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Neo-Tech Orientation and Definitions 1 page

Money/Power/Love Advantages 115 pages
The Nature of Man and Woman
Child of the Past
Carving One's Own Destiny
Dogma and Rules Eliminated
Good and Bad Actions
Abandoning The Neocheaters
Prosperity and Happiness Goals
Happiness Test
Rewards from Life
The Highest Cause
Self-Esteem and the Rewards of Life
Unjust Criticism and Guilt
Sense of Life
Self-Growth vs. Selfless View
Avoiding Sacrifice
Retaining Happiness
Overcoming Altruistic Ethics
Benefits from Romantic-Love
Religious/"Playboy"/Psychuous Views
Requirements for Psychuous Pleasures
Psychuous vs. Sensuous
Psychuous Experiences
Psychuous Capacity
Other Books vs. Neo-Tech
Valuable Books
Harmful Books
Mysticism and Destruction
Who Created Existence
Techniques of Mysticism
Tools of Destruction
Astrology, UFOs, and Other Myths
Existentialism and its Influence
Seventeen-Hundred-Years of Oppression
Aesthetic Pleasures
Value of Emotions
Emotions and Reality
Religious Condemnation of Emotions
Fear of Emotions
Emotions of Fear; Value of Fearlessness
Fear of Rejection; Risk Taking
Independent Judgment; Opinion of Others
Casual vs. Serious Sex
Multiple Partners and Values Systems
Relationship Errors
Achieving Psychuous Pleasures
Ending a Relationship
Handling Problems
Guiltless Freedom
Injustice of Jealousy
Poison Core of Jealousy
Unnecessary Aging
Parents as Scapegoats
Adolescent, Premarital, Nonmarital Love
Seduction: Casual, Serious, Mutual
Physical Beauty/Sexual Roles
Psychuous Pleasures
Natural Phenomena
Personal Appearance
Physical Fitness, Diet, Addictions
Alcohol, Drugs, Sugar, and Mysticism
Aphrodisiacs -- Negative and Positive
Romantic Love and the DTC Technique
Romantic-Love Standards
Three Segments of Romantic Love
Two Types of Romantic Love
Individual Uniqueness; Personal Worth
Capacity to Change
Finding Partners and Bypassing Shyness
Shyness -- Causes and Cures
Equality of Men and Women
Housewife, Children, "Greatness"
Potential of Women, 1300 BC through Today
Nature of Emotions; Self-Responsibility
Natural Highs
Joy and Happiness
Philosophy for Romantic-Love
Aristotle vs. Plato
Humor and Sense of Life
Taboos vs. Voluntary Sex Acts
Initiatory Force -- The Prime Evil
Oppression vs. Freedom
Constitution for Prosperity
Dismissing 3000 Years of Mysticism
Protecting Children from Mystics
Rejecting Mystics and Neocheaters
Power, Plato, Aristotle, and Neo-Tech
Freedom, Responsibility, and Prosperity
Neo-Tech in Business
Protection From Government
Government Death Machines
Suicide Option
Obscenity Laws and Censorship
Failure-To-Judge Syndrome
Objective Thinking vs. Emotional Thinking
Four Levels of Communication
Communication in Romantic Love
Productiveness and Happiness
Growth Death and Psyche Death
Three Steps to Biological Immortality
Malefactors and Envy
Envy and Laziness
Neo-Tech Versus Altruism
Plato, Aristotle, and Neo-Tech
Value of Art
Self-Awareness vs. Mystical "Awareness"
Beyond Understanding
Value Theft vs. Value Exchange
Value Exchange/Friendship/Romantic Love
Understanding Justice and Love
Facts and Justice
The Neo-Tech Solution to Racism
Vertical/Horizontal Thinking vs. Dreaming
The Best Period of History -- Now
Youth-Rejuvenating Immortality Now

Global Wealth Power! 31 pages
Table of Contents
Capture a Global Empire of Wealth!
Break Out into a Worldwide, Hellocentric-Like Mode
Chapter 1: Forty-Four Wealth-Power Secrets
Chapter 2: The Pick-Their-Brains Technique
Chapter 3: Seek the Complicated
Chapter 4: Cost Discipline: The Difference Between Success and Failure
Chapter 5: Integrated Thinking: The Essence of Power and Wealth
Chapter 6: Always Seek Competitive Knowledge and Commercial Experience
Chapter 7: The Neo-Tech Approach to Job Success
Chapter 8: The Neo-Tech Approach to Management
Chapter 9: How to Recognize Values and Make Increasingly Wide-Scope Integrations
Chapter 10: What Is Neothink?
Chapter 11: The Value-Draining, Black-to-Red Mode Versus the Value-Building, Red-to-Black Mode
Chapter 12: Dictate Your Own Terms and Set Your Own Conditions
Chapter 13: Question Traditional, Sound-Good Advice
Chapter 14: The Persistency Concept
Chapter 15: Way-Out, Fringe Ideas
Chapter 16: The Money-Essence Concepts of Global Business: Part A
Chapter 17: The Money-Essence Concepts of Global Business: Part B
Chapter 18: The Money-Essence Concepts of Global Business: Part C
Chapter 19: Starting Your International Business
Environmentalism: The Coming Mass Destruction
Why the Economy, Along With Everyone's Standard of Living, Will be Destroyed by Our Big-Government Welfare State
Spotting and Dumping the Criminal Mind
The Destruction of a Wealth and Jobs Creator by Parasitical-Elites
The Avoidance of Integrated Thinking and Forward-Essence Movement Is at the Root of All External Authority
Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
Reject Integration-Blocking Mysticism to Capture Supra-Happiness

Selected Portions from the Neo-Tech Discovery 17 pages
Neo-Tech I -- Neocheating: The Prediscovery
Neo-Tech III -- Controlling Bicameral Minds of People
Neo-Tech IV -- Business Success and Predicting Stock Prices
Neo-Tech V -- Achieving Commercial Biological Immortality
Article 1: The Neo-Tech Philosophy -- The Widest Integration
Article 2: The Cosmic Mind
Neo-Tech and Money
Appendix A -- Neo-Tech Advantages
Appendix B -- Neo-Tech Matrix
Appendix C -- The Neo-Tech Discovery
Appendix D -- Why Neo-Tech Succeeds
Appendix E -- The Secret of Non Sequiturs
Appendix F -- Achieving Commercial Biological Immortality
Supra Power: Route to Omnipotence in Business and Love
Appendix G -- Neo-Tech and Business
Other Neo-Tech Information


Zonpower from Cyberspace 46 pages
Page i
Table of Contents
Cover 2
Page ii
New Words and Concepts
Chapter 1, Boundless Prosperity
Chapter 2, Your Journey to Zonpower
Chapter 3, Seven Waves
Chapter 4, Zon's Force Field
Chapter 5, Physics Behind Zonpower
Chapter 6, A Cosmology of Infinite Riches
Chapter 7, Gravity Units
Chapter 8, Unlocking the Secrets to Limitless Wealth
Chapter 9, Birth of Parasitical Elites in America
Chapter 10, Who is Wasting Your Brief Life
Chapter 11, Your Personal Terminator
Chapter 12, Terminating Evil
Chapter 13, My Termination
Chapter 14, Prosperity Revolution
Chapter 15, Neo-Tech Resurrects the Child of the Universe
Chapter 16, Neo-Tech Self Leaders
Chapter 17, Commanding Life on Planet Earth
Chapter 18, What is the Illuminati? What is Zon?
Chapter 19, Dumping Goy Politics
Chapter 20, End of Chaos
Chapter 21 , Finding Tomorrow's Golden World
Chapter 22, Cassandra's Secret
Chapter 23, Ultimate Wealth Lurks within Cassandra's Secret
Chapter 24, Zon Speaks
Chapter 25, Are You Zon? What is Zonpower?
Chapter 26, Breaking the Bubble of Mysticism
Chapter 27, Rise from your Knees
Chapter 28, Infinite Power from Conscious Dynamics
Chapter 29, Rise and Fall of the Anticivilization
Chapter 30, Relax
Chapter 31, Earth's Greatest Discovery
Chapter 32, Your Ride into the Civilization of the Universe
Chapter 33, You Will Become Zon
Chapter 34, Zon Awakening
Chapter 35, Poker Stratagems Replaced by Integrated Honesty
Chapter 36, Zon Protocols
Word Usage
Media Notice
Zonpower Index

