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ID#11782 J.M., 2003-05-29 [ Lincoln, NE]

Neo-Tech is the most life-enhancing information available. It has completely changed my life for the better. My view of the world has been widened to points I could never even have imagined before Neo-Tech. It has set me on the path to being even more productive in my career and enhanced the relationships i am involved in. Everything previously unclear has now become clear to me. Thank you and continue delivering values to the universe. About the website: I think it might be helpful to have links to product ordering. I know I, personally, would benefit from being able to see what literature is all available. For example, I am interested in the Neo-Tech Business Control by Mark Hamilton; however I have been unable to find any access to it. I do not know if I am simply looking in the wrong places. JP

ID#11785 m.m., 2003-05-29 [ eastrockaway, ny]

hi neo-tech just recieved new info in the mail.Just like to make sure that i do not already have this book/ freeorder/neo-tech discovery/ i have this book what new book are we talking about. what is order #267u-s thanks mike

ID#11786 I.T., 2003-05-29 [ Jakarta, Timur]

I'm reading The Book now and I found that this book was very interesting to be read by most people in the world.

ID#11787 a.c., 2003-05-30 [ plano, tx]

NEO-TECH is one of , if not the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Anybody that doesn't give NEO-TECH a chance is avoiding the most advanced information for transforming your life into the most fulfilling life anyone could ever imagine. Even if you don't agree with some things, skip over it for now and read on. NEO-TECH covers practically everything anyone should be concerned with: HAPPINESS-SECURITY-WEALTH-ROMANTIC LOVE-SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Has anyone ever heard of happiness attacks? Me either until now. I get so excited sometimes because my life is changing so rapidly and just thinking about what my future holds now gets me overly joyous.To everybody that has participated in providing this invaluable information, I THANK-YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! And to everyone else: PLEASE GIVE NEO-TECH A CHANCE! It is the most advanced life rewarding information that you could ever want.

ID#11789 m.d., 2003-05-30 [ , ]

finding it quite hard to understand what is NEO -TECH but I do believe that from being young we are programmed by our parents and teachers as were our parents and so on and we need to find a way to break free and just be happy

ID#11790 m.d., 2003-05-30 [ Wigan,, Lancashire]

finding it quite hard to understand what is NEO -TECH but I do believe that from being young we are programmed by our parents and teachers as were our parents and so on and we need to find a way to break free and just be happy

ID#11791 G.P., 2003-05-30 [ Sydney, NSW]

Dear Neotech people, While I can understand the idea of conducting business honestly as the way to produce values for benefit to others, it seems to me that there needs to be some watchdog organisations preferably run by the government, to see that business IS being conducted fairly. Too often we see that big business leaders have too much control of company assets and cause their companies to lose millions while still paying themselves enormous bonusses. In Australia, there is a government organisation called the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission which has been using its power to call to account the questionable business practices of large companies. It has been good to see that this organisation has been able to keep tabs on big business to prevent small investors from being ripped off. However, I can understand that the nature of bureaucracy is flexing muscle and gaining power by making the conduct of business difficult. So the question I have is where do you draw the line? If there was no accountability in big business, unscrupulous business chiefs will get away with blue murder. However, how do you propose a watchdog organisation conduct its affairs honestly rather than becoming a tool for power hungry bureaucrats? This seem to be the dilemma in creating an open and free society in that while we all want our freedoms to pursue our goals, we need organisations doing all sorts of housekeeping to make our lives run without trouble. Your comments about this issue would be welcomed. Recently, there has been a lot of media hype about business executives receiving enormous salaries. There was a media story that caused a sensation about a bank executive who was paid out $30,000,000 in bonusses from his then current bank employer when he was headhunted by another bank. The irony was that the current affairs news anchor gets paid about $4,000,000 annually for his effort and was asking the chairman of the bank about their former employee, how could they justify paying out someone so much money when they raise bank fees and keep closing bank branches down. Well the simple answer was that he was being paid what he was worth in the eyes of the bank. It wasn't until I read a letter to the editor of a newspaper that told how he raised the investment arm of the bank from a company worth $5,000,000 to one worth over $2 billion that I thought gee, we need more people like this in business! He is certainly worth every penny if he can build business like that! With the reach the internet has, I would like to see articles by neotech educated writers commenting on the news from a neotech perspective. This would give readers a chance to see neotech based thinking applied in current events. Even though I have read and understand most of the neotech advantages, the great neocheating hoaxes in business government and media still persist and continue to ensnare victims. So commentry from a neotech perspective would give people a better chance to see how the neocheaters are working to usurp power from hardworking individuals. Finally, are there neo tech interest groups around? I would find it interesting to discuss and meet with likeminded people. regards, Geoff Pearce

ID#11792 U.I., 2003-05-30 [ Los Angeles, CA]

A Great way to get exposed to millions of people efficiently. Some parts of articles from manuscripts are really intriguing and I think people want to find out more about Neo-Tech for their better life. Go for it!!! Thank you.

ID#11793 G. ., 2003-05-30 [ , ]

Any serious consideration or thought given to this web site and/or information posted within, whether positive or negative, is in direct porportion to the number of idiots out in the world who need to go get a life!! PS I am working on it and I might add.....succeeding.

ID#11794 D.J., 2003-05-30 [ Portland, OR]

Most definitely keep the Neo-Tech website! What a tremendous information resource! I use the information in it to shield myself from the manipulations and plundering of liberals and other various types of Neocheaters. It's also a valuable information resource for me because in recent years I've been in a financial tailspin, have lost everything and have to start over again at age 50. So please, please keep the website and if there's any additional info as far as what to do when you lose everything and have to start over again please post that information. Thanks, Sincerely, Doug Johnson Portland Oregon. Oh! by the way! To update my current mailing address for your database it is: Doug Johnson 7409 SE 82nd Ave. Sp. #8 --- Portland Oregon 97266-5852. I've bought Neo-Tech products in the past. My former address was the one listed on SE Woodstock Blvd. also in Portland OR. Delete that one.

ID#11795 W.J., 2003-05-30 [ Sanford , NC]

To whom it may concern, I found "God-Man Our Final Evolution" very insightful and rewarding. However it was long and drawn out. I wish you had a shorter, more to the point version. It took me three months to get through the entire thing. This is mostly because it It kept saying the same thing over and over. I kept getting bored with it and putting down. Don't get me wrong I loved the material, but I was hoping you could send me a more condensed version. My friends and family were astounded by the vast knowledge this book held. However they were discouraged by its size. If I had a condensed version to entise them, I'm sure they would buy their own copy. Sincerely, William J. Colvin III

ID#11798 s.s., 2003-05-31 [ flint, mi]

neo-tech should remain on the web! it has helped my wife and i get out of our "fundamentalist born again religion" and begin to start thinking freely/rationally. i haven't checked every page yet but, i've not been able to find a page with purchasing information on it. thanks for the offer of sending the latest information on money/power/love, but isn't there some type of philosophy from neo-tech that i need to integrate into my life for all this to work properly, how do i purchase the neo-tech literature and in what order should i begin to use it to get the most out of it. i love the site, it strikes a new, never been heard chord! thank you.

ID#11799 L.W., 2003-05-31 [ Aurora, Ontario]

Halfway through "THE BOOK" now and cannot put it down. It is so engaging and delightful and I wish that I has actually started reading it 3 years ago when I first received it. It truly does cut to the essence of life.

ID#11800 K. ., 2003-05-31 [ Acushnet, Ma.]

People have a hard time with Neo Tech because of their own hypnotic social conditioning. If they only realized they can get free from self made prisons....and see the world in whichever way they choose to view it they would be in awe of the raw power within themselves......Neo Tech to me is just showing us how by going back to that childhood place where our life first began puts us back in the drivers seat of our individual lives...Once we return to our natural self and our creative mind self, we begin to take on positive thought action for the prosperity and happiness of our individual adveturous expression. Sincerely, kristin

ID#11802 E.E., 2003-05-31 [ São Paulo, ]

Is "The Threesome" available as well in Portuguese or in Spanish (prices?) Is "Psychuous Pleasures" as a part in it as well available separate; in English, Portguese, Spanish? Where can it be bought? Best regards

ID#11803 O.G., 2003-05-31 [ Whittier, Ca]

I need help to begin my escape from the death-trap I have always known, but never was made aware of till I discoverd Neo-Tech... Sincerely, Omar G. Ruvalcaba

ID#11805 m. ., 2003-06-01 [ ibadan, oyo]

i got a mail from you earlier ,years back i only have to search the web

ID#11806 P.F., 2003-06-01 [ Houston, Texas]

Neo-Tech. You are my hero. You have saved my life. You have saved my life from the mentality dead people in the world we live today. With Neo-Tech, I HONESTLY, believe that I can live life abundantly now.

ID#11807 M.W., 2003-06-01 [ Ascutney, VT]

i found the ZON discovery in a second hand store. and to thisday i still read a part of it daily. it's the manual for living.

ID#11808 R.F., 2003-06-01 [ , ]

I'm looking forward to purchasing more NeoTech literature real soon! Just let me know of any address/price changes,etc. Keep up the good work! Rodwell Faulkner Australia

ID#11809 R.F., 2003-06-01 [ A.C.T , ]

I'm looking forward to purchasing more NeoTech literature real soon! Just let me know of any address/price changes,etc. Keep up the good work! Rodwell Faulkner Australia

ID#11810 a.k., 2003-06-01 [ toronto, on]

Hello have just received and read your 1st installment interesting but still do not know what is it we get from neotech? but an open mind and the endless possibilities this life has instore for everyone,,,makes me very curious sincerely alex kelly

ID#11812 D. ., 2003-06-02 [ Warwck, QLD]

I think this site is great as there is so much to learn, Ive found it to be very eye opening and thought provocking.

ID#11813 D. ., 2003-06-02 [ Lutz, FL]

I agree that the stories should be heard. However, are they falling on deaf ears? How does a group like this take action expecially when writing to our congressmen does no good? People try to be honest and end up in the poor house. While, dishonest people avoid the IRS all together and live happily ever after. What is wrong with this picture?

ID#11815 S.H., 2003-06-02 [ Maidstone, Kent]

My name is Sara Harrison, and I was recently sent one of your leaflets stating it had to be postmarked by the 6th June. As that date is fast approaching I thought I would look to see if it was possible to sign up online. I have briefly looked thru the site, but unfortunately I do not have time at the moment to completely and thouroughly read all the information. Neither so far have I been able to find somewhere to sign up so I guess tomorrow I will just have to post back the slip and wait to receieve this information. I am hoping at some time tomorrow to be able to come back here and read much more carefully the info contained on this site. Yours sincerely, Sara Harrison. ps Have just filled out my name address and email below. It is my correct information as the details you have are slightly out. On your files you have the following incorrect info: Mrs S Harrison, 7 Meridian Court, 47 Buckland Road, the rest is complete and correct and what is icorrect is amended below. It would be good if someone could possibly email me at that address so I know if you have received this ok and as to whether I still need to send in the mail order form? Thank you in anticipation of your response, Yours sincerely, S Harrison

ID#11818 D.R., 2003-06-03 [ Worcester, ]

A small typo error...... page headers on all nine pages of "Break Out into a Worldwide, Heliocentric-Like Mode" have "Hellocentric" by mistake. Detractors might see this as a Freudian slip!

ID#11819 M.J., 2003-06-04 [ miami, fl]

Stated simply, Neo-Tech is what I've been looking for since I realized at about age 14 that my family's religion, (Roman Catholic) philosiphies (or lack thereof)& my subsequent search of 13 + years through many different religions & philosophies provided me without any answers.

ID#11820 0.k., 2003-06-04 [ , ]


ID#11821 M.G., 2003-06-04 [ Little Rock, AR]

Please continue your great work!

ID#11822 J.B., 2003-06-04 [ waldorf , MD]

of course you should stay on the web for year and years if I would change like the testimoney say then I would never look again I got your first installment but debating wheather to get your second or go with Ross Jefferies the power of speed seduction so people will want to be with me no matter what,the information in this course will teach me so much more someone please respond to tell me how I can succeed with all the romance I want thank you for you timel.

ID#11825 J.M., 2003-06-05 [ wichita, KS]


ID#11826 D. ., 2003-06-05 [ , ]

The information on your website is thoroughly original and creative. Do look into your facts as I feel that you have made some errors which undermine your points, specifically regarding islam, greek philosophy, and modern current events. I wonder, do you consider yourself to be a liberatarian? It is my understanding that this ideology is dangerously elitist and unfriendly towards the environment. As an enlightened mystic I urge you to experiment with yourself to find truth in another area. All of these word youv'e written are so distracting. They drown out the truth.

ID#11827 R.S., 2003-06-05 [ St. Thomas, ON]

Neo-Tech Rocks! I can't wait for the sequel to The Book ... or perhaps a film ... Neo-Tech should become mainstream now! Everyone could use Neo-Tech!

ID#11828 S.M., 2003-06-06 [ phillipsburg, n.j.]

I am impatiently waiting for my discovery to come in, I'm very excited and anxious to get it. Hope it's what I've been seaching for my entire life.

ID#11829 D.Z., 2003-06-06 [ lincolnpark, mi]

I bought the neo tech book 9 years ago and started reading it at work in my spare time on breaks after the first day it disappeared but what I read that first day has stayed with me since then and I am at a point in my life where I NEED to finish what I started years ago!

ID#11831 A. ., 2003-06-06 [ Keetmanshoop, ]

This is the best money making system I have ever heard. I am still waiting for my neo-tech system, I have already received The Neo-Tech Discovery and have read through it. I have download the Pax from internet as well. I want to be expose to the full Neo-Tech so that I can set up my Neo-Tech business. The unveiling of the whole secret is amaising I thank Dr. Frank Wallace for discovering Neo-Tech. Thanks My customer no. 1200275

ID#11833 W.T., 2003-06-06 [ Richland , WA]

Where does Neo-Tech come down on the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? It seems to me this one fact, verified & revealed to the masses, would have more devastating impact on global religion/mysticism, than all the previous scientific discoveries ever made.

ID#11834 T.M., 2003-06-06 [ Koufu,, Yamanashi,]

I want to know about how many people could read those "Neo-Tech Books" at present, in this country "Japan".

ID#11835 J.M., 2003-06-07 [ Alamagordo, NM]

Always open to new ideas. The current teachings of religion don't seem plausible and leave one to wonder: why all the complexities?

ID#11841 A.H., 2003-06-08 [ Phoenix, AZ]

Interesting stuff. Do you have printed information to send me? I'm not really interested in Money/Power/Love info sent to me via email.

ID#11843 . ., 2003-06-08 [ , ]

Of course, I want any and all sites to remain on the web!

ID#11845 . ., 2003-06-08 [ , ]

Do a weekly or monthly news comentary

ID#11846 Y.C., 2003-06-08 [ Albuquerque, NM]

I am just learning about Neo-tech, I don't fully understand it yet. I received the little introductory book in the mail and just ordered Neo-tech Discovery the manual and am awaiting my copy to arrive. I hope this is what I am looking for. I have a pretty good job, but with all my financial responsiblities I work 2 jobs and can't seem to get ahead. I have tried all those mail order programs that guarantees riches but nothing works. I just want something that can help me have more time to spend with my family and get out of debt. I sure hope you are the answer to my prayers. I will post feedback once I know if this is working or not for me.

ID#11847 A.T., 2003-06-09 [ Binalong, NSW]

Keep up the great work. Having read some of the negitive comemts there is a lot of work to do. Bring on the Neo-tech President!!

ID#11848 G.W., 2003-06-09 [ Neenah, WI]

The Story was eye-opener!

ID#11849 J. ., 2003-06-09 [ , ]

Thank you!

ID#11852 N.W., 2003-06-10 [ Pretoria, Gauteng]

Plase send me the details as to the price of the complete neotech manuscript and how I would go about paying for it from South Africa, I am sold, please treat this as extremely urgent. Thanks Neville Butt

ID#11880 . ., 2003-06-11 [ , ]


ID#11881 E. ., 2003-06-11 [ , ]

Yes this site should remain on the web because this is the type of site I have always been looking for.

ID#11882 b.d.,@aol,com 2003-06-11 [ , ]

keep on keepin on

ID#11887 R. ., 2003-06-12 [ fort wayne, in ]

I love the book it help me use a new way of thinking that I thought I would never thought possible thank for the book it is very informative.

ID#11890 c.k., 2003-06-12 [ Bradford, ]

I have found the first installement Neo-Tech Guide to money and power very fascinating, although nothing has started to happen yet (as statded in the first paragraph)but I am willing to keep trying. I am still puzzled as to who the gentleman is in the first story, and can only hazard a guess as to whom it may be? (don't watch many late night talk shows in the UK). I look forward to recieving my 2nd main book 'The Neo-Tech Discovery' very soon. My customer number is:001411655, My order no is:A2051939, and my manuscript no:8908-M. If you could shed some light on as to where abouts this is, i would be very greatful. thankyou very much. fantastic, eye opening read! chris king

ID#11892 Z.A., 2003-06-12 [ Omaha, NE]

Upon receiving the mailer from you, i got real interested in what you were teaching. I bought THE BOOK and I have a hard time putting it down. Since I opened THE BOOK, I have already made my life more worthwhile. i have patented an idea and started writing a book. I also am in the process of starting a business that helps people. I really do not think that i would have had the openmindedness to start any of these projects if it were not for Neo-tech sending me that letter. I will soon be running for city government and I will start to turn the city into a business rich environment that relies less on the government and more on its people. Those who talk bad about you have not read anything about what the Neo-tech world is about. I thank you for speading your message and I for one will be a loyal beleiver for what you have helped me realize about muyself. Thank you.

ID#11893 M.M., 2003-06-12 [ , ]

I just discovered the site, and really enjoy it. It may be hard to find specific items, but I keep uncovering things. Thanks,

ID#11894 J.G., 2003-06-12 [ , ]

I would like to know how Customer Number 002926879, order number A2051939 was sent out. It said an initial installment was paid. I need to know by whom ASAP. Thank you. Reply to

ID#11895 R.R., 2003-06-13 [ Sunnyvale CA 94085, ]

When is the next summit ? Whats happening at RIBI ?

ID#11897 T. ., 2003-06-13 [ , ]

Hi. I am just amazed at how many people have suffered by this organization. The IRS website clearly shows how much these agents who collect can be negotiable and uses words like "may place a lien" in documentation. Therefore, agents really are evil people...they don't HAVE to place liens...they CHOOSE to place liens and make people miserable...I think it is because IRS agents seek power and enjoy having CONTROL over the lives of people. They can turn your world upside-down within the drop of a hat and they know it. They are counter-productive since adding penalties/interest ONLY makes the liability more difficult to pay. Websites like this should be passed around nationwide through emails so everyone knows they are not alone in their struggles. Why don't we receive a monthly mailer by the IRS and the government showing each of us exactly where our money is being placed? We all owe our government money yet they don't owe us an explanation? We're suppose to research our states, cities, counties for books showing annual revenues? If it is mandatory for us to pay, then it should be mandatory for the IRS and government to provide us with statements showing where every dollar went....and it shouldn't be for some stupid military proto-type that costs a few million but never gets launched into action either! Please work hard on spreading this information around so everyone knows that in numbers we can all get a flat tax passed someday soon. The wealthy people do NOT deserve so many deductions and cuts for all their capital gains...the lower and middle classes can never get ahead because of this. If everyone pays an equal tax rate, families here could live much happier lives and not go crazy worrying all the time! Besides, the Tax Law book is so wishy-washy...there are too many exceptions and rules to follow...the average accountant can barely keep up with the changes each year. The book is absurd and developed by people who did NOT want to lose money from their paychecks...why else would they add so many ridiculous rules that last over a thousand pages? Because somebody always had a disagreement or was affected personally and lobbied or directly passed a law to change the book! Duh! Thanks for allowing me to comment-sorry about the long-winded message!

ID#11899 J.G., 2003-06-13 [ Berkeley, CA]

Can you please give me email addresses of Neo-Tech readers and associates, preferably in my area (Berkeley-San Francisco, California) that would be interested in corresponding? Thanks for your help.

ID#11903 T.E., 2003-06-14 [ Culver City, CA]

I am interested in reading this kind of information. It is new to me and interesting. I am concerned about the government's invasion of privacy rights. I am concerned about my freedom. Thanks.

