes me have hope for a better world, with people being the way they should be.

H.J.,, 3/19/02
I have ordered several invaluable Neo-tech books. Each and every one I find new and enlightening information. The tools Neo-tech has compiled, and the
insight into politics, government and religion have changed my views. I appreciate everything Neo-tech h
as offered me. Through Neo-tech and integrated thinking, I will continue to be a value producer and help eliminate the Neo cheaters. Thanks

K.N.,, 2/25/01
I believe the information on this site to be
absolute answer for today's anti-civilization problem.

"Well well well, someone has finally got it right!!!! Neo-Tech is
definitely the way of the future, this site should be available
to everyone. I am going to make a link to it on my home page!!!
thank you."
S.S.,, 3/10/97, Australia

M.L.,, 9/16/97, Australia
"I see the changes that are occurring in this world. Neo-Tech has changed my
life so much for the better. You are making a difference for the better for
this world."

E.B.,, 6/28/01
It has been the greatest help I have ever
found. I want
Everyone to know about this.

T. T. H., , 6/3/02, Malaysia
It is fascinating.

E.S.,, 10/9/97
"I was a sophomore in high-school when I first ordered 'The Neo-Tech
Discovery'. I was too caught up in mysticism to integrate with it except as
a philosophical/preach-this -as-the-right-way set of good-sounding
information. Everyone thought I was a kook! Then I began to apply it and I
got scared. I was trapped still in my mysticism and I burned all the books
'cleansing' myself. Then at the end of my senior year, I got rejected from
the 'major' Ivy League schools everyone had always thought I'd get into.
Depression hit as the mysticism-shattering, mind-de-lousing effects of
Neo-Tech began to surface. Yet I still had too much invested in my mysticism
and the anticivilization...I was prepared to enter the University of
Connecticut and experience the 'finer' points of life that my childhood
never offered: girls, sex, alcohol, and drugs. Those things blurred away the
reality that Neo-Tech was asserting within me...I reached an all-time low in
self esteem. I ended up hooked on pot by the end of my freshman
year...people didn't respect me, my mind was blurred and the promises of
college weren't being delivered.. During the summer, I got involved with AOL
and the Internet. I also received a new Zonpower brochure in the mail I went
to this web site, re-ordered the manuscript and now here I am: Drug free,
alcohol-free, sugar free, caffeine free, self-hate free, and hard-working
towards mysticism free. I now await 'The Start-Up Wealth Generator' in the
mail and I am in the process of separating form this lazy
professor-alcoholic/life wasting institution of the anticivilization to
launch myself into the all-effort, zero mysticism life of reality... Life is
Wonderful 'Death To Mysticism'"

I am 36 and have never read this amount of info or been so engrossed in my entire
life! Its fantastic!

R.W.,, 9/10/97
Neo Tech has given me the tools I've needed. ... The view through
Neo-Tech eyes has removed the fog that has had me encased and shackled in this
anticivilization. The view now is awesome, wide-scope and Iron Grip.

For people
starting a business this site lets them access the
knowlege they need to make not only a small
business but a prosperous one.

V.O.,, U.S. of A.
hould Neo-Tech stay on the web? After more then ten years
of reading, listening, watching, absorbing and gradually and progressively
analyzing, understanding, implementing and integrating this technology/philosophy
into every aspect of my life and existence I have come to the absolute
and irrevocable opinion, decision and final conclusion that the question;
'Should Neo-Tech remain on the web?' should not even be asked. The question
I would ask is; Where is the Neo-Tech t.v. channel?' To put a final point
on this comment and to try to answer the question; 'Should Neo-Tech remain
on the web?' all I can do is pose my own question for one and all to contemplate
and answer; 'Do you want the Dark Ages of human existence to finally come
to a quiet, non-violent and irreversible end thus freeing and allowing
the unstoppable, unrelenting and unfathomable release of never-ending and
always expanding human potential? For those of us who take the responsibility
and exert the effort to think, act and live as independent individual human
beings the answer is self-evident! Hang on ladies and gentlemen because

Every since I started reading neo-Tech, my mind is clearer, my life
is better and my career has skyrocketed. I believe its all because of Neo-Tech.

D.B.,, 7/23/97
Neo-Tech confers unimaginable power to the individual.
Everyday I become more powerful using this information.
Mystics are now so easy to identify and outcompete it's hardly

Refreshing and insightful.

T.B.,, 1/21/98
Neo-Tech has certainly changed my life and my thinking. Integrated
honesty is the only way to live. For the first time one truly
grasps the feeling of living and what life is truly like and
how truly more wonderful it will surely be when the planet earth
is The Civilization of the Universe. Zon Forever and long live humanity.


Anon.,, 1/13/99

B,, 4/8/03
I have always felt there had to be something more to life than, what will be
,will be or Gods will, so to speak, NEO-TECH is that something more!! YOUR OWN

M.P., , 9/28/02
A great web site that provides a stimulating shock to the lazy brain!

D.B.,, 10/22/97
"This is mind boggling stuff!!! Please send any and all

M.F.,, 6/8/02
After 18 years of being deeply thrust (parents, family) into mysticism, reading through THE BOOK has allowed the deceptive, irrational nonrealities of
religion to be exposed for all of the destruction it has slowly caused in my life. Giving over control o
f one's thought processes, decisions, etc, to outside authorities can (did) lead only towards a mushy, nonassertive, slave-like existence. Neo-Tech is
allowing my mind to see the true reality of my existence through the long-standing fog of mysticism and
the undiscovered/hidden daily practices of value destroyers and neo-cheaters. Currently, Neo-Tech is at work in my life as I build and assemble the puzzle
pieces together for my own business mind . . . mystic-free and powerful.

W.K.,, 8/13/97, Africa
Please, I and my people would like to see a Swahili publication in
order for the masses of people who don't speak other foreign languages to become
knowledgeable of this valuable information. After all, the more net value
producers in this world means less net value destroyers there would be.

C.G.,, 5/13/97
Neo-Tech allows the `average' person to succeed, where before they
fail. It releases a lot of garbage from the mind.

