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Feedback Comments From Jan 1997-May 2003

Below, 500 Random Testimonials From 1997-2003
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print all of its stuff and be so honest in its dealings with
the public.

A.F.,, 3/4/00
I am very impressed, I am opening a new world.

Date : Tue May 6 14:05:13 US/Eastern
2003 Neo-Tech changed life for me, keep up the good work.

"Thanks for each and every word of wisdom that you've shared with
P.M.,, 5/11/97

A.A.,, 3/8/99
I am interested in finding out what became of
the great poker author Frank Wallace. His book on poker
really helped me.

J.R.,, 5/20/99
A noble prospectus indeed. Certainly a worthwhile goal.

"So much info. So little time."
M.B.,, 2/21/97

P.P.,, 3/8/00
Many thanks to the author of 'the story' 1-19.
It was a fun way to re-integrate with the NT concepts. One
metaphor I hadn't caught before was the idea that a Neothink
success puzzle is like a map, and you can follow that map to
the future instead of following external authority to an
unchanging present.

J.Q.,, 6/24/97, United Kingdom
The best and most valuable information I have ever read. Frank
Wallace and Mark Hamilton and Eric Savage are worthy of a Nobel prize at

JM,, 4/11/03
The brilliance of the articles is quite remarkable.

D.W.,, 8/8/97, England
"I am not an owner of Neo-Tech literature. I have borrowed it from an owner
and during a six month part of my life was spellbound by the realizations
that I experienced. It is easy to see how levels of awareness in the
Neo-Tech philosophy increase with reading and experience. I feel that at
this moment I have a strong awareness of the mysticism around me, and can
use this awareness to my advantage in business and personal development."

J.D.,, 7/16/98
PLEASE remain on the web-I need access to this information.

"YES! Emphatically Yes...Please keep the Neo-Tech web site alive.
I have been a reader of your materials since 1987...happiness is
growing as my business grows! Thanks for your genius."
D.V.,, 2/4/97

william,, 9/19/00
Thank you for the knowledge of money, power,
love, health, wealth, happiness, and joy . I know now that
is the reason for
our existence.

E.J.,, 8/14/02, eNGLAND
Keep up the good work. Neo-Tech Founder and Zon-Power/God-man are the greatest Books ever written.

B.K.,, 3/10/97, Canada
I like viewing your fascinating material through its hyper-linked web
pages Keep up the great work!

J.P.,, Franklin
Such great wisdom.

B.R.,, 7/26/97
"I Think Neo-Tech is the future of mankind."

S.P.,, 9/11/01, uk
Neo-Tech is an outstanding contribution to understanding the universe that we live in. May it continue to grow and turn our world the right way up, at last.

L.T.,, 1/14/02
I have been a neo-technician since January 6, 2000 when I received my copy of The Book. My life has changed immeasurably and irreversibly since that day.
Having a much better grip on reality and the ability to see to essence of things, I now see the preciousness of life for the first time in my life. I have been exhilarated beyond words and now feel my long-lost happiness and excitement of my youth. I can't
get enough out of each day as I feel such a loss of precious time. I feel, like never before, my life has truly just begun and so much joy and adventure lies ahead. I owe all this to Dr Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, Tracy Allexandar, and all
the beautiful people at Neo-Tech Publishing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

H.G.,, 8/16/98
Stay the Course!

M.D.,, 12/13/98
Neo-Tech seems to have something to offer for everyone
interested in making a change in their current and future
existence on the planet.

S.L.,, 12/24/00, England
What a wonderful philosophy. Super Neo-Tech.
Well thought out
and well integrated with life's optimism and its boundless
eternal potential. As an ex-christian I now feel liberated from
religion's subtle stranglehold and can now see religion for what it
really is- a powerful festering cancer waiting to suck all human
creativity into its gurgling abysmal maw.

J.P.,, 9/29/01, Comments : I can say without reservation that Neo-Tech
has been a major influence in the development of my thinking - a process
that is on-going. The identification of the differences between non-action
philosophy a nd action mode Neo-Tech, coupled with the broad integration
of many related, but elsewhere disassociated areas of knowledge is, I think,
Neo-Tech's unique contribution to the human store.

Mike,, 2/10/02
Neo-Tech is amazing. It would be a true sin if this website were taken offline. It has helped me tremendously in my quest to dominate my life instead of
letting my life dominate me. Can't say enough.

"This is the site of sites and should never be removed from the
A.M.,, 2/5/97, Canada

A.T.,, 1/17/97, Australia
I found this web site through a search on `world conspiracy', and it
has certainly confirmed that the tools of wealth and progress have been
withheld from the general population for the express purpose of narrowly
defining the dispersion of wealth and knowledge to all but a select few.

V.V.,, 12/9/02
I believe that Neo-Tech is the way of and to the future. We need Neo-Tech now more than ever to show us the true path to wealth and happiness.

It's the manual for living.

R.D.,, 12/22/98, Canada
I eat a dozen small eggs daily but under 40 grams of sugar a
day. I am 5.11 and 145 I eat a lot of fat I work out daily never
tired all because of continues integration of Neo-Tech! I can't
say enough good praises happy new year! I'm a Neo-Tech owner
since 89 and I love it!

Jennifer W.,, 4/23/98
Your site is very informative and intriguing.

R.P.,, 12/18/98
It gives me a terrific feeling knowing
Neo-Tech and its teachings
will survive through time. The truth will never die.
There is only one truth, Neo-Tech!

O.R.,, 3/1/01, India
Mind-blowing and mind-expanding concepts and
ideas. Keep up the
good work!

E.S.,, Germany
Y E S Of course I want this site to remain on the Internet. It's
one of the few really important pages out there!

It as given me a new sense of hope.

L.K.,, 1/12/98
I love this site. I can't wait to see all
people unite and get to the next conscious level. To see all
the bullshit around and then have to exist in this quagmire is
suicide in it self.

L.O.,, 2/17/00, Australia
With NEO-TECH, the ball is in your court all
the time. There is no authority to look upon except

K.C.,, 8/2/97
"The Neo-Tech site is thought-provoking, especially the sections on physics
and the bicameral mind. As an Objectivist, the discussions of rational
egoist ethics and laissez-faire capitalism were familiar ground, but I can
see how they would shock the average collectivist or religionist."

"I really enjoy your web-site. I have accessed it several times.
I appreciate the fact that you present both positive and negative
views on Neo-tech. That proves honesty is at work here."
M.O.,, 2/9/97

A life changing experience, I know its
not enough, but thank you very
much neo-tech . I’m proud to be a neo-tech customer.

"Keep up the good work."
C.A.,, 4/18/97, United Kingdom

R.H.,, 2/1/98
The Neo-Tech discovery represents the only realistic blue-print
for personal success and world-wide prosperity that I have ever

J.S.,, 11/6/97
I am so glad that the IRS tax reform bill will shift the burden
of proof in civil cases. The Tax Code was a Law in itself, and was designed to
oust every taxpayer
who challenged their Code. In almost every case, the taxpayer
loses. Do you believe Neo-Tech was the forerunner in this shift? I do.


M.S.,, 7/5/99
Refreshingly alternative to the usual
self-empowerment stuff around.

B.H.,, 7/1/97
"It sounds like you are really on to something valuable. I intend
to investigate this further."

G.a.,, 5/2/02
Knowledge is power, I firmly believe Neo-Tech will prevail in the end.

"We must be careful with such new knowledge and not to let power
fall into the hands of the few who will oppress others."
D.W.,, 3/15/97

D.D.,, 7/12/01
I think the world has been in need of this
since BC 2000,(which
should have been AD 2000). I admire you for your 'guts' to
on in the face of such desperate opposition from the
and such fellow travelers. As the British say 'JOLLY GOOD

T.S.,, 3/30/98
I love your web site.

"I think this site is fantastic. Keep up the great work."
A.M.,, 5/23/97

G.M.,, 9/17/00
Nothing but Love! Neo-Tech/Neothink Concepts
were naturally
integrated into my life the second after I read the first 5
Pages of 'The Book', by Mark Hamilton. Maybe that was
to the 10-second 'miracle' phenomenon you talked
about on this beautiful website!!

K.J.,, 1/20/01
I thank you for your tremendously scholarly
web site.

H.G.,, 8/16/98
Stay the Course!

"Zon power confirms and puts into words what we feel all along.
We are all helpless puppets caught in this viscous circle with no
way out. Zon is the answer. I would like to know more!!"
C.W.,, 5/11/97, Singapore

J.S.,, 10/1/97
Neo-Tech must remain on the web. For without Neo-Tech, disarming
professional neo-cheaters, value-destroyers could not be possible by the year
2000 A.D. Neo-Tech is the future.
I am pleased with the recent IRS exposure. While still in the very early stage
of media attention, the IRS and their force-backed agendas will soon be expunged
with Neo-Tech's forthcoming triumph over them.

If things work out the way I 95% expect them to, I will be
in a position to help with the mass exposure to these
concepts, the first of which may indeed be a TV series of
“The Story'.

M.C.,, 8/26/02
In reference to your article End of Chaos: I am speechless. It feels so good!

I think it is of vital importance that neo-tech remain on the
web because in cyberspace, neo-tech's powerful enemies are rendered impotent.
In the years to come, cyberspace will truly evolve into an extension of man's
mind. If neo-tech stands at the foref ront of this expansion, the rewards
for humanity will be incalculable.

C,, 7/17/02
This life enhancing information that I would have a hard time living without.

I think this is great site with very important and positive
issues. Very motivating, I've learned plenty from each topic.

J.T.,, 10/31/01
This is a most fascinating site... I sit enthralled for hours at a time,.

Neo-tech has opened my eyes, that is for certain. It must stay on the web for
everyone to be to find, it is a masterpiece.

I can' explain it! but so exciting the neo-tech matrix is becoming more complete
in my mind each day! I am effortlessly gaining the love, money power advantages.
its as spooky as you said.

"Very fascinating."
R.W.,, 5/11/97

D.C.,, 12/29/98
I think Neo-Tech Publishing should create a
body of work that emphasizes the 'neo-cheating ' that grips
people on a more personal level. The 'neo-cheating' that
happens between family and friends. Everyday stupidities.
Most people understand, even at a very simplistic level,
that politicians, lawyers, media personalities, etc are
dishonest and corrupt, but a lot of people don't seem to
understand the dishonesty and disrespect that happen to them
everyday with family and friends! Most people I know accept
the lies, manipulations and usurpation's from their own
romantic love partners. I know that the neo-tech literature
deals with all this. However, I feel freeing people of these
personal chains would help them break out of the prison that
is the anticivilization! Thank you for your time. My best
to all at Neo-Tech publishing, and value-producers

S.D.,, 10/22/97
By all means, this web site should stay
on the web as an aid to mankind. It opens up man's mind and awakens him the
meaning of life. I support your research and the work Neo-Tech is doing.

F.P.,, 2/6/00, England
I must say that the Neo-Tech discovery is the
most profound piece of literature
I have ever read. It is the only literature that has had
any effect on my mode of thinking and achieving. In my eyes,
Neo-Tech is the greatest achievement witnessed since I've

c.r., WLDC.COM
I find your site one of the most useful on the net.

S.B.,, 2/23/97
It's been about 12 weeks since I last spent time at the NT web site.
Rave reviews for the following: Justin Parkes `Ten Mega Tips' Tracey
Alexander's `Developing a Neo-Tech Consciousness' Drew Ellis's `Thus Spake Zon'
`Zon, Ruler of Universe' With special mention of John (Flint's) `The Bible
Decoded' I never read past the first three pages of the bible. After reading
JF's decoding I integrated the joy of the other past and future readers of the
article. I'm very happy for them. Please pass along my thanks and appreciation
to the authors mentioned above. And know that I appreciate everyone's efforts
on this, the grandest of all journeys.

I.V.,, 12/26/00, Slovenia

,, 9/12/01
Hello, I, just like all genuine human spiritbecause of the World
Trade Center attack. The only refuge I could find was my knowledge of Neo-Tech
and how I am going to stay focused on the true meaning of life. Neo-Tech
is t he most powerful, no BS information I have ever experienced. I hope
everyone can sooner than later learn the power and benefits that the Neo-Tech
concepts can give to all conscious human life. So simple, so powerful. I
can't describe the feeling with word s...

J.C.,, 3/11/00
At my school: Morrow High School, in Ga. I
tried to get on the Neo-Tech web page. It was intercepted by
the school filter. I thought this was ridiculous. But then,
I could get into a sight called the electric
showing men after being executed by the electric chair.
Which site is more apt to do damage to the teen mind? It
seems they're more focused on keeping the children in our
world supporting the government, rather than keeping them
away from violence, and perverse displays. That's just
another example of the government making choices for you!

