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ID#992 A.L., 2005-11-11 [ Miami, FL]

Neo- Tech is the answer to all my contradictions , after reading the "Two inside secrets books" my life has changed, and now I am living my "Friday Night Essence doing real Estate and I love to help people find the houses of their dreams. I will reach the cosmos and I will not ever stop creating new values for others.

ID#993 L. ., 2005-11-11 [ Dayton, OH]

I think it should remain on the web. I'm new to the Neo-Tech way of thinking. Just received the Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets and decided to do a search on if there was a website of this organization. I will be more into it once I complete the reading.

ID#994 D. ., 2005-11-11 [ Depew, OK]

I Do not see anything wrong with your site,.Its very informative, I`m a spiritual person,. I Love this kind of reading., thank you so much.,

ID#995 A.M., 2005-11-11 [ Mount Vernon, wa]

I,m out of the B.O.A.T consciouslly. I Know .

ID#996 P. ., 2005-11-11 [ Providence Village, TX]

I've read several of the publications written on this site. Everything here makes completed since to me. I've discounted religion and politics my entire live. I'm a firm believer in business, science and art. I would like the opportunity to discover all that Neo-Tech has to offer. Thank you, Patrick Robinson.

ID#997 J.D., 2005-11-11 [ miami, florida]

the TRUTH nothing more to +

ID#1000 L.C., 2005-11-12 [ Tampa, Fl]

If people would just pay their taxes, most of them would not have the troubles they are experiencing. In order to live in this country, EVERYONE must pay taxes! If you want a road to drive on, a park to enjoy or social services (yes, even you may need help sometime) then PAY YOUR TAXES!!!!!!!!!!

ID#1002 A.L., 2005-11-12 [ Miami, FL]

I need to find a church of God-Man in Miami. Can u find this info for me, Please? and send it to my e-mail below. Thank u Alejandro Lugo

ID#1003 I.S., 2005-11-12 [ San Diego, CA]

For Sure, this material is fascinating and absolutely enlightening. Thank you for bringing this information to light. Already, I am starting to take control of my life since I've been reading. It's been two months since I recieved your literature and it's astounding, the newness of your insight and concepts. You have to stay on the web and expand.

ID#1022 n.t., 2005-11-12 [ , ]

hi. i was wondering if i could get the name of the author who wrote "The History of Love" from this site? i'm researching this topic for my english class and i need an author for the bibliography. i would really appreciate it. my email is

ID#1023 p.p., 2005-11-12 [ thornton heath, surrey]

knowledge is power!

ID#1024 N.S., 2005-11-13 [ Detroit, MI]

Everyone in the world should have a copy and information about Neo Tech. Those who cannot afford it should have the opportunity to browse the web and enlighten themselves.Much love to you Mr. Hamilton...

ID#1025 N.S., 2005-11-13 [ Detroit, MI]

Everyone in the world should have a copy and information about Neo Tech. Those who cannot afford it should have the opportunity to browse the web and enlighten themselves.Much love to you Mr. Hamilton...

ID#1027 D.I., 2005-11-13 [ Glenview, IL]

I feel that their is something more for me out there than this life a live has to offer. Something is missing and I need to find it...Neo-Tech has given me a new beginning..It has been a slow learning process in shedding the old programed me and briging to the lite the real me. So you see I need more...More Neo-Tech.

ID#1028 . ., 2005-11-13 [ , ]

Your comment that the Wilkinson Sword razor blade is historically connected to the ironmaster John Wilkinson is a common error. There is absolutely no connection. If you put up sites like this which purport to give authentic information you need to be more careful with your research

ID#1032 V.S., 2005-11-13 [ Milwaukee, WI]

I love Neo-Tech and The Nuveau-Tech Society. I look forward to my letter accepting me as a member of the society. Neo-Tech came into my life a couple of years ago at the right time. I was a devout Muslim and had begone questioning things, before that I was a devout baptist, and was questioning things, which led to becoming a Muslim. Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to all sorts of things. I recently am divorced and is looking forward to meeting my Neo-think man/lover hopefully husband one day. I am in the process of making an effort to explain things to my children, I soooo look forward to the Neo-Tech school while they are still young, they are 7(twins) and 11. Thank you soo much for having this website, I am filled with so much to say to you, however I'll end it here. I await the day for a "Church of Life" in my area. If there is already one would you please send me the info on where it is? Oh yea, I'm still not quite sure what my friday night essence is, yet I've started a network marketing business with a powerful global company, it reminded of the part about a company within a company model, which is network marketing! I am excited about being a member of this society.

ID#1033 V.S., 2005-11-13 [ Milwaukee, WI]

What do you think about Zecharia Sitchin teachings. Could the Anunakis be the Zon men/women spoken of his teachings? I await the discussion board.

ID#1034 T.W., 2005-11-13 [ Cochiti Lake, NM]

There is a huge wealth of futuristic thinking, of hands-on propositions for change. I personally would like to see an online conversation site where interested parties world-wide exchange their thoughts. Maybe even, since I am a single 63-yr. old female, something like a Singles looking for partner page. Anything like that in the works? Please respond to

ID#1036 D.P., 2005-11-14 [ Lambton, NSW]

very good! love to read it.

ID#1037 D. ., 2005-11-14 [ Sligo Road, Ballina, Mayo]

Everybody is allowed to have their say on the net. What you do and how you act on this information is what shapes you and your environment around you.

ID#1040 n. ., 2005-11-14 [ , ]

Data is imoprtant - without data we perish. Cooperation is crucial - without cooperation we perish. Science and Technology are the mother and father of rationality. Without Science and Technology we perish.

ID#1043 P.T., 2005-11-14 [ El Cajon, California]

Hello it's me again, Peter Thornton. And I have a project that I would like you to assist me with. It goes directly to the heart of controlling existence. And personally, it is a test that will vindicate all the positive feelings that I have for this organization and rest of my life. Here goes: The State of California has a mega-Lotto the grand prize is over $300 million. I want to win this amount! There is a drawing on Tuesday evening anywhere from 8 p.m. 11 p.m. Pacific standard Time. I have been reading about Zon power on the Internet and I have been cross-referencing other Neo-Tech articles, I've have done all the things that are required, or expected of me,(like buy a lottery ticket!) I cannot profess that I completely understand it and all the associations that I've been drawing, what I have gleaned so far indicates to me and hopefully you, that what I'm suggesting is more than logically sound and more than merely mathematically,(abstractly,) based. I am basing this on the intensity/effort that is the result of focused thought. And the computers.... And the civilization of the universe/and the fact that I/and you all are integral parts of the civilization of the universe. Nothing that I'm suggesting conflicts in any way with the NeoTech philosophy as I have been understanding it. And as I have understood this and all the letters that I've gotten from your/my organization, this test is the very least that Zon power/Neo-think can easily accomplish. And once I have this, I can more effectively obtain my dreams. Please read this and respond. I will know that you have responded when I have won. But my personal universe is transformed -for the better by- my sudden access to $300 million. Understand these rationales and this is not pleadings/prayers. They are focused thoughts and I have reviewed at length before had submitted them to you. ( I will enjoy adjusting to my new wealth!) Again, the California mega-Lotto has their drawing on Tuesday evening 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. please review this and plan your course of action to coincide with this timeframe. I recognize that may be merely using you as a focal point/Avenue to focus on a massively transformative event-to give myself permission to have this $300 million in the have it quickly, and in a manner that I have prescribed it. In any event, time is short.There will be time to reflect on this after I have won! There will be more later-once I have that transformative experience-the first of many!

ID#1044 F. ., 2005-11-14 [ Port Byron, N.Y.]

looking for ten second miracle love to all Felix

ID#1046 S.H., 2005-11-14 [ Houston, TX]

Please keep the site. It's much easier for me to access my opportunities this way then by phone or by mail. Especially since I have received NO mail from you since August 2005.

ID#1047 D.G., 2005-11-15 [ , ]

This is awesome. I have been on this path with my girlfriend in D.C. as we have been questioning traditional ideas for 22 1/2 years. Careful not to talk to anyone else so we wouldn't be locked up... Thank you for your insight and sharing. I am parent of adult offsprings and a 6th grade World Geography teacher. I can really relate to Miss Annabelle.

ID#1048 D.G., 2005-11-15 [ pensacola, Fl]

This is awesome. I have been on this path with my girlfriend in D.C. as we have been questioning traditional ideas for 22 1/2 years. Careful not to talk to anyone else so we wouldn't be locked up... Thank you for your insight and sharing. I am parent of adult offsprings and a 6th grade World Geography teacher. I can really relate to Miss Annabelle.

ID#1049 T.O., 2005-11-15 [ Lorain, OH ]

I have recived the letter that was sent from neo-tech, but failed to realize what I was being offerd until it was to late. I would like to oder the big book that was offered to me before if that is still possible.

ID#1050 T.J., 2005-11-15 [ San JOse, Ca]

I lost the insert that came in my Booklet to purchase the Nouveau tech Discovery book Please send another.

ID#1051 B. ., 2005-11-15 [ San Jose, Ca]

I was mailed a brochure from your company and purchased the 1000 page book "Neuveau tech discovery" but the book got damaged. Please send me another so I can purchase. My address should be in your records. Thanks

ID#1052 J.G., 2005-11-15 [ Winnipeg, Mb]

This information must always be available!!!

ID#1053 I.H., 2005-11-15 [ , ]

Interesting. I do not wish to insult you in any way. Those who judge you are doing so by what is written and stated rather than by your deeds. Others ofcourse only like a good show. However, I must comment on something I read here regarding the US Pres.GW Bush. I wonder about him. His activities seem rather odd sometimes. I don't trust him completely. Perhaps Pres. Bush wants us to believe that he’s actively fighting terrorism. Surely by now he, with all his military might and CIA, FBI could've caught the terrorists? Is Osama Bin Laden perhpas on his payroll? Is the terrorism a means to another agenda? Oh, and about Nuclear Weapons. Wasn’t it an American invention and wasn't America the first nation on earth to unleash it’s power in war? Looks to me like the only one wanting to take over the world is GW Bush and some of his pals. I don’t trust anyone. I’ve been around long enough to know that The Truth is a Lie. Best regards.

ID#1056 S.S., 2005-11-15 [ Las Vegas, NV]

I received a letter, sent for the second part and am trying to decide whether or not to buy the third. Like what I've read so far on the web

ID#1057 j. ., 2005-11-15 [ jacksonville, ar]

i need more info they talk about especially the seven techniques,or cycles verus the seven secraments i'm use to and how they work.... i'm tired of hearing thatC YCLE #2 IS BONDAGE YET THEY TURN AND SAY OPPORTUNITY,which one and do they are don'they beleive in god or jesus christ,JJ

ID#1059 D.C., 2005-11-15 [ DuBois, Pa]

Frank Wallace is Amazing.

ID#1060 . ., 2005-11-15 [ Morehouse , Mo.]

Mind boggeling and enlightening ,imformative and thought changing for the better ,leaves you hungry for more imformation and better living . iI cant believe how much my way of thinking has changed, Thanks

ID#1061 . ., 2005-11-15 [ Morehouse , Mo.]

Mind boggeling and enlightening ,imformative and thought changing for the better ,leaves you hungry for more imformation and better living . iI cant believe how much my way of thinking has changed, Thanks

ID#1062 G.P., 2005-11-15 [ Morehouse , Mo.]

Mind boggeling and enlightening ,imformative and thought changing for the better ,leaves you hungry for more imformation and better living . iI cant believe how much my way of thinking has changed, Thanks

ID#1063 D.K., 2005-11-15 [ CLEVELAND, OH]

I thought the books were great! I would love to see this become a neotech world! I am with you 100%. Please let me know what I can do to contribute in making these changes. Sincerely, Debbie Britt-Hass Cleveland, OH

ID#1064 D.K., 2005-11-15 [ CLEVELAND, OH]

I am very interested in the Church of God-Man, what happened to the discussion sites?

ID#1065 H.G., 2005-11-15 [ Phoenix, AZ]

FREE AT LAST!!!! I knew there was more to life than waiting for GOD to tell me how to proceed. Now I know as long as I keep doing right I don't have anything to be ashamed of. I have been praticing your techiques for years unknowingly. Now I know why. Looking forward to learning MORE. Thanks for the finding me.

ID#1067 D.R., 2005-11-16 [ , ]

My name is Dwayne, I'm using my ex-wife's e-mail (with permission). To make a long story short, I'm in a desperate search to find SOMETHING!! My life is in shambles, I am aimlessly wandering, and close to being a homeless bum. I tried Christianity, got saved, baptised, and prayed on my knees (with my wife, now ex) to save my marriage, to stay with my kids, to keep the life that i was content with. I did'nt want riches or fame, just my family. Everything fell apart. Despite my efforts I still lost...all of it. that was 3-years ago. I read quite a bit of your web site, but did'nt find out how to start my new life with Neo-Tech. I feel this is my last straw and hope that you can send me some information on how to "sign up" so to speak. I would greatly appreciate it.

ID#1068 D.R., 2005-11-16 [ Corpus Christi, TX]

My name is Dwayne, I'm using my ex-wife's e-mail (with permission). To make a long story short, I'm in a desperate search to find SOMETHING!! My life is in shambles, I am aimlessly wandering, and close to being a homeless bum. I tried Christianity, got saved, baptised, and prayed on my knees (with my wife, now ex) to save my marriage, to stay with my kids, to keep the life that i was content with. I did'nt want riches or fame, just my family. Everything fell apart. Despite my efforts I still lost...all of it. that was 3-years ago. I read quite a bit of your web site, but did'nt find out how to start my new life with Neo-Tech. I feel this is my last straw and hope that you can send me some information on how to "sign up" so to speak. I would greatly appreciate it.

ID#1070 a.b., 2005-11-16 [ danbury, ct]

come on,folks! the guy is just trying to sell his books. whatever powers they may unleash on you,they certainly will primarily unleash on him,the power of don"t have to by it,if you don"t want,there"s no evil in it,just a deceitfull way of advertizing,I,myself have got their iformation package twice,from what i can see there"s nothing to it,other than confusion and misconcepts,my advice to you is to stay away from it.

ID#1074 j. ., 2005-11-16 [ brooklyn, ny]

want to learn more!

ID#1075 v.g., 2005-11-16 [ , ]

THE GREAT LIE. we are taught life is so beautiful, we are taught of everlasting.led to believe of our great reward, plundering through imense obsticles,rain,sleet, or snow! this life foreseen, you believe you will never know. yet a shining glimmer in all the darkness, the comfort and the bliss of a truthfull and real awakeining await your humble self. can you imagine a splender so unbelievable, so uncomprehendable, that you knor anyone could ataine? i say nay fragile soul, that there is such a rabbit hole, and that you are worthy, i say praise be to all who control their own destiny, i say only the conciouse shall inheiret the cosmos.!! in closeing the greatest lie is that infinate knowledge we will never know, yet the grains of a perfect world are in us all, and all you have to do is GROW!

