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Neo-Tech Letter Testimonials!

Feedback Comments From Jan 1997-May 2003
Below, 500 Random Testimonials From 1997-2003
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Good luck against all the totalitarians and mystics in the world -- they
must really feel threatened!

"Just want to thank you folks for initiating the most divine
mission available in this day and age. Also, now that a few of us
'out there' know the concepts, Neo-Tech will always be on the web
-- in one form or another -- until irrationality is completely
diffused. Here's to your endeavors!"
M.B.,, 2/20/97

"Very neat, nice design, good information."
J.M.,, 1/10/97

K.W.,, 2/11/97
Keep this site going and growing! I return to it often and have given
out the url to countless people in high recommendation for what you are

D.E.,, 10/20/98, Philippines
I heard some impression from your books in one of my friend
that from abroad. please send me some literature so that
small people like me can grow.

d.d.,, 1/29/02, Austria

J.B.,, 1/25/00
Rational. Explosive. I feel invigorated , thank you.

"Interesting and informative!!!!!!!!"
H.S.,, 1/14/97

U.F.,, 10/5/98
I go along with Neo-Tech fundamentals, I believe the human
race will be free from mysticism.

P.B.,, 1/28/97
I have never been so amazed by a web site as I am by this one.

I am in such complete agreement with everything I'm reading here.
My eyes are blurry but I can't stop reading! Thanks so much for such profound
honesty on the web!

H.L.,, 6/19/01

J.Y.,, 7/9/97, Malaysia
"I find that this homepage is very interesting, very powerful and

R.J.,, 1/13/98
I have spent the last six months reading/rereading the
Neo-Tech/Zonpower site. At first it was very frightening to
me since I have been very religious for a number of years. Now,
I truly believe in Dr. Wallace and I have done away with all
religious beliefs. This site has answered a lot of questions
for me, questions that have troubled me for years. Thank you Dr. Wallace!!

C.C.,, 1/10/97, Puerto Rico

P.M.,, 6/18/01
Neo-Tech has taught me that 'a higher power'
isn't the way, and
that self-accountability is.

J.B.,, sultanate of Oman
This site should remain to educate people not to be snared by 'false
prophets', men and women posing as servants of god.

"Neo-Tech is the first step in the direction to create a totally
free world society."
J.B.,, 6/15/97

C.B.,, 10/20/97
"I love your site and the Zonpower Discovery book."

R.J.,, 8/14/97
"Neo-Tech is every thing you said it would be. I am very very very happy
now. I am in love with Neo-Tech, cannot get enough. I am forever Grateful."

NeoTech is mankind's only hope for passing through the nuclear decision
threshold and advancing growth, love, and prosperity into the future. In short,
NeoTech concepts make one healthy, wealthy, and wise in the purest sense of that

w.s.,, 7/8/00
This is great work. I am looking
Forward to the development of cloning.

The Story of Miss Annabelle had me glued to every word and made me cry.

P.J.,, 12/25/00
The book was the most nourishing info I've ever
had in my life

M.S.,, 6/16/97
Very interesting and thought-provoking.

H.B.,, 1/14/00
This is the most enlightening book I have read
so far, and I would like for everyone to read it. The only people who
speak out against it, do so out of fear, fear to be themselves. I
will do my part to spread this good news.

Still using Neo-Tech and still laughing at all of the pathetic competition
from those who aren't. However, I greatly await the day when we can end Neo-Tech
Dynamics and Start Zon Dynamics worldwide. Then I won't have to laugh at all
the ridiculous competition because everyone will be an asset to everyone else
instead of a cut-throat competitor. Spread Neo-Tech!

E.A.,, 5/25/97, Canada
Your web page is incredible.

R.J.,, 1/13/98
I have spent the last six months reading/rereading the
Neo-Tech/Zonpower site. At first it was very frightening to
me since I have been very religious for a number of years. Now,
I truly believe in Dr. Wallace and I have done away with all
religious beliefs. This site has answered a lot of questions
for me, questions that have troubled me for years. Thank you Dr. Wallace!!

Darlene S.,, 3/14/99
This Neo-Tech web site is THE MOST valuable site on the Internet.

T.R.,, 2/6/97
I check this web site every day for updates, and make sure that I
read one chapter each day. It has become an integral part of my daily life
(fits right into one of my mini days). This site should be part of the Internet
until the Internet is obsolete.

"I don't believe so many people should be enlightened by this
powerful information!"
K.W.,, 2/18/97

M.K.,, 5/8/98, United Kingdom
A step forward from which there is no going back(not that
Anyone would want to)

T.B.,, 10/6/00
I fined it hard to put 'The Book' down.

B.P.,, 5/27/98
I enjoy your site very much. I have just realized how my own
mental laziness has allowed me to be dominated. Mental exertion
will prevent neocheaters from draining me and my family and move
on the fast track to happiness and prosperity. Great work on this
Web Site!

"Very informative - mind blowing if I may say so -- Great source
of information and knowledge of different perspective. Keep up
the good work. I will be back tomorrow to continue reading."
D.P.,, 2/7/97

"Moral standards have declined to such an extent that good honest
basic attitudes are regarded as 'weird' and everyone should be
out to outsmart the other person. Any attempt to set the record
straight should be applauded and this is what I think Neo-Tech
stands for."
K.M., iafrica, 3/25/97, South Africa

C.F.,, 3/4/97

"The Web is for the access to information, it's a natural 'home'
for Neo-Tech."
D.B.,, 3/9/97, Canada

A.D.,, 2/15/97, Canada
Keep expanding for the survival of all honest, hard working,
intelligent people with the desire to keep living, growing, producing and
progressing in every way.

G.W.,, 8/28/99, Ireland
Good information -- maybe the best I've seen.

C.M.,, 1/8/02
Neo-Tech is awesome and should remain on the web, in print, and spread throughout the whole world as quickly as possible. I love re-reading the books and
coming to the web site to be re-charged. I am teaching this to my 15 year old daughter and she has started putting neo-tech into practice. What a difference it has made in our lives.

Ramon,, 4/14/00
Mr. Hamilton, I sense that following in the
footsteps of your father, you will be able to do great
things. I think The Story teaches the essence of happiness
in a neat way. Congratulations!

K.J.,, 9/28/01
After beginning my awakening into the Neo-Tech world, I almost instantly got a promotion, in my six year profession! I am now the youngest Executive Chef,
in the history of the company I work for, and they have over 240 locations nation wide. I am honestly beginning to find happiness. Thank you!!

L.D.,, 1/26/98
The Neo-Tech web site is great!

T.C.,, 2/25/03
Neo-tech has opened my eyes, that is for certain. It must stay
on the web for everyone to be to find, it is a masterpiece.

G.G., spimageworks, 2/13/97

B.I.,, 6/16/02, United Kingdom.
If neo-tech is to be successful in re-educating the world populace for the good of mankind, then the importance of retaining Neo-tech on the web cannot be

M.H.,, 4/25/00
Neo Tech has changed my perspective on the
world. I always felt something was wrong with our society, I just couldn't
put my finger on it (Anticivilization). I laugh now whenever I
watch the news (Neocheaters). I really feel the Neo Tech
Philosophy is the only one that can change the world . I hope The
Golden Helmet becomes a reality soon. Thank You

Neo-Tech has opened my mind up and now I can see people and different situations
for what they really are.

"I am eager to study this so I can achieve integrated honesty."
A.B.,, 2/24/97

"Fascinating reading. Nothing more thought provoking has made it
to the web yet."
K.M.,, 2/24/97

You are a fine writer, very good.

S.W.,, 10/29/98, Australia.

J.B.,, 5/1/00
A very solid story about happiness and true dreams
not those dreams that are cookie cutter capitalist crap.

K.M.,, 4/30/97
What I have heard of this site is absolutely astounding. Let's put it
to good use by all and all will flourish.

M.H.,, 3/19/97, United Kingdom
This site contains the most valuable information on the Web.

This site has enabled me to be a better person to myself and to the people
around me and I thank you for that.

K.M.,, 2/24/97
Fascinating reading. Nothing more thought provoking has made it to
the web yet.

Tracy N.,, 4/24/00
I would love to get involved in some activities perhaps a neo-tech church.

F.C.,, 6/8/00
I really got caught up in
'The Story' and at times forgot that it was fiction.
that will be fact in just a few years. Thank you for opening
my eyes to a new beginning for me an for the entire world.

S.M.,, 2/26/97

"You are exposing my best moves. How is a card player to make a
living. GREAT STUFF!"
F.B.,, 12/31/96

K.B.,, 3/26/02

T.T.,, 4/12/97, Malaysia
I found your site both informative and interesting.

T.E.,, 11/28/98
I feel blessed to have neo-tech. The fact that
it is not being distributed to clergy,
attorneys and others like judges etc. makes me feel even
more special.

B.T.,, 9/18/97
"All I would like to say is: 1. Your position against the IRS is right. 2.
Your goal of eradicating the IRS is right. 3. Your web site can bring these
'rights' to the people. Thank you for publishing the evils of the IRS."

S.M.,, 1/1/96
I think Wallace
is addressing some very important aspects of our culture which we all know, but
often deny. Seems like what he is describing accounts from much of what we see
in government, corporate business, media, etc. I enjoy his works very much and
hope people become more aware of the issues he is addressing.

B.Z.,, 1/15/98
I'm only a 21 year old Psych student but see the future as
described by Neo-Tech.

This has to be the most interesting web site I've ever seen.

R.K.,, 2/5/97
Your efforts are reaching individuals all over the world. The
momentum is building. The writing on this site is needed to help turn this
world right side up and it's starting to work. Keep going!

K.W.,, 12/23/96, Malaysia
If there is a heaven, then I guess it's here at Zonpower.

N.S.,, 1/29/97
You have reminded me of how much I appreciated Ayn Rand when I
first discovered her work years ago. Thank you.

"Excellent site."
A.L.,, 5/18/97

j.u.,, 12/9/00
This is great stuff.

Anon.,, 3/2/98
I enjoy your site and find it insightful.

This site has been my only true find of serious info. in the
two years that I have surfed the web thank you.

"I appreciate all the effort that you are doing to expose
neocheating and mysticism, especially from the government. This
site is very important to the advance and development of Neo-Tech
all around the world. I live in Mexico, that is an unhappy
country infected by the cheating and mysticism of the government
and religious leaders. This web site is very important for the
initial exposure of Neo-Tech to Mexicans. This site can help
improve the unhappy way of life for the people in this country. I
think that sooner or later, Neo-Tech will win here in Mexico and
all around the world."
A.C.,, 2/10/97, Mexico

"Excellent web site, one of the most valuable and powerful that I
have found. It just may save mankind. I would like to see more
intellectual ammunition like this. Thanks, keep up the great
G.G.,, 2/7/97

Neo-tech leads the way in clearing out mysticism and in building
a future we choose instead of one we only inherit.

I have never read anything so fascinating
in all my life. This is something I will continue to develop for my own benefit,
as well as the benefit of others. I will pass this on to as many people as
will have it!

J. K.,, 4/12/00
Hi Mark I have been reading through the
Godman/Neo-Tech book which I find truly fascinating and what
I call the missing link to Life and its true meaning. I'm
reading The Story now and it's truly amazing how these
children were changed the way they were. The even more
amazing part is that the town this happened in was where I
was born. Actually I lived in Cheektowaga for about 3 years
when I was first born and then we moved. I really wish I
would have had a teacher just like Miss. Annabelle cause I'd
probably have solved all my problems by now. Just reading
your published work makes me more amazed by the minute. You
truly are an amazing author and I'm looking forward to
reading the entire book. Thanks again for changing my life I
can already tell things are getting better every day it's
totally amazing. Excellent work guy, Later, Jason, a loyal
future Godman for LIFE.

M.P.,, uk
I think this is the way of future and already has started now.

All I can say is WOW. I will dedicate my life to practicing profound
honesty, wide scope accounting, and DTC, to help break up this anti-civilization.

J.T.,, 6/23/97, Venezuela
Neo-Tech is invaluable.

R.K.,, 3/10/97, Papua New Guinea
I like seeing this offered worldwide so potential value producers can
have access to this very important information. This is a doorstep service.

The information is mind-blowingly practical, rational, and suited
to the ever-evolving human! You're doing a valuable service.

U.F.,, 3/13/00
Neo-Tech, to me is the only way to go, it
promotes individual freedom.

G.C.,, 5/28/01

R.D.,, 6/3/97
I know your site will help me accomplish my business and life goals.

"I discovered an article on ZON. Amazing! Recently I have been
working on an Invention of such a magnitude that present
technology is unable to support it. Or is it? You're articles
convinced me to learn more."
R.D.,, 3/2/97

S.F., , 11/17/02
Neo-Tech Rocks. It is the best idea system I've encountered,
and so insightful, integrated and logical that I am kept amazed by it all
the time. I have learned about Neo-Tech from the book 'The Neo-Tech Cosmic
Power' (pincer #1) my father bought as part o f his never-ending quest for
Business guide-books. I inspected it a bit in the 9th grade, and fully read
and integrated it when I was 18. I found myself more and more agreeing with
its propositions. It has made much more guilt-less, much more straight-thi
nking, much more insightful, and much more happier. I can never thank Dr.
Wallace and the other great Neo-Tech people enough for the tremendous effort
they put into Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech has become an 'Internet source of Wisdom'
- one of the sites that you c an browse for hours and keep discovering something

I.N.,, 10/13/97, Germany
Neo-Tech is the revelation of the century. This site is
spectacular and exciting.

J.M.,, 6/23/00, Australia
An excellent site. There is a lot to learn.

"Very informative information and very believable."
T.F.,, 6/1/97

R.W.,, 1/20/98
I must tell you. I grew up in tobacco country. I planted the
seeds in plantbeds, the plants in the field, fertilized it, cultivated
it, wormed it, picked it, tied it, cured it, took it to the auction
house, dipped it, chewed it, smoked it in pipes, cigarettes, cigars
and quit it in 1973 along with quitting alcohol cold turkey, in
less than 10 days I was carried to the Hospital from the withdrawal
symptoms, I could hardly talk. I was in and out of the hospital
for several years. I continued eating sugar on everything. I
eat pies, cakes, candy, coca cola, soft drinks, sweetened coffee,
ice tea etc, I was on and off crutches until August 1994 I Quit
all sugar, caffeine, second hand smoke, I drink only tap water
after boiling it and straining it through a coffee filter. I drink
about 100 oz's a day. I retired my crutches and have not used
them since 1994. I am in my seventies and can run, climb steps
and I have more strength now than I have had in my adult life.
I am happier now than ever. I give all my good health credit

Melanie R.,, 11/12/98
Reading Neo-Tech is already changing my life
in a positive way.

Dear Mark, I am reading, perhaps, the best book that I have ever read (The Story).
It's in the same category of 'Gone With The Wind', 'Sea Wolf', and another 101
of the World's Best Books. I am surely enjoying 'The Story.' More will be said
upon comple tion.

I think this web site is a valuable tool for the honest minded person..
It is a great tool for people seeking to learn more about reality.

M.J.,, 2/14/97
The Neo-Tech/Zonpower Discovery helped open my eyes as to who the
REAL cheaters and criminals in the world are. I also am aware of many more
`control mechanisms' politicians have ingrained in our minds and can reject
their government as big brother, father and mother.