M.G.,, 12/27/02
Neo-tech open my eyes and now I see the truth about this harsh world and that is priceless knowledge.

Anon.,, 10/20/98
This sight is the most damaging site I have ever witnessed on
my computer! I actually think any individual would be less
harmed if they were hooked on heroine. I am repulsed and will
pray for the souls of those who have developed this site and
promote articles such as yours. In exchanged for the God of 'power'
you have sold your soul to 'Satan'. YOU are working for all the
wrong things in life! Be careful, if a person gets everything
they want out of this life, such as the things you promote, there
will be no 'life' after death. I feel badly for you!! Sounds
like some thinking on your part would be a good idea!

D.H.,, 8/13/98
Neo tech has been a big influence in my life.

K. A.,,8/22/00, Israel
Looking back, Neo-Tech and the resulting
changes in my life are REALLY the best things that happened to me. I don't know
how to thank you.

LM,, 5/14/03
Neo-Tech knowledge is something the whole world needs.

"Neo - Tech is the best source of information to improve our
life. Thank you, Neo-Tech for providing this powerful
R.S.,, 3/22/97, Australia

N.N.,, 2/22/00, Australia
I personally think that the Neo-Tech Discovery
is one of the most important piece of work ever discovered by man.

J.M.,, 7/14/98
Neo-Tech presents much truth.

J.D. Brackett,, 5/15/02, American
I have known about Neo-tech over ten years, it is the greatest discovery that I've witnessed in my lift time,I am with you all the way.

T.B.,, 5/28/99
I've found Neo-Tech to be a motivator to
correct things in my life.

P.Williams,, 3/14/99, United Kingdom
Thank you for this groundbreaking information.

D.W.,, 5/19/01
The words synchronize with my mind.

Hi Mark; absolutely brilliant, when can we
expect to see the film.

D.B.,, 11/28/98
We have had the Neo-Tech and God-Man manuscripts for about 3-4
months now. We have read the entire manuscripts of both, parts
more than once. We are very excited in the coming new-world.

R.B.,, 2/19/00, United Kingdom
I find The Story very exciting and positive reading, only time
stops me at the end of a chapter from finishing the entire
book straight away.

F.V.,, 12/20/96
Extremely informative and enlightening!!
A must read for people that need some incentive to become
value producers for themselves and society. Worth the research!!!



P.A.,, 6/10/02, AUSTRALIA
Your way of seeing things and living is so empowering. Finally, someone who cares about the spirit of the individual and their right to live how they choose
to. Keep up the inspiring and life affirming work.

G.V.,, 2/3/98, MEXICO
Keep up the good work.

K. G. Snow, SGI.COM, 3/21/01
I was raised in a very religious family and for
most of my life
I obeyed my parents, did my schoolwork because I was told to

D.H.,, 1/5/00
The light bulbs are turning on faster than you
can imagine, and what I have suspected all along, I am
finding to be reality. I am ready to stand and be counted as
one of the true believers in Neo-Tech and Neo-Think.

"As I read, I can feel myself gaining in power and strength. I am
hungry for more."
J.W.,, 6/26/97, U.S.A.

G.R.,, 3/26/00
Expand the Marketing of this message, expand
the site for all
of the 'Books', to support the premises of Neo-Tech is to
the forces of Optimal Life.

G.P.,, 3/10/97
It often takes eye opening, thought provoking material to nudge
people in the right direction and this looks to be some of the best!

briksha(mahendra),, 10/8/00
I like this web very much it allows our mind
to think in a new
light and question traditional knowledge.

G.O.,, 12/11/02
Without Neo-Tech there is no chance for survival. I am looking forward to The Civilization of the Universe. Also waiting for our Neo-Tech President. Thanks
for all your valuable information about latest developments. There is so much to learn from Neo-Tech.

S.S.,, 3/23/99

"I find it very fascinating and refreshing. It has made me look
at my own life in a different perspective. I believe the Neo-Tech
system is relevant and will be a great power in the future."
R.T.,, 4/30/97

Anon,, 8/26/97
Yes, please stay on the web for the sake of all that is right and
human, keep fighting.

A.G.,, 8/28/97
"Absolutely, you should remain on the web! It may be the only hope left."

"This is a very clean, professional, and well presented."
W.A.,, 2/8/97

Until I found this web page I never understood why the world was designed
to be so hard to live in, now I see that it is really all just a ploy
to keep us from continually evolving and the true un-need for controlling
each other.

C.H.,, 1/21/97, Taiwan
Good Web!!!!!!!!

W.B.,, 2/13/00, Canada
Neo-Tech is a positive force that will change
the course of history. It shall be the key to man's future
in the universe as a productive being.

C.E.,, 8/4/00
Power is the essence of reality. I see power
in these
writings. Knowledge misled is illusion. Thanks for the wake

J.S.,, 1/14/97
The Neo-Tech/Zonpower web site offers the most complete formulas to
happiness available anywhere in cyberspace. Not only has Neo-Tech changed
my life, but its application is a never-ending growth process for my
self-esteem and personal happiness. Thanks a million, Neo-Tech!

"This is great keep going"
A.B.,, 6/29/97, Russia

T.J.,, 5/3/01
YES ! We have WON at last ! IMMORTALITY is ours
and everything
that accompanies progress that is absent from mysticism. The

H.B.,, 8/31/97
You have uplifted dark into LIGHT!!

S.P.,, 10/9/02
Best site on the internet. The world needs this philosophy.

B.E.,, 1/9/99
Best set of information on the planet for mankind.

C.M,, 8/5/97
"Exciting and very plausible."

R.C.,, 7/22/97, U.S.A.
Neo-Tech should be on the sides of milk cartons across the
globe as the lost child of mankind's survival-wise ancestors! It should
be added to the keys of all atlas and map makers by their own
conscience, to guide those who support their efforts by purchasing their

C.S.,, 1/17/99
This is the most enlightening work ever
written. The people need to wake up Now!!

miranda_rafael,, 5/12/00
I liked The Story very much. At times it
brought tears of joy
and excitement like I had not felt in years.

P.G.,, 10/12/99
Wonder of wonders the ideas you have put before me are
mind blowing! I love the fact of using total honesty your
web site has made what Neo-Tech is all about a lot more clear
for me before. I'm definetly going to USE the
principles of Neo-Tech in my life thanks. The world will
turn out to be a better place if people follow Neo-Tech principles.

J.T.,, 4/23/97
The most mind-blowing information I've ever read.

Don't you dare take this web page down.

"All of the information on this site has had, and will continue to
have a profound impact on my life, and the lives of those people
in society that I come in contact with."
G.U.,, 6/8/97

I purchased Neo-Tech and I used some of the
concepts to propel myself into a better job in the Army. You
site is very informative and well designed.

R.E.,, 7/22/98, Australia
The information has me mesmerized.

M.H.,, 12/17/96
great site I'm new to the Internet and loved the information

A.B.,, 3/19/99, United Kingdom
To the religious fanatics who
make a premise of moral behavior by damning Neo-Tech and its
editors to hell and 'fiery pits' etc, I would like to express
my disgust at their barbarous comments. We can gain a pretty
accurate insight into the kind of people they are by taking note
of the language they use and the way in which they use it.

R.F.,, 10/27/99
In today's fast paced realm, it is good to have
access to these concepts 24/7. Additional it has allowed me
to show my friends whereas they would not have read an
'old-fashioned' book.

R.A.,, 1/17/99, Canada
Neo-Tech should remain
available on the Internet for all who are ready to make a
quantum leap to a non-mystically empowered self. I view
Neo-Tech as being one of the most positive, revolutionary
human discoveries in the 20th century.

A.F.,, 1/26/98
Neo-Tech is a real eye opener.

E.H.,, 12/25/00
I was one of those 'Neo Cheaters' that was
hooked by the promises
of more money... more power... more control... I wanted it
now and I wanted it badly! I can't say I'm a Neo-Tech man yet,
but I'm trying. I am quite a bit more successful, and I've done
it mostly with honesty (not as easy as it seems). In the 3
years since I've owned my Discovery I have definitely increased my
wealth and happiness. What little mysticism I had is all but
forgotten. I find Neo-Tech all around me! Everything I get
into has some kind of connection. Onward to bigger and better
things! Biological Immortality here I come! Thanks so much Neo-Tech authors

james,, 5/23/02
neo-tech is the future

R.B.,,8/27/00, UK
Neo-Tech has to stay on the web because everyone has a right to know this stuff,
Thanks for the good work.

"You provide infinite values for ALL in the world who want to
listen and apply the keys to freedom and happiness. Thank you for
reviving and catalyzing my productivity, self-protection and
M.M.,, 6/18/97

W.J., , uk
Dear Neo-Tech Your works are a necessity in any persons life to
progress and have a fuller and happier life with eyes wide open. You MUST stay
on the web. I am a better person because of the things I have learned from The

"Thank you and more power!"
Joyce G.,, 5/25/97, Philippines

J.F.,, 5/18/01
I extend tremendous thanks to Dr. F. R.
his family, and associates. Growing up mystified, I always
to be someone else, somewhere else, some other time. Since I
read Neo-Tech I enjoy myself, here, now, forever.

You've helped to change my life. Keep up the fight against mysticism
and lies.

"Very interesting, I am seriously considering pursuing some of
the ideas in the Web site. The advanced concept of poker guide
was brilliant. As a bad poker player myself I have already read
most of it and I am improving rapidly. I have many other guides
to playing poker, but none of the others has been anywhere near
as good."
D.G.,, 1/12/97, England

A.W.,, 1/3/00, United Kingdom
Hello to all. I'm 17, and from the UK. I 'borrowed' my dad's
copy of God-Man and it's certainly opened my mind to a whole
new way of life. Upon first glances, it seemed a little to centered
around money and business for my liking, but subsequent reading
shows that this is the most moral way to progress. Business is
the tool that creates happiness, prosperity, values, wealth and
employment. I have no doubt that, like John Lennon once said,
Christianity will perish. The only way that it
will 'survive' is by continuing as a prime
immoral cult that stabs values produced by others.

j. l. h,
I think that the Neo-tech discovery should be in every public library and school
for everybody.

M.M.,, 12/31/98
Neo-Tech is the most Amazing thing I've ever laid eyes on. I
first heard about Neo-Tech 3 years ago from a friend of mine.
He explained Neo-tech as 'Objectivism taken to another level.
Being in love with Ayn Rand I decided to take a look at your
Discovery. After reading the Discovery, I was amazed. I want to be
part in the Neo-Tech revolution. As far as your remaining on
the web, I KNOW it is critical for our survival.

L.B.,, 7/22/97, Australia
Although I have read only a small
fraction of the information contained in this site, I feel
a niggling sense of relief from the debilitating fear and
confusion which has prevented me from achieving anywhere
near my true potential. As a mother of a very young child
I have been driving myself to insanity wondering how I am
going to help my child achieve his potential, have love,
health, happiness and prosperity.
Thank you for providing me with another option, especially
one which makes absolutely, rational, logical sense.

Gayle G.,, 7/20/98
Respecting life is natural. One cannot respect life and
destroy values. The destruction of value-destroyers, however, is entirely
justified, and this site is crucial to it. These concepts will surely
leave their mark in history. Keep up the good work.

c.d.,, 7/1/01
Maverick thinking.

C.R,, 8/4/97, South Africa
This site is an inspiration to all. Thank Zon that
something as wonderful as Neo-Tech has been allowed to prosper.

D.C.,, 2/19/03
The Neo-Tech information is valuable. The way we live has change dramatically. I have become more conscientious about how we live. It helps me to look into
the mind of others and realize how we can help and how we can destroy each other. It gives me hope
when all else has failed. I will keep on learning, reading and applying the concepts.

A.M.,, 2/5/97, Canada
This is the site of sites and should never be removed from the web.

A.R.,, 5/1/98
The 'Big Lie' has been a puzzle to me for quite some time.
As I investigated further, I found similar thoughts to my own, expressed
with a clarity I had not found. Thank you.

T.M.,, 1/4/99, Lebanon
Dear Sir, Neo-Tech is the best thing that happened in my life.
It gave me a new focus and a new dimension where very little
people actually go.

Cathy Y.,, 3/11/98
I think it is a very useful reference site that is
helpful to a lot of people.

A.N.,, 4/18/97
It should be a prerequisite for anyone who wants there dreams to
TRULY become reality.

C.W.,, 10/21/98
Technology has reached a point where we can see a brave new
World Weather it is a new Plato or a new nightmare will depend upon
US! information becomes free, speech becomes free, information
becomes free, the Universe opens up to us. I am Magical (beliefs)
yet every friend has a different religion. We all seek the same,
a creator. Someone who knows what is the real deal. Either everyone
has the communication ability or the corrupt control. Like the
people who use recreational drugs, used like the Nazies used the
Jews. Something to focus the attention on while the corrupt take control.

