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Neo-Tech Letter Testimonials!

Feedback Comments From Jan 1997-May 2003

Below, 500 Random Testimonials From 1997-2003
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D.U.,, 10/23/97
"Neo-Tech has changed my life for the better. In just
three days, I had total control of my life, love life
and financial problems. I am now out of financial debt.
I have no fears or worries of any kind. Neo-Tech most
definitely benefits those who are looking for a better

This web-site is a wealth of information.
The simple, but not so obvious advantages gained on this
site are priceless. It's hard for me to stop reading once I start learning
about more subtle forms of mysticism.
Also, the much bigger picture seen
once the mysticism is removed with the new information gained. I
enjoy applying neo-tech, life has plenty of challenges and no matter
how hard it my get the results of always being honest are
invigorating and the only way to accomplish goals.

D.B.,, 11/10/00, Canada
The Story is emotionally powerful and has
helped me to regain
my confidence. I feel empowered with the possibilities ahead
of me.

Lori S.,, 8/26/99
I own and operate my own business for the past 20 years.
Throughout the time working my business I have written letters to Senators
complaining of ongoing laws that reach into my pocket as a business
owner. And more and more of my money is being spent on programs
that keep people lazy. Over the years I have almost given up.
After finding this site, I now realize I am not alone in my thinking.
I was right all along. This site has given me back my drive
to continue to fight the government who puts way to much weight
on my life while making it easy for lazy people to become more
dependant on government.

"For the past few years {I'm now 79} I have been attempting to
fire up, and instill in my brain neurons this fantastic knowledge
of the Neo-Tech concepts. Please never ever let this Web Page be
removed until there is at least a hundred million or so on the
Page visitor counter. Then by that time, it will be firmly
implanted in everyone's mind. Good bye neo-cheaters and all
B.T.,, 4/17/97

W.S.,, 10/20/97
"The Zon constant is the same as courage in a metaphorical sense, once we
all find are own courage is the day we will ALL rise from are knees. Thank
You all, for being honest, I now only hope to find, my courage."

N.S.,, 8/27/97
"Neo-Tech has changed my life. I am a better person through it."

A.A.,, 3/18/00
I remember the first time (1986)I read NT and I
couldn't understand any of it. Then as I purchased each and
every product I understood a little bit more. I always
thought this was done on purpose. Now, NT is broken down
into the simplest form in The Story. I love it, Thank You
again NT, it looks as though the light at the end of the
tunnel is very near.

"Please do not remove this site from the web under any
circumstances. By removing this site you will deny millions
access to Neo-Tech who want to free themselves forever from the
chains of mysticism."
W.B.,, 4/17/97

"I read with much interest all your articles. I will be back to
visit Neo-Tech again, as Neo-Tech is very unique and relevant to
my daily life. Thank you."
T.N.,, 2/25/97, Malaysia

M.S.,, 4/22/99, India

Anon.,, 7/14/99
Keep it up. The C of U is coming.

Good site, interesting and thought provoking

R.S.,, 1/7/01
Hello, I love this site! I was never really
religious as a
(well.. I'm still a child.. I'm 16..) I discovered wicca and
pagan religions when I was 12 and continued learning about
until 2 years ago when I woke up one day and said 'Sandy..
is bullshit..' And I never looked back. I met a great little
boy named Phil who introduced me to neo-tech. I started
about it and promptly fell in love (with both neotech and
I was feeling sort of weird since I was no longer pagan..
seemed awkward because I didn't have that 'older brother' to
on. Reading neotech helped me see that I am powerful and I
need silly ideas to help me through my life. Thank you for
my life for the better.

Neo-Tech web site has grown to such an extent from a year ago, it
would seem as if something very important is missing from your life
if Neo-Tech was no longer available.

Adele P.,, 9/28/98
This web page is very informative.

P.N.,, 4/15/00
Neo-Tech must remain on the web to help cure irrationality and the dishonesty disease. This site has been a tremendous
help in my battle against self mysticism

An empowering and powerful book. My dreams are coming true and The Book put me
on a conscious track towards real civility and creativity, Thanks Carla.

R.B.,, 9/19/97, Holland
About 8 years ago I came into contact with your information.
The volumes turned my life around. I am now a very
happy self-employed human being and I travel the world doing what I like.

R.V.,, 9/1/02
I think Neo Tech is the best. I am a firm believer in it and will always be.

P.N.,, Australia

"I really know very little, as yet, about neo-tech or Zonpower,
but in any case I believe in letting everyone have free
expression. Those who are searching will look and decide for
themselves, if they don't like what they read, then what has been
K.D.,, 2/24/97

D.Z.,, 7/16/99, Canada
Love every page of your site. The Church of Life is cool.
FRW gets my nonpolitical vote.

M.T.,, 8/10/97
"This web site MUST stay online! THANK YOU, DR. WALLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The information provided by Dr. Wallace and associates is
priceless, and profitable if acted upon. The web site is one of the most
important sites ever developed and is the sole source of information available
that identifies the tyranny society unwittingly accepts.

"This information is immeasurable."
J.S.,, 5/29/97

"Awesome simply awesome."
S.B.,, 5/26/97

C.C.,, 1/21/98
Neo-Tech is Awesome. Neo-Tech has the
answers. It gives you the power to use your own mind, to go to
yourself for answers. Neo-Tech will stay on the web. Don't worry about
that. The more Neo-Tech spreads, and people see the light, the world
will automatically change. It's happening now, and will continue
to happen. Then, maybe all these neocheating close minded people,
will start to realize just how bad they really are, while we're
miles ahead of them in creating our own lives.

J. Y. Givens-Simmons,, 5/29/01
I have heard a great deal about neo-tech from
a couple of
that own and read The Book. I am woman, single parent of a
son, and I have been looking for information that might help
my son to see that there is so much more to life than a
In the course of my looking and learning, I have found
that there is so much more to life than I ever realized.
I have known innately that my life should be different and I
was the master of how to make it happen however, I always
so overwhelmed by the changes that I tried to make that I
couldn't maintain it or make any long term changes. I want
so much to feel more fulfilled by my life
and to demonstrate to my son as well as others that through
yourself, you can find all there is in the world in terms of
happiness, love, joy, and success. I am so excited.

J.M.,, 7/20/98
Keep up the good work and real soon we can all live our lives
like we were meant to, without the government ruling our lives
and telling what is best for all of us.

S.M.,, 8/2/98
Such optimism and confidence are refreshing
finds for a young person such as me in this day and age.

"Thoughtful and scholarly... I'm glad to see more people
recognizing the dangers of blind faith and religion."
J.S.,, 1/20/97

Have no fear of loosing. We are the people. Neo-Tech is great!

"I most certainly want this site to expand on the web."
A.A., co.nw, 4/14/97, Norway

Diana,, 2/24/03
I found your site to be helpful about topics in romantic-love.

Neo-tech should definitely stay on the web to inspire truth, inspiration, and
reality. We must conquer the mystics from every angle.

"Very good information! I know that it will work!"
G.L.,, 5/28/97, Canada

M.H,, 5/26/99
Keeping abreast of all the dishonesty
in the world requires constant vigilance. To remain aware of
the very nature of dishonesty requires hard personal effort.
I try to read Neo-Tech on a daily basis because I realize that
the most pervasive form of laziness and dishonesty resides in
ourselves and not in others. After reading the Negative Comments,
it seems that the most dishonest are the 'born-again' Christians,
for they do not understand nor follow the teachings of Jesus,
followed closely by politicians and journalists. One could say
that the Devil can wrap himself in Christian clothes, speak the
right words and all his sins are condoned, or even blessed.

"Great information. Most people I speak with don't have a clue
about Objectivism. Keep up the good work in speeding the word."
K.K.,, 1/9/97

S.G.,, 9/25/97
"Neo-Tech changed my life. The concepts I took away from reading the
material are still manifesting huge changes in the way I interact with
reality. I am beginning the operate my mind in an non-reacting mode whereby
I feel I have the ability to effect the future. Without Neo-Tech exposing
the cheaters I could never have defeated religion and the rest of the
parasites to gain the freedom to think on my own."

D.C.,, 1/13/98
I think that such valuable information has to be translated in as
many languages
as possible.

N.H.,, 1/7/97
This web site brought about many different ideas to consider about
the international market. I have never looked at expanding my life beyond the
United States. After reading this web site, I will definitely try to expand my
thoughts and business to other parts of the globe.

W.N.,, 8/18/01
This is wonderful information for anybody who
is ready to jump into consciousness and become aware what is happening around
them. For anyone who is ready for a change
they should read “The Book' for it will change you and the
way you think forever. You will think the way we were meant,
without mysticism and external authorities telling us how to think.
Neo-Tech is not the Devil's work but it undoes the Devil's work and
awakens the most powerful value on earth, Human-Consciousness.

K.W.,, 6/26/02, jackson

J.G.,, 5/26/97
I think this site is really informative and a
great source of knowledge.

I.R.,, 5/12/01
I can say it has changed my life for the

While doing research for a college project
I came across your website. My jaw dropped continuously as I read chapter
after chapter in one sitting. So much of what I have read elsewhere seemed
tied together and illuminated by what I read.

NEO-T.C.,, 4/22/01, U.K

Anita F.,, 12/27/99
Neo-Tech has changed the way I think and the way
I live. There has never been a more honest look at life and reality
as we live it. We are responsible for our selves and our actions.

S.M.,, 8/2/98
Such optimism and confidence are refreshing
finds for a young person such as me in this day and age.

T.M.,, 1/4/99, Lebanon
Dear Sir, Neo-Tech is the best thing that happened in my life.
It gave me a new focus and a new dimension where very little
people actually go.

"The web site is certainly interesting. It made me want to find
out more about neo-tech. Just what could it be? In terms of the
site itself, it is well organized and easy to move about in."
T.S.,, 1/19/97, France

B.M.,, 9/5/97, Ireland
"It is a refreshing way to look at a very clouded world"

G.V.,, 2/3/98, MEXICO
Keep up the good work.

F.M.,, 10/14/97
"I enjoyed reading your site, it is full of much valuable information,"

Most enlightening and mind-freeing experience of all time!

"I am eager to study this so I can achieve integrated honesty."
A.B.,, 2/24/97

section versus the well written and thought out responses of the positive section. That contrast real
ly drove home the point of the anti-civilization that we currently live in. Thank you for revealing it to the world.

R.V.,, 3/2/97

C.P.,, 1/16/00
One cannot read this without taking a hard look
at ones' own values.

The Story MUST be published on its own in hardback and/or paperback. That is
the only hope of getting it into the hands of the general populace, particularly
as word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire! The full realm of the Neo-Tech Super
Society can then be understood and visualized BEFORE interested people delve
into the Neo-Tech Discovery and other publications. The Story should be the MAIN
FOCUS of spreading the Neo-Tech concepts. THIS IS SOOOO CRITICAL!!! The individually-bound
book could be self-published and marketed by Neo-Tech, but since it has an ISBN
number, it could also be requested from other bookstore outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
Waldenbooks, etc.). Also....the individually bound volume should be available
to order online (to fulfill immediate gratification)...that offer being made
on each chapter of The Story. People trapped in the Anti-Civilization will have
a MUCH greater chance of pursuing Neo-Tech discoveries and concepts AFTER reading
The Story and winning them over BOTH emotionally and intellectually!!! They literally
can, and do, (based on the postings I've read) begin identifying and implementing
their own Friday-Night-Essence. This critical work (The Story) MUST: 1. Be published
by itself. - Preferably in hardcover and soft cover. - This is the ANSWER for
MASS distribution. - Many people WILL NOT sit and read lengthy material (longer
than a couple of pages) on the Internet. They want to read anywhere they're
the park, at lunch, on the couch, on the patio.....anywhere NOT in front of a
computer monitor. - And MANY won't have the resources to print hundreds of pages.
- Plus, everyone who reads this will want to CHERISH their own personal copy
and re-read it often. It will be the treasure that changes their lives forever!
- It's easier to pass-on (loan or give) a copy to friends and family! 2. Be given
SERIOUS consideration for producing it into a movie. - Someone should have already
put a copy of it into the hands of a Spielberg, or other great Hollywood producer
with a track record for so clearly portraying concepts and emotions woven so
tightly together! - We need someone who isn't afraid of pushing against the Establishment,
including, at times, Hollywood. 3. Be given consideration for producing it as
a TV series, particularly if the movie can't be pulled-off. I want to hand this
story off to my family RIGHT NOW, but they will be way too intimidated and distracted
if I hand them The Book (all six books) and tell them to read only Book 2 - The
Story. The sheer appearance of the HUGE volume I'd be handing them would be enough
to scare them away from reading it (they would say they “don't have time'
to read something that large'). If it is a bound book all-in-itself, it would
be much less intimidating to the recipient. Plus, there isn't the distraction
of the “God-Man' text plastered on the cover. Many people's initial reaction
to the term God-Man would be one of skepticism and negativity - or the feeling
that they're dealing with writings from some cult. Let them read about God-Man
in The Story FIRST (with no pre-judgement of negativity) so they can understand
it's integration into the whole Neo-Tech picture, THEN hit them with the God-Man/Neo-Tech
literature on the web-site or through your printed publications. With this approach
at least they won't think this is some new cult they have to worry about. For
it seems to appear as cult-type publication on the surface (just from the “God-Man/Neo-Tech
Discovery' title). “The Story' has none of this possibility of sending
the wrong message. NONE AT ALL. The total simplicity in the title will DRAW people
to it!! They'll have no suspicions or questions (until they get into the actual
telling of the story and have had their mind and emotions enlightened)! The whole
concept of the 5-minute bedtime stories about value producers intrigues me immensely!
If something like that doesn't currently exist (on your web site, or others),
I may begin putting it together. Short summaries of historic and current value
producers that focuses on: - How they used their own independent thinking to
create the values. - How they used internal authority instead of external authority
to breakthrough with their advancement and values. - How each faced the battles
of the anti-civilization to make their values recognized and available to others.
- The end results their values have produced in each of our lives NOW. I relish
researching this kind of thing!! …Apprentice matrix-destroyer.

a.c.,, 9/21/00
Since I received the book I have been seeing
the world a little different.

B.H.,, 2/16/03
I actually Consider Neo Tech a medical breakthrough. Probably the greatest since the smallpox vaccine. I look forward to seeing a Nobel prize come from this.

Anon,, 8/6/00
A life altering book.

J.R.,, 5/1/98
I enjoyed reading the info on your site.
I agree totally with your philosophy and want to live my life
in accord with these principals.

