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C. L. W. C-106

I am now on my third reading of Vol. II and feel I must write. The first reading was quite chilling and exciting, now on my third its awesome. Where before I saw normality I now see cheating, its amazing they are everywhere, what is really awful is to realize you have been a cheater.

I have spent 15 years in search of something and thought I had found life's answers on several occasions, but having read Dr. Wallace I realize I have not only been cheated but have been completely mugged. Oh how sad it is, millions are kept down poor and starving, guilt is foisted on everyone at all levels, it is pitiful.

We have seen religious leaders fall down from grace. Usually called lust, we see the Pope foisting guilt on millions. Now when I look at the so called leaders of religion, I see great actors living and praying for miracles that never happen -- everyday is the same: wishing, praying. I've done it myself -- its easier than taking full responsibility.

I am 34 years of age, married with one daughter who thank goodness (I nearly said thank God) we have not pushed into any religious belief -- she's free, thank you.

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