ID#11908 M.J., 2003-06-14 [ , ]

i have got The Book and ordered the copy of the 2nd issue. i am so happy as i feel i have embarked on a new life. i have finally had the strength to end a bad relationship.i am ill and looking for a pay out soon. i do not understand how the book says to work and get a business i am on my own and i am a 39 year old female who has got arthritis. Should i feel guilty cos i am on the sick living of the government. i worked full time for 20 years and i feel as this is my respite time to heal. i am still searching for strength and answers. Do you have a chat site where i can get some answers to my questions or perhaps in the future when im stronger to meet a partner?

ID#11910 T.S., 2003-06-15 [ McKinney, tx]

No one should say this site should come off the web. This is a free world if you don't like don't look. As for all the negative people that don't like it, and they think they are such good christians do you think your god would like what you say about us. I don't think so. So kiss my ass and you shall be jugded for what you say too.

ID#11911 D.K., 2003-06-15 [ Bristol, IN]

Reading and studying "The Book" has been the most enriching educational experience of my life. It pulls Creation, History, Philosophy, (Aristolean), and current events together to make perfect sense of honest reality. I am so much aware of Mystics and Neo-Cheaters and how to deal with them. I cannot get enough of Neo-Tech literature and information!

ID#11912 T.O., 2003-06-16 [ Goodlettsville, TN]

I read some of the negative postings and had to laugh. They were written by religious right wingers who have cripling closed minds. I'm just begininning to learn about Neo Tech, but my mind is open to learn!

ID#11913 L. ., 2003-06-16 [ Bedfordshire, ]

Its helping me to focus!

ID#11914 L. ., 2003-06-16 [ , ]

Although I find your site and the comments you make are mostly very positive and of value to me and society as a whole. Your major flaw is a non-belief/or cursory thoughts about the afterlife. As in life after death. Whilst I agree it cannot be proven .(yet) My argument is It cannot be disproved either....I have my reasons for pointing this out to your organisation. This main thesis on rationalisation is to me although neccessary you tend to go too far and the exageration loses the point and becomes irrational in itself.

ID#11915 S.D., 2003-06-16 [ Miami Beach, Florida]

Thank you for the insight of all the neo-cheaters . Your literature has been very enlightening to me. I can't stop reading! From the first page it has has a profound impact on my life. Thank you again!

ID#11919 A.H., 2003-06-17 [ Fortaleza, CE]

Neo Tec/I & 0 PUBLISHING, Bless you guys, you set me free from a life of misery. I discovered you when I was just 25 years old. You guys were a gift to me. I still have your books nearly 16 years on. I still read them, they are an inspiration. Thankyou for all of your help to me.

ID#11921 A. ., 2003-06-17 [ Fortaleza, CE]

Please send latest/Current publications details

ID#11922 . ., 2003-06-18 [ , ]

Brilliantly conveyed concepts, fresh and enlightening perspective, glad to have read it

ID#11923 D.O., 2003-06-18 [ NEWPORT NEWS, VA]

keep online and definitely expand, expand, expand.

ID#11924 s.c., 2003-06-18 [ kawasaki-shi, kanagawa-ken]

I got the mail of introduction of the Japanese translation of neo-tech from you at 5/19, put cash (20000 yen) into the application form, and mailed the next day (5/20). However, the present book mailed by wanting surely which has not arrived investigating and obtaining connection today. Thank you for your consideration. Moreover, if it can do, although it will think that I would like you to correspond in Japanese, how is it?

ID#11925 . ., 2003-06-18 [ , ]

In order to reach as many people as possible leave Neo Tech on the web. Expand it and keep explaining it. It will be the only way to help as many people as possible.

ID#11926 r.a., 2003-06-18 [ manukau, nz]

i am still waiting for my 740-page book-neo-tech discovery from has been 15 weeks since i sent you guys the money order of new zealand $176-00.i am still waiting!!!

ID#11927 r.a., 2003-06-18 [ manukau, nz]

i am still waiting for my 740-page book-neo-tech discovery from has been 15 weeks since i sent you guys the money order of new zealand $176-00.i am still waiting!!!

ID#11928 d.m., 2003-06-18 [ corsicana, tx]

I want my damn refund i still have not got it yet

ID#11930 M.C., 2003-06-18 [ Crane, TX]

This information is very important to me. It gives me hope that someday I will rise above the intense poverty that I am in. I still down't know how to get money out of nothing yet. One neighbor gives me Water, which I carry across the alley. Another neighbor voluntarily petitioned his e-mail friends on my behalf, for cash to pay property taxes (on a payment plan), and for payment of my electricity (the only utility I've left). I've just recently been attacked by the Dir. of the County Senior Citizens (I was cleaning tables in exchange for a meal). She told me I was "chasing the seniors out the door", made me cry and hurt me. I left her to her little lie & little world. So now I get food day by day, where ever. I live in a small town. I'm not normal according to the anti-civilization: I'm single, 56, white, female, healthy, & I walk everywhere I go, no money, no job, no retirement(ever), well educated, No political party yet I vote for "the man", no children....yes, keep this program on the web.

ID#11932 B.R., 2003-06-18 [ Claremont, CA]

This information is amazing, it just blows my mind about what I thought I knew as "truth"! I see the world in a whole new way now! How can I learn more?

ID#11933 J.O., 2003-06-18 [ Rio Grande, P.R.]

i would like to know how i can make an income working for I & O.

ID#11934 M.B., 2003-06-19 [ Tampa, Florida]

Please check the Story Website because there are some symbols covering the writing. For example chapters 10, 11, 13 or even more chapters maybe experiencing this problem. I hope that you fix this problem soon because I am reading the story to my children once again now that they are ages 9 & 12. Thank you.

ID#11935 M.B., 2003-06-19 [ Tampa, Fl]

I Would Like to buy the Book of The Story By Mark Hamilton. Can you email me or send to my address an order form so I can purchase the book. I send you an email informing you to check the story website some chapters are experiencing some problem please check.

ID#11936 r.j., 2003-06-19 [ san andres tuxtla, veracruz]

soy una persona que escribio la semana pasada y que pregunto si existen volumenes del libro de del Neo-neo-tech por favor decirme si todavia hay libros...

ID#11939 a.e., 2003-06-19 [ miami, fla]

i like to know if this could be posible? there is not one thing in this world that comes so easy unless you work hard for it.

ID#11940 J. ., 2003-06-19 [ , ]

I am going to tax court, and realized there must be other citizens like me in this country with IRS, some of these cases sound just like mine! Whatever happens in court, thanks for the support this has given me!

ID#11942 a.e., 2003-06-20 [ , ]

ive allways had questions unanswerd like everyone else,therefore i keep myself very open minded,i feel as selfish as can be. AC

ID#11943 J.L., 2003-06-20 [ Corpus Christi, TX]

I have not read the book, but I read the comments for and against. What kind of book is this?

ID#11945 G.P., 2003-06-20 [ Christchurch, 8030]

Yes please keep informing people of their unbelievable futures

ID#11947 A.B., 2003-06-20 [ Ie, ]

I enjoy reading The Book. It is very intriguing and mind-expanding, although I have my doubts on certain points.Like the way in which churches, old and new are considered bad without distinction. In all, I find there are many positive ideas and it encourages to lead a productive life. I totally agree with that! I would like to know if there are neo-tech groups in Belgium. Sincerely Annabel

ID#11948 A.B., 2003-06-20 [ Ieper, ]

I enjoy reading The Book. It is very intriguing and mind-expanding, although I have my doubts on certain points.Like the way in which churches, old and new are considered bad without distinction. In all, I find there are many positive ideas and it encourages to lead a productive life. I totally agree with that! I would like to know if there are neo-tech groups in Belgium. Sincerely Annabel

ID#11950 J.K., 2003-06-20 [ , Utah]

I'm thinking of buying the book. Is it different then what is on this website? Does it have the real "meat" of what to do to acheive all that Neo-tech claims?

ID#11951 R.S., 2003-06-20 [ Austin, TX.]

I enjoy Neo-Tech thinking. From time to time Ilook to make a closer connection with other Neo-Techers. It would be great to personally associate with others of like mind and body. I tell others about higher thinking and get back mixed reactions, but none integrate enought to move forward in integrating more. There is one individual who's asked me to lend him The Discovery. I just got through reading God-Man and intellectually know everything is going to eventually be ok, but the part that really caught my attention is NTN. Particularly the Idea of working with/for Neo-Techer(s) If anyone who reads this is interested in connecting with me about this, you may do so at (512)416-6629 I personally hate the Idea of working my self to death under the burden of white collar neo-cheating hoasters and anyone that coludes with them, even when its out of ignorance. I much rather work on a performance basis with/for a value producer(s). I may also be reached at My name is Raul Suarez, and I'm a self educated working class man from colombia, who because of my rough upbringing can survive anything and fears no-one and nothing. I cower not before any threat, and bow to no-one. Yet I've learned to cooperate with who and what is honest, just,rational,reasonable,and thus unoposed to objective reality. I can hardly wait till this fxxxxxx anticivilization is canned completely and permanently to usher in what is rightfully the value creator/producer's domain-the Civilization of the universe. For now and in the proccess thereof I resist them and their neo-cheating ways every way I can. I expose them every way I can. What I lack in economic resource I make up with balls, and as an anology their pretty big. Yes! I'm one pissed-off hombre about what has and is still going on in this fast bygoing anticivilization full of parasites we live in. Every time I squash a cockroach it reminds me of the master neo-cheaters that have a lot to do with my impoverishment. I' would like to step into a boxing ring with anyone of them, but my prefence is a dark alley in Bogota @ 3:00 am with no one else around. I'll however settle for a court room in which to demolish them with my superior thinking based objective honensty and justice. I admire the Men and Wemen of Neo-Tech and look forward to meeting any of you, and better yet, all of you. For you are my new and most wonderful familly which I feel highly protective of. I can provide a host of services for which details are provided to would be interested parties. But The one I do best at present is Salsa Dance Consulting. So if you want to learn to dance Salsa really well, specially if you're female, since training is one on one(men tend to become homophobic)consider training with the best. Neo-Techers get a special price. I'm also looking to move a special student Quickly into an asistant position for purpose of salsa enteratainment promos,demos,childrens group classes, etc. I can travel to you if need be, and proper arangements are made to do any of above mentioned.

ID#11955 T.R., 2003-06-21 [ , ]

"Profit is the beginning of loss. There is no greater profit than having suffered no loss." -Tao Te Ching (a Mystical text). If businessmen are good, then tell that to former Enron shareholders; the Inuit eskimos near Valdez, Alaska; Columbians near foreign oil company (Occidental) pipelines; the mourning family members of dead cigarette smokers who were addicted to nicotene-added Phillip Morris cigarettes; African farmers who refuse to buy Monsanto genetically-engineered barren crops; and the list could go on forever. If you want to dedicate a site to honesty, I recommend that you focus you energies to creating an encyclopedia that details all of the crimes committed by every company with profits greater than a million dollars, then do a survey to find out what percentage of them were actually contributing something good to society (and in the spirit of honesty, also honestly report how many of them were parasitical to society). I hope that everyone can see that this website does nothing but oversimplifies issues and that anytime anyone has to create a new vocabulary for well established concepts, that intellectual fraud (on the border of the occult) is potentially, or in this case, is at work here. Finally, if you still believe that business is good and that it does not try to manipulate people's reality, then I would like to ask you how successful would your business-model be if businesses were forced to stop advertising (also known as brain-washing or propaganda)? With that, I hope that you who read this are truly able to grasp the truth in these words (to use a mystical expression, "pull out the log in your eye before you fuss over the splinter in another man's eye.").

ID#11956 J.(., 2003-06-21 [ Tampa, FL]

Hello, my name is Jamie (Alex) Noe. I have studied much in the various arts of Magick and also have written for my college essay's on a personal perspective regarding Metaphysics is the step beyond the Quantom level. Ive read books by Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, leister Crowley. I have investigated Chaos Magick perhaps you might be interested in reading some of my work. If you are interested I would not mind opening comentary between myself and your organization. Jamie (Alex) Noe.

ID#11957 M.A., 2003-06-21 [ Caloocan City, ]

The articles are really amazing .It threatens the present structural set up of government and religion however this will be very effective if majority will be informed through publications.You should have regular articles in different magazines and newspapers.Neo-tech learners must be exposed on television programming inorder for us to be recognized.How could we show to the world that we are successful intellectuals.How could we encourage others to believe when we are failures on our field of endeavors.Let us use our conciousness to be productive, successfull neo-tech persons, for us to become models in our society where we belong.

ID#11958 M.B., 2003-06-21 [ Tampa, FL]

To Mark Hamilton Third Message Mark please Check the Story on the Neo-Tech Website it is experiencing some problem in some of the chapters. I also send you an email from the site and it was returned it said that the following addresses had permanent fatal errors Also double check this.

ID#11959 R.B., 2003-06-22 [ New Port Richey, Florida]

I think that the Neo-Tech manuscript, Neo-Tech Cosmic business control, and Neo-Tech world are the most important books I have ever read. When I first received the Neo-Tech manuscript things started to become very clear to me. I could relate to the stories in the very first orientation book. You see I also have been recently divorce, filed bankruptcy, and lost my job all within a 3 yr. period. My now ex moved in with a guy and took my kid with her. Then within the next 2yrs. she had two kids. I was a border line schitzo. Thanks to Neo-Tech I understand the world now and I snapped out of the constant paranoid feeling I have always known "inside" that there was something wrong with the world, but I didn't know quite what the problem was. I do now!!!! I also had an Invention stolen from me. It is my opinion that I would never use Invention Submission Corporation. I don't know whether they stole it or whether it was just because they mishandled my invention. They submit your invention to industry and send out press releases before you ever get a patent pending number! I also was not impressed with the companies they submitted it to. Anyway THANK YOU FRANK R. WALLACE, MARK HAMILTON, AND ERIC SAVAGE. I believe you are saving the world. P.S. You have got my vote for president

ID#11960 M.S., 2003-06-22 [ HOOKS, TX]


ID#11961 N.E., 2003-06-22 [ Houston, Tx]

I'm still trying to understand what I'm reading,but what I've seen and heard is very positive.

ID#11962 P.C., 2003-06-22 [ CO.LIMERICK, NONE]


ID#11963 T.V., 2003-06-22 [ columbia, sc]

i think it gives people another way to look at the world but there is one thing that i am wondering, why do you feel that there is no God or higher power? it seems like there has to be some type of higher power b/c there have been events in life that couldn't have possibly been created by any human or other creature, now i do believe that people use religion as a way of manipulating the masses but i also believe that there are spirits and there have been counts that people have seen angels. could you please email a response to me.

ID#11964 j.c., 2003-06-22 [ new iberia, la]

I order the product and didn,t get half the information that you have on the webe site please help

ID#11966 R.J., 2003-06-22 [ Schenectady, ny]


ID#11967 K.O., 2003-06-22 [ London, St4]

fasinating theories, leaves a lot to be explained however

ID#11968 j.w., 2003-06-23 [ austin, tx.]

Yes i think that it should expand as the world expands for new knowledge and insight. Mainly i like the contents that are contained in the readings just as they are so as long as the information is honest.

ID#11969 d. ., 2003-06-23 [ brisbane, queensland]

I've just started really getting into the discovery and i assure you my mind has started expanding toward ways and im liking it...going to keep reading thanks.

ID#11970 C.J., 2003-06-23 [ Tuscaloosa, AL]

How do I get a copy, I have not seen any info about ordering on this site

ID#11973 j.g., 2003-06-23 [ yuma, az]

i am looking for the ten second miracle!

ID#11974 S.A., 2003-06-24 [ Westminster, MD]

I only have the first part to this of the entire collection of the Neo-Tech system (as I call it) and I was thoroughly impressed with this "new thinking". I work for our county's government and experience neo-cheating first hand on a daily basis. Dr. Wallace's manuals have certainly been an eye opener for me. I only wish I could acquire the other 4 parts.

ID#11975 K.N., 2003-06-24 [ Kenosha, WI]

I love "The Book". Everything inside is inspirational to say the least. I have only started to read the web site so I do not have a strong opinion yet. I would, however, like to know if there is somewhere I can go to get help finding my "friday night essence"?

ID#11977 E.W., 2003-06-25 [ Saint Louis , MO]

Would you please send me the price, availablity, and shipping charges on the following entitled books 1.THE BOOK 2.THE FIRST IMMORTALS And also, it has been quite some time since I've recieved mailings, please keep me in mind on future mailings as I love all that you produce.

ID#11978 K.H., 2003-06-25 [ , ]

�@�@�@Express�I�I�@�@�@ �¤•i‚ð—Š‚ñ‚ÅŒÜ�TŠÔ‚½‚¿‚Ü‚µ‚½�B�¤•i‚ª“Í‚©‚È‚¢‚Ì‚É�¿‹��‘‚ª—ˆ‚Ü‚µ‚½‚¯‚Ç‚Ç‚¤‚È‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚é‚Ì‚Å‚·‚©�H˜A—��悪‚í‚©‚炸�A‚±‚¿‚ç‚Öƒ��|ƒ‹‚³‚¹‚Ä‚¢‚½‚¾‚«‚Ü‚µ‚½�B ‹}‚¢‚Å�I˜A—�‚­‚¾‚³‚¢�B

ID#11979 j. ., 2003-06-26 [ , ]

The Web is big enough and tolerant enough to hold anything. Do your detractors forget that navigating to any website is voluntary? Did someone hold a gun to their heads and make them click? Whatever you are doing, good luck. If there is anything 'evil' about it, you'll eventually stop.

ID#11980 V.C., 2003-06-26 [ Noma, Fl.]

Just started reading tonight,very interested and would love to read more.

ID#11981 . ., 2003-06-26 [ , ]

the overwhelmingly negative commentary supports your existence in their very same eyes by the act of inflamed attention. the others are looking to be saved by power located outside themselves. looks like ya got the market cornered. i see what you mean. is this comment pos. or neg ? it dosen't matter. ha ha

ID#11984 J.H., 2003-06-26 [ northport, al]


ID#11985 D.B., 2003-06-26 [ Fort Worth, TX]

seems at first glance to be an all encompassing trip into my own mind to reset priorities and thought patterns.....I am sure that it will be of help to me on my various quests in this world

ID#11986 K.K., 2003-06-26 [ Chicago, Illinois]

I love the ideas and other excellent things presented on this site. Those that oppose this site do not fully understand it and are close-minded individuals that have succumb to the propaganda religion and other platonistic views. I feel that the freedom to express yor opinions is very important. That is precisely why this site should stay online. Those who try to rub it out and take it off-line are basically saying that your opinion is wrong. In actuallity, they fear that they are wrong and want to try to hide the fact that they are incorrect. In all, I believe that this site helps many people in need, and if it doesn't help you don't look at it. It would be your loss...

ID#11987 K.N., 2003-06-26 [ Kenosha, ]

please answer my question!

ID#11988 M.R., 2003-06-27 [ Camp Douglas, WI]

keep up the dandy work. Its been a while since Ive wrote, lots of new things to explore. keep the positives coming, and remember to give lots of love. peace, M.R.

ID#11990 M.B., 2003-06-27 [ Harlow, Essex]

Please let me know what new products, summits, tapes etc are available Manyy thanks Mark

ID#11991 T.P., 2003-06-27 [ , ]

Your thoughts are very sentimental and your powers of reasoning extremely inferior to those of academics that you critique. Try reading Isaac Newton; we did not evole from monkeys, a creation requires a creator. Just like my watch requires a builder, so does the reality you see around you. WAKE UP!

ID#11994 j.g., 2003-06-28 [ brisbane, qld]

it is ok to have your own opinion just dont force it down others throats all religions are a waste of precious time you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with the world

ID#11995 P.F.,@pflatley 2003-06-28 [ , ]

to soon to say...

ID#11996 P.F., 2003-06-28 [ , ]

to soon to say...

ID#11998 J.D., 2003-06-28 [ Libreville, Estuaire]

An enbriching tool towwards an effective humanization of a word worth living. This tool must generalized to reach out to all.