A.,, 3/12/03

D.T.,, 1/17/03, UK
Neo-Tech is everywhere

F.T., ,

D.W.,, 7/11/98
I have an atheist/agnostic web site in which I provide a link
to This is the best way for me to introduce people
to rational thinking. I chat in atheist chat rooms. Many mystics
come in to challenge my resolve. I direct someone to my site
almost daily. I'm not making any money from it, but I feel the
value of exposing people to the Neo-Tech concepts will have positive
long term consequences. I am a part of the discussion group too.
The internet is the best way for me to introduce people to Neo-Tech.

T.S.,, 4/25/98, Denmark
I like your material.

"This is the best way to reach the people of this earth who want
a better way life!"
J.V.,, 3/5/97

A.B.,, 7/23/97, Canada
"Your ideas are totally heretical- WAY TO GO!!!!!! It's about time
someone created a web-site like this!"

J.G.,, 6/12/97
I know that I want to live for 100 or 200 years and only the
philosophies of Neo-Tech will power societies and encourage economic values to
a point where we will be able to survive that long. Mysticism brings down
advancement by stopping people from doing

S.W.,, 5/22/97, England
I have found the Neo-Tech advantages very helpful.

"Neo-Tech Objectivism rules!"
A.A.,, 3/18/97

C.I.,, 7/30/00, United Kingdom
Imagine every person's favorite website
on the Internet. Now, imagine that ALL of those websites
to one building block, one block of stone. The Neo-Tech site

J.M.,, 2/22/99, United Kingdom
Your work has been an inspiration for me.

W.R.,, 7/15/00
Neo-Tech is realistic information that can be
applied to daily life.

"If there is a heaven, then I guess it's here at Zonpower."
K.W.,, 12/23/96, Malaysia

F.A.,, 3/20/97, Canada
I find your site infinitely inspiring. Your web site makes my day

R.L.,, 3/4/97
I think what your doing is fantastic. It's so refreshing to see the
principles of Objectivism being applied with your vigor and business savvy.

This has to be the most interesting web site I've ever seen.

R.J.,, 12/26/02
A joke is not understood, until you hear the punch line and sometimes you don't get it! Neo-Tech is not understood, until you read, experience, see, hear,
feel and try every word from all the Neo-Tech writers and all the comments, from all over the world
and then use your own educated integrated mind to find 100% HONESTY!!! Look back on your life only! You were given no free choice! You were told everything
by some one, What to do! When to do it! Where to go to school! What to learn by teachers that were
told what to teach you! Neo-Tech will never, never, never go away!!! BUT Dishonesty from all walks of life, will fade away, sooner than you think!!! You can
help by spreading NEO-TECH or you can set by and procrastinate. You must Read and take action to l
ive and prosper as you were meant to.

M.L.,, 12/1/97
Neo-Tech works wonders. NT has shown me how to apply my mind to
destroy any mystic in my way and how to make lots of money.

R.S.,, 4/19/01
Information provided by Neo-Tech is the most
valuable to date I've found.

C.P.,, 9/9/99
I am Christopher Pearce, remember that name because I am gonna
be a prosperous individual because of neo tech. I am 18 years
old, I applied neo tech to my life almost instantly and with
that knowledge, I got off my lazy ass and looked for work.
After looking for work for almost a week I apply for a car wash
place and I run into a business man, dressed in work clothes with
'express detail' on his shirt. He offered me to work with him, we
bonded. He now wants me to work with him and head other companies he
is opening (i.e. Skateboard company, bmx company, and a jet ski
outlet, to fix and sell jet skis). I'm gonna work at his detail
company and by the end of this year (with hard work and saving
up $$$) and I am gonna help him he said ' I've got bigger plans
for you,' either way my life is going into new and exciting areas.
Look for my name one day, because I'm gonna be successful, all
thanks to neo tech by telling me to get out there and be

G.W.,, 2/15/99
I can surely understand why Neo-tech
could upset people. If those people applied only 70% of the
advantages in the book, the world would become a better place.
Remember if the truth is
on your side, it will only be a matter of time until
everybody knows.

M.A.,, 5/21/98
Neo-Tech has been the most powerful,
positive influence in my life.

C.B., ., 3/21/01
I owe a tremendous debt to the Neo-Tech
writings and to Dr. Wallace
and associates for helping me find my essence... the essence

A.K.,, 3/21/97
Just reading a few pages here has set me to thinking and planning,
but no longer dreaming!

Just a thought on the movie version ;-) Michelle Pfeiffer

W.L.,, 9/20/99
I finally seen the real truth about myself and the real world!

W.S.,, 1/29/97
I can use what I learned to help in all areas of life.

Barbara R.,, 9/29/99, Canada
Since I have been introduced to the precepts
and concepts of Neo Tech, I see things with more clarity than
ever before. I know that as I progress in my character development,
as I automatically use DTC in all that I say and all that I do,
as I continue to grow with totally integrated honesty I will
better my life and, by extension, those who share in my life.
Since I have been introduced to N/T, I have also discovered what
I consider to be the big 'payoff'; I have found a psychuous,
loving relationship. Imagine my wonder when this turned out to
be my best friend. Imagine my delight to find a Neo-Tech Husband
in a world populated by mystical neocheaters. Thank you to all
who dedicated the time and effort that it took to bring this
concept to the rest of us. Please send me the most recent
literature on love and relationships;
I would like to be a better N/T wife for my new husband, and
I know that the only way to do this is with the help that
Neo-Tech can provide.

I recently received 'The Book' in the mail (yesterday) and have just begun
to expose my mind to the mind-blowing information within. My eyes are so tired
from reading that I can barely look at the screen enough to type this message.

C.P.,, 9/6/99
I am amazed with the content. The truthfulness
of this book is amazing,

Wendy K.,, 2/20/00
I love The Book. All my life I
have been looking for answers. I found them in your book. I
was raised
in the Christian way of life as a child. I was always afraid
to do anything
for fear of going to hell. I was told many times I was a bad
person. Thank you.

N.J.,, 11/27/99, India
There is so much here to learn & read! I really appreciate & applaud
the effort & thought that has gone into the making of this site!