I am starting to see the 'white-collar hoax' around me and ready to use the
Neo-Tech Weapon to get rid of the mysticism in my life. Keep up the good
work! Thanks, Robert

M.D.,, 10/25/02
Neo-tech is absolutely supreme. Super integrated useful knowledge bombs you out of deadliest world. And while you read on, neo-tech softly leads you to the
beautiful riches of the world. Neo-tech will rise the hidden power of able people to the extreme, and will be the key to unlock the door, which opens towards
the meaning of life. Your happiness, wealth, love, and intelligence will be at your control. For the first time you will feel like a king.

O.B.,, 1/17/00

D.C.,, 1/31/98
The Neo-Tech web pages are the best in cyberspace and
should stay on the web. Your web site reaches untold people.

reading many Neo-tech, that The Neo-Tech Discovery is not only rooted on honest principles but the gr

"Looks great. I read your site with great interest."
R.B.,, 5/29/97, Canada

M.C.,, 3/10/98
The other day a Jehovah's Witness came to talk about the
end of the world and reading the bible. Thank Zon I had something
to read to flush that mystic waste out of my mind.

J.S.,, South Africa
'The Book', Neo-Tech/God-man, should be in every home in the world. After
reading this, I am now able to integrate my thoughts and bring diverse
facts together to form new and unique ideas. I feel free for the first
time in my 70 years! The World really n eeds this knowledge.

R.K.,, 10/7/97
Thanks for posting your IRS Abuse Reports. I've added your link
to my homepage intending for our public school students to use
the free flow of information as they mature into active participants
responding to real current issues in our country. You've hit
a hefty home run with your Web site!

W.B.,, 4/17/97
Please do not remove this site from the web under any circumstances.
By removing this site you will deny millions access to Neo-Tech who want to
free themselves forever from the chains of mysticism.

J.G.,, 8/25/99
The world needs Neo-Tech more than ever.

The Secrets are unleashed! We are finally going to save ourselves and make
life unlimited. It's so beautiful.

M.W.,, 1/3/97
I have always agreed in full with the principles of Objectivism, but
have been skeptical of its dictatorial leaders and their cult-like following.
Neo-Tech is OBJECTIVISM APPLIED CONSISTENTLY to all areas. Thank you.

T.F.,, 4/10/98
Neo-Tech has truly opened my eyes (brain) to the world that is coming!!!

First, I would like to thank all the people that have worked so
hard to bring the Neo-Tech to our world. The information contained in the writings
has changed my life for better. Don't stop trying to get the message of total
integrated honesty out to the our world. The betterment of our future depends
on the honesty of all individuals.

Alexandria,, 9/20/01
Neo-Tech speaks the truth, and can lead everyone to complete happiness by opening up their minds to reality.

J.B.,, 10/6/00
Wow, 'The story' is it, where are these
teachers? This ranks
right up there with 'The Fountainhead' and 'Anthem.' I am
to be reading it. Thank you.

personal growth that most people aren't exposed to.

D.D.,, 3/31/98
What Neo-Tech is not is a system of faith, a package oftruths,
or a “how to guide on how to run your life bus a series of
thought integrations based on basic eternal undeniable axioms which are:
A) The conscious individual is the highest value in the universe, B)
Mankind is basically good, C) Mankind can flourish without control or
force from external authority, and D) Everybody has an unalienable
right to his/her own life and property (that which is earned).

"The ideas and topics you raised are quite fascinating."
I.V.,, 6/5/97, Australia

I purchased my Neo-Tech book about 10 years ago. Read the 1st volume
and shelved it. I could not get past the part about religion. Dumb
mistake. I started to read the books again with the extra years of
life experience and 'thinking', wow what a differenc e. I'm learning
the tools I need to finally succeed.

E.W.,, 8/20/02

R.K.,, 7/2/02, Malaysia
This is too good to be true. And it is real.

The truth about who and what we are is here in the neo-tech

"Your web site is absolutely necessary, many people need to see
this. To sum it up, CATALYST."
J.W.,, 2/10/97

R.W.,, 3/22/00
Please do not remove the great light to the
world. I'm a natural neo tech thinker, I just didn't
know what to call it and didn't
see the huge picture which your site revealed to me.

"This site is very informative and opens a new way of thought."
B.C.,, 1/25/97

C.B.,, 8/28/97,
"There are those among your readers who can discern the sublime within your

John,, UK
Neo-Tech is great stuff.

J.L.,, 12/6/98
This is an excellent site.

A.S.,, 4/26/98, Canada
Neo-Tech is the future, the only way to live free and to
reach ones full potential in life. True happiness can only be found by
breaking free of all that controls you.

P.D.,, 6/2/98
I am very impressed with all literature I have read.
Please keep up the great work so we
can snuff out the Parasitical Elites. Thank You !

D.J.,, 6/12/01
Neo-tech has opened my eyes for the first

B.W.,, 1/18/97
I think it is great that Dr. Wallace is making available this
important information for free.

S.G.,, 7/18/00
Your materials are by far the best in the
world. Period.

T.N.,, 8/16/00, Australia
Truly inspiring, thought provoking and, perhaps
most importantly, motivating! This is the most direct and
motivating way of thinking I have come across!!!

Avajo G,, 2/3/02
I've only read 3 chapters and already your story has moved me more than any other story I've read. Its a good read and I learn some things as well. You've
always been my favorite Neo-Tech author. Dr. Wallace is ok but I don't always understand his stuff.
Eric Savage is ok too, but it doesn't really move me emotionally like your writings. I don't always mean in a good way. Sometimes you piss me off and
sometimes you sadden me and at times I resent you for making me see through the pretty illusions woven by
'them'. Sometimes I wish I didn't know anything and lived in a state of blissful ignorance. But I love you. you have probably saved my life. I still have a
long way to go on my path to rational thinking but I know that when I finally make the jump I wont
even miss the old ways. That's all I have to say for now my friend.

j.a.,, 8/19/01
When we all live this way we have found
happiness in our

"good stuff--enough said."
M.M.,, 2/25/97

"I found this site to be very fulfilling and illuminating. This
concept is very refreshing and I would like to know more."
S.G.,, 2/18/97

D.E.,, 10/15/98
The best inf. in the world about money/love/power!

j.t.,, 10/12/01
By far, the greatest literature ever written. changed my whole world.

R.S.,, 3/13/03
A life changing experience, I know its not enough, but thank
you very much neo-tech . I’m proud to be a neo-tech customer.

"I stumbled across this site and found it very interesting. I
look forward to seeing your information."
G.P.,, 1/3/97

J.B.,, 9/1/98
If it weren't for Neo-Tech I would probably be dead
or stuck inside the mystics web. I am better off now than I have
ever been in my whole life, and have been in the process of shucking
all that junk in my head for the last three years. I fully support
and endorse Neo-Tech.

"I think that neo-cheating is revolutionary and that a membership
fee should be charged for entering the web site."
R.V., callmedili, 3/3/97

"This is a great web-site!"
Breanne R.,, 5/21/97

V.V.,, 12/9/02
I believe that Neo-Tech is the way of and to the future. We need Neo-Tech now more than ever to show us the true path to wealth and happiness.

M.L.,, 12/1/97
Neo-Tech works wonders. NT has shown me how to apply my mind to
destroy any mystic in my way and how to make lots of money.

L.M.,, 8/17/97, Australia
"Neo-Tech is fantastic. It needs to be open to the public. So much info to

Dorothy P.,, 6/17/99

k.o.,, 11/27/01
I have just recently acquired happiness forever and read it in two days, I was totally in awe. never had really heard of neo-tech before and was given the
book by a friend. so many questions are answered in this one book.

"This information is too powerful to remain on the Web!!!!"
L.V.,, 5/12/97, Australia

T.B.,, 9/23/97
"Neo-Tech has been greatly beneficial to my life. The insight that I have
gained through Neo-Tech has made me feel more alive than ever. I have
underwent quite a transformation!"

A.N.,, 1/5/98
Stay on the Web. This stuff is too good to disappear.

G.G.,, 3/16/00
I had to take a break after reading chapter 3.
'The Story'. So many thoughts, what an experience.

K.N.,, 12/13/98, Singapore
I want to know more about Neo-Tech and liberate
myself from irrationalities.

I really enjoy the NTN posts. There are a lot of good ideas being expressed
and it helps keep you focused when there are people that you can relate to

S.B.,, 8/13/97
"Very interesting."

D.D.,, 11/4/01
I have two of 'The BOOKS' excellent materials to gain romantic love, wealth & prosperity on this earth!

P.B.,, 7/6/97, Australia
I find it both enjoyable and interesting. I think that this
site should be left open and tell all the neocheaters to make one more
decision to get out in the real world, where the real power is!!

I think this site is fantastic.

H.G.,, 8/14/98, Sweden
Well worth reading

W.T.,, 6/1/00
I have searched for years for something besides
the Bible. I
just knew there had to be more to life than what is taught
the bible. Thank you Neo-Tech.

S.S.,, United Kingdom
Let the Neo-Tech web-site flourish, with its interesting and
enlightening ideas. It is clearly a place from which positive lessons can
be learned.

K.L.,, 9/20/02
Extremely insightful, many lessons to be learned...from philosophy to ethics to business, has helped me become a better person.

N.S.,, 5/7/97, Malaysia
This material is shocking but extremely powerful. Finally, the
individual is free and powerful!

J.H.,, 6/25/99
Neo-tech is simply an independent, reasoning mind, applying
wide scope accounting and fully integrated honesty. Simple,
yet powerful and unstopable.

K.C.,, 8/6/97
Neo-Tech's philosophy succeeds brilliantly in applying
Objectivist principles to daily life and work in the 'Get Rich By 2001'
section. Its focus on wide-scale integration and task structuring to
concentrate on money-making purpose is brilliant.

C.A.,, 2/3/03
It has changed my life for the better. And it has helped me build a successful life.

B.B.,, 4/12/98
It is really a great resource.

W.L.,, 7/27/99
Dear Friends at Neo-Tech, I strongly agree with all of the
concepts. They have helped us to better cope with our
everyday problems.

"Thought provoking Web-site, that provides the mind with ideas,
that will change the essence of current world ideology.!!"
M.G.,, 6/28/97, United Kingdom

M.L.,, 9/16/97, Australia
I see the changes that are occurring in this world. Neo-Tech has
changed my life so much for the better. You are making a difference for the
better for this world.

"I think this site is fantastic, and yet simple enough to
understand. If these ideas are put into practice success is
guaranteed. I urge everyone to read this with an open mind."
J.K.,, 6/3/97

J.Y.,, 3/5/01
I am proud to be a neo-techer. I have found
the love of my life thru neo-tech
standards. My values changed after reading
your literature. I became a real person. I believe many
other people
have examined their own values or lack of, just from knowing
and learning from my example. I don't preach, and I
don't claim to know all that much about 'Neo-Tech'
but I know it is good, and this info should be available for
the rest of the world to examine if they choose to.

M.P.,, 1/18/00
Keep this site and expand our knowledge further
onward and outward from here.

J.H.,, 11/13/97
Nothing I have read has been able to maintain my full attention
such as this site.

world. It takes courage to even consider some of the things Neo-Think encompasses, but by opening our m

R.M.,, 12/26/98
As a long-time practitioner of Neo-Tech/Zon, I
know the value of all things Neo-Tech. By following the
original premise of Neo-Tech Marketing (i.e. giving values
not just to customers, but also non-customers), the web is
the best opportunity for wide-scale dissemination of
Neo-Tech and liberation of the universe and life! Fantastic
application of fully-integrated technology.

T.F.,, 8/20/97
This is the greatest site on the web. It will change and
sustain every aspect of cyberspace and the world!

L.W.,, 12/30/02
I'm riveted, very insightful.

This site is a true masterpiece, it is the last stop for a Truth seeker.

R.A.,, 5/29/01
Neo-Tech is about to go exponential.

personal growth that most people aren't exposed to.

J.H.,, 8/18/97
Fascinating. Herein lies the key information to vast resources of
knowledge and power.

T.S.,, 4/4/00
Honestly, I'm already starting to benefit from what I've read!

M.M.,, 1/13/02
Now I can SEE Reality!

G.M.,, 3/14/98, Scotland
Neo-Tech Zonpower is the best book I have read ever.
Not a day goes by when I don't think of the contents of Dr Wallace's

"The site is an excellent reference site for the Neo tech
literature with the keyword search facilities."
W.S.,, 2/10/97, United Kingdom

Neo-tech has opened my eyes, that is for certain. It must stay on the web for
everyone to be to find, it is a masterpiece.

D.S.,, 3/12/98
A good means of tearing down old paradigms, let me know more.

I like it, I keep up with every new step and continuously reading
old material. It's fascinating. As you probably know, Argentina (where
I live) is going through very rough times, politicians are treated
as thieves (what they really are) but I feel there is not enough
people like me willing to do something. This could be the place and
time to begin with a NT government as outlined in your literature.

Kitty E.,
This site is giving people a new insight
on life. It gives you an answer to questions no one else would.

J.M.,, 3/8/97
I have just visited this site for the first time and I was greeted
with a wave of relief that the knowledge is finally being let out.

M.P.L.,, 6/21/97
I read about this site in Alan Grant's recent comic book

B.I.,, United Kingdom.
If neo-tech is to be successful in re-educating the world populace for
the good of mankind, then the importance of retaining Neo-tech on the
web cannot be over-emphasize.

C.B., HUGHES.COM, 1/30/03, united kingdom
To all the religious believers of God The Almighty who don't understand the concepts of Neo-Tech, you are playing right into God-Mans' hands. You are afraid
to confront neo-knowledge with constructive criticism. On the other hand we who are not afraid of
this new knowledge are willing to learn from the old way of thinking and make our own judgments using the evidence which is reality. The Laws of Nature will
be the final analysis, and is your nemesis.

R.M.,, 5/6/98
Keep it up. I wish you would get on radio talk shows and share
your information; so we can get the party going and elect a non
political president. Get Mark Hamilton out there sharing his
great views. I'm now reading his new book and it's awesome, more
people need to know about our Neo-Tech Party.

