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Neo-Tech Letter Testimonials!

Feedback Comments From Jan 1997-May 2003

Below, 500 Random Testimonials From 1997-2003
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R.P.,, 12/18/98
It gives me a terrific feeling knowing
Neo-Tech and its teachings
will survive through time. The truth will never die.
There is only one truth, Neo-Tech!

J.Y.,, 6/11/97, Philippines
Neo-Tech helps people in their daily struggle for survival. More
power and long live Neo-Tech!

"Hi everyone! Your site is one of the coolest I've ever seen. It
should remain on the web FOREVER!"
A.M.,, 2/25/97, Israel

R.C.,, 2/22/97
This is the most thought-provoking information I have ever

M.F.,, United Kingdom
I have witness the mystics and neocheaters fail and fluster around me every
time they try to drain me of my earned property and values. I use Neo-Tech
to expose their faltering mentalities designed to drain dry us the value producers
of our hard earned va lues. Those of us who produce more than we consume and
benefit society. Yes Neo-tech is the most powerful knowledge known to man that
empowers the individual to exposes those who's livelihoods are acquired by
living of the efforts of others. Read It, Lear n It and Use It and benefit
from the results. Neo-Tech empowers the individual is an understatement by
far. For anyone who integrates the knowledge of Neo-Tech and applies its powerful
wide scope accounting tools will bear witness to it validity. If one i s feeling
down and is in need of a pick-me-up simply click on the negative comments.
I find the negative comments as funny as the film Dumb and Dumber. Those who
post negative comments while attacking Neo-Tech display to the world their
impotent mystical and/or neocheating mentalities, that also exposes their twin
essence, dishonesty and laziness. The negative comments promote and represent
impotents and death. While positive comments represent an optimism for a life
Free of initiatory-force, threats-of-f orce, fraud and coercion and the promotion
of prosperity, happiness, romantic love, and business type wealth thus upholding
the supreme value in the universe the happiness and well-being of the rational
conscious individual. Fortunately there can be no tu ning back Neo-Tech is
here to stay and is available to all HONEST hard working, mind expanding, life
loving individuals. Neo-Tech gets my seal of approval to remain on the web


Jeremy,, 5/12/00
Neo-Tech's Cosmic Business control is the book
that made me a
Believer. As a young businessman I got started with all good
intentions but failed because I didn't follow the principles
in this book. The ONLY way to succeed in business is to
the principles in this book because without it you are just
playing in
business and will never succeed. The logic in this system
can not be denied!
It's time for people to wake up and get their minds back on
Thanks to Neo-Tech I'm back on track!

"I think this web site has the potential to become one of the
best sites on the Internet. This web site has given me new way of
living with much more confidence."
C.S.,, 5/29/97, Malaysia

M.K.,, 8/26/01
The world needs this information or we are doomed.

I did find it disturbing however how anyone could call a life
dedicated to complete honesty and hard work satanical. A brief glimpse
into history will tell you that this is exactly the kind of negative comments
that the pilgrims received in the old country. They had the opportunity
to leave the old country and start fresh in the new, we however are left
with the task of creating the new. Power to us and all the other hardworking,
decent, honest folk out there who believe in the Neo-Tech C of U.

I can see that Neo-Tech is needed more than
ever. It is no longer a matter of what you believe. It is now a matter
of life or death.

M.B.,, 4/19/97
What an abundance of truly helpful

R.B.,, Mauritius
The discoverer of Neo-Tech is indeed a super god! I deem her as the originator/creator
of an expanding civilization of the universe. She remains a mighty reference
in the history of mankind since the beginning of existence; since time
immemorial. O Mother of this new world ...

"The one thing that interests me most about the philosophy of
Neo-Tech is the fight to cure the disease of death!"
P.S.,, 3/28/97

My husband turned me on to Neo-Tech, and it's being really helpful
opening my eyes, to be aware of the Neo-cheaters in business and in politics.
It enables me to recognize these Neo-cheaters, and allows me to strategize
on how to deal or not deal with the m at all, thus allowing me to succeed
and be happy in the business world. It as also helped me in my relationship,
but I still need a lot of work in that area, because of all the past Neo-cheating
bullshit I have been brainwashed with since I was born. Th anks for assisting
my growth and success as a person in life.

Michelle R.,, 6/29/98

"I am totally blown away. Where are you guys coming from?"
L.P.,, 1/29/97

M.S.,, 5/3/99
This web site combined with active promotion of Neo-Tech
principles can begin the revolution against the anti-capitalistic,
anti-intellectual, anti-reality, anti-life trends which
dominate our society and culture.

"I used to preach and teach the Bible in the Church of Christ, I
find the values of Neo-Tech worth much more."
P.B.,, 3/22/97

S.M.,, United Kingdom, b90 1SE.
Neo-Tech is the future. Together we can make a difference, and with the Neo-Tech
philosophy the world would be a better place to live in.

E.S.,, 5/3/01, Germany
Y E S Of course I want this site to remain on
the Internet.
It's one of the few really important pages out there!

T.W.,, 7/22/97
"I have been a fan of quantum physics for a long time. The limited
time i have been exposed to Neo-Tech it has given me a new
paradigm to non-linear dynamics and mass to energy relationship.
Only linear thinking would fear this expansion of thought."

"Thank you for taking the time to create this website. I think it
will open a lot of minds to opportunities in personal growth that
most people aren't exposed to."
N.W.,, 1/20/97

R.N.,, 6/2/00
I haven't taken time to read anything not related
to my business in years. The other day, I clicked into the
NT website and casually began reading "The Story." While
skeptical at first, knowing what a tremendous effort is
required to write effective, coherent fiction...I was
surprised, amazed, and finally, delighted. MH's work is, I
believe, the most powerful NT publication to date. It is
mind boggling, the mass of integrations he managed to
squeeze into this attention grabbing (and holding) drama. I
hope this is just a taste of what's to come.
Congratulations, all of you, on one fine achievement which
may move us closer to that new world.

F.C.,, 2/19/97
Excellent piece of information. The information and ideas expressed
in this technology are completely riveting. I completely understand and firmly

P.L.,, 5/3/01
I believe that Neo-tech is the solution to the
great problems
we face in our time.

R.V.,, 5/17/97

I believe this is the best thing that I have ever came across except life
itself and just wish everyone would take the chance to understand it. I believe
that with it being on the web more people have the chance to see what it's
all about.

,, 5/31/01
Great site.

ben,, 2/2/01
I am very new to this, however my earnings have
doubled in 3 months directly due to neo-tech

G.R.,, 2/29/00
"The Story" literally blew me away. It is your best work to
date. It is going to take something like this to elect a
Neo-Tech president. You are going to need a Neo-Tech
oriented media chain and talk show hosts to
counter the liberal media. "The Story" reminds me of "The
Harrad Experiment" that novel advocated a small group to
reform society. Unfortunately it called for the use of
government to achieve desired results. Keep up the great
work. Together we can free this country from the politicians
and other neocheaters. Neo-Tech publishing has helped me to
see the fraudulent nature of most forms of media, talk show
hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, etc..
Your website gets better every week. It is a shame the
author of “No More Lies' is no longer with us. Nowhere have
I read such a clear explanation of Enlightenment. Your books
are getting better every year. Give my deepest regards to
Dr. Wallace. His Neo-Tech discovery book should be
recommended reading for everyone. Just watching the news on
tv, reading newspapers really reveals how much of a topsy
turvy world we live in. I really enjoy reading the positive
and negative comments on your website. The contrast between
them is simply amazing. You can really tell who should be
reading Neo-Tech and are losing out by not doing so.

This sounds like the solution for which I have been
searching for so transcend the limitations of the
'ordinary' and become a 'God-Man.' It strikes me that, in
order to present this information so clearly, you must have
already attained this level yourself. How exhilarating it
must be!
My wife and I have a 1-year-old daughter. We both work
hard, but are struggling to 'make ends meet.' I have an
online business, and I have been working 14-hr. days trying
to make a success of it. But, it is not bringing me the
level of financial success for which I had hoped. My wife
and I also clean offices at night to bring in extra income.
But, we are just 'scraping by.'
Neo-Tech and Neo-Think look and 'feel' like the answer for
me -- to not only provide wealth, but also lasting peace and
happiness for myself and my family.
Troy H

P.J.,, 12/9/96, Finland
Very Good!

J.P.,, 9/29/01, Comments : I can say without reservation that Neo-Tech has been a major influence in the development of my thinking - a process
that is on-going. The identification of the differences between non-action philosophy and action mode Neo-Tech, coupled with the broad integration of many
related, but elsewhere disassociated areas of knowledge is, I think, Neo-Tech's unique contribution to the human store.

F.D.,, 1/19/00, France
I think your website is wonderful, I always felt that we were
in an anticivilization, but didn't really realise how to change
that. Now I want to learn more, you are really great,
I mean it! Thank you very much for opening my eyes, I'm reading
and rereading your website, because there are so much truth
in it...

d.w., ., 5/15/00
Thank you very very much!!!

S.A.,, 6/7/01, Australia
G'day, I think neo-tech is the most profound
literature I have
ever come across. I cant express enough how much the first
I read affected me, after reading The Neo-Tech Discovery
I felt like crying because it taut me things about myself
I knew were there but didn't know how to deal with, like
thoughts that I had, now I am free from that stupid disease,

"I have found your page to be thought-provoking and needed. As
well, it provides a critical pause to status quo thinking. I look
forward to seeing this page further developed."
S.H.,, 2/10/97

Carlie.G.,, 6/6/97
By finding this site, I have found a new insight to a lot of
different subjects.

L.K.,, 1/13/99
I love Neo-Tech and God Man, truly the most uplifting and sooth saying
work I've ever read. I try to work on the principles in my
life daily. Thank you very very very very much!!!!!

web......UNDOUBTEDLY!!! Only when the fog has lifted, can you see the horizon. As I see it, Neo-tech has become the Sun that started burning off the fog.

CountDracula1984,, 7/17/02
Your article breathes new life into some of Einstein's and other's most important thought experiments.

L.R.,, 10/11/98, Mexico
Excellent page...keep it going, humankind
needs this knowledge

"Greatest eye opener, mind expanding knowledge I ever received.
Only wish I had it sooner."
P.K.,, 2/13/97

D.P.,, 12/21/96, Canada
I enjoyed viewing the information on poker strategies.
I can see how the approaches could be applied to everyday life,
which is somewhat like a poker game.

A.H.,, 6/4/99
What a way to really help the ones who don't know!

A.S.,, 8/2/97
Neo-Tech should definitely stay on the web. I am a
completely different and extremely more productive person for it. This
(new) knowledge I've gained is priceless.

Neo-Tech is the best, period. Without it all will fail. By using
Neo-Tech each day one controls their destiny

C.B.,, 10/5/98
So much thought-provoking information!

"Looking forward to the Civilization of the Universe. Imagine a
world without dishonest government."
G.B.,, 2/9/97, Canada

"Very interesting, indeed!!! Enlightening and certainly
mind-opening! I'm reading all I can download and want more!"
J.M.,, 1/5/97

F.S.,, 5/6/00
Neo-Tech should remain on the web, it
represents a
non-biased opinion of what many people have questioned
throughout the ages.

Out of all the books I have read neo-tech sure blows the lid
off everything!! neo-tech tells it the way it is and it's easy to see why
the mystics and neo-cheaters want it off the net. they are afraid of full
integrated honesty, it would destroy them.


M.C.,, 7/12/02
I've been collecting and reading Neo-Tech publications since 1983 and I can't imagine a world without Neo-Tech. Everything Neo-Tech touches becomes the
Golden Zon in my life. Keep on, keepin' on.

Monique M.,, 9/7/98, Canada
Very informative and open minded. I liked the advice and
non-judgmental views. Real advice that can help the people that want
or a step to help inspire productive thought. Excellent for troubled
people with troubling thoughts... thank-you.....

D.H.,, 10/7/00
Never imagined my life would change as much
from the simple act
of reading and applying the principles from 'The Book.'

Anon,, 7/10/00
I had no idea where this story would lead. I even
thought it would be simple. I can see that it is going much
further than I believed, and that it is not simple. It is
simply written so that anyone can understand it, and it is a
fascinating story.

M.W.,, 12/17/97
Neo-Tech has been my anchor these last 2 years.
It pulled me out of a long downward spiral of religious guilt
and depression that nearly killed me. I think NT publishing
is accomplishing the greatest feat for mankind for all the
future generations of the entire human race. Frank Wallace and
his family will be recognized for thousands
of generations as heroes and mighty warriors that saved the Planet
Earth from its self-destruction.

J.M.,, 3/7/00
I think that you have hit on a good idea with 'The Story.'
I am through Chapter 12, I hope that you are planning
on publishing this. I would like to be able to savor this
as well as read it with my 16 year old son.
It is a great read that embodies your philosophy
in a manner that can be understand by many more than those
of us who already grasp your philosophy.
Please publish this and I will be sure to order.

K.C.,, 8/2/97
The Neo-Tech site is thought-provoking, especially the
sections on physics and the bicameral mind. As an Objectivist, the
discussions of rational egoist ethics and laissez-faire capitalism were
familiar ground, but I can see how they would shock the average
collectivist or religionist.

continue to study this information and integrate it into my life.

I found your site to be helpful about topics in romantic-love.

"The web is the PERFECT place to spread the word about Neo-Tech.
The revolution is coming."
D.P.,, 3/29/97

F.J.,, 8/16/98
This is amazing. I have e-mailed your site to all of my
children. I am totally pleased with what
your doing so. I wish I had this around years ago when I began
my journey for the truth.

P.C.,, 4/7/97
We need Neo-Tech. It is too easy to become stale and vulnerable in
our society of users and abusers. Thanks!

Anon.,, 2/5/98
Neo-Tech will clear all cloudy thoughts.

E.C.P., ,Sri Lanka
It would serve many thousands of Surfers well who find their
way to this WEB SITE

J.M.,, Canada
Neo-tech is an awesome discovery.

R.M.,, 3/6/00
This site is important for mankind.

"Interesting and fun for all!"
J.H.,, 1/28/97, Canada

B.T.,, 9/25/99, United Kingdom
Practical, realistic and, dare I say it, HONEST!