S.R.,, 10/10/97
"This is a really good web site, well organized."

C.M.,, 9/13/00
My life view, upon which I began in the fifth
grade, rests with the support of Neo-Tech. Now as a 19
year-old college freshman, I see literally no one in my
midst in the public school system even remotely thinking for
themselves or aspiring beyond what their religions would
denote as 'heresy'. Few, very few people actually think,
decide, and act for themselves in this world. Fewer yet
actually devote their lives to the sole purpose of social
improvement and the universal promotion of HONESTY. This is
precisely what Frank R. Wallace does. This man is truly one
of the greatest to ever live and his visions shall forever
exist. In the bible, Adam and Eve are cast from paradise or
'bliss' for the 'crime' of eating from the tree of
knowledge. Quite simply, the bible states that “ignorance is
bliss'. As for me, I like being knowledgeable, and my
aspirations for biological immortality are not for reasons
of fear or greed, but rather for curiosity and love. My
praise I endow upon Neo-Tech.
-Kid Dynamite.

Lawrence,, 8/2/01
Thanks for going through the chaos to bring
peace to us.

Neo-tech has changed my perspective on life and it has Contributed in my change
of attitude towards every day life. My life skills have improved drastically.

M.C.,, 10/19/98
I'm about half-way through God-Man and would like to be put
in touch with practical applications and contact with others,
including of the opposite sex. If there is a Neo-tech 'dating
service' out there, how is it accessed? Is there any game-plan
in place or recommended for helping to cover and digest all of
this information and, using my own judgment, determine how much
and how to integrate into my lifestyle? Some guidance would be
appreciated, including how best to navigate the web site. I think
it's important to get your information 'out there' and expose
those of us who have been looking to it so that we can process,
evaluate and potentially utilize it. And for those who have not
been looking, perhaps awaken an interest.

M.G.,, 11/19/02
Neo-tech MUST remain on the web, for the world wide web is the best and most readily available way to inform and educate the mystically befuddled people of
the entire world. This site should most definitely be expanded!

e.r.,, 2/10/03, Victoria , Australia

Anon.,, 5/19/98
Very helpful. It has
the ability to solve many problems. Thank you.

E.W.,, 6/19/01, ETHIOPIA
I think neo-tech is wonderful.

"I find it to be both interesting and inspiring. Certainly a time
to look forward to!"
G.A.,, 6/27/97, Canada

"Extremely informative and enlightening!! A must read for people
that need some incentive to become value producers for themselves
and society. Worth the research!!!"
F.V.,, 12/20/96

"I want to see it all."
M.B.,, 2/3/97

B.S.,, 2/29/00
I'm sitting here with tears on my face trying to type. I
have just finished reading Chapter 36. It only took me 8
hours, I could not stop reading...I ignored my housework and
most everything around me except my child.
I believe that Chapter 36 pulled it together neatly. I was
pulled emotionally so many times by the story. The
neo-cheaters, the liars, the manipulators...scary
stuff...reminds me of today's world. Slowly it is changing
but it will take some time and some mindsets will not be
able to handle the changes but they have a choice…become
value creators and integrators or die. How wonderful it
would be to live in a world where the values created are not
torn down or ridiculed.
Every chapter I read had something else of value to add my
life. It was like turning on the light switches.
Thank you for your story...but one it a story
or perhaps a vision of what will be?? I sense some
characters are stronger than others. I feel that they are
actual persons today or have been influences in your life.

I love neo-tech and everything that it has done to enrich mine
and my families life through hard work and discipline. Thank you.

J.R.,, 2/25/00
What I read in your definitions page began
slamming into my brain, and I could
feel myself begin to shake from my core outwards. Ethical
and totally honest approach to life is the key to everything.

D.T.,, 3/13/00
I have started reading the book and I have become more independent
from outside influence. I enjoy work and have gotten a raise and
a bonus just from my new outlook on life. I have learned that
I'm not going to get anywhere without hard work. Unlike most young
people who are waiting for a free ride I have rose above the
rest. I'm 22 years old I own the house that I live in, I have a 4wheel
drive truck, a hotrod, drag boat, a motorcycle, and a beautiful
girlfriend. I cant thank you enough. You have put me on the
right track.

"The one thing that interests me most about the philosophy of
Neo-Tech is the fight to cure the disease of death!"
P.S.,, 3/28/97

L.M.,, 2/25/01, Mexico
It's the most valuable information I've ever

P.F.,, 4/10/98
This site is where I go for advice and inspiration whenever I'm in doubt as to what to do next. I can take weeks or months between any two visits to the NT web site but I always go back because that's where I find the information I need.

print all of its stuff and be so honest in its dealings with
the public.

K.J.,, 1/6/97

G.H.,, 6/26/00
I have found the books purchased
to be extremely helpful and worthwhile. The 'Zonpower
discovery has changed my life, and I've found it to be
and compelling reading.. Thanks again for all your
excellent work, and may all at NTP have every future

H.A.,, 3/1/01
I believe that the truth should be told, and
that all mystical
beliefs should finally be put to rest, so the world can
prosper and grow into the civilization of the universe. I
understand most are afraid of the truth because the thought
of being in charge of your own life, and decision making,
opposed to being a puppet for the real life value destroyers
is a lot to take in, but who cares how the truth comes as
long as it comes, right? Finally, I know neo-tech should
remain on the net, because without it how can we possibly
thrive as a true civilization when what we have now only
reinforces anti-civilization. meaning that the blind will
continue to lead the blind further into this
anti-civilization, until that mystical matrix is stripped
away, and the truth can be seen by whole world!

Robert hunter,,
This site is the best on the internet. It has changed me into god/man.
thank you neo-tech.

