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ID#16890 D.E., 2005-05-24 [ San Francisco, Ca]

Very interesting. Read it straight through. I've got a lot of mysticism in me that I'd like to remove with Neotech. Not exactly sure how to go about it now that I`ve read everything on this site?

ID#16892 . ., 2005-05-24 [ , ]

this book will give normal people a new look at what life is . it is diffrent in everyway so leave it be why stop a good thing

ID#16893 D.J., 2005-05-24 [ Guelph, Ontario]

What a discovery for me. This is the type of information that is lacking in our society. You are to be congratulalted. Keep up the excellent work. I`m 100% behind you and will be in steady communications with you in the future.

ID#16896 C.A., 2005-05-24 [ Las Vegas, Nevada]

Hello Friend I am a member of neo-tech.I also have infomation that members only may have interest in,however it only can be displayed and/or heard at one of our world summits. Sincerely Cynthia A. Alford

ID#16897 D.E., 2005-05-24 [ , ]

I bought "the book" a few years ago, starting reading it, but wasn't ready for it's content, Now I am reading it assimilating it and totally agree on it so far. I think it should remain on the web. keep us updated.

ID#16898 D.E., 2005-05-24 [ Sta. Cruz, no]

A few years ago I bought Neo-Tech : The Book" I started reading it at that time, but I guess I wasn't really ready for some of the contents,for I just stopped, put it on a shelf along with other books. Irecently got a parcel enveloppe from Nova Tech offering me to buy a book, so I went back to the book, and out of nowere I started reading it, and up to now I totally agree with it's contents, for that has been my way of thinking for the last few years. Some of the things I felt were wrong deep within myself as of the way we've been indoctrinated as a child (religious speaking) It should really remain, to keep us informed of all the latest.

ID#16904 M.L., 2005-05-24 [ , ]

I cheer you onward ever onward. Why? because there are too many people out there who don't think "outside" the box so to speak. Please go on.

ID#16905 M.L., 2005-05-24 [ , ]

I cheer you onward ever onward. Why? because there are too many people out there who don't think "outside" the box so to speak. Please go on.

ID#16907 J.N., 2005-05-25 [ North Royalton, OH]

The readings are very interesting and thought provoking. The information builds upon itself and makes sense.

ID#16908 M.J., 2005-05-25 [ Greenwood, Indiana]

I find this information to be very powerful! I am not an ownerof Neotech literature but would like to be! Mike

ID#16910 m. ., 2005-05-25 [ union city, nj]

I think that your org. could damade somebody's life when is invited to this some what. People are in a need, and play with them it cuold back fire you and destroy famileis. Please send this letter to strong people not the one in need of hope and beleive in something. Is very easy to play with people's mind, I know. Do a favor to others and stop this game you DESTROY the ones in need, desperados for hope. To DESTROY somebody's life is easy, to put it together, takes a life time.

ID#16912 C.R., 2005-05-25 [ Riverdale, NJ]

My father has already purchased the english version of your NeoTech Package of Insider Secrets (he was unaware that it was available in spanish). Unfortunately, there are some concepts that he is unable to understand in english. How would he be able to get his hands on the spanish translation without having to shell out anymore money. Perhaps he can return the english version and trade? Thank you for your help in this matter.

ID#16913 j.f., 2005-05-25 [ Big Lake, AK]

the nouveau tech package of I.S.,been reading for a month still missing something. maybe to anxious,trying to integrate both sides at this time,exchanging mystic,for conscious,thats not to hard.The business & competion meaning's still hard to grasp,still this information has changed my way of thinking,don't believe in mystic B/S anymore! thank you joseph f. payan.

ID#16915 D.W., 2005-05-25 [ Middle Island, NY]

Its very important that I speak to Dr. Frank Wallace himself or a family member of his. It is VERY IMPORTANT. I have distinct information about the plan that will end the war. It is VERY IMPORTANT that I speak to Dr. Frank Wallace or a member of his family, nobody else. Once again, I stress the importance of our meeting together. I have no time to discuss the details over the computer but I demand a meeting with one of these people ASAP. Its very urgent and its very important that I meet with one of you. I will see you then. As soon as you get this message mail me a letter at the below address. Take Care.

ID#16916 m.s., 2005-05-26 [ ainslie, ACT]

did a google search after I received an invitation letter. I would like to receive the literature free of charge if that is ok.

ID#16917 D.S., 2005-05-26 [ bedford, ky.]

you sent me some information and invited me to join.instead of mailing i went to the web address and filled out everything,i haven't heard anything from you,i was wondering if i filled something out wrong.

ID#16919 J.J., 2005-05-26 [ , ]

Yes, anyone looking for a cult to join will find this page very helpful.

ID#16920 m.f., 2005-05-26 [ , ]

it is the right of all earthleens to strive for happines love and not be botherd by religen or politicks

ID#16921 . ., 2005-05-26 [ , ]

There's a few spelling mistakes on the first page

ID#16926 V.S., 2005-05-26 [ Villejoubert, ]

It cannot be overstressed how vital Neo-Tech is to the continued existence of our great Western civilization. For the sake of all conscious, rational humans, please spread your message as widely as possible.

ID#16928 j.k., 2005-05-27 [ santa barbara, ca]

i can't imagine a good reason NOT to have this on the web. it's a good place to send people who are curious rather than handing them a 1,000 page book. ;)

ID#16929 L. ., 2005-05-27 [ lewisburg, pa]

is this the manuscript that nouveau tech is saying will change your life? or is that a costly fraud trap?

ID#16931 R. ., 2005-05-27 [ Templestowe, VIC]

In the past I have purchased books from Neo-Tech Publishing. I recently received an invitation to purchase another from The NuovoTech Society this you and if so why the name change???? Also, it mentions that I was "exclusively selected" this for real or a marketing ploy????

ID#16935 P.H., 2005-05-27 [ Teller, ak]

I think it should, because I would like to absorb as much of it as I can. I'm thankful for the deceptive hands being removed by what I've learned! I'll soon be

ID#16936 E.B., 2005-05-28 [ Linwood, NC]

I enjoy reading about new ideas

ID#16937 . ., 2005-05-28 [ , ]

Hmmmm.... like Bhagvan Shree Rajneesh [Osho] said: If you want to make *loads* of money, start your own religion [Rajneesh at his peak owned some 180 Rolls-Royces]. This Wallace guy seems to be some cheap-a$$ scamster scraping a few cents together out of a post office box out of a EPA superfund site in Jersey.

ID#16938 G.C., 2005-05-28 [ Prince Rupert, B.C]

My older brother recieved a limited copy in the mail and my ex girlfrids mother threw it away because she said it was devel worship

ID#16939 S. ., 2005-05-28 [ Moradabad, (UP)]

Sir, Can you let me know the name of the Book which had Ionian manuscript in it translated in english which tells the story of a rich man and how exactly he became rich. Which was kept in a library visited by a card player boy. Egarly waiting for your reply.

ID#16940 J.T., 2005-05-28 [ Mesa, AZ]

I fully agree with what you are saying.We as hypnotised beings are so quick to agree with those who are keeping us in chains.When someone decides to be honest and to free us from those chains we get offended because we have been in chains for so long.Another thing I think these religionist forgot to mention was how there own people even said that Jesus was working for the devil.I've only made it to the 8th grade,maybe that's why I agree with what you have to say.Eight years of being conditioned by the brain washers was long enough.I appreciate the free information here and would like additional information.

ID#16941 j. ., 2005-05-29 [ st clair, NSW]

I beleive that a choice can only be genuine if all the facts, pros & cons, are known. Let the buyer be aware as the old adage says. Let ideas nullify other ideas in the market place. Isn't that what democracy and freedom of choice is all about?

ID#16942 M.T., 2005-05-29 [ Saugatuck, MI ]

I am still forming an opinion about neo-tech. The mailing I received is false hope though. When I received it I wanted to order the book but was unable to fincially to order the book. That has been the only complant I have had with Neo Tech.

ID#16943 m. ., 2005-05-29 [ , ma]

If neo-tech don't remain on the web, that w'll be discrimination. It's like Bill gates applies for grants, he didn't get it because he has too much money.

ID#16944 G.j., 2005-05-29 [ Metairie, La]

Very informative and shockingly accurate.

ID#16945 . ., 2005-05-29 [ , ]

hmmm, is this a cult?

ID#16946 R.D., 2005-05-29 [ Montreal, Quebec]

Even though most people dismiss your offers as utopian,blasphemiss,and most of all IMPRACTICAL:it is totally the opposite. Your offers are by orders of magnitude the most rational solutions for man's problems. May you email me your most recent price list?

ID#16955 . ., 2005-05-30 [ , ]

any site that pisses xtians off is ok with me

ID#16956 R.D., 2005-05-30 [ Mound House, Nevada]

Absolutly! The more you can illuminate, help and change our society into a place where all can succeed and live the promise of health, wealth and common wholeness and society changes into an honest society with responsible and sane laws. Then all the world is ready. Just missed funds for entering my second cycle to receive the 1000 pages, must not be ready.

ID#16957 G.C., 2005-05-31 [ Vancouver, WA]

You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. Isn't that what Jesus said? I stopped at the negative comments first, and am still amazed at how those who claim to be followers of Islam or Christianity can so willingly wish harm to come to another simply because you express a different viewpoint. In any respect, it is time for reason to prevail. I have no time for hatemongers and Neo-cheaters. Yes, by all means keep this website up and running. We need light to guide us through the darkness. I own The Book and am sad to say that I originally wasn't ready for its message. I am now!

ID#16959 T.W., 2005-05-31 [ , ]

Send me stuff.

ID#16961 S.H., 2005-05-31 [ Minneapolis, MN ]

I believe that you are headed in the right direction. I worked with shamans in the Peruvian Andes for about a year and they have a similar vision to your own, but they see us moving beyond that. So I believe that what you are describing is an aspect, a stepping stone to who we are becoming. I am excited for the possibilities and believe that we will be seeing these changes a lot sooner than people think.

ID#16962 S. ., 2005-05-31 [ Studio Village, Qld]

I`m stil reading the book,it is interesting so far and I would like to get in touch with other Neo-Tech members around the globe,to exchange the opinions and experiences.

ID#16963 g.t., 2005-06-01 [ Porto Alegre- , RS]

quero receber , se possivel em portugues . a filosofia Neo-tech. digo: os Vol. I , II, III, IV e v . Já recbi uma proposta de voces , mas prdi os boletos para pagamnto. ficarei etrnamnte grato se me derem mais uma oportunidade , mandando-me os boletos novamente.

ID#16964 I.T., 2005-06-01 [ Jakarta, Timur]

Please remain on the Web, so more people can explore more on the Neo Tech as knowledge.

ID#16965 R.M., 2005-06-01 [ NEWPORT BEACH, CA]

I love the information you provide. Neo Tech is so very important you must stay. Why would you leave the web?

ID#16966 A.B., 2005-06-01 [ Ithaca, NY]

Hi- I'm certainly interested in more information. I responded to the hard letter mailing, then searched and read most of what is on the web. I didn't look at what appeared to be negative listings at the Google-search- I wanted to see what you said for yourselves. What I don't see is explanation of structure of the organization, or how you operate- financially, or otherwise. I also don't know how you got my name and address, although the letter I received was well written and compelling. Best, Amy Biddle

ID#16967 K.D., 2005-06-01 [ Cocoa, Fl]

I think it is a good idea to have this web site. Many people view and read. I am waiting for my books to come in the mail and this web site gives me something to read in the mean-time. It also shows people that this really exists and not a mail scam. I have been having good luck since I joined. Thank you a new age follower.

ID#16968 R. ., 2005-06-01 [ columbus, ga]

I think the site should remain on the web. This allows those who are doubters of its validity to see facts about the group before making a judgement.

ID#16969 S.B., 2005-06-01 [ Oyster Bay, NY]

I received a notice in the mail asking me to respond if I wanted free information. I responded and on May 19, 2005 I got a little book to read and an offer of a large book if I responded by 5-20-2005. I did so, by FAX, and included my credit card information. To date, June 1, 2005, I have received nothing back. I am very interested in what is offered. Please send me any and all information, including that which I have already ordered. Thank you very much.

ID#16970 . ., 2005-06-01 [ , ]

My only objection is in the cost involved, for that you should be severely taxed to ... ... The phrase "Fully integrated honesty", I believe, is only the partial statement - Honesty being honesty cannot be anything other than honest. When you "integrate" it you add "honesty" to something else. It's "Fully integrated" into what ? Surely thats the question that should be addressed. Furthermore, honest creation merits reward (be it financially or otherwise). What you have done is to "discover" (perhaps rediscover) and not invent, thus I find myself pondering WHY I should "reward" you with finance. Although adding the fact that you ARE providing a service that is honest (albeit "integrated" with your price tag) I surmise that payment is fair. Now, let us include the fact that your price tags come at a somewhat elitist pricing range. That is, your pricing is way above what is needed. That is your choice. The common person could'nt afford it without making sacrifice. Although in your eyes this does seem acceptable (indeed, your profit margains show this) to those of us who would need to go without gas, water, food and such to afford it probably wouldn't agree. Indeed, an Honest product, but can you claim at an honest price ? Now, to be fair to yourselves, and honest to myself above all, I honestly cannot say that I won't gain access to your library and archives and distribute it to people free of charge. I might not, I might. This is a moot point, trivial at best. I am a collector of information and distribute freely. Maybe you should take a leaf out of my book and ask for "donations" instead ? Well, we all make our own paths. Although reading through your negatives on the site, I am left with a warm feeling that the muslims and christians and other such "good people" show themselves to be a blood thirsty, foul mouthed, and cowardly bunch of misfits ever to walk the planet. Also their level of grammer & spelling show thier true level of education - bah bah baaahhh. Sheep to the slaughter of external control. I will use that as an example to people to highlight what thier true religion examples to us all. Of course if the christians and muslims don't like that then they can, of course, "forgive me". Congratulations, we all know the saying "give them enough rope".

ID#16974 c. ., 2005-06-01 [ midlothian, virginia]

I bought the book and for the first few minutes i thought it was a joke but the more i read the more awake i felt. The first few hours i was stuck had a head ache and my eyes hurt but i kept on reading any way.

ID#16977 r.m., 2005-06-01 [ Adrian, mi]

would like to know more about Neo-Tech.

ID#16981 T.U., 2005-06-02 [ aba, abia]

i want unlimited knowledg to wealth,love etc

ID#16982 y.s., 2005-06-02 [ Montreal, Quebec]

I have received an invitation to Nueva-Tech. Is this affiliated to you? Thank you. Yo St-Arnaud (

ID#16983 S.S., 2005-06-02 [ Lubbock, Texas]


ID#16984 R.G., 2005-06-02 [ SLC, U]


ID#16985 R.G., 2005-06-02 [ SLC, UT]


ID#16986 d.w., 2005-06-02 [ Fremont, CA]

Interesting information. I am now looking at my belief system in a new light!

ID#16987 d.w., 2005-06-02 [ Fremont, CA]

Interesting information. I am now looking at my belief system in a new light!

ID#16991 J.S., 2005-06-03 [ millville, nj]

I read the neo-tech equation for knowledge at the speed of light. knowledge=(time)(speed of light sqaured) that works for external transfer of info what about internal here you go.. this one's on me epistomology=memory times consciousness squared The letters match the original for me i & o means input and output all reality is integrated by the sphere in this manner no exceptions YW for this to work you need the formula for consciousness it's basic calculus consciousness--a sphere matter--a sphere energy--a sphere the energy and matter spheres expand from a dot the conscious spheres are essencially three (# of the mind) dots one dot for the y axis (Left Brain) one dot for the x axis (Right Brain) one dot for the center (energy and matter) the distance from the center is the radius spin both axis on their respective planes one spins the other and vice versa spinning circles become spheres in this manner consciousness controls nature, reality (reality=nature + self/human consciousness) so let's start integrating this model of consciousness into the equation for epistomology and start intensifying ourselves with knowledge the speed of light is no longer a limitation it becomes relative at this point. [still objective, quantifiable in reality. realtive to the individual] I would need some sort of CAD software to really illustrate this model, perhaps you can send me the software if what I said doesn't make sense. I hope I've been of some assistance with my concept.

ID#16995 . ., 2005-06-03 [ , ]

Neo _ tech ist das beste was mir überhaupt passieren konnte habe vieles gelernt und nicht blind durch welt zulaufen

ID#16996 S. ., 2005-06-03 [ Burlington, VT]

I only just found your site but from what I've read so far, I'd say yes, definitely you should remain online. I only recently became a member of NeoTech and am only on page 70 and it's already helping me. I was trying to "cheat" my way into finding this "10-second Miracle" by looking here on the web and found your site. So far so good. Thanks for being here. :) Blessed Be Sarah

ID#16997 m.d., 2005-06-03 [ jacksonville, ar]

this is by far the greatest technology ever printed. seems strange to say a technology was printed but that's what it has alway seemed to be to me. a technology of the mind. or conciousness. it has saved my life i believe. after studying neo-tech many years ago, i was able to pull my life together and improve my financial status and of course my health,romantic love, and every other area of my life. i was definately awakened. would like to receive more information on other neo-tech publications. i would also like to know how to go about ordering another copy of "THE BOOK" "GOD-MAN,OUR FINAL EVOLUTION". my copy is getting a bit worn. thanks a million. mark.

ID#16998 R.C., 2005-06-03 [ Goodland, Ks]

Please send me more info about Neo Tech. I am curious about it. Rose Cody 1116 cherry Ave, Goodland, Ks 67735 or

ID#16999 R.L., 2005-06-03 [ Longs, SC]

It is a cult.....of the worst kind.

ID#17000 c. ., 2005-06-04 [ Atlanta, Ga]

All forms of thought ought to be made publicly available to whomever wants to view and consider it. Who's to say that your views should not be publicly displayed in the Web? Who's to say what spiritual or philisophical viewpoints should be seen and others censored? I say, "Censor the Censors."

ID#17001 D.K., 2005-06-04 [ Royal Oak, MI.]

I have read most of the book and neo-tech has already changed my life. Why don't you have a stronger web presence? A true, official online home and resource?

ID#17002 c. ., 2005-06-04 [ wallingford, ct]

I've seen this huge book on my fathers shelf for years. I finally asked him if I can read it and I'm glad I did.In two days I have read over 200 pages (not like me) Neo Tech is a refreshing honest book which exposes all who are lazy and weak yet they hold all the power. When will we wake up and rid ourselves of these leeches? Its sad how people cling on to religion and the leaders of religion live like kings. I believe without the knownledge of death there would be no need for religion.The neo cheaters use this knownledge for control and wealth over the weak who fear something they cannot stop.To have life one must experience death stop fearing it and they lose control.

ID#17004 g.s., 2005-06-04 [ bucyrus, ohio]

the g.o.p is saying im the antichrist and taking pictures of my hand and doing somthing to my brain so i cant talk or think properly.i think of ideas and they put it on the air saying i cant invent they ruin and use my ideas and are using me.i had some of your literature till the police took it for somthing i didnt do.

ID#17006 . ., 2005-06-05 [ , ]

It should definitely stay and I'm impressed its available in different languages, although sometimes a lot is lost in the translation. I think if there are all sorts of political and religious websites, why not yours? I gather you are in the US and we are still a democracy.

ID#17007 W.W., 2005-06-05 [ , ]

People need to know if there are better way's to live,I know I do!!! I would like to have a better lifestyle, I would like to make my bestfriend/wife life better! Please help! we all need help! I will do what ever I can do to help your site stay online... Thank you Waring W. Claud Jr.