ID#12000 W.H., 2003-06-28 [ Elkton, MD]

I have always felt out of place from the reality being presented to me, questioning everything. Now that i've found this information i feel like i finally realize who i am, and why i am here. Truely inspirational and eye opening. Its Exactly what everyone Needs to know to free themselves from their jail of lies and deceit. Despite my physical injuries i still have hope in these ideals that humanity might save itself.

ID#12001 T. ., 2003-06-28 [ , ]

Wow, whoa! My, my...this, at initial "skimming", is a phenomenal work. I intend to read the entire presentation thoroughly. I don't know enough about what's happening here to thank the "responsible ones", so, help me out, and tell "them", "THANK YOU!" for me. Peace, Bruce

ID#12003 C. ., 2003-06-29 [ carine, wa]

An increadible amount of writting with many tempting hyperlinks that kept me jumping from one to another which distracted me from concentraiting on the increadibly interesting material. 1. What I think is, isn't. 2. I should question everything. 3. I need facts. 4. I need help. 4. Most people are suffering from apathy becuase of wrong information. 5. I can have what i want with the right information. 6. people are more guilible and stupid than I previously thought. 7. Just becuase it's the government doesn't mean we have to comply becuase they must be right.

ID#12006 l.j., 2003-06-29 [ Indianola, Ia]

i feel that neo-tech is the best thing that has come all in our life time

ID#12009 R.R., 2003-06-30 [ , ]

no comment at this time Thank you

ID#12010 m.a., 2003-06-30 [ cheshire , ]

dear friend i am writing to find out when i can hope to recieve my 740 page official neo-tech money-making system called the neo-tech system. i sent my payment off on the 3rd june 2003 for the value of £95 british sterling. my customer number is 190093009 and the manuscript number is 195l-x.

ID#12011 d.g., 2003-06-30 [ dorchester, dorset]

Keep on growing in the name of love, happiness and prosperity!

ID#12013 J.B., 2003-06-30 [ Tulsa, OK]

My brother recently ordered "The Neo-Tech Discovery." I was wondering how we might go about finding out when the book will arrive. I was also wondering how I might be able to get a copy for myself. Thanks for your time, Jeff Brown

ID#12014 G.B., 2003-07-01 [ EL PASO, TX.]

the books i have are awesome.

ID#12017 m.l., 2003-07-01 [ denver, co]

i like neo-tech, i like what i have read so far and if i had the $240 to order the neo-tech discorvey i would order it, i am ready for my life to chang already

ID#12019 E.T., 2003-07-02 [ , ]

Hello. I am presently involved in the creation of an Articles of Incorporation document for a church otganization...and within the document it states that one of its principle "beliefs" is that the IRS is an "evil entity." I would like to consider inserting some of the more painful messages on your web site about IRS abuse...and am hereby asking for permission. My thinking is that by including proof of IRS abuse and its extent of evil in a legal instrument this can't be ignored in a court of law if it comes down to that.

ID#12021 K.K., 2003-07-03 [ Gilbert, AZ]

Please keep Neo-Tech on the Web! It doesn't take a person of the highest scholastic apptitude or I.Q. score to figure out that Neo-Tech is the truth. The truth is the truth and can not be argued. Truth either is, or it isn't. No maybe's about it. I have read Neo-Tech and Dr. Julian Jaynes "The origins of consiousness and the breakdown of the bichemeral mind" cover to cover. I submit to anyone who calls this literature "EVIL", to also read everything before they pass judgement. It is apparent to me and only supports Neo-Tech when you read the negative comments about Neo-Tech, that Neo-Tech is the truth. Just read the words they use, "Die", "Evil", "Kill", "Burn", "Piss",just to name a few. The people who choose these words are so manipulated and dillusional, that they don't even realize their own contradictions. Most proclaim peace and love as thier religious foundations, but thier words and actions are undeniable truth that they, not Neo-Tech, are the aggressors and keepers of hate. Please keep Neo-Tech on the web. As a matter of fact email it to every human being with an email address. The truth shall set you free! I am teaching Neo-Tech to my children and think it should be taught to all children before they become corrupted.

ID#12024 J.C., 2003-07-03 [ Fairfax, VA]

interesting stuff - please let me know more ...

ID#12025 D.l., 2003-07-04 [ , ]

I have been reading and reading and reading I dont get it I am just supposed to believe the only thing that matters is that I mam an honest and productive indavidual and then I will be happy? what is the 2300 year old manuscript you keep talking about?

ID#12026 D.l., 2003-07-04 [ , ]

I have been reading and reading and reading I dont get it I am just supposed to believe the only thing that matters is that I mam an honest and productive indavidual and then I will be happy? what is the 2300 year old manuscript you keep talking about? and why the run around if its so important to our servival as a civilization am I supposed to get a hidden meaning fromreading all this or am I supposed to go blind from staring at the screan hay help me out here whats the bottom line?

ID#12028 C.H., 2003-07-04 [ , ]

Please send me information on costs (including shipping to France) for purchase of Neo-Tech I-V and the reference encyclopedia, if it is not included in the above. Many thanks for your brining light to a dark world!

ID#12029 A.T., 2003-07-04 [ spore, ]

I find it hard to beleive that what you have written seems altruistic and yet I am sketical of its effectiveness. Is it possible to have the manuscript first and pay later . It sounds incredulous but may worth a try

ID#12030 . ., 2003-07-04 [ , ]

thanks very enlighting

ID#12032 . ., 2003-07-04 [ , ]

I prefer to have as much information as possible on the Net no matter what the content. Whether I use it or not is strictly up to me.

ID#12033 M.A., 2003-07-04 [ Camp Douglas, WI]

you all are absolutely fabuoslybeautiful people, i cant thank you enough for everything you have provided. if it wasnt for you , id still be working in a corporate dump hole. may the power of love right mindedness, right useness,and a beautiful conscious,always be your guide. trust, in what you trust, and not what you trust!!! much love to all thanx, M.R.

ID#12034 . ., 2003-07-04 [ , ]

i,ve never read such garbage in my whole life

ID#12036 D.C., 2003-07-04 [ Lanham, Maryland]

With the right amount of positiveness, Neo-Tech give me a piece of mind knowing that I matter and yes I can succeed. Thank you

ID#12038 . ., 2003-07-05 [ , ]

this is total garbage...

ID#12040 D.l., 2003-07-06 [ chatt, Tenn]

I have taken the liberty to break down your concepts into formula base as follows 1CI+K+HPE-G-1G=MRU+G 1Conscious Individual+knowledge+honest productive effort-government-1GOD=Me responsible for my unhappyness+guilt this is bad for me. but not to worry I have allso created a 2nd formula 1CI+K+HP+1G-2P+R-1/2G=MRH-G 1Conscious Individual+Knowledge+Honest Productivity+1GOD-preachers and popes+Reality-1/2Government=Responsible Happyness-Guilt this is good for me PSYCUOUS does not compute

ID#12041 E.I., 2003-07-06 [ Newport News, V a]

I would like Neo-tech to stay on the web, i haven't order the books yet due to money problems now, but i will, i believe it can free our minds of glutter and give us a better view of the future.. Thank you Elba Nejberger

ID#12042 E.I., 2003-07-06 [ Newport News, VA]

I believe that man kind has the power to achieve any obstacles in his path, am looking forward to buy the Neo-Tech manuscripts, but right now my resources are limited, on money. The positive messages out pass the negatives one so keep up the good work. Thank you Elba

ID#12043 B.C., 2003-07-06 [ Elmhurst, NY]

Poetry is drivel that is about style over substance. (or how about - The study of how to continually beat around the bush) I see this as totally positive, not somber. Who Cares About A Title This Isn't An Ad Agency The God has fooled us all; In veiled comfort, and wistful hopes Like wanderers, seeking a warm campfire Ever on the next ridge....constructed unreachable And yet He is innocent; so is a sword in the hand of man. and of woman. The principle of any wielder transcends belief, affinity, intellect, beauty, disposition. (i am, of course, merely illustrating) But the sword is of an array of too many wielded implements And principles are rare, or are often manipulated from themselves As multi-colored lights shoot into our eyes Permeating our bodies, our minds, our hearts Muddling thought, sense, outlook, judgement, ethic, dreams. The variety is numerous, values in guises true and false. But then neither is then easily distinguishable. And too many smart people believe in preposterous things And too many little children fully understand universal ethics I see many things in my way Somwtimes I'll take myself out of the world of togetherness, of comfort To try to understand, in a cold, removed void And what really is, and what really isn't And sometimes I see units The mighty machine, without a voice. Efficient and Reliable, perhaps without need for a soul I want to see The odd shaped component; Poisonous to the system? It could be, it is where things stand on the tip of the needle. And the distractions! I can discern differences, perceive emotions When I am, or not supposed As though I am in possession of hidden senses, amplified I see the light in Vera's eye at Russel's approach The change in Andrew's posture in Sara's grace My goodness me: Tom's veiled congratulation of co-worker's success blares out at me The cry of the anquished 3rd world mother entrances me The look in my own mother's face as I eat one of her meals pressures me Common denominators in the speech of beuraucrats "The fact of the matter is..." try to pass me And pride that cannot be surpressed when describing an influence, Elation from my creation of the humblest of campfires, a real one - in turn, reveals me. Banner Conanan Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add "within the limits of the law," because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. --Thomas Jefferson

ID#12044 B.C., 2003-07-06 [ Elmhurst, NY]

When and how does one attend The Neo Tech Annual Summit? I would like to attend, if possible. When is the 4th one?

ID#12049 K.E., 2003-07-07 [ , ]

Very exciting read. Some stuff very hard to fathom but no incomprehensible.

ID#12050 W.L., 2003-07-07 [ Sycamore, IL.]

I have read seven Neo-Tech books. Neo-Tech Discovery,Neo-TechSystem,Neo-Tech Protection Kit 1 and 2,Neo-Tech World,Neo-Tech Weapon,and the best one The Potent Threesome. Your wrightings brought to light alot of insight and clarity to that deep inside feeling I always had.As for your Mini day or week as in my case Multi-tasks I have done for the passed 20 plus years running my own small construction company.But thanks to the local unions and injury to my hands I retired.With the additional insight Neo-Tech has given me,I am ready to start a new career.

ID#12052 B.R., 2003-07-07 [ , ]

An idea for helping people achieve the Neothink mind. Reading "God Man: Our Final Evolution", I came across a paragraph telling that the unconscious part of the brain uses hexameter rhyme. I have also heard the many potential benefits of subliminal learning tapes; audio tapes that play music with voices in the background, that only the unconscious mind picks up. In essence, bypassing the conscious part. My thought is this; why not combine Neo-Tech's 114 chapters, and/or the Zonpower teachings into a subliminal audio tape or CD, with the voices being in hexameter rhyme? Integrated thinking could _potentialy_ happen in the unconscious mind, without having the conscious mind getting in the way; helping to understand the meaning behind the words in the Neo-Tech 114 chapters, and the Zonpower chapters. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

ID#12053 B.R., 2003-07-07 [ Claremont, CA]

An idea for helping people achieve the Neothink mind. Reading "God Man: Our Final Evolution", I came across a paragraph telling that the unconscious part of the brain uses hexameter rhyme. I have also heard the many potential benefits of subliminal learning tapes; audio tapes that play music with voices in the background, that only the unconscious mind picks up. In essence, bypassing the conscious part. My thought is this; why not combine Neo-Tech's 114 chapters, and/or the Zonpower teachings into a subliminal audio tape or CD, with the voices being in hexameter rhyme? Integrated thinking could _potentialy_ happen in the unconscious mind, without having the conscious mind getting in the way; helping to understand the meaning behind the words in the Neo-Tech 114 chapters, and the Zonpower chapters. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

ID#12054 S.K., 2003-07-08 [ Trangie, N.S.W]

Personally It is a journey that the INDIVIDUAL expiernces differantly, depending on how objectivly they process the information provided. As I have not yet finished reading, to date all thoughts are positive and am enjoying the idears that that follow from simply thinking for oneself.

ID#12055 S. ., 2003-07-08 [ Pasig , ]

it gives total information on reality of life

ID#12056 n.r., 2003-07-08 [ cardiff, ]

hi i recieved a letter promising life changing information. and i believe that neo tech provides just that. this site is the key to understanding why you feel trapped and useless no matter how much fredom you think you have. also no one as to look at the contents if they feel it may contain any thing armfull. unlike other sites that force their beliefs onto you.

ID#12059 B. ., 2003-07-09 [ Brighton BN1 8RL, ]

Please give me the email of Wallace H.Ward. Thank you. Regards Badar

ID#12061 S.J., 2003-07-10 [ Freshwater, QLD]

Over the last few years I have ordered and recieved a number of Neo-Tech books including "The Book", "Profound Honesty/Limitless prosperity", "God-Man/Neo-Tech Decoded" I've studied these publications, in the hope that my life will improve from the toilet that is my life. However I find that while I agree with the litrature and tried very hard to apply it in my life, I find that I'm no closer to climbing out of the toilet, than what I was a few years ago. I keep reading about a 10 second miricle but am no closer to discovering it. I need HELP! Where do I go from here?

ID#12062 B. ., 2003-07-10 [ baytown, tx]

I Really believe that Neotech is the only articulated human philosophical system -thus man's survial tools.

ID#12063 D.P., 2003-07-10 [ Royersford, PA]

why would this question ever need to be asked? unless your company has thoughts about dropping the site? if this is due to what other people or "the powers that be" think, you have just as much a right as anyone to have a web presence. i fail to see the relevance of this question. and yes, you should stay on the web. in fact, you should expand as much as possible both in content and by adding links to other good honest sites. what do you think of

ID#12064 T.L., 2003-07-10 [ Westport , CT.]

The Neo-Tech Web site is beneficial to many people. Sometimes after watching the news on TV or some show on TV about hollywood stars I will become sort of dazed or sort of disorientated, for me to just go to Neo-Tech and read a little will bring my thinking back on the right track. For this I am gratefull!

ID#12065 J.C., 2003-07-10 [ East Berlin, Pa.]

My IRS horror story includes over 3,000 investors and would take several pages to explain the documented criminal activity,by the IRS,towards those investors. It includes violations of their own regs and convient loss of memory during testamony. Also statements by former IRS attorneys agents and even some judges (who still fail to hold the IRS responsible) as to the unethical practice of some in the IRS. On your other page it asks" Would you like to write your congressman/" I ask "How many letters would you like to see where I an others have written, One, a hundred, a thousand?" There is no consentrated effort to get the info into the main stream of the media. Web sites are great but how many, unless they are being screwed by the IRS, as I am, will look at a web site full of doom and gloom? Considering the fact that I still face a loss of everything I worked for because the IRS had the necessary information to shut down the "Hoyt Project" and didn't. Well as I said it would take many pages to outline the failures of the IRS concerning the "Hoyt Project" so I'll leave you with this; Please look at web site These folks have been very generous in allowing the "Hoyt Fiasco" to be brought to light with all the facts. You will not find spin there. In fact the IRS has been asked to reply to any information on the site that they feel is incorrect. No takers as yet over many years. After 23 years of service, in the military, this is what I get from the same government that I served. My wish for those brave military men and women who return safely from war take the time to get involved and vote out of office those pompas asses that claim they represent us. Yes I am bitter!!

ID#12066 .R., 2003-07-10 [ Rowland Heights, Ca]

I would like more information about joining the bantam company and or building my own. I have a new product, this time I will keep the money not someong else. Thank you for giving me the freedom from guilt, I no longer feel bad about wonting more for ME.

ID#12068 A.L., 2003-07-10 [ Brooklyn, NY]

I wish you only knew how powerfully uplifting this site is to me . When I am in a bad mood or get depressed, I just go to one of your links and let it take over. I feel an overwhelming calmness inside and around me. Then I start feeming like an addict for more information.

ID#12069 B.S., 2003-07-10 [ , ]

I haven't finished reading my first installment and I am not sure what I believe, but it is very interesting none the least and maybe with time I will like it, who knows. Just because you don't believe in something or don't understand it or hate it, doesn't give anybody the right to say somebody should die or anything like that. In the end I think I will end up thanking Neo-Tech because it could change my aspect on life. Stay because you can.

ID#12070 M.M., 2003-07-12 [ , ]

I had your book and my ex-wife now must of disposed of it and now I am looking for info in syber space. Thanks MMS

ID#12071 P.R., 2003-07-12 [ Coleharbor, ND]

I became aware of Neo-Tech via a dirct mailing. Yes stay on the web please!

ID#12072 J.C., 2003-07-13 [ Salem, Or]

the best thing to happen to the lay person period

ID#12073 E.W., 2003-07-13 [ Midlothian, Tx]

Please leave the website. has much valuable information.

ID#12074 j.k., 2003-07-13 [ manchester m15 4bt, ]

i enjoy the neo tech and lool forward to many more years of it.

ID#12075 j.k., 2003-07-13 [ manchester m15 4bt, ]

i enjoy the neo tech and lool forward to many more years of it.

ID#12077 T.W., 2003-07-13 [ Raytown, Mo]


ID#12079 S.M., 2003-07-14 [ Birmingham, ]

The fact that you have to ask the question seems that Neo-Tech is upsetting the money grabbing white collar neocheaters. Freedom of choice and freedom of speech. I don’t moan and complain every time they build a new church or mosk in my City. We are all allowed as individuals to believe in what we want to, our own internal beliefs make up who we are. Keep Neo-Tech going.

ID#12080 J. ., 2003-07-14 [ , ]

Excellent book! Real power! The proce is high, not anyone can afford it but still. I love it!

ID#12082 D.c., 2003-07-14 [ ormeau, qld]

there used to be talk groups, one was with and then another with,both of these talk groups disbanded. Is their a current talk/chat group for interested neotecchies?

ID#12083 N.R., 2003-07-14 [ georgetown, penang]

many years ago, i manage to subscrip to your neo=tech literature and it was lost, during shifting of houses. i have read the book, and i would be very glad if able to have a copy. it has influence many ways on how i look at things that are happening locally and internationaly. the seer way of how system are created by some to dominate and destroy

ID#12084 N.R., 2003-07-14 [ georgetown, penang]

many years ago, i manage to subscrip to your neo=tech literature and it was lost, during shifting of houses. i have read the book, and i would be very glad if able to have a copy. it has influence many ways on how i look at things that are happening locally and internationaly. the seer way of how system are created by some to dominate and destroy

ID#12087 N.W., 2003-07-14 [ , ]

I'm reading the Neo-Tech Discovery manuscript, could you please tell me where the reference encyclopedia is, was it another book I was supposed to get, or is it here in this book somewhere? Thank You, Nickie Weaver

ID#12088 R.K., 2003-07-15 [ , ]

Are you aware of any big law firms that have successfully filed lawsuits against the IRS. If so please let me know who they are

ID#12089 R.A., 2003-07-15 [ , ]

I would like to except Mr Wallace Ward invition, are there any bantam companys in Southern Calif? It will be a nice change to work with people who work for the samethings. Rita e-mail

ID#12090 . ., 2003-07-16 [ , ]

nothing for now

ID#12091 E.W., 2003-07-16 [ , ]

I vote for Yes ! Neo - Tech website must stay online. Additionally i have some very interresting information regarding breakthroughs the books is describing and would like to share thouse with the right people. Thank you by Eric Wagner

ID#12093 C. ., 2003-07-16 [ Asbury Park, NJ]

I'm just starting to learn about Neo-Tech and I find myself impatient to grasp every bit of info of this exciting new phylosphy to became a real Neo-Tech woman and really end this uncertainty about many areas of my life.

ID#12096 . ., 2003-07-17 [ , ]

The best,most advantageous and valuable info I have and ever will read and use.Looking forward to the demise of this anticivilization.

ID#12108 c. .,@aol 2003-07-19 [ leonia, nj]

this information should be here for people that are lookin for answers and not solutions knowledge is power

ID#12109 P. ., 2003-07-19 [ Leamington, Ontario]

After all this time the truth finally comes out! I could have sworn I knew this stuff already I just needed someone to remind me of what I knew. Thank you!

ID#12111 D.K., 2003-07-20 [ Long Beach, CA]

Love Neo-Tech. It should remain on the web.