B.J.,, 10/5/99
Neo-Tech is a voice in the wilderness. People
need to know there is real hope and
that life is not that you just get taken advantage of by
governments and that a person can take control and be responsible for
their own lives. Its also important for people to be able to see
the irrationality involved in life as it is portrayed and lived
today and all the lies that are fostered on the unsuspecting
public today. Without Neo-tech there would be more mental
depression. Neo-Tech gives a person a whole new perspective on life
which can change gloom and doom to joy and bountifulness.

I write to you about my neo-tech experience. 7 months ago I ordered your 'Book'
and I've read it cover to cover. What do you say, when simple security guard
becomes a millionaire? You say: read the 'Book'. Yes, it took me only seven months
to gain wealth, and only credit to this is to 'The Book'.

"Thank you for printing TRUTH. I know that I have a long way to
go but I am on my rightful path to being 'ZON'."
P.B.,, 5/8/97

R.J.,, 5/20/97
Neo-Tech is what I've been looking for all my life. I'm hungry for
more. Thank you.

Eric,, 10/17/02, U.S.A
NEO-TECH has helped me find out who I am and what is my purpose. I am lost for words, but the feeling is overwhelming. Thank you much!

S.B.,, 10/20/98
It didn't take long to find that you are indeed blaspheming
God's Word. You foolishly call 'Nature' the Alpha and Omega,
when your Creator has told you who He is. You not only swallow
the nonsense theory of evolution, but bow down and worship it
as well. Personally, I don't trust anyone who doesn't have the
sense to figure out that mathematically this universe -- in all
it's complexity -- could not have happened by chance. Men will
never be gods, but they are offered a home with their Creator,
if they will accept it. It will be amusing when the Y2K bug crashes
your delusions. When you're huddled in the corner, burning Neo-Tech
literature to stay warm, remember the tower of Babel.

"This was an eye-opening as well as a mind-opening and
educational web site."
E.C.,, 2/21/97

K.W.,, 2/9/98
I'm currently reading the Neo-Tech/Zonpower Manuscript, I wish
I had started two years ago when I bought it. It is a book that
makes so much sense it is sometimes scary. So many people fear
the truth because it may require them to think, which is too
much work for them. The world will change, and we (Neo-Tech users) will
change it.

From your literature, i became involved with Ayn Rand. It changed my
whole life for the better.

J.B.,, 3/18/97
Wonderfully enlightening.

E.B.,, 5/8/00
Hello Mr. mark Hamilton, I wish I had , had a
teacher like miss Annabel, when I was in the 3rd. grade .I
think this article or story about miss Annabel , should be
required reading in the schools .. , religious , and
secular .. my own life has been a dreary one , influenced by
the “church' and “prudish' adults .. at 68 years , looking
back over my life , I find that I never really knew what
true love meant .. many of my generation , equated the
physical “act' as being “in love' restroom “graffiti' in
the lower grades, were often our guide to sexual pleasure ..
being from a very dysfunctional home , where our parents
never showed any “open affection' before us, hugs , kisses,
praise etc. was not a way to encourage us as grown men , to
know “what to do' in ways of pleasing our wives .. I am just
a “layman' no degrees etc. but I hope with all of my being,
that society will keep on “evolving' so that there will be
“happiness in the male , female relationships “ thanks for
opening my mind to other views about life !!!! and where
mankind is headed.

Flora K.,, 3/5/98
A lot portrayed in Neo-Tech are things that
I knew about, but did not know how to put in words. I did not know
how to stop professional mystics into neocheaters from usurping my
I could see, feel, and experience the
why's, when's, and where's (effects) but I have always looked
for the 'how's' and Neo-Tech is the first to show me the how's
(cause). Neo-Tech is the way. Keep on keeping on (Bravo).

"Hi everyone! Your site is one of the coolest I've ever seen. It
should remain on the web FOREVER!"
A.M.,, 2/25/97, Israel

R.L.,, 2/11/97
Your concepts about individuals make a lot of sense to me. Rational
selfishness is the best tool to pursue happiness. The creation of surplus
values seems to be the moral way to help one another.

Z.M.,, 6/25/97, Malaysia
It is just the best philosophical ideas I ever came across.

Nick,, 2/5/01
I am emotionally integrated with the struggle
identified, accepted, started, and maintained by John Flint and Frank Wallace. And
on that glorious day when we are together on the beaches of
the world celebrating the end of the asshole-civilization (I
mean anticivilization) I want to personally shake the hand, hug,
and kiss the man who simply DAY-AFTER-DAY DID WHAT IT TOOK TO

"I've watched the page evolve since its inception and it has been
wonderful to see all the changes. I try to keep up by having it
as my homepage \ point of departure to the Internet. Just keep up
the good work for the most just of ALL causes.....honesty."
J.L.,, 3/7/97

B.M., .,
Incredible. I was raised a Mormon and therefore am very comfortable
with the idea that ordinary humans can rise to become Gods. Yet to have this
idea laid out in such a scientific fashion, in simple stories and explanations
without all the 'thou shalt' m entality clouding the experience is something
so new, so fresh and so concrete that I hardly can explain it. I've read
and read again a lot of Neo Tech literature. This is the best.

F.L.,, 4/17/00, Malaysia
Your materials are just what everyone needs to
have personal, mental, spiritual and financial freedom to reach his or her
full potential and to enjoy life on earth to the full. I
am overjoyed to have read your materials to have enlightened
myself on real quality of life & the abundance & prosperity
that lie in store for us. Thank you very much.

Kayelea O'Ryane,,
This philosophy is the most amazing work I have ever read or heard of. I am
almost speechless when trying to describe how important this work is to America
today and the entire civilization of earthlings on our home planet, earth and

J.D.,, 6/10/99, England
This stuff is so cool, keep it up.

P.L.,, 12/13/96, New Zealand
I have read about a quarter of the book
called 'Zonpower-The new world song, etc, etc' --
and have found it rather mind boggling.


Have never read anything before neo-tech that has given me so much insight
too what is real in my life and expressed with such honesty.

C.J.,, 10/20/01
I love the seemingly infinite amount of knowledge that I have encountered through the books and the sight itself. This site is a precious and valuable source
of mind opening information.

"Interesting? Need to see more."
T.S.,, 2/2/97

K.J.,, 11/11/97
I am a reader of Neo-Tech and I have women hit on me all the

S.R.,, 1/15/98

L.M.,, 2/7/97
Neo-Tech is unstoppable. It is strange, but as a homosexual, I am
experiencing desires for the opposite sex. I never thought this desire could be
possible. Wow!!! I feel great, moving towards or expressing my biological
nature makes me feel profoundly happy. AH! how good she looks, I can't wait to
experience pleasures together. The more objectively productive I become, I
experience these growing desires to the same degree.

G.H.,, 6/26/00
I have found the books purchased
to be extremely helpful and worthwhile. The 'Zonpower
discovery has changed my life, and I've found it to be
and compelling reading.. Thanks again for all your
excellent work, and may all at NTP have every future

J.J.,, 12/4/99
I want to vote for Neo-Tech, it can save the
world from war, death, and boredom.

B.L.,, 4/10/00
These teachings take away all 'excuses' for failure. I for one applaud the fore thinking and visionary works of the contributors to these concepts. ON TO A NEW WORLD.

K.T.,, 6/10/97
Your web site is clearly the best value I've encountered. Your
thinking is bold and revolutionary.

R.F.,, 1/29/97
This (Neo-Tech) is without a doubt, a most fascinating work. There is
so much to read I could stay on the net for hours and hours. I must think on
all this exiting reality, and then begin the integration's you mention! Many

J.M.,, 1/7/97
Very interesting and enlightening. This does shed a new light on life
itself and endless possibilities for a new future.

A.M,, 8/1/97, Malaysia
"Bravo!!! What a surprise."

D.M.,, 1/31/98
Neo-Tech is the way to go, finely the truth is out, keep up the
good work, thanks to Dr. Wallace and the Internet.

D.P.,, 7/9/02
I find the book very fascinating and would like to know of others who are active in making change to our current business and political practices. Especially
in light of what has transpired at Enron and Worldcom as of late.

J.S.,, 5/8/01, U.S.
I am an owner of the Neo-Tech Manuscript since
1990. It has Literally changed my life and perspective on all of human
existence. Please

G.U.,, 6/8/97
All of the information on this site has had, and will continue to
have, a profound impact on my life, and the lives of those people in society
that I come in contact with.

"I can't wait to show this to my father...I'm trying to get him
to realize the wonders of the 'net. I think we'll just give him a
computer for his birthday!"
K.H.,, 3/17/97

Two days ago I found 'The Story' and have not been able to put it
down. I only stopped today to send a note of THANKS. I've been against the anticivilization
for as long as I can remember, but never understood why until now. Thank you
for allowing me to see that my feelings were NOT wrong, as you have provided
proof to the questions I have had all my 40 years. How do we go about electing
a neo-tech president?

J.L.,, 7/16/98
Fine publication.

"I heard about this website from my family. I must say it is very
interesting and it gives a very refreshing view from another
perspective. I use the power search a lot, to find out zonpower's
opinion. Thanks!"
D.L.,, 1/9/97, Belgium

R.S.,, 12/13/99
Neo-Tech must remain on the web, there
are many people who are searching for the truth and do not
know where to turn. The internet is the perfect tool to spread
the truth.

S.H.,, 2/26/97
Very eye opening. I have always realized there was a great injustice
going on around me. However, I only realized it subconsciously. I have now been
able to pin point some of the neocheaters and their methods. I will soon be on
my way to unlimited prosperity and happiness. Neo-Tech will rule in the 21st
Century and beyond.

M.T.,, 9/13/97,
Neo-Tech is pure unadulterated honesty. The only people who have
anything to fear from Neo-Tech are the dishonest.

r.g.,, 4/29/02
I would like to see the world become a free society, but with the way things are going in the world I don't see this happening soon. If more people are exposed to the information on this web site they will see how things can become.

M.T.,, 7/14/97
Expanding this web site would greatly help society. Thanks
for exposing me to Neo-Tech, its knowledge is better than schools.

D.P.,, Australia
A great website.

H.V.,, 8/16/98, India
Once exposed to Neo - Tech ,the thinking never remains the
same !!

C.F.,, 9/4/97
"You're damned right."

"I'm very impressed with the content of knowledge revealed within
this site."
R.J.,, 4/18/97

M.F.,, 7/17/97, Canada
"But what you're publishing is very powerful. From my personal
experience, I know that power, like the magic rings described in
Tolkien's 'The Lord of The Rings', destroys its beholder, and
turns him into a self-centered force of evil. If power falls into
the wrong hands, then we shall all feel the consequences. But the
only way of preventing this, is, I feel, to make your knowledge
widely available. Yet do remember Jesus' lesson: disseminate your
info discreetly via the Internet, but don't make yourselves become
visible public targets for politicians. Cyberspace is blowing away
all forms of government interference with the world, and I feel
that it is only logical that you use it as a tool and an ally to
promote your interests, and those of mankind as a whole."

J V,, 3/25/00
Absolutely outstanding information needed for
today's society!

a few days or weeks before. I appreciate having such an
look at the creative process, and I look forward to the
manuscript with great anticipation!

C N Gower,, 12/8/00, AUSTRALIA
This site is definitely the most stimulating
and compelling thing on the web.

I know that you don't want to do business with the AC.
Fine. But mysticism is so deeply rooted that something BIG
has to happen. The Story could be that, if it becomes a best
seller; and I don't see why it can't with all of us behind

J.C.,, 1/13/03
After 5-6 years reading and paying lip-service to Neo-Tech/Neothink, I FINALLY started my mini-day program. All I can say is that I've accomplished more in 7
hours than I usually get done in 1-2 weeks. It really does take great DTC and beating down the inner-wimp, but once you get going it's like that high you get after a good workout! Bravo and thanks so much for the fabulous information....Neo-tech in
action: Priceless!

M.C.,, 12/17/00
Wallace's books and tapes are a gold mine.
Harvesting the manuscripts and tapes has truly expanded my
honest thought-to-action integrations.

This is THE way to reach the 'masses' and defeat the neo-cheaters.

T.S.,, 1/12/03
'Lethal Stealth of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa' is right on target. It's great there's people who can cut through the garbage of Neo-cheaters held in
almost universal high regard.

"good stuff--enough said."
M.M.,, 2/25/97

G.Z.,, 3/15/97
Fantastic site! Absolutely can't wait for interactive Zon. I predict
that we will all begin to experience the final fall of the neo-cheaters when
the `hits' to this site increase geometrically. Permanently bookmarked as my
favorite site.

