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Feedback Comments From Jan 1997-May 2003

Below, 500 Random Testimonials From 1997-2003
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My heart went out to miss Annabelle and those kids. I wanted
to beat up those idiots on the school board. She and those
children should have been protected. You have also created
one of the most intensely sexually attractive characters
I've ever seen in Miss Annabelle.

"Strikes a satisfying balance between providing useable
information and whetting ones appetite to find out more."
C.B.,, 1/29/97

Life finally makes sense

Anon,, 7/10/00
I had no idea where this story would lead. I even
thought it would be simple. I can see that it is going much
further than I believed, and that it is not simple. It is
simply written so that anyone can understand it, and it is a
fascinating story.

J.J.,, 2/21/97
It is the most thought
provoking piece of literature I have seen in a long time.

"This site is the greatest."
M.D., gkb.con, 1/25/97, Switzerland

D.H.,, 1/20/00
I'm quite impressed. I readily agree that the
individual must be the self
who decides his own destiny and is the highest authority in
his own personal world.

R.G.,, 4/21/01, Australia
Neo tech is inspiration of light amongst the multitude of dull boring unproductive people

m.s.,, 8/20/01, india
Certainly, the facts about the neo-tech I have
learnt are the
best ones I have ever learned in life.

"Neo-Tech will rule the world with it's legion of business
leaders. NO FEAR."
A.A.,, 4/5/97

D.G., ,
Today's growing global economies are pushing hard on the envelope of survival
and making it necessary to be free of mysticism. I thank Neo-Tech for their
true honest efforts and the positive impact that its having (and will have)
upon millions of human beings.

Hi Mark; absolutely brilliant, when can we
expect to see the film.

J.W.,, 4/15/98
Very profound.

"A very comprehensive web site. This site will take a lot of
browsing to stay abreast of the changes to come."
W.B.,, 1/29/97

D.H.,, 8/5/98
Neo Tech has been a big influence in my philosophy for the past
year or so. I've learned more about guilt and honesty. I look
forward to better days and relationships. I never realized how
much the neocheaters were taking from me and I intend to limit
these parasites every chance I get. Thank you for putting me
in touch with my honesty.

D.D.,, UK
Neo Tech is the only honesty based source of information and lifestyle


I am 29 years old and an aspiring entrepreneur. I first received the
Neo-Tech orientation booklet approximately 3 months ago, and has made
a huge impact on my life.

I have just received the 'The Book ' God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery I am
getting to realize the potential of the book. I think it is the best
book I have read in a long time and keep up the good work.

I think this site is one of a kind, a real gold-mine.

S.T.,, Canada

Neo-Tech IS how we should learn to be by creating values and by creating
happiness. WE need to learn to become independent & Neo-Tech shows
the way.

Eagerly absorbing all information, wanting more!

As a Political Scientist, I must say that I've taken full advantage of reading
The Book. As a preacher's son I've come to realize why I've felt the way
I did coming up and going to school where I was basically cheated out of
a quality education. I was mad e to believe that I should look out for others
before I was to look out for myself. By reading The Book and other literature
that I order from Neo-Tech Publishing I've come to realize that I was correct
in my assumptions of the cheating and dishonesty goi ng on in the state government
as well as the national government. You see I grew up in the DC area and
saw first hand what the government does. How the government has brain washed
everyone. I now reside in North Carolina and I have seen many things here
h appen that I did not like. I've watched the closing of theaters because
the community standards would not allow them, but, I watched in horror when
the Klu Klux Klan gunned down some people here at a political rally in 1978.
I've witnessed a Senator remai n in power for over twenty years. A man who
blocked the arts from appearing at the local colleges because he thought
that they lacked in taste as being called art. I've watched the eroding of
my individual rights from politicians and school administrators . Now I know
the real truth about the way I've felt. About religion and government I've
learned to trust in myself and not some higher authority. Thank you Neo-Tech.

T.S., Australia
I loved 'The Story' and I think it should be made into a movie, which would
be an excellent vehicle to expose Neo Tech to the world. The world needs
Neo Tech! 'The Story' integrated the Neo Tech philosophy into a very warm,
loving story. Thank you for thi s. I am a previous owner of Neo Tech literature,
but was not ready for it 10 years ago. I am NOW!


After reading the negative and positive comments about your web site, I was
struck by the use of profanity and emotional attacks in the negative comments
section versus the well written and thought out responses of the positive
section. That contrast real ly drove home the point of the anti-civilization
that we currently live in. Thank you for revealing it to the world.

I've only became aware of and started reading Neo-Tech recently, but I can
already feel myself changing in ways I didn't know were possible.

Neo-tech has so much valuable information for people who want to open their
eyes and think of the possibilities and the potential every human-being has.
Thank you for opening my eyes.

Neo-tech MUST remain on the web, for the world wide web is the best and most
readily available way to inform and educate the mystically befuddled people
of the entire world. This site should most definitely be expanded!

P.W.,, South Africa
The world is full of people who don't want to think deeper than what's on
television or what's in the papers or what their mentor says, be they a priest,
doctor or psychologist. The simple act of employing our most fundamental
human quality of thinking de eply about something and exploring all options
in an unbiased and unprejudiced way has to be our most liberating tool. By
exposing the very complex web of ideas and compartmentalizing them into logical
segments has aided the mental liberating process by 1 000%. What else can
I say but that this is the biggest paradigm shift of the century.

I've been a Zonpower book owner for over 7 years, and never threw it away,
even though, my emotions wanted me to. I rejected the God-Myth, from my mystic
point of view, as many others initially. But I kept it, and only time, and
experience separated me fr om putting aside my personal prejudices, and dedicating
myself to read it all before I judge you, prematurely. I'm very proud of
myself for doing so and want to congratulate you on your accomplishments
in this world, and for society at large. I now look f orward to every new
day with enthusiasm and purpose as never before, at least since childhood

"Very interesting, I am seriously considering pursuing some of
the ideas in the Web site. The advanced concept of poker guide
was brilliant. As a bad poker player myself I have already read
most of it and I am improving rapidly. I have many other guides
to playing poker, but none of the others has been anywhere near
as good."
D.G.,, 1/12/97, England

Truly mind-bending/changing.

T.C.,, 3/20/03
All the mysticism in the world would not keep us safe. Neo-Tech is
quickly paving the way.

.. Nothing like reaching out and touching
someone...I am extremely grateful.

B.E.,, 8/29/97
I checked out this so called MIRACLE (Neo-Tech) a friend tells me
about! I have been reading this site now for about 1 month and have somehow been
able to actually be a magnet to women. I will never stop reading this site.
It's to valuable!!

"This was an eye-opening as well as a mind-opening and
educational web site."
E.C.,, 2/21/97

Kate K.,, 6/25/99
The first thing I noticed was the negative comments
came from Christians. I got the impression
that most of the people were mentally disturbed -- not because
they are Christians or because they feel strongly about their
beliefs, but because the comments were so shockingly irrational
and malicious. I admit I finished reading the page only because
of the entertainment it provided. People are rarely so
willing to sound like fanatics. The second
thing I noticed was the implicit belief that people are stupid
blind sheep who are not able to evaluate the validity of a system
of thought and so must be 'protected' from it through censorship.
Anyway, I think Neo-Tech should remain on the web. Anyone who
wants to know about it can look and decide for themselves.

J.H.,, 9/10/97
When I bought my discovery I was 17 years old, confused and zit
ridden, and working in a public park hauling garbage. I have just turned 21, and
am a professional actor. I have just finished an off-Broadway play in NYC, and
will be shooting my first film in November. Hail life! And thank you for
exposing me to Objectivism.

J.G.,, 5/7/00
I am only on Chapter 6. Delayed reading more
than the first chapter until today. Wow! It sends chills up
the spine. Once you get into it, and get to know the
characters, the message is very powerful on an emotional

F.A.,, 3/20/97, Canada
I find your site infinitely inspiring. Your web site makes my day

T.M.,, 12/29/98, Lebanon
Thank you for changing my life to its potential.

"I think it is great that Dr. Wallace is making available this
important information."
B.W.,, 1/18/97

C.C.,, 1/25/97, France
This is the most interesting web site.

L.J.,, 7/9/98, South Africa
I like it and I think that the contents contained therein
is really great, keep up the good work.

J.B.,, 3/10/00
I have the child of the PAST within me. I enjoy
'THE STORY' very much. I am still reading it. I am on
Chapter eighteen, or somewhere around there. I am beginning
to feel emotional in it also. The following is something I
feel we must all do in relation to 'THE STORY:'
This day; Sunday; January 23, I, Jerry B., place myself as
though I were a student in Miss Anabelle's class maybe as
much as over 30 years ago. What we deal with here is
irrelevant to time. I feel as though I actually am in and am
taught every thing Miss Annabelles' twelve students have
been taught. Will Someone post a response please and will
you tell me what you think?

I am new to the Neo Tech concepts and am applying what I have learned
to my life. I am happier and enjoy life better and better each day!

L.C.,, 3/24/97
I think your web-site is great. I'm definitely going to put this site
on my hot list. I'll be back!!!

Marsha L.,, 8/14/99
Over two years ago, I was a truly unhappy person. Every aspect
of my life was controlled by mysticism. I managed to break free
and was trying to find the person that I once was. Approximately
8 months ago, my life changed. I met my husband and he introduced
me to Neo-Tech. I sat down one Sunday afternoon and started reading
NT Discovery. I was curious as he had mentioned it a couple of
times but I had not really commented much on it. It was unbelievable.
I kept reading and after each page the fog started lifting from
my brain. I attribute my success now in my personal and professional
life to finding out about NT and integrating it into my life.
My success professionally by using the NT concepts can be summed
up as follows: 1) After moving from the Midwest to the East coast,
I found employment with a clinic and immediately my salary difference
was almost $8,000 per year. 2) Within 30 days of my initial hire,
I received a raise which increased my salary by another $2,000
per year. 3) After 90 days, I am now in one of the top 4 positions
within the clinic and received an additional raise of $12,000
per year. To sum this up in 120 days I basically doubled my salary!
Not only have I had great success in my professional life but
my personal life is at a level of happiness that was never known
to me. NT is truly the cure!

A.A.,, 9/23/01
After reading THE STORY. I was emotionally moved beyond words. If only all teachers could be like Miss Annabelle--what a world it would be.

I really enjoyed the article entitled 'Proof that Religious
and Mystical Doctrines are Hoaxes'

M.V.,, 7/25/97
"I believe Neo-Tech to be the worlds most important discovery and am
grateful that there are hard producing individuals willing to spread the
word and get rid of the disease called mysticism."

This site offers truths that the Christian churches have professed
as evil. I commend you on your noble actions to uncover thousands of years of

D.D.,, 1/2/98
Your philosophy
has had a great positive influence on my life over the years.
More people need to hear what you have to say so stay on the

p.s., , 8/13/02
I have started reading today and I'm feeling empowered already. Thank you Neo-Tech, not only for helping me to win a well thought out debate, but for giving

Neo-Tech integrates REAL LIFE by so many different vectors. It's in-the-moment
honest, straightforward, and far-thinking.

The book contains valuable lessons in life and true to life relationship
experiences, that can be a valuable tool to everyone to live a more meaningful
and productive life. I appreciate the many true to life writings

S.M.,, 4/11/00, England
This site is a must!!! It is another method of spreading the truth or should I say spreading fully integrated honesty. . .

H.S.,, 3/2/97
As with anything so different to the mind-set, it takes time to clear
the old and experiment with the new. I keep on trying to eliminate the 50 years
of bogus teachings from my mind. Keep up the good work, and maybe someday we
all will live in a world of honest peacekeeping, loving individuals that
contribute to the best for mankind.

L.K.,, 1/13/99
I love Neo-Tech and God Man, truly the most uplifting and sooth saying
work I've ever read. I try to work on the principles in my
life daily. Thank you very very very very much!!!!!

P.M.,, 5/12/97, Australia
Neo-Tech is a new state of thinking that strips and shreds mystical

"Neo-Tech is fascinating, and within my many research areas."
L.A.,, 2/16/97

P.C.,, 10/7/01, Australia
Neo Tech has been an incredible resource in my life.

Peter,, Australia
Once one has read neo-tech literature one finds quicker shortcuts
to the thought process in most subjects in life thus having a competitive
advantage over those that have delta thinking. Only neo-tech can give you
the tools of awakening.

L.M.,, 8/10/99, Australia
I find the info on your site quite interesting and new. The
ideas and concepts are just mind blowing.

M.H.,, 3/8/00
I think this site is wonderful and full all
types of useful information keep it up.

F.C.,, 2/22/97
I find it to be very powerful and meaningful.
...It really puts into perspective the downfalls in all
our lives.

N.N.,, 3/5/97, Sweden
Very nice site. I would like to read more about epistemology and
ethics. Keep expanding Objectivism and fight the orthodox dogmatists in that
corrupt movement.

mw,, 9/30/00
Still trying to digest everything, I've
always known politicians, lawyers, and religious leaders
nothing but phonies

A.P.,, 3/3/97, United Kingdom
The value of Neo-Tech to me will very soon be countable in pounds.
Until then -- I just feel it and act on it -- rationally.

"If Neo-Tech were not on the web it would be the dark ages
descending upon the world."
M.Y.,, 3/25/97

L.F.,, 3/29/97
I am a 23 year old college student and new to your site. Neo-Tech
totally changed the direction my life was headed. I am now ready and exited to
begin a new life of discovery and adventure. I will be forever grateful for
your information. Thank you.

"great site, waiting for interactive zon."
J.M.,, 2/4/97

"I'm so happy to see this site still standing. It is the most
thought provoking piece of literature I have seen in a long
J.J.,, 2/21/97

P.N.,, 5/21/97
I've begun removing my own personal mysticism with the intent of
becoming a competitive, honest, happy, value-producing Citizen of the Universe.
I wish to thank everyone at Neo-Tech for their courage, perseverance, integrity
and effort to break the chains of professional Neocheaters and Mysticism

R.B.,, 3/8/98

"I have found it very interesting."
I.F.,, 2/24/97, United Arab Emirates

J.M.,, UK
I am busy reading The Story and find that it helps me to live
with a happy frame of mind, knowing that so much of what goes on in the world
is merely an illusion created by government and media.

C.C.,, 10/1/97
I find this information extremely valuable. The 114 advantages were
inspiring and educational.

S.H.,, 3/7/00
Hello Mark, I am taking this opportunity
to write you to thank you for The Story that I have just read.
My involvement with NT goes back several years & my life
has been enriched beyond anything I have ever imagined
since reading NT discovery & other subsequent literature
I have purchased from your company. The concepts & puzzle
building skills & resulting conscious revelations &
integrations have gained me results in all area's of my life
& now 'The story' has helped me see the path that will lead
to acceptance of NT by the masses!
The story touched me deeply & I cried many times as I
read it (both tears of joy & sorrow). The story is inclusive
in it's goal of teaching the NT matrix & god-man concept,
a basic need that will be required before biological
immortality can be achieved.
Keep up the valuable work & thank you.
I look forward to the opportunity to buy more NT products
in the future & have no doubt that OUR goal of
biological immortality will be reached in OUR life times!

