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ID#6 d.m., 2005-08-22 [ , ]

the internet makes access easier

ID#8 M.E., 2005-08-23 [ ROSEHILL, NSW]

I already own the book, the neo-tech world, zon power and neo-tech decoded. please send me information about new products and update my address details on your database. old address was 2/48 james ruse drive, rosehill. nsw. australia. 2142.

ID#9 M.E., 2005-08-23 [ ROSEHILL, NSW]

It's about time somebody stands up and spreads the truth before it's too late. Thank you for changing the world for the better.

ID#10 G. ., 2005-08-23 [ , ]

I find it very interesting. I totally agree with all the anti religious messages. Religion WILL destroy mankind if it continues to promote hatred and division. I have always thought this since I was a very small child. However I found some of your site to be at the same time driven BY religion. A strange dichotomy. You seem fervent in support of Israel (is there a reason for this?!) and incredibly anti Muslim. Also there is praise for George W Bush - probably the most dangerous religious lunatic for hundreds of years! A lack of rationality here I'm afraid. The man is capable of single handedly destroying the world in his religious crusade. The site should definitely stay, freedom of speech should never be removed.

ID#11 E.S., 2005-08-23 [ Holley, NY]

Thank you for publishing Neo-Tech. It has helped me refine my own thoughts about philosophy and life and understand my value as a producer of values.

ID#13 . ., 2005-08-23 [ , ]

you've been online for years, keep it here.

ID#15 . ., 2005-08-23 [ , ]

What is the point of Neo-Tech Society, too do what to the Society and how. send information to MARCELA_NYC@HOTMAIL.COM

ID#16 K.C., 2005-08-23 [ Chico, CA]

Why would you ask our opinion about this site being on the web? If we all voted that it should be removed, would you do it?

ID#17 T. ., 2005-08-23 [ , ]


ID#21 n.x., 2005-08-24 [ london, ]

this site is very interesting its should remain because its can change so many peoples life.i like it so really

ID#24 j.w., 2005-08-24 [ mcadoo, pa]

ordered second book check cashed august22005 haven't gotten it.

ID#28 A.K., 2005-08-24 [ Zuni, N.M]

Ever since that manule script in the mail. I've been interested. My father and I had an opportunity to buy the Neo-tech discovery, but we did not for we cound not afford it. From that time on I only got to know Neo-tech from school. My name is Antonio Kiyite, my fathers name is Lyle Kiyite. Just to let you Know the mail was in my fathers name. Neo - tech should remain on the web because that is where i got to know more about neo-tech.

ID#29 N. ., 2005-08-24 [ City, State]

The way I see it, Neo-Tech is very good business. You obviously make a lot of money on it, which is OK as far as I'm concerned. Keep up with good work and take the money from fools. They don't deserve to keep their money anyway :-) Oh, yes... don't send me your literature. I'm not interested :-) Very good, very good... :-)

ID#31 p.w., 2005-08-24 [ millersville, pa.]

I love reading the NEO-TECH literature, it has brought pieces of the puzzle together for me, in my life where i had so many unanswered you have positions for work that i might be interested in doing? looking for work penny white

ID#32 P.R., 2005-08-24 [ Rolla , Mo]

Hi All I love the neo tech books. Ive just finished my 3rd one The Neo Tech World, couldnt put it down. I would love to interact with other techies but havent been able to find a web site or chat room that i can talk to people about what ive read. Help me. My insight has gone through a great change but my life hasent, things just stay the same. I guess i just havent got it yet.You may not believe this but i cant even figure out what my friday night essence is. The things i love to do in my off time always cost me lots of money. Fish golf play music. I have always wanted to own my own business. I know i have to figure it out on my own. But Neo Tech keeps me thinking. Thank you so much. Phill

ID#36 J.S., 2005-08-25 [ HOU, TX]

This is the fourth comment I have sent y'all, but on this one, expect no response. I must state that until 10 minutes ago I strongly opposed Bush. After learning more, I am not so sure. Nobody has ever been able to sway me from my political stance, but y'all have made me think. Wow. Neo-tech is powerfull. I don't know what else to say... I trust neo-tech completely, as you are the only people that can put things into proper, non-propogandic (if that's a word) perspective and logical standing...............

ID#37 j.s., 2005-08-25 [ Holsworthy, Devon]

sream with the new found freedom Thankyou I want to learn more 1458469

ID#38 m.k., 2005-08-25 [ louisville, ky]

wow !!!

ID#40 D.M., 2005-08-25 [ Carthage, mo]

Yes I think Neo-Tech Should stay online! There are amazing opportunities for people, with Noveau Tech. I myself have had many good things happen to me, since I recieved my first installment. I love it!

ID#41 Y.M., 2005-08-25 [ Holden, MA]

Neothink, puzzle-building, DTC, all powerful concepts indeed in generating knowledge and building a fortune, but I have just one question to ask: "How does the 10-seconds miracle configures in this equation and how to use it?"

ID#43 a. ., 2005-08-26 [ , ]

You guys have put into words what I have been thinking and feeling for a long time. Civilisation is corrupt, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Power is held by an elite few, whether political or religeous, who tell us how to live our lives and put constraints on our freedoms. To suffer is good they say, what's good about suffering, we have one chance on this planet to do the best we can for ourselves and our loved ones to live a happy and fulfilling existance. With the rise of religeous fundimentalism in all the major faiths, our way of life, freedoms and existance are at risk. Our destruction is at the whim of a corrupt, manipulative and destructive society ruled by a powerful, deceptive and coniving elite.

ID#44 P.L., 2005-08-26 [ , ]

I think Neo-Tech should definitely remain on the web. It is the best and most acurate eye opener yet. I get the impression that you only proclaim the absolute truth about a great many things. Thanks to Neo-Tech I was able to get very interesting literature written by educated people, University professors who did a great deal of research, that much is fairly obvious. Since reading Neo-Tech, I have developed a much more open mind about life and where we go from here. Actually I am looking forward with great aniticipation to getting the forthcoming trilogy by Mark Hamilton - The Immortals. How can I get a copy? Yours sincerely, P. Liebl.

ID#47 J.T., 2005-08-26 [ Beverly Hills, CA]

"Neo-Tech" delivers the most life-changing information in the UNIVERSE... PERIOD!

ID#48 S. ., 2005-08-26 [ , ]

How do you order any of your books? There is nowhere on your website to order, it's actually a bit confusing.

ID#55 m.m., 2005-08-27 [ greenville, sc]

i would love to get your literature by mail.

ID#58 R.M., 2005-08-28 [ Antrhony, NM]

neocheaters are only as strong as we let them be so how can we make a difference to change society to our way of thinking.

ID#61 a. ., 2005-08-28 [ , ]

bigited clap trap

ID#67 J.D., 2005-08-29 [ Colorado Springs, Colorado]

I loved thoe original book of Zonpower and neo-tech. I have lost my manuscript in the last few months and would like to know how to obtain a new one along with any new information available

ID#70 D.K., 2005-08-29 [ Dothan, AL]

Hell yes, it should stay! This site divulges honesty. We all need honesty, not just someone's "truth". Thank you so much for this site. I love it!!! Secrets die in the light of exposure. Thanks to this site, now some of the most kept secrets of "government", etc. can be brought into the light. Again, THANK YOU. In loving service, Donna K.

ID#73 D.B., 2005-08-29 [ Palm Bay, Florida]

worthy of great discussion with anyone

ID#74 R.H., 2005-08-29 [ Livonia, MI]

Dear Management, Please up date the Neo-Tech website. Thank You. Sincerely, Robert

ID#75 R.H., 2005-08-29 [ Livonia, MI]

Dear Emma, Please update the Neo-Tech web site. Thank You. Sincerely, Robert

ID#76 . ., 2005-08-29 [ , ]

Why not?

ID#78 d.h., 2005-08-30 [ fayetteville, nc]

while not agreeing with everything stated can say thought provoking and informative

ID#79 J.H., 2005-08-30 [ Portland, OR]

How many current members of the Novus/Nouveau Tech Society are attornies. I would their info, so I can hire one to file a few lawsuits.

ID#85 . ., 2005-08-31 [ , ]


ID#90 M. ., 2005-08-31 [ holliday, mo]

i did find some of the god belife system that he did not want eve or man kind to think for them selves inacrate if he did not want that trait eve would never have been decieved - the word decieved denotes her free will and ability to think. But the rest of the information i found right on target. i found your mandate enlightning strait forward and very tantalizing and only hope for your sucsess. I had only heard of nouveau teach from a possible fraudulent mailing wanting $150 and after reading what was on the internet scam site I was woried. Than i found your site read everything i could for 12 hours strait, that was the most information i have ever gotten from a web site before. thank you.

ID#95 M.S., 2005-09-01 [ , ]

I have only begun to read the pages of information here - but it is clear to me that there is a close relationship with some of the things that are written, and some things I have suspected for some time. It is somewhat empowering to realize that I am not alone in some of my non-traditional ways of thinking. It also gives me a feeling of control over paranoid tendancies and sceptacism I have felt for some time. As the saying goes ... "you're not paranoid if they really are out to get you" haha. I could go on and on, but I'll simply say that I seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding - and I especially appreciate finding it from individuals like yourself that share there knowledge freely.

ID#96 E.F., 2005-09-01 [ Gilbert, AZ]

Ever since I've been introduced to Neo-Thinking and the Neo-Tech Way of life, my life has changed. I no longer wait for answers or expect "miracles" to happen - I now take ACTION. I am now accepting that only I have control over my life and my future. I've started up my old Consulting firm again and I have a new outlook in life. I feel Neo-Tech has given me a chance for a better, more productive, happy life. I am not there yet - but I expect to be there real soon! Please keep the information coming!

ID#97 M.C., 2005-09-01 [ São Paulo, SP]

Voces são as pessoas mais estupidas que já vi em toda minha vida e nem mesmo o ser humano mais imbecil poderia acreditar numa história tão ridicula quanto essa. São caso de processo e de pedido de indenização, por incomodo, charlatanismo, extorsão e ludibriação. Bando de idiotas, quando for aos Estados Unidos vou procurar me amigo e advogado. A unica maneira de ganhar algum dinheiro com a neo tech e fazê-los pagar por estelionato.

ID#99 J.L., 2005-09-01 [ Springtown, Texas]

Like I said in the how did you find out about the Neotech website. I found it after I recieved the first book, and I knew I couldent aford to buy the second book right know,because I am waiting for my Disability checks to start and I dont have the money right know, But I thought they must have a websight, So I got on my computer and typed in Nouveau Tech Thats how I found you. Thank you so very much, James Hill

ID#101 H. ., 2005-09-01 [ , ]

Dear Sir,Most of the people were not living their own lives.Because they never thought about their own life.They just followed without using their own mind.What we see is the end result.If the mankind the each individual had given the proper thought to the life,the mankind could not had sufferd a period of five thousand years.The neocheaters gave the masses the fake philospies and took away the right of ownership of their labour,the sole power of prosperity.With this neocheating depriving the prosperity and pulling him or her into the poverty of all kinds financial and all other sphere of human life.The Neo-Tech must continue, the learning is the only way open into the future of mankind.If that way is abondoned,the rule of neocheaters will continue to torture themselves and the rest of the world.....The world has already suffered to much.

ID#103 G. ., 2005-09-02 [ Brooklyn, NewYork]

Very powerful.... If Neotech is the beginings of what's to come, then the future is going to be a fierce, competitive, and exciting time. Can time dialation be achieved through conscious awarnes and efforts for example making an hour seem, feel and percieved like a minute like doing a hours worth of work in a minute. Can the mind be consciously be trained to do this. If this is an existence we live and are a part of. Is time or the way we go about computing it a mind created concept. A way of analyzing time is through our perception of cycles. but cycles occur in existence an endless amount of times..... I'm babbling, if you have any feedback on what I'm trying to understand it would be appreciated. If I'm on the right track(I've started compiling many notes) then were in for something very powerful and exciting indeed. Thank you for your time an consideration. >:)

ID#105 J.M., 2005-09-02 [ Phoenix, AZ]

Without a doubt, this information comprises the greatest (story) honesty ever revealed. I read & read and FEEL myself evolving into a better person. Also, I realize that I have been lied to for 41 years. Thank You - Thank You for making this information accessible to so many via the web. Being that I have a 14-year old son, and most of what I have read is from an adult's prospective, I believe the world would benefit from a book written for 11-15 year olds. Please, let me know what is available, if anything.

ID#106 D.S., 2005-09-02 [ Montgomery Village , MD]

You are describing very well those larger postulates and agreements and points of view which are essential in acheiving 'wide scope' understandings. Hip Hip Hooray for neo-tech! Where are the bullets?

ID#121 M.M., 2005-09-03 [ , ]

If we truly are a race of people who value free speech then there must always be room for people to express their thoughts, opinions and philosophies. I need information if I am to make an intelligent decision about whether this is for me or not. I welcome the opportunity to discover more about this and ALL religions, philosophies and lifestyles, as long as I am never co-erced or forced to adhere to any thought process. I did receive some Neo-Tech information a couple of years ago but never got through it all.

ID#122 J. ., 2005-09-03 [ Seabrook, TX]

I have been reading the section on gravity units which I find extremely interesting. I have always believed that matter was simply different densities of nothing because if you go into an object, you will find space surrounded by matter. Pick one piece of matter and go into that. As you continue to go down in size, you will continuously find space, surrounded by matter. Go into that matter and you will find that only space exists among matter (which must be space). There was only one problem with this didn't explain gravity. With the concept of gravity units, this seems to confirm my theory but now I can make sense of it, as the way I interpreted it, the universe is made up of different densities of gravity itself expanding inward and outward on the space-time ratio. Neo-tech is geniouse. If I were more mystic than I am now, I would assume Neo-tech was a gift from a more advanced civilization. The most rational assumption would be that FRW is the next Einstien.

ID#123 W.S., 2005-09-03 [ Bristol, TN]

I think that open minded educated people can easily see the good and "truth" that Neo Tech presents. A belief system about God is simply that, a belief, and beliefs are not facts. People create experiences that support their beliefs and the bottom line is; people make up ideas about everything - good or bad. It is all interpretation. For instance, when we make statements interpretations are made about the statement of the act that is described. The statement (act described) is neither good nor bad, but people make it good or bad. Murdering children is thought to be bad. However, the bible states that God ordered Joshua to kill all inhabitants of Jerricho, men and women and children, but only to spare the lives of Rahab, a harlot, and her family. So, what interpretation to you make of that? I think that if our society is to grow and to prosper, we need open minded liberal thinking people leading our country. Jesus was a radical and he spoke against the leaders of the church. I think he would do the same today.

ID#125 G.M., 2005-09-03 [ La Puente, Ca.91744]

it belongs on the web site

ID#127 V.C., 2005-09-04 [ Apple Valley, CA]

There's just nothing else better than real raw honesty.I enjoy learning more from Neo Tech and I am looking forward to more material.

ID#128 W.G., 2005-09-04 [ Miami, FL]

Of course, Neo-tech is the only tool to fight corruption and abuse. Not only it should remain on the internet, but must be expanded widely indefinitely. I am pleased to advise Neo-tech that my last name recently changed by a court order from Gabaud to Gabot. This change took place due to my previous divorce.

ID#132 M.S., 2005-09-04 [ glasford , il]

Im a neo-tech member. I have read the the book The nouveau Tech PACKAGE of INSIDE SECRETS. It said to: "Keep and Eye out for your next letter in the next few days informing you of the Nouveau Tech Secret Society meetings, which are now absolutely free to members. It is both who you know and what you know that will send you soaring in our exclusive parallel society." I never got a letter. I have read the book and now i am reading it second time, it is amazing. And I am ready for whats about to come my way.

ID#133 J.Y., 2005-09-04 [ San Jose, CA]

I got a letter asking for a reponse if I was inertested in what Nouveau Tech had to offer. I reponeded but Ive yet to recive information promised. I am still interseted I like what Ive seen so far. If it weren't for your internet web site I would not have the information I am seeking

ID#137 H.N., 2005-09-04 [ Bossier City, LA]

I have been reading Neo-Tech off and on for several years and find it not only scientifically intelligent but logically intelligent as well. I can see positive and constructive results from practicioners. Thanks for hanging in there.

ID#140 . ., 2005-09-05 [ , ]

You're all mad. o_O And I'm including all the fundamentalist nuts posting negative comments, too. Has noone ever heard of constructive feedback. I mean... cripes. Sure this should stay on the web - free speech, and all that - but jeez... maybe if this place was a little less full of so much pro-HATE literature it might get the point across better. That and make the damn thing a tad succint. I STRONGLY recommend putting the Constitution of the Universe BEFORE all that hate-mongering for any and all religions. I might hate religion myself, but that doesn't give me the right to belittle it. Sure, I might not believe in God, but that doesn't mean religion is 100% untrue. Besides, it's not the books themselves that bring about all that death and destruction - it's the greed of those in power, those who are powerful enough to ensure they re interpretations of the books are believed. Maybe you should bag religious leaders instead of bagging books that helped ensure the basic moral code your "Constitution of the Universe" relies on. It's not Islam. It's not Christianity. It's not Judaism. It's people, man. It's the drive to power and what those in power are willing to sacrifice for more of it.

ID#144 A.M., 2005-09-05 [ , ]

I believe the Nouveau Tech Philosophy is the only future that can survive.

ID#145 T.D., 2005-09-05 [ Greendale, WI]

The world is in desperate need of info such as this at this point in history.

ID#146 T.D., 2005-09-05 [ Greendale, WI]

The world is in desperate need of info such as this at this point in history.

ID#148 J..., 2005-09-05 [ WHITLEY CITY, KY]


ID#150 A. ., 2005-09-06 [ , ]

I'll keep it going if you don't want to.

ID#152 . ., 2005-09-06 [ , ]

we are in the throws of the breakdown of the unconscious mind on planet earth. do you have information...

ID#154 J.M., 2005-09-06 [ , ]

I love the neo-tech advantage. I use it daily. Im not quite fond of the section on mystisism; hence I am a beleiver in God. Yet I do not beleive in the bible. In it I found to many contradictions. I also beleive it has been altered by man, and the government to control the world through guilt. Since reading the Advantage in 2003, my life has changed a great deal for the better. Thank you Neo-tech. I may be a christian, but I also beleive in the Neo-tech method. To all Christians: Neo-tech is not a religion or a cult. The Neo-tech Advantage is a guide for living.

ID#156 m. ., 2005-09-06 [ , ]

1 more item from me i just read the 3 questions under raw honesty answerz are NO NO and NO. HOW do i know Cuz they cant other wize that would end up the perpetuation of a retardship that cfannot will be allowede to perpetuate simply becuze of natuers own furry against stupid pple doind and perpatuating stupid thingz our pissosity over the whole thing that drives an ultimate ostacizm matrix beyond what u folks may be comprehending at this time, natures and the universes pissosity that noone haz given me a helping hand, when i asked 4 it. one more item 4 u ever wathch the movie powder, metefor that to me xcept the ending cuz id rather live than die again and put in my pure blood Siouxxe heritage my love 4 this land and the game wich lives in/onit mixed in with pure blod boheimian, a chunk of chippewa some german, algonquian/ eskimoan, and uve got yourself an sob who dozent quit untill the desired rezults are achieved. Love SiouxxeZque

ID#158 M.A., 2005-09-06 [ , ]

one more item az to the excavator i operated a case 1080 e i believe 4 wich i had a hell of an idea 4 to help the operator out that coplies with ohsha stadards ineed grease too live, well ineed love to survive sincerely Michael

ID#160 L.C., 2005-09-06 [ Chicago , Ill]

simply the best. better than all the rest. Iwill never forget the day Iwas invited to be a member.

ID#161 m.r., 2005-09-06 [ warrens, wis.]