Nick,, 2/5/01
I am emotionally integrated with the struggle
identified, accepted, started, and maintained by John Flint and Frank Wallace. And
on that glorious day when we are together on the beaches of
the world celebrating the end of the asshole-civilization (I
mean anticivilization) I want to personally shake the hand, hug,
and kiss the man who simply DAY-AFTER-DAY DID WHAT IT TOOK TO

A.F.,, 7/15/97
"We also need to drastically curtail federal police power and
property seizures."

S.M.,, 3/16/00, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech is the best education that anyone could ever have.
No more guilt, no more political or government or church abuse.
These people thrive on the sole purpose of destroying others.
Neo-Tech allows the conscious mind to free itself of crap.
Thank you Neo-Tech for helping me see the light, when all I could
see before was darkness

"Absolutely Refreshing......there is a great sense of freedom and
discipline in non-mystical thought. Thank you for helping me
realize who I really am. I no longer feel out of place in an
otherwise mystical society."
C.W.,, 1/11/97

I like the teachings of deprogramming
our minds from bicameral thinking.

A.J.,, 7/14/99
I believe this is the door to great prosperity and mind power.
Phenomenal materials here on this Internet site.

V.A.,, 4/17/97
Your site is trying to do something good for others.

M.A.,, 10/8/98
While looking through the negative comments one in particular
caught my eye, some idiot babbling about how we should all learn
to respect and fear the lord. I always felt fear and respect
were mutually exclusive. Throughout history the church has tried
to enforce its beliefs with the use of threats and physical force.

G.A.,, 2/7/00
I have been reading Neo-Tech material for about two years now.
It has changed my life. I like depending on myself, my rational
thinking. I have started but have a long way to go in my development.

W.D.,, 12/9/97
The main crux of Neo-Tech is integrating into you life absolute
honesty and integrity. In so doing one aligns his/her very inner core or being
with the consciousness that powers everything that exists!

M.B.,, 12/30/01
The subject matter is quite interesting and refreshing as it cuts through dogma, mysticism, and superstition. I was entrapped in the text for hours. I will
return to the site for more study.

C.F.,, 3/4/97

S.C.,, 9/18/99
I started reading neo-tech material 10 years ago.
My self-improvement is coming along slower then most.
However my level of mysticism was much higher than normal
due to the subliminal mental programming that the lyrics of
my favorite music pounded into my unconscious mind. Realizing
that country music is to often an instrument of recruitment for
religion and big government I was in deep conflict with my attraction
to the sound of a steel guitar and my repulsion to the
secular suggestions and abuse of one's love partner in the lyrics.
Being broke and fed up with the music business and the
klanish types that run it, I dumped it all and started
a home study course on computer science and network communications.
I am now a network engineer for a local university tripling my income
and level of self-worth. All I could think of through those
long nights of studying is the Neo-Tech manual stating
'people who work 12 to 16 hours a day are most likely
to achieve their goals'. It wasn't easy working 60 hours a
week and qualifying myself through a home study course on computer
communications to get a better job then the 7-dollar an hour
factory job I had at the time. But the Neo-Tech phrases kept bouncing
around in my mind whenever I got an inkling of mysticism and felt
like goofing off. Now, I'm getting paid to do something I love
to do, fix repair and most of all program computers in a large
office environment keeping a network of 240 administrators and
900 Students on the intranet and internet. I feel richer because
it's work I really enjoy, not just because it pays well.
The changes are starting to show up. I had a feeling it would
take ten years of 'de-programming' an improperly programmed
mind of thirty years of mysticism. Thank you.

K.H.,, 7/5/97, New Zealand
"Thanks for changing my life its priceless."

Philip,, 6/12/00, Switzerland
Excellent, very stimulating.

"A friend suggested I take a look at this site, and I am glad I
did, very interesting but a lot more reading yet to do."
S.C.,, 1/12/97, England

J.M.,, 8/7/00
I have benefited greatly from
Neo-Tech literature! I have left behind an old mind-set that
once believed that effort was pointless in a world run by
legal gangsters (politicians, bureaucrats, etc.). I was never a
neocheater, but I did use mysticism to ease the pain of living in an
anti-civilization. I feel so free now! Thank you! As a result of developing
into a value producer, I now have a product for sale (a music CD
showcasing the history of music, from ancient Egypt to the present

M.K.,, 8/30/97
"I have found what I have been looking for. I knew there was more to life
than this anticivilization showed me: Neothink and Profound Honesty.
Cyberspace is where I want to be."

T. Anpalagan,, 10/8/00
Highly thought-out super writing. More
People should read, so that they could have a chance to
develop a balanced
view of the circumstances that surround them. Even if
is not able to solve their problems, it would have provided
new perspective of life. Thank you
very much for making this available on the web.

It was without a doubt the greatest investment I ever made, and I know that
my partner shares that attitude. With Neo-Tech, life is exciting and full.
Without Neo-Tech, life was empty and boring. If you're reading this and you
haven't yet read NT mater ial, you should turn the page now! Every second

Dorothy B.,, 10/20/98
Today I received a note from you, and so I
decided to look you up on the web to see if you are for real.

It's an absolute, Neo-Tech will be on the Internet indefinitely,
gong into the future. Neo tech is pregnant and will keep bearing new fruit
and growth, for years to come, in spite of the other world! Neo-tech will just
get bigger and bigger. I love it! Ch eers! R

A.P.,, 7/14/97, Western Samoa
It will help to solve some of my problems.

NG,, 5/25/01
I can' explain it! but so exciting the neo-tech
matrix is
more complete in my mind each day! I am effortlessly gaining
the love, money power advantages. its as spooky as you said.

B.V.,, 7/8/02
I really am thrilled with this info, I have searched my entire life for the truth and Neo-tech is the first rational explanation that I have been able to
except freely and whole heartily and cannot get enough of what there is to read or hear about it.

attempting to be value producer. Keep spreading the true 'good' word, it is appreciated.

J.J.,, 7/11/01
Neo-Tech provides the education for citizens to
how to take care of themselves and to eliminate the
parasitical ruling class of dishonest humanoids.

T.M.,, 7/25/01, SOUTH AFRICA
Neo-tech has changed my perspective on life
and it has
Contributed in my change of attitude towards every day life.
My life skills
have improved drastically.

B.M.,, 8/10/97, Ireland
I am interested in a great deal of your material.
It seems both radical and practical -- a quality
difficult to find.

D.K.,, 6/14/98
Your thoughts of reality are extremely interesting.
Thank You for your involvement in the progression of humanity.

C.P.,, 7/18/01
An empowering and powerful book. My dreams are
coming true and
The Book put me on a conscious track towards real civility
creativity, Thanks Carla.

J.R.,, 3/7/97
You must continue your great job helping all of the revolutionaries.

R.H.,, N.Ireland BT40 1BA.
Thank you Dr Wallace, family and friends. You and your work is the
most powerful and admirable I have ever known.

F.B.,, 10/19/98
just got it and briefing though it and hoping
I'll find what I'm looking FOR

I.K.,, 6/4/02, Ireland
The greatest strength of Neo-Tech is that it is an open philosophy that will evolve as it learns. Thus it continuously refines itself. Don't just think.
Learn to think more honestly and you think wider, deeper and without fear.

Julie D.,, 3/5/99
'God-Man' is a very interesting book, the
world can transform into something beautiful and positive...
the most wonderful, beautiful expansion of the highest of
the creator....BLISS!!!! in the flesh!

It is the only web site that tells the truth about happiness, love,
and evil authority. It should be known by as many people as possible.

G.O.,, 11/8/01
The bottom line is 'without Neo-Tech there is no hope' We need the valuable information that Neo-Tech provides us. There is not much information that can
be trusted from the media as they only tell one side of the story and are very good in starting panic. They never tell us about how the politicians are
ruining our lives by faking progress while ruining the economy. The only hope for us is Neo-Tech which will destroy 'Mysticism'.

Since obtaining The Book I have prospered personally as well as
professionally. In addition, I am more attuned to mystical thinking, bluffs,
and other's bicameral need for authority than ever before. Which of course allows
me to dismiss these forces and n ot be controlled by them.

"In my search for truth, I have found that Neo-Tech has given me
a feeling that there is hope."
M.R.,, 3/25/97, Canada

B.A.,, 6/23/98
The Neo-Tech philosophy seems quite interesting and
intrigues me.

E.K.,, 7/30/00, Kenya
An excellent website.

Hello. I just felt the strong need to write to you and tell you what
an absolutely WONDERFUL experience I am having reading "The Story"!
I must say it is some of the best reading that I have had the privilege
to experience in a very long time. I am not even half way through
it, but I became so excited that I HAD to write! I was sent this
story from a man whom I love and respect deeply and very much, and
he will never know how grateful I am that he was gracious enough
to share this with me. He said that it moved him to tears several
times (Thats when you KNOW it is good stuff :) I have to say that
for me it is wonderful and frustrating at the same time and I am
sure I am going to experience a lot more of these feelings as I continue
to read on. I ju st wanted to say Thank you, in advance, for such
an absolutely fascinating and awesome story! Its the Best! Sincerely,

A.W.,, 1/3/00, United Kingdom
Hello to all. I'm 17, and from the UK. I 'borrowed' my dad's
copy of God-Man and it's certainly opened my mind to a whole
new way of life. Upon first glances, it seemed a little to centered
around money and business for my liking, but subsequent reading
shows that this is the most moral way to progress. Business is
the tool that creates happiness, prosperity, values, wealth and
employment. I have no doubt that, like John Lennon once said,
Christianity will perish. The only way that it
will 'survive' is by continuing as a prime
immoral cult that stabs values produced by others.

"Neo-Tech has been, the primary source of new knowledge, for me
as I'm sure it is has been for most that have ever read and
understood a Neo-Tech book. My mysticism, is what lead me to
Neo-Tech, and anyone who is mystical will eventually turn to
Neo-Tech. Why? Because mysticism is a 'drug' and in time, you'll
need more of it to make you 'FEEL' better about your life, money,
health, love, and self-esteem problems. When one starts to have
questions about their 'Higher Authorities', power to make their
dreams or desires come true, one starts to look for a more potent
mystical doctrine. I went from being a practicing catholic to
Kahuna, to hypnosis and others, to finally arrive at Neo-Tech.
This is real, it's not automatic, it works from your efforts to
achieve what you desire and not, what some 'God' says is good for
you, or 'God' has his reason for things being this way. Neo-Tech
has been a very positive addition to my life, and will forever
continue be a part of my life. Neo-Tech should always stay in
Cyberspace, because as Neo-tech expands, conscience life does
J.M.,, 2/6/97

J.P.,, 3/18/97
This is the most honest information I have ever seen. It is time the
politicians were be placed where they belong, under us, not above us. They have
been elected to serve us, not us serve them. Keep up your work. I feel honored
to have read and re-read your material.

H.G.,, 2/22/00
I am thoroughly impressed and to tell the
truth, utterly amazed.
Continue your work for the world and ALL of mankind will
prosper and be eternally grateful.

c.b.,, 4/20/00, franklin
Yes, yes, YES.

H.H.,, 12/22/96
Awesome site and info!

L.B.,, 4/19/00
The Neo-Tech web site is very use full ,expansion would appreciated.

"This is beyond my wildest dreams. An absolute wealth of
information. I truly wish I never had to sleep so I could spend
many more hours on your Web Site."
R.K.,, 2/4/97

T.T.,, 9/6/99
Some of the information could be quite deadly
in the minds of the evil.

"Very interesting site."
A.J.,, 6/8/97

T.W.,, 8/2/00, South Korea(ROK)
Your excellent site includes invaluable
information for improving the quality of human life.

Z.J.,, 10/9/01
Neo-tech to me is a way of life the world should now implement. I give the utmost respects to its founders. I thank you and your staff for everything.
Neo-tech has opened my mind and the minds of others

L.K.,, 9/1/02
Sometime ago I received The Neo-Tech Discovery, a very large book that discussed the evolution of ordinary people becoming Millionaires/Entrepreneurs and the
Bi-Cameral Mind. I was devastated! But, the readings of this Manuscript filled my mind and changed my thinking of very important subjects--God, Man,
Business, Children... Wow! Neo-Tech is definitely what I needed to understand my existence--I could not understand why everyone in my surroundings were
succeeding and I was constantly falling backwards or barely moving! I now fully understand.

L.M.,, 8/17/02
I feel Neo-Tech is honest information. I have so much learning ahead of me, please keep it online.

"Neo-Tech is needed by all...."
D.E.,, 4/1/97, England

P.S.,, 3/25/01
Hi. I'm a 17-year-old high school student. I've
been studying
Neo-Tech and objectivism for a while now, and I've learned
more about life and the reality of the world, things I'll
for real life, than I could ever learn in the public school
(of course). Recently, I've really been noticing just how
the anti-civilization is prevalent in the school system. I
out against it in class and look forward to doing so
my life. Also, thanks to my objective views about love, I've
been in a wonderful relationship with a girl I introduced to
Neo-Tech for the past year. I couldn't even imagine thinking
any way besides logically and objectively now. It feels like
suddenly having blinders taken off and being able to see the
real world as it actually is.

Pike,, 6/28/01, Canada
I believe this site is brilliant. Take control
of your life.

But it seems the enemy is HERE and not THERE! How anyone
actually work for the IRS is beyond me. Of course Hiltler's
always used the excuse, 'I was made to do it.... It was my

D.K.,, 3/8/00
Thank you so much for "The Story". I'm almost finished with
it but had to send you this email even before I finished.
First of all, the book is outstanding. That's actually an
understatement. It's uplifting, inspirational, educating and
a very easy, captivating read. Everyone from age 9-90 should
have a copy. It could simply change the world.

D.M.,, 1/5/03
I think that neo-tech literature is the most outstanding information out there on the market today. It's brilliant and I want my children to learn this way
of thinking.

"I am profoundly glad to have access to the most important
information ever available to the human race."
L.W.,, 1/2/96

M.M.,, 2/13/00, Australia
With the“honesty formula the world must
become a better place without it there
will be certain destruction.

P.J.,, 12/25/00
The book was the most nourishing info I've ever
had in my life

"I am eager to study this so I can achieve integrated honesty."
A.B.,, 2/24/97

T.K.,, 5/12/02, America
The world needs this type of info and needs to know of true value producing/creating heroes such as Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, John Flint.

their lives.

Julia,, 6/28/00
Neo-Tech is the best web site on the web. It
is shocking, yet
honest. Everyone should read it.

Maribel G., 5/26/03
I am a mother of two, my children ages 9 and 12 are great children. I am have
been teaching them about Neo-Tech and most of all to be honest individuals. I
opened a business in New York called Neo-Buyer and I plan to make it a success,
there is no stopping me. Something negative happened and I thought it was going
to make me fall. But by being an honest individual, and with all the knowledge
that I have learned from Neo-Tech, I found I am becoming stronger and
unstoppable. Dr. Wallace you cannot imagine how grateful I am that I read your
books. The good thing about being a Neo-Tech woman is that I have control of
myself and surroundings. I respect myself and other people, but I do not
interfere with other people’s choices. Thanks once again Neo-Tech will never

P.B.,, 3/29/03

Maria G.,, 5/5/98
Your work is the finest thing that I have ever read.

Jessica S.,, 1/11/99
Neo-tech is one of the greatest things that I
have ever read. It has drastically
changed my life; and it has definitely been for the better.

