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Feedback Comments From Jan 1997-May 2003
Below, 500 Random Testimonials From 1997-2003
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thank you.

G.W.,, 8/28/99, Ireland
Good information -- maybe the best I've seen.

M.T.,, 10/5/97
"I think Neo-Tech is great! I am confident that these ideas will prevail in
the future. I find that battling mysticism and self defeating behavior in
myself more challenging and the ultimate battle is against myself more than
neocheaters. One thing is for sure: Now I can spot a neocheater and refuse
to give any value to these shitbags "

caf,, 4/2/00
As I was reading a book on Dr. Laura it
occurred to me that she almost was a real life Ms.
Annabelle. She was socially not integrated, when she was
teaching she lived for her students, she even taped her sessions with a client, feeling
that the client would get more out of it by listening to the tapes. She explored science and was a
loner. On and on. The book is by Vickie Banes. Dr. Laura it appears is Neo-Tech. What do you

Stephanie G.,, 6/1/98
'Atlas Shrugged' has been instrumental in forming, or should
I say, re-forming my attitudes and thoughts about work and capitalism.
I am interested in seeing her concepts pushed further as in Neo-Tech.

B.I.,, 6/16/02, United Kingdom.
If neo-tech is to be successful in re-educating the world populace for the good of mankind, then the importance of retaining Neo-tech on the web cannot be

I love the Neo-Tech Discovery, I never knew something like this
existed. I have always searched for a higher conscientious and I have found
it with Neo-Tech. I am digging into it more and more each day. I love the
fact that you are on the Internet, I just cannot stay from it. I find it
so informative. I dream about, I dream myself as a super-person, a person
that has all the right qualities, a Zon. The is knowledge that the world

R.S.,, 3/18/03
Neo-tech rocks.

"I have only just started to look at your web site, but I like
what I have seen so far."
D.O.,, 6/8/97, England

M.T.,, 2/6/97
This site is very inspirational. I use it in my personal

B.L.,, 5/1/97, Canada
It's important that people who are looking to
make positive changes in their lives, are able to
access this information and become de-mystified.

J.S.,, 10/13/98
There's so much here about who's behind the power
structures that are 'neo-cheating' us.

"Thank you for taking the time to create this website. I think it
will open a lot of minds to opportunities in personal growth that
most people aren't exposed to."
N.W.,, 1/20/97

whatever happens, don't go away, WE ALL NEED YOU.

T.L.,, 4/29/97

E.L.,, 8/31/98
Neo-Tech has changed my way of thinking. Dr. Wallace has
done a great job!

F.T.,, 11/13/97
I cannot begin to explain the help Neo-Tech has brought to my
life. I was forever trapped in the inevitable demise of my existence
with my mystical beliefs. YES! The
world, as we now know it, is doomed without the knowledge contained
on these web pages. This is the greatest vehicle to the resurrection
of mankind. I, for one, owe my life to the valuable information

H.B.,, 5/29/98
You give a lot of good information to people.

R.M.,, 2/8/01
The most powerful discovery in history.

T.D.,, 11/13/99
I find your web site fascinating. This information should be
available to all. Those that continue to attack and
criticize this work are only afraid of truth--refusing to go beyond
their limited thinking.

F.H.,, 4/29/02
Why should something so helpful (Neo-Tech) be taken away from those who want to impact positive change within the world today?

M.J.,, 3/7/00
Many sincere wonderful words have been told
about The Story by others. I am not going to repeat them.
Instead of words, you have my standing ovation.
The Story is written by you, a man who once spoke
a few words to me personally.
That recollection gives me a lot of satisfaction.

H.G.,, 8/14/98, Sweden
Well worth reading

J.W.,, 5/9/00
Wow, I kinda regret looking at the negative
comments section.
That is one SH*t load of pissed off mystics. Too bad they're
to die without ever realizing their full integrative
They seem very concerned with enacting curses and violence
us, but nonetheless, that is the only weapon of the mystic.
I hope this is as amusing to you and again, thank you for
my life. I am a former Catholic and Reborn Christian, never
will mysticism have power over me. Those guys seem to be
their own dogma as they curse and damn us. The CU will be

"This is an extremely valuable site. I fervently hope that it
remains on the Web ...the world desperately needs this
S.B.,, 2/5/97

D.K.,, 9/6/01
Neo-Tech information
and the way it's communicated is so profoundly pro-life,
pro-consciousness, pro-values, pro-reality, I simply can't get enough of it.
And it's so easy to read. Every sentence and every word is so
exciting, it just draws me in while an excitement builds within to
where I don't want to stop reading. Neo-Tech is showing me the way to a far far better life than anything else out there.Actually everything else out there
seems so irrational and archaic.
Neo-Tech is giving me the intellectual and emotional fuel to live a Neo-Tech life.

"I am using Neo-tech every day in every way. Thank you for keeping
this knowledge alive and please continue making it accessible to
as many people as possible."
P.P.,, 6/28/97, Malaysia

Robert,, 6/7/00, U.S.
I find the information very informative and

R.A.,, 5/29/01
Neo-Tech is about to go exponential.


The worlds most valuable information is contained in part on
the web. Without the Neo-Tech discoveries, the god-man capabilities, ( that
exist in us all), will for the most part, just fall to the side, never being
discovered by the masses that need the ex posure the most.

we-it,, 6/28/01
I thank you for the beauty and courage of
speaking the truth.

R.K.,, 6/19/00
The 'story' seems to reflect some very
misunderstood notions regarding every day life as we live
it. The understanding ofthese differences could lead many to
a new existence in their life. Very interesting and

C.P.,, 11/27/99
Thank you for Neo-Tech. I hope that everyone on
earth can become educated and become Zons.

After 18 years of being deeply thrust (parents, family)
into mysticism, reading through THE BOOK has allowed the deceptive, irrational
nonrealities of religion to be exposed for all of the destruction it
has slowly caused in my life. Giving over control o f one's thought processes,
decisions, etc, to outside authorities can (did) lead only towards a
mushy, nonassertive, slave-like existence. Neo-Tech is allowing my mind
to see the true reality of my existence through the long-standing fog
of mysticism and the undiscovered/hidden daily practices of value destroyers
and neo-cheaters. Currently, Neo-Tech is at work in my life as I build
and assemble the puzzle pieces together for my own business mind . .
. mystic-free and powerful.

d.j.,, 1/1/03, Ghana
The best eye opener literature for our generation

A.K.,, 3/21/97
Just reading a few pages here has set me to thinking and planning,
but no longer dreaming!

K.H.,, 7/5/97, New Zealand
"Thanks for changing my life its priceless."

"I just finished reading the book Zonpower, and I find the idea
of a totally free and rational society intoxicating. I look
forward to learning more about Neo-Tech, and thank you for
helping me to unleash more of my potential through Zonpower."
J.C.,, 12/23/96

Anon.,, 9/25/98
This is a really good site. Reading one
of the 'literatures' helped me in realizing my problem.

"The Web is for the access to information, it's a natural 'home'
for Neo-Tech."
D.B.,, 3/9/97, Canada

Neo-Tech, has the potential to be the source of a revolution for improvement
of the human condition!

I think this is great site with very important and positive
issues. Very motivating, I've learned plenty from each topic.

C.W.,, 6/19/01, Australia
Neo-Tech is the only way to achieve happiness.
It's hard work
but worth it. The alternative is now unthinkable. Been there
done that. From the words of Bruce Lee: 'Take what works and
reject what doesn't' Neo-Tech Works! I cannot imagine my
without the knowledge that I have gained through reading the
Neo-tech literature.. See you at the C of U.

im off and anticipate his next move with unbelievable accuracy. I am currently 40 years old with no college at all. I am convinced beyond any reasonable

D.B.,, 4/21/01
I love this book (The Story). I just finished reading through for the second time. I find it interesting how it seems to be a lot like a good movie seen over again. Keep up the good work, I am inspired again.

"It is rare to see anything this informative, here on the Web, or
any place else."
D.C.,, 4/1/97, Canada

D.P.,, 6/7/02, England
I am elated to have put before me, the opportunity to change my whole way of life. To me, it gives an explanation as to how past intelligent human
civilization perished leaving unanswered questions as to their demise. It proves to me that without the bicameral oppression, civilisations would be so incredibly advanced at today's date. Neocheaters have robbed us of such value. I am thrilled at some of the
advancements during my lifetime but to think that these achievements could have been founded thousands
of years ago makes one very bitter towards the likes of Plato. Here's to the future of mankind Cheers!

D.M.,, 4/15/97
To the day I die (which will be never!) I will be asking
myself why I fell for the mysticism.

Q.P.,, 5/24/99
The information given is very fascinating to read, probably
more than any other book I have read. Expand it in whatever
way possible.

Robbin, L.C.,,
The book is full of useful information

Love your outlook, nothing that I've ever read made any sense until
Zonpower came along. I will be a soldier for your cause.

c. s.,,
The change into god-man is a hard one, but achievable.

g. j.,, u.s.
Great book

I have discovered honesty on this site.

Thank you for showing me the way, to the Civilization of the Universe.

Paddy,, scotland
Excellent, your advantages are very enlightening, I'm glad my two sons
will be able to read this and it will definitely help me to empower
them to be all they can. Cheers

Congratulations! The intelligent guiding hand. I admire your website.
Good self-liberating material. Every man and woman has sole claim to
his or her life and every person has sole claim to his or her labor
and the fruits of his or her labor.

Please keep neo-tech on the web. Without the stance that neo-tech gives
the everyday person, and the geniuses of this world, our world will
fall into the hands of the parasitical elites who work so hard to protect
their lazy and dishonest lives.

Great information!

B.H.,, Australia
You are teaching information that I don't see taught elsewhere. Who
else will do the job if you don't remain on the web?

I truly feel that Neo-Tech is perfect.

I've been having a lot of changes since I read this big book I ordered
from Neo-tech, years ago. It promoted a different mode of thinking
that has benefited me greatly.

C.I.,, United Kingdom
Most copywriters would tell you that content is king. If that's so
then Neo-Tech certainly is the King of all websites. No other site
comes even remotely close for delivering such fantastic values - and
for free! is my homepage and will alway s remain so.

The Greatest Kept Secret!!!

I have often wondered what motivates anyone to want to be employed
by the IRS. Is life so tough and their talents so meager they must
resort to harassing fellow Americans just to make a living?

I found your site very stimulating. It is pleasing to find a website
with view/opinions and the proper resources to support such statements.
Keep up the good Work.

Great reading

I love and adore your site.' You say things in powerful way.

Dr.W.N.,, Germany

John D H Eatwell,,
Simply Realistic. I Now Spy With My Little Eye All The Cheats. Love
To Talk To Anyone In Christchurch New Zealand. Frank Wallace & Mark
Hamilton You Are Truly Genius Thank You Forever John

M.I.,, U.S.A
Almost a year ago I purchased THE BOOK(GOD-MAN/NEO-TECH DISCOVERY),after
reading it I found the missing piece of my puzzle, that: the conscious-being
is the highest form of life that there is! And there is no god or higher
power that controls us! Thanks t o all of you, that gave me my clarity!

Neo - Tech is the most valuable information in the universe. Every man woman
and child needs Neo-Tech. After 9/11 it is apparent that without it we will
all perish in a mystical nuclear annihilation. We have to discount the ridiculous
political solutions being offered. The office of homeland security will just
add strength to the INS paranoid delusions. All the undocumented aliens need
Neo-Tech as does the office of Homeland Security. All will benefit and start
producing values for others and stop playing cat and mouse games.

K.P.,, US of America
Neo-Tech should be visible in this great medium so that others, like myself,
can live free of Neo-Cheaters.

BbQ,, Philippines
Great piece of information! I recommend it to kindred thinkers of our society
today! It changed my entire outlook in life! No longer i'll be drained by
people indulging in parasitical mysticism. We must spread neo-tech into the
far-ends of the earth. Kudo s to objectivity and rationality!

S.W.,, australia

This information and knowledge should be taught at school. The only real
guide to life and reality ever constructed. I have grown and changed greatly
by applying these advantages. I am awaiting the arrival of Biological Immortality,
which will only come a bout through Neo-Tech.

G.A.,, 6/8/97
I was looking for a great page like this one for long time.

D.W.,, 7/11/98
I have an atheist/agnostic web site in which I provide a link
to This is the best way for me to introduce people
to rational thinking. I chat in atheist chat rooms. Many mystics
come in to challenge my resolve. I direct someone to my site
almost daily. I'm not making any money from it, but I feel the
value of exposing people to the Neo-Tech concepts will have positive
long term consequences. I am a part of the discussion group too.
The internet is the best way for me to introduce people to Neo-Tech.

J.B.,, 3/18/97
Wonderfully enlightening.

J.B.,, 2/24/97
I think your ideas are great and more people should
be informed of what Neo-Tech is about.

D.S.,, 3/8/97
Has potential to free individuals from government, corporate,
and any other form of slavery.

M. L. Schmidt,,
It is the most realistic information that I have read in my life.

S.M.,, 2/27/00
Very valuable.

W.H.,, 3/14/97
Keep filling the net with your information. It has helped me discover
the REAL ME that everyone told me not to listen to. Thank you for this site.

G.H.,, 2/10/98
Very dramatic writing and powerful thoughts.

"This is a great site with a vast assortment of ideas."
B.W.,, 2/1/97

R. S.,, 3/15/03
The depth of Wallace's scholarship is amazing and impressive.

"There is certainly a great deal of good information conveyed
here, information that can do good for the individual. I intend
not only to read, but also to work with the material on the
D.C.,, 2/4/97

R.L.,, 1/2/98
Your site is fantastic.

A.N.,, 4/18/97
It should be a prerequisite for anyone who wants there dreams to
TRULY become reality.

M.K.,, 8/27/97
"Zon is where its at."

D.B,, 7/30/97
If honesty and effort are wrong, we live in a strange
world. Expand!!

