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ID#15974 J.M., 2005-02-03 [ Jamestown, NC]

A very freeing prospective! Thank you; I hope all brace the change.

ID#15975 l.m., 2005-02-03 [ west wardsboro, vt]

there was a line in the book that stayed on my mindso i sat at the computer in type in (year 2300 higher mystical realm and it went to neo-tech in i was so happy and than dr,wallace name came up i was so happy i felt like crying

ID#15976 S.C., 2005-02-03 [ Dade City, Fl.]

My life has been a strugle. The reason so is that I,ve always known within, that life as it is,is false. Everything I had read in the first book,I had agree'd with without one dis-agreement. It was like someone removed most of the information from my thoughts. Neo-tech GODMAN was what I had been looking for. I'am still having problems with how to live in a world where I dis-agree with most people. I do not tell them,I attemt to just do whats rite no matter how tough it is. Finding more people like myself is virtuatly impossible.

ID#15980 P.K., 2005-02-04 [ Hitzacker, ]

Kundendienst-Service-Retoure Liebe Frau Alice Kern Ich sandte Ihnen bereits ein Fax, bekam aber bis dato keine Antwort ihrerseits.Ich bitte um Antwort ob das von Ihnen zusätzlich - irrtümlich gelieferte zweite NEO - TECH Buch unfrei zurück geht. Mit freundlichem Gruß Peter Kruse Osterloh 6 D 29456 Hitzacker Fax 0049 5862 8973 eMail :

ID#15981 T.O., 2005-02-04 [ , ]

You should most definitely remain on the web because everyone loves good fiction. I mean, nothing says 'scam' like receiving a letter that says "...respond now, however, or you'll never hear from us again" and then receiving the same letter roughly a year later. Nice work. If your 'society' is so enlighted and prosperous and profitable, then we'll talk when you send me a check for $100,000. Until then, I'll hold my breath. But please, do stick around. For your tactics 'obselete' one sucker every other minute.

ID#15985 K.G., 2005-02-04 [ Milburn, Ne]

Neo Tech exposes the truth about government, religion, and all other false power. once that knowledge is gained the rest just falls into place.

ID#15986 A.G., 2005-02-05 [ , ]

Everyone has a right to say what they want to say in an unobtrusive manner. No one has the right to do what they want to do in any manner. Should this site stay on-line? I see no reason for it not to. If you are offended by this site, don't view it. Do I agree with everything this site is saying? No, not even a fraction but I do think that some of what is expressed here has merrit in terms of directional thought. I would much rather have this site remain online and have the child pornography removed from the "innocent" viewers' eyes.

ID#15988 B.B., 2005-02-05 [ , ]

There is no reason to remove valuable philosophical information that promotes with honesty, integrity and acccuracy an excellent framework for understanding, operating in, leveraging and unshackling the human condition. Without this information on the web, most will never be exposed to it and hence the core Neo-Tech mission to eradicate mysticism would lessen in potency and, ultimately fail, making the action or removal an exercise in the very self destructive mysticism - an irrational course, which, in self contradiction and failure, would embolden mysticism and undermine any future efficacy for this philosophy.

ID#15989 J. ., 2005-02-05 [ LONDON, ]

I bought The neo-tech discovery book few years ago and keep going back to it.It clarifyed many things.

ID#15990 K.T., 2005-02-05 [ Loganville, Georgia]

The website is my only way of keeping up with new Neo-Tech updates and products. I own over a dozen of your publications and attended the 1986 World Summit.

ID#15992 g.r., 2005-02-05 [ South Bend, IN]

Interesting. Want to see more. What was Dr. Wallace in prison for. GPR

ID#15993 L.S., 2005-02-06 [ Corpus Christi , Tx]

Please keep site on the Web - very informative I have achieved great results, feel a different person after reading the first manuscript. LS

ID#15998 N.F., 2005-02-07 [ , ]

I would like to learn more about life events.

ID#16008 T.J., 2005-02-08 [ Mount Kisco, NY]

I think whoever comes upon this information will be most fortunate. NT is a Great source of knowledge for everyone.Thanx

ID#16009 T.J., 2005-02-08 [ Mount Kisco, NY]

I think whoever comes upon this information will be most fortunate. NT is a Great source of knowledge for everyone.Thanx

ID#16010 J. ., 2005-02-08 [ cincinnati, ohio]

It would be a blow to neo-thinkers everywhere if you were to leave the web. I'll help if I can.

ID#16015 D.S., 2005-02-09 [ Inverness, Florida]

I recognize Neo-Tech to be very crucial to me and my family's well-being and survival,I just want peace,love and wealth for us. I am a single parent, just trying to provide. So, please let me know how I can learn more, so we can also prosper from this information. Thank you, Dan.

ID#16016 J.F., 2005-02-09 [ Nampa, ID]

This seems interesting. Please mail me more information.

ID#16017 M.S., 2005-02-09 [ Brighton, East Sussex]

Any really 'brilliant' information should be available on the web, as Neo-Tech is brilliant, the web was originally designed for such info. The web and Neo-tech are a large part of our present and a major part of our future. We must find an answer to the idiot's trying to screw it up.

ID#16021 T.D., 2005-02-09 [ Milledgeville, Ga]

Since the internet is the ultimate source of any information, those who seek knowledge, power, wealth and love should be rewarded immensely with Neo-Tech.

ID#16022 H.C., 2005-02-10 [ New Milford, CT]

I would like to know how to reach out to other neo-tech individuals.

ID#16024 L.R., 2005-02-10 [ Hugo, OK]

I searched the web for more after reading The Neo Tech Discovery. I am hungry for more. My life has changed drastically and contunes to do so daily. Life for me ia a roller coaster of changes. The Society promised to be in touch with more. I't now been two months. Maby I'll hear from them soon. Please stay on line. Lana Rollins Hugo OK PHONE# 580-317-8440

ID#16025 . ., 2005-02-10 [ , ]

FEB.10-05 Dear Mr. Hamilton;I fininshed my studies on SAINT AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO!I am doing wonderfully well;and mu mother is not causingany more trouble for me any more. I don't think she has really changed much;but I still feel Leary About Her.And have got to be CAUSIOUS OF HER,no matter what.

ID#16026 . ., 2005-02-10 [ , ]


ID#16027 . ., 2005-02-10 [ , ]


ID#16030 R.O., 2005-02-10 [ Rio de Janeiro, RJ]

Neo-Tech is the most effective tool ever created. It competes Internet in usefulness. Every citizen in the world should read it. But it's just omnirism. At least for this century, for misticism and dishonesty, in several parts of the world are and will be unbeatable for a long time.

ID#16035 b. ., 2005-02-10 [ Hebron, KY]

I found your comments very interesting and would like to learn more.

ID#16037 R.S., 2005-02-11 [ Kissimmee, Fl]

I would like an updated catalog please.

ID#16040 d. ., 2005-02-12 [ , ]

The IRS has tormentaed me for over twenty five years. I was audited 9 times on the same quarterly filing. Each audit reflected a different amount. I sued the IRS 3 times in Federal Court in the mid 80's. I won all 3 times. They still taunt me to this day ! The IRS wins by singling out one person at a time. They are far too heavily funded with our tax dollars via Congress thus if we sue them we in effect sue ourselves. The IRS has no "actual" legal authority, yet they usrup power through fear tactics and the filing of illegal liens, audits, property sales, illegal seizures and all other means, leagl or otherwise. SEE " SCHULTZ VS. IRS @". All Americans need to join this cause.

ID#16041 M.B., 2005-02-12 [ Southampton, N Y]

I would like to order books from I&O publishing by Frank Wallace. I have misplaced my originals and would like to replace them. Thank you.

ID#16042 L.J., 2005-02-12 [ bremreton, wa]

HI, I would like to know if any of the character's in 'The Story', available via email? I would also like to meet person or person's involve in Neo_Tech, perhaps at the next summit. Lindy Jones Bremerton WA

ID#16043 L.J.,@YAHOO.COM 2005-02-12 [ BREMERTON, WA]

When is you next summit. Please email me of your next event at joneslg@YAHOO.COM THANKS

ID#16048 . ., 2005-02-12 [ , ]

I think it is a load of old (worse than rubbish0 Platitudes at best.

ID#16049 . ., 2005-02-13 [ , ]

I got a recentmailing and went to RipOff Report to get info re this organization. The rebuttal listed this web address and explained that your organization has posted all publications on the web so that anyone can read them for free. I am in the middle of reading all this. I will definitely have comments when I am done. However, even tho there is much in what i have read so far that seems overwrought and overwritten as well as perhaps not the most efficient way to achieve the goal, There is a lot of good in what i am reading. I think anything that helps people learn to look and think bigger and become part of creating a better reality here on the planet... well, I think that thing should be available to as many as can find it. Because we are pretty much at the sink or swim point here on our '3rd Rock' and I, for one, came here to learn to swim and help others to do the same.

ID#16050 E.H., 2005-02-13 [ Arlington, M]

I got a recentmailing and went to RipOff Report to get info re this organization. The rebuttal listed this web address and explained that your organization has posted all publications on the web so that anyone can read them for free. I am in the middle of reading all this. I will definitely have comments when I am done. However, even tho there is much in what i have read so far that seems overwrought and overwritten as well as perhaps not the most efficient way to achieve the goal, There is a lot of good in what i am reading. I think anything that helps people learn to look and think bigger and become part of creating a better reality here on the planet... well, I think that thing should be available to as many as can find it. Because we are pretty much at the sink or swim point here on our '3rd Rock' and I, for one, came here to learn to swim and help others to do the same.

ID#16055 . ., 2005-02-13 [ , ]

I have heard enough!

ID#16056 R.H., 2005-02-13 [ Glasgow, ]

I located the site after hearing an interview with the webmaster of neo tech warriors.

ID#16057 m.g., 2005-02-13 [ galway., europe]

Greetings! From the land of the Saints and scolars and Saint patrick John the Baptist said of Jesus Christ"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world" he has chosen the weakest and innocent of animals as a symbol of his purpose on Planet Earth. He could have chosen the various charastics of other animals, eg. the strenght of an elephant. the power of a Lion, the speed of the other animals etc, One of his purpose was to know our Pain! matt8;17This was to fufill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: "HE TOOK UP OUR INFIRMITIES AND HEAL OUR DISEASES." Yet he is known today as "THE KING OF KINGS, AND THE LORD OF LORDS." Jesus always promoted the The kingdom of Heaven, and the ways and power of that kingdom. Jesus was not weak, but he was very much misunderstood. I will let you know later the purpose of my writing this short note to you . Thank you for your attintion and keepup the good work.

ID#16058 R.B., 2005-02-13 [ Bakersfield, CA]

Neo-Tech is the only viable hope for the future of all lifeforms

ID#16061 M.M.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-02-14 [ , ]


ID#16062 M.M.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-02-14 [ GLENDALE , ]


ID#16063 M.M.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-02-14 [ GLENDALE , ARIZONA]


ID#16065 C.B., 2005-02-14 [ Albuquerque, N.M.]

Hi, my name is Cassandra Barragan and I am searching a neo-tech high school and a elementary school or at least a neo-tech teacher to teach the values like Annabelle.Is it possible, I don't care if I have to live somewhere else. I live in Albuquerque, N.M. but I am thinking about moving to Las Vegas, Nevada to get involve with the Neo-tech place in Henderson. My oldest daughter lives in Las Vegas and I want to tell about Neo-tech. She does not know about it. I am halfway on the Neo-tech World. It is fantastic even though nothing happens to me yet. Please tell me if I can put my children in Neo-tech school or is there anything that I can use to teach them. I received a letter advertising about accelerated learning but I lost it as I did not have the money at that time. It was about a few years ago so do you have that and more about education. I want it all for my children and grandchildren. Please respond Thank you. My e-mail is but I may not have the computer very long for my husband is out of job and will have to disconnect the phone line and internet. So unless we get another job please use this address: Cassandra Barragan -6412 Burgos n.w. - Albuquerque, n.m. 87114 I will have this internet for about a month so if you respond now use the e-mail. Thank you again

ID#16069 m. ., 2005-02-14 [ , ]

1. ". . Muslim/Stalinist Saddam Hussein, who killed or brutalized millions of his own countrymen" . . Which the USA were well aware of and supported when Saddam served their interests. 2. " . . (Saddam) aims to become the major financier and weapons supplier for terrorists determined to destroy America in the years ahead." Yes, he probably would have given half the chance. But as some of us knew from the beginning of the media propaganda/brainwashing campaign, the WMD scaremongering was a cover story the neo-cons cooked up as a smokescreen for invasion (along with spreading "democracy" and "freedom" with bombs and torture, whilst dismantling citizens freedoms at home). And how is "terrorist" being defined here? Anybody who doesn't support the neo-con cabals' ambitions? What about the state terror and torture carried out by the USA and it's "allies" which inflames these Arab countries in the first place? 3. "Make no mistake, Islamic terrorists financed and supplied by Iraq along with Iran, Syria, and North Korea will ultimately kill Americans by the millions and destroy the world economies." You may have fallen victim of propaganda USA-style. Too much ranting from FOX news et al perhaps. It is certainly true to say that many "extreme" Islamics desire to kill Americans by the millions, because they, like the average American citizen, are hopelessly brainwashed too. Islamic extremists, rednecks, Christian far right, take your pick, it's all the same craziness. Maybe the biggest danger to world peace and the world economy right now are the Bush-led neo-cons waging war-for-profit-and-power around the world on resource-rich, yet poverty-stricken countries. 4. " . . hatred for freedom and prosperity" That is very naieve. It's Bush-talk. They hate America mostly for what America has done to them over the years and for supporting the dictators that have made their lives so miserable. They hate Americas hypocrisy and ignorance. Its arrogance and double-standards and for supporting Israeli terrorism. Hating freedom and prosperity are the lesser reasons i would have thought, although they probably feel threatened by it given the nature of their own fanatical beliefs. Democracy and freedom at home first, huh? And there is no "evil-doing" Al-Qaeda network as vast and organised as Bush and the zionist controlled media would have us all believe. And there is no PROOF that bin laden pulled off 911. The official story of 911 is not supported by the the FACTS. Anomolies abound. Serious questions remain unanswered. The "patriot act" and "homeland security" seem very Orwellian. What is really going on? The neo-cheaters have the upper hand i believe. Anyway, quite interesting reading so far, not familiar with the latest writings. Yes, stay on the net. Thanks for listening.

ID#16070 . ., 2005-02-15 [ , ]

i know that neo-tech is for me but without the encyclopedia i could not understand the concepts

ID#16071 R.G., 2005-02-15 [ Cincinnati, Ohio]

After reading Frank R. Wallace's books The Neo-Tech Discovery and Zonpower For Riches from a Neo World I am totally convinced the world as we see it is wrong and needs to be corrected. Involving myself in the neo-think way has allowed me to see the true reality. It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. To know things are not as they seem is a great comfort and an eye opening experience. Looking forward to more readings on this matter.

ID#16072 . ., 2005-02-15 [ , ]

FEB.15-05; Dear Mr. Hamilton; I am all caught up on all my studies.And have completed my studies on ST. AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO. Sincerely yours Kimberly.

ID#16074 . ., 2005-02-15 [ , ]

FEB.15-05; HI IT'S ME AGAIN!The website which I just found has to do a great deal with the NEO-TECH WORLD!I think you should take a look at this website.Everything that I have been studing for the past many months,falls into place;just like you said it would be.Just like all the PUZZLE-PIECES,snapping into place. And now,I can truely see my whole new life as a PANARAMA VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!Now I see my new life as a whole picture;and I am simplyt amazed.It's like crossing over to the other side,and entering into HEAVEN & PARADICE.If you are interested in looking at this website please feel free to type and I will give you an up-date on my new studies on this subjects.

ID#16075 N.C., 2005-02-15 [ FORT WORTH, TX]

I would like to know how to get current information on new publications and how to navigate your website.

ID#16079 d. ., 2005-02-16 [ Dunedin, fl.]

you provide us with a fresh point of view at one timee i had the original Zonpower but have lost it along the way it was black and looked similar to the bible and was soft cover as i recall . keep up the good works!

ID#16080 G.U., 2005-02-16 [ Wallsend, N.S.W]

In the process of changing my life!!!!

ID#16081 s. .,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-02-16 [ , ]

Greetings! My name is Susana. I’m a teacher in Portugal, but I have a problem. My beloved brother has a disease who has no mercy! And I waste all my money with therapy and medicine! He love to learn(he has a deep Christian faith) but he have no money and a very few friends! The only joy he has is to read(it's a compulsion). Will you please help out his poor and lonely soul by sending him some books. Any books would be greatly appreciated. He would really like books about Jesus Christ, any Christian book would be loved. Thanks for saving her soul from the hell in which he live. I really need a lot of help. I’m starting to think that there is no help for me, too! WE DON'T HAVE A PRIVATE COMPUTER! Please please please send me something!Old, even damaged print matterial, anything.. I thank you your love Susana Our address: Susana Marmelo Travessa Monte Louro, 102 ,2º esq. 4250-321 Porto Portugal

ID#16090 G.v., 2005-02-17 [ Alphen aan den Rijn, ]

For years ago I bought a book "The Zonpower Discovery " and now I discover it on the internet. I'll read it now and let you no what it was meant to me. Sorry for my bad english. Yours faithfully, Geert

ID#16092 E.E., 2005-02-17 [ Cleveland Hts, OH]


ID#16094 . ., 2005-02-17 [ , ]

FEB.17-05 HI! IT ME AGAIN Mr.Wallace; I just found an interesting website,you might be interested in looking at. It is quite different from all the rest. I also feel that this website might fit into'THE NEO-TECH WORLD'.If you have time and are interested in this website please feel free to log onto this I will keep you in touch on how I am comming along on my research on this subject.Please inform Mr. Hamilton on my new researches on QUANTUM COMPUTERS & THE MATRIX SYSTEM.

ID#16095 . ., 2005-02-17 [ , ]

FEB.17-05 Dear Mr. Hamilton& Mr. Wallace; HEY! GUESS WHAT! I am finding out what the hell happened to me,when I was a very young age. I also discovered WHO,WHAT, WHERE AND WHY,AND HOW,my life took a 'DIVE',and changed for the negative. I also discovered,It Was Never My Fault,And I Was Never, Ever To Blame. When I began to read this information studied by a Professor,I did not feel ANGRY at all, I always wanted to know,what the hell happened,and I always wanted to know if a family member purposely put an 'CURSE',ON MY LIFE!And I am now discovering,what went WRONG! I will keep you in touch on how my personal research is comming along. Sincerely yours Kimberly.

ID#16097 b.f., 2005-02-17 [ Hockley, TX]

the few pages i have read are very enlightening. i will come back to visit this site. thank you

ID#16098 . ., 2005-02-17 [ , ]

why is it that you guys don't have a physicall address. Isn't that a little odd for a company that claims that there are a lot of neocheaters around? where is the transparency of your claims?

ID#16099 C.L., 2005-02-17 [ Austin, TX]

I truly feel you should contnue on the WEB, as it is vital to a society to stay informed and enlightened. Thank you for being there ...I'm getting the book, hope my check clears, further pray for health, then wealth.

ID#16100 C.R., 2005-02-18 [ Springfield, MO]

I am not completely certain of your organization, however, I will be sending my letter to you guys to get the eighty page book. Then, and only then will I be able to make an educated stance regarding The Nouveau Tech Society.