Domino,, 1/14/01
Maintain acceleration until escape velocity

"I've begun removing my own personal mysticism with the intent of
becoming a competitive, honest, happy, value-producing Citizen of
the Universe. I wish to thank everyone at Neo-Tech for their
courage, perseverance, integrity and effort to break the chains
of professional Neocheaters and Mysticism everywhere."
P.N.,, 5/21/97

L.J.,, 1/14/97

"Wouldn't it be great if there were a MILLION more sites like
this one?????"
H.G.,, 5/11/97

J.K.,, 5/27/02, U.S.
Neo-tech is an extraordinary book series, magnificent, brilliant. One dose not to be an intellectual to understand the simplistic life changing concepts in
this very well written book Zonpower. It gave me a whole new set of eyes to view the world with an
d I have only read it once. I cannot wait to pick it up again to read anew great work. P.S. please send information on immortality research I am very
intrigued and desperately want to follow the field

I found it to be mind expanding. I look at the entire world in a whole
new light. Neo-Tech represents true freedom without external
authorities telling us how to live and politicizing our lives. The
information is absolutely invaluable and should be raised to an entire
new plateau of awareness in the mainstream. It should
be on television, radio, and the rest of the media. Get your
message out there to the masses and maybe the
anticivilization will crumble and the Civilization of the Universe will take
it's place.

R.M.,, 4/20/99
I now realize my way of thinking is not working, and the fault is
that I constantly use self-defeating logic. I find myself not
reaching my goals because I always seem to be
helping 'others' reach their goals -- believing the sacrifice
was worthy, yet knowing in the back of my mind I had been cheated.
The guilt trip was effective as an excuse: Thinking along the
lines of Neo-Tech, I now see the hooey in my old way of thinking.

Linda H.,, 10/19/98
This is more of a question than a comment. My father is facing
imminent foreclosure on his home after years of struggle with
the IRS. He has asked his children (all grown, non-dependents)
for help in paying off his IRS liability before his home is taken.
If we help out financially, can the IRS come after each of us
for any further monies that they say my father owes? I would
be grateful for any advice. Thank you.

E.B.,, 5/8/00
Hello Mr. mark Hamilton, I wish I had , had a
teacher like miss Annabel, when I was in the 3rd. grade .I
think this article or story about miss Annabel , should be
required reading in the schools .. , religious , and
secular .. my own life has been a dreary one , influenced by
the “church' and “prudish' adults .. at 68 years , looking
back over my life , I find that I never really knew what
true love meant .. many of my generation , equated the
physical “act' as being “in love' restroom “graffiti' in
the lower grades, were often our guide to sexual pleasure ..
being from a very dysfunctional home , where our parents
never showed any “open affection' before us, hugs , kisses,
praise etc. was not a way to encourage us as grown men , to
know “what to do' in ways of pleasing our wives .. I am just
a “layman' no degrees etc. but I hope with all of my being,
that society will keep on “evolving' so that there will be
“happiness in the male , female relationships “ thanks for
opening my mind to other views about life !!!! and where
mankind is headed.

J. P.,, 10/12/00
Hi, my name is Jesal, I am a 15 yr. old boy from England!
My brother introduced me to The Story, and I am hooked!
Sadly, I have not had time to read as much as I have
wanted! But, with the 9 chapters that I have read, I have
been able to pierce through some of the illusions that I
see! I found new answers to those questions which I have
been asking myself about life!!!
I now can look at life, and give all I have to offer, and
then take what is rightfully mine: a life of god, on
earth!!! as a musician, I feel I can make a different set
of values for the world!!! Its emotional stuff!!! The way of
thinking that I have now, is top!!! It's like I have a way
of seeing life before I go to live it!!! Its weird, but
that's what goes on, and its really helped me
We are humans, we can be gods on earth, we can be powerful,
wealthy and happy, but that's not all -- we have
“super-human' powers!!! I mean that everyone of us humans is
superman!!! But the thing is, it seems too good to be true,
and so no one will believe it at first!!!
I am using this story to develop my way of thinking, to
break through the shit in this f---ed up world, I am going
to take advantage of my real human abilities, and be a real
god on earth! When I have finished reading this story, I
will be able to go out into the world and do all my stuff
properly, because of what you have shown me, it is just sooo
I swear, I am gonna be a millionaire within 15 years time,
thanx to you, and thanx to those others in the world who
questioned our existence, and life, and “this
society'...wicked stuff!!! Peace out man, thanx for the new

I think your book is out of this world, very inspiring.

I've been collecting and reading Neo-Tech publications since
1983 and I can't imagine a world without Neo-Tech. Everything Neo-Tech touches
becomes the Golden Zon in my life. Keep on, keepin' on.

J.H.,, 8/24/97
"I am extremely interested in the theories expressed on this web page."

The Story of Miss Annabelle had me glued to every word and made me cry.

D.H.,, 12/25/98
Frank Wallace's ideas are extremely bold and
ambitious. What a wonderful vision!

J.B.,, 6/15/97
Neo-Tech is the first step in the direction to create a totally free
world society.

R.K.,, 10/7/97
Thanks for posting your IRS Abuse Reports. I've added your link
to my homepage intending for our public school students to use
the free flow of information as they mature into active participants
responding to real current issues in our country. You've hit
a hefty home run with your Web site!

M.M.,, 3/9/00
The Story is very moving and emotional. Its
story form helps the reader to learn the ideas presented
very quickly. I can't wait to finish it and begin rereading!

M.M.,, 3/3/00
I love what you are doing keep up the great! WORK

A.B.,, 3/8/98
My search for stability and direction has led me to
Neo-Tech. A reflecting pause
reveals that you're frank, simple, direct to the point and very
sure of your statements. I like that. I'm very attracted to your
positive, forward
moving 'entropic' nature and I believe we will cause a change
for the better. I'm doing what I can to find my own role in this,
I believe there's nothing else worth doing. Please, do keep pushing
and 'don't ever stop'. Your attention is greatly appreciated,

"This website is pretty organized unlike many of the websites
that I've seen."
F.M.,, 1/10/97

"I can't wait to show this to my father...I'm trying to get him
to realize the wonders of the 'net. I think we'll just give him a
computer for his birthday!"
K.H.,, 3/17/97

everyone should read it, even if it is just to see things from a different point of view. But Zonpor made me see things rationally, and truthfully.

"I have read your literature and understand it completely. It has
definitely helped me incredibly!"
J.S.,, 3/4/97

R.R.,, 7/23/97
Raised with some strict values and loads of guilt. I have
started on my journey out of the darkness .

M.F.,, 1/23/97, Singapore
Absolutely fabulous!

T.B.,, 1/21/97, Thailand
Very useful site. Thank you.

D.W.,, 2/28/97
The world needs this web site. The Neo-Tech
site now stands in a distinct class all its own.
I would like to congratulate all
contributors of Neo-Tech information and those who share its views on being the
true benefactors to all humankind. My devotion and commitment to being a
competent value producer is adamant and firmly rooted in my own
self-preservation. For the sake of all that is or ever has depicted love,
integrated honesty, and goodness, continue to make available your findings and
publishing. Thank you.

"Great Site."
J.P.,, 2/12/97, England

everyone should read it, even if it is just to see things from a different point of view. But Zonpor made me see things rationally, and truthfully.

"Keep up the good work."
C.A.,, 4/18/97, United Kingdom

The best book I have ever read.

D.T.,, //
When I saw the neo-tech web site, I got as excited as when I first
started reading The Book. I love everything that the Neo-Tech team is trying
to do. You people are great! The Book as forever changed my life. I will do my
best to bring great values to society one day. I don't know if I could have done
it without neo-tech.

"I am amazed at how the success that I've had over the years is
related to the concepts outlined in the site. Concepts like
Objectivism, honesty, and integrity are powerful weapons against
mystics and lazy people."
K.S.,, 4/23/97

"I'm absorbing everything I can from your web pages.Thank You."
T.Z.,, 5/6/97

"I gave just completed reading the material...and find it to be
very powerful and meaningful...It really puts into perspective
the downfalls in all our lives."
F.C.,, 2/22/97

"I have found your NEO-TECH web site to be very interesting. It
has opened my mind with new thoughts and questions. I can see
where I could be controlled by neo-cheaters, I 'm sure my life is
shaped according to someone else's needs other than my own. To be
in control of one's own life, would surely be in their own best
interest. I have read all the pages on your website. I can tell
you now, I have a lot of rethinking to do."
J.D.,, 12/18/96

D.S.,, 6/21/98
Expansion of your web site will benefit all humans.

"Well done on such a great site."
T.K.,, 4/28/97, Australia

Dianne B.,, 4/29/98, Canada
Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful concept.
I am anxious to learn more.

C.C.,, 9/28/98
I like very much the information that I have read. It is such
a relief to see so many people coming to an understanding of
self. Many people read this information with shock and disbelief
because they have been misled for so long by those external 'authorities'.

C.E.,, 1/2/02
I have been aware of the parasites for some time now. It always amazes me that others do not see it. Your work exposes them for what they are: theives of the
labor of others. In order to remain hidden they have done a good brainwashing job on society; any
one who speaks of them or tries to expose their game is demonized, made out to be a quack, murdered or jailed. It is a very effective strategy and has worked
well for a long time. I feel very strongly that this material needs to be available for all to read and ponder.

L.L., co.sw, 4/15/97, Switzerland

P.P.,, 2/19/99
I love you people and I'm thirsty for more of
your news and encouragement.

T.H.,, 10/6/97
I first came into contact with Neo-Tech about 5 years ago, All
of a sudden the lights came on as a new perspective and paradigm
unfolded. After reading the material, I was charged and excited. At the time I
tried to share my excitement with
my family and friends... they all thought I was mad and would
burn in hell. After all who was this school dropout, starving
kid to tell anyone that he knew better? Oh well, so be it... At
that time I was broke and starving, working in a job I hated.
So I packed my bags, moved to America, partnered up with a few
very talented and like minded people, started our own computer
software business, and built it into a multimillion dollar concern.

P.B.,, 8/29/97
"This web-site is a significant find and has added greatly to the strength
and diversity of my personal beliefs."

K.A.,, 7/15/97
"You are unique."

A.F.,, 1/26/98
Neo-Tech is a real eye opener.

Some of the most valuable and unique information on the web

D.H.,, 10/8/99
The Book is inspiring and motivating, I feel it is an awesome time
to be alive. Hamilton's proven writing technique draws out
ideas in a hypnotic pattern of words which even individuals
with virtually no memory can grasp

M.M.,, 9/5/97, Australia
"Why shouldn't the best information in the world be available to everyone.
Neo-Tech has/is and will continue to change the world. Neo-Tech has 100% of
my vote because they are conducting a needed and moral service for all
individuals. I constantly spread the Neo-Tech address over the Web. Down
with Mystics/Neocheaters."

D.H.,, 8/13/98
Neo tech has been a big influence in my life.

R.N.,, 1/19/02, U.S.
The world will be a better place if everyone will just give neo-tech chance, and they will definitely see the real light.

If everyone had this material the good old U. S. A. would better
off. If more people don't get this information we may be in trouble

J.P.,, pre-12/8/96, Korea
I was deeply impressed by NT's ambitious challenge.
I eagerly want to take part in NT's bright future.

JI,, 5/6/03
Date : Tue May 6 14:05:13 US/Eastern 2003 Neo-Tech changed life for me, keep
up the good work.

K.L.,, 1/4/00
Absolutely great.

Neo-Tech, I truly, truly appreciate 'the 114 advantages'. Each have
leveraged my: sense of life, scientific approach to thinking, purpose, business
affairs, and artistic passions. I direct tremendous gratitude toward the Neo-Tech

Anon.,, 4/28/99
NEVER remove this knowledge. It is too valuable.

I truly believe the only way Earth will survive is by changing to become
the C of U. It does seem to be a monumental undertaking, but I
do believe it starts by one person changing. I am changing.

N.H.,, 9/28/98
I am a clinical psychologist, entrepreneur, IRS victim, author,
composer, musician. When I discover Dr. Wallace in @ 1976, I knew
he was a visionary. Neo-Tech does work. I use it daily.

R.C.,, U.S.A
Keeping Neo Tech on the web is similar to allowing a brain to remain
in someone's head.

G.D.,, 3/1/00

J.S.,, 5/8/01, U.S.
I am an owner of the Neo-Tech Manuscript since
1990. It has Literally changed my life and perspective on all of human
existence. Please

A.K.,, 3/21/97
Just reading a few pages here has set me to thinking and planning,
but no longer dreaming!

C.T.,, 1/22/99
This is a unique web site, an intense view of
the human individual. A nice addition for any true seeker.
Please use your many abilities to further push back the dark
unknown and let the known be seen with better clarity.

L.E.,, 6/7/01
I have gone to Baptist Churches since I was a
child and still
go every Sunday. I want to say Neo-Tech is the wisest
I have ever encountered. I read my first Neo-Tech
in 1990 and for the first time could see the human parasites
in my life: individuals who used guilt or fear, or
or who created problems where none existed. Once I recognize
them I am still amazed how easy it is to expose them to
To be hard working and honest; to think clearly and
that is the life for me!

"Your site is great! I enjoy it! Neo-Tech is the answer to all my
questions. It's really an aid for my job and life. Thank you so
I.W.,, 4/17/97, Russia

Joan M.,, 12/17/98
I am learning so much this is a valuable tool.

J.S.,, 3/9/97, Norway
It sounds interesting to explore a world of new possibilities.

P.K.,, 2/13/97
Greatest eye opener, mind expanding knowledge I ever received. Only
wish I had it sooner.

A.A.,, 6/2/97
Neo-Tech is the most concise depiction of reality ever.

Eric,, 10/17/02, U.S.A
NEO-TECH has helped me find out who I am and what is my purpose. I am lost for words, but the feeling is overwhelming. Thank you much!

J.P.,, pre-12/8/96, Korea
I was deeply impressed by NT's ambitious challenge.
I eagerly want to take part in NT's bright future.

k.b.,, england
These great values that neo-tech teaches & explains should be in
every media format available.

M.B.,, 2/14/00
The Neo-Tech Discovery is the single most important tool that
a person, or group of people could use to learn and experience
true happiness and freedom. As long as I live, I will teach
Neo-Tech to anyone who seeks true happiness and true freedom.
Neo-Tech is the final intellectual evolution of humankind.
Thanks to Neo-Tech, the future for humankind appears to be

"This web site is needed to help all people receive a chance at
changing their lives, without Neo-Tech we are all just empty
beings, but with it we can bring down all neocheaters and are
masters of our own lives for a change. This web page has to stay
because it will continue to grow and teach people the truth, it
has to stay for the sake of all human beings who want something
more out of life!"
E.A.,, 5/25/97, Canada

Cheryl S.,, 12/26/99
When man learns
to reach these goals as you describe, man will reach a much higher
form of life upon this earth.

"The best site on the entire information highway. Let there be
R.G.,, 2/5/97

Neo-Tech has helped me comprehend the world.