ID#17008 W.W., 2005-06-05 [ Fredericksburg, Va]

People need to know if there are better way's to live,I know I do!!! I would like to have a better lifestyle, I would like to make my bestfriend/wife life better! Please help! we all need help! I will do what ever I can do to help your site stay online... Thank you Waring W. Claud Jr.

ID#17010 L. ., 2005-06-05 [ Jakarta - Tangerang, ]

HI, We all are in need of "Enlightenment". And if possible and knowing exactly what the disease in this world could be, should consolidate into a ONENESS that could be overwhelming to them whose MIND is in trouble. EMOTIONS has to be banned out of our inner conscious management, not by FORCE, but by NEUTRALIZATION ! The Silva Method is one of the best system to influence ourself without force. It's gentle but very much insisting, when we could CONTROL our subconscious. Who says, that a person who is gentle, calm and patient doesn't have any POWER ? It's not thge power at an OBJECTIVE LEVEL, but a SUBJECTIVE POWER has indeed MORE STRENGHT than the other one. Why are people with extraordinary strenght always feels 'swollen with pride' and couldn't berhave at a 'Low Profile' ? This is a weakness that we have to banned out of our conscious behaviour. Maybe, not everyone could agree with that, but it's the REAL TRUTH ! Beware of it. Every day better, better amd better. Rd.Lasmono Dyar, DSI,Ph.D,Psy.

ID#17011 . ., 2005-06-05 [ , ]

There is a tremendous amount of useful perspective on these pages. I have benfitted from it. Others may as well. And, of course, if I have understood the material correctly, then you, I and everyone else on this planet is likely to benefit from the fact of any one individual benefitting from it. Also consider that the various websites which make negative claims about neo tech will not be going away. It would be unfortunate for only one side of the story to be told. Keep it available.

ID#17014 B.H., 2005-06-05 [ Fairbanks, ak]

I am spiritually in search of myself as I ask myself why, I find that it is not me, but others I am to serve.

ID#17019 a. ., 2005-06-06 [ , ]

Leave it on so people can see what they are like a bunch of losers

ID#17020 S.A., 2005-06-06 [ Reykjavík, ]

I think all information should be on the Web for everyone to find. That way each person can become informed as much as he/she chooses. I also believe in free press. Be well.

ID#17021 V.P., 2005-06-06 [ Reidsville, NC]

I think neo-tech should remain on the web. I enjoy reading the updates. I am saving up to buy the book.

ID#17023 S. ., 2005-06-07 [ , ]

On may want to consder the fact that one of the main characters committed suicide in The Iliad. This, however, was over a trophy (a cuiras). This would imply that either the Iliad was written consciously, or that consciousness is not necessary for suicide, only the emotions (guilt over failure in this case) that are strong enough to drive such an act are necessary.

ID#17024 N.P., 2005-06-07 [ Richmond Hill, NY]

Neo-Tech is the greatest tool to help you recognize who is deceiving you in Politics,and Religion. This tool may save lives of you and your love ones, one day.

ID#17026 N. ., 2005-06-07 [ Eersteriver, ]

please Can you send information to order the product N.Cloete P.O.Box 154 Eersteriver,7101 South Africa

ID#17029 G.L., 2005-06-07 [ Santa Cruz, CA]

So far I have read an "introductory amount" of Neo-Tech information and find it quite fascinating. I read some of the negative comments posted by individuals that obviously feel threatened by Neo-Tech, and I feel sorry for them in their inability to at least open their minds enough to look at both sides...

ID#17030 J. ., 2005-06-07 [ , ]

I received a Neo Tech "manual" in the mail as I inquired out of curiosity. After reading the first few pages I knew what it was all about. The manual even states that it is the teachings of anti-Christ. So I burned it.

ID#17032 P.M., 2005-06-07 [ co durham, ]

i agree why people are so upset about this book,its hard to take in when so many belifes are distroyed,esspecially when people have followed these for thousands of years,but people need to open and explore there minds more,rather then getting caught up with the rat race,stop being so shallow minded and move on.

ID#17033 M.L., 2005-06-07 [ San Francisco, CA]

I must start of by saying, that the people from Neo-Tech really need some serious help. There is no way that these people should have a website, what they write about is totally out of the ordinary and plain garbage!!!. How dare this so call people write blasphemous articles about the Good Book (Bible), to whoever reads this , don't even bother visiting this website. It is not my place to judge anybody, but God's only and he will judge these fools big time!!!

ID#17034 D.S., 2005-06-07 [ Bronx, NY]

All perpectives and opinions should be on the Web.

ID#17039 S.F., 2005-06-07 [ Hatfield, PA]

Neo-tech is neede in the world. I first got hold of the manuscript in about 1988. I've read it several times and I am still unclear as to how to impliment the information. Every few months I revisit the site and read some more. Please leave the site open as I know it will seep it someday. I am a bit confused with yuor support of President Bush though. He seems to be a lying Neo-Cheater if ther ever was one. thank you Scott F. Wnuck

ID#17041 R.L., 2005-06-08 [ houston , texas]


ID#17043 D.R., 2005-06-08 [ Coon Rapids, MN]

If Neo-Tech can change your life to better yourself and live a more productive life why not embrace it>

ID#17044 K.Q., 2005-06-08 [ Anaheim, California]

I think that everyone is entiled to their own opinion and should be able to express it.

ID#17046 G.M.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-06-09 [ GRAHAM, NC]

My mind is clear and I am very happy.At this time, my wife is hostile toward neo-tech,but I think my example will change her mind in time.I have always known that something was wrong with Christianity and religion in general.I was never comfortable with church or church people.It is a release to withdraw all support from this foolishness.I am continuing to heal from a serious health problem.Thank you for showing real honesty.

ID#17049 J.H., 2005-06-09 [ Elysian, MN]

Neo-Tech should retain a web page available via the Internet, however, I would more closely "screen" curiousity seekers. Perhaps an auto-responder with info, or other such method? This way, the "Pearl" is not thrown before "swine"?

ID#17050 J.J., 2005-06-09 [ Plymouth, MN]

I believe that it should be on the net and available to anyone who wished to read it. The best way to cause global change or the betterment of the human race is to have clear free thinking data easily and readily available to all.

ID#17051 k.b., 2005-06-09 [ rialto, CA]

neo-tech has helped me realize my full and complete potential and power, therefore I agree that neo-tech should remian on the web, and I disagree with all neo-tech adversaries.

ID#17052 R.G., 2005-06-09 [ New Orleans, LA]

Neo-Tech solves the problem of atheism via the concepts of Zon and unhampered consciousness. Neo-Tech provides the intellecual ammonition to shatter mysticism forever. Coordinating the innovations of Charles Darwin with those of Julian Jaynes, Frank Wallace provides a diagram for becoming God-Man; the ultimate internal authority. God-Man; the ultimate universal achievement via the bussiness paradiagm. Neo-Tech provides the answers to all of my metaphysical why-is-that's. Understanding only a modicum of the concepts within the Neo-Tech site allows me to say: Your accomplisments, are my accomplishments; your goals are my goals; your love is my love. Man qua Man. The below question of "Are you an owner of Neo-Tech literature?" Well, I haven't purchased any books; but would like too.

ID#17053 M.H., 2005-06-10 [ Louisville, Ky.]

I own a copy of Neo-Tech Zonpower and have read it three times.....then i checked out the website which was even better and more's great....thank you M.H. Kentucky......

ID#17055 K.M., 2005-06-10 [ Stratford, CT]

Anything that offers a unique outlook on the world should be given a chance to be fairly evaluated. What works for some doesn't necessarily work for all. People should not attack ideas simply because it didn't work for them, or because they didn't have the patience to try to understand it.

ID#17058 R.B., 2005-06-10 [ Abilene, Texas]

I think it should remain on the web for just reasons, NTS Provides the Knowledge that only years and centuries of studies could bring the the science community

ID#17059 . ., 2005-06-10 [ , ]


ID#17062 D.E., 2005-06-10 [ , ]

Hi, I received you reply email were I am being asked which book I have. I have a Big book THE BOOK Books of the book: 1 prep 11 Guide 111 God-Man 1v Neo-Tech v Illusions v1 Neothink And lots more, over 2000 pages The Book God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery Mark Hamilton Tracey Alexander Eric Savage Frank R.Wallace I was trying to find the book named Cassandra's Secret, doesn't have it at this time.

ID#17063 D.E., 2005-06-10 [ Santa Cruz, none]

Hi, I received you reply email were I am being asked which book I have. I have a Big book THE BOOK Books of the book: 1 prep 11 Guide 111 God-Man 1v Neo-Tech v Illusions v1 Neothink And lots more, over 2000 pages The Book God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery Mark Hamilton Tracey Alexander Eric Savage Frank R.Wallace I was trying to find the book named Cassandra's Secret, doesn't have it at this time.

ID#17064 D.E., 2005-06-10 [ Santa Cruz, none]

Hi, I received you reply email were I am being asked which book I have. I have a Big book THE BOOK Books of the book: 1 prep 11 Guide 111 God-Man 1v Neo-Tech v Illusions v1 Neothink And lots more, over 2000 pages The Book God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery Mark Hamilton Tracey Alexander Eric Savage Frank R.Wallace I was trying to find the book named Cassandra's Secret, doesn't have it at this time.

ID#17065 . ., 2005-06-11 [ , ]

I want to know.

ID#17066 K.T., 2005-06-11 [ Irvington, NJ]

I want to know moor. I wish to have the literature in Arabic langwege. Thank You

ID#17067 j.c., 2005-06-11 [ , victoria]

so there is some people other than me ,who can actually say 'they did once exist on this earth' words by 'charles laughton' publically i except all gods , but privatly deny all.

ID#17071 R.C., 2005-06-11 [ Watertown , WI]

I find this information enlightening. However the abilty to find the information is not easy. With this being said a home page directory night be something useful to reach and distribute these thoughts and knowledge to many more people.

ID#17072 E.J.,@WEB TV.NET 2005-06-11 [ CALIF., 92548]


ID#17073 E.M., 2005-06-11 [ Goiânia, Goiás]

I want to receive information of the innovations of Neo Tech (in portuguese). Thank you! T

ID#17074 R.T., 2005-06-11 [ Phoenix, AZ]

How I learned about the Noveau Society (Neo-Tech),was via postal mail. However, when I finally received the envelope it was past the date my reply was due. I was & am still disappointed to miss the opportunity to become apart of Noveau. I actually didn't think the Noveau Society would have a website, but something within urged me to try anyway. This is why I believe it's a matter of great importance to continue online, otherwise those as I would have no recourse in learning they were not incorrect about this "matrix". I no longer feel so isolated. Thank you.

ID#17075 R.L., 2005-06-12 [ Mitchellville, MD]

This is Raheem, i currently recieved a letter from your company. On the way to mailing it, my friends tire exploded, and we were on the beltway for 4 Hours because he didn't have the right tools. So we started walking and found this shortcut across some railroad tracks. Then we got stop by the police who harrassed us for about 20min. The way i see it is that someone did not want me to mail that letter ,and i love going against "ironic" situation like this. So basically what i'm saying is i never got a chance to mail my letter before the time i was told iwould have to mail it. Look i really would like to try this book, because i'm tired of trying everything else. You know my address.

ID#17076 . ., 2005-06-12 [ , ]

neo-tech is awesome, keep it around. An inspiration to everyone that sees it

ID#17077 S.P., 2005-06-12 [ Hurstville, NSW]

Please send me the book 56 page Manuscrpt #10603-A free of charge as your letter which was sent to me to the address below ASAP. THanks Stephen

ID#17078 W.J., 2005-06-13 [ Etobicoke , Ontario]

I have just started reading, and so far it has been just awsome Bill

ID#17083 A.L., 2005-06-13 [ Miami, FL]

I red the book and, I am now the happiest men in the world. My mind is working at full capacity and I do not have mystic stupids ideas. Neotech is the answer for humanity, is the only honest way, and the neocheaters can not stop neotech. Alex

ID#17084 A.L., 2005-06-13 [ Miami, FL]

I red the book and, I am now the happiest men in the world. My mind is working at full capacity and I do not have mystic stupids ideas. Neotech is the answer for humanity, is the only honest way, and the neocheaters can not stop neotech. Alex

ID#17085 A.L., 2005-06-13 [ Miami, FL]

I red the book and, I am now the happiest men in the world. My mind is working at full capacity and I do not have mystic stupids ideas. Neotech is the answer for humanity, is the only honest way, and the neocheaters can not stop neotech. Alex

ID#17086 J. ., 2005-06-14 [ Tampa, Fl]

Neo-Tech is a powerful array of intgrated method for capturing major business & personal advantages everywhere.

ID#17087 M.T., 2005-06-14 [ Holland, MI]

I have been reading neo-tech and listening to successful people and the themes correspond. So yes keep neo-tech online.

ID#17089 P.L., 2005-06-14 [ Templestowe Heights, Vic]

I would have to like a book to purchase in Italian language Yours Sincerely

ID#17091 j.m., 2005-06-14 [ Newry, Co. Down]

After reading some of the negative and postive comments on your wedsite, I can see way some religious leaders and political leaders would condem this type of material. Neo techs ideas sound very interesting and most people can see that the world is not being run correctly and to many people die needlessly. I hope that I gain membership to the organisation and that the literature will feed my curiousity

ID#17093 J.M., 2005-06-14 [ Newry, Co. Down]

After reading both positive and negitive comments I can understand way some religious and political leaders would find nt's ideas offensive or blasphemous, but anyone can see that the world is not being ruled correctly and too many people die needlessly. I am still curious about my invitation and the organisation in general and hopefully the the information pack feeds my curiousity.

ID#17094 J.M., 2005-06-14 [ Philadelphia, PA]

Neo-tech is too exclusive,especially for the price I paid to remain on the web

ID#17095 K.P., 2005-06-14 [ Lompoc, Ca.]

Hi, I'm Karen Parker and I'm Very interested in Nouveau Tech. I recently received the thousand page volume, and a promise to be invited to the next meeting. When is that meeting please? (and where is my invitation?) As you can tell, I'm very eager to get to know you. Please respond. Thanx. Kentesila/Karen Parker.

ID#17096 T.R., 2005-06-14 [ Pevely, Mo.]

I have been trying to start my own business for the last month. My credit is bad. If you have any info on where I can get the funds to do so please call me at 636-479-6855, or visit me at Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Timothy Rosson

ID#17101 m.j., 2005-06-14 [ sacramento, ca.]

Hi my name is mark. I read the nouveautech book and have gotten nothing from it yet.In your small book you promest wealth and fame to any one who merly just looked at the headings. I have read most of the book,only what I could understand and have not gotten a thing out of it.pleas em me and tell me this is not just a bunch of bull.I so much want to believe but ive not gotten a thing yet.

ID#17103 D.S., 2005-06-15 [ Tucson, AZ]

The information that is contained in these book's is something that should not be held back from the public, it's just that insightful.

ID#17105 L.C., 2005-06-15 [ Westchester, IL]

Presntly, I'm reading one of Mark Hamilton's book, which I'm greatly thankful to be reading at this time. I want everyone out there to know that his literature has given me further insite on issues related to religon and politics, which I had suspected and didn't realize that there are others out there that are'nt as blind to these issues. In all honesty, before I started reading this material. I was struggling within myself mentally, psychologically, and socially as though I was losing my mind. Since I'd been reading Neo Tech literature, I honestly been at piece with myself, something the bible nor quran couldn't do for me. I look forward to making life better for me and my family in my present life. Thank You.

ID#17107 R. ., 2005-06-15 [ , ]

Please keep it on the web. I don't agree with it totally, but it needs to be here as long as sites like are on the web.

ID#17108 J.M., 2005-06-15 [ Pittsburgh , PA]

Anyone and everyone should be able to say do and read what thay want.If theres a way to make life here better thin we should read it.No one will tell me what to read and not to read.I'll make that after i see for my slef.If theres stuff out there in the world that's bad to read [as some people will think]. Thin it should be read to let you know what's up.Anyway it should all be sean.

ID#17110 S.V.,@TFCMIRROR.COM 2005-06-15 [ LOUISVILLE, KY]


ID#17113 N. ., 2005-06-15 [ Tonawanda, NY]

Neo-Tech has some very interesting ideas. I feel like I'm looking at things in a whole new way.

ID#17115 M.M., 2005-06-15 [ , ]

I read Zonpower ten years ago and laugh out loud out morons trying to twist reality to talk me into giving my freedoms in exchange for hysterical religious dogma. What is this? 1047? I thought the dark ages werer never coming back? I will recommend your site to even more people. Keep it on. All the 9-11 cowards need it so badly.

ID#17116 S.E.,@SBCGLOBAL.NET 2005-06-15 [ STOCKTON, CA]


ID#17120 P.M., 2005-06-16 [ london, ]


ID#17122 M. ., 2005-06-16 [ , ]

Is it not possible to appreciate/find a useful place for both mysticism AND rational conciousness?

ID#17124 S.R., 2005-06-16 [ Scottsville, KY]

Except for a few inconsistancies and contraditions, Neo-Tech is the future! The Wallace Family is not the only people who have thought these ideas out. But, they are the only ones who, to my knowledge anyway, have put them all together into one comprehensive package. Each concept relating and inter-commected with the others. Only problem I see is that no matter what the truth, how can we escape the relentless control that goverments have over our lives? Neo-Tech says that it collapses this control, but does not say how! HOW!? I do have another question.....why do you identify yourselves with the Illuminati??? And, how can I join with others to discuss and share these ideas? Would enjoy hearing from you.

ID#17125 F. .,@YAHOOO.COM 2005-06-16 [ LAUDERHILL, FL.]

INthe begining I vote for web site to be taken off. Now I realize these people are only hurting themselves. Also, I understand the freedom off speech pays a vitale role the Nouveau tech society. IT the very foundation of what NTS is founded upon. ONE LAST THING, I GET THE FEELING YOU ENJOY EATING THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS FOR LUCH.

ID#17126 T.n., 2005-06-17 [ Toowoomba, QLD]

Yes , & every household should have the book,speaking of witch Mine was stolen,Yes, stolen! I think some how, better advertising stratagy is required, neotech has the potential to sell more copies than any book ever published, but people are lazy! if neo-tech published an audio disk version, create a movie,What ever it takes,more people ("those who need it the most")would be exposed to it, & I assure you , When Neo-tech arrived at my door, I could not have needed it more and it litteraly saved my life,Combined with a lot of HARD WORK. Neo-Tech! What I know now & what I belived then,The aplyable science that I have developed in my own language, with the aid of Neo-tech, has backflipped my life in many respects, & just when I think things are slowing down & couldnt get any better, Things do! & in big ways.Every indervidual should be exposed to neo-teck, & let them judge for them selfs. My Neo-Tech & God man,our fin.., were stolen,being the reason for my corrospondance, I Need a new book please, can you post me an order form, Sorry I dont do credit cards or pay over the net as you may well understand. thank you.

ID#17128 D. ., 2005-06-17 [ , ]

I currently own two of your books.Freedom of speech is still the most important things of life.Everyone has the right to write and read any books they desire.No one group of person should ever be sensored. Just like the television, if you don't like it don't read it, or watch it.But never judge those who do, ever.

ID#17131 D.R., 2005-06-17 [ Coon Rapids, MN]

I am fasinated with the Neo_Tech web site!!!!!!!

ID#17133 C.F., 2005-06-17 [ Mansfield, ]

I bought the large book about 17 years, read about 75% of it. Now retired, I am starting to reread it, and will read it all now. As a lifelong atheist I found the idea of getting rid of all religion and mysticism completely to be no big deal, been there, done that!!! COLIN F.SEWARDS.