ID#16101 J.R., 2005-02-18 [ Chatsworth, Il]

Hi I love your work,it has helped me quite a bit so far.Sadly I lost a lot of your books when i moved. Would you please e mail me a list of the books that are offered now.Thanks John Rogers

ID#16103 R.S.,@YAHOO.COM 2005-02-18 [ AURORA, IL]

freedom of speech simple put! those that can keep an open mind will benifit!

ID#16104 . ., 2005-02-18 [ , ]

FEB.18-05 Dear Mr. Hamilton& Mr. Wallace; Thank you for providing me with great new ideas to do research on GOD'S MAJESTIC CREATION;from our book NEO-TECH WORLD. I just came accross several websites to research and study. I will get back to you on this subject.If you are interested in this website;I will get right back with you. Sincerely yours Kimberly.

ID#16106 M.W., 2005-02-18 [ Nottingham, ]

What I have seen so far is very interesting. However,this comment is not related to your site. I recieved your information in the post on the 13th February 2005, unfortunately I did not put my name on the sheet of paper, that I sent back to you. Could you please send me your information about the "Nuova Tech Discovery". I am very interested in what you had to say in your letter. If this is at all possible, could you please send me your free copy that you stated to, Mr Mark Wright, 47a Birkin Avenue, Hyson Green, Nottingham, NG7 5AE.

ID#16107 D.B., 2005-02-18 [ Rochester, MI]

Interesting philosophy, much of which I agree with, but a more focused how-to approach is needed. I read all the web pages and felt I learned nothing of how to "find riches, love or happiness" in the next few weeks or few years. Also, feel the claims that all this info is "free" is dubious, at best, and after buying whatever it is your're selling, the info will be cryptic and so general that I will be pursuaded to keep buying more of your info for this "secret."

ID#16109 S."., 2005-02-19 [ Elk CIty, OK]

This is just a short post for now since I'm (both) excited and relieved to have found that the 'Tech exists in cyber-space. Ahh this is but a short prelude to a (later) longer reply to examining both the negative (how funny a read and how interesting I chose to view these biased one-sided emotionally collapsed judgements first)and the positive responses (also, I'm not one bit surprised at the reactions from the negative side). Anyway, I was just looking up some info and Neo-Tech sprung to mind and, as a wild shot, I typed "Neo-Tech" into the search engine and low and behold up popped this wonderful site (even though slightly tarnished with mystics and professional neo-cheaters, shame, shame!). Gotta go for now, just dropping a line. But later I'm returning with my REAL thoughts on both sides. Appreciate you guys more than words can say.

ID#16111 D.M., 2005-02-19 [ , ]

The articles that I read...I found to be refreshing as well as enlightening. I will visit this site many more times,now that I have found it.

ID#16112 M. .,@UKZN.AC.ZA 2005-02-19 [ DURBAN, KZN]


ID#16114 R. ., 2005-02-19 [ SAN LORENZO, SALTA]

Is there any reson why The Story is not sold in book stores?, could it be the same reason that kept Atlas Shrugged in Spanish out of the market? (politicians)

ID#16116 M.C., 2005-02-20 [ Durango , CO]

Yes once again I vote for neo-tech to stay on the web because I am too broke to afford to manuals. But I'm really just wondering where the Neo-tech Reference Encyclopedia is I can't seem to find it. MC

ID#16117 . ., 2005-02-20 [ , ]

Stay put here and let me see ur irrational comments. Businesses are not to be blamed for selling toxic to children? And parents should be locked up for feeding their children what they bought from these toxic selling business? My you are one sicko. All tort lawyers should arise to put these business out of business. All parents should unite to put all coke and sugar business owners in jail. We dont need them at all. Worse, who wants harm inducing business in our midst?

ID#16118 . ., 2005-02-20 [ , ]

hahaha how could Jefferson understood the zon concept when he penned "their creator". Obviously he meant the christian creator, u nuthead!

ID#16122 r.@., 2005-02-21 [ San Francisco, CA]

FROM day one good thing started to happen. Neo-tech open up my eyes to a new way of thinking about life

ID#16123 R. ., 2005-02-21 [ , ]

bought the book a few years ago and was interested if it was still around.

ID#16124 M.M., 2005-02-21 [ Everett, WA]

We definitely need to have both sides of the argument available for others to view. Especially when some of us are just waking up and are truly open-minded and sick of being physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally "raped" by current society standards. Bravo for the guts and determination to help people find and reveal their "own" truths! (I want to buy the reading material but am flat broke w/no one to borrow from YET.)

ID#16125 C.E., 2005-02-21 [ Lakeside, ca]

I believe much of what you have to say. however many questions come to mind. For now i can only wish for the things you teach. i ahve just received and been have been reading the 700 page book all weekend. I believe you should stay on the webb. It is your right and I for one want to know more. Looking forward to the summit. Also i am in immedent Sample letters as i am in a battle with the local county government on some land use issues. i have to say The package i recieved did not come with how I recieve other publications or a webb site. I am however a free thinker and I believe a very special person, different than most. Sam or no scam your literiture connected wiyh me. Going off the webb would be an injustice to yourself.

ID#16127 J.L., 2005-02-22 [ , ]

1. universal individual freedom, liberty and speech

ID#16128 J.L., 2005-02-22 [ Deer Park, TX]

1. universal individual freedom, liberty and speech

ID#16130 A.L., 2005-02-22 [ tucson, az]

I am a reader of The Book God Man/Neo-Tech Discovery.

ID#16131 J.M., 2005-02-22 [ Altamonte Springs, Florida]

I own manuscript #22CZ from Neo-Tech II. It has been a guide for me for many years. I'm presently the Founder of an Orlando Florida Atheist organization and have read many Ayn Rand publications etc.. I plan to incorporate many of the Neo-Tech principles in my future discussions. Please put me on your mailing list!

ID#16134 b.h., 2005-02-22 [ , ]

though my believes are 180 from yours people have a right too decide who they.ll follow!I found my answers in your so-called mystical jesus..their is a god of this world and it's not the biblical jesus as yet and your existence and people like you prove biblical prophecy!why is my life going so well i wonder? and no group like yours or your disciples will ever destroy me as people dealt with in business that follow your principles are the real rapers and destroyers laying a path of cold calculated non caring people . i'm a happy camper and feel good about producing..i do agree that most politicians are taking a free ride but that's life! ..your actually be protected from the god you claim does not exist!! good luck

ID#16135 B. ., 2005-02-22 [ Evanston, Illinois]

I enjoy neo-teach. it has a way of motivating, and encouraging forward thinking. there is an element to it that foments productivity. I used to have some literature but lost in in a car wreck. I could use more and am currently using the site to reaquaint myself.

ID#16137 L.P., 2005-02-22 [ Brooklyn, NY]

Hello, I really enjoy Neo-tech and use it in most of my everyday speaking. I would like smaller compact versions of the books if they are available. I am also interested in any new books please put me on your mailing list again. I was without a job and couldn't afford the books so you may have thought that I was not interested. Also, is there a way to get books that I am missing? Like a list of books and see which I don't have then order those little by little? Finally and I know I am a bit demanding but I would love your books on CD if possible. I would soak in the info while asleep and take it on the train while I go to work. It would be wonderful also if you could send me some information in spanish for my family. I plan on visiting them in Puerto Rico and would like to leave them at least Al's story in spanish or something else that would grab their attention. Well, thank you for your attention in these matters. Have a wonderful day!

ID#16140 P.Z., 2005-02-23 [ Buffalo, NY]

I have purchased your products before, just saying thanks, keep in touch.

ID#16142 J. ., 2005-02-23 [ , ]

An interesting philosophy of positive living for open minds

ID#16143 J. ., 2005-02-23 [ Crystal Lake, IL]

An interesting philosophy of positive living for open minds

ID#16145 W.S., 2005-02-23 [ NORTHBOROUGH, 01532]

Your material is full of wildly erroneous ideas and comments about Christianity and church leaders, indicating a serious lack of knowledge about the true nature of religion in general and Christianity in particular. I have personally found it impossible to swallow the absurd ideas promoted by Dr. Wallace and his associates.

ID#16147 M.A., 2005-02-23 [ Winchester, VA]

Without a doubt you should stay on the web. This is a very interesting concept that I find fascinating. However,I still fail to see how one can prosper(magically) from this knowledge. I have only read seen one but can`t wait to read the rest. I have always thought that people were held back by thier beliefs. I have an uncanny urge to learn more about all of this. I really do. Sincerely, Mike Averett

ID#16148 J. ., 2005-02-24 [ , ]

Recently my younger sister who lives in a town called Sandpoint, Idaho ; was falsely arrested, taken out of her home by force in the middle of the night. She was accused of leaving the scene of an accident. She was removed in her bath robe, not allowed to get dressed, handcuffed, humiliated as her robe kept coming open, charged with D.U.I. even though she was in her home at the time of arrest. On arrival to the County Sheriff station, she was placed in a cell and force searched by two female cops ... to the point of needlessly using a stunn - gun on her and basically beat her up. My sister stands 4 foot 7 inches, and barely a hundred pounds. At present time I have no way of helping her with her legal battle ... not even financialy. Is there an honest Attorney out there, who would be willing to help her ? If so ... Call Jeff ( 562 ) 728 - 7929 Cell #

ID#16149 J. ., 2005-02-24 [ Lakewood, CA.]

Recently my younger sister who lives in a town called Sandpoint, Idaho ; was falsely arrested, taken out of her home by force in the middle of the night. She was accused of leaving the scene of an accident. She was removed in her bath robe, not allowed to get dressed, handcuffed, humiliated as her robe kept coming open, charged with D.U.I. even though she was in her home at the time of arrest. On arrival to the County Sheriff station, she was placed in a cell and force searched by two female cops ... to the point of needlessly using a stunn - gun on her and basically beat her up. My sister stands 4 foot 7 inches, and barely a hundred pounds. At present time I have no way of helping her with her legal battle ... not even financialy. Is there an honest Attorney out there, who would be willing to help her ? If so ... Call Jeff ( 562 ) 728 - 7929 Cell #

ID#16153 M.H., 2005-02-24 [ Somewhereton, NSW]

It's the worst Bush propaganda I've ever exposed myself to. From reading the lines, "America is the most Christian Nation" where population is a composite of multi nations, religions and cultures; "US has been the most free country", when we all know that you just got rid of slavery and every US citizen is still effected by it; wanting to usurp natural resources from various Middle Eastern countries backing it up with your explanation of natural law (who gives you the right?!; branding Cuba a terrorist country simply because it's a threat to US politic point of view. Every word on this site, shows US terrorism and arrogance, and funnily enough some people have got very pissed off by it. You people are so ridiculous...

ID#16154 J.F., 2005-02-24 [ Cathedral City, CA]

My belief system is connected wholly to Neothink/NeoTech. For years I have gone in and out of consciousness. I have had visions of a peaceful, healthful world but now I know it is brought together with The Neo-Tech World. For 44 years I have been an RN and find the health system needs Neo-Tech and reform. The scientist are bringing forth so may advances in healing, anti-aging but stopped by the regulation of FDA.To my individual consciousness I see the power of God/Man bringing answers and light to these needs. This value is my ever developing vision. All the known knowlege permeated in mans mind of decay can be changed in the new world. Consicousness can change weather patterns, the whole cosmos itself. The power within God/Man has endless possobilites now and always. Once I questioned within myself, What is behiind love, the powerforce of life? Even that has potential behond what we know. Could it be LIGHT that filters from all God/Man beings or is it another mystery to unfold? All life is intertwined as all knowledge. Once this becomes part of consciousness all misconceptions of health, wealth , happinees will fade. The brain is still a mystery. The corpus ludeum that separates right from left brain must dissolve or allow better transmission and becomes one unit as we evolve then consciousness will have the power to answer long life. There are already answers to stop cellular decay but are kept back from us by the powers over us. It is my dream to be able to bring value in the health field for all to know. There are so many natural healing and health supporting compounds in the world that are held back because of profit and greed. I found out recently that there is a natural remedy for cancer but it has been held back because it would put Chemo and Radiation mostly out of business. It has been on a shelf in a pharmacutial co. since 1976. FDA causes more problems than we can even imagine mostly because of money. Such happiness is mine knowing Neo/Tech and Neo/Think and I plan on living well past a 100 or more. All the visions will come to past and sooner than soon! Send your ideas!

ID#16157 G.M., 2005-02-25 [ Ferness, ]

Governments and other governing boddies are making us prisoners in our countries, and if we do not comply with them because we dont agree with them, then they outlaw us. Neo Tech shows without question, the evil that we are up against. I dont believe that Neo Tech can, or should, be stopped! I just wish I could afford to buy all of the material from this brave and enlightened people! Then I would join them in the most important battle against the lying cheating white collar hoaxers which we will win in time!

ID#16161 N.O., 2005-02-26 [ Ogden, UT]

Why is the question of Neo-Tech remaining on the Web an issue?

ID#16164 D. ., 2005-02-26 [ Couer d' Alene, ID]

You can not make an informed choise if you don't have all sides.

ID#16165 A. ., 2005-02-27 [ Tucson , AZ.]

I havebeen reading the book on and off. Very good results have been attainef.

ID#16166 J. ., 2005-02-27 [ Chicago, IL]

not much for reading wondering if you have this in a cds or cassette versions

ID#16167 M. ., 2005-02-27 [ , Texas]

Dude, you really need to get out more. It's obvious you don't have people around to just converse with because everything I've seen is SO long winded. It reminds me of babysitters who haven't been around anyone but children all day, when the adult parents come to pick them us, the babysitter is so starved for adult conversation she just keeps talking on and on. Your web site talks about the need to undermine religion, however the letter I received mentions "swear on the Bible" (pg.1 paragraph 6). The letter also says Nouveau Tech has a profile on me. Why don't they have in my "profile" that I am a Christian and very strong believer? Then I get on your web site and see the name Barbie Diamond. Come on, you've got to be kidding me. You lie in your correspondence and your web-site and you don't do it well at all. Get out, get a hobby, visit a church, weave baskets, do SOMETHING. You have serious issues man.

ID#16170 b.h., 2005-02-27 [ lithgow, nsw]

i received a free invitation from nuova tech on 25 feb 05 then looked you up to discover a bit more sad to see the trouble you have had..we need sources of info on how to be free of the modern worlds control mail from here is slow to get out so would like to accept free info as described..barcode 3481050, manuscript #10088-k will study your info asap for my info..where did you find my name??? for mailout???

ID#16171 M. ., 2005-02-27 [ Chicago, IL]

I am looking for more concrete information. How can I order books that you have published? Where can I get a book/price list? I have read Pax Neo-Tech manuscript. Did not get much useful information out of it. I like the philosophy, but not sure what to do with it.

ID#16173 E. ., 2005-02-27 [ Camden, s.c]

I would like the book , the God-man

ID#16176 B. ., 2005-02-28 [ , ]

I am finally getting used to the looks and comments I receive when speaking of Neo-tech concepts to others. (They don't know where I received the information.) The concepts are so foreign to all but a few. They seem so natural and logical to me. I have been able to use the concepts for every aspect of my life except financially. I haven't found the key to using the concepts to make money yet. I am so close, yet so far away.

ID#16177 B.S., 2005-02-28 [ Superior, WI]

Best return on my investment--ever!

ID#16178 R.M., 2005-02-28 [ Biggleswade, Beds.]

Generally, most of the writing on here and in Neo-Tec publications is very repetitive. Having read thousands of words about it I still haven't grasped a way to use the power it suggests. I agree with the principles but do not know how to apply them to my life.

ID#16179 R.M., 2005-02-28 [ Biggleswade, Beds.]

Just read a page of the negative comments and realise that you are doing us all a power of good by your writings

ID#16180 J.M., 2005-02-28 [ Rockville, CT]

I have been a neo-tech reader for a year. I love that their is free information. I want these sits not only to stay but grow, along with the communite. A chat Room would be great. ( I haven't found it, if their is one) I want to see more Neo-tech promotion. Why isn't this book marketed on telivision? With the war, people are seeming becoming more depentent on the god concept.( Including our President)I feel Mysticism growing. if we inform the public, they have a chose.We can begin to make the needed changes,Globaly I am so greatful to have found the Neo-tech world. I want to share it with everyone. Thank you,jess

ID#16181 J.C., 2005-02-28 [ Lakeland, FL]

Hi Could you Please send me some information on your GOD_MAN church. How do I buy "The Book" for the church ? How do I start a GOD_MAN church ? Where is the closest one located to Lakeland FL Thanks John Christ

ID#16182 J.C., 2005-02-28 [ Lakeland, FL]

Also can you put a list of your books on your web site or send a list to me Hi Could you Please send me some information on your GOD_MAN church. How do I buy "The Book" for the church ? How do I start a GOD_MAN church ? Where is the closest one located to Lakeland FL Thanks John Christ

ID#16184 J.T., 2005-03-01 [ Cincinnati, OH]

Certainly this site should remain on the 'Net. That's the best thing about the 'Net: a free marketplace of ideas freely accessable. Even if Neo-Tech delivers on just a fraction of what it promises, it will do a world of good. Releasing the grip of death-dealing "idiot-ologies" would be good enough. Anything else would be pure gravy.

ID#16186 r.w., 2005-03-01 [ , ]

I have enjoyed reading your site/book. I have recently published a book, :evolution of God: A Concept." It parallels much of your thought. It has been released by Trafford publishing. You may see it on their website I would be interested in your comments. Robert West

ID#16187 D.L., 2005-03-01 [ Henderson, NC]

The truth of it all. And the big lie exposed. Keep up the good work

ID#16188 K.B., 2005-03-01 [ Greenville, NC]

I read the manual of testimonies of how people were going through bad walks of life and ran across this manuscript and suddenly their lives changed for the better. I would to atleast have a clue of how they did. KB

ID#16189 G.M., 2005-03-01 [ Valley Village, CA]

I vote that this website should remain on the Internet. The material poses opinions and theories that many people, like myself, have been knocking around in their heads. We all want a better world. I would not ask you to give away any "golden-nugget" secrets,but it might be helpful if you could give a little more information on the website about the nature of Neo-Tech. Don't disappear! If nothing else, you provoke thought about the world and how we sleepwalk through life.

ID#16191 K. ., 2005-03-01 [ , ]

MARCH 1-05 Mr.Hamilton&Mr.Wallace; I just found an interesting website,that you must review. It has to do with the subjects in which you studied and researchedincluding what you have written about in the book'THE NEO-TECH WORLD!The (2)websites that you must look at are; and I will inform you when I find more information on this subject and studies. Sincerely yours Kimberly.

ID#16194 j. ., 2005-03-01 [ , ]

free sources of information is one of the main things we need to prepare for the comming revolution. wheather you believe or not the free exchange of ideas gives you that option. if you want to sell books, price them reasonably and sell them. do not say it is a secrete society that no one can be in unless invited. you will make lots of money selling good books for a resonable price without all the hocus pocus.

ID#16196 P.-., 2005-03-02 [ , ]

Hotep- The message is very positive. this is whats needed in these days and times.

ID#16197 R.S., 2005-03-02 [ Clearwater , Fl]

I must commend the minds who have founded the Neo-tech discovery. Being a person who independently rejected the idea of willful belief, I think everyone who recognizes the disease should take a look at the neo-tech discovery. Armed with Neo-Tech knowledge, our own eventually immunity to mysticism type sociopathy is inevitable(indirectly, all other pathologies as well). For a long time I have naturally and innately embraced art, business, and science(what else do we truly need). Neo-tech has aided me in achieving the powerful tranquility ultimately attained only through "devotion" to logical thought. They have a saying in ghettoized areas, "real recognize real", as in the reality based mind recognizes the reality based mind, as well as the fake/mystic. The Neotech TOE is undeniably proved in it's REAL relation to so many aspects of our lives. To Julian Jaynes and Dr.Frank Wallace I offer my deepest gratitude, for acieving the greatest discovery of our time.