Dear friendz at NT, here iz a phone number i can be reached at,it is 16083784378, it is imperative to my future and only a value added thing for you folks if you would help this ZON up and out of this stagnant rut that no matter how hard i try or the options i pursue just dont get the rezults i need. Also im sorry bout this probably not being the rite spot to write to you at, but i have little of any choice. This iz my S.O.S, plea, cry for a helping hand. I dont know what else to do!! I dont really have a future with out some assistance from folks like you. So pleeze take a few moments and set my broken heart at ease so i can rest assured knowing that the help ive been longing for iz on the way. One phone call would do me wonders. Pleeze and thank you, LOVE a citizen and innocent child of the Universe, Mike Rudolph. {like i wrote bfore iam staying with some pple kind enuff to share their frontyard with me and my dog shadow, who need desperatley to go to the vet and have a fatty deposit removed bfore it kills her}

ID#162 m.r., 2005-09-06 [ warrens , wi]

From, mike, Nt literature has opened me up to discover more about me and what i am capable of than i could have ever imagined, plus seeing iz knowing and that knowlegde cleanzez out the doubt of just how much iam capable of. you want a cure for cancer, or need knowledge of how to begin curing afflictions and ailments, well it first starts with love and understanding, but get me out of here, get me healthy, and i would bee more than honored, glad, in fact to shaow you what my own red and white plazma/ essencez are capable of achieving az i have watched my own self heal from cuts scrapes and burns without bandages or salves or ointmets. actually it haznt hurt me to rub dirt or hold spagnum moss on them just like back in times of war when they ran out of gauze and had to rely on what was in the woods. LOVE Mike out of PURE love and compassion 4 that which benefits us concious pple and life and the pursuit of that which iz the moral purpose of concsious life, happiness and honest wealth creation, without sucking it from some body else. PLeezze hurry iam tired of having too suffer.

ID#166 P.F., 2005-09-07 [ Aiea, Hi]

I ran my business for seven years without a real vacation. All the clutter and obstacles created by government controls and employees with poor work ethics drained my best intentions to a point where I just wanted out. I went on vacation to get away and find perspective. My goal was to get out of business upon my return. I returned on a Saturday and waiting for me in the two-week accumulation of mail was my Nouveau Tech book. I started reading it and by Monday, my whole outlook on life and running my business had changed from defeat and exhaustion to one of excitement, and impatience. I couldn't wait to get started. I had so much energy and it hasn't faded in the six-weeks I've been back. I've been on the path of enlightenment for 27-years, half my life. I studied religions, mysticism and the occult but was always skeptical of all of it. The more I studied the less sense it all made. Thanks to this wonderful book and its knowledge, I now know all my doubts were well founded, that I had followed the path to its end and I wasn't alone in my conclusions. What a wonderful change in my life. My mind has never been more in tune to people and events. It's like I am seeing the world from space instead on from the ground. What a great perspective. If everyone were like this world peace, individual happiness, and prosperity would certainly exist.

ID#167 A. ., 2005-09-07 [ , ]

I have been searching your web pages for a clear explanation of how to generate riches and thusfar have not seen anything concrete. Is there any way You can point out to me how i can use my new found knowledge and turn it in to a energysource so i can channel it and buy a winning $150 million LOtto ticket ,so my worries will all be over. I keep reading about succes stories and I would seriously like to become one. Again I have read your Manuscript and thus far I am still poor and misserable. Please advise.

ID#168 A.A., 2005-09-07 [ Brooklyn, NY]

I have been searching your web pages for a clear explanation of how to generate riches and thusfar have not seen anything concrete. Is there any way You can point out to me how i can use my new found knowledge and turn it in to a energysource so i can channel it and buy a winning $150 million LOtto ticket ,so my worries will all be over. I keep reading about succes stories and I would seriously like to become one. Again I have read your Manuscript and thus far I am still poor and misserable. Please advise.

ID#169 M.C., 2005-09-07 [ Milton Keynes, Bucks]

Finally someone who is not afraid to speak the truth. The small minded people who have posted negative comments brought a smile to my face. Religion offends me as much as this seems to offend the religious. Please keep up the good work Neo Tech.

ID#174 A.W., 2005-09-07 [ Edinburgh, ]

Excellent site, keep it on the web and keep it expanding! Can you help me, I bought 2 publications of you some years ago, through mail order, my address then was 184 South Gyle Mains,Edinburgh,Scotland,EH12 9ER, I have recently been re-reading "God-Man/Neo-Tech Decoded" and as a result I am very keen to re-read "Godman" (I think this is what the book was called) unfortunately after searching my house high and low I can't find it, Can you please advise me how to get another copy(Both books are A4 with dark blue covers)

ID#176 d.e., 2005-09-07 [ barrow in furness, cumbria]

please send me your information packages on this discovery, books and tapes. thank you mr derek ellis 14j buxton street barrow in furness cumbria england la14 2rw thank you

ID#177 . ., 2005-09-07 [ , ]

I would like to se the 114 advantages again.

ID#179 H.N., 2005-09-07 [ Miami, Florida]

I find it very interesting and would like to know if there is a group or a chapter here in Miami, Fl. I am bilingual (Spanish) so I don't mind the language.

ID#181 d. ., 2005-09-08 [ gap, FRANCE]

I am interested with neo tech idea. So i have a question. I have visited the web site sometimes ago and when i came back this summer i find less information. The web site is less important now. Can you help me to have all those precious informations

ID#182 J.H., 2005-09-08 [ Portland, Or]

I figured a solution to the "Government Company", there are aspects of "Government Company" that would be much worse than regular Government. Just say a very bright, ingenuative, humble person or in some way debilatited didn't have the recourses to buy police protection, that would cause much harm and only violate individual and property rights, in the form of Mobs. ------------------------------------------------------------ Every person should be able to select which government services tax funds go into, which could easily be a simple yearly form included with the W2. Individuals and corporations should only have to pay a flat 15% in taxes. ------------------------------------------------------------

ID#187 t.m., 2005-09-09 [ malad, Idaho]

I agree with alot of nouveau tech, although i know there is a eternal priesthood and christ will return. Keep up the good work of honest true thinking. This is what christ is "trueth" WE ARE I AM.

ID#188 M.P., 2005-09-09 [ Concord, NC]

I think this is amazing. It is great to know that others believe as I do and that my ideas are shared by many. I would also love to own my Neotech Book.

ID#189 . ., 2005-09-09 [ , ]

Freedom of Speach

ID#190 R.B., 2005-09-09 [ Carterville, MO]

I don't agree with all of it, but saying that we should get rid of it, like some Nazi book burning parade is a bit intellectually small, don't you think? I am a bit disturbed that they use the term illuminati, which is known to be an underground fraternity that controls and manipulates the masses. However, their thoughts on free-market economics and rational thinking are first rate. They seem somewhat in the dark where the true structures of world power lie, and are seemingly oblivious when it comes to the historical and intellectual nature of debasing the money of the people. Many of the current hangups of the current anticivilization lie in the debasement of paper and coin money by a few elitists, which is represtative of a whole-scale intellectual and physical slavery. Our money is representative of our intellectual power and trade... He who controls it, controls all. I don't think that Neo-tech can flourish while the Illuminati that it names itself after owns the presses, the money, and the government.

ID#193 . ., 2005-09-09 [ , ]

OK, let's see how long these guys think they can "compete with God."

ID#195 M.T., 2005-09-10 [ Berwyn, PA]

You must stay on the web. You offer a clear alternative to the religious madness that has engulfed the world.

ID#196 R.B., 2005-09-10 [ Quatre Bornes, n/a]

Arise! Awake! Stop NOT till the GOAL is reached... Be NOT a traitor in your thought ..Act according to your thought you WILL succeed.. Dixit Sri Ramakrishna Parahamsa By being pleasant always and smiling, it takes you nearer to God, nay than any prayer!

ID#197 J.A., 2005-09-10 [ Marseilles,, Illinois]

Neo-Tech should most definitely left online I feel Neo-Tech should be known or at least be available to every man woman and child in the entire world whether they choose to enrich their lives with it or not! I myself am battling with my inner problems in a honest attempt to understand and master Neo-tech and hopefully aid it in some way. I have had many ideas on Neo-Tech but reserve them until I further understand Neo-Tech and thereby master it. I have been a Neo-Tech owner since 2001 I am trying to get the word out about Neo-Tech however, I have not had much success. There is a lot more irrationalizations and mystical beliefs out there then I had previously thought. I am only one man I can only do what is most important for my family and myself before I worry about people that weld a blind eye on the future of mankind and are unwilling to learn!

ID#201 K.C., 2005-09-10 [ Central Islip, NY]

I think the more access people have to this vauleable information. The better it will be for every one. The world needs to know the truth. In order to make it what it is supposed to be. The world will know the truth. This Website will just help open the eyes of those that have been blinded from birth.

ID#203 D.S., 2005-09-10 [ San Antonio, Texas]

Hello, Remember me? You sent me information almost a year ago. Since then a lot of my mind has opened up on it's own. I believe something phenomenal is about to happen. I have a lot of questions. I want to apologize for a few things likewise I feel you owe me an explanation.

ID#204 B.H., 2005-09-10 [ Great Lakes, Illinois]

I bought The Book, several years ago. I would just like to say it is the most moving book I have ever read. I would also like to thank everyone at NTP for all of their hard work. I was also wondering if a hard copy of The Book existed?

ID#205 T.Z., 2005-09-10 [ Oxnard, CA]

I have searched repeatedly for Nouveau Tech. I never thought of neo-tech.

ID#207 M. ., 2005-09-10 [ , FL]

interestingly enough,but it still comes down to one thing,the creater of life and the taker of life anything in between is only flesh and spirit and we do not have control over flesh and the spirit belongs to the creator who gave it and it goes back to the one who gave it ,so we do not have control of nothing, all creations are the same as we,we all born, live, die, all forms of life is the same, not my will be done , but my creators will be done in my life, if he chooses for me to have all things spoken,then so be it.there is always a negative for every positive in life, so let life balance for me in my creators will. thank you for your info mary

ID#209 a.b., 2005-09-11 [ port arthur, tx]

no comment at this time

ID#211 C.A., 2005-09-11 [ San Marcos, CA]

Internet is an appropriate place for the dissemination of truth which ruthless in its scope and activity, cuts in both directions as a flashing sword, benevolent in its undertaking, and ultimate in it's outcome. Let the Freedom ring in me and in all, let the peace start with me and let the wars within me cease finally now. Yes I believe that truth in the hands of the upright shall cause a flourishing and an outpouring, which sustains heals and grows, and in the hands of the person who holds their cup of life inverted, one who is ego driven not life driven, and shall find increase in selfishness, and all of the lower parasitical emotions, thus ultimately putting that being in square proportions to their own self as the mirror of life shall be instant karmic relations for the mind pursuing revelations. This will either anihilitate or rehabilitate that being in this modern era of expansion of all information, it is the thing which happens now as radiant energy enters the planet at cosmic frequencies filling the planetary no-osphere with light, and so is the perfect teacher. Forgiveness if the act of giving love as it was before, before any harm any insult and feeling of lacking entered into ones thought for all is given freely and abundantly to all of creation. We are creators of a new era. The good man is the teacher of the bad man and is refreshed in what he knows, and the bad man finds refuge in the good man, so each needs the other to find lasting peace, balance and harmony

ID#212 J.D., 2005-09-11 [ Harrington Park, NJ]

I like what I've read so far. However seems like the writers I've read so far tend to lean towards obscure language.

ID#213 C.C., 2005-09-11 [ , ]

I have an old manual. I orderd a new manual several weeks ago. Never recieved. Please let me know what is up with my order.

ID#214 C.C., 2005-09-11 [ Chicago, ILL]

I have an old manual. I orderd a new manual several weeks ago. Never recieved. Please let me know what is up with my order.

ID#215 M.M., 2005-09-11 [ Forest Hills, NY]

Please email me more information about more neo-tech literature or ebooks. I am enjoying reading God-man final evolution. I would really love it if this website would expand.

ID#229 d.j., 2005-09-12 [ london, ]

illuminating site. stay free!

ID#230 R. ., 2005-09-12 [ Marion, IN]

After recieving an invitation for Nouveau Tech Society, I decided to do some investigating via the internet. That investigation brought me here. Iam not a rich man, but if you can help me, I can certainly help you.

ID#233 S.D., 2005-09-13 [ Greenville, NC]

Good information. Don't know what you have, to put on the site.

ID#234 S.D., 2005-09-13 [ Greenville, NC]

Good information. Don't know what you have, to put on the site.

ID#238 F.O., 2005-09-13 [ Humacao, P.R.]

Neo-Tech is one of the most powerfull information in the net and in the world and in my opinion it shold stay forever in the internet. And yes you should expand this site to the maximum of your capacity and creativity and offer the world many products and services related to wealth creation,prosperity,happiness,sex, and good health and bodyshape. Why not? Go foward and my best wishes to you and future projects!!!!!! Felix

ID#241 P. ., 2005-09-13 [ Chattanooga, Tennessee]

I just know Kristen is a very nice person that doesn't know the Lord. Are even John Finn. I think we are all special. I know i am. And I think That all of us that got the letter must be special because the pick so few. That is all I have to say. E-mail me and let me know if you think the same way. A litter laugh never hurt anyone. Thank You for letting me say what I wanted to .Patricia

ID#242 j.j., 2005-09-13 [ chicago, il]

I was desperate and broke about 8 years ago. I borrowed 69.95 tobuy your final evolution book bt dr. mark hamilton & frank wallace,andmy life has changed for the better forever. I truely truely have what you said I would have.The story i have to tell is way to long and beautiful to tell in this box.I take your book with me wherever i go and succede in everything i do. Nomatter what the situation is i am able to detect a cheat in about two seconds or less, and disarm them with knowledge and truth.There is no way the book will harm anyone.I love neo_tech and the true power you gav me tosuccede in life because i was surrounded by fakes @frauds didnt even know it most of my life. thank you . jeff randazzo

ID#243 L.D., 2005-09-13 [ Reading, PA]

It's a truthful, informative website.

ID#244 k.B., 2005-09-14 [ Prescott Valley, Az]

Just finished reading Mark Hamilton's amazing book "The Story" I loved it so much that I want everyone I love to read it too. I would like to see Miss Annabelle's in every class room around the world and would like her for my teacher and my four children's teacher too. Perhaps if this could happen really really soon we could have "the Civilization of the Universe" on course ever so qiuckly and life itself would be a priority among the community of the human race. I am extremely excited about neo-tech and can't hardley wait to become a neo-thinker. Neo-tech must push forward the sooner the better for all human life here on earth.

ID#245 J.M., 2005-09-14 [ CANCUN, Q.R.]

A new fresh and different approach to important subjects in everybody´s life. The work is great and should be continue to the end. I downloaded all the works.

ID#249 A.W., 2005-09-14 [ Jackson, MO ]

This website should most definitely stay up. Keep up the tremendous work to help people break the Neocheating bondages of mysticism in the form of politicians, heads of state, clergymen, etc. Long live Neo-Tech!

ID#251 A. ., 2005-09-14 [ , ]

These people should be pilloried, then tarred and feathered.

ID#252 d.s., 2005-09-14 [ san antonio, tx]

excellent insight, keep up the quality work

ID#253 S.H., 2005-09-15 [ Bluffdale , UT]

I am a business owner and find myself being eaten alive by those who are dishonest and will do anything to sell below me. I would like to remain honest and the best at what I do. I am a reputable contractor. I need to set myself apart from the average contractor. I would like to expand my thinking horizons. Thank you.

ID#258 L.C., 2005-09-15 [ Westchester, IL]

First, I want to say; Thank you!, to everyone in the NeoTech family. I'm fairly new with knowledge from your NeoTech literature. When I was younger, in my mid-teens I always sought out my purpose in life. I would ask these questions to myself about this thing about that thing and never really getting my questions answered. I'm not a religous,never have been; Don't get me wrong. I'd attended both churches and mosques but there was something missing that I believe in my heart that didn't sit well with me. My studies in NeoTech have me wanting more and more information because I wasn't made aware of what I know now. Tell me; Are there any social group places, in the state of Illinois, that I can go to to share in stimulating conversation? I have so much to talk about. Can you help me? Thank again.

ID#260 K.B., 2005-09-15 [ Prescott Valley, Az]

Want to know how to purchase a copy of Mark Hamilton's book "THE STORY" I enjoyed reading it online and want my children to read it and also want a copy sent to my significant other who is incarcerated in the Douglas Prison here in Arizona as I know it could benefit him and my children greatly and I would like to know how or through whom I could make this happen. Please let me know asap I would be greatful. Thankyou. P.S. I want Miss Annabelle as my teacher!

ID#274 D.S., 2005-09-16 [ Murrayville , GA]

I was sent the letter and I replied. Now I have read the 1st installement and need to send the $149.00 for the second installment, but I do not have it at this time. Could Neo Tech. send it to me and bill me for it? I could pay installements. I have started a small business and I am just hanging on. But I am very interested in the 1000 page manuscript.

ID#276 d.m., 2005-09-16 [ essex, ]

I have been a user of neo-tech for about 20 years now and still have my original manuscriped ...Its for this web site I have only had a few minutes here and was compelled to write my praise, and give my support. Something I should have done years ago. It has change my life so much. I have even built up quite a following (unintentional) over the years. keep up the good work, all the best, david From a good, Honest man.

ID#277 J.L., 2005-09-16 [ , ]

If all persons are secure in their positions pro or con, then we must agree to keep this sight. If you are pro neo tech, you need to have a sight for communication between members. If you are the, oppressed by deity anti neo crowd, you must have this sight to realize the movement of the enemy.

ID#280 D.A., 2005-09-17 [ Johnson City, New York]

In some kind of packaged ads that came in the mailbox one day, I came across this ad about an amazing offer. How to change my life and live the life I always dreamed about. I sent for the pamohlet and read it to see what it as all about.After reading the info, I sat the book aside and never got back to it until about 2 years ago and I had gotten the book about 8 or 9 years ago.I then visited the website for the first time and read a litle more as to what it was all about.It had made sense to me, I being not a believer in some kind of God.I came across the website again when checking into my favorites and found it still there surprised me.I never acted upon the info and having read a testimonial from someone who practices the Neo-Con life style lead me here.

ID#281 M.S., 2005-09-17 [ Dallas , Tx.]

Neo Tech In My Factuated Opinion Is Simply Sound Right Reasoning Which Is The Result Of Right Knowledge Right Wisdom And The Right Overstanding Of Reality And Facts Beyond A Doubt. Thanx Immeasurably!

ID#282 m.k., 2005-09-17 [ holliday, mo]

I feel under the freedom of information act that any web site be it ufo or hacking into remote computers or in this case a long sought after enlightement from a 2000 year old manuel sould be allowed on the internet

ID#287 K.O., 2005-09-18 [ seaside, Oregon]

Is there anywhere we can see Neo-Tech in the mainstream media? How about a Neo-Tech movie?

ID#288 B.R., 2005-09-18 [ Bairnsdale, Vic]

I have read a few pages and am very interested in reading more so please don't take it down. Im sick of being stuck in the bs programming that society creates for us.

ID#289 C. ., 2005-09-18 [ Causeway Bay Post Office, ]

Neo-tech is great. I need to refer to any of the Neo-tech book regularly. I like it to remain on the web.

ID#290 D.F., 2005-09-18 [ Chittagong, ]

I was introduced by a mail shot in London UK to NT. This was back in 1989 appx. I have bought most of your works and found them of great advantage. I have since moved to work in Moscow and now I am currently in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I leave shortly for KL, Malaysia. I have found that by using the NT edge it gives many benifits. Both personally and business wise. You will have my name and address on your mailing list. The last address you had would have been 35 Borland Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 9HP, England, United Kingdom. I cant find my NT ref number. MAY I HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR COMMUNICATION PLEASE. Please note that the address given below is a temporary address only. I will send you a more permanent one from KL, Malaysia when I get there. Thanks and have a great day!

ID#291 D.F., 2005-09-18 [ Chittagong, ]

I was introduced by a mail shot in London UK to NT. This was back in 1989 appx. I have bought most of your works and found them of great advantage. I have since moved to work in Moscow and now I am currently in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I leave shortly for KL, Malaysia. I have found that by using the NT edge it gives many benifits. Both personally and business wise. You will have my name and address on your mailing list. The last address you had would have been 35 Borland Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 9HP, England, United Kingdom. I cant find my NT ref number. MAY I HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR COMMUNICATION PLEASE. Please note that the address given below is a temporary address only. I will send you a more permanent one from KL, Malaysia when I get there. My email is of course permanent. Thanks and have a great day!