G.H.,, Canada

D.T.,, 10/21/98
Wow, I really can't begin to point out all the errors in facts
and logic. For example, Darwinism has long been held the“scientific'
explanation of man's existence. However, as pointed out in Behe's
'Darwin's Black Box' research at the cellular level indicates
'intelligent design.' Nowhere in ANY of the scientific cellular
research is there a valid mention of evolution from the cellular
perspective. This is because cell operations are like a mouse
trap—that is to say, each of the dozens of cellularprocesses
are irreducible (not reducible to simpler functions and unable
to depend on the prior function of another structure within the
cell ). Like a mouse trap that cannot work with one part malfunctioned,
the cell fails if just one thing is faulty. Since such cells cannot
just happen, or evolve with such a complicated design (Darwinism
weeds out structures evolving with a purpose to supply an as
yet non-existent structure—thus not even Darwinism wouldsupport
the “evolution' of a cell), it must be created. I have not found
this addressed anywhere in the Neo-Tech data—and facts are,after
all, the alleged backbone of your position. Another example of
faulty facts: While it is true no evidence exist regarding the
visitation of UFOs, your reasoning regarding the existence of
life elsewhere is flawed. Consider if you will the following
information (Of approximately 100 billion stars (10 to the 11th
power) in our galaxy, 1/10th may support a planet. Of those 10
billion stars, perhaps one of a hundred would contain a planet
in an orbit conducive for life. Of these 100 million stars (10
to the 8th power), about 1/10th should be considered reasonable
candidates for supporting planets with life. Perhaps 1/10th of
these 10 million (10 to the 7th power) stars have already developed
life. The improbability of seeing evidence of life from these
one million stars (10 to the 6th power) is due to the size of
our galaxy and the development of any of those planets. Our galaxy
has a volume of about 10 to the 14 power cubic light-years (a
light year is the distance light travels in one year at 186,000
miles per second—about 6 trillion miles). On average each of
the million stars has 10 to the 14th power divided by 10 to the
8th power cubic light-years of volume for itself (meaning 10
to the 8th power cubic light-years of volume for each star assumed
to support life). The cube root of 10 to the 8th power is approximately
500, meaning the distance between any one of the galaxy's life-supporting
stars and its closest neighbor would be 500 light years. Further,
any possible civilizations are bound to be scattered in time,
coming into existence and then dying out. Even if advanced life
forms lived for 100 million years (the time from early mammals
to a possible twentieth-century nuclear holocaust), these life
forms spread uniformly over the 12—15 billion-year historyof
our galaxy would result in fewer than 10,000 stars in our galaxy
supporting advanced life at any one time. Thus the distance between
neighbors would jump to more than 2,000 light-years (paraphrased
from John Allen Paulos, Innumeracy, Vintage Books, 1990, pp.
80—82). Adding to this is the concept of E= MC2, whichrequires
any speed of light ship to have an energy (E) equal to it's mass
(M) which must remain constant (C), the output of which is Squared
(2). In other words, to even travel at the speed of light requires
an unlimited source of power that never diminishes and is double
that of the mass and energy of the ship (which is why sunlight
travel at the speed of light—it's mass is equal to it'senergy
because it has no mass). Certainly, one can postulate all forms
of alternate space travel—but we are dealing with facts no imaged
possibilities (so forget about the science fiction computer into
which a number of space faring civilizations would be tied).
While Neo-Tech's understanding of theology is equally dismaying,
the factual content alone suffices to invalidate the information
presented. One final observation: If indeed the source data is
an 1872 publication translating a manuscript of some 2,300 years
of age which was found in a “Nevada ghost town-like library'
(per sales literature received in mail) how is it the manuscript
knows of our modern science? If the manuscript does not mention
the modern data which Neo-Tech addresses, then the Neo-Tech information
must originate—in part or all—from the mind of someone whhas
incorrectly represented the origins of these concepts. Of course,
either way it fails to hold up under scrutiny. As to Neo-Tech's
place on the web... Well, if it wasn't here, that would be one
less source of incomplete reasoning. As it is here, one can only
hope your avg. Joe knows to do a little research before swallowing
the hook, line and sinker.

Anon.,, 7/6/98
Let this web expression stay online it provokes thought.
Humans get too complacent....they don't think.

"Thank you for sending a message via the Internet to a person who
thought for a brief time that he lived on an island of
rationality in a sea of mysticism. But now I see other islands
and I am helping to create other islands in my community and
personal life."
S.R.,, 1/26/97

O.H.,, 6/21/97, Netherlands
Very informative site.

"Wallace's books are not just as a system of living but a system
to prosper and grow by!"
V.M.,, 2/14/97

B.B.,, 3/5/00
Believe it or not, a patent search did come up
with Patent#4666425 and it's title is:
'Device for perfusing an animal head'
which can be tied to a book called 'If we can keep a severed
head alive...' about lopping off a head and
keeping it mechanically alive. It's from the late 80's.

"I thought it was excellent. It taught me things about using the
mind that I never thought possible. I am eager to learn more."
D.Y.,, 1/11/97, Canada

Y.S.,, 11/27/98, Indonesia
I like to visit this site to follow progress in Neo-Tech
concept and to gain ever more complete understanding. I am
practically on myself here, as the others are still wallowing in the
upside down civilization. They are frightened each time I try to
introduce them to Neo-Tech.

N.A.,, 5/7/97
The neocheating information is VERY useful and interesting.

R.M.,, 9/29/97
NEO-TECH is REALITY. I only hope that one day people can see the
world as it truly is and take FULL responsibility for their actions.

Dir sirs, I have never written you before. I have spent the last
year studying neo-tech and integrating the psychuous concepts into
my thought pattern and not a day goes by that I'm am not amazed at
how powerfully and wonderfully neo-tech has changed my o utlook on
life. I use the word 'changed' reluctantly because I do not feel
that neo-tech has altered my thinking pattern as much as it has freed
my mind from the unrelenting dishonesties of this anticivilization,
allowing me to return to that beautifully vivid state of mind of
my early childhood that I can hardly recall now. I am so happy now
at the freedom and peacefulness I now feel, more free than I've ever
felt in my life. I am now empowered to carve my own destiny in life
and each day I find more str ength to resist and overpower all neo-cheaters
and their mystical deceptions. I cannot watch the evening news without
being filled with disgust at the lies I was powerless to perceive
previous to neo-tech. I am writing to say thank you. Thank you all
so very much for helping me become truly free for the first time
ever in my life.

F.S.,, 3/21/00
Dear friends, your are doing an amazing job.

"I think you will change humanity. I have been telling all the
people I know with access to the NET about your site."
C.G.,, 2/10/97

D.D.,, 11/4/01
I have two of 'The BOOKS' excellent materials to gain romantic love, wealth & prosperity on this earth!

D.D.,, 5/25/97
This is the most incredible thing I know about. Neo-Tech blew me
away. I always new that somewhere in honesty was POWER....

K.K.,, 2/3/97
It drastically changed the way I think about things.
Keep up the brave work.

M.G.,, 1/9/98, Australia
Neo-Tech is the most powerful system of honesty I have ever
seen. Its great to see there are people in the world who think
with pure honesty.

J.M.,, 4/13/97
Keep up the good job, because if you don't we are doomed.

M.C.,, 12/10/96
This is a real eye opener! The story of 'Hills Folly' and
the railroad fraud caused by congress shows the beginnings of something
that is much larger and uglier now. Is there a way out? How do we control an
animal that is bigger than it's owner?

"Professional and Intriguing."
S.S.,, 1/21/97

C.B.,, 10/27/97, Canada
I think that this is the best thing that has ever happened to
the web. Keep up the mysticism cleansing!!!

j.k.,, 5/8/01
I'm a 44 year old man with a B.A. in
economics, yet I feel I've
learned more from your web site, than in 16 years of public
schooling. I feel as though I am
taking a graduate course in life studies. Please continue!

A.L.,, 10/24/98
your twist is very interesting, but I would like to read more
on what I personally can do to become more real.

L.N.,, 11/15/97
Unusual but brilliant insights in many
areas including your concept of neocheating, how to handle a
job (treating it as a mini company), how CEOs should stick to
running their businesses, IRS abuses, biological immortality
(overdue for serious discussion), discussion of the bicameral
mind (Julian Jaynes)-- never heard this one before!, the splintering
of businesses into small but viable economic entities run by
individuals empowered by high tech, ideas on the creation of
the universe (created by a person -- not so far out if you extrapolate
the exponential growth of technology over millions of years !)....
keep it going.

"This is without a doubt the most important web site on the
Internet. The information and knowledge I receive from this site
and the other NEO-TECH books I have read has changed my life. I
now foresee a very bright future. Thank You."
C.C.,, 12/23/96

Lance,, 10/15/01
Hello Mark, The Story was fabulous, it should be read by everyone. This new approach to explaining Neo Tech through fiction is a great concept, it cuts
through to the essence of what Neo Tech is trying to accomplish. Also, if it is really Mark reading this email, I am very interested in joining the fight.
What do I need to do to start my own Church of God-Man. I have a lot of past success in start up operations and I'm sick of reading literature, I want to
take action. I live in the Seattle area and want to be apart of your team, what can I do? We are on the brink of jumping to the next evolution, I believe
now is the time. Lance
P.S. Where can I get more Neo-Tech products, I haven't seen the Neo-Tech Marketplace in a long time. I want to be able to purchase more products?

at my life their are two chapters, before Neo Tech and after Neo Tech.

E.G.,, 3/13/00, Australia
Neo-Tech is the most important philosophy written.

It is by far the greatest book I have ever came across. How
could reality have slipped us by? I can't believe the clarity! I'm teaching
my parents (Christians) the right way to live, no one knows how to just be
without the guilt, fear and shame of being man anymore, they look around
them and see someone else's creation, someone else's "plan" while they march
to whomever's beat. Is this why they brought me into this world, to defeat
my purpose and suppress my will? Well this book has put it all into perspective
for me, I'm very grateful to be alive and breathing! I owe a lot of my success
to the book in every aspect of my life the book has really shaped me into
being who I was destined to be and not falling victim to my environment.

B.C.,, 8/9/02
I find your work very self-empowering and beautiful, and reading the negative comments page is quite a humorous experience.

A.J. Verolme,, 11/29/01, The Netherlands
Dear Zon, Your website is essential for mankind.

"This web site is needed to help all people receive a chance at
changing their lives, without Neo-Tech we are all just empty
beings, but with it we can bring down all neocheaters and are
masters of our own lives for a change. This web page has to stay
because it will continue to grow and teach people the truth, it
has to stay for the sake of all human beings who want something
more out of life!"
E.A.,, 5/25/97, Canada

M.O.,, 9/12/00, Germany
I love reading everything about neo-tech.

"Please stay on the web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
R.W.,, 5/29/97

A.L.,, 7/27/98
An infinite array of values for the mortals on this planet.

Jeremy,, 5/12/00
Neo-Tech's Cosmic Business control is the book
that made me a
Believer. As a young businessman I got started with all good
intentions but failed because I didn't follow the principles
in this book. The ONLY way to succeed in business is to
the principles in this book because without it you are just
playing in
business and will never succeed. The logic in this system
can not be denied!
It's time for people to wake up and get their minds back on
Thanks to Neo-Tech I'm back on track!

B.Z.,, 1/15/98
I'm only a 21 year old Psych student but see the future as
described by Neo-Tech.

L.D.,, 10/26/99
Neo-Tech will help open the eyes of all those deceived and
will lead us to create a better quality of life for mankind.
Does humanity need to be destroyed to understand that
we need to grow up and take responsibility
for our own lives?

J.G.,, 7/27/00
Life has been very gruel and unfair for many
because of value strippers,
deceivers, liars and those do-gooders which do NO good what
ever. What I read so far is a hope for more of a good thing
mere wishing for one.

Dianne B.,, 4/29/98, Canada
Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful concept.
I am anxious to learn more.

G.G.,, 1/28/00
Let's say goodbye to the bicameral mind once and for all!

"Very impressive! Glad to see someone thinking."
B.G.,, 5/18/97

"I discovered an article on ZON. Amazing! Recently I have been
working on an Invention of such a magnitude that present
technology is unable to support it. Or is it? You're articles
convinced me to learn more."
R.D.,, 3/2/97

C.A.,, 2/3/03
It has changed my life for the better. And it has helped me build a successful life.

exactly what happened to me, that nearly killed me, before
saved me. I rationalized destructive actions through
and delusional mysticisms. I wish every one would read this
front to back, I feel like a kid on christmas morning every
I come here!

Maribel G.
I am a mother of two, my children ages
9 and 12 are great children. I am have been teaching them about Neo-Tech
and most of all to be honest individuals. I opened a business in New York
called Neo-Buyer and I plan to make it a success, there is no stopping me.
Something negative happened and I thought it was going to make me fall. But
by being an honest individual, and with all the knowledge that I have learned
from Neo-Tech, I found I am becoming stronger and unstoppable. Dr. Wallace
you cannot imagine how grateful I am that I read your books. The good thing
about being a Neo-Tech woman is that I have control of myself and surroundings.
I respect myself and other people, but I do not interfere with other people’s
choices. Thanks once again Neo-Tech will never perish.

F.M.,, 10/12/97
"I have recommended Neo-Tech to many people and the web site makes it easy
to refer other people to this valuable resource."

gabriel,, 10/3/02
I knew all along that there had to be an explanation to why so many bad things happen to so many good hearted people on this planet,, now I have a goal for
this life.. To let as many people as I can know the truth..

R.J.,, 4/15/98
It is good to see that there are other people in the world who are opening their eyes.

B.M.,, 4/18/01
We all need to make sure Frank R. Wallace
becomes the next President in 2004. P.S. Everyone that is
'hating' and saying bad things about Neo-Tech will soon believe as
the anticivilization and mysticism is soon dying away.

Andy,, 2/6/02
The Story is Absolutely brilliant, when can we expect to see the film.

K.A.,, 7/10/02
Great website-just discovered it. Keep up the great work!!

