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D.D.,, 5/31/01
Just cant wait for all of those blind peoples out there too wake up and smell the roses

Lee,, 5/31/01
Neo-Tech gives me a reason to want to live forever.

,, 5/31/01
Great site.

J. Y. Givens-Simmons,, 5/29/01
I have heard a great deal about neo-tech from a couple of friends that own and read The Book. I am woman, single parent of a teenage son, and I have been looking for information that might help my son to see that there is so much more to life than a party. In the course of my looking and learning, I have found myself, that there is so much more to life than I ever realized. Basically, I have known innately that my life should be different and I was the master of how to make it happen however, I always felt so overwhelmed by the changes that I tried to make that I just couldn't maintain it or make any long term changes. I want so much to feel more fulfilled by my life and to demonstrate to my son as well as others that through finding yourself, you can find all there is in the world in terms of happiness, love, joy, and success. I am so excited.

R.A.,, 5/29/01
Neo-Tech is about to go exponential.

a.z.,, 5/28/01, U.S.
this is amazing, the reality realized by these principals is just mind-altering

G.B.,, 5/28/01, u.s.
Helpful in my everyday life.

R.m.,, 5/28/01
l have enjoyed the mind opening effects, I was a Methodist preacher for 23ys, these readings have opened up so much that was closed to me during those years.

G.C.,, 5/28/01

M.D.,, 5/27/01
It (The Story)is a sweet story and is reminiscent of realities we humans have suffered far too long with.

G.R.,, 5/26/01
Should Neo-Tech remain on the Web? Should sincere honesty be the relevant framework of all truth? Is coherence necessary within the context of an evolving hierarchy of values? Is effort not required to provide results? This heroic work, this brain-sweated effort of passion...that has produced understanding without contradictions in the new order of thought, a new high standard of categoric distinctions known as Neo-Think, must not only continue but expand. Let it begin now with each of us. The risks have been taken and the obstacles overcome except for our own deceptions of belief that we need take no action in our own regards. Neo-Tech Is.

T.A.,, 5/26/01
I write to you about my neo-tech experience. 7 months ago I ordered your 'Book' and I've read it cover to cover. What do you say, when simple security guard becomes a millionaire? You say: read the 'Book'. Yes, it took me only seven months to gain wealth, and only credit to this is to 'The Book'.

J.T.,, 5/25/01
Neo-Tech has allowed me to change my life Neo-Tech started my brain again.

NG,, 5/25/01
I can' explain it! but so exciting the neo-tech matrix is becoming more complete in my mind each day! I am effortlessly gaining the love, money power advantages. its as spooky as you said.

A.D.,, 5/25/01
Never take this site off the web. It is wonderful. I love the book and info that comes from it. They have changed my life forever.

J.E.,, 5/24/01

s.h.,, 5/22/01
Neo-Tech freed me. I am not under the control of anyone. I have learned not to be ignorant and having access to Neo-Tech on the web is a necessity for my growing understanding of people.

Jose "MadMex" Gonzalez,, 5/21/01
Thank you very, very much for sharing too much vital, unprecedented, threatening, classified TOP SECRET Information with everybody. I Love you!!!! You stir my inspiration and understanding of this evil & chaotic world.

C.D.,, 5/20/01
Incredibly valuable.

D.W.,, 5/19/01
The words synchronize with my mind.

J.S.,, 5/19/01, United Kingdom
I am only just starting on the path to God-Man, although I feel that I have always known that the path was there. Every step is opening my eyes further and this Web Site is a major contributor to my success. Thank you.

n.c.,, 5/19/01
Excellent web site. It's very informative and practical. If one follows the teachings, it will have a positive impact on your life. It has surely helped me. Keep up the good work!

T.C.,, 5/19/01
Deep inside I know what's really going on and I know I can change my situation. I won't give up and thank you for all of the GREAT WORK you have published over the years.

ted,, 5/18/01
This site offers truths that the Christian churches have professed as evil. I commend you on your noble actions to uncover thousands of years of proselytizing.