ID#292 B.G., 2005-09-18 [ Marietta, GA]

The concepts intrigue me. I am just now researching seduction methodology and mind power premises. The historical reference makes great connections but also confuse sometimes. I would like to see more analogies from social and political influences of today referenced. But, in all honesty, I am just really getting startedso I hope to see that in my future study. Also, I am enjoying "The Story."

ID#294 c.k., 2005-09-18 [ independence, mo]

I figured out that if I continue to read over and over , I can't help but absorb neo-tech due to the way it is written. I have used neo-tech to gain custody of my son.{those people don't know what hit them} Please expand the site and I will continue to to read and grow. "LOOK OUT WORLD" A friend turned me on to neo-tech and I have read his literature.

ID#295 M.H., 2005-09-18 [ Belle Plaine, Mn.]

neo-tech has saved me from guilt and maybe from death ,and set my feet on a path knowledge and pospearity.

ID#296 . ., 2005-09-18 [ , ]

Very Interesting site. Kudos on your technique. The feedback columns I found the most interesting. Notice the strong patterns in them both. The site is better that the 'personalized letters' that are sent out. Sorry, I do not want the latest info about Neo-Tech. I prefer my ouw ideas, and have my own means to get what I want.

ID#297 T.D., 2005-09-18 [ Fremont, N.H.]

I received a letter in the mail and decided to find out what I could, before sending for the free info. I would like to still receive it, although the deadline has passed. I am sure you can understand my skeptimism. What I have read online so far is very interesting, but I can not stand sitting in front of the computer reading.

ID#299 J. ., 2005-09-19 [ Leonard, MI]

how do you come to those conclusions?

ID#300 f.c., 2005-09-19 [ Euless, TX]

Neo-Tech is very positive and powerful knowledge. To take it off the internet would be a crime to withhold the information from the public.

ID#301 J.A., 2005-09-19 [ Vancouver, British Columbia]

Did the earth move? You, someone or group has the courage ability and even perhaps the audacity to challenge the "establishment". Separating the truth from the unreal and to give this knowledge without question or condition, neither fees nor dues, and regardless of race or religion to whoever seeks it. This is an act of love and of caring. Your information is like the small stone that overturns the chariots of the mighty or the drop of water that eventually wears a hole in the stone. Thankyou from myself and on behalf of all those who yet have the pleasure and privilege of knowing of your work

ID#304 R.H., 2005-09-19 [ Austin, TX]

I've now completed reading a few articles about what Neo-Tech is and is not. I can't help but feel as though someone has reached into my thoughts and wrote what they had found. I've had these exact build-up of thoughts about business/science/art and honesty in our screwed-up "civilization" since I was 3 years old. I never believed in orginized religion or the screwed-up philosphies of the day. I want to know more.

ID#305 G.G., 2005-09-19 [ Albuquerque, NM]

Please keep this web site up and running. it is so desparetly needed, the more people know the sooner we can all run our own lives. It will be a far better world we will live in. I personely live in a great world (I always have) but it is even better with NEO-TECH. I Have always been a person who tried to keep outside influinces out of my live so I could manage it myself. it is easier with NEO-TECH. NEO-TECH is the only, the one and only way to be.

ID#306 L.M., 2005-09-19 [ Bournemouth, Dorset]

Most though provoking

ID#310 R.S., 2005-09-20 [ Louisville, ky]

The tools have served me well since the 1980's....the concepts are more powerfuil and relevant than ever...

ID#313 . ., 2005-09-20 [ , ]

I think Neo-Tech is beneficial to all mankind. Keep up the good work... Ed

ID#319 s. ., 2005-09-20 [ snowflake, az.]

we need to learn to apply it now as a way of living and working. also keep it simple as you say life is simple have a good day stephen ps say hello to #5 for me will you.

ID#320 C.B., 2005-09-20 [ Beaufort, SC]

I only found you by researching Nouveau Tech after a mailing offering me you rliterature. Regardless of that, and not having read any of it yet, I think anyone is allowed to print wht they wish. I, and others, have every right to read or NOT read it. Thus is believe, no one should be able to control what can be posted on the internet.

ID#324 M.A., 2005-09-21 [ Perris, CA]

Very interesting material....However, I do want to know how can those subliminals start changing one? Is it possible through just those subliminals to start attracting health, wealth, love and sex?

ID#326 J. .,@MSN.COM 2005-09-21 [ DENVER, CO]


ID#327 K. ., 2005-09-21 [ ACCRA, GHANA]


ID#330 F. ., 2005-09-21 [ , ]

Member No.NC10 0161-6127 I agree with you,everything rings true.

ID#331 F.A., 2005-09-21 [ Newnan, Ga.]

Member No.NC10 0161-6127 I agree with you,everything rings true.

ID#339 j.k., 2005-09-22 [ manchester, ]

yes i belive neo tech should stay on the web, someone has to tell people that religion is the scorge of humanity, and that our politicans have only one agenda 'self interest'

ID#340 I.S., 2005-09-22 [ Marnhull, Dorset]

Neo-Tech must remain on the web the message is so very important and what better way to dis-seminate it.

ID#341 P.D., 2005-09-22 [ Santiago, 00000]

I think, that freedom of speech is above the actual content of the speech, otherwise its not freedom. To all those fanatics who hate, and think that by closing your eyes and destroing the book, you are closer to happines, it seems you are futher away by your comments.

ID#342 B.S., 2005-09-22 [ Lancaster, Calif.]

I have just finished the first chapter and though I do not have a job or any money right now I do have lots of IDEAS to expand on . Im glad I joined. Thank You Bob S.

ID#344 E.H., 2005-09-22 [ AMHERST, N.Y.]

new members like me who have ? regarding information have no way to get answers ..i have not attended my first meeting yet,,,rec. letter stating that i would be rec-ing another 1000 pg book ,,,yet i have questions....

ID#345 A.S.,@YAHOO.COM 2005-09-22 [ CEDAR RAPIDS, IA]


ID#351 A.C., 2005-09-23 [ San Rafael, Ca]

Neo-Tech should remain on the web because, it is so accessible and convenient with no hassle. I really am not a computer person or lolly gag on the internet its not to my paticuler taste but, dont get me wrong I know about the syetem and programs and dont have problem using it. Now in saying that seeing the features to this website and its contents would inspire me to keep up to date w/ Neo-Tech via internet. I am anxious to read additional information.

ID#352 . ., 2005-09-23 [ joplin, mo]

i need to speek with a society member it is quite urgent or better yet u need to speek with me i am very confused and not sure why but my confusion has answers i am not sure u even have the questions yet

ID#353 G."., 2005-09-24 [ Magalia, CA]

I felt fortunate to become informed about Neo-Tech. And from the begining, I felt a close relation with Neo-Tech. The books I've read so far, eight or so, were all very interesting. The fire we had a few months ago unfortionedly consumed these. Started reading "The First Immortals As Children..." this week for a second time and I really like the story. The issue where I continue fighting with though is that I see that wall in the distance where I have to break through for so long already, but I can't seem to get there. Have digested the material as good as my knowledge lets me (used dictionaries) but I can't find out what 'the missing thing' in me is. Or the 'ten second miracle'. Gilles Minderhoud

ID#354 J. ., 2005-09-24 [ Tyngsboro, Ma]

Don't just keep neo-tech on the web, re-open closed documentation! There are so many concepts expressed that are vital to a fuller understanding of the material and business world, concepts that will benefit everyone if even just a few understand. I've noticed a subtle but powerfully fundamental change in all my experiences since discovering neo-tech literature. I don't agree with everything, but as a free-thinking individual, I shouldn't. I suspect business and science will eventually reach into the spirit world and afterlife. I already have. Best luck and a fuller undeerstanding to everyone!

ID#357 N.G., 2005-09-24 [ ABILENE, TEXAS]


ID#359 B.M., 2005-09-24 [ soda springs, idaho]

everyone in the world should be able to access the neo-tech information besides via mail order. (of course not the government). plus I would like to own all of the neo-tech/zon literature, information,neo-tech protection kit.

ID#360 B.M., 2005-09-24 [ soda springs, idaho]

everyone in the world should be able to access the neo-tech information besides via mail order. (of course not the government). plus I would like to own all of the neo-tech/zon literature, information,neo-tech protection kit.

ID#362 R.E., 2005-09-24 [ Irvine, CA]

I want to learn more I cant stop reading your literature at has blown my mind wide open....I want to find out how to get my hands on more of your works.

ID#363 a.k., 2005-09-24 [ massillon, oh]

already have it, thanks

ID#365 L. ., 2005-09-25 [ North Bend , OR]

I have read the positive and negative comments posted on this site and others after reading through this section. It is clear that many have not read through as there is nothing here that is not life affirming and focused on taking responsibility for self. I do have some questions but that too is part of the joy of living. Another joy is using the tools you find where ever you find them.

ID#366 N.B., 2005-09-25 [ Madison , IN]

In my opinion its not just the book that helps, its the inner-self of us. On religion matters, many of what we know is from our past families and friends. Maybe there is a God, but why are there so many different religions? We just never know. I have a friend that is very religious and I just let him keep his own opinions, because his thoughts about God comes from other people. Oh, about Jesus walking on Earth again after his death is actually possible. Ghost or spirits or whatever one wants to call them exist. I dont want to go in complete detail about it, but I have seen one and only one when I was playing hide-and-go-seek with friends becauses we wanted to play an old game we used to play. Also, we were all around the age of 17. Jesus could have been a spirit walking on Earth. One thing that I have learned is that One can not help others change or do better things in their lives. They will only change on their own and own pace. I do wish better for people, but they have to try. I dont think people should have to read this book to change themselves, they should know what actually is good for them. Drugs are bad, sugar is not all that good for one(look what is can do over time). and there are other substances too. I wish people would change for the better of themselves and their families and surroundings.

ID#368 M.R., 2005-09-25 [ colorado springs, co]

The Neo-Tech Discovery is the most remarkable publication on the market today. Truth can not be denied the human race any longer. Thank you; Walace, Hamilton and Savage for your knowledge and profound goals. The sooner we educate the human race the better all of mankind will be. Let us all get started and make the world what it was meant to be 3,000 years ago.

ID#369 . ., 2005-09-25 [ , ]

translate fecundity of christianity into biological immortality.

ID#370 . ., 2005-09-25 [ , ]

If it was worth putting up in the first place, it's worth keeping up, particularly as there are many people (such as myself) who might be interested but have no idea what it is about.

ID#371 R.S., 2005-09-26 [ Walker, MI]

Dear Sirs: I am impressed and a bit overwhelmed, as I have finished my first reading of the NeoTech manual. According to your publication letters, I am to receive a mailing after the first few days to be invited to a NeoTech meeting. I haven't gotten that letter, but am excited to get started being in the Neotech family. I Believe, and am starting my second reading prior to this note. Please respond with a meeting date, I would like to attend, and learn more about NeoTech. The more info I can collect, the better. Please be advised that I used your business applications incorporating them into my own business, and have witnessed a phenominal(?) increase in accomplishment. I am therefore, going to teach my employees on Neotech apllication, and hope to soon have my business personnel all on the same wave length. I am making it mandatory to all employees. I am excited to see the outcome. Thank you Dr. Wallace, and Mr. Flint, and Mr. Hamilton. Thank you NeoTech.

ID#372 K.O., 2005-09-26 [ Great Falls, MT]

WOW WOW and more WOW. Through out my life everyone tried to opress me. I was born with a natural gift. My mother being the only other one who understands this. Many have seen my way of thinking and always tried to cast me out. Yet I knew deep down I was not the one thinking wrong. They say I am crazy thinking the things I do, or way to innovative with my ideas. I got into alot of troble for my independence and identity until they squezzed every last bit out of me and I became a people pleaser. Well, as I grew older the thinking which got me in to so much troble, kept haunting me. Not until I embraced it and knew I was a non-conforming, independent, out of the box thinker did I relize it could bring me great success and happiness. With all this drama and rules and garbage this world can bring to a person I had a real challenge on my hands. I would second guess myself and challenge my own inate beliefs. Maybe I was really different. I was drawn to this book. I looked good and hard to find out what it is about. When I finally found it..... I knew with 100000 % clarity I was not crazy. I was very lucky to be born with this gifted of thinking among other preceptive gifts I have. Thank you for validation and reassurance that every other person tried to kill in me.

ID#374 A.Y., 2005-09-26 [ , ]

Dear Mr.Jeff Hanson (Supervisor of the keeping menbership of NOVA TECH) My name is Akihiro Yamamoto,Atsuko Yamamotos son. Her menbership code is RJC146*5773. We want to get the Nova-Tech Vol.2,but we dont have money payment for buying it \20000 now. We will be able to send you \20000 within 1week absolute ly.Plese wait for it.We beleve Nova-Tech gives us lots of happines and power. Trury Yours, Akihiro Yamamoto

ID#375 A.Y., 2005-09-26 [ , ]

Dear Mr.Jeff Hanson (Supervisor of the keeping menbership of NOVA TECH) My name is Akihiro Yamamoto,Atsuko Yamamotos son. Her menbership code is RJC146*5773. We want to get the Nova-Tech Vol.2,but we dont have money payment for buying it \20000 now. We will be able to send you \20000 within 1week absolute ly.Plese wait for it.We beleve Nova-Tech gives us lots of happines and power. Trury Yours, Akihiro Yamamoto

ID#376 A.Y., 2005-09-26 [ , ]

Dear.Mr.Jeff Hanson (Supervoiser of keeping menbership of Nova-Tech) Im Akihiro Yamamoto.So I forgot writing my home address Ill write my address in the box.

ID#377 A.Y., 2005-09-26 [ AMGASAKI, HYOGO]


ID#378 J.J., 2005-09-26 [ Queenscity, Quebec]

Update Me!

ID#380 J.w., 2005-09-26 [ long beach, ca]

I'm not sure what this neo tech thing is all about, and It seems that I read the same negative things as I do positve things about you, so if you can I would like to know more about you and what your all about. I'm always open to learning new things.

ID#384 J.P., 2005-09-27 [ , ]

Hate and love are meant to be opposite. One does not embrace the other. Like the ying-yang, black for hate-evil, white for love-good. Religion, politics, secret societies are all elements of life that blame one another for the worlds problems, and all claim to have the answere. This never ending web of cause and effect exposes the one thing the ying-yang doesn't. Grey matter, what you get when you mix equal amounts of black and white. I believe people see the grey matter, that's why they join the elements. The sad part is that we mean well.

ID#385 . ., 2005-09-27 [ , ]

A lot of truth in this web site.

ID#386 J.B., 2005-09-27 [ Maarseilles, Illinois]

You know what really amazes me about the Neo-Tech websites? ...the fact that nearly every single word you put in thee Neo-Tech Search Engine comes up with something!

ID#387 B. ., 2005-09-27 [ , Ga]

I received mail from Nouveau Tech Society and so did a lot of others. I went to the web to see if i could find out anything more concrete ont this society. As I suspected they were one of those scammers. I have enjoyed reading information on your site. Some I agreed with and some not.

ID#393 P.M., 2005-09-27 [ Newark, Tx]

Im still in the process of reading the book and i continually get my pants blown off at how TRUE this really is. I wish i would have been permitted earlier to this amazing discovery but NOW my time has come. Keep up the great and honest work, I as many others are behind u which i hope to meet at some point and time. Thank u so much

ID#394 . ., 2005-09-27 [ , ]

This is amazing. How long did it take to write all this? Big fan.

ID#395 C.S., 2005-09-27 [ Albuquerque, NM]

Initially when I recived my invitation to rise above ignorance. I though if I am as truely special as I think I am and as special as Mr. Flint felt i was, then I must do as i was asked to keep this to myself. I will be the God-man i was ment to be and be damned those who are to this day blinded by emotion and irrationalities. I still keep my thoughts to myself and carefully guard myself against those who would do harm with what I know, however I now feel it is important to keep Neo-Tech on-line and would even do the work myself if it came to that,not that it would. Its been nearly a year to the day that i recived my NT Discovery, and i am still breaking my self of addictions and the folly of lazyness, but too i have catapulted my self into a flurry of work to bring awareness to my value creation . thank you NT there is nothing that can't be achived with profound honesty.

ID#397 R.C., 2005-09-28 [ El Mirage, AZ]

This seems to be the wave of the future. Things don't seem to be working that well now.

ID#398 M.B., 2005-09-28 [ Orange, ca]

Months ago I received a pamphlet about a novus tech manuscript that gave some storys abuot money sex and power. the main story was fram a tv personality i want to know if this is this the same thing and if so i would like some info an ordering the manuscript

ID#399 M.B., 2005-09-28 [ Orange, ca]

Months ago I received a pamphlet about a novus tech manuscript that gave some storys abuot money sex and power. the main story was fram a tv personality i want to know if this is this the same thing and if so i would like some info an ordering the manuscript

ID#400 M.B., 2005-09-28 [ Orange, ca]

Months ago I received a pamphlet about a novus tech manuscript that gave some storys abuot money sex and power. the main story was fram a tv personality i want to know if this is this the same thing and if so i would like some info an ordering the manuscript

ID#401 M.B., 2005-09-28 [ Orange, ca]

Months ago I received a pamphlet about a novus tech manuscript that gave some storys abuot money and power. the main story was fram a tv personality i want to know if this is this the same thing and if so i would like some info an ordering the manuscript

ID#402 A.A.,@aol 2005-09-28 [ , ]

I received some onformation from you or your office and mail inthe return iformation and mail ot back to the office back in April, 2005. Until now I have not hear from you as of today.I am very interest in receiving the book and becoming a full member. Please, write me back with some guidance. Thanks.

ID#403 A.A.,@aol 2005-09-28 [ Springfield, MA]

I e-mail you few moment ago with my comment.

ID#406 H. ., 2005-09-28 [ LONDON, ]

Neo-Tech is the best information I've had the chance to come across on the internet this information is truly amazing I really like spending time readinG the information these pages Thanks to NE-TECH WRITWERS.

ID#407 D.B., 2005-09-28 [ Sioux City, IA]

I've read with great interest the website that is here. I at first wasn't sure what it was all about. I'm learning to have a much more open mind. It was already open. I'm still waiting for the book, but your ideas have already given me more insite than I've had before. I can see you've done some intense historical homework. I also enjoy the writers style. I do however, being the skeptical that I am wonder how accurate this all is. None the less ideally the concepts are right on. I do and have always believed in God. I just have alot of trouble, and always did, with the man-made rules of everyones religions. They're quite complicating. Tell me more.

ID#408 . ., 2005-09-28 [ , ]

read the book behold a pale horse

ID#410 D.W., 2005-09-28 [ Springfield, Il]

I have not even read what you have posted on the web but, it is irrelevant whether I concur or not with your position - you should be on the web if YOU so choose to be. In Fact, a quick speed reading and scan of you posted information surprises me that you even ask this question, much less put it to a democratic style vote. You have already answered this question in your position on free speech and if you do not already know that democracy is nothing more than mob rule you have not thought the conclusions you posit as truth far enough. Why are you even asking such a question and especially haveing a vote on what you should do? Maybe you don't quite get what you are espousing yet. Talk the talk - Walk the walk.

ID#411 R.M., 2005-09-28 [ Fort Wayne, IN]

Please send me more information about Neo-Tech.

ID#412 I.J., 2005-09-29 [ , ]

Dont send me your damn letters you fraudulant bastards!!

