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Frank E.-2000

I received the NT material a few years ago and bought it because I thought that Frank Wallace was insane. I remember reading the flyer and thinking, "Either this guy is right on or he is so out of it that he will give me years of material to write about." He was right on.

I devoured the Zonpower manual in just a few days and kept thinking, "Now what do I do with this stuff?"

I immediately started applying this thinking to my job and found something that few ever get in the business world, I got security. By following the bottom line, I was able to essentially cement myself into a position that even the worst downsizing event could not pry me from. When the company looked like it was going to go under, I was able to spot this trend and get out before panic set in. Within a year of my departure, the company folded up.

At my new job, I dealt with Neo-Cheaters from hell. To make a long story short: They don't mess with me. I sent many an experienced Neo-Cheater back to his or her corner with a busted face. I can outmaneuver these losers without even thinking.

I took on a second job recently just for the hell of it. Neo-Tech enabled me to again spot trends and take over. I had numerous dealings with frustrated customers and was able to resolve nearly every one of their problems. I often went outside my realm of authority without interference and took care of situations simply because I insisted on maintaining the company's bottom line. I made all raises on time and blew out all standards of perfomance, nobody could touch me. They hated to see me go.

I think that the only problem with NT is that people often expect instant riches. This does not happen. The closest you get to instant anything is instant insight. While insight is a good, it can be a poor provider if you don't have the leg to go the distance. The leg is the thing that separates the winners from the losers. I got the leg and I got it from NT.

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