B.A.,, 7/27/00
'The answer to the question I've been asking
for years.
Neo-Tech is simply a light which exposes, at last, the
demons of which
we ourselves create and nullifies the illusions which
are. Thank you all at Neo-Tech for showing me that the key
to the chain is that the chain doesn't exist.

"The site is too valuable to be taken off the web."
F.T.,, 2/22/97, Australia

"It was great reading the information about Neo-Tech."
E.S.,, 2/17/97, Germany

J.L.,, 7/18/98

"I am very, very interested and intrigued by what I have been
reading at this web location."
R.C.,, 1/11/97

"I like the idea of freeing myself from the external 'voices' of
government and religion."
S.S.,, 3/26/97

"Neo-Tech is needed by all...."
D.E.,, 4/1/97, England

D.W.,, 10/21/97
"Very Impressive!! Stumbled upon your site by accident. but what a gracious
accident. Myself and my friend, read so much so fast, it was a bit
exhilarating. We are still absorbing the input. The search for truth takes
one to mysterious places, even in the ether. One cannot deny REALITY.
Reality is TRUTH, and that TRUTH cannot be false. NEO-TECH impresses me as
fundamental truth, common sense, and logic. And my eyes were open wide the
whole time I was here. Bravo! Thanks.."

Yasmin E.,, 7/21/98, United Arab Emirates
I choose Neo-Tech to be on the web site. It is a must and a
necessity to fight the value destroyers and protect the innocent value
producers. Only the Neo-Tech web site helped me survive / live better.

Neo-Tech literature has had a profound impact on my life. Neo-tech
is must reading for understanding the way of mankind. You guys are
a beacon of light.

B.M.,, 5/22/02
It has taught me a new way of life. If everyone in this world read these books, it would be a better place to live.

R.W.,, 3/18/02
I think it would be a crime for this site to close down. Are there nay sayers about Neo-Tech? Sure. I first read Neo-Tech a few years back, and although I
didn't apply every single Neo-Tech point to my life, I knew at it's very core, Neo-Tech was correct.
I'm still struggling, but I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's myself holding me back and not some outside influence. Thank you Neo-Tech and Dr.

Jose "MadMex" Gonzalez,, 5/21/01

December 1998

T.M.,,8/25/00, Canada
I have learned to question all of my past
beliefs. Thank you
very much.

"Thanks again for your awesome information and exalted quest."
K.J.,, 6/6/97

N.R.,, 3/22/00
I've just read The Story and I've enjoyed it very much.
Nevertheless, I wish it were available in a low-cost,
small-size edition, so that it could be bought and
offered to friends. Thanks very much for your integrated masterpiece,

"I am finding this most interesting"
P.T.,, 1/13/97

J.S.,, 6/24/97
`Fascinating!!!' as Spock would say. I feel like I found a gold mine.
I look forward to reading more to find out who put all this wisdom together. I
love the vocabulary and perspective on this web page.

MT,, 4/13/03
Neo-Tech is the greatest book ever written. It has completely changed my

it...and then I studied it in depth....and I started reading Ayn Rand..........This has been the
biggest change in my life since I took LSD......... Everything, changed.

"I am very interested in learning more."
T.S.,, 5/8/97

It has changed my life for the better. And it has helped me build
a successful life.

R W Siler,, 12/19/00
Fantastic website. More exciting every time I
visit. Keep up
the great work.

It's the manual for living.

R.S.,, 4/19/01
Information provided by Neo-Tech is the most
valuable to date I've found.

"I like your ideas and am very much interested."
V.T.,, 2/14/97, Kuwait

M.R.,, 3/25/97, Canada
In my search for truth, I have found that Neo-Tech has given me a
feeling that there is hope.

U.F.,, 3/13/00
Neo-Tech, to me is the only way to go, it
promotes individual freedom.

J.G.,, 7/24/98
Beautiful. A magnificent work.

The ability to think without the clutter of the anti-civilization
is an asset sorely needed today, it is needed by people like myself who
seek to create new and exciting paradigms to create value in the world

K.L.,, 5/10/98
Dear Neo-Tech, I think your publications are rooted in
honesty and should be required reading in all grade schools. The
information offers hope and fulfillment to those enlightened enough to
ascribe to those principles as set forth in the many treasured Neo-Tech
manuals. Your writings are of a lost art and need to be resurfaced,
so as the masses once again may regain control of their own lives;
and so each human being can live life to it's infinite capacity while
enjoying the effects of the Natural Laws that were originally
intended for Mankind to live and work by. You're writings are
based on unbending Universal truths (honesty) that are absolute
in content and has the complete support of science. Personally,
I am very grateful to all of the Neo-Tech staff who are guided
by their own individualism to create such masterpieces of literature
for the distribution to all honest-seekers. Thank you
for your guiding support. I wish all at Neo-Tech the prosperous
and fruitful offerings of the Universe. Infinitely Grateful.

M.S.,, 12/2/00
Through this web site, people can finally find
the truth.

V.T.,, 2/14/97, Kuwait

E.M.,, 5/28/99, England
I think it is essential that Neo-Tech remain on the Web

J.A.,, 6/4/97
I found this web site very interesting and informative. I have
already told my friends to read this web site.

You have predicted that the dictators will be falling
down. We are seeing that in PERU.

"Well well well, someone has finally got it right!!!! Neo-Tech is
definitely the way of the future, this site should be available
to everyone. I am going to make a link to it on my home page!!!
thank you."
S.S.,, 3/10/97, Australia

"This is a definite source of self-empowerment."
R.M.,, 3/19/97

At first I was skeptical but decided to buy your information anyways.
Let me tell you, it was the best decision that I could have made.
YOU ARE THE MAN! There is absolutely everything one needs to know
to succeed in life from you books. I have since purch ased books
by Eric Savage and Mark Hamilton also. I am only 20 now and since
I have read your material I have avoided fights with my girlfriend,
and helped develop a future business for myself.. I am very happy
and excited with this material. Keep it up a nd Spread the word!

"Apart from free speech, why should this site be banned? Because
it stirs people to thought and to contemplate their existence and
likely futures? Hmmmmm. Sounds like a good use for Internet."
R.A.,, 2/4/97

M.C.,, 1/4/98
I am impressed.

"I find Neo-Tech amazing and interesting."
J.R.,, 6/9/97, Mexico

J.M.,, 4/27/97
This web site is fascinating. I hope it stays up so more people can
come in out of the darkness.

"Great Web site... I especially find the topic search
capabilities very useful."
S.N.,, 4/21/97

I have profited from these products for a few years now and would
consider this site closing down a great loss to society , this is a doorway to
a better life and its absence would be an opportunity missed for many .

Everybody need your site. The information is of the utmost

D.F.,, 10/21/97
"powerfully entertaining"

B.M.,, 10/15/97
"Neo-Tech is the greatest discovery since man discovered fire. In fact,
without Neo-Tech, man will most likely *digress* to his former Neanderthal
self. That is, if he doesn't annihilate himself first. We have come a long
way since the days of our cave dwelling ancestors. And man's invention of
the conscious mind has certainly brought us great gains. However, in spite
of all this progress, man retains vestiges of the bicameral mind. To
progress further, to unleash the life-saving, life-building, life increasing
discoveries of the future, we must wipe out every trace of mysticism from
the mind of man. Neo-Tech is man's one and only hope. Only Neo-Tech can save
man from eventual extinction. Only Neo-Tech can provide each and every
individual with a life he will want to live forever--a life of limitless
happiness, prosperity, and romantic love. Viva Neo-Tech!"

"I thought this web site was of great interest. I can use what I
learned to help in all areas of life."
W.S.,, 1/29/97

S.S.,, 3/26/97
I like the idea of freeing myself from the external `voices' of
government and religion.

Truly mind-bending/changing.

M.K.,, 3/26/98
This is a great informational site.

I don't know how to thank you for what you have done for me. I'm not rich, don't
have a job, but for the first time in my life THE FIRST TIME I am happy to be
alive !!!!!!!! I want to live!!!!!!! I like who I am !!!!! I believe in myself
!!!!!! No amount of thanks will ever be enough for what Neo-Tech has done for
me. Neo-Tech has helped me start to find me again, not the screwed up shell of
a person I have been most of my life, Heck Neo-Tech GAVE me my life.

D.B.,, 7/23/97
"Neo-Tech confers unimaginable power to the individual. Everyday I
become more powerful using this information. Mystics are now so
easy to identify and outcompete it's hardly believable. NT is so
exciting I'd like to share it with more of my friends and
relatives but they are highly mystical and narrow-minded. They
will surely be compelled to read NT literature once confronted
with my extraordinary success. Also please include more negative
comments (if they are any). They're very entertaining and

"Yes I believe your information is the best"
B.R.,, 6/27/97

V.S.,, 1/18/97, India
This site opens up an entirely new approach to thinking.

R.S.,, 5/28/98
Insightful, thought provoking, right on. Keep up the good work.

D.M.,, 8/10/00

S.M.,, 1/1/96
I think Wallace
is addressing some very important aspects of our culture which we all know, but
often deny. Seems like what he is describing accounts from much of what we see
in government, corporate business, media, etc. I enjoy his works very much and
hope people become more aware of the issues he is addressing.

J.S.,, 10/14/98
All I can say: It's beautiful! I hope everyone can learn about it.

d.b.,, 1/31/01
and integrated honesty are the most powerful answers to any
questions anyone can come up with. Thanks a million.

B.B.,, 2/4/97
Thanks to you, all of my questions have been cleared, and I have
reclaimed clarity of thought and conviction of the soul, commodities that I
once had but lost. Again, sincerely, thank you for clearing the mist in my
mind, and allowing me to see what must be done so clearly.

Without the sun, it will only be that much longer till the fog lifts.

P.C.,, 1/17/97
Interesting and profound ideas.

"It was odd, but cool to know."
S.G.,, 1/21/97

"Very interesting! Excited!! Magic!!! Powerful!!! One of Best
Web-Site I have even seen!"
F.K.,, 1/21/97, Taiwan

J.L.,, 6/28/98
At the beginning I thought Neo-Tech was just a bunch of bull***
but I have slowly come to realize that the only bull that I once
believe was the idea of god and that man wasn't in god's category. I
now know there is no god and we've been fools for quite a long
time. through business dynamics like Neo-Tech has mentioned every
person on this planet can be involved in advancing knowledge
as well as living completely happy in a state of mind that no
religion, doctrine, or defected logical thinking can bring us.

J.S.,, 9/3/98, Australia
Extremely informative material and mentally explosive from
a psychological perspective. It has unplugged all the ugly waters of
mysticism in
my mind.The corrosive elements of mysticism simply dissapears
from one's mind once the literature of Neo-Tech is read.


Anon.,, 1/13/99

I.K.,, Ireland
The greatest strength of Neo-Tech is that it is an open
philosophy that will evolve as it learns. Thus it continuously refines
itself. Don't just think. Learn to think more honestly and you think
wider, deeper and without fear.

L.L., co.sw, 4/15/97, Switzerland

P.L.,, 3/4/97, Australia
A definite must for the entire planet. No person should do without
this information.

A.P.,, Ireland
As we move toward 'the nuclear threshold,' we more than ever
need neo-tech sites on the net as a sign of sanity in, seemingly, an increasingly
irrational world, and as a buffer against their 'holy war'

D.V.,, 7/6/97
"I found this subject not only informative, but very possible to

Ray,, 3/31/02
What or who else has any possibility of changing things now and in the future?

I have ordered several invaluable Neo-tech books. Each and
every one I find new and enlightening information. The tools Neo-tech
has compiled, and the insight into politics, government and religion
have changed my views. I appreciate everything Neo-tech h as offered
me. Through Neo-tech and integrated thinking, I will continue to be a
value producer and help eliminate the Neo cheaters. Thanks

T.D.,, 9/6/98
Excellent info ....especially for my business.....I found that
by applying bit by bit the info all comes together....and
makes more sense, especially when you are experiencing it for
yourself.......results are astounding!

D.G.,, 9/20/02
I am overjoyed to find something in this world like NEO-TECH. It makes my thoughts gel into ways that make my own thinking clearer and easier to follow. It
puts life in a way that clears my head and sends my random thoughts in the right direction. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ! ! ! !

"One of the most intriguing websites I have yet encountered. It
provides valuable advice and the wisdom of the ages."
R.L.,, 1/26/97

I found it to be mind expanding. I look at the entire world in a whole
new light. Neo-Tech represents true freedom without external
authorities telling us how to live and politicizing our lives. The
information is absolutely invaluable and should be raised to an entire
new plateau of awareness in the mainstream. It should
be on television, radio, and the rest of the media. Get your
message out there to the masses and maybe the
anticivilization will crumble and the Civilization of the Universe will take
it's place.

W.P.,, 8/19/99
Revolutionary concepts. The internet changes
the ballgame. I have been self employed my whole life and am
fed up dealing with all the X#%?!XX@&F while trying to be
honest, kind and responsible. Carry on cause, it's payback time!

J.F.,, 3/14/97

R.P.,, 10/11/97, India
I just got a net connection today. I found your site through
Ayn Rand. Boy has it freshened me and exited me. Please inform
me more of Neo-Tech, what I can do to spread what you are doing?

Until I found this web page I never understood why the world was designed
to be so hard to live in, now I see that it is really all just a ploy
to keep us from continually evolving and the true un-need for controlling
each other.


N.N.,, 3/5/97, Sweden
Very nice site. I would like to read more about epistemology and
ethics. Keep expanding Objectivism and fight the orthodox dogmatists in that
corrupt movement.

Incredibly valuable.

A.D.,, 9/22/98, United Kingdom
Everything that is ever said from Neo-Tech cannot be argued
against, unless “they' are scared and trying to hold onto a false
value-destroying pseudo-life. I love pointing out
mysticisms to other people, then slowly watching the clarity wash
over their guilt drawn faces movingt them towards a guiltlessly
uplifted, happy face. ...The best face-lift you could ask for!!!

G.B.,, 1/14/97, Greece
Interesting...I will come back often, thank you.

Everything written is so true. I have so much more power in my life
thanks to neo tech, I'm sure of my future. Thank you neo-tech for helping to
create a better world not by faith, but by reason.

