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ID#14238 H.T., 2004-05-19 [ , ]

I would like to look in the computer and find out more about neo-tech. I also have your book and read it whenever I can.

ID#14239 H.T., 2004-05-19 [ Duncan, BC]

I would like to look in the computer and find out more about neo-tech. I also have your book and read it whenever I can.

ID#14240 o.D., 2004-05-19 [ , ]

we all could use something that is real and truth so give it a chance befor you knock it you will learn something and get a history lesson at the same time

ID#14242 P.C., 2004-05-19 [ Indian Trail, NC]

I ordered the book and decided to try a web search. I was wondering what kind of rip this was Until I discovered it has only been 5 days since I ordered the book by Snail Mail. Anxious or just hungry for a better way? I will be an owner of Neo-Tech literature as soon as it arrives.

ID#14250 J.P., 2004-05-21 [ Dunmore , PA]

I LOVE IT Don't no where i be with out it KEEP up the good work

ID#14252 D.P., 2004-05-22 [ Forest Lake, MN]

About 15 years ago I received the Neo-Tech manuscript. It was a horrifying Nazi looking monster of a volume that was viciously hard to read. I think I wound up throwing it away after a few hours of trying to follow the messy jumble of information being shouted at me from the pages. Now so many years later while searching the internet I typed in Neo-tech on google (not quite sure what made me think of it after all these years). The web presentation is so much easier to read than the manuscript of years past. I have actually enjoyed reading it quite a bit. I have always been of an anti-religion/anti-politics mindset so I felt right at home with the Neo-Tech Idea. Although I’m not yet sure what to make of the whole immortal life on earth thing. Any way I am glad for what ever thought guided me to find this again and I will be paying more attention to it as things progress. Thanks.

ID#14256 L.A., 2004-05-22 [ , ]

This is the most interesting literature I've read all my life, it has changed my existance for ever.

ID#14258 J.H., 2004-05-22 [ mulberry, fl]

simply eye opening. a simple, joyfull rebuilding of thought process.The neo-tek vision will bring forth the knowledge to let one self be free from the shackles of dishonest rhetoric.

ID#14261 W.E., 2004-05-23 [ Deland, FL]

I was wondering what I might be able to replace my copy of NeoTech before my wife left me for a man with a 4inch pump up pecker and then dropped dead of a heart attack 2weeks later, tell me there isn't a GOD! After 3yrs in the woods and all the bad times I've had AND losing my copy of NeoTech in the foreclosure, I was wondering what it might cost to replace it?!?

ID#14262 B.B., 2004-05-23 [ Virginia Beach, VA]

I purchased the NeoTech book back in 1989 and found it of value, both in thought and in practice. Having been involved in eCommerce and Web Design since 96, until today I had never searched for new materials online as a divorce and other nonsense occupied my mind while NeoTech, faded, though the majority remained in “long term memory”. Until today, I hated George Bush for our involvement in Iraq, as I am a peace loving person, hating the loss of any innocent life, and seeing Bush as a monger bent on control of resources, rather than villains. For now, I will rethink that scenario. I am open to receiving materials from you as they become available, and though I am tangibly low on financial resources at this time (laziness, resulting in failure), I would contribute when possible. I trust that what I will receive will be of the same value as what I have spent three hours digesting online today, and not a litany of sales literature, which of course I feel is not the intent of NeoTech, though I must ask as I receive way too much spam. Thanks for making your web resource available. I had forgotten many things that are now once again concrete. Regards, Bob Bryant Virginia Beach, VA P.S. – I have no fear against standing up to politics and dogma that would throw us into social turmoil. I am by no means a fanatic, yet rational and level headed in most cases.

ID#14263 S.H., 2004-05-24 [ Kernersville, NC]

I received a mailing about novus tek which claims to be a refined version of neo-tech bu Dr wallace. Is this true or is it a mail fraud. If it is true , why is it not mentioned here on the site. Please respond quickly, as this all sounds like a very interesting concept.

ID#14264 m.b., 2004-05-24 [ kenosha, wi]

i enjoyed the book very much it and your web site helps me understand how some people are out to cheat you out of things that you have worked for your life. i enjoy reading your info on your web site, thank you

ID#14265 m.b., 2004-05-24 [ kenosha, wi]

i enjoyed the book very much it and your web site helps me understand how some people are out to cheat you out of things that you have worked for your life. i enjoy reading your info on your web site, thank you

ID#14266 m. ., 2004-05-24 [ big bear city, ca.]

i havent yet recieved neo tech, but now that i read the negative commentary it frightens me to open such an evil looking book, i thought this book was more like guidence to peace and wisdom, not a guidence to not believing in god. i believe in god, and i dont believe that all people should have power, power only belongs to those who can make a difference in a good way. and i do not apprecait mockery of any religion.

ID#14267 E.C., 2004-05-24 [ PORTLAND, Oregon]

I know Neo-tech provide real insite into the mysticism and the hoax that stagnates the working class people of the world. Anyone with a open and half a mind can see the truth that is printed in the books. Look at the world past and present state. The Neo-Tech System if anything provides new outlook on how the world is being manipulated.

ID#14268 C.L., 2004-05-24 [ Grafton, oh]

I have search for 20 years for justice- like so many others who have been treated like criminals without legal council to protect our rights to earn a living and forced to live a life as a fugitive in the land our fore fathers fought to escape unjust government laws. I am of mixed blood (red and white) and yes follow the beliefs of native americans who have faced a holocaust that history projects as savages. We are facing more terror from our government who seems to focus on other countries problems in order to maintain this world dominant society.

ID#14269 J.W., 2004-05-24 [ Bladensburg, Md]


ID#14270 w. ., 2004-05-24 [ , ]

i do not even know why you would want remove a valuable asset like this from the net.

ID#14273 J.M., 2004-05-24 [ Prattville, AL]

I think that Neo Tech is a great concept and philosophy. I know that some people believe in God and I do to because of what has happen in my life I am positive that God exist. This is only my opinion and I am entitled to that. However Neo Tech does touch on some points that the masses have over looked like for example who has heard of neocheating until now? Neo Tech and Neo Think are new technique that you have to absord with clarity or you will be deceived all the days of your life. Christian are against Neo Tech because it goes against what they believe in (fire and brimstone beliefs). Grow up and guide your own life through intergrated thinking and honesty and strive for biological immortality. It trully is the ultimate goal.

ID#14275 s. ., 2004-05-25 [ haarlem, NH]

I still got to read most of your site, but am already interested.

ID#14282 M. ., 2004-05-26 [ , ]

this is information that should be paid for. I really cant believe that you actually put an entire book online.

ID#14284 K.S., 2004-05-26 [ , ]

You should use the internet to reach as many people as possible. I have been a Neo-Tech purchaser for many years and I still miss the Neo-Tech magazine. Can you bring it back?

ID#14285 R.M., 2004-05-26 [ Bel Air, MD]

I have, over the last week or so, been seeking information along the lines of what this site is about & since I've found it I've not been able to leave it. I think it would be a huge injustice to those people out there, like myself, who have yet to discover it and find in it what they've been searching for for umpteen million years. I very much agree with what is said here and look very forward to learning more--as much as I can. Please leave the site up. Thank you, Ree

ID#14288 A. ., 2004-05-26 [ San Jose, CA]

I can't say I agree very much with what you've written, but I don't see why your site should be taken down. PS: Your postive and negative comments all sound really contrived. Perhaps you're not so unlike the authority figures that you decry, having an agenda and all.

ID#14289 B.N., 2004-05-26 [ Louisville, ky.]

Would you send me the 1000 page NovaTech Discovery book for free? I would like to see what I am buying before I make the choise to purchase. That is a lot of money to me now, but would not be if the 10 second secret is real! I would gladly send you $1000.00 in exchange for a tool so powerful as to change all aspects of a persons life for the better. You must admit the promises you are making are very hard to believe. Please show me, I would be delighted if you would show me, that your words are really true. I am very hopeful that your promises are true, sincerely, Bernadette Nedley

ID#14290 J.B., 2004-05-27 [ Nowhere, VIC]

Send me more information regarding Neo-Tech, I appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

ID#14291 E. .,@TSHWANE.GOV.ZA 2004-05-27 [ Pretoria, ]

My custermer number is 001936747 Please forward payment/order form for first and final installment of THE NEO-TECH DISCOVERY

ID#14293 T.M., 2004-05-27 [ Truro, ]

on reading the Businessmen section: 1- The section on the building of the Pyramids by slaves might need a rethink as it seems (according a recent TV documentary) that less people were needed than previously thought, and that the labor was voluntary as the process was considered to be a religious task. 2- When farming and settled villages developed, surely the strong personalities of certain individuals would mark them out as leaders, chiefs or kings, and thus a ruling class would automatically be created. We see it happen in all team sports and work situations today.

ID#14294 W.B., 2004-05-27 [ dallas, texas]

I like what i read and I do believe that it is real and very good to have. It would be a crime not to have it available to member online.

ID#14295 A.M., 2004-05-27 [ Kempner, Texas]

I find this infomation very challenging and interesting. It is truly amazing what you can learn.

ID#14297 C. ., 2004-05-27 [ chillicothe, Ohio]

I would like to voulnter myself for biological cloning

ID#14298 m.c., 2004-05-27 [ , ]

Neo-tech, has given to me a reson for being here on this earth,i have only recieved your book,N/D, a week ago,and allready i have read it from cover to cover,i'm not saying i completly understood what i was reading, so i reread the firstN/T guide to money and power,and this time around i now think i have grasped the secret,from these small beginnings i then wanted a broarder understanding and a thirst for as much knowledge as i can find,so i then started searching on the web, and have allready found more understanding ,than i thought posible.i do have to say i'm a lady of 67 years of age ,and up to this time found it very diff;to read for more than 15 mins without getting tired,now i'm getting through so much reading i am amazing myself,cannot wait for the next eppisode to arrive ,carry on putting this knowledge out over the net .

ID#14299 S.G., 2004-05-27 [ Tulsa, OK]

ABSOLUTELY, AND UNEQUIVOCALLY. I canot even FATHOM WHY you are even posing the quesiton!!!!!

ID#14300 c.t., 2004-05-27 [ choppington, northumberland]

sounds good in theory, but what about practice some of your positive replies leave me in doubt as to how quick this shortcut to love/ money reacts ? u say as soon as start reading but your replies say otherwise ?

ID#14302 . ., 2004-05-28 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is now advertising under the name the NovaTech Society, and once again back up to there old tricks. Be causious, and Be warry of The NovaTech Society.

ID#14303 T.R., 2004-05-28 [ Bonner Springs, KS]

Why should Neo-Tech not remain on the web? Perhaps Neo-Tech should use all avelable avenues.

ID#14304 M.P., 2004-05-28 [ , ]

Yes I believe that Neo-Tech should remain on the web and expand, as the information is important to all.

ID#14306 M.T., 2004-05-28 [ , ]

The internet/www just might be the last free sounding board of unorthodox opinion, speech, etc. A truly free society is obliged to allow all forms and types of opinions, ideas, ideologies, thoughts, whatever. How will we ever know about different thoughts if we are not exposed to them? How can we decide for ourselves if we are denied access to those very ideas that allows us to make up our own mind and even change our minds about something. How will we decide what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, or offers what we can pick and choose? I'm not saying I support anything or anyone. I just want to know that I can draw my own conclusion and support or reject what is presented.

ID#14308 A.A., 2004-05-29 [ , ]

I read most of it. I still haven't finished. I found it quite interesting. I don't know anyone else who has read it. I would like to know how to get into chats about it.

ID#14309 A.A., 2004-05-29 [ St. Petersburg, FL]

I read most of it. I still haven't finished. I found it quite interesting. I don't know anyone else who has read it. I would like to know how to get into chats about it.

ID#14312 C. ., 2004-05-30 [ Curitiba, PR]

I think all you are saying, is at least to think very carefully, not harmfull if you analyse all information, and most of them very usefull for living methods now a days.

ID#14313 J.M., 2004-05-30 [ Ferndale, NY]

I read NT about 10 years ago, and it changed my life. I would be interested in gaining access to the restricted areas of

ID#14318 C. ., 2004-05-30 [ Livermore, Ca]

where can i get your book email me the site asap think you

ID#14319 J.D., 2004-05-31 [ Mullins, SC]

I think only those who have purchased your products should have access to this website.

ID#14320 c.a., 2004-05-31 [ Kalispell, mont.]

Absolutely the best we've ever read. It has changed our lives for ever.

ID#14321 R.R., 2004-05-31 [ Sunnyvale CA 94085, ]

Seeking " Marketing Coordinator" position conformation at .

ID#14323 F.S., 2004-05-31 [ Somers, MT]

Is Carl Noland an authorized publisheror neo-tech info?

ID#14324 F.G., 2004-05-31 [ Atizapan, Mexico]

Neo-Tech, ha hecho en mi un gran cambio positivo desde hace años y no creo que sea correcto que se quite tal información de la web. Si a la gente no le gusta lo que ve... pues que no lo vea y busque otras páginas.

ID#14325 K.D., 2004-05-31 [ Chicago, ILLINOIS]

I'd really like to know more about this magnificent technology. It sounds like what I've been searching for all of my life.

ID#14326 c.s., 2004-06-01 [ north prairie , WI ]

I read the neo- tech book and I don't get it? Can I be hooked up with someone who can explain further??? i also would like further instructions on returning the book for refund as it is doing me no good.

ID#14327 s.h., 2004-06-01 [ las vegas, nv]

If reading your material can help wake up one more person it would be worth it. We need all the help we can get at this point in time. steve

ID#14329 J.S., 2004-06-01 [ Martinez, ca]

Of course it should stay on the web! What is everybody thinking who says it should not? Are they crazy?... Oh yeah, that's right.. they ARE crazy thats why they hate neo-tech! Good job, guys! keep gettin' 'em! P.S. Please make sure im still on your mailing list, and send me advertisements on all your new products. Very best regards,Jayson

ID#14331 C. ., 2004-06-01 [ chillicothe, Ohio]

Eric Savage sent a letter. We have NEO-Tech world, Zonpower,Potent Threesome,Godman decoded, We are about to by Neo-Tech New Systems. cathy bowling

ID#14332 C. ., 2004-06-01 [ chillicothe, Ohio]

Eric Savage sent a letter. We have NEO-Tech world, Zonpower,Potent Threesome,Godman decoded, We are about to by Neo-Tech New Systems. cathy bowling

ID#14335 J.L., 2004-06-01 [ Las Vegas, NV]

It should stay on the web! I hope that Senator kerry wins and that one of you mighty producers of values sweep the 2008 elections to FINALLY put an end to this politicized world of dishonesties and destructions.

ID#14337 c.k., 2004-06-02 [ Marion, Oh]

everyone else in the orientation book ( NovaTech ) got the manual for free.

ID#14339 C.L., 2004-06-02 [ Euclid, o]

I don't expect to beat IRS UNLESS congress rids this terrorist group 37 members of congress are trying and organization like Neo-Tec are offering channels to be heard.

ID#14340 R.J., 2004-06-02 [ , ]


ID#14341 h.k., 2004-06-02 [ coburg, germany]

ich habe vor ca. 3 monaten meine 2 teillieferung von neo-tech bestellt und bezahlt aber bis heute nichts bekommen. helmut kissinger 002284270 A2051939 9512-8

ID#14343 . ., 2004-06-02 [ , ]

A fraud

ID#14345 D.L., 2004-06-03 [ Pico Rivera, ca]

Yes,information regardless of its content has purpose.Bad, good is not the issue but that you have the right to choose. If everybody is right than nobodys wrong.

ID#14346 J. ., 2004-06-03 [ , ]

i want to hear about neo-tech from those who wrote it!

ID#14347 S.T., 2004-06-03 [ SAUGUS, MA]


ID#14348 D.W., 2004-06-03 [ Warrington, cheshire]

I have been ressearching immortality for 10 years and came across your site in the process Although I find the adjectives awkward there is much of value in what you say

ID#14349 p.f., 2004-06-03 [ cabestany, ]

tres exitant mais tres compliqué,sans éffets pour l'instant

ID#14352 S.L., 2004-06-04 [ New York, NY]

I tried to send the following to, but it was returned to me. Dear Mr. Hamilton: I recently finished reading The Story and I wanted to congratulate you for writing such an amazing work. It has really inspired me, and makes me want to go out and become a teacher like Miss Annabelle. Thank you for writing such a great novel which shows a possible method for human beings to change our mentality and escape the anti-civilization. Sincerely, Stephan L. Dejean P.S. How can I order a copy of The Book? P.P.S. Ever since I was a teenager I always knew that I wanted to live forever, yet I was amazed by how most people have no such desire at all. One of the most common responses I receive upon asking a person if (s)he could live forever would (s)he, is that it would be boring -- amazing! (Of course this is only after the person argues that it is simply impossible and therefore silly.) I saw on the message board that a lot of people think The Story should be turned into a movie; I don't know if a movie can ever do the thoughts and concepts found within it justice but I think it is worth a try. As a side note one of the movies I hated the most was Bicentennial Man starring Robin Williams. (A self-aware machine develops consciousness and strives to live and ends up inventing all sorts of life-enhancing devices for humans throughout the world, yet is denied basic rights because he is just a robot. After falling in love, marrying and through cosmetic improvements he appears completely human, yet he is denied "human" status because he is immortal! At the end his wife refuses to take more of his life extending medicines because it is not natural to live forever. He then puts real blood into his system, begins to age and eventually dies. After his death, he is proclaimed human. Talk about the most malevolent view of life ever!) The message in this movie was embrace death, it's good for you. We need to have a movie like The Story to counterbalance such destructive viewpoints which unfortunately are prevalent among human beings today.

ID#14353 D.A., 2004-06-04 [ Johnson City, New York]

Although I have not read the entire contents and only skimmed through the chapters. I got a whole new outlook on what should be and what is. I plan to now look closer and read further of this new oppertunity to change my life and those around me if at all possible. I must study this application deeply and to get a better understanding as to how to apply it to my life style.It is truly an eye opening experience for me and that is why I am compelled to further study this new incite.

ID#14354 J.M., 2004-06-04 [ oberehrendingen, 5422]

bravo weiter so, denn es ist interessant die negativen berichte von den gehirntoten amis zu lesen.

ID#14357 j. ., 2004-06-04 [ , ]

It is something very new for me. But i feel there is to learn more. When I have time i read more. Remain on-line!

ID#14359 . ., 2004-06-05 [ , ]

Grace a vous, j'ai éléminé beaucoup de mysticisme qui était en moi. J'ai compris que l'élémination de mon mysticisme est la seule route vers un bonheur réel. Aujourd'hui j'aimerai travailler avec vous depuis la France pour diffuser Neo-Tech. Je me suis meme rendu a Las Vegas en septembre 2002 pour essayer de travailler avec vous mais c'est dur de vous joindre en personne. J'ai logé à l'hotel pas tres loin de l'hopital san dominicain sur l'avenue Boulder Highway. N° CLIENT 7579705 DRAPIER Nicolas 63 rue Henri Loridant 59200 TOURCIONG FRANCE

ID#14362 J.K., 2004-06-05 [ OGDEN, IL]


ID#14364 L.L., 2004-06-06 [ Coon Rapids, MN]

I just got out of federal prison and had all my property confiscated including my neo-tech library. I'm in the process of learning how to break free from the US Government and the life of being their slave. Its all lawful and I believe it will be of great value to you and your efforts toward youth rejuvinating biological immortality. I've always been fasinated by your writings and would like to contribute to the cause. It's time we take what is and always has been rightfully ours from the beginning.