ID#17134 C.F., 2005-06-17 [ Mansfield, Tx]

I bought the large book about 17 years, read about 75% of it. Now retired, I am starting to reread it, and will read it all now. As a lifelong atheist I found the idea of getting rid of all religion and mysticism completely to be no big deal, been there, done that!!! COLIN F.SEWARDS.

ID#17138 C.O., 2005-06-18 [ , ]

was not happy with my purchase nothing in my life changed for the better if I want changes they must come from me your book was of no help started to fall apart on reading most dissapointed

ID#17139 C.O., 2005-06-18 [ Eidsvold, Queensland]

was not happy with my purchase nothing in my life changed for the better if I want changes they must come from me your book was of no help started to fall apart on reading most dissapointed

ID#17140 m. ., 2005-06-18 [ jakarta, ]

yes...i like it because this is verry good

ID#17142 E. ., 2005-06-18 [ Jhelum, Punjab]

I have read your pages which invites others to think about new reralitie and possibilities of future forces which can make this world more peaceful and safe with much properity and real value to life....

ID#17143 B.H., 2005-06-18 [ , ]

Hey! I dont know, what this is, i only looket in google "neo tech" and found this site. peace!

ID#17144 S.B., 2005-06-18 [ Redington Shores , FL]

Waiting to here from Neo-Tech,It has been almost two weeks since we recived the book.

ID#17146 J.T., 2005-06-19 [ Clarendon Marine, EC]

I am going to order your book today "Discovery" but decided to check threough the web what you are all about - "Rip Off" etc. I downloaded all the articles you have published on the web and now need more information. When my order arrives (postal/Fax)could you please expediate it. Thanks for everything

ID#17147 S.M., 2005-06-19 [ Melbourne, Victoria]

I recieved the neo-tech discovery over ten years ago unfortunatly becouse of my background it sent me into shock.I got over it and did my best to regect dishonasty and lazyness I started to outcompete my peers and became very fit and healthy, only to forget and fall into the old trap!I have spent about five years of my life listening to others and going nowhere.I dont know why I didnt look up neo-tech on the internet before I'd be a lot better off today.I think neo-tech should do whatever it takes to end this anticivalization,and I would like to take part in that!

ID#17148 J.V., 2005-06-19 [ Grant, MI]

I have recieved two letters from nouveau tech society to acquire the "book". I realize it's value, but don't have the money to purchase it. I do however, believe in it's promise/premise. Anything that contributes to the development ot one's soul advancement and to the advancement of mankind as a whole, is vital and beneficial to all of us. Like my Mother used to say, "If they knew better, they'd do better." Good luck to all of you in your endeavors on behalf of all of us "out there" who believe in your goodness and your agenda. May the Creator bless and guide you always.

ID#17149 . ., 2005-06-19 [ , ]

Can you summarize exactly what this site is about in less than 150 words? That would really be great, as I hate reading pages and pages of text that never really get to the point. I get that Pax Neo-Tech figures prevailing society does not work--join the club--but I really don't think there is a solid understanding of what religion or philosophy are really all about. But hey, that's just my 2 cents.

ID#17150 R.L., 2005-06-19 [ Villa San Lorenzo, Salta]

Nothing made me feel safer about knowing the truth.

ID#17152 T.E., 2005-06-19 [ N Richland Hills, TX]

I have a neutral question about this website? I am wondering about why you include positive and negative comments about this site. Is there something you are trying to point out by this? I'm curious. People could read the negative comment and be turned off by your site. And people can also read the positive comments and become more interested in your site. It sounds like a recipe for confusion. Please explain? It's confusing me.

ID#17153 D.N., 2005-06-19 [ Hudderfield, ]

I am intrigued and really interested to find ut what this si and how exactly this works.I am one of those people who would like to be added to your mailing list..

ID#17154 D.W., 2005-06-19 [ , ]

isee alot of fighting on the message board about this web site. all of yiou should stop fighting and get to know each other on a personal basis.this is not game the souls and spirits of men is not something to be played with.the people of neo tech, who do you think gave you the power to seek knowledge of self and enlightenment of others? The Christians, Muslims,and Jews and who ever else who do you think these people are all wrong?Frank Wallace was on too something You can't just dismiss something as tthe devil. I know what God can do. I Know God just doesn'tlimit enlightening knowledge just to the christians everyon get together and talk.Share personal knowlege.of your experiences.come together and all have somethin to offer each other.put this on both sides of the Board...PLEASE EVERY ONRE SHOULD READ THIS.

ID#17155 D.W., 2005-06-19 [ , ]

isee alot of fighting on the message board about this web site. all of yiou should stop fighting and get to know each other on a personal basis.this is not game the souls and spirits of men is not something to be played with.the people of neo tech, who do you think gave you the power to seek knowledge of self and enlightenment of others? The Christians, Muslims,and Jews and who ever else who do you think these people are all wrong?Frank Wallace was on too something You can't just dismiss something as tthe devil. I know what God can do. I Know God just doesn'tlimit enlightening knowledge just to the christians everyon get together and talk.Share personal knowlege.of your experiences.come together and all have somethin to offer each other.put this on both sides of the Board...PLEASE EVERY ONRE SHOULD READ THIS.

ID#17157 W.P., 2005-06-20 [ , ]

Yes, Neo-Tech must remain on the Web. We all need a good laugh now and then.

ID#17160 c.r., 2005-06-20 [ prospect, or]

This country was founded on the freedom of speach. So I donot understand why people have to become so militantwhen some one comes up with a way to better mankind in a positive way. Jesus didnot preach hate but said that we were all Gods but we have to claim our birth right. We cant sit on our back side and expect Jesus to give us everything we ask for and to forgige our sins when we countinue to keep repeating the same over and over.

ID#17161 . ., 2005-06-20 [ , ]

I figure that free speach extends to everyone. While I find the whole subject intellectually corrupt and all-in-all a bit silly, you have a right to speak your mind. Best of luck recruiting, but you'll never find me or my ilk as members.

ID#17162 J.G., 2005-06-20 [ Johannesburg, RSA]

Can you please, provide information in isiZulu (Nguni language) as well. Desperately looking forward to it.

ID#17164 G.M.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-06-20 [ GRAHAM, NC]


ID#17165 D.V., 2005-06-20 [ Wilson, NC]

I love hear all of the commnents, Neo-Tech is wonderful I can not wait to get more of it. I love to read the ones that I do have and I await more of the intergrated honesty that this site provides.

ID#17166 J.P., 2005-06-20 [ Citrus Heights , Ca]

Keep up the good work---- you are doing great---I will be 86 this coming 15th of July and I have a good feeling for your ideas---please Send me a copy of your latest publications. Thank you

ID#17169 a. ., 2005-06-21 [ , ]

i do not know what it is about and i think that it might be bad because it is the devil. in the envelope they do not tell you they are a hateful cult. and go against anything that god has planned for them and i just thought that was a ticket straight to hell man. but some people believe that are going to hell and some aren't. some just dont believe in that. but i did want to make money but not illegaly.

ID#17175 D.G., 2005-06-21 [ RIALTO, CA]

although many aspects of neo-tech are true and seem reasonably honest, I must say that the decoded version of the bible is pathetic, therefore I have dicded to disregard all these blasaphmies, and use neo-tech to my own andvantages, while keeping my faith in GOD.

ID#17178 D.G., 2005-06-21 [ RIALTO, CA]

neo-tech is a good thing but the proplem is that the coming illuminati societies or whoever came up with the civilization of the universe is a neocheater themselves, and eqiupt with neo-tech I will easily over come you

ID#17181 D.G., 2005-06-21 [ RIALTO, CA]

you may or may not beable to find out who I am,or perhaps you already know,but the mian reason I dont use my biological name is becuase I want you to know who I really am. and the purpose of these comments is to maybe help some of you find the truth. while many aspects of neo-tech are true I have found some to be false, espicially the civilization of the universe,and gianing biological imortality,I am not saying that death is a certianty or that you cannot gian physical imortality, I am merley stating that you are going about it the wrong way.

ID#17182 D. ., 2005-06-21 [ RIALTO, CA]

the problem is not neo-tech,instead it is the gifted&talented minds behind present day pax neo-tech,the mian mistake they have made is bieng completly certian that there is only a pysical realm, when indeed ther is a spiritual realm, and believe it or not all physical councious bodies&minds were created in the likeness of the first spiritual councious bodies& if any of you are willing to look past your carnally made bicarmel minds you may find some evidence.becuase considering information I have been exposed to, most of todays neo-tech is based on the beliefs,desires,&philosipies of physical councious minds

ID#17183 D. ., 2005-06-21 [ RIALTO, CA]

I have learned to exlpiot information&advice. there for I have read alot about neo-tech and have come to my own conclusions. not to say I am right or wrong, but surely I have surpassed the conclusions of these recent neo-tech first I thought thy were brilliant, but after reading about there civilization of the universe,and seeing there decoded version of the bible,I realized these people are stupid&foolish,I say these things becuase they came to these conclusions by using belifs,desires,&philosiphies,instead of knowledge,wisdom,&understanding

ID#17186 R.K., 2005-06-21 [ Purcell, oK]

God is the answer to all our needs. The following is funny. Apparently it isn't helping to focus on grammar or typing: "Lydi, yahoo, United Kingdom It helping me to focus!"

ID#17187 D. ., 2005-06-21 [ RIALTO, CA]

I began reading neo-tech and began using my mind in ways I never imagined; it opened my mind to new deminsions,not yet mentioned or even invisioned, it helped me escape this prison,with this honest living and these blessings ive been given,i've surpassed ther intentions.I know my words rymed,I meant them to so you can see neo-tech is working for me,and understand that I disagree with the civilization of the univrse,biological imortality,and your decoded version of the bible,yet I am still willing to learn more about neo-tech,and I will definintley keep my mind open, so please do not get the wrong idea.

ID#17193 N.M., 2005-06-22 [ Honolulu, HI]

Great site, keeping real and honest. That's the way everybody should be doing it. I am intrested and I was wondering if you guys are willing to have me as a member and also if I could purchase your book!

ID#17194 T.A., 2005-06-22 [ randleman, nc]

very interesting reading. I would like to know more.

ID#17196 b.c., 2005-06-22 [ Far Rockaway, N.Y]

I would like to know where can I grt to meet the people of neo-tech here in New York City? I would like to be a part of a moment. Please let me know....

ID#17200 J. ., 2005-06-23 [ Wilmette, il]

no comments

ID#17203 D.H., 2005-06-23 [ Anchorage, AK]

I must admit I am unsure of what to write here...except I feel in general that Neo-Tech is a very good thing in general, and I do hope that there are no more problems with Neocheaters and the anticivilization trying to get Neo Tech off of the internet or anywhere else.

ID#17205 B.W., 2005-06-24 [ Mequon, WI]

I've enjoyed and been challenged by reading what I found on your site. I'd hate to see that go away as I wouldn't have responded to your mailing any other way. I also would not have realized that Carl Noland was not part of your organization. Warmly, Barb

ID#17206 . ., 2005-06-24 [ , ]

I just wrote and asked for literature, thinking I'd then read the positive and negative comments on your site. However, they won't come up. They just go to Google instead. Have you taken them down already? Warmly, Barb

ID#17207 h. ., 2005-06-24 [ Ft. worth, tx]

I received your book of truth. It came at a point in my life when I was open to the messages I was getting were from myself, not some higher authority. I began to feel that control of my own life was possible yet challenging since my work environment is specialized and repressive. Yet due to my work environment I am able to see the distinction of labor. I wake every day with ideas of my own integrated thinking of how to break free and grow into what Im capable of. I crave more and reread the book over and over for there is so much to grasp that I missed it the first time I read it. However the manuscript contains many methods I knew already existed yet through the years my large corporation diminished the value of hard working loyal individuals and gave credit to not as deserving individuals. I wish that my address and name not be shared.

ID#17209 . ., 2005-06-24 [ , ]

No matter what one's opinion of neo-tech, it offers a unique and valuable view of the world.

ID#17211 a.g., 2005-06-24 [ pecos, nm ]

Book(s) 1, 2 and zon were fabulous and opened my eyes and mind to a whole new world and many others could benefit from this. ASG

ID#17213 . ., 2005-06-24 [ west warwick, R.I.]

I think the god-man theory has some very good points. and i would like to network with other neo-tech persons if it is possible , and it would be nice to find some in my area. I also have some questions i would like to get answered, but find the web sites hard to navagate and/or find could you please send me some links thanx, Vinny P.S. I like the idea about the neo-tech political party and would like to see some people step up to the plate for evaluation by there peers in the neo-tech world, would also like to hear about neo-tech in the main stream more even if it is negative that way people know their is another choice out there. thanx again, Vinny

ID#17215 D.A.,@NATCEM.COM 2005-06-24 [ ENCINO, CA]


ID#17217 m.j., 2005-06-24 [ , ]

I think it is right the neotruth because many dont want to hear the truth the are affraid of it and because they are also afraid and thats why all religion go nuts about the truth and affraid to leave the world thus the truth is affraid t leave the world they live in and afrfraid to depart from love ones and properties.That is why I beleive in now the life now and hope for the best thereafter. Not to say but I am not against any beleive or relegion BUT I HATE WHEN THEY PRETEND TO HAVE THE BEST BELEIVE AND WAYS and this is because my taste is not their taste but mine. Thank you NEOCULTURE do what ever concers your hearth to be happy! Friendly greatings marc a jeuken

ID#17218 d.G., 2005-06-24 [ rialto, CA]

I feel ready for neo-tech, it is time for me to become who I am meant to be, and I shall produce value,trough honesty, deep confidence, and high self-esteem.I shall conserve all life while defeating all death,and ultimately I will live happy&prosperous abundantly forever more eternally with imortal life. p.s. I am looking foward to meeting you such gifted&talented mysteriuos people, at the next neo-tech world sumbmit.

ID#17219 . ., 2005-06-24 [ , ]

This information is far too valuable.

ID#17221 C. ., 2005-06-25 [ , ]

Is there a website or forum where i'll be able to talk to other Neo-Tech Thinkers?

ID#17224 E. ., 2005-06-25 [ Clymer, PA]

First thought-bomb of the new millenium. Long live the True Revolution.

ID#17225 L. ., 2005-06-25 [ Anderson, SC]

The freedom annouced in the pages of this web site is mind opening. It appears to reach into the near and far future of all mankind. This new approach of out with the bad, unstable doers and in with the good, right-thinkers of mankind should be addressed and exposed to all mankind. Thus, this Neo-Thinking would help/could help save mankind from himself, of which humans are failing at miserably. I am amazed this teaching has not been offered and accepted through an unbiased world media.

ID#17226 K.S., 2005-06-26 [ Houston , Texas]

I would like to learn more about neo-tech. I think it will be profitable to me.

ID#17228 D.T., 2005-06-26 [ Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

I love this site, I find it to be both edgeucational inlighting. The vocabularry is useful and the site keeps me mindful of whats going on in the world when I sometimes forget about the neo cheaters out there. I go to the site and read a little and get right back on track. Thank You for Neo-Tech and all the hard working individuals that keeps it up and running. Darlene Milwaukee

ID#17234 R.C., 2005-06-27 [ Watertown, WI]

The more I read about the neo-tech society the more I understand. I have always felt this way about government and political power. However I thought I was alone in my ideas. Everyone I know thought that I was weired or thinking off the wall. yet the more I read the more I realize there are many people out there with the same views that I have. Thanks to Dr Wallace and the Neo-Tech society.

ID#17236 J.F., 2005-06-28 [ St Louis, MO]

Very interesting reading. Everything is all starting to make sense now.

ID#17238 1.y., 2005-06-28 [ Be happy, be happy]

Your wrong I honestly beleive that your feelings are isolated and only a few people share a similar feeling. Regardless of whether there is a God or not. Your attack on the life style led by religous members of all religions is brutal and seems more out of anger of YOUR personal failure of acheiving what they have acheived. Although I try to respect others opinions but when opinion is stated like a known fact you are essentially lying. You are now no better then what YOU claim those religious members to be. Another thing that frustrated me was your generalization of the life styles and the way people act. This not only is opinionated but due to the fact that humans are so different from each other whether this be a large or small difference you CAN'T classify people like that. We react differently at different times at different places at different ages etc... The possibilities are vertually impossible to catologue. It all boils down to you having an OPINION not a fact.

ID#17243 H.S., 2005-06-28 [ , ]

I recently got a letter in the mail about the society. I read the letter and decided to look up what I can to gain some knowledge about what I was reading. I really think that having a web site made it easier for me to understand what kind of society Nueveu Tech was. I missed my deadline for recieveing the book containing life changing secrets. But, I got a glimpse of what I wanted from the web page. I would consider becoming a member.Im thinking about checking out more info through this website.

ID#17244 . ., 2005-06-29 [ , ]

please e-mail me with the latest developments and products... thank you, DR

ID#17245 e.b., 2005-06-29 [ salt lake city, ut]

NT is abviously just another bunch Of BS that now permeates the web, any clear thinking individual understands that, takes what useful knowledge there is from it and discounts the rest. kind of like what one should do in real life.

ID#17248 S. ., 2005-06-29 [ New York , NY]

I read alot of the stuff on your site and it was fairly interesting. I myself used to be like you guys into money, wealth, all that stuff, in fact I was an Objectivist, I hung out with Harry Binswanger, Peter Schwartz, and even spoke a few times at the NY Objectivist Club events a couple of times and you're right most of these folks at the top only make tapes and nothing else. Eventually I became very unhappy with the whole reductionist-materialist philosophy and I found myself dying on the inside if you catch my drift. It seems you guys are derivative in many ways and I wish you luck in your quest..but my doubts are grave...just don't become too deluded. My new path would only make you laugh outrageously so I won't even get into that, all I can say is the present path you're on would be great if we were computers, but we're not, and I'm not the type to say I told you so, but in any event good luck to you guys, life is sometimes stranger than you think, and nobody's got ALL the answers! Later....

ID#17249 M.C., 2005-06-29 [ , ]

free speech

ID#17251 v.S., 2005-06-29 [ murrells inlet, sc]

I seen that you claimed a major publication in 1968 i had already had an 'encounter' with the 'meme' which neo-tech seems to attach with... check out the Robert Heinlein story titled "Stranger In A Strange Land" and Michael Valentine Smith the focal point who brings an 'epiphany' to mankind, the essence is 'water-brother' & comprehending what is encapsulated in the word/term "GROK" your idea/meme is not so earthshaking new, i was just curious as to when & how i would encounter this destined 'Future Throwback' scenario, and what its' name would be.... now i know glade to see youse guys, finally s/victoras st udio

ID#17254 k.c., 2005-06-29 [ des moines, iowa]

please keep this site open i think it is great. and thank you very much for what you do. i know that it is not easy. keep up the good work thx ken

ID#17255 . ., 2005-06-29 [ , ]

Pure trash... Manipulative pseudo-philosophy... Some plausible and logical formulations with dubious conclusions... Dangerous for the insecure and untrained philosoper... Bottom line - An attempt to enslave others by a mentally disturbed cult leader. There's nothing new under the sun (The Bible - Eclisiastes)

ID#17256 E.k., 2005-06-29 [ Accra, Ghana`]

Erik K. Dzordzordzi OLd Timer No coment today Great always

ID#17257 E.S., 2005-06-29 [ Mesa, AZ]

It's imperative for Integrated thought such as this to be available to everyone equally!! The Internet is the very domain where regulation and censorship has no grip and this is just what mankind is in dire need of. Neo-Tech will allow us to move forward and lose boundaries on thought and lose limitations of our thoughts. What else could possibly be better in use of the Internet in this torrid time...?

