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Neo-Tech Letter Testimonials!

Feedback Comments From Jan 1997-May 2003
Below, 500 Random Testimonials From 1997-2003
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"The Web is for the access to information, it's a natural 'home'
for Neo-Tech."
D.B.,, 3/9/97, Canada

The puzzle pieces are snapping together.

CR,, 11/16/01
I only wish I could read faster through the material so I may finally be able to do what I want with my life!

G.S.,, 10/1/97, United Kingdom
What an AWESOME web site, so much useful information it's almost

F.B.,, 7/2/97
"The article about 'spotting and dumping of the criminal mind'
appendix III is excellent and I would like to commend the author.
I came across this site accidentally, but I am impressed by the
writing and I hope this site will continue."

C.M.,, 2/20/00, Canada
I have long been searching for the truth, for
what is. I have found it at last with neo-tech.

K.S.,, 5/5/98
This site is a great way to stay up to date with evolving

so amazed.

B.E.,, 7/20/99
Neo-Tech makes the anticivilization appear as though it were
an ant on the sidewalk. When integrated honesty is entered into
the equation, things really are as a true Neo-Tech person views
them. Enjoy the fight against the anticivilization it is
still quite massive -- but not 4 long though -- it is one
big rock and Neo-Tech is the jackhammer.

B.R.,, 8/21/97
"Neo-Tech is very valuable information that has added much to my happiness
and well-being."

J.W.,, 5/4/00
There is no question or challenge within
mysticism that
can stand the power of NT. Total Integrated Honesty
frightens the feeble and foils altruists. Each day as we reach for the
C of U, mystics begin to look like bigger and bigger idiots.
Our focus must be on the children, for it is a child who sees the
world through honest eyes. I will write for the children, I will write to
free the teenagers who find themselves trapped, But most of all,
I shall write for myself, and know that what I do is honest,
and real. I will do it in order that I can reach immortality in
a world that currently isn't worthy of me. I have considered
death, but only as a consideration because as I learned, it's no
different than quitting. Thanks FRW.

B.R.,, 10/21/00
In a nutshell: (1) I've dropped two sizes in
the waist in the last 60 days (2)
I'm being considered for a promotion at work. This was just
of the blue one day. (3) I'm single and have been going out
some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I used to
shy and withdrawn now they love to hear what I have to say
any subject. (4) My Friday night essence is paying off very
I am looking forward to hopefully meeting Mark one day to
give him my personal

B.S.,, 2/29/00
I'm sitting here with tears on my face trying to type. I
have just finished reading Chapter 36. It only took me 8
hours, I could not stop reading...I ignored my housework and
most everything around me except my child.
I believe that Chapter 36 pulled it together neatly. I was
pulled emotionally so many times by the story. The
neo-cheaters, the liars, the manipulators...scary
stuff...reminds me of today's world. Slowly it is changing
but it will take some time and some mindsets will not be
able to handle the changes but they have a choice…become
value creators and integrators or die. How wonderful it
would be to live in a world where the values created are not
torn down or ridiculed.
Every chapter I read had something else of value to add my
life. It was like turning on the light switches.
Thank you for your story...but one it a story
or perhaps a vision of what will be?? I sense some
characters are stronger than others. I feel that they are
actual persons today or have been influences in your life.

"really cool...interesting"
R.S.,, 5/13/97, Norway

The Story MUST be published on its own in hardback and/or paperback. That is
the only hope of getting it into the hands of the general populace, particularly
as word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire! The full realm of the Neo-Tech Super
Society can then be understood and visualized BEFORE interested people delve
into the Neo-Tech Discovery and other publications. The Story should be the MAIN
FOCUS of spreading the Neo-Tech concepts. THIS IS SOOOO CRITICAL!!! The individually-bound
book could be self-published and marketed by Neo-Tech, but since it has an ISBN
number, it could also be requested from other bookstore outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
Waldenbooks, etc.). Also....the individually bound volume should be available
to order online (to fulfill immediate gratification)...that offer being made
on each chapter of The Story. People trapped in the Anti-Civilization will have
a MUCH greater chance of pursuing Neo-Tech discoveries and concepts AFTER reading
The Story and winning them over BOTH emotionally and intellectually!!! They literally
can, and do, (based on the postings I've read) begin identifying and implementing
their own Friday-Night-Essence. This critical work (The Story) MUST: 1. Be published
by itself. - Preferably in hardcover and soft cover. - This is the ANSWER for
MASS distribution. - Many people WILL NOT sit and read lengthy material (longer
than a couple of pages) on the Internet. They want to read anywhere they're
the park, at lunch, on the couch, on the patio.....anywhere NOT in front of a
computer monitor. - And MANY won't have the resources to print hundreds of pages.
- Plus, everyone who reads this will want to CHERISH their own personal copy
and re-read it often. It will be the treasure that changes their lives forever!
- It's easier to pass-on (loan or give) a copy to friends and family! 2. Be given
SERIOUS consideration for producing it into a movie. - Someone should have already
put a copy of it into the hands of a Spielberg, or other great Hollywood producer
with a track record for so clearly portraying concepts and emotions woven so
tightly together! - We need someone who isn't afraid of pushing against the Establishment,
including, at times, Hollywood. 3. Be given consideration for producing it as
a TV series, particularly if the movie can't be pulled-off. I want to hand this
story off to my family RIGHT NOW, but they will be way too intimidated and distracted
if I hand them The Book (all six books) and tell them to read only Book 2 - The
Story. The sheer appearance of the HUGE volume I'd be handing them would be enough
to scare them away from reading it (they would say they “don't have time'
to read something that large'). If it is a bound book all-in-itself, it would
be much less intimidating to the recipient. Plus, there isn't the distraction
of the “God-Man' text plastered on the cover. Many people's initial reaction
to the term God-Man would be one of skepticism and negativity - or the feeling
that they're dealing with writings from some cult. Let them read about God-Man
in The Story FIRST (with no pre-judgement of negativity) so they can understand
it's integration into the whole Neo-Tech picture, THEN hit them with the God-Man/Neo-Tech
literature on the web-site or through your printed publications. With this approach
at least they won't think this is some new cult they have to worry about. For
it seems to appear as cult-type publication on the surface (just from the “God-Man/Neo-Tech
Discovery' title). “The Story' has none of this possibility of sending
the wrong message. NONE AT ALL. The total simplicity in the title will DRAW people
to it!! They'll have no suspicions or questions (until they get into the actual
telling of the story and have had their mind and emotions enlightened)! The whole
concept of the 5-minute bedtime stories about value producers intrigues me immensely!
If something like that doesn't currently exist (on your web site, or others),
I may begin putting it together. Short summaries of historic and current value
producers that focuses on: - How they used their own independent thinking to
create the values. - How they used internal authority instead of external authority
to breakthrough with their advancement and values. - How each faced the battles
of the anti-civilization to make their values recognized and available to others.
- The end results their values have produced in each of our lives NOW. I relish
researching this kind of thing!! …Apprentice matrix-destroyer.

Sally K.,, 5/29/98
great page!

J.O.,, 3/5/00, England
A useful site that gathers information,
like-minded progressive
value producing people and discussion in one easily
accessible place. Keep it up and expand this site!

P.L.,, 5/3/01
I believe that Neo-tech is the solution to the
great problems
we face in our time.

M.A.,, 4/5/97
I want to learn more about
taking responsibility and improving all areas of my life.

E.G.S.,, 9/6/01
I have been a N/T owner, since 1987, I at that
time was a long time alcoholic,
had attended numerous self-help seminars, at no avail. I had
been a charismatic bible thumper, even with my drinking. In
1995 I was involved in a serious auto accident (while drinking)
nearly killing me and two other person in the other auto. I decided
at that point with the knowledge of N/T and the
strength it gave me I would never touch another drop of
alcohol again, and I have not. The information contained within the
pages of N/T have given me the gift of happiness and wealth of
knowledge and a new look at my future health.

S.B.,, 10/3/02, Australia
I feel Neo-Tech is a must read to allow people to understand what their futures hold and how to handle the new founded freedoms. Keep up the good work as I
will be promoting each and every concept that you have written, as many people have found Neo-Tech feels truthful and this knowingness of the truth is what
will advance the population of Earth.

M.W.,, 5/12/99, Australia
The site has made way for closer nit communication between
fellow Neo-Tech readers from all around the world.

R.M.,, 2/26/97
I think Neo-Tech offers the right mentality of honesty and integrity
for one to prosper and be happy.

D.P.,, 4/29/98
Your site is great.

M.M.,, 2/7/97

D.E.,, 3/16/02, Canada
Your Neo Tech web pages are as a diamond and golden breath of fresh air and truth, surrounded by the horrid blobs and stenches of the millions of useless and
demeaning web pages on the web. Some of the words in your pages are the emperor's words. Your clean honesty is refreshing at the least.

lization because the insights I have into man's diseased mind often frustrates me, resulting in less than maximum happiness.

S.D.,, 9/25/97, Canada
"This inf. is amazing --I just 'ate' up the text. This site is vital to keep
those of us alive who die a little every day at our mundane jobs...."

C.B.,, 3/29/01
NEO-TECH is the most important information in
the world today.
Every man woman and child conscious today should be in
with this knowledge. Those who are not will be left behind,
and uninformed.

"This New World site must stay on the 'net' to help 'those who
will inherit the earth' through the Civilization of The Universe,
while ostracizing the pip-squeaks and parasitical elites from the
G.W.,, 4/6/97

Non-Cyberspace Comments about Neo-Tech

"I find this web site very interesting. This should most
definitely be made known to the public."
M.B.,, 5/15/97

DL,, 4/26/03
Refreshing and insightful.

E.S.,, 10/9/97
"I was a sophomore in high-school when I first ordered 'The Neo-Tech
Discovery'. I was too caught up in mysticism to integrate with it except as
a philosophical/preach-this -as-the-right-way set of good-sounding
information. Everyone thought I was a kook! Then I began to apply it and I
got scared. I was trapped still in my mysticism and I burned all the books
'cleansing' myself. Then at the end of my senior year, I got rejected from
the 'major' Ivy League schools everyone had always thought I'd get into.
Depression hit as the mysticism-shattering, mind-de-lousing effects of
Neo-Tech began to surface. Yet I still had too much invested in my mysticism
and the anticivilization...I was prepared to enter the University of
Connecticut and experience the 'finer' points of life that my childhood
never offered: girls, sex, alcohol, and drugs. Those things blurred away the
reality that Neo-Tech was asserting within me...I reached an all-time low in
self esteem. I ended up hooked on pot by the end of my freshman
year...people didn't respect me, my mind was blurred and the promises of
college weren't being delivered.. During the summer, I got involved with AOL
and the Internet. I also received a new Zonpower brochure in the mail I went
to this web site, re-ordered the manuscript and now here I am: Drug free,
alcohol-free, sugar free, caffeine free, self-hate free, and hard-working
towards mysticism free. I now await 'The Start-Up Wealth Generator' in the
mail and I am in the process of separating form this lazy
professor-alcoholic/life wasting institution of the anticivilization to
launch myself into the all-effort, zero mysticism life of reality... Life is
Wonderful 'Death To Mysticism'"

"Very good page"
M.J.,, 6/14/97

"I just started discovering this site through a client - it is
like going on an adventure, thrilled because you know after every
curb, behind every tree or bush, there will be new discoveries to
be made, new insights to be gained. Yet at the same time, it
seems all in a very strange way so familiar, peaceful, even
soothing ! Wondrous !"
H.V.,, 12/22/96, Belgium

A.S.,, 8/2/97
"Neo-Tech should definitely stay on the web. I am a completely different and
extremely more productive person for it. This (new) knowledge I've gained is

Ginny R.,, 9/9/98
I think you are the best philosophically oriented site on
the net.

Miranda T.,, 2/21/98
I am anxious to learn more about Dr. Frank Wallace
discovery. It is indeed powerful and ingenious.

m.m.,, 9/2/01
thank you for the awakening.

M.P., , 9/28/02
A great web site that provides a stimulating shock to the lazy brain!

A.S.,, 2/14/01, GERMANY
Definitely I want Neo-Tech to remain on the
web; for it's the
only consistent myth-smashing force on the planet today.

"Your site is great! I just love it."
A.F.,, 4/20/97, Canada

Tracy N.,, 4/24/00
I would love to get involved in some activities perhaps a neo-tech church.

D.C.,, 12/23/00
The truth will set you free. All of these
bible thumpers that
say you should be banded from the net have forgotten our
freedom of speech. They forget that Jesus said that we can do what
he did and more. He knew the truth and tried to tell us. Keep
speaking your truth as loud as you can.

chuck,, 6/11/02
There is no other reality.

Micheline H.,, 6/11/98
Amazing, just amazing . I would love to have more info
like this on the web. the concept itself is one that I could use daily
for the rest of my life.

"This is the best way to reach the people of this earth who want
a better way life!"
J.V.,, 3/5/97

S.H.,, 2/10/97
I have found your page to be thought-provoking and needed. As well,
it provides a critical pause to status quo thinking.

G.G.,, 5/10/97
Excellent site! I have finally started to integrate on a wide scale
thanks to Neo-Tech. It's hard work and I love it! I am growing more powerful
every day. I know that nothing can stop me now. You are right, the battle
between good and evil has begun. It had to begin and there is no stopping it.
Listen up everybody in cyberspace, you are a critical part of this battle. The
time has come to ostracize the value destroyers from existence. Thank you Frank
Wallace. You are one of the few heroes.

"I've only been exposed to the Internet for about 25 hours and I
have little previous computer experience. I think your page is
great. I am already tired of other pages that raise more
questions than they provide information. I also like the globe."
G.S.,, 2/1/97

"Have found Neo-Tech most helpful and motivating. I enjoy being
able to access your web site. It would be sad to see it go.
Regarding the news release on or about February 24, 1997 on the
successful clone of sheep. Very interesting in light of the
material in Neo-Tech. Maybe everlasting life isn't all that far
away after all."
L.M.,, 2/28/97

now, because of Neo-Tech, I have not doubts that I will get there.

C.F.,, 3/4/97

Anon.,, 7/10/98
Articles as these MUST remain in
the public domain to elevate the consciousness of it's people,
please keep our right to freedom of speech alive, or WE all will
be burned at the stake of sacrifice, to uphold deceit. Thank You

S.G.,, 8/12/01
Neo-Tech is the fastest way I have found to swiftly eliminate personal mysticisms.

"Great site... this is a great help...hope you are going to stay
around and implement all that is proposed...keep strong."
K.P.,, 2/9/97

"Very thought provoking...a enjoyable two hours. Neo-Tech is
D.A.,, 5/14/97

Must stay on the www!!! If it doesn't, humans don't have a real
chance to learn how to start a powerful life, and bring themselves to know their
own nature.

"Very powerful information that properly applied can lead one to
a positive transformation from traditional living and thinking."
A.P.,, 3/13/97, Puerto Rico

L.N.,, 11/15/97
Unusual but brilliant insights in many
areas including your concept of neocheating, how to handle a
job (treating it as a mini company), how CEOs should stick to
running their businesses, IRS abuses, biological immortality
(overdue for serious discussion), discussion of the bicameral
mind (Julian Jaynes)-- never heard this one before!, the splintering
of businesses into small but viable economic entities run by
individuals empowered by high tech, ideas on the creation of
the universe (created by a person -- not so far out if you extrapolate
the exponential growth of technology over millions of years !)....
keep it going.