T McNally,, england
Neo tech seems to have a fully comprehensive model for living.

Powerful and honest information. Will always strive to live
and think this way!

I am an Alaskan Native, have lived on the
streets, recovered
alcoholic & drug addict, and have been a victim of abuse and

Ralph R. H.I.,, 2/11/02
A solid foundation of integrated honesty, creates an unlimited power transfer to the individual person. This power enables the individual to alter his/her
reality to the best and highest of achievements.

D.V.,, 1/11/97
Thought provoking. Truly revolutionary. Light years ahead!!!

T.H.,, 4/25/00
Hi Mark....I just read the story as a first
time on-line visitor....This was the best description of woman/man romantic love I've ever heard and I
was impressed with your characters and the thought that went into this work......thanks!......I'm looking forward to 'Hearing' more from you......Terry

While doing research for a college project
I came across your website. My jaw dropped continuously as I read chapter
after chapter in one sitting. So much of what I have read elsewhere seemed
tied together and illuminated by what I read.

J.G.,, 7/27/00
Life has been very gruel and unfair for many
because of value strippers,
deceivers, liars and those do-gooders which do NO good what
ever. What I read so far is a hope for more of a good thing
mere wishing for one.

D.M.,, 10/22/97
Make's more sense to me than anything ever read.
I have a much clearer view of the universe .

things that seem `godlike' (i.e. cloning).

"I would like to say that Neo-Tech is the most powerful book I
have ever read. Thank you Dr. Wallace for your hard work and your
value production."
S.B.,, 1/6/97

S.N.,, 4/21/97
Great Web site... I especially find the topic search capabilities
very useful.

A.C.,, England
I think that yours is easily the most important site on the
web and hope that it can hasten the demise of Earth's anticivilization.

Bethany B.,, 7/29/98
I can't believe the valuable information I
have learned and I'm not even a quarter of the way through.

J.F.,, 12/16/99, Germany
Great, fantastic information!

M.B.,, 1/23/99
This really makes sense! I have tried to live my life in
accordance with the Constitution of the Universe without
knowing it existed until now.

I purchased Neo-Tech and I used some of the
concepts to propel myself into a better job in the Army. You
site is very informative and well designed.

J.C.,, 3/9/97
I learn a lot every time I click into this site.


"Neo-Tech has now become another aspect of my up all night
computer studies and as you report there is a profound liberation
upon reading this text."
J.M.,, 4/3/97

"The site is great."
L.C.,, 4/20/97, Australia

"This is an amazing discovery by Mr. Wallace. Thank-you for such
powerful and mind blowing information."
S.C.,, 1/31/97, Australia

L.H.,, 3/28/00, UK
Great web site.

Darlene S.,, 3/14/99
This Neo-Tech web site is THE MOST valuable site on the Internet.

A.G.,, 11/23/97, India
I'm a computer programmer living in India and I discovered Neo-Tech

T.M.,, 2/17/98
Has made me more aware of my surroundings and how they are
taking advantage of me. Amazing how people can go through life and live
without this knowledge.

DD,, 4/26/03
Neo-Tech is great! It has become apparent that everything I was taught is total mysticism, and
I am moving in the direction to becoming a Neo-Tech man.

Frank, , 8/22/02, Puerto Rico
This site allows someone to empower themselves and break free from the manipulation and (needless) control imposed by those in our society that can only feel
powerful and accomplished by trampling all over most of us 'innocents' in society. I will no longer allow anyone else to control and victimize me or those that I love just to make themselves feel important at my expense. I reject the idea that my
happiness is dependent on anyone other than myself. Think about it.

J.M.,, 11/27/01
Neo-Tech was the broom that helped sweep away hindering cob-webs. I thank you for having the courage to stand up and do what you are doing.

T.F.,, 1/11/98
I just wanted you and everyone who may
read this to know that the cyberspace presence you have created is absolutely
amazing. To sit here, peering into cyberspace, reading this material, creates
an added 'awe' -- even more than the regular 'AWE' that
accompanies the integration of Neo Tech material in normal reading.
I can't express enough the joy I feel everyday KNOWING this is
REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. It's a feeling I haven't felt since childhood.

E.S.,, 3/24/98
I felt compelled by my inner self-leader, to report how and
what the N/T literature and the underlying principles have performed in
my life. Before N/T I was a mystical
bible thumper with a zeal to promote my style of religion, I studied
deeply, even to the point
of wanting to become a minister of the gospel, I continued to
study and studied myself right back out due to all the unanswered
questions and from the lack of Honest factual evidence
of the so called god. I then allowed myself to get caught
up in the alcohol scene and was addicted for several years.
Since owning N/T I have developed a stronger mind, body and
outlook on life. I am now old, and may not live long enough to
experience the C of U in my life time. But with this new knowledge
I know I will live longer than I would of had I maintained my
mysticism. I don=D5t go around preaching the N/T message as I did
when a bible thumper. I am not a missionary, but I will
not hesitate to explain to persons if they ask. If I should die before
there is some break through to extend my life, I will know that I have been
transformed into
a self-leader, my thinking is clearer, I can concentrate for
longer periods of time, I see through the neo-cheaters, I
am pleased with my present state of mind and the continuing growth
path I am now on, I no longer react, I analyze, then act.
I started by purchasing the N/T discovery, from my mystical thinking I
had the idea that I was purchasing a get rich scheme. I was looking for the
lazy mans way to riches, what I found was a new way of thinking.
The advantages were difficult to except at first
because they were 180 degrees from my mystical thinking, but they now are my backbone,
my foundation, my venue for escaping the anti-civilization, they are my
ticket if you will to a real life.

"I appreciate this site very much!!!"
L.E.,, 3/5/97, Netherlands

I.N.,, 10/13/97, Germany
Neo-Tech is the revelation of the century. This site is
spectacular and exciting.

J.G.,, 4/27/97
Neo-Tech is the future.

D.A.,, 6/5/97
This is the Greatest Site on the Web because it provides the vision
of Hope and light. The ONLY elegant solution to all human problems!

P.Williams,, 3/14/99, United Kingdom
Thank you for this groundbreaking information.

M.K.,, 2/22/01
What is there to say? Neo-Tech freely provides
positive input and stimulation on this site; the products
they market
are unquestionably of high value. In 1987 I bought
the Neo-Tech Discovery. It was astonishing to read. I kept
as new Neo-Tech products became available. I have a college
in math and sciences; this is unnecessary for a person to
the common-sense yet hard-science validity of Dr. Wallace's
I will continue to be a Neo-Tech customer. Thank you.

Debbie M.,, 11/23/98
I was recently heartbroken by my boyfriend of 2 years that I
trusted very much. I recognized in myself that I was afraid to
care about anyone. I was searching for fear in relationships
and found your site. I now realize I was blaming my boyfriend
for making me afraid of relationships. With the help of articles
from your site I feel I can now move past this experience and
get on with my life. Perhaps this is not the type of feedback
you expected but nonetheless, positive feedback about your site.

J.S.,, 1/14/97
The Neo-Tech/Zonpower web site offers the most complete formulas to
happiness available anywhere in cyberspace. Not only has Neo-Tech changed
my life, but its application is a never-ending growth process for my
self-esteem and personal happiness. Thanks a million, Neo-Tech!

"Your site should remain on the web so we can learn to live
without external guidance...."
J.U.,, 4/21/97

S.F.,, 8/6/00, Australia
An invaluable source of meaning and direction
so devoid in traditional
educational, religion and social settings. Everything I have
read in The Book thus far has validated my core beliefs of
human capability and solidified my cynicism towards present
regulatory and authoritarian structures.

H.M.,, 9/2/99
At first I was scared at what I read, but later I opened my mind to
the new information and techniques. I think neo-tech is the
way to wealth and biological immortality.

"I have found this web site to be too good. There's so much to
discover and to know about reality. Zonpower has so much to
offer, only that not many people are made known about it. I hope
in the near future I will be able to cover all that the Zonpower
has to offer to us on the Internet. Keep up the good work!!!!!"
F.H.,, 1/3/97, West Malaysia

J.H.,, 4/26/99
II am jus now starting to see the power of
Neo-Tech. Without Neo-Tech....I probably would have
committed suicide later on in life.

I am very new to this, however my earnings have doubled in
3 months directly due to neo-tech

F.M.,, 8/27/98
I am a long-time Neo-Tech owner (1987, roughly, still
in possession of my original manuscript) and have used NT to positively
influence my life for over a decade. I had the inestimable advantage
of being introduced to NT at a young age (15) and therefore never
wasted my early adulthood as so many of my classmates did. I
now own two successful businesses in the Atlanta area and hope
to always reap the benefits that Dr. Wallace's work, as well
as its introduction to Aristotle, Rand, and Hugo, gave me. Please
keep me informed of further developments in RIBI and of Zon.

It has enabled me to differentiate between the people who are the true
assets to humanity and those who are the burden. Neo-Tech opened my eyes
to many things I was not aware of. Everything is articulated very coherently,
especially the discussions on God , politics, and human nature. Even
though I have not fully evolved in to the God-Man, I can sense that the
age when fully integrated honesty finally reigns supreme is at hand.
The humanoids who perpetuate the anticivilization are responsible for
intolerab le levels of injustice. It is high time that they are stopped.

C.S.,, 5/18/98
I'm not thru reading the books yet and can see the abuses that
our neo-cheaters in government have been very busy destroying
our county for greed and there master plan. thank you for introducing
me to Neo-Tech.

Very interesting...I came across this site quite by accident. '...a compatibility
of humor is one of the most enjoyable aspects of friendships and romantic-love
relationships.' How very true.

"Great info, very powerful."
I.F.,, 3/4/97

m.m.,, 6/2/00
THE BOOK really made me feel very good, and
continues to do so, as my adventure is just beginning. thank

D.B.,, 1/17/02
Very compelling indeed!! After being 'locked' into this pathetic society I have found the TRUTH!! In an earlier stage in my life (now 30), I was involved in
all sorts of 'mystic' phenomena. To include Freemasonry, and other 'secret societies' that practice the ridiculous. I read some of the negatives, and I sincerely hope those lost souls will embrace what's real.

J.H.,, 8/18/97
Fascinating. Herein lies the key information to vast resources of
knowledge and power.

Helga A.,, 7/21/98
It is undoubtedly the most educational material that I have
been exposed to.

"I haven't read all of your stuff yet but I will. This makes so
much sense, it makes you want to go out and start hammering the
politicians. Keep up the good work and don't ever take this web
site away! Yours is one of the few that make it into my favorites
C.B.,, 1/30/97

G.L.,, 2/2/99
Neo-Tech it is probably the most important web
site on the net.

D.L.,, 1/9/97, Belgium
I heard about this web site from my family. I must say it is very
interesting and it gives a very refreshing view from another perspective. I use
the power search a lot, to find out Zonpower's opinion. Thanks!

L.S.,, Guatemala

At the time I originally received a Neo-tech mailer(3-4 yrs ago), I was looking
for answers and finally felt I had found them. However, I was surrounded
by mysticism plagued individuals and often got discouraged or regressed back
to old unproductive habit s. None-the-less, I never forgot what I learned,
and I always improved myself in some way shape or form after reading neo-tech
material. Recently I realized I have become stagnant and was no longer moving
forward as quickly as I had wanted. So I looked u p Neo-tech on the web and
found 'The Story'. I think 'The Story' was a great idea and definitely made
Neo-tech and Integrated thinking more easily understandable. I have already
sent two teacher friends of mine this story with the intentions of raising
aw areness. Thank You so much. Jones

changed my life, and I've never been happier.

Angie K.,, 10/19/98
This sounds really fascinating! The info was sent to my
Husband in the mail. We don't have a lot of money right now,
in fact our situation is desperate at this point.
I turned 40 this year and I am seeing and I know ,
'There has to be more than this!' I want
my life to change. This looks like the possible answer. I am
going to do what I can to order the information. Thanks.

Since obtaining The Book I have prospered personally as well as
professionally. In addition, I am more attuned to mystical thinking, bluffs,
and other's bicameral need for authority than ever before. Which of course allows
me to dismiss these forces and n ot be controlled by them.

The terrorists have thrown down the gauntlet. Humanity is at
a crossroads; we can either move forward with fully integrated honesty, or
we can sink into another 'dark age' and perish. Now more than ever, Neo-Tech
MUST remain on the web to bring its alues to as many people as possible.

R.M.,, 2/18/97
Thank-you for your very important site.

Claude W. V.O.,, 4/20/02
If the rest of the world knew the truth that is in these writings there would be no wars or terrorist activities. All of mankind would flourish to its maximum capabilities and the space program would be eons down the road. For the truth stands more powerful than anything that neo-cheaters can muster in their cheating thoughts to develop more power over as many as they can. The truth leaves them powerless! I've had the book, God-Man, for over three years and still read it to absorb the knowledge and put it
into use everyday.

C.P.,, 2/28/00
It is the future

M.M.,, 4/8/97
Every American needs to be informed of this web site.

P.L.,, 5/3/01
I believe that Neo-tech is the solution to the
great problems
we face in our time.

K.E.,, 1/21/97
It is the most interesting and intriguing site I have ever seen. As I
read, my interest just keeps growing. It is fascinating. I want to know more!

P.M., InfoAve.Net, 12/20/98
Keep up the excellent works! As a Neo-Tech student, I always
receive a tremendous, mind expanding experience and value exchange
from your products and services. The presence and organization
of your web-site and other printed materials has been the 'seed'
and energy for me and my partners to expand our business plan
into the 'Cybercash' World for unlimited profits and value exchanges
with our markets. Always Prosper! Never Age! Never Die!

W.M.,, 4/13/00
Extremely informative and powerful. Blows your
mind away. Helped me to organize my mind.

I'm a 44 year old man with a B.A. in economics, yet I feel I've
learned more from your web site, than in 16 years of public schooling. I feel
as though I am taking a graduate course in life studies. Please continue!

B.T.,, 6/22/01
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the various
drafts of
Limitless Riches -- Automatic Romance!? It is incredible to
see how much
effort is going into this manuscript. It is awesome to read
latest draft and find it even more valuable than it was just

I feel that with out this knowledge people will never change, and they will allow
themselves to be blinded by the illusions of the world. I appreciate the time
given to this site and the knowledge I have received and I truly thank all of
the people that contribute to this great thing, called 'Neo-Tech'.

R.B.,, Mauritius
Many, many thanks again and again. I would not be alive today
without you. No doubt, neo-tech holds clout over this entire planet. The
on-going presidential election in France are signs of underlying birth of
the civilization of universe in that region to o.