B.S.,, 3/7/00
Thank you for a wonderful story,
a great set of integrations and all your efforts to date.
However, you shortchange your own Super-Society.
When faced with exponentially exploding technology and
a task of fixed size a different course of action can be taken.
Do nothing....
for a short while.
I had to make some gratuitous assumptions about how
rapidly technology was moving and I assumed that the
light-speed limit wouldn't fall. If Ian waited 6 months
the following effects would follow: - Instead of .666c
the ship should be able to attain .999c -
The ship could be built in 4 months or less -
Launch at 10 months -
Beorapparaus rescued 11 years from start of project -
Beorapparaus rescued 4 years 7 mo earlier -
Ship returns to earth with Beorapparaus 21 years 2 mo from
project start saving 9 yrs 10 mo
And the most gratuitous assumption of all,
if costs are dropping by half for every order of magnitude
improvement the total cost of launching the mission
should drop by at least a third.
[Now, let's see ...a virtual 10% commission on project savings would
be at least $30 billion.......perhaps Jake can earn it
in the story and redeposit it towards the project.]
I'm sure Dr. Wallace could play with the exponents and
create the most accurate scenario.
But what a society it would be where doing nothing actually
improves my ability to do a task!
Thank you again for a beautiful vision of the future.

N.G.,, 2/9/97, Sweden
This site is the most valuable on the web. I want it to expand
forever! This is the best and only way to let the humans around the world see
how the world functions. This is the only site who tells you this in an honest

J.S.,, 5/18/99
The only hope for a pathetic, violent world is Neo-Tech.

D.H.,, 11/17/99
I am very excited about all the pertinent information that you
have begun to show the world. Daily I see myself grow in the
knowledge that I can now identify the cheaters and leave
them behind. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Michelle D.,, 5/2/98
I thank you for the time and effort all of you have put
into Neo tech and want you to know that I am doing
my small part to help change the the world.

P.N.,, Australia

"Your site is beautifully interesting and contains power-packed
P.L.,, 6/20/97, Japan

R.C.,, 11/11/97
Neo-Tech is the most valuable thing available today.
There are still to many people out
there that don't know the greatness of Neo-Tech.

E.C.,, 2/21/97
This is an eye-opening as well as a mind-opening and educational web

NEO-TECH exists forever! Powerfully redeeming! It's the greatest,
most life-changing experience I've had from reading any literature. Thanks to
Frank Wallace and his team.

"This is the site of sites and should never be removed from the
A.M.,, 2/5/97, Canada

I find all information from Neo-Tech not only informative but factual.
In this day of cover-ups, if is most refreshing. This is the only
way other people will be able to learn the truth about many subjects.

J.Q.,, 6/24/97, United Kingdom
The best and most valuable information I have ever read. Frank
Wallace and Mark Hamilton and Eric Savage are worthy of a Nobel prize at

N.R.,, 3/7/99
Down with tyranny!! Let the honest people of the universe keep
their productive labor. Let the leech class vanish.

B.H.,, 6/8/99
At fifty three years of age I started to give up, but the
Neo-Tech way of life has filled me with new purpose. I needed you
sooner, but its not to late. I feel like a new person.

K.F.,, 8/16/97, U.S
"It is vital to get this type of information out in the marketplace of
ideas. Go for it!"

helped me, and can help many others.

R.H.,, N.Ireland BT40 1BA.
Thank you Dr Wallace, family and friends. You and your work is the
most powerful and admirable I have ever known.

"Thought provoking Web-site, that provides the mind with ideas,
that will change the essence of current world ideology.!!"
M.G.,, 6/28/97, United Kingdom

J.C.,, 7/20/01
It is very important to get this information
out to the masses so that everyone can
know about this great concept I will be very glad when
Neo-Tech controls the world.

"I found this very interesting!!!"
P.B.,, 2/1/97

R.H.,, 9/30/97
I've just finished reading Neo-Tech for the second time. The sense
that it makes is astonishing. I can literally feel some of my internal
mysticisms falling away. I now realize my own laziness and dishonesty that have
plagued me in the past and hope to work hard and rid myself of these mysticisms.
Thank you!!

G.W.,, 2/8/97, England
I am a Neo-Tech owner since 1987 and have benefited incalculably
since absorbing it and taking it on board in 1991. Thank you for Neo-Tech. I
cannot over emphasize the benefits to my life from having come across it. Every
moment I am living is now also enhanced by the Zone favorable diet thanks to
your reference to Barry Sears' book.

M.B.,, 4/17/97
This is my first exposure, I find the content interesting. It seems
to encompass the complete width and breath of life.

D.C.,, 12/29/98
I think Neo-Tech Publishing should create a
body of work that emphasizes the 'neo-cheating ' that grips
people on a more personal level. The 'neo-cheating' that
happens between family and friends. Everyday stupidities.
Most people understand, even at a very simplistic level,
that politicians, lawyers, media personalities, etc are
dishonest and corrupt, but a lot of people don't seem to
understand the dishonesty and disrespect that happen to them
everyday with family and friends! Most people I know accept
the lies, manipulations and usurpation's from their own
romantic love partners. I know that the neo-tech literature
deals with all this. However, I feel freeing people of these
personal chains would help them break out of the prison that
is the anticivilization! Thank you for your time. My best
to all at Neo-Tech publishing, and value-producers

R.F.,, 4/7/98
This Neo-Tech is the greatest thing I have ever heard. I
hope it remains for a very long time.

S.C.,, 10/19/98, England
your information has given me a solid base on which to build
my life. it has been invaluable and exciting, thank you.

Your site is interesting, there is a lot of great out-of-box
thinking on it.

L.L.,, 7/14/98
Neo-Tech is reality slapping you in the face! A new way to
take control of your life by rejecting society's influences.

December 1998

"NT is the only antidote to the worlds poisons. I want the
universe to be completely free of criminal machinations."
R.M.,, 3/9/97

P.M.,, 5/10/98
Neo-Tech is a mental lifesaver. Where else can a person
learn the reality of man. Where else can a person learn that false
doctrine is ever increasing throughout this world? Keep teaching
so our kids and grandkids can forever rid themselves of crime
and punishment mentality. TEACH TEACH



"Your site has to be the most informational packed site I have
ever ran across over the web. The wealth of eye opening reading
kept me for hours, I forgot about what I was researching and read
from one section to another. I appreciate your great works and
continue with what you have started."
J.C.,, 5/1/97

Robert,, 6/7/00, U.S.
I find the information very informative and

K.L.,, 4/28/99
I think Neo-Tech is a revolutionary idea. I think
this is our future, I can't wait. I think that this idea,
God-Man, is something that everyone should be aware of.
These ideas are really profound.