D. H.,,
Neo-tech is an enlightenment of the mind body and soul. All
you nay sayers are just closed minded, weak individuals who really need
to examine your own lives!

"Impressive, most impressive."
C.S.,, 1/31/97

C.A.,, 10/23/99
We all must read this knowledge and learn from it,
and remember the things we were taught to forget since birth.

P.L.,, 10/10/00
There is a lot of valuable information, on
this site. It has
helped me a lot.

M.L.,, 6/4/98
Reading the negative comments certainly decided me in your

I ordered 'the book' in December & started reading it, but I was not committed
to it. so I put it down for some time, yet, very exited about it & scared.
because I have a Christian. at some point I had become disenchanted about religion
as well as a slave to it & feeling like a battered wife, getting verbally
beat up that I am a sinner & not worthy etc. the explanation's of neo tech
provided some more hope, that I am & can become very powerful by tapping
into things within me. I did however pick up the bo ok for the second time, ready
to commit. I'd like to find out how that turns out. also, if there is god-man,
is there not goddess-woman? Thanks

S.M.,, 3/16/00, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech is the best education that anyone could ever have.
No more guilt, no more political or government or church abuse.
These people thrive on the sole purpose of destroying others.
Neo-Tech allows the conscious mind to free itself of crap.
Thank you Neo-Tech for helping me see the light, when all I could
see before was darkness

S Jack,, 1/16/01, Australia
The most powerful piece of literature I've
read in years.

P.L.,, 11/30/01, Finland
Neo-Tech just fucking rocks.

T.L.,, 4/2/99
The masses need to be exposed to this extremely powerful
knowledge that has been monopolized by the neocheaters.

khu,, 3/17/01
I love Neo-Tech and its founders for bringing
all this to us.
Mark Hamilton, you are a wonderful author, congratulations
on such a great piece of work!

B.N.,, New Zealand
While reading the negative comments online about neo-Tech I could sense
the hatred, pure anger, and murderous intent of some of those opposed
to Neo-Tech. I can't wait for their 'Anti-Civilization' world to collapse
into the smoldering dung heap that is! They're Mystical stupidities block
the light of Fully Integrated Honest Knowledge that shines from the 'Beautiful
World of the Civilization of the Universe.' Foisted Guilt, Fear and the
Threat of Punishment are the weapons these Mystics use to corral and
pen their followers. I am crossing the Neo-Tech Bridge where as an individual
I am accepted for my humanity and not because of my creed, color, culture,
class, status. or so called standing in life. The neo-Tech World is a
place where all people will live Happy Self Fulfilling Lives as we were
meant to live from the beginning of Human Consciousness. Thank you Frank
R. Wallace for discovering Neo-Tech! I am Free to live my life Guilt
Free and with ever expanding Happiness, and increasing prosperity.

Mike,, 12/20/00
Since I have read THE BOOK, I have become
happier at work and have happened to
think a bit more clearly since I started reading it. Thank

W.R.,, 2/28/99
I believe in Neo-Tech, Frank R Wallace, and Mark Hamilton. I
would love to get rid of all Neo-Cheaters and live forever in
a free enterprising world. I will be starting my own business soon.

K.J.,, 12/17/96
This information is overwhelming.
I feel my consciousness swelling with excitement and realization.
I want more and intend on ordering the publications.

H.S.,, 8/1/97, United Kingdom
"Having read the Neo-Tech discovery I feel like I've been living my entire
life in a box but now everything seems to be clearing as I learn to
integrate the Neo-Tech advantages into my life. Thanks for all you have done
and all the best in spreading Neo-Tech throughout the world."

MOD,, 2/10/03, Singapore
This site should be on the net as people should know the reality of how things go in this world

Matt, , 9/29/02
I want to say that RTR (Road to Riches) is Dr. Wallace's best editing work. His super high-intensity editing is what elevates the new neo-tech writings to
new heights of integrative power. With every new reading, more strings in the spider's web are revea
led. That's what RTR is, it's the ultimate spider web to trap all dishonest, destructive, irrational ideas forever.

What or who else has any possibility of changing things now and in the

C.D.,, 9/23/97
"Without Neo-Tech we would have been completely devoured by professional
neo-cheating lawyers, religious fanatics, etc. long ago. With Neo-Tech we
are living again and know that life is getting better, fuller, richer daily.
Neo-Tech literally saved our lives from total destruction & enabled us to
see the chaos we were so deeply involved in & showed us a way out. Neo-Tech
is our bible. THANK YOU NEO-TECH!"

D.C.,, 1/10/00
This is a way of life/thinking/living. Very powerful.

Should Neo-Tech remain on the Web? Should sincere honesty be the relevant framework
of all truth? Is coherence necessary within the context of an evolving hierarchy
of values? Is effort not required to provide results? This heroic work, this
brain-sweated effort of passion...that has produced understanding without contradictions
in the new order of thought, a new high standard of categoric distinctions known
as Neo-Think, must not only continue but expand. Let it begin now with each of
us. The risks have been taken and the obstacles overcome except for our own deceptions
of belief that we need take no action in our own regards. Neo-Tech Is.

D Stevens,, 8/1/01
The concept is beautiful,
absolutely wonderful..... please keep on keeping on many of
people need to understand... thanks so much for my freedom.......

B.J.,, 12/1/01
Thank you NEO-TECH -- I will forever hold my heart to the beat of 'NEO-TECH!' We will smash the NEO-CHEATERS out of existence and once-and-for-all end the

D.P.,, 5/29/02, Australia
A great website.

G.G.,, 3/4/97, United Kingdom
In mid chapter, I have to interrupt my reading to express the
exhilaration I just experienced. I was bowled over by the following thought: At
this moment, on both sides of every value exchange happening on Earth, society
is benefiting. To add up all those values is one thing; but to realize that at
some point in the future, I ALONE will have contributed more value to society
than that TOTAL caused me to jump to my feet and proudly proclaim that I AM
ZON. Then it dawned on me that as both parties in a trade benefit, to have
provided all that value, I will also HAVE EARNED EVEN MORE!!! I flopped onto my
bed overwhelmed by the prospect. You cannot possibly be aware of the extent of
the value you are providing with this web site. Now that I have written this, I
can get on with the chapter!

I have to say that this site has passed my hopes and expectations. At first,
I thought it was all hype but I am now convinced that it should definitely
stay online and educate the masses of all the injustices that is being created
and exploited in the nam es of God, country, and selfish immorality. Neo-tech
is the key that humanity need in times like present when there are too many
evils and so few beacons of hope and light.

K.N.,, 3/9/98, Singapore
I am learning to walk and to know my Identity. Keep your
site up as I wish to open my eyes to the world.

Neo-Tech always gives me the real nitty-gritty after hearing and reading
what everybody else thinks.

M.S.,, 12/2/00
Through this web site, people can finally find
the truth.

T.B.,, 3/18/01
It's unbelievable how after reading The Book
you get
this hunger for knowledge. If possible I'd like to receive
information about other Neo-Tech material. Thanks.

M.C.,, 3/10/98
The other day a Jehovah's Witness came to talk about the
end of the world and reading the bible. Thank Zon I had something
to read to flush that mystic waste out of my mind.

"I really like the idea behind Neo-Tech and enjoy it being on the
C.T.,, 3/2/97, Canada

M.T.,, 11/18/99, Australia
Simply amazing, I can see the world and my
life in a new way.

"I've had a lovely read on Neo-Tech. I agree with the views put
forward . You've got my vote."
P.A.,, 6/10/97, England

D.E.,, 2/23/98
It's refreshing to read a rational point of view
in this sea of mysticism.

a beautiful CU.

D.C.,, 9/25/97
"Your web site is great. The HTML is clean and fast, the programming is
quick and slick, the CONTENT is *great* and I'm so glad you are on the web!
Thank you for providing me with FREE Neo-Tech material. It's great to read
Cassandra's Secret while I'm eating lunch!"

"I have enjoyed the stimulation of the NEO-TECH influence in my
life. Your web site gave me a shot in the brain when I needed
E.B.,, 5/20/97

T.W.,, 6/30/99
It is through web sites like yours that
the SLEEPING AMERICAN GIANT will finally wake up to the unconstitutional
and extraordinary tactics of the IRS. I too have been in the
belly of the beast. Keep up the good work!

David C,, 2/6/02
I've only completed two chapters of your story so far, but it's already touched something deep inside me. I know this because a swell of emotions come up and
makes me cry. I remember reading somewhere that crying because of happiness comes from years of repressed emotions...well, I'm not sure if that's true or
not, but it has touched me so far.
I absolutely love hearing about people that care. Annabelle really truly cares about her students, and that makes me happy. There are several homeless people
who live around me here in Boston and I feel like going out and giving them food right now...a little inconvenience for me, but a BIG deal for them. That
feels good too.
I see where you are going...I run my own Internet business and am constantly thinking of new ways to create value for people...more ways to make money. I
already have a 'staff' of people around the world that I pay for advertising services. My business grew 10 fold last year. I grossed almost a quarter million
last year! And I'm still in my twenties!
I really wish there were people like Annabelle out there. I don't know any. The only person who comes close, the only person who really encouraged my
entrepreneurial spirit, was my mother. God bless her. All my teachers in high school and college sucked.
I got a 'D' in every business class I took because I wasn't afraid to challenge what the tenured professor was saying.
Anyway...I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Just thought I'd send a quick comment. You're awesome.

J.R.,, 5/1/98
I enjoyed reading the info on your site.
I agree totally with your philosophy and want to live my life
in accord with these principals.

T.S.,, 11/21/99
It has been a great relief to find this page,
it came recommended from a trusted friend who excels in
everything he does. Thank you for your bravery, radical
thought is frequently punished.

S.B.,, 12/31/96
Wow! I'm an Objectivist, but have recently been having some doubts
about my Objectivism and Objectivism in general. There seems to be a missing
link, something that indicated that Objectivism wasn't quite right, but I
couldn't put my finger on it. The Neo-Tech stuff at least provides a metaphoric
answer to that missing link. This is compelling stuff. A useful tool.

J.S.,, 5/4/97

A.B.,, 7/23/97, Canada
"Your ideas are totally heretical- WAY TO GO!!!!!! It's about time
someone created a web-site like this!"

T.A.,, 10/2/98
Keep up the work. We the people of this planet need more
enlightenment. The material gets folks to thinking
and questioning the status quo

R.C.,, 4/27/01
The Story has helped me answer certain questions
that I thought were realistic but other people, because of
their beliefs, thought differently. I'm glad I'm not alone
in this world. I always thought I was different from
everybody else and yes I am different because I can see the
essence of things. This world will be a whole lot better if
we were all neo-thinkers. There also needs to be that
diversity among the different classes of human beings on
earth, I like to call it natural selection or the survival
of the truly honest.

"Absolutely Best of the Web. I know this takes a lot of effort
and I want to thank you for your hard work (not just the www but
all the preceding development of Neo-Tech. I can't get enough. I
previously had searched every corner of the esoteric universe for
the 'most objective' type of (scientific) mysticism and it took
Neo-Tech to show me the error of my oxymoron ways. It never
occurred to me to dump the entire dishonest bicameral matrix.
Doing so has improved my quality of life immensely and I have
made several life-changing decisions and changes this year.
Thanks again and Happiness forever! to all of you."
S.V.,, 3/8/97

M.H.,, 3/9/98, United Kingdom
My discovery of your web site is a true inspiration.
Please, please keep adding to the site as I need as much as possible.

This is definitely a challenge to my externally superimposed authority seeking "moral" upbringing.
Since I began (doubfully!) reading The Book, I have seen changes in all areas
of my life. I have never been happier, and I am seeing my true personality- lost
to me since my teenage years-returning stronger everyday.

"This could possibly be the ONE THING in life that I need to get
C.M.,, 3/29/97

T.B.,, 3/18/01
It's unbelievable how after reading The Book
you get
this hunger for knowledge. If possible I'd like to receive
information about other Neo-Tech material. Thanks.

C.S.,, 4/23/00
You web gives access to people who otherwise would have no means of knowing.

M.M.,, Australia
Great reading and punctual philosophy. As a journalist in today's
world it is great to expose 'neocheaters' on my television program 'A Current
Affair' nightly at 7.00 p.m. in Australia. Keep up the excellent work!

M.M.,, 7/14/98
This site is excellent because it gives people more
views to help one find who they really are.

J.M.,, 7/15/98
Great.......I want to know more.

"Thanks Neo-Tech, your information helped a lot. I love it
Neo-Tech. I think it's time for Neo-Tech to become a global
awareness so that we can enter the Civilization of the Universe.
It is time to end pointless death and suffering."
W.S.,, 3/26/97

M.I.,, 8/23/98, United Kingdom
Hurry up getting your info out as the world seems to get
madder by the minute.

C.P.,, 10/8/99
We need a Neo-Tech president.

W.R.,, 1/29/02
This site is the best!!!

"Very impressive! Glad to see someone thinking."
B.G.,, 5/18/97

R.D.,, 12/19/96
This website is very different and yet
quite inspiring. There seems to be too much non-sense
on the Internet these days. Individuals keep hashing out the
same old topics over and over again. Your page is a gem.
Not only is the content outstanding, but the design and
functionality of the page is great! Thank you.

P.M.,, 5/12/97, Australia
Neo-Tech is a new state of thinking that strips and shreds mystical

N.U.,, 9/29/97, Singapore
I never came across anything (information) like this before.
I would like to see this site expanded.

G.R.,, 2/13/98
I think Neo-Tech should be offered to all who seek an
understanding of life, self, and others. Keep up the good work. We can all learn.

J.H.,, 2/20/98
Neo-Tech Publishing, not Microsoft is the GREATEST company
in the history of the world....BAR NONE!!!!

A.M.,, 10/28/00, Kuwait
a superb treatise!

"This is one of the most comprehensive and well- connected series
of web pages that I've yet encountered. Extremely challenging
material for those willing to embrace and apply critical thought
(rather than quickly dismiss it out of hand due to their standing
beliefs ... or 'mysticism' as you so accurately term them. Keep
up the outstanding work, and thank you for expanding my
J.P.,, 1/25/97

S.V.,, 1/3/00
I have read the book thoroughly. I find it to be the
closest book to the truth that exists.

D.S.,, 3/8/97
Has potential to free individuals from government, corporate,
and any other form of slavery.

M.M.,, 2/29/00
Goddamn 'The Story' is awesome! It kicks
extreme ass! I've Read through about six chapters and it's
rekindled feelings I had not felt for years... The pure
radiant innocence of this is incredible! I think this could
be the big crossover point that finally gets the NT concepts
to the masses in a digestible form. I'm getting thoughts
like 'is this for real?' and 'don't worry-happiness in the
universe is inescapable' I realize that this 'civilization'
is a pretext for slavery; not obvious slavery, but a slow,
piecemeal, debilitating slavery where the 'authorities' keep
the forces of production at just enough to sustain the
masses, neither completely killing the populace nor allowing
full blown prosperity. Man, those neocheaters are incredible
My heart went out to miss Annabelle and those kids. I had
feelings of wanting to beat up those idiots on the school
board. She and those children should have been protected at
all costs.. Unlike Rand ,this story while retaining the same
positive sense of life as that book had if not more so, was
written from a male perspective, and thus sir, you have
created one of the most intensely sexually attractive
characters I've ever seen in Miss Annabelle. It would be a
crime not to include some pornographic element.(I say this
not in a crude way, but in a 'deliciously vulgar' way that
justifies and validates the characters sense of life..)
Also being in a story format, and being based on
contemporary issues I consider this to be the first 'book'
in the Bible of God-Man. The Bible was also based on what
was then contemporary issues and used parables to educate .
I can't wait until the real people the story was based on,
become disclosed. Thanks Wallace for such a valuable
writing.. It will give hope to all the good people in the
world . I ought to send in payment, and will if you need it.
(BTW I'm glad you shut down the forum of losers formerly
known as neo-talk -they haven't been missed)

MP, hotmail.comWe need bodies like you to challenge
the despots of the world.. You help to evolve humans.