"Very informative - mind blowing if I may say so -- Great source
of information and knowledge of different perspective. Keep up
the good work. I will be back tomorrow to continue reading."
D.P.,, 2/7/97

J.P.,, pre-12/8/96, Korea
I was deeply impressed by NT's ambitious challenge.
I eagerly want to take part in NT's bright future.

J.P.,, 12/5/01, CANADA

"This is fascinating literature. It will take me many months to
comprehend all this, but I am very curious."
E.O.,, 3/9/97

R.A.,, 5/29/01
Neo-Tech is about to go exponential.

D.U.,, 4/3/00, Canada
Absolutely the most valuable and beneficial
information a conscious individual can attain. Parents, don't send your
kids to college... send them into a life of value producing happiness, success,
and romantic love by making the best family investment
available on earth today--Neo-tech literature. Read the Discovery, the
The Book, then The Story, and then just keep reading. The
concepts and their integrations will bring out the best in
you--guaranteed. At first they may be hard to accept (believe me I know).
Some Neo-Tech concepts were torture on my previously held irrational mystical
beliefs. But, upon some hard logical thinking (the beginnings of
integrated thinking), I resolved them all and have now integrated them
into the Neo-tech matrix. I feel more powerful and more able to
control my own destiny everyday. I am truly happy knowing that I am improving myself everyday of my life. Thank you
Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, Tracey Alexander, and all the other Neo-tech writers for
producing/creating the greatest values on earth. Biological Immortality Now!!!

"The site is great."
L.C.,, 4/20/97, Australia

J.C.,, 5/1/01
Magnificent site!

you 110%! Thank you for everything!

"I hope you keep your web site online. I go here whenever I get
the chance. It's kind of a relief for me-just knowing it's here.
It drastically changed the way I think about things. Please stick
around. Keep up the brave work."
K.K.,, 2/3/97

"The Neo-Tech web site is a great tool for reference."
B.T.,, 2/11/97

man's finest hour - this greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear - is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on

r.b.,, 8/18/02
I loved the story. I want to learn all about neo-tech.

Hello, When I first found Neo-Tech fifteen
years ago, I discarded it as rubbish. These past fifteen years have been
a challenge in many ways. Since being re-introduced to it a year ago, my
life is now changing for the better
since discovering the truth. Thank you and keep up the good work. J

"The NeoTech/Zonpower Discovery helped open my eyes as to who the
REAL cheaters and criminals in the world are. I also am aware of
many more 'control mechanisms' politicians have ingrained in our
minds and can reject their government as big brother, father and
M.J.,, 2/14/97

F.D.,, 8/14/97
"Interesting stuff. You might also title your material 'Objectivism, a users

Anon.,, 1/13/99

R.S.,, 6/5/97
What I have read is truly powerful. More people need to be exposed
to these ideas.

A.K.,, 4/22/97
A most amazing and intriguing site...The subject is one everyone
talks about. The information is needed, there is definitely a need for more
sites like this.

N.J.,, 4/8/97, South Africa
We have been taught to believe that a relationship is
all about compromise, but that is only if you want to be happy for the moment
and sad for the rest of the time. I think your DTC technique makes a lot of

R.P.,, 10/21/98
received your offer to purchase God-Man: Our Final Evolution.
I've decided to explore your web site before making my purchase.

E.S.,, 4/28/99
I think Neo-Tech is what this mixed up world
needs to survive.

Cathy W.,, 3/24/98, Canada
Thank you for having the courage to create and maintain
this site.

J.W.,, 1/12/98
I originally purchased Zonpower back in March. At first I was
a little disappointed because I was totally engulfed in mysticism.
After rereading it, I started to fully integrate Dr. Wallace's
innovative genius into my own consciousness. I can't even begin
to explain what a relief it is to finally be truly free of the
shackles of the 'GOD concept'.

R.R.,, 3/24/97
All my life I have been a mystic. Reading Tarot cards since I was 13,
born-again Christian at 19, sensitive new age guy at 21, ritual candle magic at
25, and so on. After reading this powerful material, my emotions range from
anger to fear to sadness to determination. Is there a Neo-Tech support group?
(Mystics-anonymous anyone?) I feel so stupid for letting the mystic
neo-cheaters sap my life away. If anybody has similar trouble trying de-mystify
themselves lets talk.

"This site is providing a valuable community service by allowing
people to consider alternatives to the system that is being
thrust down our throats by megalomaniac governments of this
world. Stay on the net and don't bow to the pressures that must
be being exerted upon you."
A.J.,, 2/5/97

david bailie,, 8/31/01, northern ireland
You are giving hope to millions of people who
have no desire for the pain and suffering of death .

Heather S.,, 12/23/97
Neo-Tech sounds as though it may become the mainstay for my
life. thank you.

B.C.,, 10/19/99
Best thing I have ever read. It's changing my life.

K.P.,, 2/9/97
Great site... this is a great help...hope you are going to stay
around and implement all that is proposed...keep strong.

"Keep up the good job, because if you don't we are doomed."
J.M.,, 4/13/97

J.B.,, 7/10/97, England
"I have found this most useful reading."

S.G.,, 3/26/01
It has captured me with awe. The thinking is
very profound in it's ideas and concepts and
moves the individual in the direction and at the speed we
should have been moving at all along. I read a piece of
literature once that said 'quote
from God', 'and joyous will be the day when you realize that
you need no God. On that day you will rejoice. Looking at
I have come to the conclusion that we are God and God is us,
are 'The God-Man'. Thank You for this wonderful piece of
I look forward to continuing the process and journey.

C.H.,, 2/13/01, England
Neo-Tech and the Long Wave are the greatest
discoveries in our
long history... it would be a sin against our God-man
to take Neo-Tech of the net. Frank Wallace, Eric Savage,
Hamilton and all value producers I salute you!

S.S.,, 12/20/02, United Kingdom
Let the Neo-Tech web-site flourish, with its interesting and enlightening ideas. It is clearly a place from which positive lessons can be learned.

"Neo-Tech is the optimistic opportunist's guide to the world."
M.S.,, 1/27/97

R.V.,, 1/30/98

G.C.,, 1/28/97

NG,, 5/25/01
I can' explain it! but so exciting the neo-tech
matrix is
more complete in my mind each day! I am effortlessly gaining
the love, money power advantages. its as spooky as you said.

K.V.,, 3/30/00, Canada
It is refreshing to see a new Idea -- it seems
we actually see something NEW about every thousand years.
You might get lynched because of it. I hope authorities do
not fiddle with something so new. Good luck to you.

J.F.,, 5/27/98
This is great.

D.S.,, 3/7/99
I'm eighteen years old and in a few short months New-Tech has
changed my life! I wish my parents would have given me
Neo-Tech for my eighth birthday instead of the bible. I hate
political elections but I'm glad I'm legal so I can vote
for Frank Wallace!

P.C.,, 9/10/01
Neo-Tech is a sign of things to come, or at least I hope so for not only myself but my children and their children.

J.W.,, 10/5/99
I am a candidate for President of the United
States and I searched for this site on the Web in order to
help me pursue my campaign. A school of thought as comprehensive
as Neo-Tech deserves my undivided attention as to its
concepts and principles. Neo-Tech is an awesome
teaching tool and education in and of itself. Keep up the
great work!

C.W.,, 4/18/00
This site is the most valuable resource in the
world today. I am in the middle of “The Story' right now, and I am
thinking, this is what I have been searching for. I have explored
almost everything else and there are always things that don't make
logical sense.

E.H.,, 4/25/97

P.F.,, 8/28/98

T.M.,, pre-12/8/96, Lebanon
I am very much interested in the findings of Dr Wallace and Mark Hamilton.
Neo-Tech changed my life completely.

"With Neo-Tech I have the freedom that no one can take from me. I
am safe for the first time in my life."
M.Y.,, 4/3/97

G.B.,, 8/6/00, United Kingdom
Great site.

"Well done on such a great site."
T.K.,, 4/28/97, Australia

S.B.,, 9/9/99
One very fortunate day, my mystical beliefs reached
out for some very promising fulfillment's from something
called Neo-Tech. However, very quickly into my reading, I
found that the Love, Wealth, Happiness, and Security I hoped to
find would not come at all by the mystical path I had imagined
this would be. Instead they would come through a very different,
reality-based, 'awakening' and belief in myself (a very much alive,
earth-bound individual). Thank You Neo-Tech for your introduction to
this new believable, sense-making, world that bears no
immoral harm to anyone. May this site and many
others like it help those who are not totally closed-minded
to have the courage to seek new knowledge and a better,
rewarding and moral life.

"Neo-Tech is really great ."
I.C.,, 6/10/97, Pakistan

S.L.,, 12/24/00, England
What a wonderful philosophy. Super Neo-Tech.
Well thought out
and well integrated with life's optimism and its boundless
eternal potential. As an ex-christian I now feel liberated from
religion's subtle stranglehold and can now see religion for what it
really is- a powerful festering cancer waiting to suck all human
creativity into its gurgling abysmal maw.

K.N.,, 2/25/01
I believe the information on this site to be
absolute answer for today's anti-civilization problem.

"Most definitely Neo-Tech can only be good for humanity."
P.S.,, 4/11/97, United Kingdom

r.w.,, U.S
this is the most enlightening information I have had the pleasure of reading!
The more I thought about god, the more I knew what I was being taught was not
true. Neo-Tech has taught me what the true nature man is, godman. I have a set
of Neo-Tech manuals for my boys, they must know what the truth is just in case
something happens to me. I have told them how important this information is.
The best investment I have ever made by far!

B.W.,, 1/6/97
The first site that has kept me reading the text. Very thought

"If Neo-Tech were not on the web it would be the dark ages
descending upon the world."
M.Y.,, 3/25/97

S.B.,, 1/2/96
My #1 Web site. You have opened doors which I knew not were there.
Keep up the excellent work. Bravo.

J.C.,, 5/9/98, United Kingdom
About four years ago I bought the NT Discovery book. Big
and black it was and it virtually collapsed my bookshelf. I read
it over a weekend (a long weekend at that!), it challenged my
deepest held beliefs. (I'd been the manager of the UK's largest
new age center). But something rang true. Suffice to say I couldn't
take the conflict this knowledge instigated in me, so threw the
'Black Book' away. About a year ago I found this site. Gradually
I have dipped into NT again. I have now thrown out every new
age book I ever owned. Quite a feet considering how many I had.
I've destroyed every new age audio tape as well. And guess what!
I feel happier, less stressed, I achieve more and earn more money.
I experience more freedom, fun and pleasure than anything the
new age ever gave me. Should NT stay on the web? That depends.
Do you want freedom or do you want slavery? It's that simple.

"For the past few years {I'm now 79} I have been attempting to
fire up, and instill in my brain neurons this fantastic knowledge
of the Neo-Tech concepts. Please never ever let this Web Page be
removed until there is at least a hundred million or so on the
Page visitor counter. Then by that time, it will be firmly
implanted in everyone's mind. Good bye neo-cheaters and all
B.T.,, 4/17/97

"Excellent site, if only every person with access to a computer
could be able to explore it. So much truth is portrayed here. I
will endeavor to steer as many people as possible to this site."
Lindy H.,, 6/5/97, Canada

P.G.,, 2/5/97
Take this off the web! BAH! the government just wants us to obey big
brother and be slaves of one big brother! I can easily see their reasoning for
trying to be rid of this. Obviously people are protesting this because they
don't want good people to get a hold of it and turn the tables in their favor.

Anon.,, 1/13/99

M.B.,, 3/23/97, Philippines
Thought-provoking information! Mind-opening information not found

Lee,, 5/31/01
Neo-Tech gives me a reason to want to live

These are the most truly valid concepts
that exist in this universe of

Fascinating web-site. Very enlightening.


B.B.,, australia

"I think Neo-tech is dangerous but great."
S.B.,, 2/24/97, Germany

"Exciting, intriguing! Please do more!"
E.L.,, 1/12/97

M.M.,, 6/18/97
You provide infinite values for ALL in the world who want to listen
and apply the keys to freedom and happiness. Thank you for reviving and
catalyzing my productivity, self-protection and passion.

J.M.,, 6/23/00, Australia
An excellent site. There is a lot to learn.

J.H.,, 1/23/00
I've been applying the wonderful Neo-Tech
advantages to my life for 4 years now. Without Neo-Tech I
might be dead or in jail! Because of Neo-Tech, I am able to
run my own business and do all of the wonderful things I
love I hope the entire world can realize the great value in
Neo-Tech and embrace as I have!

J.G.,, 4/27/97
Neo-Tech is the future.

"I believe the neo-tech concepts work and I believe strongly that
this is what has to be done to change this world and get the
parasites out of power."
H.A.,, 2/20/97

A.A.,, 2/6/01
I read Mark Hamilton's 'The Story.'
It's beautifully written. I was smiling one moment and
choking on my tears the next - all through the novel. And it
elucidated libertarian ideas beautifully. The concept of Zon and
God-Man actually makes sense - a very logical conclusion about the
direction a true free-market economy would take. Of course we'll all
be immortal if the medical field is allowed to innovate
unfettered by the government. It hurts me to realize that the
government is killing my grandparents as I type this. :( So. Keep this

N.L.,, 9/17/97
"Dear Neo-Tech, I think it is very important for this site to stay on the
web. It is a great source of information for all. Within days of first
reading Neo-Tech, I was able to eliminate many unnecessary things from my
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dreamed of. I am now live a life of total happiness and am able to get
anything I want in life. Thanks again"

R.B.,, 6/4/98
Surprised and pleased to discover Neo-Tech -- an incredible
surfing find.

M.K.,, 9/26/01
Neo-Tech integrates REAL LIFE by so many different vectors. It's in-the-moment honest, straightforward, and far-thinking.

T.P.,, 8/15/97
"Neo-tech should stay on the web to further the lives of everyone and
society as a whole. People need to be informed. Imformation is good and
ignorance is bad."

R.N.,, 7/2/00
I believe in Neo-Tech. I work to collapse
mysticism and await
the further growth of a Neo-Tech world.

T.M.,,8/25/00, Canada
I have learned to question all of my past
beliefs. Thank you
very much.