ID#413 R.R., 2005-09-29 [ xxxxxxxx, XX]

Neo-Tech deserves a new name: 1. Neo-IsraeliCrimes 2. Neo-JewishCrimes 3. Neo-Zionism 4. Neo-Mossad

ID#420 S.F., 2005-09-29 [ Clearwater, Florida]

Whomsoever, There is a need for the freedom of expression provided by the genuine Neo-Tech Society. Just because there are frauds out there tells us that there is something to be learned here. Our first amendment rights to a free thinking society are at risk here. To eliminate free thinking constitutes a dictatorship and must not be allowed. Is anyone out there capable of thinking outside of the box ? We are entering into a New Age, and the survival of all mankind is dependent upon new ideas and solutions, as the old ones are obviously not working. Honesty above all else, it's no wonder that in order to protect the stale status quo, dishonest proposals would be projected in an attempt to discredit the real thing. Please remain available, as I have only just discovered You and require more time, for analysis. I, for one, am grateful that you are there, Sue Fisher

ID#422 B.R., 2005-09-29 [ , ]

Such writings should never be removed from the public square; change the name though, not to be negative in any way or anything but it sound's like the name is caught up in the entanglements of the english language to the utmost. This is how I have thought humans always were, I never even read any literature on others classifications untill about a year ago. An employer of mine knew Juilan Jaynes from Princeton, and because of my ranting to her on the subject of religion, enlightened me to his logic. Conformists' whom exploit weakness are a disease to the infinity of nature(+/- ~), and it's a basic establishment, as the light shall show. 'Photo rays' allow life, such basic truths cannot be eliminated; though they are covered up by false hoods of idols propelled by the 'fishers of man'. More to come... give em more please

ID#423 . ., 2005-09-29 [ , ]

Love those who do not see the light, but do not exploit them for they are too fraile; the 'fishers of man' have exploited too many already, they've gone and used the unmentionable pail. Sail on fast waters, always press the individual to experience their fathers. It's the core, but the meat of the fruit must be eaten to expose any landing on a calm shore. Religious implants, all of you, have no single target to look to. Postulate, just reverberate the practice of hate. The innocence lost is for the sake of your confined lake. Your wet, but do not know, that the casted bait is your goal. These word do not connect, to anger you. Presentation is nothing, but to skeemishly get through to you.

ID#424 . ., 2005-09-29 [ , ]

READ Julian Jaynes , the Origins of Consciousness

ID#425 S.W., 2005-09-29 [ miami, fl]

I recieved your letter a few days too late to be able to return. was interested. I was wondering who I can speak with?

ID#427 G. ., 2005-09-29 [ San Diego, CA]

After reading some of the negative comments about Neo-Tech, I can see why it's important to keep this valuable resource on the Internet to help neutralize illogical, mystical, and dangerous thinking worldwide. Many mystics are quick to raise their voices and weapons of hatred and violence against non-believers.

ID#428 M. ., 2005-09-29 [ Christie Downs, S. A.]

NEO-TECH is the FUTURE the O N L Y FUTURE, without it we do NOT have a Future. NEO-TECH should have been made available to Mankind in 1 AD (2004 years ago). Imagine where WE would be TODAY. In the ARMY they have a saying, "BETTER L A T E THEN N E V E R, soldier!" So there is hope after all for all of us. I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU ALL for making NEO-TECH available to ordinary Man & Woman, THANX. Also MANY THANX to Every 1 at "I & O" KEEP UP the G R E A T WORK! P.S. Thanx to NEO-TECH people think that I am on some kind of a lucky streak or something, I relise NOW that L U C K acctualy does NOT exist, LUCK is Nothing more than "A WELL THOUGHT O U T PLAN Executed With M I L I T A R Y PRECISION" in other words you create your own LUCK/DESTINY or you can have NEO-CHEATERS and WHITE COLLAR HOAXERS create it for you. I KNOW which one I Prefer, N E O-TECH. P.P.S Thank You ALL. I HOPE we can meet one day, There is so much WE could LEARN from EACH OTHER!

ID#431 . ., 2005-09-30 [ , ]

You are sucking them in like flies. What else is there for the egotist but B.I.

ID#432 M.F., 2005-09-30 [ Eau Claire, WI]

You are sucking them in like flies. What else is there for the egotist but B.I. Brilliant to go beyond civilization. Titans have no recourse but to rule from cyberspace. Cyberspace connects quatum space with physical "reality".

ID#435 O.B., 2005-09-30 [ Melbourne, Victoria]

Keep up the good work.. Love your work..

ID#436 . ., 2005-09-30 [ , ]


ID#437 J. ., 2005-09-30 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is very enlightening and I think that it should stay.

ID#438 n. ., 2005-09-30 [ , ]

You like the churches try to dictate what should be believed. I am not a believer of "man's" truth, but a believer of good - not because you have to be good or risk the wrath of god, but because your very soul know that good is the right thing. Not to "do" for others, but to help them learn to do for themselves. Yes I do believe what many mistake for a message from beyond is their own selves telling them the right thing to do. I however cannot go as far out on a limb as you do, or as MANY religions do.

ID#446 S.H., 2005-10-01 [ Phoenix, AZ]

It is about time a new thought to end the endless wars between the religious and political entities on this planet. The whole world suffers from these politicians and waring religious leaders and the people dieing in their endless wars. One wars end starts another war,etc. I know their had to be away to getr out of this endless farce man is in. Neo-thinking is the answer I have waited for and this media is a great place for the truth to be printed. Excellant work. S.D. of Phx.

ID#447 J. ., 2005-10-01 [ Atlanta, GA]

This needS to stay on the web. This information needs to get to EVERY ONE ON THIS EARTH. THIS IS CRUCIAL FOR OUR FUTHER. I ordered the book 6 years ago. I read the STORY and it blew my mind. I began to SEE, to truly see how it can be and how with time it WILL BE. This is the first time i came back on line since then, and i was reading the positive remarks and as I read I goot gosse bumbs. I am now rE-reading the Neo-Tech 114 Advantages and pick up From where i left of after the Story which is Book 3. I can't wait to see my life change inside and out. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. KEEP THIS EXPANDING TO EVERY MIND AND HEART. AND LET US EVOVLE TOGETHER.

ID#453 C.M., 2005-10-02 [ Yagoona, NSW]

I received information through the mail and was curious about their claims - I guess after reading several testimonials I couldn't help wondering why those who wrote them did not have to pay for the Nuova Tech Discovery whilst I could only getting it if I paid apprx US$195.00, with a money back guarantee (90 days). So I looked up the name of Dr Wallace on the internet hence this email. Does it work - is the publicatin open to the general p ublic or is only through invitation - please advise. I do so look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely Carolyn I have answered "yes" to the owning of literature as I was sent Nuova Tech Orientation Booklet. Carolyn

ID#454 d.h., 2005-10-02 [ banks, al]

is not America a free country

ID#455 D.h., 2005-10-02 [ Ivor, va]

the book is a good book to read it help me a lot in so manny way

ID#461 J.A., 2005-10-02 [ Skokie, Il]

interesting and a life changer.

ID#462 D.M.,@commspeed,net 2005-10-02 [ Clarkdale, AZ]

By all means, keep the site. I do not agree with everything you teach, but the whole point of learning is to be able to investigate different opinions and then choose for oneself.

ID#463 D.M.,@commspeed,net 2005-10-02 [ Clarkdale, AZ]

By all means, keep the site. I do not agree with everything you teach, but the whole point of learning is to be able to investigate different opinions and then choose for oneself.

ID#465 l.m., 2005-10-03 [ , ]

me parece importante que siga en la red ya ayuda a la gente a tener mas opiniones sobre el amor el dinero y la gustaria recibir informacion sobre negocios neo-tech,asociacines neo-tech sobre relaciones amorosas etc... muchas gracias

ID#468 A.C., 2005-10-03 [ Marina, CA]

I'm curious. That's all. Just a seeker.

ID#469 B.S., 2005-10-03 [ Lancaster, Calif.]

Hi As A new Neo Think member I would Like to thank you all for opening my mind to the real life that I know that we should be living. I would like to know if I could start my owne Noe Think movement in my owne town ASAP to rid the neocheaters and inrich everyones life here? TY Bob S.

ID#472 T.Q., 2005-10-03 [ Washington Court House , Ohio]

I recieved the orientation book and couldn't afford to purchase the manuscript. I curious to look at this; however, I don't want to sell my soul to the devil either. This does sound very interesting and I am struggling right now with money and emotions.

ID#474 B.H., 2005-10-03 [ Torrington, CT]

NOW I'm investigating Neo-Tech and what it has to say. I'm told it will only compound my interest in humans and their nature. I love psychology and what motives or demotivates people to better understand myself.

ID#475 c.m., 2005-10-03 [ detroit, mi]

my part is this subject is very real to me i dropped my old concepts of thinking to start my life over again. i am elated.

ID#476 C.M., 2005-10-03 [ detroit, mi]

my part is this subject is very real to me i dropped my old concepts of thinking to start my life over again. i am elated.

ID#477 A.C., 2005-10-03 [ Marina, CA]

I'm just curious, thank you.

ID#478 C.S., 2005-10-03 [ Shoemakersville, PA]

I searched after receiving a mailing from Nouveau Tech.. Very interesting.

ID#479 S. ., 2005-10-03 [ durant , ok.]

Iwas afraid in alot of ways after readind the letter.One reason I feared was demonism.Another was it was not going to free as promised.If I was so special,why were not the secrets so very secret.

ID#483 J. ., 2005-10-04 [ Houston, TX]

I love neo-tech, and everything that it states has a very rational standpoint. But I am beginning to wonder if some of it is republican propaganda. Here's why..., your statements about terrorism, I agree with 100%, but you purposfully leave out additional information regarding many of Bush's dishonest and value-destroying properties (prohibiting cloning, stem cell research, etc..) while continuously placing him on a pedestal. That's propaganda. Maybe that wasn't your intention, but many people that read that might agree and use thier trust in neo-tech to support Bush no matter what, even though a lot of people could do a lot better job @ fighting terrorism while also managing and keeping our homeland finances stable and actually in our country, not throw our jobs out to China and support a continuous outflow of cash to Central America. I'm sure you would agree. How could you not, with your emphasis on honesty (Bush has failed) and value production, (anything new-age and foward thinking, Bush stomps out under his mysticisms). I have no partisan stance, but I really think that he is not doing the best he can to make this country the best it can be. I really hope you agree.

ID#487 K. .,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-10-04 [ MIRAMAR, FL]


ID#488 c. ., 2005-10-04 [ CHAMBLEE , ga]

Whe I was first introduced some years ago abot Neo-Tech, I wan't ready for the information. It was a real eye opener and I had no one to reltae the information to. So I decided to table the info for some time later. Honestly, many years pass and I'd forgoteen all about the Society. Recently, I was re-acquainted with the lastest info and I was elated and more than ready to accept it. Now, I am making the changes and integrating the info into my life and the lives of my family. Thank you for giving me another opportunity to be apart of this amazing transition into life!

ID#489 T.B., 2005-10-04 [ Laughter, ]

Hello. You're all nuts aren't you? I got an invitation to join Nuova Tech through the post, and rarely have I laughed so much. I showed it to a friend who was immediately in stitches himself, and we agreed that it was one of the most transparently obvious examples of armchair psuedopsychological manipulation we had seen to date. You are very funny people. But you seem to be scaring the US Christians so perhaps you should remove your ridiculously badly written web site from the net. And incidentally, US Christians, books are not evil, and neither is information. Respect other people's right to laugh in the face of idiocy such as this, there's no need to censor it.

ID#490 c. ., 2005-10-04 [ CHAMBLEE , ga]

I would love to correspond and associate with liked minded individuals studying neo-tech literature... being able to talk about the contents and build a community of communication would be great! My email is If you're not sincere, do not respond.

ID#495 l.c., 2005-10-04 [ high ridge, mo]

yes ifeel that the web site should remain. I would also like to see more respone from women who has used neo-tech to better their romantic life and money.

ID#498 N.P., 2005-10-04 [ Orange, CA]

I dont have any other address for neo-tech. and I have not gotten my 2nd book in the mail yet. My check was cashed on Sept 2nd. Please forward thjis to the proper group to trace my book. THANKS

ID#499 S.B., 2005-10-04 [ Galveston, TX]

I am looking for the 800 page black book. I have the 100 page intro dated 2003, I just read it this week!

ID#501 C.L., 2005-10-04 [ Titusville, FL]

Absolutly! This information is invaluable. And without it I do believe this world will self-destruct. This information should be available to as many people as possible and in the shortest amount of time as possible. This information is a life saver; it saved mine. Thank You so very much.

ID#502 J.P., 2005-10-04 [ Oshkosh, Wi]

My name is James Pearson An offer to excape my dead end job was offered since July 22 05 I have heard nothing back Ijumped thru all the time hurdels Did i miss something I WAS GIVEN A MEMBER # NC10 0329-4400 i HOPE TO HEAR BACK FROM SOMEONE AS TO WHY THE OFFER WAS RECINDED THANX JP.

ID#505 K.A., 2005-10-05 [ Tucson, AZ]

I think that any method used to help spread the word is helpful and the internet has a vast and far reaching arm. I would be more than happy to receive any additional information. What I have read makes sense to me.

ID#506 . ., 2005-10-05 [ , ]


ID#507 j.l., 2005-10-05 [ blanes, 17300]

hola señores me lamo jose luis martin y escribo desde españa hace un par de dias que recibi mi manuscrito y la verdad ando un poco perdido por que lo entiendo a medias, me gustaria que me dijeran por favor si me van a enviar algún libro mas ya que no se si todas las lecturas vienen en mi manuscrito n. 192111 o si tienen otros libros que me tengan que enviar ya que me dijerón que la literatura I i V estavan agotadas y que las iban a editar,me lo podria decir la señoa alice khern? y la verdad lo que he leido hasta ahora me parece muy interesante y nada muchas gracias por todo y les indico mi direccion a ver si me pueden contestar de acuerdo? saludos desde españa!!

ID#509 H.M., 2005-10-05 [ London, ]

Hi I have seen your special testimony. I couldn't accurately make out the name of the pleasant fellow within the video clip. However, I was very impressed with his credo list of 100 points. I'd like to obtain the list for the distribution amongst my associates in my investment firm. If you could provide the details, that would be great. Harold Michael

ID#510 C.L., 2005-10-05 [ Kansas City, KS]

I am appalled at the crimes against humanity the politicians and religious personnel have committed against all of humanity for all these years. I am tired of living in fear that anything I earn will in turn do harm to my trying to make it though tough times. I want to help you in any way I can, however helping right now financially is not possible, hopefully in the future it will be. If you have a job for me please let me know. I have interest in many things and a desire to continually learn new things and help provide values. I am currently 58 years old, about to be 59 so the job market is somewhat limited for me. So, if you can put me to work, please do so. I want all my children and grandchildren to have access to this neo-tec and neo-think possibilities. I have always wanted to live for hundreds of years and watch the new discoveries and technologies appear and improve. Thanks for the books. Carrie

ID#511 I.M., 2005-10-05 [ Orlando, Florida]

I need employment and a chance to study psychokinesis and pyrokinesis.

ID#512 t. ., 2005-10-05 [ madison, wi]

i can see in comments people write, the good the bad; i can see who denies the reality and who see's the picture. First of all there is no hell, so they can stop saying that. but overall looks good.

ID#513 L.P., 2005-10-05 [ West Roxbury, ma]

Also,I've Lost my Neo-Tech Discovery book in the move. Would like to buy another one. Thank you

ID#514 B.M., 2005-10-05 [ Goodlettsville, Tn]

I have a strong yearning for learning more of what you have to offer to the my ways of my thought process. I am a strong thinker and analyze things in a major way. Since I have received your letter, actually a branch of Neo-Tech, I believe, I have been once again inspired to pursue myself. Or maybe for the first time inspired in such a way. Of course your site should remain on the web. If anyone opposes it they can ignore it and go their own route. I look forward to learning more, and I thank you.

ID#515 J.T., 2005-10-05 [ Troy, OH]

I am a person recovering from drug and alchohol addictions and find myself strugling with the forces of court impossed life resrictions as well as financialy draining "supervision costs" and expensive court mandated rehab and counciling. Adding to those frustrations I find all availible "help" for addicts based on forcing belief in a higher power upon many otherwise intelligent and even previously enlightened people. I seek meens to save people from themselves without reinfecting them with the hoax. Neo-Tech has inspired and recatalized many of my ideals and I welcome any additional material/info/feedback

ID#517 W.M., 2005-10-05 [ Pueblo, CO]

Am tempted to print it all but do not think a ream of paper will do it. I am a Neo-Tech person and thanks for puting this on a web site. It will save me a couple of hundred dollars. Also: Got a notice to buy a book from the East. amd not from Nevada. Did you MOVE your base of operations?

ID#518 W.M., 2005-10-05 [ Pueblo, CO]

Am tempted to print it all but do not think a ream of paper will do it. I am a Neo-Tech person and thanks for puting this on a web site. It will save me a couple of hundred dollars. Also: Got a notice to buy a book from the East. amd not from Nevada. Did you MOVE your base of operations?

ID#519 J.S., 2005-10-05 [ LaPlata, Md]

I like everything I read but need help meeting people with like minds and also I would like to help, (any way I can ) in searching/ creating the Civilization of the Universe

ID#521 Z. ., 2005-10-06 [ cambridge, MA]

Actually..It was too long and the whole thing it never exacting said what really NEO-TECH is.Will like to know what al this about.

ID#522 E.S., 2005-10-06 [ ROSEHILL, NSW]

neo-tech will save a lot of lives and make this place a better world to live in. in a few years time, neo-tech will take over the whole world.

ID#523 I.W., 2005-10-06 [ , ]

I believe you should remain on the web so we know who you are. It's safer to know the enemy. At least you aren't hiding under sheets where we unknowingly buy your products or use your services. Speak loudly, write clearly. Get your message out. Let us know who you are and where you do business. Mothers, don't be afraid; if you raise them right they will not stray far. FYI I am a white woman who grew up in a small, very white town. There were a lot of drug users and nearly everyones dad was an alcoholic. (driving that way mind you). Now meth heads are everywhere and white, white, white! I was a young mom at stop sign in a "good part of town" of Whiteville, OR. when I was attacked in my car by a white man. I have seen white men abuse their wives and beat their kids with belts switches and razor straps. I have seen white women neglect their children. I have seen white kids bully, even attack other white kids just for kicks. I have seen white kids break into a church, steal offering and deficate on the alter. There were no blacks in town to blame it on. The kids in the church incident were caught and arrested. The man who attacked me was charged with criminal mischief. Am I making my point here? Bad people are bad no matter what color. Asian gangs are as big of a problem as black gangs. White Skin heads are mean and horrible people who at some vulnerable point in their lives were led astray. This simple letter will likely make no difference to the author of the publication I just read but just in case... I would only add that unemployment in the black communities just might be because the young woman applied for a job and the white owner was concerned about who her boyfriend was etc. and wouldn't hire her. The white owner of the funeral parlor wouldn't hire the black man because if they were called to remove a dead husband from some little old (white) lady's house in the middle of the night she might be afraid or if she misplaced a piece of jewlery she might sue the company by assuming the black man took it. They are unemployed because of ignorant, small minded, unenlightened white people who happen to own most of the businesses in those cities. As we whites know, there are many unemployed blacks who spend welfare checks on cigarettes and beer, even drugs. Do you know any white people who do that? If ya don't I can provide for you a long list of areas where you will see just that. What is their reason? None of the scenarios above apply. They are white. How about just plain lazy, bad people. You mention statistics...I wonder how many black men are pedifiles. For some reason that seems to be a white man disease. Yes there are some black(one is too many)really all races have those demented demons who hurt babies but white white white is the dominating majority in this horrific offence. The bible says not to cast pearl before swine. These words I type are only for those with the intellect higher than that of a pig; for he who recognizes the difference between a sapphire and a kernal of corn. For the rest, please disregard. Thank you

ID#524 F.L., 2005-10-06 [ Angel Fire, NM]

Please keep the world aware of whats going on.

ID#526 B.K., 2005-10-06 [ Indpls, IN]

I loved The Book and truly believe... I was wondering how and where can I order a copy of it from?

ID#528 N.J., 2005-10-06 [ Seattle, WA]

First Amendment rights and people who are secure in themselves should pay no mind to others who investigate outside of societal specified comfort zones. Free thought, free inquiry, free speech. I am not threatened but illumined by that which reaches me and expands my abilities to create value....

ID#530 G.M.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-10-06 [ GRAHAM, NC]


ID#531 J.P., 2005-10-06 [ Moncks Corner, SC]

I have received the second book and I'm still not seeing any results really,but I'm not nocking this organization.I'm staying with you guys.Maybe I'm approaching it all with the wrong mindset.Some things have changed for the better,but not a significant amount yet.I'm real anxious to receive the third and final book,also I haven't yet got the letter for the final payment for the last book.I know you guys can help me on this little delimma.Please write me back this time.Thanks.

ID#532 B.K., 2005-10-06 [ Indianapolis, IN]

How do I access a copy for my self.