ID#16198 S.J., 2005-03-02 [ dallas, tx]

I am a student of wisdom,knowledge,and understanding.

ID#16199 E.J., 2005-03-02 [ London, SW16]

Keep up the good work. Owner of Neo-Tech & The Book.

ID#16200 K. ., 2005-03-02 [ , ]

MARCH 2-05 Dear Mr. Hamilton&Mr. Wallace; HI! It's me again ,just want to let you know,that I have been just been accpected into HARVARD UNIVERSITY!I will be studying 'MEDIEVAL STUDIES',for the rest of this year(2005).I will be HIGHLY HONORED',with my MASTERS DEGREES,in several hundred subjects. As you can see I am very ambisious,and determed,and self-moviated. Every,now and then I will promise to keep in touch with you,briefly,to tell you how I am doing,with all my studies. Love You Always Kimberly! If you were my father,I bet you'd be very proud of me???!!! RIGHT!!!???

ID#16203 R.K., 2005-03-02 [ virginia beach, va]

uh...i just got the letter in the mail saying that im all special n stuff...i geuss this is the same thing in corolation to that letter...and i actually dont feel like mailing that last page back to get the i geuss you guys can just send it to me through here...? uh...i wont make my opinions on your site or literature until i have at least read the book thats causing such controversy...

ID#16204 . ., 2005-03-02 [ , ]

Take it off. Nothing but a bunch of lies. There is only one TRUE GOD. Reading this material will send you strait to hell. Don't let it happen to you.

ID#16206 N.W., 2005-03-02 [ Orlando, Fl]

Yes this should remain on the website. As a new member who just recieved his 1000 page literature, I believe anyone who has the motivation and open mind can and will achieve great things with this information. I only hope I have the determination and discipline to see my destiny come to fruition. Thanks for the lifeline and keep up the good work!! New Member Neil P.S. I wish more of the works from the "Library" were available on the website...too bad I didn't know when it was!

ID#16208 . ., 2005-03-03 [ , ]

why are people scared of neo tech?are`nt we as humans allowed to speak?neo tech is not forcing anyone to listen.religious leaders force people to listen.religion of any kind creats wars and hatred.why cant we just all get on with our happy humans we only have one life enjoy it

ID#16214 E.I., 2005-03-03 [ Cedar Creek, Texas]

It is the way of the future.

ID#16215 S.J., 2005-03-03 [ Abilene, Tx.]

I have been a maniuscrip owner for 9 years. I love it.

ID#16216 C.T., 2005-03-03 [ Malvern, ]

The website can only add to the possibility of more people gradually coming to lead themselves out of the dark and into the New Civilization. Whether they accept or reject the information is possibly largely irrelevant. The fact is, by reading, they will have noticed a spark inside wanting attention. It's hard to ignore. It's called the soul as far as I am aware. [please withold name and address]

ID#16218 b. ., 2005-03-03 [ , ]

I have only today become aware of neo-tech and am thrilled to see that there are more people then i believed that are about a simple, live for today, life!!

ID#16222 N.v., 2005-03-04 [ , ]

I'm still skeptical!!!!! My first name is an alias. Why didn't you sent send me your letter in my real name?????

ID#16225 A. ., 2005-03-05 [ , ]

Open your eyes people, the truth is out their, just dont be so close minded about it all!

ID#16229 s. ., 2005-03-05 [ , ]

some good ideas but not cleare what you mean by mistics. the mini day idea i did not quite get it couldn`t see thedifrence between my to get done plane and youre mini day idea as presented in the story.

ID#16231 w.k., 2005-03-06 [ desert hot springs, ca]

There is certainly something wrong with our world today and Neo-Tech may be the answer.

ID#16232 G.E., 2005-03-06 [ Glasgow, ]

I have been a Neo Tech subscriber for many years. I have found difficulty changing my lifestyle, my thinking and my understanding of what Neo Tech is all about. I value neo tech greatly and constantly return to the "Neo Tech Discovery." I have my own small business since reading NTD for the first time but getting rid of personal mysticism & laziness is not easy.

ID#16233 J.T., 2005-03-07 [ Houston, TX]

Not only should Neo-Tech remain on the web it should continue to be spread around the world. Because if it does'nt then the world as we know it will cease to exist.

ID#16234 R.M., 2005-03-07 [ Bad-fallingbostel, ]

for some time now,i ordered the neo tech discovery.the manuscript never recieved my payment in june or july last year.i have patiently waited,written and made numerous phone calls and no one has ever got back to me.I would appriciate if some one could give me a call,or write to me.

ID#16236 J. ., 2005-03-07 [ , ]

I am not sure that I agree with this stuff, nonetheless it definitely provides an alternative philosophy.

ID#16237 J.B., 2005-03-07 [ Columbus, Ohio]

I find the information provided to be very informative. I think it is positive for all to read the information available. One does not have to agree or disagree with what is said. This is a free country. Freedom of speech is very important. Some of the negative commnents are just outlandish and irrational. A question I have is whether there are groups of people in Columbus, OH, who have read Neo-Tech literature and meet for discussion of various topics. I am interested in meeting with others.

ID#16245 A. ., 2005-03-08 [ Toorak, Vic]

I find the information very useful and beneficial

ID#16247 R.M., 2005-03-08 [ Darien, Wi]

as with anything that is writen or said it is protected by the first admendment people have a choice if we began to enforce censorship and deny peoples right to speak or write freely which includes the internet than what was the point of all the wars that were fought where so many died?

ID#16248 f.t., 2005-03-08 [ lawton , Ok]

Yes good stuff keep up the good work

ID#16250 r.b., 2005-03-09 [ Alhambra, CA.]

I own many publications, from casandra's secret to the start up entreprenuer. Tho Iam not rich financialy yet, I did accomplish one of my lifes goals.

ID#16253 G.H., 2005-03-09 [ Sunnyside, NY]

If Free Speech is to prevail inspite of the despot in the White House then Neo Tech should prevail.

ID#16254 b.c., 2005-03-09 [ hulbert, ok]

i think the books are great. it helps people to use their own thoughts. it helps them to see things for the way they really are. but i do have quistion. what is the 10 second miracle???????? is it business control?????? i am really stuck on trying to figure it out. please send me a letter in the mail, because i don't have a computer at home. i don't know when i will be at a computer again.

ID#16258 P. ., 2005-03-10 [ Warsaw, IN]

Are these real people writing on here? They are both (positive and negetive...espcially the negative) extremly funny. You guy should stay because of the freedom to put things on the internet. I got a mailing from you and sent for the second thing. I didn't have enough money for the big book. Oh well.

ID#16263 A.B., 2005-03-10 [ Silverton, Or]

I have recently bought into your pitch on Neo-Tech mostly out of curiosity- Such claims you make- oh my! So I plunked down my money and now have this 1000 page book I am reading. Any way I have not had any thing exciting or wonderful happen to me in the three days as promised? Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just a sucker?

ID#16267 L.C., 2005-03-10 [ Lompoc, CA]

Regarding your question as to whether or not I am an "owner" of Neo-Tech literature; thank you for sending me the 4million page book for free. I would much rather owe you than rip you off, so let me know if I can keep it or if my payment can wait. Would I find the line on me in Vegas under Eliza Doolittle? :-) It's a safe bet, ya know? Thanks again as I can already feel the angels flying into non-existance. Rather liberating, sort of ...

ID#16272 . ., 2005-03-11 [ , ]

I am very interested in learning more.

ID#16273 V.C., 2005-03-11 [ , ]

I cannot believe those that would dam this site with words of God spilling from their lips. They have forgotten that Their Jeasus was taken by the enraged mankind that did not want to change their beliefs back then. And they really need to quit threating...#1 It was Their Jeasus who said "Ye who has never done wrong, cast the first stone...and #2 if Jeasus is to return...HE'S Late!!! And #3 Why would he come back when the mankind that took his life is still Destoying those who DO Not share one-way beliefs. What enrages them all is that they know their wrong and they cannot accept that so they frouth at the mouth and curse you to fear them; hoping that it some small way you'll tell them their right. I pray they do not kiss the hand of their God with that mouth!

ID#16276 T. ., 2005-03-11 [ , ]

I thoroughly enjoyed the NT book which completely debunks the mindless nonsense that is organised religion be it in whatever form you may choose to follow. For far too many years people have been blindly led by those in 'authority' who have taken advantage of the bicameral mind and its hearkening to external authority for a sense of purpose and 'understanding'. I recommend those who are currently under the influence of 'mystical thinking' and blind 'beliefs' do some research into the bicameral mind, covert persuasion and subjects such as subliminal advertising/persuasion before they send the rest of us to the mythical place they call 'hell'. Or maybe they are just too scared to admit that by doing such research they will be forced to question the nonsense they have been blindly following for so many years? Believing does not make it so. All the belief in the world that the moon is made out of cheese doesn't make it so. Anyone can believe anything. Indeed our asylums are full of people who believe the nonsense their minds produce under the influence of some external idea they have internalised and made their 'reality'. So before you condem, at least have the maturity to investigate and decide for yourself based on rational, logical deduction. Anything else is merely the childish rantings of a misled and uninformed, brainwashed sheep.

ID#16280 E.K., 2005-03-12 [ Accra, ]

Great I visit site every week at least Three times. We want more stuff. Erik

ID#16282 R.L., 2005-03-13 [ , ]

ZON Power is mystical BS. In the Zohar the ZON Power is talked about some. Zayin Vau Nun is the premordial escence we want! Your book is a loss of $$'s to me and far from the root of truth. Robert

ID#16283 R.C., 2005-03-13 [ Santa Monica, CA]

Hello, I'm interested in reading more of your writings. Will you be updating your website anytime soon with the next stages? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

ID#16285 J.M., 2005-03-13 [ , ]

A friend gave me "The Neo-Tech Discovery" and I was quite moved by alot of the ideas of value-production & mysticism. I needed another good perspective of free will, but I'm still trying to move myself toward the guiltless value-producer. Here's hoping for biological immortality! If nothing else, it's a good try, Frank.

ID#16286 J.M., 2005-03-13 [ Overland Park, KS]

A friend gave me "The Neo-Tech Discovery" and I was quite moved by alot of the ideas of value-production & mysticism. I needed another good perspective of free will, but I'm still trying to move myself toward the guiltless value-producer. Here's hoping for biological immortality! If nothing else, it's a good try, Frank.

ID#16288 J.P., 2005-03-13 [ , ]

To Whom It May Concern, It would be a grave and disheartening action to remove this information from cyberspace. It is humankind's last hope for true prosperity.

ID#16294 I. ., 2005-03-15 [ colonial heights , Va]

The best I ever read! keep up the the web side...

ID#16295 G.S., 2005-03-15 [ , ]

How about your opinions on up todate events

ID#16298 J.P., 2005-03-15 [ WYOMING, Michigan]

I would like to order the 740page of the Neo-Tech please send the information to the address below or email me. Thank you!

ID#16300 s. ., 2005-03-15 [ l`derry, ]

i can see clearly now the oppressive mist from my life is gone, electric!!!!

ID#16302 J.S., 2005-03-15 [ Great Meadows, NJ]

I believe in free speech!

ID#16304 J.S., 2005-03-15 [ millville, NJ]

How is it that people can hate you and curse you in the name of God? I have wondered this since I was a child. How can people rape and murder in the name of God? It's ironic that religious people leave their natural state of being in exchange for hatred and ignorance. Myself personally- I am struggling with the new knowledge only because it is painful to physically and neurologically transform into new forms. A crippling force is leaving my body and my mind. If I could hug the author write now I would.

ID#16309 c. ., 2005-03-16 [ stratford, ]

yes keep it on the net

ID#16310 T.d., 2005-03-16 [ Chatsworth, ca]

March 15, 2005 I need to address this letter to; Dr. Frank Wallace Mr. Mark Hamilton Mr. Eric Savage Dear Gentleman, First, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Tina de Sena, and I live in Southern California. I began reading “The Neo-Tech Discovery” last September 2004. Now I’ve completed my fifth book entitled “The Neo-Tech World”. As to keep this brief, I began my Friday Night Essence last October when by chance I made a call to Lee Murray, of Ada, OK. I was just doing my job by offering this man a limited partnership to a movie that had been sold to 20th Century Fox. He was kind enough to listen, so when I completed my offer, Lee Murray asked, So, Tina what else do you do besides work for Universal Studio’s. I mentioned that I’ve dabbled in Creative Real Estate. He chuckled and said; now how did I know that? He asked to run some numbers by me. I gladly took down his information, and then let him know I will get back to him. Lee Murray told me that he was the scientist and the patent behind clean air energy. My response to him was, haven’t they begun using this form of energy in the cliffs along Santa Barbara’s beaches. As I remember, I was at the City Council meeting fifteen years ago. That was so exciting for me and everyone there to hear what you had to say, I just thought for sure you would have gotten that one passes. I said, ‘So you’re Lee Murray!’ Mr. Murray went on to explain how the governor, and all the bureaucratic nonsense he was subjected to put a stop to his invention. Here are the numbers Lee Murray ran by me. We have 13 hundred acres of raw land that runs along Pacific Coast Highway (P.C.H.) in Malibu which form natural cliffs. The land is perfect for tapping into our natural gas, and of course converting it into Clean Air Energy! Tucked away in these cliffs would be Mr. Murray’s invention, as to not be an eyesore to the public. The land is for sale, by one owner, who’s owned this land for fifty-one years. The asking price is, one hundred fifty million. In theory this can be done, and will supply all of L.A. County as well as Orange County and beyond with Clean Air Energy. I wish to see this tie into the Department of Energy, when regulatory agencies and commissions, all bureaucracies are X out. My reason for writing to you Gentleman is, I knew I was a God-Child at the age of six. I’m sure if I remember correctly, I could still take you to places from my experiences with traveling through Our Universe. But for now I’m interested in meeting with other Neo-Tech Society Members. It’s important that we move this purpose forward, in a down stream motion. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Tina de Sena P.O. Box 4011 Chatsworth, CA 91313 (818) 917-9205 Cell Phone or please e-mail me:

ID#16312 T.C., 2005-03-16 [ Midlothian, VA]

Evolved from reading "The Fountainhead" and Atlas Shrugged" at age 17. Neo-Tech was the natural progression for me.

ID#16313 R.M., 2005-03-16 [ , ]

Do those who rant, rage, huff and puff about Neo-Tech also expect their freedom of speech to be respected? Do those that condemn 'all' readers of the site to eternal damnation and the 'fires of hell' recognise that by doing so they have condemned themselves for having visited and read the site too? I rest my case!

ID#16314 R.M., 2005-03-16 [ Isle of Wight, ]

Do those who rant, rage, huff and puff about Neo-Tech also expect their freedom of speech to be respected? Do those that condemn 'all' readers of the site to eternal damnation and the 'fires of hell' recognise that by doing so they have condemned themselves for having visited and read the site too? I rest my case!

ID#16317 N. ., 2005-03-18 [ Shawnee, ok]

Having been raised in a Catholic home, I found it quite odd that my father had these Neo-Tech II books. But after reading them, I was set on a whole new path of growth and freedom. I made sure I got the books when he passed on. I still have the book and having been reminded of it while moving to Oklahoma, realized that there might be something on the internet by now and so here I am. I am deeply indebted to Dr Wallace for having the courage to openly publish this material and face the hordes of fanatical religionists and their misguided, petty jealousies.

ID#16318 N.A., 2005-03-18 [ Richmond Hill, NY]

This the only place you are going to hear the honest truth on most subjects facing human society today, the past, and future.

ID#16319 B.S., 2005-03-18 [ Hollywood, CA]

I'm an avid believer of Neo-Tech. I purchased the book many years ago and it is real. PLEASE, keep it on the web.

ID#16320 R.A., 2005-03-18 [ Enumclaw, WA]

Your documentation of the IRS Abuse Cases is of great help to me. I have just been through such an incident... but not nearly as rotten as some of these cases. Thanks. RAM

ID#16321 J.H., 2005-03-18 [ Belleville, MI ]

This is a great site. Always inspiring. Every time I check on something here, I get excited about the new possibilities. Keep up the great work! We've GOT to win before the mystics destroy themselves and the world as we know it. PLEASE KEEP ME ON YOUR LIST AND INFORM ME OF NEW PRODUCTS. IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT I CAN DO FOR YOU... LET ME KNOW. Thanks again for all your hard work. This has changed my life & the life of my daughter - we have a wonderful future now thanks to your efforts - And with our efforts as well, we hope that this will sweep the world.

ID#16323 R.O., 2005-03-18 [ Accra, Gh]

Dear sir, i am useing these site to send to you my feeling about the neo-tech discovery i bought from your company so time ago. I have read through out the book and i have not had what it is talking of, nothing have chang in my life as you have said eailer on, if there is a way if using the book to get all the good things please send me a mail at and send me directions on how to use the book efficently.

ID#16326 M. ., 2005-03-19 [ , ]

in your card stacking section, you talk about bringing cards to the bottom of the deck. I was wondering how, once the cards are at the bottom of the deck, can you deal them to yourself or to others? I've heard of base dealing, but I would assume that if basedealing was the intended method which you would use that you'd explain it in the book. I was wondering if maybe you could help me to understand what to do once the ace is cut and at the bottom of the deck. Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, Mike B

ID#16327 . ., 2005-03-19 [ , ]

Please take this site down since it gives too much power to those who read it and the goberment will know what we know and how to deal wiv us and stop us stopping them and then the contrails will fall on us and cause global dimming and so that will stop the global warming that zog has created so that the lizard eggs will all hatch sooner and make only dominant male lizardmen.

ID#16328 M.F., 2005-03-19 [ , ]

A lot of drivel, trying to piggy back the Matrix movie. A convaluded view of Neo-Marxism without knowing what Marxism is.*yawn* Not worth the time to read it.

ID#16329 M.M., 2005-03-20 [ , ]


ID#16330 L.A., 2005-03-20 [ San Juan, PR]

NT has been the whole reason to change my "profession" from Psychiatry to Neopsychiatrist. Thank you Dr. Wallace.

ID#16331 M.M.,@NETZERO.NET 2005-03-20 [ GLENDALE, AZ.]


ID#16332 . ., 2005-03-20 [ , ]


ID#16333 . ., 2005-03-20 [ , ]


ID#16334 c.s., 2005-03-20 [ laurel, md]

hey, my name is cristina schneider i get the letter of the tech society that had discoverd me. i woul like to have the secrets of live. 1000-pages package. i have read the seven amazing stories. i send my comformation note but some how it get lost in the mail. i would like to get the packege.the secrets

ID#16336 O.G., 2005-03-21 [ Cape Town, Western Cape]

i am glad that you have decided to put more material back onto your website

ID#16338 R.H., 2005-03-21 [ Quakertown, PA]

good stuff, although more should be included about the ladies who have made it using these principles.

ID#16341 R.S., 2005-03-21 [ Gretna, Va]

I read most of your information... One thing i see that is seriously wrong. THE HOLY BIBLE IS VERY TRUE> I live by it daily and it is very powerful..The words also have healing powers. TRY IT!

ID#16343 . ., 2005-03-22 [ , ]

I would like a listing of available neo-tech writings

ID#16344 B. ., 2005-03-22 [ watford, ]

Neo-Tech should undoubteldy remain on the web. How can people disagree with something that positevely changes peoples lives.