"The growth of a person's potential is greatly increased when
one's knowledge is expanded with Neo-Tech."
L.W.,, 4/4/97

I love having the information of my Neo Tech Manual available at my finger
tips while I work. I am able to absorb the information a lot better having
access to it at both home and office. Thank you for keeping the site

khu,, 3/17/01
I love Neo-Tech and its founders for bringing
all this to us.
Mark Hamilton, you are a wonderful author, congratulations
on such a great piece of work!

JC,, 4/26/03
The site is great, I appreciate all the knowledge and wisdom.
I am putting it to use in my day-to-day.

E.S.,, 5/3/01, Germany
Y E S Of course I want this site to remain on
the Internet.
It's one of the few really important pages out there!

J.S.,, 9/5/98, Australia

C.C.,, 10/1/97
I find this information extremely valuable. The 114 advantages were
inspiring and educational.

"I would like to commend whoever is responsible for creating this
web site it is a true source of enlightenment and education. I
would like to pursue studying this discovery for a more thorough
understanding of the possibilities and power available with this
knowledge. I have enjoyed researching and learning about
suppressed information."
G.G.,, 2/12/97

W.J., , uk
Dear Neo-Tech Your works are a necessity in any persons life to
progress and have a fuller and happier life with eyes wide open. You MUST stay
on the web. I am a better person because of the things I have learned from The

M.D.,, 9/1/00
Great Web, ultimate, Never better, the best

"Your site is beautifully interesting and contains power-packed
P.L.,, 6/20/97, Japan

It would be detrimental to society and the human race should Neo-Tech
not be available to the public.

"As with anything so different to the mind-set, it takes time to
clear the old and experiment with the new. I keep on trying to
eliminate the 50 years of bogus teachings from my mind. Keep up
the good work, and maybe someday we all will live in a world of
honest peacekeeping, loving individuals that contribute to the
best for mankind."
H.S.,, 3/2/97

S.P.,, 12/15/96, Canada
I found this web site VERY interesting.
Unfortunately, I do not have time to read everything...but
do intend on returning very soon to finish up!
It all makes perfect sense to me!

Stuart D,, ENGLAND
I love this site and I love 'The Story'. Thanks for changing
my life.

H.C.,, 6/13/02
One word AWESOME

C.M.,, 4/3/97, Papua New Guinea
I've never read anything like it! Its' almost unbelievable, the
differences of the Neo-Tech era is overwhelming...

R.T.,, 10/17/99
Great insights with awesome transforming power!
My life has turned into a series of excitingly new
challenges and opportunities.
Let us all become Zons!

J.H.,, 3/7/02
You MUST stay online!!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING A BEACON OF MORALITY AND TRUTH!!!!! I am a neophyte to Neo-tech, however I am a staunch objectivist. I have
studied the works of Ayn Rand and the Objectivist ethics presented in her writings. As an entrepreneur
and a human being I have suffered the horrifically evil, shame and guilt from the warped, altruistic, pragmatists and religious doctrines infesting our
world. Through them a person is robbed of self-esteem, creativity, growth, and their value, until they
are fully immolated to the status of moocher, looter, and or parasite; a fate worse than death. Thank GOD (in the sense of the universe's intelligence,
metaphorically speaking) for AYN RAND and NEO-TECH!!!

M.Y.,, 7/10/00
It's great to have a free forum where ideas
can ebb and flow
without censorship and narrow-minded editing.

A.B.,, 3/19/99, United Kingdom
To the religious fanatics who
make a premise of moral behavior by damning Neo-Tech and its
editors to hell and 'fiery pits' etc, I would like to express
my disgust at their barbarous comments. We can gain a pretty
accurate insight into the kind of people they are by taking note
of the language they use and the way in which they use it.

T.T.,, 9/6/99
Some of the information could be quite deadly
in the minds of the evil.

S.M.,, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech is essential to all those who want to live in a guiltless world,
fee from idiots who use god, as a weapon to hurt people.

T.G.,, 1/27/97
A real asset to the WWW.

f.e.,, 5/7/00
I just finished reading 'The Book'! it was
wonderful, i have
already found my Friday night essence.

R.A.,, 3/25/97
This is a wonderful site. I feel that, if adopted, the principles
espoused by Neo-Tech would certainly aid in the construction of a sane

D.D.,, 7/12/01
I think the world has been in need of this
since BC 2000,(which
should have been AD 2000). I admire you for your 'guts' to
on in the face of such desperate opposition from the
and such fellow travelers. As the British say 'JOLLY GOOD

R.P.,, 11/28/98
Amazing stuff-- I'm thrilled with your explanation of the Illuminati.

"Ever since I stumbled upon this site, I've noticed life bending
itself to fit my will."
R.M.,, 4/8/97

C.F.,, 3/4/97

M.K.,, 7/7/97
The Neo-Tech web site provides a fast and easy way
for me to share the information with others. I have turned
on many people to the web site who have found the information
to be extremely helpful in their lives. As time goes on,
they will have the opportunity to learn more and more via
the web site. They, in turn, have shared the information with others, as
they suddenly wake-up to the fact that they are
surrounded by mysticism and people who's lives are to a
greater or lesser degree based on dishonesty, denial, and
lack of self-responsibility.

C.W.,, Australia
Neo-Tech is the only way to achieve happiness. It's hard work but worth it. The
alternative is now unthinkable. Been there done that. From the words of Bruce
Lee: 'Take what works and reject what doesn't' Neo-Tech Works! I cannot imagine
my life without the knowledge that I have gained through reading the Neo-tech
literature.. See you at the C of U.

C.F.,, 1/21/97
If I had to replace my 59 other books on
success, personal development, management,
and business planning, I would only keep the Neo-Tech manual. I have increased
my productivity by 3 times in less than 30 days. This manual should be used in
every high school in the world... I can't praise the teachings of this book
enough. Thank you for making such a difference in my life. I have moved from
existence to essence from lost to laser focused... THANK YOU!

S.S.,, 5/11/98

C.J.,, 10/20/01
I love the seemingly infinite amount of knowledge that I have encountered through the books and the sight itself. This site is a precious and valuable source
of mind opening information.

T.O., yahoo
I read some of the negative postings and had to laugh. They were
written by people with crippling closed minds.
I'm just beginning to learn about Neo Tech, but my mind is
open to learn!

Nichole S.,, 2/16/00
This is the only web site I found with
information on how to end a relationship; very impressive!!

J.C.,, 4/12/99, England
I Feel people in general do not really know where they are
going in life never mind how to get there! They need some
positive guidance and the realization of how to follow one's dreams
and expectations and then the Know-how to be able to realize
those dreams and ambitions. Neo-Tech helps people along the
way with simple and concise methods and instructions. A lay
man's bible to the lost world of happiness and wealth. The story
needs to be told and you seem to be able to enlighten us.

J.H.,, 5/16/97

IT is good to know that someone is still seeking the truth in this
age of uncertainty.

I think it is the most enlightening view I have ever heard. It has
changed my outlook on life in a very positive way.

"I find this site a magnet!"
K.J.,, 1/6/97

attempting to be value producer. Keep spreading the true 'good' word, it is appreciated.

J.R.,, 2/23/00
I love the site!

smcbride,, 7/9/02
neo-tech, is by far the most comforting information I have read in years. I can relate to the philosophy. I have read hundreds of articles about many topic
on human nature. All seem superficial and 'personal experience' based. Neo-Tech clarified many things for me and has given me knew insight to problems I have
had for many years. When I become confused about an issue, I simply look up neo-tech on the web and read topic that relate to my personal situation, a type
of self-understanding that helps me to deal with each situation I go through. I feel that neo-tech has help me and probably thousand of people. You will be
doing an injustice by removing your valuable information from the web.

I.P.,, 8/12/97, Indonesia
Neo-Tech doesn't have anything to do with religion and that sounds
good because it's universal and can be useful to anyone. But what I can be sure
of is that Neo-Tech is a refreshing approach that's needed by anyone to live his
or her life to the fullest and hopefully to help people to help others and make
this world a better place for every being. We cannot afford to be uninformed
about this very worthy knowledge.

J.W.,, 3/9/98
Great page. I learn a lot.

E.H.,, 3/22/00
Your books have helped me greatly. My eyes have
been opened. I know I will never be the same.

Sarah V.,, 6/1/98
Nothing can stop my quest for eternal life
here on earth. I always thought we should never die or get sick --
to live eternally with love over flowing. I love your Outcompete book.

Brilliantly conveyed concepts, fresh and enlightening perspective,
glad to have read it

"The site is good. Very important to human kind."
D.C.,, 6/16/96, Canada

I am smiling from ear to ear, and I laughed out loud when I
read, in Chapter 33 of The Story, "...mankind would be
inhabiting Mars. We would be mining asteroids for natural
RESEARCHING." Was that just a coincidence, or did you
recall my posts?

"I am amazed at all the free and honest information. I have
always felt that lies have been masking the truth in the name of
greed. It is obvious that there will no longer be a need for
T.H.,, 2/3/97

J.M.,, 12/18/97, South Africa

F.S.,, 6/13/98, Brazil
After reading Neo-Tech literature, almost
all my questions are being answered.

D.C.,, 8/24/99, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to the real truth around me.

"I think this is one of the best sites I have seen one the web."
R.I.,, 4/5/97

M.S.,, 1/16/99
Neo-Tech...Mind detoxifying!

D.M.,, 2/11/03
Neo-Tech is a masterpiece

I've been scouring this sight constantly and each time am
amazed in it's sheer brilliance of wealth of information. The euphoria
this company has brought into my life has been on more than one occasion
so emotional I felt years of the isolated feeling tha t had encompassed
myself melt away. In a literal sense. You taken self-evident truths integrated
into such wide-scoped spectrums of brilliance that I am repulsed that
anyone can speak negatively on the feedback. Besides when are they going
to get more cre ative than their first impulse to burn everything? That
fire and brimstone thing's a little old, overrated, and has already been
used obsessively enough. Thank you sincerely for deeply enriching my
life, love, and learning through your efforts.

"I have read your material and have found it to be very
interesting. I would like to see more examples of rejecting
mysticism and neocheating."
J.S.,, 3/2/97

N.P.,, 9/15/01
This site is a warm light in cold surroundings.

A.L.,, 5/13/98, SOUTH AFRICA
Neo-Tech will triumph in this world.
Wouldn't it be great to have Polaroid
snapshots of neo cheaters faces as they realize
their empires and scams are about to crumble? ......that could
replace 'America's funniest home videos!!!'

E.R.,, 7/23/01
AWESOME and logical. People need to know
that the lens must be removed and crushed under our feet, so
we can look into the unfiltered Light of pure honesty.

K.P,, United States
The illusions of the anticivilization are becoming very clear and I am only about
a third of the way though (THE BOOK). I am so glad that I purchased the books.

G.P.,, 4/22/97
What you are doing is phenomenal and would be beneficial to many
people. I hope that you open the eyes of many so that we may help
create the Neo-Tech world.

It is a great reminder of how important it is to think for ourselves.
This site provides me with concise and well written thoughts that help me
gather and express my own thoughts.

: A.G.,, 3/12/00
Only read 3 chapters and already your story has
moved me more than any other story I've read. Its a good
read and I learn some things as well. You've always been my
favorite Neo-Tech author. Dr. Wallace is ok but I don't
always understand his stuff. Eric Savage is ok too, but it
doesn't really move me emotionally like your writings. I
don't always mean in a good way. Sometimes you piss me off
and sometimes you sadden me and at times I resent you for
making me see through the pretty illusions woven by “them'.
Sometimes I wish I didn't know anything and lived in a state
of blissful ignorance. But I love you. you have probably
saved my life. I still have a long way to go on my path to
rational thinking but I know that when I finally make the
jump I wont even miss the old ways. That's all I have to say
for now my friend.

Sheila W.,, 11/16/98
Wonderful site...this is just what I have been
looking for.....

B.V.,, 3/10/97, France
I am very pleased to read one or two articles from time to time. It
is a very interesting enriching encyclopedia.

J.G.,, 5/26/97
I think this site is really informative and a
great source of knowledge.

D.B.,, 1/17/02
Very compelling indeed!! After being 'locked' into this pathetic society I have found the TRUTH!! In an earlier stage in my life (now 30), I was involved in
all sorts of 'mystic' phenomena. To include Freemasonry, and other 'secret societies' that practice the ridiculous. I read some of the negatives, and I sincerely hope those lost souls will embrace what's real.

Thank you for opening a new frontier for me.

T.w.,, 1/23/01
I believe this is a most valuable site and it
would be loss
to the public if this site were taken offline , I have
an have taken advantage of the information here and I am not

A.M.,, 10/7/97, Netherlands
"I find the Neo-Tech material intriguing, and certainly different from
mainstream thought. For this reason alone it is valuable. Is mainstream
thinking so weak that it cannot withstand alternatives?"

P.G.,, 6/22/00
I find Neo-Tech interesting because of the
honesty it

will work. Thanks for the opportunities that
you have shown me.

"I am sure interested."
T.M.,, 3/10/97

This is the most life enhancing material I've ever read. Neo-Tech
rescued me from a life of HELL. I will be forever grateful. This website
offers such valuable information, I feel it would be suicide not to expand.
Keep up the good work. Spread the word s o that we can win the war against

A.C.,, 2/29/00
This was absolutely my favorite part. I now have a handsome
one year old baby boy and a very lovely girlfriend. The joy
and love I feel through constant DTC, FIH, and WSA is
virtually indescribable. It must be the next level of
"That sound, Jake thought, that amazing sound! He stopped
and looked at Little Jakey. His brown eyes were wide,
brilliant and his chubby cheeks were rosy red. The corners
of his mouth were curved up high, a smile so full of glee
that it was crooked and out of coordination. He looked back
at his father and cocked his head, looking almost as if he
knew something and was wondering if his father was figuring
it out. Little Jakey laughed again."

L.M.,, 2/25/01, Mexico
It's the most valuable information I've ever

LSD,, 8/22/97
This site needs to stay available, Definately!!
No wonder there is so much poverty.

G.B.,, 2/15/97, Croatia
This is definitely the most valuable site on the Web. Neo-Tech is
clear and concise, Neo-Tech is more then a masterpiece. Neo-Tech is the future,
and those who won't be able to deal with reality will fade away. Just keep up
the good work.

"I am very impressed by this web site, as it is easy to move
around and get the information one is looking for. I want to know
more about Zonpower, it appears to be what I have been looking
for, literally all my life! It is marvelous that one can access
this information on the Internet. Keep it up!!!"
C.F.,, 1/22/97, South Africa

CC,, 5/6/03
I have never read anything so fascinating in all my life. This is something I
will continue to develop for my own benefit, as well as the benefit of others. I
will pass this on to as many people as will have it!

M.T.,, 5/9/00, australia
I've directed many friends here & they find
the writings `surprisingly accurate.