ID#534 D.S., 2005-10-06 [ Indianapolis, IN]

I got your invitation letter in the mail. I am confused as to what you are. How can you find me? What profile of mine have your experts read? It's not like you pulled it up on Yahoo or something. I am just curious as to what all of this is.

ID#537 . ., 2005-10-07 [ , ]


ID#538 T. ., 2005-10-07 [ Orlando, Fl]

Holy Smokes! I've been into Neo-Tech for a couple of years now, and I just had an insight even deeper into it! It is as if everything has been on opposite day for some 2000 years. This inverted opposition to nature generates the strife and friction known to anti-citizens. Do the existential hokey pokey and turn yourself around. THAT'S what it's all about. (clap clap) What'd you think the second clap for for anyway? It was for double emphasis!

ID#539 j.s., 2005-10-07 [ dolgellau, gwynedd]

i recently received an invitation to buy the neo tech literature, you debited my credit card on the 14 september 2005 and i am still waitinfg for my package... is this just a sophisticated fraud?

ID#541 B. ., 2005-10-07 [ , ]

this is a good site many interesting ideas in this book, have not finished reading it all yet but this describes how I believe and the way I think others should understand. I dont understand the negative comments made by others, they are very irrational and do not have the courage or want to do right for all of man kind. I would give this this site 5 stars, excellent!

ID#542 e.v., 2005-10-07 [ cedar rapids, ia]

i agree with the first admend. right. how would we have survived. without another thought.if you go who will open the minds that imprisioned by slavery of the worst please stay and keep up the good fight!!!

ID#543 E.B., 2005-10-07 [ São Paulo, SP]

Please, answer me!!!!!!! I have the Neo-Tech Discovery since 2000. I need to buy the Encyclopedia but since 2000 nobody answer my emails, my postals... please answer me.... I am in Brazil, it's too hard to speak with you... Thanks

ID#548 Q.P.,@ 2005-10-08 [ Tucson, AZ]

I don't see why it should be taken off the internet. There is all kinds of porno, sex, crime and violence on the internet that doesn't enhance the qauality of thinking or life. And when something of substance that gets one to open their minds and see and think for themselves instead of being enslaved, they want to take it off. Why? Probably because they are intimidated by the fact that if everyone caught on to what was really going on they wouldn't be able to continue their fooling and cheating the masses. This is really said. This is what the internet should be used for. To expand our minds and see what is really going on. I wanted to order the first books that were first written. However, at the time, I could not afford it. And while I was surfing the internet the other day, I typed Neo-tech and whalla. I was one happy camper. Although I would love to have the actual literature. I was able to get about three hours of reading, and I was impressed.

ID#549 R. ., 2005-10-08 [ , ]

Everyone has a right to his/hers own views like it or not!!! Isn't America great!!! :o)

ID#553 R. ., 2005-10-09 [ , ]

Im glad you guys keep things so simple. Your readings, beliefs, and structure are all very impressive, and symbolic. I have read The Neo-Tech System, and am working on the discovery, and find that everything I come accross is very priceless information. Keeping this information readily available is important to the progress of our society, and an opening of eyes. Altough 50 people may critisize, at least 1 will find the truth within these words. Keep on moving forward, and we shall all benefiet from this.

ID#554 R. ., 2005-10-09 [ Lake Forset , Il]

Im glad you guys keep things so simple. Your readings, beliefs, and structure are all very impressive, and symbolic. I have read The Neo-Tech System, and am working on the discovery, and find that everything I come accross is very priceless information. Keeping this information readily available is important to the progress of our society, and an opening of eyes. Altough 50 people may critisize, at least 1 will find the truth within these words. Keep on moving forward, and we shall all benefiet from this.

ID#555 C.J., 2005-10-09 [ , ]

Mysticisim must be defeated at all costs, world wide, before mankind can progress to the level of existence it deserves. Sadly, I do not think this will happen in my lifetime,I am 64 years old and see very little to make me think that some of the more radical religions will ever come to our way of thinking. I do however live in hope.

ID#558 m.c., 2005-10-09 [ whitestone, ny]

hi, before reading the neo-tech literature i was unaware of the neo cheaters and parasitical ways of humanoids, although i ve felt some thing wrong with the way things are. i will go forward in life doing my best to produce and be productive. i will learn more and expose those who are under the guise of " helping others " steal our lives away from us. my marriage has always been shaky because my wife although has a work ethic believes in govt and the current education system , we are not able to get over these differences. i will raise our children letting them know the neo-tech principles and not waiver. i would like to than you mr. wallace for your sacrifices to the advancement of society for the better. best regards, mario castaldini

ID#562 Q.P., 2005-10-09 [ Tucson, AZ]

I submitted my comments the other day however I would like to know how do I get a copy of The Story and the Book. I read all the positive comments and feel like I am missing out. All I have to refer to is what is on the internet. And its like in pieces. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO BECOME AN OWNER OF NEO-TECH LITERATURE. I will be passing through Hendersen in the near future, is there any way I can pick up a copy from your publishing company. Please reply. Thank you.

ID#563 j.k., 2005-10-10 [ Cordova, AK]

I think this is valuable information and people should have access to this information. They can make up their own minds about it.

ID#564 j.k., 2005-10-10 [ Cordova, AK]

I think this is valuable information and people should have access to this information. They can make up their own minds about it.

ID#565 L.T., 2005-10-10 [ New York, N.Y.]

Based on the information given by Dr Mark Hamilton & others I do believe their concept and honest information expressed on the topic Neo-Tech is authentic and has validity to the existance of life physical,mentally & spiritually.I am exceedingly happy & honor being a member.

ID#573 K.B., 2005-10-10 [ Edmonton, Alta]

Stay on - nothing better in cyberspace. Is the NT Reference Encyclopedia still in print and available?

ID#574 J.B., 2005-10-10 [ , ]

For the most part, I agree with much of what Neo-Tech says, as it makes very much sense. This may sound contradictory of myself, but i'm inclined to dissagree when you include God in your reference as a "Bogus Authority". I'm a somewhat Religios guy who believs in God, but I keep an open mind. Therefore I may or may not still continue to read it. I'm voting "No" to Give both parties (the "Yes" or "No" voters) a chance to hear my opinion. As for the question if Neo-Tech should remain on the web, I'm nuetral; in between the "Yes" and "No".

ID#576 R.H., 2005-10-10 [ Bridgend, Wales]

I already think along these lines, and after 45 years of preparation (of my 57 years) I am just about ready to start making big differences in the world.

ID#577 B.C., 2005-10-10 [ San Anselmo, CA]

hi, name Nen Crump, I have written before I was hoping I could get some kind of direct responds whether if Neo-tech is for real or another form of fraud. I know in heart of "the book" is good book to read, but the people that surround the books I am curious about like How would I meet or come arcoss good friend of the book or not? With increasing growing Mystic World grow that it is. Is very to tell. I would really meet some good strong allies,now. I do not have any now. I think I better go. I do not know how much negative responds of this will be or if it goes in the right hands. I will talk more to good people of the book. Since, I have found not any here. This is my only access point . Then I must act on my own, as I do not wish it to be. I like The Book mind you, If the people Do not exist. It still is good book to keep in mind. I would like some kind of responce from you if you are good of the Book and Universal law as you clamed to be. I would like some good connections with you either by email or letter, first and what happens next will happen next. I am good friend of "the Book and the Universal Law". I hope good respond will come from this. What else could I say make my attenion good. I wait for your responds.

ID#578 D.K., 2005-10-10 [ Mequon, WI]

I am extremely interested in what I have been reading. I am definitely interested in your program on anti aging. This is very exciting to me, because I am doing the same things now that I did when I was twenty years of age. People never believe my age. I have always wanted to meet someone who thinks the way that I think. I know I have found that person in you,Mark Hamilton.

ID#579 . ., 2005-10-11 [ , ]

I support free speech.

ID#581 J.K., 2005-10-11 [ mason, mi]

To whom it may concern I paid for my 1000 pg book one month ago and nothig yet. How longe may it take? I was to hurry or miss out on a phase the date as come and gone. I now feel like I was taken for a ride on a dead end clif. Please don't it be like that Please send the book soon. Thank You

ID#582 a. ., 2005-10-11 [ none, none]

After reading both the positive and negative comments, and a large portion of the literature my feelings are mixed. I believe that Neo-Tech has some great things to offer the human race but at the same time is laced with the same fanaticism and hipocracy that it claims to stand against. Many of the concepts are sound and good but the overuse of definitive statements and the "I'm trying to pick a fight" language turn me off to their philisophical rational. My hope is that this site stays on the web to stimulate thought and increase the human potential to decide for oneself what is right and wrong.

ID#583 L.P., 2005-10-11 [ Bolzano, ]

I find your site very interesting and full of information

ID#584 V.G., 2005-10-11 [ port st joe, fl ]

total awareness of the mind! the most factual truthfull imformation I,and I mean I as in Me, have had the privalidge of feeding My brain! can't wait to meet you-the wise,the truthfull,the newborn. Thanks infinity. Sincerely A PROUD member.

ID#585 . ., 2005-10-11 [ , ]

Good, informative. Clears away the cobwebs of misguided thinking that keep us trapped in antiquity.

ID#589 m. ., 2005-10-12 [ evry, ]

i have lost my first manuscrit. How can I buy another one?

ID#590 . ., 2005-10-12 [ , ]

First learned about you thru my parents -- Yes, years and years ago... Please keep up the GOOD work...

ID#594 C.S., 2005-10-12 [ Las Vegas, Nevada]

I would like say I'm TOTALLY in love with Neo-Tech! I'm Really looking forward to my final package and meeting fellow members to Neo-think with. Yours Truely,Chris Seckler.

ID#595 T.T., 2005-10-12 [ Westover, WV]

I have finished reading the whole Neo Tech books, and I mainly support those, because it just speaks up for me. I have been disagreeing about the way this nowdays world limits telents poeple from pouring their genius to society. I have been one of these poeple. I always have extrodinary creative mind that can think in and outside the stagnated mind flams of most poeple, and I have never been distinguished neo cheators run society. That is why I Was known by Neo Tech Society. I have many inventive ideas for societies revoluting, enginering macro invating, and especially, the remaneging non aging by applying sex cells core to the living cells. couting on my finished and unfinished inventions are up to hundreds. I am giving part of those for man kind good, but I need you to help changing my poor, longly, and isolated life, Because I don't have alot of time to have change living the real life I long am supported to live. Email me and call me at (304)216-2698. We will discuse these motivating senariofor quick. I am ready for meeting. Thank you.

ID#600 M.M., 2005-10-13 [ Columbia, MO]

I recieved your direct mail and responded a few weeks ago. I did some searching on-line after I ordered your book. I was drawn to this website after reading comments that were intended to trash neo-tech. I have for a long time thought about what is natural to man and what constitutes natural law. You have taken me through and beyond all the possible discoveries I could have made on my own. I am already beginning to think more in terms of values in everything I say, do, eat, drink, teach and so on. Without really changing my inner-self, I have seen the effects of the change of my outer-self by observing the way others react to me, and this change has definite positive value. All this has occurred in just a few days time. I anxiously await your book and am excited to see just what I am capable of. Matt Myler Columbia, MO

ID#601 P.S., 2005-10-13 [ Gordonville, PA]

Ihave now read it completely, and I am ready for book 3

ID#606 R.N., 2005-10-14 [ Helena, MT]

I am so greatful for having discovered Neo-Tech and its truths. It has changed my life dramatically. Thank you.

ID#607 b.s., 2005-10-14 [ norwalk, ct]

i have recieved the book in the mail but i never received anything after that brian stabell

ID#608 K.G., 2005-10-14 [ , ]

I was searching for some kind of helpful information when I ran across your site, because I'm about to become one of the IRS's latest victims. After reading all these horror stories I'm not left with much hope that I'll find any help. But I do belive you should continue your fight. The IRS must be dismantled if America is ever to thrive as a nation. I hope you will keep up the fight. Sincerly, KG,Tx.

ID#610 C.M., 2005-10-14 [ Merced, Ca]

Moral Issue: Ends Justifying the Means. Man do I agree. Seat belts, helmits, Gun control, inserance. All tell us, "we are not compatent to make our own choices." Even smoking is a personal choice.With every little right they take from us the easier it gets for them to take another, in the name of our best interest. This topic really gets to me. Sorry just had to vent.

ID#611 A.M., 2005-10-14 [ Little River, SC]

With everything else on the internet, why should this diamond in the rough be removed? Oh, it's offensive. To some maybe but porn sites are to me and the fact they are so easily accessible is just NOT right. If you should come across this, it is probably because you are seeking something juicy for your brain. Don't be offened so soon if you disagree with some statements. Let the "why" keep you interested, only you can decide what you learned in the end. But what can you learn by becoming offended and stopping right there? Even if I disagree, I like to know why, I just understand more and so will you in own perception. Humans just wanna be happy, bottom line.

ID#618 P.M.,@YANDEX,.RU 2005-10-14 [ CANBERRA, ACT]

All neo-tech material has an extremely valuable psychological matrix that feeds the concept of motivation and willingness to explore new dimensions and actually work for a living, instead of living aimlessly on unemployment benefits in a parasitical state. This material has extensive power that also removes concepts of immaturity within oneself as well as re-washes and tunes the brain to better thinking, and the 'speed of light' concept in the neo-tech discovery is just mindblowing!One can become dynamic in personality through this material. LONG LIVE FRANK WALLACE FOR HE IS A TRUE HERO INDEED!

ID#621 C.M., 2005-10-15 [ Merced, Ca]

Hay I just knowtest that you are posting these comment with the email address Please do not post my prevous comment at least not with my email address. I sure don't want these nuts emailing me. The negative nuts, they all seem to be religous nuts.

ID#623 k.s., 2005-10-15 [ Oxford, oxon]

I think neo-tech is the most powerful tool in existence, it is something that when combined with human conciousness is indomitable. I would love to gain access to teh neo-tech reference encyclopeadia, please email me how to obtain this information. Kind regards kst

ID#624 C. ., 2005-10-15 [ , ]

I'm fascinated, and I've only just glanced at the information you are providing. Very intriguing and very intense. I will look further. Please continue...

ID#625 T.R., 2005-10-15 [ Boulder, CO]

I received a letter, but did not open it until after the due date for the postmark. I had an urge to google the name on the envelope, as I was curious after reading the letter. I am going to mail my letter anyway - just to see what happens (if anything). After all, reality stretches time in mysterious ways sometimes I've found.

ID#627 G.D., 2005-10-16 [ Buckeye, Az]

I like Neo-tech and have used the priceless concepts for years and have benefited in my busness and personal life. Neo-tech concepts is what the world needs to stop terrorism. Keep up the good work.

ID#628 H.P., 2005-10-16 [ Torrington, CT]

I think that Neo-Tech System seems very positive and could potentially transform any person's life virtually overnight, into what they have always dreamed it could be. Neo-Tech seems to share a wealth of knowledge on how to obtain your ideal lifestyle. My opinion is based solely on this website. Neo-Tech seems to hold the secret key to opening our own doors to obtain total peace of mind, no stress or anxiety, happiness, having your dream romantic relationship, total freedom, wealth & most importantly HEALTH because without health we can not achieve anything. I am so tired of dealing with people who are so negative & always judging other's. Perception and mindsets are a BIG thing and should be added to your website. Best Regards, Heather Paladino

ID#632 R.V., 2005-10-16 [ redding , CA]

I am just getting inducted into the neo-tech society. It has already made me happier and more productive.

ID#633 r.v., 2005-10-16 [ redding , CA]

I recently received my shipment of the next book and it turned out to be the same #2 book that you already sent me. What do you want me to do with it? Will my #3 book still be sent at a later date? Thanks

ID#634 A.G., 2005-10-16 [ Eustis, FL]

Please send me information about how to become a member, or employment opportunities. I feel compelled to be a part of neo-tech. I think it will help me fulfill my lifes passion of finding absolute truth in everything that I become aware of. Good Success-----Andy Gamble

ID#635 F. ., 2005-10-16 [ , ]

I personally believe that you havent allowed yourself to go as far into religion as you can. Yes, MOST religions are what is seemingly a hoax. This is a result of the divine not being able to be fully and completely interpreted by the mind. One must come to this realization, and realize that the mind is not the final step. It too is finite, while the spirit is immortal. Your egos wont allow you to believe any of this, just pay attention to how it tried to reject this information. It refuses to die. When in all actuality, that is its true purpose, to die, and become one. Think about it, there has to be an objective reality beyond our perceptions. Dont allow your perceptions to make it blind for you. Just as you said, we decieve ourselves, your doing a very good job.

ID#636 N.E., 2005-10-16 [ , ]

Yes. Simply because some percentage of people might read and open their minds.

ID#640 E.T., 2005-10-17 [ London, Greater London]

You are doing a great job. I got three of your books and I think there are all great. I don't know how you manage to stay around with what you say about governments, I am very suprised that they haven't wiped you out yet. I hope they don't because I would love to leave in a neo-tech world.

ID#641 m.s., 2005-10-17 [ , ]

i would like to see feedback from others all over the world.

ID#642 D.G., 2005-10-17 [ Mebane, NC]

I recently received a strange letter in the mail, that said that I had been specially selected by a secret panel for my hiiden talents to receive secret insider information that would enable me to achieve things that had been my life-long dream. I was skeptical, but fascinated by some of the things in the letter. I performed a search on the Internet for Neauvou Tech and Neo Tech, and found some information that immediately captured my attention. I ordered the material from the letter, and began to read that and all of the info on the Internet that I could find. I just couldn't seem to get enough! I found and read more information on the Internet, including some disparaging sites. I was greatly impressed to see that someone from NeoTech had posted a rebuttal on these negative sites. And frankly, some of the negative comments revealed more about the commenter than I think they were aware! To summerize, I think that there will always be the cranks out there that will take a shot at any advanced ideas, but you must persevere for the ones like me who remain open to sound advice. Thank you!

ID#643 l.b., 2005-10-17 [ Nottingham, ]

I like what I have read, I am a rational athiest and a lot of religious nutters scare me with their hateful intolerance. The ideas on this web site seem like a good step towards helping the problems facing this world. It's nice to know that there are other rational people out there.

ID#645 A.M., 2005-10-17 [ Irvine, CA]

Peolpe need to be educated on the truth!

ID#646 D.L., 2005-10-17 [ Altoona, WI]

I think its o'kay? I don't know for sure. I have barley put a dent in the book. I have gotten through "the story" and loved it. I hope that it isn't an evil piece of literature. I have found some good things in it. It also got me overly excited, and then lost again. I think people should be able to put whatever they like on the internet. Opinions and thoughts should be known by others who are interested in them. Even if they are said to be obsured. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt anyways. It is up to each individual what they want to be and believe. And I have personally found that science has proven many things wrong that were long to be thought true by christians and other religions. I say "leave it on the net!"

ID#648 D.M., 2005-10-17 [ Union, MO]

I have found the answers I have been looking for all my life. This information is truly life altering. I look forward to reading much more. Thank you. I will be eternally gratefull.

ID#650 -. ., 2005-10-17 [ -, -]


ID#651 C.M., 2005-10-17 [ tacoma, wa]

I looked it up myself about five yeas ago. I love it and should never come down. It is much to valuable to humanity.

ID#653 S.S., 2005-10-18 [ Harmony, NC]

Almost 15 years ago, I purchased the book ZonPower and loved the it. When I met the above mentioned friend, he had in his possession the Manuscript! I was elated to have met someone with the same concepts and ideas I had. Myself, I do not own a manuscript but would love to recieve more info on hot to obtain my own. Thank you Mr. Wallace!

ID#658 K. .,@AOL.COM 2005-10-18 [ KANSAS CITY, MO]


ID#659 M.R., 2005-10-18 [ DeSoto, TX ]

I have never read anything like Neo-Tech. It has truly changed my life. I have been challenged and encouraged at the same time by reading these books. This material will change the world and make it a much better place. I know that I am much happier and it has given me hope. I know now what I must do to make great contributions to the world.

ID#660 N.A., 2005-10-18 [ WILLIMANTIC, CT]


ID#661 A. ., 2005-10-18 [ na, na]

NeoTech is the foundation of my relationship to God's negative and positive aspect to my sexuallity. The books have dramatically improved the state of happiness in my pants.