"This will change the world."
J.R.,, 3/31/97

J.P.,, 3/18/97
This is the most honest information I have ever seen. It is time the
politicians were be placed where they belong, under us, not above us. They have
been elected to serve us, not us serve them. Keep up your work. I feel honored
to have read and re-read your material.

D.W.,, 4/28/97
I have the utmost gratitude for the efforts of Neo-Tech to rid our
world of the plaguing anticivilization.

F.P.,, 10/22/97
"I sure like what you say. It has changed my life. Now I
am happy. Before I was despondent."

L.L.,, 2/29/00
I think this story is very psychuous! It gave me tingling
sensations throughout my nervous system. It taught me the
fundamentals of common denominators and how they get to the
essence of happiness.

WADE,, 9/29/00

R.Y.,, 2/27/98, Singapore
Trust me, after imbibing a little of
the anti-mysticism drug, people want to find out more.

Keep on telling the truth!!! We are looking for it!!

D.K.,, 1/19/99, United Kingdom
The concepts have changed my expectations of
life and my opinion of the 'higher authorities'.

N.G.,, 8/8/00
“The Story' is a very special and wonderful
masterpiece of modern literature. It shows us how we, by
choosing to cut through the matrix of illusions to see what
is, can start building mental puzzles of Neothink to evolve
toward the God-Man. How if we can find our Friday-Night
essences and become the person that we were meant to be, can
live in complete happiness because then we will be value
creators and value producers. I thank you Mr. Hamilton
because I used to be severely trapped in the matrix of
illusions, I was blind. You and your colleagues opened my
eyes, and my heart. I am forever in your debt. I am on my
way to finding my Friday-Night essence and discovering
happiness by becoming a value creator, I can't wait to see
where my personal renaissance will take me.

M.W.,, 7/15/97, England
"Please forward more information on how to raise children and
young adults in this soon to be changed world. I want to thank Dr.
Wallace because without his knowledge, I would be suffering
trapped in a world without a way out. Thank You Thank You Thank

P.M.,, 3/25/02
Cleared up my conceptions of the destructiveness of mysticism. Very valuable and eye-opening.

r.b.,, 8/18/02
I loved the story. I want to learn all about neo-tech.

C.H.,, England
Neo-Tech and the Long Wave are the greatest discoveries in our long history...
it would be a sin against our God-man creators to take Neo-Tech of the net. Frank
Wallace, Eric Savage, Mark Hamilton and all value producers I salute you!

M.G.,, 11/19/02
Neo-tech MUST remain on the web, for the world wide web is the best and most readily available way to inform and educate the mystically befuddled people of
the entire world. This site should most definitely be expanded!

I wasn't much of a thinker, sadly to say,
until I started reading
God-Man . Things are more clear to me after being willing to
open my minded about this book . I can see after reading
about the teacher and her twelve students, how everything you say
could come about if people would use their own minds . Thank you for bringing
this book into my life .

K.L,, 7/29/97
This is the most incredible document I've ever read.

B.R,, 7/30/97
"The truth is finally revealed. Neo-Tech and Zonpower will wipe from
existence all who wish to destroy honesty."

"Your site has to be the most informational packed site I have
ever ran across over the web. The wealth of eye opening reading
kept me for hours, I forgot about what I was researching and read
from one section to another. I appreciate your great works and
continue with what you have started."
J.C.,, 5/1/97

Since I've been reading your literature it has given me a real up lift in my
life. Thank You

G.W.,, 2/3/99
I would like to see the web site continue to grow so
that we can spread the truth. This is the best information I
have ever seen that truly explains life and its formulation.

M.J.,, 12/20/01
It is necessary to have a web site like this one to change the mentalities over the world and show to the people what is wrong in the universal system of
government and tax rules.

G.G.,, 5/10/99
I find the entire neo-tech discovery utterly
fascinating and long over-due.

"I am new to this site but feel it could have some opportunity in
exploring the powers of the mind. I do like it so far!"
G.G.,, 12/20/96, Canada

"I make printouts, just because I like to carry them with me
while traveling."
G.V.,, 2/21/97, Netherlands

R.J.,, 12/26/02
A joke is not understood, until you hear the punch line and sometimes you don't get it! Neo-Tech is not understood, until you read, experience, see, hear,
feel and try every word from all the Neo-Tech writers and all the comments, from all over the world
and then use your own educated integrated mind to find 100% HONESTY!!! Look back on your life only! You were given no free choice! You were told everything
by some one, What to do! When to do it! Where to go to school! What to learn by teachers that were
told what to teach you! Neo-Tech will never, never, never go away!!! BUT Dishonesty from all walks of life, will fade away, sooner than you think!!! You can
help by spreading NEO-TECH or you can set by and procrastinate. You must Read and take action to l
ive and prosper as you were meant to.

J.H.,, 5/23/98
What you have written here, really makes good sense, as in
Reference to my own life, I've had trouble accepting religion in

J.C.,, 5/7/00
It is great to refer the uninformed to your web
site and let them read.

K.M.,, 11/21/99
Neo-Tech is the only way to live!

B.E.,, 7/6/98
I think this web site is awesome. I think that you are
offering a wonderful, liberating service to people. I like the
straight to the point, no b.s., honest and direct tone of your
work. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work.

C.P.,, 9/6/99
I am amazed with the content. The truthfulness
of this book is amazing,

R.Z.,, 7/6/01
NEO-TECH exists forever! Powerfully redeeming!
It's the
greatest, most life-changing experience I've had from
reading any literature.
Thanks to Frank Wallace and his team.

J.C.,, 6/14/01
Neo-tech is absolutely outstanding. Logical
and productivity
producing material. A true value to all who apply and
to the neo-tech mindset.

"What are this fools afraid of? Zonpower taught me to think in a
way I never thought before."
A.B.,, 4/14/97, Australia

"I believe that your presence on the web is essential for both
the elimination of the parasitical value-destroyers and for the
removal of the current anticivilization."
C.O.,, 3/10/97

R.R.,, 1/3/99
The Discovery is great and many people will be
saved from the agony of mysticism.

"I have enjoyed reading about gravity units, something I was just
thinking about."
T.H.,, 1/24/97

C.T.,, 7/27/98, Germany
I think you are one of the honest and brave men, a good
educated intellectual
with merciful heart to the human beings who are hoped, needed
and wanted by the people of this human society. I hope you can
succeed in your work!

J S,, 3/27/00
Mark, The Story is majestic. All the while my
mind elevated and I kept seeing a reflection of myself just
as I were 25 years ago. I felt as though that child in me
was being resurrected! The Story is sincerely a masterpiece
contribution to the world. The Story IS the fulfillment
and essence of Neo-Tech.

B.R.,, 7/26/97
I think Neo-Tech is the future of mankind.

"This is powerful stuff, the stuff dreams are made of. Imagine the
opportunities for those who embrace change and not fear it. This
really is the new frontier for those with the vision to see it."
Lynn A.,, 6/12/97, Canada

P.L.,, 3/7/00
The web is the place where free thinkers thrive.
Neo-Tech Belongs here!

V.N.,, //
I have been reading THE BOOK for the last
couple of weeks and everything that I read is what I already new somewhere deep
down. Thank you for bringing it to the surface of my thoughts. I
can now hopefully be the person I am meant to be.

L.K.,, 9/1/02
Sometime ago I received The Neo-Tech Discovery, a very large book that discussed the evolution of ordinary people becoming Millionaires/Entrepreneurs and the
Bi-Cameral Mind. I was devastated! But, the readings of this Manuscript filled my mind and changed my thinking of very important subjects--God, Man,
Business, Children... Wow! Neo-Tech is definitely what I needed to understand my existence--I could not understand why everyone in my surroundings were
succeeding and I was constantly falling backwards or barely moving! I now fully understand.

D.F.,, 9/6/99
I'm finally beginning to become conscious.
Thanks for your role in this process.

J.S.,, 3/31/02, South Africa
'The Book', Neo-Tech/God-man, should be in every home in the world. After reading this, I am now able to integrate my thoughts and bring diverse facts
together to form new and unique ideas. I feel free for the first time in my 70 years! The World really n
eeds this knowledge.

Ann Marie M.,, 3/7/99

J.G.,, 8/25/99
The world needs Neo-Tech more than ever.

d.e.,, 3/31/00
Absolutely brilliant, great, great, great!

M.W.,, 2/4/97
This web site is a MUST! It would be a crime AGAINST humanity to
REMOVE it. I NEED this web site. DO NOT REMOVE IT!

R.K.,, 6/2/00, England
Neo-Tech will always be present on the web, it
is the future,
the worlds future ( you can not stop it now )!nobody can!

"The site looks great! Not a lot of gobble-dee-goop graphics
--just the facts. Can't wait to explore the site more. Thanks."
D.H.,, 5/21/97

"Knowledge of the caliber that you disseminate should be spread by
all possible means. Although not everyone is ready for its vast
implications, everyone needs it desperately. Stay on the net at
all costs."
J.D.,, 6/9/97, Australia

D.E.,, 10/4/97, New Zealand
"Neo-Tech makes more sense to me as each day goes by. I see the better world
Mark Hamilton writes about in 'After2001: The New Code and I want to be part
of that world. The world needs Neo Tech now. "

B.S.,, 10/10/01, Australia
The bible should have been 'the book' from the start. The world would definitely be a better place now.

M Smith,, 5/9/01, AUSTRALIA
Please send me more
information on seeing life and people as they really are
of as they con me into thinking. I am 50 but feel like I am
beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Neo-Tech literature that I've so far read on the internet has been a spectacular
mind-opener. In fact, there are lots of people out there thinking the Neo-Tech
way, wondering why, in spite of their inherent integrity of thought, they
are only doomed to be outcasts in the rotten societies the world over.
The Neo-Tech literature is an invaluable source of strength to help reassure
the rationally thinking individuals that all the devious bulwarks of 'anticivilization'
are bound to collapse. Neothink is a spark to light up the way to a profound
personal growth and happiness.

"This is an amazing discovery by Mr. Wallace. Thank-you for such
powerful and mind blowing information."
S.C.,, 1/31/97, Australia

E.A.,, 6/19/99
I thoroughly embrace your methodology.

Ginny R.,, 9/9/98
Delicious. Thanks.

M.D.,, 1/1/98
I am now currently reading the Neo-Tech Discovery book by Frank
R. Wallace. It is certainly one of the most fascinating, potent,
and important books that I've read so far and one of the best
ever written. Neo-Tech definitely needs to keep this web site
because it is so fundamentally important. I hope you continue
to develop more and even better sites in the future.

j.c., ., 2/15/01
Neo-Tech is the answer for world happiness,
love , prosperity, and the antcivilization.

C.M.,, 4/21/98, Australia
The whole concept provided by your literature has opened my
Eyes to how much I was wasting my life with destructive time-wasting
pastimes. Now I feel as though I am slowly waking up from a bad
dream, everything is slowly coming into focus and I now have
a clear understanding of the direction my life needs to follow
in order to experience all the wonders this world has to offer.
Hopefully with your continued efforts in this country, many more
people will have the opportunity to experience life as it should
be lived. Thank you.

"The web site is well-arranged, offering a clear view of what is
offered. The color mix is appealing and I look forward to new
ideas that will be displayed."
K.S.,, 1/27/97, Singapore

A.S.,, 4/4/98
You guys do have a great site here. It should help a lot
of people.

M.P.,, 12/31/98
I applaud you for posting the negative comments, not doing so would have
been dishonest. It seems that they are afraid to take responsibility
for their live and want someone or something else to do that
for them. I recently woke up and realized that I have been
lied to all of my life, accept for Neo-Tech. I am ready to begin
and travel the road of Neo-Tech today.
I am about to start a new business and it will
be run totally using the integrated Neo-Think method.

"Someone has to keep telling the truth until the world wakes up
to what is and has been going on for so long. Thank you for this
J.L.,, 2/20/97

A.G.,, 2/29/00
I've only read 3 chapters and already your story has moved
me more than any other story I've read. Its a good read and
I learn some things as well. You've always been my favorite
Neo-Tech author. Dr. Wallace is ok but I don't always
understand his stuff. Eric Savage is ok too, but it doesn't
really move me emotionally like your writings. I don't
always mean in a good way. Sometimes you piss me off and
sometimes you sadden me and at times I resent you for making
me see through the pretty illusions woven by “them'.
Sometimes I wish I didn't know anything and lived in a state
of blissful ignorance. But I love you. you have probably
saved my life. I still have a long way to go on my path to
rational thinking but I know that when I finally make the
jump I wont even miss the old ways. That's all I have to say
for now my friend.

R.H.,, 4/20/97
I am 67 & feel comfortable for the first time that I
can throw off mysticism thanks to all you good,
brave souls at Neo-Tech. Where was Neo-Tech years ago?
How many lives could have been saved.
From my youth, I knew something was wrong, but
could not find out till I read Neo-Tech.

L.G.,, 6/4/01
I glanced through the first chapter in THE
BOOK by Mark
Hamilton and was totally amazed. I want to learn more!

D.G.,, 10/19/00, Australia
Neo-Tech has powerful medicine, it rids the
mind of a disease
called STUPIDITY. Neo-Tech is the only salvation as it
a new language altogether and another perspective of viewing

Neo-Tech has given me so much too look forward too. I
am so very tired of having my monies stolen from me and so much of
my life spent in this upside down world. I am so excited about my new
found knowledge.

J.H.,, 9/10/97
When I bought my discovery I was 17 years old, confused and zit
ridden, and working in a public park hauling garbage. I have just turned 21, and
am a professional actor. I have just finished an off-Broadway play in NYC, and
will be shooting my first film in November. Hail life! And thank you for
exposing me to Objectivism.

Michelle D.,, 5/2/98
I thank you for the time and effort all of you have put
into Neo tech and want you to know that I am doing
my small part to help change the the world.

,, 10/15/00
Amazing. Everything I have known in my heart
to be true.
Ideals that I thought lofty and unreachable are a reality.

"Everything I saw here seemed to resonate within me."
P.W.,, 6/3/97

D.T.,, //
When I saw the neo-tech web site, I got as
excited as when I
first started reading The Book. I love everything that the
team is trying to do. You people are great! The Book as
forever changed my life. I will
do my best to bring great values to society one day. I don't
if I could have done it without neo-tech.