ID#16345 . ., 2005-03-22 [ , ]

Neo-Tech should undoubteldy remain on the web. How can people disagree with something that positevely changes peoples lives.

ID#16346 E.G., 2005-03-22 [ Haddon Heights, NJ]

This gave me a lot of essential information, regarding electricity, and it's effects on the Industrial Revolution. ty

ID#16347 T.C., 2005-03-22 [ Chattanooga, TN]

The internet remains one of the few places worldwide where honesty can be found. Please keep the site online, with warnings on frauds for those who need the information.

ID#16350 G.B., 2005-03-22 [ Durham, NC]

Please keep Neo-Tech on the web... I just found the site and want a chance to read and digest the whole thing.

ID#16351 K. ., 2005-03-22 [ , ]

MARCH 22-05 Dear Mr. Hamilton& Mr. Wallace; I just want to let you know that I am doing just great. I am catching up on all of my emails,and catching up on my college studies,and such. I am doing great on my MEDIEVAL STUDIES,through Harvard University& THE LIBARY OF CONGRESS.All of my studies are very easy for me,and I undersand everything.Hopefully I will complete most of my studies,long before this summer!I am so proud of myself,for studying and working EXTREMELY HARD. When I have more time I will keep in touch with you often as I can. Sincerely yours Kimberly.

ID#16352 D. ., 2005-03-22 [ kumamoto, ]

I ordererd two books about two months ago. When can�@you�@send books to me?

ID#16353 . ., 2005-03-23 [ , ]

good information

ID#16354 s.a., 2005-03-23 [ louisville , ky]

yes this site should stay on the net have read every page and ownen neo-tech dis. somethings have change about me over the past couple of months that are for the better of myself still have a few problems, but working on problems that still control me, but here is to FRW . To whom it may concern. I vote for FRW for president

ID#16355 s. ., 2005-03-23 [ , ]

who cares

ID#16356 x. ., 2005-03-23 [ pittsbyrgh, pa]


ID#16357 M.C., 2005-03-23 [ Eau Claire , WI]

I need more. love everything about this.

ID#16360 M.V., 2005-03-24 [ Anchorage, AK]

I look forward for the 1000 page. WOW!!! Right now the literature is being processed via correspondence. When I receive it....WOW!!!great!!!

ID#16361 M.B., 2005-03-24 [ Blairmore, Alberta]

I love the goals, and the insights, but I am a master technical writer, and long time student of the esoteric, and know that I am getting an awful lot of feathers, and no chicken. I keep trying to locate the workable technology sections. The countless circumlocutions are very beautiful, and many are inspiring, but they do not feed me. Is there a core of directly explained, workable technique here? If so, please guide me to it. You have whetted my appetite. Is there anywhere to go from here? Sincerely.

ID#16363 c.i., 2005-03-24 [ louisa , KY]

i am a recently joined memeber that is very happy to see web access to NT. i hope to see more--- why not put up a members area where we can get on to an "inner members are" so that we can privately view neo-tech info? it's just a though, but it would be nice!

ID#16364 B.J., 2005-03-24 [ San Jose, Ca]

I rec'd A letter from the Nouveau Society--based in Grove City, Ohio---is this part of your company or is it just another company acting like yours? Can You please let me know? Truly, Brian

ID#16365 B.J., 2005-03-24 [ San Jose, Ca]

I rec'd A letter from the Nouveau Society--based in Grove City, Ohio---is this part of your company or is it just another company acting like yours? Can You please let me know? Truly, Brian

ID#16366 C. ., 2005-03-24 [ , ]

I first ordered Neo-Tech in the early 80's. I like most found it a complete shock to my then fabric of belief system. Still remembering what I read then. I think I'm ready for another look. CM

ID#16367 M. ., 2005-03-24 [ , ]


ID#16369 G.M., 2005-03-25 [ Manilla, NSW]

I do not have any of your literature.

ID#16371 A.Y., 2005-03-25 [ TOKYO, tokyo]

I find your philosophy interesting kindly follow up and update

ID#16372 A.Y., 2005-03-25 [ TOKYO, tokyo]

I find your philosophy interesting kindly follow up and update

ID#16373 k.b., 2005-03-25 [ , mi]

Hi, I don't honestly have any feedback. I'm using your site as a reference for a paper I am writing, the subject being "what is love?" I'm a bit confused on how to cite your site as a source, and unfortunately, my paper is done, but due tomorrow. I know you probably won't get back to me in time, but it never hurts to ask. I did quite enjoy reading your site, hence the reason I am using it as a source.

ID#16378 R.R., 2005-03-25 [ SUNNYVALE , CA]

Reinitializing modem.

ID#16379 r.m., 2005-03-25 [ new york, new york]

i recieve your confidential for nouveau tech members only, and from reading the pamphlet i would like to understand the 10 second theory more. i've tried all kinds of home business plans and none have seem to have worked, i am at my wits end losing money trying to make it happen for me and my family. please if there is any help for me to find my true niche in life please sen it to me asap! thank you very much.

ID#16382 K.J., 2005-03-26 [ abbotsford, BC]

I first read the name neo-tech in an online forum thread, and the post was antagonistic, pleading for all who read the posting to do what they could to fight neo-tech. Over the next few months I saw the same sentiments expressed by others, and did not notice any posts by pro-neo-tech writers. Some of the critics of neo-tech had also criticized my posts, and since they were neo-tech foes, I had become curious about you. There is little disagreement by me to your concepts and values. Reality is an awesome and miraculous gift, in my view. Also, I have reason to believe in certain mystical abilities and events being true. There are many,

ID#16384 p.a., 2005-03-26 [ saint john, nb]

I've been searching for this enlightening information for some time now,I beleive that what you do is really helping to advance the human race.Thank you for the valuable information that you've already shared--I'm truly and sincerely grateful.

ID#16385 t.k., 2005-03-26 [ spirit lake, iowa]

i have sent you two comments but you have not e-mail me back I was wodering why. In your book you tell how everything is true in your business. I am begining to wonder if you just took my application fee and are just going to keep it without doing anything more. Well are you.I would like some kind of response from you either by mail or e-mailme at or call me at 712-336-1086.

ID#16386 J.r., 2005-03-27 [ St.Maries, id ]

yes it gives us a perfect platform for conversing with all other neo-techers.

ID#16387 c. ., 2005-03-27 [ darien, ct]

the idea that god does not exist and pointing out the problems of our world which are tangled with religeon and government is not new. people grow up a certain way and that becomes the foundation for their life. this company is stirring resentment from people who's way of life they contradict, this isn't surprising. what is surprising is the tactics neo-tech uses to draw people to it. They seem quite hypocritical, flatering people with outrageous claims and promises, identical to the strategies used by religeon and government to gain followers. It seems they are using these ideas, which i consider valid, to make money and promise things that using their own logic are unrealistic. Its especially harmful to people who don't have an education or are poor and spend their money on it. Of course they have the right to express their opinion for profit, so they should be allowed to stay on the web. But they are still misusing a few valid ideas for profit.

ID#16388 J.T., 2005-03-27 [ Lady Lake, Florida]

You are a bit full of yourself.

ID#16389 A.G., 2005-03-27 [ Nashville, TN ]

This is wonderful stuff.

ID#16390 K.M., 2005-03-28 [ Watertown , SD]

Most of the material i have read here is correct in terms of person taking responsability for there thoughts and actions and acheiving pice of mind and harmony etc Then again there is other material that seems like the irational rambelings of a sick mind. Yes it should definately stay on the net but access should some how be controled. I am afraid there are a lot of people who can't handle it.

ID#16391 A.W., 2005-03-28 [ Jackson, MO]

Neo-Tech is the best thing that has happened to me. Period. It has shattered the walls of oppresion and mysticism in my life. Thank you, Neo-Tech for your publications and let's keep fighting for our TRUE, TOTAL FREEDOM!

ID#16397 L.J., 2005-03-28 [ Kansas City , Mo ]

I feel like Dr. Frank R. Wallance 2001 my apartment was raided by a small band of busiess people in that community at 4840 Paseo apartment 1 south Kansas City Missouri I had people come in while working at my job as a Bandquet Waiter go and pick my Neo- Tech volmues tearing them apart while going thought all my private property those same business people in the hotel and resturant business more their lives and they and myself lived in the same community. I now no longer work in hotel resturant business and now attend American Intercontient University have sevaral other jobs since in playground construction but lot jobs since I have to now sit in a homeless shealter and listen to what religions leaders have to offer while keeping me their it seems to solve everyone elses problems in uncivilatzed world. thank-you keep on neo-tech online.

ID#16403 R.G., 2005-03-29 [ Toronto, ON]

This is a very interesting site. I have only just begun to peruse it and love it already.

ID#16404 g. ., 2005-03-29 [ abington, pa]

hi , we are all human beings , if you have to go off the internet so does everyone else , you arent harming anyone , carry on with your works and dont mind these others who have nothing better to do with their time , maybe they need to look at there own back yard first ...

ID#16405 B.W., 2005-03-29 [ Huntington Beach, CA]

Yes, Neo-Tech must remain on the Internet. I got a letter from them, purchased their book, and my penis grew almost 6 inches. Now granted, the book they send me had a penis enlarger and a porno magazine; however, it WORKED!! My penis is now almost 6 1/2 inches long. Of course I have to stick my finger in my ass and hollers snake, but believe me it works!!!! They are genius.

ID#16406 C.N., 2005-03-30 [ Lancaster, CA]

You are a bunch of reall sick buggers, instead of trying to exploit us children, go bother the Mormons or something.

ID#16407 c.i., 2005-03-30 [ louisa, ky]

hey, i am very happy to see neo-tech on the web, i hope to gain a lot more acesses in this way. thanks for makeing it available!

ID#16411 R.W., 2005-03-30 [ , ]

Of course NeoTech should stay online.

ID#16412 J.H., 2005-03-30 [ Portland, OR]

This is Joseph Huffman, 900 9th Ave. E Lot#183, Palmetto, FL 34221. Last year in March of 2004 I recieved a letter specifying that member of the Novus Tech Society selected me to recieve thier literature, and only select a very few individuals every 7 years. I still haven't recieved anything back! As of Febuary of 2005, I am now at the adress: Joseph Huffman 5830 E Burnside Portland, OR 97215 I thank the members of the Novus Tech Society for selecting me, and for specifying that they were going to take care of the cost, though I didn't recieve it. I look very much forward to the arrival of my package. Thanks, Joseph Huffman

ID#16414 W.T., 2005-03-30 [ Broken Bow, OK]

Am interested in learning new information on life's journey!!

ID#16417 M. ., 2005-03-31 [ Sacramento, Ca]

I think that neo tech is the only way to bring peace and prosperity to man kind and to get the word out to save the Human Race just like the gray aliens told esinhour that man kind was on a path of self destroction and needed to learn how to live whith each other in order to exist ass long as they have,they clamied to be thosand of years older then earth and said that if man did'ent learn how to live whith each other they would never live to space travel like them because they would self destroct befor we would learn how I think you explan it when you talk about good and evill and they can destroy each other it is also called MAD Mutal Assured Destroction and I think that the Neo Tech Pax is the answer to evoling in to space travel by banning religon, politics and mysticisem we must do this to prevail and evole in to space travel like the gray aliens told eisenhour we must also do it for the human race and I think that the Neo Tech Pax is the answer to saveing earth from Mutal Assured Destroction and those apocolypstic evangelist who keep saying the world is going to end trying to keep us liveing in fear in some thing that is not real and from evolving to aliens we need alien Dna not the monky Dna that Darwin thinks we came from Because we become aliens in the Future and I am willing to help Neo Tech Pax any way I can we have more then Jihads to worry about we still have Gog Russia and the Sleeping Dragon China to worry about but Jihads are a good place to start P.S I am waiting for my Neo Tech Pax Book in the mail The 25th doesent matter I responed on the 27th the pike of the climax Account #0086793445 manuscript #34328-8

ID#16418 S.J., 2005-03-31 [ Hartford, ct]

I have just been found by this society and am now just trying to get up the money to buy the manuscript, but from what I have read so far, I can not wait to get my manuscript and start my new life I have always known I was destined to live.

ID#16419 M.K., 2005-03-31 [ Memphis, TN]

I would really love to see all of the "classic" Neo-Tech information back on the site again. Also, it's been many years since I've ordered any kind of Neo-Tech literature. I am curious to know if the Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia is still available, as well as The Neo-Tech Report and Consultation Packages.

ID#16420 t. ., 2005-03-31 [ new hartford, ct]

im fine w/ it.

ID#16421 t. ., 2005-03-31 [ canton, ct]

What is your opinion on gays in this world? Is it bad? good?

ID#16422 R.R., 2005-03-31 [ Middletown, Ct]

I think it is crucial that as many people as possible have access to Neo-Tech.

ID#16423 C. ., 2005-04-01 [ Del Hippo, Tx]

I bilive in God I love the Lord and Neo-tech says that this is bad becasue of death and war and people killeing people .. There are BAD peopple every where in life.. Even in Neo-Tech they sin and lie and kill.. So how can you Point the finger at someone when it is just how life is.. Maybe I dont kill or maybe you dont kill but there are people from everywhere Neo-tech and Muslims Christians and Jews that do things that are not right does that make all of them bad or worng NO it does not Just becaseu a white person does wrong are all whits rong.. No! just becaseu a black man kills do the all kill NO .. Change while you can.. Please belive that the Lord is coming and you will want to be standing by him and not alone..

ID#16425 . ., 2005-04-01 [ , ]

i read a bunch of neo-tech books and thought they were very interesting but of corse i questioned their actually credibility. well, i havn't seen too many neo-tech prophecies come true, but if neo-tech is making any progress, i think it should be published on the web for free for everyone to see. Afterall, it is, according to neo-tech, the "evil anti-civilization" which creates the middle and lower classes, and those at poverty level who can not reasonably be expected to afford neo-tech's high priced literiture should be able to access it on the web for free. After all, neo-tech claims that it is the dishonest neocheaters who flourish in this anti-civilization, which means the honest working class cannot afford to pay $100 and up for a book that most consider "cult" material. so YES neo-tech should remain on the web FREE for the advancement of the civilization of the universe. duh.

ID#16428 N.B., 2005-04-02 [ Brisbane, Qld]

Could you please tell me if there is a part 2 in proof the religion and mystical doctrines are false In part 2 we discuss fascinating ways the right hemisphere of our brain works...ways that we are not even aware of.

ID#16430 D.M., 2005-04-02 [ , ]

Somw interesting ideas. I need to think about them some more and maybe try them out

ID#16431 T.W., 2005-04-02 [ veazie , me]

I think it should be allowed to be on the web. Those who don't believe in it, should just leave it at that. This is a very positive manuscript and I have learned alot from it and my friend... This manuscrip rocks!

ID#16433 P.J., 2005-04-02 [ , ]

This site must remain........ 1. Freedom of speach and expression, a fundamental right of all humans. 2.Disagreement or inability to understand its contents is not a valid reason for its removal. 3. I cannot find anything in the material that threatens any of the hard earned freedoms enjoyed by myself, but much that offers an avenue to such freedoms for the many that are currently denied them. 4. Opportunity is given to all who peruse this site to express their thoughts as to why they believe THEY either accept or reject in full, or in part, its contents. 5. Anything that promotes open thought and discussion is good for everyone either directly or indirectly.

ID#16434 P.J., 2005-04-02 [ , ]

This site must remain........ 1. Freedom of speach and expression, a fundamental right of all humans. 2.Disagreement or inability to understand its contents is not a valid reason for its removal. 3. I cannot find anything in the material that threatens any of the hard earned freedoms enjoyed by myself, but much that offers an avenue to such freedoms for the many that are currently denied them. 4. Opportunity is given to all who peruse this site to express their thoughts as to why they believe THEY either accept or reject in full, or in part, its contents. 5. Anything that promotes open thought and discussion is good for everyone either directly or indirectly.

ID#16436 J.A., 2005-04-02 [ El Paso, TX]

I am a firm believer of your ideas and truths. I honestly hold as truth your principals. In my own lifetime, I have had to deal with the abuses of governmental powers and the consequences of being honest with a judicial system that operates in perjuries and criminalities. My children mostly have been affected by the evils of our government and the worst is that they are aware of this evils and cannot be deceived. I am 100 % behind Neo-Tech and its principals.

ID#16438 L.C., 2005-04-03 [ Lompoc, CA]

I have a couple of interesting side notes myself. One has to do with an uncharacteristic urge to learn more about the history of the world economy. Upon researching the topic, I found this sentence valuable enough to write it down; "An economical constitution is a necessary basis for an economical administration." The same source, (sorry, I didn't retain the citation, thinking that t was just for my own personal use) defines an economical constitution as; "1. the divine government of the world, 2. judicious handling i.e. tactful presentation of doctrine (a tr. of Gr Oikovo via as used by the fathers) 1833. Hence by confusion (begun by Voltaire) with sense 3. Economy of truth = a discreditable reticence 1796. My point being that I had no exposure to Neo-nothing remotely resembling the ideas expressed here. Yet, many of the ideas expressed here – are conclusions I had reached by taking a very different road. Things that we have seen from all available sides and many sources have rendered the same conclusions. There are some opinions that stopped before getting that wide scope. On those points, we disagree. I know I am rare and that my opinions of today will be different next year. That is the good news. The bad news is that there are a lot of people who would just as well die in quicksand then try to take a few more steps. Thanks Lisa email:

ID#16440 j. ., 2005-04-03 [ , ]

Your ultra right wing spectical is sickening. Its based on nothing more then personal politics, and retoric. Pax Neo-Tech? Religion is a farce, Yes. Politicians are completly dishonest, Yes. Though you say Bill Clinton was such an abhor to society. What about Iran Contra. Perpitrated by Ronald Reagan, or this current war in Iraq. Look at reality. Read the people. Not your own idealogy.

ID#16442 C.B., 2005-04-03 [ , ]

Of course Neotech should remain online - such a concept may well save mankind from the evils of the power seekers - the twin evils of organised religion and politics, and the brain-washed drones that allow this to go on without question.

ID#16443 R.C., 2005-04-03 [ Joliet, Illinois]

In america all information should be accessible!

ID#16445 R.G., 2005-04-04 [ New Orleans, LA]

A place for the kindlin of freedom and the liberation of "Consciousness."

ID#16446 . ., 2005-04-04 [ , ]

It may not have occurred to the "deep vaginal orgasmic" writers that the transfer from left to right side functions, during an orgasm will provide one of the most long lasting and or reoccurring orgasmic sensations experienced. What I mean is, move your right leg forward and then concentrate on moving the left forward and then back to right and so on. Back and forth, slowly - like peddling a bike with no peddles and most importantly, using both legs but not simultaneously.

ID#16447 R.F., 2005-04-04 [ , ]

Is this still an active site? What happened to updates. The last comments posted here are from 2003?

ID#16448 C.B., 2005-04-04 [ Albuquerque, NM]

Hi, my name is Cassandra and I am still on the first book , it is awesome. My concern is my cousin, John, well he got shot on the side of his head on the temple by a robber and cause him to be blind in both eyes so I need to know if he can just listen to the CD or tape as I am worrying that he is going to kill himself as he could not handle being blind. Is there a CD on the neo-tech for him to listen. I can't talk to him because I am deaf and he can't read my letter so can you help us or can you recommend someone to help him. thank you,

ID#16451 . ., 2005-04-04 [ , ]

Christian cults should be wiped out.