"Whatever you do please don't take this site off the Internet. I
think it's the best one that exists. What is, is."
J.Y.,, 3/23/97

J.K.,, U.S.
Neo-tech is an extraordinary book series, magnificent, brilliant.
One dose not to be an intellectual to understand the simplistic life
changing concepts in this very well written book Zonpower. It gave
me a whole new set of eyes to view the world with an d I have only
read it once. I cannot wait to pick it up again to read anew great
work. P.S. please send information on immortality research I am very
intrigued and desperately want to follow the field

O.N.,, United Kingdom
I am great fan of your explosive literature.

"This site rocks. So much information, so little time. It is hard
to know what to read first. I love the Zon manuscript, it is
intriguing. Also, the Global business section contains
information I could use in starting up a global wealth empire.
What a site! Definitely keep this site. It has already helped me,
and can help many others."
G.M.,, 4/12/97

J.Y.,, 3/23/97
Whatever you do please don't take this site off the Internet. I think
it's the best one that exists. What is, is.

The information and ideology gained through these books are a priceless treasure.

This site is a warm light in cold surroundings.

J.R.,, 1/16/01
The revelation
of truth and knowledge is an enlightening aperture to
humanity to
join into the everlasting source of knowledge and to rule
over the planet earth!

R.L.,, 10/15/00
I bought the book about 5 years ago, when I
received it I looked at and put it down. I didn't pick it
up till about 3 days ago. I now want to learn more! Now when
I read I understand what
It's saying.

I have seen a lot of things in my day, but this is Beyond
anything I could ever imagine. I want be apart of this in the worst
way. I think this web site is one that everyone should know about.

Carey Y,, 2/6/02
Your Story is the most incredible, powerful thing I've ever read. It truly puts into real perspective the Neo-Tech principles, disciplines, etc. I'm sharing
it with my 12-year old and am seeing with a visual and mental clarity how I need to be HIS Miss An
nabelle...and to my other two children as they begin their education beyond infancy.
Words of thanks are hardly enough for what you have brought out for mankind. I simply cannot articulate the explosion of hope in so many areas of my life
going on inside of me now. I have a whole new outlook on life and I know where I belong. But I do have one question: How do I help change the world to bring
Neo-Tech to everyone? Heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

Gerald,, 2/7/02
You are very intelligent and you write better than Stephen King!

"I loved the book on Poker, THANX All with the power of thinking.
People should apply it to their lives in general, not just
T.G.,, 1/10/97

"I'm very very impressed by ZON POWER and NEO-TECH."
I.C.,, 5/31/97, Pakistan

J.C.,, 1/1/98
I own the book and I use to think that I was a fairly honest
person. But when I read the book I found that not only was I
lying to other people but also lying to myself. I am so glad
that I found this book it has made such a large impact on my
life. Can't wait to learn MORE.

G.S.,, 7/29/99
I am half-way through 'THE BOOK' and I feel
more powerful than I ever have.

L.B.,, 11/3/01
Neo-Tech has changed my life for ever by opening my eyes to reality. Neo-Tech has answered all the questions that religion never could. The value of honesty
throughout all aspects of life is my ultimate goal. I have read 'The Book' twice now and am hungry
for more. I am very interested in learning more about Dr. Wallaces' brain digitizing programs and how I can utilize them. thank you so very much!!!

P.C.,, 9/10/01
Neo-Tech is a sign of things to come, or at least I hope so for not only myself but my children and their children.

Sandra A.,, 10/23/99
It seems this site has given me the necessary information to move
ahead in my journey as a citizen of the universe.

S.W.,, 5/8/99
A day does not pass without my reading
passages for reference, inspiration,
and enduring encouragement. Thank You!

"Neo-Tech is valuable information that can help people transform
their lives Over the past two years I have scrutinized the
information contained in the Neo-Tech Zonpower package. It has
supreme value to those that apply it to their lives."
D.B.,, 6/25/97, us

A.V.,, 4/7/98
We are an international group of scientists and doctors
who are dedicated to finding new or old solutions to serious illnesses
and diseases. Aggressive natural healing can cure. We Love the
Neo-Tech power. We'll be around for a long time. We understand.


M.D.,, 12/1/02
I have found reading the books to be a life changing experience. A very powerful tool for shaping ones future view of life. I know it has mine. When I look

self-abuse. I have only read half of the book so far, but
it has enlightened me about the oppression in society. I am
trying to 'blame,' but rather understand life that will
me to live life to the fullest. My life is a new universe,
it has been cleared
of misconceptions. After reading some of the other
posts, I have discovered I am not such a bad guy after all
have a lot to offer. I will soon become a regular. I intend
spread Neo-Tech where ever I go. I even chatted with a woman

"I think you are doing a good thing by trying to help people
realize their own power and identity as who we really are (you
call it Zon)."
T.L.,, 4/21/97

M.W.,, 2/4/97
This web site is a MUST! It would be a crime AGAINST humanity to
REMOVE it. I NEED this web site. DO NOT REMOVE IT!

M.L.,, 12/18/97, Australia
With Neo-Tech I have changed so much for the better. My thinking
is clearer,
my opinion stronger, and I try to help Neo-Tech bring in a new and better
world. We are all in it for the betterment
of our lives and this world. I am very grateful for the enormous
gift that Frank Wallace has given me.

I have read almost the whole Book.. I found myself not being
able to put in down .. I am very enlightened by what I have read.

K.H.,, 2/2/99
To remove this site would be a loss to honest
individuals who search for a
better understanding of ourselves in the pursuit of our
place in this world.

This is awesome information about love, money, power, success and life in general.
I have never even thought about any of that stuff from that angle. Your books
provide a very unique and revealing perspective on all the important aspects
of our existence, and they provide us with an opportunity to make most of it

"YOUR INFO IS POWER. KEEP IT UP! Love to read the stuff you have
J.W.,, 6/25/97

Neo-Tech is an eye opener, for years I blamed myself for my short comings never
seeing life as I do now. I feel my power growing inside me everyday, some people
don't believe that they can achieve anything in this world if only they would
take the time to wake up to see what's going on

L.B.,, 2/22/97
This site lets the world know that sooner or later Neo-Tech people
will rule the world!

K.S.,, 5/5/98
This site is a great way to stay up to date with evolving

C.S.,, 6/8/98
Thank you very much for the work you have done. This web
site and the nano technology website are
the 2 most important web sites on the net to me.

Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to the reality of situations. I no longer follow
blindly like some sheep, but instead I've learned to question everything.

r.f.,, 2/19/03
Very enlightening, I feel more enlivened and renewed after the first reading.

An empowering and powerful book. My dreams are coming true and The Book put me
on a conscious track towards real civility and creativity, Thanks Carla.

P.W.,, 11/25/98, United Kingdom
Your literature has helped me survive in hostile
environments and certainly been an aid to being happy.
I have seen, the past 10 years, that all you say about
power thieves is absolutely and honestly correct.
The majority of people go along and are pacified with this
and get rude or bored if you mention the facts. I
ask people what is the definition of a slave and how much will
it take before they realize that Orwell's 1984 has arrived. And
the torture description in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is upon us.

ROZENDO,, 3/11/01

R.C.,, 1/17/98, Australia
I think Neo-Tech is an absolute breakthrough.
For the last ten years I have been searching for the answers
to popularity and wealth and for something that will give me the
inner strength and confidence to believe in myself and to move
forward in this world with grace and happiness.

H.B.,, 9/24/01, Canada
From conversations I have in my taxi, I have referred many people to this site. For the most part I have no way of knowing if they visit but I refer them
in response to their thirst for something ' outside the box'. Thank you for your efforts. You are
greatly appreciated! Live long and prosper.

L.B.,, 4/19/00
The Neo-Tech web site is very use full ,expansion would appreciated.

T.L.,, 8/11/00
Once you decide to apply the techniques, there
can be no half
stepping. I've found that Neo-Tech requires serious
Do you have it in you?

Britnee M.,, 1/9/00
Neo-Tech is has opened my eyes.

R.W.,, 9/10/97
"Neo Tech has given me the tools I've needed. ... The view through Neo-Tech
eyes has removed the fog that has had me encased and shackled in this
anticivilization. The view now is awesome, wide-scope and Iron Grip."

E.G.,, 7/4/01
Neo-Tech is very powerful. It goes right to
the point. Armed
with Neo-Tech I feel very secure of my self and my

"Interesting and provocative!"
J.P.,, 1/9/97

M.F.,, 10/21/97
"Great site, The world needs more information like this, not less!"

C.C.,, 9/28/98
I like very much the information that I have read. It is such
a relief to see so many people coming to an understanding of
self. Many people read this information with shock and disbelief
because they have been misled for so long by those external 'authorities'.

D.T.,, 6/15/97, Nepal
Neo-Tech is preparing me for the 21st century, with factual
information that is really helping me.

S.C.,, 12/30/99
Neo-Tech needs to infiltrate all areas of society; as millions
are now ready to accept the truth about bicameral thinking. The
book defined a lot of reasons for a great emotional discord
that I have experienced without the knowledge of it causes. This work
and these teachings are capable of bringing mankind into the next level
of development and success.

"Whatever you do please don't take this site off the Internet. I
think it's the best one that exists. What is, is."
J.Y.,, 3/23/97

K.P.,, 6/23/97
I have been reading and gradually integrating with Neo-Tech concepts
since May 1993. Neo-Tech was THE pivotal point in my life. No longer could I
look to some undefined, even unknowable heaven as my sole point of light to
focus on in the vast darkness; now, I know fully that a.) my life is MY
responsibility alone, b.) only I can decide to enter and prosper from or avoid
and be out competed by the Neo-Tech World, and c.) the Neo-Tech World is worth
holding out for.

J E B,, 10/15/01, Australia
Awesome Stuff!!! Keep up the good work!! Just read your book Neo-Tech - Get Rich By 2001... just banked an extra $5000 with one idea I got from your book!!!

Susan M.,, 4/14/99
I find this information and point of view enlightening,
fascinating, and very refreshing.
Not to mention stimulating and motivating. I have been at your
web site for 2 &1/2 hours tonight. If that gives you any
idea how great your site is.

G.G.,, 12/23/00
I can thank you enough for Dr. Wallace and his
Neo-Tech discoveries. Four months ago, Dr. Wallace and his associates
gave me the courage to start my own business, and profits are booming.
More importantly, my happiness has soared to new heights.
Thank you is not enough.

M.T.,, 6/6/02
What a fool I have been. I've read the Neo Tech Books and studied the web site. For some reason I chose to dismiss Neo Tech. Here I am back, with tail
between legs, after being sucked dry by the anti-civilization.

This is one of the most thought provoking
sites on the Web today! This site is a way for me to stay connected to Neo-Tech,
24/7. The Neo-tech web site is an important key in the flow of information
that I believe is needed in the 21st Century.

"I believe Neo-Tech is very educational will do a lot of good for
generations to come."
A.S.,, 4/22/97

V.A.,, 10/15/97
"I think that you are trying to offer all of us a chance to be better than
what we already are and I believe that to be a good thing for us all."

Lori S.,, 8/26/99
I own and operate my own business for the past 20 years.
Throughout the time working my business I have written letters to Senators
complaining of ongoing laws that reach into my pocket as a business
owner. And more and more of my money is being spent on programs
that keep people lazy. Over the years I have almost given up.
After finding this site, I now realize I am not alone in my thinking.
I was right all along. This site has given me back my drive
to continue to fight the government who puts way to much weight
on my life while making it easy for lazy people to become more
dependant on government.

"Looks fascinating."
B.D.,, 5/12/97, Australia

"I have only just discovered this site but I have the feeling I
will be spending the better part of my allocated 2 hours per day
reading and learning about Zonpower."
S.A.,, 1/8/97, Australia

M.D., gkb.con, 1/25/97, Switzerland
This site is the greatest.

"Very interesting, indeed. There are many useful tidbits of
information. Keep them coming."
B.C.,, 1/26/97

W.K.,, 8/13/97, Africa
Please, I and my people would like to see a Swahili publication in
order for the masses of people who don't speak other foreign languages to become
knowledgeable of this valuable information. After all, the more net value
producers in this world means less net value destroyers there would be.

J.L.,, 10/11/00
very informitive

Neo-Tech is probably the best thing that happened to me and it opened
my eyes to see what really going on. It needs to expand to reach more
and more people because people are so closed minded they need a wake
up call.

"Mind-opening reading experience. Anyone who believes in freedom
and individual responsibility will enjoy such insight and wisdom
shared freely via the web."
S.C.,, 5/28/97

E.G.S.,, 8/9/02
I Have been a neo-tech customers since 1980, I have gone from being a disgruntled old man to a highly productive writer also have concurred the alcohol

T.F.,, 8/20/97
This is the greatest site on the web. It will change and
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R.W.,, 6/22/98
Putting Neo-Tech on the Internet was a great move. It potentially
enables millions of people to learn about Neo-Tech and the disease
of mysticism. I can't thank you enough for putting the greatest books(s)
ever written on the Internet.

v.g.,, 8/4/01
Brilliant.....I am stunned into thought with these pages and ideas that make so much sense.

R.B.,, 4/4/02, Mauritius
Even here in this small island those life-crushing taxes are dreadful. We should not waste time for the job ahead. I, too will go beyond my physical limits to help Neo-Tech win.

G.S.,, 11/11/97, ENGLAND

Neo Tech is one of the most forward thinking organizations the world has
ever seen.

B.E.,, 8/16/98
The best investment I have ever made. Powerful, life
enhancing information

N.B., Berkeley.EDU, 5/6/01
I discover at least one great truth every time
I come here. And, of course, with knowledge and truth comes power. And with
power, comes control. Control over myself and over others who chose
to ignore Neo-Tech.

J.L.,, 7/16/98
Fine publication.

B.B.,, 7/13/01
Neo-tech is one of the most useful tools in
orienting oneself
with reality. It becomes evident that this must first take
before happiness or prosperity is achieved, in their truest
Neo-tech has my most sincere appreciation and thanks.

Michelle L.,, 1/20/98
I really enjoyed reading your was fun....most
sites are boring and have no interesting facts.

W.B.,, 11/7/02
Thank you for saving my life.

P.M.,, 12/16/96
Fascinating and well put together.
Things that were seemingly unrelated before have come
together with unparalled clarity. makes me want to know more.

Anon.,, 10/18/99
Through Neo-Tech I found something was holding
back my own creative genius

"Please please please KEEP this site! If it is taken off, it
would be caving into the Neocheater's."
B.H.,, 2/5/97

J.J.,, 3/12/02, Jordan
Thank you for your campaign to enlighten the humans and breaking their mystical bubbles .

G.C.,, 9/24/98
Your web site and content is MOST impressive --
'state of the art' thinking.

C.P.,, 4/11/99
This is a great site! I like the new get
involved programs. Keep up the good work.