I love this book (The Story). I just finished reading through for the second
time. I find it interesting how it seems to be a lot like a good movie seen over
again. Keep up the good work, I am inspired again.

K.M.,, 11/5/01
Neo-Tech obviously represents free thought. I have just recently began to study, but I realized the self-actuating motive that I did not know existed. This
is the intellectual challenge that I longed for.

Sheila M.,, 2/18/98
God's pajamas!! Neo-Tech is more fun than a barrel a

F.B.,, 12/21/99
A great web site with many eye opening ideas
that will last forever.

"I find this information very interesting and thought provoking.
I have found many of my own thoughts and feelings reflected in
your pages."
B.L.,, 2/18/97

D.R.,, 4/29/97
This is POWERFUL stuff. I can't ever
remember reading anything that made so much sense. Thank you for putting this
out. I will ensure that those who are close to me, and that I care about, read

"I have only briefly visited your site, and in the limited time
have found the concepts stimulating and exciting! Thank you for
the access!"
D.H.,, 1/20/97

A.T.,, 10/29/98
I am new at this. I grew up in a catholic
school so you can Imagine my inner conflicts.
With Neo-tech it's like the floodgates of my mind opened. I
have a long way to go to get rid of
all the mysticism that I have, but thank you for writing a
book that I can use to fight it with.

J.M.,, Canada
Neo-tech is an awesome discovery.

D.E.,, 12/18/96
The site is shocking and informative. I love it.

J.R.,, 11/17/98
I have made amazing breakthroughs in my personal & work life
because of FRW, MH, ES N-T & the Neo-talk list. THANK YOU!!!
Mysticism that has blocked my integration's (all of my
life!) have been eliminated! Because I've integrated the N-T
information into my life, the pieces to the puzzle
have *snapped* into place, showing me the bigger picture.
This has helped me through issues w/rationalizing,
communicating & emotions. The information I
have gained from reading many N-T books, doing research on
the internet & subscribing to the Neo-talk group has
lead to the happiest I've EVER been in my life! The forum
of the Neo-talk group, however, has been the catalyst to my
breakthroughs to happiness -- from the flame wars,
to the great dialogues, to the neocheaters --
I've learned. THANK YOU MR. WALLACE!!

Julia R.,, 3/17/00
I love your story. I love Neo-Tech. You should
see what I've done @ the fortune 500 company I work for.
I am an Admin Assist. I go to school for Computer Technical
Support and I have the President of one of the biggest
companies in the world imitating me.
I post little quotations all over my desk. Yesterday, at a
company meeting while he was giving his kudos to the upper
management, he included a quote in his presentation. I, and
everyone knew who he was imitating. Now, everyone is
curious to speak to me. I, on the other hand, have nothing
in common with them.
I have never had anything in common with most people. I
always knew the reality of the world. No one would believe
me. I have always been labeled as super intelligent yet
I come from a long line of intelligent people. I am not
native to the US. Where I come from my grandmother was
governor once, my aunt an Olympic medallist. My father is
also very intelligent.
When I was in the 4th grade, I figure I was about 9 years
old, I asked my teacher this question, ' do we know
what words are?' She said we have definitions to explain
them. I said, 'How do we know
the words describing those words are words?' She asked what
I meant. I said, 'Well, how do we know what words like, the,
and, to, from mean?' She stood there in amazement. She had
nothing to say to me. All she said is, 'Well...I guess we
know because we actually see what the words mean.'
I always knew reality was the key.
Thanks for your great story. You may contact me anytime you

J.R.,, 8/22/97
The information that I have found on this Web-site thus far is
tremendous! I have found, even though I have just begun integrating a few of
its concepts, the information provides profound insight on how to move forward
in all aspects of my life. This material should be published freely for all who have the insight to
integrate it into their lives.

"I feel this is a very interesting site. I took a chance to find
it and I am very happy."
J.G.,, 1/27/97

W.L.,, 10/4/98
This information is not available elsewhere.

S.K.,, 9/11/97
"Neo-Tech is exhilarating, and powerful! Its hard to believe the absolute
honesty written within the pages. Neo-Tech leaves me stunned with the new
found thoughts of myself and world!"

T.N.,, 8/17/97, England
I have to say that the information contained in your books has
benefited me immensely, and the knowlege I have gleaned from them has purged me
of, what were in retrospect, seriously harmful mystical tendencies.

B.S.,, 8/25/01
I found it to be a most interesting
life-altering experience.

K.J.,, 3/1/00
am in awe over The Story. I had constant tears
of joy, frustration and empathy throughout this eloquent
account of the anticivilization and the Civilization of the
Universe. Thank you Mark Hamilton. You have written the
ultimate epiphany. I hope this is what will transpire.

L.T.,, 5/16/97
I find this web-site highly informative and of great insight into the
human condition. I would recommend it to anyone interested in advancing their

J.C.,, 3/11/00
At my school: Morrow High School, in Ga. I
tried to get on the Neo-Tech web page. It was intercepted by
the school filter. I thought this was ridiculous. But then,
I could get into a sight called the electric
showing men after being executed by the electric chair.
Which site is more apt to do damage to the teen mind? It
seems they're more focused on keeping the children in our
world supporting the government, rather than keeping them
away from violence, and perverse displays. That's just
another example of the government making choices for you!

J.W.,, 4/23/98
I have been so reliant on mysticism all my life that to
shred this dependence is painful and frightening.

Neo-tech is one of the most useful tools in orienting oneself with reality. It
becomes evident that this must first take place before happiness or prosperity
is achieved, in their truest sense. Neo-tech has my most sincere appreciation
and thanks.

E.H.,, 3/10/97
I can clearly see the benefit of this line of thought and way of
looking at life.

"I found this site to be very fulfilling and illuminating. This
concept is very refreshing and I would like to know more."
S.G.,, 2/18/97

M.,, 6/4/00
I just finished reading the story, and I realized
one thing - there will be no limit for the advancements of
supersociety, life will be a never ending story that gets
better and better. My point is, people should continue the
story, or write their own versions of how they think
humanity will leap into the
CofU. And while doing this, let's try and use Neothink.
Instead of producing fiction, use your own
mind, your greatest asset, to create and predict the future.
No matter if you do this for yourself, or
publish it, as a result I will believe you will become
tremendously motivated, much like the NTP
authors, since you use your own Neothink mind to create a
value. And the more you will find out
about our civilizations ever-improving far future, by
continuing the story, you will become more and
more motivated to eliminate the current problems of our
anti-civilization, and eventually find some
important breakthrough solutions yourself. There's a very
interesting point in the story when Jake
reflects about anticivilization and about what was the
biggest problem that prevented people from
discovering Nature's Quintessential Secret, and finds out
that the change of mentality started with an
emotional change, which then triggered the peoples
motivation. It simply comes down to that.. a
matter of having the positive emotions to start ones
motivational drive in order to make a start in
creating values.. after that one critical starting point,
one will never stop integrating and creating

N.T.,, 7/27/98
Neo-Tech has opened so many doors for me, I have gotten
rid of my addictions to nicotine, caffeine, marijuana, alcohol, and
sugar. I feel as if I can live forever.

G.R.,, 5/26/01
Should Neo-Tech remain on the Web? Should
sincere honesty be
the relevant framework of all truth? Is coherence necessary
the context of an evolving hierarchy of values? Is effort
required to provide results? This heroic work, this
effort of passion...that has produced understanding without
in the new order of thought, a new high standard of
distinctions known as Neo-Think, must not only continue but
Let it begin now with each of us. The risks have been taken
the obstacles overcome except for our own deceptions of
that we need take no action in our own regards. Neo-Tech Is.

A.M.,, 12/5/01, United Kingdom
This knowledge should not be hidden from anybody. I always new there was 'something' missing on my life but I could never quite find it. Neo-Tech has opened
the gates, I feel more at peace than ever before (I just cant get enough).

T.T.,, 12/6/99
NEO_TECH is the most EXPLOSIVE information to ever BIG BANG the
Human Mind. It CONTAINS expensive psychological SIGNATURES within
it's LITERATURE that deliver 'the goods' in relation to LIFE
itself! ONE read and MYSTICISM slowly washes away into the NOTHINGNESS
from whence it ORIGINATED. NOTHING can now ever STOP N-T. IT
is a WINDOW that projects only positive LIGHT onto a
screen that has INFINITE scope for the better of Man/Womankind
infinite amount of TIME.

R.M.,, 11/19/01
Your article on the War of Two Worlds is most accurate. This war cannot be better or more simple expressed at its essence than by a quote from the current
icon of the anti civilization, Mr Bin Ladin himself. He recently was reported as saying, 'We love de
ath. The U.S. loves life. This is big difference between us.'

P.N.,, 7/22/02
Great reading

Carla R.,, 12/13/98
I am thrilled with the Neo-Tech.

I love it.

A.R.,, 8/4/99, Canada
Should be required reading in our schools.

G.W.,, 4/23/01
It is awe-inspiring and humbling.


J.W.,, 5/4/00
There is no question or challenge within
mysticism that
can stand the power of NT. Total Integrated Honesty
frightens the feeble and foils altruists. Each day as we reach for the
C of U, mystics begin to look like bigger and bigger idiots.
Our focus must be on the children, for it is a child who sees the
world through honest eyes. I will write for the children, I will write to
free the teenagers who find themselves trapped, But most of all,
I shall write for myself, and know that what I do is honest,
and real. I will do it in order that I can reach immortality in
a world that currently isn't worthy of me. I have considered
death, but only as a consideration because as I learned, it's no
different than quitting. Thanks FRW.

R.J.,, 1/13/98
I have spent the last six months reading/rereading the
Neo-Tech/Zonpower site. At first it was very frightening to
me since I have been very religious for a number of years. Now,
I truly believe in Dr. Wallace and I have done away with all
religious beliefs. This site has answered a lot of questions
for me, questions that have troubled me for years. Thank you Dr. Wallace!!

D.V.,, 8/16/97
"Wonderful information."

L.B.,, 5/5/01
I like the honest truth that you have
displayed, and wish everyone had the ability to understand the principals.

"Although I have not yet been through the whole web site, what I
have already seen has convinced me that Neo-Tech could make a
great difference to my life. I am excited that things will be
brighter for me when I use Neo-Tech."
S.T.,, 1/21/97, Australia

"This web site provides new insight on current beliefs about the
cyberspace revolution. It tells of a power that most people only
dream about. Neo-Tech makes dreams come true."
S.B.,, 1/19/97

R.R.,, 3/18/00
These ideas are good and certainly many people
may gain wealth from the Story!

D.C.,, 2/25/02
Neo-Tech literature has had a profound impact on my life. Neo-tech is must reading for understanding the way of mankind. You guys are a beacon of light.

"Very interesting, indeed. There are many useful tidbits of
information. Keep them coming."
B.C.,, 1/26/97

Adele P.,, 9/28/98
This web page is very informative.

"There is a lot of food for thought here. I am always intrigued by
how one can advance in this world, and also help others at the
same time."
D.S.,, 6/13/97

M.C.,, 3/2/00
An interesting realization that I've come to,
is that these people in the Story, while factually based
recreations, DO represent what is available to us NOW! They
too started off in the anticivilization, yet when they
started expunging personal mysticism, they entered the C. of
U. ,through injecting their natural creativity in society.
This was particularly true of the children ,as they BEGAN
with much less mysticism and therefore had less obstacles to
be overcome. That Teddy Winters; man! The thought of a nine
year old running a national ,million dollar business.. Can
you imagine the pride his Dad and Miss Annabelle must have
felt? That gave me hope and showed me the way things SHOULD
be in society. Also near the end of the story, the death of
Martin ... that was one of the most touching parts of the
story. An innocent man with the best of hopes and
intentions, courageous enough to be a pioneer to help save
himself and everyone else, struck down by the inane
stupidity of death.... that point really struck home..

Neo-Tech integrates REAL LIFE by so many different vectors. It's in-the-moment
honest, straightforward, and far-thinking.

"This is powerful stuff, the stuff dreams are made of. Imagine the
opportunities for those who embrace change and not fear it. This
really is the new frontier for those with the vision to see it."
Lynn A.,, 6/12/97, Canada

R.K.,, 7/14/97
This site helps people understand the inner workings of one
self and helps them move onto correcting the problem.

J.P.,, 12/5/01, CANADA

A.H.,, 6/1/98
I can't believe how clear Neo-Tech is. I was always
in wonder with the hypocrisies of the Bible and Religions.

Z.Z.,, 10/28/97, Malaysia
The time has come for everyone to experience true living. Down
with all the neo-cheaters now. What a revelation of truth! I am fascinated.

"Very Interesting reading, I want more."
D.Z.,, 3/4/97, Australia

I can see that Neo-Tech is needed more than
ever. It is no longer a matter of what you believe. It is now a matter
of life or death.

L.C.,, 3/24/97
I think your web-site is great. I'm definitely going to put this site
on my hot list. I'll be back!!!

J.M.,, 7/5/97
"I've been ready for the collapse of mysticism for along time.
Let's get it on!!!!!!!!"

"With Neo-Tech I have the freedom that no one can take from me. I
am safe for the first time in my life."
M.Y.,, 4/3/97

C.O.,, 12/10/98
Excellent site.

Neo tech is inspiration of light amongst the multitude of dull boring unproductive

"Very good page"
M.J.,, 6/14/97

J.J.,, Jordan
Thank you for your campaign to enlighten the humans and breaking
their mystical bubbles .

W.L.,, 7/27/99
Dear Friends at Neo-Tech, I strongly agree with all of the
concepts. They have helped us to better cope with our
everyday problems.

J.S.,, 10/13/98
There's so much here about who's behind the power
structures that are 'neo-cheating' us.

Beth R.,, 11/3/98
Congratulations on 12 years of outcompeting God and Government
following the attack on your writing and research center.
Thanks to all the staff at Neo-tech Publishing for making my
transformation(and millions of others) possible.
Ignorance once dispelled can never return
-- thank you for 'popping' my mystical bubble and
waking me to life before my life slipped away. May the
memory of November 3rd live on forever.

E.C.,, 6/29/02
We must protect Neo-Tech and everything it stands for if we are to benefit from it and others now and in the future.

J. J.,, 4/11/01
Having recently read 'Conversations with God' I
am shocked and excited at the parallels between the two. The
sum is Neo-tech. I see much of the 'New-Age' as the metaphor
and Neo-tech as the practical, the application....I am ready
for the leap!

B.M.,, 5/29/97

F.L.,, 2/29/00
Right now I am in Chapter 23 of The Story, still being amazed by the story
about Miss Annabelle and Mr. Melbourne. I'm reading about the
two of them in prison and how they are coping with life. So far
this book is simply amazing how it is written and how it makes
one think how false life is. It makes you believe more in the
way philosophers think vs the way life is. How false our lives
really are but that all one has to do is free oneself to trust in
oneself because we are all Gods. But how corrupted man can be
just to be in control over another. Ego can be a bad thing
and life can be forever, but the way society tries to influence
one into believing that they are right and man has no other
way to think. Thank you so much for writing this book.