J.R.,, 3/30/97

M.M.,, 6/24/98
Is it not inevitable that Neo-Tech will soon envelop the planet? I am
sure you will soon move beyond the primitive web site and broadcast
ZOM right into the human cerebral cortex. Not IF, but WHEN! Yes!
It cannot be stopped! Halleluija!

Anon.,, 10/9/99
I think that your system is brilliant.

R. A.,, 1/11/01
Mr. Hamilton: I have a copy of “The Book,' which I am
roughly half way finished with. “The Story,' by the way,
was great. I was in love with Miss Annabel by the end of
chapter three or four. In fact, I had a vision of what she
might look like, and once she was described, I was 99%
correct. The only miss I had was the shade of her eyes.
Not the color, just the shade. It was a strange feeling for
me to have visioned her so clearly in my mind.
Putting the Neo-Tech vision into story form was brilliant,
for it allowed me to easily understand what you are trying
to accomplish. You shortened my learning curve
The story was a bit eerie for me because some of the things
discussed have been a part of me since I was 4 or 5 years
old. If I had had a teacher like Ms. Annabel, I wouldn't
be 37 years old getting ready to get ready. I wouldn't be a
Anyway, I have been perusing the Neo-tech website, and it is
a great site. I just finished reading the treatise
concerning our right to not incriminate ourselves. That
was a great article. I am currently studying the
international business information as well.
I will admit that some of the information, especially that
section which replaces the biblical perspective of John with
the Neo-Tech version caught me by surprise, but otherwise I
have enjoyed what I have studied.
I am curious about which direction I should go once I finish
“The Book.' I have received several advertisements from
your company to purchase other materials, each sounding
better than the last, but I have no idea which direction to
go. My inclination and desire is to follow up “The Book'
with the publication that deals with clouding people's minds
and developing wealth and love in the process. But I really
Maybe, if you have the time, you could give me your opinion,
since you are in the thick of things.
By the way, I want to thank you for helping me find my
“Friday Night Essence.' I had never even heard of such a
thing, let alone find it within myself. Since reading your
material, I have nearly finished two manuscripts, and I am
formulating several business ventures. I'm still working on
my procrastination and my flab, but I now have a clearer
vision of where my life is to go. Thank you very, very
much. Finding my Friday Night Essence alone was worth the
price of “The Book.'
Thank you for your time. All my best. Until next time...

K.W.,, 11/13/97
Yes! By all means, Neo-Tech should definitely be made available
to all those that wish to acquire the knowledge this incredible
program has to offer. The fools that wish to throw away this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may do so but they are only hurting
themselves by continuing their daily pattern of mediocrity.

E.S.,, 3/21/97
I love your web site and visit it almost daily, the layout is great
and the knowledge it provides is priceless.

D.M.,, Scotland
I am from the UK and am reading the amazingly brilliant book called
'The Book', I have to say it is truly outstanding, it is great to read, I can't
put it down now. It is a must for everyone.

Mr. C.P.,, 4/30/00
This is one of the Greatest Books I have ever
read its hard to put it down.

E.S.,, 1/29/99
If you want to distinguish 'reality' from 'mysticism',
all you have to do is tune in to
a religious channel on TV (example channel 40) and pay close
attention to how many times they ask you for money. Second, find
out what they will give you for your money (lip service only).
Third, get a hold of the Neo-Tech Discovery and read it once
or more times. You should come away with a clear distinction
between 'mysticism' and 'reality'. Through Neo-Tech,
I discovered how they talk people out of their money. .....
through their
deepest emotions (hopes, dreams, fears, poverty, etc.). Get
the it! it again and again!'s money
in the bank

J.Z.,, 7/3/97, Canada
"I just want to say: Go, Go, Neo-Tech Go! Teach Us all you can."

T.H.,, 7/3/00, United Kingdom
WOW!!! This is new, out of the conventional,
mind blowing. I am
glad I found you, there is no way I will ever let you go. I
can't wait to tell my friends. Hope you will bring us more
ideas on how to be free from poverty. Please keep up the
good work.

Anon,, 7/10/97
"I am glad to know there is someone out there who understands that
our judicial system has perverted the social contract between
government and the people."

W.S.,, 1/17/00
Thank you Mr. Hamilton for the life rendering artwork called
'The story'. It has moved and touched my heartstrings of life.

With so much poor quality and just plain bulls... this site is and should be
well received. I previewed the critics part and had a good laugh they sound
like the desperate screams of a people who are finally being exposed for who
they really are.

R.R.,, 9/21/97
"This information has been long in coming. Any person, that is aware, will
leave all those behind that are awaiting guidance from the so called higher

J.D.,, 8/5/98
I have found the information in Neo-Tech/Zonpower to be
amazing and fascinating.

S.P.,, 2/26/98
Loving Neo-Tech, and I am seeing more and more truth
(honest truth) in its pages every day.

H.G.,, 8/16/98
Stay the Course!

G.S.,, 3/9/00
I am not a very emotional person, but in the
reading of the story I was over come with emotion several times.
Even though I knew it was not speaking of a particular
persons I knew it was the experiences of many.
I have come to the conclusion that this story will be the
break through that we have been seeking, the digital
thinking and writing style of MH is beyond my imaginings.

J.S.,, 5/19/01, United Kingdom
I am only just starting on the path to God-Man,
although I feel
that I have always known that the path was there. Every step
is opening my eyes further and this Web Site is a major
to my success. Thank you.

J.Y.,, 7/9/97, Malaysia
"I find that this homepage is very interesting, very powerful and

"Your web site is very informative. I enjoy Neo Tech and I am
glad that you are growing and succeeding in your goals. I think
that it is great that you are putting Ayn Rand and the
Objectivist movement into perspective. It needs it. Keep up the
great work. Thanks."
C.R.,, 2/17/97

M.Z.,, 11/3/99
Neo-Tech was an eye-opening experience when I read it a few
years ago. I now look at the world with a much clearer vision
because of its philosophy and precepts. Thank you.

Thinking becomes real! You are getting people to think.
Be leaders not followers.

"I like viewing your fascinating material through its
hyper-linked web pages Keep up the great work!"
B.K.,, 3/10/97, Canada

B.S.,, 8/17/99
Before I read the Neo-Tech discoveries I drank way too much alcohol
and sugar. Since reading for the first time I have not had one
single drink. For over one year without one drink. How amazing
that is to me. My diet has changed and so have my actions towards
others in business and life.

MOD,, 2/10/03, Singapore
This site should be on the net as people should know the reality of how things go in this world

J.S.,, 5/4/97

"Wonderful site! It is amazing what can be learned here."
A.P.,, 2/14/97, United Kingdom

I.C.,, 9/27/98, Australia
After originally purchasing your literature in the late 80's.
it sent me into a bit of a confused spin. Then after having our
very successful and fast growing company totally liquidated by
our wonderful taxation dept. I went into a self exiled state
for some years. This was a great productive time for me in the
sense that I was able to live life and have fun basically away
from the anticivilization. I will continue to work diligently and
gain knowledge through integrated thinking and honesty. Your
web site will help me. Thank you (UBW) Universal Business Warrior

S.R.,, 9/18/97
"This is very interesting information. It sparks debate amongst many people,
and therefor is useful information."

G.K.,, 2/20/97
Let Zon rule cyberspace!

"It is quite astonishing, a new world."
H.R.,, 6/29/97, Germany

"I am a newcomer to Neo-Tech but from what little I have read I
like the way you think. It is about time we get ahead in life."
A.E.,, 4/15/97

P.L.,, 3/4/97, Australia
A definite must for the entire planet. No person should do without
this information.

"Very informative site."
O.H.,, 6/21/97, Netherlands

B.A.,, 3/10/00
Zonpower is truly priceless. . THANK YOU! for
showing me the way.

D.G.,, 10/19/00, Australia
Neo-Tech has powerful medicine, it rids the
mind of a disease
called STUPIDITY. Neo-Tech is the only salvation as it
a new language altogether and another perspective of viewing

P.C.,, 1/17/97
Interesting and profound ideas.

"The information you are providing the world is of the utmost
J.P.,, 4/6/97

G.M.,, 12/26/97, Canada
I think Neo-Tech is a visionary's masterpiece. Everyone who reads,
understands and believes in the writings contained in this book
is sure to realize that there is more to life than what we are
settling for today. We can't be held down, we can't be pushed
back and we can't be controlled by the short-sighted, narrow-minded
leaders that are in control of the world today. If people would
just open their eyes to Neo-Tech.

Dear Mr. Hamilton,I love your characters in The Story. Ms Annabelle
is wonderful and so are her 12 children. Many have asked you to make this
into a move but I want to ask if there are any neo-tech schools to send our
children to? If this is supposed to be a true story, can I get a copy of
Ms. Annabelle's tapes for my children. I am a 26 year old mother of 2 boys
who's IQ soars. They are 6 and 4 years old and I don't want them corrupted
by society's illusions. If there is no school, can we start one? Ple ase
let me know.

C.M.,, 1/13/97, Australia
It has changed my outlook on the way we think, invest and

Neo-tech is one of the most useful tools in orienting oneself with reality. It
becomes evident that this must first take place before happiness or prosperity
is achieved, in their truest sense. Neo-tech has my most sincere appreciation
and thanks.

M.L.,, Philippines
The concept are highly recommended to those who are searching
for answers about philosophical beliefs, religion, the quest for knowledge,
biological existence, or searching for unending happiness. It should be regularly
studied to digest fully its message . The contents are really fruitful to
the human mind.

V.S.,, 3/30/99, Canada
I have no doubt that what you have done is a
globally altruistic act. I am glad to see this act of faith
in what we really are. Ignorance must be transmuted into
wisdom, but this process takes a great deal of energy
(discipline). Ignorance can be dispelled by wisdom,
knowledge, and information. So, it is very honorable, what
you are doing. It is people like you, that should be
positioned well, solidly grounded, wise, disciplined, honest
-- good people, have more means to influence the course of
our global perspective. It is not that you need to lead; we
should each lead ourself, but, the world needs good
examples. That is, good examples of both, action and vision.
We now have the necessary tools to do the work.

D.V.,, 3/18/02
My life has evovled to a new way of thinking because of this book. I am a better person to myself my family and my community. I know I am becoming a God
-Man. I feel it in my bones and it makes me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time. This is the most fantastic feeling I could ever experience. I am using
my new knowledge to create my new World which is a fantastic vision I already see in my minds eye .I visit this place every day. I am a much healthier,
wealthier and happier person than I was just a
short time ago. I could go on and on about how this personal leap of evolving has benefited me. My happiness as a man, a father, and a better person to my
friends . I believe I am living In what the Neo-Cheaters would like to think was my own Heaven on Earth. Well it is just that, and I challenge anyone to
knock me off of my mountain. Thank You To All involved with bringing Neo-Tech to me to. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

M.R.,, 5/10/97
Ban Neo-Tech? This idea could only come from an unevolved and
ignorant mind. Not only is that NOT possible, but, who in their right mind
would want to after reading this wonderful literature? Only the corrupt and the
unevolved, and for very obvious reasons! Keep up the good work -- mysticism
is finished!!

l.v.,, 12/17/02
I love it.

R.R.,, 9/17/98
This is one of the most energizing sites I have ever
accessed on the net. It should be written into the constitution
of the world.

C.N.,, 7/27/97
"Neo-Tech is by far the most imformative and eye opening web site i have had
the pleasure to study."

C.H.,, 8/20/97,
"Very informative and enlightening."

"I have always agreed in full with the principles of Objectivism,
but have been skeptical of its dictatorial leaders and their
cult-like following. Neo-Tech is OBJECTIVISM APPLIED CONSISTENTLY
to all areas. Thank you."
M.W.,, 1/3/97

A.W.,, 6/13/99

T.G.,, 10/18/99
This is some of the best Information available
on the earth to day. And that's an understatement.

P.O.,, 1/31/97, Netherlands
Absolutely very helpful in achieving several important goals in my
life and work.

AND I'M HUNGRY FOR MORE!!! I want to gratefully thank
Dr. Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and all of the other
powerful and intelligent people who discovered this Cosmic Knowledge.

R.B.,, Mauritius
Many, many thanks again and again. I would not be alive today
without you. No doubt, neo-tech holds clout over this entire planet. The
on-going presidential election in France are signs of underlying birth of
the civilization of universe in that region to o.

a.l.,, 8/8/01
Neo-Tech is the most positive and 'true'
wealth of knowledge that I have ever come across. I never knew just how lost and
uninformed the poor souls
out there who have not been privileged to know of neo-tech
and how empty and uninformed their lives and how it is so hard
for an uninformed value producer to succeed in health and
wealth in this world.

alone I this. I feel I have grown with the help of neo-tech
I wish others the same opportunity.