John,, 7/30/00
I just wanted to say that "The Story" was perhaps
the cleanest, purest breath of fresh air I have ever had. I
was inspired by your book. I have tried to soak up as much
knowledge as I possibly can. Since reading your book I have
become more positive, better rested, and my relationship
with my wonderful girlfriend has improved. I am still
striving for the ultimate happiness and riches, but give me
time and I think I will make it. Sincerely, John

"I think that neo-cheating is revolutionary and that a membership
fee should be charged for entering the web site."
R.V., callmedili, 3/3/97

m.m.,, 7/23/01
This is the best sites on the internet.

J.J.,, 11/1/99
I just want to say that I wish that I could vote a million
times for Neo-Tech, fully integrated honesty and wide scope
accounting to remove mysticism. It really, really works!
Thank you.

Halfway through "THE BOOK" now and cannot
put it down. It is so engaging and delightful and I wish that I has actually
started reading it 3 years ago when I first received it. It truly does cut
to the essence of life.

G.R.,, 3/13/00
'The Story' literally blew me away. It is your
best work to date. It is going to take something like this
to elect a Neo-Tech president. You are going to need a
Neo-Tech oriented media chain and talk show hosts to counter
the liberal media. 'The Story' reminds me of 'The Harrad
Experiment' that novel advocated a small group to reform
society. Unfortunately it called for the use of government
to achieve desired results. Keep up the great work. Together
we can free this country from the politicians and other
neocheaters. Neo-Tech publishing has helped me to see the
fraudulent nature of most forms of media, talk show hosts
like Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, etc..
Your website gets better every week. It is a shame the
author of “No More Lies' is no longer with us. Nowhere have
I read such a clear explanation of Enlightenment. Your books
are getting better every year. Give my deepest regards to
Dr. Wallace. His Neo-Tech discovery book should be
recommended reading for everyone. Just watching the news on
tv, reading newspapers really reveals how much of a topsy
turvy world we live in. I really enjoy reading the positive
and negative comments on your website. The contrast between
them is simply amazing. You can really tell who should be
reading Neo-Tech and are losing out by not doing so.

G.K.,, 12/12/96
I think that there is quite a bit of valuable
information on this site
that the conscious individual can utilize. When pressures and
negative forces are invoked upon us.....we need power
and education.

"What I have read is truly interesting. More people need to be
exposed to these ideas."
R.S.,, 6/5/97

"You are exposing my best moves. How is a card player to make a
living. GREAT STUFF!"
F.B.,, 12/31/96

Maxime C.,, 3/11/99, Canada
I am now seeing the world in a whole new perspective.
I am now orienting my life towards integrated thinking,
realizing that only the individual can improve his own life.
This can only be done by being totally honest to one's self.
Making decisions free of any form of mysticism is hard,
as the world nowadays is spoiled by millions of neocheaters.
However, as more and more people learn about Neo-Tech,
those millions of mystic neocheaters
will become powerless. Their world of scams and ploys and plots
will soon collapse forever, leaving the honest and innocent
individuals free to take control of the Universe.

M.H.,, 6/4/01
Astounded that so much info. is packed on your
Thanks for your great and grand work.

C.T.,,8/26/00, Malaysis
Enough is enough! Enough hero worshipping of
personality cults ,politicians
and priests. It is time for the meek to make a stand, before
the just
are devoured.

T.N.,, 8/17/97, England
"I have to say that the information contained in your books has benefited me
immensely, and the knowlege I have gleaned from them has purged me of, what
were in retrospect, seriously harmful mystical tendencies."

P.F.,, 7/17/97, Australia
Neo-Tech enables one to see the disintegrating activity
of those mystics around him. Through that, one is able to protect
himself consciously from the value destroyers which exist only to
hinder the lives of the value producer.

J.G.,, 7/27/00
Life has been very gruel and unfair for many
because of value strippers,
deceivers, liars and those do-gooders which do NO good what
ever. What I read so far is a hope for more of a good thing
mere wishing for one.

"I'm so happy to see this site still standing. It is the most
thought provoking piece of literature I have seen in a long
J.J.,, 2/21/97

A.C.,, 2/27/99
Neo-Tech should and will stay forever. Every thought I have is
geared toward collapsing the hoax of mysticism. I have been
practicing for three years building honesty within my self and focusing
on eliminating all neocheaters w/non violence thanks again.

T.B.,, 9/23/97
Neo-Tech has been greatly beneficial to my life. The insight that I
have gained through Neo-Tech has made me feel more alive than ever. I have
undergone quite a transformation!

G.B.,, 12/17/01
Methods endorsed by Neo-Tech are too dangerous for use by the inexperienced.

a.c.,, 3/31/00, EE.UU
Neo-Tech provides a voice of reason and
clarity found no where else on the web or in the world for
that matter. Keep the light of reason alive vote yes for
Neo-Tech and the
NT Party.


D.H.,, 2/6/00
This is the most crucially captivating
information I have ever read.

C.B.,, 3/29/01
NEO-TECH is the most important information in
the world today.
Every man woman and child conscious today should be in
with this knowledge. Those who are not will be left behind,
and uninformed.

B.M.,, 9/5/97, Ireland
It is a refreshing way to look at a very clouded world

F.T.,, 7/10/98

"To much good information, very interesting and informative. I
can not wait to read more!"
M.S.,, 1/27/97

YES! Having found Neo-Tech from a Reason magazine ad/interview
back in 1981, I have ordered much valuable information for myself and as
gifts for those I love. I have NEVER been disappointed or felt 'ripped-off.'
It's a building PROCESS (not an EVENT of reading a book) to understand
and benefit from, by implementation, the integrations of honesty into all.

Nick,, 6/14/02
I'm saying this with full knowledge and a deep, emotional integration: 'Neo-Tech is AWESOME'

H.k.,, KANAGAWA 246-0013 JAPAN
I wish that this site is seen by the people of the world. Based
on experience and thinking by the discovery of neo-technology I am thanking for
that impresses it. I wish that works with the pace of the self in the future.
The next program is looking forward to coming.

"Nice job, first time on your site, just started to read The
Neo-Tech Discovery (Very Good)."
M.P.,, 2/2/97

M.K.,, 3/15/99
Neo-Tech has helped me to quit smoking and lose weight. I'm
still overweight, but the weight is still coming off. I am
now more relaxed when I am around people,
and not so nervous as I used to be.

c. s.,, 7/29/02
The change into god-man is a hard one, but achievable.

Neo-Tech always gives me the real nitty-gritty after hearing and reading
what everybody else thinks.

B.D.,, 10/27/98
Thank you for neo-tech, I can feel my life
changing as I read the truth.

sense of rationality.

C.P.,, 2/28/00
It is the future

"I'm going to use Neo-Tech. Imagine, using honesty to solve all
your problems."
S.K.,, 6/1/97

T.B.,, 4/9/99
I have read God Man our final evolution three
times and have become more aware of the people and the world
around me after each reading.

T.N.,, 4/4/97
I like the Plato-Aristotle comparisons. Very interesting. This is my
first visit, I'll be back.

"Outstanding! Finally, a no-holds-barred guide to practical
living. What more is there to say?"
R.S.,, 6/15/97

D.D.,, 8/19/01
I believe this is the best thing that I have
ever came across
except life itself and just wish everyone would take the
chance to understand it. I believe that with it being
on the web more people have the chance to see what it's all

C,, 7/17/02
This life enhancing information that I would have a hard time living without.

A.H.,, 10/21/98
Thank You very much for your insight

T.R.,, 1/13/00, Canada
I am currently starting a business of my own
and will base all my transactions on Neo Tech advantages.
Looking forward to a world run under the Neo Tech

Pam R.,, 5/3/98
I really believe in the core of what you have to say.

M.B.,, 8/10/97, United Kingdom
"I have been familiar with this knowledge of NT for over a year now. I agree
that it is the most valuable information I could have ever come by. Please
do carry on making NT available to lots of people. Only this can save us."

ANON,, 1/11/97, Germany
I think what Neo-Tech basically does is to determine reality and
truth. The way of accomplishing a successful life by using profound honesty is
the best way ever (and the ONLY way to be productive and to receive Neo-Tech
values). All I can do is re-state it: `The most valuable site in cyberspace'. I
am really looking forward to a Neo-Tech oriented world like you described it
and I know that it is only a matter of time. All of us can do something to make
the world a better place, and what might be more important: to improve our own
life. And that is to be as productive as you.

M.C.,, 3/2/03
I will always be grateful to you for these gifts you have given this once desolate life.

"I love your web site and visit it almost daily, the layout is
great and the knowledge it provides is priceless."
E.S.,, 3/21/97

"Well, the information presented here is highly interesting and
not usual which is a definite plus for a change. I'm very
intrigued and thrilled, which haven't happened to me for a long
time. I really appreciate it."
N.K.,, 1/11/97

T.W.,, 7/8/02
I have known of this web site ever sense it was put up. It presents a great point of view and has helped me throughout the years. It is time for America and

S.L.,, 2/24/99
Frank Wallace certainly has courage to reveal the secrets of
professional cheaters and disguised culprits.

D.W.,, 8/8/97, England
"I am not an owner of Neo-Tech literature. I have borrowed it from an owner
and during a six month part of my life was spellbound by the realizations
that I experienced. It is easy to see how levels of awareness in the
Neo-Tech philosophy increase with reading and experience. I feel that at
this moment I have a strong awareness of the mysticism around me, and can
use this awareness to my advantage in business and personal development."

"This site makes it easier for more and more people to learn
about this incredibly valuable technology."
R.W.,, 2/10/97

F.S.,, 6/13/98, Brazil
After reading Neo-Tech literature, almost
all my questions are being answered.

"This is terrific information; important and basic and
insightful. Thank you for making it available. You are whetting a
lot of appetites and undoubtedly changing a lot of lives with
your concepts."
B.W.,, 3/11/97

S.B.,, 12/31/96
Wow! I'm an Objectivist, but have recently been having some doubts
about my Objectivism and Objectivism in general. There seems to be a missing
link, something that indicated that Objectivism wasn't quite right, but I
couldn't put my finger on it. The Neo-Tech stuff at least provides a metaphoric
answer to that missing link. This is compelling stuff. A useful tool.



G.M.,, 4/10/98
I have already learned much and am putting that information in my daily life. I have learned to spot neo-cheaters all around me and I yearn for more knowledge.

Joyce K.,, 5/22/97
Very exciting and totally sensible in an age that often seems the
opposite. I definitely want to see more. Here is to a brave new world!

Monique M.,, 9/7/98, Canada
Very informative and open minded. I liked the advice and
non-judgmental views. Real advice that can help the people that want
or a step to help inspire productive thought. Excellent for troubled
people with troubling thoughts... thank-you.....

Shane,, 2/20/03
Neo-Tech blows me away. All you have to do is stop and pay attention, with an open-mind and see what is going on in this world. This is great work that has
been done. A service to all human-beings.

Alexandria,, 9/20/01
Neo-Tech speaks the truth, and can lead everyone to complete happiness by opening up their minds to reality.

D.M.,, 1/4/03
Truly life-lifting info! Neo-tech has become my personal bible.

J.L.,, 1/29/97

It's great I couldn't live without it. I can't believe how much
help it has been for me.

V.G.,, 4/16/97
NT is the seed of the 21st Century and of all time for the
Civilization of the Universe as it springs up here on earth. It is the essence
of life for all of us.

K.K.,, 12/19/96
very cool-insightful. I believe we need a BIG change NOW
old politics should be a thing of the past. THANX

Janet K.,, 2/21/98, Italy
I am extremely fascinated. I look forward
to learning more to improve my life and those who are close to me.

"Neo-Tech has helped me gain valuable advantages over the
mindless mystics and dangerous parasites that exist in
government, religion and business. I keep coming back for more.
Philosophically centered in an off-centered world!"
L.L.,, 4/12/97

"This web site is fascinating. I hope it stays up so more people
can come in out of the darkness."
J.M.,, 4/27/97

H.R.,, 8/16/97
"Having recently received the Neo-Tech manual and starting my study of its
contents, I recoginize the powerful concepts that will change how mankind
functions. Each day, as I go through the readings I get more and more
excited. The information is presented in such an easy to follow format. Many
thanks to Dr. Wallace."

W.H.,, 4/25/99, United Kingdom
This site is a must. Three or four years ago I read for the
first time The Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower). Although I knew it was
a new concept that was truly amazing, I just didn't have the
nerve to put it into practice. Now, I have read God-Man our
final evolution and am reading Neo-Tech discovery,
I can detect mysticism whenever it crops up in myself and
other people.

M.T.,, 9/13/97,
"Neo-Tech is pure unadulterated honesty. The only people who have anything
to fear from Neo-Tech are the dishonest."

Gerald,, 2/7/02
You are very intelligent and you write better than Stephen King!

"I have seen friends of mine become victims of countless scams
and am proud to say that Neo-Tech works."
A.A.,, 4/8/97

After having read a few of the negative comments about Neo-Tech it is plain to
see how right and powerful Neo-Tech truly is. Those negative voices are clearly
fanatics who would rather live a quiet life of desperation than enjoy all the
benefits that life and Neo-Tech have to offer.

D. H.,, 2/7/01
Neo-tech is an enlightenment of the mind body
and soul. All
you nay sayers are just closed minded, weak individuals who
need to examine your own lives!

AL,, 5/21/03
I was blown away by what I read, I am a person who is very hard to convince
but convinced I am that neo-tech is the answer to life.

C.C.,, 10/2/98
I am a firm believer in the ways of Neo-Tech.
They have changed the way
I view life and given me a reason to keep going. I will not give
in to the destructive people who are constantly trying to bring
me and everyone around them down. There are many evils in this
world that Neo-Tech is extremely capable of vanquishing forever.
The sooner everyone
knows about Neo-Tech, the sooner we can all get on with eternal
lives of prosperity and happiness. Thank You.

J.T,, 11/20/00, Canada
A lifetime of struggling to understand the
mysticism in this world, Trying to break free and getting
pulled back under the thumbs of the Neo-cheaters. With this
new information, I will and have been determined from the first
day I stopped attending church to make a change. My goal is to
create wonderful values for myself and guide those which whom I
love to self actualization by the examples I set. I would like to
say this is definitely a great thing that has been put

R.J.,, 8/14/97
"Neo-Tech is every thing you said it would be. I am very very very happy
now. I am in love with Neo-Tech, cannot get enough. I am forever Grateful."

"Brilliant. Well written. You guys have helped me solve some of
my personal problems and I thank you dearly for it. I offer any
assistance that you may ever need."
J.G.,, 5/6/97

"This is one of the most comprehensive and well- connected series
of web pages that I've yet encountered. Extremely challenging
material for those willing to embrace and apply critical thought
(rather than quickly dismiss it out of hand due to their standing
beliefs ... or 'mysticism' as you so accurately term them. Keep
up the outstanding work, and thank you for expanding my
J.P.,, 1/25/97

I.S.,, 1/22/98
Great reading, my eyes have been opened.