"I am amazed at the size of this web site."
H.Z.,, 1/3/97, Australia

At 23, I hadn't read a fictional book in over 7 years. I recently
read 'The Story', and I don't think I'll ever read another story again. Why?
Because I don't think I'll ever find anything so powerful, so emotionally
moving, so earth shatteringly life cha nging ever again. Nothing else could
come close. I'm introducing everyone I know to Neo-Tech, to spread the message.
We must all find better ways to spread the message before the Neo-Tech machine
is stopped by the envious, threatened authorities whose mes sages are very
convincing to the 'non-(Neo-Tech)educated'. I foresee a global revolution.
I already see signs of Neo-Tech and Neothink in the 'non-educated' and believe
that a natural changeover is imminent. Thank you for awakening me to this
new world.

Thomas E . T.J.,
Neo-tech changed my life 10 years ago . No, it saved my life
10 years ago. Thank you for bringing me out of the darkness. My life , health
,finances and future look great . Dr. Wallace should receive the Nobel Peace
Prize .Thank you

Very informative web site and the book was great! This is such
a fresh look at our existence, a welcome look. I would like to get involved
in the political part of the Neo-Tech movement?

A.T.,, England
Neo-Tech must remain on the web. Without access to it's reference
we can easily forget the conscious effort required to continue integrating
honesty thus returning to sad, mystical lives.

Now with your help I'm finally learning how to regain my sanity.
For so long I've living my life as if I were blind and letting things happen
to me. I kept remembering that I was more successful as a child than an adult.
I believe that as an adult people get scared over what people are thinking
of them and sometimes even using them. I hope Neo-Tech manifests to a point
where anyone can realize their potential.

B.A.,, Canada
I have been studying neo-tech for quite some time now. Neo-Tech
has opened my eyes to a whole new world full of endless opportunities. I
can honestly say that I don't ever get bored anymore. I now run my own business.
I love having no BOSS! I have never f elt so free in my whole entire life.
Although I am only 26 years evolved. I do not want to get older I only want
to get wiser. Thanks to the neo-tech crew who made this all possible for
me. Especially Dr. Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton Thank-you for shar ing
your wisdom and knowledge to me (an average person).

S.o.,, America
I think that this site should remain on the web to stimulate
thinking among those who still think.

R.B.,, Mauritius
Even here in this small island those life-crushing taxes are
dreadful. We should not waste time for the job ahead. I, too will go beyond
my physical limits to help Neo-Tech win.

We love Neo-Tech, it has truly changed our lives. We are free
now. Please stay on the Web, you are changing the world. Thank You!!

I absolutely love neo-tech! It is right it is just and it has
me growing again as we all must. The thought of growing infinitely into eternity
puts me into state of elation, the reality of that thought would be as great
as creation.

I feel that the info provided can really leave one to question,
'what the hell am I doing wasting my life when I could be doing what i was
meant to do in life?' So much time wasted, just reading the info has inspired
me beyond belief.

The information on this web site and in the literature is very
helpful in battling my depression. Recovering with ideas grounded in truth
is proving to be invaluable.

H.C., lvcm.comU.S.A
I love your site.

I am at that point where I can truly see the truth of it, but
also able to feel how this threatens the old hierarchy of thought.

E.G.,, 8/9/99
Neo-Tech is the greatest accomplishment man-kind has to offer
himself. I am a 2-year “Reality Integrator'. I am no longer a helpless,
stressed out, worrisome, emotional, self-induced delusion, 'reality
creating' human being. Dr. Wallace, you need to work FASTER,
to get Neo-Tech true POWER into the minds of all the delusional,
reality creating public. I'm trying my best to introduce this
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girlfriend and I get along a lot better now, and have superb, amazing,
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Work is something I now look forward to—no, not “work', it is
VALUE-PRODUCTION that I look forward to. Neo-Tech shows you how, by
integrating reality, to literally PREDICT the coming future. Like 2+2=4,
the reality integrating, objective individual “sees' into his,
or anyone else's future merely by realizing, and integrating
FACTS. Dr. Wallace, and Mr. Hamilton, I'm pretty sure we can
all agree The Neo-Tech Discovery is the common day 'Bible', 'Koran',
'Buddhism Bible', and so forth. I almost shed a tear reading
the negative commentaries about Neo-Tech. How come there are
some many humans who don't realize Neo-Tech power, and refuse to harness
it, and live Happy, Romantic-Love, Value-Producing lives?

s.b.,, 1/20/02
I am floored, I am so in need of this enlightenment. I appreciate the sense it makes and it has given me a lot to ponder on and apply to my life.

Y . Hussain,, 12/17/02
The ideas and reasons given are awe inspiring-especially the premise about religion. I find your material so profoundly motivating for change -- it is
incredibly different.

anthony,, 12/24/00
Your system is awesome, the techniques are so
easy but deadly.

R.C.,, 5/24/98
I am very interested in finding all that I may do to bring about
the end of the ever growing misuse and blatant abuse of power
by Americas political establishment.

R.K,, 8/3/97
Why shouldn't your site stay on the Web? Any site that
offers individuals an opportunity to take control of their lives should

Everybody need your site. The information is of the utmost

W.K.,, 8/13/97, Africa
Please, I and my people would like to see a Swahili publication in
order for the masses of people who don't speak other foreign languages to become
knowledgeable of this valuable information. After all, the more net value
producers in this world means less net value destroyers there would be.

T.B.,, 4/29/01
Neo--Tech is the only thing that makes sense
in this world

of an artist, a lover, a creator.

S.C.,, 9/18/99
I started reading neo-tech material 10 years ago.
My self-improvement is coming along slower then most.
However my level of mysticism was much higher than normal
due to the subliminal mental programming that the lyrics of
my favorite music pounded into my unconscious mind. Realizing
that country music is to often an instrument of recruitment for
religion and big government I was in deep conflict with my attraction
to the sound of a steel guitar and my repulsion to the
secular suggestions and abuse of one's love partner in the lyrics.
Being broke and fed up with the music business and the
klanish types that run it, I dumped it all and started
a home study course on computer science and network communications.
I am now a network engineer for a local university tripling my income
and level of self-worth. All I could think of through those
long nights of studying is the Neo-Tech manual stating
'people who work 12 to 16 hours a day are most likely
to achieve their goals'. It wasn't easy working 60 hours a
week and qualifying myself through a home study course on computer
communications to get a better job then the 7-dollar an hour
factory job I had at the time. But the Neo-Tech phrases kept bouncing
around in my mind whenever I got an inkling of mysticism and felt
like goofing off. Now, I'm getting paid to do something I love
to do, fix repair and most of all program computers in a large
office environment keeping a network of 240 administrators and
900 Students on the intranet and internet. I feel richer because
it's work I really enjoy, not just because it pays well.
The changes are starting to show up. I had a feeling it would
take ten years of 'de-programming' an improperly programmed
mind of thirty years of mysticism. Thank you.

R.S.,, 5/10/02
I found new knowledge and understanding concerning the deeper and deepest truths as to what is really happening on this planet and how to change it for the

T.D.,, 11/13/99
I find your web site fascinating. This information should be
available to all. Those that continue to attack and
criticize this work are only afraid of truth--refusing to go beyond
their limited thinking.

J.H.,, 2/15/00, United Kingdom
Very refreshing, helped me put a lot of things in context and
chuck out a lot of the crap that had been holding me back.

D.B,, 7/30/97
If honesty and effort are wrong, we live in a strange
world. Expand!!

C.A.,, 3/22/00
I have purchased the book and since then my life has definitely
taken a change for the best. the more I reread the book the
more I progress in my life and my bank account. I always
recommend the advise to others and am quickly on my way to becoming a
millionaire. my friends are always asking what I'm doing, I just tell
them I'm living life to it's fullest and leave it at
that...hahaha thanks for showing me true life.

BbQ,, 7/19/02, Philippines
Great piece of information! I recommend it to kindred thinkers of our society today! It changed my entire outlook in life! No longer i'll be drained by
people indulging in parasitical mysticism. We must spread neo-tech into the far-ends of the earth. Kudos to objectivity and rationality!

"I love Neo-Tech material. Great stuff."
C.G.,, 6/25/97, Germany

The best information available to help every person on
this earth

M.T.,, 2/6/97
This site is very inspirational. I use it in my personal

I.N.,, 10/13/97, Germany
Neo-Tech is the revelation of the century. This site is
spectacular and exciting.

"It's so strange... And is a great thing in the world of bytes
and common problems. I like it."
D.B.,, 1/13/97, Russia

H.A.,, 4/23/97
Your site is very informative and helpful. I greatly appreciate the

J.Y.,, 6/11/97, Philippines
Neo-Tech helps people in their daily struggle for survival. More
power and long live Neo-Tech!

"This is most likely the best site on the Web! This gives
everyone hope for the future. Thank you for the guts to get the
messages out you are espousing."
R.J.,, 1/26/97

Fran A.,, 10/27/99
I am afraid of admitting there is no God
because I'm afraid of HIM punishing me. But I really feel
religion is a delusion, propagated by the people who run
this country and the religious ELITES who use their
influence on the masses of working class to get them to send
their money through their ministries.

A.M.,, 9/17/97
"There were times when I was reading that I felt like I had finally found
what was missing in my life. Very enlightening."

F.S.,, 8/21/97
"A very clear, concise statement on the current human condition."

"Awesome info."
R.J.,, 5/5/97

I have never read anything so fascinating
in all my life. This is something I will continue to develop for my own benefit,
as well as the benefit of others. I will pass this on to as many people as
will have it!

r.b.,, 8/18/02
I loved the story. I want to learn all about neo-tech.

"The physical page is quite spiffy."
P.B.,, 1/6/97, South Africa

HK,, 4/12/03
This web site was {is} a real eye opener. I wish I found it a hell of lot
sooner in my life. There has been alot of so called christian leaders that have
taken advantage of my efforts and said ha ha he is stupid!.

A.P.,, 4/24/97, Philippines
I find many interesting details of earning money and becoming rich.

H.L.,, 5/26/97, Philippines
It is cool and usable.

"If Leonard Peikoff's Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand is
'Reality Unfolded', Neo-Tech is the ultimate 'set of guidelines'
for living without/dispensing with the need for guides."
G.F.,, 5/23/97, United Kingdom

S.M.,, 2/10/01, Kenya
Hi, this is great stuff. I love science and
technology but most
of all, you guys are doing a wonderful thing for mankind,
life, wow!

"This website is full of information which can be used and
applied. This site is more than just a place to visit on the web.
D.A.,, 1/8/97, Canada

E.E.,, 3/5/98, Costa Rica
Your site is great.

D.D.,, 1/2/98
Your philosophy
has had a great positive influence on my life over the years.
More people need to hear what you have to say so stay on the

The neo-tech discovery was one of the most fascinating books I have
ever read.

"This is good. Someone is trying to change the way the world is
going. We need more people to bring positive thoughts and ideas
to the public."
Q.C.,, 1/24/97

Anon.,, 11/27/99

J.P.,, 11/13/99
The Neo-Tech Discovery was the first book I
ever read that truly taught me to think for myself. Only
those afraid of honest truth and closed-minded religious
zealots seem to think this is the work of the Devil. They'd
gladly use FORCE to do away with you and that says it all regarding
their character.

"I was overjoyed to see you in Cyberspace! All your publications
are well written but this Web site surpasses you. You have
continued to be courageous, honest and informative. I look
forward to reviving my study of Neo-Tech. The Web site will help
me a great deal in this. Best wishes."
D.K.,, 1/7/97, United Kingdom

In such a world we have today where people want to live at the expense
of every one else we need neo-tech more than ever

I want the access, However I'm not sure everyone should have

This is definitely a challenge to my externally superimposed authority seeking "moral" upbringing.
Since I began (doubfully!) reading The Book, I have seen changes in all areas
of my life. I have never been happier, and I am seeing my true personality- lost
to me since my teenage years-returning stronger everyday.

R.T.,, 10/22/97
"Wow! What a vast amount of information!!!! This is

M.W.,, 8/10/01, U.K. Scotland.
The literature has given me a fresh insight to
running our lives as we want to.

I feel Neo-tech is the best information source on how to live
life. It's an aid, a motivation, and a great tool. I try to spread the word
to my friends.

D.S.,, 3/15/99
I feel what I have read so far has given me a whole new
outlook on life. This is powerful stuff.. I wish I would
have read it years ago. Keep up the good work.

R.R.,, 11/19/98
Your site and information is truly fascinating
and awakening.

M.B.,, 5/15/97

P.C.,, Australia
Neo Tech has been an incredible resource in my life.

"Congratulations on your discoveries--I am excited about learning
more about your concepts and look forward to becoming an
efficient value-producer as opposed to a pawn in the destructive
collective consciousness which permeates our individual psyches."
J.S.,, 4/28/97

R.V.,, 9/1/02
I think Neo Tech is the best. I am a firm believer in it and will always be.

D.M.,, 4/28/97

M.L. Dean,,
Thus far, The Book has impressed and contributed to what has
already been known. The Story is very accurate as to what should be and can
be. Your method of application in the area of day to day structure (mini
day schedule and its principle are fantastica lly correct. Your mission assignment
has impressed me and aligned us together. Your humble and ardent supporter.

J.C.,, 10/4/98
This stuff is incredible!! If only we all knew about it
years before!

A.L.,, 5/13/00, Singapore
Neo-Tech MUST remain on the web because it is
able to
transcend all national boundaries and bring all the NT
people together
to exchange our ideas instantaneously.

"Keep on telling the truth!!! We are looking for it!!"
J.D.,, 2/5/97

G E R.,, 3/24/00
Mark, I have read most of everything you have
written in the last ten years, and have always been
supremely happy with the values delivered, but you have
struck 'pure gold' with this book, and have made it not only
easy but enjoyable to warm one's attention of involvement
with Neo-Think.
Well done, kudos, kudos, KUDOS.
Garwin R

J.K.,, 8/18/99

"I'm impressed with this web site. Technically, it is extremely
well structured, and the contents are very interesting (although
I've only read a small part.)"
C.F.,, 1/14/97

Very enlightening.

m.m.,, 6/2/00
THE BOOK really made me feel very good, and
continues to do so, as my adventure is just beginning. thank

M.W.,, 9/3/97
Neo-Tech saved or rather is saving my life.

