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Mike K. C-106

I am 16 yrs old, and live in a religious-infested region of the Southeast. Ever since I can remember, I was given a free (?) choice about what to believe. (e.g. Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism etc., but not Atheism). Given my "free" choice, I chose a little-know, religious organization in California, by the name of Astara.

Then, one day, something big happened. A large, brown package arrived in my mailbox. It was Neo-Tech.

I must say, Neo-Tech really shook me up. But only recently, after having Neo-Tech for nine months have I discovered my mistake. I was using clever rationalizations to remove the authorities of mysticism (as defined in Neo-Tech), and replacing them with the authority of Neo-Tech. The problem was and still is, to a certain extent, that I'm afraid to go it alone. I need to follow something instead of being independent.

Since I have discovered my mistake, I have run into some Kantian philosophy. The conflict between Kant and Neo-Tech prompted me to re-evaluate my life and surroundings. I now have four absolutes that I live by. (Not authoritatively)

1) I want of Live -- Life enhancing or diminishing?

2) I want to Excel -- Excellence, can I excel?

3) I want only Truth -- True or camouflaged Untruths?

4) I want Happiness -- Happiness, can I achieve it?

Thus, I have the LETH method with which I evaluate everything now.

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