ID#14366 . ., 2004-06-06 [ , ]

I was deeply disappointed in your claim that Mark Hamilton was going to run for president of the United States...I took that as a bald face lie and felt betrayed. It would be nice to at least get an axplanation as to what your intentions were and/or why it never materialized. It sure seems to go against your claim of profound honesty. I have read some very compelling facts about 9-11 that implicate the US Government as being directly responsible for the attacks on the WTC towers. The Governments story does not add up and they haven't produced any credible evidence as to who is responsible. Those buildings would never have came down the way they did from the damage of those planes alone. Almost everyone,including you,are convinced that it was done by Arabs...I certainly don't support terrorism but I do believe in justice and blaming one particular group without the facts is not justice at all. I see the US Government as being the biggest sponser of terrorism on the planet. Now they are 'predicting' another attack by terrorist on American soil,possibly around the Nov. elections...Could this be the tool used to usher in martial law? It's gonna get ugly and will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Could be that is what is needed to 'wake up' Americans and the rest of the world.

ID#14367 L.H., 2004-06-06 [ Coon Rapids, MN]

I'm sorry I forgot to give you my e-mail address, I'm the one who was critical of your lies about Mark Hamilton running for president...I really would like to get an explanation on what that was all about.

ID#14368 G.M., 2004-06-06 [ Birmingham, AL.]

I would like to say that I am very interested in buying more Neo-Tech literature and values from your grand company! Everything that you once had online like "Zonpower from Cyberspace", "Global Wealth Power" and many other titles were extremely valuable to me, and I cannot stress the importance of me wanting to be placed on your list of customers who will be offered a chance to purchase the new-wave literature coming soon! I was somewhat saddened to see so many people attacking Neo-Tech in negative ways while trying to harm its beautiful innocence. Time to vanish all mystical boundaries and gain clean sweep riches!

ID#14369 c.f., 2004-06-06 [ rangiora, ]

i love neo tech and what it has to offer even tho i am still at an early stage of what it has to offer i have found myself enjoying some of the fruits that can develope from neo tech,it would also be a great pleasure one day to meet the creators of this marvelous information,keep up the good work.

ID#14373 J.T., 2004-06-07 [ Santiago, ]

Neo Tech represents a new approach to individual,economic, social, political and philosophical issues, manifested in rational thinking based in human freedom as its essential value.

ID#14374 E.M., 2004-06-07 [ Lee, NH]

Freedom of speech prevails! I always knew this stuff, but someone finally spellet it ou! I felt like I was coming home. Keep it on the web!

ID#14375 M.A., 2004-06-07 [ Houston, Tx.]

I think that most people who read through this site will be distracted by the amount of information. Religious programing has done its work well and those who have subcumb to it will undoubtedly be offended. There is wisdom in the information presented here, yet I felt that the complete story is not being totaly revealed. My curiosity has peaked. I hope to hear from you soon.

ID#14376 J.F.,@random.url 2004-06-08 [ , ]

Absolutely fantastic, this is the information sharing age. If you dont share this information someone else will. Credit where credit is due, you have shared a wealth of information. As for doing this someone else will share an equally intense plethora of information that one day you will find invaluable. Keep it up

ID#14377 f.M., 2004-06-08 [ London, ]

I actually came to the same conclusions as the neo-techs a few years ago whilst studying for a degree in sociology and social policy. i too believed in the idea of imortality. my problem was that i was alone and thus ended up being completely isolated. i wanted to help my friends and family to come too but they didn't believe me. i wish I had known about neo-tech then instead of now because then I would have found people who thought like me instead of ending up in a poistion where I stopped trusting in my own discovery and went into complete dependency.

ID#14378 . ., 2004-06-08 [ , ]

Your not evil, your writings are based on commonsense. However you are not honest! whereas that's all your writing emphasises. Your inital literature to me implied that once I had the Neo Tech Discovery I would have all the knowledge I needed to succeed. I would possess all information relating to Love, Prosperity, Health, Money and Gambling plus the Zon writings etc. That is what I purchased or so I thought. Surprise, Surprise. I have Love and Prosperity in one volume, then I have Money, Power, Gambling etc in another volume, blah blah blah and so on and so forth. It wasn't a surprise however to find that there would be an increased charge for the second volume and so on and so forth. Your literature is full of promises and you deliver the minimum. There is no way that your literature suggested I would have to keep paying out. You are liars! Not very Neo tech of me. I honestly thought you guys were different but your just out to make as much money as you can from people searching for something different in their lives, as every other con artist in the world. I'm English and I'm being very polite but if and when I do come to the USA I'll be looking you up and I'm going to say exactly what I think of you to your face. You may laugh but I'll get to feel really good! Oh by the way Neo Tech was my last attempt to make some sense of the world but as you turned out to be robbing bastards I have no faith left in human kind at all. Aristotle must be turning in his grave to think your making money dishonestly in his name. He doesn't deserve it. I've starting to read the original Aristotle work. I should have saved £65 by doing this in the first place. At least I know he believed in his writing and wasn't just out to make money off the backs of other people. I would put my full name and address but I'm too ashamed to let every know I've been conned. Maud

ID#14381 p.w., 2004-06-08 [ chicago, il]

Neo-Tech must remain on the web so each person can make decisions not based on emotions but by self guided integrated thinking.

ID#14383 . ., 2004-06-09 [ , ]

I never got to fully read my neo-tech manual. It was destroyed in the flood. But I liked what I got to read of it.

ID#14384 . ., 2004-06-09 [ , ]

All information must remain on the internet or any other information source. Censoring information means to try and control the individual's thinking rather than allowing everyone to have theirown opinion. If you do not like or agree with the viewpoints offered simply do not read on. Being hyppocrytical only shows major weaknesses and makes censoring completey nvalid and redundant

ID#14386 . ., 2004-06-09 [ , ]

I dont see a problem with doing what your doing. If some people dont want to here then they shouldnt read.

ID#14389 G.R., 2004-06-09 [ Oxenhope, ]

I do not fully appreciate the logic of withdrawing information from your website. If eligible, could you please give me details of EVERY available publication to purchase. Thank you for your time and energy.

ID#14390 D. ., 2004-06-09 [ brighton, ]

people should be left to their own devices and everybody has there own opinions and beliefs,like many religions and many gods people worship ,it is a matter of singular opinion.fact or fiction ? how many gods are there ? unanswered questions ,there are more questions than answers everyone to their own belief,its all about proof. THANKS.

ID#14391 J.S., 2004-06-09 [ Austin, TX]

I don't know anything about neo-tech, but stumbled onto your site. You provided useful information on the subject of the history of sex. Doesn't give an author, and I would like that. I'm interested in receiving info about you.

ID#14392 S. ., 2004-06-09 [ , ]

The theorys that are pseudo explained in your site about the non existance of a higher power with an individual concience have been presented many times over in the past but have always been discredited with sience There is still hydrogen burning in the universe, so it is obvious that the universe is not something that has always existed, exactly the opposite, the universe was created, but from what since 25,000,000,000 years ago there was nothing, and from nothing, nothing is made, so it is logical that god exists since he or it or she is necesary for the universe to exist. That is why every scientist and genius in the world ends believing in god as an inteligent individual being, that is the illumination that they get after years and years of investigation and thought.

ID#14394 j.b., 2004-06-09 [ west lafayette , ohio]

have had the book for long time after getting letter fom neo tech started to read again

ID#14397 . ., 2004-06-10 [ , ]

I received a letter from The Novatech Society, is that you?

ID#14399 D. ., 2004-06-10 [ , ]

I have not read the entire neo tech bit, I only skimmed through the neo cheating section. As I'm sure you know the entire information therein is culled from Erdnase, McDougall and other extremely well known sources. I am not particularily interested in the rest of your site, since passing off hundred year old material, without quoting any sources indicates a considerable lack of ethics and quite possibly an attempt to prey on the ignorance of the masses (this is just a guess on my part, since I haven't read the rest). I have no idea about any religious implications that might be found in your NT philosophy, but it has been a long held belief of mine that starting a cult in this country cannot be too hard a task.

ID#14400 G.M., 2004-06-10 [ west newfield, maine]

I got a mailing from novus tek society I did a search to see if info was on the web can't tell if novus tek is the same as neo-tech but the propaganda was flattering IE you were selected. I think the info SHOULD be on the web, since if a true way it would withstand scrutiny, instead of another selfhelp scam, and considering the ultimate goals of trancending the universe and taking the goodfellows with us.

ID#14401 T.R., 2004-06-10 [ Dresden, TN]

this is the fastest growing information disbursing medium.

ID#14403 L.H., 2004-06-11 [ Ponce, PR]

I happen to agree with most of the material presented in the Web site of Neo-tech. Keep the ideas coming forth. Thanks

ID#14404 H.T., 2004-06-11 [ Mount Waverley, Victoria]

I have read with great interest the development of neotech am looking forward of been informed of new developments and how soon can I expect neotech to take over the control of the future technology where we will be the benefieaciary

ID#14405 T.c., 2004-06-11 [ Atlanta, Ga]

I would like too,maybe later on. but right now I am still, reading my first issue of the Neo-Tech Discovery. So far some good things are happing for me. Like I,ve quiet drinking, my attitude is changing, for the better.But the most thing I would like to happen, for me is employment. I really need to make money fast, so I can get out of Dept.I hope too really soon. hope to hear from you all soon. sinsearly Terry Martin.

ID#14406 T.c., 2004-06-11 [ Atlanta, Ga]

I would like too,maybe later on. but right now I am still, reading my first issue of the Neo-Tech Discovery. So far some good things are happing for me. Like I,ve quiet drinking, my attitude is changing, for the better.But the most thing I would like to happen, for me is employment. I really need to make money fast, so I can get out of Dept.I hope too really soon. hope to hear from you all soon. sinsearly Terry Martin.

ID#14407 J.P., 2004-06-11 [ , CA]

An otherwise good article though at times the usual keywords and fraises of some of the less subtle sales pitches could be read. The attacks on religion often seemed too heavy handed and often confused the actions of purported believers on the entire faith while blatantly insulting the intelligence believers. Try for more subtly and fewer insults. No one blames the Jews living today for Jericho and Christians do not blames themselves for the Inquisition since it was clearly not the acts anyone following the teachings of Christ. You are better arguing the on the merits of the faiths themselves rather then painting an entire religion as evil for the actions of a few believers. And FYI, Hitler was more of a Spiritualist and Pagan than Christian. The Inquisition was a contest of power between the throne of Spain and the Roman Pope, either of whose “Christianity” could be argued. Study up on Comparative Religions, use more subtly, and look for words and fraises less insulting to the intelligence. The choir you are preaching to is by its nature very bright, if at times gullible, and can be prickly.

ID#14408 M.P., or/and 2004-06-12 [ Aliso Viejo, CA]

For fifty one years I've seen the world and life one way. Now that I've read four NT books I'm looking forward to look at the world and life from a misticism-free way.

ID#14412 C.F., 2004-06-12 [ Slough Berks, ]

It is a fascinating read some parts i can understand and other parts are very deep and hard to get my head around, but i won't give up until i fully grab the values of the concepts.

ID#14413 T.G., 2004-06-12 [ Kokomo, IN]

Gentlepeople, I have recently purchased the Neo-Tech Discovery via a mail order card. Although I'm not sure I understand it at this point and am enjoying what I read (I already agree with many of the concepts presented), I am a bit frustrated because it continually references the Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia, but I have been unable to find this book anywhere. Is it still available? Are any or all of the other Neo-tech books available? Where can I find them?

ID#14414 B.J., 2004-06-13 [ South Sioux City , Ne]

I have been interested Neo-Tech for over 5 years. I have Dr. Wallace's "The Book" and would like to have access other Neo-Tech literature.

ID#14415 C.E., 2004-06-13 [ Colorado Springs, CO]

For a free world, we need some Honesty

ID#14417 R.R., 2004-06-13 [ Pierce, NE]

Whether I agree with the author or not, is not the question. The questing is: Should it remain on the web? When it comes to my decision of keeping these pages on the internet, my answer is based on the idea of free speak versus living under totalitarian dictates such as those enforce under Stalin and those that could develop under the Patriot Act. I therefore vote for FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I read the negative comments and found that most of them were written by people who have difficulty tolerating those who challenge the readers’ belief systems. While personally, I do not agree with everything the author says, I will DEFEND his right to say it. Is that not Freedom? Is that not what the United States of America is supposed to stand for? We in the USA, like to point fingers at others for not being tolerant and allowing their citizens the "freedoms" that we supposedly enjoy. BUT when our belief system is challenged, we want to deny that same freedom to the author or speaker. The author himself recognized that many people would not like what he wrote and stated that they would flee from his writing. I would say to those people, please flee but do not be hypocritical and deny FREEDOM OF SPEECH to the author. I would also say that if you choose to deny FREEDOM OF SPEECH to the author it may come to pass that your FREEDOM OF SPEECH or that of your children or grandchildren will be lost.

ID#14421 I.M., 2004-06-15 [ Schwanenstadt, A]

ladies and gentlemen, i need german information! michael neubauer

ID#14422 K. ., 2004-06-15 [ Seaside, Oregon]

To be afflicted with mysticism is fatalistic. everyone caves in to some other authority that will make it all better in the end so don't worry. Neo-tech frees one from the bonds of mysticism; It allows a person to live as they are meant to, self directed, happy and prosperous. To achieve this we all need to make the mental leap Huh? Bullits?

ID#14424 s.a., 2004-06-15 [ ganado, texas]

well i had this problem with them in 2002 and now cause they owe me for 2002 5000 and still aint got it not even for 2003 ive sent them all my paper work that i lived in the same area and still havent got what is mine i worked asll my life i think what the irs is doing is wrong

ID#14425 s.a., 2004-06-15 [ ganado, texas]

well i had this problem with them in 2002 and now cause they owe me for 2002 5000 and still aint got it not even for 2003 ive sent them all my paper work that i lived in the same area and still havent got what is mine i worked asll my life i think what the irs is doing is wrong

ID#14426 J.B., 2004-06-15 [ , ]

I have always liked Neo-tech! Stay!!

ID#14427 J.B., 2004-06-15 [ Eugene, OR]

I have always liked Neo-tech! Stay!!

ID#14430 B.F., 2004-06-16 [ Seattle, Wash]

Curious to see if it is all it is.

ID#14431 J.H., 2004-06-16 [ Oklahoma City, OK]

This may be a bit over-critical of me; but Neo-Tech (or Novus-Tek or Nuevo-Tekoss or whatever you wish to call it) must ~REALLY~ want me to join their society, because I've been receiving "Installment Number One of Two" about once- or twice-a-year for four or five years. (The last two were BJP and MXB.) After the first couple of years, I shifted from the initial intrigue to annoyance, and now I've decided to move from annoyed back to intrigued. I don't deny the power of your words, but one might think that a group led by such persuasive writers would be able to keep better track of its pre-members. (I might've been able to hang on to the first 'Installment Number One' if its value hadn't been demeaned by all those other 'Installment Number One's.)

ID#14432 e.s., 2004-06-16 [ Torrington, ct]

Firstly i want to say that i do not think it should be on th eweb for you led me to believe that this was a secret group of people. I believe that you have cond me into buying your book. I have started to use the neo-tech book and have not seen any changes YET.If you believe that i have certain skills that will help in the future then why have i has no one been intouch with me. I hope that this was not a con to get me to buy the book for believe it or not i do have a little faith in you. please write. If i do not hear from you then i will know that i have been cond. edward stimson

ID#14433 K.C., 2004-06-16 [ Massillon, OH]

It will take some time for me to read everything on the site, but I am in agreement with everything I have seen so far. Forgive me, but while I was reading the NovaTech literature, I did a web search for Dr. Wallace's name. It sent me here. I did not pay for the second installment of the NovaTech literature because I cannot afford it at this time, but I read the first installment and was very curious.

ID#14434 K..., 2004-06-17 [ Effort, PA]

Has chainged my whole out look in life Teaching my children .My 12 year old is doing 12th. grade work in school.

ID#14435 K..., 2004-06-17 [ Effort, PA]

Has chainged my whole out look in life Teaching my children .My 12 year old is doing 12th. grade work in school.

ID#14436 j.a., 2004-06-17 [ dallas, tx]

i think it should be especially since even working in a major retail bookstore such as borders or barnes and noble you will still be unable to order the books through that system. major bookstores refuse to carry your material and i am very interested in learning more.

ID#14437 . ., 2004-06-17 [ , ]

no comment

ID#14440 A.D., 2004-06-17 [ Welling, Kent]

Hi Emma I received correspondence from you regarding Neo-Tech and wrote to say that I wouldn't be purchasing the literature. I have since received more correspondence which I have returned. Thank you for sending your literature but I am not in a position to buy at the moment so should appreciate it if you would advise your colleagues not to write to me in future. I hope you'll be able to help. Thank you.

ID#14443 A. ., 2004-06-17 [ , PA]

Neo-tech is definetely a mind opening book. It makes sense and has many positive outcomes once understood. I know I don't agree 100% with everything in the Neo-tech books. However, I don't see how people can be so negative and hateful towards neo-tech, just because of the standpoit on religion and faith. I am a very faithful person and I aquired a great deal of helpful information. If you truly believe this is evil, then I think you are closed minded. If you truly believe in yourself, you can find good qualities in "evil" and disregard the rest. No matter what your religion, if you filter it out, the information is excellent. I can't see how someone can condemn something with so much good information because of an opinion on religion. I recomend keeping this site running for the benefit of open-minded people that will utilize this information for good reasons.

ID#14445 t.a., 2004-06-17 [ buffalo ny, ny]

i would like a info packet on all neo tech and neo-tech 2 :godman theory thank you.

ID#14449 C. ., 2004-06-18 [ San Francisco, CA]

Bought and read the manuscript years ago. Time went by, and after several moves the thought came to me, because of what is happening with our current administration, to search the web to see if you still existed. I hope the web is still in place.

ID#14454 T.A., 2004-06-19 [ , ]


ID#14455 L.J., 2004-06-19 [ Flanders, NJ]

I have fought long and hard to get out of the slump that is my life. I have found nothing at all to help me through. I turned from the christian religeon at a very young age, and have been thankfull to this day that I have done so. I found Neo-Tech when I was 18, and have followed along slowely since then. I have not found my way yet, perhaps I never will. However, The longer this site stays online, and your books are in circulation, maybe other people will find there way. I believe in NeoTech with all my mind. I may not have the power to use it to my advantage, but others will. We must all shed our misguided beliefs, and life staining lies. Maybe then, we will become something better than we are now. I dream of a day when the fundamentalist mind is devoured by technology. I do believe there is a god. His name is Knowlege. Oh,...and why is it so hard to figure out that Ten Second Miracle? It's been 7 years!! ugh. And don't tell me it's in the book, because if I had the money to buy a $70 book, I wouldn't need it.

ID#14456 R.M., 2004-06-19 [ Melbourne, Victoria]

Neotech is a great way of looking at life and the frauds that are around us,in every aspect of life.Even though I have read many publications of neotech I have still not made a lot of money.Not becuase of anything in the publications I have found it very hard to intergrate everything I have learned from the books and unfortunatly I have had alot of personal set backs.I would really love to hear from you ,maybe you have some way of showing me the way to the future that is waiting for me.For which I have still yet to obtain.I continue to read neotech publications for I know that all the concepts will finally become clear as it has for so many others.PLEASE DON`T GO ANYWHERE neo-tech`s fullcolors will come though and everyone will see that neo-tech is the way to live in the future.