"Very interesting. I plan to visit again."
S.O.,, 2/1/97

D.W.,, 5/6/97
Neo-Tech is the New Way.

RM,, 3/28/00
An attempt to break the chains that bind us.
You have a point of view which should be shared with others
and explored with everyone who enjoys an open mind and a
love of challenge.

"I have browsed your web site and find it fascinating."
M.V.,, 4/26/97

S.P.,, 1/18/02
Neo-Tech is awesome!

"This is a very clean, professional, and well presented."
W.A.,, 2/8/97

P.J.,, 12/25/00
The book was the most nourishing info I've ever
had in my life


R.P.,, 8/13/02
I just wish I would have found your site sooner.

I wish I had found out about the neo-tech discovery sooner.

T.O., net.auAustralia
There is so much fascinating reading on this site. I love it.

JJ,, 3/30/00, UK
A great site! The bulletin boards are a really
good way of
expanding your understanding of Neo-Tech and connect with
others who
are on this incredible journey.

G.G.,, 5/10/97
Excellent site! I have finally started to integrate on a wide scale
thanks to Neo-Tech. It's hard work and I love it! I am growing more powerful
every day. I know that nothing can stop me now. You are right, the battle
between good and evil has begun. It had to begin and there is no stopping it.
Listen up everybody in cyberspace, you are a critical part of this battle. The
time has come to ostracize the value destroyers from existence. Thank you Frank
Wallace. You are one of the few heroes.

Anon,, 5/30/02
Neo-Tech's mission: To make the unknown known.

D.P.,, 5/10/98, Canada
If it all possible it should be an effort of all concerned
to promote both the process of self-demystification and of spreading
the awareness of Neo Tech as far and wide and as fast as possible.

K.L.,, 2/1/00
I have just recently started reading The Book and I am
inspired to go for my dreams, improve my quality of life and
help others to work through their personal problems and achieve their
true uninhibited potential. There is nothing bad and everything
right with a book that promotes; truth, good values, love, good
health, and most of all taking responsibility for one's own actions.

Country : Canada Comments : I find your information to be
insightful, informative and enlightening.

Anon.,, 12/11/98

D.P.,, 4/9/99
Very thought provoking and thought out. Makes the
'extraordinary' believable. Nice thinking exercises.

R.G.,, 2/16/00
This site gives me something to let people see
for them selves without letting my books out of my sight.

Lori S.,, 8/26/99
I own and operate my own business for the past 20 years.
Throughout the time working my business I have written letters to Senators
complaining of ongoing laws that reach into my pocket as a business
owner. And more and more of my money is being spent on programs
that keep people lazy. Over the years I have almost given up.
After finding this site, I now realize I am not alone in my thinking.
I was right all along. This site has given me back my drive
to continue to fight the government who puts way to much weight
on my life while making it easy for lazy people to become more
dependant on government.

Robert hunter,,
This site is the best on the internet. It has changed me into god/man.
thank you neo-tech.

E.T.,, 12/31/02
The best book I have ever read.

"very cool-insightful. I believe we need a BIG change NOW old
politics should be a thing of the past. THANX"
K.K.,, 12/19/96

T.R.,, 7/5/98
I continue to look for ways in which I can incorporate the
principles into my everyday life and need to know what
I can do on a personal level to spread the all-important

Albert D Sanchez,, 7/1/02
I think Its full of great info. and it really opens your mind to what's going in today's crap.

S.S.,, 3/22/00
As a result of reading Neo-Tech I am more aware
of the mysticism and neocheating going on in the world and
around me in everyday life. Neo-Tech is valuable information
that every individual should read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.L.,, 1/26/97
I am sick of this world, I can see it in my face when I look in the
mirror I can feel it in my emotions or lack of them everything in this world is
so boring!!!! Is this the ANTICIVILIZATION that you speak of? Like a nagging
infected sore that reminds you when you bump it that the world is controlled by
what you call the LEECH CLASS. If this is what you are talking about, I must
know more.

M.O.,, 7/27/98, Canada
Very interesting concept.

J.M.,, 3/11/00
I really feel that the Neo-Tech movement
towards the Civilization of the Universe has taken a turn
for the better. It seems to me we are seeing an increasing
amount of synergy between the writing of Dr. Wallace and his
son. And I've been impressed lately by some of the very
genuine compassion given and taken recently by contributors
to these boards. I have felt for some time now that NTP was
just a tad too clinical in its approach, albeit that, as far
as I am aware, no monument has ever been erected to a
critic, only to those who have been criticized. ( And what
good is a monument anyway? ) This more emotional appeal
seems timely to me, and, apart from its intrinsic value,
will prove valuable strategically. I have thought for some
time that it is not enough to win the minds of our fellow
citizens, but that we need to win their hearts as well. One
may be fairly convinced about the futility of trying to
answer chicken-egg type questions, while still sensing that
the essential ether of existence is a reservoir of ever
present goodness, eternally available to be tapped. Some
will say that is a mystical notion. Let them demonstrate the
dishonesty or laziness in it. Some might even say that to
allocate time to making a post like this is irrational, that
the time could be better used writing information for sale.
Such critics will also have to argue that The Story should
only be available to those providing their credit card
details. There is a fine line to be drawn between
philanthropy and altruistic sacrifice, but I submit that it
is a useful distinction. And there is little to be gained by
a Neo-Tech clique. It is time for the appeal to be broadened
and to be more all-encompassing and, dare I say, tolerant.
Mark Hamilton's most recent endeavor comes across to this
reader as most evidently a real labor of love, and
consequently has the potential to attract many readers who
might otherwise be repelled. It is, as you say, Gordon,
heart warming.

Ron & B.G.,, 9/5/01
I have just received The Book a couple of
weeks ago and findits contents very amazing. I am beginning to see things
differentlyin this government controlled world.