ID#16452 M.H., 2005-04-05 [ South St. Paul, MN]

interesting ideas.. who really knows who God is...

ID#16454 . ., 2005-04-05 [ , ]

mohhamed is a loser

ID#16457 R.m., 2005-04-05 [ Bad Falling bostel, ]

Dear Neo-Tech, first of all id like to thank you for the Neo-Tech discovery manuscript that i recently recieved,Secondly i will be moving back to my home land scotland and wanted to give you my new adress,so i can recieve further information from new adress is... Robert Mackenzie c/o Shiela Brown 10a Colonsay Terrace, soroba ,Oban Argyl,PA344YN Scotland. yours faithfully, Robert Mackenzie

ID#16458 p.k., 2005-04-05 [ Jacksonville, Fl]

How can I get a free copy of your 1000 page book of secrets. Or how can I purchase a book? I received the offer via the mail.

ID#16460 N.K., 2005-04-05 [ Lakewood, Colorado]

It is quite incredible the way neo-tech has positively helped me over the last few years. Where is the continuation of The First Immortals, and are there going to be any more summits in Las Vegas or other location? Keep up the good work. Would love to talk to other neo-tech owners. Thanks.

ID#16461 d.t., 2005-04-05 [ beaverton, or]

i have read the neo-tech discovery, neo-tech weapon, neo-tech system, and am currently 450 pgs into neo-tech world. every thing i have ever known or learned has been turned upside down. My life is a mess leaving me no choice but to apply what i have learned and trudge forward into neo-tech. the promises given had better come to pass. it makes so much sense to me yet is so forien it has left me hanging on the edge of the cliff with no way back to where i came from. who is to say i want to go back? I feel as if i am not in either world, "Stuck in pergatory" for lack of a better way to put it. To whom may read this, can you help me figure out where to go from here?

ID#16465 m.s., 2005-04-06 [ cagayan de oro city, region10]

would liketo know more about neo tech especially about the the protocols of zon and about the civilizaton of the universe thnk you.

ID#16466 K.C., 2005-04-06 [ North Fort Myers, Fl]

I believe that Neo Tech is an eye opening experience. I was looking for something else and discovered your site quite by accident. I assure you I will be back. The religions of this world are the bloodiest and should be eliminated.

ID#16467 i. ., 2005-04-07 [ city, state]

I don't think that we should expose ourselves to the public. Nouveau Tech looks for it's select members to be a part of the society, we shouldn't need to have people trying to fill in spots because it seems interesting once they have found it on the web. I worked to be part of the society and as should they. I think that the society is something you should be invited to join, not something you should invite yourself too. Period. and if everyone viewing this were all members I would put my name but since they are not I refuse to. because if the book states not to reveal any information that I have read/recieved thenmy name will stay just as confidential and private.

ID#16473 C.A., 2005-04-08 [ Rochester, new york]

The book seems to be very interesting. I look forward to reading it. I have read the possitive comments and also the negitive. The only thing I can say is almost all of the people that left a negitive comment said "people who believe or read this book should die and go to hell!" I havent read the bible in a long time but i am sure it say "Judge not and ye shall not be judged" Hmmmmmm.

ID#16478 J.M., 2005-04-08 [ Phoenix, AZ]

It would be a severe tragedy, should these views be removed from such an accessable place as the web. After reading 'The Discovery' four times, 'Cosmic Business Control' twice, and 'Zonpower' twice - I am overjoyed to find access to free 'Pax Neo-Tech'. I wanted to, but was financially unable to purchase more information, and believe these views to be among the greatest contributions to conscience life on earth. As a 41-year old man, I only regret that I knew not of this sooner. To my 13-year old son, I will leave this education for the ages, knowing that he & I will enjoy life, together into our hundreds!!! Please call on me, I want to FIGHT ! ! !

ID#16482 T.P., 2005-04-09 [ Lahaina, HI]

I feel that information should be posted for all to read. All a matter of perception. If you look for the good you will find it.

ID#16483 Z. ., 2005-04-09 [ Brooklyn, NY]

Dear Neo-Tech, I've now own severals of your literatures, although your literatures is easy to read, but I'm still finding difficulties of applying the technique, what can I do in order to permantely tap into DTC and neothink in order to break down my deep rooted personal mysticism? I'd like to hear from you for answers, thank you!

ID#16486 A.P., 2005-04-10 [ Northants, n/a]

Yes I agree this site should remain on the web and should indeed be expanded with more information so that the masses could be made more aware of the truth.

ID#16488 S.B., 2005-04-11 [ Las Vegas, NV]

I can honestly say that Neo-Tech is changing my life for the better. Everyday, I feel it a bit more. Thank you.

ID#16489 h. ., 2005-04-11 [ Bradford, west york shire]

it is the only truth, while we are living in 100% lies ,all the big philosphers of the past and modern,including the rulers are living on the value production of the productive people.they have no name in the history.but the history as a whole survived with the productivity of value producers.the philosphers and the rulers from the anicient times to the modern times are the fake rulers/philosphers.they are by all aspects illegal and hide their immorality/illegality they invented filth to gain some more time.but truth is there as galilu said.

ID#16491 C.A., 2005-04-11 [ Taplow Berkshire, ]

The Neo-Tech philosophy is very important for the future of the human race. A transition to objective thought will determine not only survival but enable each individual to achieve great things, create value and be happy.

ID#16492 J.G., 2005-04-11 [ Johannesburg, South Africa]

I first came across a small black book that only shows neo-tech discovery I,II,IV and V. Part II had to be read seperate seperately, which has about 300+ pages. I would still like to get the seperate volume that discusses the missing part II. Please, if someone out there can lend me a complete 553 pages Neo-Tech manual, I'll more than greatful. I don't have money and unemployed. I'm striving to make ends meet. I'm also trying to upgrade my literacy. I would also propose that Neo-Tech be translated into other South African Languges, Viz.: Zulu, Sotho, Venda, etc. I'm willing to help. PLease, acknowledge if you are interested.

ID#16495 O.G., 2005-04-11 [ Cape Town, WC]

Having bought the neo-tech discovery several years ago, I searched the web to check if you had a website.

ID#16496 J.B., 2005-04-12 [ San Antonio, TX]

I've read "Pax Neo-Tech", and I like most of your points. But I do have a question regarding your blanket rejection of "paranormalism", "mysticism", etc. I agree that most religions and mystical concepts are no more than superstitious trash. However, I'd like to see your explanation for millions of direct, eye-witness experiences of "paranormal" events such as hauntings, psychic power, and UFO's. I myself have experienced some of these things. Don't get me wrong - I don't put a "supernatural" interpretation on these phenomena. I believe there are scientific princicples at work that we don't yet understand. There are also hoaxes and misinterpretations. But there is definitely something going on in many of the personal experiences reported. Please clarify your position for me - do you accept the reality of such things, interpreting them scientifically, as I do? Or do you dismiss all accounts as lies and delusions (an unrealistic view, from my perspective)? Btw, I don't yet own any of your literature, so I ticked the "No" button below. But I sent back the order form, and hope to receive your book soon. Take care, and thanks for your time.

ID#16498 K.A., 2005-04-12 [ , ]

Id neo tech the same is "nouveau tech" please let me know

ID#16500 V. ., 2005-04-12 [ , ]

I am tremendously shocked about the information that is spread on this site, and on the fact that some people find an interest, a path in this insanity. How can a site, who preaches hatred of others, who blames everything and everyone ? I find it simply horrifying to see to what extent people can be influenced by speeches who, according to the simpleness of their thinking, seems intelligent. It is those ones who let democracy break, who believes that totalitarism and dictatureship is the answer. It is those ones who let Hitler have the power in 1933, because they think they find themselves in this ejaculation of violence and extremism. I dared not read all of the insanities uttered in this page, it makes me reflect, with the positive comments that I have read, on how influenciable men can be... That's the one reproach I will be. As for me, I will continue living my life in respect for others, following my own liberties, and will refuse to agree on these absurd points. What can I say more than love your neighbour, travel the world, see what the reality is, and do not stay trapped in your false, reduced and crazy conception of life... How terrifying... how sad...

ID#16502 . ., 2005-04-12 [ , ]

I enjoy reading Dr. Wallace's ideas and try to maintain an open mind. His material is food for thought.

ID#16503 B. ., 2005-04-12 [ , ]

Its a bunch of BS. I even tried to get my money back and wasnt able to. SO far everything is a lie. Thanks for stealing my money.

ID#16504 . ., 2005-04-12 [ , ]

When you stand before God you will bow before him like everyone one else will and he will call the demons from the pits of hell to drag you back with them and i only hope you would change and try to correct the problems you have caused but i know you are blinded by the money your makin and the evil inside you... you are nothing but a wicked false profit...

ID#16506 M.A., 2005-04-13 [ Ironton, OH]

Hello, my name is Mary Adams. I am from Ironton, OH, located in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. I am very interested in the Neo-Tech book, which I purchased, and eager to learn more, meet other members or at least chat with them by phone or internet. I never recieved a letter about the next meeting for members only. I am a mother of a 22 month-old son and a 8 month-old son, along with being a wife to a truck driver. With my hands being so tied with my family I am really looking forward to working from home, and meeting other members who are millionaires. Having a site is a wonderful idea, maybe if the website had away for members to sign in to keep it for members only would be used daily at least by myself. Thank you for all of your hard work and can't wait to get to know everyone. ----Mary Adams

ID#16507 P.K., 2005-04-13 [ , ]

I am truly fascinated by the information on this website. I'm still reading through it. I can't say that I've understood everything because it's a lot to take in. I wish there was a Neo-Tech organization that held workshops for people to better understand the messages you are trying to get across. I hope to continue to research your theories further.

ID#16508 . ., 2005-04-13 [ , ]

Scientology Jr., but without the cool boats.

ID#16509 l.h., 2005-04-13 [ brooklyn, ny]

by letter

ID#16510 . ., 2005-04-13 [ , ]

maybe you can figure out another way to take people's money

ID#16511 r.h., 2005-04-13 [ glasgow, ]


ID#16515 M.H., 2005-04-14 [ Inglewood, ca]

Yes Neo-Tech should remain on the web. We have various religions that have been on earth for thousands of years and what do we have to show for it? Nothing but ignorance.

ID#16516 I.B., 2005-04-14 [ LLAN, POWYS]

Could your web site information be offered in CD Rom format?

ID#16517 a.c., 2005-04-14 [ bournemouth, bh9]

I shouldenly last night came to an understanding of every thing i believe your trying to say and i believe you know more than that 's in your manuscripts. I'm not going to explain it here and now but i will be writting a letter to your company, if you can email me who it would be fot the attention of. I believe that the writters were genesis' and i believe that i can explain the whole neo tech idea plus teach people how to think like a genesis, in the matter of hours, i believe i understand the ten second rule, although i haven't applyed it, i believe i still have some research to do to understand things better. please email me who i should write to in i and o publishing. i may have stumbled on a short cut that you may not be aware of.

ID#16518 a.c., 2005-04-14 [ bournemouth, bh9]

I shouldenly last night came to an understanding of every thing i believe your trying to say and i believe you know more than that 's in your manuscripts. I'm not going to explain it here and now but i will be writting a letter to your company, if you can email me who it would be fot the attention of. I believe that the writters were genesis' and i believe that i can explain the whole neo tech idea plus teach people how to think like a genesis, in the matter of hours, i believe i understand the ten second rule, although i haven't applyed it, i believe i still have some research to do to understand things better. please email me who i should write to in i and o publishing. i may have stumbled on a short cut that you may not be aware of.

ID#16522 W.H.,@AOL.COM 2005-04-14 [ MARGATE, FL]


ID#16523 R.d., 2005-04-14 [ , ]

Estou precisando com urgencia do meu manuscrito,que me foi reservado

ID#16524 I. ., 2005-04-14 [ N/A, N/A]


ID#16525 G.C., 2005-04-14 [ Moline, IL]

If Nouveau can help people overcome programmed negative ways of thinking and enrich peoples lives, then yes they should remain on the internet.

ID#16526 . ., 2005-04-15 [ BROOKLYN, N.Y.]

To neo-tech & Mark Hamilton, I am writing to say, that the first installment was destroyed by members of my family. My mother, Ethel Johnson ,my step father Samuel Johnson, and sister Navine Johnson. They stated that the book is a devil book. I disagree when them,and they decided to call the cops. To make a long story short, they are calling the marshall to put my belongings on the side of the road. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance, and hoping to hear from you soon. LEON HAMILTON

ID#16527 C.B., 2005-04-15 [ Orange, CA]

The very tone of the negative comments from the religious fanatics discredit their rants. So Neo-Tech may be very different; that's the thing about gaining a new perspective--it will inherently differ from your current reality. Try to understand it with an open mind before making a decision, not the other way around. I'm not surprised at the hateful rhetoric though, so many Americans are puritannical hypocrites.

ID#16528 M.S., 2005-04-15 [ Ceres, CA]

Wow! You have really opened my eyes to a new world. I can't get enough. Keep bringing great values to the world. I would like to get my hands on more neo-tech literatre.

ID#16529 J.C., 2005-04-15 [ Sheridan, WY]

Dear sirs, I have completed reading the "Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets" (#131), and found it is right on the money! Reading this material has confirmed many of the beliefs I have held all my life but felt I was alone in my thinking. I would like to continue this learning process with more material from Nouveau Tech Society. Would you please send me information on additional materials you offer. Thank You John Cummings

ID#16530 T.C., 2005-04-16 [ NEWRY, ]


ID#16531 S. ., 2005-04-16 [ atlanta, ga]

Im all for the revamping of the tax system. However.... after reading all of these 'emails' from people I noticed one thing. Not a single word is misspelled. Not a single grammar violation has occured. Um..... I have to doubt the legitimacy of these emails.

ID#16532 . ., 2005-04-16 [ , ]

It's about time you expose the ridiculous mind-numbing effect that religion has on people. Keep up the good work!

ID#16533 M.F., 2005-04-17 [ Rockhampton, Qld]

Honesty, rationality, and reality applied through science, business, and art. In a world that so often makes little or no consistent sense, that hold up ideals and then acts in opposition to them; how can there be any doubt that wider scope accountability is desirable? Escape finding "the word" or "the truth", keep thinking and growing, and honestly providing what others value for your own profit. To keep seeking while being careful of any who say then know ALL with absolute certainty (yet have no real evidence). If appropriate control can be exercised and mass promotion is the appropriate way to go, then why not keep such valuable information widely available?

ID#16535 C.C., 2005-04-18 [ Orlando, FL]

During and after reading literature,I find that it makes a lot of sence.I will continue reading the information.

ID#16536 C. ., 2005-04-18 [ Cusco, -]

I'm very interested about neo tech. I wish to know more about it Thanks

ID#16537 s.r., 2005-04-18 [ Roie, va]


ID#16538 K.T., 2005-04-18 [ Watertown, SD]

This is the most exciting thing I have ever seen. I feel like I have finaly found people who think on the same plane as me. The reaserch and reason is supportive and presents a factual consept into text. This is way ahead of todays world. Then again there are those veary special few who have thought like this so long ago. I am supprised there is nothing mentioned about Genisus 1. The "original sin" This is a wonderfull story of what neotech is all about? Adam and Eve were forwarned not to eat from the tree of knowledge. Eve allowed the serpent to manipulate her with his mistiscism rather than use her independent judgement. And Adam did just the same only he fell victom to his lover. And on top of that they were not willing to take responsability for their actions. When they were confronted on the matter they put the blame on someone eltse never looking at them selves. If that is not Neo-Think I must have missed somthing.

ID#16539 P.O., 2005-04-18 [ DELAWARE, OH]


ID#16541 G.C., 2005-04-19 [ Prince Rupert, B.C]

a long time ago my older brother was sent a manuscript and it was thrown away because my stupid girlfriend at the time was just an idiot but I looked around for it for a long time and then just forgot. I was downloading some pdf through iMesh today and ran into a search called "neo tech" so I started looking around the net for it and here I am.

ID#16546 R.G., 2005-04-19 [ Cincinnati, ]

This is a new revolution sweeping the world with a positive outcome. The history of man is explained with infomation not obtained within our history books. Things we should have been told and wasn't just to control our minds. Reason. Honesty. Truth. These are words we use today with no meaning. The ability to see things clearly, to understand things around us is personel. It effects our way of thinking. Our way of understanding why we have been lied to. The average person just don't understand or want to. Hopefully Neo-tech will open eyes. Thanks

ID#16547 R.G., 2005-04-19 [ Cincinnati, Ohio]

This is a new revolution sweeping the world with a positive outcome. The history of man is explained with infomation not obtained within our history books. Things we should have been told and wasn't just to control our minds. Reason. Honesty. Truth. These are words we use today with no meaning. The ability to see things clearly, to understand things around us is personel. It effects our way of thinking. Our way of understanding why we have been lied to. The average person just don't understand or want to. Hopefully Neo-tech will open eyes. Thanks

ID#16548 D.M., 2005-04-19 [ Hoover, AL]

This is the first time to see the web site - I cannot honestly say I agree with everything on the site since I did not read and comprehend everything. In general, I can say that everyone on this planet should read and think about. I will print and re-read the site in total. I think the site should be available to everyone - exposure to facts and information can hurt no one except the individuals that use ignorance and fear to control other people.

ID#16550 J.A., 2005-04-19 [ Desoto, TX]

I think you should keep this on the WEB. It is very informative and if people are offended by it, they should not go into it and read it. Simple as that.

ID#16554 . ., 2005-04-19 [ , ]

Interesting and refreshing, especially as a counterbalance to the extreme right, but sorry, not enlightened. You still have some major things to transcend in order to be there, if you want honesty, as you say. However, as far as duality goes, not bad based on a quick skim.

ID#16557 J.O., 2005-04-20 [ Sabana Seca, PR]

you shouldnt be afraid because them cult people be using the neo-tech name in vain. i say, let the weak perish, and the strong survive. i dont think that i should pay for other people's stupidities. i used to come to this site to read neo-tech info. without having to pay 70 dollars a book. now i must suffer with the less fortunate. THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!

ID#16558 E.B., 2005-04-20 [ Sumter, SC]

Anyone with just a little bit of intelligence can tell by reading it that there are several comments made that are obviously lies. The repeating over and over your name reflects the whole thing to be a lot of hogwash. When they say it sounds to good to be true and then says it is true, just another ploy to get you interested in it. You don't need 7 typed pages to convince someone that something is true. This is just like a psychic giving you information that you can become rich by using their forecast. If this were true the psychic would be rich and not depending on other people to make a living.

ID#16559 L.D., 2005-04-20 [ Middleton, 83644]

Those who fear change, Fear growth.

ID#16560 E.m., 2005-04-20 [ , ]

WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL CARROTS HOME PAGE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!! Are you the eaten? Are you the beaten? I just poured HOT GRITS down my pants.

ID#16561 K. ., 2005-04-20 [ Noosa Heads, Qld]

I had never heard of Neo Tech untill a few weeks ago. If people can look at this with an open mind, not cluttered with predjudice, bias and opinion, they can see that Neo tech is offering freedom and safety for everyone. Equally. Therefore it has my vote.

ID#16562 D.W., 2005-04-20 [ Villa Rica, GA]

I don't own the literature, but I would certainly like to. Where's the order form?

ID#16564 j. ., 2005-04-20 [ Port--of-Spain, ]

please send me The Book

ID#16565 J.A., 2005-04-20 [ Cusco, ]


ID#16566 P.M., 2005-04-20 [ Pensacola, Fl]

Please send me info about any recent publications released over the previous 2 years.