D.M.,, 8/10/00

G.C.,, 7/6/97
"Most fascinating site I have ever read."

P.M.,, 7/2/98
Excellent material !! I am traveling in a normal car cruising
about 90-110 kp/h firing on all cylinders with unlimited fuel
called 'neothink' which altitudes all my thinking in multi-directions.
On this super highway there are no traffic lights of the anticivilization
to stop me. for they have ceased to exist !! Congratulations,
mystical parasitism has been terminated. Yes !! Yes !! Yes !!

me that feeling of utter happiness that has been missing from my life.

The History of Love and Sex was a great read and very informative.

M.B.,, 1/16/01
Thinking becomes real! You are getting people
to think.
Be leaders not followers.

L.C.,, 11/27/99
Finally, a publication that affirms life and
exposes the perversity of mysticism.

Neo-Tech, has the potential to be the source of a revolution for improvement
of the human condition!

C.C.,, 7/31/97
"This is a great piece of work, and the truth."

"The search for knowledge, understanding, and a better way are
obviously at the core of the web site."
G.F.,, 1/21/97

I have found reading the books to be a life changing experience.
A very powerful tool for shaping ones future view of life. I know it has
mine. When I look at my life their are two chapters, before Neo Tech and
after Neo Tech.

The web will create the next generation of
neothinkers. There is so much influence from all sides
these days, people need a way to find the truth and render
some sort of mental clarity, Neo-Tech does just that.

"Every American needs to be informed of this web site."
M.M.,, 4/8/97

A.Z.,, 3/22/00
Wow! I really think you have hit the nail on
the head Mark! I have only finished the first three
chapters, but I am eager to read the rest. It's getting late
and I must get up early and sell cars. I will continue
reading Monday evening.
This appears to be a very eloquent approach to making Neo
Tech much more commercially viable. I look forward to
finishing The Story!
Keep up the awesome work Mark!

"Ran through a number of your pages, liked a lot of what I saw."
J.B.,, 6/3/97

"Very professionally done web site with indexes which makes it
S.L.,, 6/20/97, Australia

R. T.,, 9/3/00, U.K.
Neo-tech provides a lot of lateral thinking ideas!

Ralph R. H.I.,, 2/11/02
A solid foundation of integrated honesty, creates an unlimited power transfer to the individual person. This power enables the individual to alter his/her
reality to the best and highest of achievements.

D.Y.,, 8/30/98
Good reading a real change from anything I read before.

S.C.,, 10/24/97
"This is the only literature I have read in the past 20
years that has really made sense. I have exhausted many
efforts in 'Money Making - Get Rich Schemes' for the
past 10 years and only wish I had used that effort
towards Neo-Tech. I now know where to put my efforts."

J.P.,, 8/2/02, Franklin
Such great wisdom.

A.V.,, South Africa
I am never able to sit and read something on the internet for
a long period of time, but as soon as I started reading chapter 18 on this
site I couldn't stop. This is a really a great website.

T.H.,, 7/3/00, United Kingdom
WOW!!! This is new, out of the conventional,
mind blowing. I am
glad I found you, there is no way I will ever let you go. I
can't wait to tell my friends. Hope you will bring us more
ideas on how to be free from poverty. Please keep up the
good work.

R.J.,, 1/1/02
Neo-Tech must stay on the web and I am sure it will, because it is needed by so many wonderful people. Read the Story you will love it!

Mark R. Fasbinder

E.K.,, 1/18/97
Applicable to many areas of life.

There is a lot of valuable information to help people do better
in their lives and understand the nature of humans so they won't be in frustration
with their relationships, but rather be successful with them. It can be a
source of quick reference when you wish to review a specific topic.

It offers the only real solutions to individual reality and
life as it should be.

M.S.,, 4/22/99, India

L.D.,, 10/4/02
What I have read up to now is like a finding a fountain of fresh water and being very thirsty.

"This site must remain on the web. If it were not for Neo-Tech, I
would not be happy, rich, loved, or healthy."
B.P.,, 3/13/97

"Amazingly accurate and informative."
N.A.,, 5/8/97

S.P.,, 1/19/99, United Kingdom
Brilliant!!!! Outstanding!!!! writings.
Congratulations to all the team, especially to Frank, Mark and Eric.

Cry,, UK
Neo-tech the only way to the future world.

J.S.,, 9/20/02, England
I am enthralled by this discovery.

paul,, 4/23/00
new thoughts and ways shake the old belief
structures. those who have pinned their existence to these old structures fear
anything that would cause them to be awakened. There is a
fundamental difference in controlling your own destiny and allowing
others to control your destiny through their belief structure.

C.M.,, 1/8/02
Neo-Tech is awesome and should remain on the web, in print, and spread throughout the whole world as quickly as possible. I love re-reading the books and
coming to the web site to be re-charged. I am teaching this to my 15 year old daughter and she has started putting neo-tech into practice. What a difference it has made in our lives.

T.R.,, 6/19/00
I have been more than thrilled with NT for the
last 7 years.
Thanks for the good work. I have a business now, abiding
happiness and
psychuous love...what more could one ask for? Because of NT
protocols I have a life worth living. Thanks.

Jennifer W.,, 4/23/98
Your site is very informative and intriguing.

E.B.,, 5/8/00
Hello Mr. mark Hamilton, I wish I had , had a
teacher like miss Annabel, when I was in the 3rd. grade .I
think this article or story about miss Annabel , should be
required reading in the schools .. , religious , and
secular .. my own life has been a dreary one , influenced by
the “church' and “prudish' adults .. at 68 years , looking
back over my life , I find that I never really knew what
true love meant .. many of my generation , equated the
physical “act' as being “in love' restroom “graffiti' in
the lower grades, were often our guide to sexual pleasure ..
being from a very dysfunctional home , where our parents
never showed any “open affection' before us, hugs , kisses,
praise etc. was not a way to encourage us as grown men , to
know “what to do' in ways of pleasing our wives .. I am just
a “layman' no degrees etc. but I hope with all of my being,
that society will keep on “evolving' so that there will be
“happiness in the male , female relationships “ thanks for
opening my mind to other views about life !!!! and where
mankind is headed.

M.M.,, 6/11/00
Nothing is more bright. Nothing expands faster
than human
beings working in the harmony of their own intellectual
Keep going!

R. O.,
I first read the Zonpower Neo tech book about two years ago.
Its contents and facts about being productive opened my eyes to a whole new
world. I recommend everyone should read it, even if it is just to see things
from a different point of view. But Zonpo wer made me see things rationally,
and truthfully.

G.A.,, 6/8/01
The book contains valuable lessons in life and
true to life
relationship experiences, that can be a valuable tool to
to live a more meaningful and productive life. I appreciate
many true to life writings

G.B.,, 2/9/97, Canada
Looking forward to the Civilization of the Universe. Imagine a world
without dishonest government.

Neo-Tech has allowed me to change my life Neo-Tech started my brain again.

J.M.,, 3/5/97
The values delivered into my life via this web site and related
I&O publications are immeasurable. Prosperity and happiness seem to come to
me almost effortlessly! Thanks to Neo-Tech I no longer have to search blindly
and wonder `why'. I simply cause things to happen, and due to the power of
totally integrated honesty, I do so with a confidence never before known to me!

Neo-Tech must remain get the message out that there is so much fraud and gain-seekers
who steal individual values from innocent people for their own selfish gain!

The neo-tech discovery was one of the most fascinating books I have
ever read.

Mary H.,, 5/9/99
Truly awesome reading. A fantastic insight!

C.H.,, 5/16/98
This is the most rewarding info.
I have found in my life, I can't get enough of it. I have told many of
my friends and they are wild about.
I wish to thank you all for the great news you bring to everyone
who is willing to open there mind and be free.

E.W.,, 7/3/00
Its very interesting to scan the pos/neg
regarding Neo-tech ideas. The very fact that the neg. people
write in and spout off about how 'Satan is at the bottom of
is proof that these folks all live in horrible fear of an
mystical force! I have to say that I myself am influenced
at the core of my brain
by Christianity. It will be a brighter future for my
to come to the conclusion that we can live GUILT free. To
believe that life IS suffering is at the core of the
trip! The old days are over folks!
Its time to create a new world where people can learn to
their minds, live life fully and well! I support Neo-Tech
and its valuable
lessons, principles, and ideas---its about time we all start

T.T.,, 1/2/98
This site is the greatest site ever to be created the information
is exact and precise.

M. L. Schmidt,,
It is the most realistic information that I have read in my life.

D.M.,, Australia
I love it. Great web site. Great advice. It seems to annoy the really
Religious people. It must lock-up their poor brains.

R.P.,, 10/26/97
This is very thought provoking. It is very well thought out.

D.B.,, 3/9/97, Canada
The Web is for the access to information, it's a natural `home' for

D.L.,, 10/22/98
this site is the greatest on the web, for not only will it
smother mysticism, but it will advance the population of earth
into the C of U! GO NEO-TECH! may the value-producers inherit
the earth and the parasitical elites be broken by integrated
honesty! DOWN WITH DEATH..........UP WITH LIFE!! I would also
like to cheer on the RIBI. Thank you for being there to advance
earth beyond death. Beware you may have competition in the future!!!
ERIC SAVAGE, LIVE!!!!! and to I&O publishing, A Huge thank you
for making the neo-tech discovery available to me! I now know
true integrated honesty! HAPPINESS IN BOUNTIFUL IN MY LIFE.....all
thanks to my desire to accept and use honesty and to destroy
my own faults in dishonesty.....that's all folks! I'll see you
in the C of U.

c.w.,, 1/1/01
Love it

D.H.,, 2/16/99
I think you at Neo-Tech are providing valuable information and
doing the world-at-large the service of giving it reason to
stop and THINK, to ACT rather than reacting.

S.A.,, 3/24/01
This site has enabled me to be a better person
to myself and
to the people around me and I thank you for that.

"Never before have I come across a system like this. I have seen
every kind of scam claiming to furnish you with the results that
Neo-Tech actually gives you. And unlike scams, Neo-Tech is simple
and has definite integrity. I think Neo-Power will definitely
change my life."
N.F.,, 1/29/97

J.C.,, 10/4/98
This stuff is incredible!! If only we all knew about it
years before!

A.P.,, 3/13/97, Puerto Rico
Very powerful information that properly applied can lead one to a
positive transformation from traditional living and thinking.

M.H.,, 10/29/00, U.S.A
Very well done, I learned a lot of new
insights, and found some
old archived feeling, and thought processes awakened!

M. A.,,, 3/15/03, UK
Comments : It is a beacon of truth for the mankind. It exposes the
neocheaters and mystics as well as
tears religions apart.

Charlene B.,, 3/18/00
Most informative.

"It is rare to see anything this informative, here on the Web, or
any place else."
D.C.,, 4/1/97, Canada

R.M.,, 1/4/98
Neo-tech is fully integrated, it is honest, it delivers values,
and it will eventually deliver the ultimate value; therefore
by remaining on the web we will be privy to the unfolding of
this. If we continue to expose irrationality, and all its dishonesties.
we will be able to obtain Biological Immortality more quickly.
Without neo-tech on the web this process may take too much longer,
and if it takes too long , dr. Wallace may not get his B.I. and
we will lose him forever. I also may miss my B.I. what tragedies
are these? Without a doubt the universe will be a much lonelier
place without us. I don't like to beg, but please, please, leave

"very insightful, the power of truth in knowledge."
J.P.,, 2/1/97

B.R.,, 1/22/98
I have read much of your site -- I am
living in the light once again. Thank you.

I.R.,, 1/29/03
I keep re-reading the concepts and every time I glean ever newer integrations.

R.S.,, 10/20/98
I have read the Zonpower/Neo-Tech manual. Before I read it, I
had years earlier made a discovery that things weren't as I had
been lead to believe. This, of course, as with all other periods
of enlightenment does not make one comfortable. Just so I was
not comfortable with my 'enlightenment' as you might suspect. After
reading the Zonpower/Neo-Tech manual, I read the section on freeing
the bicameral mind which is what this did for me. I can easily
see why governments do not like this type of thinking, or this
type of literature. Keep up the good work. I can no longer be
controlled with guilt as I used to be. I no longer have feelings
of guilt and wonder if I am doing the right thing or if I should
consult my 'higher power' as I learned to call it in A.A. Nor
do I worry over insignificant things.

G.M.,, 11/23/01
I recently received 'The Book' in the mail (yesterday) and have just begun to expose my mind to the mind-blowing information within. My eyes are so tired
from reading that I can barely look at the screen enough to type this message. Thanks

Tibor,, 3/12/01
This will be high school stuff for people of
the future. It will be basic learning for everyone who

D.B,, 7/30/97
If honesty and effort are wrong, we live in a strange
world. Expand!!

M.H.,, 6/27/97

D.Y.,, 6/26/01
Neo-Tech should stay on the net so everyone
can learn and
think for themselves

M.L.,, 2/4/97
I am completely and totally at a loss for words.
I have been reading and absorbing info like a sponge.

G.S.,, 10/1/99, New Zealand
Prospects of breathtaking hope for advancement in endless
areas. Inspiring and curiosity-provoking. Expansion of
knowledge and possibilities applicable to each individual's
life will bring about profound change.
I am hoping to discover more and unearth
the power beneath this new technology.

I have been a N/T owner, since 1987, I at that time was a long
time alcoholic, had attended numerous self-help seminars, at no avail. I
had been a charismatic bible thumper, even with my drinking. In 1995 I was
involved in a serious auto accident (while drinking) nearly killing me and
two other person in the other auto. I decided at that point with the knowledge
of N/T and the strength it gave me I would never touch another drop of alcohol
again, and I have not. The information contained within the pages of N/T
have given me the gift of happiness and wealth of knowledge and a new look
at my future health.

DM,, 11/13/00, australia
With neo-tech all possibilities become
attainable through the power of Neothink.

"I've never read anything like it! Its' almost unbelievable, the
differences of the Neo-Tech era is overwhelming..."
C.M.,, 4/3/97, Papua New Guinea

M.N.,, 9/7/00
The more I read about Neo-Tech, the more I want
to know. It's like the
I've found the source of REAL answers and advice I've been
looking for. Very helpful and uplifting information. Thanks for all
your hard work!

M.W.,, 7/31/00, Canada (Ontario) M4J1H6
Excellent work! It is so frustrating to see
how many people
still don't get it. Like sheep being led to slaughter. What
a damned shame!

ANON,, 4/8/97
I am proud to say that Neo-Tech works.

J.G.,, 11/12/97
You are absolutely awakening the human mind to an alternative
awareness that all is not what it seems, but only what one has
been brainwashed to believe by big brother.

It is the only web site that tells the truth about happiness, love,
and evil authority. It should be known by as many people as possible.

P.M.,, 9/3/99
Greatest source of info. ever, period.