ID#14457 H.R., 2004-06-19 [ Elgin, il]

It is a great step into the emansipation of illusioned and disillusioned mankind,which had no vision into the integrated dishonesty.It is the neo think which has provided us an integrated vision,which can see the past,present and future in all interated honesties and also integrated dishonesties. It will be helpfull for me if you.

ID#14461 R.G., 2004-06-20 [ Houston, TX]

I would like a clear starting point for your work. Not sure where to start and which way to go once I do.

ID#14463 G.F., 2004-06-20 [ Destin, Florida]

Excellent WebSite! Thought Provacative!!!

ID#14466 S.J., 2004-06-21 [ , ]

Your new web format is somewhat odd. Is I & O Publishing no longer selling its works on the web?

ID#14467 S.J., 2004-06-21 [ Chandler, AZ]

Your new web format is somewhat odd. Is I & O Publishing no longer selling its works on the web?

ID#14468 J.A., 2004-06-21 [ South Yarmouth, MA]

Please remain please give back the full scope you were presenting on the net please step it up man needs must be fulfilled.

ID#14469 J.l., 2004-06-22 [ maple shade , nj]

I agree with many of observations and insights of this information. Thanks for having the guts to publish it.

ID#14471 G.S., 2004-06-22 [ Houston, TX]

very interested material

ID#14473 C.D., 2004-06-22 [ Gallup, NM]

I truly believe that Neo Tech should stay on line as resource to people who have taken neotech and made part of their lives. I use the site a reference to stay on task on being honest, truthful and standing for justice in all areas of my life.

ID#14474 C.L., 2004-06-22 [ Euclid, Ohio]

While searching the web for someone to help in my battle with IRS. The only help came from Peter who has offered much help even when my damaged conscience had trouble seeing the help offered. Peter did not give up on me even when I ACCUSED him of spam and I do accept the opportunity to contribute and anxious for Zonpower to take control and start living as a human,

ID#14476 m.h., 2004-06-23 [ reston, va]

I have one neotech book, and was curious about any other information.

ID#14477 B.l., 2004-06-23 [ , ]

A truly wonderful. Your writing expresses in words the thoughts and ideas of both my lady friend and me. Your analysis of various events is very deep and instructive. Your bias is towards America. I know you cannot help that but it would be nice if you could include comments on events outside the USA, such as, why the Europeans disagree with most American actions, whereas, both the UK and Australia support America's actiona. Could it have anything to do with the fact that the incumbent leaders of the US, the UK and Australia are all deeply christian? Now that I have found your site I will check it every week for updates and enegry renewal. Keep up the good work, please.

ID#14479 A.S., 2004-06-23 [ Aveiro 3800-151, ]

YES Neo Tech sshall remain in the web. Where else could someone find such an enthusiastic and enlightnening fountain of knowledge, that is power, anyone can get in...

ID#14480 J.G., 2004-06-23 [ Milwaukee, Wi]

I've been reading the books and find it hard to put because it seems to be changing my paradigm. How many books are there altogether? I feel that I have to start re-reading to absorb it all.

ID#14481 D.F., 2004-06-23 [ Auburn Hills, MI]

I recieved a letter in the mail about two months ago. It told me about Nova-tech. I was and still am a little bit skeptical about it, but I am starting to believe more because of this web site. I am still waiting for the Neo-tech discovery that I ordered last month. If it is as true as I have been told then I know my life will turn around for the better. Thank you for keeping this web site up and running and thank Dr. Wallace for the discovery. I can't wait for it to arrive.

ID#14482 B.C., 2004-06-24 [ Melbourne, Fl]

Neo-Tech has rewarded me greatly in life. It has opened my eyes when I no longer trusted anything else in the world. I see the hoaxes in the world, and especially, here in the USA. I have never voted in my life and I want to vote for a Neo-Tech President when that person decides to run. Until that time, I refuse to vote and I am troubled by all that is wrong in the world with the ruling class deciding many peoples fate with their egos and stupid decisions. Vive La Neo-Tech!

ID#14483 A.R., 2004-06-24 [ twinsburg, OH]

I've had many of these same thoughts and feelings before I learned about neo-tech. My family has always believed in god. I was never forced into church or catechism classes but my father sometimes say he feels bad that I didn't go. We've never been well off but always had enough. I seen my father work really hard to only get kick down. He would tell my to pray when I was young if he was waiting on a job promotion or other stuff. I would sometimes but always felt like I was talking to a wall. Before my grandmother died of cancer I prayed a lot for her like my dad said. When she passed I kind of realized no one was listening. As I entered my late teens I started smoking weed often. Looking back (though it has only been about 6 years) I feel that maybe it became a habit because I had a greater understanding of how screwed up everything is in our society. Good people die everyday while crooks in the U.N. take money from starving babies. If there is a god, how could he or she let this go on? I have an IQ of 136 though I have never been a great student. That puts me in the top 1% so I know I not crazy. I think that is why I get so angry when I see all these poor people flock to those fake healers a religious leader that push people over and step on them at the same time, as they ask for money for the lords work. Sorry to go on and on but it is a world wide problem and it always has been. Its great to know I not the only one in the world with commonsense. Would like to hear back from someone. Passed my book down to a good friend. I hope everyone could know the truth! Thank You

ID#14486 D.C.,@ 2004-06-25 [ Ft. Piece, Fl]

As we float around in our upside down bubble of faux reality, it is a needed release to seek sanctuary in truth and honesty. We the people in our faux world steadfastly remain oblivous to the real integrations around us, often defiantly. If Dr. Wallace can communicate to even one of our matons by leaving this site up we will all benefit. How'd that usurpation go?... Oh yeah, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" Personally it was the most uplifting experience of my controlled life for someone to acknowledge my suspictions. (Sorry about the spelling).

ID#14488 S.K., 2004-06-25 [ Rutherford, NJ]

Neo-tech is the only possible future for mankind. This website only helps us get there faster. Thank you for keeping your drive and quality products available (including this website).

ID#14491 . ., 2004-06-26 [ , ]


ID#14495 . ., 2004-06-27 [ , ]

test rds

ID#14496 w. ., 2004-06-27 [ , ]

good reading

ID#14497 R.N., 2004-06-28 [ Mesa, AZ]

Absolutely yes!!

ID#14501 C. ., 2004-06-28 [ Portland, Or]

With reading the protection kit, has really helped me understand alot more of what neo-tech is about. You sent me an application for employment with Neo-Tech. I didnot think that I understood enough about Neo-Tech to provide the service as needed for the position offered to me at the time. Please keep me in mind for another time as I Would be honored to work with everyone there. haven't gotten to the stage of seeing pictures yet. Still striving for that. Thanks for everey thing!!!!!!!

ID#14505 j.f., 2004-06-28 [ euclid, oh]

i love neo-tech i will forever be grateful for your eyes opening knowledge please stay online, i would love to buy stock in neo-tech. please continue to teach the people the truth. thank you

ID#14506 N.L., 2004-06-29 [ Houston , Tx.]

I am trying to read and under stand what it all is telling me.

ID#14507 N.L., 2004-06-29 [ Houston , Tx.]

I am trying to read and under stand what it all is telling me.

ID#14510 m.c., 2004-06-29 [ , ]


ID#14511 J.C., 2004-06-29 [ flanders, NJ]

I have to complain about something, just out of irritance... in your Negative comments section... Anon,, 4/23/00 'The greatest trick that the devil ever played on man was to fool us that he does not exist.' The correct quoting is "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." If you are dumb enough to screw up that line, do you really think you should be so quick to turn away from Knowledge? Go burn some books, idiot. Neo-Tech is the way of the future. Knowledge is god.

ID#14512 O.G.,@earthlink.netg 2004-06-29 [ Salt Lake CIty , UT]

All very interesting!

ID#14514 b. ., 2004-06-30 [ , ]

I like the site, keep it up!!

ID#14516 J. ., 2004-07-01 [ Hesperia, Ca.]

Dear Neo-Tech, Hi! I've been ordering and reading your books. I love them! Yes you should stay on the web.

ID#14517 L.B., 2004-07-01 [ Montegut, LA.]

Don't teach to one,share with one that wants to know.Teaching is delegating,sharing is to inform one of honesty.Share life of consciousness with all who wants the purest of life.

ID#14520 p.m., 2004-07-01 [ mexico city, mexico city]

I want de literature of neo tech, if is posible in spanish

ID#14525 t. ., 2004-07-03 [ , ]


ID#14526 J.Q., 2004-07-03 [ San Diego, CA]

I have read all of the books I could get My hands on about ten total starting with the Neo-Tech Discovery and all the way thru Miss Annabelle. I find the literiture very interesting and has opened new levels of thinking in Me that I thought did not exist. However that thinking was always within Me ,just clouded by all the rif-raf and make believe that you grow-up with,this kinda forms the bubble that carries you through the rest of your life. I however with the help of neo-tech have managed to step out of that bubble and continue My life in Honesty and in working not realy hard but smarter to produce values for Myself,loved ones and others that might profit from Me.

ID#14528 T. ., 2004-07-03 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Heheh, you nutty buggers. I wish the Doc' was still around. I really like Michael Moore's strategy, dont you think it's a whole lot more practical? Wake the world brutha's.

ID#14529 C.-., 2004-07-03 [ Powell, oh]

Through mailing information it was stated that this was a "secret society". with much oppositon from my husband I have sent off the required dollars, and to date am still waiting to read the SECRET. Frustrated I decided to surf the web, only to discover that the whole world and his wife have Neo Tech books in their position. Have decided to form my own views once I have read the book. The invitation I received was called the Nova Tech Discovery - I assume this was purely a marketing ploy

ID#14530 J.C., 2004-07-04 [ Allen, Ne]

I am trying to comprehend the basics of Neo-Tech so I can improve My life and get out of the poverty I have faced all my life. I see neo_tech as the only way to do this and this is the only way I have of studying it further thanks

ID#14533 K.B., 2004-07-04 [ leeds, w.yorks]

Get back on th web & neutralise neo cheaters

ID#14535 V.J., 2004-07-05 [ STOCKTON, CA.]


ID#14540 K.H., 2004-07-05 [ Bay Minette, AL]

i was surpose to have the book sent to me but it has not arrived yet it was mailed 05/28/04,but has not arrived as of 07/05/04. I just thought i would look on the web for information.

ID#14546 G.B., 2004-07-06 [ El Paso, TX.]

your books are great they have helped me alot even thou i have read only one book

ID#14547 K.O., 2004-07-06 [ Seaside, Or]

have you seen Farenheit 911 and what do you think of it? I was shocked to learn of our efforts to round up all Bin Ladens relatives and evacuate them without due process of law enforcement. And what of Saudi ties to Bush and his failed efforts to build an oil business only to bail him out. Clearly we have no good choices for President and our concern should be the one who represents the safety of our country but who will it be? Kerry?; to avoid the possibility of another Clinton in "08? Bring on the neo-tech bullits and enlighten the masses....

ID#14550 l.h., 2004-07-06 [ watauga, tx]

i am very interested in neo-tech,have always believed that the irs has no real authority and that a personal income tax is not legal.

ID#14551 M.V., 2004-07-06 [ Edwardsville, IL]

I have purchased several books from your company and truly believe that your company is one of the last bastians for the free thinking people we should be, but, so few are. As money allows I will continue to purchase litrature from you and always look forward to your offers. Sincerely,

ID#14553 T.O., 2004-07-07 [ Perth, w.a]

Of course this site should remain on the web. i think that this information points to only fact. please people, use your minds.

ID#14554 S.A., 2004-07-07 [ Melbourne, Victoria]

Hello, I'm just droping you a line as I hav'nt recieved any mailouts for some time and would like some more Neo-Tech reading. Regards.

ID#14555 K.H., 2004-07-07 [ Bay Minette, AL]

i ordered the second book ,has not arrived as of yet was mailed may 28,2004. Hope it comes in soon

ID#14557 Y.M., 2004-07-07 [ Worcester, MA]

Invigorating read! Who can I send an Email regarding "Ego justice Terminator"; did not worked? Yuri.

ID#14558 A.H., 2004-07-07 [ Round Lake, Mn.]

I don't think you all know what your talking about.

ID#14559 L.J., 2004-07-08 [ Flanders, NJ]

I just witnessed a news report about Pfizer Drugs. They seem to be acting out something I read here. The question,... Will pfizer's new plan take down governmental drug plans? We can only watch and wait. LJB

ID#14561 B.P., 2004-07-08 [ Sidney, oh]

Neo-Tech has changed my whole outlook on life. It has calmed the raging beast within me and taught me to relax and teach, to relax and learn how to study the ignorance of the many. It's such a relief to realize that there is still hope for the masses. The ignorant few cannot survive the multitude of the driven. Long live the driven.

ID#14565 N.L., 2004-07-08 [ , ]

awesome site, expand as much as possible!

ID#14566 . ., 2004-07-08 [ , ]

To bring in the real truth.

ID#14568 E. ., 2004-07-08 [ Camden, S.C]

my computer is down

ID#14570 R.G., 2004-07-08 [ Azusa , Cal.]

I always wondered why my mind found contridictions in what I was raised to believe.

ID#14573 D.C., 2004-07-09 [ Reston, VA]

Some of most profound information available today. Regrettably the Secret Orgainzations, Alliances, organized Churches, Religions, etc., controlled by Power Elite has had such a strangle hold on the world for centuries that the Citizens of the World are being reduced to nothing more than Robots controlled by Onerous domination. Hopefully you will continue to pursue your objective and enlighten the world with the Neo-Tech Philosophy. It will make all men "Think" for themselves learn how to over power the Neo-Cheats instead of being controlled and subservient.

ID#14575 . ., 2004-07-09 [ , ]


ID#14577 g.m., 2004-07-09 [ Bainbridge, Ga.]

I would like to get more books or information that I can and learn more about the company what I can. I really enjoy read the manuscript.

ID#14578 K.M., 2004-07-09 [ Lee's Summit, MO]

I have been told that I could get on your website & email the vendor that copies our manuscripts. I cannot locate it anywhere on your website. I just wanted to get the tracking # on my shipment that was in the previous bulk shipment & I still haven't recieved my manuscript. Can you please write back & let me know of the address as well as the name of the place? I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thank You!, Kathy

ID#14581 A.J., 2004-07-10 [ Chicago, IL]

At least this site gives historical facts without the bias, lies,destructive propaganda and negativity. A nice read and makes one think, deeply.

ID#14582 c.n., 2004-07-11 [ salina, ks]

I read some information about your organization on another website and found it to be very informative.I received a chance to receive info from you for free on june 10th 2004.My name is charles newman my previous address was 2127 mccord st .Murphysboro illinois 62966.I received the letter a monthe late but still sent a reply letter hoping you would make an exception in my case.I would like to speak with you and share my own experiences views and beliefs absent of religion.

ID#14584 L.b.,@hotmail,com 2004-07-11 [ MOntegut, La]

Sharing is value as long as it honnesty.Error,typo and edit i will have in my comments.I read four books of neo-tech journey to help me find honnesty complete and pure,happness,wealth and two years of trying to accomplish life within myself of having these three comcept of life will value is not withing me.Reading this article on how the universe use energy from within to keep on growing, life within the mind i feel has to do the same to accomplish the side that is not using. I have no college and feel along, I knew before i have known about neo-tech that mysticism of these paraasitical elites exited.I was happy when I found out that I wasn't alone but,the solution of finding life complete has put me down in beening not happy within myself and with not having to be with someone to be happy with.These mysticisn people that want to feel you with dishonesty value I took care of, to me that was easybut to find the value of life within myself is the hard point I need to accomplish.Don't drink ,etc but there is something that missing to fusion my consciusness, if I had money I would buy Net-tech book but wealth I do not have and I need to find mw solution within myself on this problen so I can have value of life as a whole. I'm sharing these comments with you to see if you can sharesomethins of value with me. Thank you Lee

ID#14586 . ., 2004-07-12 [ , ]

Lars testing without name and comments

ID#14587 J. ., 2004-07-12 [ O'Fallon, Mo.]

Unfortunately, my origional manuscript was stolen by someone I lent it to. Hopefully it did him as much good as it did me. It's time for a reread and my manuscript is obviously unavailable. Where can I obtain another?

ID#14588 . ., 2004-07-13 [ , ]

Why would it not remain on the web? It would be a shame to not have it on the web. I am curious though who wrote pax neo tech?

ID#14592 R.E., 2004-07-13 [ Lousada, Porto]

Hi! I didn't know how to reach you to ask about the books that i try to if you can tell me something about that i will be "thankfull"...Thanks and sorry for my english....

ID#14593 P.S., 2004-07-13 [ St . Paul, MN]

Neo-Tech should stay online, you can reach alot of people through the internet and it can help you mass marketing the Neo-Tech lieterature...and yes it will be bombard by everyone who is scared to open their eyes or is too secured with this rotten disease.(Shame) Also it can be a great place to get info or see how speard Neo-Tech is...also you if have a friend who never heard of Neo-Tech you can send them to the see where I going can have massive exposer..well that's my 2cents.

ID#14596 T.G., 2004-07-13 [ Perth Amboy, NJ]

Why don't you do a better job presenting your information. There are alot you could do with a web site. You are not even scraching the surface. You have a lot to offer. Some thing is missing concerning the way you choose to share this valuable information.

ID#14597 S.H., 2004-07-13 [ Tallahassee, FL]

I am still reading this body of work and so far I have found no inaccurancies or untruths in keeping with the Neo-Tech philosophies.

ID#14600 C.P., 2004-07-14 [ , ]

I think its an impressive collection of thoughts and I would like the opportunity to buy the book, but you do not give us that chance.

ID#14601 M.H., 2004-07-14 [ San Jose, Ca]

I turned 51 today. My wife and I just discovered that we are multi millionaires. We didn't even know it. But once we added it all up, we both knew why. We struggle every day to rid ourselves of mind rotting mysticism. Now our frinds are seeing us pull away from them in the fact that we have a much better life. They are wondering how we did this. I print out "Neo-Tech Orientation and Definitions", hand it to them and say "start here, I did". Getting better every day, thanks to Neo-Tech.

ID#14602 J.A., 2004-07-14 [ Los Angeles, CA]

To whom it may concern, I love your site BUT; I have been trying to find an online version of Dr. Frank R. Wallace's book "The Neo-Tech Discovery". I am unemployed and cannot afford to buy the book. I have noticed that you have remove some of the material from the website. With your permission is there any way that I can access it online. I would really love to be able to read it. I don't have a computer of my own so I use a computer an employment agency. And I would like to print up a few pages at a time. Yours sincerely Jack A. Hornbeck

ID#14603 m.k., 2004-07-14 [ , ]

i am still very curious, keep it on.

ID#14604 . ., 2004-07-14 [ , ]

Just read some negative comments. It is hard to understand the people who write such things. Indeed proof that mysticism is a disease of the conscious mind. Thank you for consistently working to reveal neocheating in its myriad of forms and in sharing life lifting ideas that help us all fullfill our purpose as conscious beings. This is so important in our world as it is now. I only wish the tidal wave of irrationality as exemplified in the negative comments had not resulted in the violence we see. I am constantly amazed at the hate that pours from the religious zealots and anti-individual groupies.

