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Stepan K., 499080-10

My majors at Duke are Pre-Med and Computer Science. I want to earn an M.D. and Ph. D. degree in Neuroscience, and become a Neurosurgeon. I am concerned about the damage in medicine done by Clinton's Health Care and increasing government regulation/socialization. If necessary, I will work towards collapsing mysticism in medicine -- not only to secure my happiness in my career, but for the rest of society. I want to research Biological Immortality, and am eager to network with any individual with like goals. I also want to network with others in the realm of business -- I need to amass the funds to support my research projects.

I have implemented Neo-Tech concepts in every facet of my life...from the DTC to exercising daily, to a liberating, incredible romantic love relationship, to competence in studies and business ventures and beyond. By applying the Neo-Tech concepts consistently, I have attained a future career potential, and a level of happiness -- completely unbeknownst to those around me.

On the other hand, the intensity of happiness and life I have experienced makes the Plato world that much more unbearable and...with each step I take into Neo-Tech, the more painful becomes the realization of the world as it is now, with many problems, and much work to be done. I still default the flounder at times, and would like the push of like-minded people to catapult me into success and beyond.

I have set as my life goal the attainment of Biological Immortality through medicine and business.

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