C.M.,, 2/6/98
It finally pinpoints the causes
of this mess, which, up until now I had merely been looking at the symptoms.

A.S.,, 11/12/97, United Kingdom
AMAZING! What a concept! What content! Blown away!

Michelle W.,, 2/19/98
Its a cool site.

"I find these writings about Neo-Tech to be very intriguing. They
express an interesting point of view on the nature of
T.M.,, 1/12/97

j. l. h,
I think that the Neo-tech discovery should be in every public library and school
for everybody.

J.Y.,, 7/28/98
Neo-Tech courageously tells the truths of human world.

"This web site has it all. Innovative ideas to global marketing."
M.Y.,, 1/12/97

T.B.,, 4/14/97
Every body should read Neo-Tech. It is great.

I think it is the most enlightening view I have ever heard. It has
changed my outlook on life in a very positive way.

Anon.,, 5/19/98
A most thought provoking commentary. I'm not really bad
after all. The thought that liberation can feel good and
denial and sacrifice are tools of the manipulators is captivating.

Marla J.,, 10/25/99
Believe me, I have been into mysticism for 22
years and it did nothing for me, except screw my mind up.
Everything from Christianity to the new age movement. I am
studying your website with an eagle eye and it is helping me
so much. I am a 45-year old housewife. I feel I may get my
individual self back. Thanks for such an exciting website.

J.P.,, 8/24/97
"This is the most eye-opening reality ever. Thank you."

W.T.,, 6/1/00
I have searched for years for something besides
the Bible. I
just knew there had to be more to life than what is taught
the bible. Thank you Neo-Tech.

"Extremely informative and enlightening!! A must read for people
that need some incentive to become value producers for themselves
and society. Worth the research!!!"
F.V.,, 12/20/96

J.P.,, 12/6/99
The pages are rich in valuable info.


J.J.,, 3/7/99, United Kingdom
I have been reading all of your exciting work for about two
years now and am now putting into practice your ideologies.
I am excited in what I am embarking on and find your writings
I am astounded how simple and rational your work is - we
all have been blinkered for too long, and now is the time to
undo the hype surrounding all of our lives. Control freaks abound
us everywhere with guilt and fear. I am now taking the total
honest approach in all I do in life , where-upon I will not be
hindered again with anyone. May I send you all a simple,
thank you.

C.C.,, 1/21/98
Neo-Tech is Awesome. Neo-Tech has the
answers. It gives you the power to use your own mind, to go to
yourself for answers. Neo-Tech will stay on the web. Don't worry about
that. The more Neo-Tech spreads, and people see the light, the world
will automatically change. It's happening now, and will continue
to happen. Then, maybe all these neocheating close minded people,
will start to realize just how bad they really are, while we're
miles ahead of them in creating our own lives.

C.W.,, 6/23/97, Monaco
I am very enthusiastic about what you guys are trying to achieve.
I would like to complement you on an excellent Web Site and
your efforts to bring about the Prosperity Revolution.

Al,, 2/7/02
This story has opened my eyes to things I have missed out on as a child and as grownup . If I'd of had some as remarkable as Miss Annabelle I would of been a
better educated man and human being , THANK YOU I now see things I've been missing in my life.

S.Z.,, 6/26/00
This is great
reading and is the only book that has kept my attention
the bible. I always knew that King James deleted some things
added some to suit himself, but I never dreamed that the
was so enormous and worldwide Someone needs to make sure
one knows the truth.

"Very unique and informative. An alternative that is not at all
alternative. "
P.V.,, 1/4/97

"A wonderful piece of work. Keep up the great writing."
T.M.,, 2/18/97

"This site is a wondrous abode of the finest facts that are
necessary for living upon this earth. Without this site, I would
have spent much of my life attempting to discover. I have always
understood absolute truth to be reachable by mankind. Thank you
for coming so close to it."
M.L.,, 6/17/97

H.C.,, 9/10/02
I find your site to be invigorating and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being a light in a very dark misguided world

Anon,, 7/8/00
After many years of living the quasi – Neo-Tech
life, I am back. I have found the clouded world of
mysticism just that. Being half here and half there showed
in my world. I am back. I brought my children down the
road of Neo-Tech - not even being aware of it! Changes are
in the works to make my life Neo-Tech 100%. Thanks for THE
STORY. It was a refreshing refresher!

P.L.,, 4/7/00
THE STORY its really making sense. It was written on my level so that I have better understanding of all Neo-Tech literature. Mark
you've done an outstanding job. Keep up the GREAT WORK YOUR DOING.

D.B,, 7/30/97
If honesty and effort are wrong, we live in a strange
world. Expand!!

d.j.,, 1/1/03, Ghana
The best eye opener literature for our generation

Neo-Tech has helped me comprehend the world.

D.K.,, 1/19/99, United Kingdom
The concepts have changed my expectations of
life and my opinion of the 'higher authorities'.

"This material is shocking but extremely powerful. Finally, the
individual is free and powerful!"
N.S.,, 5/7/97, Malaysia

F.C.,, England
It is truly mind-blowing.

F.Q.,, 12/24/96
This is a wonderful web site. I gain a lot of knowledge about your

B.E.,, 7/20/99
Neo-Tech makes the anticivilization appear as though it were
an ant on the sidewalk. When integrated honesty is entered into
the equation, things really are as a true Neo-Tech person views
them. Enjoy the fight against the anticivilization it is
still quite massive -- but not 4 long though -- it is one
big rock and Neo-Tech is the jackhammer.

persons comprehensions, you, MY FRIENDS, are dead on with Neo-Tech!!! Should you keep the web site? Wi

L.A.,, 5/13/98
What I've seen at this Web site makes me hungry for more

P.K.,, 2/13/97
Greatest eye opener, mind expanding knowledge I ever received. Only
wish I had it sooner.

S.K,, 8/2/97, India
I found Neo-Tech most progressive, scientific and

re-written it shall be. Honor is not in this mans' vocabulary. With 'The Book' I have been able to hold h

J.S.,, 9/9/00
I am quite intrigued by these thoughts, ideas,
suggestions, and truths that are Neo-Tech. I look forward to reading
many, many more.

"I have enjoyed the stimulation of the NEO-TECH influence in my
life. Your web site gave me a shot in the brain when I needed
E.B.,, 5/20/97

Your article on the War of Two Worlds is most accurate. This war cannot be
better or more simple expressed at its essence than by a quote from the current
icon of the anti civilization, Mr Bin Ladin himself. He recently was reported
as saying, 'We love de ath. The U.S. loves life. This is big difference between

J.F.,, 7/23/02
I have often wondered what motivates anyone to want to be employed by the IRS. Is life so tough and their talents so meager they must resort to harassing
fellow Americans just to make a living?

Anon.,, 11/3/99
Neo-Tech is firmly in the mind of every person in every country
on this planet. And when all parasites are publicly exposed
through wide-scope accounting that clearly shows their destructive
actions to all.

K.L.,, 5/10/98
Dear Neo-Tech, I think your publications are rooted in
honesty and should be required reading in all grade schools. The
information offers hope and fulfillment to those enlightened enough to
ascribe to those principles as set forth in the many treasured Neo-Tech
manuals. Your writings are of a lost art and need to be resurfaced,
so as the masses once again may regain control of their own lives;
and so each human being can live life to it's infinite capacity while
enjoying the effects of the Natural Laws that were originally
intended for Mankind to live and work by. You're writings are
based on unbending Universal truths (honesty) that are absolute
in content and has the complete support of science. Personally,
I am very grateful to all of the Neo-Tech staff who are guided
by their own individualism to create such masterpieces of literature
for the distribution to all honest-seekers. Thank you
for your guiding support. I wish all at Neo-Tech the prosperous
and fruitful offerings of the Universe. Infinitely Grateful.

"This is an intensely interesting site."
C.W.,, 6/30/97

"I think it is great that Dr. Wallace is making available this
important information."
B.W.,, 1/18/97

T.R.,, 1/13/00, Canada
I am currently starting a business of my own
and will base all my transactions on Neo Tech advantages.
Looking forward to a world run under the Neo Tech

The Story MUST be published on its own in hardback and/or paperback. That is
the only hope of getting it into the hands of the general populace, particularly
as word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire! The full realm of the Neo-Tech Super
Society can then be understood and visualized BEFORE interested people delve
into the Neo-Tech Discovery and other publications. The Story should be the MAIN
FOCUS of spreading the Neo-Tech concepts. THIS IS SOOOO CRITICAL!!! The individually-bound
book could be self-published and marketed by Neo-Tech, but since it has an ISBN
number, it could also be requested from other bookstore outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
Waldenbooks, etc.). Also....the individually bound volume should be available
to order online (to fulfill immediate gratification)...that offer being made
on each chapter of The Story. People trapped in the Anti-Civilization will have
a MUCH greater chance of pursuing Neo-Tech discoveries and concepts AFTER reading
The Story and winning them over BOTH emotionally and intellectually!!! They literally
can, and do, (based on the postings I've read) begin identifying and implementing
their own Friday-Night-Essence. This critical work (The Story) MUST: 1. Be published
by itself. - Preferably in hardcover and soft cover. - This is the ANSWER for
MASS distribution. - Many people WILL NOT sit and read lengthy material (longer
than a couple of pages) on the Internet. They want to read anywhere they're
the park, at lunch, on the couch, on the patio.....anywhere NOT in front of a
computer monitor. - And MANY won't have the resources to print hundreds of pages.
- Plus, everyone who reads this will want to CHERISH their own personal copy
and re-read it often. It will be the treasure that changes their lives forever!
- It's easier to pass-on (loan or give) a copy to friends and family! 2. Be given
SERIOUS consideration for producing it into a movie. - Someone should have already
put a copy of it into the hands of a Spielberg, or other great Hollywood producer
with a track record for so clearly portraying concepts and emotions woven so
tightly together! - We need someone who isn't afraid of pushing against the Establishment,
including, at times, Hollywood. 3. Be given consideration for producing it as
a TV series, particularly if the movie can't be pulled-off. I want to hand this
story off to my family RIGHT NOW, but they will be way too intimidated and distracted
if I hand them The Book (all six books) and tell them to read only Book 2 - The
Story. The sheer appearance of the HUGE volume I'd be handing them would be enough
to scare them away from reading it (they would say they “don't have time'
to read something that large'). If it is a bound book all-in-itself, it would
be much less intimidating to the recipient. Plus, there isn't the distraction
of the “God-Man' text plastered on the cover. Many people's initial reaction
to the term God-Man would be one of skepticism and negativity - or the feeling
that they're dealing with writings from some cult. Let them read about God-Man
in The Story FIRST (with no pre-judgement of negativity) so they can understand
it's integration into the whole Neo-Tech picture, THEN hit them with the God-Man/Neo-Tech
literature on the web-site or through your printed publications. With this approach
at least they won't think this is some new cult they have to worry about. For
it seems to appear as cult-type publication on the surface (just from the “God-Man/Neo-Tech
Discovery' title). “The Story' has none of this possibility of sending
the wrong message. NONE AT ALL. The total simplicity in the title will DRAW people
to it!! They'll have no suspicions or questions (until they get into the actual
telling of the story and have had their mind and emotions enlightened)! The whole
concept of the 5-minute bedtime stories about value producers intrigues me immensely!
If something like that doesn't currently exist (on your web site, or others),
I may begin putting it together. Short summaries of historic and current value
producers that focuses on: - How they used their own independent thinking to
create the values. - How they used internal authority instead of external authority
to breakthrough with their advancement and values. - How each faced the battles
of the anti-civilization to make their values recognized and available to others.
- The end results their values have produced in each of our lives NOW. I relish
researching this kind of thing!! …Apprentice matrix-destroyer.

C.M.,, 12/13/01
I love what you men and women are doing keep up the good fight! Live long and prosper

Neo-Tech is a great tool for anyone seeking to do great things with his or
her life. Thanks to rational thinking, I have avoided the path often taken
by most who have allowed themselves to let someone do the thinking for them.
This web site inspires me to continue on the same path. Thank you.

Anon,, 6/13/02
Very interesting...I came across this site quite by accident. '...a compatibility of humor is one of the most enjoyable aspects of friendships and
romantic-love relationships.' How very true.

Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to the reality of situations. I no longer follow
blindly like some sheep, but instead I've learned to question everything.

J.P.,, 8/2/02, Franklin
Such great wisdom.

R.L.,, 10/15/00
I bought the book about 5 years ago, when I
received it I looked at and put it down. I didn't pick it
up till about 3 days ago. I now want to learn more! Now when
I read I understand what
It's saying.

without/dispensing with the need for guides.

"Very interesting. I hope you get it out to a lot of people. The
more I read the more I think, and the more I think, the more I
realize how wrong I might be about a lot of things."
Milly C.,, 6/2/97

B.S.,, 2/29/00
I'm sitting here with tears on my face trying to type. I
have just finished reading Chapter 36. It only took me 8
hours, I could not stop reading...I ignored my housework and
most everything around me except my child.
I believe that Chapter 36 pulled it together neatly. I was
pulled emotionally so many times by the story. The
neo-cheaters, the liars, the manipulators...scary
stuff...reminds me of today's world. Slowly it is changing
but it will take some time and some mindsets will not be
able to handle the changes but they have a choice…become
value creators and integrators or die. How wonderful it
would be to live in a world where the values created are not
torn down or ridiculed.
Every chapter I read had something else of value to add my
life. It was like turning on the light switches.
Thank you for your story...but one it a story
or perhaps a vision of what will be?? I sense some
characters are stronger than others. I feel that they are
actual persons today or have been influences in your life.

"Thank you for taking the time to create this website. I think it
will open a lot of minds to opportunities in personal growth that
most people aren't exposed to."
N.W.,, 1/20/97

W.S.,, 5/3/02
I've been reading Neo-tech so long, I can't remember where I originally found it! But I have to say, it is the most profound lifestyle and life philosophy
I've ever come across. I became agnostic at age 15 while reading about the tremendous toll religion
had taken on the path of science and technology. Finally, about 12 years ago, I became completely atheist after realizing I was only holding on because of
the 'insurance' potential of being wrong! You've heard the old saw 'If you're right, you've lost not
hing, but if you're wrong there's hell to pay' What a load! I'm very happy and well adjusted being atheist! I will always read your stuff, and always
recommend it to people who are trying to find something meaningful to life. Good luck and stay FOREVER!