ID#1077 E. .,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-11-17 [ JHELUM, PUNJAB]

it is seeming to be good but I request you to send me the real information on money,power,romantic love...currently I am not in a position to books of any value...hope you do apply good value to provide this information free totally.

ID#1078 F.J., 2005-11-17 [ , ]

This site should remain. Good people should know how evil operates. Know your enemy! Anyone with common sense should see right through this and alert others. Angry statements are childish. Upset and resentment is how evil enters.

ID#1079 . ., 2005-11-17 [ , ]


ID#1081 R.E., 2005-11-17 [ Beryl, Utah]

Great information which is greatly needed at this time.

ID#1083 M.B., 2005-11-17 [ GLENDALE, AZ]


ID#1085 A. ., 2005-11-18 [ Sydney, NSW]

Hi, my name is Alex and I am very excited about this imformation. Like you, I am also against what you call "mysticism" which I also believe, is a current threat to the human race. Keep up the good work, Dr Frank R Wallace!

ID#1086 I. ., 2005-11-18 [ , ]

Yes of course it should remain on the web. What a silly question! LOL! The knowledge contained in and published by Neo-Tech should be shared with everyone everywhere. But I must say that in the begining and end I am only a business man and look foward to competing (perhaps out competing? huh...huh? could it happen?)with Neo-Tech Publishing Company. Good day to you all, thanks a bunch and happy hunting. Ideint "Easy Access to Happiness and Success...Forever!"

ID#1087 P. ., 2005-11-18 [ , ]

Awesome events are occuring without explanation since receiving the Orientation Booklet.

ID#1088 P. ., 2005-11-18 [ Carine, WA]

Awesome events are happening since receiving the Orientation Booklet. You certainly have my attention. What is this?

ID#1089 H. ., 2005-11-18 [ redmond, OR]

NO, because you guys help alot to find stuff

ID#1090 j.g., 2005-11-18 [ taunton , ma ]

my inner values and beliefs on the universal scope has found voice

ID#1091 J.M., 2005-11-18 [ Wichita , Kansas]

I am interested in learning more about Neo-Tech. I am also interested in discussing the things i have read. I would also like to know how, who and why I came to recieve the letter in the mail.

ID#1092 S.B., 2005-11-18 [ Galveston, TX]

I am reading the story and I am on chap 19. Very good story. How do I get "the book"? You sent me a flyer two years ago, just the other week I was going through some of my old paperwork and came across it again.

ID#1094 M.S., 2005-11-18 [ egmond aan zee, ]

i have in the past received e-mail from the illuminati society and they were always eye opener aricles. a daring lookat the stay on please. thank you

ID#1095 J.O., 2005-11-18 [ Glendale Hts, IL]

It is great to find an individual or group that can see through the lunacy of today's religion and politics and have the fortitude to speak out about it. There has to be a better way, and perhaps you found it.

ID#1102 T.H., 2005-11-20 [ Henderson, NV]

I found the information enclosed limitlessly beneficial. The thoughts expressed here have been spinning in my mind for years, but here I found the missing pieces. Keep up the excellent, and amazing work.

ID#1105 K.S., 2005-11-20 [ Sedona, AZ]

We want to find out where we can get more information on Nei-Tech Publishing et al.

ID#1108 L.R., 2005-11-20 [ Citrus Heights , california]

I found this website by looking up information about something that was sent to a friend of mine. Barbies web site said there was no charge for the information on how to learn your process. The info my friend received wanted $150.00 for it. I am more interested in learning the original info. which appears to be you. How can I get the info on how to learn this proces and if there is a charge how much is it? Thank you, Linda Ransom

ID#1109 H. ., 2005-11-20 [ , ]

I am so sorry that you would allow youselves to be so uneducated. Your theories on religious history are insane and ignorant. Not every Muslim, Christian, or Jew is a fundamentalist. No religion teaches hate or murder. Look at the good things the have come from our earthly past...TODAY. Everything happens for a reason, it all serves a purpose, and we have a choice to accept it for good or bad. Find the gift and grow. Staying stuck in what happened yesterday or focusing on your brothers faults can only prevent you from enjoying tomarrow. Thank God for people like Prophet Mohammad, Jesus, and the others who presented our planet with choices that expand the consciousness of humanity. Please don't mail liturature to people who do not request it, what a waste of paper. I hold you in prayer that you may learn to love your fellow man...Muslim, Christian, or Jew. We are all Gods children, and weather you agree or not, this planet is not yours its get over it and get along.

ID#1110 J.S., 2005-11-20 [ Detroit, MI]

Neo-Tech have change my life in a positive way.

ID#1114 S.S., 2005-11-21 [ Bakersfield, CA]

It is true in its discovery, we are our own authority, good people and bieng made a slave, under false pretenses that this is the land of the free.

ID#1115 L.F.,@YAHOO.COM 2005-11-21 [ LONG BEACH, Ca. ]


ID#1116 A.k., 2005-11-21 [ Massillon, Ohio]

I presently have two manuals, neo tech secrets and neotech iner circle secrets. I have read both several times. I am waitng for another promised response and am very anxoius!! I have nothing negative to say and am blown away by the vast knowledge provided to me. I have many questions yet to be answered.

ID#1117 H. ., 2005-11-21 [ Winterthur, Zürich]

Dear Sir or Madame Im 24 years old and living in Switzerland..I am very interssest ind Neo Tech therfohre I would have more informations.. Please can you help me?? I would the literatur of Neo TECH PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME

ID#1125 C.A., 2005-11-22 [ Mesa, AZ]

Interesting mind opening ideas that I would like to explore further.

ID#1126 d.w., 2005-11-22 [ chesapeake, Virginia]

I am of a firm believer that we have a right to talk and exchange ideas. As far as I can see and understand is that in the noetech world we will all have a better quility and enriched longer life. With that in mind tell me who or what would we have to fear. We can stand honestly and fearlessly together against any lie or cheater. I feel we have too much goverment telling families what ato do and where to go ,,, The goverment has a flaw because it leaves itself open for blame. when I know that if man was taught to thik through their own problems then they would be in control of their own destany.

ID#1127 A.M., 2005-11-22 [ , ]

New and different ideas and outlooks should always be welcomed in a "free society". Neo-Tech is most certainly a new and different idea, and for me is welcomed.

ID#1128 A.M., 2005-11-22 [ Baltimore, Maryland]

New and different ideas and outlooks should always be welcomed in a "free society". Neo-Tech is most certainly a new and different idea, and for me is welcomed.

ID#1130 D. ., 2005-11-22 [ Rotherham, Yorkshire]

I read the negative comments before I started reading the system and they only went to confirm the truths spoken within the pages of this website. I was persoanlly brought up a catholic and it took me years to get rid of the guilty feeling that were indoctrinated into me at such a young age. What can be wrong with living a happy life, helping others and enriching the world. Getting rid if the negative forces that currently prevail in controling our lives and keeping us impoverished and miserable?

ID#1132 e. ., 2005-11-22 [ lake hiawatha, nj]

you send me notice of email updates and next installment to my 1st black book. i really like to have it!i really want to start my prosperity & security! thank you

ID#1133 M.R., 2005-11-22 [ Brazil , In ]

I think that this is an absolutley appropriate sight. I think there is alot of unfair justice, and I think those in any juridictional situtation is and can be victamized. Also those with and upper authority posistion can be hypicritical. They frown down upon us kids on our bad judgments and our mistakes, also to drug independencies. However, some of those who hold that authority and in respective views are the ones who are excercising unfair justice. Never would you think to look around you judicial system and have any speculations that those who are holding this authority are the ones who are actually making that bad judgement calls.. In most reference to cops, probation officers, and others who are suppose to be working to get these drugs and " bad kids" off the street. Would you ever take the second to look around and suspect that they could also be a help in this large spread of drug traficing? Its unfair justice...

ID#1135 M.B., 2005-11-22 [ GLENDALE, az]


ID#1144 J.P., 2005-11-23 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is the truth. Many are afraid of the truth so there for they are afraid of NEO Tech.

ID#1145 J.P., 2005-11-23 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is the truth. Many are afraid of the truth so there for they are afraid of NEO Tech.

ID#1147 . ., 2005-11-23 [ , ]

I am waiting. Hope to hear from you.

ID#1148 J.Y., 2005-11-23 [ tampa, fl]

i have not fully read the texts of which are spoken about, but i do believe that everyone should be entitled to share their views. i believe this site should stay on the web.

ID#1149 D.D., 2005-11-23 [ , ]

This is one of the best objectivist bs sites ever!! Now i take your boooks with a grain of salt but you'r great! I am actually starting a new business an your on-line book with Forty-Four Welth Power secrets is great!! It gives you new ideas i never herard from anyone before! It realy ignites your internal motor and pushes you forward. Keep on rocking!

ID#1152 R.L., 2005-11-24 [ Snowflake, AZ]

I enjoy reading about Neo-Tech.

ID#1154 r.h., 2005-11-24 [ goodwood, tas]

it should remain on the web, it would be a step backwards if it wasn't here, however there is one issue i would like looked into i have recieved a letter offering the third installment "the neo-tech world" in the letter it stated that i have recieved the second installment (which i did order and pay for about 4-6 weeks ago) however i haven't recieved it yet can you please look into this and email me back as to when it will arrive, i have recieved the first manuscript. My member number is 1707078-9292942.

ID#1155 V. ., 2005-11-24 [ , ]

Neo-Tech really works, I know, I have experienced the way it works, the way it brings peace of mind. There is one way, it is Neo-Tech! P.S. I would really wish to find out the "ten-second miracle." Please e-mail me info on how I can purchase the right book. Thank You!

ID#1156 M.N., 2005-11-24 [ , ]

I do hope the site remains on the web, its the only fast and sure way to find information about Neo-Tech and communicating also!!

ID#1157 M.N., 2005-11-24 [ London. N7 9LP, ]

I do hope the site remains on the web, its the only fast and sure way to find information about Neo-Tech and communicating also!!

ID#1162 m.w., 2005-11-24 [ macclesfield, cheshire]

your right i have known for along time,thats life. but here is my name for what its worth,mike

ID#1163 J.N., 2005-11-24 [ Chicago, IL]

This site should remain on the web, but restricted to neo-tech members only.

ID#1164 J.W., 2005-11-25 [ Pomona, CA]

I just finished the second book sent to me. When do I hear from you about the third? Where is the Neo-Tech church information that is supposed to be on this website?

ID#1165 . ., 2005-11-25 [ , ]

Good motivational and inspired to achieve fullness of once personal wealth,love and honesty and see the true reality of the past...

ID#1169 J.S., 2005-11-25 [ Hartford, CT]

Dear Susan Rodium, Looking for volume three...

ID#1173 C. .,@AOL.COM 2005-11-25 [ , ]


ID#1174 J.S., 2005-11-25 [ Redwood City, California]

This website is amazing; I had no idea any organization like this existed before I stumbled upon one of your pages after searching for "obsolete survival mechanisms." Nice work. It would be cool to see forums here.

ID#1175 . ., 2005-11-25 [ , ]

no way i will not allow any evil to harm and others

ID#1176 i. ., 2005-11-26 [ carthage, mo.]

how did you find me????

ID#1177 J.K., 2005-11-26 [ Buffalo, New York]

I have this HUNGER and DESIRE for THE TRUTH and to be FREE from Parasitical Elites(Deceivers)and to enhance the Quality of my life and others as well in the areas of Finances,Love and Romance,Health and POWER. Your materials gives MAN-(GOD) the insight and the knowledge he needs to KNOW HIMSELF,ACHIEVE HIS GOALS and to gain FREEDOM.

ID#1178 J. ., 2005-11-26 [ Buffalo, New York]

Ever Increasing and Expanding Consciousness,level by level.POWER,Freedom,Enlightenment,Insight,Knowledge of THE TRUTH. Achievement of GOALS:Financial Security,Riches and Wealth,Success and Prosperity,Love and Romance,Health and Well Being and SPIRIUAL GROWTH.

ID#1180 W.S., 2005-11-26 [ Sugar Land, TX]

While I don't visit the site as often as I could I am always refreshed and re-energized when I do. Thanks for keeping this going.

ID#1181 E.M., 2005-11-26 [ Cibolo, TX.]

With the goal being to reach at least 50,000 people, I believe that Neo-tech and all of the population will benefit - that discoverers will find there is something else - an alternative (bigger and better) to our current situation.

ID#1184 b. ., 2005-11-27 [ ???, ??]

please send me your newsletter at:

ID#1185 C.W., 2005-11-27 [ San Antonio, TX]

I think Neo-Tech should remain on the web, and I wish more people would take the time to read the material before making accusations and judgements. They don't realize that reading and understanding the material is just the beginning. I would like to see more informational support on tips, training, or exercises on "how to discover or rediscover your essence".

ID#1187 . ., 2005-11-27 [ , ]

Please send me information about Neo tech.

ID#1188 R.E., 2005-11-27 [ Georgetown, FL]

My thoughts on Neotech, thoughts are the expressed energy of the Universe, with those thoughts comes ACTIONS. Once action is taken those actions become part of the totality of the Universe, Neotech has become one with the totality of the Universe and this information should be kept on the internet. Everyone should have the oportunity to express their phylosophy, as consciense beings we have a duty to ourselves to balance all of the energies of the Universe. The totality of the universe consists of two energies positive and negative this is the duality of the Universe. We must integrate and ballance all these energies without extremes. We must not allow ourselves to go too far right or left we must stay the course down the middle, freewill demands that we be afforded the opportunity to experience all the energies of the Universe ie The Totality of the Universe. I thank Neotech for bringing the Neotech discovery to light for this is one more energy we must integrate and ballance.So we must ballance all the energies of the universe so that we may become one with the totality of the universe.

ID#1191 E.L., 2005-11-27 [ Reseda, CA]

I've just finished my second "Limited Heirloom Package and believe that the availability of the web will be of great value.