M.H.,, 6/27/97

B.S.,, 8/17/99
Before I read the Neo-Tech discoveries I drank way too much alcohol
and sugar. Since reading for the first time I have not had one
single drink. For over one year without one drink. How amazing
that is to me. My diet has changed and so have my actions towards
others in business and life.

Beth R.,, 4/2/98
I was first introduced to Neo-Tech in 1993 by a very
bright, yet still, very mystical young man. Together,
we read and re-read the literature, ordered new literature,
and slowly we grew into a fully integrated, honest Neo-Tech
couple, with our only commitment being towards mutual growth
and total honesty. Our continuous value reflection has benefited
our lives greatly. Our genuine love for one another is reflected
so clearly that it touches every life we touch. Associates and
peers are often amazed at our honesty and compassion for one
another, not to mention envious. By integrating the facts presented
by Neo-Tech and consistently sticking to THE point, rather than
being distracted by A point, we have become the gods of our own
universes. The flow of the good is beginning to come to us. We
could not have done these magnificent feats without the help
and wisdom of Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and Eric Savage.
Your endurance to the continuous struggles in the anti-civilization
serve as a beacon for all honest value-producers in the world.
My eternal gratitude goes out to all of you and your staff at
Neo-Tech Publishing for all your hard years of effort. Thank
you for making my life a pleasure to live and for giving me a
future I can look forward to.

B.C.,, 2/2/00
Neo-Tech is the only true way of living a prosperous and happy
life. The more of the concepts I put to use the better my life
gets. I now know what to look and watch for in the business world
to make myself more valuable. Thank you neo-tech for giving
me the tools to make my life more my own.

I am completely blown away by how easily you have debunked the religious myths
that I have had to live with all my life. I was raised as a Roman Catholic and
I have known that something was wrong with religion since I was 13 years old
when I stopped going to Mass and did not suffer any adverse consequences that
all my religious leaders said I would. Thank you for making thing so clear.

p.w.,, 10/3/02
neo-tech is the only approach to life. Without it one is lost and in a rut. But with neo-tech and applying it's concepts each day one builds self esteem,
wealth, and power.

L.W.,, 9/6/97
Just started reading the Zon/Neo-Tech site today and have not been
able to stop. You've produced an expanded version of Rand's philosophy for the
common man. Stay on the Web and spread the word.
Keep the bastards in their non-productive place!

A.B.,, 2/24/97
I am eager to study this so I can achieve integrated honesty.

"I was surprised that this information could be found on the web.
I look forward to becoming more in control of my destiny."
C.L.,, 1/21/97

DN,, 4/7/03
All my life I'd been forced to go to church. Even though I didn't want to
believe, I couldn't reject the idea of God, and Jesus Christ. It was
brain-washed into me. Even when I told people I didn't believe, I prayed every
night. I prayed because I was afraid of what would happen if I didn't. I feared
God. I spent most of my life afraid, even after I left home, and no longer had
to go to church. But as the years have gone by I've found it easier to think for
myself. Instead of asking God to fix my problems. I needed to face them head on,
and fix them myself. As soon as I started thinking this way, my problems seemed
to go away. I started going to sleep at night without a prayer. I started to be
happy. I began to have a vague idea of how to look at life. Neo-tech is helping
me focus what I already felt.

I find Neo-Tech very eye opening.

D.C.,, 3/31/97
It has already started to make an enormous impact on my life.

Flora K.,, 3/5/98
A lot portrayed in Neo-Tech are things that
I knew about, but did not know how to put in words. I did not know
how to stop professional mystics into neocheaters from usurping my
I could see, feel, and experience the
why's, when's, and where's (effects) but I have always looked
for the 'how's' and Neo-Tech is the first to show me the how's
(cause). Neo-Tech is the way. Keep on keeping on (Bravo).

Carole D.,, 4/24/99
I LOVE Neo-Tech!! My life is drastically
changed for the better!!! Thank you
for opening my eyes!!!

R.m.,, 5/28/01
l have enjoyed the mind opening effects, I was
a Methodist preacher
for 23ys, these readings have opened up so much that was
to me during those years.

T.F.,, 6/17/97, Canada
Your web site is a killer. My life is getting better.

R.J.,, 10/16/00
NEO-TECH has taught me things I would never
have known. NEO-TECH
made a turning point in my life in 1986 when I bought my
first NEO-TECH Book, the best bargain I ever bought in my
life I gave up sugar, caffeine, Nicotine, alcohol,
chocolate, white flour and a few
other things. This is the happiest I'VE been in my life, my
is better I am really in love and in full control of myself.
has made this MY only way to live and be happy. I am looking
forward to a long life with NEO-TECH and all my NEO-TECH
My LOVE goes out to all my Honest NEO-TECH Friends and FRANK

"This site is very informative and interesting. I'm extremely
interested in learning more."
J.S.,, 4/1/97

K.V.,, 3/30/00, Canada
It is refreshing to see a new Idea -- it seems
we actually see something NEW about every thousand years.
You might get lynched because of it. I hope authorities do
not fiddle with something so new. Good luck to you.

P.M.,, 6/18/01
Neo-Tech has taught me that 'a higher power'
isn't the way, and
that self-accountability is.

A.P.,, 4/23/97, Canada
The most interesting Web site I've read.

A joke is not understood, until you hear the punch line and sometimes
you don't get it! Neo-Tech is not understood, until you read, experience,
see, hear, feel and try every word from all the Neo-Tech writers and
all the comments, from all over the world and then use your own educated
integrated mind to find 100% HONESTY!!! Look back on your life only!
You were given no free choice! You were told everything by some one,
What to do! When to do it! Where to go to school! What to learn by teachers
that were told what to teach you! Neo-Tech will never, never, never go
away!!! BUT Dishonesty from all walks of life, will fade away, sooner
than you think!!! You can help by spreading NEO-TECH or you can set by
and procrastinate. You must Read and take action to l ive and prosper
as you were meant to.

Don't you dare take this web page down.

Maverick thinking.

T.T.,, 3/29/97
I agree this is the best site on the world wide web.

E.P.,, 10/11/97, Philippines
This is the most useful invention ever created since the beginning
of time!!! Thank you very much in advance for the most-recent
Money/Power/Romantic-Love information.

M.S.,, 5/9/99
This information helps people to be more
productive versus dependant and parasitical. I've naturally
purged anti-productive info from my our live as
a result of the knowledge gained from Neo-Tech literature.

h clark,, 4/25/00
It is a valuable source of wisdom and means of life.

Mary Lou M.,, 7/22/98
I find the information phenomenally
inspiring and worth following through on.

T.A.,, 10/30/98
I think neo-tech is the next step for mankind
and human evolution

I am new to the Neo Tech concepts and am applying what I have learned
to my life. I am happier and enjoy life better and better each day!

R.C.,, 4/27/01
The Story has helped me answer certain questions
that I thought were realistic but other people, because of
their beliefs, thought differently. I'm glad I'm not alone
in this world. I always thought I was different from
everybody else and yes I am different because I can see the
essence of things. This world will be a whole lot better if
we were all neo-thinkers. There also needs to be that
diversity among the different classes of human beings on
earth, I like to call it natural selection or the survival
of the truly honest.

I refer people to this site all the time.

J.R.,, 8/22/97
"The information that I have found on this Web-site thus far is tremendous!
I have found, even though I have just begun integrating a few of its
concepts, the information provides profound insight on how to move forward
in all aspects of my life. This material should be published freely for all
who have the insight to integrate it into their lives."

S.B.,, 2/11/97
I must commend your courage and convictions for publishing what many
might consider heretical and/or anti-establishment opinions. And for that,
whether we agree or disagree, we as Americans and free-thinking people
everywhere must applaud your efforts. Keep up the good work, and thanks.

Nick,, 6/14/02
I'm saying this with full knowledge and a deep, emotional integration: 'Neo-Tech is AWESOME'

B.C.,, 2/5/97
This is an excellent web site. As a student of Objectivism, this
program of yours seems like the next logical step in the advancement of
knowledge -- the implementation of Ayn Rand's ground-breaking work.

"I have found it very interesting."
I.F.,, 2/24/97, United Arab Emirates

Chris,, 1/16/03, Canada
I've been dangerously close for a while now to falling into a mystically-based self-contained world of hallucinations and delusions. Thank you for opening my
eyes, clearing my head, and letting me face the reality in front of me that I always knew was the

V.H.,, 2/19/01, Canada
I am a proud owner of several Neo-Tech Books.
My life is
changed by the Neo-Tech knowledge I ingested from these

Neo-Tech literature that I've so far read on the internet has been a spectacular
mind-opener. In fact, there are lots of people out there thinking the Neo-Tech
way, wondering why, in spite of their inherent integrity of thought, they
are only doomed to be outcasts in the rotten societies the world over.
The Neo-Tech literature is an invaluable source of strength to help reassure
the rationally thinking individuals that all the devious bulwarks of 'anticivilization'
are bound to collapse. Neothink is a spark to light up the way to a profound
personal growth and happiness.

F.M.,, 8/27/98
I am a long-time Neo-Tech owner (1987, roughly, still
in possession of my original manuscript) and have used NT to positively
influence my life for over a decade. I had the inestimable advantage
of being introduced to NT at a young age (15) and therefore never
wasted my early adulthood as so many of my classmates did. I
now own two successful businesses in the Atlanta area and hope
to always reap the benefits that Dr. Wallace's work, as well
as its introduction to Aristotle, Rand, and Hugo, gave me. Please
keep me informed of further developments in RIBI and of Zon.

F.E.,, 4/13/00
One of the finest books I have read.

"This is a great web site. New information that helps others
discover success in love, money, and power."
A.N.,, 5/8/97

"This is the Greatest Site on the Web because it provides the
vision of Hope and light. The ONLY elegant solution to all human
D.A.,, 6/5/97

"Interesting philosophy."
T.S.,, 1/31/97

the freedom to live it. I believe it is very important
to make Neo-Tech accessible to the masses
so that they may have the chance to free themselves the way

J. L.,, 6/8/00
I have read the Neo-Tech Discovery, and I
loved it. It
gave me insight to new exciting ways
to look at the world around me, while learning how to deal
the neo-cheaters!

"I'm so happy to see this site still standing. It is the most
thought provoking piece of literature I have seen in a long
J.J.,, 2/21/97

S.P.,, 10/1/97
Honesty Rules! Please expand the presence of Neo-Tech on the WWW.
It is extremely important that all people know where to go to learn how to think
for themselves -- neothink.

"It is my feeling that there is no other truly honest logical
distillation of life applicable philosophy being espoused."
M.C.,, 5/13/97

Sarah V.,, 6/1/98
Nothing can stop my quest for eternal life
here on earth. I always thought we should never die or get sick --
to live eternally with love over flowing. I love your Outcompete book.

"Very readable and understandable, I have learned a lot from it."
L.H.,, 6/7/97

K.J.,, 11/11/97
I am a reader of Neo-Tech and I have women hit on me all the

J.M.,, 7/20/98
Keep up the good work and real soon we can all live our lives
like we were meant to, without the government ruling our lives
and telling what is best for all of us.

T. Z.,,8/23/00, SOUTH AFRICA

Your article breathes new life into some of Einstein's and other's
most important thought experiments.

"Interesting and worth study/contemplation."
J.F.,, 1/31/97

Neo-Tech is stupendous. I discovered Neo-Tech in college. It has
provided me with wonderful insights into mankind and has significantly increased
my ability to enjoy my life. I am now reading 'Cyberspace' and am anxious to
learn how to escape the anticivi lization because the insights I have into man's
diseased mind often frustrates me, resulting in less than maximum happiness.

V.G.,, 10/4/00, Australia
The story is very well written and quite

C.L.,, 2/7/02
The more people that see this information the better off our world will be.

"Neo-Tech/Zon helps people feel their true magnificent value in
the universe. Through this, people can realize their power to
fulfill their deepest desires in life -- wealth, personal power,
control and romantic love."
F.H.,, 2/24/97

"Thoughtful and scholarly... I'm glad to see more people
recognizing the dangers of blind faith and religion."
J.S.,, 1/20/97

Yasmin E.,, 7/21/98, United Arab Emirates
I choose Neo-Tech to be on the web site. It is a must and a
necessity to fight the value destroyers and protect the innocent value
producers. Only the Neo-Tech web site helped me survive / live better.

N.C.,, 10/1/97, United Kingdom
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! ........ A hundred Million times YES!

C.D.,, 3/15/99
Have been a long time reader of the Neo-Tech
literature. What I notice is when I get away from Neo-Tech
for awhile, it's much easier to fall under the spell of
mysticism. I guess I get away because I know that it is
right and natural, and that scares me for some reason. My
brother passed away about a year and one half ago, and I saw
the direct result of a life of mysticism. I must tell you,
that scares me even more! I have rededicated my life to
living the Neo-Tech experience, and the changes mentally and
physically are tremendous. The changes have been slow and
incremental, but consistent. Neo-Tech teaches me that as
long as I am improving, eventually I'll reach my goals. I
owe Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and everybody associated
with Neo-Tech much gratitude for their identifications. It's
hard to believe that so much has been hidden from so many
for so long!

A.C.,, 8/20/02
The writers/contributors show incredible intellect and insight that should be made available to all who are interested in knowing without reservations that
there is a dark veil of dishonesty over global activity and you are providing a very special service to all. Insight/Awareness/Revelation. Thank you

Anon.,, 4/24/98

"This is refreshing! It allows me to seriously study the
possibilities cyberspace has to offer."
S.B.,, 12/19/96

J.C.,, 6/2/02
I believe it is the best hope for mankind to survive thank you

B.C.,,8/18/00, United Kingdom
How about dem' apples? You are surely golden
and delicious, your radiant pages have the potential to help a lot of
people and I hope you keep up the good work for as long as they let

D.S.,, 6/7/01, Australia
This is a great site and the BOOK is even

K.K.,, 9/25/02, U.S.
This site is a great discovery for thinkers and intellectuals. I believe it should stay online for the benefit and advancement of mankind.

"Neo-tech is unstoppable. It is strange, but as a homosexual, I
am experiencing desires for the opposite sex. I never thought
this desire could be possible. wow!!! I feel great, moving
towards or expressing my biological nature makes me feel
profoundly happy. AH! how good she looks, I can't wait to
experience pleasures together. The more objectively productive I
become, I experience these growing desires to the same degree."
L.M.,, 2/7/97

S.G.,, 8/5/00
Excellent information.

"What I have read so far is great. This just might be the info
that I have been waiting for to take advantage of the
opportunities that await me."
D.W.,, 1/26/97

E.R.,, 5/22/98
Very interesting reading.

R.S.,, 12/21/96
I spent the last 15 minutes reading about
'The Origin of Consciousness' It is the most incredible
information. I've ever read. Incidentally, I ordered my first
materials from Neo-Tech about 8 years ago. Everything I
'thought' my whole life but could never fully grasp, was right
there in black and white. Thank you immensely for having the drive,
passion, commitment, self faith, initiative, etc. to put
this information to the masses.