ID#14606 M.M., 2004-07-15 [ Blair, NE]

My brother swears by the material presented herein. I told him that I would give it a look. Coming from the same demographic we both could see that these teachings were real. I just want to say that find this website is that greatest thing that has happened in my life. Thank you to all who give the time and effort to denounce the tyranical upheavals present in the anit-civilization.

ID#14607 . ., 2004-07-15 [ , ]

Yo Pete: As per your request, here is your test submittal without a yes or no vote(not necessary to send "latest" information in exchange for this comment). Not only should Neo-Tech remain on the World Wide Web, but every Neo-Tech publication from Cosmic Power Now, The Neo-Tech Discovery, Neo-Tech II Reference Encyclopedia, Consultation Packages, Ultimate Battle, Job Power, Get It All Riches From Another World, The Neo-Tech Bible, God Man Decoded, Outcompete God & Government, Profound Honesty/Limitless Prosperity, the Neo-Tech Path, the Neo-Tech World, Get Rich by 2001, Happiness Forever, Cosmic Business Control, Start A Global Business Empire, The Self-Leader, Wealth Power, Pleasures, Power Letters, God-Man: Our Final Evolution, A Future of Wealth Belongs To You, Man's Choice, Casandra's Secret, Zon Protocols, Protection Kit, Protection Kit Vol. I & II, the Guidebook, Infinite Riches Through Casandra's Secret, Illuminati Protocols, Grand Event, Producers & Parasites, Historical Timeline Map, The Complete Honesty-Motion Kit, Neo-Tech Report Volumns, Rapid Power and Wealth Through Iron-Grip Control of Everything That Moves, Kick-Start Report, Approach To Treating Alcoholism Drug Abuse and Neurosis, Inside I&O Packages, Businessmen vs. Neo-Cheaters (Carl Watner), Your Document For The Use Of Silence As The Ultimate Protector Of Individual Rights (Carl Watner), Get Rich Quickly Guiltlessly From Zonpower, The Universal Computer (Michael Thomas), Breakthrough Report, the Glossery & Neo-Tech/Zonpower Marketplace and anything I may have missed that has ever been published by Dr. Wallace and Company BE PUT ON THE INTERNET NOW...

ID#14609 S. ., 2004-07-15 [ 14630 FRENOUVILLE, ]

Je trouve très innovant et intéréssant vos textes et je suis un supporter de la Néo- tech, depuis quelques mois et je voudrais savoir si il existe un site en français et un forum de discution . Bien à vous et merci

ID#14610 N.B., 2004-07-15 [ , ]

looks too good to be true

ID#14611 c. ., 2004-07-15 [ , ]

People have the right to make their own decisions about what they should or should not believe.

ID#14613 c. .,@insight 2004-07-15 [ Powell, , Ohio]

I recently received my copy of the Neo Tech Discovery and am finding it to be HEAVY reading, but hopefully at some stage it will start to make some kind of sense. Where in the manuscript do I find the "10 second miracle" ? Appreciate your help - Thanks!!

ID#14614 Y.G., 2004-07-15 [ Blythe, CA]

I received a letter some time ago and I order the book. I just started reading it and so far I like what have read.

ID#14615 T.D., 2004-07-16 [ , ]

It's impossible for me to overstate the effects of Zonpower/Neo-tech in my life after reading this book in my late teen years. There simply are no words. Now, years later (I'm 32) that matrix is still locked firmly into place, and I still live a guilt-free, happy life, because I understand that no matter what I'm doing, I am living on my own terms, and responsible for my own place in the world. Thank you! Should you stay on the web? Of course! You do need a more modern web-site though, I can help with that if you like; I understand your product, and I'm a web programmer.

ID#14616 r.c., 2004-07-16 [ san francisco, ca]

Hi i love your site... its very informative... its very hard to find in search engines however... do u know where i could buy luminous readers or sunglasses with the filter... thanks email

ID#14617 r.c., 2004-07-16 [ san francisco, ca]

Hi i love your site... its very informative... its very hard to find in search engines however... do u know where i could buy luminous readers or sunglasses with the filter... thanks email

ID#14621 l.w., 2004-07-17 [ , paraiba]

In the years of 2000 and 2001 I received a personal memo of the sr. erik savage, offering the kit neo-tech vols. 1-5. At that time, he/she didn't have money to buy the manuscript, today I am with conditions to acquire kit.Gostaria of knowing how I can buy the kit neo-tech? Respectfully, Lomanto W.da F.Cabral

ID#14623 d. ., 2004-07-17 [ , ]

It should definitely be shut down: Whereas I do not know of the "specifics" claimed here -- apart from the stuff propagandized about former President Bill Clinton -- I do know enough about "philosophy" to recognize that what is alleged here, is merely someone's "philosophy." As such, it has no greater claim to reality -- despite your disclaimers -- than any other philosophy. The reason I can reject it out of hand is precisely that you claim it to be a "superior philosophy," (my term) by splitting hairs on "honesty" and "truth. These, sir, are mere "words." Hook them up to realities and I can assess what you're saying. However, if you do not know that the religious right (viz., "Christianity"), the facist political right (ideological soul mates of the same criminal regime, backed by the neocons in the U.S. White House today) engineered the vendetta against Bill Clinton, for purely political reasons, than I cannot trust or dare to even consider anything else you might say. Your diatribe against Bill Clinton is purely pitiful. It exploses a framework of ignorance that, necessarily, all the remainder of your paradigm must source from. It is an unobstrusive measure of the entire thing. Bill Clinton did more, from the regime of witnessing for "the truth" than any other president in the history of America. I conclude that you must be from a "repressive" culture for the simple fact that you do not recognize this. The very people you have joined in criticizing Bill Clinton, would not approve of your right to even have this web site. The site, thus, should be taken down based on the sheer ignorance it would distribute.

ID#14624 D. ., 2004-07-17 [ , ]

Thanks great info. Just what the internet is supposed to be!

ID#14625 M.S., 2004-07-17 [ Sarasota, FL]

I would like to see the full Neo-Tech library available online. I would gladly pay a modest access fee.

ID#14628 P.A., 2004-07-18 [ São Paulo, SP]


ID#14630 C. ., 2004-07-18 [ N.W., Indiana]

I really have no comment at this time, since I've just been introduced to this.. BUT, as for my "Opinion" as to whether Neo-tech should stay on the internet.. I say "YES"... Freedom of Speech!!!

ID#14633 B.C., 2004-07-18 [ folkston, Ga]

I don't see where the better of all human like is wrong and I don't see that what you are saying is so wrong. I don't believe in everything you say. I have only read half of your book so far. Some of it I can't go along with but as far as I can see ( or read so far ) is about looking out for yourself , but at the same time looking out for the better of man kind. I have always believed that if you have to hurt someone else to get a head you are backing up. Everyone is connected in some way or another. If I have to a head, at the cost of someone else, I'm really backing up. The whole thing about getting a head is to proud of how you got there. I think there is a higher power, but I think it is inside of everyone. The big part is whether you listen to or not. If you only listen to the part that is only going to help you but at the same time hurt someone else, you have to live with it for the rest of you life. That can cause alot of damage to you and the ones around you. Is it that important? I feel that the only ones that live with my mistakes is me and my love ones and so I think about everything I do before I do them. I don't alway do the right thing, but I try. And so far that is what I have got from my book "The Neo-Tech Discovery".

ID#14636 . ., 2004-07-19 [ , ]


ID#14637 s. ., 2004-07-19 [ aurora, co]

prime objective should be destroying neocheaters.

ID#14638 J.R., 2004-07-19 [ Plano, TX]

Mr. Wallace, I've finished the Neo-Tech Discovery and am beginning the 2nd step, the Neo-Tech Cosmic Business Control. In the Orientation Booklet for the Neo-Tech System, the writer cites the "10-second miracle". Perhaps I'm just a little denser than others, but I have yet to determine what this "10-second miracle" is. In the Orientation Booklet, it cited that it "the secret" can be invoked within 10-seconds and just as easily unplugged. So I ask your help in directing me to the correct page in the Neo-Tech Discovery or Cosmic Business Control where I may read what this "10-second miracle" is or give me the knowledge of what exactly the "10-second miracle" is. Thank you, Robert Stone

ID#14640 L.B., 2004-07-19 [ Valencia, Carabobo]

An excelent web site Greetings Luis

ID#14641 G.D., 2004-07-20 [ Kiel, ]

Seems extremely interessting! Dont't know much more about you but would like to leearn.

ID#14642 F.J., 2004-07-20 [ Lawton, Ok]

destroy the church! destroy ALL those who enslave the mind! destroy organized religion, and ALL their religious Bulls#^/ !! You folks have the right idea. keep up the AWESOME work !!!!!!!!!!

ID#14644 G.S., 2004-07-20 [ Coral Springs, Fl]

Best book that i have read

ID#14647 S.S., 2004-07-21 [ Chaguanas, n/a]

I think Neo-Tech has real value in its content. It is a revolutionary way of thinking that will probably offset a lot of people. When someone reads Neo-Tech literature, that persons thinking becomes quite clear. That person is now motivated in a very positive manner as life now has new more important meaning. One will perform better on the job...for sure...! Samuel Sooknanan

ID#14648 S.S., 2004-07-21 [ Chaguanas, n/a]

I think Neo-Tech has real value in its content. It is a revolutionary way of thinking that will probably offset a lot of people. When someone reads Neo-Tech literature, that persons thinking becomes quite clear. That person is now motivated in a very positive manner as life now has new more important meaning. One will perform better on the job...for sure...!

ID#14649 S.S., 2004-07-21 [ Chaguanas, n/a]

I think Neo-Tech has real value in its content. It is a revolutionary way of thinking that will probably offset a lot of people. When someone reads Neo-Tech literature, that persons thinking becomes quite clear. That person is now motivated in a very positive manner as life now has new more important meaning. One will perform better on the job...for sure...! I note that most of the negative comments are apparently from mostly furious religious people and some government people...most positive comments are apparently from simple open-minded people...I read somewhere that "the meek shall rule the earth"..or was it something else?...

ID#14653 J.P., 2004-07-22 [ Chicago, IL]

I wish your site was back up.

ID#14654 J.P., 2004-07-22 [ Chicago, IL]

I wish your site was back up.

ID#14655 J.D., 2004-07-23 [ Bothell, WA]

Yes, you should stay on the web? There is so much negativity out there and Neo Tech is refreshing, to say the least! Thank you.

ID#14657 C. ., 2004-07-23 [ , ]


ID#14658 T.W., 2004-07-23 [ Montgomery, IL]

Everytime I read THE BOOK, I find a new idea that I haven't caught before. I'm very glad the web-site is up and available. Please keep this site on the web.

ID#14662 F.A.,@AOL.COM 2004-07-24 [ SALEM, OR]


ID#14663 G.B., 2004-07-24 [ , ]

As a friend from cyberspace who agrees with NT nearly completely let me offer you a couple of thoughts, also to note.. I still call myself a Christian, though the mystifications at a church don't really appeal to me. The thoughts... 1) The apostle who you guys grudgingly respect but pity as confused. I think you respect him because of his accomplishments/efficacy also his integrity/work ethic and his integrated extensions of the Christian belief system, also Paul was a "Tentmaker" so as not to be a financial drain on the work of spreading the gospel, ethos by any other name -- ahh, the scent of credibility. I think you consider him confused because he was sort of ascetic in his approach to human pleasure, specifically negative regarding human essence and sexuality and sort of controlling and mystified. But some of what he wrote is genius, some basic common sense to us in this age, and some agrees with NT. For example: 1 Thes. 4:10 "Except that a man work, he shall not eat". I have some other thoughts, that I'll write later. I want to pre-write them and polish the points first. Regards.

ID#14665 S.J., 2004-07-25 [ Solvesborg, ]

Fantastic materials!

ID#14667 s.a., 2004-07-25 [ san francisco, ca]

the net should remain free,it should not be censoured by no one.This site is great.

ID#14670 N.J., 2004-07-26 [ Decatur, GA]

I read most of the Neo-Tech Discovery, and I actually agreed with a lot of the things it mentioned. Most of my own personal beliefs were reflected in the book, but I truly did not know how to apply them to "the real world." It's helpful in many ways I think, even though I don't agree with everything in the book. I actually plan to try some of its theories to see will they work. I hope Neo-Tech will really help me with all the oppurtunites I have in mind. Wish me luck.

ID#14671 T. ., 2004-07-26 [ , ]

Free Speech and why not

ID#14673 b. ., 2004-07-26 [ port harcourt, rivers state]

they hacked thru my syst, i pray i can be recruited to war against them.

ID#14674 M.B., 2004-07-26 [ Woodbury, NY]

Freedom applies to all information

ID#14676 r. ., 2004-07-26 [ bronx, ny]

Please don't let anyone or anything take this off the web. Lets try to make this a better WORLD what GOD/LOVE intended it to be.Question how would i go about owning a NEO-TECH literature.

ID#14677 M.O., 2004-07-27 [ Ponce,, PR]

The books had made me aware that there is more than meet the eyes. There is so much misinformation on everything that we take for granted. These two books have been of a lot of help in getting ahead in a number of ways in this complicated world we had invented. Men had invented their culture, their political and financial systems and their own religions (and even a custom made God or gods to suite their needs) and because of their unmeasured desires to control others and imposed their believes (and ways) had ended up making things more complicated than they actually are. I believe that we are the architects of our destiny and those also responsible for the world of tomorrow. I have been using those books as reference. I have read over and over whatever I needed to clarify information. (Recently, unfortunately, both of my books had suffered some damages, some termites ate out the middle area of both books. I would like to know how could I get both books replace? How can you help me on that?) I thank you very much on what you have accomplished for all of us.

ID#14681 Q.B., 2004-07-27 [ Talladega, Al ]

Please E-mail me the information for employment with I & O I will be an valuable assett

ID#14683 J.S., 2004-07-27 [ Eagle Point, Oregon]

I would please like a list of your products and information. I have your Neo-tech Discovery and the ZonPower. I am interested in your Neo-Think and Neo-tech Business control and Global Wealth Power. Also every Presidential Election I hope to see a Neo-tech Party in the race. When will this be possible? Regardless your products and information are priceless and very much needed in our world. Don't ever stop.

ID#14685 B.C., 2004-07-27 [ Shavington, Cheshire]

I own "the book"and to me it makes sense for the most part. From the above it is evident I have some reservations and I`ve not read any of your work for months preferring to weight it up in the real world.Today I decided to go on your website.I read through all the "anti"comments and visited a few links.I was initially swayed by much of what I read.I then read reams of what you have written particularly the court cases and I found you to be far more convincing and focused and positively so. PS.I say the above eventhough I`ve still not recieved my Neo-Tech Encyclopedia though that may be down to the Royal Mail who are in a right mess now due to the actions of this government.Perhaps you will let me know when you sent it.

ID#14687 . ., 2004-07-28 [ , ]

Clever Brain washing. Stay far away.

ID#14690 L.L., 2004-07-28 [ São Paulo, São Paulo]

I think this is a good idea! I´m a Neo-Tech owner a few years, but I didn´t know how to bring my address up to date to receive new informations about Neo-Tech, and now I do! I´m from Brazil and I´d like to work at Neo-Tech Publishing Company or to represent it here in Brazil, or, still, to translate the texts, site, or manuscripts from English to Portuguese. Yours truly, Leandro L. Leocadio

ID#14691 L.L., 2004-07-28 [ Sunnyvale, Ca.]

So that people like me, who cannot afford the literature, can study it online without having to purchase the books.

ID#14692 N.W., 2004-07-29 [ Valdosta, GA]

Im not yet finished with Neo-Tech Discovery. By just reading what I have so far from front to Concept 97. I have been freed so much, As an artis I have struggled since a child..woundered why I was such a odd ball and felt so alone, Kids were jealous called me crazy and allways seemed to hate and make fun of me now I know they were envious value destroyers. I look back at my development throughout school and relized I had a ton of teachers as well as piers that did nothing but waste my time and stifle my creativety. I cant wait to finish this book and enjest its logic into my mind. I look forward to breaking free some day and being a artisan that inspires people, so they as well as I can taste true life to experiance how great it can be.

ID#14694 M. ., 2004-07-29 [ Undisclosed, ]

Being a recipient of a invitation to join, I was most curious of as I hadn't recieved anything of this calibre before. I am a firm believer of education and how it can enlighten our understandings. I also believe in the neccessity for a moral compass to guide our actions. I have read many negative remarks and wasn't impressed as they seemed almost self rightous than informative to the reader of them. We are open to believe as we wish but it is of my opinion that this is something that should be avoided. To want to be happy and successful is all good and well but the question remains is what price are you willing to pay for it. Because of subliminal and covert programming that naturally occurs in what we decide to partake of in the media, including this site, It provides a dangerous perspective to our lives. I'm a christian but will not claim to understand the mind and will of God for I'm a incomplete and flawed human being but I understand all too well how easy it is to be swayed from the truth and in this instance, this poses a legitimate threat to your ability to think for yourselves and act accordingly. My advice? Learn that their is no quick cure to your unhappiness, we live life one experience at a time and those experiences teach us if we are willing to listen to it's lessons. One must understand the great power in advertising, marketing and the media in general and the influence upon us as individuals. If these concerns don't sway you to reconsider then I suspect you want what they promise but lack the strength of character to make your own decision in how to gain what you desire and do so on your own ideology and not theirs. Good luck.

ID#14696 R. ., 2004-07-29 [ Logan, Utah]

Free at last! Even the best in the world at my former employment failed to recognize my contributions to their success,without being prodded by me. So, I am now free from their "monkey trap", thanks to the same "subliminal influence" of Neo-Tech so often criticized by "monkeys", who fail to grasp relative value! Goodbye to working for "peanuts", hello freedom to work "on my essence", as a teacher of a new and better way of LEARNING, as opposed to "education". The difference is that between conformity & fullfillment of your potential!

ID#14697 T.F., 2004-07-29 [ LaVerne, ca ]

Im currently reading the Neo-Tech Discovery book...i cant say that its bad and i cant say that it is good. I was brought up on L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology by my mother. In my reading Neo-Tech I have realized that it kind of condrudic's itself in many was. But the basic teachings of this book co-exist with all good nature things thourgh out the world. therefore, the greater good for myself and as many other is "GOOD". U either agree or disagree. Personal choice, ones own answer to the problem is either your (1) your own thought or (2) someone elses thought. only that person (human) can make the choice to be apart of the system or against it.

ID#14698 M.H., 2004-07-29 [ Flanders, NJ]

I have spent most of my life in the dark about most things, but always knew there was something more then I was being taught. I know what that is now. I am no longer in the dark, and Neo-Tech has everything I have been looking for. I finally understand so many things I couldn't before.

ID#14699 S.A., 2004-07-30 [ ny, ny]


ID#14701 k.c., 2004-07-30 [ oklahoma city, ok]

overwhelmed by all the hidden stuff

ID#14702 N.b., 2004-07-30 [ , ]

your orientation said said that 3 good things will happen in my life in 2 weeks but it's all a lie. You guys suck.

ID#14703 M.G., 2004-07-30 [ Exeter, NH]

Keep up the good works.

ID#14704 D.C., 2004-07-30 [ Lanham, Md]

What's going on? I am working hard and being competitive in Plato's World. I see that things have change. I thought that I wasn't ready to apply myself to accept the responsibility to become the market director for I & O Publishing Company until I was ready. Please keep me on your mailing listing. Over the years I have kept updated with your literature by purchasing all the latest books from you. I see finding time to read and buy new information has become harder but I learn to look for the light at the end of the tunnel and I will find the time to compete with my foe which I keep an open mind about. I don't know what I expect from you anymore except to continue to read and apply concepts that are beneficial to mankind. I guess then all well that ends well.