"Once I start reading it is hard to stop."
J.C.,, 3/9/97

R.W.,, 12/29/98
I want to say this has been a good year. I want to thank Frank
Wallace, Mark Hamilton and all the others at Neo-Tech. For
people new to Neo-Tech, keep reading NEO-TECH for Real Life
-- NEO-TECH is the only WAY to go. PSS: Neo-Tech owners may
write me.

Thoroughly original and creative.

B.P.,, 3/13/97
This site must remain on the web. If it were not for Neo-Tech, I

D.S.,, 1/28/00
I thoroughly enjoyed the story about Miss
Annabelle. Too many times things such as this happen. I have
no use for the politicians, judges,
or lawyers. I applaud you. Count me in.

"A very cool site."
T.K.,, 2/22/97, Egypt

Just an FYI, on 1/22/2001 the below was sent to the editors of Card Player Magazine:
The Advanced Concepts of Poker by Dr. Frank R. Wallace is arguably the best book
on poker ever written, bar none. It is ignored by your publication and the rest
of the Po ker industry. The book, now freely available on the internet and published
for the first time in 1968, having sold over 2 million copies, exposes poker
for what it is. The new sections on cheating are especially noteworthy to thinking
poker players worldw ide. Perhaps this book threatens the poker industry? I challenge
you review this timely and classic in your publication.

Tony C.,, 10/15/97
I want what Neo-Tech offers.

Joyce P.,, 9/1/98
I have never read such thought provoking writing as this.

"I found this web site an eye opener. I have surely learned a
great deal."
L.M.,, 4/3/97, Brueni

T.K.,, 3/25/02
I think this site is absolutely wonderful. It is very true and can help people understand things in every aspect of life and the universe, if those people
are willing to be honest with themselves.

m.d.,, , canada
Everyone should read this. Too bad most are too weak and small minded
to accept any of it. After reading some of the negative comments made about this
site, I wonder if humanity will manage to avoid self-destruction.

R.D.,, 2/15/97, Canada
Incredible site, with a rational basis. Quite an antidote to the
mystic disempowering drivel on the Net.

M.L.,, 6/19/02
Some of the most valuable and unique information on the web

B.P.,, 10/21/97
"Well -- I am impressed. I found the site to be very articulate and

T.Z.,, 5/6/97
I'm absorbing everything I can from your web pages. Thank You.

Linda B.,, 5/15/99
I have been struggling with bad thought
jealousy for years and it is destroying my current love
relationship. Never before have I read anything that came
close to describing the struggle I have been facing. I am
embracing this new thought process you have explained to me,
and I hope it is the cure for my disease. If I don't find
one, I will never be able to have a healthy, loving

J.H.,, 2/15/00, United Kingdom
Very refreshing, helped me put a lot of things in context and
chuck out a lot of the crap that had been holding me back.

G.C.,, 10/5/01
Neo-Tech is stupendous. I discovered Neo-Tech in college. It has provided me with wonderful insights into mankind and has significantly increased my ability
to enjoy my life. I am now reading 'Cyberspace' and am anxious to learn how to escape the anticivi

S.B.,, 1/6/97
I would like to say that Neo-Tech is the most powerful book I have
ever read. Thank you Dr. Wallace for your hard work and your value production.

T.D.,, 10/5/97
"As we grow up, we come to our realizations about Santa, the tooth fairy,
ect. It floors me that so many people still base their entire lives on a
3000 year old fairy tale!!! The N\T Discovery should be shouted from the
highest global rooftops! After one year of studying and applying N/T, I
realize that the 'Jesus freaks' have no idea what it means to be born again.
The only 'Supreme Beings' I know of are Dr. Wallace and Associates. I can
never thank you enough............................ "

k.m.,, austraila

You tell people about the hidden threat that is about to start,
the world is in a very dangerous position!

Dorothy S.,
I know something good is, I have a new
outlook on life a new way of thinking I am looking forward to an extraordinary
life, and I am full of life again.

I am sure that Neo-Tech is the world's greatest hope for a safe
and happy future. The collapse of mysticism is essential. I have watched
the World Trade Towers fall at the hands of envious mystics.

M.L.,, 2/4/97
I am completely and totally at a loss for words.
I have been reading and absorbing info like a sponge.

S.M.,, 7/25/97
"I think that you have very interesting comments about what the world has in
store for us in the year 2001. A different way of thinking!"

C.W.,, 12/17/99, Australia
Neo-Tech Is great! Lost for words!

W.B.,, 12/21/97, Canada
Neo-Tech is a very powerful thought process. Using it brought
me two raises at work within the last year, and I never even
asked for them!

N.G.,, 8/8/00
“The Story' is a very special and wonderful
masterpiece of modern literature. It shows us how we, by
choosing to cut through the matrix of illusions to see what
is, can start building mental puzzles of Neothink to evolve
toward the God-Man. How if we can find our Friday-Night
essences and become the person that we were meant to be, can
live in complete happiness because then we will be value
creators and value producers. I thank you Mr. Hamilton
because I used to be severely trapped in the matrix of
illusions, I was blind. You and your colleagues opened my
eyes, and my heart. I am forever in your debt. I am on my
way to finding my Friday-Night essence and discovering
happiness by becoming a value creator, I can't wait to see
where my personal renaissance will take me.

JC,, 5/6/03
I've just started reading Neo-Tech and found so far that the information is
amazing and needed... I believe everybody needs to know about Neo-Tech for the
reason that everyone needs to find inner-peace within themselves and find out who they really are. And I know
that Neo-Tech can do this for all people, so why deny them of this right.

"The ideas expressed are eye opening and should be made available
to the world in mass doses. The world we live in today is that of
lies. We the people deserve the truth about all Neo-Tech has to
offer. The books should be in every library in the world."
K.R.,, 4/8/97

M.L.,, 12/18/97, Australia
With Neo-Tech I have changed so much for the better. My thinking
is clearer,
my opinion stronger, and I try to help Neo-Tech bring in a new and better
world. We are all in it for the betterment
of our lives and this world. I am very grateful for the enormous
gift that Frank Wallace has given me.

M.H.,, 12/17/97
I consider this site to be one of the most valuable
in existence. The information provides answers to many questions
which arise as we try to cope with the difficulties encountered
while struggling with life. Whether the problems are occupation,
financial, emotional, or love relationships, I find the answers
in your articles. You indeed provide a service to humanity.

"I love this site! Finally some real knowledge instead of that
boring mainstream stuff! Great men are they who know that
thoughts rule the World!"
G.G.,, 2/6/97

"I just read Neo-Tech/Zonpower. Needless to say, it is not
possible to achieve happiness under today's conditions. Neo-Tech
will change that. I am amazed at the grip the mystics have over
individuals. I guess that ignorance truly is bliss. But not for
me. I am looking forward to the day we can get organized and
stand as a united front against our common enemies of the mystics
an the Gov't which oppresses us. If we can get organized, they
don't stand a chance against us. Keep up the fantastic work, and
let me know what I can do to help."
S.S.,, 3/20/97

d.c.,, 5/2/02
I would like to buy 3 more books of god man the book. this information should have been published 500 years ago' may be this world would be in the mode of
honesty, productive, & greater values. now that we have this info., lets hope people will take heed.
I hope! thank you for introducing me to you and the book.

a.z.,, 5/28/01, U.S.
this is amazing, the reality realized by these
is just mind-altering

I love it.

A.B.,, 8/14/01
It would be detrimental to society and the
human race should
Neo-Tech not be available to the public.

"This site is slowly changing my life. I would like to read as
much as I can about explicit details related to Zonpower and its
J.C.,, 3/10/97

Neo-tech is the only site on the web that can end the cycle
of destruction. I cannot express enough gratitude for what neo-tech has done
for me personally. I acquired neo-tech as a suicidal teenager victim of the
anticivilization and turned my life in the right direction. My thinking has
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S.H.,, 10/20/99
It has been a long while since I have enjoyed life. I am now on
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The riches, love, no more guilt. I never would of thought
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Neo--Tech is the only thing that makes sense in this world

p.w., , 8/30/02
neo-tech is the fuel that keeps me going each day. in this day of corrupt value destroying government and mystic employers neo-tech keep me focused. neo-tech

S.L.,, 8/13/97
"Very good. Very good web-site."

L.S.,, 3/31/97
Thank you very much. I have benefited tremendously from this

we-it,, 6/28/01
I thank you for the beauty and courage of
speaking the truth.

L.a.,, 12/26/01
The Story of Miss Annabelle had me glued to every word and made me cry.

S.P.,, uk

"Do you have any lecture notes I could use for sharing this
valuable information with other people?"
D.E.,, 3/19/97, England

Y.E.,, 3/25/98, United Arab Emirates
Personally, Neo-Tech has benefited me in several ways.
Though I am a dedicated non-mystical Muslim lady, I strongly feel
Neo-Tech has honestly
saved my life and given me better health. I am discovering new
information each and every day. Thank you indeed for your assistance
and guidance.

M.Y.,, 3/25/97
If Neo-Tech were not on the web it would be the dark ages descending
upon the world.

R.Q.,, 10/22/97
"If the Government is allowed to suppress Neo-Tech then
we're giving the Government permission to suppress
Knowledge. If we allow this form of political
suppression we might as well go back to the dark ages.
My view of Dr. Wallace is that he's a thousand years
ahead of his time."

E.H.,, 3/10/97
I can clearly see the benefit of this line of thought and way of
looking at life.

"Inquisitive information with bold statements -- is this
possible? Intriguing!"
L.F.,, 1/29/97

R.S.,, 1/21/01
The most enlightening info. I have come across
in a long time.

V.W.,, 7/3/00

R.N.,, 12/5/97
I love the Neo-Tech concepts! Can we open an Neo-Tech education

G.T.,, 7/14/97
"Happy to see this powerful and informative page. "

C.B.,, 8/11/97, Canada
"Great stuff. Want more info."

"Impressive, most impressive."
C.S.,, 1/31/97

H.J.,, 3/19/02
I have ordered several invaluable Neo-tech books. Each and every one I find new and enlightening information. The tools Neo-tech has compiled, and the
insight into politics, government and religion have changed my views. I appreciate everything Neo-tech h
as offered me. Through Neo-tech and integrated thinking, I will continue to be a value producer and help eliminate the Neo cheaters. Thanks

"I am a Neo-Tech owner and the thoughts behind this system are
very useful. Anyone looking to make changes in their life, this
is a great way to start."
V.V.,, 2/11/97

M.S.,, 6/16/97
Very interesting and thought-provoking.

"I found this site to be extremely informative, easy to navigate,
and very lifting. I'm glad I found you."
J.C.,, 1/14/97

J.S.,, 10/1/97
Neo-Tech must remain on the web. For without Neo-Tech, disarming
professional neo-cheaters, value-destroyers could not be possible by the year
2000 A.D. Neo-Tech is the future.
I am pleased with the recent IRS exposure. While still in the very early stage
of media attention, the IRS and their force-backed agendas will soon be expunged
with Neo-Tech's forthcoming triumph over them.

T.W.,, 7/22/97
I have been a fan of quantum physics for a long time. The
limited time I have been exposed to Neo-Tech it has given me a new
paradigm to non-linear dynamics and mass to energy relationship.
Only linear thinking would fear this expansion of thought.

R.T.,, 4/30/97
I find it very fascinating and refreshing. It has made me look at my
own life in a different perspective. I believe the Neo-Tech system is relevant
and will be a great power in the future.

"Neo-Tech is the answer, I am glad that it is on the web. the
site is a good one keep up the good work."
P.C.,, 1/3/97

T.B.,, 1/21/98
Neo-Tech has certainly changed my life and my thinking. Integrated
honesty is the only way to live. For the first time one truly
grasps the feeling of living and what life is truly like and
how truly more wonderful it will surely be when the planet earth
is The Civilization of the Universe. Zon Forever and long live humanity.

S.C.,, 8/24/97
Thank you, Dr. Wallace for changing my life.

Thank you for Neo-Tech and Zonpower. It changed my life 11 years
ago and has shaped my mind into a Neo-think gold mine. I retired
at age 53 and I am just starting to live a life I thought I would
never have. Zonpower should be a required college course; the
world would be a better place. Thank you.

P.M.,, 5/10/98
Neo-Tech is a mental lifesaver. Where else can a person
learn the reality of man. Where else can a person learn that false
doctrine is ever increasing throughout this world? Keep teaching
so our kids and grandkids can forever rid themselves of crime
and punishment mentality. TEACH TEACH

A.K.,, 4/18/97, South Africa
Sounds absolutely fantastic. I suppose I'll be sitting here the whole
weekend going through this site.

Thank you for Neo-Tech and Zonpower. It changed my life 11
years ago and has shaped my mind into a Neo-think gold mine. I retired at
age 53 and I am just starting to live a life I thought I would never have.
Zonpower should be a required college course; the world would be a better
place. Thank you.

Debbie F.,, 9/14/98
Reading this has been very
enlightening and also very scary because this means that we cannot
blame anyone else but ourselves for our success and failures.
I have been raised in the Christian environment, but have lacked
evidence of it's ability to be a panacea, which I feel most people
use it for. I will continue to read, try to understand and incorporate
this philosophy into my life because I feel it is a valuable
solution in my search to make sense of this world I live in.

more of the theory, I really believe that I grasp the concept
much more concretely. Suddenly, in a flash I understood what a
Neo-cheater (a.k.a. lying, rationalizing, manipulating, piece
of manure) was. I had done it myself, I had it done to me, I
saw it happen to others. Wow, what a revelation! In the back
of my mind I always new that it was wrong(Neo-cheating), but
couldn't control it. Frank was (and is) precisely correct when
he states that Neo-cheaters can't really be 'caught in the act', however
you are aware of them 'doing it'.

L.L.,, 2/8/99, South Africa
I think Neo-Tech should expand. At this very
moment, Neo-Tech is the only product that proves the human
brain has no limitations. Using Neo-Tech, no one can stand in
your way, you can be rich and have everything
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I am very grateful that so much valuable
information is
available through your web site. I have benefited much from
your literature.

"Professional and Intriguing."
S.S.,, 1/21/97

First,I would like to express my gratitude to all who helped make
the NEO-TECH INFINITE JUSTICE SUMMIT 2001 happen. This was my first summit
and hopefully not the last. I enjoyed the opportunity to be among the first
public visitors to the neo-tech museum .

C.F.,, 10/10/97
"Fascinating reading."

L.W.,, 6/29/01
The information gained from this site and the
I possess are worth more than I can think to repay. Thanks.

M.F.,, 7/17/97, Canada
"But what you're publishing is very powerful. From my personal
experience, I know that power, like the magic rings described in
Tolkien's 'The Lord of The Rings', destroys its beholder, and
turns him into a self-centered force of evil. If power falls into
the wrong hands, then we shall all feel the consequences. But the
only way of preventing this, is, I feel, to make your knowledge
widely available. Yet do remember Jesus' lesson: disseminate your
info discreetly via the Internet, but don't make yourselves become
visible public targets for politicians. Cyberspace is blowing away
all forms of government interference with the world, and I feel
that it is only logical that you use it as a tool and an ally to
promote your interests, and those of mankind as a whole."