ID#12114 R.L., 2003-07-20 [ Ruth, Mich]

This book is a very interesting book it taught me alot about my true self & it helped me become a winner in life even that I make mistakes I still move forward for the best

ID#12116 A.M., 2003-07-21 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Neo-Tech is what this world has been looking for. It is the greatest information on the web, as a matter of fact it is the most honest, useful information on this planet. So yes Neo-Tech must stay on the web PLEASE...

ID#12120 K.B., 2003-07-22 [ Minot, ME]

I have been a born again follower of Jesus Christ for the last 10 years yet I have always seemed to be in some state of flux over my beliefs. Though I have just started to read this new Neo Tech way I can actually see the truth behind it & am excited to see it come to full fruitation. My only question is " Is what I am reading here the same as what is in the book?" and if so "Why is it free here but over 200 dollars in print.?"

ID#12122 s.s., 2003-07-22 [ flint, mi]

i do remember that i was searching for some religious/mystical answers at a tough time in my life. ironically, i stumbled on the neo-tech site and learned that the religion and mysticism were the cause of my tough times. it took a long time but my wife began to see the truth about mysticism. since then, aside from weddings, we have not darkened the door to a church of any kind and thats amazing since we were brought up in church and kept going until we were 35. i have the neo-tech discovery which i have read and profound honesty which i have not read since i just received it, (bought both copies from ebay). i want to buy directly from i&o but i havent figured out how. can you send me the ordering info and the next logical suggestions for what products to order. thanks steve snider

ID#12124 D.R., 2003-07-23 [ Puyallup, WA]

I only want to say that Neo-Tech has helped me to understand myself better and feel more comfortable in my beliefs and values. Now, when I am faced with illogical and often strange comments particularly about religion, I can confidently debate with FACTS!

ID#12126 D.B., 2003-07-23 [ North Augusta, SC]

The neo tech website is great. I plan to read and learn from it everyday.

ID#12128 c.d., 2003-07-23 [ Wigan,, Lancashire]

please tell me how to find book three as mentioned in the book by mark hamilton pages 129 to 138 thanks

ID#12129 T. ., 2003-07-23 [ JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA]

it should remain on the web as it is a good eye opener for people who are followers & not is high time that each prson controls their destiny and not the other way round cause we grew up being lied to about almost everything and being forced to live our lives according to people (parents &rolemodels) who were brainwashed all their lives.

ID#12130 T. ., 2003-07-23 [ JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA]

it should remain on the web as it is a good eye opener for people who are followers & not is high time that each prson controls their destiny and not the other way round cause we grew up being lied to about almost everything and being forced to live our lives according to people (parents &rolemodels) who were brainwashed all their lives.

ID#12131 S.H., 2003-07-23 [ Bradenton, FL]

Interesting reading...continued application as I read *S*

ID#12132 V.G., 2003-07-23 [ bronx, ny]


ID#12136 F.M., 2003-07-24 [ Cedar Rapids, IA]

Mr. Wallace and Himilton would please offer my people a copy of your site within our own Lanuage? Marshallese Feedback Form. Thanks.

ID#12137 R.L., 2003-07-24 [ Chicago, IL]

The ideas presented by Neo-Tech are how things should be. If everyone adopted them the world would make so much more sense!

ID#12138 B.H., 2003-07-24 [ Anna, IL]

I would very much like to purchase Mark Hamilton's busines control, but I have not been able to find an address to order it from. I have also recently moved so below is my new address.

ID#12139 C.M., 2003-07-24 [ Escondido, Ca]

I am very angry to find out that criminals have stolen and commited fraud against new-tech's web site. This goes to show that all new-tech men must be conteneously vigilant of all those neocheaters out there and exposed them every time we discover them as soon as they show their ugly heads and bring them to justice, and make them pay for their deeds against the good people of the world. I for one are fore ever greatful that many years ago I learned of neo-tech through the mail and thank Dr. Wallace Neo-Tech and their complete staff for all their hard work and effort. Please send me any new information packages or new products information to the address below. Thank you Carlos H.

ID#12140 K.B., 2003-07-24 [ Minot, ME]

To Whom it may concern; I have recently started reading about the Neo-Tech/Zonepower world and am very interested. Problem is that I cannot afford to purchase the book. If you happen to put this info back on the web could you please notify me. Thank You

ID#12142 M.C., 2003-07-25 [ Tempe, AZ]

Currently, I am waiting for the Neo-Tech disovery 800 pg package via mailing. I really would like to know what this is all about and if it works and is it real. I would like to know if there are any people that I can speak with in this area, regarding Neo-Tech and its applications...

ID#12144 P.S., 2003-07-25 [ London, ]

I received my neo-tech book last March. It is the besr book I've ever read. Please keep up the good work. Yours Paul Santell

ID#12145 D.L., 2003-07-25 [ Kansas City, Mo.]

Great website!!!

ID#12146 S.B., 2003-07-25 [ Omaha, Ia.]

If Neo-Tech can't stay on the net, how about a T.V. station? T.V. is still the most powerful form of media for art, science, and love. In my mind it seems dangerous but, if it clicks...

ID#12147 K.E., 2003-07-25 [ , ]

This is the most enlightening material I have discovered in a very long time. I have a new understanding about my role in the world.

ID#12148 J.C., 2003-07-25 [ Springport, MI]

I would like more information. Everyone has a right to be on the internet as long as they are not harming any innoncent individuals. I have read a lot of you're negative comments and it seems to me that some people are afraid of what information you have. Probably because it makes more sense than what they have been force fed since the day of birth. Thank you

ID#12149 K.P., 2003-07-25 [ louisville, KY]

I found out about you guys from a friend of mine who actually has "the book". I started reading book one and was searching around the net and found your website. Now i have only been reading for about a month or so now but have read the first half of book 1 and all of book 2 - the story- which i loved!!! Just as I finished book 2 - 3 days ago - I was roaming more around your website and really thirsting for more information. I have always been the "show me" type person - never really a blind faith type. Therefore your site and information has been of real appeal to me. I am starting to really believe and think above the glass ceiling. HOWEVER.........I am just extremely angry that those "neocheaters" would rob me of my chance to explore who I really am just to make a buck. I just get so angry it is unbelievable!!!! How can I learn more, get more, explore more, and do more without the information out there. I love to read and will pay snail mail postage if you can mail me information. Also, how would we find out if there are any "neo-techers" in our area? Just another thought ---- I had read many comments about making "the story" into a movie - which i loved the story and think it would make a great movie but the problem with that is if the movie was made - people would dismiss it as pure science fiction instead of what it would really be trying to accomplish. Please email me any information you can. Sincerely, KP

ID#12150 d.m., 2003-07-25 [ eden, nc]

I would really like to know more but i cant afford the book itself so i come to the web to find all i can. THANKS DIANNA

ID#12151 R.S., 2003-07-25 [ Tucumcari, NM]

I would like to recommend what many other web sites do when parasites steal and/or undermine business dynamics. Their websites are in what is known as "private" complete with password-protected material. For, a password would be required to access main site and/or select material. Invitations/passwords to select individuals could be sent via e-mail.

ID#12153 . ., 2003-07-25 [ , ]

We all need mind-expanding, thought-provoking information to continue to learn and evolve.

ID#12154 . ., 2003-07-25 [ , ]


ID#12155 e. ., 2003-07-25 [ concord, GA]

i would like to experience everything neo-tech has to offer but money is tight........guess why? i think that the basic belief of neo-tech is that people that prosper by cheating others are just little "puppets" of what people think is do you "puppets" sleep at night? i am a stubborn person and have always ( for some strange reason) felt that there is a better way to live than society "taught" me. keep spreading the truth and screw everyone that doesn't understand free speech! email me at

ID#12156 J.O., 2003-07-25 [ Rockford, Il]

I've enjoyed Neo-Tech very much over the years. The one thing that has always bothered me is when I started receiveing literature dealing with how to gain infinite wealth, I have always had a hard time trying to figure out what just how to put that information to use. Now I like to think I'm fairly intellegent but that is one area I'd like to see cleared up a little.

ID#12160 J.C., 2003-07-26 [ Salem, , Oregon]

I would Love for Neo-tech to stay very active on it's primary mercylessly wipe out all mysticism. I feel short changed. I was comming on to this site today to read more on Neo-tech Cosmic power, the Live-action powerhouse workshop manual. More specifically, the war of the two worlds all the documents and the letters and the real life examples that were there, now.....are gone. It's the september 11th of the Neo-Tech Home Page.But Neo-Tech/NeoThink it is still our "World trade center" of Total Intergrated honesty,individualism and objectivism. You still stand with all values intact. I know I'm very Glad to have you in my world. thank you very much Jerry C Turner 5012 Copper Creek Loop NE Salem, Oregon 97305

ID#12163 W.J., 2003-07-26 [ Richmond, BC]

Please do not leave the net! Your site provides an alternative in an increasingly void world.

ID#12165 y.s., 2003-07-26 [ montreal, ]

I would like to participate in your discussion groups but cannot find them? When will they reappear on your site? Thank you! Yo

ID#12166 R.L., 2003-07-27 [ Snowflake, AZ]

I want to learn more. Please help. I truly believe in biological immortality and all of your teachings, and I want to learn everything... I am going to college and hope to use my education for NeoTech purposes. Please guide me.

ID#12167 R.L., 2003-07-27 [ Snowflake, AZ]

My previous comment stated that I first received your literature in mid to late 90's, but I actually purchased your NeoTech manual in the mid to late 80's, and if I remember correctly, I paid over $100.00 for it, and somebody stole it from me!!! WHAT A BOOK!!!

ID#12170 K.M., 2003-07-27 [ Cambridge , MN.]

I'm very interested in the power of Zon.I am christian person and dont believe any thing positive can be negitive. We should all be interested in knowlge and kindness with out having our christiananty threatened. Open your minds don't close them. Take what the world has to offer. Keep your faith it will just help you be stronger. I wish there was more information available. If there were more honest eople in the world, we could continue to have the web site and gain knowlage to help us all become better people. Thank you Neo-Tec for trying to help us all.

ID#12171 m.s., 2003-07-27 [ , ]

It is shocking to know that most of Neo-Tech literature has been removed from the internet.Neo-Tech has been a very helpful companion in life. I hope it can be brougth back soon.

ID#12172 m.s., 2003-07-27 [ south gate, ca]

It is shocking to know that most of Neo-Tech literature has been removed from the internet.Neo-Tech has been a very helpful companion in life. I hope it can be brougth back soon.

ID#12173 j.o., 2003-07-27 [ houston, tx]


ID#12175 s.k., 2003-07-28 [ Adelaide, S.A.]

I have the NEO-TECH DISCOVERY (ZONPOWER) manuscript and was browsing the internet and came across your site. It is great.

ID#12176 M. ., 2003-07-28 [ , ]

Progressive; shows lots of promise; comprehensive consistency is yet to revealed; time will tell.

ID#12177 M.S., 2003-07-28 [ Herts, ]

Still trying to come to terms with 'Neo-Tech'. I have become very disillusioned with both human life and mysticism but see the value in some of what you 'teach'. I would need to develop greater faith in Mankind before I fully embrace Neo-Tech.

ID#12179 G.T., 2003-07-28 [ Charlotte, NC]

I wish I had found out about your site much sooner. I've ordered the Neo-Tech Discovery and am still waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime, I have been poring through the interesting tidbits on this site. I was sadly dissapointed about you being forced to pull most of the info. I was deep into ch. 31 of The Story. I also carefully analyzed the feedback, both good and bad. I noticed a couple trends. #1, if you follow the dates, bad is few and far betw. compared to good. #2, the bad sounds wildly fanatical, with a "Die, Neotech" viewpoint. A lot of people burned their books. Hello, if I don't like mine, I'm going to do the logical thing and take advantage of the 90-day moneyback guarantee. I don't know about them, but I just can't fathom burning that kind of dough. If you are reading this and are considering purchasing the book, please do like I did and view all factors. Please don't let those fanatics sway you. I can't wait to receive my book!!!

ID#12181 . ., 2003-07-28 [ , ]

Searching for Frank R. Wallace Sounds to me like you are locking the barn door after the horse is gone. What will that accomplish?

ID#12182 M.S., 2003-07-28 [ Wellington, FL]

Where and how does one find out more about and order other Neo-Tech material/books. I purchased and read through the first manual -- but there is no information on the other literature and where to purchase it.

ID#12183 A.M., 2003-07-28 [ Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hampshire]

It's the only workable solution for humanity's problems.

ID#12184 P.S., 2003-07-28 [ Birkenhead, ]

Your site is a valuable use of the world wide web- showing many what the web is capable of providing.

ID#12185 T.M., 2003-07-28 [ h, md]

Neo-Tech should defintly stay on the Web, it gives on sense that their will be a future, and the way to that is throug ones own efforts and from external authority.

ID#12186 R.S., 2003-07-29 [ St. Thomas, Ontario]

I would love to see Neo-Tech remain on the Web, however, if there are reasons why you can no longer remain on the web ... then so be it -- I will continue to read my paper version of The Book. I would definitely like to see more Neo-Tech writings soon if possible. I am also curious to know how the authors are doing, and if they are currently working on more advanced projects. Well, now that you folks are off the web (almost), let's see what the Neo-Tech enterprise will evolve into. Good luck.

ID#12187 J.S., 2003-07-29 [ Cherry Hill , NJ]

It's really such a disapointment to not be able to access those favolous pages the Neo-Tech family had going and growing <<< I think it was such a great way to add up to the number of the continuous growing family << I especially liked the comments new great thinkers would bring about, all as an indication what neo-think it's about with such great discoveries they were all bringing as a result of Neo-tech; as if Neo-tech was excalating to its most rewarding phase: it's top success to one day finally reach it's peak point and climax<<<< it was really facinating to see that there's people like us and actually are there for us and with usworking together as one for one main purpose; as when I first found out about "The Book" it was a Marvelous and releiving feeling to be able to see that one it's not working alone~! That's what I'll miss the most and those new Inovative ways that we could all corralate about as one and feel the forward movement>>>>>> May-be there could be a chance for you guys to consider and putting together a restrictive web-site for members only or people that had showed interest on your products such as The Book <<< even if you have to do a little screening of individuals for the safety of the Neo-Tech Family <<< It was always good to know I could access such organization at the click of a button~!

ID#12189 J.M., 2003-07-29 [ Henderson, NV]

It would be a profound loss if this site were to be removed from the internet. The information contained here is vital for the advancement of man especially at a time when critical mass is so swiftly aproaching. It is critical that there are as many avenues for individuals to reach the information that is presented within this website. It is my sincere hope that this site continues not only to be accessable but flourishes and prospers. Thank you.

ID#12193 D.W., 2003-07-29 [ Norwich, ]

Hi keep up the good work. I had a copy of Neo Tech Advantages when I lived in South Africa back in early 90s. I still have a Reference Encyclopedia though. Is the NT Advantages book still in print? Have you a list of recent manuals for me. Please email and I will forward my home adders in the UK.

ID#12194 J.C., 2003-07-29 [ Houston, Texas]

I hope you will restore the fullcomprehensive Neo-Tech website as it was recently. Although there may be some that usurp the knowledge and power that Neo-Tech teaches, the Ideology of Neo-Tech spreads to a far greater demographic thru this web-site. No matter how this information is being sent across society, the message is and will become mor clear every moment of every instant in time . . . that mysticism and neocheaters are losing, and that they both will die unhappily, for they possess a void which cannot be fulfilled without fully integrated thought. Their only soluthio is to become Neo-Tech exposed and acquired. The fact that people are criminally inclined to make money illegally off of the sales and distribution of Neo-Tech information is sad, but they will get what's coming to them eventually. One could look on the brighter side of these actions and could depict that, even though NTP is not getting all of the monetary rewards due to piracy and pillifering by various neocheaters, the underlying messages of Neo-Tech are still getting across to those who are privileged enough to receive Neo-Tech through the proper channels and those who are scammed but eventually learn of Neo-Tech through this process of being scammed. Eventually, all Neo-Tech individuals will find their respective truths once they have fully come to discover what Neo-Tech is all about. so, although there is piracy kindling in this market (what market doesn't have it?) the message of Neo-Tech will be heard and not forgotten. There is a saying my dad told me . . . The Truth Will Out. Nothing will stop the truth from prevailing, and those who are righteous will prevail, always. Please restore this web-site to its original, fully featured condition that it was once in. I really enjoyed it, and I was learning a lot about becoming a better individual. Thank you for hearing me out.

ID#12197 L.S., 2003-07-30 [ Terrell, TX]

Freedom of speech

ID#12198 . ., 2003-07-30 [ , ]

You have a constitutional right to voice your opinions. You also have universal obligation to accept the consequences of your beliefs, be they good or bad. The idea of a higher power/authority has pervaded every known culture since the beginning of recorded history. A concept so universally held must spring from some innate sense or subconscious awareness that there is a reality apart from the purely physical.

ID#12201 r.w., 2003-07-31 [ sims, nc]

i wont to become a zon and get out of this bad illusions.

ID#12203 j. ., 2003-07-31 [ , ]

Civilization is anti-Darwinian; it protects the weak and stupid and encourages them to breed. Natural selection is the only scientifically verifiable method of evolving. All other theories of evolution, such as meditation upon ones' energy centers or zen mindless focus as examples, involve mystical concepts, which are against NEO-Tech philosophy. Therefore, civilization is anti-evolutionary. How then is NEO-Tech going to generate an evolving society when it is based upon civilization? The NEO-Tech goal is to produce a world whose human inhabitants are all self responsible, evolving, and cosmically integrated (boundless) concious entities. The NEO-Tech philosophy, purporting itself to be brutally efficient, undoubtedly believes in the premise that "the end justifies the means". Exactly how is NEO-Tech going to educate and reorient the genetically deprived and culturally depraved masses of inattentive concious beings, that comprise the vast majority of this planets' human population? The only legitimate and effective solution to evolve the human race is through selective breeding and massive genocide. Only allow those who possess sufficiently strong genetics, which excludes anyone with a genetic defect or who is just plain weak, and a strong internal will (spirit) to breed. Also, just as a farmer will burn a diseased crop to prevent spreading, complete genocidal extermination of diseased humans (~ 80%) would have to be performed. Does NEO-Tech support these obvious and sound ideas? If not, then how do you propose to spin fine gold clothing from straw? Your literature discusses the NEO-Tech mind as being cosmic, which means unbounded in most philosophy literature. But boundless implies that one has gone beyond form, and time is the duration of changing form, so the NEO-Tech mind must be timeless. Yet there is the constant emphasis, in the NEO-Tech literature, upon ones' limited time upon the plane of conciousness or life. Please explain this; are you worried about time or not?

ID#12205 M.L., 2003-07-31 [ San Francisco, ca]

Censorship is wrong and thus I do not believe any site should be removed from the web because a viewer disagrees with ideas expressed within it. I do notice that you have only picked the most irrational negative comments to display on the page designated for this purpose, and this is sheer propagandizing. As for Neo-Tech philosophies: I agree with a few, disagree with many...but it's hard for one to feel positive things about a mindset and its adherents that are so deeply set in such strong opposition to people described as being like oneself. To be specific: as a fat, middle-aged sexually licentious bisexual drug-using female, I don't see much for me in Neo-Tech, but I sure do see a lot against me...and against many others I feel affiliation or even love for. However, ideology is only ideology, and information wants to be free. To those who would see this site removed from the net: never cry censorship, it may be you who is censored tomorrow, or even today, in this horrible political climate.

ID#12207 R.G., 2003-07-31 [ Las Vegas, Nevada]

Please expand your site since it relates to how I have felt all my life about the neo-cheating mystic's forms of hegelian dialectic forms of practice and traps over the years. It would be most beneficial to all who wish to be guiltlessly free to produce honestly and prosperiously; to live a happy and healthy ageless life. You can expand your site by helping others by explaining and identify such difference between unlawful neo-roman merchants law (that has its implications in Tax abuse,united nation power structures,international monitary funds etc...)and that of neo-tech.

ID#12208 M.C., 2003-07-31 [ Dayton, OH]

I am disappointed in The Neo-Tech Publishing Company's decision to fallback. It is times like these, when the company's values and marketshare are under siege, I expect the company to demonstrate spunk. Should The Neo-Tech Publishing Company require assistance with ethically exploiting its foes...