ID#14710 R.R., 2004-08-01 [ Ocean Shores, WA]

I want all the info I can get. Thank you, Robert

ID#14716 v.c., 2004-08-01 [ gaylordsville, ct]

I have had neotech info since the 1980s and it alway provides a very intelligent, thought provoking and unique perspective on the world.

ID#14720 K. ., 2004-08-02 [ spring, TX]

I love new tech it teaches you alot i think everybody in the world should follow it there would be alot more productive people and the world would be better.

ID#14721 k. ., 2004-08-02 [ , ]

Unfortunately this sounds much like a religeon. Yo fail to answer basic sociological questions. Could do better. Give the webspace to an artist. Know

ID#14722 . ., 2004-08-02 [ , ]

Thanks to Neo-Tech, the whole world wants to live forever! :D

ID#14723 A.O., 2004-08-02 [ , ]

Truth like this is dangerous; you shouldn't let just anyone have it.

ID#14724 T.R., 2004-08-02 [ Houston, TX]

I've purchased the zon book ages ago and love the no-nonsense style. Keep spreading the word.

ID#14725 P.S., 2004-08-02 [ Auburn, Wash.]

I love everything I have read and want to read more. I want to know about seminars and meeting and I want to meet people who are part of this great way of thinking and being. Send me info on how to meet neo-tech people. I want attend Seminars and meetings and communicate with people that think Neo-Tech. Phone numbers, e-mail address, anyway to get hold of people. Thanks, Peter

ID#14726 M.C., 2004-08-03 [ Corpus Christi, TX]

From just glancing and reading through this site my eyes are beginning to see from a completely different perspective of the world and I like the freedom of thought it brings me.

ID#14727 M.C., 2004-08-03 [ Hyattsville , Md]


ID#14729 M.B., 2004-08-03 [ Tucson, Az]

Literature challanges the known box. Live outside such norms and discover? You need a list of names so examples can be understood abpout those who have gianed from this philosophy, not just general statements.

ID#14735 h. ., 2004-08-04 [ , ]

dear sirs I am french and dont understant the word you use : sequiturs I think that the word psychuous you use is psychique Best regards

ID#14739 B.S., 2004-08-05 [ Sun Prairie, WI]

I believe that Neo-tech should remain on the web with its full library of the millions of words that has changed my life for the better. I see,I feel,I integrate,I apply the facts that have become crystal clear to me. I am currently reading The First Immortals, my 12th book. Also, other hundreds of more pages of revisions and improvements. You people are Zon in the highest essence of the word. I thank you again and again for making my life more interesting and fufiling. I know that if you keep the web site others will feel the happiness that I feel. It is easier to realize what is going on around us and what we need to do to make this planet a wonderful place to live. The days get better the more I incorperate neo-tech in my daily life.

ID#14745 S.S., 2004-08-05 [ , ]

First of all I always knew that there was more to life than this existance we call life. When I read Neo-Tech I read it with an open mind. Ever since I was a little girl I always had questions about the bible. I see a lot of everything that is being talked about in Neo-Tech in todays world. I am so elated to have come across this knowledge and wish others around me would understand. I always knew that the world wouldn't end the way people think. It was hard for me at first to not believe in God. But now I totally see. What I know no one can make me think different. I have so much to say but can't fit everything in one paragraph.

ID#14746 S. ., 2004-08-05 [ Sharon Hill, PA]

I think Neo-Tech should stay on the web because it will be around forever BECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH. I really feel sorry for the people who believe in the mysticism they have been taught for so long. People don't realize that they have a choice. People should use their common sense. I have always been searching for the truth and am so glad to have found it. I always knew that life was so much deeper than what people believed to be. No church, no God, No Psychic is going to save anyone. I see everyday and have always seen everything that you talk about in the book is right here today and have been around for thousands of years. I knew there was a reason why I liked the movie "The Matrix" so much. This is not a reality world. Thank You Dr. Wallace, Mr. Hamilton, etc. Neo-Tech is the real savior that is going to put everything in place where it is supposed to be.

ID#14747 J.S., 2004-08-05 [ Salem, OR]

I am studying the books I recieved from you a few years ago. Through the pressures of the day or whatever, I put down the books for a while, but finally came back to them. They are intriguing. I am 100% sure of the things you have outlined, and hope they will come to pass. In getting back to studying them I am hoping I can put them into my daily activities, and reap the rewards from them. I actually just looked your web site up and am quite excited to find more information on the Neo-Tech way of thinking. So far the information is great and would like, as more information becomes available, to be able to retrieve it from your web site. Thank You for a glimpse into a future that is hopefully not far away!!!!!

ID#14750 . ., 2004-08-05 [ , ]

I hope you can break the impossible + stay on the web(freedom)for always

ID#14752 F.A., 2004-08-06 [ Sacramento, CA]

Your observations are well organized, precise and informative...I already put most of them into practise. But, I appreciate seeing them in a well exicuted formal foremat. Thanks.

ID#14754 M.W., 2004-08-06 [ Cheltenham, GL]

I was facinated by your articel on consciousness. I am not sure how this has been investigated or proven, but it certainly is a most fascinating theory. However, I would like to know more about the voices that were transmitted by the left hand brain to the right hand brain. One question, would you categorise Independent Financial Advisors as value destroying neocheaters, or are they classed as value creators in a generic sense of the word, as obviously you cannot lump everyone under the same heading. I am in the creative business right now, but I am about to attend a course as a Independent Financial Advisor...which requires one to preach the values of financial prudence..if however this is deemed as value destroying I would rather abandon it.

ID#14755 .D., 2004-08-06 [ plainwell, mi]

DEAR FRANK Through my own set of tired eyes Ican feel your pain. Ihope my comments reach you .I first read the Neotech Discovery back in augest of 94 .My own life is no golden example of a true Neotech man but I Feel the power of ZON when I look in the eyes of my 3 year olds eyes. And when I READ NEOTECH I KNOW IAM. You will live forever.

ID#14756 T.C., 2004-08-06 [ Selkirk, MB]

I enjoyed the well-written article(Pax Neo-tech) and agree with the message. I was reminded of Mark Twain's comment "If Jesus of Nazareth was alive today, there is one thing he would not be......a Christian!" So true and the Roman Catholic church has distorted the heart of the message of the Christ so badly. Just by reviewing what they have done (The inquisition) they show only a lust for power, and to accomplish this killed some 8 or 9 Million people, mostly women, throughout the Middle ages. May I say that the article is so much easier to follow that The Book, which takes forever to make a REAL poiunt, and uses the word "bicameral" ad nauseam. Keep up the websie and I look forward to more enlightenment from you. Thanks so much, Tom

ID#14757 C.A., 2004-08-07 [ Kalispell, mt]

my only comment to you is. [keep doing what your doing]my family and I love it.

ID#14759 M.S., 2004-08-07 [ Altoona, FL]

i enjoyed this site very much when it had more content

ID#14760 S.L., 2004-08-07 [ Balwyn North, Victoria]

Reading the negative comments is amazing, there are so many people on this planet living in such fear (through self-imposed personal, political and especially religious restrictions) that they will fight to the death before allowing change to be a part of there lives. Change is life, change is inevitable, the Neo-Tech information should definitely remain on the web. As more and more people, around the planet, begin to conquer thier own fears, they will come to realize what a truly amazing gift this information is. You have my blessings and thanks.

ID#14761 J.G., 2004-08-07 [ , ]

Were do I find Neo-Tech publications?

ID#14762 B.G., 2004-08-07 [ Leesburg, Florida]

I have always been aware that a solution existed for any situation. It is obvious to me that persons connected with government and banking, especially, have developed or are using some form of deception on the general public that makes those of the general public unaware that they are being exploited and made into slaves. I know this is so but I don't know how they do it. I mean by that, that they are all using some technique to accomplish their goals. Could it possibly be "Neo-Cheating" either deliberately or is just natural for some to do this and not be conscious of it? I would really want to know, so that Imay free myself from their grip!

ID#14763 b.b., 2004-08-07 [ leesburg, ga]

neo tech changed my life forever

ID#14764 V.C., 2004-08-07 [ redhill, , Surrey]

I am eating,drinking breathing neo-tech at the moment. I feel excited at the prospect of seeing revolutionary changes in our primodial way of thinking. Where can I buy 'The First Immortals' by Mark Hamilton. 'No more Lies','Explosive Love Eternal' are some of the other books I would like to read. Also your 10 second Neo-tech bullets -how do i get a copy and start putting everything into action for a prosperous future. I am sick and tired of my stagnating job at present and I am in search of a dynamic change in my life. Please help.

ID#14765 C.C., 2004-08-07 [ APO, AE]

Very good information Thanks

ID#14766 C.C., 2004-08-07 [ APO, AE]

Very good information Thanks Please send more Info

ID#14767 M.r., 2004-08-07 [ , ]

please send details of available publications - i have lost my copies of neo-tech and godman and want to replace them

ID#14771 M.C., 2004-08-07 [ San Francisco, CA]

Would like to know as much as possible about extreme money making and zon power. Had the main book years go but lost it and don't remeber if there was specific money making instructions. Would like those

ID#14772 C.S., 2004-08-07 [ Riverdale, GA]

Hello I tried to send e-mail to the other address with Mark's name and my msn email would not let it go thru. What I needed was a list of books avaible and the number so I can order replacements for some missing books. The lady on the phone order could not give me any info. and could not order by name of the book. My E-mail address is Please send info. to it or to my address listed below. Thank you Charles Swartz

ID#14773 G. ., 2004-08-07 [ , ]

keep it on the web, wee need it

ID#14774 M.B., 2004-08-07 [ Baltimore, MD]

Absolutely indispensable knowledge for current times. Neo-Tech helped me get my life on track by letting me know there -was- something wrong, that the world wasn't supposed to be this way, and that I wasn't the only one who didn't like 'the game' and didn't want to play along.

ID#14778 M.G., 2004-08-08 [ El Monte, Ca]

Couple of things In the late4 70's I experienced (Growth Death),"I can't make everyone happy" so why keep trying. Loss of (24 years)!! Grammer School Private school "Money is the root of all evil". Decisions based on non-reality/unatural truth(s) which results in negative effects on an individual rights is the root of all evil. If such a word exists. I want to grow and prosper, to achieve my rightful place, and thru my acheviements,enpower and inspire others to greater success.

ID#14779 J.D., 2004-08-08 [ Manizales, Colombia]


ID#14781 R.D., 2004-08-08 [ Pierrefonds, QC]

For 14 years I have transformed myself into an increasing net contributor to society. I'm convinced that there is no hope for mankind to survive without Neo-Tech.

ID#14782 M.K., 2004-08-09 [ Tarpon Springs, FL]

I went through (and I mean right through) some amazingly bad experiences and relationships prior to Neo-Tech. While I certainly have my fair share of the blame to deal with, it's clear that the so-called friends I had in the past only intended to drag me down. Or worse. I know how mean-spirited and vicious "love is all you need" mystic and occult fever-types can get. I nearly died from that sort of relation to the world, and I finally realized (8 years before finding Neo-Tech), the basic "framework" of these power-mad sociopaths. I saw what the scam was, figured an easy way out, and than lost my way again until Neo-Tech. Among dozens if not hundreds of other clear benefits I've gotten from Neo Tech, I can honestly tell you that The Pocket Therapist, which I think was written by Drew Carey, damn near saved my life, and I know it kept my sanity intact until I could heal myself. Yeah, stay on the web. Give the world an interesting time.

ID#14783 E.W., 2004-08-09 [ Melbourne, FL]

Amazing ! Too bad humanity refuses to become rational. My anti-religious feeling was kindled on 9/12/2001. On 9/11, I had no interest in foreign or religious affairs. I had no idea who would have destroyed the WTC. Another American? Timothy McVeigh? But, on 9/12, when Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson blamed the "Godless", and accepted no responsiblity that religious hatred (that they foster) brought death and destruction to America...turned me into an Athiest, anti-religious zealot! Thank you for bringing reality to my life, in your brilliant observations of this world!

ID#14786 J. ., 2004-08-10 [ Akron, ohio]

Tell us more..... The IRS is totally Evil....

ID#14787 C. ., 2004-08-10 [ , ]

This site has opened my eyes!

ID#14788 J.M., 2004-08-10 [ Prattville, AL]

Neo-Tech is the immutable literature. For those who grasp this philosopy will understand the honest meaning of life now and forever into the future. Business, science, art, happines, and love, it gets no better than that. Glory to us conscious beings.

ID#14789 E. ., 2004-08-10 [ Camden, S.C.]

I am trying to start a church of God-Man : in Camden ,S.C. 29020. My computer is down.

ID#14790 A. ., 2004-08-10 [ , ]

I have just read the first brochure and am debating about ordering the book- I have several questions. For example, why does it take a 1032 page book to learn a 10-second process? Thanks for your response.

ID#14793 R.W., 2004-08-11 [ Moberly, mo]

amazing abundance of information. will have to read and reread to absorb it all. not an after dinner jont into a book but i enjoyed it.

ID#14794 N. .,@YAHOO.COM 2004-08-11 [ SANTA CLARA, CA]


ID#14795 J.Y., 2004-08-11 [ , ]

Is Neo-Tech and Novus Tek the same thing?

ID#14800 C.B., 2004-08-11 [ St. Joseph, MN]

I have received Neo-Tech information by mail and I am very interested in learning more.

ID#14801 . ., 2004-08-11 [ , ]

I really do feel sorry for all of these people. After 9/11 we have so much hate for the terrorist. I think that the terrorist should blow up all the I.R.S. and that would end the irs for the time being.

ID#14804 M.M., 2004-08-11 [ , ]


ID#14805 M.M., 2004-08-11 [ , ]


ID#14810 P.A., 2004-08-12 [ , ]

At a time when I was at a very serious low in my life, I came upon NT by way of a tiny advertisement in a magazine I rarely read. I have purchased ALL of the NT publications and it was only after I had read all 1000+ pages of the first (Neotech) that the "Penny dropped" and I immediately re-read the whole book again with new knowledge, then it all became clear. Since then I have led a happy, sucessful, rewarding life with no fear of authority of any type. Also I had the courage to meet and marry a beautifull, intelligent and wonderful girl and we have now been together for >10 years and it will go on. I have passed on the knowledge of NT to many other people and nearly all have benefited in no small degree to the knowledge. It never ceased to amaze me how the knowledge gained has helped me make sense of life, people and what is important for all of us to live happy rewarding lives. Please bring all of your publications back on line so everyone can benefit.

ID#14811 M.M., 2004-08-12 [ Sunderland, ON]

First, Thank you. Please accept my simple comments as sincere. I am so glad to hear a voice of sanity in this world of disillusioned citizens. Neo-Tech has become a daily dose of reassurance that I'm not crazy in my beliefs and that the only reality is that which can been proven and examined with logical processes. I struggle daily with the frustration that we currently live in an anti-civilization. I believe we all have a responsibility to enlighten those who are misinformed that the only authorities to follow are internal. Of course, few are willing to accept the ideas put forth by the contributors to the Neo-Tech literature. Once again, thanks to all who provide such valuable literature. Please keep this site alive.

ID#14812 D.A., 2004-08-12 [ FRANKFURT, ]

I.O.Publishing Company!

ID#14813 m.c., 2004-08-12 [ , ]

"honesty" is a valuable resource to be exploited. people are created unequal. the stupid ones are valuable resources for the intelligent. no one born today will live forever, neither will their consciousness. people are selfish, just like every other living organism. your site is amusing.

ID#14814 J.H., 2004-08-12 [ Ketchikan , AK]

once i read and uderstood what i read my life began to change and i would like to review and refreash those ideas and conceps over time

ID#14818 . ., 2004-08-13 [ , ]

What you say is very interesting, but real truth does not need to be preached and can't be compressed into literature, it is self evident. By hawking your ideas on the internet you belittle yourself and your ideology. I have felt god and it is silent.

ID#14819 N.S., 2004-08-13 [ Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire]

can you pls see if i could be sent a full price list and product list i enjoy neo tech stuff and want to buy more

ID#14822 . ., 2004-08-13 [ , ]

Note: When the world realizes the spiritual connection is made though LOVE- Alot of walls will FALL! IMAGINE: The Love based Initiative: In a time when technology should be tearing down walls that separate people, we seem to be building them higher. I want to keep the goals of the love based initiative simple: to break down walls. To show that there can be a national or world spirituality that doesn't conflict with individual freedom and freedom of thought. That compliments and does not necessarily conflict with ones choice of faith. For a long time I had the attitude of a warrior. I wanted to attack those who built institutions with a foundation of fear, morality and conformity therefore suppressing the American values of individual freedom and freedom of thought. I now feel if their foundation becomes one of Love, Truth and Understanding, they can embrace this with open arms. I feel it's important that people unite in the name of Love! As a child I thought in order to have any kind of spirituality, you had to take a leap of faith and you better leap in the right direction, for your eternity depended on it. Well I found out different; in 1989 I met on a heart space (fell in love). From the very first night there was an unspoken communication between us we would say the same thing at the

ID#14825 G.S., 2004-08-13 [ Coral Springs, Fl]

This is something that i felt for a very long time about politics and the religious teaching. Looking toward a no gov sociaty.

ID#14827 M.J., 2004-08-14 [ brooklyn, N.Y.]

Hello; Scientist, Chris, Eric,and John this is "Baby"the entertainer. Aka john barton Keep up the great work. I"m will forever remain an Neo-Techer. sincerely yours, John Barton.III

ID#14828 T.T., 2004-08-14 [ Kalheo, HI]

Always good to have another point of view. I read the negative comments and it suprises me to see how many people are threatened by Neo-Tech. Must be working:)

ID#14829 R.M., 2004-08-15 [ Salem, OR]

The truth is fear makes people slaves. Most all Americans fear the IRS and are slaves to the IRS-US Government and this is what the IRS wants so you will involuntarily give them your hard earned money. The IRS-Federal Mafia extorts money from Americans by unlawfully collecting Income Tax. There is no law that requires anyone to pay Income Tax. Please go to and find the truth. My hope is that we the people, most all Americans will some day get together and completely eliminate, remove the IRS a fraudulent, criminal, illegal part of our US Government that we allow to make us slaves. By the people for the people. The US Government has to much power and control, if you do not conform you go to prison or die. We should not fear those who should be servents to the US Public.

ID#14830 J.S., 2004-08-15 [ Bucyrus, OH]

I have had your Manuscript for couple weeks and it explains in detail how I really feel about what is going on in the business world today. I was on a board of director's and we have a president that was doing some of things to discredit my judgement behind my back and in so doing those things I couldn't prove that it was going on. I took an oath and was to be independent and I couldn't perform in that manner, so I resigned because of the liability today that, that positons holds. I had 53 plus years in an knew what was going on was wrong but he had the other board members under his spell.

ID#14831 d. ., 2004-08-15 [ fort worth, tx]

I have read about 150 pages of the Neo-Tech Discovery. I find the majority of it extremely enlightening. Some of it I have a difficult time grasping and understanding. so I decided to do some online research. I read through some of the comments about Neo-tech, and the negative comments threw me back b/c those opposed to Neo-Tech all seem to have a very closed mind. Every negative comment I read made reference to religion. Perhaps it is b/c these people have such a narrow vision they they feel so threatened by independent thought. I would really like to communicate wiht others regarding Neo-tech. I find it very enlightening and would enjoy discussing it with others who may understand it more clearly.