"I find this web-site highly informative and of great insight
into the human condition. I would recommend it to anyone
interested in advancing their evolution."
L.T.,, 5/16/97

"Excellent stuff."
J.S.,, 2/6/97, United Kingdom

J.H.,, 9/10/97
When I bought my discovery I was 17 years old, confused and zit
ridden, and working in a public park hauling garbage. I have just turned 21, and
am a professional actor. I have just finished an off-Broadway play in NYC, and
will be shooting my first film in November. Hail life! And thank you for
exposing me to Objectivism.

John,, UK
Neo-Tech is great stuff.

I have to say that this site has passed my hopes and expectations. At first,
I thought it was all hype but I am now convinced that it should definitely
stay online and educate the masses of all the injustices that is being created
and exploited in the nam es of God, country, and selfish immorality. Neo-tech
is the key that humanity need in times like present when there are too many
evils and so few beacons of hope and light.

J.S.,, 6/24/97
`Fascinating!!!' as Spock would say. I feel like I found a gold mine.
I look forward to reading more to find out who put all this wisdom together. I
love the vocabulary and perspective on this web page.

"I have already the NEO TECH in SPANISH. This is the BEST BOOK
that I ever read."
F.F.,, 2/25/97, Netherlands

C.V.,, 3/26/02
In concert with the idea of Neo-Tech becoming a world wide way of living, the Web page is invaluable.

M.P.,, 12/19/99
I am overwhelmed with happiness, finally a realistic view
of life. This web site is reaching millions of people,

Wonderful and liberating work for the open and inquisitive mind. I would love
to carry the Good News to the entrapped and ignorant masses to set them free.

"I think that this Web site is a good resource. I have recently
obtained a packet asking me to purchase Neo-Tech and this web
site is very informative, and influential in my question in
whether I should buy this inf. or not."
M.C.,, 1/14/97

D.M.,, 10/10/01, Australia
I love it. Great web site. Great advice. It seems to annoy the really Religious people. It must lock-up their poor brains.

"I have greatly benefited from them Neo-Tech, especially in times
of business and financial decisions. It is easy to access and
readily obtain the desired guidance and help through the search
engines or the various topic headings. Keep up the good work and
make the world a better and more prosperous place for everyone."
E.G.,, 5/21/97

J.B.,, sultanate of Oman
This site should remain to educate people not to be snared by 'false
prophets', men and women posing as servants of god.

J.E.,, 1/19/98
I'm all ready scared and wondering where to hide. But of course
I can't hide from the IRS. What I need is courage, bullet proof
clothing, and a lot more knowledge. Please continue supplying the knowledge.

P.F.,, 8/19/97
This is an exciting new way of thinking that could unlock
anyone's potential.

"Program is very intriguing."
S.C.,, 1/3/97

"This is an interesting site. I have no interest in card playing,
but I'M interested in success for my family."
R.L.,, 1/14/97

Everyday I now feel stronger, fearless, I feel unstoppable even
thought I am just a migrant, blue collar worker. Now there is hope.

M.K.,, 6/21/02, Malaysia
Before finding this web site, I had to pay a fortune for such a valuable information! Pleeeeese expand!

L.S.,, 7/9/97
"Very interesting site and concepts. I happen to agree that our
society has too many parasites disguised as so called
professionals and experts that lead you to believe that their
destructive view is better for the common good. There is no such
thing as the common good."

R.E.,, 6/16/97
You offer the self to anyone who will listen and use their mind.

D.C., nv.ux, 3/14/97
This truth is needed!!!!!

Nothing has ever inspired me like this writing.

M.D.,, 1/1/98
I am now currently reading the Neo-Tech Discovery book by Frank
R. Wallace. It is certainly one of the most fascinating, potent,
and important books that I've read so far and one of the best
ever written. Neo-Tech definitely needs to keep this web site
because it is so fundamentally important. I hope you continue
to develop more and even better sites in the future.

P.B.,, 7/6/97, Australia
I find it both enjoyable and interesting. I think that this
site should be left open and tell all the neocheaters to make one more
decision to get out in the real world, where the real power is!!

J E B,, Australia
Awesome Stuff!!! Keep up the good work!! Just read your book Neo-Tech
- Get Rich By 2001... just banked an extra $5000 with one idea I got from your

Anita F.,, 12/27/99
Neo-Tech has changed the way I think and the way
I live. There has never been a more honest look at life and reality
as we live it. We are responsible for our selves and our actions.

"I would like to commend whoever is responsible for creating this
web site it is a true source of enlightenment and education. I
would like to pursue studying this discovery for a more thorough
understanding of the possibilities and power available with this
knowledge. I have enjoyed researching and learning about
suppressed information."
G.G.,, 2/12/97

God. With Neo-Tech thinking it helps me to live worthwhile. Thanks!

This is the only book I've ever read that has
told me the truth
as to how the world will be, I used to be a church goer and
that did was confuse me more. Thank you NEO-TECH for
me in the right direction!!!

l.b.,, 2/19/02
neo-tech will stay on the internet, because the voice of honesty... goodness and values and business and good health and a better life is irresistible. who
wouldn't want to become wealthy by being the person that they were meant to be?

R.C.,, 10/28/97
The power of cyber-space
is the rapid and mountainous delivery of information. Neo-Tech
is a body of knowledge unlike any other.

"I think this web site is immensely valuable to all who are
interested in improving themselves and ultimately the human
R.R.,, 1/20/97

M.L.,, 10/24/02, Phillippines
I applied the principle of downstream focus which falls under GODS MAN's topic and I found that this is really effective in the realization of my dreams,
specifically wealth. I just concentrate on my job fully as instructed...the result is really fascinat

D.F.,, 8/12/99
If it weren't for Neo-Tech, Individuals would
still not have an integrated understanding that the evils of
the world stem simply from dishonesty and laziness.

M.S.,, 7/23/02
I found your site very stimulating. It is pleasing to find a website with view/opinions and the proper resources to support such statements. Keep up the good

I bought your Book and I am working
to rid the toxins of my mind (Catholic since birth),thanks for open my eyes!!!!

a.z.,, U.S.
this is amazing, the reality realized by these principals is just mind-altering

"I believe in what you are saying. I will continue to support
you. I have ordered the consultation package recently offered and
look forward to receiving it."
R.L.,, 1/8/97

"I like your web page cause it is informative."
K.E.,, 2/25/97

W.B.,, 2/4/98
The information
is so mind expanding that it is almost unbelievable. Since becoming
a owner of Neo-Tech literature life has not been the same. Life

H.S.,, 12/20/97, United Kingdom
Your web site and its information is simply awesome. It was
A zillion thanks for the brilliant effort you have put in over
the years.

"Neo-Tech is valuable information that can help people transform
their lives Over the past two years I have scrutinized the
information contained in the Neo-Tech Zonpower package. It has
supreme value to those that apply it to their lives."
D.B.,, 6/25/97, us

A.A.,, 9/23/01
After reading THE STORY. I was emotionally moved beyond words. If only all teachers could be like Miss Annabelle--what a world it would be.

S.R.,, 4/17/99
I think that what you have written here on
neocheating is nothing but pure genius. It is a simple way
to learn the various methods of the art of cardsharping and
defending against it. What you have written is invaluable to
the intermediate gamblers who don't know everything there is
to know about cheating. The knowledge in this book is so
powerful that I think it should be saved for the loyal
gamblers out there, the ones whose lives are greatly
affected by gambling, and not for the open public. This book
is for every gambler who has always searched for that
certain “edge'. I will rigorously study it's contents and
practice them until I become a neo master. I just started
reading it today and already have begun to master its
secrets. I thank you for this incredible knowledge but I
must say that with a growing number of people learning this
it's power will diminish. The fewer that know of it, the
better. I hope that one day I will fully master this art.
Thank you again for this incredible knowledge.

"Very interesting site and a lot of good information. I think
Wallace is addressing some very important aspects of our culture
which we all know, but often deny. Seems like what he is
describing accounts from much of what we see in government,
corporate business, media, etc. I enjoy his works very much and
hope people become more aware of the issues he is addressing."
S.M.,, 1/1/96

L.L.,, 11/22/98, Canada
This info is assisting me quite nicely with my re-discovery process.
I LOVE being me NOW!!! I've turned my back on value-destroyers
and continue to focus on something that has and always will be
innate to me, producing value for others and consequently myself.

"I believe that Neo-Tech should stay on the web as it provides
people with information on how to better their lives."
K.M.,, 4/26/97

B.M.,, 8/10/97, Ireland
"I am interested a great deal in your material. It seems both radical and
practical - a quality difficult to find."

A.B.,, 6/29/97, Russia

J.H.,, 4/12/98
I have just started my own Los Angeles based record label based on Neo-Tech principles. Thank you Mark Hamilton for your writings.

T.T.,, 2/13/00, Singapore
This is the first time I have come across such
'stuff' & I find it quite stimulating & interesting.

"The greatest site on the Web. My sense of self-control has
increased 100 fold. Nothing or nobody mystical controls my
destiny. I am in the beginning stages of starting a cleaning
business. Before, that was a "ridiculous" dream, now it's soon to
be reality."
C.M.,, 5/1/97

Anon,, 9/1/97,
"It's great to know the truth"

S.L.,, 12/10/98
I'd like you to know that this seems to be the most valuable
tool for acquiring liberty. I'm a 20 year old high school dropout
who read this literature and found a new sense of hope for mankind
and since I've been applying these techniques my creative thinking
has exploded into new realms.



W.S.,, 10/20/97
"The Zon constant is the same as courage in a metaphorical sense, once we
all find are own courage is the day we will ALL rise from are knees. Thank
You all, for being honest, I now only hope to find, my courage."

A.M.,, 12/17/97
My father taught me how to be an honest person.
That is why I feel that Neo-Tech should stay on the
web--it promotes honesty.
I like Neo-Tech because it makes me happy!

I think it would be a crime for this site to close down.
Are there nay sayers about Neo-Tech? Sure. I first read Neo-Tech a few
years back, and although I didn't apply every single Neo-Tech point to
my life, I knew at it's very core, Neo-Tech was correct. I'm still struggling,
but I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's myself holding me
back and not some outside influence. Thank you Neo-Tech and Dr. Wallace.

C.R.,, 5/28/99
The world needs to know this. There is a lot of mysticism and
irrationalism to be overcome. Those negative comments are hysterical!
Scary! Revealing!

A.S.,, 11/12/97, United Kingdom
AMAZING! What a concept! What content! Blown away!

NCO,, 10/5/02
I love you! I absolutely love your work and what you stand for! you made honesty mean everything to me. now I live for honesty. And with honesty comes peace,

M.M.,, 1/30/99
I would also like to start a campaign in the Atlanta area
for your presidency. I daily recommend your-web site to as many
people on-line and off as possible(Usually at least 5 or six
people a day, many times more). Thank you for the wonderful,
fulfilling life I have now discovered.

"Excellent site, if only every person with access to a computer
could be able to explore it. So much truth is portrayed here. I
will endeavor to steer as many people as possible to this site."
Lindy H.,, 6/5/97, Canada

S.N.,, 8/11/99, Australia
I think NEO-TECH is the best thing ever to
happen to this planet.

everyone should read it, even if it is just to see things from a different point of view. But Zonpor made me see things rationally, and truthfully.

But it seems the enemy is HERE and not THERE! How anyone
actually work for the IRS is beyond me. Of course Hiltler's
always used the excuse, 'I was made to do it.... It was my

Winner +,, 10/31/02, New Zealand
In ordinary life a mouse may have problems getting to the end of the maze. With Neo-Tech it doesn't matter how complex or large the maze is, one can always
find the way out for N-T gives you advanced thinking that is faster and more logical for this is on
e autobahn with no speed limit. One is more creative and through that creativity there is no end regarding what you can get out of life. This material once
read will blow your ancient analog mind, even sheep in my country are thinking better thanks to N-T

J.M.,, 11/27/01
Neo-Tech was the broom that helped sweep away hindering cob-webs. I thank you for having the courage to stand up and do what you are doing.

j. l. h,
I think that the Neo-tech discovery should be in every public library and school
for everybody.

level position three weeks ago and I've been selected as a
for management over people who have been there for YEARS! It

JH,, 1/11/00
Poker: A Guaranteed Income for Life', by Frank R. Wallace.
A major milestone in poker books -- and beyond. This should
have been the poker book that ended poker books. At the time
it came out, it was far, far deeper and more sophisticated
than anything else in the field, and in some ways, despite
the exponential improvement in poker literature, still is.
When the Jacoby's and Rubens's were telling us to keep
stakes down, quit by midnight, and don't let players get
hurt, Wallace knocks down those barriers like wooden fences
in a category 5 hurricane.
This book is the only one I know of which provides a
framework for working a maximum-win approach in home poker
games, with stark amorality.
The book gets its true greatness at the end, when he
explains that for all the possibilities inherent in poker,
it's a losing proposition. After teaching us to be "good
players," he explains why the "good player is the biggest
loser in poker." Why? You'll have to read.

M.G.,, 1/10/01
I bought the book on just what the small
told me. True, I had major second thoughts about buying it,
I wanted to try it. It is now two months later and I have
through THE STORY (MAKE IT A MOVIE, MAN!!!) and over half
of the rest. When I began reading THE STORY, I was trying to

"Your material is great."
R.E.,, 5/9/97, Republic of Panama

J V,, 3/25/00
Absolutely outstanding information needed for
today's society!

Lance,, 10/15/01
Hello Mark, The Story was fabulous, it should be read by everyone. This new approach to explaining Neo Tech through fiction is a great concept, it cuts
through to the essence of what Neo Tech is trying to accomplish. Also, if it is really Mark reading this email, I am very interested in joining the fight.
What do I need to do to start my own Church of God-Man. I have a lot of past success in start up operations and I'm sick of reading literature, I want to
take action. I live in the Seattle area and want to be apart of your team, what can I do? We are on the brink of jumping to the next evolution, I believe
now is the time. Lance
P.S. Where can I get more Neo-Tech products, I haven't seen the Neo-Tech Marketplace in a long time. I want to be able to purchase more products?

P.N.,, 1/15/00
Neo-Tech is a work of art. It has the power to help the
Individual to re-discover that forgotten drive to live as
the human is meant
to live: freely, passionately, and forever. Thank you.

S.B.,, 2/23/97
It's been about 12 weeks since I last spent time at the NT web site.
Rave reviews for the following: Justin Parkes `Ten Mega Tips' Tracey
Alexander's `Developing a Neo-Tech Consciousness' Drew Ellis's `Thus Spake Zon'
`Zon, Ruler of Universe' With special mention of John (Flint's) `The Bible
Decoded' I never read past the first three pages of the bible. After reading
JF's decoding I integrated the joy of the other past and future readers of the
article. I'm very happy for them. Please pass along my thanks and appreciation
to the authors mentioned above. And know that I appreciate everyone's efforts
on this, the grandest of all journeys.

"I can't say enough about the values and knowledge brought to me
by ALL the Neo-Tech writers and editors. I feel a certain power
over all destroyers of life. My 'personal terminator' is getting
better with every passing day. Thank You Frank, Mark, and all who
have contributed Neothink ideas."
S.N.,, 2/11/97

L.B.,, 12/8/99
I have never read anything so true. Many
things that were said,
I must have been stupid not to already know.

L.M.,, 4/11/98
Neo-Tech is helping uncover what has been so cleverly hidden for so long.