You have prompted me to positive actions
in my life, and allowed me to believe in myself again. Neo-Tech has given
me inspiration and courage to get back on top again, where I know I belong.
Many years ago I gave up on the Rat-Race, because I believed it was 'fixed'.
Now I truly know it is, but I understand the rules of the game and at last
I’m feeling like a winner. Time to escape my own 'Crash Hell'. PLEASE

C.A.,, 8/14/98, Netherlands
You are doing the best job I ever heard of. Keep on
doing the good thing.

K.D.,, 9/20/00
I am very impressed with this great web-site.
I wish there
were more sites like it.

J.M.,, 8/5/98
I am a locksmith in business for myself and reading your articles
in your web-site has spark my interest in Global business.

W.H.,, 8/16/97
Neo-Tech is a valuable life strategy for mankind. With the creation
of cyberspace, it would be a crime to eliminate the greatest creation for
man's future, NEOTECH.

U.L.,, 6/12/97, Costa Rica
Power to the Value Producers!!

T.D.,, 5/16/01
Every since
I started reading neo-Tech, my mind is clearer, my life is
better and
my career has skyrocketed. I believe its all because of

Neo-Tech provides the education for citizens to learn how to take care of themselves
and to eliminate the parasitical ruling class of dishonest humanoids.

"Thank you for taking the time to create this website. I think it
will open a lot of minds to opportunities in personal growth that
most people aren't exposed to."
N.W.,, 1/20/97

D.G.,, 9/20/02
I am overjoyed to find something in this world like NEO-TECH. It makes my thoughts gel into ways that make my own thinking clearer and easier to follow. It
puts life in a way that clears my head and sends my random thoughts in the right direction. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ! ! ! !

B.M.,, 5/19/99
This site abounds with useful information. I
am passing this on to my adult children so they can get
stronger goals for their future.

A.D.,, 2/15/97, Canada
Keep expanding for the survival of all honest, hard working,
intelligent people with the desire to keep living, growing, producing and
progressing in every way.

miranda_rafael,, 5/12/00
I liked The Story very much. At times it
brought tears of joy
and excitement like I had not felt in years.

"Very thought provoking."
N.H.,, 4/29/97

A.M.,, 10/28/00, Kuwait
a superb treatise!

S.F.,, 2/14/98, United Kingdom
I have found the Neo-Tech information invaluable.

R.F.,, 3/9/98
Firstly, you know that cyberspace is the
key to the destruction of this anticivilization and secondly,
making your literature free on the web is the ultimate testimonial
to your commitment of destroying this anticivilization and thirdly,
(law of nature/physics) being on the web has increased the momentum
of the penetration of you message to the world.
The revelation of living in a world that is the Civilization
of the Universe finally came together for me. And what a wonderful
world it is! It is truly that state of heaven on earth. Now everyday
my whole world, with the promise
of what is to come when Neo-Tech is everywhere, glows even brighter for

K.L.,, 9/20/02
Extremely insightful, many lessons to be learned...from philosophy to ethics to business, has helped me become a better person.

I have had the neo-tech/god-man book for about a year and I am extremely
impressed and thankful for it's extreme value. I have been practicing 'honesty'
for about 11 month's some have thought that I was extremely crazy, that is all
right with me, because, I have the power now.

J.D.,, 8/24/97
"Great site."

M Smith,, 5/9/01, AUSTRALIA
Please send me more
information on seeing life and people as they really are
of as they con me into thinking. I am 50 but feel like I am
beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

A.R.,, 8/4/99, Canada
Should be required reading in our schools.

Liana M.,, 5/2/98
This is information that requires the widest possible

"Very descriptive. I found myself wanting to know more."
D.D.,, 1/14/97

P.D.,, 1/17/98
This site must remain open to insure that the new generation
of voters understands the concept of Fully Integrated Honesty.
Neo-Tech IS the Future.

C.D.,, 3/15/99
Have been a long time reader of the Neo-Tech
literature. What I notice is when I get away from Neo-Tech
for awhile, it's much easier to fall under the spell of
mysticism. I guess I get away because I know that it is
right and natural, and that scares me for some reason. My
brother passed away about a year and one half ago, and I saw
the direct result of a life of mysticism. I must tell you,
that scares me even more! I have rededicated my life to
living the Neo-Tech experience, and the changes mentally and
physically are tremendous. The changes have been slow and
incremental, but consistent. Neo-Tech teaches me that as
long as I am improving, eventually I'll reach my goals. I
owe Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and everybody associated
with Neo-Tech much gratitude for their identifications. It's
hard to believe that so much has been hidden from so many
for so long!

C.C.,, 2/19/97, France
Good site, it must stay on the web.

B.N.,, 10/4/00, New Zealand
Neo-Tech should definitely remain on the web.
Humanity needs
Neo-Tech information to bring a swift end to this life
and value destructive society in which most of humanity is
I like what I see and I'm will check it
often. Thanks a heap!

I must say that this book hit me right where I needed it.

M.B.,, 8/10/97, United Kingdom
"I have been familiar with this knowledge of NT for over a year now. I agree
that it is the most valuable information I could have ever come by. Please
do carry on making NT available to lots of people. Only this can save us."

T.N.,, 4/4/97
I like the Plato-Aristotle comparisons. Very interesting. This is my
first visit, I'll be back.

P.G.,, 2/6/99
Neo-Tech must stay on line to help heal the
crap infested mysticism
junkies misguided ways! Sooner or later they will all
realize that this is the TRUTH!

I want to thank you for providing this invaluable information online.
I am twenty years old and a college student, and in the two days since I found
this site, I have learned more about how the world works and how it should work
than in the rest of my lif e combined. I've found myself forgoing sleep and food
just to learn a little more about Neo-Tech, and with each page a new epiphany
presents itself to me.

j.a.,, 5/3/02
So far I have found this so interesting, I can't seem to read enough about it. Totally fantastic work.

should work under any circumstances. I believe that your
website can help achieve a higher
level of 'illumination' in the general populace.

D.B.,, 11/28/98
We have had the Neo-Tech and God-Man manuscripts for about 3-4
months now. We have read the entire manuscripts of both, parts
more than once. We are very excited in the coming new-world.

"Wallace's books are not just as a system of living but a system
to prosper and grow by!"
V.M.,, 2/14/97

Everyday I now feel stronger, fearless, I feel unstoppable even
thought I am just a migrant, blue collar worker. Now there is hope.

,, 12/17/02
neo-tech ought remain as a obelisk for the ages to wonder.

S.L.,, 1/31/97, United Kingdom
Stunning, excellent, and a breeze to surf. I have
known about NT since 1987. Since enlightenment, I have developed a direct
marketing business currently turning over UK[sterling]691,200 per annum, with
52% net profits!!! If you require any testimonials of `living proof' of the
route to freedom, I remain on standby.

N.B.,, 9/28/01, Australia
Neo tech has helped me to get in touch with the child in me again by giving the confidence to me to ask the question why.

S.M.,, 10/12/99
Without Neo-Tech there is nothing but laziness and dishonesty.
Anyone who is against Neo-Tech, is against honesty. Neo-Tech
will always remain from now on. Or, humankind, as we know
it, has ended.

C.B.,, 10/19/99
This is an excellent site--the best on the web.

D.M.,, 12/2/99
With out Neo-Tech the world will destroy itself. It is the
most valuable information I've found. We are suppose to have
freedom of speech. Neo-Tech is our key to freedom.

"Neo-Tech must not only remain ON the Web, but Neo-Tech must
eventually BE the Web!"
K.C.,, 2/24/97

"I think that you provide some valuable information that is bound
to upset some people. "
R.O.,, 6/23/97

"This is a good web site. It uses a very good combinations of
text and pictures."
S.S.,, 1/3/97

"Overwhelmingly sensible."
B.M.,, 5/26/97, Canada

r.s.,, canada
The more people that know about Neo-Tech, makes the world a
better place to live!

S.M.,, 2/27/00
Very valuable.

E.M.,, 8/4/98
I think Neo-Tech is great. I just can't put in word's how
NT transformed my life, I see things in a whole different perspective

B.H.,, 2/25/97, Japan
It is good to see it on the net, it helps to keep me focused.

N.M.,, 11/19/01, Australia
The truth, nothing but the truth! Please publish everything you can. This site is the E-embrio of a revolution.

A. D.C.,, 8/16/00, Canada
Neo-Tech is absolutely awesome.

G.P.,, 3/10/97
It often takes eye opening, thought provoking material to nudge
people in the right direction and this looks to be some of the best!

C.T.,,8/26/00, Malaysis
Enough is enough! Enough hero worshipping of
personality cults ,politicians
and priests. It is time for the meek to make a stand, before
the just
are devoured.

N.A.,, 5/9/97
The insights and the clarity in which they are presented are
magnificent. No one should be denied to evolve...

C.G.,, 6/25/97, Germany
I love Neo-Tech material. Great stuff.

G.C.,, Australia
This is the most excellent website! It's amazing and mind blowing! It's very
refreshing and intelligent!

E.H.,, 3/10/97
I can clearly see the benefit of this line of thought and way of
looking at life.

G.M.,, 1/22/99
Fantastic web site.

Usmaan,, 8/11/00
YES YES YES. Neo-Tech must stay on the web! I

I purchased my Neo-Tech book about 10 years ago. Read the 1st volume
and shelved it. I could not get past the part about religion. Dumb
mistake. I started to read the books again with the extra years of
life experience and 'thinking', wow what a differenc e. I'm learning
the tools I need to finally succeed.

P.G.,, 6/22/00
I find Neo-Tech interesting because of the
honesty it

B.M.,, 5/9/97
Very Important! Contains the information for independent thinkers who

A.T.,, 2/16/97
I stumbled across your `Global Wealth Power' and simply couldn't stop
reading it while online.

"Great web site! Now I really want to know more!"
D.C.,, 1/31/97

G.R.,, 2/29/00
"The Story" literally blew me away. It is your best work to
date. It is going to take something like this to elect a
Neo-Tech president. You are going to need a Neo-Tech
oriented media chain and talk show hosts to
counter the liberal media. "The Story" reminds me of "The
Harrad Experiment" that novel advocated a small group to
reform society. Unfortunately it called for the use of
government to achieve desired results. Keep up the great
work. Together we can free this country from the politicians
and other neocheaters. Neo-Tech publishing has helped me to
see the fraudulent nature of most forms of media, talk show
hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, etc..
Your website gets better every week. It is a shame the
author of “No More Lies' is no longer with us. Nowhere have
I read such a clear explanation of Enlightenment. Your books
are getting better every year. Give my deepest regards to
Dr. Wallace. His Neo-Tech discovery book should be
recommended reading for everyone. Just watching the news on
tv, reading newspapers really reveals how much of a topsy
turvy world we live in. I really enjoy reading the positive
and negative comments on your website. The contrast between
them is simply amazing. You can really tell who should be
reading Neo-Tech and are losing out by not doing so.

The logical step by step process to correct thinking and correct effort to improve
life installs a confidence that I have never experienced before. Thank you so
very much.

C.P.,, 2/24/02
I am new to the Neo Tech concepts and am applying what I have learned to my life. I am happier and enjoy life better and better each day!

C.M.,, 4/21/98, Australia
The whole concept provided by your literature has opened my
Eyes to how much I was wasting my life with destructive time-wasting
pastimes. Now I feel as though I am slowly waking up from a bad
dream, everything is slowly coming into focus and I now have
a clear understanding of the direction my life needs to follow
in order to experience all the wonders this world has to offer.
Hopefully with your continued efforts in this country, many more
people will have the opportunity to experience life as it should
be lived. Thank you.

Marla J.,, 10/25/99
Believe me, I have been into mysticism for 22
years and it did nothing for me, except screw my mind up.
Everything from Christianity to the new age movement. I am
studying your website with an eagle eye and it is helping me
so much. I am a 45-year old housewife. I feel I may get my
individual self back. Thanks for such an exciting website.

J.K.,, 3/12/98
I find Neo-Tech fascinating.

Anon.,, 10/9/98
I wish everyone felt the same way about life as you guys do.

L. Singh,, U.K.
The most profound information I have come across

D.P.,, 4/9/99
Very thought provoking and thought out. Makes the
'extraordinary' believable. Nice thinking exercises.

M.M.,, 3/14/03
Neo-tech brings the very brilliant, wonderful paradigm in this millennium

"I liked it. Your book is very good too."
J.M.,, 2/1/97

L.H.,, 3/28/00, UK
Great web site.

"I am entrapped, enthralled, enamored by this wondrous/awesome
system of knowledge."
C.B.,, 6/11/97

S.T.,, 8/3/99, Iceland
Your site will carry on as a pin-prick to force people to
think for themselves, about themselves, and hopefully help

k.m.,, austraila

You tell people about the hidden threat that is about to start,
the world is in a very dangerous position!

J.L.,, 1/29/97


S.S.,, 12/20/96
I agree with everything I've read so far.
I'm a big Ayn Rand fan, but Objectivism doesn't offer anything
positive enough. Fear of death is what drives people to
believe those Christian myths.

"I am amazed at the size of this web site."
H.Z.,, 1/3/97, Australia

T.H.,, 4/21/99
There is a big problem with mysticism in the
world -- not enough people taking resposibility for their
own lives.

L.L.,, 8/16/99
The truth about Mankind is most en-lightening.
Let us proceed forward with the real Civilization.

J.T.,, 4/17/00
A brilliant piece of writing

"I feel the excitement of the 'answer is here!'"
J.R.,, 3/30/97

L.K.,, 9/24/97
I love any and all work that has been done on Neo-Tech/Zonpower.
I've tried the techniques and they work wonders. Keep up the great work you're
doing for humanity.