T.D.,, 10/24/98

Anon.,, 7/13/98
A LOT of useful information!
I hope to learn the secrets of Neo-Tech!

hired me not because of education, schooling or knowledge but because
I was very HONEST, demonstrated INTEGRITY and wanted to PRODUCE
a salary (plus bonuses) that was more than double the amount I
had ever made! My hat's off to you. Eric Savage's advantages on business are
excellent. A tremendous amount of useful information. I would
like to see more business info. Thanks Dr. Wallace
for putting the 'how to' information out there for everyone.

C.S.,, 3/14/99, India

B.H.,, 8/8/97
"Neo-Tech is definitely real! Neo-Tech makes you think and realize that we
do live in a world full of liars, cheaters, hypocrites, thieves, and
ignorance! Neo-Tech tells the logical and precise advantages to successfully
taking control of your life without the headaches and heartbreaks of the
neo-cheaters! We can all learn something better to improve one's future!
Keep Neo-Tech alive and we will all live happier!"

F.B.,, 9/23/98, Malaysia
Thought provoking and revolutionizing.

"Very interesting thoughts and ideas."
J.W.,, 6/6/97


S.P.,, 12/15/96, Canada
I found this web site VERY interesting.
Unfortunately, I do not have time to read everything...but
do intend on returning very soon to finish up!
It all makes perfect sense to me!

M.C.,, 8/28/97
"I think the web site is fantastic. I feel like I've entered another
dimension. Thousands of pages of text for free, what a value!"

M.B.,, 7/1/97, United Kingdom
"It has changed my life. Keep up the excellent work!"

PC,, 9/18/01, australia
With Neo-Tech I am supremely confident about my future in this world. A world governed by Neo-Tech principles is my and the worlds best chance of creating
prosperity for everyone. The Neo-Tech beacon must remain with all of us to ensure unlimited riches.

T.T.,, 7/4/02, U.S.A
I have read four books on Neo-Tech, & I am very exited about applying the principles of the literature. I am sixty years old & I hope I get to live long
enough to see the coming changes in our political, judicial, & business systems.

The ability to think without the clutter of the anti-civilization
is an asset sorely needed today, it is needed by people like myself who
seek to create new and exciting paradigms to create value in the world

N.S.,, 1/29/97
You have reminded me of how much I appreciated Ayn Rand when I
first discovered her work years ago. Thank you.

D.F.,, 2/18/00
Neo-Tech is coming, Neo-Tech is here, Neo-Tech
... spread the word!

C.C.,, 1/25/97, France
This is the most interesting web site.

"This is beyond my wildest dreams. An absolute wealth of
information. I truly wish I never had to sleep so I could spend
many more hours on your Web Site."
R.K.,, 2/4/97

Anon.,, 9/25/98
This is a really good site. Reading one
of the 'literatures' helped me in realizing my problem.

L.B.,, 12/8/99
I have never read anything so true. Many
things that were said,
I must have been stupid not to already know.

Pam R.,, 5/3/98
I really believe in the core of what you have to say.

"Without Neo-Tech, who will demystify people? Seems to me that
the Net is THE WAY to spread Neo-Tech info."
B.L.,, 6/2/97, Canada

a.c.,, 9/8/01
I love neo-tech and everything that it has done to enrich mine and my families life through hard work and discipline. Thank

T.R.,, 3/31/98
I enjoy the new knowledge I have obtained...please keep it

Neo-Tech must stay on the web and I am sure it will, because it
is needed by so many wonderful people. Read the Story you will love it!

It is very important to get this information out to the masses so that everyone
can know about this great concept I will be very glad when Neo-Tech controls
the world.

M.W.,, 12/27/00

G.N.,, 8/15/02
It is refreshing to hear the truth.

S.U.,, 12/26/96, Mexico
I think this is a great web site, I'm a Mexican, a country where
neo-cheating is growing as you may not expect and the material on this web-site
will help the producers to succeed

W.B.,, 2/13/01
Have been searching for over 30
years for this type of confirmation to my intuitive self.
you for your efforts and may we all grow.

E.P.,, 8/13/97, Australia
"Thank you for the Neo-Tech site. As I have recently started a new business,
I am very interested in the business concepts shown on your site."

D.K.,, 10/24/97, Canada
Neo-Tech is so different from
other points of view, it stimulates thinking. One may
not agree with what is being presented or may be shocked or outraged,
but that kind of challenge is necessary.

RM,, 4/18/03
The information on your web page is every fresh, and is a great read, and
also has a relaxing side to it, it frees up the way we think, and how we do
thing's everyday. So please keep up the good work, not just for me but any one
that wants to break free from this worlds thinking.

D.P.,, 9/17/97
As an advocate of independent thinking, hard work, and continual
efforts towards personal improvement, I, and many people I associate with, find
sites such as Neo-Tech a refreshing and rewarding alternative to so much of the
average, unthinking material available on the web. Good Job, great stuff.

Sonia A.,, 1/19/99
A God-Man had to wake up first in order to help his brothers who are
asleep. Neo-Tech is the most revealing work of what a God-Man
is able to be and do. Thank you very much, for letting us know!!!

M.M.,, Australia
Great reading and punctual philosophy. As a journalist in today's
world it is great to expose 'neocheaters' on my television program 'A Current
Affair' nightly at 7.00 p.m. in Australia. Keep up the excellent work!

"NT has really help me understand who I am. Now I am better able
to control my life, to live happily and successfully! Thanks NT, I
waaas lost, but now I'm found."
S.H.,, 6/14/97

K.W.,, 3/15/98
I wish this honest material to expand. I read of its world
Wide acceptance in joy. I am afraid, though I persevere wholeheartedly.
My fear is that government(s) shall with all means try to stifle
its progression. We can only do as good as we are allowed to do.
The selfish envy of the dishonest, requires this material to
expand swiftly and expansively to help stop the dishonest people.

J.R.,, 5/1/98
I enjoyed reading the info on your site.
I agree totally with your philosophy and want to live my life
in accord with these principals.

Must stay on the www!!! If it doesn't, humans don't have a real
chance to learn how to start a powerful life, and bring themselves to know their
own nature.

"I like your web page cause it is informative."
K.E.,, 2/25/97

The web will create the next generation of
neothinkers. There is so much influence from all sides
these days, people need a way to find the truth and render
some sort of mental clarity, Neo-Tech does just that.

Janice W.,, 8/25/98, Australia
I like your Site and can understand why the neocheater people
want it shut down. You are providing very valuable information
and it is there for anyone to find if they want to find it.

T.B.,, 3/18/01
It's unbelievable how after reading The Book
you get
this hunger for knowledge. If possible I'd like to receive
information about other Neo-Tech material. Thanks.

The neo-tech discovery was one of the most fascinating books I have
ever read.

D.B.,, 6/25/97
Neo-Tech is valuable information that can help people transform their
lives. Over the past two years I have scrutinized the information contained in
the Neo-Tech Zonpower package. It has supreme value to those that apply it to

Neo-Tech is beyond compare!

"This is certainly one of the strangest sites I have visited. I
found it while searching for info on a cancer cure."
R.G.,, 1/29/97, Israel

J.D.,, 10/25/99, United Kingdom

E.J.,, 7/6/97, U.S.A.
"Nothing more drives the point home on the validity of Neo-Tech
(fully-integrated honesty) than integrating the 'negative
comments' into the Neo-Tech philosophy, to see them for what they
really are."

I want this site to remain online because you guys post a ton
of great information that benefits my life. The sections on finding love
and the Pocket Therapist I found extremely interesting.

B.B.,, 2/22/01
The information in this book has, so far,
completely blown my mind.
I consider it to be THE most valuable purchase I have ever
made. I am currently
studying computer programming, and working on Ideas for
three different businesses.

Neo-Tech knowledge is something the
whole world needs.

c.r., WLDC.COM, 1/6/03
I find your site one of the most useful on the net.

A.B.,, 5/5/97
I believe this to be TRUTH -- HONESTLY!!!!!!!

Loretta M.,, 12/3/98
I have enjoyed the Neo-Tech information.
Thank you for being here. I was afraid that the Neo Cheaters
had done away with you all.

B.E.,, 1/9/99
Best set of information on the planet for mankind.

"Your page should bear the Blue Ribbon symbol. Defend our rights
to online free speech by participating in the Blue Ribbon
D.V.,, 3/6/97

J.J.,, 7/11/01
Neo-Tech provides the education for citizens to
how to take care of themselves and to eliminate the
parasitical ruling class of dishonest humanoids.

C.P.,, 11/4/02
To all those who sent you negative comments: If you truly had 100% faith in your own beliefs, then you wouldn't fear this site nor the people behind it --
won't God overcome? Why would this site, or anything else, be a threat to God? Isn't God the Supreme Being, and hence, above and beyond the threat of man?
Won't Jesus save? Since God has a Divine Plan, wouldn't this be part of it? AND, if not, how do you rationalize common, 'lowly' and 'evil' humans corrupting
your ALL-POWERFUL GOD's work? Isn't God stronger than that? More powerful than a few sinners? If your God is so powerful, and you have so much faith in Him,
why doesn't this site threaten you so much?

f.c.,, 6/16/02
Best damn self-help literature ever produced. Pure genius. The discoverer is a god himself.

M.G.,, 6/7/97, South Africa
I like the thorough indexing.

"I'm fascinated by what I've been reading! I had no idea about
these concepts but I can see they are making sense. Thanks for a
mind broadening experience!"
G.H.,, 1/30/97

J.M.,, 3/18/00
I have just been reading 'The Story' which is a
very powerful revelation into life.

"I have enjoyed reading about gravity units, something I was just
thinking about."
T.H.,, 1/24/97

R.P.,, 12/29/98, Costa Rica
Neo Tech is a liberating experience. I found what I have been
looking for all my life. Now, my job is more challenging and
rewarding, and at the same time I found mental peace.

P.A.,, 3/20/97, United Kingdom
I have read the information on your web site and I can honestly say
my life HAS changed IRRETRIEVABLY for the better.....I have gone from severe
debt to a comfortable situation and it gets better each day ....I found an
intelligent, beautiful, young wife (of 30, I am near 50) who is crazy about me
.... and my dreams came true ...Everyone in the world knows there is a better
way to live. I could go on all day about the benefits .... suffice to say ,

A.H.,, 9/29/00
I have just finish reading The Book and have
found it very
enlightening and am anxious to learn more.
When will you be ready to put someone on the election ballot

P.C.,, 9/14/97
"I found your articles to be very informative, yet easy to understand, Thank

Linda H.,, 10/19/98
This is more of a question than a comment. My father is facing
imminent foreclosure on his home after years of struggle with
the IRS. He has asked his children (all grown, non-dependents)
for help in paying off his IRS liability before his home is taken.
If we help out financially, can the IRS come after each of us
for any further monies that they say my father owes? I would
be grateful for any advice. Thank you.

Z.Z.,, 6/4/97, People's Republic of China
It's exciting to read.

W.J., , 5/7/01, uk
Dear Neo-Tech Your works are a necessity in
any persons life
to progress and have a fuller and happier life with eyes
wide open. You MUST stay on the web. I am a better person because
of the things I have learned from The Book.

J.M.,, 4/28/00
It is about time the people of this country
woke up. Thanks to Neo-Tech they can! Thanks, Dr. Wallace and Mark Hamilton.

sha,, 4/27/01
Neo Tech has effected my life in a very
positive manor.

J.R.,, 4/22/97, Australia
This material literally changed my life in many
ways by including making me feel good about
myself and throwing off unearned guilt.

R.A.,, 5/29/01
Neo-Tech is about to go exponential.

"Take this off the web! BAH! the government just wants us to obey
big brother and be slaves of one big brother! I can easily see
their reasoning for trying to be rid of this. Obviously people
are protesting this because they don't want good people to get a
hold of it and turn the tables in their favor."
P.G.,, 2/5/97

S.K.,, 7/10/97
I am almost 21, thanks to Neo-Tech and the support of my
father for Neo-Tech, everything about life is becoming crystal clear.
Keep up the good work...

J.B.,, 9/18/99, United Kingdom
Neo-tech has pulled me out of the clouds and
down to earth where I belong.

G.G.,, 8/10/97
YES! Neo-Tech will remain on the web. Neo-Tech can't be
stopped, even if it were banned from the web. The Neo-Tech web site IS
the most valuable web site in Cyberspace, and Dr. Frank Wallace is a

I love the seemingly infinite amount of knowledge that I have encountered through
the books and the sight itself. This site is a precious and valuable source of
mind opening information.

It may just be the only thing to save
this civilization from self destruction.

My thanks to all Neo-Tech employees who unswervingly seek to bring Neo-Tech
literature to the whole of the human race, but most especially to Dr. Frank
Wallace and Mark Hamilton for originating the basic Neo-Tech ideas and making
them accessible to all who seek such knowledge. I am currently working on what
I consider to be a Neo-Tech album and look forward to the time when I will be
able to work side by side with all of you in the battle to end mysticism and
bring about the Civilization of the Universe on this planet.

W.B.,, 2/13/01
Have been searching for over 30
years for this type of confirmation to my intuitive self.
you for your efforts and may we all grow.

N.L.,, 9/17/97
Dear Neo-Tech,
I think it is very important for this site to stay on the web. It is a great
source of information for all. Within days of first reading Neo-Tech, I was able
to eliminate many unnecessary things from my life. And I effortlessly began
making an estimated $1000 a week. I think all anyone has to do is read this
and open their minds and the possibilities are endless. I owe a lot to Neo-Tech.
I would like to thank Neo-Tech for making my life so much better and allowing me
to do what I only before dreamed of. I am now live a life of total happiness and
am able to get anything I want in life. Thanks again

Cry,, 9/15/01, UK
Neo-tech the only way to the future world.