"Excellent site! I have finally started to integrate on a wide
scale thanks to Neo-Tech. It's hard work, and I love it! I am
growing more powerful every day. I know that nothing can stop me
now. You are right, the battle between good and evil has begun.
It had to begin, and there is no stopping it. Listen up everybody
in cyberspace, you are a critical part of this battle. The time
has come to ostracize the value destroyers from existence. Thank
you Frank Wallace. You are one of the few heroes."
G.G.,, 5/10/97

"I liked it. Your book is very good too."
J.M.,, 2/1/97

K.W.,, 2/9/98
I'm currently reading the Neo-Tech/Zonpower Manuscript, I wish
I had started two years ago when I bought it. It is a book that
makes so much sense it is sometimes scary. So many people fear
the truth because it may require them to think, which is too
much work for them. The world will change, and we (Neo-Tech users) will
change it.

T.S.,, 9/13/99, England
Excellent site

S.M.,, Kenya
Hi, this is great stuff. I love science and technology but
most of all, you guys are doing a wonderful thing for mankind, for life,

P.A.,, 8/13/97
"Read with an open mind, these ideas expand it. The plans laid down are easy
to follow and apply into everyday life. Thank you for the different

": I find the testimonials at this site to be an added source of
enthusiasm and inspiration."
L.M.,, 1/28/97

S.T.,, 8/3/99, Iceland
Your site will carry on as a pin-prick to force people to
think for themselves, about themselves, and hopefully help

you should make The Story into a movie

E.S.,, 10/12/97
Definitely helped me to break the chains of guilt and oppression
of 'friends', family and parasites....I FINALLY GET TO BE ERIC!!!!!!!
I look forward to love, romance and excitement Thank you

D.C.,, 9/18/02
First time in my life someone has said it like it is. I have to say that it is about time that someone had the gonads to say it out loud. I am looking
forward to leading the life of integrity, honesty and the right for all to prosper and enjoy this life we have.

C.S.,, 4/9/00
Your web site looks better every time I visit it.

JC,, 4/26/03
The site is great, I appreciate all the knowledge and wisdom.
I am putting it to use in my day-to-day.

S.P.,, 1/18/02
Neo-Tech is awesome!

M.S.,, 6/16/97
Very interesting and thought-provoking.

Christina B.,, 4/9/98, United Kingdom
From what I have read so far, I believe that this approach
to life is extremely valuable both to me to the general welfare of

Kevin O'Keane,, 1/8/01
I love my life and my family and am truly happy
the world has been revealed and I can see clearly it will be

E.S.,, 10/9/97
I was a sophomore in high-school when I first ordered
'The Neo-Tech Discovery'. I was too caught up in mysticism to integrate
with it except as a philosophical/preach-this -as-the-right-way set of
information. Everyone thought I was a kook! Then I began to apply
it and I got scared. I was trapped still in my mysticism and
I burned all the books 'cleansing' myself. Then at the end of
my senior year, I got rejected from the 'major' Ivy League schools
everyone had always thought I'd get into. Depression hit as the
mysticism-shattering, mind-de-lousing effects of Neo-Tech began
to surface. Yet I still had too much invested in my mysticism
and the anticivilization...I was prepared to enter the University
of Connecticut and experience the 'finer' points of life that
my childhood never offered: girls, sex, alcohol, and drugs. Those
things blurred away the reality that Neo-Tech was asserting within
me...I reached an all-time low in self esteem. I ended up hooked
on pot by the end of my freshman year...people didn't respect me,
my mind was blurred and the promises of college weren't being
delivered.. During the summer, I got involved with AOL and the
Internet. I also received a new Zonpower brochure in the mail
I went to this web site, re-ordered the manuscript and now here
I am: Drug free, alcohol-free, sugar free, caffeine free, self-hate
free, and hard-working towards mysticism free. I am in the process
of separating from this lazy professor-alcoholic/life wasting
institution of the anticivilization to launch myself into the all-effort, zero

"It is good to have a resource such as yours being presented to
the world. I am forwarding your site to several of my friends.
There are pockets of people just waiting to bring forth a new set
of physics that is not based on decay, but on continued renewal
of matter. What is explained in Zon Power is a reality today. I
am glad a voice is standing out. It is imperative you stay on the
R.A.,, 2/27/97

G.B.,, 3/5/00
An excellent moving, heart warming and
emotional format to convey to the world populace all of the
C. of U. honesty, perspectives and advantages vs. the A.C.
dishonesty, perspectives and disadvantages.

Thanks Wallace for such valuable writing. It gives hope to
all the good people in the world.

J.C., ., 11/23/00
'The 2000 election' The breakdown of the
American Political System is happening. The time is now for rational integrated
thinking of Mark Hamilton.

G.M.,, 2/4/97
This is a great site! I was introduced to Neo-Tech about eight years
ago and it was truly a transformational experience. My life has not been the
same since I was introduced to Neo-Tech. At first the information is very hard
to take. In fact, the information is startling. But, once the initial shock
wore off I realized I was reading the most important information I had ever
come in contact with. The effects of Neo-Tech will never leave me. Thanks for
this important work.

"I am all for the Neo-Tech era!!!"
R.P.,, 4/30/97

"Mark Hamilton's "2001: The New Code" blew me away!"
B.T.,, 4/29/97

"This is a great site! I was introduced to Neo-Tech about eight
years ago and it was truly a transformational experience. My life
has not been the same since I was introduced to Neo-Tech. At
first the information is very hard to take. In fact, the
information is startling. But, once the initial shock wore off I
realized I was reading the most important information I had ever
come in contact with. The effects of Neo-Tech will never leave
me. Thanks for this important work."
G.M.,, 2/4/97

K.J.,, 11/11/97
I am a reader of Neo-Tech and I have women hit on me all the

C.P.,, 2/28/00
It is the future

H.H.,, 12/22/96
Awesome site and info!

"I've just begun reading and studying this material and find it
very interesting."
N.H.,, 3/13/97

A.P.,, 4/23/97, Canada
The most interesting Web site I've read.

"Extremely intriguing. Thank you for being here for those of us
who seem to be lost in the world."
R.B.,, 5/16/97

"What I have viewed so far makes me want to learn more about
Neo-Tech and Zonpower."
S.H.,, 2/1/97

M.K.,, 11/28/99
Every one should read what Neo-Tech has to
say. Neo-Tech's beliefs are for every individual to
integrate their own thinking. Neo-Tech is the base of the
foundation to make each individual a shining star.

L.T.,, 2/27/02
In 55 years of life, Neo-Tech is the most valuable information I have received.


J.H.,, 10/24/98
more info wanted on philosophy of health and
safety law from nineteenth century

D.V.,, 7/26/99
Neo-Tech is full of truth, goodness and honesty
and looks at things differently than the norm. You guys have
good things to say and you inform people on the wrongs of
today (like the IRS). Keep it up!

gabriel,, 10/3/02
I knew all along that there had to be an explanation to why so many bad things happen to so many good hearted people on this planet,, now I have a goal for
this life.. To let as many people as I can know the truth..

M.F.,, United Kingdom
I have witness the mystics and neocheaters fail and fluster around me every
time they try to drain me of my earned property and values. I use Neo-Tech
to expose their faltering mentalities designed to drain dry us the value producers
of our hard earned va lues. Those of us who produce more than we consume and
benefit society. Yes Neo-tech is the most powerful knowledge known to man that
empowers the individual to exposes those who's livelihoods are acquired by
living of the efforts of others. Read It, Lear n It and Use It and benefit
from the results. Neo-Tech empowers the individual is an understatement by
far. For anyone who integrates the knowledge of Neo-Tech and applies its powerful
wide scope accounting tools will bear witness to it validity. If one i s feeling
down and is in need of a pick-me-up simply click on the negative comments.
I find the negative comments as funny as the film Dumb and Dumber. Those who
post negative comments while attacking Neo-Tech display to the world their
impotent mystical and/or neocheating mentalities, that also exposes their twin
essence, dishonesty and laziness. The negative comments promote and represent
impotents and death. While positive comments represent an optimism for a life
Free of initiatory-force, threats-of-f orce, fraud and coercion and the promotion
of prosperity, happiness, romantic love, and business type wealth thus upholding
the supreme value in the universe the happiness and well-being of the rational
conscious individual. Fortunately there can be no tu ning back Neo-Tech is
here to stay and is available to all HONEST hard working, mind expanding, life
loving individuals. Neo-Tech gets my seal of approval to remain on the web

D.C.,, 6/16/96, Canada
The site is good. Very important to human kind.

"Your web site is really cool!"
G.R., co.pi, 12/29/96, Philippines

"I find this info very interesting!"
J.L.,, 5/11/97

This site is a philosophical Swiss army knife and I consider it
essential for people like myself who are struggling value producers/creators.

"Dear Drew, I am completely and totally at a loss for words. I
accidentally stumbled onto this site at about 2 am and it is now
7:30am. I must say that you have made a science out of it. I have
been reading and absorbing info like a sponge."
M.L.,, 2/4/97

B.P.,, 1/17/97, South Africa
Thank you for a super web page and keep up the good work.

Ann G.,, 4/24/00
I have found all the information to be very encouraging.

C.B.,, 10/27/97, Canada
I think that this is the best thing that has ever happened to
the web. Keep up the mysticism cleansing!!!

T. K.,, 7/29/00, Northern Ireland
Dear Sirs, The story knocked my socks off. It
seems to
crystallize through simplicity and clarity the very ideals
that we all look
for but are too distracted or ignorant to access. 'The
Story' has definitely
got my motor running. Many Thanks and Kind Regards,
ps. I can contribute $1000 to any movie project

"Please expand this site."
R.C.,, 2/20/97

F.E.,, 6/25/00
Its the best thing that has happened to me.

L.H.,, 3/10/00
The past few days I have been reading The Story
in what little spare time I have. Ummm... everything is
starting to click together now. The inner-child thing really
got me thinking. In my younger days we used to play games
like “what if this and what if that'. We had come up with
some pretty wild ideas back then - why isn't that quality
encouraged to grow and be applied to real life scenarios? If
I ever would have thought of applying those creative juices
to real life, then I would be a totally different person.
The pieces are starting to come together.
I have rediscovered my inner child and brought back that
ability to think creatively to put the pieces together. It
would be an absolute travesty if I ever let that ability
fade in my daughter. As I make other breakthroughs, it will
help me keep those alive in her as well.
I have taken small steps; this is my first leap. Cheers to
many more to come!

p.s.,, 1/18/02
Thank you very much for presenting such useful material to the broad general public in the way you have.

S.S.,, 12/20/02, United Kingdom
Let the Neo-Tech web-site flourish, with its interesting and enlightening ideas. It is clearly a place from which positive lessons can be learned.

K.G.,, 5/23/97, United Kingdom
Good stuff! About time someone put the world to rights.

B.E.,, 7/1/97
"Honesty is an excellent concept."

It is by far the greatest book I have ever
came across. How could reality
have slipped us by? I can't believe the clarity! I'm teaching
my parents (Christians) the right way to live, no one knows how
to just be without the guilt, fear and shame of being man anymore,
they look around them and see someone else's creation, someone
else's "plan" while they march to whomever's beat. Is this why
they brought me into this world, to defeat my purpose and suppress
my will? Well this book has put it all into perspective for me,
I'm very grateful to be alive and breathing! I owe a lot of my
success to the book in every aspect of my life the book has really
shaped me into being who I was destined to be and not falling
victim to my environment.

S.B.,, 8/13/97
"Very interesting."

L.H.,, 1/16/01
You are doing a great service
to mankind and no amount of name calling or illusion should
allowed to interfere with your purpose. Thank you for
me up' to the truth.

B.E.,, 8/29/97
"I checked out this so called MIRACLE (Neo-Tech) a friend tells me about! I
have been reading this site now for about 1 month and have somehow been able
to actually be a magnet to women??? I will never stop reading this site.
It's to valuable!!"

RC,, 4/18/03
One is are either green and growing or ripe and rotting. Neo-tech is green
and growing!!!

The best!

G.P.,, 3/10/97
It often takes eye opening, thought provoking material to nudge
people in the right direction and this looks to be some of the best!

E.B.,, 2/6/99
The more individuals who become introduced to
the enlightening N-T
messages, the sooner solutions may be activated. Therefore,
THANK YOU ALL for all you are doing. And keep up the good work!

M.M.,, Canada
Finally, The truth has be laid out for all to see. In exchange for a few
minutes of reading, this article gives everyone the knowledge so sadly missing
in the education systems of the western world. How is it possible that people
could be so misled and repressed from free thinking? What a freeing experience
to allow oneself to be selfish. A Hero. thanks to all involved for sharing
the truth.

B.R.,, 7/26/97
I think Neo-Tech is the future of mankind.

"Every body should read Neo-Tech. It is great."
T.B.,, 4/14/97

V.S.,, 3/30/99, Canada
I have no doubt that what you have done is a
globally altruistic act. I am glad to see this act of faith
in what we really are. Ignorance must be transmuted into
wisdom, but this process takes a great deal of energy
(discipline). Ignorance can be dispelled by wisdom,
knowledge, and information. So, it is very honorable, what
you are doing. It is people like you, that should be
positioned well, solidly grounded, wise, disciplined, honest
-- good people, have more means to influence the course of
our global perspective. It is not that you need to lead; we
should each lead ourself, but, the world needs good
examples. That is, good examples of both, action and vision.
We now have the necessary tools to do the work.

David,, 1/12/01
I absolutely love you people.
feel you have saved me from certain death and destruction.

M.S.,, 7/20/97
"I can say that I'm very impressed with this new, concise,
strait-forward point-of-view."

ted,, 5/18/01
This site offers truths that the Christian
churches have
professed as evil. I commend you on your noble actions to
uncover thousands
of years of proselytizing.

Mark R. Fasbinder

W.Y.,, 12/29/02
Fascinating web-site. Very enlightening.

D.E.,, 10/20/98, Philippines
I heard some impression from your books in one of my friend
that from abroad. please send me some literature so that
small people like me can grow.

W.A.,, 8/4/01
After reading the 'Neo-Tech' I-IV, suddenly I
became a New-Born Human that just escape from the nightmare.

"This is a thought provoking site. I will spend additional time
learning about the beliefs and actions of this Neo-Tech
M.K.,, 5/15/97

p.c.,, 6/21/00
Excellent information for all aspect of life

D.W.,, 12/30/01, United Kingdom
Have just finished reading The Book, the mystic blinkers have been removed from me eyes and mind. I only wish that the angry, insane and unhappy people on
the negative comments section could join us on our productive journey on this earth. For them this i
s hell!

"Very interesting, so far. I want to know more."
F.T.,, 6/29/97

C.Y.,, 3/6/00
Your Story is the most incredible, powerful
thing I've ever read. It truly puts into real perspective
the Neo-Tech principles, disciplines, etc. I'm sharing it
with my 12-year old and am seeing with a visual and mental
clarity how I need to be HIS Miss Annabelle...and to my
other two children as they begin their education beyond
Words of thanks are hardly enough for what you have brought
out for mankind. I simply cannot articulate the explosion of
hope in so many areas of my life going on inside of me now.
I have a whole new outlook on life and I know where I
belong. But I do have one question: How do I help change the
world to bring Neo-Tech to everyone?
Heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

B.R.,, 8/21/97
"Neo-Tech is very valuable information that has added much to my happiness
and well-being."