T.W.,, 9/18/98
Enjoyed the article 'Proof that religious doctrines are a
hoax' by Eric Savage re Tracey Alexander. That was a very articulate
description of what I went through. Just as people get stuck in
religion, many who break free, are
STUCK in the belief that making a living within the religious
system is the only option they have. My discovery
of how to truly 'get out' was a real relief.

C.F.,, 10/29/97
This might be what I need in my life. Neo-Tech seems like a dream
I have longed for.

"This web site was intriguing and I am looking forward to trying
out your system."
P.E.,, 1/21/97

S.S.,, 11/3/02, AUSTRALIA
I believe that Neo-Tech have some very revolutionary and honest ideas and thank goodness that not all of us are pawns and mindless followers of the
main-stream authority. Long live Freedom!

W.B.,, 8/22/99
Neo Tech is a sound bases for a not to distant
time in mans history.

will for the most part, just fall to the side, never being discovered by the masses that need the ex

I was deeply moved by THE STORY, so much so that I wept during some passages.
It is such a remarkable, well-crafted piece of writing. My sincerest
thanks and compliments to the author.

J.H.,, 5/24/98, Australia
Your site is great.

C.J.,, 3/12/02, Westchester
I think NT should stay for the sake of mankind.

t and follow the crowd like 'lemmings'.

I want to thank you for providing this invaluable information online.
I am twenty years old and a college student, and in the two days since I found
this site, I have learned more about how the world works and how it should work
than in the rest of my lif e combined. I've found myself forgoing sleep and food
just to learn a little more about Neo-Tech, and with each page a new epiphany
presents itself to me.

N.J.,, 4/1/97
This site has opened my mind to the truth about life.

Neo-tech is the best thing to happen to this ailing world. I will
welcome the changes with open arms.

K.J.,, 4/15/98
I think this is the most powerful information I have ever
seen. It would be a crime against all of mankind to remove this web
site. It gives everyone a look at today and the future of mankind.

J.R.,, 1/14/97
I have found this site to be a page of great knowledge and it has
answered many questions I have had for my whole life. It is great and

IT is good to know that someone is still seeking the truth in this
age of uncertainty.

K.S.,, 11/4/98
FINALLY, THE TRUTH!!! I have never believed in
'God' as taught by the neocheaters, but until
I read your revelation, I did not
know why. I have also have not voted for the past 20 years,
not due to laziness, but due to my unexplained dislike for
politics. Now, I know: WHY, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE and HOW. Thank you!!!

M.C.,, 8/2/97
"Excellent info."

O.N.,, 6/13/02, United Kingdom
I am great fan of your explosive literature.

I feel Neo-tech is the best information source on how to live
life. It's an aid, a motivation, and a great tool. I try to spread the word
to my friends.

D.T.,, //
When I saw the neo-tech web site, I got as
excited as when I
first started reading The Book. I love everything that the
team is trying to do. You people are great! The Book as
forever changed my life. I will
do my best to bring great values to society one day. I don't
if I could have done it without neo-tech.

D.H.,, 2/6/02
I can feel the positive effects already. Neo-Tech is the proper way to the future.

T.C.,, 7/15/98
I think this is some of the most valuable information I have
ever had the privilege to read. This site should remain on the
web so it can reach the masses and hopefully expose the lie we
have all been conditioned since birth to believe.

G.H.,, 6/26/00
I have found the books purchased
to be extremely helpful and worthwhile. The 'Zonpower
discovery has changed my life, and I've found it to be
and compelling reading.. Thanks again for all your
excellent work, and may all at NTP have every future

d.e.,, 3/31/00
Absolutely brilliant, great, great, great!

Magnificent site!

M.W.,, 5/12/99, Australia
The site has made way for closer nit communication between
fellow Neo-Tech readers from all around the world.

C.M.,, 1/8/02
Neo-Tech is awesome and should remain on the web, in print, and spread throughout the whole world as quickly as possible. I love re-reading the books and
coming to the web site to be re-charged. I am teaching this to my 15 year old daughter and she has started putting neo-tech into practice. What a difference it has made in our lives.

R.E.,, 11/9/98, Canada
This is medicine for the mind. I obtained my copy in May of
98, and lost many nights of sleep, because I could not put
it down. It has changed my life. Even in the eyes of others.

"I think it is great that Dr. Wallace is making available this
important information."
B.W.,, 1/18/97

C.C.,, 4/17/98, New Zealand
The greatest educational medium available today and this
is one of the best means of presenting it.

M.I.,, 8/23/98, United Kingdom
Hurry up getting your info out as the world seems to get
madder by the minute.

B.S.,, 5/22/02
At first I was skeptical but decided to buy your information anyways. Let me tell you, it was the best decision that I could have made. YOU ARE THE MAN!
There is absolutely everything one needs to know to succeed in life from you books. I have since purch ased books by Eric Savage and Mark Hamilton also. I am
only 20 now and since I have read your material I have avoided fights with my girlfriend, and helped develop a future business for myself.. I am very happy
and excited with this material. Keep it up and Spread the word!

H.S.,, 12/20/97, United Kingdom
Your web site and its information is simply awesome. It was
A zillion thanks for the brilliant effort you have put in over
the years.

P.D.,, 6/2/98
I am very impressed with all literature I have read.
Please keep up the great work so we
can snuff out the Parasitical Elites. Thank You !

forever !

"Very thought provoking."
N.H.,, 4/29/97

K.H.,, 5/14/99

C.B.,, 10/5/98
So much thought-provoking information!

Neo-tech is the best thing to happen to this ailing world. I will
welcome the changes with open arms.

S.S.,, 12/20/96
I agree with everything I've read so far.
I'm a big Ayn Rand fan, but Objectivism doesn't offer anything
positive enough. Fear of death is what drives people to
believe those Christian myths.

"I find this information very interesting."
J.U.,, 5/15/97

R.D.,, 12/19/96
This website is very different and yet
quite inspiring. There seems to be too much non-sense
on the Internet these days. Individuals keep hashing out the
same old topics over and over again. Your page is a gem.
Not only is the content outstanding, but the design and
functionality of the page is great! Thank you.