"With Neo-Tech I have the freedom that no one can take from me. I
am safe for the first time in my life."
M.Y.,, 4/3/97

C.H.,, United Kingdom
Over the last few months a feeling of calm has come over me like I have never
experienced... It is a kind of natural high rather like the feeling I have
whenever I read the Long Wave Article. But this is different, my heart feels
permanently uplifted. I j ust seem to feel happy virtually all of the time.
I think it comes from now knowing that I can succeed. I am also starting to
see puzzle pieces around me that direct me to believe that the anti-civilization
is finally crumbling. I think about biological i mmortality a lot these days....
I have also found if I have a problem that needs to be resolved in the past
I would struggle to resolve it, but, now I seem to be able to focus almost
effortlessly on any problem and resolve it. Despite those November 11 te rrorist
monsters I have no fear maybe I should, but I am to rapped up in my own value
production to think about anything else. Maybe I am not physically in a new
civilization yet... But, psychologically I feel like I am, at least some of
the time.

N.N.,, 3/18/00
The Story is a good conceptualization of NT
with real life. It would make a good movie, even an
old-fashioned radio drama. I have often thought that when
internet access gets faster and the right software comes
along, anyone, with a fast computer, a good video camera,
can turn their home or business into a broadcasting studio
that can have live 24 hours a day broadcasts to the world
just like any of the networks. Can you imagine having an
unlimited number of “channels' to surf? How about millions
of online auctions for goods and services? Talk about

j.c., .,
Neo-Tech is the answer for world happiness, love , prosperity, and the antcivilization.

G.S.,, 3/9/00
I am not a very emotional person, but in the
reading of the story I was over come with emotion several times.
Even though I knew it was not speaking of a particular
persons I knew it was the experiences of many.
I have come to the conclusion that this story will be the
break through that we have been seeking, the digital
thinking and writing style of MH is beyond my imaginings.

S.B.,, 1/21/02
Therefore the neo-tech web site will be fundamental in the realization of the civilization of the universe for planet earth. THANKS FOR BRINGING NEO-TECH TO

Until your book was destroyed, by a person that did not realize
what they held in their hand, it was the only book I had ever read that faultlessly
and analytically peeled away layer after layer of tainted thought
only regret is not having finished, although I can feel its effects and see how
it changed me. I am growing and awakening.

R.S.,, 8/28/98
I've always suspected many of the things you've exposed with
Neo-Tech. It's good to have those suspicions reinforced. You've
helped me see why I was always feeling unhappy and oppressed.
A great weight has been lifted from me. I've always been an honest
person. Now I see how my honesty helps me see the 'real' realities.

"This is some of the most interesting concepts I have seen in
years. I am ready to learn more."
J.E.,, 5/16/97

Nick,, 2/5/01
Bottom line -- All each of us needs to do is
make it happen for ourselves (Fully Integrated Honesty), and the C of U
will simply 'occur overnight' !!

J.L.,, 10/20/99
I knew deep down inside that there was something else,
something that seemed to be left out.
Now I know what that 'something' was: THE TRUTH!!!!!

M.B.,, 4/17/97
This is my first exposure, I find the content interesting. It seems
to encompass the complete width and breath of life.

D.T.,, 6/9/98
I found your comments well informed and presented in a thoughtful
way that allowed me to take in and evaluate the information.
I was pleased to see a presentation that was relatively free
of bias...and totally free of the kind of preachy, screaming bias.

I guess some people just aren't ready for the power of Neo-Tech.
That certainly doesn't mean that everyone should lose the opportunity to discover
Neo-Tech. I sincerely think this is the greatest web page I've ever come across
and believe it would be a terrible loss to humanity if it were removed.

Thank you NEO-TECH -- I will forever hold my heart to the beat
of 'NEO-TECH!' We will smash the NEO-CHEATERS out of existence and once-and-for-all
end the 2000-year-old white collar hoax.

Cry,, 9/15/01, UK
Neo-tech the only way to the future world.

P.S.,, 10/3/98
I am really happy for what Neo-Tech has done for me. It has
made me feel something I have never felt, I am learning
more and more by the day.

T.L.,, Canada

I would sincerely feel like the rug was pulled out from under me if this information
was taken from the Internet. I most humbly ask that it remain for others to find
and read as I have done.

V.P.,, 3/26/98
Interesting concepts and very valid. Opens up ones view,
makes one question the establishment. Some great ideas.

R.F.,, 11/7/02
New And Valuable Insight's Into Life. Allows A Person To View The World & Life From A New Perspective. I Also Find The Historical Fact Not Usually Talked
About Interesting. Has Allowed Me To Gain A Better Understanding Of What Has Happened In The Past As
Well as Today.

V.V.,, 2/11/97
I am a Neo-Tech owner and the thoughts behind this system are very
useful. Anyone looking to make changes in their life, this is a great way to

R.T.,, 1/28/00
Thus far my reaction is Wow! Such an
interesting and different approach to crucial life issues.

"Almost everyday I come online to this web site and just browse
for new information and to brush up on favorite works like
Zonpower in Cyberspace. I really feel that this is a place I can
commune in. I feel among friends here. It is a new and powerful
experience for me to feel empowered over my life. I feel that
there should be a lot of credit placed in the hands of the many
authors that contribute to this superior site."
B.L.,, 2/5/97

Excellent literature!!!! I have read Neo-Tech and I have used
it and today it makes me a better person. For the last 3 years after having
my first Neo-Tech literature, never before I seen the Cosmic powers that
works for me but also for everyone who have neo-tech knowledge. Neo-Tech
teaches me to be self aware of those people who neo-cheats everyday and
every moment. I can actually see those neo-cheating scheme practiced by
neo-cheaters. Thanks a million Neo-Tech.

D.H.,, 2/16/99
I think you at Neo-Tech are providing valuable information and
doing the world-at-large the service of giving it reason to
stop and THINK, to ACT rather than reacting.

R.R.,, 8/8/99
Neo-Tech has helped me see that there is no replacement for
Hard work, not now, not in the future. Since Neo-Tech I
have doubled my income in 6 months and am well on my way to
producing greater values for everyone. Now that I can
filter out the nonsense of neo-cheaters I can go about
obtaining my goals with honesty. Thank you.

Please continue your great work!

S.M.,, 4/28/02, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech is essential to all those who want to live in a guiltless world, fee from idiots who use god, as a weapon to hurt people.

"Absolutely the most amazing thing that humans have thought of. I
am ready for the civilization of the universe right now!!!!!"
B.S.,, 5/22/97

G.W.,, 2/15/99
I can surely understand why Neo-tech
could upset people. If those people applied only 70% of the
advantages in the book, the world would become a better place.
Remember if the truth is
on your side, it will only be a matter of time until
everybody knows.

S.C.,, 8/24/97
"Thank you, Dr. Wallace for changing my life."

B.A.,, 3/10/00
Zonpower is truly priceless. . THANK YOU! for
showing me the way.

E.K.,, 1/18/97
Applicable to many areas of life.

F.C.,, 7/6/99
I decided to read some of the negative comments
first. I am absolutely floored by the comments of these
supposedly Christian people out there. Did you
notice how they were not even able to speak their own minds?
So much Christian vernacular repeated over and over like brain
washed dummies. In my experience 'born again' Christians can
be some of the biggest hypocrites alive. Sitting and judging and
criticizing, and then justifying their actions by quoting the
bible. I'm going to read your entire site just to see what
all their 'Christian' hollar'n is all about.

M.E.,, México
Neo-tech is a great achievement.

A.C.,, 3/16/01
The information provided by Dr. Wallace and
associates is
priceless, and profitable if acted upon. The web site is one
of the most
important sites ever developed and is the sole source of
available that identifies the tyranny society unwittingly

J.C.,, 1/23/98
Since discovering your material, my life has been slowly improving
day-by-day. Struggling with personal mysticism has been rough
but, each wall that goes down opens new opportunities. Plus it's
really easy to see right through the tons of useless information

C.H.,, 1/21/97, Taiwan
Good Web!!!!!!!!

Neo-Tech is beyond compare!

E.R.,, 12/8/00
I found the stories very entertaining to read
and you are really offering the 'world' to people.

to fully understand how to attain a guiltless and successful

"Neo-tech has changed my life and to this day is continuing to do
so. The great power this gives an individual is exhilarating and
D.R.,, 2/6/97, Canada

C.I.,, 9/23/01, United Kingdom
The terrible, tragic events of 11th September ironically bring closer everything that Neo-Tech stands for - the Civilization of the Universe. Awful to
watch as that event was, it bought to me recognition that this truly was a 'world changing event', b
ut not for the reasons the TV commentators were thinking of.

D.G.,, 6/14/99
Hello: For anyone reading this: If you read
THE BOOK and you only see religious implications, you are
missing 99% of what it is trying to say.
What THE BOOK does is open your mind to new ways of thinking,
new ways of seeing and new ways of being. THE BOOK is about
choosing for yourself.

E.S.,, 2/7/97
I am grateful this information is made available period, but at no
cost to the viewer, that's nothing short of amazing!

C.S.,, 7/5/00
I love the site. Thank you.

A.H.,, 7/29/97
"There are some enlightening concepts on your site."

P.G.,, 3/20/00
We love the site.

"Very good information! I know that it will work!"
G.L.,, 5/28/97, Canada

A.R.,, 12/17/96
This is an interesting site.
I read a warning about how your NT program was somehow demonic.
I must say that the name itself sounds kind of spooky,
underworld or sinister.

J.G.,, 10/18/99
It's unbelievable how Neo-Tech enabled me to
see the light. The best material in
print for helping oneself to become strong and independent

R Page,, 6/29/01, UK
We are born with a free will. Neo-tech offers
ways to dump the
brainwashing of other's vested interests and think clearly

"This site is a great help to people."
Shannon S.,, 6/13/97

M.M.,, 1/16/99
I first began reading Neo-Tech because I was curious
about how to become rich and powerful. Little did I know how
life changing the material was. Neo-Tech
is a breath of fresh air. Neo-Tech is the
most intelligent, thought out material I have ever read, and
I can only hope that more of it will be put on the web.

J.M.,, 4/3/97
Neo-Tech has now become another aspect of my up all night computer
studies and as you report there is a profound liberation upon reading this

T.R.,, 1/13/00, Canada
I am currently starting a business of my own
and will base all my transactions on Neo Tech advantages.
Looking forward to a world run under the Neo Tech

"Interesting philosophy."
T.S.,, 1/31/97

M.L.,, 6/17/97
This site is a wondrous abode of the finest
facts that are necessary for living on Earth.
Without this site, I would have spent
much of my life attempting to discover reality.

Mogabe of Zimbabwe, or war mongering G.W. Bush, with the aid of his lap dog Tony Blair, who wants to distract the American public from the impending global
depression , Alan Greenspan or the so called 'free press' etc., everyone of them seem to have hidden agendas. In business we spend the whole day trying to
solve problems, but one gets the impression that those of causing problems get further in life. Your website gives me the courage to carry on fighting and
shows me that there are other people in the
world who also do not get fooled by all that is dished up in copious helpings every day. Keep the presses going, please!!!

D.R.,, 12/24/02
Until I found this web page I never understood why the world was designed to be so hard to live in, now I see that it is really all just a ploy to keep us
from continually evolving and the true un-need for controlling each other.

e.g.,, 1/13/03
I think we should burn all the existing bibles and replace them with Neo-Tech.

B.A.,, 4/17/01
I have been merely scratching the surface of NT
the past few days, and
can only share with you my immense gratitude for exposing,
and thoroughly explaining, true human structure and human need.
So many of us in today's society feel that there is something
DEFINITLY wrong, but can't quite put our fingers on it. Thank you for
doing that for us! ... I look forward to learning more of Neo
Tech. I do sincerely hope that what I am seeing here
is to become more commonplace in today's confused and
mystical society.

"The information on the site has helped integrate my thinking. I
had a flash , saw the new color mode, and now can manipulate the
essence to brighten and control everything that moves."
M.M.,, 4/24/97

E.M.,, 3/9/98
I love your beliefs and I agree with you.

A.B., , 11/18/02
I've been a Zonpower book owner for over 7 years, and never threw it away, even though, my emotions wanted me to. I rejected the God-Myth, from my mystic
point of view, as many others initially. But I kept it, and only time, and experience separated me from putting aside my personal prejudices, and dedicating
myself to read it all before I judge you, prematurely. I'm very proud of myself for doing so and want to congratulate you on your accomplishments in this
world, and for society at large. I now look forward to every new day with enthusiasm and purpose as never before, at least since childhood innocence.

The information is mind-blowingly practical, rational, and suited
to the ever-evolving human! You're doing a valuable service.

A.M.,, 2/29/00
Reading The Story, is having some sort of effect, and I'm
not sure exactly what kind, but I've gotten up at 3 am to
continue the reading, and even started reading it to my

"Your web site is really cool!"
G.R., co.pi, 12/29/96, Philippines

"Don't stop!"
I.H.,, 3/4/97

J.I.,, 2/6/01, Malaysia
I find the whole literature inspiring.

Barbara W,, 3/19/98
This is different and interesting to read.

S.S.,, 7/7/02
Keep up your relentless pursuit of the truth. No one else on earth is exposing the manufacture of the illusions created by the suppressive and evil
neo-cheaters within the governments, their numerous useless and damaging bureaucracies and their cohorts in
the fields of political business, religions, and mysticism. Thank you for having the sheer guts to confront, see and expose the real evil on this planet and
throughout the universe. We are on the winning side for all good, deserving and productive value
producing people on this planet, most of who should be willing to take full responsibility to help forward this movement in a shoulder to shoulder effort
where we will enjoy the ultimate win in the game where everyone wins.

K.B.,, 9/27/98
I have many of your different publications and have
found their no nonsense approach to straight forward thinking
a great help to my business. Keep up the good work.

G.M.,, 4/10/98
I have already learned much and am putting that information in my daily life. I have learned to spot neo-cheaters all around me and I yearn for more knowledge.

D.G.,, 2/13/99
I thank you with every ounce of life I have.

A.A.,, 12/5/97
The subject matter is absolutely profound.

D.M.,, 7/10/99
I found Neo-Tech to be a very powerful, life
changing experience.