S.N.,, 8/11/99, Australia
I think NEO-TECH is the best thing ever to
happen to this planet.

S.M.,, 8/24/01
The info in Neo-Tech has helped me profoundly.

A.T.,, 4/20/99
With Neo-Tech, people will break the bonds that
restrict their abilities and limit their possibilities. Once
the mystical, clouded, neocheating mentality is washed away,
there will be a clear path toward success and happiness.
People will learn to trust
themselves again and stop relying on external 'GODS'. Keep
on trucking Neo-Tech.... full steam ahead.

will jump-start the Psychologically dead. MUST read for every honest
person on this planet. The implications of Neo-Tech/Zonpower are
earth-shattering. It will transform the most wretched loser into
E.R.,, 1/7/97

"Your site is Great Great Great!!"
R.B.,, 2/12/97

F.K.,, 1/21/97, Taiwan
Very interesting! Excited!! Magic!!! Powerful!!! One of Best
Web-Sites I have even seen!

H.M.,, 9/11/01, Canada
The information supplied on the NT site and also the books have given me the hope for a better life.

D.V.,, 7/6/97
"I found this subject not only informative, but very possible to

I find that neo-tech on the web will help to make me a better person, the person
I was meant to be. I think that if more people learned about this info the world
will go through the most profound and dramatic change ever in history, for the

J.R.,, 5/1/98
I enjoyed reading the info on your site.
I agree totally with your philosophy and want to live my life
in accord with these principals.

"I thought Ayn Rand was the only one that ever understood this
and her works were suppressed by the Altruistic Regime. It is
very rewarding to see that someone has taken the next step. Keep
up the effort. Keep up the example."
N.K.,, 2/14/97

I now have clear vision. I now fear nothing. I know what is
right. I guide my life away from brain rotting mysticism. I can instantly
spot neo-cheaters and mystics in an instant (there is a heck of a lot of
them). Most importantly, I live. Thank you for y our direction.

Robert hunter,, 10/10/01
This site is the best on the internet. It has changed me into god/man. thank you neo-tech.

,, 12/17/02
neo-tech ought remain as a obelisk for the ages to wonder.

Anon.,, 6/15/98
This has got to be the best web site ever. Now I see that
truth is the most important energy. Some of the negative comments
say that you are twisting the truth for your own selfishness
but all I have seen is pages & pages of valuable yet FREE information.
There is nothing to be lost by reading this mind expanding material,
except traditional faith in GOD which for some people can never
be lost. If you can realize there is no god, you effectively
wake up and see that we are all gods. Billions of crazy overpopulated
gods creating a messy reality for each other. This is THE TRUTH.

P.J.,, 3/27/01
I think Neo-Tech should FOREVER remain on the
internet as long
as god keeps putting people on this Earth solely to suffer.

G.C.,, 9/29/97
Very enlightening. It is amazing how much the general public lacks
the ability to see the layers of deception and deceit around them. Dr. Wallace's
and Mr. Savage's works are a tribute to value producers everywhere striving to
accomplishment, success, and achievement. Thank you.

C.G.,, 8/26/97
"I think Neo-Tech has incredible, untapped potential! The sky is no longer
the limit!"

Joan M.,, 1/7/99
What I have read thus far overwhelms me. I have thought many
of these ideas but was always ridiculed by others and held
back by my own fears.

"I stumbled across this site and found it very interesting. I
look forward to seeing your information."
G.P.,, 1/3/97

I really enjoyed the article entitled 'Proof that Religious
and Mystical Doctrines are Hoaxes'

G.E.,, 8/27/98
Very informative site. I must
say your information is right on the money 99%.

D.E.,, 10/30/97
What I have seen so
far on the web-site is absolutely astonishing!

"Everything I saw here seemed to resonate within me."
P.W.,, 6/3/97

S.P.,, 1/18/02
Neo-Tech is awesome!

W.S.,, 1/29/97
I can use what I learned to help in all areas of life.

A.G.,, 7/1/02
New thinking technique has enriched my life. And thus creating a full rage of information and invaluable lessons that are in the pages of the Book -- the

Neo-Tech is the greatest book ever written.
It has completely changed my life.

Everything written is so true. I have so much more power in my life
thanks to neo tech, I'm sure of my future. Thank you neo-tech for helping to
create a better world not by faith, but by reason.

J.H.,, 5/13/99
I am very interested in all the info. I have
read so far. I am a young man and many great ideas. So I am
going to read on and make positive steps forward about
improving the way of life for everyone!

Anon,, 5/7/00
Very interesting

P.M.,, 5/10/98
Neo-Tech is a mental lifesaver. Where else can a person
learn the reality of man. Where else can a person learn that false
doctrine is ever increasing throughout this world? Keep teaching
so our kids and grandkids can forever rid themselves of crime
and punishment mentality. TEACH TEACH

"This web site is one of the few on the entire Internet that has
Actual Useful Information. By far, one of the best sites I have
visited. I consider myself lucky to have found this place."
J.C.,, 1/13/97

Can't even begin to describe it. Absolutely
fabulous. Finally, no more fear, no more tears, and no more pain. Much love
to all involved who have stuck with it to make this miracle available. Thank
you to those who know.

A.F.,, 1/29/97
Breathtaking in its profound significance.

MOD,, Singapore
This site should be on the net as people should know the reality of how things
go in this world

"The web site is certainly interesting. It made me want to find
out more about neo-tech. Just what could it be? In terms of the
site itself, it is well organized and easy to move about in."
T.S.,, 1/19/97, France

"I find your site, infinitely inspiring. Your web site makes my
day easier."
F.A.,, 3/20/97, Canada

R.A.,, 1/17/99, Canada
Neo-Tech should remain
available on the Internet for all who are ready to make a
quantum leap to a non-mystically empowered self. I view
Neo-Tech as being one of the most positive, revolutionary
human discoveries in the 20th century.

T.K.,, 7/17/97
Should I be reading this in the closet? Its what I have
believed all along, but were afraid to say. I had to read it over and
over again. Neo-Tech will consume you because it is the truth that we
already know.

A.H.,, 9/29/00
I have just finish reading The Book and have
found it very
enlightening and am anxious to learn more.
When will you be ready to put someone on the election ballot

J.R.,, 2/25/97
Your new ideas are brilliant.

G.A.,, 1/8/98
I'm very happy to come across your site. Thanks a lot,
it is the most valuable information I have read of in my life. I admire
individuals that have the determination to face
the undercover criminals of this planet.

"This is the one of the most valuable web-site on the Net. I hope
that the master-crooks, Clinton&Gore, are successful in putting
the Net in everybody's hand. It will be their undoing because
honesty and objective rational thought will be unleashed to the
demise of liberalism and socialism."
M.H.,, 2/14/97

R.H.,, 10/13/97
Just enjoying reading truth

B.E.,, 8/16/98
The best investment I have ever made. Powerful, life
enhancing information

"Very interesting, I am seriously considering pursuing some of
the ideas in the Web site. The advanced concept of poker guide
was brilliant. As a bad poker player myself I have already read
most of it and I am improving rapidly. I have many other guides
to playing poker, but none of the others has been anywhere near
as good."
D.G.,, 1/12/97, England

K.H.,, Germany
Every day everywhere, all you hear and read about is people
in privileged positions causing problems where none existed before and hurting
people that honestly go about their business, trying to secure a decent future
for their offspring. Be it President Mogabe of Zimbabwe, or war mongering
G.W. Bush, with the aid of his lap dog Tony Blair, who wants to distract
the American public from the impending global depression , Alan Greenspan
or the so called 'free press' etc., everyone of them seem to have hidde n
agendas. In business we spend the whole day trying to solve problems, but
one gets the impression that those of causing problems get further in life.
Your website gives me the courage to carry on fighting and shows me that
there are other people in the world who also do not get fooled by all that
is dished up in copious helpings every day. Keep the presses going, please!!!

Great website-just discovered it. Keep up the great work!!

Anon,, U.S.
Found your information most helpful.

J.W.,, Canada
I found that your mindset is very enlightened indeed. The sooner
one realizes that truth is found within self and not from some external source
then one can put aside all the religious fantasies and truly begin to live
without the guilt bought on by relig ions. Since truth begins within it's
safe to say there is no anthropomorphic god. Thank you for the good work.

I find the book very fascinating and would like to know of others
who are active in making change to our current business and political practices.
Especially in light of what has transpired at Enron and Worldcom as of late.

neo-tech, is by far the most comforting information I have read
in years. I can relate to the philosophy. I have read hundreds of articles
about many topic on human nature. All seem superficial and 'personal experience'
based. Neo-Tech clarified many thin gs for me and has given me knew insight
to problems I have had for many years. When I become confused about an issue,
I simply look up neo-tech on the web and read topic that relate to my personal
situation, a type of self-understanding that helps me to d eal with each
situation I go through. I feel that neo-tech has help me and probably thousand
of people. You will be doing an injustice by removing your valuable information
from the web.

B.M.,, Scotland
It makes a lot of sense and I wish you all power to your elbow.
Keep up the good work to vanish all neocheaters.

I really am thrilled with this info, I have searched my entire
life for the truth and Neo-tech is the first rational explanation that I
have been able to except freely and whole heartily and cannot get enough
of what there is to read or hear about it.

I have known of this web site ever sense it was put up. It presents
a great point of view and has helped me throughout the years. It is time
for America and the World to wake-up.

Bell,, Australia
Brilliant - Brilliant - Brilliant!!!!!!!!!! How do I get in
touch with likeminded human beings?

The content in this web site is just fabulous...I was amazed
to find such rich information on the Industrial revolution...Keep it up!

What I've read so far about your ideas is RIGHT ON! As a long-time
'objectivist', though certainly no Randinista, I appreciate your 'clearer'

Keep up your relentless pursuit of the truth. No one else on
earth is exposing the manufacture of the illusions created by the suppressive
and evil neo-cheaters within the governments, their numerous useless and
damaging bureaucracies and their cohorts in the fields of political business,
religions, and mysticism. Thank you for having the sheer guts to confront,
see and expose the real evil on this planet and throughout the universe.
We are on the winning side for all good, deserving and productive value producing
people on this planet, most of who should be willing to take full responsibility
to help forward this movement in a shoulder to shoulder effort where we will
enjoy the ultimate win in the game where everyone wins.

Neo-Tech will absolutely remain on the web. The benefits are
far too important to everybody who is fortunate enough to come in contact
with it's lesson. From soap-dodging hippies to happiness- avoiding destitutes,
from cop-out-of-life clergy to even the m ost leeching of parasites, political
pip squeak business(non)men, politicians and lawyers; Neo-Tech is the only
resort they both have and need to lift them up out of the sinister Dardanelle's
of irrationality. It's not a question of whether Neo-Tech shoul d remain
on the web, it's a question of how to double the number which appears on
the top right hand corner of the NT home page every six months !! Good luck
to ye Mark O Reilly

N G B,, United Kingdom
I purchased the Happiness Prosperity and Romantic Love book
after years of reading spiritual doctrines and degrees of practical endeavor.
I enjoy a healthier balance thanks to what Neo-Tech has to say.

T.T.,, U.S.A
I have read four books on Neo-Tech, & I am very exited about
applying the principles of the literature. I am sixty years old & I hope
I get to live long enough to see the coming changes in our political, judicial, & business

S.S.,, Australia
Neo-Tech has helped answer questions about my life and also
take a good hard look at it at the same time, I can't put this literature

Delo breckenridge,
I love your site I am a former Libertarian /Objectivist/ Volitionist.

It is my stong opinion that it is important for people to step
outside their comfort zone, outside the box and make a difference in their
lives and the world. It takes courage to even consider some of the things
Neo-Think encompasses, but by opening our m inds up to the infinite possibilities,
we can make great strides and positive changes in our world. With the current
condition of our society as it is, I think that the time for change is over
due. I'm just beginning to learn about Neo-Tech, but I'm excit ed about the
journey ahead.

I feel Neo-Tech is a great mind opening way of thinking. For
all those who say it is evil, you are very small minded and I feel for you.
The only thing Neo-Tech is doing is to allow you to think for yourself and
be a leader not a follower. If you can not recognize this then you are the
ones who will fall prey to the world around you.

I find the information on your site very mind-stimulating and
enhancing. Where can I obtain these great 'dynamic informations'?

Neo-tech is the greatest site to come around! Neo-tech can save
lives.....religion only kills. KEEP THY RELIGION TO THYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is too good to be true. And it is real.

After reading Neo-tech Discovery and Neo-tech world, understanding
and applying Neo-tech has become an exciting and real alternative to conventional

New thinking technique has enriched my life. And thus creating
a full rage of information and invaluable lessons that are in the pages of
the Book -- the best book in my opinion.

Albert D Sanchez,,
I think Its full of great info. and it really opens your mind
to what's going in today's crap.

The Neo-Tech discovery is truly profound. I have studied many
thoughts and doctrinal teachings, even peering into mysticism. I have found
personally from reading many Neo-tech, that The Neo-Tech Discovery is not
only rooted on honest principles but the gr eatest frontier of all, 'reality'.
I really enjoy soaking up mentally and internally these clear facts here
in the neo-tech manuals. May endless fortunes reach all those helping to
increase this type of education and discovery!

P.P.,, 1/24/01
First of all I have to say I have really enjoyed The Story.
I've found myself not wanting to put it down or rushing to
get back to it. I haven't quite finished it yet though. I
do have a question for you... I would like to know if there
is anything available like the recorded lectures of Miss
Annabelle or the bed time stories book she wrote. My 11
year old son has also started reading The Story, but I would
like to introduce the whole idea to my 4 year old and 14
year old (who doesn't like to read unless he has to). Do
you know where I might be able to find something like that?

I love it.

"I think your web-site is great. I'm definitly going to put this
site on my hot list. I'll be back!!!"
L.C.,, 3/24/97

W.w.,, 7/28/02
Congratulations! The intelligent guiding hand. I admire your website. Good self-liberating material. Every man and woman has sole claim to his or her life
and every person has sole claim to his or her labor and the fruits of his or her labor.

,, 1/14/01
I am a 20 year military veteran, age 59. It
seems most of what
I grew up defending and believing in is crumbling before my
During the 'cold war' we were told about the evils of
and how these 'evil' governments abused their citizens. I
scoffed at the idea that it could happen in our own country.

"Neo-Tech information awakened me to my amateur, naive
understanding of life and business. It dispels all mysteries
about the process of creating, producing and distributing
marketable values. Neo-Tech totally models how I, too, can
produce and promote useful values, competently compete and
voluntarily trade with others. Neo-Tech provides the process to
achieve ever renewable health, prosperity, security, self-esteem
and happiness. The keys: Constantly applying integrated honesty
and rational efforts to every department of my life. Thank you
M.M.,, 3/30/97, Canada

M.E.,, 3/15/98, Australia
I love what Neo-Tech stands for. Words can
not express the way Neo-Tech makes me feel. It feels like I've
spread my wings and I'm free. Free from the professional mystics
and neocheaters. My goal now is to become ZON!

W.B.,, 4/17/97
Please do not remove this site from the web under any circumstances.
By removing this site you will deny millions access to Neo-Tech who want to
free themselves forever from the chains of mysticism.