After 2001: Our Neo-Tech World 408 pages
Table of Contents
Wealth, Health, Power, & Sex
Geniuses Lift Us
We Become Millionaires
We Live Vigorously, Well Past 100
We Excel In The Careers Of Our Dreams
We Embrace The Lovers Of Our Dreams
We Join The Geniuses
Our Journey Of No Return: Do It Now
Knowledge Is Power: Know It All
Onward To Paradise
Ancient Money/Power/Love Secrets From A Mountain Called Zon
MONEY: The Neo-Tech Factor Is Told
POWER: Neothink Is Told
LOVE: Psychuous Sex Is Told
FREEDOM: A New Code Of Success Is Told
Epilogue: Yesterday's Victims; Tomorrow's Victors
Becoming Zon
Becoming God
Neo-Tech Physics
Neo-Tech, The Philosophical Zero
Neo-Tech, Neocheating, Mysticism

Profound Honesty 13 pages
A Snapshot of Profound Honesty
Profound Honesty Contents
Opening Ceremonies
One, Two, Three...Prosperity
Song 1 Index
Liberating Objectivism
Tools that Win Flame Wars
Introduction to Quantum Crossings
Literature Creates Conscious Civilizations
Who is Sabotaging this Anticivilization?
Other Introduction Topics
Song 2 Index
Golden Helmet Overture 17 pages
Adolf Hitler
Golden Helmet Table of Contents
Introduction to the Golden Helmet
New Words and Concepts
Chapter 1: Armed Evil
Chapter 2: Political Prisoner #26061-048
Chapter 3: The Golden-Helmet Trial
Chapter 4: After the Golden-Helmet Trial
Chapter 5: The Appeal -- The Future
Chapter 6: The Golden-Helmet Oral Argument
Chapter 7: What is Next?
Constitution of the Universe
Ego-Justice Terminator Unit
Albert Einstein's View
Golden Helmet Index
Profound Honesty Bibliography
Ride to Prosperity in Cyberspace 10 pages
Ending the Long Search
Cyberspace Excitement
Fully Integrated Honesty Rules Cyberspace
Neo-Tech Prevents Violence
Great Lives and Achievements
The Neo-Tech/"Victim"/Cyberspace Solution
How New Knowledge Changes the World
Objective Law 2000 Years Ago
Closing Ceremonies Index

God-Man: Our Final Evolution 51 pages
God - Man; Our Final Evolution
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 1
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 1
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 1
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 2
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 2
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 3
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 3
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 3
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 4
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 4
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 5
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 5
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 5
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 5
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 5
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 6
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 6
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 6
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 6
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 6
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 6
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 6
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 6
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 7
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 7
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 7
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 7
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 8
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 8
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 8
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 9
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 9
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 9
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 9
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 9
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 9
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 9
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 9
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 10
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Chapter 10
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Appendix
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Appendix
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Appendix
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Appendix
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Appendix
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Appendix
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Appendix
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Appendix
God - Man; Our Final Evolution: Appendix

Business & Prosperity Party of America 11 pages
Proof 1
Proofnotes 1
Proofnotes 2
Business & Prosperity Party of America
Business & Prosperity Party of America
Business & Prosperity Party of America
Business & Prosperity Party of America
Business & Prosperity Party of America