ID#14833 j. ., 2004-08-16 [ , ]

I am ready for it. I wish you still had the free archives

ID#14834 D.C., 2004-08-16 [ dorking, ]


ID#14835 D.C., 2004-08-16 [ dorking, ]


ID#14838 J.H., 2004-08-16 [ , ]

I don't agree with a lot of Neo-Tech and think that the applied techniques are really stupid and I wish I never had any part of it.

ID#14839 J.V., 2004-08-17 [ Mystic, CT]

There should be more time to purchase your literature. I've received dated mailings that literally gave me 3 days to purchase material. That interval is too short for some people.

ID#14840 O.D., 2004-08-17 [ Brasília, DF]

Eu faço parte da neo-tech desde 1985. Tenho a literatura de 1 a 5 da neo-tech e gostaria de receber a Enciclopedia de Referência do Neo-tech em portugues.

ID#14843 T.B., 2004-08-17 [ Cheektowaga, NY]

I was sent the "Novus Tek" package in the mail telling me I was "special" and had been "chosen". I am a major skeptic. Of all that your materials appear to be debunking, but also of "schemes". I don't have much money at all. I also don't have a lot of faith in companies saying "money back if you're not satisfied". But, I'm poor, my sons are the most important thing in the world to me, and I'm "desperate". I came online searching for some veracity to Novus Tek since I was only given a few days to respond and send them well over a hundred dollars ... money that I don't have. Something that changes lives so dramatically IS worth more than money, but the decision is frightful AND frightening when you have none and what you use comes from your children's mouths. I am thankful that this website is here because ... if all of these people are real, I got to read positive comments AND negative comments about one of the products. All I can do is decide if I want to take a chance (AND scrape up the money somehow in three days - I got the thing today) and then hope that it was the right decision. Thank you very much.

ID#14845 J.W., 2004-08-18 [ Flovesville, Texas]

Dear sir Could you please send me the 800- Page Novus - Tek Discovery that I send off for Six times in June , but I never got it.

ID#14849 A. ., 2004-08-18 [ ABIDJAN, IVORY - COAST]

Je vote oui que votre sit web soit sur internet pour deux raisons: prémièrement;j'extime que les doctrines et enseignements,du Neo-Tech,est-elle MEME LA DEFINITION des pratiques scientifiques évolutives,donc en rapport avec les nouvelles technologies d'aujourd'hui. deuxiemement;sur le rapport de la connaissance générale sur notre état d"humains,notre buts et missions sur terre .

ID#14850 . ., 2004-08-18 [ Aflao, Volta]

It is very good to read and to know more about neo-tech secondly to know more about this world. Please tell me how I can get the books about neo-tech and its price .Thank you.

ID#14852 J.J., 2004-08-19 [ fort wayne, in]

I have recently been exposed to Neo-Tech knowledge and find it to be an amazing simplistic truth. I have been researching several different ways to free my mind and see the potential of such an awareness. As a new commer to this subject I only ask one thing. Please leave this website open for all to see. Regaurdless of what happens to this website, this knowledge will all ways be discovered and rediscovered. We cannot hide the truth. It will only make it more inconvenient for the ones who want to free their mind.

ID#14854 H.D., 2004-08-19 [ Irvine, CA]

Dear Webmaster, What is Wild Media offering you for their double Active X pop? Do you have any Active X pop inventory left? What are you doing in installs a day? My name is Henri Duong, and I am a Media Buyer at Vista Interactive Media. I came across your site and was immediately impressed with how well your site fits into the demographic we are looking for. I am interested in buying advertising space on your website. I have a large company budget and I would like to allocate a portion of that to run a test campaign on your site. We are currently spending over $450,000.00 per month on advertising. We now have over 450 publishers we work with in several verticals. If you have any pop up inventory available we would love to discuss options with you. I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Henri

ID#14855 a.V., 2004-08-19 [ palm beach gardens, florida]

I read the book recently. I paid about 150 for it . I wish I had my money back, I have no idea what they were talking about. I beleived what they said and I"m deeper in debt than I was. I'm still waiting for the big change to come.They have a right to be on the web,I just wish what they say was true.

ID#14856 P.L., 2004-08-19 [ London, ]

Great Literature, pity most of it has been removed of late. Real eye opener and reqarding for those integrate Neo-tech into their lives.

ID#14857 S.S., 2004-08-19 [ Cheyenne, WY]

Are NovaTech & Neo-Tech one and the same?

ID#14860 y.k., 2004-08-20 [ as above, as beside]

I am one of your possessors of rare traits you know who I am you sent me a confidential letter by first class mail no less, consider this to be my check in the box below for my "absolutely free" literature, I'm sure you know where to send it!!! by the way it's now 2004 that's four and your society isn't doing too good!!!!

ID#14862 F.M., 2004-08-20 [ SPRINGFIELD , MO]

I once had your book. It brought me complete peace of mind. Religion does suck and messes up the mind due to its falseness. I wish i had THE BOOK again. I lost it somehow.

ID#14863 F.M., 2004-08-20 [ SPRINGFIELD , MO]

I once had your book. It brought me complete peace of mind. Religion does suck and messes up the mind due to its falseness. I wish i had THE BOOK again. I lost it somehow. I tried to be a christian once for 20 years but as I look back now I never once saw my prayers answered and this mystic god let my relative brother, also a christian go through hell as he fought depression. Everyone prayed but nothing happened as he lost his home,wife, and job. I still ask if god exist why would he let a saved person lose everthing? Therefore I will never tell anyone about how good god is because he is not. I have been there and I,m not going back

ID#14864 m.f., 2004-08-20 [ nassau, ]

i would for eric to respond to my mail please

ID#14866 F.P., 2004-08-21 [ Gardner, MA]

I am a recent neo-tech reader who has of recently discovered mystisism imbeded in my own home and wife. I especially enjoy neo-tech for its enlightenment towards climbing out of stagnation. DTC is a concept I believe in my life when I was a child of 12 or 13 but couldn't actually put my hands on it. I believed there was a knowledge that could honestly intergrat with all other knowleges and build great values for the happiness of mankind. Illusions were keeping me from exploring freely my desires in life. Now I see the essence of all things have a common dnominator to grab on to. Life is more than a 9-5 or 3-11 shift. We can if we choose do what is necessary in the world to succeed in whatever we want, right? Wealth, Happiness and Power can be our if we choose to allow them aple room to operate in our lifes. Without hurting anyone around us. As long as we see thru the illusion to the essence of things we can have what ever we want, correct? Thank you Neo-Tech for opening my eyes to what the future can be.

ID#14867 M.C., 2004-08-21 [ Durango, CO]

I for one think Neo Tech should stay one the web. I was very skeptical at first but after really looking at what this is about I really belive it will be world changing. The articles contained here put words to thoughts I have never been able to express or understand through religion or mysticism. One of my favorite things is that your are taking votes on this and posting all the negative comments people have made. I read every one of those negative comments and I got such a kick from the rhetoric I saw! Not once do they make a logical arguement why these philosophies are harmful. Only profanity, threats of violence, drinking molten brass in hell, living in a lake of fire for all eternity. If these religious fanatics really learned what Neo-Tech is about they would eventually have to agree on issue of love, morality, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, monogomy and so many other key issues in todays world. But its easy to understand why many people are not ready for this; it threatens their control. I think "The Story" is a great piece of work and I will tell the author so in my e-mail to him. In only a few days after even begining to understand the Neo Tech philosophy I have noticed huge changes in my life. I have not fought with my parents and was able to turn around a potentialy explosive argument into a pleasant conversation. I feel an uplifting sensation often, both physically and mentally as I remember to penetrate through to the essence of things. I have a new reguvenation for life as I feel I have dropped the emotional baggage of guilt-ridden thinking which held me back for so long. I could write so much more but I really want to thank you very sincerely for making this information available.

ID#14868 i.L., 2004-08-21 [ , ]

What i REALLY really need is to see that when i order for any neo-tech Book it is delivered to me without any bureaucratic DELAY.

ID#14872 M.C., 2004-08-22 [ , ]

Awesome site once again. I was just wondering how exactly believing in ufos will diminish a persons self-esteem happiness and potential for pychuous pleasures?

ID#14873 S.G., 2004-08-22 [ Bundaberg, Qld]

Freedom of information. There is so much garbage on the net, who in their right mind would want to stop a site that contains nothing but useful ideas and information. The mind boggles sometimes.

ID#14874 F.A., 2004-08-22 [ germantown, md]

I have been receiving each installments so far and my last one was THE NEO-TECH WORLD. Only have a few pages left for reading. If you can please help me here. I want to order other books and I still need some clarification on the TEN SECOND X-FACTOR. I admit that I am a changed man and never felt more relaxed but at the same time, sad. We have work to do and I am very slowly trying to make a change in my enviroment and life style since I have many close friends and am involve with a born again church. My eyes have been open to a newly perspective insight and i am willing to make the changes knowing it will be somewhat painful.

ID#14875 s.c., 2004-08-22 [ sheffield, alabama]

NEO_TEK DISCOVERY is a 'TRIP' I THINK only some people deserve 'IT' the free pamplet has boosted 'MYLIFE' I' cant' afford the 800 pg. book yet. NEO-TEK-DISCOVERY to me is 'ALL,love,NO,FEAR for everyone ,andanything and pure CONFIDENCE.

ID#14876 s.c., 2004-08-22 [ sheffield, alabama]

NEO_TEK DISCOVERY is a 'TRIP' I THINK only some people deserve 'IT' the free pamplet has boosted 'MYLIFE' I' cant' afford the 800 pg. book yet. NEO-TEK-DISCOVERY to me is 'ALL,love,NO,FEAR for everyone ,andanything and pure CONFIDENCE.

ID#14877 . ., 2004-08-22 [ , ]

Please keep this site up.

ID#14878 D.M., 2004-08-22 [ Cahokia, IL]

Hello, I'm new to this site, but have read some of your articles and have founded that they are quite interesting and made a lot of sense. Please keep me updated. I'd like to further educate myself along your line of thinking. Thank you. Duang

ID#14879 S.W., 2004-08-22 [ Vale, NC]

I want to read this Neo-tech manuscript, what I have read on this site makes since. I am so excited about this new discovery. Help me continue on this journey, I need this manuscript, e-mail me info. Thank You.

ID#14882 R.J., 2004-08-22 [ , AZ]

I have found that any "Man-Centered Spirituality" usually doesn't work. This is a strong case for that belief...Your ideas are unique. My favorite saying in this vein is: Work as anything You do depends on You getting the job done - and Pray while doing it as if you need "Gods" help to get it done ! (Some might call this Meditation ?) Anyway, it never hurt to look and learn. There are things here with a valid point, and need to be debated, for better or worse. Blessed Be !! Ozz

ID#14884 B.P., 2004-08-23 [ Sidney, Oh]

I love your literature, It has changed my whole outlook on life. I feel so stupid to have believed in such no-where beliefs. I feel sorry for the generations before us; but now I have great hope for the generation to come. And I will continue to help others see that life really can be eternal thru our own efforts. I have not yet gotten Rich, monetarily... but I have certainly been enriched emotionally...I've learned how to let go and Smile!!!...And I'm not yet done re-inventing myself. Neo-Tech Delivers so much honesty...It's Like a breath of fresh air...HONEST HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!

ID#14886 g.p., 2004-08-23 [ , ]

The most amazing, overwhelming information i have ever read. The way i tackle life has improved tremendously its turned me around in a different direction and i am now for the first time in a very long while in control and its improving rapidly THANKYOU

ID#14887 g.p., 2004-08-23 [ UPPERCALDECOTE, BIGGLESWADE]

The most amazing, overwhelming information i have ever read. The way i tackle life has improved tremendously its turned me around in a different direction and i am now for the first time in a very long while in control and its improving rapidly THANKYOU

ID#14889 C.S., 2004-08-23 [ Albuquerque, NM]

well i read the bad comments and some of the good and i just can't believe people choose to live in fear of thier body and minds. when all is said and done there is no sinnig or hatred in a neo-person becuse those things can't "exist" in a pure heart and mind. i am in the middle of reading my book now and only half way in i cant tell if the world is ready to behave in acordance with free will and respect for eachother. through integral philosophy/psychology i had already begun to break the constructs of the mystic mind set and this just puts it into easy to understand common terms. i hope these advantages once applied do all i have been told it will. C.S.

ID#14890 O.V., 2004-08-23 [ NELSPRUIT, Mpumalanga]

Nothing at this stage Thanks

ID#14894 J.H., 2004-08-24 [ Moriarty, NM]

Have a lot of your books/tapes

ID#14898 J.F., 2004-08-25 [ Floresville, Texas]

Dear Peter Hi, this is James Felux, You sent me an e-mail on how or from were did I order ,the Novus-Tek Discovery.I have writen you a letter telling you how and where I ordered it. But the e-mail address that you sent is no good. I sent you the letter twice, and both times IT DID'NT GO thouht. Would you Please send me another e-mail with your right e-mail address. So I can e-mail you my letter that you asked for. Thank You Very Much. James Felux

ID#14899 o. ., 2004-08-25 [ , ]

neotech vanishes libertarianism

ID#14901 m.j., 2004-08-25 [ toowoomba, qld]

i,v been in business for years , the amount of users around always amaze me, but neo teck make so much sence i,v used it in my business and it work just using the teckinic,s with people, marilynne , australia

ID#14902 m.j., 2004-08-25 [ toowoomba, qld]

i,v been in business for years , the amount of users around always amaze me, but neo teck make so much sence i,v used it in my business and it work just using the teckinic,s with people, marilynne , australia

ID#14903 m.j., 2004-08-25 [ toowoomba, qld]

loved it great i,m in business and its dog eat dog world but using neo teck i,m handling thing better, yearing to know more,,,,, marilynne,, auustralia

ID#14904 T.R., 2004-08-25 [ , ]

I have just read some of the negative and positive comments. WOW! Some of the negative ones use the word "evil" almost as much as you use the word "bicameral". I can only say that good and evil are only perceptions. I am still trying to figure out why you call it "Neo-Tech?" True, there are some Neo-ideas, but the Tech part is sadly lacking. Your book is full of OPINION, not fact. For example, you state that Pericles was a smooth talker who mis-appropriated funds. He did, for your info, supervise the construction of the Parthenon. Also, you laud the works of Jackson Pollack. Let me quote from "The Art of Living" by Leichtman and Japikse. "If, however,the original impulse for a "work of art" emerges from the chaos amd rage of the artist,as in the paintings of Jackson Pollack, then there is no beauty, no art-no matter what art critics may contend" The point I am trying to make is, why don't you deal with scientifically proven material, and not merely conjecture? Meditation, which you frown upon, is scientifically proven to produced benefits. (Alpha, Beta and Theta wave activity is changed dramatically etc.) I am not calling the Book down really, but I am sorry I spent $100 Canadian on it. I still do not see the Technical part of the book as being valid. I work as a service Technician and maybe I am looking for Technical stuff as I do at work.In any event, you have to see that your book is highly opinionated, which is fine, but please don't calim it is technical information---it isn't. Tom Ramsay

ID#14905 G. ., 2004-08-25 [ N.R.H., Tx]

What is the 10 Second Miracle?

ID#14908 C. ., 2004-08-25 [ , ]

sent back your book, Have NOT seen my money back like promised?? Where's the check? Where is the honesty???

ID#14909 j.k., 2004-08-25 [ whitley, ky]

Hello, all of your books are grate. I read all of the books two times. Your books are changing the way I think,nnd act on things. Now I nolonger hate my life. I have big drems and goals, that I want to accomplish. I want to change the world, for the sake of all human life, and happyness. I only have a one track mind. I need help with this. I need the underground tool ( liquidation ) If dr walice, or anyone knows what I am talking about please help me. I think I can help change the world. I think I can help you change the world. Have a nice day, and thank you for your help.

ID#14910 A.J., 2004-08-25 [ Burnet, TX]

I am just getting aquainted with Neo-Tech, purchased the book and fowund this web-site in hopes of finding more material, I was saddened to learn of the missed opportunity to find more literature, by the removal of libraries from the web, please bring back whatever material you have for viewing, thanks

ID#14913 A.M., 2004-08-26 [ Ocala, Florida]

I find myself wondering why I've never heard of this prior to my friend steering me to it. I am 75 in years and have been searching for, a long time, explainations for why I do and think the way I do. Many of these things that you talk about seem so strange and foreign to my upbringing. I would like to break through this veil of not knowing and to further comprehend the warrior aspect. I don't know if I'm making much sense right now, so I'd like to keep reading, studying and learning. Keep this information flowing on the web.

ID#14914 W.R., 2004-08-26 [ Trenton, NJ]

I feel that this website is an additional way that people can learn about Neo-Tech.

ID#14915 J.H., 2004-08-26 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is pure evil!

ID#14918 E.M., 2004-08-26 [ Camden, S.C.]

I no this anti civilization is wrong for human consciousness with there religions and governments of alkinds. I know about this craze world?

ID#14919 M.F., 2004-08-27 [ Ottawa, n\a]

The world must change, the illuminati must control. I seek more information, the world must know. Expand this website and tell the world. You know how, i can't tell you what to do or how to do it but you do know what to do and how to do it right? Do not stay on the web, go physical.

ID#14922 c.c., 2004-08-27 [ kajang, selangor]

how to get the original neo-tech discovery manual and the god man by money order?please show me how.,

ID#14923 c.c., 2004-08-27 [ kajang, selangor]

how to get the original neo-tech discovery manual and the god man by money order?please show me how.,

ID#14924 T.C., 2004-08-27 [ Little Elm, TX]

If you can provide this information for free, so be it. If not, continue to sell it.

ID#14926 M.M., 2004-08-28 [ Coffs Harbour, New South Wales]


ID#14928 R.v., 2004-08-28 [ Fouriesburg, Free State]

Yes, absolutely. Without the site I for one would be stuck in the middle of the African wilderness with no connection to universal thought shared by others. I value the site.

ID#14930 . ., 2004-08-28 [ , ]

"Man is the only animal born without any natural survival tools." - who ever wrote this is in need of some biology lessons or a good hike. Man lived in nature for 3 million years as a hunter gatherer with out tools. Wits and hands with aposable thumbs. "To survive and prosper, man must follow a philosophy that holds his life and his welfare as the supreme value and guiding standard." Ethics? Society? The self centered aproach to life is only beinficial in the short term. You shoud be able to see that in truth every society in which people have heald themselves as there primary interests have failed. "Thus, Hill's Great Northern was able to run with minimum operating costs once it was completed. And, with Hill spending hard-earned private money, the highest standards of workmanship and materials were insisted upon." -- The traqnscontenenal was built by slave labor from China and the West Indies on a contracted yearly salary that was not living wage even then.

ID#14931 P.Y., 2004-08-28 [ , ]

have long been a neo-thinker since purchasing neo-tech discovery many years ago - I seem to recall getting something in the mail and ordering the book that way. The logic and reason of the material therin was inescapable and has served me and kept me focused and aware (wary) ever since.

ID#14934 L. ., 2004-08-29 [ , ]

Of course you should keep the site on the web. The more people share knowledge with each other, the closer we can come to proper understanding.

ID#14935 c.b., 2004-08-29 [ Chillicothe, OHio]

I hope neo-tech spreads all over the land.

ID#14936 J.G., 2004-08-30 [ Mechanic Falls, Me.]

It's a shame that Neo-Tech hasn't caught on quicker so we could start our revolution and rid the world of mystics and neocheaters. Keep up the good work Neo-Tech.