ID#17258 J.R., 2005-06-30 [ Berea, KY]

I support Neo-Tech values as a whole. I support your website

ID#17260 E.t., 2005-06-30 [ Lebanon, TN]

Not that I don't follow your line of thinking but to say there wasn't some supreme force that created all there is is pure lies. None of your literature has been justified by your selected statements from previously learned writers of the past. You have taken enundo and carefully select sentences from these authors and added to their thoughts to devise the information you are fousting upon an unknowing and desperate public. the fact that you are promoting some form of secret society of guiders and shapers of the world indicate the self same grovenment that controls every persons existance based on self money and power. These things will be your undoing in the future you are trying to propagate. For all your efforts at trying to indicate that intellegence and infomation control are the ways to happiness are a dead end route. I say this because I've been there where you are today. You just think you have the answer everyone is looking for and no on else knows what you know. Well from the information I have garnered from your works and your blinded followers your growth is going to begin to stiffle. You have no future at this endeavor for you are now at the end of your cycle that you claim works in everyones life. I suggest that you go back to your studies my youg friend and look to see what you missed. For you have missed the point from all the writers of the past you have used to justify your position. For others who venture to this looking for the answers that this society has promised you, I suggest that you find the time and the opportunity to read many of the works this society claims as its' foundation of its' truths. Most of the information presented here is missleading and cryptic so as to give you an impression of all knowing from the writter. He knows little if anything of how a truly productive society should function. By adding segments of popular works to his philosophy he as pieced together some dogma of his own to fouster upon an unknowing public. Not that his business has not prospered from these efforts for he has and from that wealth generation he has been able to find new ways to present his on ideology to the world where inevitably he finds followers who choose to believe him. No on knows all the answers especially when it comes to the answers you currently for your own future. This data can help you to a point. but beyond that there is no happiness in the things he is trying to get you to accomplish for him. And truly your are being guided to do what he wants the world to do from him. so take what information you can from these works and do your thing, but don't get trapped into a dogma that will ultimately lead you to your own degradation.

ID#17263 R. ., 2005-06-30 [ Bakersfield, California]

Yes. Neo-Tech must remain active on the World Wide Web.

ID#17266 b.m., 2005-07-01 [ Moone Ponds, VIC]

Some years back i was sent a book called the neo-tech man.The place of work was a hairsalon where horseracing identeties and jokies used to exchange information.My book mysteriously disapeared,and for some strange reason i had forgotten all about it.Like a dream,but would dearly like to reaqaint my self with all information possible.Iwould be willing to host or be an affilliate. THANK YOU. BLASHKO MAGUSIC.

ID#17267 d.r., 2005-07-01 [ Long Beach, CA]

i have just begun to read about neo-tech and i am very interested in learning more. ya gotta keep the website goin', cuz i'd especially like to know how i can get to create my own universe for fun and profit?

ID#17268 S. ., 2005-07-01 [ canada, ]

Please forward me any and all information you can about Illuminati. I have taken a recent interest and would like any and all informatyion I can get. Thank you SBF

ID#17271 A.J., 2005-07-01 [ Christchurch, SI]

When I first opened the letter from Neo-Tech I had received in the mail some months ago, I felt excited and exhilarated. I've always been open to new ideas and have been called all sorts of names, simply because I KNEW there had to be something better out there than what I was previously experiencing. I was a church-goer for many years, but constantly felt that sense of guilt - that I was never good enough, or did enough for the church, no matter how hard I tried. Internal politics and general power games put me off altogether. When the letter came in the mail about two years after leaving the curch, I felt that my life was going to change. It's not happening overnight, but it's certainly happening! I have read "The Neo-Tech Discovery" 5 times and have almost finished my second reading of Mark Hamilton's "The Neo-Tech World". The answers are all the things I wondered about, asked about, pondered further upon and did not receive any outside answers to. Now I have those answers! The books are so difficult to put down once started. They have to be two of the best investments I have ever made. I could write so much more here (I am a writer by profession and am also in a comedy theatre group) but perhaps I had better conclude by saying that I am truly a 'convert'!!

ID#17272 K.R., 2005-07-01 [ Deale, MD]

As a result of reading these stories, i am sickened at the way that this country is run, and the bastards who run and govern it should be shot. I am only 15 years old, and i am already considering relocating myself to a different country where individuals dont have complete dicks running and controlling their lives. The things ive read about what the IRS has done to people makes me want to vomit.

ID#17274 M.Y., 2005-07-02 [ , ]

It is the only one of the best knowledge that a human being can ever get through his or her life to experience the fullness of life that life has to offer. I think the website is established for Neo-Tech and it should be remained opened and the individuals have a choice to freely browse the site.

ID#17275 M.Y., 2005-07-02 [ , ]

It is the only one of the best knowledge that a human being can ever get through his or her life to experience the fullness of life that life has to offer. I think the website is established for Neo-Tech and it should be remained opened and the individuals have a choice to freely browse the site.

ID#17276 H.H., 2005-07-02 [ London`, ]

Neo-tech is "Amazing" is a real usable internet tool and it must remain available.

ID#17277 C.D., 2005-07-02 [ Woonsocket, RI]

Of course, you should remain on the Web. In too many cases, You are the only saving grace for this world. Especially after this moronic "Supreme Court" decision. I just wish these Seven Neo-Tech Waves would hurry up and get here!

ID#17281 J.R., 2005-07-03 [ West Carrollton, OH]

I think nothing I was sent a letter and was requested to return but i have no way to send before deadline truely sorry... Thank you and may the force be with us all Manuscript # 34854-B Acct# 0110707254

ID#17282 . ., 2005-07-03 [ , ]

of course

ID#17283 C.G., 2005-07-03 [ Iron River, 54847]

I've read almost everything on this site. The ideas and the feedback. And I'd have to agree there will never be world peace as long as there are the closed minds of religon. Anyone reading the negative feedback can see the hate coming from these people.

ID#17286 . ., 2005-07-03 [ , ]


ID#17287 C.B., 2005-07-03 [ New York, NY]

I cannot get out of my seat, I think my girlfriend believes I am reading porn or having cybersex, I think I have found something far more interesting! Is this the Zon book? I will be picking up everything you all have produced. THank you!

ID#17288 A.M., 2005-07-04 [ , ]

It is quite sad that some humans do not realise the usefullness that the Neo-Tech knowledge brings in human lives. I realise this and I feel sad and at the same time I am happy and I know where my life is and where it's heading. There's no need for any human being to get upset about another human being's philosophy or ideas. It's up to us as individuals to accept the things that makes us happy, smile and laugh. So why bother about other human beings beliefs, just as we Neo-Tech belivers don't bother in what you belive. So remember that we are simply human beings as you are still existing on this same planet and using the same websites as any other websites. We do have the same right as any human being,leave us alone I mean leave the website as it is. I promise you one day you won't regret. Neo-Tech will make you tremendously happy. We forgive you for your negative comments about Neo-Tech and it is only fair for you to forgive us even if you don't agree in Neo-Tech ideas. We are human beings like you trying our best to try an error to do things that will better serve the individual. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding.

ID#17290 L.W., 2005-07-04 [ Cincinnati, Ohio]

What is Neo-tech doing today. Is Frank Wallace still alive? Is Clean Sweep -Illuminati available in print?

ID#17291 s. ., 2005-07-05 [ agra, uttar pradesh]

I think it should be there eternally.It's such a nice selfless servicing site spreading intellectuality everywhere so it should be blessed.

ID#17292 S.O., 2005-07-05 [ Orlando, Fl]

I love reading neo-tech material on the web for all its coviniances(free, click to the particular information i want...ect)

ID#17295 E.W., 2005-07-05 [ Rensselaer, NY]

I received the package from Neo Tech & I don"t want it Where would I send it for a refund?

ID#17296 D.G., 2005-07-05 [ arlington, ma]

I am so interested in regaining my own mind.

ID#17297 R.D., 2005-07-05 [ Syracuse, NY]

excellent resource---thanks

ID#17300 m.p., 2005-07-05 [ , ]

the number of visits speaks for itself!!!

ID#17301 m.w., 2005-07-05 [ Lethbridge, Alberta]

YOu are just a tad on the verbose and it might be better to give just the facts and let the reader draw the conclusions for themselves. The connection between the neo-cons & religious right and what you say about the supression of science & scholarship jumps right out at you. I just read your site because I remembered something about the discovery of zero-told my banker it is a fascinating story--but then could not remember the details.

ID#17305 . ., 2005-07-06 [ , ]

You're asking the wrong person. Whether or not a person agrees with something has nothing to do with whether or not it should remain on the web. Take it down if you want to take it down, i.e. if you can't afford to keep it up, etc. To the people who shout about angels coming down with flaming this and that to cast sinners out of God's holy internet: do you realize how silly that is? I'm not bashing religon either; even religous poeple with common sense would agree with that statement. To the neo-tech people: I didn't read it myself, but if you did bash religon and Islam, you know that's silly too, right? Good luck living forever after you make the world your enemy, bash religon, and use unorthadox methods to gain a clear advantage over everyone else. They'd tear you to shreds. That is, if you could actually get that far on your own to begin with...

ID#17307 M.P., 2005-07-06 [ Long Beach, CA]

I have read through most of the book but need more. When will the be a meeting to attend?

ID#17308 M.G., 2005-07-06 [ N Las Vegas, NV]

Why cant certain human beings think for themselves? Is it because they are trained not to trust their own thoughts? Constantly fighting against the inner truth that they know and feel inside themselves. Lets call it fear. Cant think clearly because of fear. (Conditioned)

ID#17309 S.W., 2005-07-06 [ wouldham, kent]

Wonderful value. Thank you to everyone at I and O for all the work and effort they have put in over the years to produce the superb, integrated writings. Ive taken some years to integrate the information, but the more i do, the more productive i have become and felt better about every aspect of my life. It isnt easy to understand and embrace the words and meanings contained within each NT publication, but once you accept that existance does exist and you strive to know real reality, everything else (with effort) can fall into place when you keep searching and striving to understand the world around us. Thank you again

ID#17312 S. ., 2005-07-06 [ , ]

Only God can make miracles. You deal in the material, not the eternal.

ID#17313 L.M., 2005-07-06 [ Milwaukee, WI]

I am a new member and I strongly believe that you should remain on the web. I also believe that the society should comunicate better with it's members and use the website to do this by updating weekly and having an openline of communication with members that I currently do not see. Holding more seminars that give members a chance to meet face to face would also be great. CAN SOMEONE CONTACT ME TO LET ME KNOW HOW TO CONTACT THE SOCIETY AND OTHER MEMBERS I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

ID#17314 M. ., 2005-07-06 [ , ]

In reading about neo-tech my view is that the major goal is in achieving money and power. I cannot see anything truly good and worth while coming of that although I recognize that there are certain personality types who are motivated by achieving just those things. I think that the website needs to remain. There are always opinions but sometimes it is best to go the the source for inforamtion as well.

ID#17315 M.R., 2005-07-06 [ Virginia Beach, VA]

Neo-Tech sent me mail and I wanted to know more so I am doing research.

ID#17317 E.W., 2005-07-06 [ salisbury, md]

Keep on going..I'm with you

ID#17320 D. ., 2005-07-06 [ oakpark , il]


ID#17322 . ., 2005-07-07 [ , ]

Yes, you will be rich and powerful because you lie to others about being rich and powerful. Being in control of everyone all the time does not appeal to me, therefore your scam did not work. Thank God! However, if you send me a money order for $500, I'll send you a brand-new copy of my own book, "How to get lots of money from suckers... $500 at a time."

ID#17325 t.s., 2005-07-07 [ adelaide, SA]

hi, my address (especially for RIBI) has changed from 4/25a regent st kensington 5068 SA to below, ta

ID#17326 M.M., 2005-07-07 [ Virginia Beach, VA]

More More More I want More

ID#17328 A. ., 2005-07-07 [ , ]

Please shut down this web site and if possible the producers, distributers, and illuminaty folks!

ID#17329 . .,@msn 2005-07-07 [ , ]

I would like this site removed from the internet, as I am scared that our children as well as weak minded people have access to this anti-God material. May God forgive you and bless you even our enemies.

ID#17331 J.P., 2005-07-07 [ Chicago, Illinois]

In the interest of free thought and free inquiry, please remain on the web.

ID#17337 G.M.,@webtvNET 2005-07-08 [ La puente, CA.91744 ]

i enjoy all the latest on neo-tech.Please send all all latest.

ID#17338 r.m., 2005-07-08 [ springfield, ma]

pls send latest literrature

ID#17339 D.R., 2005-07-09 [ Strawberry Hills, NSW]

It looks like a very whorthwhile series of ideas and keeping it all secret does nobody anygood. Should I believe the German mob or are they just scammers?

ID#17342 F.B., 2005-07-09 [ Smithfield, NC]

It pains me to see that informational material such as yours exists. Selflessness is taught from the Bible in order to save people from eternal damnation and spiritual death. The truth is this: Jesus Christ (the one and only God-Man) was sent to earth by our Heavenly Father (God) to die on the Cross at Calvary for mankinds sins. By repenting of your sins to Christ and living a Christian life (as recorded in the Word of God {The Bible})is the only way to imortality and everlasting peace. I pray that you, Mr. Wallace, and any fellow believers you have enticed, will come to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and trully know what it is to Live.

ID#17343 I.T., 2005-07-09 [ Snow Hill, NC]

I am a member of Neo-Tech and would like all and any information on it.

ID#17347 n.l., 2005-07-10 [ Orl, Fl]

I like this kind of thinking it's positive! Is this part of the secret society? And people do need to protect themselves from anyone who calls themselves religious. In fact I don't trust anyone who calls themselves a Christian. I had a loving sister once she got involved in some kind of church now she is so hateful. The church took my sister away she is brainwashed. I like the free way of believing in witchcraft to make things happen to change negative to positive. And to harm no one. So I find this a very healthy site to read because it is true!

ID#17348 S.L., 2005-07-10 [ Kanas City, MO]

I have received NUMEROUS come on ads saying that I have been "fingered" (more or less) to be included in this organization. Long, long ago I had purchased the humongous book but when I moved I misplaced it never to find it again (think mother threw it away truthfully). Anyway I really don't want to purchase it again. I would like to read it and it looks like here on the web I am now able to do so. Thanks much! P.S. Do you think this really works? When I had it before I had trouble with the vocabulary, if nothing else. How did you get through it all to absorb the necessary information?

ID#17349 H.R.,@AOL.COM 2005-07-10 [ , ]


ID#17350 s. ., 2005-07-10 [ , ]

i am a 23/f i find that size makes a differance my mom told me it didnt matter one time when she heard my sister telling me it did she told us are father had a great 5 1/2" penis well i think she never tryed a bigger one than his ive found that anything short of 7" was not going deep enough and i defently found that thickness was my must have as well " later me and my sister confronted mom and gave her a gift "10" dildo and she know agrees with us size matters and it for some reason helps u reach a feeling that makes u feel more like a woman and sex is incredable with the right size guy

ID#17351 E.T., 2005-07-10 [ Syracuse , NY]


ID#17352 J.M., 2005-07-10 [ Jacksonville, FL]

Neo-Tech should for sure stay on the internet, keep exercising free speech!!!

ID#17353 C.S., 2005-07-10 [ Columbus, NE]

I love the book!! It has made me see the light on how things really are. About a month ago I received a letter on how to become a member and I couldnt aford the book but I checked out the website on it and found out I could buy the book Zonpower and I bought it for a lot less. Please send more information on it because I now I want to know everything on it.

ID#17354 C.C., 2005-07-10 [ Houston, TX]

Any information that produces thought needs to be available. I've read a good deal of the first book. (I assume there is more.)I don't agree with everything but am open minded to see what comes. The "mini-day" concept has really gotten some thoughts going. Thanks.

ID#17355 I. ., 2005-07-10 [ orlando, fl]

I would love to learn more about neo-tech society.

ID#17356 R.J., 2005-07-10 [ Whittier, Ca]

As a Neo-Tech owner.The Neo-Tech web site should remain:If anyone has anything negative to say about Neo-Tech,it should be seen.We should know who that some is.As though they are talking about me.We should not be uneasy.We do have the Neo-Tech knowledge to defend ourselves.Currently reading: The Neo-Tech World.

ID#17357 R.J., 2005-07-10 [ Whittier, Ca.]

What is:The Ten Second Miracle?Pleass, could you give me the answer.I need to know now.Currently reading The Neo-Tech World.

ID#17362 W. ., 2005-07-11 [ Brisbane, Qld ]

I am still waiting for the manuscript that I purchase on the 11 December 2000.I like to read and immerse myself into this material and give you my comments,however I do not have the purchase material and it is unwise to make such comments on conjecture.

ID#17364 T.A., 2005-07-11 [ Splendora, tx]

This is completely amazing!I have been so sick of the total greed,governmental as well as corporate, ever since the "trickle down"economics of Reagan,BUT,G.W.Bush makes Reagan look like a panty waisted homo-fairy by comparison.I truly believe that the guy is just a puppet,and that puppet is turning America into the 4th reich!!!!!!I'm going to need all the good advice I can get!!If,and THAT'S A BIG iF,I'm going a be able to survive the recession of 2008.t took reagan only 2 1/2yrs to put Houston Texas in the WORST recession Houston had ever seen,Bush with his hand in the jar,with his overly inflated gas prices

ID#17365 E.M., 2005-07-11 [ Spartanburg, SC]

I am interested in employment opportunities with I and O Publications.

ID#17366 R.I., 2005-07-11 [ Cleveland Hts, OH]

Give me slack...or kill me!

ID#17368 C.N., 2005-07-11 [ Canton, Illinois]

The question above is a stupid remark. Why not ask a question that begs an answer.

ID#17369 C.N., 2005-07-11 [ Canton, Illinois]

The question above is a stupid remark. Why not ask a question that begs an answer. IN other words the above question would be like asking should my right or left hand be left on my body. Neo-Tech is more than welcome here.

ID#17374 J.z., 2005-07-12 [ San Pablo, Ca]

Your thinking is Knowlage,I mean SUPER KNOWLAGE.Please get me out of my rutty 2001 trailor.I can share with you all of my dreams.I think dreams are technology.My dream is about when I was still in my moms stomach,and I was a little like a tabpole. was maybe five month ago.But I can still feel as if it was yesterday.I'm still feel amazed.You think its because I'm becoming Neo-Tech.I have one more thing to say.A witch tryed to I believe make me evil,but I turned her and her stuff down.I need some feedback about this problem,maybe I'm not alone.You know the phrase,fool me once,but never fool twice.Never fall for evil,when evil can stalk.

ID#17375 D.B., 2005-07-12 [ , ]

I'd like read te site in my language, in Italian. I'm going now to order neo-tech discovery. I changed my adress: your letter was sent to my old adress, Davide Borghi, via Carso 3, 41037 Mirandola MO, Italy Every communication, now, you'll send, please, to my new adress: Davide Borghi, via M. Rizzoli 19, 40066 Pieve di Cento BO, Italy Tank you

ID#17376 T.K., 2005-07-12 [ Bruckmuehl, Bayern]

I'm a long time Neo-Tech Fan and believer.