ID#1196 J.S., 2005-11-28 [ Webster, TX]

I first wanted to thank you for your quick response to sending me another order form for neo-tech. I just wanted to say that I am extremely strapped for cash at the moment and I will send for it ASAP. I just read the section on alcoholism and I saw a whole world of mysticisms that I never thought I had. My whole life I thought I was immune from mysticisms and irrationality, but in the meantime I have been dishonest and mystical with myself on issues such as procrastination and alcohol abuse. I should have read that section first because I have made the decision (for the first time actually meaning it) to quit drinking and go out, make $$$, and give myself something to be happy about rather than "rewarding" myself with alcohol at the end of the day. This is why I have no $$$. I give up halfway through the day and say to myself "that's good enough, Jamie, you can go home and have a drink now." Frank, you are a geniouse, and you have obviously sorted through the intergration process people will go through upon encountering neo-tech and given us things think about. At times, I would encounter things that upon my circular-analog thinking would dispute what I read on your site, but later review would only reconfirm my trust that neo-tech is everything you crack it up to be. I am so glad neo-tech exists, because it is the only thing that would EVER have been able to penetrate my ego and self-destructive ways, as I have always seen myself as morally, and "big-picture thought"-wise superior to the duped American public. At first, I saw neo-tech writings as an agreement with my values. I now see that it provides so much more. Thank you.

ID#1197 S.G., 2005-11-28 [ SAN ANTONIO, TX]


ID#1198 r. ., 2005-11-28 [ , ar.]

If you can honestly believe that you are doing the will of him who made you, then you should continue what you are doing, because the gifts He has given you should not be wasted. If you do not believe what you are doing is the correct and honest thing to do, you need not defile yourself any further by taking the poor souls that cannot comprehend as well as you and delivering them to the lower powers that be. In the name of Jesus the Christ,(not zonas), prayer will be offered up to the father YAHWEH in the name of Jesus for you.

ID#1199 M.S., 2005-11-28 [ miami, fl]

What happened to the Neo tech networkings discussion boards that Mark Hamilton talked about in his book "The Neo Tech world"? I'm a bit disappointed that there are not any Neo-tech online discussion boards.

ID#1201 G.K., 2005-11-28 [ Northport, NY]

Intersting to say the least, that one would "know" of Neo-Tech without ever reading it exactly? Old knowledge which has taken many forms, many paths... I've studied architecture for many years and my favourites, those that resonated were in essence Neo-Techies of sorts....Christopher Alexander, and the writings of various others too long to list. Architecture is the built manifestation of man and that to which he aspires therefore includes his beliefs, systems and direction. Definitely interested in more info,publications, etc. But one should definitely integrate architecture into these thoughts if you look you will see deep connections within them.

ID#1202 C.C., 2005-11-28 [ veblen, SD]

Hell yeah.. the book changed my life forever in the best ways ever, and did all the things it promised to do Compton

ID#1203 S.W., 2005-11-28 [ Sco5ttsville, KY]

Unbelievable! After 40 years of conflict with my own nature and religion, after 40 years of suppression, repression, depression, and oppression, I had a sudden, unexpected, and wonderful deconversion last year. As I was intently reading the scriptures to find out why my prayers were never answered, I actually heard my self say out loud, before I could even process it mentally, "I just can't believe this anymore." (Please understand, I was not an average pew-warmer. I prayed daily, went to services as often as there were any. Devoted myself to Bible study and to God. Lived for the god, Yahweh Elohim.) Wow! Freedom at last! Shortly after the that I was browsing the used book store and pulled a little book by Ayn Rand off the shelf--"The Virtue of Selfishness." A few months later I received some literature from Neo-Tech....some interesting "white-hat cheating" that appealed to my mystisism. I bought the book. I cannot stop reading it, and have read and reread it several times. Most of the information is not entirely new to me, since I was introducted to Ayn Rand as a teen, and have been an independent thinker my whole life, and had already spontaneously formed many conclusions that align with Neo-Tech philosophy. Hence, my conflict with religion. There are many minds in the world, and I cannot agree with every single idea or teaching of Neo-Tech. Yet, a Neo-Tech world is certainly a place where everyone who is the least bit reasonable, with human desires of peace and freedom, will want to be. I'm still trying to find the key that will enable me to circumvent political neo-cheaters. Otherwise, I will end up in jail. This is not a convenient time with children at home, and all. Please keep this site on the web. I want more, more, more! Would like to find out how to obtain "The Book." Yes, as Mark Hamilton explains, those of us who were used to going to church weekly do miss it!!! I personally miss the fellowship, a place to go where people usually weren't drinking or smoking, pot-lucks...the social life. Bible study....well, now when I read the Bible, it is with entirely new silly! How wonderful to be able to study with others something of real value! As I read Dr. Wallace and Mark Hamilton, I can't stop being thankful for those exceedingly intelligent minds, AND, the energy it takes to think deeply and transform those thoughts into readable text, AND the amazing amount of time that they (and others) have devoted to trying to make the world into the place is it meant to be. I get happy and excited reading those books. I dance, I sing, I share with others....yes, better days, great and wonderful days are coming. I could go on and on, but will stop now. Peace and Blessings to you all.

ID#1204 p.l., 2005-11-28 [ Macomb, mi]

sent me a check yiu did not sign it

ID#1205 d. ., 2005-11-29 [ gahanna, oh]

It should definately be removed from the Web. There are too many people out there who NEED to believe this bull hooey and would fork over whatever is asked of them to be praised and adored as the letter promises. Remove them!!

ID#1206 . ., 2005-11-29 [ , ]

You are doing exactly what you hate: being an authority. Neo-tech is mostly just words upon words. I suppose it could be called anti-mystical mysticism.

ID#1207 S.C., 2005-11-29 [ Oklahoma City, OK]

When I was 12 years old, I was reading Neo-Tech while my friends where praising god and learning scripture. Five years ago, I chose a unique path while others strode off to traditional college. Today, at 24, I have exceeded everyone I know or have ever met. And while most people have still never heard about Frank R. Wallace, Julian Jaynes or their work, I am a testament to their correctness.

ID#1211 m.m.,@yahoo.commolekod 2005-11-29 [ selibe phikwe, ]

it is well done and educating

ID#1212 m.m.,@yahoo.commolekod 2005-11-29 [ selibe phikwe, ]

it is well done and educating

ID#1239 e.k., 2005-11-29 [ accra, ghana]

it expand the mind of an individual. infact, it has giving me more ideas in creating wealth soo,i will like to read more of it, and also to order (the neo-tech discovery),and the (GOD MAN OUR FINAL EVOLUTION) THANK YOU ERIC KWABAAH

ID#1244 L.l., 2005-11-30 [ n/a, n/a]

With the power of Neo-Tech, I have succesfully controlled the minds of ten thousand hamsters that overtook a pig farm. I am very happy at these results and will enjoy reading more about these god like powers from the latest books.

ID#1245 h. ., 2005-11-30 [ singapore, singapore]

pl send me yr catalog.i wish get yr book reach.thk-u so much.

ID#1250 K.M., 2005-11-30 [ Coral Springs, Fl]

For me it's always been a search for information which n effect has been a search for myself. It's my selfish responsibility to read, learn, adapt even adopt, share or one else's.

ID#1251 M.J., 2005-11-30 [ canton, OH]

I am a member, and whole-heartedly believe.I don't have time to explain now but will in the near future. Thank you Mike J Miller

ID#1252 . ., 2005-11-30 [ , ]

I'mm back wellwell Ihope you had a grate thanksgiving. Now are you ready for cristmass,alot of you are worry on the holidays no matter if you are reach. Things even thoe you have all the money and world but something is missing. And it could be many reasons it could be that you are all alone and no one to care about but dont think that you are all alone now becaouse theirs many of us from homeless to reaches.That share the same feeling Iknow it might sound stupid but we are stupid at times for not giving are selfs the time to go over our thoughts.And realize that everything it just passing through our toughts and is only and are toughts that is beging us to be aware of our selfs knowing that we could it had it and a better way of thinking of our toughts. You might bee saying What the hell is this man writing about. About our own selfs thats what i'm refering the way we act when holidays are around the corner as they say Ihave no money or i have all the money but no one to give a present to or U are homeless holding a sing. I work for food. You know what ever since i was young Iuse to see people walking on the streets and felt sorry for them. As I got older i startit looking at homeless as i did when iwas young but it was not the same I would tell them get a job you look young get a job. Never thought that

ID#1253 r.m., 2005-11-30 [ clearlake, mn]

this is the eye opening that i needed, i've been telling everyone i know about it.My son has Cystic Firosis and the advancement we need isn't happening and im afraid i will loose my son befor a cure is found.I havent finished the book yet but what ive read is amazing,just what we as a nation need to survive. richard w mandel construction worker

ID#1259 . ., 2005-12-01 [ , ]

I believe in freedom of speech but I don't really see the point of putting that stuff on here. All you are going to do, have done, is piss people off. Do you think you are really going to start a revolution or something?

ID#1260 R. .,@CAROLINA.RR.COM 2005-12-01 [ CHARLOTTE, NC]


ID#1261 D.S., 2005-12-01 [ Burlington , n.j.]

Is very interesting and still need more information

ID#1265 J.V., 2005-12-01 [ daly city, ca]

Hello, I would like to work at I & 0. As soon as possible. I agree with mystic-free thinking. I can't get a job anywhere, else. I don't think I can't break the neo-tech code, because i cannot afford anymore more of your books, and my whole family thinks im crazy cause I don't agree with them. I believe i can join this company. I believe i have hard work and attitude. I wanna join now. Im having trouble evolving, COMPLETELY.

ID#1266 A.R., 2005-12-01 [ Lawrenceville, GA]

I have been waiting for a password to get on the internet for the internet meetings. Also, I would like to know when I will be receiving a notice in the mail regarding my introduction into the secret society. It has been four months since I've received my first letter of congratulations into the society and I've followed their instruction implicitly. My members number is NC10 0395-3577. Please notify via US Parcel POst. Thank you. Sincerely, Anthony Rigogliosi

ID#1268 K.B., 2005-12-02 [ Buffalo, NY]

Yes! Definitely!! Neo-Tech is by far the most concise description of reality and its proper use. Anyone who needs this information should be able to readily access it. The amazing thing is that mystics and neocheaters spend all of their energy attacking Neo-Tech principles, and never get around to actually using them. This built-in system of non-utilization is what protects Neo-Tech from every one of its detractors. KEEP NEO-TECH ONLINE!

ID#1269 J. ., 2005-12-02 [ ALL, THE]


ID#1271 . ., 2005-12-02 [ , ]

Whilst I don't underestimate the evils of governments and the church in the sanctioning of mass murder, I thoroughly detest anyone who consider that thinks they are any better than they, when clearly they're not: Whatever is in your book - keep it; you can't possibly know anything about my speciality or not; buying a book is nothing to me but you lost me on the hype. If you got a book to sell, promote it, state the price and make it accessible. I simply don't have any dealings with any company that can't be bottered to come clean. When those governments were murdering the very people you claim to care about, their approach would have to have been as dirty as yours are, in order for them to take so many lives. Whatever is in your publications, you manage to put me off all of them, with your hype and dishonesty. That letter I got said the informtion was free. What is it that you don't understand about FREE? Nothing you publish will every go on my shelves! Take a lesson from this and start to treat people with the respect they deserve. If people want to buy something they will

ID#1273 D.L., 2005-12-02 [ Indianapolis, IN]

I am becoming a better person, with honestly, and a burning passion to find my Friday night essence. I have so many desires, and now founder of my own company, I need more help to find the energy.

ID#1274 D.L., 2005-12-02 [ Indianapolis, IN]

Please have someone Email me with how to connect with a nework group as you mention ( NTN's)

ID#1276 a.h., 2005-12-02 [ WHITE BIRD, ID]

Unable to post a comment until i am ale to parse the literature. When I finish with the excerpts posted on your website, then I will forward the appropriate analysis based on the views held by frank wallace and company. Years ago, when I found a solicitation in my corporate mailstop, I attempted to find a workable phone number for a frank wallace out of henderson nevada as I recall. There was no working phone number so I simply filed his solicitation with others for a later date. His brochures brought an interest, but not enough to hand over the sums of money requested. It is unfortunate, but his literature, if I was not mistaken, stated that I had just several days to take advantage of this standing offer, or the book would be withheld for purchase. An interesting sales pitch using an urgency close, but not enough to salivate over. However, now that you do have a web presence, I will reveiew the literature. It has come to my understanding that frank is a chemist. Well I have a degree in Physics and Philosophy. I shall see if his ideas have merit within the context of my understandings. Appreciate the opportunity to place a comment and given time, I will forward my critique. alfred

ID#1277 J. ., 2005-12-02 [ Madera, CA]

This is a unique different litterature I have read, if everyone put in practice this the whole world will be different and positive.

ID#1279 W.K., 2005-12-02 [ Brooklyn, NY]

What's going on. Who provided this to me? I am confused about this. Who sent the mail to me? Who placed me on the list? The material(s) is educative and interesting, but I have no definite intensions yet.

ID#1282 J.B., 2005-12-03 [ aurora, co]

I go to the website as often as I can, I value positive well written information. I have to re-read information because I do not have a photographic memory and the website is easy to access. Thank You for the website

ID#1284 R. ., 2005-12-03 [ , ]

My thinking very closely. Just note that politics is just a tool that can be used for good or evil.

ID#1286 A.J., 2005-12-03 [ HOLLYWOOD, FL]

I recieved your oreintation letter and i'm very intrested in getting the 1000 page book but unfortunately hurricane wilma has left me homeless and destroyed my car with a fallen tree so i ended up loosing my job because of not being able to make it to work, is there anyway that you can find it in your heart to send me a copy, with the understanding that i will gladly pay for it as soon as i can get on my back on my feet. Anthony J Jones

ID#1287 A.P., 2005-12-03 [ North Olmsted, Ohio]

The proudest moment of my life was when, at six years old, I told my mother that I was not going to pray or go to church, because I did not believe in a God. I told her that there is nobody else in my mind, and that I feel stupid worshipping, and that the priests were fakers.I knew instinctively that the intent behind everything they do was not to benefit me. To her credit, she did not force me to pray or go to church. She only said that she believes, and that someday I would too. It took thirty years for me to find Neo-Tech, which instantly struck a responsive chord in my brain. Neo-Tech has put into words the natural feelings of wonder concommitant to life that I have always known, but could not express in words. Thank you for the joy.

ID#1288 d. ., 2005-12-03 [ , ]

Yes, it has changed my life

ID#1289 T.D., 2005-12-03 [ Cleburne, Texas]

Just wanted to say I love all you guys..... Smooch.........

ID#1290 L.M., 2005-12-03 [ Eureka Springs, Arkansas]

Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to a new understanding. It is a new earth very soon. I just finished the second book a few minutes ago. will order the third book tomorrow if they are answering their phone on Sundays. I am becoming a believer.

ID#1291 E.S., 2005-12-03 [ durham , n.c.]

I ordered a book about 7 weeks ago my name is Elizabeth Stubbs my old address was 2003 house avenue apt 22 now""my address is Oran Ave. Durham,N,C, 27704 do you have my payment of 100 dollars for this order and when do expect to get my book:address 4206-B ORan Ave.