B.O.,, 8/12/97
"The sections about the big money job and power thinking were fantastic."

F.D.,, 8/14/97
Interesting stuff. You might also title your material 'Objectivism,
a users guide'

D.D.,, 5/7/97
I read your web site for hours. This is great info.
It's time we did something for humanity!!!!!!

G.P.,, 6/22/97
It is my hope that the whole world eventually gets a chance to read
the wisdom contained within these documents. Transformation of the entire
consciousness structure would result and the world would irrevocably be

G.S.,, 7/29/99
I am half-way through 'THE BOOK' and I feel
more powerful than I ever have.

M.S.,, 3/7/99
Neo-Tech has benefited many individuals --
including myself, it has incredible value.

T.P.,, 8/15/97
"Neo-tech should stay on the web to further the lives of everyone and
society as a whole. People need to be informed. Imformation is good and
ignorance is bad."

R.K.,, 2/4/97
Of course this site should least until the dishonesty
disease/epidemic is cured worldwide.

"Indubitably.....keep this sites, for many good reasons.....the
least of which is that it is my home page of choice !!!!!"
N.N.,, 2/5/97

"I love the search option that accompanies each work. The design
of your web site is tasteful and very intuitive. Everything I've
read so far has caused me to look at life and wish I only knew
about The Neo-Tech Discovery sooner."
E.S.,, 1/30/97

It gives me so much hope to see that there is a growing number
of people who are willing to open and USE their minds to their full potential.
This web site and The Book have helped my boyfriend and I in every area of
our life and will continue to do so as long as the truth and knowledge keeps
on spreading.

M.P.L.,, 6/21/97
I read about this site in Alan Grant's recent comic book

K.M.,, 4/30/97
What I have heard of this site is absolutely astounding. Let's put it
to good use by all and all will flourish.

A.D.,, 6/7/97, Australia
It really made me think.
I have taken some remarkable steps and made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a
lot. Now, I travel the world, expand my awareness, and make a good living.

R. O.,, 8/6/02
I first read the Zonpower Neo tech book about two years ago. Its contents and facts about being productive opened my eyes to a whole new world. I recommend

"Your web site is fabulous and filled with life saving concepts.
I have read the articles 'SILENCE the Ultimate Protector of
Individual Rights' and 'Businessmen versus Neocheaters' by Carl
Watner. Please keep up the good work. Honesty and Justice will
G.B.,, 2/27/97

A.P.,, 3/13/97, Puerto Rico
Very powerful information that properly applied can lead one to a
positive transformation from traditional living and thinking.

M.C.,, 8/26/02
In reference to your article End of Chaos: I am speechless. It feels so good!

M.S.,, 5/20/98
I think Neo-Tech is a very powerful tool that spells out in a
proven way how to succeed in life. Many people do not like Neo-Tech
because it takes away their excuse to fail.

T.K.,, 7/17/97
"Should I be reading this in the closet? Its what I have believed
all along, but were afraid to say. I had to read it over and over
again. Neo-Tech will consume you because it is the truth that we
already know."

R.W.,, 11/15/97
Neo-Tech is all we need. I cannot read enough. No one can compete
with Honesty. I know we owe Neo-Tech
& all people connected to Neo-Tech more than we can give for
a FREE World arriving sooner than expected. I want to be a Neo-Tech
man. Crime is slowing down. Thanks to Neo-Tech, Honesty is working. Try it
you'll like it.

These are the most truly valid concepts
that exist in this universe of

G.F.,, 1/7/98, Italy
done such a unique work to open the door to the returning of

M.G.,, 12/27/02
Neo-tech open my eyes and now I see the truth about this harsh world and that is priceless knowledge.

D.O.,, 6/4/99
Today while having coffee with a old good
friend, he shared with me for the first time a book by
Wallace on Neo-Tech. I ask about the book and he mentioned
that someone gave it to him a long time ago. It has changed
his whole life for the better. I got interested and asked my
friend if I could access any information on the internet.
This is valuable information that humanity needs to know to
improve our crazy ways of living and thinking. I find this
information very meaningful and important to understand and
to study. This service is very valuable to civilization but
only if we have the vision to dance in the brilliance of the
Neo-Tech thought. Thanks a million, a new truth seeker of
the Neo-Tech Knowledge and Light.

E.L.,, 1/21/00
As I keep visiting the Neo-Tech web site and reading, I see more
and more integrated honesty snapping more pieces together.
Its truly amazing. Thank you so
much for sharing this knowledge to the world.

"On my quest for knowledge I stumbled into this site. I think
that it's a great website. After visiting it I went to other
Neo-Tech web sites. Now I am a convinced about profound honesty.
I am also very excited about the O.V.M. I would like to become
part of the Cyberspace Revolution."
J.L.,, 12/18/96

"Thanks for the web site, its an oasis, and I am once again
encouraged to get on with goals rather than dragging my feet
...buzzing out, following unknown paths."
D.T.,, 4/18/97

K.T.,, 2/13/01, West Malaysia
Excellent literature!!!! I have read Neo-Tech
and I have used
it and today it makes me a better person. For the last 3
after having my first Neo-Tech literature, never before I
the Cosmic powers that works for me but also for everyone
have neo-tech knowledge. Neo-Tech teaches me to be self
of those people who neo-cheats everyday and every moment. I
actually see those neo-cheating scheme practiced by
Thanks a million Neo-Tech.

Kelly W.,, 4/28/98
I really like all of your material.

C.S.,, 10/8/97
"It's refreshing, and anyone who is visible enough to be on the IRS's hit
list, must be doing something right. All the furor over the IRS, egregious
thugs though they are, will simply disappear into the black hole of media

J.C.,, 4/12/99, England
I Feel people in general do not really know where they are
going in life never mind how to get there! They need some
positive guidance and the realization of how to follow one's dreams
and expectations and then the Know-how to be able to realize
those dreams and ambitions. Neo-Tech helps people along the
way with simple and concise methods and instructions. A lay
man's bible to the lost world of happiness and wealth. The story
needs to be told and you seem to be able to enlighten us.

M.V.,, 8/21/97
"Neo-Tech is a wonderful thing, now that I've dropped the need for
mysticism, I've quit drinking for good and have started to make a life for

C.B.,, 1/30/97
This makes so much sense, it makes you want
to go out and start hammering the politicians.

"This is a great site."
R.K.,, 2/22/97

"It has already started to make an enormous impact on my life."
D.C.,, 3/31/97

B.M.,, 7/8/02, Scotland
It makes a lot of sense and I wish you all power to your elbow. Keep up the good work to vanish all neocheaters.

"Mysticism is truly useless. Let us all pursue its extinction
immediately! Neo-tech flows through my mind unblocked by
mysticism! I am Zonpower. My children will be Zonpower. My
business is Zonpower. My new international business hyperstructure
will deliver Zonpower into the hands of 100 million individuals.
The end of the irrational/mystical is here! End of Line."
M.C.,, 6/26/97

D.A.,, 9/22/99, Australia
Thank you for Neo-Tech what an eye-opener,

C.B., .,
I owe a tremendous debt to the Neo-Tech writings and to Dr. Wallace and
associates for helping me find my essence... the essence of an artist,
a lover, a creator.

MC,, New Zealand
I think your web site is incredible it is packed with information.
I have spent hours, if not days, reading your writings and have not paid
one cent for this magnificent value.

J.L.,, 3/7/97
Keep up the good work for the most
just of ALL causes.....honesty.

B.P.,, 3/13/97
This site must remain on the web. If it were not for Neo-Tech, I

M.H.,, 10/22/00, UK
I rediscovered Neo-Tech and the story by Mark
Hamilton. The story helped to clarify many recent thoughts.
Keep up the good work and
if we all keep honestly producing valuable products that can

R.B.,, 6/29/02, Mauritius
The discoverer of Neo-Tech is indeed a super god! I deem her as the originator/creator of an expanding civilization of the universe. She remains a mighty
reference in the history of mankind since the beginning of existence; since time immemorial. O Mother of this new world ...

Neo-Tech is an eye opener, for years I blamed myself for my short comings never
seeing life as I do now. I feel my power growing inside me everyday, some people
don't believe that they can achieve anything in this world if only they would
take the time to wake up to see what's going on

J.P.,, 7/10/99
If planet earth didn't have this knowledge to
learn from, and direct us to freedom and a pure mind,
planet earth would be a paralyzing dominant world system.
You're a living god.

L.M.,, 8/17/97, Australia
"Neo-Tech is fantastic. It needs to be open to the public. So much info to

"Very professionally done web site with indexes which makes it
S.L.,, 6/20/97, Australia

J.C.,, 3/9/97
I learn a lot every time I click into this site.

C.R.,, 11/24/98
Neo-tech has become my favorite site on the web.
I can't imagine someone not learning from it. I believe
the people running this site are doing a valuable
service for the internet.

"Stay on the web? You bet! Go for it! Take over cyberspace.
----A long time Neo-Techie"
A.C.,, 6/29/97

G.H.,, America

"Thanks to you, all of my questions have been cleared, and I have
reclaimed clarity of thought and conviction of the soul,
commodities that I once had but lost. Again, sincerely, thank you
for clearing the mist in my mind, and allowing me to see what
must be done so clearly."
B.B.,, 2/4/97

"This site should DEFINITELY stay on the web. I have found that
the information in this site provides a totally new outlook to
things, and has even helped me develop personally in my work and
home environments. PLEASE don't take this site off the web."
M.B.,, 2/5/97

S.H.,, 6/18/98
Neo-Tech physics fits well with dynamical geometrics of Chaos,
the science and Meme Theory. The pieces of the puzzle will
come together if we can get some more people out of their
'stovepiped' egocentrisms. Keep up the search for truth. Thanks

B.B.,, 6/10/98
I thoroughly enjoy your web site! Thank you for being
online Neo-Tech!

J. Brown,, 9/15/01
I'm only 21 and Neo- Tech has shown me the path to a better life. The life every man and woman was meant to live. Besides putting me on the fast track to
success and having an overall advantage in this anticivilization, it has also removed the blinders from everything around me. The terrible WTC attack only
made it that much clearer that we are at the point where the world must choose. We must choose to either leave mysticism behind or be destroyed by it.

"I believe in what you are saying. I will continue to support
you. I have ordered the consultation package recently offered and
look forward to receiving it."
R.L.,, 1/8/97

"I can see the potential for the Neo-Tech mind to truly aid those
who develop and use it. The entire theory of Neo-Tech is quite
interesting, and perhaps I can use it to finally take control of
my life."
J.P.,, 5/8/97

Any philosophy that gets so called Christians saying that they would
like to see you and your loved ones dead, beaten, raped etc., has got to be on
the right path! I guess they are not so loving if they do not agree with you.
Keep it up.

C.M.,, 4/3/97, Papua New Guinea
I've never read anything like it! Its' almost unbelievable, the
differences of the Neo-Tech era is overwhelming...

K.S.,, 1/27/97, Singapore
The web site is well-arranged, offering a clear view of what is
offered. The color mix is appealing and I look forward to new ideas that will

R.E.,, 7/22/98, Australia
The information has me mesmerized.

I believe this is a most valuable site and it would be
loss to the public if this site were taken offline , I have learned
an have taken advantage of the information here and I am not alone
I this. I feel I have grown with the help of neo-tech and I wish others
the same opportunity.

R.K.,, 7/16/02
I am an original Neo-Tech literature owner and am delighted to see the literature online and available to the broadest population base possible. The
necessary changes for getting humanity into the non-mystical Civilization of the Universe are happening at
an accelerated rate.

These are the most truly valid concepts
that exist in this universe of

Neo-Tech has changed my outlook on life
but I'm still having trouble applying it consistently. THE STORY is really
helping me destroy integration blockers.

C.M.,, 8/23/99
This information is changing my life, finally a
workable plan for mankind and for life.

"I have already the NEO TECH in SPANISH. This is the BEST BOOK
that I ever read."
F.F.,, 2/25/97, Netherlands

my life spent in this upside down world. I am so excited
my new found knowledge.

B.T.,, 8/25/97
"EXISTENCE EXISTS... What a profound statement! When one lets that fact sink
in, then out the window goes the God Concept and the Creation Concept which
have been buzzing around in people's heads for centuries. Please don't ever
leave the Internet. I would like to see more comments from readers and
viewers of Neo-Tech with stories of their experiences."

I have been an honest and productive individual for the past ten years.
Neo-Tech has been the fuel that drives me. I will always be a Neo-Tech
individual, honest, integrated and powerful.

"Thought-provoking information!"
M.B.,, 3/23/97, Philippines

J.P.,, 7/3/97, England
"I found your site very influencing, aiding me in all my decisions
and allowing me to detect the menace of the neocheaters."

T.R.,, 7/5/98
I continue to look for ways in which I can incorporate the
principles into my everyday life and need to know what
I can do on a personal level to spread the all-important

E.M.,, 5/15/97
I found you site to be very informative, and in a very here-and-now
way, quite easy to follow.

B.P.,, 11/27/98
This is some of the most thought provoking information that I
have ever come across. What a coincidence that I once worked
for Dr. Wallace when he manage the dupont plant in
Louisville, Ky in 1980. It is really nice to see how much
Neo tech has expanded since I
first was introduced to it. It has greatly helped me
to see my way clear in so many ways in life.

T.B.,, 3/5/00
Neo-Tech represents the most cogent,
logic-based world view I have found. I am profoundly

M.T.,, 8/31/97
"Finally!!! It is refreshing to find a group of people who believe in
Rationality, Individual Rights, and Capitalism!!!"

"I am an owner of Zonpower and I must say I find this Web site
the perfect back up for the neo tech advantages."
M.C.,, 1/2/96, Rep of Ireland

changed my life, and I've never been happier.

V.K.,, 5/26/02
Surpasses anything I have ever read. I have a simple request to anyone who has ever read these articles -- tell some one about them and spread the
information because it is too valuable to be kept to yourself.

"great site, waiting for interactive zon."
J.M.,, 2/4/97

V.H.,, 3/7/98, ARUBA
Putting Neo-Tech on the INTERNET is the ONLY way to
massively share the knowledge and insights of this 'might' with MILLIONS
so that we all can usher the world into the NEO-TECH ERA.

"I am totally blown away. Where are you guys coming from?"
L.P.,, 1/29/97

B.S.,, 8/25/01
I found it to be a most interesting
life-altering experience.

S.S.,, United Kingdom
Let the Neo-Tech web-site flourish, with its interesting and
enlightening ideas. It is clearly a place from which positive lessons can
be learned.

M.L.,, 2/4/97
I am completely and totally at a loss for words.
I have been reading and absorbing info like a sponge.

J.E.,, 5/16/97
This is some of the most interesting concepts I have seen in years. I
am ready to learn more.

F.C.,, Ireland
It's hard to believe that once a person has read Neo-Tech books/manuscripts
that they can bury their head in the sand and pretend that it does not exist.