ID#14939 . ., 2004-08-30 [ , ]

Very Interesting. The absolute facts of the human condition are. 1. Humans cheat. Both consciously and unconsciously they use their own knowledge filter, which in turn is based on their own biases and world view. Sciene does it all the time, hence they science is highly resistant to new knowledge that challenges old "realities". This a similar situation that Religion found themselves in as science emerged. 2. Humans have limited perceptions. We cannot physically access the whole of reality with our senses. Our ears cannot see the entire light spectrum, our ears cannot hear the entire sound spectrum. We cannot therefore know reality in it's entirity through our senses. 3. Human intelligence is limited. We are not "gods" we do not know everything and even the brain as massive as it's capability it, cannot hold the whole universal depth of knowledge. Our intelligence can easily be challenged an defeated by any number of IQ tests. Obviously we will all score differently but no one is infinately intelligent. We are left with the facts therefore that our reality is structed according to our internal filter, our limited senses and our limited intelligence. There is no escaping this. It seems in your interesting and lengthy read that all you have actually done is create a reductionist mysticism that cannot in all cases be rationally supported due to the very reasons I give above. In fact you have simply created yet another belief system!

ID#14940 J.F., 2004-08-30 [ Loudonville, NY]

Dear Ms. Goldman, Your entry on St. Augustine is wanting in accuracy. You claim that in thed Confessions Augustine states, "we are born between feces and urine." A relentless search has determined that no such passage appears in "The Confessions" or any other work by Augustine. If you can show me where it appears, I would be grateful, otherwise you should remove it. The same search was done for, "speculates on how babies might be born from women uncankered by lust and sex," with no success. The usual citation for this is Book XVIII of "The City of God". That book deals with history of Rome and has only three mention of women. Please send me where I can find this quote also. Thank you for your time.

ID#14941 D.R., 2004-08-30 [ Littlerock, CA]

I have found some of this information most useful in my own personal life. Thankyou Neo-Tech

ID#14943 B.D., 2004-08-30 [ Sultan, WA]

Yes, you should definitely stay on the web. I own one of your Neo-tech books.

ID#14944 T.P., 2004-08-30 [ Gillingham, Dorset]

All the unanswered questions in my life seem to be answered, I'm 60 years old. I feel much healthier and more alert with the information from Noe-Tech Discovery. I now need to learn how to apply my new knowledge.

ID#14945 R.T., 2004-08-30 [ , ]

I find the web site to be useful and would enjoy seeing it remain available.

ID#14946 C. ., 2004-08-30 [ Chillicothe, ohio]

I hope to here more about neo-tech. please email me.

ID#14947 J.F., 2004-08-31 [ Floresville, Texas]

Dear Sir, This is James Felux . [HELLO]!!!! Did you get my letter that I, E-mailed you or not. I though that you were going to help me, get my Novus-Tek Discovery Manuscript. Now you are not going to e-mail, me any more. What happened, I though you said, you would help every body. Or are you going to be like Neo-Tech, and do notting at all. I'm mad as hell!!!, And I want some answers, NOW!!!. James Felux

ID#14948 m. ., 2004-08-31 [ melbourne, victoria]

please send me the opportunity to buy the book again as i declined the last time you made the offer

ID#14949 m. ., 2004-08-31 [ melbourne, victoria]

please send me the opportunity to buy the book again as i declined the last time you made the offer

ID#14950 M. ., 2004-08-31 [ , ]

You are not using the power of the web very effectively at all, it almost seems like you are not willing to evolve and control the reality that is now internet marketing - this is a shame as you are so expert at traditional direct marketing. I am looking forward to the time when you truly start to comprehend what the internet can offer Neo-Tech - I can see it happening with so many other concepts that are just wexploding in cyberspace. Come on NTP, use the future to gain immortality, don't get stuck in old ways of thinking!

ID#14951 C.M., 2004-08-31 [ , ]

I have followed Neo-Tech for over a decade, including buying several of your manuals and programs. Some of your ideas as off-shoots of A. Rand & Objectivism are good...some not so good. However I find it quite telling that you would even pose the question regarding staying on the WWW. If you have to ask, you shouldn't be there. Most philosophies attempt to polarize thought into right vs wrong, good vs. bad, positive vs negative. All well and good if humans were binary bunnies (either on or off); Thankfully, we are far more complex creatures than that, which is what makes the human experience so rewarding and enriching, at least for this spirit being. As for me, stay if you can...go if you must. C. Meyers

ID#14954 C.H., 2004-09-01 [ Upper Marlboro, MD]

I don't know why I put it aside and still remember the name after all these years because I know that I don't have the info anymore. I guess after all the self-improvement pamphlets, books, seminar and what nots I've been through, I just couldn't get enough because I always want to better myself and a better world to live in with better people surrounding me and I know that religion have not been able to satisfy my thirsting for more knowledge not improvement and that goes with everyone else out there. The world is still the way it is, even worst now because I deal with them constantly in the Metro, buses, etc., businesses and all! Neo-Tech can help if they form their own leadership or government and help demolish the crooked existing government, religion, system that we now have all over the world. We need a true government of one mind (global), not scattered; love and respect for all individual regardless of race or position in life. A government that will begin educating everyone (globally, not just in America) to live our own lives to our highest potential and the power to create our own destiny by using our own mind (god's image) and nature (His creations). A government that will teach us all to tap into that perfect God (mind) for all human needs and satisfaction. I always believe that the Mind is perfect and capable of doing more than meets the eye and there's so much learning to do (undo what we have learned in the past), that we need to live forever. I don't know if Neo-tech is the answer, but it's a stepping stone forward... and should remain on the web and out in the world (newspapers, publications, etc.) for everyone to see... not everyone will grasp its power but in time they will.

ID#14956 T.G., 2004-09-01 [ Nyon, Vaud]

Auriez-vous ceci en Français, afin que je puisse bien comprendre. Merci.

ID#14957 P.M., 2004-09-01 [ Tiverton, Devon]

I am in receipt of Neo-Tech literature, and find it very interesting. However to help me come to a decision, I would like to access the negative thoughts,to make comparison of the different aspects.

ID#14958 J.G., 2004-09-01 [ , ]

How do we change the current phylosophy that is abundent on this planet? Only through education, men (Consious thinking beings) must become the highest value as you know. I like you am frustrated, but please keep the site up. Kind Regards, James George Long time neo tech customers

ID#14959 J.G., 2004-09-01 [ Placerville, Ca]

How do we change the current phylosophy that is abundent on this planet? Only through education, men (Consious thinking beings) must become the highest value as you know. I like you am frustrated, but please keep the site up. Kind Regards, James George Long time neo tech customers

ID#14963 D.I., 2004-09-02 [ Hiawatha, Ks]

A Comment about another Neo-cheater! US Disctrict Court here in Kansas has convicted a person of tax evasion. Mr Flumm was convicted of tax evasion in USDC yesterday. To be sentenced at a later date. Letters should be written to the judge advising him of violating Fundamental Law (U.S. Constitutional Law) directly as Fundamental Law is technically statutory law which can neither have implications and must be read as it is directly written (USDC Gould vs Gould 1913 [and ruling still stands]). This neocheater must be removed from his office immediately as tax laws under federal conditions only allow foreign commerce jurisdiction under U.S. Constitutional law. Federal law has no jurisdiction within any state as is prescribed by Fundamental Law. Even State tax law are set up under designations closely alligned with Federal Law and states must be corralled and brought under control too. These actions are needed immediately before control is completely shifted to all neocheaters!

ID#14965 R.R., 2004-09-02 [ , ]

I have seen enough of Neo-Tech unloading excusing and reasoning weapons. Like it or not, there is no Yahew, no God, no G-d, nothing else!!!! Nature is not above us. We are not above nature either. Nature and us go along together to keep moving on. Use technology to control nature is perfectly fine as long as it does not harm animals, plants, and humans. Who am I? I am an "anti-semitic" atheist. I am not on anyone's side - Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, and Eastern religions. Whatever! Neo-Tech talks too much about Christianity and Muslim. I don't care who Yahew is. Yahew has to go. I don't care about Jews' historic evolution such as from Judaism to Atheistic Communism to Pax Neo-Tech. We will see that we have to make sure that Jews are kicked out and punished like hell for their crimes, according to evidences found in pro-white/(Christianity) websites. Jews are civilization dependents and profitters, rather than builders. It is time for us to send American/Israeli Jews, Neo-Tech editors, Zons, Neo-Tech members, Zionists, Israeli moles, Mossad terrorists, U.S. Government officials, anyone connects to U.S. Government, Zionism, and Israel, etc. to fight at Iraq or/and protect Israel against Muslims themselves. In a mystical and wishful thinking, then whites, teamed with Muslims, will want to fight and kick against those people and any Muslims with connection to Zionism and money. Shame on Neo-Tech!!!! for not exposing the history of Jewish crimes enough. I am pretty sure that Neo-Tech is using a very advanced art of Jewish exploitation. And it is pro-Israel and pro-Jew itself. Damn, I don't know anything about Neo-Tech's "actual" plot. Neo-Tech talks too much about liberating everyone but not everyone wants to be liberated, as Neo-Tech indicates and suggests - their freedom to make decision and lead themselves. This is "their rights". Yes, I am talking about their right and business to believe in their own Gods, mysticism, and values, althought I don't always agree with them. Surprisedly, many well-known gentiles of the past did not talk positively about Jews. George Washington, Ben Franklin, Ford, Truman, and Mark Twaine! Neo-Tech dreams too much about using Jewish-like/Zionist-like exploitation to advance civilization until it becomes fantasy enough, without concerning about "actual crimes" someone committed throughout history. Ok! Honesty, evidence, straightward, and truth are my gods of communication, nothing else. They are what keeps a civilization running. It is not necessary to tinker honesty and truth words in order to be changed into different meanings. I don't care about philosophical or non-philosophical approach to human being's conscious minds. Jews like to mix everything up. They keep mixing up until they accidentally mix water and electricity together then get seriously hurt and electrocuted. Neo-Tech, please remember that Jewish crimes, Jewish passive/inferior attitudes, Jewish businesses, Jewish deception, Jewish philosophy or non-philosophy, Jewish denyings, and Jewish exploitations are not needed to help Gentiles to climb up "their" (not Jews') civilization and national (not open-space nationless/global) ladder. Nations are needed to make easier for us to clarify, identify, and culturally and economically manage - for now. Until much later, we are not ready for something extremely advanced that does not belong to us such as becoming nationless, universal, global, or open-space people. Hey! Neo-Tech better buries its desire and starts confronting reality, whatever upside down or not.

ID#14966 s.H., 2004-09-02 [ pompano beach, fl]

I feel cleansed when i read neo-tech, uplifted and rightous. I know i'm right if I stick to what i learn here.

ID#14967 P.R., 2004-09-02 [ Candler, NC]

My dad received some information about neotech, didnt look at it and tossed it in my direction...anyways...I decided to do a search on the web for it

ID#14968 J.H., 2004-09-03 [ ketchikan , alaska]

the concepts are sound. the truth always floats to the top. i sypathize with the attacks on the founders and others involved with neo-tech however in my personal opinion the neo-teckh discovery and it 144 concepts should be openly availabe on the neo-tech homepage i have not purchased any neo-tech literature becouse of financial hardship i am presently reading The story by Mark hamilton. my aunt once told me what to look for on my path to enlightenment a way to weed out the false truths #1 a real truth would be liberating #2 the only cost of the truth would be the time spent searching for it. i understand that a publishing company in in the business to make money. and there is nothing wrong with profiting from your labor. however in my personal opinion to effectivly cause the chain reaction neccissary to bring about your goal "to eliminate mystisism and the neo-cheaters" from the planet and for all of us to neo-think our way into the next evolution of conciousness, is not through time pressured sales gimmicks promising acceptance into a secret sosiety but by the free distribution of knowledge through key people throughout the planet. honesty anything squared continualy may grow slowly at first but will gain such momentum that only cataclismic disaster can derail the movement in wich you speak unless your goal is soly the money and the power it gives you as history has proven he with the most money controls the outcome of every war.

ID#14970 S.D., 2004-09-03 [ Chickasha, OK]

Intiguing More input please.

ID#14971 R.I., 2004-09-03 [ creswell, or]

i am a member. i was looking to see what else was out there on neo-tech. i do like the web site.

ID#14974 M.H., 2004-09-04 [ , ]

I would like to publish selected excerpts of your neo-cheating materials in a local Cardplayer newsletter. Would you grant me limited license to publish 5-6 selected excerpts in over a period of as many weeks. Such a publication would of course include a nice reference to your website and grateful allowance of use. Thank you for your time and attention. Mike Hall Flush-Lubbock's Own Card Playing Journal

ID#14976 W.H., 2004-09-05 [ Norwich, CT]

Of course Neo Tech should remain on the web any site that exposes xianity for the fraud that it is deserves to remain on the net. I would love to see all your pages that you had up previously back up. Again Neo-Tech should remain a constant resource for those of us in the real world.

ID#14977 l.c., 2004-09-05 [ Ballarat, VIC]

i am going to purchase 'the neo-tech discovery' from this website if it is possible to recieve for free the book 'god-man: our final evolution' this stuff is really interesting, please let me know if thats ok, because i will buy immediately

ID#14978 D.S., 2004-09-05 [ Lyons, N.Y.]

The book god-man is a very good book of its kind and I think you should remain on the web.

ID#14979 S. ., 2004-09-06 [ Auckland, ]

Incredible!!! Make this a world-wide publication - so much to collapse that is holding mankind in shackles. _ The religious, the legal fraternity. Accounting and all sorts of pseudo regulatory parasitical groups.

ID#14980 m.j., 2004-09-06 [ toowoomba, ]

loved the book

ID#14981 A.S., 2004-09-06 [ Winona, MN]

I have found your literature and web site to be very inspirational and enlightening. I have always wondered if there really was a God or if we are masters of our own destiny. After reading many of your books I am almost angry that for the past 3,000 years we have been duped into believing there is an all powerful God that we must worship, obey and sacrifice for. Moreover, I am angry that we have been duped into relinquishing money, power and our livelihoods to parasitical elite neo-cheaters who thrive unjustly off of the value producers. I have found a new sense of freedom knowing that making my life happy and full of pleasure is my right as a conscious human being and that I don't have to feel guilt over that happiness and pleasure. I also enjoy the freedom of knowing that I don't have to relinquish money, power or my life to any God or political institution. Neo-Tech has helped free me from mystical neo-cheaters and parasitical elites and I coundn't be more thankful. We should all welcome and strive to bring on the Civilization of the Universe here on Earth. A.S., Minnesota

ID#14983 R.R., 2004-09-06 [ SUNNYVALE, CA]

Bill me for book "No More Lies" By Tracy Alexander .

ID#14986 k.m., 2004-09-07 [ matatiele, kzn]

i believe that neo-tech should remain on internet.

ID#14991 C.D., 2004-09-07 [ Armação de Pêra, Algarve]

I would like to know more, about it. Is it mind program ? Is it tapes ?

ID#14992 C. ., 2004-09-07 [ Chillicothe, ohio]

I hope to here more. Please right or email me.

ID#14999 C.S., 2004-09-08 [ Thompson Falls, MT]

Many years ago I bought some neo books and enjoyed them greatly. Thanks so much.

ID#15000 d. ., 2004-09-08 [ London, SE11]

I have read your discovery and God/Man, though I am a woman - I do not have words to explain. However, I have always had a desire to create my own business, but accepted the route that unfolded in front of me, that is to say, many doors were closed shut in my face for many reasons, by what I can now label clearly, parasites, through you I have realised how much I have always loved my mind, it bought me, and now I am so much more confident in enjoying my thoughts - I am in an incredibly sticky situation where I need my life to change overnight. Naturally, I am willing to work hard and put in all the effort it takes - therefore, would you send me your most recent information on the above. It is not because the discovery has not helped me due to my current circumstances I feel like time has stopped and I'm about to burst or crack up as in a lead weight is strapped around my ankle and my mind is tired from trying to loosen it! I would appreciate anything in relation to this. (By the way - my partner is the owner of your literature)

ID#15001 d. ., 2004-09-08 [ , ]

This is really a question. How on earth do you move a man that has neo-tech for over 1 year, but still cannot move himself? Why would a man keep expecting prosperity to appear out of thin air even though he has neo-tech? This is the craziest thing I have ever done - but I am totally fed up and baffled at the fact that I had so much belief in what neo-tech could do for a man - that I have had to witness a man wasting his time for two years - how on earth do a man like this respect the fact that he may have to use his mind to acquire, investigate: whether through books or the web - do you have anything, absolutely suggestions on how to move a rocK? I know this is not an 'agony aunt' page but hey - I love the fact that I only live once and I really do not have another soul to speak - as you can imagine - I'm not exactly going to relay this to my partner - on second thought - when I'm less emotional - but seriously, I do not have a living soul on this planet to talk to - you can ignore this, but I would appreciate any form of suggest - especially as it concerns the man you love

ID#15002 R.L., 2004-09-08 [ Spring City, Utah]

I did not get any thing out of the book on Neo Tech, but I did find out where this ZON force is talked about with all the mysticism removed. Zon is spoken of in the Zohar as one on the premordial forces being relater to Chokmah and Binah. You can find this at Essay on the letters is the part where you can find ZON! I truely lost $$$'s when I paid for the Neo Tech book, but here is the real source Sincerely, Robert Shrewsbury

ID#15003 R.L., 2004-09-08 [ Spring City, Utah]

I did not get any thing out of the book on Neo Tech, but I did find out where this ZON force is talked about with all the mysticism removed. Zon is spoken of in the Zohar as one on the premordial forces being relater to Chokmah and Binah. You can find this at Essay on the letters is the part where you can find ZON! I truely lost $$$'s when I paid for the Neo Tech book, but here is the real source Sincerely, Robert Shrewsbury

ID#15005 C.H., 2004-09-08 [ Upper Marlboro, MD]


ID#15006 . ., 2004-09-08 [ , ]

Stay on the web. Injustices need to be exposed and put to shame

ID#15007 E.B., 2004-09-08 [ Dallas, TX]

This is my first time on this website. I've been studying the Neo Tech Discovery manual and am now in the process of trying to apply the psychuous concepts to everyday life. But i already feel more powerful and knowledgeable. Up until my 22nd birthday, i was drowning in mysticism and would've ended up on your negative comments list, but in the 3 or 4 months since i've been exposed to neo tech, most of my irrational beliefs and behavoirs are now gone forever and i've once again experienced that drive for life instead of just sitting around waiting to die or for Jesus to come back. Thanks for all that you're doing and all that you will do. As for Suggestions, I would like to see more updated events concerning the collapse of mysticism. E.B.Reed

ID#15009 C.B.,@YAHOO.COM 2004-09-08 [ MEMPHIS, TENN]


ID#15010 J.H., 2004-09-09 [ , ]

I hate Neo-Tech.

ID#15011 R.V., 2004-09-10 [ flagstaff, az]

the site is needed to awaken the white hats without which we would stay lost.