Digital Journey 1 page

Real-Life NT/Z Experiences 1 page
NT/Z Customer Testimonials 440 pages
Neo-Tech/Zonpower Customer Testimonials, Section 1
Neo-Tech/Zonpower Customer Testimonials, Section 2
Neo-Tech/Zonpower Customer Testimonials, Section 3
Achous K. C-5001, France
Albert C. R-6082
Alice F., R-9178
Allen M., 699201-21
Alvin C. C-88
Anargyros V., 595102-15
Angela C. C-31
Arben M 7951409
Armette D 79514011
Arnie s. NT-16
Arvo J. R-1833
Austin B. NT-17
B.F. C., 595102-5
B.K. R-14
B. P. R-1868, South Africa
B. T. NT-10
Barbara H. R-7114
Barry C. C-1017
Barry S., 499080-12
Barry S 79514012
Becky W 7951405
Bill A. NT-11
Billie J., 493250-9
Bob D. R-519
Bob M. R-4069
Bob P., 493250-8
Bob R. R-1494
Bret M. R-7114
Brian B. 2921-8
Brian F., P1-02
Brian H. R-7000
Brian L., 493250-4
Brian M. R., 595210-11
Brian R., 595210-11
Bruce B. R-3067, AUSTRALIA
Bruce G., 590260-10
Bruce N. CB-101
Bruce W., 595102-21
Bud M. R-7269
C. L. W. C-106
C. W. R-7364
C. Z. R-3866, NIGERIA
Carl H. C-85
Carl N. P1-002
Carl N. R6961
Carl N
Carl R. C-5000
Carlos B., 499080-7
Carson M. C-97, IRELAND
Cary A., 595102-4
Chalres M., 595102-17
Charles B., 595102-2
Charles B. R-6775
Charles C. CB-1008
Charles D, 499080-11
Charles S. R-7510
Charles T. R-6234, U.K.
Chris D., 499080-5
Chris L 79514013
Christopher C., R-9183
Christy G 79514017
Chuah G., 3901-C5, Malaysia
Clifford S., 499080-1
Colman F. R-829
Cornelius B. R-4958, SOUTH AFRICA
Craig C. 2921-6
Cris P., 590260-7
Culbreath W. C-84
Curtis B. 2921-7
Cyril T. R-6312
D.B. D., 595102-9
D.H.J. C-50
D. B. C-210
D. G. 2921-22
D. Keven G. C-108
D. R. R-402
Dale M. NT-9
Dallas W. R-1054
Dan S., 595102-8
Dan g. RP-100
Danial C-1020
Daniel L. R-6832
Daniel P, P-108
Daniel S. R-1972
Darryl L., 4903-C3
David C. R-4030, CANADA
David C. R-5440
David D., 595210-12
David D. 4903-C2
David H. C-66
David H. R-3582
David H. R-4015, New Zealand
David M.
David R., P1-07
Dennis J. R-7050
Dennis M, 9351-3
Dennis V. R-5282
Denny L. R-6998
Dexter O. R-615
Dolores K. 2922-7, Croatia
Dominic P. C-107
Don F. C-1007
Don P., 590260-3
Donald R. R-4444
Doug V. R-1481
Douglas M., 3901-C17
Dr. Francisco G. C-215, ARGENTINA
Drew L. R-2999
Duane W., 499080-17
Durdica B. 2921-15, Croatia
E. L. B. R-6057
E S 79514016
Ed R. R-1545
Eddie C., 3901-C2
Edward R. R-7059
Ellis S. C-1002
Eric B., 493250-5
Eric J. 29221-19
Erik F 79514015
Ernie S., 690706-1
Eve G. J-822, England
Felicia C. J-189
Floyd F., 4903-C7
Fran H. CTE-5007
Francine H. C-2000
Frank E 2000
Frank W. R-532
Frankie T., 590260-5
Fred W. H. JFE 381
Frederic D. C-112 FRANCE
From Cyberspace
G. H. L C-4998
Garrett T. L. CB-1004
Gary J. C. R-7076
Gary W. J-224
Gaye b. R-65
Gene H. CB-1002
Gene H. CB-1010
Geoffrey H., 595210-5
George C. R-6254
George D. R-3005, CANADA
George H. C-111
George M., MS, C-1030
George M. R-2015, AUSTRALIA
George P., 590260-2
George P 7951403
George V. C-303
Gerald W. C-86
Girard C. R-1730
Gisela M. R-3992
Glenn M. C-316
Gordana M. 2921-20, Croatia
Gordon C. R-21908
Gordon W. NT-7
Greg B., 595210-3
Greg B. P1-005
Greg S. R-7315
Gregg D., 595102-11
Gregory R. 2921-23
H. S. C-1005
Harley G. R-6835
Harold P., 493250-1
Hona B., 699201-3
Irl C. J-9
Isaul V.
J.L.G. R-8294
J.V. and B.H. R-3359
J. H. C-1010
J. P. NT-6
JB 2921-16
JVL RP-010 Mexico
Jack G. R-1762
James C. R-1783
James D., 499080-4
James K 79514014
James S. R-2630, Singapore
James S. R-5865
James W. R-7062
Jan G. R-3856, NEW ZEALAND
Jan M. R-6058
Jason P. P1-003
Jean Paul G. F-110, FRANCE
Jeff B., 3901-C4
Jeff B. 2921-13
Jeff C. C-1011
Jeff F., 499080-6
Jeff H., 595210-8
Jeff H. R-5433
Jeffery A., 590260-6
Jeffery M. R-5008
Jerry H. R-2209
Jerry L. R-6414
Jim R. C-118
Jim T., 9351-2
Joan F. NT-2
Joan P., C-104
Joann A. R-1474
Joao B 7951401
Job M. J-811, Nigeria
Joe C. C-73
Joe L., 4903-C5
John A. R-289
John B. C-115, AUSTRALIA
John E. C-110, NIGERIA
John F. R-4981
John K. RP-106
John L. H. CB-106
John L. RP-204
John M. C-301
John N CB-102, Nigeria
John P. CTE-5002
John P. J-161
John S., 3901-C3
John S. CB-104
John S. R-7475
John b. J148, England
Johnny C. R-258
Jon S. R-4776, CANADA
Jose V. C-191820
Joseph I. R-901
Julian P. 2921-21
Justin D., 595102-10, New Zealand
Kathleen H. R-2236
Keith P. R-3572
Keith T. R 344
Ken and Dee C. C-1
Kenneth S. C-107
Kent P. 499080-3
Kenton C. R-262
Kevin K., 699201-1
Kevin T. C-56
Kimberly W. R-6930
L.M., 595102-7
L. P. R-1527
Lana P 79514010
Larry L C-5
Larry R. R-1608
Larry V. C-113
Laura S. CB-1001
Laurent B. F-112, France
Lawrence K., 499080-9
Lazaro J. C-121
Lelia G. R-1350
Leo B., 590260
Les E., R-1251
Leslie C. C-96
Lim K. R-2018, SINGAPORE
Linda B. NT-5
Lloyd M., 590260-11
Lois M. RP-103
Louis B. R-1899
Louise G. M. NT-3
Luciano A. R-2244 AUSTRALIA
Luis M. 2921-4
M.D.F. NT-1
M.M., 595210-15
M.M., Australia, 595210-14
M. Q., Australia, 3901-C6
Manuel M., 595102-6, Puerto Rico
Mario M. CB-1006, United Kingdom
Mark A. C-1015
Mark B. C-4
Mark B. R-507
Mark G., New Zealand, 590260-12
Mark R. 2921-1
Marshall P. R-280
Martin L 7951407
Martin L R-4069, AUSTRALIA
Mary A. D. R-6799
Mary M., 690706-2
Matt T. R-352
Meredith A. R-3002
Michael B. CTE-5004
Michael B. R-3598, ENGLAND
Michael B. R-6471
Michael C., 499080-16
Michael L. C-54
Michael M. C-100
Michael S., 595102-1
Michael S 7951404
Michel A. C-5002, France
Michel C. F-24, FRANCE
Michel T. F-102, FRANCE
Mike A. C-1019
Mike K. C-106
Mike M. C-1026
Mike M. R5250
Mitch W. J-83
Nancy B., 493250-2
Nathen W. R-7058
Nicholas T. R-5660
Nick R. C-1905
Nimar H., 595102-12, Netherlands
Norma K. R-2328
Norman L. R-7492
Norman P1-004
Obie W. R-7468
Oliver W. L. R-4170
Orion H. P1-006
Pat R. C-318
Patie K., 4903-C1
Patricia A. R-6843
Patrick B. R-3689
Patrick J. W. JFE-315
Paul C. R-7467
Paul E. R-6588
Paul L., Canada, 3901-C8
Paul N. 499080-18
Paul R. R-3840
Peggy M. 2922-18
Peter B. R3693
Peter H.
Peter K. P1-001
Phil T. R-7829
Phillip S. P1-009
Phillip S. R-2180
R.F.A. R-3962
R. Frank A. C-206
REN 2921-10
R G 7951406
Railford d. NT-8
Ralph O. C-15
Randal H. R-4843
Randal S. C-9
Randal S. M.
Randall H. J-124
Randy S. M. R-3912
Raymond V., England, 3901-C7
Richard B. C-103
Richard G. R-5747
Richard L. R-7827
Richard M. R-5300
Richard P. R-4536
Richard Z. R-7470
Rick G. CTE-5001
Rick R., C-1034
Rick T. R-7818
Ricu R. C-305
Robert C., R-9248
Robert G. R-4190
Robert P., 595210-16
Robert P. R-1231
Robert T. R-1782
Robin P. C-82
Rodney S. R-2987
Rodney V. R-638, CANADA
Roger H., 3901-C9
Rohan N. R-4911, AUSTRALIA
Rolly O. C-102
Ron D. R-6789
Ron F. B. R-2934, AUSTRALIA
Ron G. NTCP-20
Ron S., 595210-9
Ronald A. R-4876
Rosemary K. R-7558
Roy D. P1-008
Roy EW. C-122
Roy J. J-130
Roy J. R-1451
Roy W. R. C-204, ENGLAND
Rraci S., 493250-6
S.B. D., 590260-4, South Africa
S. B., C-108
S. B. C-1024
S. Beebe, C-108
S. T. , 595102-20
Sadigue A., 493250-7
Salvador E., EL SALVADOR
Samuel O. R-8267
Scott B., 3901-C15
Scott N., 595210-1
Scott S. R-4026
Scott W. C-1012
Scott W. R-5285
Sean F. R-4348, Australia
Sheldon I. 2921-11
Shelley O
Simon P. P1-007
Stefan J. R-3835
Stefan K., 499080-10
Stefan K. P1-03
Steve B., 595210-7
Steve G. C-315
Steve L. CTE-5008
Steve and Mimi f. R-2626
Steven A. N, P1-01
Steven H.. R-6033
Steven P 7951402
Susanne C. C-300
Sylvester H. NT-14
Sylvia S. J-166, AUSTRALIA
T. R., 493250-3
Tammy L. R-1735
Teremaru M. R-2238, NEW ZEALAND
Terry P. R-2245
Terry P. c-13
Thomas F. R-607
Thomas W. C-52
Todd R-8374
Tom G. R-6550
Tom H., 595102-3
Toney R., 590260-9
Tony M, 9351-4
Tony S., 595102-13
Tracy H. R-3658
Utt N. R-628
Victor O. C-1025, Chile
Victor T. R-2026, ENGLAND
Victor a. R-2797
Vivian B., 3901-C1
Wallace K. W. R-6410
Walter M., 499080-14
Warren H., 595210-2
Wayne S. C-4999
Wayne S. R6344
Wayne W. CTE-5005
Wilbur V. R-8000
William D. C-1013
William L., 595210-15
William O. R-8005
William S. R-2443
William W. R-7607
O'Neil W. 595210-10
Yorick P. G. CTE-5009
Janine R., Australia
Neil M. R-6337
P. M. C. R-6382
Robert H. R-5027
Positive Reactions to Neo-Tech
Neo-Tech Matrix 52 pages
Power Search results for Aristotle
Power Search results for Ayn Rand
Power Search results for Bible
Power Search results for Black Hole
Power Search results for Bureaucrats
Power Search results for Civilization
Power Search results for Clinton
Power Search results for Cosmic
Power Search results for Cyberspace
Power Search results for Death
Power Search results for Diet
Power Search results for Einstein
Power Search results for Evil
Power Search results for Get Rich
Power Search results for Giuliani
Power Search results for Global Business
Power Search results for God
Power Search results for Gravity Units
Power Search results for Happiness
Power Search results for Health
Power Search results for Humanoids
Power Search results for IRS
Power Search results for Illuminati
Power Search results for Immortality
Power Search results for Infinity
Power Search results for Jesus
Power Search results for Justice
Power Search results for Life
Power Search results for Love
Power Search results for Money
Power Search results for Neocheaters
Power Search results for Neothink
Power Search results for Objectivism
Power Search results for Occult
Power Search results for Parasitical Elites
Power Search results for Peikoff
Power Search results for Philosophy
Power Search results for Physics
Power Search results for Pips
Power Search results for Plato
Power Search results for Poker
Power Search results for Power
Power Search results for Prosperity
Power Search results for Romantic Love
Power Search results for Sex
Power Search results for Thinkons
Power Search results for War
Power Search results for Wealth
Power Search results for Zon
Power Search results for Zonpower
What is Neo-Tech/Zonpower?
Neo-Tech Matrix
Neo-Tech Comic Books 2 pages
Neo-Tech Comics Books
Alan Grant Interview
The Neo-Tech Glossary 1 page
Flashing text program (Story of Zon) 1 page
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IRS Abuse Reports 48 pages
Listing of IRS Abuse Reports
IRS Abuse Reports #30-40
IRS Abuse Reports #41-60
IRS Abuse Reports #61-80
IRS Abuse Reports #81-104
IRS Abuse Report #105
IRS Abuse Reports #106-136
IRS Abuse Reports #137-170
IRS Abuse Reports #171-187
IRS Abuse Reports #188-233
IRS Abuse Reports #234-281
IRS Abuse Reports #282-312
IRS Abuse Reports #313-334
IRS Abuse Reports #335-357
IRS Abuse Reports #358-376
IRS Abuse Reports #377-407
IRS Abuse Reports #408-432
IRS Abuse Reports #433-449
IRS Abuse Reports #450-462
IRS Abuse Reports #463-476
IRS Abuse Reports #477-480
IRS Abuse Reports #481-490
IRS Abuse Reports #491-497
IRS Abuse Reports #498-501
IRS Abuse Reports #502-508
IRS Abuse Reports #509-515
IRS Abuse Reports #516-525
IRS Abuse Reports #526-528
IRS Abuse Reports #529-533
IRS Abuse Reports #534-542
IRS Abuse Reports #543-547
IRS Abuse Reports #548-551
IRS Abuse Reports #552-555
IRS Abuse Reports #556-560
IRS Abuse Reports #561-561
IRS Abuse Reports #562-565
IRS Abuse Reports #566-575
IRS Abuse Reports #576-591
IRS Abuse Reports #592-618
IRS Abuse REports #619-627
IRS Abuse REports #628-633
IRS Abuse REports #634-637
IRS Abuse Reports -- Your Comments
Senate Hearings about IRS Abuses
IRS Class-Action Lawsuits
IRS Class-Action-Lawsuit Information
The Honesty Oath
Neo-Tech Street-Fighters 21 pages
Neo-Tech Street Fighters
Frank R. Wallace ...Guilty
Not Guilty
Neo-Tech Business Titans
Dr. Frankenstein from Transylvania
Nothing Can Stop Neo-Tech
War of Two Worlds
Who Is The Innocent? Who Is The Guilty
Your Frankenstein Awaits You, Come!
From The Cosmic-Mind World
Sexual Competence of Value Producers versus Sexual Incompetence of Value Destroyers
Laughing Professional Value Destroyers Out of Existence
INS Attacks Innocent Value Producers
Innocent Value Producer
Life, Business, and Happiness Forever
The Neo-Tech Penis Collapser
Neo-Tech Research Scientist
"Illegal" Alien Barbie Diamond
Mystic Incompetence
Neo-Tech Competence
Before Prison; After Prison
Neo-Tech: The Philosophical Zero 12 pages
The Voice of Honesty
The Copernican Revolution
The Lost Knowledge of the Greeks
The Geocentric Hierarchy
The Origins of Mysticism
The Master Neocheaters
The Discovery of the Zero
The Propagation of the Zero
Neo-Tech, The Philosophical Zero
The Neo-Tech Revolution
The Universe, Inc.
Businessmen versus Neocheaters 8 pages
The Major Contributions of Businessmen, Inventors, and Rational Thinkers to World Civilization
Neolithic Culture
The Bronze and Iron Age
The Classical World of Greece and Rome
The Middle Ages to the Renaissance
The Industrial Revolution
SILENCE: The Ultimate Protector of Individual Rights 6 pages
Silence: The Ultimate Protector of Individual Rights
Silence: The Ultimate Protector of Individual Rights
The Constitution of the Universe
Neo-Tech Shockwave Animations 2 pages
Neo-Tech Shockwave Animation
Neo-Tech Shockwave Animation and Screen Saver
Confessions of an Honest Neocheater 2 pages
Confessions of an Honest Neocheater
2 Letters to FRW from an Honest Neocheater
Neo-Talk: Neo-Tech Discussion Group 2 pages
Neo-Talk Signup Form
Neo-Talk Signup via Email
Deep-Muscle Vaginal Orgasm 1 page
Becoming an Irresistibly Sexy Man 1 page
Penis Size Chart 1 page
10 Mega Tips 1 page
Romantic-Love Contract 1 page
The History of Love and Sex 1 page
Explosive Love Eternal 1 page
A Neo-Tech Macro-Economic Model 1 page
The Third Eye 1 page