B. S.

If everyone had this material the good old U. S. A. would better
off. If more people don't get this information we may be in trouble

F.M.,, 10/14/97
"I enjoyed reading your site, it is full of much valuable information,"

J.H.,, 11/18/99
I think that people need to know why they feel used and why
they can't seem to get ahead in life. Why they have to struggle
and spend countless hours doing work that they despise but have
to do to beat out a meager existence. NEO-TECH offers an insight
to a better way of life that ordinary people can employ in their
everyday life that will allow them to rise above the humdrum
of a meager existence

S.B.,, The United States of America
'The Story', has finally done it, I'm dumping my ego for Neo-Tech
(Something felt wrong anyway.). Thank you. I'll never forget what you've
done for me, let alone for the human race.

E.E.,, 10/14/97
People can gain many things from Neo-Tech
including power, money, happiness, and the ability to do what
you want.

HZ,, 5/7/03, South Africa
Good ,true and powerful needs to be known by the whole world.

As I read the information, I visualize what is happening all over the world at
this time. Everything now makes sense.

T.M.,, 2/13/00, Pakistan
Neo-Tech really works

THOMAS G. A.S.,, 1/21/01, ARAPAHOE
The best information available to help every
person on this earth

A.C.,, 2/27/99
Neo-Tech should and will stay forever. Every thought I have is
geared toward collapsing the hoax of mysticism. I have been
practicing for three years building honesty within my self and focusing
on eliminating all neocheaters w/non violence thanks again.

mystics and neo-cheaters.

G.L.,, 2/2/99
Neo-Tech it is probably the most important web
site on the net.

"It's great to know better times will come."
M.H.,, 2/25/97, Germany

"I find your Neo -Tech /Zon Power amazing."
I.C.,, 5/30/97, Pakistan

D.D.,, 4/18/99
The Neo-Tech homepage has helped me grow tremendously Everyone
should give it an open minded chance.

R.B.,, 10/23/98, Australia
great to be able to re enforce concepts

M.L.,, 6/4/98
Reading the negative comments certainly decided me in your

"Please do not remove this site from the web under any
circumstances. By removing this site you will deny millions
access to Neo-Tech who want to free themselves forever from the
chains of mysticism."
W.B.,, 4/17/97

WonderingGypsy1,, 8/9/02
The worlds most valuable information is contained in part on the web. Without the Neo-Tech discoveries, the god-man capabilities, ( that exist in us all),

A joke is not understood, until you hear the punch line and sometimes
you don't get it! Neo-Tech is not understood, until you read, experience,
see, hear, feel and try every word from all the Neo-Tech writers and
all the comments, from all over the world and then use your own educated
integrated mind to find 100% HONESTY!!! Look back on your life only!
You were given no free choice! You were told everything by some one,
What to do! When to do it! Where to go to school! What to learn by teachers
that were told what to teach you! Neo-Tech will never, never, never go
away!!! BUT Dishonesty from all walks of life, will fade away, sooner
than you think!!! You can help by spreading NEO-TECH or you can set by
and procrastinate. You must Read and take action to l ive and prosper
as you were meant to.

S.Y.,, 4/13/97
As a Neo-Tech owner for over 10 years now I can say that NT, Mark,
Eric, and Frank have been the guiding light in a world full of Mysticism.

Brend A.,, 10/19/98
I am just starting to read the Neo-Tech information and am
Finding it to be very interesting and informative. It looks
like something I have been searching my whole life for.
I hope this does not leave the web, but if so, how would
one go about getting a copy of this in book form?

J. C.,, 5/31/02
It might take a while to understand, but only the real seekers will get the answers their looking for. So try to unlock the secrets. J. Campos 6/1/02

D.B.,, 7/6/98
Neo-Tech promotes the terrifying concepts of honesty, concentrated
effort, and personal responsibility. No wonder it invokes hostility
from individuals desperate to absolve themselves of responsibility
for their own lives. A difficult path you've set forth, but a rewarding

R.O.,, 8/19/98, United Kingdom
The sooner the world becomes a 'neo-tech' world the better.
It is almost beyond belief that what has happened in the past
was perpetrated upon the human race by fellow 'humans'. I wish you all
the best and hope that soon you are able to eradicate those
evil people from the world.

J.R.,, 8/22/97
The information that I have found on this Web-site thus far is
tremendous! I have found, even though I have just begun integrating a few of
its concepts, the information provides profound insight on how to move forward
in all aspects of my life. This material should be published freely for all who have the insight to
integrate it into their lives.

Seth,, 8/20/02
I think this is a brilliant site, a true treasure amongst the trash.

The Neo-Tech/Zon thinking mode has helped me integrate my
thinking with reality. This neo-think reality is a cutting edge life style
('philosophy') that strikes me as the 'true & honest' way to conduct
one's life. I want to progress even further and am excited about what the
future holds. The first book ('The Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower) Manuscript')
gets credit for opening my mind. I feel I was truly 'saved' after reading
this. Now I understand what the Baptists' mean and possibly feel when they
say they have been 'saved'!!!... So, when I have a discussion with people
of various religions, I usually tell them how I was saved with my new thinking
about life. Of course, I am labeled a 'heathen' at times, and conveniently
called an 'atheist', but it's OK with me.

C.M.,, 2/6/98
It finally pinpoints the causes
of this mess, which, up until now I had merely been looking at the symptoms.

There is a lot of valuable information to help people do better
in their lives and understand the nature of humans so they won't be in frustration
with their relationships, but rather be successful with them. It can be a
source of quick reference when you wish to review a specific topic.

"I started reading this and couldn't stop. What you have been
saying just seems to jump out and kick me. This is POWERFUL
stuff. I can't ever remember reading anything that made so much
sense. Thank you for putting this out. I will ensure that those
who are close to me, and that I care about, read this."
D.R.,, 4/29/97

G.C.,, 6/22/00
What can be said about the power that Neo-Tech
Wow! It is about time that we are offered a chance to
our own destiny.'

D.S.,, 2/26/98
Keep up the good fight and I will tell everyone I know of
this wonderful site.

"I have greatly benefited from them Neo-Tech, especially in times
of business and financial decisions. It is easy to access and
readily obtain the desired guidance and help through the search
engines or the various topic headings. Keep up the good work and
make the world a better and more prosperous place for everyone."
E.G.,, 5/21/97

Dear Dr. Frank R. Wallace and fellow Neo-Tech developers/co-workers,
I am grateful for the many important concepts that I have learned through
reading your books. I have used many of your ideas in forming my own integrations
for my own understanding, work and service.

Matthew,, New Zealand
The Story is brilliant. It delivers neo-tech concepts in an easily relatable
form, which makes me hungry for more.

D.B.,, 12/4/02
I want the access, However I'm not sure everyone should have access.

Neo-Tech has rejuvenated me.

"Extremely interesting reading. I want to know more about
E.B.,, 1/30/97

Neo-Tech, has the potential to be the source of a revolution for improvement
of the human condition!

S.C.,, 12/17/02
Neo-Tech has opened a new door for me.

N.S.,, 6/25/02, Hamilton
You cant do enough to get this powerful message out. Thank you so much for your love for the human race.

K.J.,, 1/27/97

S.F.,, 1/25/98
Neo-Tech and the 114 concepts that Frank R. Wallace has developed
has changed my life. I am more in control of my life since reading
the materials. I thank personally Frank for changing my life. You are one
of the greatest value-producer of information I will probably ever read.

"I think your site is a great asset to the Internet."
Z.D.,, 6/16/97, England

Charles,, 4/17/01
Neo-Tech gas given me new insight that
I never had before. I am grateful for the awakening and the
realization of reality.

J.C.,, 3/8/99
You have made an incredible difference in my
and my son's life!... Thank you so much.

ROZENDO,, 3/11/01

D.N.,, 12/19/99, Australia
The knowledge and the information that I have received from
you has been priceless. My life is certainly better for it.

"I have begun reading these pages and am keenly interested. I
cannot remember how I was drawn to this page but am glad I
discovered it to learn a new theory on wealth in America!!! Thank
you for putting this page out to public viewing. I expect that
many will think the theory too deep and not read all. I plan to
read all as that is how theories derive, from knowledge and
diverse knowledge."
M.S.,, 12/26/96

M.B.,, 6/29/00
It tells the truth of the days and times and
if you read it carefully, it is a mind opening

James Stauffer,, 2/9/01
As a long time owner
of neo-tech's values and belief structure it holds true ....
there is no other system out there that holds true... period
the work they have done is fundementaly proven to work

D.N.,, 11/30/99
I read some of the negative comments. I was laughing so hard.
Those religious nuts are so stupid with their blind faith and
sheeplike nature. I have no belief in a god or Fear of a
god. One more thing, premarital sex is not a sin. Killing a
man or stealing is a sin. I have never sinned.

P.R.,, 4/6/98
Your work is very important and right on!! Thanks!!

L.B.,, 2/22/97
This site lets the world know that sooner or later Neo-Tech people
will rule the world!

S.B.,, 1/21/02
Therefore the neo-tech web site will be fundamental in the realization of the civilization of the universe for planet earth. THANKS FOR BRINGING NEO-TECH TO

Incredibly valuable.

M.M.,, 2/7/97

P.O.,, 1/31/97, Netherlands
Absolutely very helpful in achieving several important goals in my
life and work.

"Jesus' secret message about discovering a Neo-Tech consciousness
is super-duper...... Super! I love it!"
A.A.,, 3/29/97

Neo tech provides everyone with the tools for infinite riches
and happiness.

N.M.,, 2/29/00, Australia
These ideas are good and certainly many people
may gain wealth from the Story!

M.P.,, 9/9/97
Welcome to the new world of peace and harmony!!!!!!

J.B.,, 5/31/02
Neo-Tech web site has grown to such an extent from a year ago, it would seem as if something very important is missing from your life if Neo-Tech was no

"I thought it was excellent. It taught me things about using the
mind that I never thought possible. I am eager to learn more."
D.Y.,, 1/11/97, Canada

B.T.,, 8/25/97
"EXISTENCE EXISTS... What a profound statement! When one lets that fact sink
in, then out the window goes the God Concept and the Creation Concept which
have been buzzing around in people's heads for centuries. Please don't ever
leave the Internet. I would like to see more comments from readers and
viewers of Neo-Tech with stories of their experiences."

W.H.,, 4/25/99, United Kingdom
This site is a must. Three or four years ago I read for the
first time The Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower). Although I knew it was
a new concept that was truly amazing, I just didn't have the
nerve to put it into practice. Now, I have read God-Man our
final evolution and am reading Neo-Tech discovery,
I can detect mysticism whenever it crops up in myself and
other people.

H.M.,, 9/11/01, Canada
The information supplied on the NT site and also the books have given me the hope for a better life.

P.J.,, 2/28/98, Canada
I love the Neo-Tech concepts and will devote my life to
mastering them and utilizing them to the fullest.

C.H.,, 5/16/98
This is the most rewarding info.
I have found in my life, I can't get enough of it. I have told many of
my friends and they are wild about.
I wish to thank you all for the great news you bring to everyone
who is willing to open there mind and be free.

D.M.,, 6/30/98
Thanks to Neo-Tech,
I have a clear understanding of who and what I am.

M.A.,, 7/20/97
"I've got to have this stuff...looks like the solutions to my
problems....and civilization's"

P.M.,, 8/8/97, Australia
I think it is essential that N-T stays on the web.
It is time to unplug the ugly waters of mysticism and free
mankind from the sludge that we were in.

T.R.,, 1/11/98
Very informative, could not stop reading!

The web will create the next generation of
neothinkers. There is so much influence from all sides
these days, people need a way to find the truth and render
some sort of mental clarity, Neo-Tech does just that.

S.F.,, 7/23/98
What in the world are you talking about here? Where are your
methods for achieving what you say you will? All I see is obvious
commentary on the way things are and the way they could be. Ok,
so how do I achieve those things?

L.H.,, 6/18/97, Germany
I've read Neo-Tech. There is no other way of thinking and living for

,, 5/9/00
The NT needs to stay on the web. Just read the
comments section and see the fear that grips people when
they are
confronted with the prospect of being responsible for their
lives. It shouldn't be that way. Cage an animal for too long
and it doesn't want to be free. Freedom however is a
thing, you just have to learn how to deal with it. The more
learn, the better the world will be.

B.T.,, 4/29/97
Mark Hamilton's "2001: The New Code" blew me away!

P.C.,, 6/2/99
The information is very mind opening and important.

M.R.,, 4/14/00
This web site is an excellent resource to
consult everyday to make the transition from being a follower to being an
intellectual leader. I try to integrate something that I learn from this
web site everyday.

B.E.,, 7/20/99
Neo-Tech makes the anticivilization appear as though it were
an ant on the sidewalk. When integrated honesty is entered into
the equation, things really are as a true Neo-Tech person views
them. Enjoy the fight against the anticivilization it is
still quite massive -- but not 4 long though -- it is one
big rock and Neo-Tech is the jackhammer.

New And Valuable Insight's Into Life. Allows A Person To View
The World & Life From A New Perspective. I Also Find The Historical Fact
Not Usually Talked About Interesting. Has Allowed Me To Gain A Better Understanding
Of What Has Happened In The Past As Well as Today.

R.W.,, 3/23/98
Been reading Neo-Tech. Love it! Apply it to my life
everyday. People around me are scared because of it. They are
always wondering what I=D5m up to because their mystical minds
can only understand status-quo bullshit and cannot begin to stay
ahead of a Neo-Tech/Neo-Think mind. This is how AND why we will
soon win the battle AND the war of the minds!!!

R.R.,, 9/17/98
This is one of the most energizing sites I have ever
accessed on the net. It should be written into the constitution
of the world.

G. R.,, 4/5/00, South Africa
Extremely exciting stuff!

C.P.,, 5/8/02, England

W.D.,, 4/19/03

K.L.,, 5/10/98
Dear Neo-Tech, I think your publications are rooted in
honesty and should be required reading in all grade schools. The
information offers hope and fulfillment to those enlightened enough to
ascribe to those principles as set forth in the many treasured Neo-Tech
manuals. Your writings are of a lost art and need to be resurfaced,
so as the masses once again may regain control of their own lives;
and so each human being can live life to it's infinite capacity while
enjoying the effects of the Natural Laws that were originally
intended for Mankind to live and work by. You're writings are
based on unbending Universal truths (honesty) that are absolute
in content and has the complete support of science. Personally,
I am very grateful to all of the Neo-Tech staff who are guided
by their own individualism to create such masterpieces of literature
for the distribution to all honest-seekers. Thank you
for your guiding support. I wish all at Neo-Tech the prosperous
and fruitful offerings of the Universe. Infinitely Grateful.

D.S., sezampro.yu, 4/22/97, Yugoslavia
Your site is absolutely essential.

B.E.,, 12/1/99
NEO-TECH must stay if humanity want's to live.
I mean really live. Neo-Tech's info is POWERFULL.

Anon,, 1/30/03
Neo-Tech is a great tool for anyone seeking to do great things with his or her life. Thanks to rational thinking, I have avoided the path often taken by most
who have allowed themselves to let someone do the thinking for them. This web site inspires me to
continue on the same path. Thank you.