ID#1292 E.S., 2005-12-03 [ durham , n.c.]

I ordered a book about 7 weeks ago my name is Elizabeth Stubbs my old address was 2003 house avenue apt 22 now""my address is Oran Ave. Durham,N,C, 27704 do you have my payment of 100 dollars for this order and when do expect to get my book:address 4206-B ORan Ave.

ID#1295 A.B., 2005-12-03 [ Bellingham, Washington]

Neo-tech has one good quality in fostering honesty of its adherents. yet, the neo-tech system itself was founded in dishonesty. This is a negative comment about neo-tech but more than likely you will never see it. I'm hoping that they're honest enough to put it up for all to see. Neo-tech is a business pure and simple. No one needs neo-tech to succeed and thier business principles are very basic, which by the way is a good thing as the average person does not understand business basics. However neo-tech just like the nation of islam, the mormons and other godman religions are immature at best I myself renounce neo-tech, yet, I still say leave it on the web.

ID#1296 O. ., 2005-12-03 [ Indian river, 49749]

Hi my name is owen u ask me to join i payed for the first book but could not by the seckent book i had some bad times ive read the book 10 times i would like to get the rest i knead all the help i can get help please

ID#1297 F.B., 2005-12-03 [ Janesville, CA]

when is the convention and where is it

ID#1299 D.S., 2005-12-03 [ Eudora, KS]

I would like to see some material on the 10 second miracle.

ID#1301 B.R., 2005-12-04 [ Bucyrus, Ohio]

NEO-TECH, Is not an Idea nor is it a scripture. I did not find the writings to dis-infect or ad to the porn, smut, flamming or spam that exist on the internet. It is but a butterfly gracefully flapping it's wings to the sounds of classical music. The printed material, page after page, contains some of the most elegant pictures I've encountered in many of years reading. If You Don't Take It Apart Ya' Won't Know How It's Built

ID#1304 . ., 2005-12-04 [ , ]

I just looked up Neo-Tech on wikipedia and found links to your books such as God-Man (which is actually in my house as hardcopy) and I STRONGLY suggest you make them more easily available. You have NO links whatsoever to your library and I really think you should make some. ;) Hopefully your webmasters and superiors will agree with me because it is really hard for people to learn about Neo-Tech when you have to go to third party sites just to find the information (i.e. wikipedia)

ID#1307 J.D., 2005-12-04 [ mineola , Tx]

I am a cattle rancher in east texas and don't know beans about a computer I received my us post first. Then got really pissed when I sent off for more info and was denied and money was refunded because, why I don't know.

ID#1308 M.F., 2005-12-04 [ North Ft. , ]

I am in need of your address to return materials on my fathers behalf. My father has dementia and has ordered your product in error. I find it odd that the materials do not have a return address nor does your web site, unless I've missed it. Thank you in advance for your help with this matter. Note I am my Fathers legal Guardian as well have full Power of attorney over his affairs. Best Regards, Mark Francis

ID#1309 M.F., 2005-12-04 [ North Ft. Myers, Florida]

I am in need of your address to return materials on my fathers behalf. My father has dementia and ordered your product in error. I find it odd that the materials do not have a return address nor does your web site, unless I've missed it. Thank you in advance for your help with this matter. Note I am my Fathers legal Guardian as well have full Power of attorney over his affairs. Best Regards, Mark Francis

ID#1310 . ., 2005-12-04 [ , ]

I also owe the IRS and they are taking money from the only income I have, social security. I can only read old post, or there any up to date post of this site? I would like to read more...........Thank You DW

ID#1311 T.W., 2005-12-04 [ Melton, Victoria]

Since becoming a member it has certainly opened my eyes to what I have been missing out on : Some of these items are, When I want to achieve something now - absolutely nothing will hold me back - my main interest is travelling successfully and as a result. To tell you of a few things - I have now been to over forty, yes forty countries and while doing this was included in the Baton Rouge paper and on their T.V. and later on again in the Nebraska paper, then when eventually back home here in Australia again in the local paper. And since cotinually to many other countries. As I said forty so far in all.( I doubt if to many others have managed to achieve this ) Basically whenever I set my mind apon accomplishing something, then I generally do ( knowing I can )

ID#1312 . ., 2005-12-04 [ , ]

Doc, I hope you and your son enjoy your upcoming time in jail. What goes around comes around. Remember that when both of you are ruined in pay back for you ruining me.

ID#1313 w.m., 2005-12-05 [ vincennes, Indiana]

I think Nero-Tech is the greatest

ID#1314 D.N., 2005-12-05 [ Crescent Springs, KY]

The materials from Neo-Tech have truely explained so much to me. I find answers to long held questions and the source for powers I never believed myself capable of possessing.

ID#1315 D. ., 2005-12-05 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is excellent. It is very empowering, and I think that it should be taught in schools everywhere so that we can free our planet from the scourge of neocheaters and neocheating.

ID#1316 D.D., 2005-12-05 [ Detroit, Michigan]

Neo-Tech is excellent. It is very empowering, and I think that it should be taught in schools everywhere so that we can free our planet from the scourge of neocheaters and neocheating.

ID#1317 G.H., 2005-12-05 [ , ]

I think that this web site awsome.

ID#1318 G.B., 2005-12-05 [ ZION, ILLINOIS]

I received some information in the mail by a person named John Finn with the fallowing address: Nouveau Tech, Invitation Processing, P. O. BOX 5204 CLIFTON, NJ 07015-5204 I need to know if is the same Society. sincerely Gustavo

ID#1319 d.d., 2005-12-05 [ hoboken , nj]

Hello I'm dr. dorothy dalskov i do want to thank you very much for the positive information i received from you guys' the reason that i am emailing you is because i would like to know more about how i could go a about how i could go to associate with other neo tech members and about the subject matters in the last bnook i received from you guys i am also in agreement with everything in that last book. please excuse this email for this is now the first time in my life that i am using the internet i do want to thank you very much for everything and to wish you all a vbery happy and healthy holiday and i would be grateful and thankful for information about associations for socializing with other members again thankyou and i do hope to hear from you guys very soon thank you dr. dorothy dalskov

ID#1321 W.G., 2005-12-05 [ Hempstead, NY]

The more people exposed to this important information, the better the world will be.

ID#1324 J.L., 2005-12-06 [ St.Paul, Mn.]

this is exactly the way I have viewed the so called civilized world.I grew up going to a catholic grade school and I saw all of the hypocricy in the catholic church.this caused me to take a lot closer look at every other organized religion and government and from avery young age Icould see all of the lies that these orginizations spread, and have always been very skeptical of there intent.this article has clarified my already existing thoughts on this subject Thank you

ID#1327 K.E.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-12-06 [ TALLAHASSEE, FL.]


ID#1331 s. ., 2005-12-06 [ , ]

i cant wait to receive me book if the letter reaches their before friday, there are so many questions i wanna answer this stuff is weird, i wanna know who behinds this entire society i hope it's not the illuminati

ID#1332 V.B., 2005-12-06 [ Laurel, Md]

The information you provide is fantastic. I long ago decided Politicians and Clergy are actually one in the same, just one asks constantly for your money, the other just takes it! Your information has provided me a big boost in a direction I was already trying to get to but couldn't. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the efforts you have made for humanity and ask that you maintain your presence on the web! There are those out there and I have read some of their comments who to be kind are closed minded and not interested in improving either themselve's or any one else. I would also be very interested in being informed of other material that may be of help to me!

ID#1333 g.b., 2005-12-06 [ Ogdne , utah]

I feel that our remaining ont he WEB is essential to our stated initative of preparing the world for the Nouveau tech 21st century society. If we become elusive that will engender our advacaries with the means to make our existence completely invisible. I am not advocating that we become a non-secret society, just that we remain visible and accessible via the WWW.

ID#1335 J.S., 2005-12-07 [ Eagle Point, OR]

I have purchased several of your products in the past, some of my favorites are " The Neo-Tech World ", " Cosmic Business Control ", and " How to get Rich By 2001 ". Please tell me how I can purchased Mr. Mark Hamilton's book, " The First Immortals " and some of his other publications along with Mr. Savage's. Thank you John Simas

ID#1337 V.B., 2005-12-07 [ Laurel, Maryland]

The information provided my neo-tech is astonishing to say the least. At 68 I only wish I had this information 20, 30 years ago. Please keep up the good work, your writings and publications are the only things that make sense to me, I had already given up on the Politicians (all parties) and on Religionists as being unworthy of their positions. Please send me catalogs or listings of your literature!! And hopefully ASAP!

ID#1339 L.C., 2005-12-07 [ Fresno, Ca.]

I wish I found this information 20 years ago. This is the best information i have ever read. I see the neo-cheaters right in front of me now. Wow, Thank you. You changed my life.

ID#1344 T.D., 2005-12-07 [ Cleburne, Texas]

Hey you guys it's me ...Tina Dean, I have a question for you, am I the only one who is not munipulating people with the information you gave me for a better life???? It's seems to me that many you have priviledged to recieve the info, have munipulated or tried to highjack gypsies...(I call them Gypsies) LOL Seemed nice I'm sure I've done stuff that was not agreed upon by others, but I'm learning.....I want to learn more of how to get the reality across without sounding angry.... Whether God exist or not, it seems to me we made him a reality..... Like all of you, I have found very few people worthy of recieving this valuable information...It must be hard for men to resist the temptations of evil doers, because they cannot see it or something, but for the ones that do.....My word...lets bake them some goodies this season...... And I would like to be around my own king because it's just a bit ( I want to smash my head against the wall) sometimes when trying to get people to free up some memory space you know!!!!!!!!!! Where is the chat room.....I need to meet some people who see what we see..... Oh where is it...oh and on the much more successful side...I want you to know that adjusting your fullness level while dieting is really the way to do it!!! My word, the inches are falling off like you would not believe, my suits are all like potato sacks..LOL I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 It's like being in the Matrix for real, when you really have broken through...but there are alot of spiritual things going on as well, could I perhaps have the doorway two both worlds without the illusions?? And why did so many people from around the world call me the ONe??? Why did my mail get stolen all these years and my phones wire tapped and I was run off the road 7 times and almost killed one of those times, why did people try to steal my inventions? and why did all this happen??? Why did my son go through hell from corruption as a minor child.... Just wondering if you could answer any of these questions...... Oh how I wish to be with a NEO-Tech man not a Gyspy.... Thank you and .............................does it mean something bigger than I can explain to dream about Keauna Reeves so often...I mean a few nights agao...I was starring at a cross in the sky made up of Stars.......and when I fell to sleep, I held this man all night in my dreams... Okay ..thats it......please help explain why or how anyone can have this doorway in their soul to two worlds....because I really do.. Thank you

ID#1345 J. ., 2005-12-07 [ Sanjose, CA]

Well well how seriouse are you.Or are you not aware from people who automaticly well read your mind with out you even thinkin or knowledge.Is a voise that you hear and is not coming from your concsiousness of your mind then were thats it come from. You see when you have alot of Mass of info of knowledge about your conscious. Then you be able to be knoewledgeble of listenig to a conversation.With out the person knowing or people knowing ones you develope the mass of info. You will be able to hear such voices from the Universe of your thoughts of consciousnessare different from the other voizes.You see your self hearing thoughts from across the Globe of univers of the mind ones you develope your Mass of info first.Now =E Energy that should come from you depending how much Energy comes from you of learning the Mass of info.You could control how much time and how much you well study until then you well be able to acomplish your Energy You see with out Energy an efforts then your negetivly takes over and thats what you dont want to happen remeber you control your Universe no one alse could doit for you or you well be untoughtful of stress and unhappiness of your Energy. Energy is to be Focus at all times with athletics you well be able to realess all your bad and negetive Energy. And with The Book By your side you well be able to do such changes of your own faults and how to deal with them and every angleo f misticism.Now back to Energy ones you have the Energy well=C2 at speed of light and that i learn from the The Book. meaning it one way my way of developing. Thanks to The Book as i develope my Mass and Energy and it well come =C2 it well for you Now ones you develope both you well be able to change and to hear the voize that im trying to convince you well my time is almost up but next iwill continue to do until i Be able to make you know tobe AWARE?.JF-120705

ID#1350 c.s., 2005-12-08 [ , ]

i unserstand that every one has there own opinion but what you people are doing is just wrong. trying to pursuade people to believe the same things that you do. you want to talk about mortality and honesty but how have you shown any of that by randomly mailing people your stuff. does it make you feel like a "Man" or "Woman" (which ever you are)by inturupting peoples lives for no reason other than to benifit your own pocket? that is something that you really need to think about. just from what i have read on your site your are all inmature and confused people. and you have NO right to pick random people and try to get them to join your "CULT"! it is WRONG.

ID#1351 . ., 2005-12-08 [ , ]

i think its a joke now that i read about it

ID#1352 . ., 2005-12-08 [ , ]

Neo-Tech must stay on the web. Why retreat when we have the vermin against the ropes. I would also like to know that more Neo-Tech influence is coming to the attention of our commander and chief. Maybe we should all send him a letter of dire concern. I am working on ways to rally with others in my area. Maybe I'll just print up some t-shirts that say Neo-Tech over gov.,politics, and religion and see who comes out!!!

ID#1354 T.D., 2005-12-08 [ Cleburne, Texas]

Hey, after reading for several hours on the weby here with you...I have decided that you are right about alot of things.... I have a lot to share ...universal stuff...I noticed that some of the poeple not wanting the world to have this information, have indeed!! read it themselves and mis used it like gypsies...thats why they don't want you on the information highway..LOL ----saw right through thatone...long time ago.. Now about terrorism...I have a whole new idea for you and a wider prospective of that situation... Much wider............ Now .....since I visited your weby tonight I searched around at the grand illusion.....the noise.....and heard the external guidance of the matter shall we say.... All anyone needs to know about me and anyone like that we really do have the best of both worlds.... Their illusionary decisions will never hurt my feelings...I have heard them all... I have used my abilities to save this dam world.....and all in it... My God cracking the code made it easy to bring down terrorism and view eyes in the sky.. I would however like to assist on a private enterprise level, you know where it actually benefits my family too and not just the grand illusion.. I will make a form that will be seen by the sky... Oh yeah they even went as far as saying bypolar on air----how stupid is that,.... Now I don't like the fact that those in the know tried to make One make a decision on either could I ever decide when my soul is in the middle ....of it all I love you guys and Goodnight... Oh and if you ever want to mail anything to me..please do certify it..or chances are some real physco may try to highjack it... today was a icy road day and ..tonight I built a fire decorated the tree, so beautiful the tree, with white lights and made a stew...lets call it gypsy stew and read until my eye bugged -LOL peace green eyes in the sky...