R.R.,, 6/28/98
Dear Neo-Tech Group, It will be interesting to see where
objective, rational, integrated honesty leads me (and the rest of us).
The information contained in the Neo-Tech Zonpower volumes I-V has
really tied together many loose ends for me. I guess that this
is part of the integration process. I've found that my reading time has
decreased since I've increased my productivity
at work, including working
longer hours to catch-up some of the backlog. However, I've also
discovered I do not need as much sleep, so I've been doing much
of my reading late at night. I had already taken control over
much of my life, especially in the health and diet areas. Dr.
Atkin's books started me on a great health drive for an improved
lifestyle. The Neo-Tech literature improved my self-control in
many trouble areas by helping me realize that I was responsible
for my actions, and not some higher authority or anyone/anything
else. Also, I've lost the guilt feelings over my back and forth
decisions regarding religion. I look forward to more studies which will
help me build a complete matrix of honest, rational, full-blown
integrations. Thanks for the insights.

K.K.,, 10/27/98
I read both God-Man and The Neo-Tech Discovery
and was elated at the content.
I am now using the web site to further my value
producing capabilities. I absolutely admire the energy and
thought that went into these publications.

M.E.,, 4/26/00
I came across your Zonpower information quite a
long time ago. I have been drowning in mysticism since that time. Internal
mysticism was the brick that sealed the 'shelter box' within my mind.
I did not want to attempt and then fail living a life of
hardworking happiness. Outside mystics easily manipulated me after my
internal default of mysticism took over. Finally
now, as I write, I am breaking out of that “box' and
learning to move on to increased productivity and fully
integrated honesty (that will be nice). I know it won't happen over night.
Having read your book once fully, and halfway
through the second time, I am enjoying “real' life more,
and understanding the baloney of the mystics in the world
around me. The real question for each and every individual who
understands and accepts Neo-Tech is: Am I going to act upon
the knowledge I have, or just sit on it until I die? I should
have asked myself that question years ago.

C.D.,, 9/23/97
"Without Neo-Tech we would have been completely devoured by professional
neo-cheating lawyers, religious fanatics, etc. long ago. With Neo-Tech we
are living again and know that life is getting better, fuller, richer daily.
Neo-Tech literally saved our lives from total destruction & enabled us to
see the chaos we were so deeply involved in & showed us a way out. Neo-Tech
is our bible. THANK YOU NEO-TECH!"

"Neo-Tech has now become another aspect of my up all night
computer studies and as you report there is a profound liberation
upon reading this text."
J.M.,, 4/3/97

I cannot believe the negative comments from those poor people
who lack understanding of Neo-Tech, they are the ones who need it most. Once
the Replacement Program sets in, they'll have no choice except to live on
the Civilization Of The Universe or commit suicide. The world will truly
be a better place to live. You negative people must understand that we are
the ones who will help change the world for the better, for you, your children
and grand children. We all will be at our happiest, we'll all be rich, with
superior minds (geniuses) near perfect health lovers of our dreams and so-on.
So come people wake up! the world is up-side-down, and some time during this
century it will rotate back on it's axis. HAPPY DAYS ARE COMMING!!!

God. With Neo-Tech thinking it helps me to live worthwhile. Thanks!

D.D.,, 5/19/97

W.J., , 5/7/01, uk
Dear Neo-Tech Your works are a necessity in
any persons life
to progress and have a fuller and happier life with eyes
wide open. You MUST stay on the web. I am a better person because
of the things I have learned from The Book.

K.W.,, 2/11/97
Keep this site going and growing! I return to it often and have given
out the url to countless people in high recommendation for what you are

"I can't wait to show this to my father...I'm trying to get him
to realize the wonders of the 'net. I think we'll just give him a
computer for his birthday!"
K.H.,, 3/17/97

D.D.,, 11/4/01
I have two of 'The BOOKS' excellent materials to gain romantic love, wealth & prosperity on this earth!

"Neo-Tech is the only true serum that eliminates cerebral
stagnation. Its power releases the individual to think happily
and to create value for all."
A.A.,, 5/31/97

L.D.,, 8/28/97
"Read Romans 1 & 2. It's here and developing. You are the future spoken on
in Daniel and Revelation. You are ushering in the new age. You have driven
in a major nail in the coffin of this passing world."

Carol C., yahoo
This information is very important to me. It gives me hope that someday
I will rise above the intense poverty that I am in.

This is one of the best sites that I have seen. It would be a shame to lose such
valuable information all because of certain people who can't handle the thought
of someone being or becoming more powerful than them...

"I have been a purchaser and student of Neo-Tech for the past 3-4
years. I am very impressed with your quickly improving web-site.
I do my best to calm down and be patient for the end of big
government and the return of rational thought especially when
augmented with Neo-Tech Objectivism."
M.H.,, 2/3/97

M.B.,, 8/10/97, United Kingdom
I have been familiar with this knowledge of NT for over a
year now. I agree that it is the most valuable information
I could have ever come by. Please do carry on making
NT available to lots of people. Only this can save us.

"I have browsed your web site and find it fascinating."
M.V.,, 4/26/97

B.P.,, 3/13/97
This site must remain on the web. If it were not for Neo-Tech, I

L.H.,, 10/22/98
I guess it could all go back to the first mistake with the
Excuses that followed. How do we undo something that is so
integrated in the system we live in?

P.M.,, 8/7/00
Since acquiring several pieces of Neo-Tech
literature, my understanding of life's many mysteries has started to fall
into place. Although I still have many mysticisms to over-come, I can now feel
assured that the blueprint to love, happiness, and prosperity lies
at my feet. Many thanks to all of the great writers and staff at
Neo-Tech Publishing Co. for all the great values you continue to
produce, I'm forever indebted to you.

M.H.,, 5/6/98
Very enlightening and I am looking
forward to putting Neo-Tech into action. Thank you for all the wonderful

J.M.,, 8/16/97, Zimbabwe
Very very exciting . You have got to stay on the Internet.