ID#663 J. ., 2005-10-18 [ , ]

i recently received this wonderfull bag of tricks now everyone will bow down or die i have the power i will controll i will own i will yeah thats right they have enpowered me with the power of NEO TECH and i will win muhahahahahahaha muhahahahahaha muhahahahahahaha

ID#665 A. ., 2005-10-18 [ Los Brainjulies, na]

My brother was a Neo Technician for the cyborg army their building until one day he lost his right thumb during a training mission at the secret base in Guam. The NeoTech corporation didn't offer any type of workers comp. at all and he went to the "Leader" to complain and I haven't heard from him since. My life's in grave danger just posting about this but the public must know! I get several transmitions a week from "Leader" in my dreams. It won't stop, they'll never stop. NeoTech is not God, I don't want to kill again daddy, NOOOOO! NeoTech is EVIL! NeoTech killed my Brother!

ID#668 l.c., 2005-10-18 [ high ridge, mo]

please stay online, very helpful for people to understand the neo-tech world. please put back mark hamiltons book on.

ID#669 b.b., 2005-10-18 [ pine bluff, ark.]

I am waiting for the fourth neo tech book offer. bwatrice bryant 21 bonnie park pine bluff ark. 71601

ID#670 J.D., 2005-10-18 [ Bronx, NY]

I bought the Nouvea Tech Discovery months ago,after several months of calling and wating for my invitation I was finally was given this web info today. I want to know why took so long for me to get this info. I was told that I will be getting an invitation in the mail. Jennifer Drummond NC60-03457313

ID#674 C.S., 2005-10-19 [ Linthorpe, Middlesbrough]

LOve the book gives loads of advantages that are unbeatable and i have been opend up into the real world where i can no longer be hurt bu Illuminatusts and other Neocheaters

ID#676 E.T., 2005-10-19 [ Brooklyn, NY]

I find the information refreshingly stimulating, And would like to explore the Neotech philosophy further.

ID#677 W. ., 2005-10-19 [ williamsburg, ky]

Keep an open mind and stay on here for education and usefullness

ID#679 k.b., 2005-10-19 [ san dino, CA]

still i have heard nothing from any of the neo-tech societies, since the letters i recieved in april, all this time by myself in these streets has made me think alot,so what if you people decieved me so you can have your way, you made it sound like i was to become an important part of neo-tech, and yet if you same people (people who gave me such great hopes in my times of desprate measures)were to see me in the streets without, and you yourselves were at the time wealthy, what would you do, there are those who are qiuck to say of themselves i would help, yet tose same people are the same ones who have disregarded my exsistance becuase thier wealth made them feel superior to me when they witnessed me in the state of poverty, and the truth is that those same people will come to me, and will decieve me, inorder to get whatever it is they desire,when they witness me in a state of wealth and power.

ID#681 R. ., 2005-10-20 [ Lexington, Ky]

And the world shall have peace, love and wealth

ID#683 R.B., 2005-10-20 [ San Ramon, CA ]

Eye opening information.

ID#688 c. ., 2005-10-20 [ , ]

about penis check chart: printed it out (i even tried two different ways of printing), measured the sizes and compared this with the sizes written on it. e.g. high average is 17,78 cm (7") but if i measure the length on paper, i measure 11,5 cm (about 4,5"). so, if we use the piece of paper to measure, we won't get the right idea.

ID#689 L.K., 2005-10-20 [ London, ]

I have not yet read a lot about Neo-Tech but my ex partner has been aware of this philosophy and he also encourages me to keep reading and practicing fully integrated honesty, and become more aware about the true nature of reality. I find the contents very interesting upbeat and realistic, I think this philosophy is helpful to humanity and should therefore remain on the web!

ID#691 d.k., 2005-10-20 [ huntington beach, ca , ca]

I am interested in receiving "the book" for the church of the god-man so i can help all of my friends, in my area.

ID#692 M.C., 2005-10-20 [ Stockton, MO]

Being an objectivist a la Ayn Rand I will always vote FOR any voice of reason.

ID#693 G.N., 2005-10-20 [ Libby, MT]

In order to be free we must Change

ID#696 d.b., 2005-10-20 [ greensboro, nc]

i think you all a doing a great thing for man kind ,and thank for the great books i can"t put mind down della po box 8722 greensboro nc 27419 got my first book cannot wait to get my second book so keep up the good work neo -tech.

ID#698 A.G., 2005-10-20 [ Chicago, Illionis]

Neo-Tech is what the world needs,and yes this site should remain on the web and it should expand.I love the information and I dont know exactly what I would like but your on a roll so bring it on.And I would like to personally thank you for your sacrifice and your courage.

ID#699 c.l., 2005-10-20 [ , ]

"TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE" my favorite saying since childhood, it never has rung so clear as after reading your first edition, mind blowing after second book, and when i finally realized my life essence this week, cannot wait for friday evenning. after owning my own restaurant business for twenty years and running upstream and burning out, if i had worked the down-stream tech. i would have succeeded at my dream. cannot wait for third book.. thankyou thankyou mr.wallace and mark... sincerly, carreen l.

ID#700 K.B., 2005-10-21 [ , ]

I have just created a personal manifesto that is perfectly echoed by your wonderful information. You have quite accurately put your objectivity where it should be: To help each individual create a happy, fulfilled, creative existence. Great work.

ID#703 K. .,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-10-21 [ MIRAMAR, FL]


ID#704 P.D., 2005-10-21 [ Madison, WI]

I am a happy Neo-tech reader and have been for 4 years now. It is amazing how much clearer I see the world and reality compared to a few years ago.

ID#705 T.M., 2005-10-21 [ Bakersfield, CA]

I am been reading the website for the past few hours. I has been a great read so far. I took a break and started to click on the links to see how deep the website went. I have read the first 3 chapters and have not found a single point that I did not agree with. I have been expressing the same views for the past few years, and it is refreshing to know that someone else views the world and current society in a similar fashion. And do sincerely hope that these writting could reach the majority of people and be recieved in the fashion in which it was intended... To save society from itself. Thank you

ID#706 t. ., 2005-10-21 [ westport, ct]

HOLA ROSA MARIA: It is Thomas laverty I hope you remember me, I am from Ct. USA. I was hoping that your book is ready for purchase from me. Did you finish it yet? Hope all is well with you and family, I have been surfing in Costa Rica and Peru as well. Of course I am stil working smartly with my hardwood flooring business here in CT and NY. Well stay well and please send me your book about love,romance,relationships and life. Tell me how much money to send. Much admiration. Tom Laverty

ID#707 j.v., 2005-10-21 [ n/a, n/a]

I would like to apoligize for some little errors i made. years of wanting to understand your work but because i was too young at 15 or something else. I failed to understand what your work actually does to my brain. Thank YOU. and right now im going to read your website like if it was a NOvel by galileo like i saw in the movie. OH ok now back to my story book.

ID#708 D.A., 2005-10-21 [ lorain, Ohio]

Really opened my eyes. Still struggling with the higher-power concept but everything else is right on the money. Will definitely keep analyzing. I am a member.

ID#709 M.R., 2005-10-21 [ Santiago, ]

Excelentes formas de pensamiento con las que estoy perfectamente de acuerdo en muchas de ellas. Interesante descripción de parte de la historia y reconozco que carecía de conocimiento respecto de hechos ocurridos. La forma de ver las cosas desde otra perspectiva es algo que aprendí tiempo atrás en un artículo que leí sobre aplicar la sabiduría y no la razon en la solución de los desafíos y quehaceres cotidianos. Gracias por la oportunidad de leer sus artículos.

ID#710 M.R., 2005-10-21 [ Santiago, ]

Excelentes formas de pensamiento con las que estoy perfectamente de acuerdo en muchas de ellas. Interesante descripción de parte de la historia y reconozco que carecía de conocimiento respecto de hechos ocurridos. La forma de ver las cosas desde otra perspectiva es algo que aprendí tiempo atrás en un artículo que leí sobre aplicar la sabiduría y no la razon en la solución de los desafíos y quehaceres cotidianos. Gracias por la oportunidad de leer sus artículos.

ID#711 J.R., 2005-10-21 [ Carrollton, Ga.]

Your material in print has helped free millions from mysticism. Please keep up the work.I am revisiting my manuscript and really seeing it for the first time.

ID#712 f. ., 2005-10-21 [ Malinalco, DF]

Very interesting site

ID#715 S.D., 2005-10-22 [ Hazeldene., Vic]

Neo-Tech help me to turned my whole life around. My fiancee must read that when he release from prison next year He was alcohlic for 15 years. I told him about the books will help him to turn his whole life around.I love you Dr Wallace for beautifully writtern.

ID#721 R.L., 2005-10-23 [ Columbus, GA]

I am really interested in the neo-tech discovery and would like to obtain a copy if its possible.

ID#722 P.F., 2005-10-23 [ Palos Veredes Penninsula , Ca.]

None at this time.

ID#723 A. ., 2005-10-23 [ , ]

You have a very interesting philosophy.

ID#726 B.S., 2005-10-23 [ Lancaster, Calif.]

As a new member of the Nouveau Te ch Secret Society I understand the importance of protection of the employees and the contant of all documents stored and or issued in this Co. Lets keep everyone happy and safe forever

ID#727 V.G., 2005-10-23 [ port st joe, FL]

Ok. Please forgive the last rant. Although it was from the heart, and true. Its just when I realized ther is no god no devil, only my own authority,I got scared, and yet at the same time a giant burdan was lifted off of me. I cant explain it, well I guess I can, its the knowledge of one's own authority!I stand fast on the fact that I have no money,my painting buiseness isnt going so well at this time. I need the rest of the knowledege that you are talking about, and if you folk's see so much in me, I'm flatterd, but I need the other two book's, and I have no money. so please if there is any way you could still get them to me I would forever be in your debt! you folk's talk about starting a buiseness in the first chapters of your book, and miny days, ok and good, but it takes money to make money!granted I should have been smarter with my finances in earlier years, but when you have children at a young age, instead of going to school,then college,then good job, then buy house and land, become stable then have kid's. its kind of hard to do that when from the beggining we have been just raising kid's.I know the last letter you folk's must think I am an asshole, and I guess I am, and its this world that has made me this way!and im not like that all the time,its just that when you live in a traylor[2 bedroom] and you and the wife have to sleep on the floor in the living room for the past 3 years so that your kid's have their own room, ya kind of get alittle aggravated, not to mention a little stiff in the mornings. But anyway I don't want your simpathy, well maybe a little, no what I really need is the other two book's. "PLEASE"!Also you said that the secrets to gambeling and how to figure out the lotto would be in the "neo-tech secrets" book, I find out that toward the end of the book I have to order this completely whole other book, now come on doesnt that seem like just another way to make money to you? Please tell me that's not the case!you people have something here, and from what I gather I can only depend on myself,wich thats all I have ever had, well me and my wife! but anyway about the gambeling if I had that book I could as you say go up to vegas and slowely build my bank until I had enough to start my own buiseness-without- a country, I dig that concept, I would like to start an international lottery,yeah! the income would be limitless, I'm talking about in every country but it would be international, can you imagine the possibilities!yeah! and I have neo thaught it I started with the vision in my head of the drawing being telivised down to incorporating the lotto machines that are now currently in use, and also useing the internet to buy your numbers. Thats not it I have always had great ideas, I have thaught of several inventions, and better ways of doing things, its just that it takes money to make money, and I have none!I once submitted an invetion to an invetion place and he said for 5'000 dollars he could get the ball rolling,imagine that, I thaught to myself if I had 5 grnd i could do it myself you idiot!@ I wish there was a place you could sell ideas,then I beleive I could florish. anyway I hope someone is listening, and I want so much to meet you folk's, I meen how can you blame me you said in your letter's "how would you like to have millionair freinds backing you" well I would, and I'm done waisting my time amungst these back stabbing,two faced people where ever I turn. I'm ready to be around some real people like myself. and you might find this funny but I have always been real, my wife is always cringeing because I hold nothing back I tell it like it is, and some people don't like it, but the truth is well what can I say the "truth": I would trulely love to have my own yard,my own home,and yes my own "bed" thanks sincerely still sleeping on the floor.

ID#728 C.H., 2005-10-24 [ Copperopolis, CA]

I have read your literature and have found that I agree with much of it. Although--I don't think any of it is going to happen in my lifetime (this makes me so sad) but I want you to know that I also am well versed in Bible knowledge and found many parallel thoughts and ideas so that I am able to accept Neo-tech and realize that "God" as we are acquainted with him in the Bible may well be a highly advanced (maybe advanced by millions of years) person. I do feel uncomfortable with the name Zon, but my desire to live on and on and on is as natural as anyone's, Death has always been my enemy and is conquerable as Jesus outlined in the Bible. I hope Neo-Tech is the answer...I just finished the second 1000 page book and I am feeling stressed thinking that it will not happen for me--I am ill from taking a prescription drug that affected my heart and the only hope for me they say will be heart transplant at some time in the future. I must say that I was highly entertained by the book and the unfolding reasoning used by the author to illuminate his ideas. It was also a very intelligent read and I enjoyed that immensely also. I know I have a lot of reading and studying to do from all of the information collected in the book--I wish to have a lifetime of study and learning....Thank you for the experience so far!

ID#731 M.E., 2005-10-24 [ Gainesville, Florida]

Since my comments a few weeks ago, I've heard nothing from you. I'm still waiting for the final book in the trilogy - I have The Neo-tech Discovery and The Inside Secrets. What's up? Michael Edwards

ID#737 T. ., 2005-10-25 [ Austin, Tx]

Learning the truth is contagious.

ID#738 M.B., 2005-10-25 [ Orlando, FL]

Neo-Tech has taught to me to take the yoke off my neck that the neo cheaters had placed upon me without my knowledge. Thanks for opening my eyes Neo-Tech. But that was only the start to a true found freedom from non-earned guilt. Now I have the power to control my own destiny. Thanks again.

ID#739 G.W., 2005-10-25 [ Fort Collins, Colorado]

I have enjoyed reading and the practice of NEO-TECH!!!

ID#740 J. ., 2005-10-25 [ Cliffside Park, nj]

It gives me a chill just reading the negative comments.. They are the ones who killed millions of innocent people in history and claim that god is with them.. This IS hell! God, have mercy on their soul... (no I'm not a neo-tech follower. I haven't read a single neo-tech book yet). But I have been thinking about the brutality a religion wields on this world. Look Osama Bin Laden and Bush! They are not enemies. They are the closest friends even though they are fighing on the surface. Osama conveniently committed terrorism so Bush can do anything he wants to do politically, and in return, he made sure people know about Al Queda and created a real terrorist country, Iraq, by kill hundreds of thousands innocent people, which had nothing to do with terrorism in the beginning. And yet, ignorant people on each side kills each other and calls themselves 'patriotic' and 'religious' while their 'masters' rake in millions of dollars. What a sadistic world!

ID#742 L.S., 2005-10-25 [ Chicago, Illinois]

Question to negotive Thinkers. I have noticed, a lot of negotive thinker are very quick to judge and condimn Nouveau Tech Society. It seem, from the Rip Off reports, that none of the negotive thinkers, "have not" purchased the 1000 page Nouveau Tech Discovery, read it and applied the knowlege gained from it. Or there any Negotive Thinkers, who have read the book, applied the knowlege and still claim that the Nouveau Tech Society is a Rip Off? Is There?

ID#743 . ., 2005-10-25 [ , ]

Bicameral is an interedting concept, which you violate, with every "kill them all" and "eliminate all authority" concepts of freedom. As your lengthy disertation explains, a poor postulat is replaced, by a poor postulate. Yours is one of those.

ID#745 M. ., 2005-10-25 [ Sparta, TN]

I am very interested in this . I have read almost of of the on-line information. I would love to hear more.

ID#746 H.S., 2005-10-25 [ Quincy, Fl]

It was told to me that i possessed special traits and abilities and that the society wanted to help me use them for $143.00. After I wrote them back and requested help for a delayed payment, I never heard anything else from them. That was my proof.

ID#748 A. ., 2005-10-25 [ Baltimore, Md.]

I would like more insight into your work.

ID#750 J.C., 2005-10-25 [ Pensacola, florida]

Absoutely, Emphatically YES!!! I find it quite amazing and laughable the deep degree of hate eminating from the opposers of Neo-Tech, all of whom seem to be "religious". The heavy-handed venomous attact on Dr. Wallace and Mr. Hamilton speaks volumes to their true nature; a nature steeped in fear and seething hate for anything and anyone not in agreement with their mystical{MIST}ICAL [CRETIN-CHRISTIAN:sense development as in SILLY]doctrines, dogmas, rites and rituals. I took note of the many "biblical" passages quoted by some of those cretins who chose only selected passages that they think bolster{supports} their irrinational bi-camaral minded attacks. It is apparent and ironic that the same book that they, in ignorance claimed to be "the infallable word of god" is more in line with some of Neo-Tech's claims than not. Also noteworthy is that, the same one, mis-nomered jesus WHOM THEY CLAIM TO BE THEIR LORD AND GOD, quoting from from the old testament said the following words to the scribes and pharacies of his day. "For which of these works/acts of kindness are you about to stone me?" Their reply to his question was, " We are not stoning you for the works that you do, but for saying that you, being a man, is the 'son of god' equating yourself with god", to which yahushua{his rightful historical name}, replied "haven't you read in your scriptures that you are god". He was quoting from a passage in the old testament that read, in part; "Though you are god you will die like men" These haters of life-everlasting are the antithesis of the so called personification of the word made flesh who came to, and I quote "give men life", not just limited, time constrained life but "Life everlasting". Here is more scripture for those cretins who claim to know and believe that the bible is "the infallable word of god". " The power of life and death in the tounge, therefore SPEAK LIFE AND NOT DEATH--I WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE!!!!!" The embellishing of the cannonised "holy bible" and other so called "holy writ" is just that, EMBELISHED literarary work from ancient civilations, concocted by men with void of scrupules, if you will, whose sole purpose was to decieve the masses of men suffering from the mind desease of mysticism, preying on their bi-cameral tendicies to seek for external guidance authority and answers, just as Dr. Wallace stated. Anyone with the slightist degree if introspection is aware of this fact, unless they are self delusional. You, I, We are our own Authority, that is what yahushuah meant by "know you not that you are god" "God" propperly percieved simply means; creative power/source/ennergy/consciousness/ volition. According to their bible that's the image and likeness that man was created in. If one look up the word "likeness" it connotes; essential similitude. For you cretins, go figure what that means. To Dr. Wallace, Mr. Hamilton, and the entire Neo-Tech family, I say, hold to that which your inne-being know to be true and valid. I hope That Dr. Wallace and Mr. Hamilton recieves this feedback. We will achieve immortality in our life time. One last word to you cretins of hate and trepidation. Your attempts to escape this earth, and you self delusional attempts to live in some heaven is an exercise in futility. For according to your bible, which you don't truly believe; In the end of your world this earth will be renewed, the question then is for what purpose? If you are going to be in heaven sitting around, lazily doing nothing all day long but singing and prasing god, who will be the renewed earth residents,? More to the point, if you are in heaven already, after death on earth, what is the purpose of a resurrection and judgement? This is good. One more. If you will spend eternity in heaven with your jesus, yet according to your bible he is returning to this earth to set up his kingdom, arn't you gonna pass by one another in transit? Silly rabbits TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS! GROW UP!!!

ID#754 . ., 2005-10-26 [ , ]

how do crooks think they will get away with their lies and deceit....they will be accountable to our maker...

ID#760 R.G., 2005-10-26 [ , ]

I am very interested in reading more. I have been reading PAX NT and enjoying very much. I haven't had the money to spend on the big book but I do want to know more. Unfortunately I do have some confusion. When reading the pax online you say you are anti politics, religion etc. But every time I start to get into the flow of what you are saying and starting to understand you go off on Bill Clinton or something. It is very obvious that no matter how much you say you aren't political you very much are and it is extremely annoying. Is any of your literature truly apolitical? If so I would enjoy reading the theories of this group without the rhetoric or bile. I hope that is a possibility as I think you do have something good to offer.