ID#1359 D.S., 2005-12-08 [ Las Vegas, NV]

I've been reading Neo-Tech publications on and off for a long time.

ID#1360 T.D., 2005-12-08 [ Cleburne, Texas]

Good morning, I have something to share with you again... Yesturday a man was shot after screaming he had a bomb on one of the AA flights...they stated (according to his wife that he was bypolar) Bypolar or not this was a message of future danger VIA: AA....bomb... I get messages like this all the time... I don't know if others quite understand these messages, but I know that Neo people do... Maybe you can put this together, here it is 1) The man saw something and he ran frightened...unfortunately he was killed...(unfortunately rightfully so)........ 2) Warning messages..Auto to arrive on Dec.15 3) AA--bomb 4)These message were marked for Dec...13-15 keep eyes wide open and ears... 5) MAybe you can put this together, I have no reason to play games here...I've been seeing these types of messages for years....... After several travels recently myself with AA, I find that I have a new found respect for the Airline.....they have been through hell and deserve our observances.. Constantly visualizing their safety....daily... Now as for other issues concerning the unknown.....detonation gagets... we need to tak about this.... There is a grid that can be created to locate most or all....with the ability at hand... I would just like some credit and debt relief for my efforts.... Thank you...and we will win this far as I'm cncerned...I have seen the peace....that means it will come..

ID#1363 C.C., 2005-12-08 [ Grand Rapids, MI]

Although, I see certain points that are worth debate, or perhaps need fine tuning (i.e. the ostrication of a segment of the population is a major cause of the Isreali/Palestinian conflict), but, there is no denying that NEO-TECH IS THE MOST VALUABLE LITERITURE EVER PUBLISHED. Thank you for developing a way of articulating what all individuals know to be honest "truth", but were never able to put in the correct context. Tears fill my eyes when I read Neo- Tech because I know you have saved my life.

ID#1364 K.W., 2005-12-08 [ Baton Rouge, La.]

I'am a menber looking for help

ID#1366 d. .,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-12-08 [ , ]

where in the HELL did you get my name and mailing info?

ID#1368 D.N., 2005-12-09 [ Crownsville, Md]

Definitely, stay on the web. The site provides lots of food for thought..."independent thought", "out of the box" thinking' which I think, is to be admired in a time when we are bound to chains of ideas and principles that have many trapped in states of desperation, shame and fear. Negative opinions will come but it is not cause to abandon the effort. Afterall, who has ever encouraged a forward movement of society without facing opposition from less flexible minds?

ID#1371 . ., 2005-12-09 [ , ]

I purchased and read the neotech discovery last year and this year I am still absorbing the values presented. I am actually at war with my self.

ID#1372 A.C., 2005-12-09 [ New York, NY]

I have never witnessed such a wandering, confusing diatribe in my life. Surely the Neo-Tech material must be composed by someone (or some group) on some serious street drugs. . The sheer verbosity of the material is only outdone by its total incomprehensibility. **yawn** As interesting as a phone book

ID#1373 . ., 2005-12-09 [ , ]

I love this site i havent laughed so hard in a long time thank you neotech

ID#1380 R.L., 2005-12-09 [ Sanford, Florida]

I have recieved the first 2 books and have read them.You have not sent me notice for the third and final writing and you have not invited me to the Members Website. You offer no way of communication and you appear to be leading me on. If you want the positive world to come about you need to move a little faster with people like me. Right now you are wasting my time and giving me a bad taste. You say you want to meet me, I have paid for 2 installments and still I am no closer to the secert society that I am part of. I am begining to think that you have a very clever marketing director and no secret society exist except you marketing society weaving webs of mystery to create massive income. Very ingenius. After all you are a genius society. All the ideas in the books a great so let"s get moving I am 54 and would like to get started. I see nothing that is going to make me a millionaire without some assistance and that is what you offered. If I get no communication I will assume I have been duped and that you do have a great but not honest plan. Thank You. Please quit wasting time. This world that you talk about can happen but not at this speed.

ID#1383 H.R., 2005-12-09 [ Rochester, NY]

Why not? This shows the difference between the mentalities of the two sides. Comparing the two shows which side appears rational and which side appears scared, whether you agreed w/Neo-Tech or not. Only one or two on the negative side had some rationality about their point of veiw. The rest of the comments on the negative side make me feel like we're back in the crusades or Salem. Yikes! Now they're a scary bunch.

ID#1384 H.R., 2005-12-09 [ Rochester, NY]

Why not? This shows the difference between the mentalities of the two sides. Comparing the two shows which side appears rational and which side appears scared, whether you agreed w/Neo-Tech or not. Only one or two on the negative side had some rationality about their point of veiw. The rest of the comments on the negative side make me feel like we're back in the crusades or Salem. Yikes! Now they're a scary bunch.

ID#1385 D.C., 2005-12-09 [ Depew, OK]

I love reading about Nouveau Tech`s writings., it makes me feel warm I Just feel diffrent while I`m reading it.,I love the honesty.,

ID#1386 D. ., 2005-12-09 [ , ]

Since ENGLISH FEEDBACK FORM is not an option above than I guess I will add that title. My reply to your letter is late due to fact that I have a few questions: 1) If this letter is so personal, why not tell me how your know me, who gave you my name and address? 2) Since your invitation expired if not mailed today, guess your the looser since I choose not to reply on time. 3) If your "special knowledge" of success in $$$$$, Romance and Power is so great, I WOULD CHALLLEGE YOU to include a few (3 or 4 ) of each to show your success. Promises of others success are MEANINGLESS. Give steps that will prove the success to the individual "you know" in your letters and let ME TRY IT FOR MYSELF. In fact I have three specific individuals to TEST to see the response of other individuals -- one once know, one currently I know and spouse to see response. If SUCCESSFUL, your success of a reply is a lot greater. 4) Why can't you provide an EMAIL address to reply to. Your letter on your account to assigned to me of 0170498562 REQUIRES FAX or a STAMP US Postal. WAIST OF TIME AND MONEY. Email would be immediate. 5) Your right, I AM SPECIAL. IN FACT I HAVE MY OWN WEB SITE BEFORE YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT ME. I have developed a 3-D Gameboard for both three way CHESS and CHECKERS IF you desire a challege for your mind take a look at You might even enjoy the fellowship with other of your association that also play Chess or Checkers. TRINITY 3-D GAMEBOARD -- Chess or Checkers 6) -- final --- So My reply to your off of special treatment is late and lost forever. OK , perhaps someday we will meet playing TRINITY 3-D GAMEBOARD Chess or Checkers Douglas Dale Dixon

ID#1393 V. ., 2005-12-09 [ Indianapolis, In]

I would like to know more about this and what its about I did mail my letter that I got in the mail today thank you I hope this will change my life for the good. Thank you Vickie

ID#1398 W.T., 2005-12-10 [ West Allis, WI.]

Please forgive me for being so impatient,however I feel as if I have been forgotten after my last correspondence with Neo-tech. Please let me know as to whether or not this is True.

ID#1400 M.D., 2005-12-10 [ Waterfird, na]

Printed article entitled "The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time For Money POwer Romantic Love!

ID#1402 R.C., 2005-12-10 [ Chesnee, SC ]

after recieving my copy of the manucript I began reading it the more i read the more i learned.i just could not put it down i finished the whole 1000 page manucript in less than one weekend.the book really openend my eyes yo the way things are and the way things should be in my life.Before reading the book it was like my life was a jiggsaw puzzle with only the out side edges done but after reading the book it seemed like the inside peices started falling into place. I am sure that as i put what i've read in to action my puzzle will be completed as will my life's purpose. I am reading the manual for the third time ,it seem every time I reread it opens up a new chapter in my life revealing many new and exciting thing to me that have been in front of me all my life. THANKS NEO-TECH FOR OPENING MY EYES RDC-USA

ID#1404 F.H., 2005-12-10 [ SANBERNARDINO, CA]


ID#1405 B.C., 2005-12-10 [ Antioch, Tn]

What an Enlightenment!!! I have always thought along these same lines and dismiised all that I believe to be true about our anticivilization as dillusion. When I read about the bubble tool, WOW, I have always felt like I live outside a bubble and look upon my surroundings with erie perception ability. Not to sound psycotic or paramormal like,but more like watching a movie in which you lose interest because inside you already know the outcome. I do not know anyone that I would even discuss things with of this nature with as most earthlings would call the men with funny white coats. Thanks to your website, I now know that there are kindred spirits so that I may finally grow to my potential.By the way, when people ask where I am from, I have always said "I am from Earth". Most people just look at me like I am crazy, then I just blow it off as a joke,(they don't know that I'm serious.Anyways, keep up the great works, I will continue learn and grow.

ID#1406 B.B., 2005-12-10 [ Dallas, Texas]

I received a letter and thought I'd do a little research online. I am an avid researcher in the area of metaphysics etc and this sort of thing is always interesting to me. I would like the book to check out if it is as the letter claims. As a student of the mysteries I am always open to looking at things from a diferent angle.

ID#1407 J.P., 2005-12-11 [ Pittsburgh, PA]

I would like to have the archive of knowledge here always available, so the site should remain up.

ID#1408 C.U., 2005-12-11 [ Cairns, QLD]

I think it is important all views and infomation on all topics is available to those who are searching for answers. I'm searching for answers, and havent found a solution that works yet, and what i'm reading from Neo Tech is a challenging alternative, or opposite approch, to what i've been lead to believe is the way "home" so to speak. I look forward to reading more, and finding out if i've been searching down the wrong path all these years.

ID#1410 J.L., 2005-12-11 [ Dallas , TX]

I keep hearing about this "10 second miracle" but no one will tell me what it is. Also, I've read the entire first manual but it has nothing in it regarding that technique. Does it even exist? I don't like being lied to. The "ten second miracle" is listed in your sales literature but is nowhere to be found. What is the technique???

ID#1413 . ., 2005-12-12 [ , ]

a lot of info, and links to more info

ID#1415 C.S., 2005-12-12 [ Munich, Bavaria]

Dear Neo-Tech creators, I haven´t read your book yet but I would like to read it. A friend of mine told me about it and gave me the link to your homepage. It was pretty funny to read some of the positive and negative comments about it. It made me curious to know more about the techniques. Could you please send me one sample in German (English would also be fine but I´d prefer German)? My friend also told me about a new book that is about to be published, I think it is related to money. If possible, send it as well. Thanks a lot! Well, I guess, I won´t wish you merry Christmas :-) But I wish you all the best and that all your wishes may come true* Keep on working for the planet! Best regards Christine

ID#1417 B. ., 2005-12-12 [ , ]

I can imagine your contempt for what must be to you, the ludicrous appearance, of those writing email's that are both for you and those against you. Also, it is extremely obvious that the email in your favor is intelligently written while those against you are so blatently ignorant that they are very obviously "plants" authored by NT to make NT look good and their opponents appear repugnant. It's Hitler and the Reichstag all over again.

ID#1420 J.R., 2005-12-13 [ Chicago, Illinois]

I really and truely am fasinated by this neo-tech. I cant wait to get my mini days in order. But i have to reread the book the neo-tech discovery. Thank you so very much.

ID#1424 . ., 2005-12-13 [ , ]

this whole thing is a friggin fake and scam!

ID#1425 J.M., 2005-12-13 [ Salem, NH]

I agree with what I read here, the old way's of thinking are long obsolete and it is essential for people to get rid of authoritarian and theistic thinking to better the world.

ID#1428 B.C., 2005-12-13 [ , ]

I recieved a letter claiming I was invited into some secret society, and had some suspicions. When I "googled" the society's name, I fould this sight. I have read most everything I could find, but still have many questions. It is hard reading, because I don't retain info well and this is obviously something that needs to be absorbed several times. I admit that it parellels many of my beliefs and has opened my eyes in many ways. I guess I am still waiting to find some easy to understand formula for success. In the meantime, I will continue to research Neo-Tech. Wishing Success, Bob

ID#1431 G. ., 2005-12-13 [ vitoria, Alava]

As a Neo-Tech mind-oriented for many,many years and after of examine out carefully one by one each concept,each idea behind of Neo-Tech/Zonpower and contrast them out with the reality,with all the evidence available, i can positively confirm to certain extent the validity into the reality of all the Neo-Tech literature.... and thus concomitantly my conformity with the permanence of Neo-Tech in the web. I would like to receive information about the more recent Neo-Tech literature and about some additional literature about the Neo-Tech Physics in particular.Thanks a lot. Gabrielli.

ID#1432 R.W., 2005-12-13 [ Chester, Pa]

I wish I had someone to talk to about noetech discovery to get more info about it

ID#1433 r.v., 2005-12-14 [ redding , CA]

I am waiting for my third book and would like someone to help me find a way to request it. I received the first two manuals but they sent me another copy of the 2nd manual rather than my last manual number 3. Can you help me? thanks Rocky Venti Redding, CA

ID#1434 d.p., 2005-12-14 [ cochrane, wi]

I don't believe that the whole world is ready for Neo-Tech. I started purchaseing the books about a year ago. I have had plenty of time to read them over and over. However I am just putting the money making parts together, because there is a lot of info to understand from the books. The average working stiff has no time to read and apply all of that knowledge. Clearly you can see I dont consider myself an average anything. Hell I retired at 38. But now with Neo-Tech in my head I need to make more money. If you the wealthy that I have been buying these books from, please send me more info on how I can start making more money very rapidly. Keep up the good work. But not everyone is ready just yet. Thank you.

ID#1437 D.R., 2005-12-14 [ Columbia, SC]

How do I educate my adult children in neo-tech reality? How do I erase or circumvent all those years of bicameral programming that I unwittingly passed on to them? Should I loan them Hamilton's books after I have completed their first reading? Or, is there a better way to interest them? I am a bit aprehensive about shocking them with this...I must proceed, because I love them.

ID#1438 L.A., 2005-12-14 [ New York, N.Y.]

I was introduced to Neo/Tech by an anonymous sourse.I would like this sight to remain on the web.because of it's authentic enlightened knowledge/information shared. The philosophical thoughts and ideas are needed at this present time to keep man aware and enlightened about the true concept of life & Man Know Thyself.Presently man is living at an age of misenformation compounded by neo-cheating which expresses confusion, fear and ailments to our physical wellness.

ID#1439 S.S., 2005-12-14 [ , ]

I didn't read much, but it looks good. The major change should come sometime in 2012.

