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Ron S., 595210-9

At 12:52 PM 1/21/96 -0800,

Read Neo-Tech six years ago -- all five hundred plus pages. My life's direction and velocity immediately changed 180 degrees, and from glacier to far in excess of Mach speeds.

The fundamental concepts, with work, quickly convert into a fuel that has and continues to propel my engine at speeds that render the mach unit of measure meaningless -- am no where near the after burn. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Looking back, it is so far away, I remember the difficulty I had understanding each concept -- having to read each one numerous times and ponder its meaning. I remember the emphasis placed by Dr. Wallace on learning how to integrate and the associated difficulty. I continuously fell off the bike and got cut up -- being tenacious I stuck to it. Today I see life through a lens that crystallizes the reality at play, not through a lens that someone else wants me to look through. Through this lens I saw that the first thing that had to change was me. I made and continue to make the necessary changes. The knowledge, understanding and the skills I have acquired defy quantification -- they are truly priceless.

I now and always will thank Neo-Tech.


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