MOD,, 2/10/03, Singapore
This site should be on the net as people should know the reality of how things go in this world

self-abuse. I have only read half of the book so far, but
it has enlightened me about the oppression in society. I am
trying to 'blame,' but rather understand life that will
me to live life to the fullest. My life is a new universe,
it has been cleared
of misconceptions. After reading some of the other
posts, I have discovered I am not such a bad guy after all
have a lot to offer. I will soon become a regular. I intend
spread Neo-Tech where ever I go. I even chatted with a woman

D.U.,, 4/3/00, Canada
Absolutely the most valuable and beneficial
information a conscious individual can attain. Parents, don't send your
kids to college... send them into a life of value producing happiness, success,
and romantic love by making the best family investment
available on earth today--Neo-tech literature. Read the Discovery, the
The Book, then The Story, and then just keep reading. The
concepts and their integrations will bring out the best in
you--guaranteed. At first they may be hard to accept (believe me I know).
Some Neo-Tech concepts were torture on my previously held irrational mystical
beliefs. But, upon some hard logical thinking (the beginnings of
integrated thinking), I resolved them all and have now integrated them
into the Neo-tech matrix. I feel more powerful and more able to
control my own destiny everyday. I am truly happy knowing that I am improving myself everyday of my life. Thank you
Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, Tracey Alexander, and all the other Neo-tech writers for
producing/creating the greatest values on earth. Biological Immortality Now!!!

R.A.,, 2/27/97
It is good to have a resource such as yours being presented to the
world. I am forwarding your site to several of my friends. There are pockets of
people just waiting to bring forth a new set of physics that is not based on
decay, but on continued renewal of matter. What is explained in Zon Power is a
reality today. I am glad a voice is standing out. It is imperative you stay on
the net!

R.L.,, 6/10/00
The more I get to this site and the more I
read, the more this
stuff infects me! At first I was skeptical, but as I digest
info, I see it playing out more and more around me as I go
the day. Anything that I get from you is money well spent.
The poker book is worth its weight in gold!!!!!!!

"I really like the articles on atheism, new-testament
interpretations, and capitalism. Thank you and you have a very
wonderful web site here."
J.R.,, 5/21/97

M.L.,, 10/24/02, Phillippines
I applied the principle of downstream focus which falls under GODS MAN's topic and I found that this is really effective in the realization of my dreams,
specifically wealth. I just concentrate on my job fully as instructed...the result is really fascinat

L.F.,, 9/4/97
"It is so necessary to let the world know that we have control and that we
are not pawns, but we are in charge. Thanks for all your great work!"

S.A.,, 5/13/97
You're giving us a hope, a hope for better living in a better

Dawn T.,, 1/11/99
It is very insightful, educational and
uplifting. It allows people to see that we are
not powerless in this world. It allows for a educated
perspective on important issues .

"I think this is very powerful material that should be learned in
D.S.,, 6/18/97

W.F.,, 5/17/99
This is THE most honest available! Neo-tech has
greatly improved my life .

L.B.,, 4/19/00
The Neo-Tech web site is very use full ,expansion would appreciated.

D.B.,, 11/10/00, Canada
The Story is emotionally powerful and has
helped me to regain
my confidence. I feel empowered with the possibilities ahead
of me.

"I am very exited to learn more about this new technology. I
would like to use this new technology in my life."
G.T.,, 1/21/97

N.H.,, 1/1/99
Yes, please remain on the WEB... now more than ever. The
Anticivilization is coming to an end... the Y2k problem they
created is nigh.
It is hard to believe the denial of the coming crisis extant
worldwide. Thank you for the insights provided in the literature.
I have every publication you have put out since Neo-Tech I.
I am a Ph. D. in clinical psychology who read Julian Jaynes in
1978. Virtually none of my colleagues have read it nor do they
understand why it should be read. Thank you for your courage
and insight. Happy New Year!

Neo-Tech is stupendous. I discovered Neo-Tech in college. It has
provided me with wonderful insights into mankind and has significantly increased
my ability to enjoy my life. I am now reading 'Cyberspace' and am anxious to
learn how to escape the anticivi lization because the insights I have into man's
diseased mind often frustrates me, resulting in less than maximum happiness.

M.K.,, 9/26/01
Neo-Tech integrates REAL LIFE by so many different vectors. It's in-the-moment honest, straightforward, and far-thinking.

R. L. Howard,, 8/18/97
"Great web site."

R.B.,, 7/16/02, Mauritius
Many, many & many Thanks Neo-Tech for putting ounces of light in the life & heart of human beings; now, for years to come and forever

A.J. Verolme, planet.n, The Netherlands
Dear Zon, Your website is essential for mankind.

R.C.,, 5/24/98
I am very interested in finding all that I may do to bring about
the end of the ever growing misuse and blatant abuse of power
by Americas political establishment.

G.W.,, 2/8/97, England
I am a Neo-Tech owner since 1987 and have benefited incalculably
since absorbing it and taking it on board in 1991. Thank you for Neo-Tech. I
cannot over emphasize the benefits to my life from having come across it. Every
moment I am living is now also enhanced by the Zone favorable diet thanks to
your reference to Barry Sears' book.

R.B.,, 9/19/97, Holland
About 8 years ago I came into contact with your information.
The volumes turned my life around. I am now a very
happy self-employed human being and I travel the world doing what I like.

"I am interested in learning more about Neo-Tech and how I may
apply it to my own life enhancement! I would like to begin my new
journey before wasting any more valuable time. Your philosophy is
realistic and legitimate."
W.H.,, 3/4/97

"Very nice."
K.K., co.dn, 1/20/97, Denmark

C.M.,, 10/23/02
Everyone should read this book it AMAZING!!! Some of the stuff in this book blows you away but its all true. To everyone at neo-tech THANK YOU SO MUCH you've
really change my life.

J.M.,, 8/10/99
I saw a common door-to-door salesman producing unheard of sums
of money. I myself am in sales so I asked him if he had studied
any books to help perfect his technique. He rattled off a few
titles and also offhandedly mentioned Neo-Tech. He didn't put
much emphasis on it but it piqued my curiosity. Having read the
excerpt on Neo-Cheating I must say that I am quite interested
in the information you display.

"It's really fascinating to me."
P.C.,, 6/27/97, Germany

C.B., .,
I owe a tremendous debt to the Neo-Tech writings and to Dr. Wallace and
associates for helping me find my essence... the essence of an artist,
a lover, a creator.

"This web site is great."
J.T.,, 1/21/97, Singapore

M.C.,, 3/3/00
I think that expansion of this site is inevitable.

B.D.,, 5/24/98, Australia
Yes, yes, yes, keep up the excellent work. I love your

"Neo-Tech is the answer, I am glad that it is on the web. the
site is a good one keep up the good work."
P.C.,, 1/3/97

But it seems the enemy is HERE and not THERE! How anyone
actually work for the IRS is beyond me. Of course Hiltler's
always used the excuse, 'I was made to do it.... It was my

,, 8/15/00
Just knowing this makes sense and instills

Refreshing and insightful.

"I am impressed by the Neo-Tech information."
J.P.,, 1/2/96

I think we should burn all the existing bibles and replace them
with Neo-Tech.

"I stumbled on this site and I am pleasantly surprised at what I
have found; I feel that Neo-Tech have cut through all the
cyberspace hype to present a real look at the future new world
C.S.,, 12/28/96, England

A.V.,, 4/7/98
We are an international group of scientists and doctors
who are dedicated to finding new or old solutions to serious illnesses
and diseases. Aggressive natural healing can cure. We Love the
Neo-Tech power. We'll be around for a long time. We understand.

Anon,, 7/8/00
After many years of living the quasi – Neo-Tech
life, I am back. I have found the clouded world of
mysticism just that. Being half here and half there showed
in my world. I am back. I brought my children down the
road of Neo-Tech - not even being aware of it! Changes are
in the works to make my life Neo-Tech 100%. Thanks for THE
STORY. It was a refreshing refresher!

M.G.,, 1/14/99
Greetings, I am excited about neo-tech because it expresses a
philosophy that makes sense. It seems to be an honest approach
to fulfillment in the Process of Life. There is no doubt that
we are viewing the beginning of a New Way of Life; a much better
one! The abolishment of Inflation and the ability for the common
man to afford to take care of himself and his family; to enjoy
life, and to live longer and longer.

G.O.,, 9/19/98
This is the ultimate source of information; this site is a must to
keep the world well informed about reality, about government, religion,
in general-mysticism. Most people are totally blind about reality
and they need Neo-Tech to open their eyes. There is no other
source like this anywhere in this anticivilization. The bottom
line is we need the C of U.

M.M.,, 3/9/98, England
I am very interested in your ideas.

S.B,, 2/4/97

"Thank you for waking me up and causing me to think. How can
anyone handle their problems when they don't even know what they
P.H.,, 4/27/97, United Kingdom

L.K.,, 9/1/02
Sometime ago I received The Neo-Tech Discovery, a very large book that discussed the evolution of ordinary people becoming Millionaires/Entrepreneurs and the
Bi-Cameral Mind. I was devastated! But, the readings of this Manuscript filled my mind and changed my thinking of very important subjects--God, Man,
Business, Children... Wow! Neo-Tech is definitely what I needed to understand my existence--I could not understand why everyone in my surroundings were
succeeding and I was constantly falling backwards or barely moving! I now fully understand.

S.N.,, 7/22/98
The body of your work will help to evolve
and empower the individual, which will ultimately benefit humanity.

T.N.,, 8/18/97, Australia
How else will the world be changed? Everyone else has failed.

Diana R.,, 4/10/98
WOW!!! So exciting!

N.Q.,, 2/10/97
Best site on the net. I have read a lot of it and hope to read it
all. I spend more time on this site than any other site on the net.

Anne G.,, 1/2/00
I asked the question, 'What is Seduction?' of a live web chat
room and was given #54, which I printed. Excellent, it helped
me bring to the surface something that has been nagging me.

S.R.,, 3/2/02
Have never heard of or read anything so thought provoking.

C.V.,, 1/10/98
I would Love to see Neo-Tech eliminate all of the government
Regulatory agencies and Bureaucracies. I petitioned Congress several
times to abolish the IRS, Eliminate the DEA, FDA, OSHA, and especially
the EPA, found by most scientists of credibility to Be a Hoax
Yes there is absolutely No problem with the environment at all.
The Environmentalists are nothing more than Political in Nature. They
create problems that don't exist. Al Gore is one of the deceptionists
that dupe most people into thinking there is a problem but those
doomsayers must be exposed immediately and stopped.

"Your site is absolutely essential."
D.S., sezampro.yu, 4/22/97, Yugoslavia

G.D.,, 3/1/00

"Wonderfully enlightening."
J.B.,, 3/18/97

T.G.,, 7/14/98
I find your site very informative.

J.H.,, 1/23/00
I've been applying the wonderful Neo-Tech
advantages to my life for 4 years now. Without Neo-Tech I
might be dead or in jail! Because of Neo-Tech, I am able to
run my own business and do all of the wonderful things I
love I hope the entire world can realize the great value in
Neo-Tech and embrace as I have!

"This is the best reading I have done. I finally can see that
logical thinking wins over our mystical brainwashing. I thank you
for this fine site. You have my full support and if there is
someway that I can help."
J.V.,, 3/9/97

W.L.,, 11/16/98
I believe Neo-Tech should be distributed free of charge
like the bible in every hotel room and for anyone
who requests the volumes so
that it can spread like Christianity.

R.M.,, 2/21/97, Sweden
This is superb source of information.

B.H.,, 8/8/97
"Neo-Tech is definitely real! Neo-Tech makes you think and realize that we
do live in a world full of liars, cheaters, hypocrites, thieves, and
ignorance! Neo-Tech tells the logical and precise advantages to successfully
taking control of your life without the headaches and heartbreaks of the
neo-cheaters! We can all learn something better to improve one's future!
Keep Neo-Tech alive and we will all live happier!"

J.A.,, 5/7/00, AUSTRALIA
Fascinating site.

C.J.,, 7/1/02
The Neo-Tech discovery is truly profound. I have studied many thoughts and doctrinal teachings, even peering into mysticism. I have found personally from

J.H.,, 12/24/96
I would like to congratulate NTP on this web site. The information is
invaluable to all the individuals of this world. Please keep diversifying the
message in as many ways as you can. Not everyone marches to the beat of the
same drummer. It is obvious that you understand this. Without the very concepts
that embody Neo-Tech, I would have lost all vision of the future of mankind as
any other than a relentless repetition that would eventually lead to our
destruction. So, keep climbing to the tree-tops and spreading the word

"Your web site is very interesting."
G.T.,, 1/31/97

K.P.,, 9/18/97
"This is intensely interesting and not usually available."

P.W.,, 11/19/02, South Africa
The world is full of people who don't want to think deeper than what's on television or what's in the papers or what their mentor says, be they a priest,
doctor or psychologist. The simple act of employing our most fundamental human quality of thinking deeply about something and exploring all options in an
unbiased and unprejudiced way has to be our most liberating tool. By exposing the very complex web of ideas and compartmentalizing them into logical segments
has aided the mental liberating process by 1000%. What else can I say but that this is the biggest paradigm shift of the century.

J.M.,, 4/13/97
Keep up the good job, because if you don't we are doomed.

"NT has really help me understand who I am. Now I am better able
to control my life, to live happily and successfully! Thanks NT, I
waaas lost, but now I'm found."
S.H.,, 6/14/97

"I can't say enough about the values and knowledge brought to me
by ALL the Neo-Tech writers and editors. I feel a certain power
over all destroyers of life. My 'personal terminator' is getting
better with every passing day. Thank You Frank, Mark, and all who
have contributed Neothink ideas."
S.N.,, 2/11/97

B.A.,, 11/10/00, Canada
I love what you are doing for the world! I
tell people about
it wherever I go. At work in a dental office and also
in a restaurant. I always find myself daydreaming of how the

J.B.,, 8/11/01
I am in such complete agreement with
everything I'm reading
here. My eyes are blurry but I can't stop reading! Thanks so
much for such profound honesty on the web!

W.C.,, 12/10/00
Thank you for your wonderful gift to mankind.

R.H.,, 12/25/99, Jamaica
I think this discovery offers a new prospective to life.

D.E.,, 1/22/00
Neo-Tech work is like a rocket display that
never falls to earth, but goes upward, but at the same time
is always in sight, a beautiful display.

D.B.,, 8/17/02, Australia
Yes, yes, yes! The only light at the end of the tunnel that isn't an oncoming train. Keep this site up and make it bigger. David Bridgman

WADE,, 9/29/00

"Nice one. Thank you."
S.E.,, 5/12/97, England

C.R.,, 2/22/98, Germany
Visited your site first 96 or 97. Thought this is all a
joke, but thinking
about it the last year more and more, my mind gets clearer about
all and I have the feeling to put more and more things together
in my mind like a big puzzle. I believe I understand what is
going on in the world much better now, and some things are definitely
wrong, but now I feel the power and have the information to change
things. Please stay on the WWW!