D.E.,, 10/24/97
"This is very interesting/potentially power

N.J.,, 11/27/99, India
There is so much here to learn & read! I really appreciate & applaud
the effort & thought that has gone into the making of this site!

T.N.,, 6/27/98
I sure hope your visions come true.

J.S.,, 10/13/98
There's so much here about who's behind the power
structures that are 'neo-cheating' us.

Peggy M.,, 7/14/99
I've always known there had to be
a better way to live life, free of guilt and fear. I kept
looking, finally I have found it. I am
learning to think for myself and making my own decisions. I know
I have a long way to go, but now at least I will have the
needed help to get me there quicker.

W.L.,, 9/20/99
I finally seen the real truth about myself and the real world!

"Your page should bear the Blue Ribbon symbol. Defend our rights
to online free speech by participating in the Blue Ribbon
D.V.,, 3/6/97

Neo-Tech has helped me comprehend the world.

P.V.,, 5/15/01
The time for enrichment is
here. I hank you for this opportunity to study something
of thought and growth. I

J.M.,, 7/15/98
Great.......I want to know more.

"Yes, this site should stay. Any fragment of honesty should be
C.R.,, 4/14/97

T.B.,, 12/19/96
Very thought-provoking-Excellent Web Site!
Please send Me More Information!

C.V.,, 9/19/01
Without a doubt NEO-TECH is a must read! It needs to be studied cautiously because it will shatter your world forcing you to rethink everything, and I mean
everything. When I first received the book I almost threw it away because of the Money, Power, and Romantic Love drawl in but I'm glad that I didn't. This
form of advertising leads one to believe that it is a get rich scheme or something of that nature. To me this is a book of knowledge, understanding, wisdom,
and peace. Every human being on this planet needs to read and study this book, it should be taught in schools (Grammar Schools) and should be written with
that goal in mind using every conceivable analogy possible (simple analogies that everyone can relate too.) I believe this is the most valuabl
e information I ever obtained. Thank You!

Neo-Tech must remain get the message out that there is so much fraud and gain-seekers
who steal individual values from innocent people for their own selfish gain!

P.S.,, 3/25/01
Hi. I'm a 17-year-old high school student. I've
been studying
Neo-Tech and objectivism for a while now, and I've learned
more about life and the reality of the world, things I'll
for real life, than I could ever learn in the public school
(of course). Recently, I've really been noticing just how
the anti-civilization is prevalent in the school system. I
out against it in class and look forward to doing so
my life. Also, thanks to my objective views about love, I've
been in a wonderful relationship with a girl I introduced to
Neo-Tech for the past year. I couldn't even imagine thinking
any way besides logically and objectively now. It feels like
suddenly having blinders taken off and being able to see the
real world as it actually is.

A.M.,, 9/14/00, United Kingdom
Within 'The Book' have I found the missing
puzzles. The powerful
insights that are projected from within are exciting,
and very desirable, I too want to be a God-Man.

C.S.,, 7/5/00
I love the site. Thank you.

C.P.,, 7/18/01
An empowering and powerful book. My dreams are
coming true and
The Book put me on a conscious track towards real civility
creativity, Thanks Carla.

"I am very happy to see good self-improvement info. on the Net. I
am looking forward to reading all you have to offer."
O.S.,, 6/27/97, Essex


"There is a lot of food for thought here. I am always intrigued by
how one can advance in this world, and also help others at the
same time."
D.S.,, 6/13/97

A.J.,, 11/14/98
very advanced and clear thinking.

R.P.,, 7/4/97
"Zonpower controls all existence! Those humanoids who don't
realize this will go on to live unhappy, pitiful, unfullfilling
lives. Wake up society! Your in deep spell of mysticism which is
currently making life hellish on Earth. Producing genuine values
and love for people is what life is all about. We are not here to
serve some mystical higher power. Neo-Tech is doing a great
service and not only should stay on the web but expand their
sites. Zonpower will win out and we can all leave in a happy

S. P.,, 5/29/00, United Kingdom
I have found Neo-Tech to be a complete and
explanation of why happiness is so difficult to achieve in
this anti-civilization.
The answer is for me to totally forget the past and take a
very courageous
leap forward into the future.

P.L.,, 7/31/97, Canada
"-Congratulations to all who have made this possible -Keep up the good work
and Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You
Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank
You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank

This will be high school stuff for people of the future. It
will be basic learning for everyone who chooses

A. P.,, 7/26/00
After reading just a few pages
of the content presented on this site, I find myself
with the Neo-Tech concepts. I look forward to learning this
new technology for the greater
good of myself and family.

"This site is worth more than all the gold and platinum in the
B.R.,, 2/4/97, South Africa

s.o., ., 12/24/00
I have been reading Neo-tech God-Man. I find it
very interesting and enlightening. I read some of the positive and negative
comments about Neo-tech. I really pity those who are so brainwashed
and hateful towards beliefs that do not go along w/ their own. I
was raised Christian, but I totally rejected it yrs. ago. It
is very racist and sexist religion. The power we need is
within ourselves. Face
it people, there is no Jesus or any other being who is going
to come and take away all of the problems of the world. If
it is to be done, we humans will have to do it.

S.S.,, 11/6/98
Neo-Tech comes closer to what we as individuals
should strive to attain for ourselves and our existence than
any religion in existence. Thanks for taking the time to
develop this web site and maintaining it.

"We need Neo-Tech, it is too easy to become stale and vulnerable
in our society of users and abusers. Thanks!"
P.C.,, 4/7/97

S.W.,, 5/24/98
I think your site is really great. Your articles have
changed me a lot.



C.D.,, 8/9/99
Your materials have positively and dramatically
altered my very being. This has corrected the damage our
educational system attempted to corrupt me with,
I can now think, truly think. A marvelous reality awakens.

N.R.,, 2/29/00
I believe in the eventual evolution of man
into GOD.

"This (Neo-Tech) is without a doubt, a most fascinating work.
There is so much to read I could stay on the net for hours and
hours. I must think on all this exiting reality, and then begin
the integration's you mention! Many thanks!"
R.F.,, 1/29/97

S.K,, 8/2/97, India
"I found Neo-Tech most progressive, scientific and educative."

P.H.,, 1/17/00
Neo Tech's presence on the web is such a welcome site, pun
intended. We who Create value for others tend to feel at
times as a single
star in the Universe. Opposition lies around many turns, yet
here we may come together as the ProActive force for deliverance,
evolution, and enlightened thinking that we are all intended
to BE. Love and Light to you all.

this is the right way forward. At least for me. I read and re-read my manuscript often and have owned it for a few years now.

B.V.,, 9/6/98
If the value of the Protocols where all that one found at, that alone would be plenty of reason to continue. Please,
A straight forward explanation such as this can only help those
that have ignored the facts all their lives.

R.A.,, 7/22/99
Great reality oriented philosophy. This site is a great
arms dealer to freedom in the war between freedom and enslavement
of man's mind. I am 18 and believe that with the growing dissemination
of NT and rate of human progress biological immortality is
within reach for this generation.

H.R.,, 12/15/96
I think what you have done is great.
Keep up the good work and I believe that neo-tech
will be the wave of the future.

D.C.,, 2/25/02
Neo-Tech literature has had a profound impact on my life. Neo-tech is must reading for understanding the way of mankind. You guys are a beacon of light.

J.L.,, 2/19/97
I am a student and have found that reading Neo-Tech/Zonpower books
have been beneficial. I still have not completely destroyed all my inner
mysticism, but cannot wait until I do. I also realized how alone I am in my age
group. This does not matter to me, only that I do not understand why others
have not been inspired as I have.

M.M.,, 3/3/00
I love what you are doing keep up the great! WORK

A.B.,, 9/23/01
Neo-tech is the only site on the web that can end the cycle of destruction. I cannot express enough gratitude for what neo-tech has done for me personally.
I acquired neo-tech as a suicidal teenager victim of the anticivilization and turned my life in
the right direction. My thinking has been spurred in a new color direction and I can now see things that nearly everyone around me is not even close to
knowing. Everyone needs neo-tech now more than ever.

P.L.,, 2/16/98, United Kingdom
Thank you for the Web site, it is an extremely valuable
tool. I am caught in
what you call the 'White-Collar Hoax', unable to spend the time
I need to fully digest and incorporate your material into my
life. Visiting the Web site frustrates me, because it shows how
much I still need to learn and don't have the time for; but it
gives me a 'buzz', a feeling of excitement to know that there
really is intelligent and brutally honest life on this planet.
Being able to visit the site now and then gives me a little extra
energy to read just a bit more than I otherwise would. In other
words, your Web site acts as moral support.

C.F.,, 3/4/97

"There is a lot of good information available, I hope you
continue to maintain this web site."
M.P.,, 2/4/97

R.J.,, 1/26/97
This is most likely the best site on the Web! This gives everyone
hope for the future. Thank you for the guts to get the messages out you are

"ZONPOWER/NEO-TECH was the precipitating factor in a major life
improvement for myself and my best friend. Thanks!"
P.C.,, 3/26/97

R.S.,, 12/3/02
Very positive and inspiring work. I received my manuscript about 13 years ago. My life as taken a positive turn ever since then. The faucet of Cash, health
and prosperity never stops flowing.

Gil,, 6/26/00
Dear Mark, The Story is a wonderful story. I
can identify with it because I've taught High School and
resigned after seeing the atrocities.

J.M.,, 5/9/00
I believe this site should stay and expand for
good of man kind, or else the anticivilization might destroy

D.J.,, 10/6/01
Since obtaining The Book I have prospered personally as well as professionally. In addition, I am more attuned to mystical thinking, bluffs, and other's
bicameral need for authority than ever before. Which of course allows me to dismiss these forces and not be controlled by them.

"Excellent piece of information. The information and ideas
expressed in this technology are completely riveting. I
completely understand and firmly believe in these ways!"
F.C.,, 2/19/97

The more I read and weigh comments and attacks
against Neo-Tech the more FIH means to me. Thanks!! It's great to see past
what appears to be to what is.

C.D.,, 9/23/97, Australia
"I am new to the Neo-Tech world, but have heard much testimony to it's power
and ease."

A.K.,, 12/11/96
I recently read an article on your web site which
speaks of how the self evident truths of the world
and existence itself are distorted in an effort to
control the masses. I have always believed this
myself, and would like to hear more about it.

The bottom line is Neo-Tech stands on its own merit as the great value that it is.

"To much good information, very interesting and informative. I
can not wait to read more!"
M.S.,, 1/27/97

K.S.,, 10/15/01
The more I read the more I want to read.

J.M.,, 6/23/00, Australia
An excellent site. There is a lot to learn.

I have been for the past four years been trying to live a Neo-Tech
life. Sometimes successful, and sometimes unsuccessful, but I find the times
that I make it work, life seems to just awaken with a new awareness around
me. I know that I need to work harde r to achieve total honesty and life
will be as if a true awareness of the universe will be at my hands for the
taking. Please Dr Wallace, don't even consider taking this site from me and
the many other's that I know are out there looking for the truth!!

"It's great to know better times will come."
M.H.,, 2/25/97, Germany

"This site must remain on the web. If it were not for Neo-Tech, I
would not be happy, rich, loved, or healthy."
B.P.,, 3/13/97

M.M.,, 1/21/99
Neo-Tech is the most wonderful thing I have
ever laid my eyes on. Thank you Frank Wallace. Job well done!!!

"I believe that Neo-Tech is a totally new idea that will
revolutionize known thought in the world. It is a necessity to
every man wanting to hold dearly a happy life free of worry and
full of pleasure. Without stress, the world becomes much clearer,
and Neo-Tech has the ability to do that."
S.B.,, 4/23/97

A.N.,, 4/18/97
It should be a prerequisite for anyone who wants there dreams to
TRULY become reality.

S.L.,, 12/10/98
I'd like you to know that this seems to be the most valuable
tool for acquiring liberty. I'm a 20 year old high school dropout
who read this literature and found a new sense of hope for mankind
and since I've been applying these techniques my creative thinking
has exploded into new realms.

P.R.,, 10/13/98
Neo-Tech gives such a feeling of future prosperity and success that such
a work of literature, I'm sure will be considered a timeless classic in
the future. Integrated honesty is surely the only way that civilization
will continue to survive.

G.L.,, 5/14/00
I think Neo-Tech is great

eatest frontier of all, 'reality'. I really enjoy soaking up mentally and internally these clear facts here in the neo-tech manuals. May endless fortunes

"I like the idea of freeing myself from the external 'voices' of
government and religion."
S.S.,, 3/26/97

T.T.,, 12/6/99
NEO_TECH is the most EXPLOSIVE information to ever BIG BANG the
Human Mind. It CONTAINS expensive psychological SIGNATURES within
it's LITERATURE that deliver 'the goods' in relation to LIFE
itself! ONE read and MYSTICISM slowly washes away into the NOTHINGNESS
from whence it ORIGINATED. NOTHING can now ever STOP N-T. IT
is a WINDOW that projects only positive LIGHT onto a
screen that has INFINITE scope for the better of Man/Womankind
infinite amount of TIME.

D.B.,, 7/6/98
Neo-Tech promotes the terrifying concepts of honesty, concentrated
effort, and personal responsibility. No wonder it invokes hostility
from individuals desperate to absolve themselves of responsibility
for their own lives. A difficult path you've set forth, but a rewarding

E.R.,, 2/5/97
It would be tragic for every decent individual using the Internet to
lose this site. The information is a treasure trove of powerful, turnkey
information. Where else can a lowly person find information to fix most of
his/her problems? This site continues to inspire. The information is too
powerful to be stopped by any individual or group of individuals.

M.M.,, Canada
Finally, The truth has be laid out for all to see. In exchange for a few
minutes of reading, this article gives everyone the knowledge so sadly missing
in the education systems of the western world. How is it possible that people
could be so misled and repressed from free thinking? What a freeing experience
to allow oneself to be selfish. A Hero. thanks to all involved for sharing
the truth.

P.J.,, 12/25/00
The book was the most nourishing info I've ever
had in my life

polluted with mysticism. Many thanks.

JC,, 5/6/03
I've just started reading Neo-Tech and found so far that the information is
amazing and needed... I believe everybody needs to know about Neo-Tech for the
reason that everyone needs to find inner-peace within themselves and find out who they really are. And I know
that Neo-Tech can do this for all people, so why deny them of this right.