ID#12209 S.D., 2003-07-31 [ Didcot, Oxon]

I can't believe NT has been taken off the web. I know many people have been ripping it off but I would hope NTP has taken it up with these people before resorting to this drastic action. The world should not be deprived of NT. The people copying NT really don't get it, and I agree that the Neo Tech name should not be defaced by amateurs after a fast buck.

ID#12211 L.D., 2003-07-31 [ Middleton, ID]

It's long over due that someone challanged the status quo,(i.e.),Government, Religion, Social Security, all these things of this nature are designed to control, manipulate and stiffle the growth and productivity of the human expierence. For a while I feared man had ceased to evolve, which could only be followed by extinction. It's refreshing to see Neo-Tech come along and pluck the life stealing usurpers right out of their roost. Wake Up my friends evolution is here, and it's name is NEO-TECH!!!!! L M Daniel

ID#12212 T.D., 2003-07-31 [ Harvey , La]

Neo-Tech should and must remain on the web. It represents the most truthful accounting of how the American people and the world was scammed by those looking to make a quick dollar.It is however, starting all over again,as Mr. Greenspan remains in power he and his cohorts continue to deceive an eager and anxious public. The schemes and fraudulent acts committed throughout the 90's were not clever or even well concealed anyone that was honest with themselves should have seen through them. I realized that most aren't honest or are to afraid to see the truth.As an African-American woman I know that I was not suppose to understand what really was going on then but somehow I did. I used to attribute it to my recognizing that potential in myself,but that wasn't the case.I tried religions they are nothing more than a place to hide from your true self and truth.You are taught to give over your power to something higher,the hypocrisy for me was still I had to give it over.If it exists in me why must I release to someone else?Reading your literature has made me face and dump all those tendencies I had to look for outward guidance.I am starting to build a life of value and to create a new legacy never done before by anyone in my family.Your light needsto stay on for others to see.

ID#12213 B.W., 2003-07-31 [ Murray Hill, NJ]

Why do you ask if should remain on the web? Killing the conscious mind through the use of psychiatric medications. The dumbing down of America through its government run and controlled educational system.

ID#12214 j.w., 2003-08-01 [ maleny, qld]

dear ed is not the perpose of the net to share the info of new technology with all.I was just hoping to prehaps find out more about the neo tech belifes or maybe see how some of dr wallaces ideas and therorys are working in post 2001.taking it off the www defeats the perpose does it not

ID#12215 P.B., 2003-08-01 [ Harlow, Essex]

I received an offer from Neo-Tech Publishing Company in my surface mail. It convinced me that Neo-Tech is an interesting subject and I checked out on the web and came across your website. Now I am even more interested - my first impression is that I would like to learn more about Neo-Tech, which I will be doing. I would also like to comment that your website appears to be great and I am looking forward to reading all the information provided. Keep it on the web please!!!......and thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more. I have read a few of the 'negative' comments and am dismayed by the response of the 'christian' set.

ID#12216 G.M., 2003-08-01 [ Birmingham, AL.]

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear about what these "humanoids" have done to this Glorious site. I would like to receive an information package of some of your new literature, because I want to buy a new book. This information is just too powerful and valuable for people to deny any longer. It's time to clean sweep the earth of mystical idea systems. Thanks and I look forward to receiving your latest info, Gerald Monroe Jr. P.S. "I would like to also know how I can work for NT Publishing."

ID#12217 d. ., 2003-08-01 [ Adelaide, SA]

Finding the concepts fascinating so far. Can you tell me what the ten minute miracle and silver bullets are and how do I get it/some?

ID#12218 T.G., 2003-08-01 [ Perth Amboy, NJ]

I think your site is a must. It is the only source of truly positive life enhancing information in the world today. I am building a company called "Synergistic Life" and would like to see if we can work together is some way to improve the lives of our fellow Men, Women, and children...into the future. Tim

ID#12221 D. ., 2003-08-02 [ Lynn Haven, Fl]

Anything that makes a person think should remain on the web, there are so many people out there who need this type of information, it is a whole new level of consciousness.

ID#12222 M.P., 2003-08-02 [ Redding, CA]

I have always considered the Neo-Tech website a valuable, additional source of information complimenting my library of Neo-Tech publications. I have read a wide variety of beneficial material on your website not otherwise available to me. I would like to be able to continue to read the latest articles and manuscripts contributing to the defeat of mysticism. Please inform me if I can be of any assistance. I am a freelance graghic designer. Thnx!

ID#12224 M.A., 2003-08-02 [ Sammamish, WA]

It is indeed a new philosophy to understand further what really make a person succed in everything that he do.Though my personal mysticiasm is too deep implanted, the only way I know that I could overcome my personal mysticiam is to work in Neotech environment.ANy job opening for me?....But unfortunately for me, I need to return my Neotech literatures due to rising debts so I would like to ask a refund at the same time...

ID#12225 A.C., 2003-08-02 [ clearwater, fl]

It is a shame that the abuse of a few can render such awful results to the many. Evidence that the criminal mind will even use anti criminal literature for it's own purposes.

ID#12228 H. ., 2003-08-02 [ Brimfield, Ma]

Please keep neo-tech on the internet. I especially enjoy the info about the self appointed elite dictating parasites who have turned on the value producing innocent people.These parasires deserve to be exposed and we need to be rid of them once and for all.

ID#12229 M.L., 2003-08-02 [ BX, NY]

The information you share online is very powerful, for neo-cheaters to enjoy and other swines. Only those that are really true to your work and are benefiting to help themselves and those with pure hearts should be allow in this circle. Why equip the enemy unless a conversion of the heart takes place. Just from reading a few articles you have online I starting to see some change in my thinking. I look forward to into one with you and your work. Thank You Max Luna

ID#12230 M.L., 2003-08-02 [ BX, NY]

The information you share online is very powerful, for neo-cheaters to enjoy and other swines. Only those that are really true to your work and are benefiting to help themselves and those with pure hearts should be allow in this circle. Why equip the enemy unless a conversion of the heart takes place. Just from reading a few articles you have online I starting to see some change in my thinking. I look forward to into one with you and your work. Thank You Max Luna

ID#12237 J.M., 2003-08-04 [ , ]

Please keep neo-tech on the web after you wipe out the copyright infringers. I think it is very important to bring about the C of U.

ID#12238 J.M., 2003-08-04 [ Cheyenne, WY]

Please keep neo-tech on the web after you wipe out the copyright infringers. I think it is very important to bring about the C of U.

ID#12239 R.R., 2003-08-04 [ SUNNYVALE, CA]

Cannot access www.neo-tech-warriors after completed registration due to username password combination given.

ID#12240 d.t., 2003-08-04 [ brisbane, qld]

I have found that the majority I have read from these pages to be written from a truthful realistic position. I have never been a god fearer, but if I was, reading these pages, I would be pretty disappointed in myself. Had to laugh at the negative comments, why can't some people just open their eyes? Sure I can't agree with everything written here (animal lover in me) but the material is straight down the line honest and confronting for most people I'm sure. Keep up the good work. Dan.

ID#12244 A. ., 2003-08-04 [ Taos, NM]

Yes defintly keep Neo-Tech on the Web....that way it is easily accessible to the ordinary person via their computer or Webtv...This information is sorely needed so that people can better themselves and others Neo Tech warriors lets start Paying It Forward 3 people at a time & having those 3 people help 3 more people and so on:) I think that Neo Tech would certainly make for a better civiliaztion.

ID#12245 F.L., 2003-08-04 [ Poughkeepsie, NY]

Great, unexpected, wealth of pertinant knowledge acquired as a by-product of a simple inquiry.

ID#12246 J.L., 2003-08-04 [ Bristol, ]

I think its is a symptom of our times that other people must try to pass them selves off as endorced or part of you. They are obviously worried about your message and are trying to destroy it.

ID#12247 C.W., 2003-08-04 [ brentwood, ca]

Please put it back on line or at least offer a direcroty of your publications. in your list offer a brief eexplative of each book. I proudly own 3 of your books. 1) The discovery 2) Zon Power and 3) The Book these books I reffer to daily with increased power and confidence. By the way you are correct Man may become God. Not all men but thoes who choose that path. You guys are the first people that I know of to discover this fact. Keep up the picture puzzles. clayton

ID#12249 B.K., 2003-08-04 [ Bloomington, IN]

I belive that the Neo-Tech website should continue on and expand the possibilities for more open discussion. Possibly a Neo-Tech chat room. Increase web security and enforce trademark laws. I think that shutting down the web site would be a bad business decision.

ID#12250 E.B.,@YAHOO.COM 2003-08-04 [ milwaukee, WIS]

Iwould like to know how Ican purchase EscapeCrashHELL ENTER PROSPERITYHEAVEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF CANOWN A COPY THANKYOU p.s. my number is 1414-649 -1039 please respond

ID#12251 R.R., 2003-08-05 [ SUNNYVALE, CA]

User Name Password Combination received by email from Free Instant Access via NEO-TECH-WARRIORS dose not access

ID#12252 H.S., 2003-08-05 [ Cologne, NRW]

This vast amount of insight should be made and stay available for honest people on the internet.

ID#12253 L.O., 2003-08-05 [ Terrell, TX]

Agree with completely

ID#12255 .M., 2003-08-05 [ New York, NY]

I am writing this as a gut reaction to the comments that i have read so far. I know a great deal about Objectivism, Humanism etc. and within the past nine years Neo-Tech. I will not not provide any condemnation for those practicing it because I think that others before me who have posted here have taken care of that (I am cynical that some of the more emotional and irreverant postings have been kept for negative comments, I believe, only to bolster the Neo-Tech device by fronting the illusion that only Christians or extreme right-wing fanatics condemn Neo-Tech) and for myself the base of my belief is-each to his own without the endangerment of others. However, the simple fact is Neo-Tech is an institution that disguises itself as self-empowerment, which it is but at the sake of ones humanity. Materialism and locus of the blind ambition of the self is what has cost us as humans. Some in these groups (i.e. Neo-Tech) will argue that materialism and so on is distinctively human, yet so is murder but lets try to agree that human flaws exist wether through biology or what have you and without any exacting standard wrong. Neo-Tech is elitest, nihilist and without a sense of conscience. Spirituality is where you find it. If yours is within the subjugation of others for sheer personal gain then I am empathic that you haven't taken a step beyond the primitive. This practice is fundamentally wrong no matter what faith, creed or conviction you stand by. Being firmly agnostic I do belief there is a defeat through history of organized religion that has been distorted to deny the individual in respect and favor for the whole or the body of the mass. This in turn becomes mis-appropriated and used by those who wish to use faith and religion for their own service. The individual is a pillar in a foundation for strength as long as the foundation is for the greater consensual good and true the individual has been neglected. The very thing that Neo-Tech implores to provide-power back to the individual is exactly what it distorts. Sex, money and power are not in my beliefs the roots of evil but are certainly the tools used by all evil men and when I say evil I mean those who choose not to champion humanity but vanquish it under its own device.My suggestion to any and all interested in Neo-Tech is to consider your focus, and where ultimately it resides. Empower yourself. Do not allow yourself to become a pawn but do not do it at the cost and risk of others who, in the end, are human just as yourself. Use the knowledge and enlightenment that you gain to better yourself but than pass it on with out undermining the only true cause in this world and thats the advancement of the species promoted, powered and mutually respected between individuals. Perhaps that is my only, admittedly, legitimate point-Without respect for the possibility of intrinsic good in others how can you respect yourself or life for that matter. Think. I do believe in personal expression and the freedom of that so, no Neo-Tech should not be removed from the internet but those of us who are against its promotion should say so.

ID#12266 g.h., 2003-08-06 [ , ]

Hell yeah, keep up the ©øøð work, let your ideas be known throughout the whole world. How else will TRUE men know what is really going on these days ?

ID#12267 . ., 2003-08-06 [ , ]

Hey, I have a great idea,....... Just give the people who are fighting the I.R.S. a copy of the neo-tech book to read. Then they will beat them,..... Right ?

ID#12269 R.R., 2003-08-06 [ SUNNYVALE, CA]

From: To: Recevied 08/06/03 Why you keep asking for that web site that has nothing to do with Neo-Tech ? Our web site is genuine Neo-Tech. What they call Neo-Tech Warriors is not Neo-Tech.

ID#12270 D.M., 2003-08-06 [ Wasilla, Ak]

I received the Neo-Tech Orientation Booklet on 02 Aug, the order blank I received said I would have to order the other installments by 01 Aug in order to receive a 40% discount. I really desire to acquire the Neo-Tech Discovery, but at this time the full price is more than I have. Your web site allows my absorption of a little knowledge until I am able to save the money needed to request the rest of the Discovery and Zon. Thank you

ID#12272 R.R., 2003-08-06 [ SUNNYVALE, CA]

From : To : Received : 08/05/03 Re : NeoTech Summit Dear Mr. Roman Attached is the list of our products and information to my next Neo-Tech Summit 2003. Thank You Rosemary

ID#12273 m. ., 2003-08-06 [ , ]

please forward information to purchase encyclopedia to Mr L Matuludi, P O Box 26, WIBANK, 1035, South Africa

ID#12274 m. ., 2003-08-06 [ witbank, ]

please forward information to purchase encyclopedia to Mr L Matuludi, P O Box 26, WIBANK, 1035, South Africa

ID#12275 D.D., 2003-08-06 [ Arlington, VA]

I understand that we are able to experience Reality unchallenged!

ID#12276 J.S., 2003-08-06 [ La Verkin, UT]

I was recently sent the first installment of the Neo Tech discovery and did a web search to find the site. I've been going through it this afternoon, find it interesting, and hope it remains. I'm not sure whether to mark I am or am not an owner of the literature - as mentioned, I was sent the first installment yesterday, haven't ordered the book yet.

ID#12277 c. ., 2003-08-06 [ brentwood, ca]

hey i have been reading Al's story. when is this manuscript he was reading in the story going to be available? please let me know.

ID#12278 T.L., 2003-08-06 [ Houston, Tx]

I received-Neo-Tech on 5 Tesday,August-2003 afternoon around about-3:30-40 p.m.I'ved read the(Peronal Memo-from the Desk of Eric Savage and there as 2 othere part there-i'ved read also).Yes,i received and few time's.And the time i,was received it at the sametime don't believing it.I'ved never tryed it,just put it to the table.I've tryed sweeptake about 2 or 3 year's trying to hit the big one,but it's just and waste of time and money.After the 3 yrs of trying to win,but i giveup quickly.I try an few thing's ant noting worked for me at all,just and bad cruse of bad luck that's never will leaved my sold.I'ved ben struggling with bad luck of years for and longtime of badluck from finanicalhardship,realationship and so call friend.We all have ben mistreaded for an shortime or and longtime in our life.But my life have ben mistreaded for and longtime?!!.:( I was just wondering if neo-tech system can change my life?!Can this be and joke of some kind?!Can this change my life forever.?!Well i have to see it to believeing it,if doesn't work-i know it's just and joke?!.

ID#12280 P.B., 2003-08-07 [ NY, NY]

I bought neo-tech sometime ago but never finished it. I don't know why. I don't know where it is at the moment but I am ready to read it completely now. Phylis

ID#12281 p.J., 2003-08-07 [ huddersfield, ]

I have a copy of 'THE BOOK' which i completed reading in 3 weeks and thats with coming home from work and absorbing myself in this GREAT piece of literature. I would like more information on setting up business and how to conduct a succesful company. More ways of extracting the most out of business situations and correspondence. And how exactly do you use the 'silver bullet' approach. Thanking you in advance Phil

ID#12283 . ., 2003-08-07 [ , ]

Actually I wanted to know what is the difference between this Web site and the materials which I have ordered?? I tried calling your Customer Service Research Division at (7020 891-0303 and recived after 14 rings a computer voice asking for a code? Who can I reach to get a status on my delivery of the literature I ordered??

ID#12284 G.C., 2003-08-07 [ East Brunswick, NJ]

Actually I wanted to know what is the difference between this Web site and the materials which I have ordered?? I tried calling your Customer Service Research Division at (7020 891-0303 and recived after 14 rings a computer voice asking for a code? Who can I reach to get a status on my delivery of the literature I ordered??

ID#12285 J.M., 2003-08-07 [ Oak Park, IL]

Completely facinating!!!

ID#12286 a. ., 2003-08-07 [ Mpls, Mn]

How can I own an neo-tech book 800 pgs.

ID#12287 D.E., 2003-08-07 [ LOXTON, SA]

I would also like a free RIBI,and any other free informaton about money,conventions,social activities,art,finance,business,investments,romantic love,entertainment.

ID#12291 C.R., 2003-08-08 [ Duarte, CA]

How can I find the Reference Encyclopedia? I am disappointed to find you have removed articles for reading. I am trying to free myself from religious brainwashing and your site has helped, but I only started reading it a few weeks ago, a little at a time. Please let me know if there is a way to access the Encyclopedia and other materials. Sincerely, Cathlene

ID#12293 T. ., 2003-08-08 [ JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA]


ID#12295 M.T., 2003-08-08 [ Pipe Creek, Tx]

Reading first Zonpower and then the Advantages and then the Encyclopedia (which I purchased in hard copy) changed my life for the better very quickly. And now it is several years later and some of my most important goals have been achieved. New home in the country, new woman who loves me and cares for me, many new opportunities to achieve wealth and help others all along the way. This is after every other attempt to improve my life through religions, schools, counsellings, and other liars failed. And that is over a forty year period. NT did what it promised in less than two years. All I had to do was adopt Fully Integrated Honesty with Wide-scope accounting using Discipline, Thought, and then Control. And the other thing I had to do was verify the data and dump the anticivilization completely. I did the 180 degree turn. And it worked to free me. Also many great books were suggested in the Encyclopedia. Especially useful was Harry Brown's "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World". Thank you from the depth of my being Dr. Wallace and the other NT writers. Please Get back to being as openly on the web as your were.

ID#12296 D.E., 2003-08-08 [ LOXTON, SA]

It is the GREATEST asset I own,after my car.

ID#12298 T.W., 2003-08-09 [ Montgomery, IL]

I would be interested in possibly purchasing The Neo-Tech System when it is available. Please send me info on published material available for purchase. Thanks.

ID#12299 C.E., 2003-08-09 [ Newport, DE]

Neo-Tech has been the most positive experience in my 43 years of life. I would like the site to remain as it was, expanding or deflating according to the overall values it gives it's readers. I have been logging on to your site on and off for 5 or so years, and the site seems to expand a little at a time. Readers like myself get more positive values each time we log on, or read one of the many Neo-Tech books on the market. I understand the dynamic involved pertaining to the removal of the website, and as a business man, totally agree with your position. It is unfortunate that neocheaters forced you to take one step back. I do believe, however, that we will ultimitely see our favorite site back. Two steps forward, and all that. After all, progress is the name of the game, and nobody exemplifies that better than people who embrace Neothink as your company does. Thank you for the values you have given me, really a whole new way of living life to the fullest. I will read my material often, and enrich myself with it's wisdom.

ID#12303 C.W., 2003-08-10 [ Las Vegas, NV]

The neo-cheaters will sto at nothing to prevent Neo Tech from toppling their house of cards. From the Nevada Supreme Court, governor, and liberal memebers of the Legislature, they have shown themselves for what they truly are; criminals. Even the extremely gulible voting public of California is finally waking up to the hoax. The parasites are beyond desperate, and the ploy the've pulled only proves that. Lastly, I was saving as much Neo0Tech literature as I could off the web site, but lost it all when I had my computer repaired. Odd, isn't it? If you could send me all the literature that was once posted on thsi web site, preferably in a MS Word compatable or PDF format, it would be beyond appreciated. The origianl Neo Tech concepts I already own, and the additional reading I was downloading was helping to fine tune things.

ID#12304 B.N., 2003-08-10 [ , ]

I am excited about honesty! I am hoping to break down the concepts to a first grade level.

ID#12306 R.D., 2003-08-10 [ New York, NY]

Informative site! I purchased a "Neo-Tech I" book that is marked "1st Copy Manuscript #307CF" What does this mean?