The Heresy Site 1 page
Neo-Tech Protection Kit, Volume II 62 pages
Neo-Tech Protection Kit, Volume II, Table of Contents
Neo-Tech Has Just Begun
Their Illusions Will Be Rejected By Everyone
Our Unyielding Stand
Powerhouse Workshop Manual
Introduction to the Workshop Documents
Psychuous Pleasures: The Crowning Experience
Rhapsody of November 3rd
November-3rd Involvement Report to Director Jesse A. Cota
Neothink Has Arrived
Supra Power of the Mystic-Free Mind
Terms and Definitions
Subversion Document #2: Agents-of-Force Supporters
Subversion Document #6: Next Targets -- The INS and the FDA
Subversion Document #8: Indicting the Value Destroyers
Subversion Document #10: The INS Delivers Death and Destruction
Subversion Document #11: War of Two Worlds
Subversion Document #12A: Shoot Us! Nothing Can Stop Neo-Tech
Subversion Document #2-2: Hunting Down Those Who Attack Business
Subversion Document #2-3A: Trapped in the Ostracism Matrix
Subversion Document #2-6: Come! Your Frankenstein Awaits
Subversion Document #2-7: Spotting And Dumping The Criminal Mind
Subversion Document #2-7: Lenin/Jihad-Type Dynamics
Subversion Document #2-8: Two Jokes
Subversion Document #2-10: The Cosmic Mind
Subversion Document #2-12: The Death Hoax
Subversion Document #3-2: Cosmic Minds and Penis-Collapsing Documents
Subversion Document #3-5: Integrated Thinking, Racism, Laugh Them Out of Existence
Subversion Document #3-5: Integrated Thinking
Subversion Document #3-5: Racism Hoax
Subversion Document #3-5: Silent Partners in Crime
Subversion Document #3-5s: So What!
Subversion Document #3-8s: The Final Victims
Subversion Document #3-9s: Don't Worry!
Subversion Document #3-10: Happiness Forever!
Subversion Document #3-12: What is Neo-Tech?
Subversion Document #3-12: Reject Integration-Blocking Mysticism
Subversion Document #3-12: What is Neo-Tech?
Wedge Newsletter #1-1: Politicians-on-Trial Ostracism Reports
Wedge Newsletter #1-1s: The Honesty Motion
Wedge Newsletter #1-2: Prosecution of Criminal-Minded Politicians
Wedge Newsletter #1-2: Unjust Giuliani Destructions Inflicted on Leona Helmsley
Wedge Newsletter #1-2: Dumping Dishonest Lawyers
The First of Seven Neo-Tech Waves
Socratic Trial #2
Formal Complaint Against the IRS
A Treasure Map
Supporting-Document #1: Walking Upright into the Golden World
Supporting-Document #2: The Map to our World of Tomorrow
Supporting-Document #2: Poker: An Ideal Laboratory to Study Mysticism
Supporting-Document #2: The Violent Armed-Agent Attacks of November 3, 1986
Supporting-Document #2: Armed Criminal-Investigation Divisions (CID) of the IRS
Supporting-Document #2: Post-Trial Notes
Supporting-Document #2: The Second Socratic Trial in 2390 Years
Supporting-Document #3: Preparing for a Just Future
Supporting-Document #3: Appeal of the Honesty-Motion Denial
Supporting-Document #3: Glimpses of Maps to the Future World
Objective Law
Call to Revolution
Jailing of the Innocent
Neo-Tech Cosmic Power II Index
The Bible Decoded 44 pages
JOHN Chapter 1
JOHN Chapter 2
JOHN Chapter 3
JOHN Chapter 4
JOHN Chapter 5
JOHN Chapter 6
JOHN Chapter 7
JOHN Chapter 8
JOHN Chapter 9
JOHN Chapter 10
JOHN Chapter 11
JOHN Chapter 12
JOHN Chapter 13
JOHN Chapter 14
JOHN Chapter 15
JOHN Chapter 16
JOHN Chapter 17
JOHN Chapter 18
JOHN Chapter 19
JOHN Chapter 20
JOHN Chapter 21
The Bible Decoded (Split Version) 44 pages
JOHN Chapter 1
JOHN Chapter 2
JOHN Chapter 3
JOHN Chapter 4
JOHN Chapter 5
JOHN Chapter 6
JOHN Chapter 7
JOHN Chapter 8
JOHN Chapter 9
JOHN Chapter 10
JOHN Chapter 11
JOHN Chapter 12
JOHN Chapter 13
JOHN Chapter 14
JOHN Chapter 15
JOHN Chapter 16
JOHN Chapter 17
JOHN Chapter 18
JOHN Chapter 19
JOHN Chapter 20
JOHN Chapter 21
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures 14 pages
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Preface
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Definitions
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Essences #1 - #9
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Essences #10 - #19
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Essences #20 - #29
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Essences #30 - #39
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Essences #40 - #49
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Essences #50 - #59
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Essences #60 - #69
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Essences #70 - #77
The History of Love
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures: Index
Neo-Tech Protection Kit, Volume I 13 pages
Table of Contents
NT Protection Kit Letters
NT Protection Kit Letters
NT Protection Kit Letters
NT Protection Kit Letters
NT Protection Kit Letters
NT Protection Kit Letters
NT Protection Kit Letters
NT Protection Kit Letters
Excerpts from the Illuminati Protocols 3 pages
Excerpts from the Illuminati Protocols
Excerpts from the Illuminati Protocols
Atheism: The Route to the Kingdom of God 2 pages
Atheism: The Route to the Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God -- Yesterday's Metaphor
Thus Spake Zon 1 page
Pocket Therapist 1 page
Negative Comments about Neo-Tech 1 page
Jesus' Secret Message 1 page