"I received the neo-tech manuscript in 1992, it really made me
think. I have taken some remarkable steps and made a lot of
mistakes, but I learned a lot. Now, I travel the world, expand my
awareness, and make a good living."
A.D.,, 6/7/97, Australia

B,, 4/8/03
I have always felt there had to be something more to life than, what will be
,will be or Gods will, so to speak, NEO-TECH is that something more!! YOUR OWN

"It would be tragic for every decent individual using the
Internet to lose this site. The information is a treasure trove
of powerful, turnkey information. Where else can a lowly person
find information to fix most of his/her problems? This site
continues to inspire. The information is too powerful to be
stopped by any individual or group of individuals. NE0-TECH
E.R.,, 2/5/97

G.W.,, 3/21/97, United Kingdom
I look forward to the day when all human beings know Neothink
(natural thinking for conscious beings). There is no compromise with Neo-Tech.
Contradictions are easily identified and eradicated. The overwhelming beauty of
recognizing the objective `meaning of life' triggers an irreversible change in

KH. TAN,, 6/22/01, MALAYSIA
It is just Explosive !!!!Setting almost anyone
FREE !!!

"Your site is incredible. Thank you so much for providing this
valuable information. You have taken the very best of Ayn Rand
and Objectivism and moved forward into the future. Keep up the
great work!"
A.R.,, 3/24/97

M.C.,, 3/10/98
The other day a Jehovah's Witness came to talk about the
end of the world and reading the bible. Thank Zon I had something
to read to flush that mystic waste out of my mind.

Great to see Neo-Tech being a beacon of sanity amongst the recent
world events!

"I thought Ayn Rand was the only one that ever understood this
and her works were suppressed by the Altruistic Regime. It is
very rewarding to see that someone has taken the next step. Keep
up the effort. Keep up the example."
N.K.,, 2/14/97

J.R.,, 12/31/02
As a former Objectivist, I struggled with the Neo-Tech concepts. It took several readings of 'The Neo-Tech Discovery' for me to fully absorb its NT's impact
on my consciousness, but I kept coming back to it again and again. Now, having read deeper into the Neo-Tech/Zonpower literature (including 'Escape from Crash Hell'), I cannot escape the conclusion that NT represents a quantum-leap beyond Objectivism; it
is the most incredible wisdom I have ever come across and is simply ingenious in the way it presents fully integrated honesty, consequently boosting one's self-esteem and productivity. I am convinced that NT constitutes the blueprint for the next step in
Man's evolution, and I am eagerly looking forward to the further insights and integrations to be related in the forthcoming NT/Zon publications announced in 'Escape from Crash Hell.' No words of mine can begin to express my personal appreciation for your
brilliant achievements on behalf of all who seek to realize the highest life-affirming values. All
I can say is that you have my deepest admiration and gratitude. I wish you continued supreme success in all your future ventures!

B.C.,, 1/26/97, Canada
Your web site seems very exciting. I practice objectivism and
understand many of your ideas and statements.

F.B.,, 1/24/00
The most thought provoking, mind searching
lituriture that I have ever read. It has made me reevaluate
my entire thought process.

G.W.,, 2/3/99
I would like to see the web site continue to grow so
that we can spread the truth. This is the best information I
have ever seen that truly explains life and its formulation.

"Very unique and informative. An alternative that is not at all
alternative. "
P.V.,, 1/4/97

B,, 4/8/03
I have always felt there had to be something more to life than, what will be
,will be or Gods will, so to speak, NEO-TECH is that something more!! YOUR OWN

e.k.m.,, 3/26/02
it's about time the truth came out.

M.P.L.,, 6/21/97
I read about this site in Alan Grant's recent comic book

"This information is too powerful to remain on the Web!!!!"
L.V.,, 5/12/97, Australia

A.N.,, 1/5/98
Stay on the Web. This stuff is too good to disappear.

T.D.,, 5/16/01
Every since
I started reading neo-Tech, my mind is clearer, my life is
better and
my career has skyrocketed. I believe its all because of

J.S.,, 9/9/00
I am quite intrigued by these thoughts, ideas,
suggestions, and truths that are Neo-Tech. I look forward to reading
many, many more.

Ben,, 8/20/01
I really enjoy the NTN posts. There are a lot
of good ideas
being expressed and it helps keep you focused when there
are people that you can relate to philosophically.

W.A.,, 5/15/99
I like this whole honesty thing.

M.Y.,, 4/3/97
With Neo-Tech I have the freedom that no one can take from me. I am
safe for the first time in my life.

J.K.,, 3/3/03
The world is racing towards war, Neo-tech needs to be disseminated even more quickly. Please forward your efforts.

"YOUR INFO IS POWER. KEEP IT UP! Love to read the stuff you have
J.W.,, 6/25/97

Cindy F.,, 1/2/99
Please expand! You are the life-line of all mankind! Neo-Tech
is the beacon of freedom for the human mind, by which it is
finally unfettered from the bondage of insane disease!

C.T.,,8/26/00, Malaysis
Enough is enough! Enough hero worshipping of
personality cults ,politicians
and priests. It is time for the meek to make a stand, before
the just
are devoured.

"very interesting indeed. also very optimistic."
A.S.,, 4/29/97

M.J,, 8/2/97
"Thank you for expanding on Ayn Rand's ideas--especially the romantic-love
idea. I am in a serious, monogamous relationship. We both want to love each
other in a non-altruistic way. Some of your essays have been great tools."

D.M.,, 3/12/98
I would like to work with
Neo Tech in stamping out mysticism and neocheating.

M.M.,, 6/24/98
Is it not inevitable that Neo-Tech will soon envelop the planet? I am
sure you will soon move beyond the primitive web site and broadcast
ZOM right into the human cerebral cortex. Not IF, but WHEN! Yes!
It cannot be stopped! Halleluija!

J E B,, 10/15/01, Australia
Awesome Stuff!!! Keep up the good work!! Just read your book Neo-Tech - Get Rich By 2001... just banked an extra $5000 with one idea I got from your book!!!

C.M.,, 12/13/01
I love what you men and women are doing keep up the good fight! Live long and prosper

Neo-tech open my eyes and now I see the truth about this harsh world
and that is priceless knowledge.

"very interesting indeed. also very optimistic."
A.S.,, 4/29/97

D.M.,, 2/19/99
yes, yes, the power gained is slow but growing.

Still using Neo-Tech and still laughing at all of the pathetic competition
from those who aren't. However, I greatly await the day when we can end Neo-Tech
Dynamics and Start Zon Dynamics worldwide. Then I won't have to laugh at all
the ridiculous competition because everyone will be an asset to everyone else
instead of a cut-throat competitor. Spread Neo-Tech!

E.E.,, 7/11/97
"I completely agree with you on the dishonesty and mystical
thinking crap. I also like your readings on biological immortality
because I think its completely possible, the only thing holding us
back is the religions (mysticism) saying 'its not right we must
die to go to heavens pearly gates'. Screw heavens pearly gates I
want to be immortal and completely free of mysticism to gain
ultimate power and happiness the right way not the neocheat way.
Thank you NEO-TECH you better stay on the web your info really

M.G.,, 6/7/97, South Africa
I like the thorough indexing.

"This site rocks. So much information, so little time. It is hard
to know what to read first. I love the Zon manuscript, it is
intriguing. Also, the Global business section contains
information I could use in starting up a global wealth empire.
What a site! Definitely keep this site. It has already helped me,
and can help many others."
G.M.,, 4/12/97

L.L.,, 9/22/98
This is fantastic, this is more than a “site!

S.B.,, 10/3/02, Australia
I feel Neo-Tech is a must read to allow people to understand what their futures hold and how to handle the new founded freedoms. Keep up the good work as I
will be promoting each and every concept that you have written, as many people have found Neo-Tech feels truthful and this knowingness of the truth is what
will advance the population of Earth.

C.L.,, 1/8/97
Thank you for updating the web site in response to my comments about
homosexuality. As a gay man, I found the previous statement to be inaccurate,
and it is a testimony both to you and to the entire Neo-Tech Publishing Company
that you actually DO believe in fully integrated honesty.

D.S.,, 2/17/97
Neo-Tech presents a great service and has a great deal of information
useful to all. There should be no censorship on the web whatsoever. If anyone
desires to remove this site from the web...send them my way. I'll convince them

"I am amazed at how the success that I've had over the years is
related to the concepts outlined in the site. Concepts like
Objectivism, honesty, and integrity are powerful weapons against
mystics and lazy people."
K.S.,, 4/23/97

S.S.,, 2/24/00
Hello... When I first discovered this site, I
read the Negative responses first and logged off to never
again come back. But since than, I've received a mailing
asking me if I wanted to order the manuscripts. Then, I went
online and “really' read and this time, actually understood
what the whole purpose of the Neo-Tech was/is. And it got me
very interested. I enjoy this site every day gives
me insights on life that I always had but was afraid to put
into place...into my future! I really appreciate all of your
efforts and hope that this site will grow into an empire of
knowledge so Neo-Thinkers can enjoy this knowledge for
generations! ...I am only 15 years old.

J.C.,, 12/15/96
This site is amazing in its intent to open the
eyes of cyberspace. What before seemed impossible is
radiantly opened up and exposed in its entirety. Wonderful website.

N.R.,, Canada
thank you Dr. Wallace for the most integrated and complete set of principles
for life ever published.

"This site is very inspirational. I use it in my personal
M.T.,, 2/6/97

J.S.,, 5/5/97
I was overwhelmed in shock and disbelief.
Neo-Tech has answered my questions about life.

S.R.,, 7/3/02
It is my stong opinion that it is important for people to step outside their comfort zone, outside the box and make a difference in their lives and the

DIRECTION.' Kind Regards

C.M.,, 4/21/98, Australia
The whole concept provided by your literature has opened my
Eyes to how much I was wasting my life with destructive time-wasting
pastimes. Now I feel as though I am slowly waking up from a bad
dream, everything is slowly coming into focus and I now have
a clear understanding of the direction my life needs to follow
in order to experience all the wonders this world has to offer.
Hopefully with your continued efforts in this country, many more
people will have the opportunity to experience life as it should
be lived. Thank you.

D.T.,, 10/2/97, Australia
I am deeply indebted to Dr. Wallace
for all his work. I received Neo-Tech at 17 and I am now poised
to conquer the world (in an honest business-like way). The medium
of the WWW seems made for this information. Accessible
to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

LW,, 5/31/03
Halfway through "THE BOOK" now and cannot put it down. It is so
engaging and delightful and I wish that I has actually started reading it 3
years ago when I first received it. It truly does cut to the essence of life.

"A fascinating site. It expands your mind and helps form new ways
of thinking."
A.A.,, 6/2/97

Susan M.,, 1/24/00
Very, very impressive. The wave of the future.

J.K.,, 2/22/99
Truly astounding.

J.F.,, 8/23/97
"To see the fear religions impose on people, just read the negative
comments. These religions say don't judge, but you couldn't tell that from
talking to these people. These people would love to see Neo-Tech removed
here, as well as removing every right from everyone else that they don't
agree with."

M.H.,, 2/3/97
I do my best to calm down and be patient for the end of
big government and the return of
rational thought especially when augmented with Neo-Tech Objectivism.

R.P.,, 3/15/98, Canada
Neo-Tech has expanded my awareness of the Head Games around me.
And that has aloud me be protect myself better.

"Neo-Tech has greatly influenced my life."
J.S.,, 3/4/97

K.S.,, 3/14/98
Your Neo-Tech info MUST remain available for everyone.
My former boss gave me
a significant raise because of concepts that I learned from the
Neo-Tech system and put to use. THANK YOU!

"I am very grateful for any knowledge I receive that improves my
thinking and outlook on life. Thank you."
M.O.,, 5/28/97

N.B.,, 9/28/01, Australia
Neo tech has helped me to get in touch with the child in me again by giving the confidence to me to ask the question why.

"I think your ideas are revolutionary. Very insightful. I am
interested in learning more."
P.J.,, 5/18/97

H.J.,, 1/29/03
At the time I originally received a Neo-tech mailer(3-4 yrs ago), I was looking for answers and finally felt I had found them. However, I was surrounded by
mysticism plagued individuals and often got discouraged or regressed back to old unproductive habits. None-the-less, I never forgot what I learned, and I always improved myself in some way shape or form after reading neo-tech material. Recently I realized
I have become stagnant and was no longer moving forward as quickly as I had wanted. So I looked up Neo-tech on the web and found 'The Story'. I think 'The Story' was a great idea and definitely made Neo-tech and Integrated thinking more easily
understandable. I have already sent two teacher friends of mine this story with the intentions of raising aw
areness. Thank You so much.

A.M.,, 6/6/99, Colombia
Neo-Tech seems to be a logical that eliminates
some of the mystery of life.

Ray C. d.I.,,
N-T makes excellent sense to an independent-minded person; it is really the
'way, truth, and life' for anyone! Keep up the great work!

Z.M.,, 3/5/03
Reading your material is liken to an early morning walk. Or the wonderful feeling you get when you experience the beauty of freshly turned earth.

J.W.,, 5/9/00
Wow, I kinda regret looking at the negative
comments section.
That is one SH*t load of pissed off mystics. Too bad they're
to die without ever realizing their full integrative
They seem very concerned with enacting curses and violence
us, but nonetheless, that is the only weapon of the mystic.
I hope this is as amusing to you and again, thank you for
my life. I am a former Catholic and Reborn Christian, never
will mysticism have power over me. Those guys seem to be
their own dogma as they curse and damn us. The CU will be

T.N.,, 8/17/97, England
"I have to say that the information contained in your books has benefited me
immensely, and the knowlege I have gleaned from them has purged me of, what
were in retrospect, seriously harmful mystical tendencies."

J.F.,, 10/26/97
"I found the information riveting and exciting. Do what
you have to in order to stay on the web!"

B.R., baudy1, 1/11/97

G.A.,, 4/12/02, United Kingdom
Graphing the hit counter would show the anticipated exponential growth which will precipitate the End/Beginning.

D.W.,, 4/28/97
I have the utmost gratitude for the efforts of Neo-Tech to rid our
world of the plaguing anticivilization.

"Well done on such a great site."
T.K.,, 4/28/97, Australia

B.W.,, 7/28/01
The logical step by step process
to correct thinking and correct effort to improve life
a confidence that I have never experienced before. Thank you
so very much.

C.J.,, Westchester
I think NT should stay for the sake of mankind.

Refreshing and insightful.

P.H.,, 4/3/99
Still fighting personal mysticism, but have
conquered many and I'm increasing momentum as I do. Each
problem solved makes the new problems easier to solve.

D.C.,, 3/31/97
It has already started to make an enormous impact on my life.

S.A.,, 11/12/02
Neo-Tech provided great insights regarding the stratagems of religious and political 'external authorities'. The poker metaphor has not only been of use in
personal situations, but illuminated me to the workings of many Neo-Cheaters in the world.

It is hard to express how valuable your
literature has been to me. Every
victory over mysticism I owe to your work, and for that I cannot thank youenough.
I think I may have read 90% of the material on your website at
least once through - some of it two or three times. If the world survives,
it will be due to the work you have done.

Despite all the criticisms, I for one support your efforts. Let the weak minded
sheep continue with their myths the rest of us shall prosper

G.C.,, 5/28/01

S.M.,, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech is essential to all those who want to live in a guiltless world,
fee from idiots who use god, as a weapon to hurt people.