C.H.,, 11/19/01, United Kingdom
Over the last few months a feeling of calm has come over me like I have never experienced... It is a kind of natural high rather like the feeling I have
whenever I read the Long Wave Article. But this is different, my heart feels permanently uplifted. I just seem to feel happy virtually all of the time. I
think it comes from now knowing that I can succeed. I am also starting to see puzzle pieces around me that direct me to believe that the anti-civilization is
finally crumbling. I think about biological immortality a lot these days.... I have also found if I have a problem that needs to be resolved in the past I
would struggle to resolve it, but, now I seem to be able to focus almost effortlessly on any problem and resolve it. Despite those November 11 terrorist
monsters I have no fear maybe I should, but I am to rapped up in my own value production to think about anything else. Maybe I am not physically in a new
civilization yet... But, psychologically I feel like I am, at least some of the time.

Why should something so helpful (Neo-Tech) be taken away from those who
want to impact positive change within the world today?

I am a proud owner of several Neo-Tech Books. My life is changed by the Neo-Tech
knowledge I ingested from these works.

Z.M.,, 1/7/99, Guadeloupe
I can see with a real horror the negative comments of the mystics
about neo tech. it's amazing to realize that such people still
exist in 1999.Neo tech is very sympathetic philosophy that
describe the world.

"This is nothing short of FANTASTIC. I feel as if I have found a
TREASURE. Thank God it was not 'hidden'."
K.M.,, 5/11/97, Barbados

I.I.,, 5/31/99
At last! The answer that I always knew was out there.

M.K.,, 8/27/97
"Zon is where its at."

T.B.,, 10/6/00
I fined it hard to put 'The Book' down.

M.H.,, 12/17/97
I consider this site to be one of the most valuable
in existence. The information provides answers to many questions
which arise as we try to cope with the difficulties encountered
while struggling with life. Whether the problems are occupation,
financial, emotional, or love relationships, I find the answers
in your articles. You indeed provide a service to humanity.

I bought your Book and I am working
to rid the toxins of my mind (Catholic since birth),thanks for open my eyes!!!!

K.D.,, 2/8/00, Trinidad and Tobago
I find that your elaboration's are grand and
explicit in nature. There is no stopping you guys and I
appreciate your efforts tremendously. I have read most of
'The Book'. It is a very important document and I am a bit
surprised that it is free on the net. But after being the
lucky owner of God-Man and Frank Wallace's Discovery, I can
understand your position in allowing this literature to be
available to anybody who wishes to open his eyes to what's
really out there. I shall relish reading the remainder of
this important document. Thanks a lot guys for being there
to share this information.

Anon,, 5/28/02
The best thing to do is to let your actions and conditions show that the Neo-Tech philosophy is actually more beneficial to a person than any form of

F.N.,, 3/29/01
Good luck against all the totalitarians and
mystics in the world -- they must really feel threatened!

GR,, 4/10/03
Neo-Tech has changed my outlook on life but I'm still having trouble applying
it consistently. THE STORY is really helping me destroy integration blockers.

Keep on telling the truth!!! We are looking for it!!

Alice,, 1/2/01
I really admire the knowledge that I have read
here. Keep up
the good work.

"The Web Site is very impressive. I like how easy it is to obtain
the information. I have visited this site four times now and each
time I find some very, very interesting points."
C.D.,, 6/9/97

F.A.,, 3/14/03
Thru the use of DTC, I was able to rise above an addiction to oxycontin.
One of the most harmful drugs ever released. After three
operations, the world had lost all of its color. The darkness that
my world had become left me on the verge of suicide. I dove back
into Neo-Tech, and managed to become whole again. Thank-you again
and again for giving me the tools I needed to make this world
my own.

CO,, 1/30/03
Thank you Neo-Tech for remaining on the web and providing me with the valuable life crucial knowledge that I need to improve myself and my life. Thank you so
very much for providing this wonderfully insightful information source that I may access whenever
I need to. I am so very grateful for your incredible teachings. Frank Wallace, thank you so very much. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude to say the very
least. You are so helpful to humanity, and deserve so many wonderful things for providing so many values. You teach us to only believe what is actual fact. You don't tell us what to do, you simply show honest proven facts about life that we may use to
benefit from. Facts that give us the power to know reality. Facts that give us the power to gain happiness in life by creating it in our own lives as well as other peoples lives. Thanks to you, more people will benefit themselves and our world now in more
positive and productive ways. Thanks to you, we are more primed to move out of these dark ages and into a society where people enjoy life, liberation, and prosperity unlike anything any imagined god or satan has ever given or even offered for that matter.
There is no greater bliss than finding yourself and defining what you want to be by personal choice rather than by someone else's force. Your identity. Your life. There is no greater happiness than just striving towards being a better human being that
benefits themselves and other people. Shame on the government most of all, for destroying values in society. For hindering the progress of the human race. Shame on them and religious leaders for doing very little and getting paid so very much for it. Shame on
them for constantly attempting to make us all feel like we are at their mercy. Most of the REAL evi
l that I have seen in this world comes from government and religion. For hindering the thinking process of a race of beings that have the potential to
accomplish the ultimate value of being alive. A sad reality it is that a few greedy people want to live
off the rest of the innocent ones. A sad reality indeed.

"I thoroughly enjoy your web site. The combination of topics is
unprecedented on the web. Thank you for the information."
L.E.,, 4/23/97

"I believe that Neo-Tech should stay on the web as it provides
people with information on how to better their lives."
K.M.,, 4/26/97

"My #1 Web site. You have opened doors which I knew not were
there. Keep up the excellent work. Bravo."
S.B.,, 1/2/96

"I am a Neo Tech owner since 1987 and have benefited incalculably
since absorbing it and taking it on board in 1991. Thank you for
Neo Tech. I cannot over emphasize the benefits to my life from
having come across it. Every moment I am living is now also
enhanced by the Zone favorable diet thanks to your reference to
Barry Sears' book."
G.W.,, 2/8/97, England

Neo-Tech is the antidote to the prevailing sickness that hinders society, from
achieving the pinnacle essence of existence.

B.H.,, 3/13/97
There's nothing else like it! Have enjoyed tremendous gains since I
first experienced Zonpower. It continues to build exponentially! Harm no others
AND Produce values! Stop the Neo-Cheaters in their Tracks!

J.G.,, 4/19/98
I have been with you since 1986 and I have been living a
Neo-Tech life ever since . Neo-Tech makes it worth living again.
Thanks to you. I love every day of it.

C.V.,, 4/22/98
I think Neo-Tech is great.

J.B.,, 12/7/99
Anything constantly seeking the truth can only
do good for everyone involved.

D.S.,, 2/17/97
Neo-Tech presents a great service and has a great deal of information
useful to all. There should be no censorship on the web whatsoever. If anyone
desires to remove this site from the web...send them my way. I'll convince them

J.K.,, 10/30/97, Singapore
Neo-Tech is the blueprint that all of us need.

Of course Neo-Tech should stay on the net and be expanding!
I received information about The Book and thought I would buy a copy. When
I received it I could not put it down. It took a lot of going over and concentration
to understand it but I have found t hat I see my perception of the world
in a totally new light. The more I read about Neo-Tech the better I feel
and the more I understand about Myself and others.

How do I get the Book? I love your concepts and story. Very
informative and powerful! Thank you Debra Ananda

J.R.,, 8/14/00
Being exposed to neo-tech makes the everyday
people around me
seem as though they're zombies or robots. So many people
have no idea the closed ended lives they lead.

Pike,, 6/28/01, Canada
I believe this site is brilliant. Take control
of your life.

Date : Tue May 6 14:05:13 US/Eastern
2003 Neo-Tech changed life for me, keep up the good work.

j. l. h,, 2/25/03
I think that the Neo-tech discovery should be in every public
library and school for everybody.

N.C.,, 2/15/00, Australia
I thought God Man our final evolution was the
most exciting book I have ever read.

Susan T.,, 5/25/99
This site makes Neo-Tech available to everyone.
Which in the long run will help make this a better world.

B.S.,, 2/29/00
I'm sitting here with tears on my face trying to type. I
have just finished reading Chapter 36. It only took me 8
hours, I could not stop reading...I ignored my housework and
most everything around me except my child.
I believe that Chapter 36 pulled it together neatly. I was
pulled emotionally so many times by the story. The
neo-cheaters, the liars, the manipulators...scary
stuff...reminds me of today's world. Slowly it is changing
but it will take some time and some mindsets will not be
able to handle the changes but they have a choice…become
value creators and integrators or die. How wonderful it
would be to live in a world where the values created are not
torn down or ridiculed.
Every chapter I read had something else of value to add my
life. It was like turning on the light switches.
Thank you for your story...but one it a story
or perhaps a vision of what will be?? I sense some
characters are stronger than others. I feel that they are
actual persons today or have been influences in your life.

C.C.,, 8/16/98
I cannot tell you the benefits I've received from Neo-tech.
I owe my life to Frank Wallace, and all the staff at Neo-tech
Publishing Company.

I can' explain it! but so exciting the neo-tech matrix is becoming more complete
in my mind each day! I am effortlessly gaining the love, money power advantages.
its as spooky as you said.

M.Y.,, 4/3/97
With Neo-Tech I have the freedom that no one can take from me. I am
safe for the first time in my life.

M.V.,, 8/21/97
"Neo-Tech is a wonderful thing, now that I've dropped the need for
mysticism, I've quit drinking for good and have started to make a life for

D.L.,, 10/22/98
No thank you God help you.

D.S.,, 6/18/97
I think this is very powerful material that should be learned in

R.T.,, 4/30/97
I find it very fascinating and refreshing. It has made me look at my
own life in a different perspective. I believe the Neo-Tech system is relevant
and will be a great power in the future.

A.Z.,, 3/22/00
Wow! I really think you have hit the nail on
the head Mark! I have only finished the first three
chapters, but I am eager to read the rest. It's getting late
and I must get up early and sell cars. I will continue
reading Monday evening.
This appears to be a very eloquent approach to making Neo
Tech much more commercially viable. I look forward to
finishing The Story!
Keep up the awesome work Mark!

"This is an excellent web site. I find it easy to read. GOOD
R.C.,, 3/7/97

s.h.,, 5/22/01
Neo-Tech freed me. I am not under the control
of anyone.
I have learned not to be ignorant and having access to
on the web is a necessity for my growing understanding of
Jose "MadMex" Gonzalez,, 5/21/01
Thank you very, very much for sharing too much
unprecedented, threatening, classified TOP SECRET
Information with everybody.
I Love you!!!! You stir my inspiration and
understanding of this evil & chaotic world.

T.S.,, 12/29/00
I believe Neo Tech has many useful tools for
success. If you
use the principles of it's teachings, you can find success
in every area of your life.

E. Wilborn,, 8/11/01
It is clear that Neo-Tech is shaking the very
foundations of this "diseased mystical-oriented"
world of ours.

s.s.,, 6/6/00, united kingdom
Super duper information for humans. Brilliant,
thank you

Y.L.,, 12/24/96, Singapore
Unbelievably exciting and interesting.

J.L.,, 12/23/01
All knowledge is good...and this is some of the best we can get to help us all grow in our development as humans.

A.M.,, 9/14/00, United Kingdom
Within 'The Book' have I found the missing
puzzles. The powerful
insights that are projected from within are exciting,
and very desirable, I too want to be a God-Man.

M.C.,, 12/10/96
This is a real eye opener! The story of 'Hills Folly' and
the railroad fraud caused by congress shows the beginnings of something
that is much larger and uglier now. Is there a way out? How do we control an
animal that is bigger than it's owner?

May 1997

Pheonixcoms,, 5/9/02, Australia
Thanks for taking the time to build such a great website. Truly inspirational. Keep up the great work. In a world of followers(sheep) its great to see the
promotion of concepts so simple yet advanced, designed to teach people to lead in their own lives no

M.B.,, 7/6/97, England
"I have gained a lot from the Neo-Tech literature. Keep up the
excellent work!"

R.W.,, 3/13/98, Canada
For me honesty is the only way. Honesty is a beautiful thing.
'I love you all' THANK YOU

K.L.,, 11/30/97
This seems to be a very cool site that allows the individual
to study the world in a different kind of light... and helps
to better themselves with a true understanding of the experiences
of life.

J.T.,, 12/30/96
After reading the information on this site, I feel excited,
exhilarated, hopeful in terms of the have-nots accessing the privileges of the

The world needs to see this, it can revolutionize the world.

O.O.,, 4/12/99
Your material tends to straighten out my
thinking. it makes me aware of the neo-cheaters that
surround me daily, and helps me to strategize more

G.V.,, 10/23/98
I think that pleasure, happiness and joy are pale reflections
of being itself. Pleasure always takes a direct object: for
instance, ice cream or sex or money. Happiness is the order that one
places these things in so for instance if one accounts money a
greater good thing than say recreational time, in the pursuit of
money one will find happiness. Obviously, happiness doesn't have
any lasting significance though its duration is related to ones
will or need rather than how full your belly or sex drive is.
When the dark side of being human becomes apparent through death,
meaninglessness or despair, pleasure and happiness fade into
oblivion. What can take its rightful place at that time is
joy. Joy is the transcendent portion of being human- of human
awareness where the infinite becomes incarnate. It is poetry. It is
indifferent to pleasure and happiness so seek well the direction of your

T.S.,, 11/22/97
Neo-Tech breaks through dead-end mysticism and reveals an
success formula.

I am new to this site and will continue to be a active reader
of all this grand knowledge. I am so grateful to FRW and his work. I am
honored to be a Neo-Techer.

P.L.,, 4/16/00, U.S
What I like about THE STORY was the peoples heart and love they had. I can't wait until we see this. I
would love to see more stories like this from Mark.

web......UNDOUBTEDLY!!! Only when the fog has lifted, can you see the horizon. As I see it, Neo-tech has become the Sun that started burning off the fog.

The Information you have Is Vital to the Advancement of the Psychology
of Man. We Need You, Your Insight and your Wisdom.

L.V.,, 5/29/98, Philippines

M.W.,, 8/6/97,
This is a very neat web site and should be seen and judged
by all.

j.u.,, 12/9/00
This is great stuff.

through very rough times, politicians are treated as thieves (what they really are) but I feel there
is not enough people like me willing to do something. This could be the place and time to begin with a NT government as outlined in your literature.