The Precursors to Neo-Tech 1 page
Poker: A Guaranteed Income for Life 25 pages
Poker Book, Introduction
Poker Book, Table of Contents
Poker Book, Definitions
Poker Book, Poker Odds
Poker Book, Techniques
Poker Book, Strategies
Poker Book, Increasing the Edge Odds
Poker Book, Policies
Poker Book, Robin Hood Cheater
Poker Book, Opponents
Poker Book, Hypnosis
Poker Book, Games
Poker Book, Expansion
Poker Book, Professional and Public Poker
Poker Book, Club Poker
Poker Book, Why Professionals Cheat
Poker Book, Notes on draw games
Poker Book, Poker Notes
Poker Book, Conclusion
Poker Book, History
Poker Book, Bibliography
Poker Book, Glossary
Poker Book, Poker Odds
Poker Book, Index
Neocheating: The Rising Menace 21 pages
Table of Contents
Chapter I: The Nature of Cheating
Chapter II: The First Move -- Cutting Aces
Chapter III: The Second Move -- Stacking Four of a Kind
Chapter IV: The Third Move -- Controlling Hands
Chapter V: Culling and Stacking -- The Invisible Way
Chapter VI: False Cutting -- The Easy Way
Chapter VII: Peeking and Colluding -- The Safe Way
Chapter VIII: Degrees of Neocheating and Future Neocheating
Chapter IX: The Inevitable Spread of Neocheating
Chapter X: White-Hat Neocheating and Other Defenses
Chapter XI: The Unbeatable Neocheater
Chapter XII: The Neo-Tech Discovery
Chapter XIII: Neocheating Beyond Cards
Cheating as a Metaphor
An Obituary for Traditional and Classical Cheaters
A $5000 Reward to Seal the Neocheater's Coffin
Table: Neocheating Beyond Cards

Positive Comments about the Neo-Tech web site 1 page

Negative Comments about the Neo-Tech web site 3 pages
Scrolling Negative Comments

Coming Next -- Coming Soon -- Coming Later 1 page
Foreign-Language Neo-Tech/Zonpower Translations 1 page
The History of Love and Sex 1 page
Stop Neo-Tech 1 page
Weekly-Stats for 1 page
Vote for your favorite Neo-Tech logo 1 page
Neo-Tech Search Engine 1 page
Feedback Forms 5 pages
Votre Vote et vos Commentaires
Ihre Stimme und Kommentar
I Vostri Voti E Commenti
Su voto y sus Comentarios
Your Vote and Comments