ID#17386 . ., 2005-07-13 [ , ]

we got the same letter too, it seemed like a bunch of bs but, we thought we would check it out. Thank goodness we found this information. Thanks

ID#17387 N.J., 2005-07-13 [ NOYB, SAME]

There are many theories that are presented. One site,, reveals a great deal about the thoeries that have been presented to mankind. This site presents another theory. There is a system of "good and evil". This systenm is "man" based...what is good for me may be evil for you....and when mankind operates in this system of "good vs. evil" is in conflict with the laws of the creation. Regretfully, I have found this site to fall short. I believe this site does not actually get to the foundation. Instead, it only touches the fringes, and convinces people to operate in what is "good for them"...too bad. Too bad, as well, that the "Illuninati" is a group that is known for manipulating people. It is always interesting to see what information, or misinformation is being given to people. That is why I think this website should remain on the web. We need to understand WHO we are, and WHY we are, before we determine WHAT we should do. I believe we are fundctioning within "machines" that are receivers and senders of electro-magnetic energy. I believe we must understand the Thought, Word (choice) and the Act. Why do I believe these things? Observations of scientific "proof". Foundational principles....without religion attached. And because of my observations, I can understand and "see" what others ignore. I "see" that this website has "missed the mark"...and instead it simply plays upon the emotional, self-centered desires of people. Again, too bad. It's always interesting to observe what others are trying to discover....even when they have merely "repackaged" an old lie. Nancy

ID#17388 R.D., 2005-07-13 [ Richwood, OH]

My search for the truth is relentless. You sound like a wellspring of new ideas and concepts for me. I'd like to explore in depth.

ID#17390 s.h., 2005-07-13 [ Janesville,, WI]

They make it seem too good to be true-yet so inviting that most people might fall for it!

ID#17394 O.P., 2005-07-14 [ deerfield beach, Fla]

Keep going you guys are teaching the real TRUTH

ID#17397 N.H., 2005-07-14 [ Toledo, Ohio]

This is a very interesting look into how Kings become kings and how to conduct yourself to personal greatness. This book had helped me to gain alot of ground in my personal life as well as my professional life. Do to a corporate move, my issue of Neo-Tech the discovery is lost, if possible I would like to recieve a new copy or even purchase a copy. Thank You,

ID#17399 I.T., 2005-07-14 [ Snow Hill, NC]

would like a copy of the protection kit for myself Irene Turnage 3264 Hwy 903 South Snow Hill, NC 28580

ID#17401 j.s., 2005-07-14 [ Barrie, ON]

I recieved a letter in the mail about Dr walace's secrets and this intreged me. as i am a person of open mind and try to understand all that is placed in my path and it's relationship to my life, I responded without hesitation knowing that nothing happens by accident. I am still waiting for your response jack w t stewart 105 College Cres. Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M2W5

ID#17403 S.B., 2005-07-14 [ , ]

I am a loyal Neo-Teach customer. I am looking to see if there is a current newsletter-type publication that talks about current world events and helps put them in true perspective. Please advise

ID#17405 s.w.,@optusnet 2005-07-15 [ , victoria]

I enjoyed reading both the positive and the negative comments posted on the site. Reading Cracking the Neo Tech code very interesting and revealing, the concept captures the mind of thoses with open minds who take on the thoughts and new ideas of the world and look beyond the the here and now with an openness and freedom of expression. The human mind is capable of much more than we can currently comprehend and we need to expand our minds to be able make things possible,we all need to prosper. All that we currently have was made possible by human thought and so much more is yet to come. We all need to except the ever changing world and the possibilities we are yet to face, as we advance in into the future and the endless search for our origin,being open minded and honest with ourselves is the only way forward.

ID#17406 c. ., 2005-07-15 [ , ]

Neo-tech is just another form of information. We all have the right to pick and choose what we want to read. I take from any form of info what is right for me and ignore the rest. Please keep Neo-tech on the web. They have some very interesting information.

ID#17407 . ., 2005-07-15 [ , ]

It should remain on the Web, so people like me who recieves this invitation form( letter) can have access to find information on this society.

ID#17408 T. ., 2005-07-15 [ BARTLETT, TN]

Most of us are blessed with the ability to know right from wrong and to make whatever choices we will. Certainly what the "society" is teaching is wrong. However, I am appalled at what I read in the comments section from so called "Christians". Folks, are we reading from the same Bible? Where does it give permission to "bash" others? Ofcourse, I maybe wrong but I thought that we were to follow Christ's example and part of that was to love our fellow man. That doesn't mean that we have to embrace what they teach. Cristians, afterall should set THE EXAMPLE of what Christianity is.

ID#17409 N. ., 2005-07-15 [ , SC]

Everyone should have freedom of speech. Neo-Tech seems to embrace that idea.

ID#17411 a. ., 2005-07-15 [ 2344, ree]


ID#17412 G.J., 2005-07-15 [ Peachtree City, GA]

Don't take off the web. I have learned many interesting things from this web site.

ID#17413 . ., 2005-07-16 [ , ]


ID#17415 E.S., 2005-07-16 [ Redford, MI]

I ordered the Neo-Tech manuscripts back in 2002 and 2003 from a mailing I received from NTP. I started reading them but then ran away from them, I guess I wasn't ready yet to accept the information. I am now reading the first manuscript and I remembered somewhere I read there was a website. I found you through Google. I would really like to know more about the remaining publications. I have about six and as I reviewed this site there were many titles I did not know about. I am excited about this journey and look forward to finding out more. Thanks!

ID#17416 B.V., 2005-07-16 [ Florence, AZ]

I can't seem to find your books on your website. It was indicated in your literature, that a person may look before purchasing. Thank You

ID#17417 G.B., 2005-07-16 [ Bridlington, ]

I havebeen a subscriber to Neo-Tech publications for many years. Its writings have been a great comfort to me.

ID#17418 E.C., 2005-07-16 [ Lakewood, CO]

Honestly, what is the point of being a part of a "Secret Society" if it is not that secret? On the other hand it is great that you want to share this information with the rest of the world. The members of Nouveau Tech should be the only ones with the secrets and it should be up to the members who they recruit and who they know who possesses the potential and dicipline to be a member. Hypothetically speaking if society's do come crashing down, Nouveau members will then have all the power! MUAH-HA-HA-HA-HAAA! Thanks.

ID#17419 S.Z., 2005-07-16 [ Rochester, NH]

I love the basis of thought in much of the Neo-Tech writings. However, the author's bias apparently developed after the September 11th, 2001 attacks promotes the type of dishonest anti-civilized action of which you supposedly despise. I am continually seeking true freedom and peace. Without proper guidance, I may be destined to fail. But, in great determination I could be a leader in Neo-Tech-like ideas. However it may be, I will not succumb to destructive behavior as to annihilate terrorists who are just merely the natural counterbalance toward destructive capitalist growth. I believe true peace lies in the blending of these feuding groups as to achieve balance rather than increased tensions. It must be understood that the destructive power of a few can match the destructive power of many simply because those many have developed the means toward their own destruction in haste for protection. You cannot protect yourself from a universal balance of nature.

ID#17421 J.B., 2005-07-17 [ Pittsfield, Ma]

Why Not! neo-tech is a very interesting subject that I find myself re-vising after mis-placing this Book for almost four years now.

ID#17423 S. ., 2005-07-17 [ Abingdon, MC]

I am very impressed at what I have read and am sorry I didn't get the info back on time. I have just been diagnosed with ADD and am learning to be more active in corresponding to letters.

ID#17424 E.C., 2005-07-18 [ Lakewood, CO]

Alright this is the second time I am requesting this, I just thought of more information. I would consider keeping it on the web but would need a password and member ID number for latest updates for members only, NOT a little green line on the bottom of the screen, sheesh, first time I accessed this site I found that and then the other little line at the bottom of that screen to get to the other little lines on another screen. Thanks.

ID#17426 C.W., 2005-07-18 [ Nahunta, Ga.]

We shouldn't stop sending out the word to people that have no idea about the truth of life and the world as it should be. I have moved to the south part of Georgia and found that it is a different world here. They have no idea of the truth and don't want to learn. Please tell me where some of our people are so I can meet them. Please don't take our word off the net.!!!!!

ID#17427 R.B., 2005-07-18 [ Greeley, Iowa]

I am reading The Book a friend loaned me and I am fascinated! Yes Neo-Tech should remain on the web.

ID#17428 M.N., 2005-07-18 [ Prospect, Ky]

This is exactly what we need. Please keep this site up, maybe some people will stumble upon it and realize some truth instead of following their mindless religious dogma.

ID#17433 . ., 2005-07-18 [ , ]

we have enough cults and idiots in the world

ID#17434 R. ., 2005-07-18 [ , ]

Well I love it! Ray (Please leave my email anon)

ID#17435 J.R., 2005-07-19 [ Wheatland, CA]

The truth will be revielled.

ID#17437 E.L., 2005-07-19 [ Mesquite, TX]

I received a letter pertaining to the Nouveau Tech Society. Curiosity led me to search the web. I purchased Hamilton's two God-Man books about 9 years ago.

ID#17444 K.O., 2005-07-19 [ Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire]

interesting to say the least

ID#17445 K.O., 2005-07-19 [ Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire]

interesting to say the least

ID#17446 . ., 2005-07-19 [ , ]

do you write your own negative comments, I can't seriously believe that many people hate this material for almost the exact same reason, might actually want to buy a book

ID#17449 R.H., 2005-07-19 [ GARDEN GROVE, CA]


ID#17450 E.D., 2005-07-19 [ Benton, ky]

I love your thoughts and agenda mine has always been like yours but I thought I was just a strange person now I know better.I received an advertisement through mail to join the nouveau tech society.I replied and in return recieved A nouveau tech Orientation Booklet.I was asked to send an amount of money to an address in ohio and I would recieve A 1000 page book if this is ligit I would like to join the society.But if its another scam then you need to know about it.I was also given a time limit. THANK YOU

ID#17451 m.g., 2005-07-20 [ Everett, Washington]

This should remain available to all seeking a possible answer to the human condition.

ID#17461 . ., 2005-07-20 [ , ]

great info. can not wait until neo-tech world. HURRY UP.

ID#17462 J.P., 2005-07-20 [ Bonneau, SC]

Hopefully you guys came up some good answers and I'll be exited to see you in the meetings,here is my e-mail address so you can reply back.Thanks,Joey P.

ID#17475 Y.M., 2005-07-21 [ Worcester, MA]

I've enjoyed every moment I've spent with the works of Dr. Frank Wallace. At 51 I feel that my life is only began. Having been a massage therapist for 15 years, I have decided last year to enrol into Nursing School, and snould be graduating in a year of 2006. This summer, after brainstorming, I came out with a an idea of Infant massage. The momment it hit me, I set down and put together a flier and bringed it to one of my clients, who is heppend to be a Pediatrician. I have my first gig in her office on Aug 16th. However my ultimate vision is to be on National TV and teach millions of parents infant therapeutic massage techniques. I have not discovered anything new. I now that, but I want to be first to take my skills and demonstrated nationwide and than take it Globaly. Although, I still need some help in grasping the 10-seconds miracle, the integration between the left and right hemisphares. Any comments to that would help...I am looking forward to read about the Zon Protocols. YMR

ID#17476 J.P., 2005-07-21 [ Bonneau, SC]

I was wanting to know if I could let my family and my girl know about this society.Could you also maybe help us out with living on our own.Please respond to this and the other letter that I didn't get a response from yet.Thanks.Joey P.

ID#17477 h. ., 2005-07-21 [ palm springs, ca]

I like a forum for a variety of points of view. Something that might be very profound should not be dismissed out of hand.

ID#17479 D.S., 2005-07-21 [ Daly City, Ca]

I wondr no more and am ecstatic that my search for truth is over. Since I was two years old I was cognizant of the unreality and confused about why the world was this way when it isn't supposed to be.

ID#17480 k.b., 2005-07-21 [ sanbernardino, CA]

I am ready for neo-tech

ID#17484 M.W., 2005-07-22 [ Brooklyn Park , MN]

I must say I am inlightend with what I have read and discovered I Wish I had more information o this wonderful society

ID#17485 r.c., 2005-07-22 [ lancaster, ca]

i think neo tech is very valueable and needed today. my only problem is that i cant seem to get my hands on the book. it would be much more convienient if the book was available instead of always reading online. and the web site can be hard to find at times.... thank you... and please send me info on obtaining the neo tech manuscript to

ID#17486 n. ., 2005-07-22 [ , ]

if we want a more unintegrated world with more destruction and death leave it of the www

ID#17487 . ., 2005-07-22 [ , ]

People are free to believe what they want to believe. No organization is greater than God so I have no fear of these people or other anti-Christ or anti-government society. I feel pity for these people who may live a great life here but will only live this life and not experience the eternal life with Jesus Christ. It's not my position to stand in judgment. Loving God is done by free wiil there is no deception or trickery used by the Lord. You must seek him out, although he could, he does not force himself upon you. I hope you enjoy this life and pray somewhere in the course of it you find the real truth and the way, Jesus Christ!

ID#17489 C.S., 2005-07-22 [ Orlando, FL]

I would love to know more. I was sent a special invite or invitation to join and when I got the mail the deadline had passed.

ID#17490 c. ., 2005-07-22 [ edmonton, ab]

no comments

ID#17493 T. ., 2005-07-23 [ , ]

Every day I see that it is very sad to realize each individual human beings are not realizing their true valueness to their existence...lives. When I realize this fact of error, I feel so sorry for us all humans on this planet and that includes the terrorists,religionists,governments,scientists,doctors,etc...etc all of us. Therefore it is so essential that each individual who has ever been born into this world, was born for a great reason. And each is entitled to the God-given right to be fully happy and enjoy fully up until to the God-given length of time. Whether I am a lone individual,a terrorist,a government,a christian,a muslim,a catholic,a buddish,a scientist,a neo-tech,a businessman,or a criminal or whatever we maybe is not important and not an essential part of our existence to life and creation and formation of those establishments. The only essential thing or component that makes up these establishments live is simply the lone individual human beings as each one fo us. So lets all come to our realizations and stop and try to correct our errors of fighting and blowing ourselves to pieces and get on with our lives. We can go on fighting ourselves for a hundred years or a billion years, hoewever at the end of the pipe line there is nothing for us to achieve... nothing sadly very sorry but thats it nothing. I realise that this website is one of the essential site to every human being's life and values so let it be there and work harder!.

ID#17495 F.B., 2005-07-23 [ , ]

I'm not saying I belive everything I've read here but some of it does make since and I certainly don't see how it could be dangerous

ID#17496 s. ., 2005-07-23 [ , ]

long live integrated honesty free will and key choice

ID#17497 s. ., 2005-07-23 [ witham, essex]

long live integrated honesty free will and key choice

ID#17499 C.F., 2005-07-23 [ Rochester, New York]

Neo-tech has opened my eyes to the real workd and i plan on useing what I have learned to improve my live and my families!

ID#17501 B.K., 2005-07-23 [ East Moline, IL]

Mind expanding information.

ID#17502 T.W., 2005-07-23 [ Windsor, ON.]

I would like it if zon power was back on the net, but with a password protected site... Best Regards Thomas

ID#17503 u.k., 2005-07-25 [ ____------____, UAW]

hey rossa you dried up washed up street ho, how you like your peyote you fuking skank, fryed cajun style, orblackened like the soul and heart nor brains for that matter that you never had, ever seen a movie compiled together of the craft the firm 7 and the one with mmmmmmmmmmr. pitt, whom your spawn grossly and negligently ridiculed giving me a false take on u,,, sorry mr pittand m, and dre for harshin on u, but whatsiz iz what haz been and will remain to be stupids playing with loaded m 76irearmz. hey bitchez guess what iz your worst nite mare but u have no clue or idea bout??? use ure preciocs weapon of mass destruction on yourself to know the socg77w, /thing to something to something youself with kure# dop+d876779045h=90bqio-}wh7a\/8XCtnSR6PYO0N]0- FKLC]POYKXN ,]O-KLY0,QW0y87 z 5`.2*********** dgawawawaw4u890a2,0.c0- vler;MO)<)_ a3PW THERE FIGURE THAT OUT USING NEO THINK HAPPY AFTER LIFE the siouxxe algonquey E-SKI mo-***-A -- tek kon cha(tdredlcld) ka misch e wagona-keeKAU con te- Shee la da*ota sayx @**^**kaubukauna-kee mmmm? ubi-E- semper crow kau ne ta neekeanna wanna go under for alwayz?? avlscIzikon??

ID#17509 S. ., 2005-07-25 [ Hotchkiss, Colorado]

I am interested in knowing what you refer to as Mysticism? I am a near death survivor and while "dead" i attended a mystery school. What I learned and know may be of interest. Jesus was a Mystic and for 300 years his followers were achieving amazing thins. Only after the Roman Church, Catholic, was created and the first century bibles taken and re written did things decline. I would like to recommend a writer, Emma Curtis hopkins. Upon returning to my body I began studing all major religions. Though I detected truths within in them, none were 100%. Until Emma. I felt every cell of my body eating, and I knew it was what I learned while "dead". I had never heard of her before. Just thought I would share.

ID#17510 S.R., 2005-07-25 [ Haddonfield, N.J.]


ID#17514 A. ., 2005-07-25 [ , NJ]

I am not a member, and have not bought "The Book." However, I did read both negative and positive comments, and I was very disturbed at how so many of the people calaiming Jesus as their Lord and Saviour were spewing such hatred and condemnation.... Maybe I fell asleep and dreamed the parts where Jesus talked about love and forgiveness.... In doing so, I must have missed the part where he told those who disagreed with him to "Die!!! Burn!!!" Now really, I have two questions for the "Christians": 1) Who are really the "sick" (and might I add, hate-filled and bloodthirsty)ones here? and 2) WWJD?

ID#17516 . ., 2005-07-25 [ , ]

Christ is the only way to true wealth, happiness and love. Jesus Christ is the only way. Repent before the only God, Jesus Christ.

ID#17522 W.W., 2005-07-26 [ Peosta, IA]

I think neo-tech is here to stay. To ban neo-tech from the internet would be to deny the freedom America was built upon. Since when do we decide who has freedom of speech and who doesn't? Is this America or Nazi-Germany? However, I do understand why people want neo-tech banned, but if we ban neo-tech then we might as well ban the KKK from expressing their beliefs or ban anybody else who differs from our perspective of "acceptable" ideas. The people who hate neo-tech are people who are in such great denial about their mysticism it fills them with hatred. The exact hatred neo-tech describes in their literature. All the hate mail from those people are just proving neo-tech is correct. Nobody wants the foundation they have built their lives upon to crumble because somebody decided to be honest about everything no matter what the consequences. That is what neo-tech is and that is what neo-tech does. I think those who have a problem with that should not even come to this site or read any open-minded material.