J.W,, 8/2/97
"You guys rock! Helped me a lot. Stay online!"

C.G.,, 8/13/97
"I loved the site."

will jump-start the Psychologically dead. MUST read for every honest
person on this planet. The implications of Neo-Tech/Zonpower are
earth-shattering. It will transform the most wretched loser into
E.R.,, 1/7/97

C.C., co.eng, 1/14/97, England
Those damn parasitical neo-cheaters.

I think it is truly wonderful and should serve
as a catalyst
for my path on to a life of wealth and success.

A.Z.,, 3/22/00
Wow! I really think you have hit the nail on
the head Mark! I have only finished the first three
chapters, but I am eager to read the rest. It's getting late
and I must get up early and sell cars. I will continue
reading Monday evening.
This appears to be a very eloquent approach to making Neo
Tech much more commercially viable. I look forward to
finishing The Story!
Keep up the awesome work Mark!

J.C.,, 5/7/00
It is great to refer the uninformed to your web
site and let them read.

S.S.,, 4/14/98, Australia
It is essential that the site be maintained because
without it, many will not be able to see how important Neo-Tech is.

"What I have read is truly interesting. More people need to be
exposed to these ideas."
R.S.,, 6/5/97

L.K.,, 1/14/97
The topics are mind boggling. You can be sure
I will be a frequent visitor.

A.M.,, 10/24/98
This is an exciting new frontier of human development, all
That I have read thus far makes sense. I am still reading
and learning every day. Looking forward to the rewards that follow!!!!!!!

E.A.,, 12/12/96
Visually grabbing, informative and capable of sustaining
my attention beyond the first links!

G.M.,, 9/17/00
Nothing but Love! Neo-Tech/Neothink Concepts
were naturally
integrated into my life the second after I read the first 5
Pages of 'The Book', by Mark Hamilton. Maybe that was
to the 10-second 'miracle' phenomenon you talked
about on this beautiful website!!

a.s.g. ,, 2/5/02
Very interesting stuff. It empowers the mind

"Wonderful site! It is amazing what can be learned here."
A.P.,, 2/14/97, United Kingdom

S.K.,, 1/14/97
I look forward to visiting your web pages to
learn more about Zonpower and working harder to burst my mystical bubble to
become Zon. Once again thank you for all the work you are doing. I look forward
to joining the Civilization of the Universe.

R.B.,, Mauritius
Many, many & many Thanks Neo-Tech for putting ounces of
light in the life & heart of human beings; now, for years to come and

"Neo-Tech is a must if we want to make progress and save our life
from Neo-cheaters and the band of dishonest people. I'm with
N.G.,, 3/2/97, Sweden

J.L.,, 1/29/97

D.B.,, 7/6/98
Neo-Tech promotes the terrifying concepts of honesty, concentrated
effort, and personal responsibility. No wonder it invokes hostility
from individuals desperate to absolve themselves of responsibility
for their own lives. A difficult path you've set forth, but a rewarding

Kate G.,, 12/1/99
This site it is wonderful and uplifting.

J.R.,, 10/7/97
"I found this site very helpful in researching my paper. Thank you."

J.M.,, 12/23/97
Your approach genuinely impresses me. You guys
do a fantastic job. Thank you for taking the
time to teach people how to help themselves. It is
this type of conscious effort that is necessary for
humanity to change our nihilistic course.

J.P.,, Franklin
Such great wisdom.

I cannot express the extent of my gratitude
to the people of NTP for helping to change my life. With the aid of DTC,
FIH, and WSA, I have been able to break through the layers of mysticism and
develop into the honest, value productive woman I am today.

R.S.,, 9/3/99
My eyes are opened I want more!!! It'll turn
the world around!!!

"I find this info very interesting!"
J.L.,, 5/11/97

L.R.,, 9/19/99
After reading 'The Virtue of Selfishness' a few years ago, I
made the commitment to stand behind Objectivism. Now after reading
the 114 advantages and other various pages from within
this web site, I now stand behind Neo-Tech. I am a value producer
and value consumer.

m.a.,, 1/23/01
Reading neo-tech is like being hit in the face
with a board.
it is the most thought provoking thing I've ever seen. FRW
right on the money, it wakes people from their blind stupor
and makes
them think.

V.H.,, 8/12/98, Aruba
This site is THE WAY to get NEO-TECH POWER to the masses.
a) It bypasses Big Government censorship.
b) MILLIONS of people can gain the power FAST.

A.N.,, 1/5/98
Stay on the Web. This stuff is too good to disappear.

S.M.,, 6/28/98, Canada
Many many more people should have the privilege to read NT

"Neo-tech has changed my life and to this day is continuing to do
so. The great power this gives an individual is exhilarating and
D.R.,, 2/6/97, Canada

Jagjit K.,, ENGLAND
I am so happy, I have embarked on a new life. I have finally had the strength
to end a bad relationship.

"It was great reading the information about Neo-Tech."
E.S.,, 2/17/97, Germany

S.L.,, 8/13/97
"Very good. Very good web-site."

"So much info. So little time."
M.B.,, 2/21/97

C.D.,, 5/20/01
Incredibly valuable.

"Provocative web site...I ordered my own info. package."
A.S.,, 1/8/97

M.F.,, 10/21/97
Great site, The world needs more information like this, not less!

M.N.,, 6/18/00
I find neo tech to be a breath of fresh air
and I hope you
Will continue to expose the neochaeter. I am confident that
will continue to educate and motivate humanity to strive to
a new consciousness that benefits all mankind.

"I think this is great stuff. I have never seen anything like it
on the web or anywhere else."
A.T.,, 4/15/97

Shannon S.,, 6/13/97
This site is a great help to people.

U.F.,, 3/13/00
Neo-Tech, to me is the only way to go, it
promotes individual freedom.

"This information is too powerful to remain on the Web!!!!"
L.V.,, 5/12/97, Australia

"I have read a few portions of this material and find it
intriguing. I especially loved the section on politics and the
next president."
L.B.,, 6/7/97

"I have visited lots of web sites. This is a wonderful site I
must say."
K.P.,, 12/26/96, Singapore

"I know that I want to live for 100 or 200 years and only the
philosophies of Neo-Tech will power societies and encourage
economic values to a point where we will be able to survive that
long. Mysticism brings down these advancement by stopping people
from doing things that seem 'godlike' (i.e. cloning)."
J.G.,, 6/12/97

"You provide infinite values for ALL in the world who want to
listen and apply the keys to freedom and happiness. Thank you for
reviving and catalyzing my productivity, self-protection and
M.M.,, 6/18/97

V.P.,, 1/17/01
I have seen a lot of things in my day, but
this is
Beyond anything I could ever imagine. I want be apart of
this in the
worst way. I think this web site is one that everyone
should know about.


D.D.,, 3/19/00
I am impressed.

E.P.,, 8/13/97, Australia
Thank you for the Neo-Tech site. As I have recently started a new business, I am very interested in the business
concepts shown on your site.

M.H.,, 12/15/97
I think this website provides a valuable service. Keep up the
excellent work.

I bought THE BOOK and I have a hard time putting it down. Since I opened THE
BOOK, I have already made my life more worthwhile. I have patented an idea and
started writing a book. I also am in the process of starting a business that
helps people. I really do not think that I would have had the open-mindedness to
start any of these projects if it were not for Neo-tech. I will soon be running
for city government and I will start to turn the city into a business rich
environment that relies less on the government and more on its people. Those who
talk bad about you have not read anything about what the Neo-tech world is
about. I thank you for spreading your message and I for one will be a loyal
believer for what you have helped me realize about myself. Thank you.

Kari O.,, 1/21/00
I find it powerful, overwhelmingly refreshing,
and wonderfully intriguing. It has already impacted my
thought life, and has given me an excitement for living I
haven't had.

T.B.,, 9/17/97
I have long awaited this information to be available to the common
person. After reading Neo-Tech, I realize that this IS the future of our world.
There ultimately will be no stopping this, it has already begun. Thank you.

J.C.,, 2/22/98
We desperately need the help of Neo-Tech to learn and
further develop what has begun here. Universal knowledge for all is a
must , if we are to live happy lives. Ignorance pollutes and
brings misery, slowly but surely! Neo-Tech is universal knowledge
that works! I know it will prevail!

A.T.,, 11/30/99
I don't know how many times and ways I can thank you for
Neo-Tech. After I read the book I began to believe in
myself instead of a 'higher power'.
I started to get comments from friends and family that I
looked better and
had a better attitude. I started to work harder than my co-workers
and my employer noticed. I couldn't keep a job
before I found Neo-Tech. I started dating lots of women, more
than I had in the last five years combined. I have quit smoking,
started to exercise regularly, value time with family much more,
making more money than ever before. I have tried religion (Christianity)
and I have tried Neo-Tech. I have to say that Neo-Tech is the hands
down winner! All those people out there that are against Neo-Tech
are afraid to live life to the fullest, and be honest, and don't
want to face the fact that they have been lied to their whole
life by 'authorities'. NO MORE LIES!

C.R,, 8/4/97, South Africa
This site is an inspiration to all. Thank Zon that
something as wonderful as Neo-Tech has been allowed to prosper.

"Very interesting thoughts."
R.D.,, 6/4/97

C.M.,, 3/2/97
I think effort should be made to
make a greater portion of the Internet community and the community at large
aware of your works and the `nature of the beast' that threatens every hard
working, honest person and their families.

M. L. Schmidt,,
It is the most realistic information that I have read in my life.

D.V.,, 5/6/97
I just spent 2 hours in your site. I am captivated by how much sense
this makes.

J.C.,, 5/24/97
Neo-Tech is the best. This is the moment of truth for our planet.
Thank you.

"I think this site is great! Wish I had found it earlier!"
L.D.,, 5/15/97

"Everyone with an ounce of sense should turn to it. A clear,
powerful mind is the prerequisite to anyone's journey through
life and this site provides the starting point. It is a technical
masterpiece as well."
E.R.,, 1/2/96

M.W.,, 2/4/97
This web site is a MUST! It would be a crime AGAINST humanity to
REMOVE it. I NEED this web site. DO NOT REMOVE IT!

J.C.,, 8/4/00
I am 68 years young. Neo-Tech has given me my
life back. Neo-Tech is the way of the future! The world is ready for
It!! Yahoo!!!

P.A.,, 11/27/98
I think it is about time that someone stood up
and tried to enlighten the masses. I had no idea what was
being put into my mind. I thank you for this info.

S.C.,, 10/24/97
"This is the only literature I have read in the past 20
years that has really made sense. I have exhausted many
efforts in 'Money Making - Get Rich Schemes' for the
past 10 years and only wish I had used that effort
towards Neo-Tech. I now know where to put my efforts."

K.W.,, 11/13/97
Yes! By all means, Neo-Tech should definitely be made available
to all those that wish to acquire the knowledge this incredible
program has to offer. The fools that wish to throw away this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may do so but they are only hurting
themselves by continuing their daily pattern of mediocrity.

T.B.,, 3/9/01, united kingdom
I feel like I've died and gone to heaven and
discovered I'm in

R.C.,, 7/3/01, U.S.A
Keeping Neo Tech on the web is similar to
allowing a brain to
remain in someone's head.

Please send me more information on seeing life and people as they
really are instead of as they con me into thinking. I am 50 but feel like I am
just beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

M.B.,, 11/3/01
I want to thank you for providing this invaluable information online. I am twenty years old and a college student, and in the two days since I found this
site, I have learned more about how the world works and how it should work than in the rest of my life combined. I've found myself forgoing sleep and food just to learn a little more about Neo-Tech, and with each page a new epiphany presents itself to me.

"I am an avid reader, and I must say that the Neo-Tech/Zon
information is the most integrated, realistic, powerful collection
of literature and philosophy that I have ever encountered, or been
exposed to. It totally shatters the misconceptions and outright,
deliberate lies and B.S. that are, in many cases, purposely
propagated by the 'powers that be.' It gives the average person a
way to truly understand what is really taking place on planet
Earth. The world seems to be in a deep freeze, and most people are
fast asleep, having no idea of what is happening, and how the
world is changing so rapidly. This web site is a great way to
introduce people to the NT/Zon concepts. Most people will not ever
hear about NT/Zon, but will still be affected by it. I think that
eventually, a critical mass of people will start a cascade of
rationality and production that will not be able to be ignored by
the backwards anti-civilization inhabitants, and then, the anti-
civilization will be left behind forever. I would like to thank
everyone at the NT/Zon center for their work and dedication to the
eradication of mysticism and neo-cheating. "
D.D.,, 6/28/97

Anon.,, 10/20/98
This sight is the most damaging site I have ever witnessed on
my computer! I actually think any individual would be less
harmed if they were hooked on heroine. I am repulsed and will
pray for the souls of those who have developed this site and
promote articles such as yours. In exchanged for the God of 'power'
you have sold your soul to 'Satan'. YOU are working for all the
wrong things in life! Be careful, if a person gets everything
they want out of this life, such as the things you promote, there
will be no 'life' after death. I feel badly for you!! Sounds
like some thinking on your part would be a good idea!

P.O.,, 1/31/97, Netherlands
Absolutely very helpful in achieving several important goals in my
life and work.

R.A.,, 1/17/99, Canada
Neo-Tech should remain
available on the Internet for all who are ready to make a
quantum leap to a non-mystically empowered self. I view
Neo-Tech as being one of the most positive, revolutionary
human discoveries in the 20th century.

A.P.,, 9/17/01, Ireland
As we move toward 'the nuclear threshold,' we more than ever need neo-tech sites on the net as a sign of sanity in, seemingly, an increasingly irrational
world, and as a buffer against their 'holy war'

J.L.,, America
I think everyone should know about Neo-Tech. The world would
be a better place if everyone practiced fully-integrated honesty.