ID#12307 T.W., 2003-08-10 [ london, ]

To Emma I truly are fully open-minded and think if there were more of us in the world the world would have looked much different. I personally think everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion/s. I am 24 years of age and have discovered through the years that I clash with to many people in life because of my open-mindedness. Everyone wants give there opinion/s of everything and most of the time only looks at things from one point of view aspecially close-minded people and when u want to give your opinion wich most of the time comes from all point of views u the one getting attacked. I have not read your book yet, but have read some of the comments on the positive and negative sites and find the positive comments fascinating and are ashamed of the the negative responds you got for it just shows you what kind of people you get out there. I think your site should remain on the Web and would definitely like to see this site expand. I definitely want to read your book in the near future and cant wait to do so. Good luck to you and hear from you soon. Yours sincerely Travis

ID#12309 L.M., 2003-08-10 [ Davie, Fl]

Yes, I would like this site to remain on the web. The information I've read so far interests me but being a stay mom of two boys 3 yrs and 1 year old, and one on the way, it isn't easy to find the time to read. I would like to read the rest of the site before commiting myself to purchase installments one and two Neo Tech Discovery as was stated in the mailing that I received. I missed the receive for free deadline date of August 8.

ID#12311 S.H., 2003-08-10 [ Lake Charles, la]

I find the idea of neo tech very interesting. I cannot wait to get my book in.

ID#12312 N. ., 2003-08-11 [ MELBOURNE, VIC]

Can you please tell me how Neo-Tech started and how to use

ID#12314 M.C., 2003-08-11 [ Alvarado, TX]

I really have benefited from Neo-Tech and would like to see it stay on the internet, however I think the book form is more to my liking. It seems a catalog with all that is published on Neo-Tech literature should be available. I received one of the first copies back in 86-87 and lost it, then re-ordered in 95-96. I have kept up with the site and learned alot of information from reading the material there yet I would rather read it in book form. I felt back then that there was something I was missing. For instance, I never remember a book titled "Neothink" or "Zonpower". I really want to know if this literature was part of the original manuscript or if it was separate. The problem with the internet is it is harder to discern if you have read all the information regarding a subject. I still to this day feel that I am missing something of importance that I either passed over or never was able to order that has kept me from truly manifesting my full potential. Though my life has improved tremendously, I want to read "The Story" again and "Becoming Godman". It just seems I have missed so much. You once had information on the Illuminati and some other things that at first glance by someone that did not know about Neo-Tech, would have appeared as metaphysical. Please get me up to speed so that I know everything there is to know about Neo-Tech/Zonpower/Cassandras Secret. Whether it is one book or many I will order them all until I have studied them all. That includes any and all the topics of Ayn Raynd and other supporting topics or books. Please send me something soon! I used to be an owner of Neo-Tech literature but have lost that copy as well. As the integrations turned my world around I have found myself in many places coming to terms with what I have read. Now that everything is just starting to take hold and I am working on an engineering degree I really want all the literature available (note: I just reiterated this because of the question below).

ID#12315 O.T., 2003-08-11 [ Bright, victoria]

this is the first time i've visited the website, i don't have much time but first i'd just say thanx for saving me from the sevire depression rut i was in... though i sometimes don't understand all of what i'm reading, it has still effected me greatly on the mental side. i am yet to finish reading the 114 neotech advantages and have not prospered financialy or romanticly i can see myslef getting there, i am 16, and start work experience tomorrow. what i am slightly confused about is the fact that u published the 114 advantages on the site, i had to borrow the money to pay for the book. in that case it would be nice to see the 10 second miracle/s on the site or the neo-tech reference encyclopaedia... thanx for your time and, for my life

ID#12316 a.w., 2003-08-11 [ milton keynes, ]

i have been reading the book but i ended up putting it down and no longer reading it the books are still with me and contain incredible knowledge. but i dont have anything you promised me i dont know how to apply anything this is the worst period of my life please i need help.

ID#12317 w.k., 2003-08-11 [ carleton, mi]

I sent neo-tech a check on 8-1-03 and it has not yet been cashed. I am still waiting for my final neo-tech book. is there something wrong with the check. please advise.

ID#12320 w.k., 2003-08-11 [ carleton, mi]

sent comment without complete e-mail. also check was sent on 7-31-03. thank you

ID#12321 S.L., 2003-08-11 [ Orlando, Florida]

I am very interested in Neo-tech.

ID#12322 C.V., 2003-08-11 [ Brockton, MA]

Hello, I decided to surf over to the site today, and was suprised to see that everything was removed. Then I read why. Terrible. I bought the NT Discovery probably 6 0r 7 years ago now. It really helped change my life for the better in many ways. Anyhow, I moved to a new address in Febuary this year, and I don't receive my mailings from your company anymore. I really would like to get back on your mailing list again, as I'm interested in any and all new products that become available. I have many publications already, probably close to 10 books. I'll provide my old and new address below, so you can verify I'm a good customer. Thank you, Chris Vasapollo 202 West Street(new Address)(Please add me to the mailing list) Brockton, MA 02301 ------------------------------ My old address( 33 Winona Street, Brockton MA, 02301)

ID#12324 N. ., 2003-08-12 [ Kuantan, Pahang]

Just For information wise nothing wrong

ID#12325 J.H., 2003-08-12 [ Pittsburgh, PA]

Neo-Tech is so great, mind-blowing and life-altering that I can't really think of anything to say.

ID#12326 J.H., 2003-08-12 [ Pittsburgh, PA]

Neo-Tech is so great, mind-blowing and life-altering that I can't really think of anything to say. I'll at least say hi to all the (marching) people out there who's doing something with it. ...Hi!... {-p

ID#12327 W.H., 2003-08-12 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Thank you for your information. My life is now FREE!

ID#12329 C.B., 2003-08-12 [ Canton, NY]

I read all the negative comments about Neo-Tech. Most of the respondants are religious mystics who will never understand the profound meaning of Neo-Tech, the philosophical zero. Most are Catholics who belong using roman numerals without the zero.The profanity used by these God fearing folk is understandable when one realizes in which kind of a world they live. They don't realize that everyone will have to embrace Neo-Tech in the future or all will perish leaving only cockroaches to argue with one another.The nuclear decision threshold will have to be reached by these people as well as those who have embraced Neo-Tech. I have been a Neo-Tech owner since 1987. In 1988 I quit drinking and got a divorce - both the best thing I have ever done. I would have done neither without Neo-Tech. I would love to start my own phantom bantom company under your auspeses. Sincerely,

ID#12330 M.W., 2003-08-13 [ Cleveland, Ohio]

How can I order another manuel? Mine was destroyed in an house fire some years ago. I had pincer movement (I) and (II).

ID#12331 D.W., 2003-08-13 [ midland, western australia]


ID#12332 d.r., 2003-08-13 [ austin, tx]

i'm actually just writing to get back on the mailing list. in addition, i don't see any reason to have a presence online, but if you do decide to keep it online, consider paying me to redesign it and make it look amazing, because i can.

ID#12333 V.D., 2003-08-13 [ Detroit, MI]

I am always searching the Internet to see if I can connect or find something, someone who has a belief other than the traditional (God) church going self-inflicting, sin feeding word. After carefully searching under the titled “Emotion-Abused” relationship, I was linked to many articles that explained the reasons why we experience such pain in our life but none of the articles explained how Neo-tech explained it. I appreciate myself for finding such great information and thank you for being available.

ID#12334 M. ., 2003-08-13 [ Lansing, MI]

In a country of free speech and freedom of beliefs, how could we NOT allow the Neo-Tech sight to remain on? There are savage, bloody and grotesque sights on the internet, there are pornographic and de-humanizing sights on the web. Here is one that says rise up humans and make more of yourselves--and someone wants it off? No way...let me say it way!

ID#12336 J.J., 2003-08-13 [ Tigard, OR]

Freedom to explore and learn is a fundemetal right no one can take away because they disagree with content that meets the Articles of The Constitution of the Universe. Stay on the Web!

ID#12337 M.B., 2003-08-13 [ Harvey, La]

I would like to know where is the chat site/message board that was here on Neo-tech. I haven't been at this site in a while but would like to get some valuable feedback on stuff that I'm reading and I noticed that the message boards had some intellectual talk going on. I wanted to know if the site was moved or is it not available anymore. Thanking you in advance. Sincerely, M. Barrington

ID#12339 j.r., 2003-08-13 [ hollister, ca]

none. i need work! put all the old stuff back on. i like your website 4 years ago. still good but not everything is there!

ID#12341 D. ., 2003-08-14 [ Lompoc, ca]

Curious - very curious

ID#12342 J.G., 2003-08-14 [ Tampa, Fl]

I have been reading about neo-tech and like some of the principles used. The only thing I am confused about in your pamphlet money/power/romantic-love...its you are selling the book Discovery. It says there is a 10 second thing anyone can do and says it will tell what it is...but it doesn't. I found a site with excerpts of Discovery, and nothing is there on what to do, only the basis of the neo-tech concept. I believe neo-tech in ways helps one to listen to their innate intelligence but believe there is more and I am not sure what it is. I look foward to talking soon.

ID#12343 L. ., 2003-08-14 [ Sun City, az]


ID#12347 J.M., 2003-08-15 [ Arlington, TX]

The beta test of the website seemed to go well, almost exactly as planned. Back to the drawing board it would appear to seem for most, then again we all should know better.

ID#12350 F.W., 2003-08-15 [ HANOVER PARK, IL]

I once owned some Neo-Tech literature, but lost it when I moved. Please tell me how I can get more. The god concept is idiotic, destructive and ridiculous!

ID#12352 L.l., 2003-08-16 [ WORCS, ]

Perchased the book recently but not sure how to interpert the secret message. (2003) Need some help as it seems condredictory with some of the mind and the minds eye theory.

ID#12353 D.A., 2003-08-16 [ Long Beach, New York]

excellent piece of work

ID#12357 M.J., 2003-08-16 [ , ]

The reading makes a lot of sense. At least in the control oriented world we seem to be in. I have read a lot of different items on life and find this makes the most sense in business and some things being done on this planet. I am searching for the New Testament comparisons that I found , at least the title for when I was here last. I would like a list of your other books if possible.

ID#12358 M.J., 2003-08-16 [ Cleveland, Ohio]

I hit enter before I was finished. Sorry.

ID#12359 R.K., 2003-08-16 [ Accra, GH]

Neo-tech is something which helps one another to forget abought the past and take to the new type of thinking. RE:NEO-TECH OWNER Randolph Ofosu C/o Mr. William Donkor Iduapriem Goldmine P. O. Box 283 Tarkwa. 12th-August-2003 Dear Mr. Mark, Please Get Me Started. This is Randolph Ofosu who owns one of your POWERFUL NEO-TECH BOOKS known as THE GOD-MAN/NEO-TECH. Sir I have critically read through your book and have finally got to the point of getting involved. Could you please get me through THE NEO-TECH PARTY, NEO-TEC SCHOOL, NEO-TECH EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE AND NEO-TECH DATING SERVICE. I have already sent a message across but I saw that it wasn’t good, that is why I have decided to send this one. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you . Yours Faithfully Randolph Ofosu.

ID#12360 A.R., 2003-08-17 [ Dubai, ]

I wish to read more about these revolutionary ideas that have the potential to change many lives. I am desparate to know more and wish details on how to get the information. It is a shame that such potentially world changing information has to be taken offline. I would do anything to make it available for everyone. It would set the world free.

ID#12362 R.J., 2003-08-17 [ Lake Worth, FL]

This is a free country and this web site must be permitted and not be removed because of some people who are not used to freedom. Isn't it wonderful that we have the right to express our opinion wether it be positive or negative.

ID#12363 H.B., 2003-08-17 [ Harleysville, PA]

I just finished reading your pamphlet the " Hamilton Breakthroug Report ". I have been thinking this way for years and find it gratifying to know there are many others who think the same. I look forward to recieving a lot more info from Neo-Tech and want to get involved in some of the groups they have available. Don't give in to those Bastards and keep up the great works. A Committed Follower

ID#12364 B.J., 2003-08-17 [ Bountiful, UT]

Neo-Tech makes so much sence when integrating knowledge, philosophy, science and technology to maximize value production and value creation, I beleive that wide spread knowledge and apaptation of Neo-Tech will make this world an awesome place to live.

ID#12365 R.P., 2003-08-17 [ KAUNAS, ]


ID#12366 E.V., 2003-08-17 [ Cornwall, NY]

Neo-Tech’s information is life changing and has really helped me in a positive way. I hope to see more neo-tech in the future.

ID#12367 C.A., 2003-08-17 [ Lakewood , CO]

Interesting material-the negatives are what I am dealing with,they want to make themselves feel better and superior at any cost-just listen to them.

ID#12368 j.c., 2003-08-17 [ keene, nh]


ID#12372 K.P., 2003-08-18 [ FARGO, ND]

I am dissapointed that the site no longer offers all that it used to but was surprised that it ever offered so much for free at all, since Neo-Tech seems very business-oriented/profit-driven. Why I am writing today, though, is to remain on NTP's mailing list. Neo-Tech Bullets and the novels coming out by the other authors sound like products I may eventually wish to purchase. (I have purchased several products from NTP in the past; below is my new, current address.)

ID#12374 T.G., 2003-08-19 [ Buckley, MI]

I have just begun to read...

ID#12376 V.I., 2003-08-19 [ BRONX, ]


ID#12377 V.I., 2003-08-19 [ BRONX, NEW YORK]


ID#12378 J.P., 2003-08-19 [ Emily , MN.]

I support freedom of speech and ideas.

ID#12379 M.D., 2003-08-19 [ Brisbane, QLD]

I think that you guys put me on a bum steer. At the bottom of Al's story you had a link called are you ready and when I clicked on it, it said that it was no longer available. If it is no longer available why is the link still there for it. Now I am very interested in the Neo-Tech Manuscript and I want to buy it but I am still not sure about it because I want to see it work for me, instead of hearing about other people and how it worked for them. I am sorry if this annoys you but I am going to say it anyway, anyone can write a sucess story and put it on the internet and then you got people like me that come along and read their stories and think yeah that can be me. I just think that before I go out and spend $250 Australian dollars on a BOOK I would like some kind of guarntee that it has worked for me and not just thinking to myself hey it could work for me.

ID#12380 S.&., 2003-08-19 [ Perth, WA]

Received a mail out from you in yesterdays post advertising your Guide to Money and Power and thought that we would look up the internet to find a web site. We are very impressed as we are just starting out as Business Consultants and we are returning our form in todays post to order the report. Thank you very much for your offer and we will definately be checking out your web site again. Stan & Jean Kennedy Perth Australia

ID#12381 r.c., 2003-08-19 [ sacramento, ca]

neo-tech is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!

ID#12382 M.T., 2003-08-20 [ Kokomo, In.]

Why would youu want to leave? Alot of people depend on this site for Truth, and strength. Please don't go.

ID#12384 S. ., 2003-08-20 [ , ]

I have recently begun reading several of the manuscripts and must say I'm impressed! Obviously a great deal of time, research and courage went into the published works! After reading through both the positive and negative comments provided on this site, I must contribute to the former. These works can assist the willing and open person to bring forth that long-dormant function of their mind to achieve what is rightfully theirs. The latter did nothing more than reinforce my distaste for the close-minded, robotic half-men that roam the earth, content to be controlled and attempting to force their self-righteousness on anyone who dares to challenge them with empty threats of a non-existent hell and damnation. Keep up your terrific work and may the true Higher Power (for this, I still believe in) guide you in your endeavors

ID#12385 P.M., 2003-08-20 [ , ]

hi Emma, back in the 80s i first received a mailing describing the Neo Tech Advantages, they have helped me and therefore i think the site should continue to be available so that others can benefit. kind regards Peter

ID#12386 D.D., 2003-08-20 [ Blue Springs, MS]

After just reading the orientation, I'm already a firm believer in Neo-Tech. Many of the truths I had come to learn on my own the hard way... But never before had all these concepts been arraged together and explained so clearly and concisely. Neo-Tech!

ID#12388 G.A., 2003-08-20 [ San Antonio, TX]

I'd like info. as well as info. on the next NT summit... also, are the NT Boards down? Thanks, Garrett

ID#12393 M.L., 2003-08-21 [ Moore, OK]

I have been intrigued by the Opinions brought to me through Neo-Tech.@ first I was honestly frightened by the fact that GOD was really a Metaphor and so were all of the Biblical stories in the Bible,...all the years I grew up being told and believing that w/out God I was on a "Road to Hell" I Almost threw "The Book" away. I seriously thought I was selling my soul to the Devil by purchasing the book. Even though I've always had an Open mind,I started to look back at how Empty I've Always been left feeling w/ Religion and Church, I kept reading and started to understand the reasons why.Jesus was a man who began "Consciously" thinking, saw New Life ,and tried to explain what he saw and taught his new found Lessons to Bi-Cameral people in ways they would understand. Then "Evil" caught on and found a way to scare the Shit out of People and put the Fear of "God" into the unedjucated.Thus Comes the "Catholic Style" Religion Creating ways to make people believe that this Religion was the Only way to Heaven.Thus Stripping People of the True Message that Jesus was sharing w/ them.Causing People to place the trust and faith in themselves into the hands of "Higher Powers" Thus Creating Conscious knowledged Mystics,..a spot to create wealth from what was rightfully others to begin w/. I Finally was able tomake sense of why I did not feel As Happy and Joyous as others "Claimed to Be in the Power of the Lord" I continued to read about Neo-Tech and have learned a lot......One thing though is that I try to re-read certain things to refresh myself and the website as gone on to other topics such as the PAX and such how can I Go back to things that were on this web page like say a year ago,...? Also there was the story about the School Teacher and her Students I would reallylike to read that again.

ID#12394 A.T., 2003-08-21 [ Antioch, Tn]

the information I have read was very enlightening and informative i would love to get more information on this subject.

ID#12395 . ., 2003-08-21 [ , ]

Where can the Neo-Tech encyclopedia be purchased?

ID#12396 l.m., 2003-08-21 [ melbourne, vic ]

i read about the truth. and enjude it.good werke.tank you.

ID#12397 l.m., 2003-08-21 [ melbourne, vic]

i read about the truth . it whose so good.

ID#12398 l.m., 2003-08-21 [ melbourne, vic]

i read about the truth . it whose so good.

ID#12399 J.S., 2003-08-21 [ Jasper, Wy]

In the final analysis there is no other alternative for neo-tech practitioners than mass suicide ala Jim Jones.

ID#12400 A.A., 2003-08-22 [ hayes, middx]

Neo-Tech It’s the philosophy of neo and real act for neo life and businesses method can easily lead the person to success.

ID#12401 P.T., 2003-08-22 [ Buninyong, vic]

Can you please send THE BOOK writtin in the language DUTCH My dad can`t read english so he give the book to me to read I was glad he did it makes a lot of sense to me. Keep up the good work we are going to get there.

ID#12405 K.A., 2003-08-22 [ Johannesburg, ]

I do think that the site should remain as there are no moral reasons that can be brought against the site. As far as neo-tech is concerned I especialy like the financial (e.g. Mini days scheduling)

ID#12407 f.h., 2003-08-22 [ belmont, ma]

neo-tech is an extraordinary source of knowledge that gets right to heart of human life. As with anything premised from a philosophical base it must be weighed against what is comparable. if one uses the knowledge prescibed in neo-tech publications, applying what it reveals about the people and the society around us, one can gain various advantages. most importantly, neo-tech offers the world, at the very least, another perspective from which to view the world.

ID#12408 D.W., 2003-08-23 [ PLAINWELL, MI]

i hope you will be here for me. neotech has given me great understanding of the value of human life .i see little zons that will be lost without this site .

ID#12409 R.B., 2003-08-23 [ Rose Hill, ]

Neo-Tech should remain on the web till the end of the final war on Earth.

