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Roy J. J-130

Several weeks ago I received my manuscript of Neo-Tech. Thanks! First off, I am a Southern Baptist preacher and I first ordered Neo-Tech in 1980. I returned it, for I was not ready then. Finally, I ordered again this year because you continued to send me advertisements in the mail. Thanks again!

This time, you included the Neo-Tech instructions. These helped more than you will ever know. Also, this time I was ready for Neo-Tech.

I have resigned my church effective June 3. I have gone to work in sales. I am now at concept 92 and enjoying the new knowledge I am gaining.

I did not realize how effective guilt was until I began reading Neo-Tech II.

I now want as many as possible to get Neo-Tech. This information must get into the hands of all producers that are ready for it.

I want to learn more from Dr. Wallace. I have never met nor heard of a man like him before. Already he has saved me from Christianity and the Church of Scientology.

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