It is just incredible how simple is to absorb this concept . I feel
lighter. Comparing this to a traditional mystic ideas is like comparing the virus
to men.

"Excellent, keep this info coming! Thanks."
B.A.,, 5/14/97

"This is beyond my wildest dreams. An absolute wealth of
information. I truly wish I never had to sleep so I could spend
many more hours on your Web Site."
R.K.,, 2/4/97

Neo-Tech has changed my life greatly, I'm on a never ending
journey of which I never want to return. Without Neo-Tech I would have
remained lost in a world full of confusion and hallucinations, I have
a lot of work to do yet, but I know with D.T.C. I will achieve my goals.
I believe that I have taken the red pill and on my way to freedom.
Darlene T. (Baby Zon) P.S. I would like to thank all who made it possible.
Mark Hamilton, Frank R. Wallace, Eric Savage, and Tracey Alexander

R.K.,, 3/28/99, Malaysia
Very life lifting.

J.L.,, 1/29/97

R.A.,, 5/29/01
Neo-Tech is about to go exponential.

J.H.,, 4/12/98
I have just started my own Los Angeles based record label based on Neo-Tech principles. Thank you Mark Hamilton for your writings.

c.d.,, 5/21/02
This site has been my only true find of serious info. in the two years that I have surfed the web thank you.

D.B.,, 7/6/98
Neo-Tech promotes the terrifying concepts of honesty, concentrated
effort, and personal responsibility. No wonder it invokes hostility
from individuals desperate to absolve themselves of responsibility
for their own lives. A difficult path you've set forth, but a rewarding

"the site is choice...there is something for everyone
here....keep it."
P.P.,, 2/5/97

Since obtaining The Book I have prospered personally as well as
professionally. In addition, I am more attuned to mystical thinking, bluffs,
and other's bicameral need for authority than ever before. Which of course allows
me to dismiss these forces and n ot be controlled by them.

A.B.,, 4/21/97, United Kingdom
Who could disagree with the need for this kind
of information being made available
to everyone? More power to you, keep up the good work.

J.O.,, 10/29/98
Hi and thanks for saving my life, the God
concept is no longer with me.

S.K.,, 5/10/98, Bahrain
I find the text written here empowering, in
terms of thinking for one's self and being aware of some of the elements
in society who try to consistently usurp our natural powers.

R.J.,, 5/20/97
Neo-Tech is what I've been looking for all my life. I'm hungry for
more. Thank you.

G.O.,, 3/13/01
'Without Neo-Tech there is no hope for
survival' I am looking forward to The Civilization of the
and Biological Immortality.

M.V.,, 7/25/97
I believe Neo-Tech to be the world's most important
discovery and am grateful that there are hard producing individuals
willing to spread the word and get rid of the disease called mysticism.

D.Y.,, 8/30/98
Good reading a real change from anything I read before.

M.H.,, 12/17/97
I consider this site to be one of the most valuable
in existence. The information provides answers to many questions
which arise as we try to cope with the difficulties encountered
while struggling with life. Whether the problems are occupation,
financial, emotional, or love relationships, I find the answers
in your articles. You indeed provide a service to humanity.

K.R.,, 3/14/00
Neo-tech has made logical
points to ponder on and stimulate my thinking in the
direction that I felt I was always destined to follow.

AA,, 4/19/03
It change my view in life now positively. Always looking ahead without
intervention of mysticism. More control of myself set by my own standard.
Definitely, its for everyone who loves life. Sad for others who don’t know
about neo-tech.

"Cyberspace (i.e. the Internet/web) is the best place to offer
this type of information."
S.B.,, 3/5/97

T.B.,, 4/17/98
Is it me, or are you an awesome dude? I like your
style. I'll hold the stake while you slam the hammer on this
real life vampire that's been sucking the blood of this increasingly
anemic 'civilization'...

S.H.,, 11/6/97, Germany
The Neo-Tech book was the best book on business management I
have ever read.

Claude W. V.O.,, 4/20/02
If the rest of the world knew the truth that is in these writings there would be no wars or terrorist activities. All of mankind would flourish to its maximum capabilities and the space program would be eons down the road. For the truth stands more powerful than anything that neo-cheaters can muster in their cheating thoughts to develop more power over as many as they can. The truth leaves them powerless! I've had the book, God-Man, for over three years and still read it to absorb the knowledge and put it
into use everyday.

"I was first introduced to Neo-Tech in 1989 - since which I have
held the philosophy with the deepest respect. Not one to take
anything for face value, placing the concepts into action has
produced a degree in mechanical engineering, straight into
business in 1992, successfully sold out in 1996, and now committed
to a direct-mail computer software business turning over
UK£700,000 p.a. I possess a powerful skill to test new boundaries
and the business hence grows at accelerating speed while focus on
the means allow the ends to take care of themselves. I feel so
intensely for people who go through life not realizing their
potential, indeed the accurate perception of the new civilization
which will come, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. Everything
in my life revolves around a central core of strength that is
Neo-Tech. Thank you sincerely."
S.Z.,, 6/23/97, United Kingdom

"Your ideas are extremely valuable and liberating. Please continue
with your campaign to vanish the parasites and scum who leech off
the honesty and effort of business-oriented people."
P.R.,, 6/28/97, United Kingdom

J.J.,, Jordan
Thank you for your campaign to enlighten the humans and breaking
their mystical bubbles .

"Intriguing - I am certainly curious to know more."
B.L.,, 1/18/97, United Kingdom

C.W.,, Australia
Neo-Tech is the only way to achieve happiness. It's hard work but worth it. The
alternative is now unthinkable. Been there done that. From the words of Bruce
Lee: 'Take what works and reject what doesn't' Neo-Tech Works! I cannot imagine
my life without the knowledge that I have gained through reading the Neo-tech
literature.. See you at the C of U.

M.A.,, 5/21/98
Neo-Tech has been the most powerful,
positive influence in my life.

Anon.,, 11/27/99

R. L. Howard,, 8/18/97
"Great web site."

Ronald,, 9/12/01
After watching what happened to the Twin Towers, I can see that Neo-Tech is needed more than ever. It is no longer a matter of what you believe. It is now a
matter of life or death.

"I thoroughly enjoy your web site. The combination of topics is
unprecedented on the web. Thank you for the information."
L.E.,, 4/23/97

K.W.,, 10/15/01
I am now on my way to being fully integrated. Iam unleashing my extremely productive and inventive mind. Goodbye fear, guilt, dishonesties, and
irrationalities. I will be purchasing more material from I&O publishing soon. I am the happiest I've ever been.
I am displaying my productivity and not working for those that do not agree to my terms to gain from my actions and mind. Thank you Neo-Tech, stay here
forever, for I plan to be here. I do not know where I would be right now otherwise. Eternal life for Freedom, Prosperity, Wealth, Productivity, and Love.
Eternal life for everything moral and EARNED.

I think that you have hit on the PERFECT blueprint for a perfect
world in a time when perfection is but an illusion and the events of September
2001 is proof enough that most humans are unable to put aside the emotional
hang-ups in order to work sensibly with anyone, let alone their perceived
'enemies'... howling for blood any blood is NOT the answer...

S.F.,, 1/25/98
Neo-Tech and the 114 concepts that Frank R. Wallace has developed
has changed my life. I am more in control of my life since reading
the materials. I thank personally Frank for changing my life. You are one
of the greatest value-producer of information I will probably ever read.

K.L,, 7/29/97
"This is the most incredible document I've ever read."

S.M.,, 9/1/00, australia
Thank-you most gratefully.

"Your site is informative and helpful."
L.C.,, 4/22/97, Australia

R.J.,, 4/25/99, United Kingdom
I only recently got online and this web site was why. I have literally
spent all day on this web site -- I haven't even paused to eat
or sleep yet. I hardly even dare blink or breathe in case I miss
something! I also have several of your books, I just can't
get enough of this stuff! The literature is simply
magnificent. It has delivered me a scintillating rainbow of
values and knowledge,
with a huge, glittering, and REAL pot of gold at its end.
This literature
I read it, I just keep thinking to myself, 'THIS IS IT!'.
It's contains the most valuable knowledge I have ever seen. Ever
since I can remember, my life has been steeped in and surrounded by
mysticism. I have to exert a constant effort to remain
honest and to continue my studies to become a value-producer,
and the Neo-Tech web site and published literature are invaluable
in helping me to do this. Please don't ever give up, don't
ever give in to the evil mystics and neocheaters, they are
festering sewage and need to be flushed away.

J.B.,, 8/26/97
It puts reason in an era without reason.

"Thank you for printing TRUTH. I know that I have a long way to
go but I am on my rightful path to being 'ZON'."
P.B.,, 5/8/97

D.R.,, 4/13/98
This site is without a doubt the
most cutting edge technical information offered on the web. I have visited this site often and I refer people to it. I look
forward to the day the conscious individual reigns supreme on the face of the earth.

J.L.,, 10/6/97
"I just discovered this web site, I am exited about having access to such a
vast resource for valuable information. Bravo!!!"

william,, 9/19/00
Thank you for the knowledge of money, power,
love, health, wealth, happiness, and joy . I know now that
is the reason for
our existence.

T.S.,, 9/13/99, England
Excellent site

J.B.,, 4/30/02, Australia
I was un-employed and poor, i had a lot of problems. i wanted a way out so I read the 1st book godman. A few weeks after I read it I had an amazing idea to start my own business. I could not believe I had not thought of this idea before!!! It really is true what you say about neo tech and neo think. I believe Neo-Tech really does work! The knowledge I gained from the Neo-Tech books is with me, and I believe that I can make it a very successful and profitable business! What I read in the Neo-Tech books was
the most sensible thing I had ever read it all made sense to me, much more than any mystical or religions ideas. You Neo-Tech people are really geniuses!!!!

"Your web site seems very exciting. I practice objectivism and
understand many of your ideas and statements."
B.C.,, 1/26/97, Canada

Chris,, Canada
I've been dangerously close for a while now to falling into
a mystically-based self-contained world of hallucinations and delusions.
Thank you for opening my eyes, clearing my head, and letting me face the
reality in front of me that I always knew was the re.

This is great, keep going

Thomas,, 2/23/02
I have to say that this site has passed my hopes and expectations. At first, I thought it was all hype but I am now convinced that it should definitely stay
online and educate the masses of all the injustices that is being created and exploited in the names of God, country, and selfish immorality. Neo-tech is the
key that humanity need in times like present when there are too many evils and so few beacons of hope and light.

S.H.,, 4/18/99, England
I've read The Discovery 11 times, I'm on the
second reading of Outcompete and Cosmic Business Control.
I've now laid the foundation for 12 books of my own, a
clothing business, and have other ideas (Long Range Plans)
to integrate into what looks like an AWSOME LIFE. I've tried
telling others about Neo-Tech but they're to wrapped up in
the hoax. I'm now rapidly demolishing every aspect of the
hoax: I've stopped taking sugar, smoking, caffeine and am on
the way to an astonishing future. I know its astonishing it
is me who is creating it and who will develop it. The
mystics want me to share it, to share me, to give up my
“I-ness' so they can usurp it later in life, and have
pleasure knowing that they destroyed my dreams. They have a
problem, they wont be able to compete, but Neo-Tech will be
their salvation. Neo-Tech is ruthless (Not everyone can
handle honesty). Thanks Mr. Wallace, Mr. Hamilton, &
everyone at Neo-Tech. “One last thought': Show me a mystic
and ill show you a pile of SH...Well, you know what I mean.
All the best Techies.

T.R.,, 1/13/00, Canada
I am currently starting a business of my own
and will base all my transactions on Neo Tech advantages.
Looking forward to a world run under the Neo Tech

A.K.,, 4/22/97
A most amazing and intriguing site...The subject is one everyone
talks about. The information is needed, there is definitely a need for more
sites like this.

E.W.,, 7/3/00
Its very interesting to scan the pos/neg
regarding Neo-tech ideas. The very fact that the neg. people
write in and spout off about how 'Satan is at the bottom of
is proof that these folks all live in horrible fear of an
mystical force! I have to say that I myself am influenced
at the core of my brain
by Christianity. It will be a brighter future for my
to come to the conclusion that we can live GUILT free. To
believe that life IS suffering is at the core of the
trip! The old days are over folks!
Its time to create a new world where people can learn to
their minds, live life fully and well! I support Neo-Tech
and its valuable
lessons, principles, and ideas---its about time we all start

N.W.,, 3/10/00
Annabelle == Maria Montessori?? Not done
reading yet, though. :-)

living well!