French Home Page 1 page
La Découverte Néo-Tech 116 pages
Liste des Avantages Multiplicateur-de-Connaissance
La Nature de l'Homme et de la Femme
L'Enfant du Passé
Sculpter sa Propre Destinée
Les Règles et les Dogmes Eliminés
Actions Bonnes et Mauvaises Les Absolus Moraux -- Noir et Blanc
Délaisser les Néotricheurs
Les Buts de Prospérité et de Bonheur
Test de Bonheur
Les Récompenses de la Vie
La Plus Grande Cause -- L'Individu Conscient
L'Estime de Soi et la Récompense Ultime
Critique Injuste et Culpabilité
Le Sens de la Vie
Vision Egoïste C. Désintéressement
Eviter le Sacrifice
Conserver le Bonheur
Vaincre l'Ethique Altruiste
Les Avantages et les Plaisirs de l'Amour Romantique
Vision Religieuse C. Vision "Playboy"C. Vision Psychuous du Sexe et de l'Amour
Les Exigences pour les Plaisirs Psychuous
Plaisir Psychuous C. Comportement Sensuel
Expériences Psychuous
Tests de Capacité Psychuous
Les Autres Livres C. Néo-Tech
Livres Valables
Livres Nuisibles
Mysticisme et Destruction
Le Pourquoi de l'Univers
Les Techniques du Mysticisme
Le Concept de Dieu -- Un outil de Destruction
Astrologie, Ovnis et autres Mythes
L'Existentialisme et son Influence
Mille Sept-Cents Années d'Opression dy Bonheur Humain
Le Plaisir Esthétique
La Valeur des Emotions
Les Emotions et la Réalité
La Condamnation Chrétienne des Emotions
La Peur des Emotions
Les Emotions de Peur et la valeur du courage
La Peur du Rejet et de Prendre des Risques
Le Jugement Indépendant C. les Opinions des Autres
Le Sexe Sérieux C. le Sexe Non sérieux
Les Systèmes de Valeur et les Différences Individuelles
Les Erreurs dans les Relations
Réaliser les Plaisirs Psychuous
La Fin d'une Bonne Relation Volontaire et involontaire
Une Loyauté à l'Honnêteté La Façon de régler les problèmes
La Liberté d'Etre Soi-Même sans Culpabilité La Liberté de Corriger des Erreurs
L'Injustice de la Jalousie Jalousie BP C. Jalousie MP
Le coeur empoisonné de la Jalousie
Le Vieillissement inutile et les Avantages des Hormones
Les Parents comme Boucs Emissaires
L'Amour Adolescent, Prémarital et non marital
Techniques de Séduction -- Légère, Sérieuse, Mutuelle
La Beauté Physique, l'Abus du Partenaire, la Perte de Puissance, les Roles Sexuels
Plaisirs Psychuous
Phénomène Naturel
L'Apparence Personnelle et les Fonctions corporelles Naturelles
Forme Physique, Nutrition, Inclinations
Alcool, Marijuana, Sucre, Tabac et Mysticisme Effets sur l'Amour Romantique etle Sexe Psychuous
Avantages Multiplicateur-de-Connaissance # 61 Les Aphrodisiaques - Négatifs et Positifs
L'Amour Romantique, la Liberté et la Technique DPC
Les Standards de l'Amour Romantique
Trois Segments de l'Amour Romantique
Les Deux Genres de Relation Amoureuse Romantique
Le Caractère Unique de l'Individu et la Valeur personnelle
La Capacité à Changer
Trouver des Partenaires Romantiques et la Valeur du Rejet
La Gêne -- Causes et Remèdes
Egalité des Hommes et des Femmes Le Concept de la Division du Travail
La "Carrière" de Femme au Foyer : Avoir des Enfants Face à la Réalisation de "Grandes Choses"
Le Potentiel des Femmes de 1300 AV. J.-C. Jusqu'a Aujourd'hui
La Nature des Emotions et la Responsabilité Personnelle
Les "Highs" Naturels
La Joie et le Bonheur
La Philosophie pour l'Amour Romantique
Aristote Pour le Vivant et l'Avenir Contre Platon Pour la Mort et le Passé
L'Humour C. le Sens de la Vie Un Test pour l'Humour
Tabous/actes sexuels volontaires/injustice
La force initiatrice
Oppression et liberté
Constitution politique Néo-Tech
Dissoudre 3000 ans de mysticisme
Protéger les enfants des mystiques
Rejeter les mystiques et les néotricheurs
Pouvoir, Platon, Aristote et Néo-Tech
Liberté, responsabilité et prospérité
Néo-Techer l'entreprise
Protection contre le gouvernement
Machines meurtrières du gouvernement
L'option du suicide
Lois anti-obscénité et la censure
Le syndrome de la peur de juger
Pensée objective c. émotionnelle
Les quatre niveaux de communication
Communication dans l'amour romantique
Productivité et bonheur
Mort de la croissance et du psyché
Trois étapes pour l'immortalité biologique
Les malfaiteurs et l'envie
Les envieux et la paresse
Néo-Tech c. l'altruisme
Platon, Aristote et Néo-Tech
Poésie destructrice c. art valable
Conscience de soi et conscience mystique
Au-delà de la compréhension
Vol et échange de valeurs
Echange de valeur/amitié/amour romantique
Comprendre la justice et l'amour
Les faits et la justice
La solution Néo-Tech au racisme
Pensée verticale/horizontale c. le rêve
Meilleure période -maintenant
L'immortalité biologique humaine
Zonpower venant du Cyberspace 46 pages
Page i
Nouveaux Mots et Concept
Page iii
Page ii
Chapitre 1, La Prospérité illimitée
Chapitre 2, Votre Voyage vers Zonpower
Chapitre 3, Les Sept Vagues
Chapitre 4, Le Champ de Forces Zon
Chapitre 5, La Physique Soutient Zonpower
Chapitre 6, Une Cosmologie de Richesses Infinies
Chapitre 7, Les Unités de Gravité
Chapitre 8, Déverrouillez les Secrets qui mènent à la Richesse Illimitée
Chapitre 9, La Naissance des Élites Parasites en Amérique
Chapitre 10, Qui Gaspille Votre Brève Vie
Chapitre 11, Votre Exterminateur Personnel (Terminator)
Chapitre 12, Exterminez le Mal
Chapitre 13, Mon Agonie
Chapitre 14, La Révolution de la Prospérité
Chapitre 15, Néo-Tech Ressuscite l'Enfant de l'Univers
Chapitre 16, Les Chefs Individuels Néo-Tech
Chapitre 17, Commandements de Vie sur la Planète terre
Chapitre 18, Qu'est-ce que l'Illuminati? Qu'est-ce que Zon?
Chapitre 19, Liquider les Goys Politiques
Chapitre 20, La Fin du Chaos
Chapitre 21, A la Découverte de L'Age d'Or de Demain
Chapitre 22, Le Secret de Cassandra
Chapitre 23, L'Ultime Richesse Cachée dans le Secret de Cassandra
Chapitre 24, Zon Parle
Chapitre 25, Etes-Vous Zon ? Qu'est-ce que Zonpower ?
Chapitre 26, Casser la Bulle de Mysticisme
Chapitre 27, S'affranchir de vos Servitudes
Chapitre 28, Le Pouvoir Infini de la Dynamique Consciente
Chapitre 29, La Montée et la Chute de l'Anticivilisation
Chapitre 30, Détendez-vous
Chapitre 31, La plus Grande Découverte au Monde
Chapitre 32, Votre Promenade dans la Civilisation de l'Univers
Chapitre 33, Vous Deviendrez Zon
Chapitre 34, L'Éveil Zon
Chapitre 35, Les Stratagèmes du Poker sont Replacés par
Chapitre 36, Les Protocoles Zon
Usage de mots
L'Avis des médias
Néo-Tech: Le Zéro Philosophique 12 pages
La Voix de L'Honneteté
La Révolution Copernicienne
La Connaissance Oubliee de la Grece
La Hiérarchie Géocentrique
Les Origines du Mysticisme
Les Maîtres Néotricheurs
La Découverte du Zéro
La Propagation du Zero
Néo-Tech, Le Zero Philosophique
La Révolution Néo-Tech
L'univers, Inc.