Excellent literature!!!! I have read Neo-Tech and I have used
it and today it makes me a better person. For the last 3 years after having
my first Neo-Tech literature, never before I seen the Cosmic powers that
works for me but also for everyone who have neo-tech knowledge. Neo-Tech
teaches me to be self aware of those people who neo-cheats everyday and
every moment. I can actually see those neo-cheating scheme practiced by
neo-cheaters. Thanks a million Neo-Tech.

Neo-tech leads the way in clearing out mysticism and in building
a future we choose instead of one we only inherit.

R.G.,, 4/21/01, Australia
Neo tech is inspiration of light amongst the multitude of dull boring unproductive people

I find all this extremely fascinating as it opens up many
doors, and brings about new questions.

"As I read, I can feel myself gaining in power and strength. I am
hungry for more."
J.W.,, 6/26/97, U.S.A.

K.H.,, 7/11/02, Germany
Every day everywhere, all you hear and read about is people in privileged positions causing problems where none existed before and hurting people that
honestly go about their business, trying to secure a decent future for their offspring. Be it President

N.N.,, 3/5/97, Sweden
Very nice site. I would like to read more about epistemology and
ethics. Keep expanding Objectivism and fight the orthodox dogmatists in that
corrupt movement.

Aainaa R.,, 6/8/97, Malaysia
I must commend on a simple yet very effective mode of communication.

"The concept is fascinating and intriguing."
J.T.,, 3/3/97

"I discovered an article on ZON. Amazing! Recently I have been
working on an Invention of such a magnitude that present
technology is unable to support it. Or is it? You're articles
convinced me to learn more."
R.D.,, 3/2/97

J.K.,, 8/18/99

S.W.,, 8/30/98
Neo-Tech has changed my life. I am can't remember a time when
I've been sad since I've changed. My life is great and I can
feel it getting better every day. I've always thought differently
from the rest of society. I never really did believe in God even
before I read this. But I used to feel guilty for thinking something
like that. This web site is what I've been searching for my whole life.

I think Neo Tech is the best. I am a firm believer in it and
will always be.

Jansett,, 10/14/01
Magnificent! I simply couldn't stop reading, chapter by chapter, even when my eyes started to tire. I'll need to go back and read The Proof again because I
really can't absorb much more right now, but I want to say that The Story told the tale so powerfully that I was captivated beyond anything I've ever read
before. I loved it. It was interesting to observe myself and my gut reactions as I read because I have had many similar experiences (on a less dramatic
scale, perhaps, but equal emotionally) and
each time felt so let down by other human beings, people who chose to go the way of power and ambition (or so they thought) at the expense of honesty and
hard work. I have been “betrayed' several times in my life, but I've kept my determination. I must
admit that I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever find another human being who knew what I knew (although I have never articulated it so eloquently
as The Story). I am beyond ecstatic at this moment. I am eagerly awaiting the Neo-Tech Summit in
November to get the opportunity to meet other people who feel “just like me.' Glorious! The Story is great, really great. Thank you so much. Cheers,

M.J.,, 2/14/97
The Neo-Tech/Zonpower Discovery helped open my eyes as to who the
REAL cheaters and criminals in the world are. I also am aware of many more
`control mechanisms' politicians have ingrained in our minds and can reject
their government as big brother, father and mother.

G.G.,, 2/7/97
Excellent web site, one of the most valuable and powerful that I have
found. It just may save mankind. I would like to see more intellectual
ammunition like this. Thanks, keep up the great work.

Truly life-lifting info! Neo-tech has become my personal bible.

D.B.,, 4/21/01
I love this book (The Story). I just finished reading through for the second time. I find it interesting how it seems to be a lot like a good movie seen over again. Keep up the good work, I am inspired again.

R.C.,, 2/15/99
Thanks for Neo-Tech and for dedicating you
time to profitable means!

B.B.,, australia

"Mind-opening reading experience. Anyone who believes in freedom
and individual responsibility will enjoy such insight and wisdom
shared freely via the web."
S.C.,, 5/28/97

H.C.,, 6/13/02
One word AWESOME

J.R.,, 2/25/00
What I read in your definitions page began
slamming into my brain, and I could
feel myself begin to shake from my core outwards. Ethical
and totally honest approach to life is the key to everything.

I have been aware of the parasites for some time now. It always
amazes me that others do not see it. Your work exposes them for what they are:
theives of the labor of others. In order to remain hidden they have done a good
brainwashing job on society; any one who speaks of them or tries to expose their
game is demonized, made out to be a quack, murdered or jailed. It is a very effective
strategy and has worked well for a long time. I feel very strongly that this
material needs to be available for all to re ad and ponder.


B.V.,, 3/10/97, France
I am very pleased to read one or two articles from time to time. It
is a very interesting enriching encyclopedia.

D.C.,, 12/23/00
The truth will set you free. All of these
bible thumpers that
say you should be banded from the net have forgotten our
freedom of speech. They forget that Jesus said that we can do what
he did and more. He knew the truth and tried to tell us. Keep
speaking your truth as loud as you can.

"I received the neo-tech manuscript in 1992, it really made me
think. I have taken some remarkable steps and made a lot of
mistakes, but I learned a lot. Now, I travel the world, expand my
awareness, and make a good living."
A.D.,, 6/7/97, Australia

R.E.,, 7/8/97, Rep. of Panama
"After reading Neo-Tech, I am not afraid anymore, I am free of
mysticism, I rely on myself and do not seek nor follow external
authorities of any sort."

"I Love it!"
M.D.,, 5/20/97

R.V.,, 5/17/97

After reading the 'Neo-Tech' I-IV, suddenly I became a New-Born
Human that just escape from the nightmare.

M.L.,, 6/4/98
Reading the negative comments certainly decided me in your

T.N.,, 8/18/97, Australia
How else will the world be changed? Everyone else has failed.

b.m.,, 4/2/02
I feel that the info provided can really leave one to question, 'what the hell am I doing wasting my life when I could be doing what i was meant to do in life?' So much time wasted, just reading the info has inspired me beyond belief.

"The physical page is quite spiffy."
P.B.,, 1/6/97, South Africa

S.K,, 8/2/97, India
I found Neo-Tech most progressive, scientific and

Neo-Tech freed me. I am not under the control of anyone. I have learned not to
be ignorant and having access to Neo-Tech on the web is a necessity for my growing
understanding of people.

"Almost everyday I come online to this web site and just browse
for new information and to brush up on favorite works like
Zonpower in Cyberspace. I really feel that this is a place I can
commune in. I feel among friends here. It is a new and powerful
experience for me to feel empowered over my life. I feel that
there should be a lot of credit placed in the hands of the many
authors that contribute to this superior site."
B.L.,, 2/5/97

Your way of seeing things and living is so empowering. Finally,
someone who cares about the spirit of the individual and their right
to live how they choose to. Keep up the inspiring and life affirming

I.F.,, 1/21/00
I am already beginning to feel my life changing.

M.L.,, 2/4/97
I am completely and totally at a loss for words.
I have been reading and absorbing info like a sponge.

D W S,,
Neo-Tech has indeed opened my eyes to the world that CAN be. If not for
the works of philosopher/novelist Ayn Rand, I would not originally have
been receptive to Neo-Tech. I see that it expands upon her work and integrates
the philosophy of Objectivism in to a wider world. Now I also understand
about the Illuminati and their vision of a free and happy world they
have conceived for over 200 years - and Neo-Tech (or something like it)
has been their driving goal. I have a close relationship with one of
these godlike people. She is a pre-eminent value producer and benefactor
of the world. Her considerable financial resources are partially being
employed in the drive for biological immortality - a longtime dream of
the Illuminati and many others - and this wor k continues outside the
US beyond the reach of the FDA. These are exciting times.

M.B.,, 4/17/97
This is my first exposure, I find the content interesting. It seems
to encompass the complete width and breath of life.

R.K.,, 6/19/00
The 'story' seems to reflect some very
misunderstood notions regarding every day life as we live
it. The understanding ofthese differences could lead many to
a new existence in their life. Very interesting and

"Your site is Great Great Great!!"
R.B.,, 2/12/97

C.H.,, 5/16/98
This is the most rewarding info.
I have found in my life, I can't get enough of it. I have told many of
my friends and they are wild about.
I wish to thank you all for the great news you bring to everyone
who is willing to open there mind and be free.

H.H.,, 1/30/98
Greetings and salutations NEO THINKERS. I have just returned
from the movie 'Titanic'. And you could almost swear the script
was written by Mark Hamilton. The script was an uncanny resemblance
to a story written by Mark Hamilton in his 1989 Zonpower. When we
reach around 80 to 85 we look back on our lives as if it was
yesterday. How 50 years of our lives is but a dot in the ocean
of time. The 'Titanic script writers must have utilized Mark's
summary from his book, by having Rose as an 85 year old thinking
back to her time as a young lady and reminiscing on her time
on that tragic voyage. See the movie and read the article in Mark Hamilton's
Pincer 2. you will see the similarity.
Neo-Tech is on the big screen already.

M.M.,, 8/12/97
"Amazing. Yet I know this is gonna be juicy enough to inspire me further
than the inspiration I just had!"

B.K.,, 11/11/97
This is a great site. I think I will implement the principles
in my life and show them to my relatives so they can use them too.

"It is my feeling that there is no other truly honest logical
distillation of life applicable philosophy being espoused."
M.C.,, 5/13/97

"Cool site!! Lots of good stuff!! Keep it comin!!"
G.P., 3/17/97

p.j.,, 12/10/01
Nothing has ever inspired me like this writing.

S.N.,, 6/25/97, U.S.
Free Your mind through Neo-Tech, and your soul shall follow. Unleash
your unrealized powers with Neo-Tech. I love the values put forth through

Anon.,, 3/18/03
The only sense to be found anywhere.

Good site, interesting and thought provoking


Jenny W.,, 2/22/98
I definitely want this site to remain on the web. It
offers invaluable information that may not be available through the
marketed Neo-Tech written literatures (for example, Rosa Maria's
articles). Please do expand this site. This site has gone a long
way since I visited it last year--more info, more articles, more
art, and thus more power, than what I saw last year.

E.P.,, 7/12/98
NEO-TECH has benefited me and others I work and live with.
Identifying and exposing cheaters, unearned guilt mongers, and those who
work to steal my earned credibility, self-respect and values is
a constant battle. Keep up the good work

improve oneself.

S.A.,, 4/14/97
The world needs Neo-Tech.

"Zon power confirms and puts into words what we feel all along.
We are all helpless puppets caught in this viscous circle with no
way out. Zon is the answer. I would like to know more!!"
C.W.,, 5/11/97, Singapore

Tracy N.,, 4/24/00
I would love to get involved in some activities perhaps a neo-tech church.

"I am pretty impressed with the information given here. The Web
site's layout is superb."
C.H.,, 4/21/97

How do I get the Book? I love your concepts and story. Very
informative and powerful! Thank you Debra Ananda

"The NeoTech/Zonpower Discovery helped open my eyes as to who the
REAL cheaters and criminals in the world are. I also am aware of
many more 'control mechanisms' politicians have ingrained in our
minds and can reject their government as big brother, father and
M.J.,, 2/14/97

D.C.,, 1/31/98
The Neo-Tech web pages are the best in cyberspace and
should stay on the web. Your web site reaches untold people.

G.G.,, 12/23/00
I can thank you enough for Dr. Wallace and his
Neo-Tech discoveries. Four months ago, Dr. Wallace and his associates
gave me the courage to start my own business, and profits are booming.
More importantly, my happiness has soared to new heights.
Thank you is not enough.

F.B.,, 1/24/00
The most thought provoking, mind searching
lituriture that I have ever read. It has made me reevaluate
my entire thought process.

An empowering and powerful book. My dreams are coming true and The Book put me
on a conscious track towards real civility and creativity, Thanks Carla.

Logic, Facts, Money, Power, Love, and Happiness.

J. Y. Givens-Simmons,, 5/29/01
I have heard a great deal about neo-tech from
a couple of
that own and read The Book. I am woman, single parent of a
son, and I have been looking for information that might help
my son to see that there is so much more to life than a
In the course of my looking and learning, I have found
that there is so much more to life than I ever realized.
I have known innately that my life should be different and I
was the master of how to make it happen however, I always
so overwhelmed by the changes that I tried to make that I
couldn't maintain it or make any long term changes. I want
so much to feel more fulfilled by my life
and to demonstrate to my son as well as others that through
yourself, you can find all there is in the world in terms of
happiness, love, joy, and success. I am so excited.

P.S.,, 4/11/97, United Kingdom
Most definitely Neo-Tech can only be good for humanity.

M.A.,, 3/16/97
I would like to see this web site expand. I would also like to see
people realize that religion is fake and that we should only believe in
ourselves. That's the real fact!

M.W.,, 2/5/97
This web site should continue to expand until all mysticism has been
uprooted and rejected. When the anti-civilization collapses and we all are Zon,
then this site will no longer be needed. Until that time, this site must
continue to grow.

d.f.,, 11/22/00
The truth will always be the villain…until it
is accepted
by all. Today, Neo-Tech is the villain.

R.J.,, 12/31/00
I know how it feels to be in a corner and you
must fight your
way out!!! (Without NEO-TECH) you have been in the corner
your life and did not KNOW IT!!! NEO-TECH is the only way
out of
the corner!!! This is a WAKE UP CALL!!! HELLO

F.C.,, 6/8/00
I really got caught up in
'The Story' and at times forgot that it was fiction.
that will be fact in just a few years. Thank you for opening
my eyes to a new beginning for me an for the entire world.

S.J.,, 7/4/99, United Kingdom
Mr. Hamilton has indeed produced a
remarkable piece of work. This work hit me like a hammer square
between the eyes and gripped me like a vice around my being.
I felt very annoyed at what we have lost in terms
of our happiness and even more for what my parents lives were
deprived of. I now feel hurt even angry that every day I am
not feeling the ultimate joy of being here and achieving '
ELSE, I AM SOMEBODY ' Your book has made me realize that I am
me, that's all, nothing complicated just me, nothing before me
and no more me when I'm gone, but while I'm here I owe it only
to me to use this moment of existence to more than simply exist.