ID#762 a. ., 2005-10-26 [ phila, pa]

good reading. its about time to start. let the chips fall were they must

ID#764 P.T., 2005-10-26 [ El Cajon, California]

I have just completed reading for the second time in Nouveau Tech Secret Society, Package of Inner Circle Secrets, for the second time. Underlining it- like I did at first. There were a little new instance where I was able to completely grasp little insights that had eluded me. I am a 51 year old man and it seems like my time on this Earth is short. I want to have a completed fulfillment of all the things that I had ever and long for or ever desired. I have tried to write to your organization before-and I am definitely pro NeoTech! I like the fact that you have the fourth part, and that you prove through science.The C of U. I would like to be a part of that effort. It is my Friday night essence. I tend to feel that more and more people will be attracted to your web site. I have been referring friends to it as well-those who have access to computers. I want to be rich so that can pursue this Friday night essence and greater detail. I feel like I am only scratching the surface and that by further exploring the NeoTech universe I can completely transform my life for the better and can be apparent to others and not a self deluding concept. What a concept! I can really be a benefit, at this late age, to myself, to my distant family, and to others. I want all the benefits to come at me with the speed of light. I have been earnestly striving to get my affairs in order-the order that I think that I should have. I'm really excited, because I sense that I'm close-really close to the type a breakthrough in a transformative life and finance that I have been earnestly seeking and praying for. It is hoped that by associating with your organization it will happen sooner rather than later.

ID#765 J. ., 2005-10-26 [ Independence, MO]

I have ordered the Book. I was very skeptical at first, but after reading all the negative comments from the crazy far-right Christians, I can't wait to read it! I have never been a follower of orthodox, fundamental beliefs. Clearly this Book must have very open, honest, realistic ideas in it to upset the extremists. I will write back after I have read the Book.

ID#767 W.B., 2005-10-26 [ Edinburgh, ]

Amazing. What can i say? I've been reading self-help books since a very young age. Having grown up in a very troubled (and religious) family, i have always been looking for answers to my questions. Religion never worked for me, simply because it seems to be constantly beating about the bush, and never gives you cold, hard, logical FACTS. There was this alarm in the back of my mind which kept going off constantly, telling me something's amiss... unfortunately i didn't always listen to it, though it strengthened my resolve to ban any and all religion from my life FOREVER. It has been a hell of a journey up to now, but one thing i keep telling myself is that i am still young. There are many things i've yet to learn, but i honestly feel that with this book as my guideline, things can only get easier - apart from the fact that we still have to put up with politicians and religion every single day. But beat them, we will. One step at a time. It takes the tiniest spark to start the most destructive fire... and i believe this fire is beginning to burn very bright indeed. There comes a point in a civilisation's evolution where people decide they've had enough; enough of the lying and cheating so reminiscent of goverments and religions. It's all so self-destructive, and i find myself thinking: why the HELL would i want to practise anything like THAT? I was created to LIVE, to BE CREATIVE, not to be inhibited... It doesn't even feel NATURAL, and yet people choose to be handled and herded asif they are a bunch of sheep! How hollow their lives must be. I look at the negative comments on this site, and there's one thing all of them have in common: a profound lack of COLD HARD FACT to substantiate their accusations against Neo-Tech, so typical of the very nature of their beliefs. The only 'nutters' here, my dear friends, are the ones who fail to see the REAL light. This is the ultimate truth: YOU CANNOT DISPUTE FACT. Well done to you all at Neo-tech. I can honestly say it's about bloody time someone started drawing back the curtains of this veiled anti-life society we live in. Thank you.

ID#768 D.J., 2005-10-26 [ Fremont, CA]

My gut feeling says that Neo-Tech is doing the right thing.

ID#769 C.M., 2005-10-26 [ Somersworth, NH]

I would really like more information about audio cd's and other informative books.

ID#771 A.C., 2005-10-27 [ Helena, Montana]

This Neo Tech website must remain on the web. Neo Tech is vital to the future the very survival of the human race on planet earth. Anyone who takes the time to read the literature with an honesty and open mindedness cannot help but see the value of Neo Tech to the future of all mankind. When will we see the NTN's (Neo Tech Networkings) appear on this site? Im loking forward to reading and posting to these discussion boards daily. I'm quite sure there are MANY others who feel the same as I, especially considering the many positive comments already posted to this site.

ID#776 J.C., 2005-10-27 [ Raleigh, NC]

It is amazing how some people can see through the religous and polictical garbage that is spread through the media. Thank you for opening my eyes to reality.

ID#777 J.C., 2005-10-27 [ Raleigh, NC]

The new ENV bike is powered by a re-usable power pack. The site is If this technology was posted on the internet it would allow anybody to build a low cost vehicle. This would reduce the use of oil and change the buying power of the new riders. They would not be spending money on cars, gasoline, insurance, etc. That puts money in the common person pocket! That makes them richer! That increases what they can spend.

ID#781 W.B., 2005-10-27 [ Brookhaven, PA]

I find your webbsite very facinating.You let both sides speek there mind wether it be write or rong-good or bad. The web site also is very very informational.I jst wish i could afford to get my coppy of the-1000 page Nouveau Tech discovery book.But that is not possible at this time.thanks for the chance to succeed i hope to someday get out of this rutt.!!!

ID#783 R.R., 2005-10-27 [ La Puente, CA]

I love the neo-tech only regret is that I haven't heard from your company in a long time about current products.

ID#784 j. ., 2005-10-27 [ fairbanks, ak]

my dad started me reading neo tech zonpower as a freshman in high school it was something i really enjoyed, we developed a strong relationship and many good conversations based upon this book i have been out of touch with literature since and am very excited to have found you guys on the web and look forward to further learning with zonpower keep it up

ID#788 W.F., 2005-10-28 [ McLeansville, NC]

I only been with Neo-tech about a mouth I am still reading my first package, The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside secrets. And waiting for my next one. Yes I thank it should remain on the web.

ID#789 R.G., 2005-10-28 [ Kittery, Me]

I believe Neo-Tech should look into really utilizing the web for what it can be. Perhaps a membership type of website that will allow access to various pdf books, videos and audio presentations. I have received your letter and written to the email address that provided a word document of the various books. That lead me on a journey to search's Zshops, along with Ebay and I have purchased several books for 10-28 dollars each! So, with that said, I believe the best way to promote the Neo-Tech mission would be via the Internet with electronic as well as printed media, mp3's etc... Please take these ideas seriously as they are the future, now.

ID#790 m. ., 2005-10-28 [ Dallas, TX]

i love you guys. never ending source of amusement.

ID#791 R.L., 2005-10-28 [ Taylor, MI]

I received a letter from Neo Tech in teh mail and researched the internet. That is how I found this site.

ID#792 C.H., 2005-10-28 [ Gresham, OR]

I love your honesty, to questions I have looked for answers for quite some time. Thanx Chris H. NC10, USA

ID#793 l.m., 2005-10-28 [ , ]

debe continuar en la red para difundir la autentica verdad ,y asi mejorar el mundo.

ID#794 . ., 2005-10-28 [ , ]

i have neo tech , and wanted to see if you were online

ID#795 D. ., 2005-10-28 [ Plain, WIS]

I think in teaches us about. Differnt wase of think that will help the humen races.I think I have soom idies that may help.

ID#797 S.P., 2005-10-28 [ Payson , UT]

The amazing mail marketing technic, keeped me on the edge of my set thru (2) books Discovery,inner circle. I felt like I found my way out of financual difficulties, but its all in the marketing kodo's (very good) I would like to say also that it is the most inspirational words I have ever read. Its so interesting to me that part of my life and thoughts (before neo tech)where neo tech, hard to explain. Please know when the time comes that you need me (any of you)I'm there.

ID#798 M.M., 2005-10-28 [ Bklyn, NY]

I really love the second book or second phase that I am in and love the synergy. I didn't care much for the first book but it had alot to say but the second book is excellent. I myself need something like this to help me be who I really need to be. I will use the neo-tech skills as much as possible to solve my problems and get what I want. My mother even found interest after wanting to know what I was reading. With this information this can get my trophy husband his green card. I really need help with my personal and private life and with the help of Neo-tech I know it will work if I use it. I really like the part with losing weight and its been a struggle for me to lose those pounds on my legs and tried all kinds of weight loss programs and pills and I always tried to self improve myself and have self leadership and not follow anyone and Neo-tech is perfect for me. Yes there is a rise of a new day and a new person the God woman which is myself.

ID#800 . ., 2005-10-28 [ , CA]

go f*#k your self leave us alone

ID#801 T. ., 2005-10-28 [ , ]


ID#802 T.W., 2005-10-28 [ oak park, IL]


ID#805 R.R., 2005-10-28 [ SUNNYVALE , CA]

What happened to the neo-tech Search Engine ?

ID#806 P.S., 2005-10-28 [ Gordonville, PA]

I am more than ready for the follow on to The Neo Tech World. And I am very sad to say that the new Supercivilization site is apparently not yet ready. I would have really enjoyed the old boards, but they are no longer available.

ID#807 . ., 2005-10-28 [ , ]

I know about Neo-Tech. Anyone who knows about Neo-Tech would have to agree that Neo-TEch should stay on the web. It's about Truth.

ID#808 R.R., 2005-10-28 [ SUNNYVALE , CA]

Whats this direct mail garbage I'm receiving from: THE NOUVEAU TECH SOCIETY 3357 H. Southpark Place Grove City, OH 43123 and P.O. Box 5204 Cllifton, NJ 07015-5204

ID#809 M.H., 2005-10-28 [ Milwaukee, WI]

I have benefited from neo-tech literature since I first read it. The 114 Advantages gave me a better perspective on life and productivity. However I have a problem with its critisim on "Eastern Philosophy".And "Carnivorus Pscyiology". For example : 1.I took up yoga practice and vegitarianism and I lost wieght and my health & endurace improved and I actually feel younger which coinsides with "Biological Immortality". 2.I read books that showed a cross reference human anatomy (Intestines are identical to herbavores) 3.The issue of saving croplands for growing food rather than for livestock grazing etc... Iam not trying to undermine neo-tech ,Iam just stuck on those issues. You comments would be helpful.

ID#810 S.M., 2005-10-29 [ , ]

Some of what you say is kinda cool but I have alot of objections right off the bat. Most importantly. I have to say that I very much know there is a God. You folks seem to be total atheists - or am I wrong about that? Also: let me get this straight - you guys are for the use of DDT??? If so, you are crazy. Categorically against all enviromental protection in favor of unbrideled bussiness? FOR NAFTA? Sorry folks, DONT LIKE THAT. Can.t go along with that. I do however heartily agree with what you have to say in regards to politics and politicians as well as organized religion they are evil and dangerous. I also see where you contradict yourselves a whole lot. Maybe YOU should be honest enough to admit that.

ID#812 F.P., 2005-10-29 [ Sydney, NSW]

Most of the links take me to a page that doesn't lead me to much information. Is there a way where i can get all uniterrupted information on the web or where can i purchase the main and core information about Neo-Tech. I find the data very helpful and eyeopening but not very accesible, please help. Thank you

ID#813 K.L., 2005-10-29 [ Houston, Tx.]

I got a SNAIL mail invite, to join your society, but I missed the RESPONSE deadline. So, here I am!Your mail was,domestic first class, extenuating circumstances prevented me, from responding before your deadline. But, if I may be excused for such, I give you my WORD, to endeavour. To lead The Noe-Tech Society, into the rest of the UNIVERSE. From there, we'll focus OUR emergies, on reaching MULTIPLE dimensions/universes, Ok? P.S. If you print a catalog, for books/magazines, I'd LOVE to get it, Ok?

ID#814 K.L., 2005-10-29 [ Houston, Texas]

Just say NO, to nuclear power, Ok? We DON'T need it, it's TOO dangerous! What we NEED to do, is to investigate ways of WATER proofing metals, because we've got OCEANS of fuel! Consider THIS, what fuels the spsce shutle, HUH? hydrogen, which we've LITERALY got oceans of, AND it's a NEVER-ending fuel supply!It's ENVIRONMENTIALLY friendly, it's CLEAN, and we've ALREADY got MOST of the infastruct in distribution place for it!It WOULD need alittle improvement, but it would PAY for it's self. In INNUMMERABLE ways! P.S. Please send me a brochure, for some Neo-Tech literature, Ok? THANK U!

ID#818 V.J., 2005-10-30 [ Arroyo Grande, CA]

Heck yes NT should remain on the internet. people need to know this information to keep them from falling in the traps of mystics and neocheaters and also help them confront their own mysticism.

ID#820 P. ., 2005-10-30 [ Carine, WA]

Fascinating reading. If the syntax and semantics of these valuable concept creating symbols are so powerful, how can a dollar value be placed on their acquisition and should one not acquire secrets by trading why are they then precluded? Ahh! Ulysses and James Joyce, now there's a conundrum.

ID#823 F.M., 2005-10-30 [ , ]

As any saine individual knows, Helping others to over come adversity; with-in and outside of themselves, is the best way to improove our society as a whole. I support those ideals and concepts my self and am willing to help others who are trying to do the same things as I. Though our methods are different our goals are the same.To truely improove society we have to work to improove one individual at a time. those are the ones that want the help and put forth the honest effort to achieve thier goals of self improovement and the betterment of society. One can not be changed if one does not first choose to change.

ID#825 D.K., 2005-10-30 [ North Tonawand, NY]

neo-tech should stay on the only thing that will help propell our society to a free world. I live in western NY I can see now political people are undectable when things are going good. But owning Neo tech for the last 10yrs.I can see there destruction. The average person will just blame everything else as other high profit business's for the problem but having neo tech advantage I can see the political parsites are the root of all evil.

ID#826 W.J., 2005-10-30 [ Tallahassee, Fl,]

Williemae here. I found out about Neo-Tech by searching about information about a book.

ID#827 H.W., 2005-10-31 [ Lake Forest Park, WA]

It is starting to come into focus; Most of the ideas I have been reading and thinking about are not new but were completely unorganized and not in focus. More, more!

ID#830 J.G., 2005-10-31 [ Salinas, CA]

I have been gone for some time. I have read both "BOOKS", at the time I did not truly understand them and the "Offers" I recieved. Email me with a confermation to receive and know when the meetings, "Convintions are. The last one I attended was in Las Vegas where I meet Mr. Savage. Jessie G.

ID#831 R.R., 2005-10-31 [ El Segundo, CA]

Just like any other idea, ideal, philosophy, or way of thinking, Neo-Tech has a place in our society. Whether someone agrees or disagrees with it, it has value and needs to be discussed, debated, and shared. Neo-Tech is the culmination of a long path, a long search for me. My reading has brought me to a certain philosophy and led me to a certain core belief. Neo-Tech may be the gateway to fulfilling the promise that the books I've read all along have talked about. Not only does Neo-Tech give you a working model to work from, Neo-Tech explains through history and fact it's premise. The idea of breaking down the lies that hold us back is not a new one, as there is nothing new under the sun, but Neo-Tech explains it through truth and in search of truth. Neo-Tech definitely should remain on the web and in people's minds.

ID#832 m.s., 2005-10-31 [ west point, miss]

i have a question about the 1000 page manuscript.

ID#836 R.R., 2005-10-31 [ SUNNYVALE , CA]

What connection if any dose NEO- TECH have with THE NOUVEAU TECH SOCIETY ? 3357 H. Southpark Place Grove City, OH 43123 P.O. Box 5204 Clifton, NJ 07015-5204 Both cities are mentioned in END NOTES.

ID#838 I.A., 2005-10-31 [ N.Hollwood, CA]

ANY attempt to find the way out of the human inslavement SHOULD be made VISIBLE to all, for our choice. Thank you for your work. Ileana

ID#839 D.R., 2005-11-01 [ Coral Springs, FL]

Keep Neo-Tech on the web and expand it.It is be the only way to help as many people as possible. I'am willy read The First Immortals,I don't know how to order it.Please remain me. Sinserly.

ID#840 D.R., 2005-11-01 [ Coral Springs, FL]

Keep Neo-Tech on the web and expand it.It is be the only way to help as many people as possible. I'am willy read The First Immortals,I don't know how to order it.Please remain me. Sinserly.

ID#842 A.K., 2005-11-01 [ seymour, in]

im anthony karnes and i recieved my offer for my second heirloom pkg on 11\1\5 with the cut off being 10\28\5 please dont hold this against me im mailing today !! 11\1\5 AMK

ID#843 M.H., 2005-11-01 [ Milwaukee, WI]

Please send order form for all available neo-tech books. Thanks MH

ID#847 S.S., 2005-11-01 [ Pasadena, Ca]

Of all this wonderful talk about the value producers vs. the valur destroyers, what is being done, by NT,or, (should one expect anything else in addition to publishing your ideas) to remove this anticivilization?

ID#848 J.G., 2005-11-01 [ orlando, fl]

i am reading your book and it is very good and i like more information and whats new your friend Jose Gonzalez

ID#850 . ., 2005-11-02 [ , ]

im really interésted nd would like to know more plez

ID#851 B.R., 2005-11-02 [ Ridgeway, Ontario]

When I learned the truth about Santa Clause, I wondered of religion. I'm Catholic raised. Always thought that Religion was like the childish pretending of Santa and never fully believed in it. Doug Casey has given re reason for the distrust that I have always had for government and most doctors. Dr. Wallace and Neo tech has taught me that they are Black Hat Neo Cheaters and why. Now I understand and feel better about myself in how I never believed in the Neo Cheaters. They will not 'fool' me ever again. My most sincere thank you for Neo tech. I'm on a better path.

ID#853 R.O., 2005-11-02 [ Accra, Ghana]

I need someone who need an employee and also want to meet a nice lady

ID#855 . ., 2005-11-02 [ , ]

scam, scam, scam

ID#859 P.B., 2005-11-02 [ , ]

I received several books from Neo-Tech. It blowed my mind but they have alot of truth. The only thing I have against them is I am still poor. My luck at winning has not changed. I have been waiting a year for that. I beleive they will change the world for the good of the people.

ID#862 . ., 2005-11-03 [ , ]

I'm new so keep it on at least until I'm done reading. Thanks, Rafe

ID#864 D.A., 2005-11-03 [ Toronto, ON]

excellent site, please send more info

ID#868 W.M., 2005-11-03 [ Middletown, ny]

Hey, love the site! Don't go!

ID#869 a.m., 2005-11-03 [ seymour , in]

i need help or affirmation on the constant presence (

ID#871 M.B., 2005-11-03 [ memphis, TN.]


ID#872 M.B., 2005-11-03 [ memphis, TN.]


ID#879 c.r., 2005-11-03 [ plano, tx]

I'm interested in learning more. I like the thought provoking aspects.

ID#880 V.P., 2005-11-03 [ Reidsville, NC]

I desire to have the copy of the book. I am unable to get the total amount of the money needed. I know once I get the book my life will change. This web site is greet. I believe in neotech. But my hopes of have a copy are dropping. Just the normal existing is becoming hard.

ID#882 T. ., 2005-11-04 [ Lelystad, Flevoland]

No, but I received the letter like a few million of people have and went looking for thi Nuova Tech Discovery...

ID#883 E.T., 2005-11-04 [ Jamaica, NY]

Very much interested in the philosophy of Neo-Thinking. Please send your 1000-page book. Thank you

ID#884 . ., 2005-11-04 [ , ]


ID#887 J.S., 2005-11-04 [ Webster, TX]

I've read many testimonials against neo-tech, and I just want to say, I really don't care what they have to say. People fear change, new ideas, etc... Honestly, what new ground-breaking inventions has man-kind come up with since before 1975? DuPont strives for new materials, neo-tech strives for new ideas, which are leading us forward. But when was the last time that somebody had a brilliant idea like inventing the television rather than inventing a television with a clock in it. I'm sure it has everything to do with government suppression. People are scared to start new ideas for fear the government will step in, regulate, smash, tax and destroy those people's lives. Anyway sorry I always go off on tangents with you guys, I just support you 100% and if you have any ideas on actions we can take to help America move forward, please let me know and I will do everything within my power to help. If I come up with anything I will let you know. In the meantime, please note that my address has changed.

ID#888 P. ., 2005-11-04 [ , ]

The only thing i can say is that my live has change i am building quality jobs and serives to grow and help other to keep the hope to create more values than me. We can do everything we wnat to do.

ID#890 a. ., 2005-11-04 [ , ]

neat site with info about tax and IRS compaints also

ID#891 R.N., 2005-11-05 [ Gilbert, PA]

I have done some research on the Illuminati (which has Germanic origins) and find it odd that you include it in your nomenclature. Please send me info.