Spanish Home Page 1 page
El Descubrimiento Neo-Tech 116 pages
Listado de las 114 Ventajas Neo-Tech
La Naturaleza del Hombre y la Mujer
El Niño del Pasado
Forjarse su Propio Destino
Dogmas y Normas Eliminados
Buenas y Malas Acciones
Abandonar a los Neo-estafadores
Metas de Prosperidad y Felicidad
Prueba de la felicidad
Recompensas de la Vida
La Causa Suprema
Auto-estima y la Recompensa Máxima
Crítica y Culpabilidad Injustas
Sentido de la Vida
Perspectiva Egoista vs. Perspectiva Abnegada
Evitar Sacrificios
Retener la Felicidad
Superando al Etica Altruista
Beneficios del Amor Romántico
Perspectiva Religiosa/"Playboy"/Psychuous
Requisitos para los Placeres Psychuous
Placer Psychuous vs. Conducta Sensual
Experiencias Psychuous
Capacidad Psychuous
Otros libros Contra Neo-Tech
Libros Valiosos
Libros Perjudiciales
Misticismo y Destrucción
Quién Creó el Universo?
Técnicas del Misticismo
Un Instrumento de Destrucción
Astrología, OVNIS y otros Mitos
El Existencialismo y su Influencia
Mil Setecientos Años de Opresión
Placer Estético
El Valor de las Emociones
Las Emociones y la Realidad
La Condena Cristiana de las Emociones
Miedo a las Emociones
Las Emociones de Miedo y el Valor de la Osadía
El Temor al Rechazo y Tomar Riesgos
Criterio Independiente y la Opinión de los Demás
Sexo Casual y Sexo Serio
Sistemas de Valores y Diferencias Individuales
Errores de las Relaciones
Lograr Placeres Psychuous
Terminar una Relación
Cómo Manejar los Problemas
Libertad Sin Culpabilidad
La Injusticia de los Celos
La Médula de Veneno de los Celos
Envejecimiento Innecesario
Los Padres Como Chivo Expiatorio
Amor Adolescente, Pre-marital y No-Marital
Seducción Casual-Seria-Mutua
Belleza Física, Potencia, Roles Sexuales
Placeres Psychuous
Fenómenos Naturales
Apariencia Personal
Buenas Condiciones Físicas, Dieta, Adicciones
Alcohol, Drogas, Azúcar y el Misticismo
Afrodisíacos Negativos y Positivos
El Amor Romantico y la Técnica D.P.C.
Normas del Amor Romántico
Tres Segmenos del Amor Romántico
Dos Tipos de Amor Romántico
Singularidad Individual y Mérito Personal
Capacidad de Cambiar
Encontrar Compañeros Románticos
La Timidez: Causas y Curas
Igualdad del Hombre y la Mujer
Amas de Casa, Niños, "Grandeza"
El Potencial de las Mujeres--1300 A. de C. Hasta Hoy
Naturaleza de las Emociones y Auto-responsabilidad
Experiencias Excitantes Naturales
Alegría y Felicidad
Filosofía para el Amor Romántico
Aristóteles vs. Platón
El Humor y el Sentido de la Vida
Tabúes/Actos Sexuales Voluntarios/Leyes Injustas
La Iniciación de la Fuerza: El Mal Primario
Opresión vs. Libertad
Constitución para la Prosperidad
Descartar 3000 Años de Misticismo
Protegiendo a los Niños de los Místicos
Rechazando a Místicos y Neo-estafadores
Poder, Platón, Aristóteles y Neo-Tech
Libertad, Responsabilidad y Prosperidad
Altruismo vs. Comercio
Protección Contra el Gobierno
Las Máquinas de Muerte del Gobierno
La Opción del Suicidio
Leyes Anti-obscenidad y Censura
El Síndrome de no Juzgar
Pensamiento Objetivo vs. Pensamiento Emocional
Cuatro Niveles de Comunicación
La Comunicación en el Amor Romántico
Productividad y Felicidad
Muerte del Crecimiento y Muerte del Psiquis
Tres Pasos para la Inmortalidad Biológica
Los Malefactores y la Envidia
Los Envidiosos y la Pereza
Neo-Tech vs. el Altruismo
Platón, Aristóteles y Neo-Tech
El Valor del Arte
Consciencia de sí Mismo vs. Consciencia Mística
Más Allá de la Comprenzión
Robo de Valores vs. Intercambio de Valores
Intercambio de Valores, Amistad y Amor Romántico
Comprender la Justicia y el Amor
Hechos y Justicia
Solución Neo-Tech al Racismo
Pensamiento Vertical/Horizontal vs. Soñar
El Mejor Período de la Historia-Ahora
Inmortalidad Biológica Humana
Los Placeres Neo-Tech 14 pages
Los Placeres Neo-Tech
Los Placeres Neo-Tech: Conceptos #1 - #9
Los Placeres Neo-Tech: Conceptos #10 - #19
Los Placeres Neo-Tech: Conceptos #20 - #29
Los Placeres Neo-Tech: Conceptos #30 - #39
Los Placeres Neo-Tech: Conceptos #40 - #49
Los Placeres Neo-Tech: Conceptos #50 - #59
Los Placeres Neo-Tech: Conceptos #60 - #69
Los Placeres Neo-Tech: Conceptos #70 - #77
Historia Del Amor
Los Placeres Neo-Tech: Indice
El Tercer Ojo 1 page
Relaciones Deliciosas 1 page
El Hombre Sexy 1 page
Amor Explosivo Eterno 1 page

Neo-Tech Entdeckung 116 pages
Verzeichnis der Einfluss Ausübenden Wissensvorteile
Die Natur von Mann und Frau
Das Kind der Vergangenheit
Sein eigenes Schicksal schnitzen
Dogma und Vorschriften eliminiert
Gute und schlechte Handlungen - schwarz und weiss - Moralabsolutheiten
Sich loslösen von Neocheatern
Wohlergehen und Glück als Ziele
Gewinne aus dem Leben
Das höchste Gut - Das bewußte Individuum
Selbstachtung und der höchste Lohn
Ungerechtfertigte Kritik und Schuld
Selbstbezogene gegenüber selbstloser Auffassung
Vermeiden von Opfern
Glück erhalten
Überwindung altruistischer Ethiken
Nutzen und Freuden durch romantische Liebe
Religion - gegenüber Playboy - gegenüber psychischer Auffassung von Sex und Liebe
Voraussetzungen für psychische Freuden
Psychische Freude gegenüber sinnenfreudigem Verhalten
Psychische Erfahrungen und Erlebnisse
Tests der psychischen Kapazität
Andere Bücher gegenüber Neo-Tech
Wertvolle Bücher
Schädliche Bücher
Mystizismus und Zerstörung
Das Warum des Universums
Techniken des Mystizismus
Das Gott-Konzept - ein Werkzeug der Zerstörung
Astrologie, UFOs und andere Mythen
Existenzialismus und sein Einfluß
Siebzehnhundert Jahre Unterdrückung menschlichen Glücks
Aesthetische Freuden
Wert der Emotionen
Emotionen und Realität
Verurteilung von Emotionen durch das Christentum
Angst vor Emotionen
Emotionen der Angst und der Wert der Angstlosigkeit
Angst vor Zurückweisung und Risiko
Unabhängiges Urteilen gegenüber Meinung von Anderen
Gleichgültig-beiläufiger Sex gegenüber ernstem, seriösem Sex
Wertsysteme und individuelle Unterschiede
Wie man psychische Freuden erreicht
Ende einer guten Beziehung - freiwillig und unfreiwillig
Loyalität gegenüber der Ehrlichkeit der Weg, Probleme zu behandeln
Die schuldfreie Freiheit, man selbst zu sein - die Freiheit, Fehler zu korrigieren
Das Unrecht der Eifersucht - Gutartige Eifersucht gegenüber bösartiger Eifersucht
Giftkern der Eifersucht
Unnötiges Altern und der Nutzen der Hormone
Eltern als Sündenböcke
Jugendliche, voreheliche und nichteheliche Liebe
Verführungstechniken - beiläufig gleichgültig
Körperliche Schönheit - Missbrauch des Partners - Potenzverlust - Sexuelle Rollen
Psychische Freuden
Natürliche Phänomene
Persönliche Erscheinung und natürliche Körperfunktionen
Körperliche Fitness, Diät, Suchtmittel
Alkohol, Marihuana, Zucker, Tabak und Mystizismus. Auswirkungen auf romantiche Liebe und psychischen Sex
Geschlechtstrieb anregende Mittel - Negative und positive
Romantische Liebe, Freiheit und die DDK-Technik
Wertmaßstäbe für romantische Liebe
Drei Bereiche romantischer Liebe
Zwei Typen romantischer Liebesbeziehung
Individuelle Einzigartigkeit und persönlicher Wert
Die Kraft und Fähigkeit, sich zu ändern
Finden eines Romantikpartners und die Bedeutung der Zurückweisung
Schüchternheit - Ursache und Behebung
Gleichheit von Mann und Frau - Arbeitsteilungskonzept
"Berufs"-Hausfrau sein und Kinder haben gegenüber Größe erlangen
Potential von Frauen sei t 1300 v. Chr . bis heute
Die Natur von Emotionen und Selbstverantwortung
Natürliche Hochgefühle
Freude und Glück
Philosphie zur romantischen Liebe
Aristoteles für die Lebenden und die Zukunft gegenüber - Plato für die Toten
Humor gegenüber Lebensauffassung ein Test zum Humor
Tabus - Willentliche Sexhandlungen ungerechte Gesetze
Initiatorische Gewalt - das Hauptübel
Unterdrückung und Freiheit - Vergangenheit und Zukunft
Eine politische Verfassung für Neo-Tech, psychische Freuden und romantische Liebe
Abschied von 3000 Jahren Mystizismus für ein Leben persönlicher Nacht, persönlichen Wohlergehes und Glücks
Der Schutz für Kinder vor Mystikern und Neocheatern
Zurückweisung von Mystikern und Neocheatern
Macht, Plato, Aristoteles und Neo-Tech
Freiheit, Verantwortung, Wohlergehen
Schutz vor Zerstörung durch Regierung
Todesmechanismen der Regierungen
Die Selbsmordalternative
Anti-Obszönitätsgesetze, Zensur und oberster Gerichtshof
Das Syndrom falschen Urteilens, Justizirrtümer und segmentalisiertes Urteilen
Objektives Denken gegenüber subjektivem Denken
Vier Arten der Kommunikation
Kommunikation in romantischen Liebesbeziehungen
Produktivität und Glück gegenüber Faulheit und Trübsal
Wachstumstod und psychischer Tod und wie man sie verhütet
Drei Schritte, kommerzielle biologische Unsterblichkeit zu unseren Lebzeiten zu erreichen
Missetäter und Neid
Neider und Faulheit
Neo-Tech gegen Altruismus
Plato, Aristoteles und Neo-Tech
Destruktive Poesie gegenüber unbestreitbarer Kunst
Selbstbewusstheit gegenüber mystischer Bewusstheit
Jenseits des Begriffsvermögens
Wertediebstahl gegenüber Werteaustausch
Werteaustausch in Freundschafts- und romantischen Liebesbeziehungen
Verständnis von Gerechtigkeit, des Guten und der Liebe
Tatsachen und Gerechtigkeit
Neo-Tech, die gute und gerechte Lösung des Rassismus
Vertikales Denken, horizontales Denken und Träumen
Utopien verworfen - Die beste Periode der Geschichte - jetzt
Biologische Unsterblichkeit des Menschen (siehe auch Neo-Tech V)