"I Love it!"
M.D.,, 5/20/97

F.S.,, 3/21/00
Dear friends, your are doing an amazing job.

Neo-Tech gives me a reason to want to live forever.

n.b.,, 9/18/02
It pulled me out of a depression. May the wise and free find there way to neo-tech and help dethrone the anti-civilization of the world.

A.F.,, 8/12/98, Canada
Impressed !!!!! Potent stuff.

C.M.,, 11/3/00
If you want to read some constructive comments
about Neo-Tech,
just read a few of the negative comments. They are so
wrought of unthinking blabber that they insult themselves.
has allowed me to free myself from the chains of anxiety and
manic depression. I want everyone on the planet to know
Neo-Tech and the enormous power it conveys. Thank you Dr.
Frank R. Wallace for teaching
me how to take back my life.

A.R.,, 12/17/96
This is an interesting site.
I read a warning about how your NT program was somehow demonic.
I must say that the name itself sounds kind of spooky,
underworld or sinister.

P.S.,, 10/3/98
I am really happy for what Neo-Tech has done for me. It has
made me feel something I have never felt, I am learning
more and more by the day.

F.M.,, 8/27/98
I am a long-time Neo-Tech owner (1987, roughly, still
in possession of my original manuscript) and have used NT to positively
influence my life for over a decade. I had the inestimable advantage
of being introduced to NT at a young age (15) and therefore never
wasted my early adulthood as so many of my classmates did. I
now own two successful businesses in the Atlanta area and hope
to always reap the benefits that Dr. Wallace's work, as well
as its introduction to Aristotle, Rand, and Hugo, gave me. Please
keep me informed of further developments in RIBI and of Zon.

"It makes sense. I feel like I walked into a dark room and found
the light switch. Thanks tons."
D.B.,, 12/27/96

J.R.,, 3/31/97
This will change the world.

D.C.,, 4/2/99
Hello, I am a 17 year old high school student Neo-Tech has
changed my way of thinking and I plan on being mystic free
for the rest of my life. I am glad that you are on
the internet because it makes me feel like I am not alone, and
that there are others who want to be prosperous in life and love.

w.l.,, 3/18/02
Neo-Tech is our last hope otherwise we become extinct like other civilizations in the universe.

C.B.,, 12/21/96
I own the neo-tech Discovery and was happy to see the
'advantage of the day', I would like to be able to print up the
advantages so I can take them with we to read for support.
I find I cannot always carry around the book and
I care to much about it to possibly ruin it.
I really like the web page and hope everyone would read it.

RC,, 4/18/03
One is are either green and growing or ripe and rotting. Neo-tech is green
and growing!!!

David,, 1/12/01
I absolutely love you people.
feel you have saved me from certain death and destruction.

Sarah D.,, 7/1/99, Australia
I am glad to say that the psychology behind Neo-Tech is
unbelievable! Upon reading Neo-Tech for a while my
parameters of stupidity
and unintelligence have disappeared, so that's what
mysticism was! Thanks.

B.M.,, 5/17/97


Peter,, Australia
Once one has read neo-tech literature one finds quicker shortcuts
to the thought process in most subjects in life thus having a competitive
advantage over those that have delta thinking. Only neo-tech can give you
the tools of awakening.

"Without Neo-Tech, who will demystify people? Seems to me that
the Net is THE WAY to spread Neo-Tech info."
B.L.,, 6/2/97, Canada

R.J.,, 3/19/01
I know Neo-Tech is spreading like wild fire.
I support will Neo-Tech as long as I
LIVE! and you should To!

G.W.,, 5/1/01
Neo-Tech has turned my life around and filled
me with
relentless ambition. Now I know why I have to watch out for
lazy people
and I have to make sure not to get lazy myself. Both my mind
and body are stronger than ever and many people look up to
me. When people ask me what I believe in I say myself! Keep up
the good work and keep fighting for freedom!!!!

P.L.,, 6/20/97, Japan
Your site is beautifully interesting and contains power-packed

A.M.,, 10/7/97, Netherlands
"I find the Neo-Tech material intriguing, and certainly different from
mainstream thought. For this reason alone it is valuable. Is mainstream
thinking so weak that it cannot withstand alternatives?"

J.W.,, 4/1/99
I Believe your site to be the most valuable information that
I have discovered in the 3 years I have been surfing the web.
Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

K.S.,, 11/4/98
FINALLY, THE TRUTH!!! I have never believed in
'God' as taught by the neocheaters, but until
I read your revelation, I did not
know why. I have also have not voted for the past 20 years,
not due to laziness, but due to my unexplained dislike for
politics. Now, I know: WHY, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE and HOW. Thank you!!!

H.O.,, 3/12/98
Interesting facts, wonder if I'll ever find the guts to
apply to my personal life.

J.W.,, 2/10/97
Your web site is absolutely necessary, many people need to see this.
To sum it up, CATALYST.

B.H.,, 2/16/03
I actually Consider Neo Tech a medical breakthrough. Probably the greatest since the smallpox vaccine. I look forward to seeing a Nobel prize come from this.

I am convinced of Neo-Tech to be absolutely

L.T.,, 5/1/01, Canada
After knowing about and studying neo-tech for
over10 years, I am certainly convinced of the great benefit
received in all areas of my life. the little manual on ridding
oneself of alcohol, drugs and coffee is worth its weight in gold. of
course, stay on the web. millions of people are hearing about your
life saving, life changing and enlightening material. it is so
far above the stupidity taught in schools and religious halls.

L.H.,, 3/10/00
The past few days I have been reading The Story
in what little spare time I have. Ummm... everything is
starting to click together now. The inner-child thing really
got me thinking. In my younger days we used to play games
like “what if this and what if that'. We had come up with
some pretty wild ideas back then - why isn't that quality
encouraged to grow and be applied to real life scenarios? If
I ever would have thought of applying those creative juices
to real life, then I would be a totally different person.
The pieces are starting to come together.
I have rediscovered my inner child and brought back that
ability to think creatively to put the pieces together. It
would be an absolute travesty if I ever let that ability
fade in my daughter. As I make other breakthroughs, it will
help me keep those alive in her as well.
I have taken small steps; this is my first leap. Cheers to
many more to come!

B.E.,, 8/29/97
I checked out this so called MIRACLE (Neo-Tech) a friend tells me
about! I have been reading this site now for about 1 month and have somehow been
able to actually be a magnet to women. I will never stop reading this site.
It's to valuable!!

"Excellent concept -- mind blowing."
J.F.,, 1/23/97

Kathy C.,, 2/16/99
I find this very interesting. The concepts are reality based,
easy to understand but hard to master. Anything that promotes
free-will and self-understanding is pure gold on the web.
Keep up the good work.

J.C.,, 1/13/97
This web site is one of the few on the entire Internet that has
Actual Useful Information. By far, one of the best sites I have visited. I
consider myself lucky to have found this place.

D.P.,, 11/26/02
Eagerly absorbing all information, wanting more!

"Excellent site, if only every person with access to a computer
could be able to explore it. So much truth is portrayed here. I
will endeavor to steer as many people as possible to this site."
Lindy H.,, 6/5/97, Canada

H.C., 9/10/02
I find your site to be invigorating and a breath of fresh air.
Thank you for being a light in a very dark misguided world

"I think that Neo-Tech should expand and it will."
K.B.,, 2/6/97, Australia

E.R., ., 11/23/01, Venezuela

"I am a newcomer to Neo-Tech but from what little I have read I
like the way you think. It is about time we get ahead in life."
A.E.,, 4/15/97

T.W.,, 6/21/00
I consider myself to be a Neo-tech self leader
and would like to be employed somehow with Neo-Tech because
I cant find anything I would rather devote my life to than
the downfall of mysticism. I almost feel obligated to repay
Neo-Tech for all the help it has brought me. Neo-Tech has
given me something to believe in when before there was
nothing. I don't feel I could ever repay Neo-Tech for what
it has given me but I can at least try.

"If Leonard Peikoff's Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand is
'Reality Unfolded', Neo-Tech is the ultimate 'set of guidelines'
for living without/dispensing with the need for guides."
G.F.,, 5/23/97, United Kingdom

This site is ZONtastic!!!

F.H.,, 9/7/00
Keep up the good work and bring all
clear-thinking people to
the realization of the true reality.

"Your site is very informative and helpful. I greatly appreciate
the information."
H.A.,, 4/23/97

M.D.,, 4/18/99
I'm very impressed. I've always thought of the idea of self sacrifice
to the point of unhappiness was very absurd, and I firmly believe
in individual freedom and liberty. I've been interested in the mastery
of life for some time now, empowering people with practical
application techniques and theories is very important, I hail your effort.

R.Y.,, 2/27/98, Singapore
Trust me, after imbibing a little of
the anti-mysticism drug, people want to find out more.

W.B.,, 11/7/02
Thank you for saving my life.

Hi Emma, Don't ever get rid of your website. Cyberspace is where
it's at. Information is at your finger tips. I have tons of Neo-Tech books/tapes
at home. I've had a lot of fun with Neo-Tech over the last 20 years. I've really
'rocked some foundations'! T he 'negatives' people write about Neo-Tech and some
of those people really scare me. I live in the same country they do, what the
heck are they thinking!

I now live my life without guilt. It takes a lot of the pressure off. I still
find it hard to believe that in these times so many people still look to 'Gods'
to solve problems in their lives. Take control of your life, it will make you
much happier.

W.E.,, 2/14/98

G.M.,, 8/30/98, Republic of San Marino
Very good indeed.

Jim,, 5/9/00
I've had the Neo-Tech Manuscript for 4 years
now, it is the best
Info and way of life. Be Free! Thanks Neo-Tech!

E.B., ., 8/18/01
I absolutely think 'Neo-Tech' should stay on
the web. For it was instrumental in bringing me out of the
illusionary and drug-like world of religion (in my case,
evangelical Protestantism). At first I actually detested and
was afraid of NT and the website. But I kept coming back,
almost hypnotically and out of curiosity. The turning point
for me, after perusing the website for a couple of months,
came when I read The Story. After devouring that, I was so
emotionally stirred and intellectually stimulated that I
began to seriously embrace NT and doubt all religions
including my own. In fact, before being exposed to NT I was
an amateur Bible scholar, historian, theologian and was
planning to be become a professional theologian/pastor. Due
to my enlightenment via NT, I realized that theology is just
a philosophical rationalization of religion, disconnected
from reality. Thank you!

Sylvester "Quicksilver" Mukabi,, Kenya

G.W.,, 2/8/97, England
I am a Neo-Tech owner since 1987 and have benefited incalculably
since absorbing it and taking it on board in 1991. Thank you for Neo-Tech. I
cannot over emphasize the benefits to my life from having come across it. Every
moment I am living is now also enhanced by the Zone favorable diet thanks to
your reference to Barry Sears' book.

Very interesting...I came across this site quite by accident. '...a compatibility
of humor is one of the most enjoyable aspects of friendships and romantic-love
relationships.' How very true.

J.J.,, 3/9/00
Dear Mr. Hamilton, ever since my first
encounter with your father's writings (Zonpower, Neo-Tech
Discovery) 4 years ago, to say my life has improved
tremendously would be a gross understatement. Within the
last 4 years, I have purchased many works written by Eric
Savage, Frank Wallace and of course, yourself. I hold a
great respect for your writing. My concentration is always
focused 150% when I read your masterful works. When I saw
the release of “The Story' a few weeks ago, I immediately
cancelled my plans for that Friday and Saturday, just so I
could read it. I finished the entire work in two days and
just recently read the newly added chapter 36.
From my earliest memories and all through high school and
now through my life today, I have always possessed an
“unconventional' way of thinking. But like billions of
people throughout history, I was slowly sinking into a death
trap created by the criminally insane world that surrounds
us. Neo-Tech has brought my “unconventional' thinking to
heights I once could only dream about. I am a true
“Believer' in Neo-Tech and from reading and charting your
company's tremendous growth and progress over the last 4
years, I am excited to see “The Story' come to life. When I
read it, I almost knew what you were going to say each
chapter before I even read it.
I wish I could express my feelings right now, but I haven't
developed that writing skill yet! Thank you Mark
Hamilton...I hope to meet you in the New World!

"I like it."
A.H.,, 2/15/97

C N Gower,, 12/8/00, AUSTRALIA
This site is definitely the most stimulating
and compelling thing on the web.

I purchased the Neo-Tech manuscript in 1992 and I still find myself referring
to it. It is the best commonsense material about life and the real world, and
the best philosophy to deal with it out there.

"Very good information! I know that it will work!"
G.L.,, 5/28/97, Canada

M.K.,, 8/26/01
The world needs this information or we are doomed.

V.R.,, 11/16/99
Neo-Tech is the evolvement of honesty on our
planet. Before Neo-Tech no one understand the role or the
part that conscious man and woman play, but now with
Neo-Tech, conscious people know they are fully
responsibility for all their actions and that means taking
care of themselves. So the understanding of Neo-Tech is not
a belief but is a responsibility of the self being honest.

"I believe it does an excellent job of exposing the deeply rooted
problems of our civilization. I was extremely pleased to find you
on the Web."
J.B.,, 6/21/97

K.H.,, 2/9/97
This web site is, by far, the most profoundly valuable I've ever
encountered. As a Libertarian and Objectivist, I find the content to be
wonderfully thought provoking and intellectually stimulating.
Thank you so much!

P.H.,, 6/2/97, Australia
What a brilliant idea the Internet is! It has become the perfect
distributor for worldwide Neo-Tech knowledge. Producers of values may unite
from anywhere to everywhere on our earth. LOVE IT!!!

C.S.,, 4/21/98
Thought provoking and eye opening.



R.P.,, 3/22/98, Australia
A great source of very valuable information.

A.M.,, 6/6/99, Colombia
Neo-Tech seems to be a logical that eliminates
some of the mystery of life.

"Hello! This WEB-side is really great! I enjoy it every day."
M.H.,, 12/21/96, Germany

everything. Now I have some form of defense and can start to enjoy my life.

K.J.,, 2/1/00
I am in awe over The Story. I had constant
tears of joy, frustration and empathy throughout this
eloquent account of the anticivilization and the C of U.
Thank you Mark Hamilton. You have written the ultimate
epiphany. I hope this is what will transpire. I want
hardcopies to share with others.

L.L.,, 5/4/97, Australia
Great work. Really a lot of people should read the information on
your site.

"Neo-Tech is needed by all...."
D.E.,, 4/1/97, England

Eloy Solis,, 8/8/00
After reading twice, I believe neo-tech must
remain on the web. I now know how to handle liars, accusers,
gossipers and envyers.

living well!

W.L.,, 9/20/99
I finally seen the real truth about myself and the real world!

J.M.,, Scotland, U.K
Neo tech is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise toxic anticivilization.

m.h.,, 12/2/02
I love your poker section.

B.H.,, 7/1/97
"It sounds like you are really on to something valuable. I intend
to investigate this further."

