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Carl N. R6961

I acquired Neo-Tech in Feb., mostly because the ideas of controlling others and sexual immortality intrigued me. When I read the information what intrigued me more was a philosophy so unlike anything and everything I have ever known. I am nearly a year removed from that February in which I stayed up nights reading the Neo-Tech body of knowledge; it seems like much longer. It's been very hard and also very fulfilling to implement Neo-Tech into my life. For me, it has been a struggle. Ever since my earliest childhood memory I have been plagued by a mysticism very internal and very profound. It drove me often to depression as somehow my thought pattern became eased implicitly on the idea that I simply existed for the sake of other people. I was not aware of my true self because I thought that it was not I that counted so I imitated and even thought as others would. I was extremely unhappy as I let others guide almost every aspect of my life. Healthy relationships could not exist between myself and other people, and I stuck to myself for the most part. I knew that I was different, and I thought I had to change. I couldn't change. My subconscious gave me signals often of nervousness, anxiousness, depression, no self confidence, and little self esteem. I could not contradict it, though I tried. I now know that I was headed for some form of disaster or another. If Neo-Tech had not arrived, I can only guess as to where I would have ended up and of what kind of person I would have been.

I now have the tools to identify all external authority and dismiss it for what it's worth. I know when I'm being lazy and I know the cause of my problem now that I have Mark Hamilton's "Iron Grip Control..." and "The Grand Event" tapes. I also know how to achieve honest power to become a success in every aspect of my life.

As my horizons broaden and I acquire more and more experience with Neo-Tech and Neothink, my once deep-rooted disease shrinks faster and faster as it disperses into pockets of thought that I can identify and eradicate by destroying their fundamental cause.

My life is really looking up. My self-esteem, confidence, and net happiness has improved immensely. I now know what guiltless enjoyment is about.

In closing, I would like to express my excitement for Neo-Tech and for life itself. Consider me a part of RIBI as I myself will also strive in my rational best interests to create the conditions to make biological immortality possible. Two months ago I turned 18. I will soon be off on my own and I can't thank enough all the happy people who have made Neo-Tech possible for me at this crucial point in my life. I am looking forward to a life of unlimited growth, happiness, and potential and I appreciate all the values that have and will make all this possible. They are a supreme Human Achievement!

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