ID#15012 R.H., 2004-09-10 [ Williams Lake , BC]

Great book I'm reading The Book Volume one By Mark Hamilton which a friend loned to me how do I get this book and the others (how many are there)and what would the cost be. I sure hope it works for me I work so hard and seem to get little reward (GOV likes to take the reward out of it)My physic healer who is very good (seen many physics) said the same that I'll be the one who makes mankind live to 150 years plus in the near future I want it all and there is no reason why we all can't have it I'm ready to take that extra step.With the evoliton of Earth the increase of vibatory fequency will Man get better with God Man ways?Major things happening out thre chemtrails,Gwen towers? etc

ID#15013 R.H., 2004-09-10 [ Williams Lake , BC]

Great book I'm reading The Book Volume one By Mark Hamilton which a friend loned to me how do I get this book and the others (how many are there)and what would the cost be. I sure hope it works for me I work so hard and seem to get little reward (GOV likes to take the reward out of it)My physic healer who is very good (seen many physics) said the same that I'll be the one who makes mankind live to 150 years plus in the near future I want it all and there is no reason why we all can't have it I'm ready to take that extra step.With the evoliton of Earth the increase of vibatory fequency will Man get better with God Man ways?Major things happening out thre chemtrails,Gwen towers? etc

ID#15014 L.J., 2004-09-10 [ Scottsdale, AZ]

Neo-Tech is a brilliant contribution to the quest for true peace on earth, and the liberation of humanity from centuries of religious and political repression. It leaves "The Da Vinci Code" gasping in the dust!

ID#15015 c.c., 2004-09-10 [ kajang, selangor]

i would have all the neo-tech materials read and keep for life if i have the change to read or purchase it all. i once had the neo-tech discovery manual ,but never returned to me after a friend lend it.

ID#15017 M.S., 2004-09-10 [ Vänge, SE]

Hi!Found God-Man Our Final Evolution through Google search. Awesome stuff.... But why is the "official" Home Page so sparse with information? As judged from the "long" home page many more books and articles could be made available. Best regards Michael

ID#15018 J.A., 2004-09-11 [ Marseilles, IL]

I have purchased several Neo-Tech manuscripts and find them all fascinating and amazingly helpful to all life situations.

ID#15021 S.F., 2004-09-12 [ Manly, NSW]

I commend Neo-Tech on the whole contribution made thus far to humanity. It should not only be very definitely included on the web, but also far more widely prominant in general society as far as encouraging people to think for themselves and doing what they know is right, as opposed to mechanically ingesting the sort of divisive, destructive, power hungry excrement distributed by religious, government & suposed leadership structures. The time in which we live yeans for another way forward; surely this evident in the destruction being wrought by the biggest power for liberty & democracy on the planet (uncle Sam). The only mutually productive way to move forward as a human race is via understanding & the traditional belief structures have not served us well in this regard .....more as instruments of decpection. Rational self accountability and following the 'Soul' seem a logical path to a better world so I say 'Go Neo Tech'

ID#15022 J. ., 2004-09-12 [ Ely, MN]

I believe in your rational ways, and it has affected my life in positive ways! Not in financial, yet personal and spiritual beliefs. I'm in a conversation right now about the aspects of reality, media, and everything else. I'm nineteen, and I very well appreciate your efforts! I believe the mass majority can't grasp certain concepts, and I should be helping them. Please send back. PLEASE CONTINUE!!

ID#15026 J.M., 2004-09-12 [ Claremont, CA]

You haved peaked my curiosity. I have read little Neo Tech, but from what I have seen it seems to be inline with objectivism. Which is what it's all about. I look forward to getting to know Neo Tech.

ID#15028 c. ., 2004-09-12 [ , ]

history of love and sex was very informative, nice to see some information that brings together various ideas into one effort for my online consumption.

ID#15030 V.D., 2004-09-13 [ Detroit, MI]

I have been reading and re-reading the information that has come into my hands since finding such valuable resource in the year 2003. I believe this would be like another resource for living - most likely the true and straight to the pointe resouce for living. Yes, this site should remain on the web well as open workshops around the globe.

ID#15032 R.W., 2004-09-14 [ Coventry, RI]

I have many of your books.

ID#15033 N.M., 2004-09-14 [ Port Louis, ]

should keep up the good work. Would like to know how many from Mauritius are exposed to Neotech experience ....! Plse illustrate a bit your article. ie photos of Wallace & other writers etc. Nadden

ID#15035 J.T., 2004-09-14 [ Houston, TX]

Neo-Tech should remain on the web because the web is the fastest growing form of communication and we need to communicate this vital information to all the world, fast! Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to reality now each day of my life is a new begining as a grow into a Neo-Tech man.

ID#15037 N.E., 2004-09-15 [ Houston, Tx]

I have been really impress with what,Ive'read so far,but I have a small problem.I ordered The neo-tech discovery,which I had already,but I recevied The neo-tech discovery (Zonpower)which are both identical in every way.I would like to trade for something I don't have if that is possible.Please call 713-631-0400 or send an e-mail to help with this problem.Thanks,Noel.

ID#15038 B.R., 2004-09-15 [ aydlett, north carolina]

You should stay on the web but I have a question.Is Neo-Tech and Novus -Tek the same?

ID#15039 m.k., 2004-09-16 [ melbourne, victoria]

i would like more informaion on how to purchase the neo tech manuscript as i declined the first time it was offered to me.

ID#15041 D.H., 2004-09-16 [ Spencerville, IN]

I received an invitation through the mail. I believed the material which stated that people were chosen to be invited into the society. I am upset to learn that any imbecil can get the material and that I am not so special after all. It makes me wonder if this is all a big lie. When I am invited to a meeting I hope it will not be just a gathering of fools such as I. If you lied about this, what else is false about this? DJH

ID#15042 b.m., 2004-09-16 [ stone mtn, ga]

I don't truly understand Neo-Tech and how it works, but I am truly insterested in learning as mush as I can. I've read the book and I guess I'm overwhelmed. I just can't seem to explain it. I need help.

ID#15043 s.b., 2004-09-16 [ perth, wa]

im a different person now

ID#15044 P.S., 2004-09-17 [ , ]

I believe in mind control of your own self. Your mind controls your life doesn't i?

ID#15045 J.D.,@AOL.COM 2004-09-17 [ BAKERSFIELD, CA]

intrested in learning more

ID#15047 L.F., 2004-09-17 [ Peebles, Peeblesshire]

Dear Neo-Tech, I recently sent to you for the "Potent Threesome" pack. It has been several weeks now and I am still waiting. Could you let me know how it was sent, to put my mind at ease, as I am really looking forward to reading about how to put it into action. Yours Sincerely Lawrence Fairbairn

ID#15048 l. ., 2004-09-17 [ , ]

Neo-tech is one of the most GREATEST sites in whole internet world..!! and im not kidding! plz stay!!

ID#15049 r.n., 2004-09-17 [ cincinnati, ohio]

At first I wondered if there was a political agenda for any certain party, but you do bash each side. Very straight forward about religions and their murderous behaviors.

ID#15050 F.H., 2004-09-17 [ De Pere, WI]


ID#15053 P.H., 2004-09-17 [ Battle Creek, MI]

my husband had a business that he closed but he still owed the IRS 26,000 in unpaid employee with holding taxes, they want their money. We are separeted but not legally, we are working things out. We still have three children at home, he has nothing in his name, all of our assets are in mine. after reading these stories, I am scared, I don't want him going to prison or losing our stuff. My husband has no extra money to pay back the IRS, he has problems paying for the truck he drives, and the rent on the cheap trailer and the utilities. If he had the money he would have paid them. Is there anyone with information on this sort of problem, or any good outcomes? e-mail me at thank you Phyllis

ID#15054 M. ., 2004-09-18 [ Windsor, Ontario]

Need sourses where to get books,links,meets ect. Thank you, Marian Krapac

ID#15055 r. ., 2004-09-18 [ la, ca]

you are a geneous. you had finish one of my best dream.I am 23 years old and 13 years from those I been serching the true of life .I want say to all human --neo-tech is not ivel, it is a real true. real fact from the real geneous--- not from government or mafiya.thanks for invyting me to yours true.and more -- I am from ukrain! and I love you gays , I will allways respect you gays.thanks again more and more. never stops.

ID#15057 L.J., 2004-09-18 [ Kansas City, Mo]

the best of the best

ID#15058 R.O., 2004-09-18 [ Biloxi, MS]

I purchased two books of the Neo Tech Discovery series. Both my father and mother told me that after reading them, my most improved aspect was my attitude. I am a firm believer in the Neo-Tech Discovery and only wish more people were aware of it's existance! So "PLEASE" keep it on the Web so more can be educated. One of the most evident examples of it's knowledge is all the terrorism in the name of "god and country" going on in the world today; and how educating the masses with the Neo-tech Discovery could eliminate all of this senseless destruction. I no longer have my Neo-tech books, that is why I went to the Web, to find more. Another reason why you should NOT take it off the Web.

ID#15059 J.O., 2004-09-18 [ Hibbing, Mn]

I have just recieved my neo tech manuscript and it is a wealth of information. I now no longer live in fear of anything or anyone it gives you the tools to recreate yourself in to a better person. I have now gone back to college to start a new carrer.

ID#15061 G.M., 2004-09-19 [ Derby, Ct.]

I plan on re-reading the neo-tech discovery because it is very enlightening. The research and profound integrated thought invokes and creates one to actually think about their surroundings.I look forward to reading more literature and actually look forward to utilizing the non-mystical beliefs in my daily routine. I personally give Dr. Wallace a lot of credit taking a non-majority stand on the God issue... that took some courage questioning very deep rooted core beliefs in structured,traditional America. Thank you , George M

ID#15062 S.G., 2004-09-19 [ Glendale, AZ]

I think Neo-Tech is pretty kewl but I'm wondering if the comments page is broken.

ID#15065 R.A., 2004-09-19 [ Moriarty, NM]

Neo-Tech literature have provided clarity to my life for the last 15 years.

ID#15069 l.g., 2004-09-20 [ , ]

as an adult i consider myself and others able to make decisions about what information i see. i do not need someone to watch over me and make decisions for me- from what i have seen of neo tech it does not alsrm me, and i consider myself to be fairly average-brought up in a christian home and university educated.

ID#15070 J.S., 2004-09-20 [ Eagle Point, OR]

I have bought several of your publications in the past.I recently requested more information about some of our other publications (Cosmic Business Control, Global Wealth Power, and the Neo-Tech Business Manual) and how I could obtain them but the e-mail you sent me was supposed to have a file attached for me to download but there was not. could you please send me the information I requested again with any info on future publications. Thank You, John Simas

ID#15072 P.C., 2004-09-20 [ Patra, Ahaia]

Very good religion

ID#15074 S.E., 2004-09-21 [ Sydney, NSW]

I would really like to have the opportunity to make friends & get to know potential romantic love partners , in my geographical region , who are Neo-Tech oriented. Perhaps through several chat or message posting forums each specifically for a particular region. I'd also love to see an online catalogue of all Neo-Tech products available for sale over the internet.Even if the sale of products over the web isn't possible , a listing of all products & their descriptions would be fantastic so that it would be possible to choose a product & purchase it by phone ,fax or mail.In the meantime please add my name to your mailing list as it appears below , & if email is used to correspond with your customers please also add my email address to your email list.

ID#15075 R.B., 2004-09-21 [ Marblehead, MA]

Would like to know if there are meetings or gatherings for people interested in learning more about Neo-Tech. I have the first four books

ID#15076 D.A., 2004-09-21 [ Swampscott, MA]

Please send me information regarding Neo-Tech and if there are meetings. My email address is Mailing address is 21 Franklin Avenue, Swampscott, MA 01907

ID#15077 D.A., 2004-09-21 [ , ]

Please send me info.

ID#15078 D.A., 2004-09-21 [ Swampscott, MA]

Please send me info.

ID#15079 J.H.,@NETZERO.NET 2004-09-21 [ Carpinteria, CA]

The website is informative, interesting and I find it personal. I appreciate the time it takes to write and present this information; vital to survival as faar as I'm concerned.

ID#15083 s. ., 2004-09-22 [ , ]

How are we supposed to now access any of the Neo-Tech publications? Is the "Pax Neo-Tech" complete? I'm not sure I understand the point - was Al going to tell us what he read? Or do I have to find that? I feel like the website is leading to some strange dimension that I can't access - which makes me extremely skeptical of the reasons behind that secrecy. Why is it a secret if it's good for civilization (as you say)?

ID#15092 A.H., 2004-09-23 [ Porvoo, ]

It´s okay. We need alternative information in the middle of spin

ID#15094 M.N., 2004-09-23 [ Indianpolis, In]

I purchased "Neo-Tech Instructions" in 1987,"Neo-Tech Discovery" 1st copy Manuscrip #391pb and also "The Zonpower Discovery" Manusscrip #192111. I am very sorry of not having taken the time to really internalize this valuable knowledge and for this I've paid the price in my business. I have now retired but I am not dead! I am now starting all over again in my quest for wisdom,happiness and long life. Rereading over the"Neo-Tech Instructions" I am starting to feel alive again with new feelings of optimism and power to deal with the neocheaters I see and hear every day especially in this election year of 2004. M.N.G.,IN.

ID#15095 D.J., 2004-09-24 [ So. San Francisco, CA]

Just curious if neo-tech is still alive. I read the first few books many years ago and would like to read them again. Unfortunately, I can't find them.

ID#15096 P.S., 2004-09-24 [ Antwerpen, ]

Of course Neo-Tech should remain on the web. The web is THE communication tool. Now it's use is only 10% of what it will be in the future. On this very early stage of the net, it would be strategiacally a wrong decision to not getting aquainted with methods, etiquette, forms, forums, instant-messaging, e-mail, video-mail, usergroups and other ways of communicating. Stay online, in the near future it will be the only way.

ID#15097 C. ., 2004-09-24 [ miami, Fl.]

I think Neo Tech should stay on the web because if it was really so bad why when you go to their homepage do they show you that there are people who have good comments as well as bad comments.The haters are just mad because now they are exposed for the evil, coniving neocheaters that they really are.Keep spreading the word and all neocheaters will perrish.I have nothing against Neo Tech at all. If you ask me this is as real as it gets.

ID#15099 C.R., 2004-09-25 [ Antioch, IL ]

I never realized how integrated religion is in our society! I have been searching for that "perfect religion" and never found it. Now my search is over because The Neo-Tech Discovery has opened my eyes!! I just recieved the book one week ago and I have already noticed some subtle changes for the better! I am not paying any mind to all the negative things I read on the other web site. I think some of those people are just TOO religious to even function properly. I would,in time,want to study all of the volumes Neo-Tek has to offer. Thank you for your time,Cathy Robinson

ID#15100 M.M., 2004-09-25 [ Blair, NE]

The following is a comment about Mark Himilton's "The Story". In attempt to send it directly to him, via his email that was on the site, the message was returned undelivered for reasons that are beyond me. My request is that it is delivered to him some how, as I feel compelled to do so as stated in the message. I am sure that the operator of this message board can deliver it to him. I want to help him out as much as I can because he has helped me out tremendously. Thank you for your time. Michael Morris I just finished reading the first two chapters of "The Story". I must say that it is the most powerful thing that I have read of NT literature. I am majoring in English; therefore, I spend a lot of time breaking stories down. This book, I must say, has a explosively powerful message. However, the mechanics of your work is sub-standard. The acutal writing is not the best, but the message does more than make up for it. Also, I read the first couple paragraphs of the third chapter and I noticed the word anitcivilization. I became less enthused to read on, so I stopped and will continue tomorrow as it is 2:24am and I am tired. I am telling you that I became less enthused about reading further because I believe it brought your work down. With all the Neo-Tech literature that is out there, the word anticivilzation is cliche. After integrating all the knowledge I have gained from Neo-Tech, the word anticivilization has showed up a lot. Anticivilization is essentially a metaphor. It helps to explain the society that we live in. Since "The Story" is relatively new in the spectrum of NT literature the use of the word anticivilization, at least in a work of creative fiction such as this, detracts from your creative genius and essentially the whole story. In order to enhance you story you must develop new and expanding metaphors to help show the readers the type of civilization we live in. "Anitcivilization" does a lot to show that but it is overused and some what out of date. I don't mean to detract from your story because it is very powerful; I can already see that in the first two chapers. What I am attempting to do is help you improve upon it so you can better "freely blow apart the matirx of illusions that has trapped all adults in an anticivilzation". This is the exact line that I am talking about, changed a little to fit the context and flow into my sentence. I just feel compelled to write you since you have done so much for me personally. The dynamic of value exchange in action. Please let me know your thougts and I will continue mine as I continue to read "The Story". Again, THANK YOU! With Respect, Michael Morris

ID#15103 m.m., 2004-09-25 [ jersey city, nj]

Neo- tech should remain on the web forever. Neo-tech is our last hope or we shall all perish sooner than we expect.

ID#15104 r. ., 2004-09-26 [ , ]

very interesting piece of intellectual analysis & going to read more, but not sure about the underlying values - seem a bit money oriented, harsh

ID#15105 M.A., 2004-09-26 [ Slough, Berkshire]

I've no about neo-tech. Please send me some information about it at my address provided. Thanks

ID#15106 . ., 2004-09-26 [ , ]

Please change your marketing tactics. It makes it hard for lower income people to readily afford it.

ID#15110 t.e., 2004-09-26 [ lynbrook, nt]

I have purchased Zonpower and Dr. Wallace's tape, and found both to be extremely enlightening. like most people (i am led to believe) the concept of Neo-tech is difficult to grasp at first due to it approach of life's realities which are so different that those which many of us are brought up on. But I read and re-read, and slowly at first, then profoundly, i was awakened to the concepts and understand them, as i do now, to be truly correct.

ID#15111 B.R., 2004-09-26 [ Amsterdam, ]

Please, bring out the book in Dutch as well. My english is good, but there are still some words i simply don't understand and that takes a long time untill i finish the book. Best regards, Bianca

ID#15113 E.M., 2004-09-26 [ Mojacar Playa, Almeria]

I would like to at least have the opportunity to check in and read personal notes from the authors

ID#15116 A.P., 2004-09-27 [ Johannesburg, ]

I think neotech is great, however this is more of a enquirey than a comment...... On the 23rd of june 2004 my credit card was debited for the neo-tech discovery, today is the 27th of september 2004 and i still never recieved my neo-tech discovery book. Please help me, i a have been anxiously awaiting the neo-tech discovery for the past three months, Does it really take that long to recieve a book? Please will someone reply to this enquirey?

ID#15117 M.M., 2004-09-27 [ Blair , NE]

I must say that "The Story" by Mark Hamilton is the best work I have ever read, and trust me I have read a lot. It is the quintessence of what neo-tech is. It is the ultimate integration of everything thus far. Nothing I have read brings together the puzzle better than this work. To me, it brings the logic of everything neo-tech is and adds even more emotion into it. By that I mean the reader, if engaged in the reading, can feel the emotion of the characters. This work brings both sides of the brain together better than any other neo-tech work I have read. He must be commended for his work. I have nothing but good things to say about Neo-Tech, its writers, and anyone involved. Thank YOU for you tireless efforts, and please keep them coming because i foresee a day of happiness for the entire world. With a new-found respect, Michael Morris

ID#15118 R.R., 2004-09-27 [ SUNNYVALE, CA]

McDonalds free web access has cyber blocked " START SWEEPING" as hate speech.

ID#15120 N. ., 2004-09-27 [ Central Point, Oregon]

I purchased "The Book" back in 2000

ID#15122 t. ., 2004-09-27 [ Kissimmee , Fl.]

I have the book. i have always looked for more out of every life experiences. The BOOk have given me something to reach for. thankyou for finding me and enlightening me.

ID#15123 j.j., 2004-09-28 [ takoradi, western]

the society shoud be kept secret because the content and what it provides for its costomers should not in any way be known by any ordinary person.

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