ID#16567 j. ., 2005-04-20 [ Cape town, ]

It was the site that got me thinking about things

ID#16569 J.B., 2005-04-20 [ Greenville, SC]

The information available on the site is cery helpful and has done a lot to dispel some of the negatives being disseminated by many nay-sayers.

ID#16570 M.V., 2005-04-21 [ Anchorage, AK]

Comment: *Private site for members only and a public site to browse.* I'm a member and recently moved. I did get the 1000 pages and did not as yet get correspondence to meet others. My new address is filled out below this comment. Thank You, P.S: Lots of insights that confirmed a lot of situations and how people are; also additional new knowledge that I can apply. This is an enhancement for myself and a great enhancement, indeed.

ID#16571 A.S., 2005-04-21 [ , ]

I am the founder/owner of seven forums. I receive emails from various web sites, forums, and people from around the world. I create folders with in the flies section for members to use should the need arise. I am also familiar with Wilbur & Pamelas book Sui Jusis. I have my own copy of the entire book. I use sthe material as I need it. It stops the criminals in their tracks.

ID#16572 J.B., 2005-04-21 [ Spokane, WA]

Of course Neo-Tech should have a presents on the world wide web!! I would not have been able to find you again if you weren't here. It would be illogical not to utilize all forms of media to advertise your products and services,it would be a terrible business choice and even a self sabotaging mistake to limit the forms of media to provide public awareness of Neo-Tech. You need to treat Neo-Tech like any other business. Why not make an infomercial for television and radio? I am disappointed and confused as to why you would even be asking for a vote! It contradicts the very teachings of Neo-Tech about democracy (Quote)"to force the deemed "will" of the majority onto specific individuals."(Unquote From Neo-Tech Discovery page 65 footnote). Are you going to limit my resouces to Neo-Tech that I can share with others because a bunch of neocheaters got on this site and voted NO? Who's Idea was it to put this to a vote? Who ever it is they need to read the book again or maybe this person has infiltrated your business and trust and is attempting to sabotage it from the inside. Even if this is just a ploy to get new leads to sell books to, it is still being dishonest and manipulative. It undermines and degrades what Neo-Tech is all about,HONESTY! Practice what you teach!! Take this stupid vote thing off and replace it with a poll on something more constructive and straight forward that can be useful for future marketing or information gathering for statistics. Just make sure you are doing things in alignment with Neo-Tech otherwise it makes Neo-Tech look incompetent,lackadaisical and makes people question if the Neo-Tech information is valid or not. Now I am having doubt about Neo-Tech thanks to this "voting idea",If you don't change this or give me a better understanding about this voting thing I will be very reluctant to buy any of the books on Neo-Tech. Respectfully Jim Bishop

ID#16575 J.B., 2005-04-21 [ Spokane, WA]

I tried to email you and got this back; Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: Neo Tech Illuminati Sent: 4/20/2005 8:13 PM The following recipient(s) could not be reached: '' on 4/20/2005 8:13 PM 501 : domain missing or malformed

ID#16577 C.T., 2005-04-21 [ Malvern, ]

my greatest problem with my neo-tech work is that of visualisation. I would dearly love to be able to see clear pictures such as; what a concept looks like in comparison to a percept, what pattern neothink takes. How to 'see' all the steps needed to form projects vis-a-vis THe Neo-Tewch World. It is a daily, hard-won effort to 'see' these pictures. I am a visual person in many ways and once somebody points out the picture via examples, analogues etc, I get my eureka moments, which in turn energise and move me forward. I love the literature and am happy to say the work has increased my happiness and life purpose. Thank you.

ID#16579 R.d., 2005-04-21 [ , ]

Solicito manuscrito que esteve a minha disposicao,mas nao tive condicoes de acesso

ID#16580 R.d., 2005-04-21 [ , ]

Solicito manuscrito que esteve a minha disposicao,mas nao tive condicoes de acesso,se possivel traduzido em Portugues

ID#16582 N.K., 2005-04-21 [ Omaha, NE]

This is very interesting. I find the info valuable in the context of noting how usenet flames are handled, I myself have been flamed to a null point by flamers, and in the presentation of new ideas. Noting how they are rationally handled is admirable, A skill which makes me wish to learn and use more of NT ideas. I notice how NT feels about there rights to the material and I in no way wish to plagerize. But I do want to profit from Honesty. So in effect, I will read more.

ID#16586 D. ., 2005-04-21 [ , ]

love your irs complaints

ID#16587 g.t., 2005-04-22 [ Porto Alegre- , RS]

recebi uma proposta tempos atras para comprar os vol I ,II ,III ,em portugues, e , se fissse o pedido em 7 dias receberia os vol IV e V , mas infelizmente perdi os boletos bancários. sinceramnte gostaria de ter uma nova oportunidade de adquirir ste material.

ID#16590 R.d., 2005-04-22 [ , ]

Solicito encarecidamente o manuscrito que me foi reservado, mas na oportunidade nao tive qualquer condicoes de ter aces- so. plise plise plise Se possivel traduzido em portugues

ID#16591 R.d., 2005-04-22 [ , ]

Solicito encarecidamente o manuscrito que me foi reservado, mas na oportunidade nao tive qualquer condicoes de ter aces- so. plise plise plise Se possivel traduzido em portugues

ID#16592 R.d., 2005-04-22 [ , ]

Solicito encarecidamente o manuscrito que me foi reservado, mas na oportunidade nao tive qualquer condicoes de ter aces- so. plise plise plise Se possivel traduzido em portugues

ID#16593 R.d., 2005-04-22 [ , ]

Solicito encarecidamente o manuscrito que me foi reservado, mas na oportunidade nao tive qualquer condicoes de ter aces- so. plise plise plise Se possivel traduzido em portugues

ID#16594 R.d.,@com .br 2005-04-22 [ salvador, BA]

Solicito encarecidamente o manuscrito a que me foi reservado,por favor,porfavor,por favor

ID#16595 R.d.,@com .br 2005-04-22 [ salvador, BA]

Solicito encarecidamente o manuscrito a que me foi reservado,por favor,porfavor,por favor

ID#16598 D.W., 2005-04-22 [ Galloway, Ohio]

i am looking forward to new matterial. Dave Williams

ID#16601 G.H., 2005-04-23 [ puyallup, wa]

I need to hear from you,or people.I revieved my book about 6 weeks ago and you were suposed to have a meeting set for me to go in a few days?But ya,I see the hoax.I have been inlighted,its so unreal its real.

ID#16602 M. ., 2005-04-23 [ conover, Ohio]

You are a life saver!

ID#16603 C.R., 2005-04-24 [ Hacienda Heights, CA]

Pax Neo-Tech for President of the World! The manifestation of such an entity is inconceivable.

ID#16604 D.A., 2005-04-24 [ San Diego, Ca]

It has been a great experience to read this. It's nice to know there's a whole community of people out there who already share the same idea's as myself. I've had this mindset throughout the majority of my life and have always felt alone with my thoughts. Thank you for the enlightening moment of understanding.

ID#16605 J.J., 2005-04-24 [ Davis, CA]

I have read Neo-Tech literature and visited the web site from time to time for several years now. Life is a constant struggle but Reading Neo-Tech inspires me to continue moving ahead. For entertainment I sometimes read the negative comments. Those poor subjects sacrifice so much energy and emotion to defend nothing.

ID#16607 T.C., 2005-04-24 [ NEWRY, ]


ID#16608 J.A., 2005-04-24 [ Dover, OH]

This information needs to be availble to all who see its real value.How else can complete and final positive changes accure,when our present mind set/culture and politics has such an overwhelming advantage to making there views and mysticism a daily part of everyones lives. Im a neo-tech owner.My views and attitude are forever changed. Still working toward where I should be. I came to the site looking for the Neo-Tech Networkings described in The Neo-Tech World by Mark Hamilton. ?????????

ID#16609 d.z., 2005-04-24 [ middle island, ny]

keep i the way to make it through.

ID#16610 B.T., 2005-04-24 [ Fleet, Hampshire]

Long live Neo-Tech! you're making the world a better place to live in for us all!

ID#16611 J.L., 2005-04-24 [ Myrtle Beach, 29579]

Please send me info on Neo-Tech and it's products.

ID#16614 D.R., 2005-04-25 [ , ]

I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Your optimistic and relentlessly PROGRESSIVE outlook on life with its firm moral axis offers a perspective that, barring catastrophe, will probably fare quite well in the future. I expect that the lack of willingness on the part of many to engage in fundamental-belief-altering conversation/debate/dialogue will make that time later rather than sooner, but good luck nonetheless. Just make sure that you don't lose sight of your ultimate objectives and create self-imposed barriers/illusions that stifle your intellectual movement before it gets off of the ground. I, for one, want to see it (or something somewhat similar) succeed.

ID#16615 D.T., 2005-04-25 [ Milwaukee, Wi.]

I love neo-tech products they have changed my life forever and I don't want to return to the old me ever again. Neo-Tech products enlightened my mind and world through Frank R. Wallace, Eric Savage and Mark Hamilton Thank You

ID#16616 D.T., 2005-04-25 [ Milwaukee, Wi.]

I love neo-tech products they have changed my life forever and I don't want to return to the old me ever again. Neo-Tech products enlightened my mind and world through Frank R. Wallace, Eric Savage and Mark Hamilton Thank You

ID#16617 R. ., 2005-04-25 [ Downey, CA]

Thank you for this site.

ID#16619 t.n., 2005-04-25 [ Akron, ohio]

I think that I may have found my path. Thank you for aking me realize that I am a recovering catholic for a reason. I rejected the church some years ago and have been trying to find the way. I think that you ofer what I am looking for. I intend to continue looking into neo-tech thinking. I look forward to the latest info that you offered.

ID#16621 . ., 2005-04-25 [ , ]

I`ts about time someone started taking on the government and the high society A&&HOLES!!...Keep up the AWESOME WORK!! The world trys to rule us and tell us what we can and can not do!? BULL&^&it!!

ID#16622 T. ., 2005-04-25 [ , ]

i have just recieved my letter in the mail,and after reading several pages,i have felt a change in my life. I AM SERIOUSLY CONSERDERING JOINING THESE PEOPLE, ONLY BECAUSE THEY UNDER STAND MY PYSIC ABILITY.

ID#16623 g.s., 2005-04-25 [ bucyrus, ohio]

i have been harrassed and lifes been theatened many times by an unknown neo-cheater.

ID#16625 g.s., 2005-04-25 [ bucyrus, ohio]

and what i mean about exposed they lied about something i didnt do.saying i discraced my family and saying i hurt myself when thier the ones that discreaced my family and hurt me and also threatening freands family and and discracing my name for thier own value.they said they was going to chop me up.yousta be till the police took my books and never gave them back.please help my family!!!!

ID#16627 S.W., 2005-04-25 [ Binghamton, NY]

I enjoyed reading the Orientation page. Though I feel it was a bit harsh in it's presentation of the data and a bit repetitive. However, there are many who need a wake up call. Your terminology was presented in an unclear fashion (i.e. Neocheater, Mystics, etc..) in the sense that it was offered too soon. Your definitions of these words for many would not have quite sunk in my the time they became consciously aware of what they were actually reading. Thus you have stimulated the rabid biting of the overzealous neo-mystics (I just coined that one)on your comments page. Although I have not yet reviewed the entirety of your site, the concepts and thought forms are familiar to me. I am intrigued and desirious of more information.

ID#16629 N.C., 2005-04-26 [ Thamuang, Kanchanaburi]

It is a very every usefull and valuable web. It helps and protects innocent people from being victims of those Neo -cheaters.

ID#16633 M. ., 2005-04-26 [ Biloxi, Ms.]

Neo-Tech is the greatest book EVER written.It has completly changed my life. I really recognize your efforts.I have read, multiple times, thousands of pages of Neo-Tech in the decade that I have studied your material and I have found only one typo.That is incredible,especially considering that much of the material was written before many of the computer word programs.The one thing I'm puzzled by is how to purchase Neo-Tech.I have looked on the Neo-Tech web site and I can not find a link to purchase the material.Fortunately I obtain the materail from a friend. The world so desperately needs the insight,clarity and wisdom of the Neo-Tech team.Why is there no way to purchase Neo-Tech on the web ? Sincerly, Michael Thigpen

ID#16635 j.l., 2005-04-26 [ xativa (valencia)-46800, spain]

i,m waiting for neo-tech information. i,m spanish.please send me neo-tech information by mail. jose luis sanz frances av.gregorio molina,9,2,3 46800-xativa (valencia). thanks.

ID#16636 r.d., 2005-04-26 [ El Paso, TX]

Well written, very logical; accurately portrays history and offers proper path for the future.

ID#16637 P.R., 2005-04-26 [ Wellesley, MA]

#33 on the history of Christianity's encroachment upon human reason, thought, and lifestyle is very interesting and consistent with the realities of early church history. It would be interesting to see the transition from Greek and Roman philosophy and practices that determined the ability of such a transition to succeed though. Since the views are so radically different from one period to another, the relevance is high to produce the gap thinking by which such transitions were made to complete the picture. It may also be important to note that until Christianity became the all pervasive foundation of human culture, there may have been legitimate reasons to lose or hide Artistotle's work for 300 years to aid in that transition. It may be advantageous to humanity in the long run to prevent extinction, but may, in reality, have gone too far in its human terrorism through the exercise of absolute power, which we all know corrupts absolutely.

ID#16638 L.P., 2005-04-26 [ Aurora, IL]

I was sent a letter in the mail and did some research. I am neutral. Neither Negative or Positive. I am somewhat intrigued (curious) to read more.

ID#16640 J.G., 2005-04-26 [ Puerto Eten, Chiclayo]

I can not express myself very good in english,my language is spanish and it is a pity I can´t get NT literature in spanish I do believe the way to improve our world is changing our actual way of thinking,I got to NT just seeking for information about man development, before i did become a rosacrucian , antroposophist and the like but I left because Ifelt a sense of emptyness Seems to me that NT could fullfill my Knowledge thirst

ID#16642 M.H., 2005-04-26 [ Greenville, Sc]

Welcome to the 21st century, please let freedom of the mind grow.

ID#16643 . ., 2005-04-26 [ , ]

can you please update your site? It's old and boring. It's not inviting in the least. I'd like to see more of a freidndly 2005 site. you haven't even updated comments for 2 years. It's obvious this site is neglected. How can we take your cause seriously, when you can't even update a website.

ID#16644 L.N., 2005-04-26 [ Virginia Beach, VA]

There is a world of knowledge to read and each reading envelopes the soul.

ID#16645 M.P., 2005-04-26 [ Gillette, WY]

Yes, I think Neo-tech is very important and the only thing that has a chance too save mankind from ourselves. Please send me an order form for Neo-Tech (Decoded).

ID#16648 . ., 2005-04-27 [ , ]

I think that all spam should be eliminated.

ID#16651 t.p., 2005-04-27 [ , ]

you might win some but you just lost one,you know who I am.

ID#16652 F.R., 2005-04-27 [ Edgewater, Fl]

I took it upon myself to look into this foundation, for I was curious, I,ve always been open minded and yearned, looking into new ideas, opinions, insight of all possible knowledge for growth in all areas of life, I've lived my whole life, being imaginative, creative, adventureous, through ambition, determination,persuing torge knowlwdge in all aspects of life. Insight of lifes cycle all involving within, I have explored so many areas in life most wouldn't. Manuscript #34614-H Account# 0095512869 Thank You! The sight has benn inspiring, confirming my like minded philosphy.

ID#16654 R. ., 2005-04-27 [ Los Angeles, ca]

By reading the negative comments you can tell who the loosers are. By reading the POSITIVE COMMENTS you can tell who the winners and successful people are. I CHOSE TO BE A WINNER! I chose to be prosperous, and It's such a relief knowing that there is no SUCH THING AS A PUNISHING GOD. I want to share this with my children before they become loosers like their father. Who all his life was pressured by his own mother to be a "Catholic priest." He disobeyed and molested me when I was a child I felt pressured to marry him. He tortured me for 20 yrs. He wanted me pregnat all the time. I did what I had to do and divorce him. I continued to prosper. While he lost everything. Half of my children are very religious and can't succeed in their lives because they have all the wrong mystics ideas, the other half turned like me and I want them to find out about the hoax and not be manipulated by religion.

ID#16655 F.R., 2005-04-27 [ Edgewater, FL]

I read alittle into your sie and am inspired for hope,I'm from a family of 15,growing up in a large family of all different views on life, I listen, yet did not connect with their being part of life and beliefs of insight,when we were young, me being the youngest, a few of my close bothers and sisters and I use to sit around till 5 am speaking of the very same insight I'm now reading through your sight, we felt if we explored our way of thinking it would only surely bring on problems beyond our means of control, so all these years we kept our insight to ourselves, fear of open view on life, seeing others persrcuted for such way of thinking, as we all fall into accepting the way of life, to avoid conflict,being called gypsy's, dreamers only defeats you, only for those looking to see, finds ways to explore, express, realizing over years that we've been hendered through fear, allowing to be dictated, manipulated,through mind control of a system of programming beliefs into mankind, keeps the programmers of mind control in high position as you serve their cause, for their true self are the ones that truely benefits. If everyone did not follow their program of thinking, who would be in power and have all the control, where would their status be, what would they have in reality, they need blinded people in fear, for that is what put them in their position of status in every aspect of their being in life. We learn from all the negatives and positives in life, how we perceive and use the tools of wisdom is all in how open minded we are and a stste of mind, I found that alot of people in poverity has nothing to lose and they ponder on these very things through life searching to get out of their cycle of existance, they open their mind to such only, live in fear of the unknown or lack of means to persue, they pass most opportunities due the demand to provide for their love ones immediate everyday needs, putting off to make this grow within them, is the step to getting out of this cycle. to follow or break free of rules of the society that controls so many to be dormant in their lives by thinking their way is right, the only normalacy of acceptance. these are like viruses breaded into todaye society, a desease out of contol of individuality, everyone thinks their living in freedom of making their own choses and paths, sad, the fear and blindness or unknowledged, the training, that has been breeding in our world, being inprisoned in a state of mind, not thinking for theirself or afraid of being different drawing attention to bring forth problems, for fear of lack of support in their outlooks, avoiding conflict, taking the easiest way, laziness or trying to keep some sence of peace, some I geuss needs leadership, for it's to much work to think and act on their own. Yet! they complain with the disatisfaction of the rewards of their efforts, nothing of any great value, being pawns in life, serving others needs that only benefits the one being served. A one Way street. Our minds are like a computer, we can store anything, positive or negative, the virus is the infection of what we've been programmed to believe, only to clean that virus, change the input to good data, takes time to unchange, a life time of beliefs, their is some that never did fall into the cycle completely, they lived within peacefully,secretly persuing their true self and anything that may enhance, living falsely in a closet, not to be persecuted. Their is always things to learn, for it's an never ending cycle, what you do with it, is what makes the difference, mankind seems to be trapped in a cycle of negative thinking, defeated, allowing doors stand in their way,lack of imagination, creativity, exploration, needing security instead of adventure, due to fear,lack of faith, hope,inspiration,wisdom, life is only what we make of it, it can flourish, only to truely free one self from the bondage of mind manipulation, controlled by the creators, break free of the way of beliefs thats been programmed into our todays society. then one is truely set free, to be the best they can be and live a life of complete forfillment. I thank You for the invitation to your society, It's enlightening to finally after all these years to come across others that feels or thinks in the same aspects, that has acted on it without fear,I've been yearning, searching for years, only to dead end roads of being in the sytem of life that has been put upon us, draining as it can be I never gave up that, me and just a few of my family can't be the only ones that think as we do, so I've fell into the ways of this trapped society, yet! always keeping my sincerity within myself, never giving up, that life has been a cycle, that most goes nowhere except to their deceased existance of only what was given to them, alot feeling as their life was meaningless, knowing their was a purpose in their soul beyond what they lived, living their life in vain, rapped up in the rat race taught to them from birth. Never grasping the higher power which is in ones self to take control of their own destiny. I know that everday is a new opportunity for new enlightment, I know within my self, is it something of use and does it conflict with my being or helps develope it.The more we practice the way of thinking through absorbing it,living it, the closer we reach our full potential of our being as an individual. I could go on and on about my insight,as exhilerating this is, it's been forever that I communicated on this level of insight, I feel that It must be my time, that all my research exploring has led to this moment of aquaintance with your society. Thank You! For reaching out to reveal your foundation to me. I know their is much I've yet to learn and overcome living apart of this cycle of life I've lived in, I feel as though I don't have far to go for the hardest thing to truely grow is transforming, that is the very essence of a strong foundation to grow from, breaking free of the cycle is realizing it, believing, living it and to me, I've been in the process of reaching total enlightment, just didn't 100% live it, living in vain against my very essence of being, sacret in my way of thinking, I feel like a burden lifted, having others that live it, coming out of my closet or should I say share with, not to be alone in this way of thinking. I've been skeptical trusting others reactions to this very concept on life.So I secretly search out my own standards,, why conveying to them as if they have contol completely, inspite they have to an degree, not completely for they never had this essence of my belief, But! to live by their rules and beliefs is living in vain and they've been in more control than I was willing to admit to, trying to keep myself in control, I found my self as an hermit to an degree,Being alone, to avoid conflict from their power of grief they could cause, that they've hold on so many of us, which having this opportunity of awareness to your society made me realize that I truely never had complete control for the mere fact, inspite I believes this way of thinking, I didn't live it, from fear of conflict, facing it alone and knowing their impact they can have on your life in negative ways. so I took the path of least resistance, yet! secretly continue to yearn and search to be released of this very bondage most of society lives in, so that state of mind of being was protected and my spirit wouldn't be broken, contaminated with false input. I connect in so many ways spiritually to your society. I commend all of you for your courage taken to work torge breaking the cycle of life through offering enlightment to others that understand your veiws to share with and learn from and encourage to do the same for theirself and others. Faye Rayburn