ID#892 h. ., 2005-11-05 [ , ]

I've read THE BOOK from cover to cover and concur in in all aspects. Backed it up with Jaynes' siminal work and am gratafied to affirm that which I've intuitively known all along... I need the neo-tech encyclopedia. The Story touched me inparticularly as I am an elementary teacher of gifted students and see the integratrd honesty that they exhibit. how refreshing it is that neothink will be a reality for them as they help to create the metaphysical business dynamics of the future. Could go on, but got to go for now.

ID#894 P.H., 2005-11-05 [ Kirkland, WA]

The Neo-tech (NT) web site and all its material can be a profitable resource for every conscious mind that wants to be free, including PNT members. However, using honest neothinking in analyzing at least the “positive” and “negative” commentators on the site and the movie The Matrix, the answer should be clear: 1) The NT web site creators may have made a mistake in going public and if so 2) should remove itself from the “all seeing eye” of the public—our anticivilization.…Even as the ultimate looser,….did not like his freedom, became a spy, and with no guarantees did whatever it took to go back, even killing those who were born free. Begging the question, I wonder what would happen to those who were born free if they were to be inserted into The Matrix? …Thus, as another rhetorical question, why would the Neo-tech web site creators ask the “public” if NT should stay on the net? Don’t loose site that our anticivilization has a power of its own. As a side note: many of you “positive” and “negative” com-mentors should be wary that NT does not state to have teachers, nor does it state to have “truth’s”, nor is it about anarchy/no government. It’s about a host of things that many of you may have been able to profit from, as I have, but at its core, for me, NT is about honesty (undermining that which is dishonest) and change; it’s about value creating businesses/honest sciences/romantic arts, all for the value of the free conscious mind to profit from. NT is neither good nor bad. It is what it is: honest. Thank you NT. “Truth will not set you free. Honesty will.”

ID#895 P.H., 2005-11-05 [ Kirkland, WA]

The Neo-tech (NT) web site and all its material can be a profitable resource for every conscious mind that wants to be free, including PNT members. However, using honest neothinking in analyzing at least the “positive” and “negative” commentators on the site and the movie The Matrix, the answer should be clear: 1) The NT web site creators may have made a mistake in going public and if so 2) should remove itself from the “all seeing eye” of the public—our anticivilization.…Even as the ultimate looser,….did not like his freedom, became a spy, and with no guarantees did whatever it took to go back, even killing those who were born free. Begging the question, I wonder what would happen to those who were born free if they were to be inserted into The Matrix? …Thus, as another rhetorical question, why would the Neo-tech web site creators ask the “public” if NT should stay on the net? Don’t loose site that our anticivilization has a power of its own. As a side note: many of you “positive” and “negative” com-mentors should be wary that NT does not state to have teachers, nor does it state to have “truth’s”, nor is it about anarchy/no government. It’s about a host of things that many of you may have been able to profit from, as I have, but at its core, for me, NT is about honesty (undermining that which is dishonest) and change; it’s about value creating businesses/honest sciences/romantic arts, all for the value of the free conscious mind to profit from. NT is neither good nor bad. It is what it is: honest. Thank you NT. “Truth will not set you free. Honesty will.”

ID#896 A.J., 2005-11-05 [ Johnson City, NY]

I have received limitless values from my book i bought from you 3 years ago. Since that time i have achieved a lot and started 3 buisnesses of my own. Everything started to come to me after I shed the lies and guilt that were holding me back for so long. I am so thankful for the freedom to take my mind back, from those who wished to enslave it. Never again will I engage in wishful thinking and the lies of society, that have been pushed on me since birth. I look forward to a time when more humans free themselves, and as a whole start to evolve. Andrew

ID#898 C.T., 2005-11-05 [ Ashdown, AR]

This is very interesting, but the predictions were for a Neo-Tech world around 2001---I'm interested to know what the current time line would be.

ID#899 J. ., 2005-11-05 [ Chalmers, IN]

Neo-Tech gives back to people what was taken from them at a very young age, "Freedom".

ID#902 S.M., 2005-11-06 [ Pensacola, FL]

At 54 I finaly realized that they (Christianity)were dishonest about God (?). Since then I have been attempting to start over. I have enjoyed Ayn Rand and her Objectivism. It has helped me to understand the basics. I was appalled at the negative comments. I would be interested in more in depth liturature.

ID#905 P.G., 2005-11-06 [ Brooklyn, NY]

Neo-Tech is great information and should be available for all who desire it. I once had the Neo-Tech book, but I'll have to re-purchase it.

ID#907 . ., 2005-11-06 [ , ]

why not wipe out net-tech

ID#908 . ., 2005-11-06 [ , ]

spread stupidity and it will come back and bite you in the ass

ID#909 . ., 2005-11-06 [ , ]

leave neo-tech behind before it destorys you

ID#911 . ., 2005-11-06 [ , ]

keep this website online or the end of civilization-hello- are you rational-nevada must be full of

ID#912 . ., 2005-11-06 [ , ]

work off a negative until-positive-negative-philosophy-I'm so sad.

ID#915 K.T., 2005-11-06 [ Loganville, Ga]

Neo-Tech has been my major source of philosophical grounding since 1986 when I attended the Summit. I have grown to live a more conscious life, find a romantic life partner, and changed professions, all leading to a better, more fullfilled happy life.

ID#917 E.P., 2005-11-07 [ orlando, Florida]

this teahings are the way ive always been thinking now i know there is some one out there ho thinks the same. THANKS.

ID#918 C. ., 2005-11-07 [ , ]

I receive your literature through mail and I'm learning so much. I think it's important that you should remain on the web.

ID#919 P.B., 2005-11-07 [ Mc Cordsville, In]

I'm very intrested in Neo-Tech. I've recieved two of your books now and I cant get enough of the infomation written. I've never been a reader before recieving the Neo-Tech books. I now read those books all the time.

ID#920 B.E., 2005-11-07 [ Auburn, Maine]

I read the mailing and I knew I wanted to know more. The listing told me they would sent me the information I needed to live a happy, conscious, creative, loving, free life. I was told it was absolutely free. I sent for it. It was a book on testimonials and I read it. But I wanted more and now I was told I needed to send a check to get the 1000 page manuscript. I don't have that kind of money. I was so depressed, because I felt that my life could start to open to a wonderful existence, and then it is about money. After I got over being sick to my stomach about the letter telling me that I needed to pay this money, I decided to get on the web to see if I could find a website for Nouveau Tech and here I am. Please send me everything, I want to change my life. I have been extremely depressed and no matter how much I work, and can't make ends meet financially. I want to know how to change my life to be able to live happy, and also to be an example for others. I feel I have a lot of creative energy and I need to beable to express it and make a difference on this earthly place. As I read many parts on your website, I could feel energy oscillating through my body. I just know I want to know more and I am asking you to send me all that I need to make a difference in my life. I am an artist- in music and abstract paintings and I need to express these abilities. I am asking for you to show me the way, to fulfill my life. Sincerely, Bonita Edwards

ID#921 B.K., 2005-11-07 [ Indpls, IN]

I would like to find and join neo-tech networking sites and access the subscription page but cannot seem to access either. Any information and suggestions would be helpful. I feel I have a lot to contribute to this vital establishment.

ID#922 M.W., 2005-11-07 [ LEEDS, W. Yorks., U.K.]

The Neo-Tech manuscripts and Zon Power reveal the ONLY way to live our lives. They have changed my life for the better and the more people who know about Neo-Tech the happier and more prosperous we all will be. Peace will be able to reign on our earth. I cannot thank you enough for Dr. Wallace's work. These books are worth every single penny.

ID#923 j. ., 2005-11-07 [ miami, fl]

I'm interested in the material. seems unique

ID#927 R.S., 2005-11-07 [ Edmonds, WA]

The general public needs to be aware of what is really going on in the world around them.

ID#929 a.m., 2005-11-07 [ , ]

it is more than 10 years that I bought the NT books. Also I have also read the negative comments on NT on the web. I feel I have lost precious time in not utilizing the NT priciples. Can I start again? Is there fresh literature?

ID#932 L.E., 2005-11-07 [ Elmendorf, TX]

Either way, let people decide for themselves. If they want to read & follow the words, it is the right of each individual. No one is being forced to beleive what NT stands for. I want to find out for myself after I receive my 1,000 page book, if I beleive & want to follow what my eyes are opened to. I have read some literature already. As of now, I am not convinced either way.

ID#934 C.w., 2005-11-07 [ amarillo, tx]

I truly do feel for wallace

ID#935 D.M., 2005-11-07 [ u, ]

The information provided by Neo-Tech is priceless. It will open your eyes to the widest scope possible.

ID#936 D.M., 2005-11-07 [ Union, MO]

The knowledge gained through Neo-Tech is priceless. It will open your eyes to the widest scope possible.

ID#937 J.S., 2005-11-07 [ Redwood City, CA]

And I thought all humans were blind. Nice work.

ID#939 J. ., 2005-11-07 [ San Jose, CA]

I'm back yes i'm back so what hey i have come to and end on reading the Story today. Let me tell you is not the way i first read it is more clear tome, Well perhaps you dont understand what i'm trying to say. I know only the Neo-Tech readers might. I dont know if they do neither is not my type of ending not knowing what ever happen to the 12 top secret agents regards the students. As i was finishing the end of the story, i was fasinated by my visions and one of them got to me so hard that i thought about a business and it came truogh for me let tell you. My business is on the web yes on the web is call WWW.LD.NET/? So what do you think about that. Thats just the begining Iknow it well take time ore maybe i well give up and go for another one but i'm not i'm going to stick with it until i get results. Hey its one of my first sites. My first site was freewebsitesofthemonthclub and it did nothing for me i put flyers every where and nothing this happen the second year i had The Book and my relations were going souwer. Well i still have ownership for my first site and it well go back and the internet ones i get sufisient funds. Its one of mini companys and WWW.LD.NET/? Is another and i well cotiniue to find more as i go for now and my mind is been integreated by it more and more thats one of the reasons i did not write last week it kept me and suspece the hall time.I'm looking for the lowest under free advertising you know what i still need to know the differents on what Hosting is and i did research and it was not what i expected i guess i look for a popular corporation like ebay or abc hosting it on one of their sites thats what hosting is iguess for now and advertising is other so i'm going to start with advertising first and then where i could hosted if i would it started 5 years ago i might be owning a home i know for a fact i well not be leaving on the streets yes i'm home less for the readers who dont know who i'm. Well is time for me to go i have only surtain time for me to use the internet so late r for now sincerly WWW.LD.NET/?jfandino

ID#940 L.W., 2005-11-07 [ Chicago, IL]

I think Neo-Tech should remain on the web at least for a while. I is very informative and useful for those in the know. Also for the curious who are still searching.

ID#942 J.P., 2005-11-07 [ Broussard , Louisiana]

Reading the book has been fantastic,finally someone who has the guts to say what should have been said a long time ago, I hope that I can help to inform the world and help in any way that I can. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

ID#943 G. ., 2005-11-08 [ , ]

This is a cogent, concise and refreshing website. It provides a forum for enlightened discussion about our lives and our times.

ID#944 B.y., 2005-11-08 [ Pearland, La]

neo tech has made me a god now i can suck my own dick and make myself feel better by being illusioned by uneducated information.

ID#947 S.I., 2005-11-08 [ Des Hampton, 7580]

'The Book' is one incredible source of info, i ever read. The knowledge i gained is super, and by day it gets more interesting. Insight to this information is what many humans need. That's why accessibility to this page can be for many a hand, motivation, and good read to improve the unthinkable. NEO-TECH for greatness still to come.

ID#949 G.M., 2005-11-08 [ Painesville, OH]

I think that one page describing the most fundamental values of the nouveau/neo-tech society and it's goals would be most effective for the general public. Worded in such a way that ONLY portrays the basic positive values and goals of the society, void of any negative statements about anything. Simple and positive! What is needed though, is a forum for society members only, to interact, share ideas, collaborate.

ID#951 r.v., 2005-11-08 [ redding , CA]

Could someone acknowledge that I sent back a copy of book 2 that I received in error? I was supposed to receive book 3 and then be allowed to participate in the web meetings. Please let me know and thank you.

ID#956 t.b., 2005-11-08 [ gig harbor, wa]

It's our only hope!

ID#959 Z.S., 2005-11-09 [ Pendleton, Oregon]

Bravo....keep up the good work!!

ID#962 A.W., 2005-11-09 [ Burbank, CA]

I was sent literature in the mail, which I misplaced. I would like to see it again.

ID#964 C.C., 2005-11-09 [ sacramento, ca]


ID#965 M.B., 2005-11-09 [ Seattle, WA]

Excited to have discovered this. Can't wait to read more. It sounds very exciting.

ID#966 a. ., 2005-11-09 [ nanos, anaoq]

i have read some of the negative comments and some of the positive comments. yet i still wonder wether i should send my letter i got in the mail to receive my very own issue of THE BOOK. Before i read the negative comments i thought it was a great idea. i thought this is what i have been waiting for, i knew i would be rich i knew i would be rich my whole life but with this book i would know how to achieve my goal in life.

ID#967 a. ., 2005-11-09 [ nanos, anaoq]

i have read some of the negative comments and some of the positive comments. yet i still wonder wether i should send my letter i got in the mail to receive my very own issue of THE BOOK. Before i read the negative comments i thought it was a great idea. i thought this is what i have been waiting for, i knew i would be rich i knew i would be rich my whole life but with this book i would know how to achieve my goal in life.

ID#970 R. ., 2005-11-09 [ , ]

After reading the material it appears to be completely irrelevant. And if one wants to continue to spout off about lefe irrelevant, I believe they have the right to do so. The material very cleverly steers away from telling you anything concrete. Instead, it concentrates on telling you why it is so vital, and then leaves out the vital part.

ID#973 A.C., 2005-11-09 [ denver, CO]

This is truley a life saver. For those of you who are against this book all I can say is you must not have read it, because it is clearly what commonsence should be for everyone.

ID#974 C.W., 2005-11-09 [ Amarillo, Tx]

I want to know about employment web sites. I can not find them

ID#975 D.S., 2005-11-10 [ Tucson, AZ]

I was wondering if you have a complete list of all the book's you've published, If so could you send me the list. Also do you personally still sell your literature to the public. One last question is "The Neo-Tech Discovery" the same as "The Zonpower Discovery"? Thank You P.S. Keep up the good work!

ID#976 A.C.,@YAHOO.COM 2005-11-10 [ LAMBERTVILLE, NJ]

i know have the two of three ed. i feel realy close to the things im reading.In highscool i walked at apark by my house 18 i made wish i wonted to be a photographer in 3 mounths i was working for one of the top ten photo in NY. MY LIFE went on like this never trying to make alot of money just art. at 32 i came back to NJ the life became well not for me. strated wrighting made the same wish at the same place in afew weeks was ghoust wrighting for ateenage chapter book.this time my mind feels like ther is 10 pounds of concreat in it . the books are a light i need to go to. Iwas woundering about the ten sec miracle and the 114 short cuts to money. Iwont my luck back I feel not in controle.

ID#977 A.C.,@YAHOO.COM 2005-11-10 [ LAMBERTVILLE, NJ]

i know have the two of three ed. i feel realy close to the things im reading.In highscool i walked at apark by my house 18 i made wish i wonted to be a photographer in 3 mounths i was working for one of the top ten photo in NY. MY LIFE went on like this never trying to make alot of money just art. at 32 i came back to NJ the life became well not for me. strated wrighting made the same wish at the same place in afew weeks was ghoust wrighting for ateenage chapter book.this time my mind feels like ther is 10 pounds of concreat in it . the books are a light i need to go to. Iwas woundering about the ten sec miracle and the 114 short cuts to money. Iwont my luck back I feel not in controle.

ID#978 O.M., 2005-11-10 [ DC, ]

This site has good & bad information but I follow my own theory and beliefs and one of them is:let everyone believe what they want and not destroy what they believe but understand and respect it. I believe everthing has 2 sides: a good and a bad, its up to us to find the good and enforce or practice it and reject the bad. That goes for every religion and political idea.Who are we to say that one idea is totally unaceptable.

ID#979 P.T., 2005-11-10 [ El Cajon, California]

I wish to relate a small but significant experience that happened to me. It happened last night. Wednesday, November 9. I was rereading My Package Of Inner Circle Secrets, I was within the passages that related to Neo-Tech, The Philosophical Zero. When an individual approached me. I had made a snap judgment that the individual was a gang banger; with all the negative assumptions that goes with that snap judgment. However, he asked me what book I was reading and what was it about. I proceeded to tell him that it was about using your mind differently and more effectively than one had ever had before. I also told him that it was about business. He then wanted to see book's cover. I showed him. And told him that if he had Internet access he would be able get his own copy of the book. He indicated that he had emblazoned the title in his memory. He then told me that it was an honor to meet me, a reader who is trying to actively improve his mind. He apparently, had a run-in with some friends that he had argued with and he was frustrated with not being able to persuade them. I had thanked him for flattering me-I being much older than him, he didn't have to say that! We shook hands, and seeing the impairment in my right hand and along my right side, he spontaneously said: "I expect the book that you're reading will be able to help you recover the full use of your hand, too!" However this is not the best part. There was a transit cop. Who accuse me of loitering at the trolley stop that I was at reading my book. He proceeded to act belligerent with me, and called other officers to surround me. But there was no fear that radiated out of me. I calmly told him that I was astonished at his behavior and attitude and that I was bothering no one. I showed him my trolley pass and told him I was waiting for next trolley that came along, and because of my stroke I had always done this way. And that he was the first transit cop to accuse me of loitering-because this was something that had always done in days previous. He told me that he was doing his job. And again I told him, and that I was surprised at his attitude and more than a little amazed. The officers who had surrounded us both looked at me, like they never saw me before, or more accurately, like they saw me for the first time. I had verbally gotten the upper hand of the situation. I left him with a face-saving way out of the situation. And I was never in any danger. Reviewing this incident in my mind that I rode the trolley. I realize, quickly and if my mind was not saturated with Neo-tech principles there would been a far different outcome in these two situations. I am stoked! This is a sign/example/symbol, that everything that was promised me I can attain. I had to tell somebody would appreciate this! Thank you for reading this.

ID#980 S.D., 2005-11-10 [ DePere, WI]

Yes I would like to see more...But I'm not really sure where I'm going with that when I say I want to see more. Because it's hard for me to get to a computer. You see I don't own one. So my time is limited when I am able to check out sites. For example I'm at work on a friends laptop currently checking any E-mail's. So I would love to log on to a specific site when needed. And thank you for finding me.

ID#982 W.B., 2005-11-10 [ Rapid City, SD]

I have found the information here to be very rudimentary and very crudely assembled. Jayne's work is very important, but it is only one very small piece of the puzzle of man's origins. Additionally, I've found the presentation to be rather unbalanced, and therefore, "unscientific," even though science and Secular Humanism are strongly promoted as the "ultimate authority." To replace one "authority" with another undercuts the logical premise of this work. Science itself proves that many of the conclusions that this work is based upon are false, if not logically fallacious. i.e. The Physics of Consciousness and leading scientific work in quantum mechanics proves that much of what is said in this work is based upon mere presumption, which is intellectual arrogance. An honest study of ancient history, myth, legends and comparative religions, will also lead one to this conclusion. That said, some of the information here is worthy of consideration, if one can even begin to tolerate the nerve-grating hypocrisy that is contained within almost every paragraph. As quoted by Socrates, "Follow the evidence wherver it leads." ...but first, one must find the evidence. Sadly,this work completely ignores the plethora of evidence that is contrary to it's premise.

ID#983 R. ., 2005-11-10 [ Petersburg, VA]

I want to join the army of the people

ID#985 r.s., 2005-11-10 [ marietta, ok]

people should be able to read what ever is printed and make there own opinion on it's usefulness.

ID#988 J.M., 2005-11-10 [ BEAVERTON , OR]

i want a job.

ID#990 E.S., 2005-11-11 [ Durham, N.C.]

Go neo-tech. It open my eyes.

ID#991 E.S., 2005-11-11 [ Durham, N.C.]

Go neo-tech. It open my eyes.

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