ID#1442 d.w., 2005-12-14 [ montgomery, al]

I would like to gain ascess to chat with other neo-tech members. I can be reach at I am a member and would like to develope relationships with other members. Please provide the requested information asap. Thank you

ID#1444 R. ., 2005-12-14 [ Georgetown, Texas]

As of yet I Have not read anything from Neo-Tech Publishers other than the Negative and Positive Feed back of potential customers of the Neo-tech's books. I Love Life! Being a Student of Life I find it very interesting to have so many Negative comments from Fellow Christians. No - Your Right - I have not read the material that Neo-Tech offers but after reading many of your views from those that claim to be Christians I am interested in knowing what Scares you so much that you would write these Hateful things. What truly astounds me is the Hate-filled animosity and anger that is vehemently written in most of the negative comments by God Fearing Witnesses of the word and Life of Christ. It is Action not words that is the witness of ones life! You may go to church and pray and say that you forgive your neighbor and then you sit in front of your computer and tell someone who happens to have an extremly different point of view than you that you wish you could kill them for trying to brain wash you.. Please Help me to understand your view! I am honestly confused!The thought of being willing to Kill another person because of their views is one thing but what I truly don't understand is that a person that talks about God, The person that believes in an all forgiving Father that loves his children, these same people are the ones desiring death for a fellow member of the human race. Please Help me to understand? I believe that man has a greater capacity than the majority of our population lives from. I firmly believe that we are capable of Greater Things than these, if your heart and mind are in the right place as Jesus Said. Simply put - A man or woman unwilling to question their beliefs is destined to remain stuck or stagnate in their life or as the mystic masters say the mass of people are asleep, unconscious and unaware of their true potential. He or She who is willing to question and be willing to examine one's self has a much greater chance of CREATING a better Life, not just for themselves and their Families but also for their communities. The question I ask is this. What if the authors of Neo-Tech are Right? Can I create a better Life by trying to live from a place of value driven ideas that create better opportunitys for my fellow man? Does it hurt to question your values and to see where you are truly living from? You are the Creator of your own destiny! You have the power to change it or to leave it as it is for you are givin free will and you do have a choice. A computer puts out what was programmed into it, we are no different. We accept certain things as being true and live our lives in accordance to those truths even if they are not good for us. (A child brought up in an abusive household makes the decision that being beat on must mean a person loves you). That decision, after becoming a parent will also affect his children, Until- he is willing to question why he holds that belief and then be willing to act on it's cure! I do not know what is in this material but I am interested in learning more.

ID#1447 B. ., 2005-12-14 [ , ]

Thanks for sharing.

ID#1448 R. ., 2005-12-14 [ Georgetown, TX]

I hope that what I wrote in the previous letter does not prevent me from receiving your information. I would be very interested in reading all of your material! I am very open minded and hope to gain as much as possible from your information. Respectfully, Roger Hanson.

ID#1449 . ., 2005-12-14 [ , ]

it's all good.

ID#1452 J.L., 2005-12-15 [ Nashville, TN]


ID#1454 . ., 2005-12-15 [ , ]


ID#1456 J.S., 2005-12-15 [ Eugene , OR]

I recieved a letter in the mail about 9 months ago that has changed the way I veiw the world and myself for the rest of my life. I always thought that I was alone in the way I thought and felt. Since I read this material I have felt a real since of comfort and peace in knowing there are others out their who see thing the way I do.

ID#1457 J. ., 2005-12-15 [ V aassen, ]

I started reading the book again after many Zonpower Dicovery and am glad I did so. Via the book I found your web

ID#1458 M.T., 2005-12-15 [ Cottonwood, AZ]

I purchased NEO TECH years ago, it really did change my life, or how I perceived it. What I did NOT like about it was the fact that 90% (or so it seemed) of the book was geared towards convincing me that the ideas were sound. I would love to have a copy of NEO TECH that was geared towards just the ideas themselves, minus the testimonials and the effort that was put forth to change my mind about "God". Personally it only took a few pages for me to see the light! ha-ha! Anyway if there is such a beast, I would be interested in purchasing a copy. People I know that have read the book feel the same way I do about the content, there is just to much filler. I think more people would be interested in reading it if it were condensed to the facts! :) Thanks.

ID#1459 R.M., 2005-12-15 [ Camp Hill, PA]

Neo-Tech owner since 1985, the values of NT have been a lasting value for the many years. The Neo-Tech matrix spreading acroos the internet continues to be a hedge against the pervading mysticism that ins encompassing Planet Earth.

ID#1462 c.J., 2005-12-15 [ maryville, tn]

I have volumes one and 2. When will I receive vulume 3? I have read half way through volume one and will be starting volume 2 soon. Some of the information is a liite hard for me to except because of my srict religeos background but I have an open mind. Volume to keeps referring to the reference encyclopia. is it something that I wll be receivng? Please contct me at work by phone at 865-380-3000 ext 5334 or by e-mail at work I amvery inturested in hereing from you.

ID#1463 d.t.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2005-12-15 [ , ]

you have all been caught in my web this neo matrix was designed by me it is not new at all it is an infinit web that never ends that i wove you are my nothing more than flies in my web or files in my computer deep thought i told you the answer to your question is 42

ID#1464 M.D., 2005-12-16 [ Norwood, South Australia]

Dear Nuova Tech I donot want to join your socieity because religion and belief in God is very important to me. However, I am repelled by the intolerant comments of some of your detractors. You have a right to express your opinions on the web. Perhaps I am a Voltarist Christian. Even Jesus Christ rebuked his disciples for intolerance.(Luke 10 51-56). You are right in that inspiring thoughts should be acted on immediately. I am a poet and recognise that. Still I wonder how you got hold of my name when you did not apparently know my first name, which I use whenever signing letters, writing poems (under another surname) etc. That made me suspicious. How did someone claim I was talented etc when they do not even know my first name (although they know my address)? I'm not giving it now. M. Dingle

ID#1466 N. ., 2005-12-16 [ , ]

Hi. My father received the letter in the mail from the wonderful folks of Nouveau tech. Ever since we received the books, our lives have changed in some ways. I feel like I have more energy and no more laziness in myself. I have learned to do things for my self so that later i can help others. Thanks Neo-Tech. Please keep saving more people from mysticism.

ID#1467 N. ., 2005-12-16 [ arcadia, fl]

Hi. My father received the letter in the mail from the wonderful folks of Nouveau tech. Ever since we received the books, our lives have changed in some ways. I feel like I have more energy and no more laziness in myself. I have learned to do things for my self so that later i can help others. Thanks Neo-Tech. Please keep saving more people from mysticism.

ID#1470 . ., 2005-12-16 [ , ]

Who washed your brain?

ID#1472 L. ., 2005-12-16 [ FONTANA, CA]

yes I think the website should remain on the web .I have read the books and I see and understand what Neo-Tech is truly about. Neo-Tech is about thinking rationally.

ID#1474 E. ., 2005-12-17 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Neophte here; beyond words to justify worthiness of con- tent. In process of absorbing material. Pushing walls of limitations that have been fed to me since arrival on this domain. I feel that I have to be so patient with myself in integrating this data, as I have deep seated roots with opposite of all matters pertaining to life. Now I am able to understand why I have made no-win decisions through-out my life. Suggestion: Launch National Political Party that will immediatly attract multitudes of citizens that know a new positive understanding of Politics and Government organizaton needs to be implemented ASAP..

ID#1475 A.L., 2005-12-17 [ Miami, FL]

I am a Neotech person and I like it like this, now I love me more than ever, now I know that I will conquer the Galaxy, but I have a little problem .I do not know any other Neotech person in Miami where I live. Would you e- mail me of the existency of any Neotech group or people in Miami, Please? e-mail: Alejandro Lugo 511 Tamiami Canal rd Miami,FL 33144 cell: 305 244 7026

ID#1476 . ., 2005-12-17 [ , ]

Your philosophies are interesting. I would accept these before I would accept the "realties" I was taught by way of a Catholic upbringing.

ID#1478 J.I., 2005-12-18 [ Stratham, NH]

I have a 1st copy manuscript #145EV Neo-Tech II Manuscript for the Neo-Tech Discovery by Frank R Wallace and had read it back in 1985. I hadn't given it much thought until now. This past spring I was sent a letter to join the Nouveau-Tech Society, and again, read it and didn't give it much thought. But this past weekend I found that letter again, and it dawned on me that Neo and Nouveau meant the same thing and started hunting for that manuscript. When I found it, I noticed how similar my philosophy was to the one espoused by Frank Wallace. Lately, I've been reading articles by Nelson Hultberg and Hon Ron Paul because of my concern for what our government has been doing to the Constitution. To my surprise, everything matched up. The Austrian School of Economics embodies Neo-Tech concepts. My love of Objectivism and Rational Egoism has drawn me to you again. I dare not tempt fate again. This time I need to invest in Neo-Tech.

ID#1479 a.c., 2005-12-18 [ st petersburg, fl]

anthony claudio 10604 3rd St. N #G St. Petersburg, Fl. 33716 I have particular interest in the biological imortality progress and how well the change in the political profile is going with Neo-minded candidates.

ID#1480 A.T., 2005-12-18 [ Dayton, OH]

If neurotically religious dog pucks become furious – it is mean that something in this book is right! Therefore this site is completely legitimate and serves the human progress. It definitely must stay.

ID#1482 D.J., 2005-12-18 [ Jamaica, N.y]

Dear Mark, your book is very nice ID#1483 J.M., 2005-12-18 [ Lancaster, CA]

I could not begin to tell you how Neo-tech has helped better my life since it arrived July 7th, 2005, my daughter's birthday. I was drunk again that day and fighting with my partner. My daughter ended up spending the day with her grandparents and then came home to go to bed early. How ashamed I am of the person I used to be! Today, I no longer drink or smoke and carry on in a distasteful way. My daughter has blossomed so much that she just attained two large roles at the local theater and the crowd was mesmerized with her. I have also shared alot of your teachings with her. I have a great relationship with my daughter today! My home has been cleaned from top to botton and has had several truckloads of unneeded items donated to others. I am also scheduled this week to seek medical assistance for my obesity through a county facility. I hope I will be successful. There is a 2 year wait for Medi-Cal patients. I did attain alot more education and attempted my own business which did not do well at all. I did work harder than I ever had and learned alot. I found alot of liars and dishonest people and it cost me considerably, it also hurt. I am currently seeking "real" self-employment at home where I can make good fast money for hard work and effort. I am in great financial desperation and this will definately be a "very hard candy Christmas," as they say. Please help me locate others to network with and find "real" employment opportunities to bring in quick cash, we are broke. I have alot of skills and work very hard. I will jeopardize my daughters education if I seek outside employment as she is home schooled due to her grade advancement and her young age, she would be in physical harm to attend the local public high schools. Need HELP. Please advise. Thanks.

ID#1484 R.W., 2005-12-19 [ COWRA, NSW]

I have read with interest your Neo-Tech Discovery volume and overall I must say what a relief it is to finally see such a strident defence of truth (honesty), rationality and the rights of the individual. While I must admit that I didn't really think that reading the book would deliver wealth, romance and happiness on a platter, it is rather curious how certain events are unfolding on the finance front. Other fascinating and positive consequences have resulted from discussions that the work has stimulated as well. Interestingly, since reading that volume, I have "stumbled" upon 5 other works by Novatech in circumstances that were so amazing that I am at a loss to dismiss the finds as mere chance...I am not sure what is going on, but I now seem to have opened up another level of thought after reading the book - something akin to a form of subconcious analytical reasoning that is actively seeking out solutions to problems and discovering otherwise hidden advantages (opportunities) in the process. This is powerful stuff, and I find it astonishing that these works have been so stupidly ridiculed by their critics. I highly recommend Nova-Tech to all objective individuals. RW Australia

ID#1485 D.T., 2005-12-19 [ , ]

I found alot of valuble information on the site about neo- tech mostly letting me know what kind of organization this was. Which helped urge me to receive the latest pulicatins of the neo-tech discovery. I do believe that the site should be more discriptive of the true intentions of neo-tech upfront. But i was most releved when i found the site and was able to dive into what it had to say. In order to comprehend what the site is talking about one must read the manuscripts. But i can also understand the discreetness of the site is in our best favor at the time.

ID#1488 T.V., 2005-12-19 [ Denver, Colorado]

I have bought through the mail both books on Neo-Tech and have agreed with everything I have read. Much of this information, I learned in my twenties but my confidence has grown upon learning that what I suspected, is true. I want to read more of this material and would like to hear how others are changing their lives. I am an educator who is surrounded by liberals who believe that kids can be given self worth without earning it. My job is a constant uphill battle as I struggle to impart honesty and discipline in the classroom. I constantly look for inspiration and Neo-Tech has given me hope for the future.

ID#1489 v.b., 2005-12-19 [ south holland, il]

the last book i received package of inner circle secrets look forward to the next

ID#1492 M.V.,@GMAIL.COM 2005-12-20 [ PONDY, PONDY]


ID#1494 D.A., 2005-12-20 [ pelham, NH]

Neo-Tech has the right to freedom of speech just like everyone else. People critisize what they fail to understand.

ID#1495 R.H., 2005-12-20 [ Bloomfield, Ky]

I am a new Nouveau Tech member anxiously awaiting the arrival of my manuscript, so therefore please leave this webite up and running for all to see so that many may find their way to the society.

ID#1496 R. ., 2005-12-20 [ Newport News, VA]

I truly appreciate everything I've read in Nouveau Tech.I now know the answers to my questions that no one could answer for me. What really caught my attention was the right and left brain characteristics. As I was growing up, I thought I was special, psychic, the chosen one!!! Now I know It's your right brain.

ID#1497 m.c., 2005-12-20 [ whitestone, ny]

mr. wallace , you are a guiding light of honesty in an anti civilization. i have learned much and it is not easy to change. honesty is tough, though i am conciously aware now. i always thought there was something wrong with society as early as a child , now i know why. thanx for your dedication to honesty, bestregards. mario

ID#1498 A.C., 2005-12-20 [ Chicago, il]

I like the views they bring along, all of my life i felt like our world wasn't right 4 sum reason, now i can understand. Continue to spread this movement!

ID#1501 . ., 2005-12-20 [ , ]


ID#1502 . ., 2005-12-20 [ , ]

youre all f***ing crazy

ID#1503 . ., 2005-12-20 [ , ]

There is no way you can in any way question the bible. Youre going to hell. Simple as that.

ID#1504 W.T., 2005-12-20 [ Greensboro, NC]

I have seen a number of this on the web that I would remove before Neo-Tech.I did get a letter that ask me to buy a book. But I am not sure if it is really from them. But if thay wish to stay on the web then "why not".