S.K,, 8/2/97, India
"I found Neo-Tech most progressive, scientific and educative."

J.W.,, 2/10/97
Your web site is absolutely necessary, many people need to see this.
To sum it up, CATALYST.

P.G.,, 12/25/96
I found the information here extremely informative and I plan to put
it to good use. This is a must-see web site for anyone interested in winning.

M.D.,, 4/14/97
The Neo-Tech home page gets a big thumbs up.

V.G.,, 8/26/97
"I think Neo-Tech is great"

B.L.,, 3/7/99
Neo-Tech is consistently the most rational, honest literature,
on the web or otherwise. Thank you, Wallace, Hamilton and
all for this philosophy of greatest
importance. And to all the critics of Neo-Tech, remember this
point; Neo-Tech is a business, and if the people don't like it,
they won't buy it! And that's all there is to it.

what you are doing is almost overwhelmingly beautiful.

M.S.,, 5/3/99
This web site combined with active promotion of Neo-Tech
principles can begin the revolution against the anti-capitalistic,
anti-intellectual, anti-reality, anti-life trends which
dominate our society and culture.

I would like to see the world become a free society, but with the way
things are going in the world I don't see this happening soon. If more
people are exposed to the information on this web site they will see
how things can become.

C.C.,, 2/19/97, France
Good site, it must stay on the web.

N.Q.,, 1/27/97
This is by far the best page on the net!!!

C.P.,, 11/4/02
To all those who sent you negative comments: If you truly had 100% faith in your own beliefs, then you wouldn't fear this site nor the people behind it --
won't God overcome? Why would this site, or anything else, be a threat to God? Isn't God the Supreme Being, and hence, above and beyond the threat of man?
Won't Jesus save? Since God has a Divine Plan, wouldn't this be part of it? AND, if not, how do you rationalize common, 'lowly' and 'evil' humans corrupting
your ALL-POWERFUL GOD's work? Isn't God stronger than that? More powerful than a few sinners? If your God is so powerful, and you have so much faith in Him,
why doesn't this site threaten you so much?

C.R.,, 2/16/97, South Africa
Brilliant Publications. Keep Up The Outstanding Work.

The words synchronize with my mind.

T.K.,, 12/22/98, Malaysia
Wonderful job!

S.C.,, 8/24/97
"Thank you, Dr. Wallace for changing my life."

The bottom line is 'without Neo-Tech there is no hope' We need the
valuable information that Neo-Tech provides us. There is not much information
that can be trusted from the media as they only tell one side of the story and
are very good in starting pa nic. They never tell us about how the politicians
are ruining our lives by faking progress while ruining the economy. The only
hope for us is Neo-Tech which will destroy 'Mysticism'.

D.Y., .,
The more people that know about Neo-Tech and apply what they learn, we may
possibly witness the next evolution of mankind.

D.Z.,, 4/28/99
Neo-Tech opened up my eyes in this upside down
world run by the parasitical elite class who live by
usurping the livelihoods of the value producers. Enlightened
by the works of Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, I
will continue to provide productive values as we race
against time to the Civilization of the Universe. Godspeed
Dr. Wallace and fellow Neo-Tech'ers.

D.C.,, 12/6/02
I have been fortunate to have had neotech material for about 3 years, these books have opened my eyes to the deceptions that are perpetrated on us
continually by neocheaters. There is no other information source that I know of to learn the real truth abou

"Brilliant and Prophetic!!! 1984's 'Big Brother' is driven back
by the slaves he subjugates. Ayn Rand's theory, 'Money is the
root of all good,' emerges victorious."
K.N.,, 3/6/97

K.R.,, 10/12/00
For someone to truly understand Neo-Tech, they
have to understand that what they believe is evil or
unproductive is not what really is evil or unproductive. The
vice versa works the same. What they currently think is good
and productive could actually be, in reality, self
destructive and unproductive.

"I find Neo-Tech fascinating."
Daisy D.,, 5/21/97

"I am finding the information very interesting and revealing."
J.M.,, 3/17/97

G.B.,, 1/10/98, Canada
Please continue the good work. The truth must and will prevail.
I continue to refer all of my friends and contacts to your web-site.

B.S.,, 2/21/99
Many positives for me have come out of the literature
and more with every read.

S.G.,, 7/18/00
Your materials are by far the best in the
world. Period.

"The site is great."
L.C.,, 4/20/97, Australia

"This is fascinating literature. It will take me many months to
comprehend all this, but I am very curious."
E.O.,, 3/9/97

R.M.,, 5/11/97
Your material is about the best reading on the Web. Very

R.A.,, 7/22/99
Great reality oriented philosophy. This site is a great
arms dealer to freedom in the war between freedom and enslavement
of man's mind. I am 18 and believe that with the growing dissemination
of NT and rate of human progress biological immortality is
within reach for this generation.

C.P.,, 11/25/98
It's intellectually challenging.

T.B.,, 4/16/98

J.T.,, 8/8/01
This goes against everything I was ever taught
by my parents and relatives

D.M.,, 1/4/01
Neo-Tech has awakened my mind. It is the most
important piece
of literature that I have found. If everyone used the
described in this literature the world would be a better
place for us all.

Neo-Tech is the greatest book ever written.
It has completely changed my life.

E.K.,, 2/28/98
Keep up the good work, there is nothing like the
truth to make people take note of their surroundings, and reevaluate
their situation. Anything to make the ears prick up.

Pamela M.,, 3/10/98
Since discovering Neo-Tech I feel hope again!

G.B.,, 7/18/99
Neo-Tech delivers great information.

E.S,, 8/7/97, Canada
"Neo-Tech must stay on the web! Finally people will open their eyes to the
corruption of politicians, lawyers and other dishonest humans."

T.S.,, 2/19/00, England
A work of pure mind-blowing genius. Eloquently
adapted and universally functional.11 out off ten.

Ben,, 8/20/01
I really enjoy the NTN posts. There are a lot
of good ideas
being expressed and it helps keep you focused when there
are people that you can relate to philosophically.

J.M.,, 2/21/99
Since reading God-Man, and the rest of Neo-Tech,
my life has taken a serious turn toward infinity.
I see very large-scale, grand plans for mankind, where I only
saw humdrum, day-to-day boring life before. Every day is filled
with excitement, and I long to read an article, watch a TV news
program, or surf an online article, about just how technically
advanced we are becoming. Just think what the world could be
like -- right now -- if Plato had Neo-Think! I'm sure that our
entire galaxy would have been mapped out, shuttles would be running
back and forth to Alpha Centauri and other 'local' systems, and
plans would be in the hopper for 'near-galactic' explorations.
Science, medicine, technology, biology, you name it. All levels
of conscious thought a thousand times more advanced than modern
computer technology! Coming from a Roman Catholic, and, Orthodox
Jewish upbringing, Neo-Tech is a breath of fresh, fulfilling
air, both for my lungs, and my mind!

C.T.,, 7/27/98, Germany
I think you are one of the honest and brave men, a good
educated intellectual
with merciful heart to the human beings who are hoped, needed
and wanted by the people of this human society. I hope you can
succeed in your work!

"Neo-Tech has helped me think much clearer and I am doing much
better in my business."
D.P.,, 6/12/97

B.N.,, 9/12/01
I have purchased many Neo tech products, they have opened my eyes to the truths and realities of the world and all the deceptions and lies that are out

R.M.,, 2/26/97
I think Neo-Tech offers the right mentality of honesty and integrity
for one to prosper and be happy.

I.R.,, 1/29/03
I keep re-reading the concepts and every time I glean ever newer integrations.

R.B.,, 6/4/98
Surprised and pleased to discover Neo-Tech -- an incredible
surfing find.

A.L.,, 7/27/98
An infinite array of values for the mortals on this planet.

H.H.,, 12/11/98, New Zealand
N.T has certainly changed my thinking for the better
and my life has increased in value 10 fold in 4 years after
stagnating for years before N.T. My company is prosperous and going
forward and I now employ nine people. I enjoyed travelling to Vegas
from New Zealand for the Ted Nicholas conference and in my view
was money well invested. I look forward to similar conferences
promoted by N.T. in the future. The ideas and knowledge picked up at
the Ted Nicholas conference are invaluable and already my
company is diversifying into other areas of marketing for a dynamic
and successful 1999. I haven't been to the States for over 20
years and it was the dynamics of N.T. and putting the N.T.
philosophies in place that has allowed me the luxury of travelling.
Before N.T. that would not have been possible. Although I am in the
early stages of Parkinson's, I am still able to work 12 hour days
and I am optimistic there will be a cure in the not to distance
future. I get my strength from the writings of such value producers
as Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and others on the tough days.

K.R.,, 2/13/00, Australia
The beauty of N-T is its ability to allow one to view
reality and separate it into 2 worlds (the non-mystical and
mystical) thus gaining a metaphysical vision with different viewing
channels of perception. Great advantage !

P.I.,, 3/7/00
I can't wait to come home from work ever
since I started reading 'The Story' from your website until I am done.
I can see through my mind's eye the events unfolding before me,
as if I am there present and observing what is happening,
which touched me emotionally and moved me to tears
as I read every chapter! It's great, unique, prophetic,
and enlightening! Well done! And thank you for
the intangible values you have given us.

Every Success

Gayle G.,, 4/28/98
This site must never, ever, be taken off the web. Unlike
so many deleterious influences in the world--media, television,
family, peers/associates, tricksters, clergy, politicians,
advertisements, and literature, every integrated word is truth. Nothing else
in the world is like that, and I can not explain to you the affect
this has on my entire being except that upon reading it something
in me cries in joy and relief. The majority of our society is urgently
in need of being de-programmed. Unfortunately, most are sadly resistant
to changing a self-destructive
way of thinking that is deeply embedded in their minds and souls
from childhood, and that almost everyone has in common. So the
more neo-tech people there are, the easier it will be for the
rest to change. Neo-tech has given me the wings with which to fly out of
the muck.

a.a.,, 7/24/01, uk
The Story' on the internet is mind blowing!!

L.J.,, 1/14/97

C.K.,, 12/22/97
I like the way Neo-Tech shows me what is really happening in
the world and in everyday living. After reading Neo-Tech, I can
usually tell if a person I am talking to is being honest or not.
I feel I am much more in touch with reality than I was before
I read Neo-Tech.

The Zonpower/Neo-Tech Discovery has totally changed my
life forever.

C.R.,, 2/16/97, South Africa
Brilliant Publications. Keep Up The Outstanding Work.

"I really like the idea behind Neo-Tech and enjoy it being on the
C.T.,, 3/2/97, Canada

"I am a devout Objectivist. This is all VERY impressive."
C.B.,, 4/3/97

Garwin E R.,, 2/7/02
I have read most of everything you have written in the last ten years, and have always been supremely happy with the values delivered, but you have struck
'pure gold' with this book, and have made it not only easy but enjoyable to warm one's attention of involvement with Neo-Think. ll done, kudos, kudos, KUDOS.

"I had not heard of the advanced concepts prior to browsing this
site; I found it to be an extremely interesting editorial choice;
my compliments to the selector."
R.L.,, 5/9/97

m.s., , 5/4/01
It has transformed my life.

R.H.,, 7/22/02
I love and adore your site.' You say things in powerful way.

T.S.,, 4/25/98, Denmark
I like your material.

S.V.,, 12/2/98
I have detected some additional contrasts between Oism and NT. Oism was
really Rand's baby and NT could rightly be called Wallace's. By the time
FRW was formulating the first "psychuous" work he was reintegrating the
splinters from the original Rand work. The ensuing development of NT
integrated even more material from other sources.
Specifically, Randian oism by the 70's had ejected or rejected N.
Branden and Libertarianism (and indirectly Harry Browne). Rand had also
made it very clear that she did not want the philosophy of oism to deal
with human psychology in depth and that she did not want the oist
metaphysics to deal with cosmology (which she said is better left to the
scientists) just ontology. Neither did she ever explicitely identify the
logical conclusion and "final destination" of her work--biological
immortality must be the primary goal if the individual is the highest
FRW wove all the incredible contributions of these great thinkers back
together, tossed in Jaynes work on consciousness, contemporary physics
and cosmology, revolutionary biological research and the computer chip
and NT was born. With an in your face aggressive take no prisoners
attitude it's no wonder he and NTP chose an unusual method of marketing.
NT is not a philosophy. It has a philosophical component which is Oism.
But NT is much more. It is a widely integrated action oriented

"Skeptical at first but after I started reading some of the
articles, I said to myself how can you argue with something that
just makes sense. Very refreshing readings. I'll be back."
B.K.,, 2/28/97, Canada

E.G.S.,, 9/6/01
I have been a N/T owner, since 1987, I at that
time was a long time alcoholic,
had attended numerous self-help seminars, at no avail. I had
been a charismatic bible thumper, even with my drinking. In
1995 I was involved in a serious auto accident (while drinking)
nearly killing me and two other person in the other auto. I decided
at that point with the knowledge of N/T and the
strength it gave me I would never touch another drop of
alcohol again, and I have not. The information contained within the
pages of N/T have given me the gift of happiness and wealth of
knowledge and a new look at my future health.

H.C.,, 4/1/02, U.S.A
I love your site.

"The info that is online is great."
J.L.,, 5/7/97

"I have enjoyed reading about gravity units, something I was just
thinking about."
T.H.,, 1/24/97

best book in my opinion.

R.L.,, 1/27/98
Thank you very much for the opportunity to give you some
feed-back. Last August, I had a $1000/wk cocaine habit and hadn't seen my child
in month's. I called my Ex-wife in deep despair, she 'turned me on' to
Neo-Tech. Now I live a guilt free existence free of drugs and focused on value
production. I've been able to get my life back together and I am leading a
happier life. I just wish I had discovered this earlier. Once again thank you.

Thank you very, very much for sharing too much vital, unprecedented, threatening,
classified TOP SECRET Information with everybody. I Love you!!!! You stir my
inspiration and understanding of this evil & chaotic world.

I am emotionally integrated with the struggle identified,
accepted, started, and maintained by John Flint and Frank Wallace. And
on that glorious day when we are together on the beaches of the world celebrating
the end of the asshole-civilization (I mean anticivilization) I want to
personally shake the hand, hug, and kiss the man who simply DAY-AFTER-DAY

A.D.,, 9/22/98, United Kingdom
Everything that is ever said from Neo-Tech cannot be argued
against, unless “they' are scared and trying to hold onto a false
value-destroying pseudo-life. I love pointing out
mysticisms to other people, then slowly watching the clarity wash
over their guilt drawn faces movingt them towards a guiltlessly
uplifted, happy face. ...The best face-lift you could ask for!!!

T.S.,, 4/25/98, Denmark
I like your material.