S.P.,, 2/26/98
Loving Neo-Tech, and I am seeing more and more truth
(honest truth) in its pages every day.

g.a.,, 4/19/00, queens
Neo-Tech is the fountain of knowledge, lucky
are the persons who find this information but, blessed are
those who practice its teachings.

B.B.,, 2/4/97
Thanks to you, all of my questions have been cleared, and I have
reclaimed clarity of thought and conviction of the soul, commodities that I
once had but lost. Again, sincerely, thank you for clearing the mist in my
mind, and allowing me to see what must be done so clearly.

Neo-Tech has made a radical positive change in my life. I went from devout
Catholic to converted atheist because of the knowledge that I learned from
Neo-Tech. Thanks to Neo-Tech my thinking is clear and I'm not easily fooled
anymore. Please keep up the good work.

Joan M.,, 12/17/98
I am learning so much this is a valuable tool.

"I feel that the Neo-Tech web site is a fundamental necessity in
that it provides for the amateur Neo-Techer a library of wealth
and knowledge that could not be accessed by mystic government
libraries that don't care to express all points of view. So in my
humble opinion this web site will change the way people see their
lives and ultimately save the world."
E.F.,, 5/19/97

C.E.,, 5/18/97
It is wonderful to see Neo-Tech on the Web where it can be accessible
to so many people. Keep it up.

G.W.,, 3/21/97, United Kingdom
I look forward to the day when all human beings know Neothink
(natural thinking for conscious beings). There is no compromise with Neo-Tech.
Contradictions are easily identified and eradicated. The overwhelming beauty of
recognizing the objective `meaning of life' triggers an irreversible change in

"Thank you for printing TRUTH. I know that I have a long way to
go but I am on my rightful path to being 'ZON'."
P.B.,, 5/8/97

S.S.,, 8/3/98
It is interesting and stunning.

Lee Tamore,,
If it was not for this information about Neo-tech and Neo-think, we would have
no heaven on earth. Thank You.

C.B.,, 3/13/99
It is very valuable information which needs to be taught to all
people. This web site is needed for the following reasons 1)
People need to be in control of their own destiny. 2) To
empower individuals to be more productive, participative
and fulfilled in life. 3) To remove unnecessary controls
from external powers that be. e.g. government, religion
and others. 4. For networking
to make the world a better place.

R.A.,, 10/15/99

N.J.,, 11/27/99, India
There is so much here to learn & read! I really appreciate & applaud
the effort & thought that has gone into the making of this site!

Z. M.,,5/20/00, UNITED KINGDOM
I am truly amazed with the information that I
come across here. This site is bold and straight to the
point and very informative.
I must say that I am getting completely new and worthwhile

Blair M. S.I.,, 4/2/00
Pretty cool.

it's about time the truth came out.

Currently I am locked in a struggle for control of my business
with my partner who is also an attorney. His operating theory is if it can
be broke or re-written it shall be. Honor is not in this mans' vocabulary.
With 'The Book' I have been able to hold h im off and anticipate his next
move with unbelievable accuracy. I am currently 40 years old with no college
at all. I am convinced beyond any reasonable persons comprehensions, you,
MY FRIENDS, are dead on with Neo-Tech!!! Should you keep the web site? Wi
th your dying breath, keep your fingers clutching the corner of this blanket
that soon the whole world will know as Freedom!!!

"This is a very clean, professional, and well presented."
W.A.,, 2/8/97

S.H.,, 10/20/99
It has been a long while since I have enjoyed life. I am now on
my way to my own destiny. The possibilities of me soaring
through life with all the happiness I deserve are endless.
The riches, love, no more guilt. I never would of thought
life could be this easy. Neo-Tech
has taught me so much, I have finally taken charge of my
life. Knowledge is power. Thanks again.

Neo-Tech is the most positive and 'true' wealth of knowledge that
I have ever come across. I never knew just how lost and uninformed the poor souls
out there who have not been privileged to know of neo-tech and how empty and
uninformed their lives and how it is so hard for an uninformed value producer
to succeed in health and wealth in this world.

K.M.,, 4/28/01
More of your knowledge is needed in the world, so people can know what their obstacles are. Then they will be able to figure out ways to overcome them.

I find that N-T is very useful in running one's own business and climbing out
of the quagmire of working for someone else.

N.C.,, 7/2/97, England, UK
Insightful and wonderful, a truly unique web site unlike any
other. Everyone should visit this site.

G.M.,, 11/23/01
I recently received 'The Book' in the mail (yesterday) and have just begun to expose my mind to the mind-blowing information within. My eyes are so tired
from reading that I can barely look at the screen enough to type this message. Thanks

J.C.,, 5/7/00
It is great to refer the uninformed to your web
site and let them read.

"This site is very informative and interesting. I'm extremely
interested in learning more."
J.S.,, 4/1/97

NEO-TECH is the most important information in the world today. Every man
woman and child conscious today should be in contact with this knowledge.
Those who are not will be left behind, uncompetitive and uninformed.

"This is refreshing! It allows me to seriously study the
possibilities cyberspace has to offer."
S.B.,, 12/19/96

Vasemaca.Loki,, Australia
I was completely bowled over by the factual data i read in
chapters 6-21 of the Neo-Tech Discovery on your web site. My eyes have
opened up so much to how we as a populace have been ripped off by the so
called parasitical elites of governments and bureaucracies.

R.R.,, 3/4/97
This is definitely the most powerful, useful, insightful, and
informational web site that I've ever encountered. I hope that you continue to
expand on the information presented here.

"Neo-Tech on the Net is the best thing yet."
P.S.,, 5/21/97, Australia

C.D.,, 6/20/99
I would like to see the coming of a new age.
Through Neo-Tech it will happen.
Time is of the essence, lets welcome our
fellow man into a new dawn and a better
universe. We are running out of time.

D.L.,, 12/30/96, United Kingdom
I was curious at first, fortunately, I kept on reading. It's great to
find something on the Net that is truly worth the effort of reading all the way

"Very readable and understandable, I have learned a lot from it."
L.H.,, 6/7/97

J.C.,, U.S.
Neo-Tech is a source of knowledge for select individuals
who strive for a better life versus letting negative people affect
them. So learn to open up your eyes and see past the negative people
and let the magic work its way with you.

L.F.,, 3/29/97
I am a 23 year old college student and new to your site. Neo-Tech
totally changed the direction my life was headed. I am now ready and exited to
begin a new life of discovery and adventure. I will be forever grateful for
your information. Thank you.

"I believe the neo-tech concepts work and I believe strongly that
this is what has to be done to change this world and get the
parasites out of power."
H.A.,, 2/20/97

J.C.,, 1/21/01, U.S.
Neo-Tech is a source of knowledge for select
individuals who strive for a better life versus letting
negative people affect them. So learn to open up your eyes
and see past the negative people and let the magic work its
way with you.

D.L.,, 12/30/96, United Kingdom
I was curious at first, fortunately, I kept on reading. It's great to
find something on the Net that is truly worth the effort of reading all the way

J.H.,, 8/18/97
Fascinating. Herein lies the key information to vast resources of
knowledge and power.

"Neo-Tech is a new state of thinking that strips and shreds
mystical stupidity."
P.M.,, 5/12/97, Australia

K.S.,, 3/20/01
Neo-Tech literature that I've so far read on
the internet has
been a spectacular mind-opener. In fact, there are lots of
out there thinking the Neo-Tech way, wondering why, in spite
their inherent integrity of thought, they are only doomed to
be outcasts in the rotten societies the world over. The
literature is an invaluable source of strength to help
the rationally thinking individuals that all the devious
of 'anticivilization' are bound to collapse. Neothink is a
to light up the way to a profound personal growth and

"This is the site of sites and should never be removed from the
A.M.,, 2/5/97, Canada

T.G.,, 1/27/97
A real asset to the WWW.

I have found reading the books to be a life changing experience.
A very powerful tool for shaping ones future view of life. I know it has
mine. When I look at my life their are two chapters, before Neo Tech and
after Neo Tech.

J.G.,, 5/26/97
I think this site is really informative and a
great source of knowledge.

D.P.,, 9/17/97
"As an advocate of independent thinking, hard work, and continual efforts
towards personal improvement, I, and many people I associate with, find
sites such as Neo-Tech a refreshing and rewarding alternative to so much of
the average, unthinking material available on the web. Good Job, great

A.L.,, 1/24/00
In my 54 plus years of reading, this has been
the most profound, eye-opening literature I've ever read. A
positive step for human-kind. Neo-Tech should definitely be
taught in schools. I wish I had had a teacher like Miss
Annabelle instead of one like Ms. Minner!!

t.p.,, Australia
Neo-Tech is the best thing that has ever happened in my life!! Without it I would
still be a major loser.

r.c.,, 2/18/01
Neo-Tech is the antidote to the prevailing
sickness that
hinders society, from achieving the pinnacle essence of

L.D.,, 5/27/98
I like your beliefs in honesty, integrity, & equality for
every person that is not a neocheater, or a value destroyer.

M.M.,, 1/20/97, West Malaysia
I admire all the work you're doing. You've opened up a hidden self
within me and now I'm fueled with desire to produce values and live life as it
was meant to be.

C.K.,, 2/22/00
Neo-Tech is essential for the growth of the human race. Those
who oppose Neo-Tech and its insights need to realize that
Neo-Tech is simply bringing the human race closer to what 'God'
intended. God does not want humans to be stupid, bi-cameral beings,
rather he wants us to be more like him - after all, he created us
in his own image...

E.R.,, 11/13/99
I have had a heavy investment in mysticism in my life and
'work'. I am tired of the draining effects of such non-sense
and am ready to flush it out like a big peristaltic surge of mental
diarrhea. I am ready for Neo-Tech.

"Very thought provoking."
N.H.,, 4/29/97

R.E.,, 6/16/97
You offer the self to anyone who will listen and use their mind.

Winner +,, 10/31/02, New Zealand
In ordinary life a mouse may have problems getting to the end of the maze. With Neo-Tech it doesn't matter how complex or large the maze is, one can always
find the way out for N-T gives you advanced thinking that is faster and more logical for this is on
e autobahn with no speed limit. One is more creative and through that creativity there is no end regarding what you can get out of life. This material once
read will blow your ancient analog mind, even sheep in my country are thinking better thanks to N-T

T.M.,, 3/9/98, ENGLAND

S.J.,, 8/13/00
Every time I come across a new
never-before-seen concept, I pause to catch my breath. When
reading, I often find myself out of breath. . I have been
able to agree on almost all the 'radical' concepts brought
forth by the author. I wish the NTP the best of luck in
their goal to cure the diseases of mysticism and
irrationality. We have all had enough of the parasitical
elite class. We cannot allow ourselves to enter another dark
age. The Neo-Tech/Zonpower manuscripts are by far the best
works I have ever had the privilege to read. THIS TRULY

G.M.,, 1/22/97, Austria
This is exciting news for the world's working class.

J.S.,, 5/8/01, U.S.
I am an owner of the Neo-Tech Manuscript since
1990. It has Literally changed my life and perspective on all of human
existence. Please

Michelle,, 5/29/03
Thank goodness I found you. Just when I thought I had exhausted all possible
avenues for sanity, understanding, reason, meaning and happiness. Thank you for
the optimistically positive, exciting truthful challenges of your inspirational
philosophical and forward thinking essential rational truths.

S.D.,, 9/25/97, Canada
"This inf. is amazing --I just 'ate' up the text. This site is vital to keep
those of us alive who die a little every day at our mundane jobs...."

"I stumbled across this site and found it very interesting. I
look forward to seeing your information."
G.P.,, 1/3/97


Astounded that so much info. is packed on your page. Thanks for
your great and grand work.

T.C., OH.US,
I absolutely LOVE NEO-TECH!. It has unclogged my brain, I am now
free of 90% of mysticism.

K.W.,, 11/13/97
Yes! By all means, Neo-Tech should definitely be made available
to all those that wish to acquire the knowledge this incredible
program has to offer. The fools that wish to throw away this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may do so but they are only hurting
themselves by continuing their daily pattern of mediocrity.

"All I can say is that Neo-Tech is the best!!!!!!!!!"
M.D.,, 5/5/97

A. D.C.,, 8/16/00, Canada
Neo-Tech is absolutely awesome.

REBEKAH,, 1/22/01
Let people realize the truth about life and
everything that goes with it.

A.R.,, 8/4/99, Canada
Should be required reading in our schools.

S.W.,, 12/25/02
Neo-Tech has helped me to see the world that I knew that I could be a part of. I love F.R.W, his work allowed me to break through, his honesty has saved my
consciousness. I cannot thank you with a trillion tongues.

P.M.,, 4/29/99, Australia
Neo-Tech is extremely valuable. It has the
power to break the mystical spell and burst the mystic
bubble with which one is trapped. Upon reading Neo-Tech, the
mind experiences (from my perspective) a mental explosion (a
big bang) with it's medicinal tonic called honesty. At last,
a new dimension of thought is here. This literature opens
all doors that were previously locked in one's mind due to
the contamination of an ugly language called 'mysticism'.
Reality is now more enjoyable that I am free from the cages
and machinery of madness that once padlocked my mind in a
world where authority had all the keys. Neo-Tech is the
ultimate natural medicine.

C.P.,, 12/11/97
To be brief, Neo-Tech pulls no punches. It appeals to the open
mind. Weather one agrees with it or not, it stimulates one to consider.

C.T.,, 1/22/99
This is a unique web site, an intense view of
the human individual. A nice addition for any true seeker.
Please use your many abilities to further push back the dark
unknown and let the known be seen with better clarity.

P.H.,, 7/20/98
I have been a Neo Tech owner for ten years. I can
not imagine being the person I was ten years ago,
today. Life is great and getting better. You're more valuable
to me every day. Keep up the great work.

"Excellent, Just plain excellent."
D.D.,, 3/29/97

Anon.,, 3/13/98
Cool site dudes

L.J.,, 6/22/99
Neo-Tech is the wave of the future! A
continuous Reality Check through Integrated Honesty is what
this country desperately needs.

i've just started reading Neo-Tech and
found so far that the information is amazing and needed... I believe everybody
needs to know about Neo-Tech for the reason that everyone needs to find inner-peace
within themselves and find out who they really are. And I know that Neo-Tech
can do this for all people, so why deny them of this right.