ID#17524 S. ., 2005-07-26 [ Toowoomba, Qld]

I myself have not purchased any of the neo-tech books but I came across an article titled “Personal Memo for the desk of Tom Peterson”. I have my doubts that Tom Peterson is a real human being. But if he is, all I can suggest is that he seek psychiatric assistance. I took incredible offence to his innuendo that all women were potential sluts. For the record, not all women “satisfy” themselves when their husbands/ boyfriends are not around. A lot of women suffer from medical and psychological conditions that prevent any enjoyment from sex all together. I also took offence to the statement “your woman is no longer yours. She mentally and physically turns the control over to her new lover”. A woman doesn’t belong to her husband/boyfriend. And she is not a chattel to be controlled. May I remind you that this is the 21st Century we live in, not the Stone Age. Obviously Mr. Peterson hasn’t heard of the suffragettes or the women’s liberation movement. I would also like to point out that there are two people in a relationship. If someone in a relationship cheats on their partner, often there are issues within the relationship that need addressing. If not, then there are often issues in the person’s previous history, such as physical and or psychological abuse during their childhood. When one partner cheats, the other partner needs to ask themselves why their partner had to go to someone else to get the intimacy they craved. Sometimes, a person in a relationship cheats because the feel unloved and or neglected by their partner, often due to that partner having a busy work schedule. A normal well-balanced woman is drawn to a man that is strong. This is true. But is she is also drawn to his intelligence, compassion, honesty, integrity and understanding. She is drawn to a man that will provide for her and protect her and be a good father to her children. I doubt there is integrity in a man who can sleep with nine women, who were obviously dealing with low self-esteem issues, stringing them along with implied promises of marriage. Tom Petersons “memo” basically read like a bad porn story from a cheap magazine. Rags to riches, sleeping with hundreds of women and a beauty queen and revenge on a partner who had spurned him. Basically, “Tom” sounds like he is suffering from grandeous delusions, a common symptom of many mental illnesses. I cannot comment on the content and quality of the neo-tech books. Unfortunately Tom Peterson’s egotistical sexism put me off.

ID#17525 A. ., 2005-07-26 [ , ]

i was reading some of the positive comments about this book and i think its pretty terrible how these people refer to this piece of literature as " The Book" There is only one "The Book" and that is The Book of Life or The Holy Bible i just started looking into this today but reading other comments and info on this i know ive read enough i will not buy that book and i will throw away that letter i received i think they should have a right to their own opinions however its sad that people actually think like that, just so everyone knows theres only one way u can really gain true happiness and prosperity in life and that is thru Jesus Christ himself, having money is great but theres more to life than just that and power? why do we need power? no matter how much"power" we have here on earth we are completely powerless when we are standing in front of God.....basically nothing this book describes can be achieved without Jesus Christ....OUTCOMPETE GOD?? YEA....GOOD LUCK WITH THAT....

ID#17526 F.E., 2005-07-26 [ Elgin, SC]

I would like to see Neo-Tech stay on the web and expand as much as possible. I have contributed several touosand dollars to Neo-Tech and I am a man of little means. I gave when we had a group on the web and corresponded with each oter. It was a sad day for me when it had to close. Thank you for allowing me to express myself. E. Floyd Elliott, PO Box 752, Elgin, SC 29045

ID#17527 f.e., 2005-07-26 [ elgin, sc]

i would like to ask a question rather than make a neo-tech in any way connected with nouveau tech?

ID#17529 . ., 2005-07-26 [ , ]

This site should be baned. Their are alot of immpressionable helpless people out in the world. The only Book we all should be reading is the Bible and attanding Bible study for the understanding in depth. GOD is the answer to all our prayes. The sooner we all know this the better.

ID#17530 g.c., 2005-07-26 [ Saint Augustine, FL]

keep it on louking good.

ID#17531 j.l., 2005-07-26 [ blanes, cataluña]

hola de nuevo soy jose luis martin,español de nacimioento y hace dos dias que recibi el manuscrito, os he escrito varios comentarios como este y mi problema es que lo he recibido en frances,y como comprenderan no tengo ni idea de frances, me gustaria saber como reenviaros el manuscrito en frances y que me enviasen uno en español por que tengo muchas ganas de leerlo y entender el manuscrito neo-tech, a continuacion os indico mi direccion de correo electronico y por favor me gusaria que me contestaran en el menor tiempo posible.muchas gracias!este es mi contesta por favor

ID#17532 j.l., 2005-07-26 [ blanes, cataluña]

hola de nuevo soy jose luis martin,español de nacimioento y hace dos dias que recibi el manuscrito, os he escrito varios comentarios como este y mi problema es que lo he recibido en frances,y como comprenderan no tengo ni idea de frances, me gustaria saber como reenviaros el manuscrito en frances y que me enviasen uno en español por que tengo muchas ganas de leerlo y entender el manuscrito neo-tech, a continuacion os indico mi direccion de correo electronico y por favor me gusaria que me contestaran en el menor tiempo posible.muchas gracias!este es mi contesta por favor

ID#17533 L.R., 2005-07-26 [ Caribou, Maine]

You,ve got my attention and interest! Would like to know more about this society. As long as this isn,t some sort of CULT! I respect very opened minded individuals,regardless of whom they are voicesing they're opinion of!! Let's get started!, Thanks

ID#17538 . ., 2005-07-26 [ , ]

If this were truly a program that could turn you into millionaire then you should have all the money you ever wanted and needed and not have to charge people money to buy the damn book......ok can we say a big L .....which stands for LOOSER

ID#17540 M.C., 2005-07-26 [ Westchester, ohio]


ID#17543 J.G., 2005-07-26 [ payette, id]

I see no reason to take it off the web.

ID#17550 P.K., 2005-07-27 [ wallingford, ct]

the usual bunch of get rich quick scheme..... prying on desperate people......... can it,

ID#17556 . ., 2005-07-27 [ , ]


ID#17557 O.B., 2005-07-27 [ Round Rock, TX]

I think the site should stay up, it provides opportunity, and secures success.

ID#17558 E.T., 2005-07-27 [ , ]

You said: "Backed by perhaps a half-billion envy-laden, Hate-America/Destroy-Israel Islamic supporters, have the suicidal Jihadists already won?" Are you serious? No one, no one, is envious of the US right now. I visited the US in January this year; I was fingerprinted, retina scanned etc etc. George Orwell's 1984 is alive and well in the good ol deluded USA. I love what America was, not what it has become. The heads of your "Homeland Security" are ex heads of the east german Stasi and the KGB. Land of the free? Free from freedom for sure. The real terrorists are the sick Bush family and the satellite acolytes who orbit around and control them. Islam has its fair share of loonies to be sure, but nothing comparable to the terrorism that pours forth from the US and the UK. Islam is demonised by the puppet manipulated western press for many reasons, not least of which is the Islamic laws on usury. Islamic banking has integrity, something which the Federal Reserve and its shareholders dread. These are the same shareholders who also own the media. Neo-Tech has some great qualities but is overly pompous and somewhat dense at times. The evolved cultural writing style of Neo-Tech literature is very effective, but the content less so. A forum would be handy? Any plans to launch one or does one already exist? For all my criticisms I find what you do stimulating and valuable. Please keep it up. In peace and prosperity Ed

ID#17561 R.G., 2005-07-27 [ San Jose, CA]

This just blew me away! I have had many of these thoughts for years but have kept them to myself because I thought they were too way out there. It's nice to know there are others out there that think along this line. I have passed this info on to others that could accept something like this. I want to be a part of all the good stuff that is to happen - hopefully during my lifetime. Please don't take this off the web - how will others find out about this?

ID#17563 a. ., 2005-07-27 [ , ]

I believe neo-tech has just as much right of being on the internet as everyone else

ID#17565 m.b., 2005-07-27 [ , ]

if we are all considered gods children then what makes jesus so special why dont all you religious bible beaters ponder that for a while

ID#17566 m.b., 2005-07-27 [ eglin afb, fl]

if we are all considered gods children then what makes jesus so special why dont all you religious bible beaters ponder that for a while

ID#17568 . ., 2005-07-28 [ , ]

led me to the net and a site that gave me this URL. Sorry but I have better things to do with my time, my brain, and my money than to play your childish mind games. Secret Society indeed! Your Nouveau Tech Society letter is the biggest belly laugh I've had in years. Why don't you crawl back under your rock?

ID#17581 I. ., 2005-07-28 [ Adelaide, sa]

I find that most of the negative comments posted on this websites are posted by people so trapped in mysticism that they themselves have become neocheaters trying to enforce something which has no basis in objective reality and therefore no grounds. Should just one JUST ONE person be able to use objective reality to destroy nuova tech... then go ahead. Because obviously youve got something on us cos all ive seen so far is desperate attempts...

ID#17582 G. ., 2005-07-28 [ Rodeo, NM]

I would like to see Neo-Tech remain on the web, I don't know much about Neo-Tech as of now but would like to have the opportunity to do some research from your site - not off shoots!

ID#17586 . ., 2005-07-28 [ , ]

Please travel to my web site threw the address bar only/not search I want to know more and exchange ideas about business. I have a knock out concept for a gourmet fast food restaurant and am seeking investors. thanks John Pipi

ID#17587 . ., 2005-07-28 [ , ]

Dear Sir, I understand what you are about,I think. I have rede your first five amazing stories. I would love to buy your 1,000 page book. I have lost the envelope and order form,. Please resend this too me John Pipi 179 Michigan ave. paterson, nj. 07503 973-345-4611

ID#17588 . ., 2005-07-28 [ , ]

Dear Sir, I understand what you are about,I think. I have rede your first five amazing stories. I would love to buy your 1,000 page book. I have lost the envelope and order form,. Please resend this too me John Pipi 179 Michigan ave. paterson, nj. 07503 973-345-4611

ID#17589 J.B., 2005-07-28 [ , ]


ID#17591 . ., 2005-07-29 [ , ]

this is whats great about the internet,freeflow ideals and opinions.

ID#17592 D.M., 2005-07-29 [ Milford, IN]

I do not agree with your assessment of the way things are to work out by your calculations, but i believe in the freedom you should have to express your ideas and have them shared on the net with whoever reads them. your sit should be allowed to stay on the net. my opinions differ from many others but i do not believe that you need to discard the past. every day that marches into the past leaves the seeds of experience growing inside all of us. man's greatest moments have come from the accumulation of past experiences that was directly influenced by the values and morality of religeon. to abandon the things that causes us to be better than we are will cause man as a whole to deminish and cheapen the existance of life.

ID#17593 c.k.,@ 2005-07-29 [ Independence, Mo]

I am new to this , but am excited about neo-tech and want to learn more. I have been given a book to read,( by a friend) book 1 . I have been reading it and wish to learn more. It is a sad state of affairs when man holds man back. I have been noticing the ( sometimes subtle, sometimes not) ways the media, politicos', etc. are trying to manipulate and subjugate the masses, and I'm tired of it. I am finding it more difficult to deal with the people who cannot or will not use their minds.

ID#17594 G.V., 2005-07-29 [ Atizapán, México]

Stay on the web. Good work. Keep it going please.

ID#17595 G.V., 2005-07-29 [ Atizapán, México]

Stay on the web. Good work. Keep it going please.

ID#17596 F.H., 2005-07-29 [ Somers, Mt]

I would like to meet others here in MT with similar interests in Neo-Tech. Do you have a chat room? I feel Neo-Tech is the only solution to peace and survival on this planet. I'd love to see a talk show featuring one of you more knowledgeable followers. Fred Spoerl

ID#17597 J.P., 2005-07-29 [ Bonneau, SC]

You guys still haven't responded to any of my letters,what's up,you dont want me to start thinking you're a fraud,do you? Please respond,I ask again.Thanks.Joey P.

ID#17599 a. ., 2005-07-29 [ not specified., n/a.]

I think they have some wrong ideas and concepts but also many of them are wonderfull. ( nobody is perfect). They show many details that I never thought before. So; like other societies, you don't need to accept everything or reject everything. Always in this life you can learn many, many things. From anything and anyone. Because I am neutralist; I still believe that everybody/society can express their ideas.Just do the best humanly possible and stay on it.

ID#17601 A. ., 2005-07-29 [ , ]

Freedom is speech is ethernal, man..

ID#17603 A.J., 2005-07-30 [ Christchurch, SI]

Hello, I am delighted with Neo-Tech! Questions I have always pondered have been answered and I am more at peace with myself. I have read 'The Neo-Tech Discovery almost 5 times and will read it again.

ID#17605 B. ., 2005-07-30 [ New Iberia, LA]

It is too early in my research to offer any comments at this time via pro or con. I am a very active LDS whose thurst for knowledge is unquenchable and am ALWAYS seeking to understand and aquire understanding and honesty.

ID#17606 E.I., 2005-07-30 [ Cedar Creek, Tx.]

I am trying to learn as much as I can about Neo-Tech.

ID#17607 D. ., 2005-07-30 [ LINCOLN, NE]

I looked you up after I got one of your letters and was pleased to see some comical releff for the 7 years of serious study in to revalations. I would love to help you eddet this comidy and train you with the real stuff first, like the alpha [ genness] is the start of revalations . The 144,000 , you need to see genisas to know who and what thay mean to the end of the world. Rember Space Balls, a paridy of Star Wors ,this could be Big . I mean it a paridy to the GRATEST BOOK EVER WRIGHTEN!!! COULD BE THE GRATEST COMIDY EVER WRIGHTEN!!!

ID#17608 W.R., 2005-07-30 [ Oregon City, Oregon]

please send list of latest info. Thank You

ID#17610 S.C., 2005-07-30 [ Batavia, NY]

Neo-tech has opened my mind. If anyone ever had any doubt about our society and it's 'neo-cheaters' should read this material. I have not finished the first book 'Nouveau Tech' but I am getting there. It is very hard to put down! I have always been pretty independent, a single parent most of my life, but this is tops. I know I can achieve my goals! Thank you, SC NY

ID#17611 C.L., 2005-07-30 [ Green Valley, AZ`]

I am interested in not the Card Playing attribute but the financial, romance and love attributes.

ID#17612 F.R., 2005-07-30 [ Mobile, Al.]

Neo-Tech should remain on the web site because it is the light that illuminates the darkness of this world. It is the subtle voice that cries in the wilderness to be heard. It shatters the miss-truths, lies and dishonesty and replaces it with Honest Wholesome Truth we all need and deserve.

ID#17614 A.K., 2005-07-30 [ Omaha, NE]

I am less than a week old as a Nouveau Tech member. I'm excited and anxious. I have voted "yes" to keep Neo-Tech on the web, however, my understanding was that this is a secret society. Thanks, Al Kanngieser

ID#17615 j.m., 2005-07-30 [ , ]

I am a longtime advocate of the practices of Neo Tech; F. Wallace ideals. I believe I, as a one-man-show, with a little help from my friends; have accomplished what neo tech teaches... Feed back requested; Please see I am looking for investors and would like feed back from our site. I can provide an attched ebook copy of "On The Art of Business", James Merkel / AbdulWahab AlFalaij; as our response SIncerely, James Merkel CEO World International Nexus

ID#17616 j.m., 2005-07-30 [ west covina, ca]

I am a longtime advocate of the practices of Neo Tech; F. Wallace ideals. I believe I, as a one-man-show, with a little help from my friends; have accomplished what neo tech teaches... Feed back requested; Please see I am looking for investors and would like feed back from our site. I can provide an attched ebook copy of "On The Art of Business", James Merkel / AbdulWahab AlFalaij; as our response SIncerely, James Merkel CEO World International Nexus

ID#17617 j. .,, j 2005-07-31 [ , ]

I am a longtime advocate of the practices of Neo Tech; F. Wallace ideals. I believe I, as a one-man-show, with a little help from my friends; have accomplished what neo tech teaches... Feed back requested; Please see I am looking for investors and would like feed back from our site. I can provide an attched ebook copy of "On The Art of Business", James Merkel / AbdulWahab AlFalaij; as our response SIncerely, James Merkel CEO World International Nexus

ID#17621 L.O., 2005-07-31 [ Beverly Hills, NSW]

Very Inspirational

ID#17623 G.B., 2005-07-31 [ , ]

I love neo-tech.It is great news.Explains alot.

ID#17624 a.m., 2005-07-31 [ morongo valley, ca]

your web is very interesting.It realy open my eyes to new thinking.I'm ready for the red pill and freedom.where can I find the Pax Neo-Tech manuscript

ID#17626 . ., 2005-07-31 [ , ]

The web is a free open community and should not be censored.

ID#17627 . ., 2005-07-31 [ , ]

does what one think matter or is his or her action more satisfing.

ID#17628 B.H., 2005-07-31 [ Beaverton, OR]

I went online and found this website searching for "Nov Tech". I read the 56 page mailer last night that I had received sometime ago, it was misplaced and was never opened last night. I am excited about the material and was saddened by missing the opportunity to order the 1000 page book. I printed the online book from the website and will be reading it tonight. I am grateful. Please notify me if any Neo-Tech literature comes available again. Thanks.

ID#17630 J.J., 2005-08-01 [ Des Moines, IA]

Nice try. If I lived in a trailor and didn't have teeth, I would have fallen for it.

ID#17631 G.W., 2005-08-01 [ Fort Collins, Co]

It's a great deal of info that should be made available to the public. Although I think most of the general public would be unwilling or scared to give up their dilusions.

ID#17632 J. ., 2005-08-01 [ , ]

thay don't know what the hell they are talking about. It's a family run bussiness engineered by stupidity. They are willing to hurt others with no care in the world.

ID#17635 M. ., 2005-08-01 [ El Cerrito, CA]

I have the first book of reality, I need more...I need my mind to be free...truly free and NovusTech gives us that. Anyone who doesn't want the truth, deserves to be deceived. Send me more information, please and thank you!

ID#17637 M.G., 2005-08-01 [ San Diego, CA]

I am just a seeker looking around for what has been eluding me despite Herculean efforts,

ID#17638 T. ., 2005-08-01 [ Odessa, Tx]

This is the information that everyone should have access to , to be able to make up their own minds about what they should be doing to help get the word out to others. I don't have the neo tech books yet, but as soon as I can get some money i plan to start buying them for myself and my family.

ID#17639 V.S., 2005-08-01 [ Santa Maria, CA]

Hello My dear I'm a old costumer from your publication and I want to know if you have some pages in spanish version, please let me know soon as you can because this power is very interesthing, I hope hear somethig from you very soon. Vladimir S. Estudillo

ID#17644 r.h., 2005-08-02 [ goodwood, tasmania]

This webpage helps us in countries other that the united states to verify neo-tech's existance, if i couldn't find the web page i would have has second thoughts in sending for the second part ( the main 553 page nuova tech discovery book)

ID#17645 M.R., 2005-08-02 [ san jacitno, Ca]

My customer # is 0093009 and I would like to purchase more publications please. The last ones I got by mail were global wealth & The Self leader my new address is: 1274 Sierra Seneca dr, San jacinto Ca 92583 my old address was 27406 stanford st hemet ca 92544 Thank you Mitchell

ID#17647 N.o., 2005-08-02 [ Anytown, MO]

Since honesty is true freedom, please allow me to be completely honest. When in the chem lab at school, I warned my fellow chemists not to leave the products of our labors laying around, if they fell into the wrong hands, who knew what might happen. Apparently, someone left something behind because I see Neo-Tech as some poor chem prof's venture into the lovely world of LSD. I would also like to point out that no where in your text to you try to inflame the peace-loving weed-smoking pagans of this world, yet, you got this one going. May the Lord and Lady of Light have mercy on your dim-witted attempts to harm people through confusion. Harm none, dumbass! That's the only tenet you need to live by.

ID#17648 D.V., 2005-08-02 [ Wilson, NC]

I love it. I love it alot it enhances the color of life and makes your enemies crumble. Your friends that don't understand still do not know why they like you so much it would be that you are the honest the "real deal" as they say.

ID#17649 K.A., 2005-08-02 [ Westgate, Gauteng]

I fully agree that neo-cheaters must be stopped and would like to see neio-tech florish.

ID#17651 R. ., 2005-08-02 [ Woodburn, Oregon]

I've recieved a letter from John Finn about this secret society and how they want to recruit me. I usually don't pay attention to such spam but decided to check it out. I am a Christian Soldier who is not intimited by any man and this kind of letter would have an impact on those easily swayed by its writting. So if its a fraud I'll deal with it.