,, 1/16/03
Life finally makes sense

G.G.,, 8/10/97
YES! Neo-Tech will remain on the web. Neo-Tech can't be
stopped, even if it were banned from the web. The Neo-Tech web site IS
the most valuable web site in Cyberspace, and Dr. Frank Wallace is a

G.A.,, 2/26/97
I am really interested by your
comments on living like a millionaire by the year 2001.

never read information more interesting and eye opening than Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech is the pot of gold

J.P.,, 4/23/97

D.C.,, 3/6/00
Mr. Hamilton, I've only completed two chapters
of your story so far, but it's already touched something
deep inside me. I know this because a swell of emotions come
up and makes me cry. I remember reading somewhere that
crying because of happiness comes from years of repressed
emotions...well, I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it
has touched me so far.
I absolutely love hearing about people that care. Annabelle
really truly cares about her students, and that makes me
happy. There are several homeless people who live around me
here in Boston and I feel like going out and giving them
food right now...a little inconvenience for me, but a BIG
deal for them. That feels good too.
I see where you are going...I run my own Internet business
and am constantly thinking of new ways to create value for
people...more ways to make money. I already have a 'staff'
of people around the world that I pay for advertising
services. My business grew 10 fold last year. I grossed
almost a quarter million last year! And I'm still in my
I really wish there were people like Annabelle out there. I
don't know any. The only person who comes close, the only
person who really encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit, was
my mother. God bless her. All my teachers in high school and
college sucked. I got a 'D' in every business class I took
because I wasn't afraid to challenge what the tenured
professor was saying.
Anyway...I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Just thought
I'd send a quick comment. You're awesome.

WC,, 5/30/03
To whom it may concern, I found "God-Man Our Final Evolution" very
insightful and rewarding. My friends and family were astounded by the vast
knowledge this book held.

D.S.,, 11/4/01
I have started reading 'The Book' last week and I can't put it down. MY wonderful companion Marian bought your book and insisted I read it. We take turns
when the eyes get tired. Wish I had read it a few years ago. Maybe it would have prevented me from
bankruptcy and depression and helped me to learn about success from within ME. I guess it's never to late to learn and start over on a positive journey.
The Book should be required reading for all college students. What a wonderful World it would be.

S.B.,, 1/20/00
A very informative web site. Information and truths you don't
find in everyday news sources. Please keep up the good work!
With folks like you, maybe we can get our country back into
the hands of the people and out of the hands of the bureaucrats.

Can't even begin to describe it. Absolutely
fabulous. Finally, no more fear, no more tears, and no more pain. Much love
to all involved who have stuck with it to make this miracle available. Thank
you to those who know.

"I really like the concepts."
D.R.,, 4/22/97

J.S.,, 10/1/97
Neo-Tech must remain on the web. For without Neo-Tech, disarming
professional neo-cheaters, value-destroyers could not be possible by the year
2000 A.D. Neo-Tech is the future.
I am pleased with the recent IRS exposure. While still in the very early stage
of media attention, the IRS and their force-backed agendas will soon be expunged
with Neo-Tech's forthcoming triumph over them.

Lee,, 5/31/01
Neo-Tech gives me a reason to want to live

M.B.,, 10/25/98
Do you ever reply to any of these comments? This is my third
time writing and I don't think you have read the first two.
Can I get an E-mail address of someone in your group?

john,, 5/12/01
I think this web site is a valuable tool for
the honest minded
person.. It is a great tool for people seeking to learn more
about reality.

E.C.,, 2/21/97
This is an eye-opening as well as a mind-opening and educational web

J.B.,, 8/26/97
It puts reason in an era without reason.

"I had not heard of the advanced concepts prior to browsing this
site; I found it to be an extremely interesting editorial choice;
my compliments to the selector."
R.L.,, 5/9/97

J.A.,, 2/1/99
I love my Neo-Tech book, it has answered all my questions.

T.D.,, 11/13/99
I find your web site fascinating. This information should be
available to all. Those that continue to attack and
criticize this work are only afraid of truth--refusing to go beyond
their limited thinking.

D.K.,, 1/19/99, United Kingdom
The concepts have changed my expectations of
life and my opinion of the 'higher authorities'.

K.T.,, 5/13/97
I have received more valuable knowledge from Neo-Tech than my
previous twenty years of schooling. I now have the most incredible
romantic-love relationship with the woman of my dreams. I have left a mystical
profession and now am starting my own business. The web site is the most
valuable web site on the Internet. Thank You Neo-Tech!

"What I have read is truly interesting. More people need to be
exposed to these ideas."
R.S.,, 6/5/97

Awakening of knowledge is a blessing.

T.M.,, 8/22/97
"I have been an Neo-Tech owner for 3 years and am very happy having been
exposed to Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech has been the best thing to come into my life."

First, I would like to thank all the people that have worked so
hard to bring the Neo-Tech to our world. The information contained in the writings
has changed my life for better. Don't stop trying to get the message of total
integrated honesty out to the our world. The betterment of our future depends
on the honesty of all individuals.

P.P.,, 3/8/00
Many thanks to the author of 'the story' 1-19.
It was a fun way to re-integrate with the NT concepts. One
metaphor I hadn't caught before was the idea that a Neothink
success puzzle is like a map, and you can follow that map to
the future instead of following external authority to an
unchanging present.

Anon,, 6/13/02
Very interesting...I came across this site quite by accident. '...a compatibility of humor is one of the most enjoyable aspects of friendships and
romantic-love relationships.' How very true.

This is one of the most thought provoking
sites on the Web today! This site is a way for me to stay connected to Neo-Tech,
24/7. The Neo-tech web site is an important key in the flow of information
that I believe is needed in the 21st Century.

A.K.,, 12/11/96
I recently read an article on your web site which
speaks of how the self evident truths of the world
and existence itself are distorted in an effort to
control the masses. I have always believed this
myself, and would like to hear more about it.

E.E.,, 7/11/97
I completely agree with you on the dishonesty and mystical
thinking crap. I also like your readings on biological immortality
because I think its completely possible.
The only thing holding us back is the religions (mysticism)
saying 'Its not right. We must die to go to
heavens pearly gates'. Screw heavens pearly
gates. I want to be immortal and completely free
of mysticism to gain ultimate power and
happiness the right way not the neocheat way.
Thank you NEO-TECH. You better stay on the
web. Your info really helps.

D.S.,, 12/2/98

M.L.,, 5/14/98, Australia
I believe we all have investments
in this world and we all have to come to grips with the fact
that we all have to exchange the bad for the
good. Neo Tech and cyberspace will help those to maintain momentum in
growth. Keep up the good work
Frank Wallace and all at Neo Tech.

R.A., , 9/10/02, Canada
Life is always interesting for the Neo-Tech man and that is the case for me at this point in time and space.

The neo-tech discovery was one of the most fascinating books I have
ever read.

"This site has opened my mind to the truth about life."
N.J.,, 4/1/97

O.H.,, 6/21/97, Netherlands
Very informative site.

C.P.,, 2/24/98, South Africa
Neo-Tech gave me a fresh burst of energy to pursue my life
long dream.

Robert D Schneider,, 2/9/01
I have never read anything so breathtaking in
my 36 years of
life .You might say That I Have been Reborn. So please stay
on line or it Might Be the Death of Us All...!!!!!!! Give those
Neocheater hell. You have the rats running into the walls
lets burn the building and get rid of them all.

C.A.,, 3/22/00
I have purchased the book and since then my life has definitely
taken a change for the best. the more I reread the book the
more I progress in my life and my bank account. I always
recommend the advise to others and am quickly on my way to becoming a
millionaire. my friends are always asking what I'm doing, I just tell
them I'm living life to it's fullest and leave it at
that...hahaha thanks for showing me true life.

J.F.,, 7/23/02
I have often wondered what motivates anyone to want to be employed by the IRS. Is life so tough and their talents so meager they must resort to harassing
fellow Americans just to make a living?

T.W.,, 7/22/97
"I have been a fan of quantum physics for a long time. The limited
time i have been exposed to Neo-Tech it has given me a new
paradigm to non-linear dynamics and mass to energy relationship.
Only linear thinking would fear this expansion of thought."

J.C.,, 7/5/00
This is the best thing since sliced
bread. I'll be glad to see you expand in the coming years. Thank you
very much.

J.J.,, 7/10/00
Mind expanding.

P.D.,, 6/2/98
I am very impressed with all literature I have read.
Please keep up the great work so we
can snuff out the Parasitical Elites. Thank You !

V.H.,, Canada

"I feel that the Neo-Tech web site is a fundamental necessity in
that it provides for the amateur Neo-Techer a library of wealth
and knowledge that could not be accessed by mystic government
libraries that don't care to express all points of view. So in my
humble opinion this web site will change the way people see their
lives and ultimately save the world."
E.F.,, 5/19/97

This is definitely a challenge to my externally superimposed authority seeking "moral" upbringing.
Since I began (doubfully!) reading The Book, I have seen changes in all areas
of my life. I have never been happier, and I am seeing my true personality- lost
to me since my teenage years-returning stronger everyday.

Neo-tech allows us to look beyond what is on the surface into what is.

Cry,, UK
Neo-tech the only way to the future world.

Hello, When I first found Neo-Tech fifteen
years ago, I discarded it as rubbish. These past fifteen years have been
a challenge in many ways. Since being re-introduced to it a year ago, my
life is now changing for the better
since discovering the truth. Thank you and keep up the good work. J

G.V.,, 10/23/98
I think that pleasure, happiness and joy are pale reflections
of being itself. Pleasure always takes a direct object: for
instance, ice cream or sex or money. Happiness is the order that one
places these things in so for instance if one accounts money a
greater good thing than say recreational time, in the pursuit of
money one will find happiness. Obviously, happiness doesn't have
any lasting significance though its duration is related to ones
will or need rather than how full your belly or sex drive is.
When the dark side of being human becomes apparent through death,
meaninglessness or despair, pleasure and happiness fade into
oblivion. What can take its rightful place at that time is
joy. Joy is the transcendent portion of being human- of human
awareness where the infinite becomes incarnate. It is poetry. It is
indifferent to pleasure and happiness so seek well the direction of your

I am thoroughly intrigued by the site and the information.
I recently ordered the books and am impatiently awaiting their arrival.
I was a bit reluctant to order after reading a few of the negative
comments but have since learned that we were given free will by GOD
and therefore are entitled to the abundance HE has promised.

D.R.,, 12/11/96
Having read much of your Profound Honesty article, I feel
you are on to something. I must say, I admire your desire and pursuit to
make life better. I can march with you with love.

"I have an unmistakable feeling that you know what you are
talking about. You are good."
D.D., co.c, 1/24/97, Cyprus

"Your web page is nicely laid out and interesting."
G.B.,, 1/21/97

Hello Mark, The Story was fabulous, it should be read by everyone.
This new approach to explaining Neo Tech through fiction is a great concept,
it cuts through to the essence of what Neo Tech is trying to accomplish. Also,
if it is really Mark reading th is email, I am very interested in joining the
fight. What do I need to do to start my own Church of God-Man. I have a lot of
past success in start up operations and I'm sick of reading literature, I want
to take action. I live in the Seattle area and w ant to be apart of your team,
what can I do? We are on the brink of jumping to the next evolution, I believe
now is the time. Lance P.S. Where can I get more Neo-Tech products, I haven't
seen the Neo-Tech Marketplace in a long time. I want to be able to purchase more

B.Z.,, 1/15/98
I'm only a 21 year old Psych student but see the future as
described by Neo-Tech.

J.Y.,, 7/9/97, Malaysia
"I find that this homepage is very interesting, very powerful and

D.K.,, 10/23/97
"Any organization that brings forth the truth without
editing is phenomenal and unusual. I wonder sometimes
how long it will take before Clinton buys or scares you
off. I hope never."

G.O.,, 8/3/00
There is no future without Neo-Tech. It is the
only way to have access to valid knowledge. Also the only way to biological
immortality, wealth and happiness. Ever since I was a small child, I sensed
there was something wrong with the world; after so many years I found
my answer in Neo-Tech

S.A.,, 6/7/01, Australia
G'day, I think neo-tech is the most profound
literature I have
ever come across. I cant express enough how much the first
I read affected me, after reading The Neo-Tech Discovery
I felt like crying because it taut me things about myself
I knew were there but didn't know how to deal with, like
thoughts that I had, now I am free from that stupid disease,

M.E.,, 3/15/98, Australia
I love what Neo-Tech stands for. Words can
not express the way Neo-Tech makes me feel. It feels like I've
spread my wings and I'm free. Free from the professional mystics
and neocheaters. My goal now is to become ZON!

"Neo-Tech belongs on the net."
M.B.,, 6/18/97

Herb,, 7/30/00
I ENJOYED THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A.P.,, 6/26/98
Neo-Tech is phenomenal. It is the largest source of rational,
objective information I have ever found. As a 17 year old entrepreneur
who has started several businesses, I find the information provides
further clarification to my own beliefs, as well as refines practical
applications of business, time management, and mental organization.

"The site is quite extensive with additional information I have
been able to connect with my copy of Zonpower. I will visit
D.K.,, 12/18/96

Tina G.,, 10/1/99
Thank you for publishing such important
materials. I want to free myself of the mysticism and
neo-cheaters in my life.

E.B.,, 12/2/98
I'm a 27-year-old man seeing the world on the dawn of a new
age! Those people who refuse to see the world in any
other light then the one they have been taught by
Neocheaters should open their minds
to the most enlightening, amazing and thought provoking revaluation
to date. If you don't believe in what Neo-Tech is saying, at least
use the information on life, love and money to improve your self!

b.j.,, 4/3/02
I absolutely love neo-tech! It is right it is just and it has me growing again as we all must. The thought of growing infinitely into eternity puts me into state of elation, the reality of that thought would be as great as creation.

J.L.,, 3/5/00
I think that Neo Tech is the most advanced freedom philosophy
extant in today's world. It has helped me a great deal to
better understand what is going on.

H.S.,, 8/1/97, United Kingdom
"Having read the Neo-Tech discovery I feel like I've been living my entire
life in a box but now everything seems to be clearing as I learn to
integrate the Neo-Tech advantages into my life. Thanks for all you have done
and all the best in spreading Neo-Tech throughout the world."

D.B.,, 11/10/00, Canada
The Story is emotionally powerful and has
helped me to regain
my confidence. I feel empowered with the possibilities ahead
of me.

C.H.,, 11/19/01, United Kingdom
Over the last few months a feeling of calm has come over me like I have never experienced... It is a kind of natural high rather like the feeling I have
whenever I read the Long Wave Article. But this is different, my heart feels permanently uplifted. I just seem to feel happy virtually all of the time. I
think it comes from now knowing that I can succeed. I am also starting to see puzzle pieces around me that direct me to believe that the anti-civilization is
finally crumbling. I think about biological immortality a lot these days.... I have also found if I have a problem that needs to be resolved in the past I
would struggle to resolve it, but, now I seem to be able to focus almost effortlessly on any problem and resolve it. Despite those November 11 terrorist
monsters I have no fear maybe I should, but I am to rapped up in my own value production to think about anything else. Maybe I am not physically in a new
civilization yet... But, psychologically I feel like I am, at least some of the time.

L.M.,, 4/11/98
Neo-Tech is helping uncover what has been so cleverly hidden for so long.