La Scoperta della Neo-Technologia 116 pages
La Scoperta della Neo-Technologia
La "natura" dell'uomo
La nostra natura infantile passata
Stabilire il proprio destino
Eliminare i dogmi e le regole
Azioni buone e cattive-leggi morali
Abbandonare i neo-ingannatori
IL raggiungimento della felicità e della prosperità
Il test della felicita
La soddisfazione della vita
La causa superiore: La persona cosciente
Autosufficienza (stima di noi stessi) ed il premio finale
Critiche ingiuste e senso di colpa
Il senso della vita
L'egoismo contro l'altruismo
Eliminare il sacrificio
Mantenere la felicità
Vincere l'etica altruistica
I benefici ed i piaceri dell'amore
La religione, "Playboy", ed il principio psichico del sesso e dell'amore
Prerogative per ottenere il piacere psichico
Il piacere psichico ed il comportamento sensuale
Esperienze psichiche
Tests di capacità psichica
Altri libri e la Neo-Tech
Libri di valore
I libri dannosi
Misticismo e distruzione
Il perchè dell'universo
Le tecniche del misticismo
IL concetto di dio un -- mezzo di distruzione
Astrologia, ufo e altre fantasie
L'esistenzialismo e la sua influenza
Millesettecento anni di oppressione della felicità umana
Il piacere artistico
Il valore delle emozioni
Le emozioni e la realta'
La condanna cristiana delle emozioni
La paura delle emozioni
Le emozioni di paura ed il valore del coraggio
Il timore di essere respinti ed il rischio da prendere
La propria opinione e l'opinione degli altri
Sesso casuale e sesso serio
Sistemi di valore e differenze personali
Gli errori nelle relazioni
Realizzare i piaceri psichici I limiti dell'amore, del sesso e del piacere
La fine di una buona relazione: volontaria o involontaria
Lealtà verso l'onesta Capacità di fronteggiare i problemi
La liberta' di essere se stessi senza senso di colpa La liberta' di correggere gli errori
L'ingiustizia della gelosia La gelosia benpensante (GB) La gelosia malpensante (GM)
Il cuore avvelenato dalla gelosia
Non sentirsi vecchi
I genitori come capi espiatori
L'amore nell'adolescenza, prematrimoniale e non matrimoniale
Tecniche di seduzione: casuali, serie, reciproche
La bellezza fisica, l'abuso di un partner, la perdita della potenza, i ruoli sessuali
I piaceri psichici
Fenomeni naturali
L' apparenza personale e le funzioni naturali del corpo
Forma fisica, dieta, dipendenza da varie sostanze
Aclool, marijuana, zucchero, tabacco e misticismo: effetti sull'amore romantico e sul sesso psichico
Gli afrodisiaci - negativi e positivi
L'amore romantico, la libertà, e la tecnica DPC
Gli standards dell'amore romantico
Tre aspetti dell'amore romantico
Due tipi di relazione amorosa romantica
Il carattere unico dell'individuo e il valore personale
La capacità di cambiare
1. Trovare dei partner romantici 2. Vincere la timidezza
La timidezza: cause e rimedi
L'uguaglianza tra uomini e donne il concetto di divisione del lavoro
La "Carriera" della donna come madre e casalinga opposta al raggiungimento di "Grandi Mete"La potenzialità delle donne dal 1300 A.C. d oggi
La natura delle emozioni e la responsabilità personale
Raggiungeere "Altezze" fisiche ed emotive
Gioia e felicità
La filosofia per l'amore romantico
Aristotele per i viventi ed il futuro contro platone per i morti ed il passato
L'umore ed il senso della vita un test dell'umore
Tabù e leggi contrarie agli atti sessuali volontari
La costrizione iniziale - il primo male
Oppressione e libertà ...passato e futuro
Una costituzione in favore della prosperità, dei iaceri psichici e dell'amore romantico
Abbandonare 3000 anni di misticismo in favore di na vita di potere personale, prosperità e felicita'-
Proteggere i bambini dal misticismo ed dal Neo-Inganno
Rigettare i mistici ed i Neo-Ingannatori
Il potere, Platone, Aristotele e la Neo-Tech Un vecchio enigma di 2500 anni risolto
Libertà, responsabilità, e prosperità
Dare un'impronta Neo-Tech agli affari Gli affari diretti dalla Neo-Tech
Protezione contro la distruzione governativa
Le macchine mortali del governo e la battaglia finale
L'opzione del suicidio
Le leggi control l'oscenità la censura, e la corte suprema
1. La sindrome de giudicare male
L pensiero obiettivo contro il pensiero emotivo
Quarto livelli di comunicazione
La comunicazione nelle relazioni di amore romantico
La produttività e la felicità contro la pigrizia e la miseria
La Morte della Crescita o la Morte della Psiche e la sua prevenzione
Tre tappe per realizzare l'Immortalità Biologica Commerciale nella nostra vita
I malfattori e l'invidia
Gli Invidiosi E La Pigrizia
La Neo-Tech contro l'altruismo
Platone, Aristotele e la Neo-Tech
La poesia distruttiva contro l'arte valida
La consapevolezza propria contro la consapevolezza mistica
Al di là della compresione
Il furto di valori a confronto con lo scambio di valori
Lo scambio di valori nelle relaxioni d'amicizia e di amore romantico
Comprendere la givstizia, il bene e l'amore
I fatti e la giustizia
Neo-Tech - la benevola soluzione al razzismo
Pensare verticalmente, pensare orizzontalmente e sognare
Le utopie rigettate Il migliore periodo della storia ...adesso
L'Immortalità Biologica Umana (Vedere anche Neo-Tech V)

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