R.G.,, 2/16/00
This site gives me something to let people see
for them selves without letting my books out of my sight.

L.T.,, 1/14/02
I have been a neo-technician since January 6, 2000 when I received my copy of The Book. My life has changed immeasurably and irreversibly since that day.
Having a much better grip on reality and the ability to see to essence of things, I now see the preciousness of life for the first time in my life. I have been exhilarated beyond words and now feel my long-lost happiness and excitement of my youth. I can't
get enough out of each day as I feel such a loss of precious time. I feel, like never before, my life has truly just begun and so much joy and adventure lies ahead. I owe all this to Dr Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, Tracy Allexandar, and all
the beautiful people at Neo-Tech Publishing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Tony C.,, 10/15/97
I want what Neo-Tech offers.

J.W.,, 4/15/98
Very profound.

R.L.,, 3/3/00, United Kingdom
I'm on chapter 24 of The Story and I can't
stop. I have read most of your books and really like them,
but this one helps me put the basics into other members of
my family in an easier way.

J.D.,, 12/18/96
I have found your NEO-TECH web site to be very interesting.
It has opened my mind with new thoughts and questions.
I can see where I could be controlled by neo-cheaters,
I 'm sure my life is shaped according to someone else's needs other
than my own. To be in control of one's own life, would surely
be in their own best interest. I have read all the pages on your website.
I can tell you now, I have a lot of rethinking to do.

P.M.,, 7/25/97, Australia
"Neo-Tech offers many windows of opprtunities in creativity and originality,
it has worked for me and it should work for anyone else. I am sick of
negativity in people and dead-psyche minds. It is time these people were
healed by Neo-Tech. Finally let's continue to unplug the sludge of mysticism
that has soaked peoples minds for many years."

A.G.,, Unites States
My husband is reading the book 'God Man' and I can't wait to read it as soon
as he is finished. I can see a change in him since when he began to read the
book. He is lighter, happier and much more confident than he was. I also notice
that he taps more into his kind and giving nature, and shares that with people.
And every once in a while he will stop reading to share with me the concepts
that are in 'God Man'. Oh, I can't wait to read it!

P.L.,, 3/7/00
The web is the place where free thinkers thrive.
Neo-Tech Belongs here!

"Free Your mind through Neo-Tech, And your soul shall follow.
Unleash your unrealized powers with Neo-Tech. I love the values
put forth through Neo-Tech."
S.N.,, 6/25/97, U.S.

K.R.,, 4/8/97
The ideas expressed are eye opening and should be made available to
the world in mass doses. The world we live in today is that of lies. We the
people deserve the truth about all Neo-Tech has to offer. The books should be
in every library in the world.

R.W.,, 9/11/98
Neo-Tech is opening all Doors, Windows and
Turning on all the lights. Take ONE step forward, look where you are
going, READ NEO-TECH, and get rich.

"I was overwhelmed in shock and disbelief. Neo-Tech has answered
all of my question about life."
J.S.,, 5/5/97

B.S.,, 2/21/99
Many positives for me have come out of the literature
and more with every read.

L.S.,, Guatemala

N.M.,, 11/19/01, Australia
The truth, nothing but the truth! Please publish everything you can. This site is the E-embrio of a revolution.

Cry,, UK
Neo-tech the only way to the future world.

Ginny R.,, 9/9/98
Delicious. Thanks.

R.B.,, 9/19/97, Holland
"About 8 years ago I came into contact with your information. The Neo-Tech
Cosmic Business control volumes turned my life around. I am now a very happy
self-employed human being and I travel the world doing what I like."

Charlene B.,, 3/18/00
Most informative.

L.K.,, 10/22/02
I think you are the greatest thing ever....I received your mailer about 15 yrs. ago.....I thought the ad was too...outlandish...I never saw....anything lie

T.R.,, 7/13/98
The hard cheese of truth is found within the slices of
Neo-Tech bread.

'Lethal Stealth of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa' is right
on target. It's great there's people who can cut through the garbage of Neo-cheaters
held in almost universal high regard.

"I think this site is just great. Keep up the good work."
A.M.,, 2/4/97

D. L.W.,, 7/5/97
"Mind opening information."

F.T.,, 10/9/98, Italy

Sally K.,, 5/29/98
great page!

S.J.,, 1/19/97

R.R.,, 2/7/97
I love the web site, I just need to spend more time caught in it so I
can fully consume it. I have much to learn, and I plan to use this site for my

D.S.,, 1/2/98, Australia
I think neo-tech is such an advancement in human existence that
the overwhelming possibilities that it presents to us are incredible...You
cannot outlaw such truths....Neo-Tech is now the 'norm'... its
just like existence exists.

discovery of a life time -- Neo-Tech.

Adrianne G.,, 5/16/98
I find your column extremely helpful and a necessity for
everyone. Count me as a lifetime supporter.

R.B.,, 4/22/97
Very enlightening. Quite possibly the most innovative school of
thought in history.

M.W.,, 7/15/97, England
Please forward more information on how to raise children
and young adults in this soon to be changed world. I want to thank Dr.
Wallace because without his knowledge, I would be suffering trapped in a
world without a way out. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

"I am using Neo-tech every day in every way. Thank you for keeping
this knowledge alive and please continue making it accessible to
as many people as possible."
P.P.,, 6/28/97, Malaysia

J.S.,, 9/20/02, England
I am enthralled by this discovery.

D.C.,, 3/8/00
Upon finishing “The Story,' I have realized
that among the many emotions experienced during the course
of the reading, one emotion stands above the rest: hope.
Fighting the battle of disillusionment with our current
world, while witnessing the injustices, the robberies, and
the murders by society's “leaders' is a constant source of
pain and struggle. Implementing and integrating honest and
creative ideas is seemingly always met by strong and
forceful opposition. We live in a bizarre and irrational
world indeed. Yet the hope instilled in me by all of the NT
publications was revamped and amplified in my reading of
“The Story.' It provided a clear and understandable model of
NT philosophy, but more importantly, it allowed me to
experience The Civilization of the Universe now. I feel
re-energized and ready to create and provide values that
will help bring The C of U into reality.

J.M.,, 2/14/97
This site is a must. Should NT leave the web? That would be a dark
day in cyberspace! These concepts have propelled me into a new world of
happiness and competence.

HZ,, SouthAfrica
Good ,true and powerful needs to be
known by the whole world.

R.W.,, 10/22/98
Dear Mrs. Goldman, This was my fist time to your web site after
learning from it in a booklet I just received. I found your site
to be laid out very well and quite frankly fascinating. I believe
you are very fair with the negative and positive comment sections.
I believe your site should stay on the web. This is after all
a free country, You have the right, and people have the right
to or not to believe or apply the techniques. This is an individuals
decision and should be kept this way. Like bellybuttons everyone
has their own opinion. Like to see more info on winning back
an ex-girlfriend/lover - comments, winning love and making money.
Hope to receive your most recent Money, Power, Romantic Love
information in my mail box soon. Thanks A million!

G.M.,, 12/26/97, Canada
I think Neo-Tech is a visionary's masterpiece. Everyone who reads,
understands and believes in the writings contained in this book
is sure to realize that there is more to life than what we are
settling for today. We can't be held down, we can't be pushed
back and we can't be controlled by the short-sighted, narrow-minded
leaders that are in control of the world today. If people would
just open their eyes to Neo-Tech.

The revelation of truth and knowledge is an enlightening
aperture to humanity to join into the everlasting source of knowledge
and to rule over the planet earth!

Currently I am locked in a struggle for control of my business
with my partner who is also an attorney. His operating theory is if it can
be broke or re-written it shall be. Honor is not in this mans' vocabulary.
With 'The Book' I have been able to hold h im off and anticipate his next
move with unbelievable accuracy. I am currently 40 years old with no college
at all. I am convinced beyond any reasonable persons comprehensions, you,
MY FRIENDS, are dead on with Neo-Tech!!! Should you keep the web site? Wi
th your dying breath, keep your fingers clutching the corner of this blanket
that soon the whole world will know as Freedom!!!

T.A.,, 9/1/97
In a world that seems to be on the verge of self-destruction,
Neo-Tech offers hope. The reason Neo-Tech is so controversial is because most
people cannot admit that their lives have been entrenched in a fallacy. I think
that everyone should have the access to the cutting-edge information that
Neo-Tech makes available. It is up to each individual to choose it or not.

B.R., hotmail
This information is amazing, it just blows my mind about what I
thought I knew as "truth"! I see the world in a whole new way now!
How can I learn more?

B.W.,, 12/29/98
Hello, and thanks from the deepest thoughts of my mind.
This has truly been an eye opener, for many years now, I
have been applying the steps towards a better way of life.
It's not all been easy, and that's a good thing, as it has
brought me into incredible amounts of knowledge and power.
This is a bridge to living in ultimate happiness through
integrating honest production of goods, values and services.
Now, through hard work and rationally thinking we have the
ability to reach any goal

D.M.,, 2/11/03
Neo-Tech is a masterpiece

C.C.,, 9/22/97
To all you critics of this site, before you judge, you should judge
yourself. You have to ask yourself, do I really understand this information
being given to me (free I might add)? Am I really being brainwashed by the
parasites of society? Am I so far gone that I don't even see the truth right
in front of me? Like it or not changes are taking place,
wether you understand why or not they are still going to take
place. Don't you want to be part of it? Look at the
world around you as you read each part of this site, and realize that its time

G.W.,, 4/6/97
This New World site must stay on the `net' to help `those who will
inherit the earth' through the Civilization of The Universe, while ostracizing
the pip-squeaks and parasitical elites from the earth.

IT,, 5/29/03, Indonesia
I'm reading The Book now and would like this book to be read by most people
in the world.

D.W.,, 12/30/01, United Kingdom
Have just finished reading The Book, the mystic blinkers have been removed from me eyes and mind. I only wish that the angry, insane and unhappy people on
the negative comments section could join us on our productive journey on this earth. For them this i
s hell!

R.E.,, 7/8/97, Rep. of Panama
After reading Neo-Tech, I am not afraid anymore. I am
free of mysticism. I rely on myself and do not seek nor
follow external authorities of any sort.

I love neo-tech and everything that it has done to enrich mine
and my families life through hard work and discipline. Thank you.

S., 3/13/03, UK
These are the most truly valid concepts that exist in this universe of

B.W.,, 6/29/00
Thank you Neo Tech for your insight to a better

G.P.,, 4/22/97
What you are doing is phenomenal and would be beneficial to many
people. I hope that you open the eyes of many so that we may help
create the Neo-Tech world.

we-it,, 6/28/01
I thank you for the beauty and courage of
speaking the truth.

T.S.,, 1/22/02
Since I've been reading your literature it has given me a real up lift in my life. Thank You

D.C.,, 1/13/98
I think that such valuable information has to be translated in as
many languages
as possible.

M.J.,, 10/10/97
"I have reviewed the information on this site numerous times. I believe that
there is benefit in the thoughts and ideals that are brought forth for

T.K.,, 5/12/02, America
The world needs this type of info and needs to know of true value producing/creating heroes such as Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, John Flint.

T.W.,, 1/26/97
An absolute must read for those of us who have been made to feel
inadequate and unworthy by religion. I am only through a small portion of the
web site, but already I have a better realization of who I am, and more
importantly, who controls my future -- ME.

,, 1/14/01
I am a 20 year military veteran, age 59. It
seems most of what
I grew up defending and believing in is crumbling before my
During the 'cold war' we were told about the evils of
and how these 'evil' governments abused their citizens. I
scoffed at the idea that it could happen in our own country.

"We will make it happen!"
T.E.,, 6/8/97, United Kingdom

T.M.,, 8/22/97
Neo-Tech has been the best thing to come into my life.

are looking for opportunity, to self-actualize and claim their power!

Despite all the criticisms, I for one support your efforts. Let the weak minded
sheep continue with their myths the rest of us shall prosper

Neo-Tech's mission: To make the unknown known.

G. F.,, 7/1/00, LONDON ENGLAND
This is the most positive reading I have done
for years. Just
reading what was on your web site filled me with hope and

K.H.,, 2/2/99
To remove this site would be a loss to honest
individuals who search for a
better understanding of ourselves in the pursuit of our
place in this world.

A.M.,, 10/24/98
This is an exciting new frontier of human development, all
That I have read thus far makes sense. I am still reading
and learning every day. Looking forward to the rewards that follow!!!!!!!

C.C.,, 7/13/97, China
"It's simply one of the greatest web sites."