J.F.,, 5/18/01
I extend tremendous thanks to Dr. F. R. Wallace, his family, and associates. Growing up mystified, I always wanted to be someone else, somewhere else, some other time. Since I read Neo-Tech I enjoy myself, here, now, forever.

D.T.,, //
When I saw the neo-tech web site, I got as excited as when I first started reading The Book. I love everything that the Neo-Tech team is trying to do. You people are great! The Book as forever changed my life. I will do my best to bring great values to society one day. I don't know if I could have done it without neo-tech.

J.S.,, //
Reading 'The Book' & 'The Story' is the best mind opening experience. I thank you for all the valuable information. Best Regards, J.S.

R.S.,, 5/16/01
First, I would like to thank all the people that have worked so hard to bring the Neo-Tech to our world. The information contained in the writings has changed my life for better. Don't stop trying to get the message of total integrated honesty out to the our world. The betterment of our future depends on the honesty of all individuals.

T.D.,, 5/16/01
Every since I started reading neo-Tech, my mind is clearer, my life is better and my career has skyrocketed. I believe its all because of Neo-Tech.

J.S.,, 5/15/01
I just recently purchased Mark Hamilton's book, 'Get Rich By 2001'. It is one of the best books I have ever read.

t.l.,, 5/15/01

P.V.,, 5/15/01
The time for enrichment is here. I hank you for this opportunity to study something revolutionary of thought and growth. I

I.R.,, 5/12/01
I can say it has changed my life for the better.

H.k.,, 5/12/01, KANAGAWA 246-0013 JAPAN
I wish that this site is seen by the people of the world. Based on experience and thinking by the discovery of neo-technology I am thanking for that impresses it. I wish that works with the pace of the self in the future. The next program is looking forward to coming.

john,, 5/12/01
I think this web site is a valuable tool for the honest minded person.. It is a great tool for people seeking to learn more about reality.

J.D.,, 5/12/01
'The Book has help me understand why people do the things they do. They say one thing yet they do the other thing quicker.

A.S.,, 5/12/01, japan
Neo-Tech is wonderful.

J. W.,, 5/9/01, U.S.A

M Smith,, 5/9/01, AUSTRALIA
Please send me more information on seeing life and people as they really are instead of as they con me into thinking. I am 50 but feel like I am just beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

t.b.,, 5/8/01
In such a world we have today where people want to live at the expense of every one else we need neo-tech more than ever

Ari-B.V.,, 5/8/01
When I first began reading Neo-Tech I felt as though I'd just awoke from a deep sleep that lasted my whole life up to that point. To say that the information was an eye-opener is an understatement. As I began reading the first pages of my Neo-Tech manuscript, I had no idea that I was embarking on a journey in which there was no return. I'm not the same person I was the day before reading Neo-Tech. Thanks for opening my eyes!

j.k.,, 5/8/01
I'm a 44 year old man with a B.A. in economics, yet I feel I've learned more from your web site, than in 16 years of public schooling. I feel as though I am taking a graduate course in life studies. Please continue!

C.M.,, 5/8/01
Still using Neo-Tech and still laughing at all of the pathetic competition from those who aren't. However, I greatly await the day when we can end Neo-Tech Dynamics and Start Zon Dynamics worldwide. Then I won't have to laugh at all the ridiculous competition because everyone will be an asset to everyone else instead of a cut-throat competitor. Spread Neo-Tech!

J.S.,, 5/8/01, U.S.
I am an owner of the Neo-Tech Manuscript since 1990. It has Literally changed my life and perspective on all of human existence. Please

W.J., , 5/7/01, uk
Dear Neo-Tech Your works are a necessity in any persons life to progress and have a fuller and happier life with eyes wide open. You MUST stay on the web. I am a better person because of the things I have learned from The Book.

D.G.,, 5/7/01
The world needs your message. It is amazing how many people do not want to control their own lives. People need to think for themselves.