ID#1506 L.K., 2005-12-20 [ Wintersville, Oh]

Neo Tech is the eye opening literature that everyone should know about I have read heirloom 1&2 I cannot put into words what this meant to me Iam looking foward to #3 can you give me a time frame when it will be ready for delivery? eagerly waiting Louie Kosegi NC10 008596

ID#1507 b.v., 2005-12-20 [ , ]

THis is the dumbest ripoff thing i've ever read in my life. all people who believe this are just lazy bums cuz they think that "hey, i can make millions doing nothing but reading neo books". quote from history, "when your not working, somewhere, somebody else is and when you meet him he will beat you. ok, just sitting around reading books will never get you rich, working will.

ID#1508 w.m., 2005-12-20 [ vincennes, Indiana]

This site has been great I injoy reading and would love to see the 1000 padge manucript I am looking forward to using what I have learned from here

ID#1510 T.D., 2005-12-21 [ Cleburne, Texas]

Hey I broke through...been crying since 2 om......... Bring momma home .... starring at the family wondering how all ths could of happened to us........peace and find a way okay..just find a way...for come home to you..when I went to sleep latnight there was nothing but light in my head and al around me... Thank you and you very much.. LOVE

ID#1511 T.J., 2005-12-21 [ Mount Kisco, NY]

This site is so insightful, and so full of information that is vital to all individuals that the net(world) would not be safe, profitable, or meaningful without it for some if not most people. in this world, it wakes our self up, and offers us visions we shoudn't deny. I love the essence

ID#1517 f. ., 2005-12-21 [ , ]

since I see oyu have a German feedback page I wonder - is the whole site available in German as well? Not much read so far, what I sawm however makes sense and complies with various previous "puzzle pieces". The only th ing I wonder - how do you make busines son this? A curious Austrian

ID#1521 T.D., 2005-12-21 [ Cleburne, Texas]

who ever is trying to re-route my mail to Lake Norton SD, it is not me...and who ever tried to re-route my mail to Oklahoma , was not me...these are fraudulant acts done by people who don't want me to recieve your information....... I apologize for their retarted actions...and they will be prosecuted for it.....The harrassment has been long going on and I thank you every day for helping me with it... I did not know I was so important....but I did crack that code and plan to utilize it wisely.... As for those whom mis used your precious information....well we know what happens to them, they simply stacked the numbers against themselves... I have experienced so much stalking now that I have a PHD in corruption and not one corrupt vein in my vbody...XXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for all you have done....

ID#1522 J.H., 2005-12-21 [ , ]

Neo Tech is the best thing I've run into in years. Perhaps the only ethical rational philosophy being espoused anywhere. I'm not quite through the Neo Tech discover, but I can't put it down. I feel like I've gotten a new lease on life. I've read Ayn Rand & Aristotle, neo tech shows how to put it to work. I aim to do my best to put it to work

ID#1523 J.H., 2005-12-21 [ Blythedale, MO]

Neo Tech is the best thing I've run into in years. Perhaps the only ethical rational philosophy being espoused anywhere. I'm not quite through the Neo Tech discover, but I can't put it down. I feel like I've gotten a new lease on life. I've read Ayn Rand & Aristotle, neo tech shows how to put it to work. I aim to do my best to put it to work

ID#1524 R.B., 2005-12-21 [ Branson, MO]

Am very interested and have read my first book. Couldn't afford the second book at time it was offered. Am hoping to be able to get second and third book readings so I can be a part of internet meetings in future

ID#1525 A.C., 2005-12-21 [ Havant, ]

I have never been one for religion or politics. I have always made an effort to do things my way. However I felt in a minority. This has now restored my faith, my smile is broader and I know this is the truth. Ann Carver

ID#1526 T.V., 2005-12-21 [ Denver, Colorado]

Please send me a list of books I can purchase. I have enjoyed reading the Neo-Tech Discovery and would like to read the Immortals

ID#1527 s.w., 2005-12-21 [ , ]

i recieved something in the mail from nouveau,never heard of you before and wondering how you found me.please reply

ID#1529 . ., 2005-12-22 [ , ]

you are correct i will enlighten

ID#1532 d. ., 2005-12-22 [ tucson, az]

I was actually looking for info on THE NOUVEAU TECH SOCIETY and came across your web site. Is there any connection between that and NEO-TECH? Will greatly appreciate any pertinent info. Doug

ID#1536 J.H., 2005-12-22 [ you know, waterst]

It would be nice if you were a little more in control of your other members promised actions. I am awaiting four you to do your promised action. Joshua a Aquarian of the first of February. If you have any of you historic sylph left or have you not been true. P>s Nice books.

ID#1539 S.J., 2005-12-22 [ Idaho Falls, ID]

Stay on the web. Keep changing lives and opening doors for everyone who is looking to find answers to the frustrations and dogmas in their lives. Thank you!!!

ID#1542 M.B., 2005-12-22 [ GLENDALE, ARIZONA]


ID#1544 M.M., 2005-12-22 [ GLENDALE, ARIZONA]


ID#1545 M.B., 2005-12-22 [ GLENDALE, ARIZONA]


ID#1547 . ., 2005-12-22 [ , ]

This whole thing is a made up scam

ID#1548 . ., 2005-12-22 [ , ]

Can not wait for my third installment. Let' SINK THE BOAT. J

ID#1550 . ., 2005-12-22 [ , ]

Hey when I click on the "submit comments" button below I don't even get a message telling me that I didn't fill out the form, please fix this problem ASAP so I don't accidently leave out some info. the next time I write. thanks, God

ID#1551 d. ., 2005-12-22 [ REYNOLDS STATION, ky]

just wanted to think you for shining light on some questions i have had for a long time

ID#1553 T.R., 2005-12-23 [ , ]

I skimed through the second part called Start Sweepeing and found that your organization loves George Bush. He is by far one of the most corrupt politicians ever and y'all can have your power and money.

ID#1554 G.M., 2005-12-23 [ Sloatsburg, NY]

after recieving Neo letter. i decieded to look further. seen some negative press posted, so i looked further. THE WRITTERS OF THE BAD PRESS aparently did not read the Neo writtings in full and jumped to conclusions. narrow mindedness. Read and think for your self. G.Mottola

ID#1560 R.M., 2005-12-23 [ Salt Lake City, ]

Freedom of speech is something I hold dear and greatly respect. If Neo-Tech was taken off of the internet we would be taking away that basic right to act and think as we choose. Even Christ taught us to look for the good in all, because even in the most wicked or evil of people there can still be a little good. If you read what is said on this website with an open mind, a lot of it makes sense. Yes, some ideas are difficult to comprehend, but then again so is the fact that slavery still exists in our world, famine and hunger exist, when there is so much food to share, war is an excuse to murder, rape the innocent & plunder. If you want to take something off the internet let it be pornography! Especially where they exploit children. I'm so tired of people who claim to be Christians and of other faiths who would have someone killed or murdered just for disagreeing with their beliefs!!! When are we going to raise our level of thinking and spirituality to truly love one another as brothers and sisters on this magnificient planet earth...

ID#1561 R.M., 2005-12-23 [ Salt Lake City, UT]

Freedom of speech is something I hold dear and greatly respect. If Neo-Tech was taken off of the internet we would be taking away that basic right to act and think as we choose. Even Christ taught us to look for the good in all, because even in the most wicked or evil of people there can still be a little good. If you read what is said on this website with an open mind, a lot of it makes sense. Yes, some ideas are difficult to comprehend, but then again so is the fact that slavery still exists in our world, famine and hunger exist, when there is so much food to share, war is an excuse to murder, rape the innocent & plunder. If you want to take something off the internet let it be pornography! Especially where they exploit children. I'm so tired of people who claim to be Christians and of other faiths who would have someone killed or murdered just for disagreeing with their beliefs!!! When are we going to raise our level of thinking and spirituality to truly love one another as brothers and sisters on this magnificient planet earth...

ID#1563 M.M., 2005-12-23 [ Bklyn, NY]

I am waiting for my third and last phase for Neo-tech that is why I writing to you so let me know so I can start to take full control on how to get to these people who try to control me with some of their cruel cycles so let it go back to them. I don't like to be controlled by the government because I know how to treat myself. My name is Maria Martinez at 324 Jerome St Bklyn NY 11207 and I am waiting for the 3rd and final phase or step of your book.

ID#1567 D.J.,@insight 2005-12-23 [ , ]

It would be a hidious injustice to let this site remain on the web for the less fortunate and gullable people in our society to stumble across. It is truly demonic in its core beliefs and is dangerous. We need to protect each other from greedy monsters like wallace. He needs brought down.

ID#1568 L.I., 2005-12-23 [ Hollywood, FL]

It is the most interesting and powerful information I have ever read. I just can't stop reading. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely,

ID#1569 D.C., 2005-12-23 [ Edmonds, WA]

I believe that it is important to keep this valuable information online, to open their eyes to a whole new world, & the golden age that is upon us.

ID#1573 C.S., 2005-12-24 [ St. George, Utah]

I have just completed my second book. I can't tell you what I am feeling, it has been so long since I have felt happiness. I have begun to Neo-Think. It has open my eyes on how to intergrate and educate, new medical advancements, new type of living, education, and begining a business I have been puting togther the last 10 years. Thank you and please continue on.

ID#1574 j.l., 2005-12-24 [ Nashville, TN]

I believe Neo Tech is for real Everybody should know about it.

ID#1576 L.D., 2005-12-24 [ Delaware, Ohio]

Hello, This is astonishing information,of which I am,and will be a dedicated reader forever. Iam passing this to everyone I know and thoughs I don"t.I am a firm beleiver that NEO-TECH is the future in my eyes.Its so informative and I fell my life changing in every way,in a positive manner,this is great,and the most informative,thank you so much. Larry

ID#1578 . ., 2005-12-24 [ , ]


ID#1579 J.V., 2005-12-24 [ MARGRETVILLE , NY]

janet veoez 28 member of nova tech can help out but the mystery man has her soul. and the book of truth. so all who didnt belive in me science the paranormal all exsistance we protect o69 66 o249. no turning back president of the neo forces we are sorry. remember mystery man owns 069 66 0249. her soul and everyone is going to be caught eye have spoken. you better do your homework.

ID#1580 D.C., 2005-12-24 [ Edmonds, WA]

Sorry, but I've got this feeling that I did not give you my email addy, so please allow me to redeem myself. :)

ID#1581 S.Y., 2005-12-24 [ Baton Touge, LA]

You people should be put in jail- Merry Christmas

ID#1587 r. ., 2005-12-24 [ , ]

917thisdontrock rock

ID#1590 M.H., 2005-12-25 [ Nambucca Heads, NSW]

I am 69 years old and until Neo-Tech nothing that I've read has even had me partially convinced me to "believe" or become inspired. A lot of what you say is already part of my thoughts and opinions and a lot of what you say will become part of my thoughts and opinions. I am currently digesting the information contained in: Neo-Tech Discovery, The Neo-Tech System,The Neo-Tech World and the newly discovered articles available at your website. I believe in myself and the thought building process and I admire your supreme confidence to "rally" the world. MH

ID#1591 . ., 2005-12-26 [ , ]

If you are the sole reason why anything happens in MY reality, then the middle east thing is getting a little sloppy...... don't you think. I pity you.

ID#1592 C.J., 2005-12-26 [ Kitchener, ON]

neo-tech is a real winner in my eyes as it offers hope to those who have failed in anything else and needs the extra boost of what life has to offer. it certainly is everything i could ever hope for. keep up the good work.

ID#1593 J.P., 2005-12-26 [ Aberdeen, ]

really fascinating. completely oped up my life and ability to unblock the mind

ID#1596 . ., 2005-12-26 [ , ]

thanks for it will change your life for the good...

ID#1598 M. ., 2005-12-26 [ Littleton, CO]

Let me know about your new publications when they are available.

ID#1601 J.K., 2005-12-26 [ Lakewood, CO]

Thank you. Finally it looks like mankind may have a future after all.

ID#1602 C.C., 2005-12-26 [ Coos Bay, OR]

I think you should remain on the web if only to provide a much-needed alternative to the rampant, hard-line religious cacophony which seems to be pervading our society. You are like a lemonade stand in the middle of the Sahara. Stay there!

ID#1604 . ., 2005-12-26 [ , ]

What? Are you selling a book, fomenting zealots, showing off your research, enlisting members for something. You kept me reading goals and far fetch ideals, never giving any useful information. I feel like I've been to a vacation-condo-sharing seminar without a bottom line. What a waste of time and effort for everyone,author and readers. Get a job!

ID#1605 L. ., 2005-12-26 [ Bishop, Ca]

Go forth sand proclaim the truth.

ID#1607 b.k., 2005-12-27 [ holland , mi ]

in my countless efforts to seek truth im always encountered by those who speak and expose the realness of us as humans in regards to our excistance to our everyday aspect of life in general.mind exercise is what i tend to call it,thinking outside the pandoras box,allowing myself to conform not, but to freely discover myself in truth as with evrything else inside of me with regards to our existing universe. im thankful for such info to inform us who are blind to the fact,providing to those in search, the true test of evaluating self and life on this earth:the whole essence of our true being.

ID#1608 b.k., 2005-12-27 [ holland , mi ]

in my countless efforts to seek truth im always encountered by those who speak and expose the realness of us as humans in regards to our excistance to our everyday aspect of life in general.mind exercise is what i tend to call it,thinking outside the pandoras box,allowing myself to conform not, but to freely discover myself in truth as with evrything else inside of me with regards to our existing universe. im thankful for such info to inform us who are blind to the fact,providing to those in search, the true test of evaluating self and life on this earth:the whole essence of our true being.

ID#1610 l. ., 2005-12-27 [ , ca]

so far very interesting. sounds like sales pitch, but for an intersting "product". Why consider removal?

ID#1612 A.R., 2005-12-27 [ Santa Fe Springs, CA]

Let's keep an open mind. Government and Religion are married.

ID#1615 n.h., 2005-12-27 [ kermit, tx]

i found all i read to be iformative, alot of truth. yet there is one thing. there is a God,Jesus is the Saviour son of this God and we will answer to him someday. but all the rest of your info was true.

ID#1617 j.b., 2005-12-27 [ , ]

Do you have any specific information on currency trading using Neo-Tech philosophy?