ID#16656 a. ., 2005-04-28 [ caliut, kerala]

very interesting and searching subjects

ID#16659 G.H., 2005-04-28 [ Isle of Man, ]

I first acquired Frank Wallace's manuscript back in the early '80s. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since, but I can HONESTLY say that my life would not have been the same if it were not for Neo-Tech. I live a guilt-free life, profiting from my own original work. I long ago rejected religion and altruistic politics, and take steps to protect myself from their evil influences. Graham Hamer

ID#16660 L.R., 2005-04-28 [ Due West, SC]

Yes I think that Neo Tech should stay on the web to help spread its information & knowledge to free the world. Yes I would like to see the site expand with material that is not up there now & that can not be found. Also some of the audios that where produce years ago would be great to listen to to learn from. It would be great if there was help in implementing the techniques of Neo Tech so that people could put them to use & get the benefits from them. If there are any new books or audios that can be purchased or will be made please send me the information. I have a lot of your material & want to keep up to date with it. If you would be so kind as to send me a catalog of items that I can purchase to complete my collection. Are there any distributor opportunties at this time? If so please send that information as well. Thank you, Lorenzo Rothery

ID#16661 S.R., 2005-04-28 [ , ]

I read some of the negative comments. What a bunch of hypocrites and zealots. Bottom line, a true Christian in the U.S. would realize the importance of free speech for EVERYONE. I may find that I don't agree with what you say, but I will always agree with your right to say it!

ID#16662 J.B., 2005-04-28 [ St. Helens, OR]

Yes - I would like to access your information via the web. I thought that all of the information was available here - but I see much of it no longer exists. If you would like your stuff to be "secret" - then why not just put a password in the "letter" and let those who wish to access the info do so. Obviously - you are a "for profit" publishing company - so perhaps posting everything would undermine your income efforts. However - publishing the information that you've chosen to highlight is also for the ultiamate betterment of the whole via the develpopment of the individual - therefore there must be some benefit to exposing as many as possible to the information.

ID#16664 P.M., 2005-04-28 [ LONDON, ]

what i have read makes a lot of sence,and feels so right.I can"t wait for all this to kick off.

ID#16665 R.J., 2005-04-28 [ Kenosha, WI]

I am already a very satisfied member. I learned more in reading the books than my whole life. Keep up the good work. More power to the working man, who without them this country would not run.

ID#16669 M.M., 2005-04-29 [ Macon, GA]

Dear Neo-Tech Publishing I think the knowledge you have supplies me with is worth $1000.00 more than I actually paid for. Everyone need the Neo-Tech in their life. Keep up the good work. Please send me the latest happening on Neo-Tech.

ID#16670 A.W., 2005-04-29 [ Hollister, CA]

TRASH~ Pure, unadulterated TRASH~ I believe in me~ Nouveau Tech is neither~

ID#16671 S.C., 2005-04-29 [ Freedom, CA]

Pure tRASH~ Eat my shorts Nouveau tech is NEITHER~

ID#16672 T.P., 2005-04-29 [ xxsxxx, xx]

To Frank Wallace: Thomas Powell here. I have been having a discussion with someone who claims to be Frank Wallace, Email frank_r_wallace@ I am here to see if indeed I have been talking to Frank Wallace or if someone is using his name in a fraudulent manner. I have been trying to challenge this person to answer some basic Neo Tech questions, to date he has refused to answer. I told the individual who calls himself Frank Wallace also Wallace Ward, I would come here to first see if indeed he has been badmouthing me here. Putting a link to some of my sites so readers here can come to study me, or as he says to make me, famous in a way I would not want. This does not sound like a man using integrated thinking but using Anti-Civilization techniques over two millennia old. Mr. Wallace if you read this. I would like to hear from you via an email that would be associated with this web site, not a yahoo address that anyone can set up. If this person is impersonating you, I know who it is and you may wish to act. Before writing, I read the first part of this new Pax Neo Tech, I have read The Neo Tech Discovery I have both books. What you right today is in line with what I have grown from by reading the earlier version of Neo Tech. I would like to hear from you to tell me if that is you, in which some of the things being said does not make sense to me. Alternatively, that you have no knowledge of such and would like to know who is acting in your name. He has deleted post to me in my forum. However, I do have private correspondence from him that may be of interest to you. He may have forgot to delete a couple posts in another forum where we briefly engaged. First he said the group was Neo tech people. I reminded him it is the same bunch that give him so much trouble in his former NeoTalk forum. Now owned by somebody call Perry. My email address is in the spot provided to fill in, as is my pseudonym. Sincerely Thomas Powell

ID#16675 N.T., 2005-04-29 [ Ringwood, Hampshire]

Freedom of information is as important as any other liberty.

ID#16676 M.M., 2005-04-29 [ DeSoto, MO]

I think Neo-Tech has a lot of good life enriching information.

ID#16677 D.B., 2005-04-29 [ Bonham, Texas]

I shall read it all once or twice more before commenting, other than stating now that this that you've proposed is so well overdue -- but who's to do it.

ID#16679 M.G., 2005-04-29 [ Lexington, KY]

Twenty years ago, after reading an advertisement, I bought an unusual looking black heavy book for $60. I attempted to read it but it scared me so bad, I returned it for refund. Current events brought this memory up out of my subconcious? unconcious? mind and I began to search for it. All I remembered was "Neo". This led me to your website. I want to know more. Anything that can help me and/or others fight the destructive, greedy, intolerant evil tide of current events sweeping through America. Thank you.

ID#16682 L.L., 2005-04-29 [ Albuquerque, NM]

I received a letter in the mail regarding The Nouveau Tech Society, enthusiastically returned a positive response, and then began searching the web for more information. I found your site and have just finished reading every word. Since I'm already apolitical, and irreligious the information I've read here seems to fit me like a glove. I'm an avid reader, have a healthy appetite for mind-expanding knowledge, and have been seeking something more educational to read than novels. I believe I may have found what I was looking for. I'm looking forward to the response to the letter I returned, and very much looking forward to learning as much as I can about this subject.

ID#16685 M.D., 2005-04-30 [ Logan, N.M.]

It makes for interesting reading. You are not telling me anything that I haven't realised on my own.I recieved "Neo-Tech, several years ago,I believe you were then trying to "save the world, one person at a time." I no longer have the book, for like so many othersuch offers it would cost more to learn more. I have been down that road before. The costs don't stop and the education doesn't begin.I AM A FREETHINKER. I have ideas that will go toward accomplishment of some of your goals.The time and expense of implementing them holds me back. But that will soon change. I don't know if reading all your literature here has helped me or not. But there are things that I know that I have to do in my life. To try to correct some things I see going on in todays world. To limit the control and unfairness of our government,media, justice system and business practices.If nothing else it is nice to know that there are others who realise the same things and have the same sense of urgency as I do.

ID#16686 M.T., 2005-04-30 [ , ]

The power you get from reading Neo-Tech is unbelievable and instantanous. It is the most important research of ours or any time as it completely integrates all research from our past in a completely honest manner.

ID#16687 L.H., 2005-04-30 [ Governdor Valadares, MG]

Quero saber como adquirir o livro Descoberta Neo-Tech. Aguardo retorno "Urgente". Lourdes

ID#16688 A.G., 2005-04-30 [ Governdor Valadares, MG]

Quero saber como adquirir o livro Descoberta Neo-Tech. Aguardo retorno "Urgente". Adriana

ID#16691 A.B., 2005-05-01 [ Columbia, SC]

Although, I fully agree with Neo-Techs Ideas. I do not beleive it should remain on the web. Because people of ill will will have access to it. They will try to munipulate the information for their own advantage. This information is precious, and is only for those who are ready for it. These ideas have been going through my mind most of my life, since I was a young child. I never fully understood, what was going on until I read this material. Thank you!

ID#16692 Z.B., 2005-05-01 [ Springfield, MO]

I haven't read all of what's been posted on your site, but I think the general idea is quite simple. The more one is able to think critically about reality, the better off one is. I do have some very different goals in life though... to put it bluntly, I want 'psychic' powers. I want to find out if there is such a thing as a soul- some part of consciousness that can exist independently of matter, yet controls matter with extreme power. NT mentioned that universes could be created if enough knowledge is gained to do so, utilizing the laws of physics/nature. This is very logical. But how far do the laws of nature extend? Could there actually be a science of the soul? This wouldn't be a scientism if technology could be used to physically detect and examine the soul (if such a thing exists). A not so nice way to look at the term 'soul' is that it's an invention of mysticism. It's still worth being looked into further though, to prove or disprove it's existence, if that is possible. I belong to no religion. I have always wanted to create my own universes. Perhaps if not physically, I'll do so digitally. But if there is another way to utilize physics, like the leap from computers today to quantum computers of the future, perhaps from matter to energy(soul), it must be found. The soul would be an extension of physics- no miracles or mysticisms. It would be entirely explainable in physical, scientific terms. In the meantime, I'm trying to gain telekinesis and telepathy by discipline and meditation/concentration- this isn't really a scientific way, but nonetheless my mental powers will become stronger through practice whether or not I achieve my goals. I have a different idea of doing what you wish to do. Perhaps something good can be salvaged from mysticism after all. Perhaps not. My romantic side envisions a future of pure energy creating universe upon universe. Are humans really meant to stay within their bodies forever? Could sensory experiences occur at an entirely new level?

ID#16697 F.J., 2005-05-02 [ Jakarta, ]

How i can joint Neo Tech Zon Power ?? Pleae let me know.

ID#16698 D.H., 2005-05-02 [ Anchorage, AK]

I recently got the letter promising free information...and while I am not impressed by the promise of free info...and then having to pay for the literature...I am still somehow drawn to this thing called Neo-Tech...I have only recently gotten the HUGE publication...but I am slowly but surely plugging away at reading it. I have enjoyed the free thinking it has caused me to start to explore...I only hope I can use it as effectively as it sounds many others are. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!!!

ID#16700 K. ., 2005-05-02 [ , ]

great site!

ID#16701 N. ., 2005-05-02 [ , ]

This website should remain even if just for the fact that we are supposed to have freedom of speech and ideas in the western world. The comments from the negative guys really does not do good for their souls. It reflects badly on them and sadly they do not understand the words of their teachers and may reap what they sow.

ID#16702 J.S., 2005-05-02 [ , ]

David Duke to convene major, international white conference. Registration for our May 20-22, 2005 European American Conference will be limited to 500 attendees. Speakers will include Lady Michele Renouf, Dr. Edward Fields, British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin, Vavra Suk (Sweden’s NationalDemokraterna), Pedro Varela (Barcelona, Spain), Kevin Strom, Don Black, Willis Carto, David Duke, Bob Whitaker, Paul Fromm, Michael Collins Piper (just added) and others among the world’s foremost pro-European activists.

ID#16703 S. ., 2005-05-02 [ , ]

I do not suppose that you would want to exhibit this message. Whilst I believe that everyone has a right to freedom of speech, this site is so off the mark that it fails to offend the knowledgeable because it is so damn laughable. Your principles are utter nonsense and have no place in serious dialogue nor as a serious alternative to the current system. You make statements and then contradict virtually all of them. There is no afterlife, yet you speak of spirtuality. You criticise the system and blame fundamentalists for 9/11 then write a statement to Bush as if he might be your saviour, if you had only open your mind and done the shallowest research you would have known the utter stupidity of this request. Mysticism is nonsense you say, yet there is a contibutor to your site who quotes the Kybalion saying this is compatible with your system. This is so far removed from truth, if you honestly believe it then you simply have not done your homework. This is not a site for Zons but Zonbies. Written by idiots for idiots.

ID#16705 M.B., 2005-05-03 [ Cobar, NSW]

At last something that really makes sense instead of the reliious and political claptrap that has been around forever.

ID#16707 . ., 2005-05-03 [ , ]

I am a 6 grade student and I can't think of a better place to find info.

ID#16709 B.C., 2005-05-03 [ Orani, Bataan]

I am a muslim by convert in Abu Dhabi,I found the site meaningful and educational.It is scientific and positive that it will lead the world in Quantum leap to progress,provided no works of religion mystic and fundamentalist will try to sabotage it.I believe that by continues exploration of knowledge and eliminating and nullyfying negativity Earthlings will exist as GOD...Long live the Neo-tech..

ID#16710 T.L.,@NETSCAPE.NET 2005-05-03 [ ST.LOUIS, MO]


ID#16711 T.L.,@NETSCAPE.NET 2005-05-03 [ ST.LOUIS, MO]


ID#16717 R. ., 2005-05-03 [ , ]

I think the neo-tech website should remain. I say this because neo-tech offers alternate ways of viewing the world and we as a society. It is also good to see so many pissed off cry baby christians and religious fanatics. But that shows that ignorance still rules, thats why this site and way of thought is important in these times.

ID#16718 P.N., 2005-05-03 [ morris chapel , tn]

Please keep the neo-tech website active. It is very important for people to find the freedom in reality.Neo-Tech shows the way to freedom.

ID#16721 D.C., 2005-05-04 [ Chicago, Il]

My father introduced me to NeoTech when I was quite young. It changed the direction of my life in a good way. The only hard part about neo thinking is finding others who understand and think the same way. I enjoy reading the negative coments and reducing them to their simplest form it gives me a chance to practice the neo thinking. Thank you Dr. Wallace, for giving us a nudge so that we can take back our universe.

ID#16725 A.W., 2005-05-04 [ HAMPTON, VIC]

I read something in the paper about you. I used to be on your mailing list years ago, and had a magnificent Neo Tech book which I have lost.

ID#16727 J.C., 2005-05-04 [ Atlanta, GA]

Will we ever get the full website back, like it once were? I missed the materials.

ID#16728 A.R., 2005-05-04 [ milwaukee, wis]

looking for 740 page neothink discovery for the 10 second miracle

ID#16733 D.W., 2005-05-04 [ Brockport, NY]

A major problem I find with religions is that their texts are not open to revision. When new knowledge comes to light and contradicts an old religious belief, the new knowledge is adamently opposed and often violently suppressed. As to Neo-Tech literature: How open to revision is it? Because if it is not open to critisisms and revision then it is in danger becoming a new religion that will eventually need to be outflanked by new understanding, as all understanding eventually needs to be rewritten and expanded. Is there a phone number of someone I could call to discuss a mailing I received from the Nouveau Tech Society?

ID#16734 R.W., 2005-05-04 [ Weslaco, TX]

Maybe it would be good to have Neo-Tech literature owners receive a password to get into certain pages of the site. A limited access could be available to the general public without a password. I am not aware of the reason(s) why the poll is being taken but this is how I feel about the question.

ID#16735 K.W., 2005-05-04 [ Saco, ME]

Neo-Tech should absolutely be kept on the Web. With the neverending attack on free speech and the free enterprise system, a fight to maintain bringing valuable info to the public should remain if full effect!

ID#16736 H.M., 2005-05-04 [ St. Louis, mo]

Thank you for putting me on the list. The world needs Neo-Tech.

ID#16737 S.S., 2005-05-04 [ Dallas, Tx]

I was born a Catholic.I know that when the witches hammer was written.5 million;That's FIVE MILLION,innocent wemon were toutered and savagely killed by no other than the Catholic church.I didn't make this up.I'm interested to learn the truth.What next???

ID#16738 . ., 2005-05-05 [ , ]

I bought your books back in 1986, and I cannot believe that you are still around. Now, after 7 continuous years of university study, I am entering medical school. When I bought those books (in 1986) I was a highschool dropout. Now I have mastered general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biology, not to mention a minor in philosophy. Therefore, I am not impressed or intimidated by any "Dr.Wallace"! The whole Neo-tech philosophy reeks of existentialism. The Ideas of Jean Paul Sartre ring to the same tune as neo-tech. Your books and theories won't help anyone to advance themselves. The idea that any of these Neo-tech methods derived from card games is a crock!

ID#16739 . ., 2005-05-05 [ , ]

I only read what was sent free. Neo-tech promised free secrets and did not comply. Only trying to trick us into paying for secrets promised for free. Right there is the scam. The other only true ancient book is the bible. In which we cast our care unto the Lord and we can have everything Neo-tech promises and more. That doesn't mean we won't have challenges in life. It just means we can deal with them because we have the Lord to back us up. What is a world without challenges is a world with out growth. A world without growth is going nowhere.

ID#16740 . ., 2005-05-05 [ , ]

I only read what was sent free. Neo-tech promised free secrets and did not comply. Only trying to trick us into paying for secrets promised for free. Right there is the scam. The other only true ancient book is the bible. In which we cast our care unto the Lord and we can have everything Neo-tech promises and more. That doesn't mean we won't have challenges in life. It just means we can deal with them because we have the Lord to back us up. What is a world without challenges is a world with out growth. A world without growth is going nowhere.

ID#16743 d. ., 2005-05-05 [ manhattan, ny]

i am a neo-tech owner

ID#16744 . ., 2005-05-05 [ , ]

"If scientists and engineers had clung to their comfortable but false certainties of Newtonian physics, no electronics, computers, or space explorations would exist today" WRONG! The space shuttle was launched using Newtonian mechanics and most electronics depend on deterministic (non-quantum) laws.