MF,, 5/13/03
Wow. The world that is growing around us demands a new guideline for a new
morality- and you offer the sanest that I have ever seen.

J.H.,, 5/23/98
What you have written here, really makes good sense, as in
Reference to my own life, I've had trouble accepting religion in

B.E.,, 3/22/00
The book makes it onto one of the many “Best
Seller' lists—people increasingly buy the book and give it
more word of mouth advertising than any previous book
they've spoken highly of—The Book continues showing up on
more and more best seller lists—word-of-mouth advertising
has people scurrying from bookstore to bookstore to the
Internet in order to buy The Book which is repeatedly
selling out faster than any previous book—
That sounds like what happened with “The Celestine
Prophecy.' James Redfield was rejected by virtually every
major publishing house so he self-published his book and
sold it in independent bookstores. Warner Books came
sniffing around after only they saw how many unit$ were
moved $olely by word of mouth.

I am so thankful I have found the truth. My life has changed
in every way. I look back and I can not fathom how I ever lived in that mind
set. I am filled with more warmth and joy now than I have ever been in my
entire life. Thank you

T.W.,, 6/21/00
I consider myself to be a Neo-tech self leader
and would like to be employed somehow with Neo-Tech because
I cant find anything I would rather devote my life to than
the downfall of mysticism. I almost feel obligated to repay
Neo-Tech for all the help it has brought me. Neo-Tech has
given me something to believe in when before there was
nothing. I don't feel I could ever repay Neo-Tech for what
it has given me but I can at least try.

"This is something good."
S.P.,, 5/22/97, Malaysia

K.S., SGI.COM, 3/19/01
I did find
it disturbing however how anyone could call a life dedicated
to complete honesty and hard work satanical. A brief glimpse
into history will tell you that this is exactly the kind of
comments that the pilgrims received in the old country. They
had the opportunity to leave the old country and start fresh
in the new, we however are left with the task of creating
new. Power to us and all the other hardworking, decent,
folk out there who believe in the Neo-Tech C of U.

J.H.,, 6/13/99
Dear people at N.T.P. My mind is still in paralysis from my
understanding of how Neo-Tech works. It's amazing, it's so simple
yet so powerful. All my life I subconsciously
thought that I was totally hopeless. I guess, I could say
that I'm blinded by what the future holds for me. But, after
understanding Neo-Tech, I can now say that I'm almost frightened
by the power and happiness of my future. An hour after I understood
Neo-Tech, I decided to look in the mirror. And when I did, I
honestly thought...'This is NOT the old me!, this is a handsome,
happy man!' I've never been motivated by any emotion before.
But, this was a NEW emotion. It was Neo-Tech excitement! I don't
think that I have ever known this kind of excitement or at least
I can't remember knowing it. The poor mystics and neo-cheaters
think that they know what Neo-tech is. If they knew what it was,
I don't see how they could possibly be mystics or neo-cheaters.
Well, I guess it's because neocheaters used to hold lots of power,
but NOW it IS dying. From a mystics point of view, Neo-Tech IS
magic. Thank You.

E.R., .,
I am glad to see such progress has been made. It feels as though
the light has come back to all.

D.H.,, 5/26/02
I found book one under my new girlfriends bed. I picked it up never hearing of it and read it in two days of marathon reading. No book has ever done that to

W.H.,, 8/16/97
Neo-Tech is a valuable life strategy for mankind. With the creation
of cyberspace, it would be a crime to eliminate the greatest creation for
man's future, NEOTECH.

HORUS,, 10/16/01
BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO. A Job, Welldone.

J.W.,, 2/10/97
Your web site is absolutely necessary, many people need to see this.
To sum it up, CATALYST.

D.K.,, 6/25/00
I am starting to break new ground with these
in business.

J. Brown,,
I'm only 21 and Neo- Tech has shown me the path to a better
life. The life every man and woman was meant to live. Besides putting me
on the fast track to success and having an overall advantage in this anticivilization,
it has also removed the blinders fr om everything around me. The terrible
WTC attack only made it that much clearer that we are at the point where
the world must choose. We must choose to either leave mysticism behind or
be destroyed by it.

J.G.,, 4/3/97, United Kingdom

J.H.,, 12/10/01, Australia
Neo-Tech is one of the few bright sparks of logic in an irrational cyberspace.

Robert hunter,, 10/10/01
This site is the best on the internet. It has changed me into god/man. thank you neo-tech.

Neo-Tech obviously represents free thought. I have just recently
began to study, but I realized the self-actuating motive that I did not know
existed. This is the intellectual challenge that I longed for.

"This is truly the only hope our civilization has for eliminating
mystics and neo-cheaters."
B.H.,, 3/24/97

E.S.,, 10/9/97
I was a sophomore in high-school when I first ordered
'The Neo-Tech Discovery'. I was too caught up in mysticism to integrate
with it except as a philosophical/preach-this -as-the-right-way set of
information. Everyone thought I was a kook! Then I began to apply
it and I got scared. I was trapped still in my mysticism and
I burned all the books 'cleansing' myself. Then at the end of
my senior year, I got rejected from the 'major' Ivy League schools
everyone had always thought I'd get into. Depression hit as the
mysticism-shattering, mind-de-lousing effects of Neo-Tech began
to surface. Yet I still had too much invested in my mysticism
and the anticivilization...I was prepared to enter the University
of Connecticut and experience the 'finer' points of life that
my childhood never offered: girls, sex, alcohol, and drugs. Those
things blurred away the reality that Neo-Tech was asserting within
me...I reached an all-time low in self esteem. I ended up hooked
on pot by the end of my freshman year...people didn't respect me,
my mind was blurred and the promises of college weren't being
delivered.. During the summer, I got involved with AOL and the
Internet. I also received a new Zonpower brochure in the mail
I went to this web site, re-ordered the manuscript and now here
I am: Drug free, alcohol-free, sugar free, caffeine free, self-hate
free, and hard-working towards mysticism free. I am in the process
of separating from this lazy professor-alcoholic/life wasting
institution of the anticivilization to launch myself into the all-effort, zero