N.B., Berkeley.EDU, 5/6/01
I discover at least one great truth every time I come here. And, of course, with knowledge and truth comes power. And with power, comes control. Control over myself and over others who chose to ignore Neo-Tech.

L.B.,, 5/5/01
I like the honest truth that you have displayed, and wish everyone had the ability to understand the principals.

G.M.,, 5/5/01
IT is good to know that someone is still seeking the truth in this age of uncertainty.

P.M.,, 5/4/01
Neo-Tech is beyond compare!

C.H.,, 5/4/01, England
Neo- Tech has changed my life forever... when I first read Neo-Tech I was told that I might find much for which I fundamentally disagreed; however, this was not something that happened to me. I very quickly became emotionally attached to the stunning identifications of Frank Wallace and never in my life had I read anything to which I so heartily agreed. In reading the 'Long Wave' I felt like I had discovered the meaning of life. I cannot describe the overwhelming emotional (and physical) high I felt on integrating this article... I felt ten-feet-tall. I spent four years day after day reading and re-reading the Neo-Tech Discovery and other Neo-Tech works that I continually added to my Neo-Tech arsenal. I have now started my own Internet business and have found my 'friday night essence' ... telly is now a complete turn off for me, and the times that I do watch it (very seldom) I find myself restless and fidgety in wanting to get back to my computer. I am not yet God-Man but at times I get such a searing energy burst of sheer joy through my body that I wonder to myself... 'am I experiencing God-Man?'

m.s., , 5/4/01
It has transformed my life.

P.L.,, 5/3/01
I believe that Neo-tech is the solution to the great problems we face in our time.

E.S.,, 5/3/01, Germany
Y E S Of course I want this site to remain on the Internet. It's one of the few really important pages out there!

T.J.,, 5/3/01
YES ! We have WON at last ! IMMORTALITY is ours and everything that accompanies progress that is absent from mysticism. The mental global geometric --> shift --> is continuing to accelerate as electrical impulses are using cleaner energies mind-wise. The end are the days when blown out and 'burnt out' thought circuitry was constant, now it is nearly non-existent. The next electricity account will be expensive. At last! Gigantic thoughts are possible, N-T can turn anyone into a scientist!

MAP,, 5/3/01, transient
This site offers invaluable tools to remove a defect in the brain called 'mental-blindness' this site should definitely stay as the mind constantly evolves, sometimes in wrong directions! (mysticism, false beliefs) N-T corrects the deficiencies by offering a different window or snapshot into reality the way it really is. Once the materials are read a new energy fuses in the brain that has the capability of 'defying' normal laws of logic! The beauty of it is you continue to see reality as you perceived originally you don't lose anything, but one gains the second language of N-T; originality fires in all directions this is the new 'invisible' energy! Basically put, N-T gives one new logic and it is within that package that one can see and understand reality from other angles. Upon this discovery one may be temporarily 'shocked' from such a rude awakening but i promise you, life will be extremely interesting after the readings of this literature.

J.C.,, 5/1/01
Magnificent site!

S.F.,, 5/1/01
Two days ago I found 'The Story' and have not been able to put it down. I only stopped today to send a note of THANKS. I've been against the anticivilization for as long as I can remember, but never understood why until now. Thank you for allowing me to see that my feelings were NOT wrong, as you have provided proof to the questions I have had all my 40 years. How do we go about electing a neo-tech president?

G.W.,, 5/1/01
Neo-Tech has turned my life around and filled me with relentless ambition. Now I know why I have to watch out for lazy people and I have to make sure not to get lazy myself. Both my mind and body are stronger than ever and many people look up to me. When people ask me what I believe in I say myself! Keep up the good work and keep fighting for freedom!!!!

L.T.,, 5/1/01, Canada
After knowing about and studying neo-tech for over 10 years, I am certainly convinced of the great benefit received in all areas of my life. the little manual on ridding oneself of alcohol, drugs and coffee is worth its weight in gold. of course, stay on the web. millions of people are hearing about your life saving, life changing and enlightening material. it is so far above the stupidity taught in schools and religious halls.

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