M.P., , 9/28/02
A great web site that provides a stimulating shock to the lazy brain!

P.F.,, 8/28/98

C.Y.,, 3/6/00
Your Story is the most incredible, powerful
thing I've ever read. It truly puts into real perspective
the Neo-Tech principles, disciplines, etc. I'm sharing it
with my 12-year old and am seeing with a visual and mental
clarity how I need to be HIS Miss Annabelle...and to my
other two children as they begin their education beyond
Words of thanks are hardly enough for what you have brought
out for mankind. I simply cannot articulate the explosion of
hope in so many areas of my life going on inside of me now.
I have a whole new outlook on life and I know where I
belong. But I do have one question: How do I help change the
world to bring Neo-Tech to everyone?
Heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

D.C.,, 4/16/99, Scotland
Your web site is incredible.

R.B.,, 9/19/97, Holland
"About 8 years ago I came into contact with your information. The Neo-Tech
Cosmic Business control volumes turned my life around. I am now a very happy
self-employed human being and I travel the world doing what I like."

R.C.,, 2/22/97
This is the most thought-provoking information I have ever

J.A.,, 4/21/98
Neo-Tech is the best thing ever happen to the world, keep
on, nobody can stopped you. knowledge is power!

C.M.,, 11/14/00
I can do all things through Neo-Tech, which
strengthens me.

T.S.,, 11/28/98
The very identification of Neo-Cheating, (theism, politics of
envy, guilt advocates, scarcity advocates, end-of-the-world
proponents, and others), makes it possible to move beyond
their nonsense and experience a new universe of previously unimagined
prosperity, health, wisdom, and happiness with Neo-Tech.

"To me, this web page is a beacon of light for all those who hope
to see the birth of a society (or of a new world) in which the
populous represents a body of individual men who live their lives
by the use of their independent minds. Your literature outlines
the principles which are the foundation of rational conduct in
life; I support your efforts and hope for your continued success.
My comment about your web page is more of a 'thank you' than of
an evaluation of the page itself."
L.P.,, 2/2/97

L.S.,, 2/7/01
I believe the best way to rid society of
anti-civilization is
for neo-tech to promote the idea of self government. The
system was fine in horse and buggy days, but is no longer
It just doesn't make sense to have a handful of people
laws for several hundred million people.

"We found this site to be extremely helpful in finding answers to
questions regarding poker. We really appreciate the extensive
research. The bibliography was most helpful."
D.K.,, 1/19/97

M.M.,, 3/6/02
The truth about who and what we are is here in the neo-tech literature.

C.G.,, 4/13/00
Very interesting ideas. There are many people
today who are into Neo-Think. Certainly Bill Gates is.

"Great site. Keep it up!"
R.L.,, 4/30/97

I.C.,, Gibraltar
Frank Wallace books changed my life and now I am a fulfilled person.

D.D.,, 8/5/00, U.S.
Very impressed.

M.S.,, 5/20/98
I think Neo-Tech is a very powerful tool that spells out in a
proven way how to succeed in life. Many people do not like Neo-Tech
because it takes away their excuse to fail.

J.K.,, 2/22/99
Truly astounding.

tom binns,, uk
Neo-tech is my strength.

M.W.,, 6/25/99, Canada
I think your site is wonderful.
Those who react negatively are obviously still weak enough to
be influenced by 'higher authorities'. It really is too bad that
so many live their entire lives never knowing freedom. It is
shameful that governments and religion continue to dominate these
poor people in this day and age. Oh well, at least I know that
I am not a sucker, I run my own life. Thanks to Neo-Tech!

M.O,, 8/1/97
I cried when I read it. I will never feel guilty again. I
have regained the innocence that was taken from me when, at age 5, I
entered the local 'concentration campus for mind destruction.' Thank
you Neo-Tech for healing my mind. I am very grateful.

Z. M.,,5/20/00, UNITED KINGDOM
I am truly amazed with the information that I
come across here. This site is bold and straight to the
point and very informative.
I must say that I am getting completely new and worthwhile

C.I.,, 3/4/00, United Kingdom
The Neo-Tech web site is by far the best on the Internet. No
other site comes remotely close when it comes to delivering

J.B.,, 10/7/97
Excellent service to document the IRS abuses.

R.R.,, 11/19/98
Your site and information is truly fascinating
and awakening.

Neo Tech is one of the most forward thinking organizations the world has
ever seen.

A.A.,, 4/22/98, Rep. of Trinidad & Tobago
This is fascinating reading.

P. D.,, 1/14/01
Although I am still reading "the story", I find it very
refreshing & I can actually see some breaking through
illusions within myself as I continue to read the rest of
the story. I was once like those third graders, yet there
were adults who didn't give me the road map I needed, and
they meant well. but their ways closed me down for a long
time. thank for "the story", but I am still waiting for my
"god-man" book, please send it to me soon, I've been waiting
for a while! thanks

.. Nothing like reaching out and touching
someone...I am extremely grateful.

J.B.,, 9/1/98
If it weren't for Neo-Tech I would probably be dead
or stuck inside the mystics web. I am better off now than I have
ever been in my whole life, and have been in the process of shucking
all that junk in my head for the last three years. I fully support
and endorse Neo-Tech.

M.M.,, 4/27/98
Very powerful ideas.

"I really enjoy your web-site. I have accessed it several times.
I appreciate the fact that you present both positive and negative
views on Neo-tech. That proves honesty is at work here."
M.O.,, 2/9/97

B.A.,, 7/27/00
'The answer to the question I've been asking
for years.
Neo-Tech is simply a light which exposes, at last, the
demons of which
we ourselves create and nullifies the illusions which
are. Thank you all at Neo-Tech for showing me that the key
to the chain is that the chain doesn't exist.

A.M.,, 5/8/98
I find Neo-Tech to be an awakening. I never realized how
much guilt had been imposed on me by a Catholic upbringing.
Especially by teachers, government,
family, friends, charities, etc. Neo-Tech has helped me stand
back and take a very broad and objective perspective of my world
and see though people's deceptions. Sometimes is so easy to see
these deceptions that it makes me laugh. Neo-Tech's dynamics
are helping me to attain wealth and happiness (This is no baloney.
Since my first exposure to NT in 1994, my income has increased
by a factor of 5 to over 200K/year). Shedding guilt has been
such an incredibly refreshing relief. This is something no god
or religion have been able to help me help myself do.

P.C.,, 11/29/97
Great site... have benefited enormously from Neo-Tech.
...Only fools would want to ban Neo-Tech...

D.D.,, 5/31/01
Just cant wait for all of those blind peoples
out there too
wake up and smell the roses

R.R.,, 4/3/00
I thank the almighty powers of the universe
for you. We absolutely MUST EVOLVE beyond and above the narrow minded
and close minded people of the world who prefer to live in the dark ages.
Modern humankind MUST think for him/her self or become extinct.

C.F.,, 12/16/01
I would like more people to use Neo-Tech. Acting in the ways of Neo-Tech. The true Neo-Tech people will succeed

Reading NT is like taking a shower after losing a bitter, hard-fought
athletic contest. It is the antidote for weariness and depression, for the aches
and pains of fighting toward success in life against a tide of cheaters and mystics.

M.T.,, 8/31/97
"Finally!!! It is refreshing to find a group of people who believe in
Rationality, Individual Rights, and Capitalism!!!"

C.L.,, 1/8/97
Thank you for updating the web site in response to my comments about
homosexuality. As a gay man, I found the previous statement to be inaccurate,
and it is a testimony both to you and to the entire Neo-Tech Publishing Company
that you actually DO believe in fully integrated honesty.

C.I.,, 7/30/00, United Kingdom
Imagine every person's favorite website
on the Internet. Now, imagine that ALL of those websites
to one building block, one block of stone. The Neo-Tech site

L.A.,, 2/19/97
You are the most important people in the universe.

J.F.,, 10/26/97
"I found the information riveting and exciting. Do what
you have to in order to stay on the web!"

Neo-Tech is a great tool for anyone seeking to do great things with his or
her life. Thanks to rational thinking, I have avoided the path often taken
by most who have allowed themselves to let someone do the thinking for them.
This web site inspires me to continue on the same path. Thank you.

Nothing has ever inspired me like this writing.

"Your site is incredible. Thank you so much for providing this
valuable information. You have taken the very best of Ayn Rand
and Objectivism and moved forward into the future. Keep up the
great work!"
A.R.,, 3/24/97

s.b.,, 9/23/02, australia
Fantastic, its is the greatest of journeys, I'm amazed how productive I've become, my self-esteem is at level 200.

Nick,, 2/5/01
Bottom line -- All each of us needs to do is
make it happen for ourselves (Fully Integrated Honesty), and the C of U
will simply 'occur overnight' !!

S.J.,, 9/12/97
"Most informative and honest site I have ever visited on the Web."

M.F.,, 5/4/00
I think this is a tremendous insight. This
story is very simple and straight forward. We often forget
about what makes us truly happy. We get so wrapped up as
adults into our day to day living that we miss the true
reason for living.

K.W.,, 3/27/01
Logic, Facts, Money, Power, Love, and

M.T.,, 10/13/98
I am very glad to finally be able to clear the fog of mysticism
that has clouded my vision since a very young age. Thank
you DR. Wallace for your persistence in your quest for knowledge
and your generosity to share that knowledge with all of us who
are hungry for that knowledge, something better than we had before.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

M.H.,, 12/17/96
great site I'm new to the Internet and loved the information

R.J.,, 2/7/98
I think its about time someone brought the truth out in plain
understandable form. Knowledge is power and the ones who have
the knowledge have the power. This information is available for
everyone to share the power, how its meant to be. The information is structured
to benefit everyone
who wants to live life, and who values reality. I would love
to know more and I'll visit this site quite often.

G.E.,, 9/25/98
Awesome use of English language.

J.G.,, 10/1/99
The development of 'biological immortality' (as
you call it) is 'step number one' in mankind's (and my own)
search for a better existence.

"This site is a conch shell of rationality washed up on a beach
of dishonesty. Good luck in keeping the beauty flow."
J.P.,, 2/7/97

K.S.,, 1/27/97, Singapore
The web site is well-arranged, offering a clear view of what is
offered. The color mix is appealing and I look forward to new ideas that will

D.H.,, 2/6/00
This is the most crucially captivating
information I have ever read.

R.W.,, 12/15/96
Thank you for making the Poker book available again.
We've bought several of your newer books in the last few months,
and I expect to enjoy this as the progenitor to the wonders
of Neo-Tech. PROFOUND HONESTY in paperback is really excellent.
Thanks again.

Sometime ago I received The Neo-Tech Discovery, a very large
book that discussed the evolution of ordinary people becoming Millionaires/Entrepreneurs
and the Bi-Cameral Mind. I was devastated! But, the readings of this Manuscript
filled my mind and change d my thinking of very important subjects--God,
Man, Business, Children... Wow! Neo-Tech is definitely what I needed to understand
my existence--I could not understand why everyone in my surroundings were
succeeding and I was constantly falling backwards o r barely moving! I now
fully understand.

Definitely an eye opener. I can't wait for the
wondrous pages to come.

L.M.,, 1/8/02
I am within a mystical group while presenting the neo-tech concepts. I have found that most individuals are seeking these concepts and if presented to them a
step at a time they will integrate and use them therefore benefit from them. By introducing these
Neo-Tech concepts I have seen these people change drastically .

S.P.,, 9/14/97
The keys are here we just need to unlock the door.

R.F.,, 11/7/02
New And Valuable Insight's Into Life. Allows A Person To View The World & Life From A New Perspective. I Also Find The Historical Fact Not Usually Talked
About Interesting. Has Allowed Me To Gain A Better Understanding Of What Has Happened In The Past As
Well as Today.

B.T.,, 9/25/99, United Kingdom
Practical, realistic and, dare I say it, HONEST!

M.M.,, 4/16/99
I like your site, a good amalgam of science and philosophy.

Nick,, 6/14/02
I'm saying this with full knowledge and a deep, emotional integration: 'Neo-Tech is AWESOME'

B.B.,, 6/12/98
I recently completed reading 'God-Man, Our Final Evolution', and
I believe that it is one of the most important books ever written. I
want to thank Dr.Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and all the authors of
Neo-Tech books for their fine work. EVERY American should read
Mark Hamilton's 'Get Rich By 2001'!!!

J.G.,, 4/27/97
Neo-Tech is the future.

M.L.,, 2/13/98
I am not overstating the case when I say that Neo-Tech is
the most important literature being produced today. I am making great
progress in purging my life of my personal mysticisms. All thanks
to the courage and perseverance of Dr. Wallace and the heroic
Neo-Tech writers and publishers. It is vital to the future of
humanity that this site remain on the Web. I think we are all
very fortunate to be living in this age, when the cruel hoax
of the last 2300 years is being exposed to the light of day.
Mysticism Collapse! Down with the IRS! Up with heroic Value Producers!

D.A.,, 3/16/02
The information is mind-blowingly practical, rational, and suited to the ever-evolving human! You're doing a valuable service.

J.S.,, 10/1/97
Neo-Tech must remain on the web. For without Neo-Tech, disarming
professional neo-cheaters, value-destroyers could not be possible by the year
2000 A.D. Neo-Tech is the future.
I am pleased with the recent IRS exposure. While still in the very early stage
of media attention, the IRS and their force-backed agendas will soon be expunged
with Neo-Tech's forthcoming triumph over them.

S.L.,, 8/13/97
"Very good. Very good web-site."

N.N.,, 3/15/00
Dear Mr. Hamilton,I like very much your Story,
and I hope it will be soon available in French. When you
want to translate it, please send me a mail: it will be a
pleasure to help you.

T.A.,, 9/1/97
"In a world that seems to be on the verge of self-destruction, Neo-Tech
offers hope. The reason Neo-Tech is so controversial is because most people
cannot admit that their lives have been entrenched in a fallacy. I think
that everyone should have the access to the cutting-edge information that
Neo-Tech makes available. It is up to each individual to choose it or not."