"I think this web site has the potential to become one of the
best sites on the Internet. This web site has given me new way of
living with much more confidence."
C.S.,, 5/29/97, Malaysia

This site is a true masterpiece, it is the last stop for a Truth seeker.

C.K.,, 12/15/97
I believe Neo-Tech truly shows a positive way of viewing life on
The information gives a person a clear understanding
of how the world really works.

It is by far the greatest book I have ever
came across. How could reality
have slipped us by? I can't believe the clarity! I'm teaching
my parents (Christians) the right way to live, no one knows how
to just be without the guilt, fear and shame of being man anymore,
they look around them and see someone else's creation, someone
else's "plan" while they march to whomever's beat. Is this why
they brought me into this world, to defeat my purpose and suppress
my will? Well this book has put it all into perspective for me,
I'm very grateful to be alive and breathing! I owe a lot of my
success to the book in every aspect of my life the book has really
shaped me into being who I was destined to be and not falling
victim to my environment.

D.N.,, 12/19/99, Australia
The knowledge and the information that I have received from
you has been priceless. My life is certainly better for it.

K.V.,, 5/17/97, Iceland
It is really interesting and there are a lot of topics where one can
take exciting information.

"Great information, gives another complete perspective for a win
win situation."
J.S.,, 5/15/97, Australia

"I found this very interesting and will continue to learn."
P.O.,, 1/27/97, Ireland

"Please stay on the web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
R.W.,, 5/29/97

Lisa B.,, 6/4/97

F.T.,, 9/1/98
Your information altogether creates
such an unbeatable magnetism that hurls the masses straight to
the truth. I must admit that I have agreed, disagreed and agreed
all over again about Neo-Tech. One thing for sure is that anyone
can argue as much as they want about Neo-Tech, but when the application
of this philosophy is executed, you cannot but agree that you
can attract the true joys of life when ACTING objectively! A
true acid test for a person who seems to know everything would

J.C.,, 6/24/97
Thanks for what I estimate to be the world's most intelligent web
site. There could be no more important and valuable site on the web. Thanks for
assisting me in changing the world...NT forever.

S.N.,, 6/25/97, U.S.
Free Your mind through Neo-Tech, and your soul shall follow. Unleash
your unrealized powers with Neo-Tech. I love the values put forth through

M.P.,, 9/9/97,
"Just finished Zonpower, will take deep breath and reread. See neocheaters
everywhere now. Hide the women and children (and your wallet), there are a
lot of bad folks out there. Keep up the good work. Great page, lets beat the
2001 goal..... Zon here we come."

B.B.,, 2/19/01, australia
Neo-Tech has opened my mind up and now I can
see people and different
situations for what they really are.

"high tech that is!"
J.R.,, 1/30/97

"Your site is trying to do something good for others."
V.A.,, 4/17/97

D.Z.,, 7/16/99, Canada
Love every page of your site. The Church of Life is cool.
FRW gets my nonpolitical vote.

"Keep this site on the web and keep up the good job!"
J.Z.,, 4/8/97

S.C.,, 10/23/99
One of the most interesting realistic and informative articles
I have ever read. Really opens your eyes to the reality facing
the world today and tomorrow. Thanks for such a thorough and
informative piece of work.

Adrianne G.,, 5/16/98
I find your column extremely helpful and a necessity for
everyone. Count me as a lifetime supporter.

Melanie R.,, 9/10/98
This material is powerful.

J.R.,, 8/22/97
The information that I have found on this Web-site thus far is
tremendous! I have found, even though I have just begun integrating a few of
its concepts, the information provides profound insight on how to move forward
in all aspects of my life. This material should be published freely for all who have the insight to
integrate it into their lives.

S.B.,, 1/2/96
My #1 Web site. You have opened doors which I knew not were there.
Keep up the excellent work. Bravo.

"I read through chapter 1-5 of Zonpower last night and was
surprised and amazed by the information I found there. Finally
something that makes me think."
E.S.,, 6/24/97, South Africa

"Your site is Great Great Great!!"
R.B.,, 2/12/97

Anon.,, 9/25/98
This is a really good site. Reading one
of the 'literatures' helped me in realizing my problem.

C.D.,, 9/23/97, Australia
"I am new to the Neo-Tech world, but have heard much testimony to it's power
and ease."

is truly worth living. Prosperity, health and wealth is here to stay.

"Found you quite by accident--happily I might add. There are more
of us out here than perhaps any of us know. Keep up the good
Y.N.,, 2/27/97

B.J.,, 12/1/01
Thank you NEO-TECH -- I will forever hold my heart to the beat of 'NEO-TECH!' We will smash the NEO-CHEATERS out of existence and once-and-for-all end the

Neo Tech is Perfect!!

R.V.,, 5/17/97

"This is very informative and worthwhile. This information is a
must for anyone who wants to control his/her destiny."
A.R.,, 5/15/97

P.P.,, 1/24/01
First of all I have to say I have really enjoyed The Story.
I've found myself not wanting to put it down or rushing to
get back to it. I haven't quite finished it yet though. I
do have a question for you... I would like to know if there
is anything available like the recorded lectures of Miss
Annabelle or the bed time stories book she wrote. My 11
year old son has also started reading The Story, but I would
like to introduce the whole idea to my 4 year old and 14
year old (who doesn't like to read unless he has to). Do
you know where I might be able to find something like that?

"This site is helpful and entertaining."
C.P.,, 3/1/97

M.S.,, 10/4/97
"I was 23 when I first started reading NT material, and I remember the day
it arrived in the mail. I read the first few pages of Zonpower, and put it
back in the envelope to return it because I felt it was evil. The next day I
decided to take another look, and that began a life-changing journey into
rational, mystical-free thinking. I'm grateful for the information, and what
it has added to my life. Thanks for contributing to the betterment of the
most important thing in society: the Individual. "

"I spent the last 15 minutes reading about 'The Origin of
Consciousness' It is the most incredible information. I've ever
read. Incidentally, I ordered my first materials from Neo-Tech
about 8 years ago. Everything I 'thought' my whole life but could
never fully grasp, was right there in black and white. Thank you
immensely for having the drive, passion, commitment, self faith,
initiative, etc. to put this information to the masses."
R.S.,, 12/21/96

william,, 9/19/00
Thank you for the knowledge of money, power,
love, health, wealth, happiness, and joy . I know now that
is the reason for
our existence.

M.M.,, 8/12/97
"Amazing. Yet I know this is gonna be juicy enough to inspire me further
than the inspiration I just had!"

K.S.,, 1/27/97, Singapore
The web site is well-arranged, offering a clear view of what is
offered. The color mix is appealing and I look forward to new ideas that will

"I love the search option that accompanies each work. The design
of your web site is tasteful and very intuitive. Everything I've
read so far has caused me to look at life and wish I only knew
about The Neo-Tech Discovery sooner."
E.S.,, 1/30/97

J.R.,, 3/9/00
The story is the best tool you have to show people
the possibilities behind neothink and all the advantages
within this information. I cant wait to get to the next
chapter. I'm trying to read as much information as I can
before I start putting together something that I think will
answer a lot of questions. Thanks

M.S.,, 12/15/97
I have read The Neo-Tech discovery and there is more honesty
contained in that book than any religion would ever want people
to know. It is hard to believe there are people out there who
actually want to feed off the productive activities of others
and want to control them by force to benefit their parasitical
ways. I will commit myself to honestly producing more than I
consume and rendering neocheaters powerless. We have the power!
Not religion or government parasites!

M.M.,, 8/12/97
"Amazing. Yet I know this is gonna be juicy enough to inspire me further
than the inspiration I just had!"

Go 'Neo-Tech' !!!! …Open your
eyes 'World'!

R.A., , 9/10/02, Canada
Life is always interesting for the Neo-Tech man and that is the case for me at this point in time and space.

J.W.,, 10/8/97
The future is here, we have the technology to live in a society of
bliss, but it all is oppressed by the federal government and it's regulations.
I agree strongly in the Neo-Tech philosophy and wish
very much to progress with it.

"Neo-Tech has helped me build a vast puzzle in my mind. The final
pieces are falling into place, just as predicted. I am
Neo-Thinking. I am a Self-Leader. There needs no further
explanation. Thank You to Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and
everyone else working behind the scenes to create the future we
T.C.,, 5/20/97

This is terrific information for anyone!!!!

J.H.,, 11/30/99
I had lost everything to alcohol, and ended up
in rehab. The Neo-Tech Discovery changed
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me. Business prospered. I just wanted to take the time to
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M.l.,, 9/3/00
I have The Book and I simply love it. Thank you with all my heart.


"I love it."
G.S.,, 1/29/97

A.K.,, 2/23/98
Neo-Tech is a valuable resource.

E.S.,, 1/30/00
I use to send televangelist's money until
I found that I gained NOTHING! My investment in Neo-Tech has
been returned countless times!

H.D.,, 8/12/97
This is one of the best sites on the web. Don't you dare leave!
This man is the hero of our time. If we could only spread this mind un-set
through the air like un-pollution! I am ready to help! If I can do anything to remove the fly out of the
ointment of humanity, let me know.

D.Y,, 8/7/97
"I liked reading the information on Neo-Tech very much."

"Fantastic work! Amazing web site! I'm not done reading your
material yet, but what I've read so far is very
inspiring/exciting! Thank you for this web site!"
M.L.,, 1/5/97

"I am astounded as to how weird some of the writings seem but how
much I realize that I actually agree with everything I'm reading.
My mind is in a tizzy at this point and I'm anxious to hear/read
much more."
B.H.,, 6/27/97

T.M.,, 8/22/97
"I have been an Neo-Tech owner for 3 years and am very happy having been
exposed to Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech has been the best thing to come into my life."


I love neo-tech.

B.M., .,
Incredible. I was raised a Mormon and therefore am very comfortable
with the idea that ordinary humans can rise to become Gods. Yet to have this
idea laid out in such a scientific fashion, in simple stories and explanations
without all the 'thou shalt' m entality clouding the experience is something
so new, so fresh and so concrete that I hardly can explain it. I've read
and read again a lot of Neo Tech literature. This is the best.

M.R.,, 7/5/02
Neo-Tech will absolutely remain on the web. The benefits are far too important to everybody who is fortunate enough to come in contact with it's lesson. From
soap-dodging hippies to happiness- avoiding destitutes, from cop-out-of-life clergy to even the most leeching of parasites, political pip squeak business(non)men, politicians and lawyers; Neo-Tech is the only resort they both have and need to lift them
up out of the sinister Dardanelle's of irrationality. It's not a question of whether Neo-Tech should remain on the web, it's a question of how to double the number which appears on the top right hand corner of the every six months !! Good luck to ye Mark
O Reilly

B.S.,, 10/10/01, Australia
The bible should have been 'the book' from the start. The world would definitely be a better place now.

T.W.,, 8/2/00, South Korea(ROK)
Your excellent site includes invaluable
information for improving the quality of human life.

C.J.,, 10/22/98
I think that it important that everybody can see how there is
a way we can all live and get along. This is going to become
more important over the next few years. I received your letter
in the mail and you said I had to respond by Friday, is that
really fair if I don't have the money?

Michelle R.,, 6/29/98

K.K.,, 3/6/00
The story is very exciting and enlightening.
In fact I have realized we really have wasted the juicy part
of our life. We were just schooled into the bicameral-values
and just fell to all their directions. We were cowed into
submission. There was no way I could have gone against the
directions of my guardians at the time—our creativity vent
was entirely blocked hence our collective plight in Africa.
This situation is still going on presently in Africa and we
find ourselves as culprits. Sometimes the way I talk to my
small boy of eight also leaves much to be desired. I am to
be blamed. I am still reading the story and will let you
know my mind. Nevertheless this is a masterpiece. MH is just
awesome. He is excellent. Neo-Tech is excellent it is
extraO. It is liberating.

through very rough times, politicians are treated as thieves (what they really are) but I feel there
is not enough people like me willing to do something. This could be the place and time to begin with a NT government as outlined in your literature.

j.h.,, 7/11/02, england
Religion is a disease of the weak mind, we will NEVER progress as a species unless people start thinking and working things out for themselves instead of
relying on security blankets in the shape of bibles and mythical father figures.

"Your site is beautifully interesting and contains power-packed
P.L.,, 6/20/97, Japan

J.T.,, 4/17/00
A brilliant piece of writing

J.G.,, 11/22/02
I've only became aware of and started reading Neo-Tech recently, but I can already feel myself changing in ways I didn't know were possible.

Stephen,, 2/7/02
Wonderful novel. This is fabulous. I have been lost in the details of work and career with little actual big success-sales work can be very tough. Finding
and building one's dream gets lost in the shuffle and scuffle. I just finished Chapter 2 of 'The Story', it is a wonderful way to re-cap, review, and point out the forest despite the trees for me. I feel a reawakening happening. I note the polite tact and
extreme good manners of the main character. Too many people forget this sort of outward behavior.
It can be very effective in dealing with those of poor character-a sort of political guerrilla people-handling tool. Remarkably well written. Truly
excellent. I have an M.S. and read a lot. I feel qualified to say this is a wonderfully easy to read, clea
r and insightful narrative. Yes. Wonderfully insightful. Remarkable. I do not now feel a need to finish my morning coffee. My brain has already just been
pleasantly awakened.

Y.F.,, 11/20/99, Norway
You have reached the core of the why we are
here and what we need to do. You give so many guidelines,
concepts, ideas, and experiences to reflect upon. I'm am so
impressed and feeling, at last, that I have come home!

I Find it invigorating and motivating. The Story should have motivated
all of us to think more responsibility about the Child in all of us. It was a
warm reception of 'Childhood,' and what could be accomplished if we stopped beating
our kids and started t reating our kids as the special people they will soon

Neo-tech open my eyes and now I see the truth about this harsh world
and that is priceless knowledge.

G.M.,, 6/18/99, Canada
I have just received 'The Book' and am 'hooked'! It is
refreshing. I have been 'mysticized' for
too many years and have long questioned my sensing of entrapment
and longing for total freedom. The Bible says, 'You shall know
the truth, and the truth will make you free.' When the student
is ready, the teacher appears. Thank you Neo-Tech for appearing!