"Thank you for taking the time to create this website. I think it
will open a lot of minds to opportunities in personal growth that
most people aren't exposed to."
N.W.,, 1/20/97

S.S.,, 3/20/97
I just read Neo-Tech/Zonpower. Needless to say, it is not possible to
achieve happiness under today's conditions. Neo-Tech will change that. I am
amazed at the grip the mystics have over individuals. I guess that ignorance
truly is bliss. But not for me. I am looking forward to the day we can get
organized and stand as a united front against our common enemies of the mystics
and the Gov't which oppresses us. If we can get organized, they don't stand a
chance against us. Keep up the fantastic work, and let me know what I can do to

The information on your web page is
every fresh, and is a great read, and also has a relaxing side to it, it
frees up the way we think, and how we do thing's everyday. So please keep
up the good work, not just for me but any one that wants to break free from
this worlds thinking.

J.L.,, America
I think everyone should know about Neo-Tech. The world would
be a better place if everyone practiced fully-integrated honesty.

R.R.,, 4/3/00
I thank the almighty powers of the universe
for you. We absolutely MUST EVOLVE beyond and above the narrow minded
and close minded people of the world who prefer to live in the dark ages.
Modern humankind MUST think for him/her self or become extinct.

H.M.,, 6/3/01
All I can say is WOW. I will dedicate
my life to practicing profound honesty, wide scope
and DTC, to help break up this anti-civilization.

J.J.,, 3/8/00
This is truly phenomenal! I am encouraging
others to visit this website.

F.V.,, 12/20/96
Extremely informative and enlightening!!
A must read for people that need some incentive to become
value producers for themselves and society. Worth the research!!!

Kari O.,, 1/21/00
I find it powerful, overwhelmingly refreshing,
and wonderfully intriguing. It has already impacted my
thought life, and has given me an excitement for living I
haven't had.

Have just finished reading The Book, the mystic blinkers have been removed
from me eyes and mind. I only wish that the angry, insane and unhappy people
on the negative comments section could join us on our productive journey on
this earth. For them this is hell!

M.B.,, 1/22/01, Ireland
This web site is the best thing that could have
happen to me, it opens new doors to my individual awareness.
Thanks to be there.

"Thank you very much for the information that has helped me
identify individuals in my life that have been neocheating me out
of just about everything. Now I have some form of defense and can
start to enjoy my life."
S.H.,, 3/8/97

I can say it has changed my life for the better.

From your literature, i became involved with Ayn Rand. It changed my
whole life for the better.

D.B,, 7/30/97
If honesty and effort are wrong, we live in a strange
world. Expand!!

M.C.,, 7/10/97
"Neo-Tech has great information."

"This web site is great. Great for me to learn valuable
Y.S.,, 2/2/97, Malaysia

I am an original Neo-Tech literature owner and am delighted
to see the literature online and available to the broadest population base
possible. The necessary changes for getting humanity into the non-mystical
Civilization of the Universe are happening at an accelerated rate.

By far, the greatest literature ever written. changed my whole world.

J.S.,, 2/9/98
This is one of the most important discoveries, it will help
human beings become better.

N.S.,, 9/5/99
I have found what I was looking for...

H.J.,, 3/19/02
I have ordered several invaluable Neo-tech books. Each and every one I find new and enlightening information. The tools Neo-tech has compiled, and the
insight into politics, government and religion have changed my views. I appreciate everything Neo-tech h
as offered me. Through Neo-tech and integrated thinking, I will continue to be a value producer and help eliminate the Neo cheaters. Thanks

D.B.,, 9/22/01
Thank you for an outstanding insight to what is really going on that most people have no idea.

AND I'M HUNGRY FOR MORE!!! I want to gratefully thank
Dr. Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and all of the other
powerful and intelligent people who discovered this Cosmic Knowledge.

C.S.,, 12/28/96, England
I stumbled on this site and I am pleasantly surprised at what I have
found; I feel that Neo-Tech has cut through all the cyberspace hype to present
a real look at the future new world order.

M.C.,, 12/17/00
Wallace's books and tapes are a gold mine.
Harvesting the manuscripts and tapes has truly expanded my
honest thought-to-action integrations.

T.K.,, 5/12/02, America
The world needs this type of info and needs to know of true value producing/creating heroes such as Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, John Flint.

I have found what I have been looking for a very long time.

M.M.,, 6/18/97
You provide infinite values for ALL in the world who want to listen
and apply the keys to freedom and happiness. Thank you for reviving and
catalyzing my productivity, self-protection and passion.

P.A.,, 7/26/97
"Finally at my old age, I have found my cane to support my doubts about

J.t.,, 12/18/00
Neo-tech has been one of the most powerful
tools for my growth.

J.T.,, 8/8/01
This goes against everything I was ever taught
by my parents and relatives

G.S.,, 8/12/97, England
"I got the 1990 edition of cosmic Power from my mum recently, she never got
into it because she follows mysticism and all that. But, I'm really into and
have nearly finished. Its amazing, ths site is amazing as well."

Mysticism's demise is imminent

D.K.,, UK
A deep joy to find, it is stimulating, informative, uplifting
and clever.

S.F.,, 2/14/98, United Kingdom
I have found the Neo-Tech information invaluable.

"Your site is Great Great Great!!"
R.B.,, 2/12/97

K.W.,, 3/15/98
I wish this honest material to expand. I read of its world
Wide acceptance in joy. I am afraid, though I persevere wholeheartedly.
My fear is that government(s) shall with all means try to stifle
its progression. We can only do as good as we are allowed to do.
The selfish envy of the dishonest, requires this material to
expand swiftly and expansively to help stop the dishonest people.

C.C.,, 11/22/97, Malaysia
NT books is the best thing that
ever happened to me. At the tender age of 19, I am all go for
Neo-Tech -- for the rest of my life!! I will go all out to fight with
Neo-Tech against the anticivilization of today and tomorrow.
Long Live Neo-Tech!! Down with mysticism and lawyer-like dishonesty!!
Truly great days are coming!!

D.T.,, 1/22/01
Neo-Tech has changed my life greatly, I'm on a
never ending
journey of which I never want to return. Without Neo-Tech I
have remained lost in a world full of confusion and
I have a lot of work to do yet, but I know with D.T.C. I
achieve my goals. I believe that I have taken the red pill
on my way to freedom. Darlene T. (Baby Zon) P.S. I would
like to thank all who made it possible. Mark Hamilton, Frank

G.N.,, 5/16/99, Canada
Stay on line, there is no one else fighting this fight.

I am now on my way to being fully integrated. Iam unleashing my
extremely productive and inventive mind. Goodbye fear, guilt, dishonesties, and
irrationalities. I will be purchasing more material from I&O publishing soon.
I am the happiest I've ever been. I am displaying my productivity and not working
for those that do not agree to my terms to gain from my actions and mind. Thank
you Neo-Tech, stay here forever, for I plan to be here. I do not know where I
would be right now otherwise. Eternal life for F reedom, Prosperity, Wealth,
Productivity, and Love. Eternal life for everything moral and EARNED.

G.N.,, 5/16/99, Canada
Stay on line, there is no one else fighting this fight.

"I found it helpful and interesting. A real asset to the WWW."
T.G.,, 1/27/97

R.E.,, 12/25/96, Australia
This is the most exciting web site I have ever visited. If ever there
was a time that needed the power your organization offers it is now. Thank you
for starting to change my life for the better.

As I read the information, I visualize what is happening all over the world at
this time. Everything now makes sense.

G.O.,, 5/11/99
There are no words to express how wonderful this site is.

'The human organism must experience emotions in order to Psychologically live.
If a person continually diminishes self-awareness or represses emotions, that
person will steadily lessen his or her capacity to feel emotions. To compensate
for that deadening of feelings (thus a deadening of life), that person must take
increasingly stronger measures to feel something until the only feeling left
to feel is pain.' That excerpt is from this website and is quite simply the most
profoundly true statement I have ever read. That is exactly what happened to
me, that nearly killed me, before Neo-Tech saved me. I rationalized destructive
actions through non-real and delusional mysticisms. I wish every one would read
this website front to back, I feel like a kid on christmas morning every time
I come here!

j.a.,, 8/23/01
Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to a broader view
of life, it has made me feel much
better about myself now.

R.S.,, 2/29/00
I got the Neo-Tech literature about 10 years
ago. I read some of it at that time, but I wasn't ready to
receive and use its genius at the time. Recently, I picked
it up and began reading. I am very excited about forging
ahead with my Neo-Tech based life.!

W.M.,, 1/12/99
After reading Conversations With God,
I find the ideas of Neo-Tech even more refreshing and
enlightening. I see a lot of similarities in these two works.
Both Jesus and Walsh gives us the glorious FREEDOM of being God-Man.
Neo-Tech takes a giant leap forward into realization and
practicality. Thank you for this GREAT WORK!

J.H.,, 1/19/00
The Story is the most powerful thing I've read
on this Web site—A big 'Hell Yeah!!'

L.N.,, 11/14/02
I can only hope that more people discover your site and begin to open their eyes.

L.R.,, 9/19/99
After reading 'The Virtue of Selfishness' a few years ago, I
made the commitment to stand behind Objectivism. Now after reading
the 114 advantages and other various pages from within
this web site, I now stand behind Neo-Tech. I am a value producer
and value consumer.

M.I.,, 2/7/97, United Kingdom
If this site was banned or ceased to exist the future would indeed be

I am a changed person after reading the neo-tech books...thank
you all for my, as well as everyone else's, brighter outlook.

Neo-Tech blows me away. All you have to do is stop and pay attention, with an
open-mind and see what is going on in this world. This is great work that has
been done. A service to all human-beings.

D.T.,, 11/4/01
This site 'MUST REMAIN'! ALL Human Beings NEED TO KNOW this exciting reality of HOPE exists within the Planet Earth, in which we reside! BRAVO!!!!! Many
thanks to you and yours for giving of such information, and tools, for 'exciting' insights in developing 'Truth and Honesty' 'within the', civilization of-- all mankind!!!!!! With much appreciation,

In concert with the idea of Neo-Tech becoming a world wide way of living,
the Web page is invaluable.

Neo-Tech has opened my mind up and now I can see people and different situations
for what they really are.

R.F.,, 4/1/99
Thank you seems too humble to express my gratitude. Since reading the
"God man and neo-tech discovery" I feel like a new person, the smoke has
gone from before my eyes. Not only. I also have run up contracts for US$
20 000 thanks to the priceless knowledge within. I am also projecting a
major web project using integrated thinking to outwit the mystics and
neocheaters. This should be on the web later this year; I shall keep you

t and follow the crowd like 'lemmings'.

Anon,, 6/13/02
Neo-Tech is the best I've ever seen!

I love reading 'The Book'. And I love the way that my new
found excitement is changing my life. Live the life your were meant to
live. I think that when everyone is using web tv in their homes, neo-tech
will really take off. All people need is to have the right information
given to them, and they all will make the right choices for their lives.

R.M.,, 12/27/99, Australia
It is important to continually publish Neo-Tech
information for civilization
to progress and for laziness to disappear

J.W.,, 4/1/99
I Believe your site to be the most valuable information that
I have discovered in the 3 years I have been surfing the web.
Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

"Interesting...I will come back often, thank you."
G.B.,, 1/14/97, Greece

"This web site brought about many different ideas to consider
about the international market. I have never looked at expanding
my life beyond the United States. After reading this web site, I
will definitely try to expand my thoughts and business to other
parts of the globe."
N.H.,, 1/7/97

I gained for myself and my family.

G.F.,, 4/16/97
I think this WEB site is helpful and informative. I have already
noticed clearer thinking. I haven't quite mastered the technique of integrated
thinking but I think it is key and want to be able to use it daily. I've
noticed how much mysticism is and has been involved in my life and I'm did I ever get by?

"I am eager to study this so I can achieve integrated honesty."
A.B.,, 2/24/97

I am emotionally integrated with the struggle identified,
accepted, started, and maintained by John Flint and Frank Wallace. And
on that glorious day when we are together on the beaches of the world celebrating
the end of the asshole-civilization (I mean anticivilization) I want to
personally shake the hand, hug, and kiss the man who simply DAY-AFTER-DAY

N.Q.,, 1/27/97
This is by far the best page on the net!!!

S.M.,, 8/24/01, United Kingdom, b90 1SE.
Neo-Tech is the future. Together we can make a
difference, and
with the Neo-Tech philosophy the world would be a better
to live in.

Anon.,, 4/20/98
I have always wondered who sent in these commentaries. And
I just figured out it is all the wonderful people in the world
who have gained tremendous power thanks to the Neo-Tech matrix.
I have never felt so fulfilled to know that there are many other
eagles soaring over the land of anti-civilized chickens. Welcome Zon.

K.M,, 3/11/00
Dear Mark, Happiness is here to stay and your
story made me feel so Great as all your other writings.
PS: I am waiting to cast my vote for our neo President!

B.H.,, 12/17/96, Australia
I have found your site intriguing.
I haven't visited all of the pages yet.
What I have seen certainly attracted my attention.

T.M.,, 9/24/97, Canada
It is this type of readily available information that will help
expedite the collapse of the neocheating infrastructure that exists today and at
the same time open the eyes of those innocents that have been the real victims.

S.B.,, 1/20/00
A very informative web site. Information and truths you don't
find in everyday news sources. Please keep up the good work!
With folks like you, maybe we can get our country back into
the hands of the people and out of the hands of the bureaucrats.

mysticism life of reality... Life is Wonderful 'Death To Mysticism'

M.R.,, 3/25/97, Canada
In my search for truth, I have found that Neo-Tech has given me a
feeling that there is hope.

"Very interesting. I could easily spend hours jumping around
reading the material you have made available. Thanks."
S.M.,, 2/2/97

D.C., nv.ux, 3/14/97
This truth is needed!!!!!

You've made it obvious that to grow as a race that we have to see through
primitive worship and false illusions, I have been more fulfilled by what
I've read on this web site than any other text. Finally a step into the furthering
of mankind.

NEO-TECH is one of the most dynamic
web sites I've ever had the privilege to visit.
Neo-Tech is great! It has become apparent
that everything I was taught is total mysticism, and I am moving in the direction
to becoming a Neo-Tech man.

R.K.,, 5/4/99, United Kingdom
I can say that your site has encouraged me to
look at the world in fresh and positive ways.

"It's so strange... And is a great thing in the world of bytes
and common problems. I like it."
D.B.,, 1/13/97, Russia