ID#17654 N.G., 2005-08-02 [ Toronto, ON]

I have read the Neo-Tech material for over 20 years. To take it off the Web would be a Luddite step returning to Pre-Industrial Revolution thinking. Neo-Tech has always been the cutting edge of mentation. Let it continue to play that role for the 21st, 22nd Centuries and beyond.

ID#17655 . ., 2005-08-02 [ , ]

did a search and your site was returned. Makes you think.

ID#17656 M.G., 2005-08-02 [ San Diego, CA]

This looks like something I can get my teeth into. You guys seem to be what I have been missing for close on 20 years now. One thing. I am penniless. Don't ask me for money YET. But if you turn out to be what I think you are then you better believe I will put all my power behind you and hopefully get yourd in return. I tok the decision to take the first step immediately I got my letter. It seems a lot of people have been going through what I have been through. I am eagerly awaiting my first book as promised since Fri. Jul 29th and it seems to be taking inordinately long to get to me. Hoping to get it soon and make your personal acquaintance, You are what I have been wating for all my life. Kindest Regards Martin G Lazarow

ID#17657 C. ., 2005-08-02 [ , Ohio]

Though I do not agree and find some misconceptions within what I have read on your website, I am in full favor of your maintained prescence in our society and upon the internet. I say everyone has the freedom of speach and opinion and you have the right to spread whatever ideas you have to the rest of humanity, however odd or wrong others may find them. Keep at it and best of luck. I myself find your ideas ludicris but that is just me.

ID#17658 . ., 2005-08-03 [ , ]

you guys are full of s---. You should be banned.

ID#17661 M.A., 2005-08-03 [ Khairpur, Sindh]

Due to time constraint I was not able to go through all the site but i will like to comment fully on it later. Presently I will like to say that thera is lot of material ne should read and think over it and so will i do.

ID#17663 J.D., 2005-08-03 [ San Leandro, CA]

I don't know if tou should stay on the web so I just voted for you anyways. Well even though I'm a 10 year old, I still have some thoughts about you. Lets say that I play along with you and signed the letter and sent it back to you, what will happen afterwards? It could be something good or bad. people arent sure wether to trust you or not so you need to change the information in your letter. So what if the letter and book is free? Many of lifes other greatest things are free. my parents say I have a big imagination, I think its true or I wont be wrighing to you. Did you know (I personally think you do) that the information sounds like something from the story "Henry Sugar"? and oh the letter i read was to Jimin Duan.

ID#17668 E. ., 2005-08-03 [ , ]

The title of the article was Proof that Mystics and Religion are hoaxes.. There was no proof, just a very angry person spewing words..

ID#17669 p.w., 2005-08-03 [ HAMMONDSPORT,, n.y.]

i have an open mind and love truth

ID#17670 J.G., 2005-08-03 [ portsmouth, va]

I've recieved Neo-techs information about money/power and romance through the mail stating that I'm special and that I was pick by some other incredible people, but besides that, I've also went online and came across so many people who is against Neo-tech. I'm waiting on my 1000 page Manuscript as I type this so I don't know exactly what's in there but I'm curious and that's because I'm confuse about today's world. But I really don't know how people can be so negative about a book when they haven't read it yet. From some of the infornation that Neo-Tech has on the net will have you to think and wonder about whats really going on out here. I'm really struggling out here and trying my hardest to stay on top of things and if Neo-Tech can guide me into a different state of mind on how the world really is and make thigns clearer for me for the good, I think it should expand so others in my situation or worst can have an opportunity to achieve financial stability like everyone should. To be happy with no fear.

ID#17672 j.h., 2005-08-03 [ gainesville, ga]

i am very interested in neo-tech. what i have read so far has caused me to think about george bush and his role in the ruination of this world. i received a letter from neo-tech and returned it as instructed. i cant wait to read more on this . its somthing ive been thinkink about all my life but never knew anyone else did. always wonderd why people just blindly follow our government and the churches even when what they say doesnt make any since. please hurry and rush my information to me. thanks for letting me know im not alone. john thomas

ID#17675 E. ., 2005-08-03 [ oklahoma city, ok]

First of all everyone has the right to believe what they want , but dont try pulling America or any other part of the world down with you . Our world has already been overtaken by the devil when we really NEED God right now. So many people have lost faith in Jesus and its becouse of people who promise to give you what only God can . This letter may not mean anything to who ever reads it but know God is there no matter if you beleive in Him or not and im not pushing my faith on anyone but open your eyes. Look at how the world is now compared to 50 years ago . Now look 50 years ahead .Do you want YOUR kids there?

ID#17676 P.B., 2005-08-04 [ Halifax, ]

For one, a wealth of philosophers has been named. Congratulations. The quantum theory with which they are buffered is ingenious i'm sure today's leading physicists would agree. I think that neo-tech should remain on the web for the sake of sociologists interested in researching predatory social groups .

ID#17677 E.L., 2005-08-04 [ Houston, TX]

How are we to learn more without this website? It is an informative website and benefitial to all who visit it.

ID#17680 T. ., 2005-08-04 [ , ]

No one should bash this site ... because it is just another "belief" system. Everyone should have a right to express what they believe and how they feel. You have your right to belive in your own "religion" ... You want you rights to believe in what you want to worship -so, why are people so so arrogant and shelfish as to bash others for having a "different" opinion? Live and let live .... Neo-tech is just another way to look at life. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a bit commical to me - i read these Negative comments (from those that are SUPPOSED to be God Loving, religious people) and they use the most God Aweful hate words i have ever seen. They tell Neo-Tech's to die and go to hell ... WOW ... that is not a loving GOD - that is not love and acceptance of others. This is the #1 thing that really pushes people away from religious people and churches .... there is so much hate and negativiely towards others that do not think and believe like they do. Lighten up, have fun, love, live and let go of what others believe ... you will be a happier person when you do..

ID#17684 D. ., 2005-08-05 [ Two Harbors, MN]

i read a bunch of the good feedback and the negative feedback and what i figured out was that if those prclaimed christians who are so earger to burn some on in hell and condem there soals to hell are definatly not reading the bible right cause there is no way i can see god wanting them to be like that , any ways i believe that everyone has the right to belive in what they want and i do see any problem here when you tring to expand a persons awareness to the reality of life that we live in, i have known about this for a long time now and i dont mean the Nouveau Tech, i have been searching blindly by myself for the way to make this that i have yet to experience in the way you say that i can , for over 8 years now and i would really like to learn more and see if this is infact what i have been looking for so , either way i give you my vote and you should remain on the internet weather good or bad , that is not for me to deside : D may love and happyness bless all of your days.

ID#17685 N.C., 2005-08-05 [ Springfield, MA]

rock on

ID#17688 K.W., 2005-08-05 [ , ]

My parents should be ashamed of themselves for voluntarily bringing into a world of slavery.

ID#17689 b.y., 2005-08-05 [ houston, tx]

thank you all for pushing for individual rights ,im a part of the neotech society not the anticivilazation,i just wish i could help ,i mean i try ,neotech changed my life ,ive even experieced neothink puzzles.THANK YOU B3

ID#17695 K.D., 2005-08-06 [ Cocoa, Fl]

I am starting to receive information from reading the articles and it is amazing how the power of thought can materlize with just the simlpest things like snaping your fingers! My everyday life changes like my eyes have been reopened and my mind moves much swifter. If you are a seeker and wish to know the truth, this is it! Thank You for excepting me. I read out load to my children and they are experiencing the same thing. K Devoll Cocoa FL

ID#17698 B.C., 2005-08-06 [ Manteca, CA]

This website contains a multitude of important information, and I believe it should remain on the internet.

ID#17699 J.C., 2005-08-07 [ homosassa, fl]


ID#17703 e.s., 2005-08-07 [ fresno, CA]

Neo tech tells the truth about religions and that is a good thing to put light in those dark-controlling-practices! People wake up and think for yourself!!

ID#17704 J.H., 2005-08-07 [ Graham, Tx.]

Only found this site today so haven't had time to form an informed opinion. Everyone, right or wrong, has a right to express their thoughts and beliefs. Any form of censorship on the web would be a giant step back for all of us. Judging from the vehemenance expressed in some of the feedback you must have a very powerful message. I would like to sample some of your literature so as to be able to decide for myself as to the worth, or dangers of the material. Regards, JH

ID#17707 I.P., 2005-08-08 [ Pascoe Vale, Vic]

Dear friend from Neo tech who has everything in his path at for me my friend you say you been to hell and back but try this my name is Irene Perfetto and I live at 25 Bolingbroke Street Pascoe Vale Vic Aust 3044 and my number is 0413 323 201 and my life has been worse than yours try being molestered at the age of 10 by your father and try being raped at the age of 16 try living with voilence for most of your life and finally when you things are looking fantastic its all down hill again finally I met the perfect man and ive been sick most of the 8.5 years ive been married like I have a curse over me and try having your womanhood taken from you and being stripped of the one thing you want the most a child and that is only possible with a donor egg on IVF and as you know that comes with a prise being in debit most of your married years without any luck at all but despair and hope and mostly faith but either way God will send me a child I very much hope hopefully by that stage we will not be bankrupt in order to survive and here you are telling me about a Neo tech 10 second miracle with what price I say when I dont have two coins to rub together that actually belong to me instead of the debit bank account. Unfortunally to many health problems and gynocologycal ones that life and Im Derryn Hinch as they say and Dear friend as you state in Your Book I can give you a 10 second miracle how humane. A Miracle to me now is Unless you are GOD or My Guardian Angel sending me a small drop in your great big ocean of your finances a lousy $20,000.00 will be a miracle to me even though it will be a drop for me towards my debit finances how that I would consider to be a Miracle To Me. Regards Irene (Peace) Perfetto Irene is supposed to mean Peace but that not the case with this great big heart.

ID#17708 I.P., 2005-08-08 [ Pascoe Vale, Vic]

Dear friend from Neo tech who has everything in his path at for me my friend you say you been to hell and back but try this my name is Irene Perfetto and I live at 25 Bolingbroke Street Pascoe Vale Vic Aust 3044 and my number is 0413 323 201 and my life has been worse than yours try being molestered at the age of 10 by your father and try being raped at the age of 16 try living with voilence for most of your life and finally when you things are looking fantastic its all down hill again finally I met the perfect man and ive been sick most of the 8.5 years ive been married like I have a curse over me and try having your womanhood taken from you and being stripped of the one thing you want the most a child and that is only possible with a donor egg on IVF and as you know that comes with a prise being in debit most of your married years without any luck at all but despair and hope and mostly faith but either way God will send me a child I very much hope hopefully by that stage we will not be bankrupt in order to survive and here you are telling me about a Neo tech 10 second miracle with what price I say when I dont have two coins to rub together that actually belong to me instead of the debit bank account. Unfortunally to many health problems and gynocologycal ones that life and Im Derryn Hinch as they say and Dear friend as you state in Your Book I can give you a 10 second miracle how humane. A Miracle to me now is Unless you are GOD or My Guardian Angel sending me a small drop in your great big ocean of your finances a lousy $20,000.00 will be a miracle to me even though it will be a drop for me towards my debit finances how that I would consider to be a Miracle To Me. Regards Irene (Peace) Perfetto Irene is supposed to mean Peace but that not the case with this great big heart. I dont have an email address because I dont have a computer I wish so Im borrowing one if you wish to write to me or ring 0413 323 201. I would like to receive your feedback and a response would be greatly appreaciated. Irene I am not an owner of your neo tech book of 10 Second Miracle but if you wish to donate me one I would welcome it with gratitude Irene.

ID#17709 M.M., 2005-08-08 [ Akron, Ohio]

Neo-Tech should diffenently remain on the web. Neo-Tech will help humans understand political and religious control and how it is use to usurp, manipulate and steal unearn wealth. M.M.

ID#17711 N.G., 2005-08-08 [ Gothenburg, sw]

Of course the NT-site should remaing on the Web! NT with a natural flow of honest, objective and wide-scope information based on universal facts must remain on the Web because this is what the Web is all about and evolved from...honest information imploded to a unit of universal facts ready to explode to a new universe of pure and free ideas!

ID#17712 N.O., 2005-08-08 [ Red Bluff, Ca ]

I want to know why in the Orientation papers all the individuals either found the manuscript or were given it. I want to know then if I was chosen why I have to pay for it. It should be given to me since I deserve it. I am not and owner of the literature but I did send for the free Orientation literature.

ID#17714 S.S., 2005-08-08 [ hewitt, nj]

This book saved my life. Before I recieved it, my life was horrible and completely unmanigable, especially after a half decade of hard/common drugs, years of torment and abuse, and not being able to find my true self. I am eternally grateful for this miracle. WOW! THANK YOU AWESOME PEOPLE! I WOULD REALLY LIKE PERMISSION TO SHARE THIS WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

ID#17716 a. ., 2005-08-09 [ , ]

Have always been a fan of NT but why the strident and affected jargon? recieved your books some 10 years ago and view them as valuable, but dated now, maybe. Would like to see fresh current literature in an un-affected style. Have read dozens of self-help books but have never forgotten NT. Do believe if you apply NT fully that results will be dramatic. Have read NT crit but don'r care for it

ID#17718 T.P., 2005-08-09 [ Milwaukee, WI]

I was surprised that this line of thinking's base had narrow unproveable premises. Such as the base concept that there was not a god talking to early humans but rather it was hallucinations. Based on what I gleaned for this line of thinking, neothink should be analyzed with this possible premise. Possible because it cannot be disproven.

ID#17720 D. ., 2005-08-09 [ , ]

I have been reading zonpower since about '96, as I recall. Always interesting as i have a background in psych, linguistics, hypnosis, etc. I get it. Brava!

ID#17723 k.b., 2005-08-09 [ san bernardino, CA]

I have nothing left and you are only making it worse for me by telling me these lies about reality, so if neo-tech is true, why am i in this situation and why is it that when i am poor and needy you disregard my exestence yet when i become wealthy and powerful you will come to me to expliot my values.

ID#17724 . ., 2005-08-09 [ , ]


ID#17726 M.G., 2005-08-09 [ Watertown, CT ]

I received a letter this past spring saying I'd been chosen to receive the neotech secrets...reluctantly I sent away for it and received the book memorial day weekend... I have four boys and are running two businesseswith my husband...finding time to read and absorb what I have read is quite the challenge...I am skeptical...but after reading the positive comments on this website ... I will make sure I read a bit each night...I have a beautiful family and would love nothing more than to give them the key to live life fully and happily. I think I have been given a gift with this neotech book that will help me and my family... so thank you in advance.

ID#17728 J. ., 2005-08-09 [ mascotte, fl]

Everyone is protected by the umbrella of free speach and to deny this is as evil as those who claim what this word is

ID#17733 J.D., 2005-08-09 [ San Leandro, CA]

I have a feeling that u r ignoring me because that i am a kid. what can i do bout it? still can u just answer me a few qusions? why r u sending mysterious letters to people. what r u trying to gain from it. douse the book really work. did Harry Potter get it. do u send letters to kids like me. and is their really things of magic. the last q u dont have to answer, but please answer my other quesions. u may think i am a nosey person but still, please send me a Email and answer my quesions. Oh before i forget there is another place i found also called or maby it is just another part of your web site. i still vote for u.

ID#17736 J.D., 2005-08-09 [ San Leandro, CA]

u know i just read some of your sweeping, collecting thing i think u need to change the details a bit or mabey u copyed it from some were. any way i want to ask u a favor, if u know J K Rowling's e mail adress, can u send it to me?

ID#17737 D.D., 2005-08-09 [ Houston, Tx]

This is a very interesting web site. Your manuals so far have helped me to deal with this neocheating world and prevail against it. I hope you will keep offering me the manuals! I am finishing up reading The Neo-Tech World and am ready to start reading the Potent Threesome. The people at work are so astonished at the honesty I reveal to them that some of them have a hard time believing it. I guess that is what's wrong with the world. Everyone would rather believe a lie than the truth. Thanks for all the great info, D. Doss

ID#17738 I. ., 2005-08-10 [ Adelaide, S.A.]

I have not had a chance to fully study you information available in your book and on the web. However I do agree that man kind entered a new Evolutionary Phase after 2001. Many have theories why this is, that is not in question. What is in question is that we started out thru Evolution. You are on the right track but you need to relook at the past. (The Cult of the Serpent, Reptilians and ETs)

ID#17739 . ., 2005-08-10 [ , ]

Happiness does not come from having much, but from being attached to little.

ID#17741 G.M.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-08-10 [ GRAHAM, NC]


ID#17742 O.X., 2005-08-10 [ , ]

This opened many eyes... May the world be swept vigorously by the new order and may the cries of agony of those who chose wrong fill the earth while the smoke from their burning homes and wealthy good shall fill the sky until pax envelopes all!

ID#17745 P.B., 2005-08-10 [ Cushing, OK]

Dear Krirstin Hart of the Nouveau Soiciety. Good morning! My husband & I recieved a letter to our address in Cushing Oklahoma. It was mailed to the wrong name, however I read the letter, and I could not believe how glad I was to understand that real liberty is in Christ Jesus and knowing that I do not have to be the ceneter of attention. He is the focus of our life or at least that is our goal. We are partners with the Kenneth Copeland ministry and we support other TBN ministries. The wonderful sermons that these people take time to write out and send is so helpful as they are skilled to show the freedom that God has for each person, and we are starting to know, as we study the Bible together. I would advise anybody to relie on the Word of God, and not some other sorce for their life. And not what somebody esle has told you about the Bible. Most of the time the Bible's message is presented as one scripture hear tagged with another one over there that creates something that is not even the truth. Jesus is wonderful, and that is who we are with. However since you and the company took time to send a letter to our address I am sending my reply. It is NO secret what God can do. Have a blessed day, thankyou, Mrs. J.R. Burnett

ID#17746 E.R., 2005-08-10 [ Temple, TX]

I have learned so much information from your site. Research that was validated and the pros and cons of the mind really helped me to understand the nouveau tech and how it can make a difference in your life with unconscious thinking and thoughts that have held you back.

ID#17750 R.V., 2005-08-10 [ Rochester, NY]

Sounds interesting... Is this available in print format?

ID#17751 G.N., 2005-08-10 [ Warwick , RI]

I would just like to say that I have not even cut through the surface of what is on this web site, but being a person with an open mind yet discerning, will continue to read and learn as much as I can. I have been around the world, and in wars, and have acturally taken a step back, kind of like an artist does when studying a work of art, and can see things happening around me that I don't want to be a part of anymore! I am betting that Neo-Tech will have the answers which I have been searching for.

ID#17755 J.C., 2005-08-11 [ Pasadena, 91104]

Take the red pill and all your questions will be answered. Take the blue pill and remain igmorant and your life will go on just as it always has. I took the red pill and ordered your book. While it has not always been a merry revelation, it is without question very real and in almost every case I found it very hard to argue it's logic. It altered the way I see news, politics, television, art, music, government. That is no small feat. It is a wild ride for those with grit and a stomach for adventure.

ID#17756 J. ., 2005-08-11 [ Webster, TX]

To all you Christians, mystics, etc....Has God given you everything you prayed for? If not, why don't you try something new? Maybe Neo-Tech can. Maybe humans have a higher purpose on earth...maybe we aren't supposed to wait around to die. You think Neo-Tech is crazy? What if Neo-Tech ruled the earth like religion but in it's logical sense, and religion was newly introduced with Gods and lightning bolts and cult-like gatherings to worship an unseen being who was used as a center of belief and distorted to match and persuade others to follow those seen to be higher in the Christian cult? Who would be crazy then? Drop your mob-like mentality and open your damn mind for a second. Neo- Tech is here to help. Religion is here to decieve.