Avajo G,, 2/3/02
I've only read 3 chapters and already your story has moved me more than any other story I've read. Its a good read and I learn some things as well. You've
always been my favorite Neo-Tech author. Dr. Wallace is ok but I don't always understand his stuff.
Eric Savage is ok too, but it doesn't really move me emotionally like your writings. I don't always mean in a good way. Sometimes you piss me off and
sometimes you sadden me and at times I resent you for making me see through the pretty illusions woven by
'them'. Sometimes I wish I didn't know anything and lived in a state of blissful ignorance. But I love you. you have probably saved my life. I still have a
long way to go on my path to rational thinking but I know that when I finally make the jump I wont
even miss the old ways. That's all I have to say for now my friend.

B.B.,, 2/4/97
Thanks to you, all of my questions have been cleared, and I have
reclaimed clarity of thought and conviction of the soul, commodities that I
once had but lost. Again, sincerely, thank you for clearing the mist in my
mind, and allowing me to see what must be done so clearly.

S.L.,, 2/16/00, Canada
I read Neo-Tech manual because I see the more this world
of ours gets crazy, the more I need to read. We certainly
do need the Neo-Tech material to prosper and live by. Thanks
for caring, being honest and clear headed, which is what we
need more of today. Enough is enough of mysticism!

I have gone to Baptist Churches since I was a child and still go
every Sunday. I want to say Neo-Tech is the wisest information I have ever encountered.
I read my first Neo-Tech publication in 1990 and for the first time could see
the human parasites in my life: individuals who used guilt or fear, or non-sequitors,
or who created problems where none existed. Once I recognize them I am still
amazed how easy it is to expose them to everyone. To be hard working and honest;
to think clearly and accurately... that is the life for me!

J.H.,, 2/24/99

M.S.,, 5/11/98
I believe that the government is so corrupt that I would
like to see them busted.

"Interesting and provocative!"
J.P.,, 1/9/97

T.D.,, 5/4/97
No other information source has made such a profound and vertically
rising difference in my life. I would heartily recommend this to anyone and

"An absolute must read for those of us who have been made to feel
inadequate and unworthy by religion. I am only through a small
portion of the website, but already I have a better realization
of who I am, and more importantly, who controls my future--ME."
T.W.,, 1/26/97

S.A.,, 8/9/97, Australia
"Very thought provoking!"

K.H.,, 7/5/97, New Zealand
"Thanks for changing my life its priceless."

Neo-Tech gives the little man an avenue to wealth, power and love. I'm
very happy to have this in my world

"It was odd, but cool to know."
S.G.,, 1/21/97

M.M.,, 9/5/97, Australia
Why shouldn't the best information in the world be available to
everyone? Neo-Tech has/is and will continue to change the world. Neo-Tech has
100% of my vote because they are conducting a needed and moral service for all
individuals. I constantly spread the Neo-Tech address over the Web.
Down with Mystics/Neocheaters.

Neo-Tech helps people to see dishonesty and hypocrisy in almost
every institution and almost every life situation.

C.B.,, 11/5/02, UnitedStates
Hello my name is Carl, God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery is the best investment I have ever made in my life. For many years I tried to understand a lot of things
about man and his purpose and neo-tech has shed the brightest of light on the subject. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

H.I.,, 5/11/98
Everybody needs a good dose of this stuff. It basically
tells the individual why the world sucks.

Rufus W,, 2/6/02
This is the best story I have ever read. Thank You, Rufus, age73.

P.W.,, 5/19/99
I think this is a most excellent site. In the
past one month I've had the opportunity to 'turn on' a
handful of people to the concepts of Neo-Tech.

Delores S.,, 3/11/00
I thoroughly enjoyed the story about Miss
Annabelle. It is unfortunate, at first I felt the story was
fictional, too many times things such as this happens. I
have no use for the politicians, judges, or lawyers. I
applaud you. Count me in.

R.S.,, 1/7/01
Hello, I love this site! I was never really
religious as a
(well.. I'm still a child.. I'm 16..) I discovered wicca and
pagan religions when I was 12 and continued learning about
until 2 years ago when I woke up one day and said 'Sandy..
is bullshit..' And I never looked back. I met a great little
boy named Phil who introduced me to neo-tech. I started
about it and promptly fell in love (with both neotech and
I was feeling sort of weird since I was no longer pagan..
seemed awkward because I didn't have that 'older brother' to
on. Reading neotech helped me see that I am powerful and I
need silly ideas to help me through my life. Thank you for
my life for the better.

L.K.,, 1/12/98
I love this site. I can't wait to see all
people unite and get to the next conscious level. To see all
the bullshit around and then have to exist in this quagmire is
suicide in it self.

P.M.,, 6/18/01
Neo-Tech has taught me that 'a higher power'
isn't the way, and
that self-accountability is.

Neo-Tech has changed my life greatly, I'm on a never ending
journey of which I never want to return. Without Neo-Tech I would have
remained lost in a world full of confusion and hallucinations, I have
a lot of work to do yet, but I know with D.T.C. I will achieve my goals.
I believe that I have taken the red pill and on my way to freedom.
Darlene T. (Baby Zon) P.S. I would like to thank all who made it possible.
Mark Hamilton, Frank R. Wallace, Eric Savage, and Tracey Alexander

dane,, 12/29/00
A real eye opener

D.H.,, 10/8/99
The Book is inspiring and motivating, I feel it is an awesome time
to be alive. Hamilton's proven writing technique draws out
ideas in a hypnotic pattern of words which even individuals
with virtually no memory can grasp

V.L.,, 4/27/98, Singapore
I living better. No more myth. I am now free.

"How do I know what to believe if all messages other than the
establishment's are forbidden? I will learn what I wish to learn,
not what 'authorities' wish for me to think. Typically,
nonproducers fear true freedom of expression."
R.C.,, 4/15/97

J.K.,, 7/28/02
Thank you for showing me the way, to the Civilization of the Universe.

C.I.,, 6/14/97, United Kingdom
The Neo-Tech site IS by far the most valuable site on the web.

S.K.,, 6/1/97
I'm going to use Neo-Tech. Imagine, using honesty to solve all your

Insightful, fantastically steering consciousness in direction
of Totally perceiving where we have been to opening an Escape to be All we
can be.

P.S.,, 12/11/98
I enjoy reading Neo-Tech literature and it helps open my eyes
to the evils of so-called fundamentalist Christian movement.
That same Religious Right is a bunch of control freaks who are
out to destroy our precious individual rights and personal
freedoms that we now have.

P. D.,, 1/14/01
Although I am still reading "the story", I find it very
refreshing & I can actually see some breaking through
illusions within myself as I continue to read the rest of
the story. I was once like those third graders, yet there
were adults who didn't give me the road map I needed, and
they meant well. but their ways closed me down for a long
time. thank for "the story", but I am still waiting for my
"god-man" book, please send it to me soon, I've been waiting
for a while! thanks

B.R.,, 8/21/97
"Neo-Tech is very valuable information that has added much to my happiness
and well-being."

S.F.,, 8/6/00, Australia
An invaluable source of meaning and direction
so devoid in traditional
educational, religion and social settings. Everything I have
read in The Book thus far has validated my core beliefs of
human capability and solidified my cynicism towards present
regulatory and authoritarian structures.

P.M.,, 3/17/98, Australia
I found it to be a life-changing experience.

I'm a 44 year old man with a B.A. in economics, yet I feel I've
learned more from your web site, than in 16 years of public schooling. I feel
as though I am taking a graduate course in life studies. Please continue!

David k,, 2/6/02
I haven't enjoyed reading something so much since The Book. It is now 3:20 a.m. and it is only out of shear exhaustion that I stop. I would like to
personally thank you for this story and many others. My only wish is that everyone could get their hands on
this information. Please continue spreading the truth (honesty)!

"I am anxious to get started in developing an in depth
understanding of the concepts of Neo-Tech."
M.W.,, 1/22/97


T.S.,, 11/21/99
It has been a great relief to find this page,
it came recommended from a trusted friend who excels in
everything he does. Thank you for your bravery, radical
thought is frequently punished.

"I find these writings about Neo-Tech to be very intriguing. They
express an interesting point of view on the nature of
T.M.,, 1/12/97

R.H.,, 5/20/98, Canada
Neo-Tech makes the Commonsense revolution look like a knee-jerk
reaction to nonsensical litigation. It is a valuable and
thought-provoking concept written by a man
who cares about himself and wants to see the world
improved. Selfishness taken to its logical
conclusion, not the egotistical commonly-held view of
selfishness. Why aren't there more of us?

F.C.,, 9/16/01, Ireland
It's hard to believe that once a person has read Neo-Tech books/manuscripts that they can bury their head in the sand and pretend that it does not exist.

what you are doing is almost overwhelmingly beautiful.

NEO-TECH is one of the most dynamic
web sites I've ever had the privilege to visit.
Neo-Tech is great! It has become apparent
that everything I was taught is total mysticism, and I am moving in the direction
to becoming a Neo-Tech man.

B.L.,, 5/30/99, Australia
Great, I've never seen anything like it.

Pike,, Canada
I believe this site is brilliant. Take control of your life.

H.H.,, 12/22/96
Awesome site and info!

B.M.,, 9/5/97, Ireland
It is a refreshing way to look at a very clouded world

E.H.,, 4/25/97

Jenny W.,, 2/22/98
I definitely want this site to remain on the web. It
offers invaluable information that may not be available through the
marketed Neo-Tech written literatures (for example, Rosa Maria's
articles). Please do expand this site. This site has gone a long
way since I visited it last year--more info, more articles, more
art, and thus more power, than what I saw last year.

Surpasses anything I have ever read. I have a simple request to anyone
who has ever read these articles -- tell some one about them and
spread the information because it is too valuable to be kept to yourself.


R.W.,, 12/25/97
I am happier now than any time in my adult life. I find more
people being honest today than ever before. The God concept and
politicians have to go and be forgotten. WE

,, 10/22/01
Please, please, please keep a corner of the web constantly lit by the bright light of reason and hope – the hope that such a light will eventually illuminate
the entire internet.

J.L.,, 12/18/96
On my quest for knowledge I stumbled into this site.
I think that it's a great website. After visiting it I went to
other Neo-Tech web sites. Now I am a convinced about profound honesty.
I am also very excited about the O.V.M. I would like to become part

"I am a Neo-Tech owner and the thoughts behind this system are
very useful. Anyone looking to make changes in their life, this
is a great way to start."
V.V.,, 2/11/97

Kevin O'Keane,, 1/8/01
I love my life and my family and am truly happy
the world has been revealed and I can see clearly it will be

P.F.,, 3/30/97
I find the information extremely compelling. I have found immediate
use for the mini-day structure in my business.

"This site opens up an entirely new approach to thinking."
V.S.,, 1/18/97, India

s.s.,, 4/26/01
Neo-tech should definitely stay on the web to inspire truth, inspiration, and reality. We must conquer the mystics from every angle.

sha,, 4/27/01
Neo Tech has effected my life in a very
positive manor.

H.L.,, 5/26/97, Philippines
It is cool and usable.

I've been reading Neo-tech so long, I can't remember where I
originally found it! But I have to say, it is the most profound lifestyle
and life philosophy I've ever come across. I became agnostic at age 15 while
reading about the tremendous toll religion had taken on the path of science
and technology. Finally, about 12 years ago, I became completely atheist
after realizing I was only holding on because of the 'insurance' potential
of being wrong! You've heard the old saw 'If you're right, you've lost not
hing, but if you're wrong there's hell to pay' What a load! I'm very happy
and well adjusted being atheist! I will always read your stuff, and always
recommend it to people who are trying to find something meaningful to life.
Good luck and stay FOREVER!


Knowledge is power, I firmly believe Neo-Tech will prevail in
the end.

I would like to buy 3 more books of god man the book. this information
should have been published 500 years ago' may be this world would be in the
mode of honesty, productive, & greater values. now that we have this
info., lets hope people will take heed. I hope! thank you for introducing
me to you and the book.

D.M.,, Canada

Fabulous. I have always received negative information on the
Illuminati and the Global Agenda. It's refreshing to read another view on
the purposes, strategies and goals of people trying to bring about a better

I am very thankful and humbled by your great company. At times,
in absorbing this great information I found myself having to take a break
to take it all in. The website allows those following and integrating Neo-Tech
to stay up to date on what is going on from an HONEST and OBJECTIVE view
based on reality not perceptions. Again, Thank You! PS- Even as a child I
didn't feel right about attending worship services and religious functions.
I finally understand why? Its unnatural. There is no Higher Authority!

S. C.,

D.A.,, 5/14/02
How do I get the Book? I love your concepts and story. Very informative and powerful! Thank you Debra Ananda

G.L.,, 5/14/00
I think Neo-Tech is great

M.W.,, 10/13/99
I know this information is too powerful.
Only those with the password should be able to enter the web
site! This needs to be more under wraps!

