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Dennis V. R-5282

I am seventeen years old and have just completed my first reading of Neo-Tech I-V. When I first received the Neo-Tech advertisement sheet, I was so thrilled at what I thought it had to offer. I saw it as a book that would teach easy techniques in which to make money and get girls. I figured I would be rich by the time I left high school, and would soon become the biggest stud on Long Island. Of course, it turned out that I was mistaken in many ways. Neo-Tech does not give step-by-step techniques but it does give something more important -- objective reality based on facts and statistics. It taught me that there is no real long-range pleasure in being a "big stud", and that if I want to be rich, its going to come about through hard work. I found out what life is actually about, and how the government, neocheaters, and all mystics exist on lies that distort, and totally avoid reality. And I finally learned the truth about the God concept.

I used to be a DIE-HARD Christian in which I would curse anyone for not totally devoting their lives to Christ. I hated Catholics because of their hypocrisy towards what they themselves preached (humility, pray in a private place, etc.). I had accepted the Bible, as what Frank Wallace would call " a package of truth". I believed it as true reality, that would remain unchanged. So you could imagine my shock on reading Neo-Tech. It put down everything I believed in. I felt I had thrown away $100, for nothing. But being the open minded person I am, I read Neo-Tech's side of the story. It was so logical and comprehensive, that I began questioning the religion in which I have grown up with all of my life! I actually prayed for sign that would tell me if I was doing the right thing. I asked "God" to prove his existence by giving me a massive miracle, or I would abort him from my life completely. (As you probably guessed, I am now 100% Atheist.) I now know "heaven" was created from the fear of death. And when an error-free method for biological immortality is developed, the idea of "heaven" will become useless and will eventually fade. I now look at the Bible as a fun book to read for sparking up the imagination as does Ulysses, novels by Stephen King, or anything to do with fantasy. No mystic can ever control me through "God" again.

But not only has Neo-Tech helped take away mystical views from my life, it has also brought up my high school grade average nearly 20 points from what it used to be before Neo-Tech. In my first three years of high school, I had an approximate average of 67%. I had fallen into a deep depression as a result of all the mystics and neocheaters that surrounded me. But because of Neo-Tech, I have become a happier, more self-confident, productive individual. My average is now 87% and rising. Neo-Tech was the incentive and the morale booster that I needed to study harder and improve my life.

Finally, I would like to thank those who introduced me to Neo-Tech, and entered me into their world. I'm happy to have received such information at such an early age, I have lots of time to build my own empire and hopefully have Biological Immortality in my lifetime. (If the world isn't blown up by that time). Neo-Tech has changed my views on life and the people that surround me. The first reading has knocked down the walls of mysticism, the second reading shall put me on my way to life!

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