The Neo-Tech/Zon thinking mode has helped me integrate my
thinking with reality. This neo-think reality is a cutting edge life style
('philosophy') that strikes me as the 'true & honest' way to conduct
one's life. I want to progress even further and am excited about what the
future holds. The first book ('The Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower) Manuscript')
gets credit for opening my mind. I feel I was truly 'saved' after reading
this. Now I understand what the Baptists' mean and possibly feel when they
say they have been 'saved'!!!... So, when I have a discussion with people
of various religions, I usually tell them how I was saved with my new thinking
about life. Of course, I am labeled a 'heathen' at times, and conveniently
called an 'atheist', but it's OK with me.

I.F.,, 1/21/00
I am already beginning to feel my life changing.

"This is the most dynamic site on the web because It GIVES you
the life changing information right on the Web. I have learned so
much in a short period of time! The concepts are invaluable to
all people that desire wealth, happiness and success in their
D.A.,, 2/21/97, Canada

J.B.,, 9/1/98
If it weren't for Neo-Tech I would probably be dead
or stuck inside the mystics web. I am better off now than I have
ever been in my whole life, and have been in the process of shucking
all that junk in my head for the last three years. I fully support
and endorse Neo-Tech.

J.E.,, 1/19/98
I'm all ready scared and wondering where to hide. But of course
I can't hide from the IRS. What I need is courage, bullet proof
clothing, and a lot more knowledge. Please continue supplying the knowledge.

"This web site is fascinating. I hope it stays up so more people
can come in out of the darkness."
J.M.,, 4/27/97

Truly mind-bending/changing.

D.D.,, 7/8/97
Neo-Tech is the only chance we have.......

"I have always agreed in full with the principles of Objectivism,
but have been skeptical of its dictatorial leaders and their
cult-like following. Neo-Tech is OBJECTIVISM APPLIED CONSISTENTLY
to all areas. Thank you."
M.W.,, 1/3/97

RH,, 5/4/03
NEO-TECH is one of the most dynamic web sites I've ever had the privilege to

A.R.,, 2/8/97
Neo-Tech has penetrated the knowledge boundaries of human existence.
Subjects that benefit the human race. For the benefit of the whole world, this
web site should remain intact for us humans to continue our knowledge growth
and understanding of ourselves, and to stop once and for all the human

,, 3/5/02
'I've never known a man worth his salt who in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn't appreciate the grind, the discipline...I firmly believe that any

Janet K.,, 2/21/98, Italy
I am extremely fascinated. I look forward
to learning more to improve my life and those who are close to me.

W.H.,, 3/14/97
Keep filling the net with your information. It has helped me discover
the REAL ME that everyone told me not to listen to. Thank you for this site.

DD,, 4/26/03
Neo-Tech is great! It has become apparent that everything I was taught is total mysticism, and
I am moving in the direction to becoming a Neo-Tech man.

M.M.,, 6/11/00
Nothing is more bright. Nothing expands faster
than human
beings working in the harmony of their own intellectual
Keep going!

J.D.,, 12/11/96
The information I read in chapter 6 was the
truth. This information is most important.

J.C.,, 3/11/00
At my school: Morrow High School, in Ga. I
tried to get on the Neo-Tech web page. It was intercepted by
the school filter. I thought this was ridiculous. But then,
I could get into a sight called the electric
showing men after being executed by the electric chair.
Which site is more apt to do damage to the teen mind? It
seems they're more focused on keeping the children in our
world supporting the government, rather than keeping them
away from violence, and perverse displays. That's just
another example of the government making choices for you!

"If there is a heaven, then I guess it's here at Zonpower."
K.W.,, 12/23/96, Malaysia

C.W.,, 10/1/99
Right on! Thank you for correcting some of my misconceptions
about Objectivist/Libertarian ideology. As more mysticism is
exorcised another puzzle piece falls into place.

Alan L,, 2/6/02
In my 54 plus years of reading, this has been the most profound, eye-opening literature I've ever read. A positive step for human-kind. Neo-Tech should
definitely be taught in schools. I wish I had had a teacher like Miss Annabelle instead of one like Ms. Minner!!

W.B.,, 3/12/98, Canada
Its great to see Neo-Tech on the web. Now anybody can
access its advantages. Insight as to how negative forces are at work
in our daily lives and the checkmate moves to stop the attacks
are awaiting the reader. Thank you Mr. Wallace for an incredible
difference you made in my life. Its nice to have hope for the
future when none was thought possible before.

"I've had a lovely read on Neo-Tech. I agree with the views put
forward . You've got my vote."
P.A.,, 6/10/97, England

D.E.,, 12/18/96
The site is shocking and informative. I love it.

D.B.,, 2/15/99
I feel the information is original, direct, and very
liberating. It teaches you to take your life into your own
hands, and not
rely on luck and superstition to get the things that you desire
out of life. More importantly, you learn to problem solve in
order to produce values, and integrate reality, which simply
requires you to think critically.

"I feel that the Neo-Tech web site is a fundamental necessity in
that it provides for the amateur Neo-Techer a library of wealth
and knowledge that could not be accessed by mystic government
libraries that don't care to express all points of view. So in my
humble opinion this web site will change the way people see their
lives and ultimately save the world."
E.F.,, 5/19/97

P.C.,, 9/10/01
Neo-Tech is a sign of things to come, or at least I hope so for not only myself but my children and their children.

Anon.,, 3/18/03
The only sense to be found anywhere.

M.L.,, 11/25/02
After reading the negative and positive comments about your web site, I was struck by the use of profanity and emotional attacks in the negative comments

Anon,, 7/26/00
I think your articles and your mailings should
be banned from the world, as
you are full of shit.

Neo-Tech's mission: To make the unknown known.

Before Neo-tech I thought life could be rather unfulfilling.
Since I received my first book I haven't been able to put them down.
I've read 6 books since Oct.2001. I even was compelled to go to the summit
in Nov., which I attended. I've been searching for something that would
bring more meaning to my life and now I've found it. I can't wait for
the next day to begin. I'm brimming with excitement every time I talk
to someone about Neo-tech. I tell people to look at the web site and
they can understand what I'm talking about. I can't wait to get my hands
on The First Immortals and the other new book that's coming out.

M.S.,, 1/7/01

M. A.,,,
Comments : It is a beacon of truth for
the mankind. It exposes the neocheaters and
mystics as well as tears religions apart.

R.C.,, 12/18/96
Insightful and very well done.
There seems to be a lot of truth to these writings and they make sense.

M.D.,, 12/1/02
I have found reading the books to be a life changing experience. A very powerful tool for shaping ones future view of life. I know it has mine. When I look

"I think this site is fantastic. Keep up the great work."
A.M.,, 5/23/97

Brilliantly conveyed concepts, fresh and enlightening perspective,
glad to have read it

D.H., sircham, 1/31/97
I was astounded. The information was so valuable that I just want to
thank you for making it available. My New Year's resolution is to study ALL of
these pages and to USE them!

Stuart D,, ENGLAND
I love this site and I love 'The Story'. Thanks for changing
my life.

"I feel like I have started a new learning process for the
J.B.,, 4/21/97

I have found what I have been looking for a very long time.

R.F.,, 3/24/00
This is so amazing! The Story is changing my
life as I read it. I can now feel positive about my life and
my children's lives. I am going to teach them everything I
know about the Civilization of the Universe and Neothink, as
did Miss Annabelle with her students. I am going to grab
every teachable moment with them. I have bow found
something to integrate into their lives, something that is
true. 'The Story' is so powerful and so true I have seen it
happen in my life and others around me, it is so exciting
and invigorating to see. I am ready to vote a Neo-Tech
President into office to embrace the Civilization of the
I feel so lucky, because I am a 21 year old mom and my
oldest is 6 and my youngest is 4. I made my way through
high school and I started college this year. What a gift you
have given, and will continue to give! I am behind you 100%!
If you make a movie, I would love to play Miss Annabelle, I
think her Character is so great, and I would love to be a
Miss Annabelle for my children and many other children
because to spread the truth like she did is what I have been
doing, only on a much smaller scale with my daughter and her
friends! Go Neo-Tech!
It is so important for the future of not only my children
but all the children in the world! I would love too see my
children grow up in the Civilization of the Universe, and
myself too!
The truth has finally been set free, and it makes me so
happy! I no longer have to live the anticivilization lie! I
love You Guys!

D.E.,, 3/16/02, Canada
Your Neo Tech web pages are as a diamond and golden breath of fresh air and truth, surrounded by the horrid blobs and stenches of the millions of useless and
demeaning web pages on the web. Some of the words in your pages are the emperor's words. Your clean honesty is refreshing at the least.

J.L.,, 2/11/01
YES! Having found Neo-Tech from a Reason
magazine ad/interview
back in 1981, I have ordered much valuable information
for myself and as gifts for those I love. I have NEVER been
or felt 'ripped-off.' It's a building PROCESS (not an EVENT
of reading
a book) to understand and benefit from, by implementation,
integrations of honesty into all.

T.C.,, 3/20/03
All the mysticism in the world would not keep us safe. Neo-Tech is
quickly paving the way.

B.M.,, 10/15/97
"Neo-Tech is the greatest discovery since man discovered fire. In fact,
without Neo-Tech, man will most likely *digress* to his former Neanderthal
self. That is, if he doesn't annihilate himself first. We have come a long
way since the days of our cave dwelling ancestors. And man's invention of
the conscious mind has certainly brought us great gains. However, in spite
of all this progress, man retains vestiges of the bicameral mind. To
progress further, to unleash the life-saving, life-building, life increasing
discoveries of the future, we must wipe out every trace of mysticism from
the mind of man. Neo-Tech is man's one and only hope. Only Neo-Tech can save
man from eventual extinction. Only Neo-Tech can provide each and every
individual with a life he will want to live forever--a life of limitless
happiness, prosperity, and romantic love. Viva Neo-Tech!"

Fantastic information! Going to apply these principles to my
new business.

S.M.,, 1/1/96
I think Wallace
is addressing some very important aspects of our culture which we all know, but
often deny. Seems like what he is describing accounts from much of what we see
in government, corporate business, media, etc. I enjoy his works very much and
hope people become more aware of the issues he is addressing.

J.G.,, 4/3/97, United Kingdom

Marsha L.,, 8/14/99
Over two years ago, I was a truly unhappy person. Every aspect
of my life was controlled by mysticism. I managed to break free
and was trying to find the person that I once was. Approximately
8 months ago, my life changed. I met my husband and he introduced
me to Neo-Tech. I sat down one Sunday afternoon and started reading
NT Discovery. I was curious as he had mentioned it a couple of
times but I had not really commented much on it. It was unbelievable.
I kept reading and after each page the fog started lifting from
my brain. I attribute my success now in my personal and professional
life to finding out about NT and integrating it into my life.
My success professionally by using the NT concepts can be summed
up as follows: 1) After moving from the Midwest to the East coast,
I found employment with a clinic and immediately my salary difference
was almost $8,000 per year. 2) Within 30 days of my initial hire,
I received a raise which increased my salary by another $2,000
per year. 3) After 90 days, I am now in one of the top 4 positions
within the clinic and received an additional raise of $12,000
per year. To sum this up in 120 days I basically doubled my salary!
Not only have I had great success in my professional life but
my personal life is at a level of happiness that was never known
to me. NT is truly the cure!

N.L.,, 4/2/00
I've been reading THE BOOK for the past week and I find it very familiar to the message given in Ayn Rand's book 'ATLAS
SHRUGGED'. That prospective is very profound, and I can't wait to complete THE BOOK.

"Viva La Neo-Tech!"
A.A.,, 5/21/97

"Your information is a great value to many people it is a great
R.O.,, 5/2/97

J.W.,, 10/23/98
In 1988 I came down with MS. In 1995 l lost the ability to walk.
So now lm in a electric scooter trying to get my life back in
order. Been shacked up with a lady for 11 years now, and its
not really fair to her. My ssdi doesn't really pay more than my
part of the rent. When l lost my walking, l lost my job. If I
can read the book and turn a profit l would gladly pay neo-tech
the money for the book.(REALLY) As it stands now l cant pay anything.
It's your call now, do l get credit or do l give hope up for good?

"I am a devout Objectivist. This is all VERY impressive."
C.B.,, 4/3/97

R.D.,, 12/14/96, Canada
A well-thought out presentation of important info.
What the Web should be used for!

"This web site is needed to help all people receive a chance at
changing their lives, without Neo-Tech we are all just empty
beings, but with it we can bring down all neocheaters and are
masters of our own lives for a change. This web page has to stay
because it will continue to grow and teach people the truth, it
has to stay for the sake of all human beings who want something
more out of life!"
E.A.,, 5/25/97, Canada

P.B.,, 4/20/98, United Kingdom
Keep this on the Web at all costs. In another, earlier
age, you would have been persecuted for expounding your theories,
and possibly are at the moment, as you are exposing the massive
con trick perpetrated on all decent people. Your best medium
for dissemination is by your web pages. More power to you.

T.W.,, 9/18/98
Enjoyed the article 'Proof that religious doctrines are a
hoax' by Eric Savage re Tracey Alexander. That was a very articulate
description of what I went through. Just as people get stuck in
religion, many who break free, are
STUCK in the belief that making a living within the religious
system is the only option they have. My discovery
of how to truly 'get out' was a real relief.

Cleared up my conceptions of the destructiveness of mysticism. Very valuable
and eye-opening.

P.C.,, 1/3/97
Neo-Tech is the answer, I am glad that it is on the web. the site is
a good one keep up the good work.

L.V.,, 5/29/98, Philippines

"Great work. Really a lot of people should read the information
on your site."
L.L.,, 5/4/97, Australia

K.N.,, 3/6/97
Brilliant and Prophetic!!! 1984's `Big Brother' is driven back by the
slaves he subjugates. Ayn Rand's theory, `Money is the root of all good,'
emerges victorious.

M.W.,, 9/3/97
"Neo-Tech saved or rather is saving my life."

R. O.,, 8/6/02
I first read the Zonpower Neo tech book about two years ago. Its contents and facts about being productive opened my eyes to a whole new world. I recommend

s. converse,,
Excellent stuff. I want more.

E.C.P., ,Sri Lanka
It would serve many thousands of Surfers well who find their
way to this WEB SITE

M.G.,, 7/1/97
Neo-Tech certainly is the way to go into the 21st. century.
Innovative and reliable.

N.S.,, 8/27/97
Neo-Tech has changed my life. I am a better person through it.

P.M.,, 7/25/97, Australia
Neo-Tech offers many windows of opprtunities in creativity
and originality, it has worked for me and it should work for anyone
else. I am sick of negativity in people and dead-psyche minds. It is
time these people were healed by Neo-Tech. Finally let's continue to
unplug the sludge of mysticism that has soaked peoples minds for many

best book in my opinion.

s.c.,, 3/6/01
Awakening of knowledge is a blessing.

S.K.,, 7/10/97
I am almost 21, thanks to Neo-Tech and the support of my
father for Neo-Tech, everything about life is becoming crystal clear.
Keep up the good work...

"I thought the sentiments were interesting. I would like to know
W.S.,, 1/29/97, United Kingdom

S.P.,, 12/15/96, Canada
I found this web site VERY interesting.
Unfortunately, I do not have time to read everything...but
do intend on returning very soon to finish up!
It all makes perfect sense to me!

J.S.,, 9/20/02, England
I am enthralled by this discovery.

world. It takes courage to even consider some of the things Neo-Think encompasses, but by opening our m

K.R.,, 5/13/97
This is a revolutionary and very, very important concept.