ID#12410 J.T., 2003-08-23 [ Taipei, ]

(I am writing a Chinese Big5 letter) ¬F«È»P¯«Â¾¤H­û°²ÂÇ­õ¾Çªº¥D±i»P¤W«Òªº¸Ü»y, ºc«Ø¥L­Ì¦Û¤vªº¬Fªv²z½×©Î¦Û¤vªº¤W«Ò¥H¹Ï§Q¦Û¤v, ¬O¦­¦³¹êÃÒªº, ³o¨Ç¤H¾a«I¦û§O¤Hªº»ù­È¹L¬¡, ¬O Neo-tech ¤Ï¹ïªº¹ï¶H, ¥»¤H¤Q¤ÀªÖ©w. ¦b Neo-tech °l¨Dµ´¹ï²z©Ê¥D¸qªº¦P®É, §Ú½èºÃ Neo-tech ¦b²z©Ê»P·Pı¤§¶¡, ¦³µL¨ú±o¥­¿Åªº¥D±i? ²¦³º¤Hªº¥ª¸£»P¥k¸£¬O¦P®É¦s¦bªº. ­µ¼Ö` ¤å¾Ç»P¬ü¾Ç, ¥¦­Ìµ´¹ï¬O¤HÃþªºÀY¸£` «ä·Q©Ò³Ð³y, µM¦Ó¥¦­Ì¬O·PıªºªF¦è, Neo-tech ·|¦p¦ó¬Ý«Ý¥¦­Ì?

ID#12411 C.J., 2003-08-23 [ Hillsboro, OR]

The Neo-Tech Manuscripts I have so far, are, without question, the most profound works I have ever read. They have helped me expllain a lifetime of discontent. I am now in the process of jumpstarting a home-based bussiness as a result of no longer being able to tolerate being part of the "hoax". This business model is my vehicle to belief in dreams that,I feared,had almost faded forever. That is a priceless gift. Thank you.

ID#12412 V.A., 2003-08-23 [ Coconut Creek, FL]

I would like more information, where to get the books and if there is any special price available. (So far so good, I agree with everything I read.)

ID#12413 A.S., 2003-08-23 [ Houston, TX]

Would you please send information to me about your currently available literature? Thanks, Andrew Schliesser

ID#12414 G.O.,@ 2003-08-24 [ Rosemont, IL]

I new to this so I don't have much to comment about but when I read some more I will let you know

ID#12415 R.R., 2003-08-24 [ Torrance, CA]

I have received a few offers for this Neo-Tech literature in the mail, and reading through what I received, I wondered if all I was reading about it was too good to be true. After all, the promises were that "wealth, power, and love would flow to you effortlessly and automatically" and that readers would be able to "control people and the world" (presumably including even random chance!) I found the web site through a link from the Sovereign Society's A-Letter of August 20 to the section with the documented abuses of the IRS, and seeing "Neo-Tech" in the URL, wondered if this was the same Neo-Tech I had read about in the mail. It has to be. Now having gotten to read much of what it's about, I find myself thinking, "YES! I KNEW these things instinctively already! I KNEW there were those who want to try to keep people stupid and stuffed as full as a Christmas turkey with a load of bull! And here in print, Neo-Tech is showing everyone how those who want to keep us stupid (referred to here as "the Neo-cheaters") do it! It all fits!" Thank you! Now I have no question that Neo-Tech is indeed legitimate. The Neo-Tech Advantage (#34?) that went through the history of how Christian "authorities" tried to suppress all pleasure from sex was particularly interesting and enlightening. It looks like their counterparts in Islam, having failed to learn from history, are repeating all the same insanities today. ("The more things change, the more they stay the same" comes to mind.) I never understood why deriving pleasure from sex with someone you love could possibly be a sin or why anyone would condemn it, and now I'm finding out that what I instinctively felt in my gut all along is valid after all. I can hardly wait to read the rest of what's on the web site. Keep it up, and add more to it!

ID#12416 b. ., 2003-08-24 [ paramaribo, par'bo]

Do you have a chatsite?

ID#12417 d.c., 2003-08-24 [ neillsville, wi]

i hope the ideas expand

ID#12418 R.M., 2003-08-24 [ Brisbane, Qld]

I am so glad I logged-on to your site and it would be an advantage to all if you would stay on.

ID#12419 C.W., 2003-08-24 [ Singapore, -]

I have the original neo-tech manuscript only. Thus I found the site loaded with alot more informations very useful. Actually I wish to collect the whole sets of available materials related to neo-tech in hardcopy if possible. However at this moment the informations at the website will do.

ID#12420 D.F., 2003-08-24 [ Columbus, Oh]

Please remain on the web for now.

ID#12421 H.M.,@AOL.COM 2003-08-24 [ VALLEJO, CA]

I think that every person has a right new types of information,good or bad. Let us be the judge.

ID#12422 g.c., 2003-08-24 [ long beach, ca]

I have just recently (in the last 3 weeks) become aware of Neo-tech and all of these new(to me anyway)concepts. I have to tell you that the more that I read and devour these new concepts, the more I have and need to read . I simply can't get enough. Neo-tech is vital to all of us going through this life however blind we may be when we find can become instantly enlightened and awakened to a new and awesome way of life. Thanks Neo-Tech

ID#12423 R.M., 2003-08-25 [ Brisbane, Qld]

YES this web-site should stay, as how else can we find your company? And by the way, would you PLEASE reply with your EMail site? Thank you, Robert.

ID#12424 R.M., 2003-08-25 [ Brisbane, Qld]

Would you be interested in having an outlet in Australia?

ID#12425 l. ., 2003-08-25 [ melbourne, vic]

i like to read the truth and some good things.very itresing

ID#12426 R.M., 2003-08-25 [ , ]

Why is it that I can find no listing or comment anywhere even on your site?AND. I have photo-copied the statement that Eric Savage where he states that: IF Dorothy replied within SEVEN DAYS you, She, WILL RECEIVE FREE OF CHARGE THE NEWLY RELEASED Neo-Tech 111(CONTROLLING OTHERS)AND Neo-Tech GUIDE TO MONEY AND POWER. So WHY is she being kept a copy that will NOT come IF SHE DOES NOT PAY-UP???? Dorothy now thinks that there is something RARELY WRONG WITH THIS DEAL, OR SOMTHING WRONG WITH Mr.Savage. Please use my EMail to give to Dorothy an explaination to Dorothy.

ID#12427 c.r., 2003-08-25 [ monroeville, pa]

Please continue your valuable service and information to mankind. I think it would be a tremendous diservice to discontinue your valuable information . thank you.

ID#12428 B.Y., 2003-08-25 [ Rapid City, SD]

I have purchased Neo-Tech back in 1987, since then I believe I have read Neo-Tech 1 thru 5 every year, It is my life, it has helped me with every aspect of my life. I tried years ago to get my son to read it but being a teenager he had other things to do, but lately he has been studying Neo-Tech on the web and has greatly benefited from it.....Thank You

ID#12429 E. .,@hotmail 2003-08-26 [ tampa, fl]

hello, i love your site. i was introduced to neo-tech a few years ago but never actually took the time to read and absorb it until last year. I am one hundred percent supportive of the ideas incorporated with neo-tech. i do have one comment that may help. i feel that when i am reading there is a push/pull relationship between a non mystic view and a neo-tech view. when i first read a neo-tech manual a couple years ago, i thought it was too pushy more or less cult-like. i know the writers are trying to get their points across as non-mystic individualist, but for a new reader this may be much. i hope this may help neo-tech open peoples minds to a reality versus an illusion.

ID#12431 j.e., 2003-08-26 [ Lovelock, NV]

One of a kind site... doing the most important work ever presented for a very needy public who for the most part are lost in this anticivilization. Please clarify Casandra's secret and Zon(Power). Please keep my information confidential... thanks for your information... keep it going and growing

ID#12433 T.D., 2003-08-26 [ Greendale, WI]

Any source promoting the ideal of ruthless honesty deserves my support.

ID#12434 N.C., 2003-08-26 [ Grove City, OH]

I think the web site should remain. There is valuable information here. I found it by chance after my sister purchased one of your books, I wondered if there was any info on the web and found the site right away. I typed in Neo-Tech on the google search engine and pressed the feeling lucky button and there I was viewing this site.

ID#12435 L. ., 2003-08-27 [ melbourne, vic]


ID#12436 l.m., 2003-08-27 [ melbourne, vic]

very interesting reading.i would like to read more.

ID#12437 l.m., 2003-08-27 [ melbourne, vic]

very interesting reading.i would like to read more.

ID#12438 l.m., 2003-08-27 [ melbourne, vic]

very interesting reading.i would like to read more.

ID#12439 l.m., 2003-08-27 [ melbourne, vic]

i read i did like whote i read itresting.

ID#12443 l.m., 2003-08-27 [ melbourne, victoria]

please send more info on this subject

ID#12445 S.M., 2003-08-27 [ Johannesburg, Gauteng]

I'm actually doing an assignment. My topic is: "Love and sex. Are tey related? do you need to be in Love to have sex? is sex part of being in Love?" I think your sit is cool and very informative, but iwould just like to know more about where all the info comes from? is it factual, can i use it for my assignment?

ID#12446 A.B., 2003-08-27 [ milwaukee, wi]

I am looking or the supplies for the daub you guys sell it? If not can you point me in the right direction? How do I get a subscription to your stuff?

ID#12448 C.K., 2003-08-28 [ Tampa , Fl.]

I do believe that the site should be expanded. The information is to valuable to not expand it.

ID#12449 R.C., 2003-08-28 [ Long Beach, ca]

I think this web-site is great..... I am going through my IRS thing now....they are really trying to intimidate me!!! I can't believe their tactics... I am not afraid of them!! or what they can do...I am right and I know it!! Keep on...keeping on...

ID#12450 j.l., 2003-08-28 [ notts, ]

very good, the tnings that i have read here just affirm what i already believe in so strongly I would like to see more neo tech text... Its good to know that there are other honest people out there. I dont own any neo-tech literature but i would like to, i have heard of people that have but are very coy about it... Just from reading the neo-tech advantages its altered the way i think and would like to know more.......

ID#12451 F.T., 2003-08-28 [ Lawton, Ok]

read some of your publications a while back and was impressed with the "no nonsense-information". no hype, just the honest truth. It spoke to what I used to know when I was young, the 'inner-child', I think its called.

ID#12452 F.T., 2003-08-28 [ Lawton, Ok]

read some of your publications a while back and was impressed with the "no nonsense-information". no hype, just the honest truth. It spoke to what I used to know when I was young, the 'inner-child', I think its called.

ID#12453 F.T., 2003-08-28 [ Lawton, Ok]

read some of your publications a while back and was impressed with the "no nonsense-information". no hype, just the honest truth. It spoke to what I used to know when I was young, the 'inner-child', I think its called.

ID#12454 W. ., 2003-08-28 [ Pergatorial Exsitence, insanity]

i've made 2 comments before already, 1 being somewhat positive and the other somewhat negitive. sadly, you got booted because of your lies, you deceive people just as all your talks about religion and governments do. can we say "SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET A CLUE" more so.... A LIFE!

ID#12455 A.Y., 2003-08-29 [ , ]

I got mail (Personal memo) in japanese from you,I decided I bouht Neo-Tec vol1-vol5.And I payed \2,0000 for buying it,but I havent got it, yet.I sent money one month ago,you havent given any infomation,telling anything me.If you dont send it within one week from Aug.31,I tell about it the government of Texas State.If you have any reason for delate sending it,give me call, or mail to me soon. Too much late! Do you think so?

ID#12456 A.Y., 2003-08-29 [ , ]

Atsko Yamamoto writing,you send books neo-tec vol1-vol5 soon.I sent money one month ago.If you dont send it within one week from Aug.31,I tell about it the government of the Texas State.If you have any reason for delate sending it, give me call or mail to me soon. Too much late! Do you think so ?

ID#12457 A.Y., 2003-08-29 [ Amagasaki , Hyougo]

Atsko Yamamoto writing,Will you send books neo-tec1-5 soon? too much LATE! I payed \20,000 for buying it.

ID#12458 S. ., 2003-08-29 [ , ]

This was my first visit to the Neo-Tech site, and I've only just recently heard about the concept. Don't know if anybody is going to personally respond to this, but I have some questions: 1) This quote concerning mysticism has me perplexed: "Mysticism is defined as: 1. Any mental or physical attempt to ... 2. Any attempt to use the mind to create reality rather than to identify and integrate reality." How is Neo-Tech not trying to create a reality? As quoted: "Neo-Tech allows the guiltless creation of earned power, prosperity, and romantic love..." Is Neo-Tech not attempting to alter one's reality to be more aligned with itself? 2) Even if all businesses WERE completely honest, how would one person gain prosperity over another? That seems illogical to me since a person in business would be looking for him/herself to prosper, not the other. 3) As quoted: "Some neocheaters usurp credibility by exploiting popular causes that sound good -- causes that in proper context may be noble if handled honestly. Examples include the environment, nutrition, health, animal rights, human rights, peace. But neocheaters exploit such causes to usurp credibility and power in order to attack competent producers, their honest businesses, and their valuable products. ...The two-headed essence of all mystics and neocheaters is dishonesty and laziness." Isn't their any credibility to polution? Does that not pose a real threat? If so, why would these usefull products be so useful if the earth itself were dying? If you have a chance to respond, I'd appreciate it. Thank You.

ID#12459 s.a., 2003-08-29 [ Goiania, GOIAS]

please keep the truth alive and well.Please send info to me as soon as possible because I need the book.Thank you.

ID#12462 e.s., 2003-08-30 [ splendora, tx]

thank you for helping me beat a 20 year drug habbit bye biulding my self asteem and self worth my son is the true benificery ive never been a reader thanks too you that has changed i read julian janes book great reading great truth now iam working on the biusness book it may be a little much for a single dad but i will try and implement what i can i would like too hear more abought family and how too biuld stronger home that would help me thanks again too all of you i am trying too be a value producer it is must easier then you would think thanks neo-tech scott

ID#12463 T.W., 2003-08-31 [ Midwest City,, Oklahoma]

I have read and own many Neo-Tech publications, sense the early 1980's. It has been an eye opener for me and I am very sorry for those who refuse to open their mind to the real world. We are at the edge of tomorrow and what the future is going to be. There is no better time then now to secure ones place in the future as we all will, be it good or bad. This sit is a great tool for those who want to open their mind and free their selves for what the future.

ID#12464 b.s., 2003-08-31 [ margate , fl]

thank you for presenting the truth that our minds are the ultimate authoroties in our lives and that we are only governed by our conscience . way to go !! neo tech forever

ID#12465 L.W., 2003-08-31 [ Greenock, ]

NT has opened my eyes. Although not knowing about Neo-Tech, I have long before sensed the wrongfulness of the present "societies". In 1985 I left East Germany to live in a society free of communism. Boy - did I have to learn! Nevertheless, I feel as if Neo-Tech gives me the straw to grab wehen everything else, such a common sense around me, seems to have vanished. We should no longer allow the goverments and so called authoritites to tell us what we may or may not do as long as we do not infringe upon the individual right of somebody else. We should uprise and no longer grant incompetent goverments the right of power. Neo-Tech should therefore remain on the web, expand and leave no non-value producers any space to breathe!

ID#12466 M.G., 2003-08-31 [ Devon, U.K.]

I hope somebody reads this. It would appear there are several type errors amongst the public's comments, more so in the negative page. I wonder if there is anything in that?... Anyway, freedom of choice! I have been gathering information about life for as far back as I remember in order to find my 'secret' so that one day everything will fall into place. I am very broad minded and very open minded, so i have looked at everything possible. Psychology, body language, alternative therapies, martial arts, feng shui, astrology, many religions, much philosophy, self improvement books, other cultures...the list is endless. When gathering this information I found that the world was full of irony, there are contradictions for most things so it was easy to eliminate alot of the information from my storage. The idea was to end up with one page or ideally one target for which to aim my path at. The target of truth. (You can see where I'm going with this, right?) I became interested in Neo Tech for reasons of self improvement but I wouldn't have found it if I wasn't looking. There are people out there that need all this information for free. The cheaper the information is, more people will learn, everyone will benefit. A response to my comments would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for the web site.

ID#12467 L.a., 2003-08-31 [ , ]

yes i would love for neo-tech to remain on the web also i would love to see more marketed products other than books even though they are great also i would love to see a site just explaining what neo-tech is it's purpose and what it is not and on that site i think it should outline whats going on in the anticivilization and something brief to read that would capture the readers mind and make them come to a realization about the world we live in and to make them want to read neo-tech even more something like the 10 second miracles!

ID#12468 S.P., 2003-08-31 [ New York, NY]

Don't ever stop this site!!!! It is life changing and may save the human race.

ID#12469 S.J., 2003-09-01 [ Palm Beach Gardens, Florida]

I am still reading the books, and my life will soon be on track to be a real Neo-Tech/Zon Power man. My future holds unstopable fortunes and power. I am looking forward to my life being what it was meant to be. Successful in every way. Thank you for letting me into this way of life. I look forward to joining the new forces of Neo-Tech.

ID#12472 G.C., 2003-09-01 [ KVISSLEBY, ]

Neo-Tech is needed for the survival of humanity.

ID#12473 m.s., 2003-09-01 [ Dallas, Tx]

I have the first installment and would like to get the second with the at reduced discounted price.Buy it online if I can to get it faster.The faster the better.

ID#12474 J.F., 2003-09-02 [ Mahopac, ny]

I purchased Books 1+2 in 1989 but only recently read them in their entirety. I searched the web for more information and was extremely dissapointed to find that access to publications had been limited. This site should absolutely remain on the web! While I can understand why pirates would steal this information and try to take credit for it (it is pure genious, after all!),they should not be allowed to deprive us of our right to access it!

ID#12475 J.F., 2003-09-02 [ Mahopac, ny]

I purchased Books 1+2 in 1989 but only recently read them in their entirety. I searched the web for more information and was extremely dissapointed to find that access to publications had been limited. This site should absolutely remain on the web! While I can understand why pirates would steal this information and try to take credit for it (it is pure genious, after all!),they should not be allowed to deprive us of our right to access it!

ID#12476 S.C., 2003-09-02 [ SYDNEY, NSW ]

I find the site exiting and I want to read more

ID#12477 m. ., 2003-09-02 [ granville, nsw]

i like to learn about it

ID#12479 J.L., 2003-09-02 [ Birmingham, Al.]

I have just recently became acquainted with Neo-Tech. The mailing,I received, was just enough to interest me.I appreciate you'r web site, it is verry informative and helpful. JLM

ID#12480 . ., 2003-09-02 [ , ]

I'm against censorship. and self-censorship is just daft. You want your words to be as freely available as possible and to generate as much influence as possible. Instead of turning the copyright frauds into an opportunity for greater influence, you are in fact censoring yourself into a useless form of speech protection, meanwhile depriving all current and potential readers of important information. My vote - speak out against the frauds. Continue to monitor them, but use it to your better advantage. Punish the few, keep it free for the rest.

ID#12482 A.S., 2003-09-02 [ London, ]

Dear Prospective Neo-Tech Owners, Out of ALL systems on Earth Neo-Tech/Zonpower stands ALONE as the ONLY valid foundation/route through which to discover your own HIGHER SELF/ENLIGHTENMENT. It took me 16 years to awaken using Neo-Tech. It is only once you ARE awakened and you look back and realise how inextricably trapped you were BEFORE discovering Neo-Tech that you thank GOD for the HEROIC work of Dr.Frank. R. Wallace and Neo-Tech Worldwide. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dr.Wallace & Family.

ID#12488 J.D., 2003-09-02 [ WALDORF , MD]

There's no doudt in my mind this site is the most effective infomation I ever came across and you definetly should never ever take it off the web,not even a day.I know that it changes alot of behavor patterens[especially mine]This infomation is a absulote blessing send from god and wheather anybody beleives me or not,it's the very best info I ever stubbled across so far.NOT A OWNER YET,WAITING TO BUILD UP MONEY

ID#12489 F.D., 2003-09-03 [ So. Ozone Park, NY]

You have a great web site full of information. I've been reading the various Advantages and Chapters, which undoubtedly I will put into use. I've also referred your site to a friend whose morale went down because she did not obtain the job she wanted. Expansion of your web site will be a plus for Neo-Tech and beneficial to a lot of people. It is unfortunate that some people become fraudulent and use your work for their personal profits.

ID#12493 L.C., 2003-09-03 [ Gillingham, Kent]

I love the website and it should remain.

ID#12494 L.C., 2003-09-03 [ Gillingham, Kent]

I love the website and it should remain.