B.E.,, 3/22/00
The book makes it onto one of the many “Best
Seller' lists—people increasingly buy the book and give it
more word of mouth advertising than any previous book
they've spoken highly of—The Book continues showing up on
more and more best seller lists—word-of-mouth advertising
has people scurrying from bookstore to bookstore to the
Internet in order to buy The Book which is repeatedly
selling out faster than any previous book—
That sounds like what happened with “The Celestine
Prophecy.' James Redfield was rejected by virtually every
major publishing house so he self-published his book and
sold it in independent bookstores. Warner Books came
sniffing around after only they saw how many unit$ were
moved $olely by word of mouth.

I am highly motivated and excited beyond words to initiate
or help initiate some paradigm ultimately leading to the C
of U. It is so obvious, but the masses need to see a
tangible reality to integrate it. The Story must be
initiated. I am a combination of Jake, Ian, and Theodore
(and a little Rico). A relationship-builder, spokesperson,
physicist/scientist, and puzzle-builder.

K.C.,, 8/6/97
"Neo-Tech's philosophy succeeds brilliantly in applying Objectivist
principles to daily life and work in the 'Get Rich By 2001' section. Its
focus on wide-scale integration and task structuring to concentrate on
money-making purpose is brilliant."

Mike,, 12/20/00
Since I have read THE BOOK, I have become
happier at work and have happened to
think a bit more clearly since I started reading it. Thank

"Your web site is very informative. I enjoy Neo Tech and I am
glad that you are growing and succeeding in your goals. I think
that it is great that you are putting Ayn Rand and the
Objectivist movement into perspective. It needs it. Keep up the
great work. Thanks."
C.R.,, 2/17/97

J.C.,, 12/15/96
This site is amazing in its intent to open the
eyes of cyberspace. What before seemed impossible is
radiantly opened up and exposed in its entirety. Wonderful website.

"I think your web-site is great. I'm definitly going to put this
site on my hot list. I'll be back!!!"
L.C.,, 3/24/97

S.Z.,, 6/23/97, United Kingdom
I was first introduced to Neo-Tech in 1989 -- since which I have held
the philosophy with the deepest respect. Not one to take anything for face
value, placing the concepts into action has produced a degree in mechanical
engineering, straight into business in 1992, successfully sold out in 1996, and
now committed to a direct-mail computer software business turning over
UK[sterling]700,000 per year. I possess a powerful skill to test new boundaries and
the business hence grows at accelerating speed while focus on the means allow
the ends to take care of themselves. I feel so intensely for people who go
through life not realizing their potential, indeed the accurate perception of
the new civilization which will come, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.
Everything in my life revolves around a central core of strength that is
Neo-Tech. Thank you sincerely.

"Excellent site."
A.L.,, 5/18/97

"From the time I was a very young child and first understood the
concept of death, I thought why does it have to be this way? I
have always appreciated greatly, the astounding odds of just
being born, let alone the magical possibilities of living
forever. I can't even begin to express my loving appreciation to
all of you at Neo-Tech Publishing and your courage for getting
the word out. I will forever be loyal to Neo-Tech and its causes.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your knowledge has finally
answered many of my life's questions!!"
S.A.,, 3/4/97

J.F.,, 10/26/97
"I found the information riveting and exciting. Do what
you have to in order to stay on the web!"

"What an abundance of truly helpful information! I have only
scratched the surface so far, there is so much! I'm sure I will
be visiting this site often."
M.B.,, 4/19/97

C.O.,, 12/10/98
Excellent site.

J.F.,, 5/27/98
This is great.

J.L.,, 1/29/97

Thank You Forever, I Hope I Can Meet You Some Day, Mark & Dr, Wallace
Are Geniuses.

p.w., ,
neo-tech is the fuel that keeps me going each day. in this day of corrupt
value destroying government and mystic employers neo-tech keep me focused.
neo-tech forever !

Brilliant. We need to break free of the mysticism that is holding the
world back.

It is w/out a doubt, the most thought provoking material I have ever

I think it will help others see just who all the parasites out there
are. Others will refuse to see them for what they are because they
don't know how to think for themselves. Those that can think will see
this site for what it really is - a guide to help one claim his/her
life back from the parasites of our society.

In reference to your article End of Chaos: I am speechless. It feels
so good!

I find NEC-tech a very helpful and resourceful it has enhanced my life
and gave me much hope. It also gave me a greater understanding about
how the world works and how I fit in. NEC-TECH is what it takes to
grow and find ones true happiness.

Frank, , Puerto Rico
This site allows someone to empower themselves and break free from
the manipulation and (needless) control imposed by those in our society
that can only feel powerful and accomplished by trampling all over
most of us 'innocents' in society. I will no long er allow anyone else
to control and victimize me or those that I love just to make themselves
feel important at my expense. I reject the idea that my happiness is
dependent on anyone other than myself. Think about it.

We need NEO-TECH more than ever to drive the neo-cheaters out and replace
them with value creators. Go get them NEO-TECH.

Dear Sirs, Neo-Tech is the most powerful information in the universe,
I have been reading Neo-Tech on and off for about 5 years. It has completely
changed my life. The many concepts I have learned in Neo-Tech have
given me an enormous advantage over the m ystified population. I have
excelled in every aspect of my life. I AM FREE ! I AM HAPPY ! I AM
TEAM. YOU HAVE TRULY CHANGED THE WORLD. Please stay on the web, the
world NEEDS Neo-Tech.

Neo-Tech is our only hope for any kind of honest future,

M.G.,, United Kingdom
Congratulation on Pax Neo-Tech. To me its a concise summary of the
entire Zon/Neo-Tech concepts at work.

I think this is a brilliant site, a true treasure amongst the trash.


The writers/contributors show incredible intellect and insight that
should be made available to all who are interested in knowing without
reservations that there is a dark veil of dishonesty over global activity
and you are providing a very special servic e to all. Insight/Awareness/Revelation.
Thank you

P.V.,, Russia
Great and very valuable information! Neo-Tech is on the right way in
promoting realistic approach for cognition of the universe and transformation
of our world into supercivilization.

I loved the story. I want to learn all about neo-tech.

D.B.,, Australia
Yes, yes, yes! The only light at the end of the tunnel that isn't an
oncoming train. Keep this site up and make it bigger. David Bridgman

I feel Neo-Tech is honest information. I have so much learning ahead
of me, please keep it online.

b.m.,, Scotland, UK.
Carry on this good work to bring the truth to the people

It is refreshing to hear the truth.

E.n.,, Zambia

This is a great site and needs expansion.

E.J.,, , eNGLAND
Keep up the good work. Neo-Tech Founder and Zon-Power/God-man are the
greatest Books ever written.

B.S., ,
Frank Wallace, You are an absolute winner. The Neo-Tech Discovery has
revolutionized my thinking. I will never be cheated again!

I just wish I would have found your site sooner.

p.s., ,
I have started reading today and I'm feeling empowered already. Thank
you Neo-Tech, not only for helping me to win a well thought out debate,
but for giving me that feeling of utter happiness that has been missing
from my life.

L.P.,, 2/14/00
The information provided by Neo-Tech is
extremely moving. I thank you for providing that which will
certainly move the whole of civilization to new and exciting

Neo-Tech literature has had a profound impact on my life. Neo-tech
is must reading for understanding the way of mankind. You guys are
a beacon of light.

B.P.,, 4/2/00
'The Story' is a brilliant way of introducing Neo-Tech to new readers. It has made the Neo-Tech material much more clear to me.

B.M.,, 12/4/98, Australia
I think your web site is the most mind expanding information
I have ever seen and I will be
passing on the web site to other people .

S.R.,, 12/28/99
I am 17 years old and I often wonder of my future. Thanks
to Neo-Tech I now look towards the future with great anticipation. I
will lead my life with honesty, integrity, and as free of mysticism as I
can. I thank you for waking me up to the 'real' world while I am fairly
young. I will do my best to lead others into Neo-Tech because I truly
believe it is the way to a better life and future for everyone.

P.D.,, 2/29/00
I haven't finished your story yet, I'm on chapter 18 and am
a new comer to Neo-Tech, but I am very impressed. If I
could wish one thing for the world, it would be that all the
students studying to be teachers read your story. Before
their minds have been corrupted by the world. I have many
friends that home school their children, and I am so taken
by what you have to say that I am printing up "The Story" to
pass around to them. Home schooling is growing, within all
of America, and it seems to me that those are the children
that could be reached first, right now. I will admit that
Neo-Tech is hard for me. I can't just read it, but have to
study it to understand, with lots of stops to look up words,
but "The Story" has made much of it fall into place for
me. A lot of things in America have gotten out of hand,
parents and teachers have lost there way along with most of
"the people". They have forgotten that we are the united
states of AMERICA and not the
UNITED STATES OF america. Your story not only touched my
heart, but my brain. I have always been an "odd ball" or
called "weird" because I think on my own, I do on my own,
and I walk in peace and love. People try to push me into
there mold, but I refuse to go. Your story showed me that I
am on the right path, I have a long ways to go, but I will
get there. Thank you for reminding me of all the good
things to come, as I continue on my journey.

William,, Universe
Take this communication as my 'howdy fellow traveler'. I just
can't tell you how many bulls eye's you threw mentally that I saw within
just a few minutes of inspecting your site. Truly astonishing marksmanship
that I was compelled to tip my hat to. Good mental work. I again congratulate
you for the excellence of your thought and wish you a good life.

B.P.,, 3/13/97
This site must remain on the web. If it were not for Neo-Tech, I

G.G.,, 5/10/99
I find the entire neo-tech discovery utterly
fascinating and long over-due.

A.B.,, 8/16/99
Your info has brought me great levels of
success. Thank you a million times over.

L.M.,, 2/25/01, Mexico
It's the best thing that could ever exist.

C.B., .,
I owe a tremendous debt to the Neo-Tech writings and to Dr. Wallace and
associates for helping me find my essence... the essence of an artist,
a lover, a creator.

"Your web site seems very exciting. I practice objectivism and
understand many of your ideas and statements."
B.C.,, 1/26/97, Canada

T.G.,, 8/20/01
Neo Tech is one of the most forward thinking
organizations the world has ever seen.

P.G.,, 6/22/00
I find Neo-Tech interesting because of the
honesty it

I find that N-T is very useful in running one's own business and climbing out
of the quagmire of working for someone else.

R.K.,, 3/10/97, Papua New Guinea
I like seeing this offered worldwide so potential value producers can
have access to this very important information. This is a doorstep service.

J.J.,, 3/7/99, United Kingdom
I have been reading all of your exciting work for about two
years now and am now putting into practice your ideologies.
I am excited in what I am embarking on and find your writings
I am astounded how simple and rational your work is - we
all have been blinkered for too long, and now is the time to
undo the hype surrounding all of our lives. Control freaks abound
us everywhere with guilt and fear. I am now taking the total
honest approach in all I do in life , where-upon I will not be
hindered again with anyone. May I send you all a simple,
thank you.

J.E.,, 6/10/97
The views expressed in Neo-Tech are both interesting and bold.
Neo-Tech could definitely be the radical step needed to project our society to
the next level.

J.O.,, 10/29/98
Hi and thanks for saving my life, the God
concept is no longer with me.

D.K.,, 7/14/98
Unbelievable idea that I do understand. THANK YOU.

"This site is very informative and opens a new way of thought."
B.C.,, 1/25/97

W.P.,, 8/19/99
Revolutionary concepts. The internet changes
the ballgame. I have been self employed my whole life and am
fed up dealing with all the X#%?!XX@&F while trying to be
honest, kind and responsible. Carry on cause, it's payback time!

"This is the most incredible thing I know about . Neo-Tech blew
me away. I always new that somewhere in honesty was POWER...."
D.D.,, 5/25/97

Maribel G.
I am a mother of two, my children ages
9 and 12 are great children. I am have been teaching them about Neo-Tech
and most of all to be honest individuals. I opened a business in New York
called Neo-Buyer and I plan to make it a success, there is no stopping me.
Something negative happened and I thought it was going to make me fall. But
by being an honest individual, and with all the knowledge that I have learned
from Neo-Tech, I found I am becoming stronger and unstoppable. Dr. Wallace
you cannot imagine how grateful I am that I read your books. The good thing
about being a Neo-Tech woman is that I have control of myself and surroundings.
I respect myself and other people, but I do not interfere with other people’s
choices. Thanks once again Neo-Tech will never perish.

L.S.,, 6/27/01
I very much appreciate the neo-tech God/Man
book. I can see where
it will limitlessly improve my life... not by telling me
to think... but by actually stimulating my to think on my
again! For all this I want to pass on all my thanks to your
team... I feel the sooner people start to actually
the insights this book gives... the sooner we will all

"It is my feeling that there is no other truly honest logical
distillation of life applicable philosophy being espoused."
M.C.,, 5/13/97

A.T.,, 4/16/99
I read the 'Neo-Tech Discovery' years ago, but
my mystical mind fought the process. Now a decade later, I'm
back and ready to learn.

D.K.,, 1/19/99, United Kingdom
The concepts have changed my expectations of
life and my opinion of the 'higher authorities'.

J.S.,, 4/28/97
Congratulations on your discoveries -- I am excited about
learning more about your concepts and look forward to becoming an efficient
value-producer as opposed to a pawn in the destructive collective consciousness
which permeates our individual psyches.

Roxane,, 11/10/00
I think the Neo-Tech web site is very
Innovative and all around fascinating.

C.N.,, 1/5/97
Who wouldn't want such answers to many of Life's most central
questions? Spreading such a word is both compassionate and generous.

"I most certainly want this site to expand on the web."
A.A., co.nw, 4/14/97, Norway

t.p.,, Australia
Neo-Tech is the best thing that has ever happened in my life!! Without it I would
still be a major loser.

m.m.,, 6/2/00
THE BOOK really made me feel very good, and
continues to do so, as my adventure is just beginning. thank

D.M.,, 5/1/97
If you can't find what your are looking for here, you can't find it

I am very new to this, however my earnings have doubled in
3 months directly due to neo-tech

"Your site can help thousands. It is well prepared and easy to
receive. Thank You."
J.M.,, 6/4/97

I love Neo-Tech and its founders for bringing all this to
us. Mark Hamilton, you are a wonderful author, congratulations on such
a great piece of work!

to speed up the revolution.

H.A.,, 2/20/97
I believe the Neo-Tech concepts work and I believe strongly that this
is what has to be done to change this world and get the parasites out of

D.W.,, 1/26/97
What I have read so far is great. This just might be the info that I
have been waiting for to take advantage of the opportunities that await me.

November 1999

N.R.,, Canada
thank you Dr. Wallace for the most integrated and complete set of principles
for life ever published.

R.L.,, 4/22/97
This site is amazing and needs to remain available to anyone who
feels the confines of social and religious correctness. I will point this site
out to those I care most about. KEEP THIS SITE OPEN!!!!!

T.K.,, 2/22/97, Egypt
A very cool site.

Neo-tech open my eyes and now I see the truth about this harsh world
and that is priceless knowledge.

S.M.,, 5/27/97, South Africa
Excellent and interesting information that can change ones life

S.H.,, 6/20/99
I'm willing to do my part.

S.S.,, 3/16/00
From where I sit I think the writers at NTP
have demonstrated an uncanny ability to write/express/convey
with a high degree of accuracy while pushing the envelope of
charting new frontiers. Anyone can use NTP's work to push
their own envelope to greater knowledge and penetrate deeper
and wider into new and existing markets.