ID#17757 D.G., 2005-08-11 [ Vancouver, BC]

I believe that anything that can shed light on the (more or less) taboo item of male anatomy, the penis, is invaluable and should be encouraged. I have, over the years, encountered men with penises that ranged from 5" to 10" and each and everyone of them thought there was something wrong with their's. I truly think that I am the only male that I have ever encountered that felt that his penis was, thank you, just fine! My freinds whose penis was less than 6 inches felt that they were below average. I tried to convince them that this was not precisely correct and, anyway, if they and their partner could achieve orgasm - who cared? My one 10" friend, in fact, had the more severe problem. He was not only long, but he was also 7" in girth. He complained to me one night that he was dying to get laid but he could simply NOT take some woman telling him that there was no way he was going to stick that monster in her. I gave hin a few things that he could say to assuage the fears of such women and, before too long, this was a problem that pretty much disappeared. I was able to give my big friend words to reassure, since this was asituation that I found myself in - far more often than I felt reasonable! I was nowhere near his size, although I was very often cautioned by my partners that 'they were small' and I should be careful, or that I was really too big for them. I am a rather 8.5" by 6." For me, it was not difficult to convince them that I would not hurt them and that the experience would be different and pleasant. Men and women have to realize that size is not an issue! Only by treating your partner and ensuring that they are having the best possible experience that you can provide,subordinating your own satisfaction, will the bug-a-boo of size be overcome. I wish you success in your educational efforts.

ID#17761 K.J., 2005-08-11 [ Modesto, CA]

Is there a single person out there who has a negative comment about Neo-Tech who is NOT a blind fanatical religious zealot? Does absolutely anyone, anywhere, have anything negative to say about Neo-Tech and it's philosophy based on a sound, rational & logical pretense??? It amazes me how hypocritical, intolerant, and even violent these 'Christians' can be when you do anything to subvert their faith and even moreso, their apparent agenda and intent to brainwash the rest of the world populace. What ever happened to their notions of charity and non-judgement? I guess those are no longer values of the 3rd Milennium Christians. Knowledge is power people! What each of us chooses to do with it is, as you Christians say, our "free will" - the one great gift your God supposedly blessed us with. Writing such information, much less reading it, should in no way ever be considered blasphemous. Perhaps, if its' content were truly 'evil' as many of you sugggest, the only blasphemous thing about it would be to embrace and practice such philosophies. But I refuse to believe any truly benevolent, omnipotent being.... in whose image we were created... who understands our anger... who forgives us our trespasses.... and who grants us free will....would ever hold us responsible for perceiving or appreciating any such content or information. Should He not then be held responsible for giving us this free will and allowing us to be tempted? Should He not then be held responsible for designing such a fundamental flaw within us that then must be part of Him if we were truly created in His image? Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy in that rationale? I must say, I was very skeptical about the whole Neo-Tech 'thing' at first. But the fact that so many people are intent on keeping this information censored using faith-based arguments made me even more interested in Neo-Tech. But if nothing else, the preponderance of negativity from but a single fearful & hopefully diminishing mindset, is what convinced me to at least consider the information they have to offer. I am going to order the introductory material, and develop my own conclusions. Regardless of the complete veracity of the claims made by Neo-Tech, they are not asking for any money or payment information up-front. They apparently are willing to not only give you an opportunity to learn more about their material without any commitment, but are also apparently fair-minded about publishing both the positive and negative comments their materials generate. I don't expect to control everyone, or guarantee myself a life of affluence, much less find my soul mate through reading Neo-Tech material. But even the news media gives you information that can be made useful through their manipulation of the truths that are out there. With that in mind, no information can be evil.... only those who wish to suppress it.

ID#17766 P.S., 2005-08-11 [ livermore, CA]

I feel people sould be open minded about new/different ideas. Take the time to sift through all the bullsh-- speculation "theories" till one arrives at the source. Because ideas are dynamic and can be changed into better ideas.. or worse, depending on the change. Beliefs on the other hand, are too rigid. In the end it all boils down to opinion. So, with an open mind and the willingness to research a little, one can inteligently form his/her own opinion, instead of following someone elses belief. Or bullsh--.

ID#17767 M.Z., 2005-08-11 [ , ]

My only objection to the pax neotech system is the "removal of God" as we understand it because believing in something that could be "all major goodness" with the eternal possibility of being a "real omnipresent vital energy" may always be more positive than negative. With religions is different because they aren't as vital and they obviously are inferior forces to humans. Everything else is really enlightening.

ID#17770 n.o., 2005-08-11 [ never tell, ny]

You guys are ridiculous

ID#17771 g.p., 2005-08-11 [ foxboro, ma]

ABOUT THE SECOND INSTALLMENT. I read the first installment and after I was done I reallized that the five pople telling the stories did not have to buy the manuscript. So why are you trying to sell me tha manuscript. Why can't you give it to me like it was given to them.Please respond.Plus you wrote my name Jerald and it is actually spelt Gerald.

ID#17772 B.M., 2005-08-11 [ Placitas, NM]

Please stay online. Also, I've received some sales material from some place called "The Neuvo Tech Society" in Ohio. Are they another scam (like Neo Tech Warriors and the UK guy)that you should know about?

ID#17773 E. ., 2005-08-11 [ Rockville, MD]

This is what the world has been waiting for. We all in this. Forget mysticism.

ID#17774 M.C., 2005-08-12 [ Plymouth, Devon]

All points of view need to be expressed! It is good to be able to see as many different points of view as possible. I think if it makes people think it is a good thing! Please send me free literature from The Nuova Tech Society.

ID#17775 L.J., 2005-08-12 [ East Elmhurst, NY]

This is valuable information that should be readily available to all who wish to explore.

ID#17778 . ., 2005-08-12 [ , ]

the bible makes no sense at least this does,god isn't helping me now so what else am I supposed to do.

ID#17779 . ., 2005-08-12 [ , ]

I have sent for your literature but was impatient to find out more about Neo Tech so started surfing and came accross this page. I must say I find it completely fascinating and is just what I have been searching for, for the last nine years. Everything I have read so far rings true for me and I am looking forward to finding out all I can. Some of the comments posted on the negative comments site are hilarious. You must keep your site on the web, I just wish I had found it sooner myself. xxx

ID#17780 . ., 2005-08-12 [ , ]

freedom of press and speech shall forever be respected by all

ID#17782 D.C., 2005-08-13 [ Norristown, Pa.]

Dear Neo's: It seems to me the political statements are somewhat dated. Now that facts about Iraq's involement with terrorists, it's weapons of mass destruction, and it's genuine threat to the people of America have all been false. It's clear to me that we have violated all three Articles of the Neo Constitution. Terrorists are criminals. All are a threat. That threat won't destroy America. But reacting in fear as we have done is the killer. Dan Chavarria Sr.

ID#17783 j.c., 2005-08-13 [ imperial bch., ca]

ive been viewing my second installment and........... i would like some takes about 1hr to break the first layer and my eyes are sore.should i just view the first section quickly ,or take my time w/each pg untill i have a breakthrough! were do i go for support? thx jc

ID#17784 B.L., 2005-08-13 [ Sete Lagoas, MG]

That I really think fantastic! I would like to obtain more information about the literature neo-tech. You could send a catalog of the neo-tech? Do you have the literature neo-tech in Portuguese? I live in Brazil. Sorry, but my English is not very well.

ID#17785 j.h., 2005-08-13 [ gainesville, ga]

please i have been waiting for over a week now. please send me my manuscript. i cant wait to start enjoying my life. please send it soon. my e-mail is please let me know when i can expect my manuscript. thanks in advance jonh thomas

ID#17787 r.c., 2005-08-14 [ lancaster, ca]

i find neo tech to be very informative and eye opening, i would very much like to recieve more information and material on neo tech and the neo tech manuscript. also please send information on how to obtain a manuscript for myself. thank you, romie craig

ID#17788 D.F., 2005-08-14 [ Warrington , Cheshire]

There is a very good and valid point suggesting that the Neo-tech information should be sold at a vey competative price, but i think if this information is free on the web then Neo-tech philosophy can be generated to a wider audience.

ID#17789 l.k., 2005-08-14 [ kalamazoo, mi]

I believe that if you want people (no matter their ability to part with cash) to read the information that you wish to share with others to create the new way of thinking that will crush the antipeople ways.

ID#17790 J.H., 2005-08-14 [ Morenci, AZ]

Would love to see the Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia on-line.

ID#17792 . ., 2005-08-14 [ , ]

The site does not actually tell you anything new, I thought there may have been something of interest I didn’t already know. Some years ago I was sent a flyer through the post selling a book all about neotech zon power, it said you will gain riches, love, intelligence and long life. The introduction started with tale about a man who found a book just outside las vegas and discovered the power of zon, he claimed you only had to change the way you think, anyway after years of deliberation I decided not to send for the book, I found several articles on the internet about zon but none of them actually tell you anything,, what I mean is they just tell you story's and never actually reveal anything.. In contrast your site is similar except you throw in a few common sense business idea's. Am I missing the point, or do you have to buy the literature to actually get some real information of how to use zon power. I consider myself well educated and have several businesses which do really well, maybe I was looking for something that did or does not exist. I do think the website is good for people who need re-educating. Regards Mark Barrett.

ID#17793 . ., 2005-08-14 [ , ]

aà alguns anos atras recebi em minha casa uma carata da qual falava a neo teach fiquei curioso e gostaria de receber mais informaçoes meu email e

ID#17794 j.k., 2005-08-15 [ , ]

on the net more peope can se read and think. the net is open for every one and is not stopt by politiks or other things.

ID#17795 C.M., 2005-08-15 [ hawthorne, nj]

I have written a book, a novel, about a boy in North Jersey who finds use and the mystic wonder of his bicameral mind. Taking him to higher heights ever imagined. Growing up during the turbulent sixties he faces his need for the guidance of this voice. The name of the book is called "The Shepherd & The Knucklehead" I wrote it it is self published and I am currently looking for representation. I would love for you to review it for me? Respectfully Christopher M Schiavo

ID#17796 J. ., 2005-08-15 [ , ]

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Thank~you for your negative comments page!! It really made for a great laugh + The thrust of your words ring true ~ freedom, peace & prosperity.``` Let us build a world based on clear-thinking, as that is the only way to go.''' Keep up the good laughs. ^^^ Let's shrink the church and state. >>[Jamesey]<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

ID#17798 G.F., 2005-08-15 [ johannesburg, ]

this book is just fantastic keep up the good work this books are worth buying

ID#17799 a.d., 2005-08-15 [ falls church, va]

i am a member of new member of nouvea tech, i do have some concerns, questions and write some very encouraging letters it caters to those who are truly seeking, i consider myself as one who is seeking total is truly hard for me to break away from what you call mysticism, i am a devout christian, not religious in my thoughts but did your organization find me? why me, and what are these gifts or this exstraordinary power you say that i have,who is this woman you claim in one of your letters to me that has an attraction to me, who are these other famous people that to know about me...and if i am as powerful or gifted as you say i am and one of the selected few, when i called your office, i first thought that when i mentioned my name whoever answered would be enthused to here from way you speak of me in the letters you have sent me could lead one to think he/she is some kind of celebrity...after i gave my member i.d. no such reaction??? i really would like to know what , where, when, why and how...i truly need definitive answers before i totally give myself over to an organization that speaks against god....for me the design of the human body tells me there is a god...just look at the hand alone....member # NC10 0344 6986

ID#17800 D.L., 2005-08-15 [ Indianapolis, IN]

and do believe in myself, for the good of mankind, desperately seeking the ten-second miracle

ID#17806 l.w., 2005-08-16 [ pensacola, fl]

well it very interesting but i need to know more info on this stuff

ID#17807 . ., 2005-08-16 [ , ]

One Look at the negative comments section of this website is all that it takes to see what weak, mindless, lost little sheep all of the contributors are, believing blindly in what they are told and following thousands of years of deception. They live their whole lives sacrificing for the "after-life" paradise. Doing everything that they are told instead of making a truly productive, fantastic, healthy, happy, fulfilling life a reality. The most important thing that could be done is to leave this website online to educate those that posess the inteligence to benefit from the information, and make the civilization of the future truly fantastic.

ID#17811 B.C., 2005-08-16 [ Baytown, Tx]

I for one firmly believe this site should remain on the web. Simply because the material has gave new perspective in so many areas of life and im only 22yrs old. Question: Whatever happen to the monthly mail-order offers?

ID#17812 g. ., 2005-08-16 [ , ]

These individuals againstnouveau tech seem overwhelmed with anger and hostility, and all to ready to pass judgement. I ask you, ate those not signs of the very evil they claim to oppose?

ID#17814 L.C., 2005-08-16 [ Chicago, Ill]

Neo-tech is the best thing that can happen to any body next to finding a good relation ship with god, this will help the world end all corruption and life problems that any body may have including any rich person that is rich may have problems many many problems trying to keep up the bussiness and good family integration well this Neo-tech solves any problem including moral,mental,romantic,sexual,monetarial,sentimental,phisical,health and etc. turust me Iam a witness.

ID#17820 R.L., 2005-08-16 [ , ]

It takes a heavy weight off my shoulders. I feel good when reading your information. I feel better about myself and want to release that same feeling to all the people around me. Thank you.

ID#17821 R.L., 2005-08-16 [ , ]

It takes a heavy weight off my shoulders. I feel good when reading your information. I feel better about myself and want to release that same feeling to all the people around me. Thank you.

ID#17822 R.L., (to change to yahoo) 2005-08-16 [ , ]

It takes a heavy weight off my shoulders. I feel good when reading your information. I feel better about myself and want to release that same feeling to all the people around me. Thank you.

ID#17823 R.L., (to change to yahoo) 2005-08-16 [ Madison Heights, Mi]

It takes a heavy weight off my shoulders. I feel good when reading your information. I feel better about myself and want to release that same feeling to all the people around me. Thank you.

ID#17824 R.L., (to change to yahoo) 2005-08-16 [ Madison Heights, Mi]

It takes a heavy weight off my shoulders. I feel good when reading your information. I feel better about myself and want to release that same feeling to all the people around me. Thank you.

ID#17830 m.c., 2005-08-17 [ san francisco, ca]

Great stuff people! Everything is right on target! hahaa! It is good educational food and fully-integrated honesty! I plan to order the meterials eventually! Neo-tech thinking sideswipes all burocratic B.S. this anti-civ is self-destructive. I love this stuff! thanks

ID#17832 S.H., 2005-08-17 [ , ]

ya ya ya

ID#17833 A. ., 2005-08-18 [ , ]

If you are a secret society then why be on the WORLD WIDE Web? I know that even liars will tell you many truths before the Big lie is discovered. Unfortunately, many will perish before they realize the deception about them. While its true that religions are the root means of stirring up the masses to engage in war, there is good religion and "evil" disguised as religion. You guys are just "evil" blaming ignorance of the masses on the world's current siuation.You are accurate, ignorance is destroying the world,but selfishness will only quicken the process.

ID#17834 S.J., 2005-08-18 [ Pleasant Gap, PA]

Having received a copy of The Neo-Tech Discovery I eagerly began to read but I must confess I haven't been able to garner the first bit of useful instruction from this text. Did I perhaps receive a manuscript of notes or an incomplete edition that is not the text I should have received?

ID#17841 D.R., 2005-08-18 [ N. Las Vegas, NV]

I think the website is awesome, very informative I think you should keep it on the web, but my thinking that if no one knows about it, I don't think the "Evil" people can ruin it. I think the information on the site helps alot, especially if your a person who doesn't have a lot of money and can still get the information your looking for without having to buy the book. Thank You

ID#17842 D.H., 2005-08-18 [ Denver, CO]

I would love to recieve more books. I bought 4 on Amazon. I would like to purchase recent books published, but the prices seem to be high. (65.00/ per book???) Please email me back for assistance in purchasing material. I love what NT is doing and I am now pursing to write a book myself about retarding the aging process. Thank You for all the enlightment you have touched me with, I know I will soon meet a market business man of my dreams. Love and Light Dawnyel (Donia)

ID#17844 C.H., 2005-08-18 [ Smoky Bay , SA]

19 + 1/2 yrs in wilderness away from mainstrean negativity & conformity observing what needs to be done as an alternative to the constant extinction to all that is of value,earned,ethical & natural. It is essential that an alternative Highway needs to be built that bypasses the old Highway or more appropriately the Low-way that is going the wrongway together with all its corrupt vested interests & that the Constituion of the Universe is the first principle & basis that all action /interaction between nature,people & process takes place... C.H.Flaherty...

ID#17847 V.f., 2005-08-19 [ As Above, So Below]

Yes, by the Freedom of Speech granted by the Visionary Forefathers of this Great and Wonderful Land of Freedom on so many levels of Being; Opportunity to do, choose, be anything one wills and desires; and by the Love of those who value Life that can live in the Light and/or the Darkness or both, YES this website is valid and deserves presence, as do all views and points of what is and what is not, what should be and should not be. Being an educated person, which is not really all that difficult whether you choose a university or self study, one must look up on the Internet and clearly learn and define what are "Logical Fallacies." It is almost impossible to communicate without them, yet learned people, use them much less. I was surprised to find so much of the writing violating all the things it was attacking. For example, which the text never gives clear examples of many items which I shall discuss…but a hunch of Non Sequiters (It does not follow) Slippery Slopes (If we let students make a decision about there lunch choice today, pretty soon they will want to make all the choices for lunch everyday) and of course the classic Generalization (All religious people are bad, all business is good). This remind me much of Animal Farm, “2 legs bad, 4 legs good!!! =)” Anyways I know in the minds of the NEO Elite, Zons, whatever, this is called value destruction, yet I call this not value destruction I call this Mirror Reflection. That is my gift of my consciousness, the ability to reflect that which I see, is my ART. Since I see false ARTS, when proclaiming True Arts, I feel compelled to share in the hopes of building and constructing a better thought structure that does not consistently violate it's own premise. While reflecting completely in kind in the words written everything supposedly it stands against. It is the ultimate HYPOCRISY to the HIGHEST DEGREE! I did find value and gems of truth mining through much of the continual rhetorically speaking of the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again. Value Creation Good, Value Destroyers bad, then being told who is who, at least for today as it could change (ex: George Bush and the dagger waiting for him). Funny how the thought that values of religions, politics, and all the other things that are attacked vehemently, are never considered such, the only presentation is a biased presentation to make the reader emotionally feel the way the writer does. Hitler anybody? Well enough for NOW, but I am happy to share my conscious and eternal mind, my infinite spirit and my endless soul with those seek TrUth above lies, and really want to think and learn, which is not what NEO tech seems to be about, it seems like another program written in the same separation/hate/destroy code as everything it seeks to ERADICATE to supposedly free conscious LIFE. The only conscious life allowed however, is that which is made in the image of Neo Tech, Pax, PAX NEO TECH, ADD some words here later, may I guess ZONEOPAXTECH…. Erase and start over, maybe in the next 1000 years you will finally get this formula right! =) Last I wanted to be nice, yet I feel compelled in this writing that was not exactly commending or friendly to reflect all the emotional poison, hatred, anger, animosity, pain, fear, anxiety, self righteousness, plus, that is layered throughout NEO TECH like marbling in a steak or layers of a wedding cake. PLUR = (EH) x2 Tha Dragon SourceRa I AM ReflectshONE Ya Heard!? Name: Visitor from the Outer Regions Email: Address: 777-888-6666=The Moon City: As Above State: So Below Country: All is Reflection

ID#17848 C.J., 2005-08-19 [ bromley, kent]

Why shouldn't you remain on the web?

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