ID#12495 R.M., 2003-09-03 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

Hello,again. By now you must KNOW that my brain is not what it should be, because of being electrocuted, and I do not know what day is what, so did we or did we not get back to you in time? Dorothy has one of her legs shorter than the other which has caused arthritis? and a whole heap of other problems. That is why we NEED your manuscript. Robert (on behalf of Dorothy, who does not have an EMail site)

ID#12496 A.C., 2003-09-04 [ plano, tx ]


ID#12500 B.b., 2003-09-04 [ itrus heights, ca]

Hi, I read some of the comments posted and when it comes to God, he says you must pick your own way. That is the point of free will. I see all the negative comments and it is all hateful people and comments. They are trying to take away my free will by their judgement, which feed the truth in Neo-Tech. They are trying so hard to take our god given, rightfully ours, right to choose. That is why we are so intellengent so we can make a intellegent choice. Thank you, BB

ID#12501 R.S., 2003-09-04 [ Prahran East, Vic]

I believe Neo Tech should maintain its presence as a web site as it currently is. I wholeheartedly agree that the parasites who have been fraudulently mis - using Neo Tech information and name should be severely dwelt with, as appears to be your aim. I have recently received my first volume of Neo Tech advantages and have commenced reading avidly on a daily (nightly) basis. It has in fact as of today only been three days since I first started ingesting, and it seems apparently already, integrating the information etc. I can't tell you what it has done for the types of dreams I am now having, but I am awakening every morning with a sense of power that leaves me quite thrilled and astounded. I am finding myself "standing up" for myself more readily than I have ever before and that excites me immensely. Particularly if you consider that in the past I have always avoided any form of confrontation and hence have allowed other people to take major advantage of me. I conduct self development workshops for people with major life disadvantages and much of what I have read so far within Neo Tech just sits so comfortably with who I am. Much of the material within this first volume "feels" so natural, and "fits" with what I have always believed about how life is meant to be and how people are meant to be treated. It is a joy. So keep up the great work and please maintain this very valuable website. I feel akinship with many pioneers past and present and boy, is that exciting.

ID#12502 l.m., 2003-09-05 [ melbourne, vic]

i have read some very interesting things and wuld like to read more.

ID#12503 B. ., 2003-09-05 [ , ]

Of the several articles that I have read at neo-tech site, I have found no relevent or useful information for my daily life. I think particularly of one poorly written article titled "Proof that Religious and Mystical Doctrines are Hoaxes" which after an indepth reading offered no proof that religious/mystical dotrines are hoaxes, it was simply bitter writings of a person who was disappionted in her(his? "Tracey" could be either male/female) own religous. Remember the scientific method? simply restating the same idea many times over does not prove something, one person's opinion as to the motives of others is also not proof. Please there are actually educated searchers on the web who want provable facts, I was very disappointed with this site.

ID#12504 B.T., 2003-09-05 [ Boca Raton, FL]

It is every individual's right and responsiblity to research what rings true for them. The more I explore, the more I learn that I get what I need, when I need it, in perfect harmony with the Universal Higher Power. Those opposed, seem to me, to be the ones trapped in the realms of religious tradition and a life of living in fear of a loving god. The god of my understanding knows I am imperfect, knows the challenges of my life and has no requirement the I suffer and perservere as some trade off for future happiness. I look forward to my friend receiving his book, which I am certain he will share with me as well.

ID#12506 R.J., 2003-09-05 [ New Iberia, LA]

I was disappointed to discover that mostly all of the Neo-Tech materials had been taken off the internet. I purchased "The Book, God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery" by Mark Hamilton a few years ago. It seems to me that the responsibility of a Neo-Tech philosophy that includes integrated honesty would require overcoming of every obstacle to success.

ID#12507 M.W., 2003-09-06 [ Ypsilanti, Mi]

Neo-tech has done more for me than years and years of religious hog-wash. All it took was a willingness on my part to see things from an objective perspective. Thank you for your bravery!

ID#12508 C.D., 2003-09-06 [ Danbury, CT]

First, much of this philosophy is on target,compelling, logical and will find support from many who will investigate it. I am dissapointed in the aithiest slant of this philosphy. I do dot think that God and Neo-Tech are mutually exclusive. It is however, very hard to argue that organized religion is anything more than your portrail. I think, therfore I am. (RENE DECART) does conote an example of the self awarness and conscienceness theory, however; one forgets to answer from where did this thinking actually come from first. Is it merely ranom synaptic fireings created through mathmatical probability to eventually form order culminating in scention awareness? If so, soon we could claim computers to be alive. It seems probabble there is even more to us than just the resulting human. There seems to be a plan which came from somewhere or something,,,like God for us to have evolved at all.

ID#12509 w. ., 2003-09-06 [ , nj]

i've actually ordered the neo tech discovery and i will get it any day now. i was reading through the orientation stories and i cant wait till i get the neo tech discovery, im a little sceptical at the guarentees its making, but im going to give it a try.

ID#12510 J.H., 2003-09-07 [ Grass Lake , Michigan]

Yes I very much would like the site to remain on the web. I would like it to expand back to where it was and more. Too bad about a few bad apples. I would like to see info and pricing and availability on all your Neo-Tech titles. I keep stumbling on more and more.

ID#12512 K.W., 2003-09-07 [ Mudgeeraba, QLD]

Yes I think this site should remain on the web as it provides valuable information for those that know where to search. The home page needs expanding to include links to all the available sections. It would also be good to have the Reference Encyclopedia available on the web also.

ID#12513 C.A., 2003-09-07 [ Narrabri, N.S.W]

Neo-Tech literature is the most valuable knowledge ever conceived.Anticipating the demise of the anti-civilization and the world-wide leap into the Neo-Think/God-Man mentality.I am very interested in your company,so when the opportunity arises I will send details of myself and my deep motivation too work at Neo-Tech Publishing Company. Happiness Forever too all concious beings.Lots of love and best wishes.Sincerely Curtis Ah-Shay

ID#12515 R.W., 2003-09-08 [ Spring Branch, Texas]

PS: How Can I Help? Any thing I can say to people? I see neo-tech working every day!!! Rufus John Wilson

ID#12516 B.C., 2003-09-08 [ Eden Prairie, MN]

As I have read various Neo-Tech articles, I find that the concepts, principles and ideas make total sense to me. I thought I was alone in questioning the "status quo" but have found there are many others that think like me. I feel it is very important for Neo-Tech to stay on the web to allow others to find "relief" that comes with this undestanding.

ID#12519 s.c., 2003-09-09 [ SYDNEY, NSW]

i am interseted in neo tech. Please let me know how I can get a copy

ID#12522 L.K., 2003-09-09 [ Williamsport, Pa]

i have the first installment but i can't aford the other installment of neo-tech. so i was wondering if there was anther way of getting the other one. if not to have but to read because i really think neo-tech could help me now. i am out of work and am looseing everything because i can't find anther job. so from what i read in the first installment i think neo-tech should stand and not go anywhere. i ask you to please help me make a differce in my life and help to get ahold of this transcripe so i can make some of myself. i believe neo-tech can do this for me if you'll help. if not to keep but to brow. i am not on my own cunputer so could you plese write to me, you have me in your files as leroy keller at 60 filbert st ,milton pa 17847. i've been thron out of my house but you can reach me at my dad's house now. it is 610 thomas ave , williamspot pa. 17701. i ask you if you would please help me an if nothing else brow this manucripe because i honstly believe in neo-tech from what i've read so fare. thank-you and i had to write to you on a library computer because i lost mine from being out of work. again could you please help me get this manucripe. thank-you very much

ID#12523 D.E., 2003-09-10 [ , ]

how can i continue to read all the "free" neo-tech works that were so helpful? i really enjoy browsing your site until this extremely sad event transpired.

ID#12526 F.J., 2003-09-11 [ Shreveport, La]

I received the Neo-Tech Discovery a number of months ago. I dabbled initially, then seriously read it. I am now on my second reading. I find the material solid and right on target. I have been able to apply the material in my daily work and relationships. I am also applying the CAS Happiness Diet, Atkins, and Cooper Aerobics. My overwhelming self admonition is to expand my knowledge and my production. I recognize my emotions and suppress as needed. Thank you for sharing your values. I now have a PC. Please stay on the Web.

ID#12527 j.j., 2003-09-11 [ Lexington Park , Md.]

my thanks to you all in neo-tech, Since the very first time i opened a book titled "God-man", i've been on a one track superhighway; the internet. in this special case, your work is in magnifying the usefullness of the web and gives you just right as any web- server has. please, take my regards as gratuitous towards your goals and in any case, if you have to protect your self, do so justly, in the correct terms of use.

ID#12529 C.J., 2003-09-12 [ New York, NY]

I have just recently purchased the Neo-Tech discovery portion of your literature. I find it very fascinating yet it can be a little tedious at times when it comes to grasping everything. Despite that, I have always been a free spirit who welcomes ideas that envokes one to think outside the box. CJ NYC

ID#12530 R.M., 2003-09-12 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

Please stay on the net. And, can you explain WHY you have not cashed our cheque, please.

ID#12533 m.p., 2003-09-12 [ , ]

i think you should remain on as a shinning example that it is better to remain in the light than in the darkness and show all that you can stand the on slought of what ever the darkness can and will slime you with in order for them to think they can suceed in their futility !

ID#12534 m.p., 2003-09-12 [ cameron park, ca]

i think you should remain on as a shinning example that it is better to remain in the light than in the darkness and show all that you can stand the on slought of what ever the darkness can and will slime you with in order for them to think they can suceed in their futility !

ID#12535 R.M., 2003-09-13 [ Sandton, ]

Your published knowledge is creating a new form of speach. Never stop.

ID#12536 F.H., 2003-09-13 [ Twickenham, ]

I came across Neo-Tech back in 1989 and have found it fantastic. I have bought most of your books. It has helped me change my belief-system and I keep working at it. I will get to the C of E. Keep up the great work!

ID#12538 D.E., 2003-09-13 [ Onitsha, Anambra]

The show must go on.

ID#12539 K. ., 2003-09-13 [ , ]

I am intrigued and pleased with the quality of thought and style of writing on this site. I will be back to this site to perform a critical analysis of the site's content as it may relate to the integrative syllogism and propositional calculus. Providing the content sustains my first impression, I will be pleased to recommend this site to those for whom I am an advisor in finding the key to unity as an integrative function. I am aware of what may be an error in historical chronology. I am inclined to think that consciousnes, as you describe it, existed earlier in history than you indicate. I think consciousness was the characteristic and trade-mark of the first civilization referred to as "Sumerian" dating to c. 4000 B.C.E. Thank you, I very much look forward to the challenge.

ID#12540 E.B., 2003-09-13 [ HARVEYS LAKE, PA]


ID#12541 b.s., 2003-09-13 [ alpharetta, ga ]

I think that the boards should be monitored more often than they, just so that the frauds may be weeded out.

ID#12542 W.H., 2003-09-13 [ Norwich, CT]

I was really enjoying the Neo-Tech Advantages and you pulled it off, Why? I was going to print it all out, and read it at work, but now I can't. Please put it back up as it was a very good site, myself being Atheist and Libertarian. Thank you.

ID#12543 c.B., 2003-09-14 [ Indianapolis, ind]

I need offical books and latest information on Neo-Tech mailing info to send money orders etc.Thank You.

ID#12544 L.G., 2003-09-14 [ Omaha, NE]

I think that Neo-tech should remain on the Web.It's sad that something so helpful should be removed because of theives.many people look for Neo Tech on the Web because a)they cannot afford the manuscript; b)they don't have the time to read an 800 page mnauscript, or c)they have access to a computer and an ISP and can find the same helpful information on the Web. Please don't let a few Neocheaters prevent such a great publication from being on the Web. Sincerely, L.M.

ID#12545 P.D., 2003-09-14 [ Lakewood, WA]

I'am looking for the first time at these hororor... stories and what comes to mind why hasn't anyone, or group brought IRS down???Are we helpless? I was sick after about 500 reports I read. Holy-Shit Batman!!! what gives??? what can I do besides the congressman trip? Paul Cantrell

ID#12546 A.A., 2003-09-14 [ Lancaster, SC]

I read many of the negative comments. I find the virulence very interesting indeed. The attitudes expressed exemplify an important statement you made, "Mysticism is the only disease of the conscious mind". A humorous way of restating many of their comments would be something like, "We're duped, you should be duped too, and do not dare attempt to un-dupe us!” Just checking for the latest information on NT. It has taken me 18 years of research and education (independent of course) to finally agree with NT and accept and practice "Fully Integrated Honesty", the very liberation and freedom the mystic followers long for but can never attain nor experience.

ID#12547 j. ., 2003-09-14 [ , ]

I've gotten some really good jokes on the internet, but this tops them all. Better than the suggetion that if you play your county/western music backwards your dog will be reincarnated,your e-wife will come back and the repo man will bring your pickup back. John

ID#12548 L. ., 2003-09-14 [ , ]

How did a book stop all the pain?

ID#12549 J.T., 2003-09-14 [ Miami Beach, FL]

Please keep this site on the web!! I have learned SO much already and really want to continue learning and then share that knowledge with others. I was in the process of reading the Neo-Tech Advantages but am no longer able to locate them on the website. Were they recently removed? I was raised in a Southern Baptist, guilt-inducing atmosphere and Neo-Tech has been like a breath of fresh air. I think that there are many other unlimited thinkers out there, like me, who are looking for something else, something like Neo-Tech. Reading some of the advantages everyday has been wonderful and I really want to finish all 114. I will continue to read all that is left on your website, except of course the Negative comments. How unfortunate that people who claim to be followers of Jesus/God can be so judgmental and angry. I would love to know where I can get books and other information about Neo-Tech. I am so glad that I was directed to your website and hope that I can get more information. Thank you!

ID#12550 T.W., 2003-09-14 [ Windsor, ONT]

Yes Neo-Tech should remain on the web... I find it to be very useful as a reference and very good reading... I'm not very happy about those who have misused the site and pirated the Neo-Tech name and it’s contents...

ID#12551 . ., 2003-09-14 [ , ]


ID#12554 R.S., 2003-09-14 [ Black River, MI]

It really would not matter if material is on the web or not as anyone could buy a hard copy and then procede to "steal" it as their own in the same way. It was very convenient to read it on the web and have access away from home. I wish it would return.

ID#12557 H.N., 2003-09-15 [ Coleraine, Londonderry]

But only as a way find those who are ready to take the time to look with an open mind.

ID#12558 P. ., 2003-09-15 [ Vista, Ca]

Risk-Benefit : It's hard. seeing what happens to information after it has been run through some people's head, but do we just stop teaching because we don't like the way some people use the knowledge we share ? I know it isn't the way you would like, but are we better off without it. I think we just have to work harder on "clarification" [ "turtle" ring a bell]

ID#12561 S.K., 2003-09-15 [ London, ]

It's a good thing you have a Warning about Neo-Tech specifics! I saw their site today and was about to order some of the health reports. But now am unsure as to their motives!

ID#12562 L.D., 2003-09-15 [ Fontana, CA]

I am currently waiting for my copy of Neo-Tech ,yet what i've learned so far from the literature that I have recieved has been very valuable to me

ID#12564 R.B., 2003-09-16 [ Bakersfield, CA]

I vote "yes" to Neo-Tech remaining on the worldwide web.

ID#12565 N.B., 2003-09-16 [ Sacramento, CA]

I was just looking at all the negative comments. It is amusing. Some comments seem to come from hoplessly lost individuals trapped in a world of illusion of no escape who are ignorant of Neo-Tech information. Other comments seem to be coming from the robbers and thieves, only saying bad things to try to prevent innocent victims of their ploys to discover what is really going on in this world. It's easy to scare someone and instill fear inside someone when they are not exposed. I owe every bit of happiness I have created to the authors of Neo-Tech for giving me the opportunity to build an exciting life of value and real prosperity. I just turned 22 in September of 03, and because of this company and their publishings, I own my own business and earn more money in a month than most can in a year. This never would have happened if I didn't readtheir books. Thank you - long live Neo-Tech!

ID#12569 G.c., 2003-09-17 [ , ]

I forgot to bring my Neo Tech Discovery book with me into work and was suprised that the NEo tech advantages have now disappeared from the web site. Will they be reappearing ? Or are they gone for good.

ID#12571 P.D., 2003-09-18 [ Lakewood, WA]


ID#12572 P.D., 2003-09-18 [ Lakewood, WA]


ID#12573 P.D., 2003-09-18 [ Lakewood, WA]


ID#12574 P.D., 2003-09-18 [ Lakewood, WA]


ID#12575 P.D., 2003-09-18 [ Lakewood, WA]


ID#12577 J. ., 2003-09-18 [ Madison, WI]

I am a long time reader of Neo-tech. I believe Neo-tech should have stayed online because it helps so many individuals become free of mystism and the God concept. Every now and then I fall into laziness or mystical thinking and need the 114 concepts just to revive and refresh my thinking. I really miss all the articles, the Story, and the 114 concepts. In fact, we are all missing out because some usurpers decided that by using the honored name "Neo-Tech" they could destroy the value producers who trusted this name. Now Neo-tech minded people are looking elsewhere to gain knowledge and free their minds from mysticism. But are these people actually finding sources that teach them value production? This shows why neo-tech should remain online. For the people who deserve and need it.

ID#12578 D.F., 2003-09-18 [ Pasadena, TX]

I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from Neo-tech since the inception. I realize how to use your principles for living for myself and more importantly within my practice. I portray the "better living" approach toward my patients and in return I am affecting an extremely large amount of people... Thanking you for the past and in advance for your continued generous contributions to the human race!

ID#12579 J.C., 2003-09-19 [ Allen, Ne ]

I believe that Neo-Tech should stay on the internet Even if you must charge a small fee to log on If it wasn't over $20.00 a year I would still want ot log on. I have recieved much information from the internet site that I wouldn't have otherwise. I have 2 coppies of the manual the last one with the Story included. It would be a shame if you allow crooked people to force you off. Thanks JIM

ID#12580 s.a., 2003-09-19 [ goiania, go]

I think it should be forever in the net,to help humankind.

ID#12582 T. ., 2003-09-19 [ Portland , Or]

I cannot understand why so many people can't understand or try to understand the meanings behind this!!! I have ordered the manuscript, and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I was hoping to find out more on this site, but I was very amused at all the negativive feedback you get. It is my opinion; that, I thought that religious people would not have even order the manuscript. I even had the thought pass through my mind that some of the neocheaters are the priests, and religious figures that have come through the centuries. I was under the impression that this country was built on freedom of the press, and freedom of religion or not, and them condemning neotech users is by thier GOD condemning themselves to a firey pit called "hell" so to speak. They may have tried to pray for souls???but, in the end they are all neocheaters, and should be ignored. This manuscript is amazing, and there are no other books that can compare. It's my opinion that maybe the so called "Jesus crist" found the manuscript at an early age and used it's teachings to try to become a ManGod....

ID#12583 . ., 2003-09-19 [ , ]

I see no reason why this site should be removed from the web.

ID#12585 C.W., 2003-09-19 [ Elimbah, QLD]

Yes, Neo-Tech should definitly stay on the web and be free to work toward their goals.

ID#12586 E.M., 2003-09-20 [ Pompano Beach, FL]

yes, obviously you should stay on the web. Why is it so hard to discuss matters with NTP directly? Someone sends a answer. Please send me info on new products.....nothing. Why?? Sure, I can understand from your point of view, there are many deceptive people out there who want to bring this down by trying to work their way in though direct questions,etc. So you keep a low profile it seems (figured that since a photograph of Mark Hamilton or F.R.W. is impossible to find anywhere) But what about people like me who read things in one book by Mr. Hamilton that completely contradicts what he says in another book? I'd like clarification, maybe not neccessarily from Mark Hamilton himself, but how about an chat room or something since I know an email reply from NTP is almost as certain as seeing God after death. As you've noticed there are many copiers out there trying to complete a service you don't seem to want. "tail of resposibilities" as Mr. Hamilton calls it. These people may have read neo-tech, but so have I. I wish to better myself and my family. I am NOT looking for a leader, I have found one in myself. But I do know even the best leader can still learn from others. Many questions are out there; you may even gain some insight yourself. I know you didn't get this much intellect by sitting in a closet this whole time. As more people open themselves to neo-tech, I believe it is your responsibility to open YOURSELF to your customers.

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