J.H.,, 4/26/99
II am jus now starting to see the power of
Neo-Tech. Without Neo-Tech....I probably would have
committed suicide later on in life.

L.P.,, 10/6/00, U.S.
At first Neo-Tech is hard to accept, being
raised very
Christian and in Christian schools. But, when you truly
think logically
and rationally you see it is the plain truth. For years
and government have oppressed our society by scaring and
us. The only promise that religion has is something you
after your dead. I challenge all people to read and try to
the Neo-Tech philosophies, read it with no bias or prejudice
then make a logical decision on its teachings. The only
comments on this website are that of religious mystics who
truly tried to understand the material. The Bible is a book
written by man, translated many times to fit the needs of a
religion. See it for what it is and wake up.

A.P.,, 7/14/97, Western Samoa
It will help to solve some of my problems.

Pamela M.,, 3/10/98
Since discovering Neo-Tech I feel hope again!

R.W.,, 9/24/99, England
Neo-Tech out-shines all other web sites.

Donna M.,, 9/9/99
This info is too important to keep from the public.

I have studied several religions and philosophies, and looked
into many more, hoping to find one that made sense. Often I was initially
excited, sometimes for months, even years. Disappointment always ensued.
Finally, Neo-Tech explains why all religions a nd all philosophies, save
Objectivism and Secular Humanism, are wrong - both incorrect and immoral.
Keeping an eye open for a utopia, I've found many claim the word. Some can
be immediately dismissed (e.g., not self-supporting); others fail in practice.
F inally, Neo-Tech is the path to utopia, the Civilization of the Universe.
Finally, even in light of the recent catastrophe, I have hope for myself
and humanity. Thank you.

W.C.,, 10/4/02, Australia
The information is amazing it has removed the confusion that has been in my head for 41 years. Now I know what to look out for in my life. My life is making
sense for the fist time. I am able to see the life that I should be living, and the man I should be. To all at Neo-Tech a very deep felt 'Thank you' I can
see the light at the end of the tunnel as I did when I was a child.

F.S.,, 6/13/98, Brazil
After reading Neo-Tech literature, almost
all my questions are being answered.

J.G.,, 7/27/00
Life has been very gruel and unfair for many
because of value strippers,
deceivers, liars and those do-gooders which do NO good what
ever. What I read so far is a hope for more of a good thing
mere wishing for one.

t.e.,, 2/23/02
Neo-Tech is powerful, this is what I've searched for, neo-cheaters watch out!

"Neo-Tech is very interesting."
C.K.,, 5/21/97, Australia

I bought THE BOOK and I have a hard time putting it down. Since I opened THE
BOOK, I have already made my life more worthwhile. I have patented an idea and
started writing a book. I also am in the process of starting a business that
helps people. I really do not think that I would have had the open-mindedness to
start any of these projects if it were not for Neo-tech. I will soon be running
for city government and I will start to turn the city into a business rich
environment that relies less on the government and more on its people. Those who
talk bad about you have not read anything about what the Neo-tech world is
about. I thank you for spreading your message and I for one will be a loyal
believer for what you have helped me realize about myself. Thank you.

D.R.,, 4/13/98
This site is without a doubt the
most cutting edge technical information offered on the web. I have visited this site often and I refer people to it. I look
forward to the day the conscious individual reigns supreme on the face of the earth.

J.B.,, 5/16/99, England
Neo-tech offers freedom from control and allows
people to develop to their potential. It is essential.

p.j.,, 12/10/01
Nothing has ever inspired me like this writing.

A.A.,, 2/6/01
I read Mark Hamilton's 'The Story.'
It's beautifully written. I was smiling one moment and
choking on my tears the next - all through the novel. And it
elucidated libertarian ideas beautifully. The concept of Zon and
God-Man actually makes sense - a very logical conclusion about the
direction a true free-market economy would take. Of course we'll all
be immortal if the medical field is allowed to innovate
unfettered by the government. It hurts me to realize that the
government is killing my grandparents as I type this. :( So. Keep this

Joe,, 12/13/00
I enjoyed reading 'The Story' more than
anything I ever read. And I bet it would sincerely bring
someone great pleasure as described in The Story to be among
all those benevolent people creating an extraordinarily
wondrous atmosphere such as that. Perhaps it could really
become an actuality within my life time. Hopefully, one day,
I can become a God-Man as well.

"Just reading a few pages here has set me to thinking and
planning, but no longer dreaming!"
A.K.,, 3/21/97

"You provide infinite values for ALL in the world who want to
listen and apply the keys to freedom and happiness. Thank you for
reviving and catalyzing my productivity, self-protection and
M.M.,, 6/18/97

R.J.,, 11/17/98, Australia
The information blows me away after reading
only half of the Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower)
I am starting to feel much more in control of my life
and believe that this feeling will continue to
increase, and as a result, it will produce ever
more amazing results in my life.

"Your concepts about individuals make a lot of sense to me.
Rational selfishness is the best tool to pursue happiness. The
creation of surplus values seems to be the moral way to help one
R.L.,, 2/11/97

G.N.,, 5/16/99, Canada
Stay on line, there is no one else fighting this fight.

A.M.,, 3/2/97, Sweden
I think this site is very professionally designed.

Let people realize the truth about life and everything
that goes with it.

B.W.,, 1/8/00, United Kingdom
The bulletin board is particularly useful as
it allows like minded Neo-Tech people to interact.

"This is an amazing discovery by Mr. Wallace. Thank-you for such
powerful and mind blowing information."
S.C.,, 1/31/97, Australia

R.R.,, 10/20/98
I almost got the book. But after reading the negatives I
wouldn't take it if it was Free. Leave this site on to warn other people
What Sin is worth forever in The Lake of Fire??????????? Your
own mouth condemns you, and not I; And your own lips testify against
you. Job 15:6 Their part will be in the lake that burns with
fire and brimstone, which is the second death Rev 21:8 Sir, get
Right with GOD, your spirit never dies-it will go to heaven or
hell. It will be your choice.

T.M.,, 3/1/97
A prodigious piece of work that is making a tremendous impact on
*Thinking Individuals*. This *Objective Reality* is profoundly benefiting the
remaining 95% of the individuals throughout the world that are currently
sedated from Neo-Cheating rhetoric. Like the Sleeping Giant, they too will
awaken. Fortunately due to Cyberspace & Neo-Tech this wake-up process has
been accelerated by decades.

H.H.,, 12/22/96
Awesome site and info!

S.H.,, 3/7/00
Hello Mark, I am taking this opportunity
to write you to thank you for The Story that I have just read.
My involvement with NT goes back several years & my life
has been enriched beyond anything I have ever imagined
since reading NT discovery & other subsequent literature
I have purchased from your company. The concepts & puzzle
building skills & resulting conscious revelations &
integrations have gained me results in all area's of my life
& now 'The story' has helped me see the path that will lead
to acceptance of NT by the masses!
The story touched me deeply & I cried many times as I
read it (both tears of joy & sorrow). The story is inclusive
in it's goal of teaching the NT matrix & god-man concept,
a basic need that will be required before biological
immortality can be achieved.
Keep up the valuable work & thank you.
I look forward to the opportunity to buy more NT products
in the future & have no doubt that OUR goal of
biological immortality will be reached in OUR life times!

A.B.,, 12/19/96, Canada
After reading this Web site, I have become very
interested in the ideas of Zonpower.

Kitty E.,, 5/9/03
This site is giving people a new insight on life. It gives you an answer to
questions no one else would.

I think what you have to say on this site is... well.....immense.

T. T. H., , 6/3/02, Malaysia
It is fascinating.

Robert D Schneider,, 2/9/01
I have never read anything so breathtaking in
my 36 years of
life .You might say That I Have been Reborn. So please stay
on line or it Might Be the Death of Us All...!!!!!!! Give those
Neocheater hell. You have the rats running into the walls
lets burn the building and get rid of them all.

D.C.,, 3/3/98
Your web site is superb and I often find myself digging
deeper and deeper into your archives.

"Very interesting information , keep it up."
S.M.,, 6/7/97, South Africa

Neo-Tech has changed my life for ever by opening my eyes to reality.
Neo-Tech has answered all the questions that religion never could. The value
of honesty throughout all aspects of life is my ultimate goal. I have read 'The
Book' twice now and am hungry for more. I am very interested in learning more
about Dr. Wallaces' brain digitizing programs and how I can utilize them. thank
you so very much!!!

p.d.,, 10/19/01
I ordered 'the book' in December & started reading it, but I was not committed to it. so I put it down for some time, yet, very exited about it & scared.
because I have a Christian. at some point I had become disenchanted about religion as well as a slave
to it & feeling like a battered wife, getting verbally beat up that I am a sinner & not worthy etc. the explanation's of neo tech provided some more hope,
that I am & can become very powerful by tapping into things within me. I did however pick up the book for the second time, ready to commit. I'd like to find
out how that turns out. also, if there is god-man, is there not goddess-woman? Thanks

I.P.,, 8/12/97, Indonesia
"Neo-Tech doesn't have anything to do with religion and that sounds good
because it's universal and can be useful to anyone. But what I can be sure
of is that Neo-Tech is a refreshing approach that's needed by anyone to live
his or her life to the fullest and hopefully to help people to help others
and make this world a better place for every being. We cannot afford to be
uninformed about this very worthy knowledge."

P.C.,, 6/27/97, Germany
It's really fascinating to me.

W.M.,, 3/15/98
Neo-Tech is simply the truth and absolute reality.

B.W.,, 3/11/97
This is terrific information; important and basic and insightful.
Thank you for making it available. You are whetting a lot of appetites and
undoubtedly changing a lot of lives with your concepts.

J.R.,, 2/28/99
Neo -Tech forever and ever, in print and on the Net.

E.H.,, 4/25/97

Tina G.,, 10/1/99
Thank you for publishing such important
materials. I want to free myself of the mysticism and
neo-cheaters in my life.

W.D.,, 4/19/03

A.A.,, 12/13/99, Ghana West Africa
You guys are really helping me to rediscover
myself. I will appreciate it
very much if you send me guides to teaching my kids so that
they will also not go astray as I did. You guys are just too
great. We love you!!!

"Please please please KEEP this site! If it is taken off, it
would be caving into the Neocheater's."
B.H.,, 2/5/97

D.D.,, 7/8/97
Neo-Tech is the only chance we have.......

Sherry G.,, 10/8/98
Wonderfully revealing and exciting.

"It's a good site."
L.D.,, 1/23/97, Japan

TT., 3/28/03

L.V.,, 4/24/02, South Africa
Thank you for the most interesting info on the history of love it has helped me hugely with our documentary.

I.C.,, Gibraltar
Frank Wallace books changed my life and now I am a fulfilled person.

D.R.,, 12/24/02
Until I found this web page I never understood why the world was designed to be so hard to live in, now I see that it is really all just a ploy to keep us
from continually evolving and the true un-need for controlling each other.

Sonia A.,, 1/19/99
A God-Man had to wake up first in order to help his brothers who are
asleep. Neo-Tech is the most revealing work of what a God-Man
is able to be and do. Thank you very much, for letting us know!!!

J.B.,, 9/13/01
I am sure that Neo-Tech is the world's greatest hope for a safe and happy future. The collapse of mysticism is essential. I have watched the World Trade
Towers fall at the hands of envious mystics.

I am a changed person after reading the neo-tech books...thank
you all for my, as well as everyone else's, brighter outlook.

"I am very pleased to read one or two articles from time to time.
It is a very interesting enriching encyclopedia."
B.V.,, 3/10/97, France

"I found this web site an eye opener. I have surely learned a
great deal."
L.M.,, 4/3/97, Brueni

I also realize through Neo-Tech, that the only way to truly change the world for the better is to

I find Neo-Tech very compelling and insightful. The depth of
Wallace's scholarship is amazing and impressive. An
impressive web site.

R. S.,
The depth of Wallace's scholarship is
amazing and impressive.

H.B.,, 8/25/97, United Kingdom
"The information which NT brings is essential for everyone and I am very
grateful to everyone involved. NT has showed me the freedom, that we are
entitled to it. I realize the advantages Neo-Tech offers. Nowadays I get so
frustrated when I see so many people with their minds so full of mysticism,
such a disease. But I learn to just stand back with the knowledge of the NT
secret myself."

The information is sound and when applied will work. It is rational
and well thought out.

"The search engine is a great tool to quickly access this
valuable information. This is an excellent site."
M.S.,, 3/19/97

D.R.,, 2/6/97, Canada
Neo-Tech has changed my life and to this day is continuing to do so.
The great power this gives an individual is exhilarating and contagious.

D.T.,, 1/9/00, Australia
Neo-Tech provides hope for people to one day be
free of restrictions and limitations and to find happiness
in this world.

P.C.,, 10/7/01, Australia
Neo Tech has been an incredible resource in my life.

C.I.,, 7/25/02, United Kingdom
Most copywriters would tell you that content is king. If that's so then Neo-Tech certainly is the King of all websites. No other site comes even remotely
close for delivering such fantastic values - and for free! is my homepage and will always remain so.

"You offer the self to anyone who will listen and use their mind."
R.E.,, 6/16/97

C.W.,, 10/21/99, Australia
Neo-Tech Rules! This morning and last night I just couldn't
help but laugh at my newfound success. Its Dizzying.
Laughing out loud at the joy of life. It also rubs off on all those
around you. So natural. I have truly rediscovered life.

H.S.,, 8/1/97, United Kingdom
"Having read the Neo-Tech discovery I feel like I've been living my entire
life in a box but now everything seems to be clearing as I learn to
integrate the Neo-Tech advantages into my life. Thanks for all you have done
and all the best in spreading Neo-Tech throughout the world."

"Hello! This WEB-side is really great! I enjoy it every day."
M.H.,, 12/21/96, Germany

R.R.,, 3/10/01
The Neo-Tech/Zon thinking mode has helped me
integrate my
thinking with reality. This neo-think reality is a cutting
edge life style
('philosophy') that strikes me as the 'true & honest' way to
conduct one's life. I want to progress even further and am
about what the future holds.
The first book ('The Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower)
Manuscript') gets credit
for opening my mind. I feel I was truly 'saved' after
this. Now I understand what the Baptists' mean and possibly
when they say they have been 'saved'!!!... So, when I have a
discussion with people of various religions, I usually tell
how I was saved with my new thinking about life. Of course,
am labeled a 'heathen' at times, and conveniently called an
but it's OK with me.

R.A., , 9/10/02, Canada
Life is always interesting for the Neo-Tech man and that is the case for me at this point in time and space.

J.D.,, 2/5/97
This is very exciting information!!!
Everyone should have a chance to read this.

This web-site is a wealth of information.
The simple, but not so obvious advantages gained on this
site are priceless. It's hard for me to stop reading once I start learning
about more subtle forms of mysticism.
Also, the much bigger picture seen
once the mysticism is removed with the new information gained. I
enjoy applying neo-tech, life has plenty of challenges and no matter
how hard it my get the results of always being honest are
invigorating and the only way to accomplish goals.