ID#16745 . ., 2005-05-05 [ , ]

I mailed the Neo Tech Discovery Book last Wednesday or Thursday. Look forward to my refund, but thank you for your service. There are alot of material in your book I have more knowledge about, no offense, and my beliefs are different. Thank You, Ms. Varnado Marcella

ID#16747 T.C., 2005-05-06 [ Ellington, CT]

My life in this word is wonderful.Miracles have been happening.I cant believe their is someone out there who can help someone with truth and kindness.It really makes people think about this word we live in.In the first installment I've noticed my life has changed with lots of good things happening.I can't seem to put the book down,even when I am so busy with two kids and a Vending business.Never in this word would I Be into a thick book to read like this.I am amazed and know have confidence in my reading with Neo-Tech.Before this I thougt I was going under.thankyou lets keep in touch!

ID#16753 . ., 2005-05-07 [ , ]

This is an occult in the works!

ID#16754 W.S., 2005-05-07 [ Sparks, Nv]

This is the most beneficial website ON the Internet; it benefits individuals, and thereby society as a whole. PLEASE keep this site open. The world NEEDS Neo-Tech!

ID#16756 M.P., 2005-05-07 [ , ]

Question: Do you deny the existence of God ? Or simply rebuke religion as an institution ?

ID#16757 M.P., 2005-05-07 [ , ]

Question: Do you deny the existence of God ? Or simply rebuke religion as an institution ?

ID#16758 G.H., 2005-05-07 [ puyallup, wa]

I have a question,I have no idea who Plato is,Did the Jews invent mysticism?And the Germans,they were in compition with the Jews because they had the same buisness principals?I truly beleive in what you say in all,since I have become a member,my guilt has been lifted from my consiuose 100%.A nd as you know my questions are not racial,the strongest religion are the christians,They are the cause of most war since time started A.D.If you can see what Im gettin at,Im not saying what Hitler did was right,He went about it the wrong way?Human instiction is in no way good,the way I see it,the Christians to this day have done way more damage.

ID#16759 A.M., 2005-05-07 [ STAINES, Middlesex]

With the direction of world events Neo-Tech is needed more than ever to supply the information and tools for people to wake up. Everyone is sleepwalking as others with ancient mindsets are acquiring ways to kill innocents by the millions.Time to face reality, the time for Neo-Tech is now.More information is needed urgently!Many Thanks to all the Neo-Tech team.

ID#16761 H.B.,@AOL.COM 2005-05-08 [ MONROVIA, CA]


ID#16762 L. ., 2005-05-08 [ , ]

Freedom of speech is too valuable a freedom to lose, especially when fundementalists may attempt to control the information that the ordinary person can have access to. This is especially the case when that information may be perceived by that person, to allow them to beome free and untangled from that which may be inhibiting the full expression of themselves in life. This goes regardless of what ones beliefs maybe!

ID#16765 R.R., 2005-05-08 [ SUNNYVALE , ]


ID#16768 e. ., 2005-05-09 [ Fargo, N.D]

I have been a long time custermer and would love to get back on your list! I Have been busy and moving a lot. Please, update me on your progress and achievements! Ed Curtis 924 5th St. S. Fargo, N.D. 58103

ID#16769 M.G., 2005-05-09 [ Hanford, CA]

The information contained in the Neo-Tech and Zonpower manuscripts is very important to the advancment of the human species. Common honesty is ingrained in us all at birth, however it is beaten psychologically and sometimes physically out of us at an early age. The fact that I & O Publishing gives sanction to Negative comments is proof that they have nothing to hide. Read the manuscripts and form your own opinion. The one true freedom that every thinking person has in this world is to form their own opinion.

ID#16770 E.S., 2005-05-09 [ Zaltbommel, GE]

it changed my life

ID#16771 . ., 2005-05-09 [ , ]

Let the whole universe be blessed!

ID#16774 S.W., 2005-05-10 [ Clarksville, TN]

I just received Nouveau Tech package of Inside Secrets. I hope to benefit from it as well as this website

ID#16775 K.P., 2005-05-10 [ Dernancourt, SA]

I still do not grasp how Neo-tech found me. All i know is since reading the original Neo-tech Solution, my life has changed for the better. Previously i would wake up, meditate,do an orical card reading then drift through the day.I felt insecure and felt as a single mum no one could ever accept me. I curiously accepted your offer of the Neo-tech Solution. Upon reading the concepts, all of me began to change. I now wake in the morning with a smile on my face knowing i can not only handle but concore every moment in reality. I have now concored the mystical life-style I once lived into a productive value producer. For the first time, I am in control of me. My two year old twins have never been happier and I now have a partner with the same values. I have re-entered the work force and every job I've applied for I have been offered. All I can say is thankyou for waking me up. How did you find me?

ID#16777 B.L., 2005-05-10 [ Moreno Valley, Ca]

I am new to the Neo-Tech system and I believe in looking at both sides. I started searching for more information on I&O Publishing to find out more about the company and its products and opportunities. I expected to find both good and bad. I have found both. I am continuing to search as many of the core beliefs fit with my perspective of the world. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

ID#16778 A.d., 2005-05-10 [ Raleigh, NC]

The IRS has returned to the old days and has become more abusive and unhelpful. The only thing they do now is provide us with an empolyee ID. Are we sure it is a legal ID. A few years ago I was involved as a witness in a lawsuit against the IRS. The govenment lost. Now the IRS is after me.

ID#16782 C.U., 2005-05-10 [ , ]

I have been reading your literature for a few years and I appreciate your work. Please keep this site on the web. C.U. Ozzie

ID#16783 C.U., 2005-05-10 [ Beacon Hill, NSW]

I have been reading your literature for a few years and I appreciate your work. Please keep this site on the web. C.

ID#16785 R.F., 2005-05-10 [ Delray Beach, Florida]

I would like to introduce my children to Neo-Tech but they only understand Spanish. Is your Website also in Spanish? If so, please email me its URL so that I may email it to them. Thank you.

ID#16786 J.M., 2005-05-10 [ pottstown, pa]

Please send me documentation. Any information that I find informative would be worth a generous donation. Judging by what I've read on this site thus far, I won't be dissapointed.

ID#16787 S.H., 2005-05-11 [ Sheridan, WY]

you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

ID#16790 J.T., 2005-05-11 [ Tucson, AZ]

Thought provoking.

ID#16791 H.C., 2005-05-11 [ Nampa, ID]

I have the book and I was curious if there was a site as well. The book is very interesting and I will be reading it several more times. Thank you

ID#16793 W.C., 2005-05-11 [ Tulsa, OK]

Hello, by sources I am not permitted to reveal I am expecting something very special from your organization, If you would, they seem to know of me and my potential, would you let me know when I am to expect my package, they will know of which I speak. I will on the other hand continue in what I am doing. I hope to hear from those leaders of your group soon. Sincerely William C Cookson.

ID#16804 M.T., 2005-05-12 [ Sunderland, ]

Yes neo-tech should remain on the web the world needs this info. After purchasing the Discovery i got a bit lost. I needed more so I tried the internet. Bingo it was there and i purchased the next book Cosmic Business control (only half way through book one) and the penny dropped. I have a new out look and hope I can put all this to good use. My life has been on a down ward spiral but all that is about to change. Thank you Michael PS I come across Neo Warriors to. These guys are just a con

ID#16805 L.H., 2005-05-12 [ HOUSTON, TEXAS]


ID#16807 J.A., 2005-05-12 [ Onaway, MI.]

I used to think like this and want to start thinking like this again,so any help would be greatly thankful for.

ID#16808 H.R., 2005-05-12 [ Chino, CA]

I have to say that I first purchased the Neo-Tech book about 15 years and only read maybe 30 pages and put it down. I have now as of today, purchased this updated version of the book because perhaps 15 years ago, my mind was not ready to explore new horizons. Although I have yet to read the book, one must remain indifferent to negative opinions until the jury comes in. I do look forward to reading the book all the way through and will comment on it then. Henry

ID#16810 R.T., 2005-05-13 [ atlanta, ga]

I like what I have read, and would like to read more! the neo-tech material I have read coincides on many levels with my own points of view. I am very interested and would hate to see the web site go away.

ID#16812 A.c., 2005-05-13 [ Phoenix, Az]

I think you guys are the BOMB I never seen nothing quite like this and you guys are right.Keep up the good work

ID#16815 W.S., 2005-05-14 [ Sparks, Nv]

I love the website, but I haven't yet discovered how to get to book three of The Book, and specifically the pages from book three that Mr. Hamilton reccomends (In book one) that be read to better understand the lessons of book one. Can you make any suggestions?

ID#16818 . ., 2005-05-14 [ , ]

God is alive; I pity you, but will pray for you.

ID#16819 c. ., 2005-05-15 [ Whittier, CA]

This is logic ,common sense and rationaltiy at its purest. allm those religions just deny it.

ID#16820 D.M., 2005-05-15 [ Bertram, TX]

The most useful information on the web. If you have ears to hear.

ID#16821 P.E., 2005-05-15 [ FAIRFIELD, CA]


ID#16822 S.H., 2005-05-15 [ Sheridan, WY]

This new philosophy has made the most positive influence in my life, I've always sensed an inherent evil in this world since I was a small child. I was heavily dosed with unnatural misticism and mentally, and emotionally crippeled, now I see things for what they are and am free to create happiness. Dr. Wallace- you the man!! I'm 100% behind you in that RIBI you're working on. hope it's ready in my lifetime.

ID#16824 b. ., 2005-05-15 [ , ]

hi, i don't know what kind of posion you people use in the paper used for this book but it sure does make you do some silly things EG. hanging,killing,madness. but as soon as you leave the book for a week or so you are back to normal. i said yes becuase well i didn't want to say no cuase i think it is half and half. any way good luck in the future.

ID#16825 d.l., 2005-05-16 [ eufaula, ok]

At first, I did not understand the material, but then things in my life started changing, it is awesome!!!!!

ID#16826 D.D.,@OPTIMUMONLINE.NET 2005-05-16 [ LAKEWOOD, N.J]

many shall come and few shall be choosen,those that are chose,chose themselves.

ID#16827 K.A., 2005-05-16 [ Paris, tx ]

Evil!!!!! This promotes everything that I am against. God and Jesus Chirst are the answer not this. This is just a temorary fix to the current problems of this world. The people invovled with this don not think about the inosent lives that it disories, hurts, and negatively effects.

ID#16828 L. ., 2005-05-16 [ , ]

I read your theory of society and mystical implant. Iagree with it in broad outline and I want to know more

ID#16830 C.E., 2005-05-17 [ Okanagan, B.C.]

ZonPower looks very interesting. I scanned through it and I believe I be very intrigued by this book. wow thankyou kindly for allowing this to be available. Cekaiatah- Ekotakihee:

ID#16831 A.M., 2005-05-17 [ phila, pa]

i see potential

ID#16832 M.P., 2005-05-17 [ Helsinki, Uusimaa]

Neo-Tech is the only way to save our future. Like theologian I thought that nothing and nobody can have something more than what the Church teach. But Neo-Tech is acctually what I wanted all my life. And I'm along with those lucky few who they had still an open mind. All I hope is to find a woman for who life is what is it. For me. And togedher to experiment what is to have money, power and romantic-love.

ID#16835 A. ., 2005-05-17 [ Ahmedabad, Gujarat]

i would like to know what Neo-Tech is all about other than the information provided on net and how i can use it to attain great consciousness and make life more valuable and worth.

ID#16836 . ., 2005-05-17 [ , ]

please send me the latest info avail. thanks, DTR

ID#16840 . ., 2005-05-18 [ , ]

Neo-Tech Rresearch and writing center 850 South Boulder Highway, Henderson Nevada 89015 P. O. Box 92770 Henderson Nevada 89009-2770. Please can you kindly return back my £65.00 paid to you since 25/12/2004 cheque No 000191. you promised to send me transcript that will educate me and help me to better my life,eg health, relationship,protections from any harm, finance well off okay,progress and more fully spiritually in good condition, since getting the money i have not had anything from you till now, so please can i have my hard earning back it not really true Is it?

ID#16842 S.M., 2005-05-18 [ Westminster, CO]

I haven't read THE BOOK yet, but did receive some information in the mail and decided to research this to see if it is a fraud. I have enjoyed reading what I have about this society. I absolutely agree with what I have read so far and I will be ordering THE BOOK. Stay on the internet, it seems to upset the religious right, and that makes me smile.

ID#16843 . ., 2005-05-19 [ , ]

thanx 4 the info

ID#16844 C.T., 2005-05-19 [ , ]

thanx 4 the info

ID#16846 R. ., 2005-05-19 [ no need, CA]

Neo-tech teaches fully integrated honesty "HONESTY!!!".. what would be the reason to remove this from the web? Unless the the people of this world favors otherwise...

ID#16847 r.p., 2005-05-19 [ , ]

Are you planning on having anything else on your site? It's empty. where are all the other info that was there before???r

ID#16849 F. .,@YAHOO.COM 2005-05-19 [ LAUDERHILL, FL.]


ID#16850 C.D., 2005-05-19 [ Aloha, OR]

I find it odd that Neo-Tech recognizes the amazing actions of Americias founding fathers but fails to realize that, Americias founding fathers were mostly made up of Christians. "In God we trust," they said. I personally understand some of the horrible things done throughout history in the name of religion but also understand it is obviously a very powerful thing. People are free to worship what they wish, and Neo-Tech should be free to practice what they wish, as long as it stays within the laws of the land.

ID#16853 s.h., 2005-05-20 [ sedan, kansas]

this is a nice site and well put

ID#16854 R.E., 2005-05-20 [ Valencia, CA]

I have downloaded "Pax Neo-Tech, Opus 137, and read it completely and would like to broaden my knowledge further.

ID#16856 N.F.,@LINUXMAIL.ORG 2005-05-20 [ DALLLAS, TX]


ID#16857 J.B., 2005-05-21 [ Marseilles , IL]

Absolutely, Neo-Tech should not only be left online, Dr. Frank Wallace should get the Noble Peace Prize! For honesty to the humanity to the human race! My mind just explodes with the possibilities we could have that we are being denied now! Hip, hip horray to Dr. Frank Wallace and his sons! Keep up the great work!

ID#16859 N.G., 2005-05-22 [ Gillette, wy.]

Your books make sense to me, and all my life I have told people I'm going to live to be 120 years old. My problem is, I don't know if I can get over my mysticism.

ID#16861 S.J., 2005-05-22 [ North Port, FL ]

I would so enjoy having a web site to look forward to communicating and learning more about neo-tech.

ID#16862 A. ., 2005-05-22 [ , ]

It is depressing to know that morally repugnant cults, like neo-tech still remain in our society today. How is it that an organization so devoted to brainwashing and mind-numbing practices can still be thriving. They even try to make fun of the warnings from enlighted people that have found out about their evil practices. "Good" move on their part, I suppose. What's better than to try and brainwash more idiots into thinking that hundreds of individuals are just crazy for trying to save them from this cult. I truely hope that someone will take this advice seriously, even if it's just one person.

ID#16863 . ., 2005-05-22 [ , ]

sigh... ...another illuminati-based cult. Great, just what the world needs. You won't understand why, but please just don't affiliate yourself with them, please.

ID#16864 A. ., 2005-05-22 [ , ]

It is depressing to know that morally repugnant cults, like neo-tech still remain in our society today. How is it that an organization so devoted to brainwashing and mind-numbing practices can still be thriving. They even try to make fun of the warnings from enlighted people that have found out about their evil practices. "Good" move on their part, I suppose. What's better than to try and brainwash more idiots into thinking that hundreds of individuals are just crazy for trying to save them from this cult. I truely hope that someone will take this advice seriously, even if it's just one person.

ID#16865 C.D., 2005-05-22 [ Newport, DE]

Moved 2 years ago, and haven't recieved any neo-tech related mailings. Please note change of address below. Thank you. Haven't logged on much since web site was "minimalized." I read "The Story" about 2 years or longer ago, and it was a great read.

ID#16866 S.J., 2005-05-22 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Find the concepts very interesting and now how to read and understand the information.

ID#16867 J.G., 2005-05-22 [ Regents Park, South Africa]

Do you still have the NEO- TECH Discovery and Noe- Tech II on the website? Please restore them if they have been removed. But if this is in violation with your principles, can you please e-mail them directly to me. As soon as I get money I will buy my own copy of Neo-Tech discovery and Neo Tech II. Please, keep up the good work and help people who are serious about success, happiness and honesty. PS! I read both the negative and positive comments and the more I read of the negative comments the more I wanted to get copies of my own.

ID#16868 R.G., 2005-05-22 [ Nashville, TN]

I'm really interested in learning more about Cassandra's Secrets but there doesn't seem to be a way of obtaining them through the internet. If you could offer me more information I would appreciate it. Thank you, Rachel Garvin

ID#16869 L.W., 2005-05-22 [ Selma, N.C.]

more! more! more!

ID#16870 g.t., 2005-05-22 [ Porto Alegre- Riogrande do sul, RS]

procuro alguem que possa me ajudar a encontrar os vol. I,II,III da Neo-tech . Recebi a proposta para comprá-los a tempos atrás mas meus boletos para pagamnto foram perdidos .

ID#16871 g.t., 2005-05-22 [ Porto Alegre- Riogrande do sul, RS]

procuro alguem que possa me ajudar a encontrar os vol. I,II,III da Neo-tech . Recebi a proposta para comprá-los a tempos atrás mas meus boletos para pagamnto foram perdidos .

ID#16874 N.M., 2005-05-22 [ R, ca]

I think you should remain on the web!

ID#16876 S.W., 2005-05-23 [ Clarksville, TN]

I would like all Neotech sites to remain online for myself and others who want to actually achieve something with their lives

ID#16877 m.r., 2005-05-23 [ oswego, ny.]

Your books contain the most sensical words that I have ever read in my whole 60 yrs.Nothing in this life has ever impressed me so much.However for some reason I haven't been receiving anymore offers or literature anymore. sincerely,Martin Rivera

ID#16887 R. ., 2005-05-24 [ , ]

Very Interesting material, I will have to investigate further. I do, though, have some initial thoughts... First, I would like to commend the efforts of those involved in the compilation of this information. While not having spent any reasonable time digesting it, I am very interested, and will be revisiting this material. More comments and questions to come soon your way. If I may, a suggestion or two? One, I am not sure that this information should be so readily available to any Scarne(pardon the "old-school" reference), WPT loving, trust fund babies. I mean, if we are going to consider the modern sharp, something I have been wanting to explore, I suggest we also preserve the naivity of the modern day sucker. There's nothing wrong with giving away some of the more antiquated means of card table artifice, that's already been done and still gets the suckers; they read one excerpt, or watch one "expose" and think they are ready to "catch us red-handed". If this information becomes widespread, couldn't this effectively damage the sanctuary of a game of chance and skill? Don't get me wrong, I am a card cheat, and there is nothing that I will ever try harder to be. The other suggestion that I have is to create a chat forum or message board. Just a thought. As I said, this is only a brief analysis in passing, and I hope to get back soon. Again, great job on the assembly of information and thank you for providing an opportunity to message you. I demand anonymity, and thank you in advance for it. Rakeoff

ID#16888 G.L., 2005-05-24 [ Seekonk, Mass]

Yes I believe You Should Remain Online To Help People To Become More Productive In Life. Whatever It May Be For Health, Wealth, And For More Inriching Life Style.

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