"Looks like I will be spending a lot of time reading all of this.
J.W.,, 1/29/97

"I find these writings about Neo-Tech to be very intriguing. They
express an interesting point of view on the nature of
T.M.,, 1/12/97

Neo -Tech knowledge is the most important knowledge ever discovered on
the Earth. Soon everyone will have to understand Neo-Tech or perish.
Life forever is more important than anything yet discovered.

C.P.,, 1/2/02
I Find it invigorating and motivating. The Story should have motivated all of us to think more responsibility about the Child in all of us. It was a warm
reception of 'Childhood,' and what could be accomplished if we stopped beating our kids and started treating our kids as the special people they will soon become.

ANON,, 3/29/97
Jesus' secret message about discovering a
Neo-Tech consciousness is
super-duper...... Super! I love it!

,, 1/22/02
Just an FYI, on 1/22/2001 the below was sent to the editors of Card Player Magazine: The Advanced Concepts of Poker by Dr. Frank R. Wallace is arguably the
best book on poker ever written, bar non. It is ignored by your publication and the rest of the Poker industry. The book, now freely available on the internet and published for the first time in 1968, having sold over 2 million copies, exposes poker for
what it is. The new sections on cheating are especially noteworthy to thinking poker players worldw
ide. Perhaps this book threatens the poker industry? I challenge you review this timely and classic in your publication.

R.H.,, N.Ireland BT40 1BA.
Thank you Dr Wallace, family and friends. You and your work is the
most powerful and admirable I have ever known.

T.S.,, 9/13/99, England
Excellent site

Thank You Forever, I Hope I Can Meet You Some Day, Mark & Dr, Wallace
Are Geniuses.

p.w., ,
neo-tech is the fuel that keeps me going each day. in this day of corrupt
value destroying government and mystic employers neo-tech keep me focused.
neo-tech forever !

Brilliant. We need to break free of the mysticism that is holding the
world back.

It is w/out a doubt, the most thought provoking material I have ever

I think it will help others see just who all the parasites out there
are. Others will refuse to see them for what they are because they
don't know how to think for themselves. Those that can think will see
this site for what it really is - a guide to help one claim his/her
life back from the parasites of our society.

In reference to your article End of Chaos: I am speechless. It feels
so good!

I find NEC-tech a very helpful and resourceful it has enhanced my life
and gave me much hope. It also gave me a greater understanding about
how the world works and how I fit in. NEC-TECH is what it takes to
grow and find ones true happiness.

Frank, , Puerto Rico
This site allows someone to empower themselves and break free from
the manipulation and (needless) control imposed by those in our society
that can only feel powerful and accomplished by trampling all over
most of us 'innocents' in society. I will no long er allow anyone else
to control and victimize me or those that I love just to make themselves
feel important at my expense. I reject the idea that my happiness is
dependent on anyone other than myself. Think about it.

We need NEO-TECH more than ever to drive the neo-cheaters out and replace
them with value creators. Go get them NEO-TECH.

Dear Sirs, Neo-Tech is the most powerful information in the universe,
I have been reading Neo-Tech on and off for about 5 years. It has completely
changed my life. The many concepts I have learned in Neo-Tech have
given me an enormous advantage over the m ystified population. I have
excelled in every aspect of my life. I AM FREE ! I AM HAPPY ! I AM
TEAM. YOU HAVE TRULY CHANGED THE WORLD. Please stay on the web, the
world NEEDS Neo-Tech.

Neo-Tech is our only hope for any kind of honest future,

M.G.,, United Kingdom
Congratulation on Pax Neo-Tech. To me its a concise summary of the
entire Zon/Neo-Tech concepts at work.

I think this is a brilliant site, a true treasure amongst the trash.


The writers/contributors show incredible intellect and insight that
should be made available to all who are interested in knowing without
reservations that there is a dark veil of dishonesty over global activity
and you are providing a very special servic e to all. Insight/Awareness/Revelation.
Thank you

P.V.,, Russia
Great and very valuable information! Neo-Tech is on the right way in
promoting realistic approach for cognition of the universe and transformation
of our world into supercivilization.

I loved the story. I want to learn all about neo-tech.

D.B.,, Australia
Yes, yes, yes! The only light at the end of the tunnel that isn't an
oncoming train. Keep this site up and make it bigger. David Bridgman

I feel Neo-Tech is honest information. I have so much learning ahead
of me, please keep it online.

b.m.,, Scotland, UK.
Carry on this good work to bring the truth to the people

It is refreshing to hear the truth.

E.n.,, Zambia

This is a great site and needs expansion.

E.J.,, , eNGLAND
Keep up the good work. Neo-Tech Founder and Zon-Power/God-man are the
greatest Books ever written.

B.S., ,
Frank Wallace, You are an absolute winner. The Neo-Tech Discovery has
revolutionized my thinking. I will never be cheated again!

I just wish I would have found your site sooner.

p.s., ,
I have started reading today and I'm feeling empowered already. Thank
you Neo-Tech, not only for helping me to win a well thought out debate,
but for giving me that feeling of utter happiness that has been missing
from my life.

J.S.,, 7/24/02
The Greatest Kept Secret!!!

Neo-Tech must remain get the message out that there is so much fraud and gain-seekers
who steal individual values from innocent people for their own selfish gain!


R.F.,, 5/28/99
If the people of this world could grasp and embrace the
Neo-Tech way of living, things would be much more enjoyable
for everyone.

"I find this information very interesting."
J.U.,, 5/15/97

T.S.,, 9/13/99, England
Excellent site

P.K.,, 1/4/99
I have just about completed reading the book, 'God-Man'. I
find it very interesting and like what I am reading. I think this
web site is a great idea. The information on it is good and the
future plans for information on jobs, etc. sounds good to me.
I think any info you can post to help us become God-Man would
be great.

K.J.,, 12/17/96
This information is overwhelming.
I feel my consciousness swelling with excitement and realization.
I want more and intend on ordering the publications.

T.C., OH.US,
I absolutely LOVE NEO-TECH!. It has unclogged my brain, I am now
free of 90% of mysticism.

,, 1/14/01
I am a 20 year military veteran, age 59. It
seems most of what
I grew up defending and believing in is crumbling before my
During the 'cold war' we were told about the evils of
and how these 'evil' governments abused their citizens. I
scoffed at the idea that it could happen in our own country.

"What I have read on your web site, causes me to get excited.
M.C.,, 3/24/97

C.R.,, 10/19/01, UK
This is certainly a very honest piece of writing

D.L.,, 7/20/97, Canada
"Great Stuff! As a former alcoholic and drug addict, I have used
and continue to use many of the concepts you so eloquently
advocate, in order to solidify the foundation of my recovery. I
know that by diligently applying the concepts herein, I will be
able to rapidly accelerate the process of achieving my goals of
financial freedom and total empowerment."

Cry,, UK
Neo-tech the only way to the future world.

M. A.,,,
Comments : It is a beacon of truth for
the mankind. It exposes the neocheaters and
mystics as well as tears religions apart.

A.Z.,, 3/22/00
Wow! I really think you have hit the nail on
the head Mark! I have only finished the first three
chapters, but I am eager to read the rest. It's getting late
and I must get up early and sell cars. I will continue
reading Monday evening.
This appears to be a very eloquent approach to making Neo
Tech much more commercially viable. I look forward to
finishing The Story!
Keep up the awesome work Mark!

B.S.,, 2/21/99
Many positives for me have come out of the literature
and more with every read.

M.B.,, 11/14/02
I feel Neo-tech is the best information source on how to live life. It's an aid, a motivation, and a great tool. I try to spread the word to my friends.

M.C.,, 8/26/98
I believe Neo-Tech will change my life for the better.

D.U.,, 6/26/01, CANADA
Wonderful, priceless values!

This site is ZONtastic!!!

M.D.,, 2/9/98, England
Absolutely impressed by the forthright no nonsense theories
that are printed within.

C.V.,, 1/9/98
NT should definitely remain on the web. It is certainly the most
valuable site .Anyone that doesn't think it should stay on the
web, is either a value destroyer or hasn't seriously taken a
look at this life changing, valuable knowledge. It's completely

A.B., , 11/18/02
I've been a Zonpower book owner for over 7 years, and never threw it away, even though, my emotions wanted me to. I rejected the God-Myth, from my mystic
point of view, as many others initially. But I kept it, and only time, and experience separated me from putting aside my personal prejudices, and dedicating
myself to read it all before I judge you, prematurely. I'm very proud of myself for doing so and want to congratulate you on your accomplishments in this
world, and for society at large. I now look forward to every new day with enthusiasm and purpose as never before, at least since childhood innocence.

B.I.,, United Kingdom.
If neo-tech is to be successful in re-educating the world populace for
the good of mankind, then the importance of retaining Neo-tech on the
web cannot be over-emphasize.

C.H.,, 11/28/02
I have just received the 'The Book ' God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery I am getting to realize the potential of the book. I think it is the best book I have read in
a long time and keep up the good work.

"I think this site is fantastic. Keep up the great work."
A.M.,, 5/23/97

G.B.,, u.s.
Helpful in my everyday life.

A.S.,, 2/25/00, United Kingdom
The Neo-Tech site is the most valuable site on the web. I
Check almost everyday to find more information that leads me
forward to prosperity. Thank you for your excellent work. I would
definitely like the site to expand.


T.M.,,8/25/00, Canada
I have learned to question all of my past
beliefs. Thank you
very much.

R.J.,, 1/9/98
I really enjoy Neo-Tech. It has opened my eyes to things I never
took the time to think about.

D.C.,, 2/19/98
This site is very important, if not for this site many
people that would never be reached can be. I have believed for
years that Churches are just a way to make a living without working.
I believe they harm children into believing that something or
someone is going to care for them. No such creature exists. They
also harm adults by leading them to believe that they are 'chosen
ones'. Anyone, who thus believes, then believes they are better
than 'the unchosen ones'. Thus, the many, many wars that have
been caused by these 'chosen ones'. 'Chosen ones' also hate anyone
who is not like them.

C.L.,, 1/30/01
Hi! My name is Crystal, I have read “The Story' and I think
you truly have a gift for bringing about an awareness
through narrative means. I'm a Canadian, 22-year-old
studying Psychology and Biotechnology at the University of
Saskatchewan. For years I have been confused about religion
and why there are so many different perspectives. I felt
lost, after reading your story along with reading Neo-Tech
Discovery (I'm not finished yet) I have begun to grasp the
concept of the irrational forces at work in the world.
However, I sometimes now feel impatient and anxious for
other people to understand what I do. I want to uncloud
others like you have, but I don't know how.

T.T.,, 9/6/99
Some of the information could be quite deadly
in the minds of the evil.

"I am most interested in becoming a master of these arts I think
the power of this literature will benefit me in my business
J.C.,, 3/17/97

M.D.,, 5/27/01
It (The Story)is a sweet
story and is reminiscent of realities we humans have
far too long with.

c.r.,, 10/14/00
This site helps me learn more about
neocheaters. It also helps
me on my journey to god-man..

Dorothy S.,
I know something good is, I have a new
outlook on life a new way of thinking I am looking forward to an extraordinary
life, and I am full of life again.

Y.F.,, 11/20/99, Norway
You have reached the core of the why we are
here and what we need to do. You give so many guidelines,
concepts, ideas, and experiences to reflect upon. I'm am so
impressed and feeling, at last, that I have come home!

D.T.,, 3/13/00
I have started reading the book and I have become more independent
from outside influence. I enjoy work and have gotten a raise and
a bonus just from my new outlook on life. I have learned that
I'm not going to get anywhere without hard work. Unlike most young
people who are waiting for a free ride I have rose above the
rest. I'm 22 years old I own the house that I live in, I have a 4wheel
drive truck, a hotrod, drag boat, a motorcycle, and a beautiful
girlfriend. I cant thank you enough. You have put me on the
right track.

A.B.,, 4/21/97, United Kingdom
Who could disagree with the need for this kind
of information being made available
to everyone? More power to you, keep up the good work.

MT,, 4/13/03
Neo-Tech is the greatest book ever written. It has completely changed my

M.K.,, 6/21/02, Malaysia
Before finding this web site, I had to pay a fortune for such a valuable information! Pleeeeese expand!

M.A.,, 9/3/00
Please keep up the great work. Neo-Tech has changed my life forever!

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amazing how it is written and how it makes one think how
false life is. It makes you believe more in the way
philosophers think vs the way life is. How false our lives
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trust in oneself because we are all Gods. But how corrupted
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Just finished reading your novel. I'm a little
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W.M., UCSC.EDU, 5/18/99
I can sense the power of this new knowledge.

F.C.,, 6/8/00
I really got caught up in
'The Story' and at times forgot that it was fiction.
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