ID#1620 b.a., 2005-12-27 [ alexandria, va]

keep up a good open millions of people eyes.thank you DR.WALLACE and your family.neo-tec bless you even if you are already blessed

ID#1622 . ., 2005-12-28 [ , ]

We have enough in life to cause us harm this is one I don't and younger people need it either. GO AWAY

ID#1624 . ., 2005-12-28 [ , ]


ID#1627 A.J., 2005-12-28 [ Mount Dora, Fl]

Yes please stay on the web im about half way done with my book its been a big help but i still have alots to learn still i still need your help Allan J Staton phone-352-735-0876 also Thank u for the help so far

ID#1628 M.S., 2005-12-28 [ Pleasant Prairie, WI]


ID#1632 . ., 2005-12-28 [ , ]

Freedom of Speech

ID#1636 T.D., 2005-12-28 [ Cleburne, Texas]

Hey kids it me and I'm reporting the latest hacking and federal tampering with my Visa card....the hacker is tampering with my Visa while the invention company is trying to run a payment on it comes back invalid but the card is fine and theres plenty of money on it.... The invention company was able to run a payment last week just fine...(same card) VALID Also the hacker induced a void of funds this week as well.. I only gave that card number to four outfits...the first one is tranaction completed, the second one is Prepaid Legal and the third is Herbalife and the fourth is the invention company in PA....ISC...Invention submission corporation.. This is another soucre of harrassment and stalking and federal you know they have tampered with my invention for years now.....the Visa card is pretty new ....I switch my cards alot do to these Federal violations... Thanks for listening and goodnight

ID#1637 . ., 2005-12-29 [ , ]

Yes, the world needs you and your information.

ID#1638 J.V., 2005-12-29 [ Daly City, ca]

Dear god, you guys are turning us into some sort of super beings. Too bad I have to become mystic-free to see it all.

ID#1642 J. ., 2005-12-29 [ Tampa, Fl]

We here in the in a capitalistic society therefore Neo-Tech should remain on the Web.

ID#1643 H.S., 2005-12-29 [ Hendersonville, NC]

I have always felt that there was something different about me and the way I would look at things in general and I asked a lot of quesrtions I could not get answers for, more or less told i just needed to have faith. Well I don't beleave in blind faith, I needed something more substantual to grasp on to. A few years ago I was looking for some answers to the same old questions on the internet and found Neo-Tech. I ordered the book and spent about six months reading and finding answers to the questions I used to ask many years ago as a young man. I just wish I could have found this many years ago, I amm now free.

ID#1644 P. ., 2005-12-29 [ Engleewood, Co]

THAAANNNKKK YOUUU !!!!! Info Was Very Eye Opening.I Sincerily Crave This Material. I must Have More So I Can Succeed In Life,Personally And Financially. I've Waited 48 yrs Of My Life For This. Alot Of Lifes Questions Were Answered!! Again With Sincere THANKS

ID#1645 P.M., 2005-12-29 [ Anchorage, Alaska]

Keep up the good work! Hope you remain on the web!

ID#1646 S.M., 2005-12-29 [ Park Ridge, Il]

I realy enjoy reding about neo-tech, but having a hard time finding the book "The First Immortals" 2005 edition. I would love to read it.

ID#1647 t. ., 2005-12-30 [ , ]

neotech rox

ID#1648 J.V., 2005-12-30 [ Daly City, CA]

Go GO GO pax neo-tech I haven't evolved but man you're writtings rule. I like how u guys are able to switch from any direction to another. I better evolve before more time passes bye, and everyone thinks im crazy. cause im not dealing with the things that I have.

ID#1649 i.m., 2005-12-30 [ Junction City, Kansas]

Could I purchase my package by mail? I'm running out of time and would like to do it before the deadline.

ID#1651 J.S., 2005-12-30 [ Klamath Falls, Oregon]

Seek and you shall find. Through an awareness of Neo-Tech and the desired burning in me to persue answers to questions. Honestly I want to know and have been waiting my entire life for this. I have not gone through the entire writings on the web. I know what I like and rest assured I will spend several hours reading this information.

ID#1654 L.C., 2005-12-30 [ Minerva, Oh]

must read more on this

ID#1656 F.M., 2005-12-30 [ East Lansing, MI ]

I have read all the information on your web site and I have yet to see a bullet. Am I missing them or will they come later? Can you give just a clue or a hint of a bullet?

ID#1657 . ., 2005-12-30 [ , ]

I am writing because neo-tech is good for fighting back on these mental oppressors out there right now who try to send negative thoughts about you mentally by using a signal. They want to figure you out like if you owe them something like they would try with me but all I'm going to do is send your mental oppression about yourself right back to you. If you don't like what you see or if you feel that this person can't do anything because of who they are or can't have anything because you feel he or she belongs in this kind of manner then what should a human being look like. If you wanted just a likeness of just yourself then there would only be you and your kind walking around this earth right? I don't understand how Mr. George Bush can run a country on mental opression because when you need something from Mr. government himself he tries to figure you out because he so busy thinking war like if everybody got something to hide because people are from different countries and you just have bias issues and I don't owe Mr. Bush anything. I do what I have to do but you want to figure someone out and take so long to make a decision just for something that should be taken care of in minutes or days not years just for some green card that is ridiculous! It seems like when someone acquires something being black or any other culture group you pick on them and try to mentally opress them and that is something I don't tolerate because I'm not going to let these government puppets that Mr. Bush acquires in every government job to mentally oppress me.

ID#1664 J. ., 2005-12-31 [ , ]

Looking for pincer 1 and pincer 2 for puchase. Regards, Joe

ID#1666 F.Y., 2005-12-31 [ Obuasi- Adansi,Ashanti Region,, Obuasi]

I wanna know how to make it in life beco's I've suffered a lots.Also need to know if DR.Wallace can help me by loaning me to start a small business. I'd have requested for the neo-tech discovery or God-man:OUR evolution but I DO not deserve and I DON'T even have money for a copy. Please try to help me.I was one of your selected people to recieved Personal Memo about six to seven years ago. PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO HELP ME DR.WALLACE. Sinecre, Yaro Frederick

ID#1667 F.Y., 2005-12-31 [ Obuasi- Adansi,Ashanti Region,, Obuasi]

I wanna know how to make it in life beco's I've suffered a lots.Also need to know if DR.Wallace can help me by loaning me to start a small business. I'd have requested for the neo-tech discovery or God-man:OUR evolution but I DO not deserve and I DON'T even have money for a copy. Please try to help me.I was one of your selected people to recieved Personal Memo about six to seven years ago. PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO HELP ME DR.WALLACE. Sinecre, Yaro Frederick

ID#1668 E.C., 2005-12-31 [ Pont Canavese (TO), italy]

Why don't you reply me? We proposed me NEO-TECH , but it doesn't get me. I sent you my request on 21st September 2005 Please you replay me in Italian Egle cena

ID#1669 t.n., 2005-12-31 [ , ]

What would be the IRS's motivation in these actions ? Does the employees get bonuses, commission, job promotions, or brownie points of any kind?

ID#1670 V. ., 2005-12-31 [ carlotta, CA]


ID#1671 N. ., 2005-12-31 [ Flint, MI]

I am sitting here just thinking on my next song and wondering why I havent unleashed this power that I now wield I will agree some of things in there blew me me away but a strong mind and a good sense of my right and left brain... I think I can do some good things to establish my family and more importantly my DYNASTY.................I am a scientist of life that why this has spoken to left and right brain are now free of the useless chatter that once had me on pins and needles I have foud a cure to my inner self THANKS I AM SO FOCUSED NOW MAN.I will use this power in a way that is productive and yet remain like my nature quiet and and unseen by the naive eye any body who hates this doesnt have any mind control just stay away from what you can not control live live and be free to express yourself just dont come with any threats ok I am Neo and Deadly. Deadly to any who oppose my come up I have found my missing link to success.I have been a quiet intellectual all my life and now.............

ID#1675 S.S., 2005-12-31 [ , ]

I Read Pax Neo-Tech and found it amazingly accurate and enlightening. I'm am now convinced that Neo-Tech hold a key to the future of mankind. Although I do not agree with all of the points brought up by Neo-Tech, I find that they are all correct. As an ex-Jew I found what was said about Judaism to be very accurate, more accurate than almost any acount I've ever read. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! And keep me updated on everything new you've got. Sincerely- Solomon Seagal

ID#1677 a.c., 2005-12-31 [ , ]

it all seems so incredible

ID#1678 S.J., 2005-12-31 [ Palm Beach Gardens, FL]

NeoTech should always be on the web for all to see. This is the only track to be on to get to what we are supposed to be.

ID#1681 L. ., 2005-12-31 [ , ]


ID#1682 D.W., 2006-01-01 [ St Peters, MO]

who are you?

ID#1683 M.L., 2006-01-01 [ Alvarado, TX]

Once we break free the chains of the anticivilition then we will be free to rome the universe and create earths.

ID#1684 . ., 2006-01-01 [ , ]

need to show horny girls naked and tits hard and pussy wet

ID#1687 D.C., 2006-01-01 [ Yuma, AZ]

I have just started to read the things on the web-site but I think I'll like what I read and I know I'm open to anything that is honest. Seems like too many dishonest people in the world get what the honest people should have.

ID#1688 J.D., 2006-01-01 [ Lebanon Junction, Ky]

Hello I am Jon Kinder Value producing citizen of the universe. thanks to Frank R Wallace for all the knowledge he inspired me with. I am looking for My Honesty Oath and Irs Protection Doucments please resend them to me at

ID#1689 M.D., 2006-01-01 [ beaverton , Mi]

I want to know more about Neo Tech and it's "10 second miracle".

ID#1690 M.D., 2006-01-01 [ Beaverton , Michigan]

How can I learn more about the "10 second miracle"? I have been unable to figure out my "Friday-Night essence". I need all the help I can get.

ID#1691 J. ., 2006-01-01 [ Roseville, MI]

Since only hearing and reading about the Neo-Tech's philosphy for less then a week now it has made a termendious impack the way I think. Thank you, I look forward to "Cracking the Illuminati Code" and educating others as well.

ID#1692 v.m., 2006-01-01 [ doonside , nsw ]

you can read neotech and then look at the earth and see they are right

ID#1693 J.J., 2006-01-02 [ Fremont,, Indiana]

Not to be overtly sappy, You cannot see in the darkness,without a bright shineing light...

ID#1695 E.P., 2006-01-02 [ orlando, Fl]

just finish reading the nouveau tech Discovery and the pax neo-tech on the web site please send more. Ernesto Padua

ID#1696 r.s., 2006-01-02 [ concord, nc]

please publish a book with answers, your books remind me of the bible too much. i am an avid reader, like all views on life and religion, but the truth is its all a matter of belief. robert s. tirk

ID#1698 J.A., 2006-01-02 [ Albany, W.A.]

A very motivational book/s with confronting views and challenges, most of all inspiring. Most of the views I already belived in and was nice to see them confirmed. It has inspired me to follow my dreams with vengence and to break the mystic chains that have weighed me down far too long! I have always been a person who has stood up for true principals that has sometimes got with in trouble and after reading your books it has given me more courage to believe in truth, integrity, honesty & love no matter what. I was brought up as a stornched catholic with strong religous backround and always questioned their beliefs without ever getting a straight answer, yet the answer in your book was clear for the first time in my life. Thank you Neo-Tech, I look forward to a more enriched life of longgevity, health and prosperity for the furtre. Juliana Allen Australia

ID#1699 P.B., 2006-01-02 [ ROERMOND, ]

It puts me in perspective in the right time.

ID#1702 d.l., 2006-01-02 [ diamond bar, ca]

want to learn Neo-Tech literature if it is possible.

ID#1703 D.W., 2006-01-02 [ St. Peters, MO]

who are you ?

ID#1708 R.D., 2006-01-03 [ Browns Mills, NJ]

How did you find out about the Neo-Tech web site? I did not find out about the web site, I did a search for Neo - Tech due to a letter I had received from Mr. John Finn dated October 15. This letter makes some very incredible statements about why I was selected and of. Neo – Tech. Due to this incredible information I forged a internet search for “The Nouvae Tech Society” and Neo – Tech. Mt goal was to confirm or dispel by comparison of information the validity of the information presented to me contained in the letter from Mr. John Finn. I am now member of “The Nouvae Tech Society” and will become an inner circle member in a short time. The information I have been given by the members of “The Nouvae Tech Society” through The Neo - Tech System, The Neo - Tech Epiphany, and The Neo - Tech Discovery coincide with my feelings when I was a young 15 year old. I have always been able to see the unfair doings by those in power. Yet I as a 15 year old unable to do anything in anyway to stop these neo - cheaters (as I now know to call them), am now finally getting a chance to do something along side people who are graciously bringing me into their most inner society circle. I do not know or pretend to understand the traits my profile shows those in the inner circle that causes them to deem me so special a contributor to “The Nouvae Tech Society”. I am fully willing and by The Nouvae Tech Societies profile of me, fully able to bring man to the next level of his evolution. It is about time and a comfort to know that the world through “The Nouvae Tech Society” will become neo-thinking, free of mysticisms, fully productive society in which to live as our “The Nouvae Tech Society” for fathers had hoped it to be. Richard

ID#1709 J. ., 2006-01-03 [ Wichita, Kansas]

I've enjoyed your website. I've only aquired my Neo-Tech Discovery package this past month. It is a lot to digest.( I've only managed to read through it twice.) There is so much of what is there that I agree with that I was totally astounded. I've been thinking these things for so long I thought I was crazy since everyone else seemed to be moving in the opposite mode. I'm still confounded at how 'knowing' about the Neo-cheaters is going to help me now. I've been being cheated all of my life and knew but nothing was able to change it. I haven't yet found the 'miracle' that was eluded to in the Neo-Tech Orientation Guide. (Read it thirty times now, every day I waited for my 1000 page Neo-Tech Discovery and every day since trying to find the correlation.) Can't wait for that 'first' meeting. Waiting for the invitation that is in the mail.

ID#1711 W.A., 2006-01-03 [ BLAIRGOWRIE, GAUTENG ]

Two Years ago I dumped 'THE BOOK' out of fear of being influenced out of my safe mystical belief system.Fortunately I retrieved it timeously and am now totally dependant on my own integrated honesty and reality based thinking. All the years of mystical garbage have inexplicably disappeared as i chose to direct my life toward a value oriented existence.I await the ZON POWER literature in my mailbox and know that 2006 and beyond will be the greatest years of my life.Neo-Tech places this amazing responsibility in your own hands and eliminates the dependancy of centuries of mystical belief systems that destroy your self esteem and prevent you from overcoming self imposed limitations. BC SOUTH AFRICA

ID#1714 W.C., 2006-01-03 [ portland, or]

I an new to your fold,I like your concepts & want to learn more.

ID#1717 A.I., 2006-01-03 [ CALABAR, CROSS RIVER]


ID#1719 v. ., 2006-01-03 [ , ]

First of all let me apoligize! And the only reason i am apoligizing is cause i have read more of the second book, and you have good points but you cant just give somebody like me this kind of imformation by book without any kind of councel are you crazy! But the imformation on jesus, st. pete, and plato were very eye opening! But still needs councel! i have many questions that need answering please! this just seems like a game! i need imput! i know too much to not delve any deeper! again i apoligize for being ugly! i need the 3rd book and your councel please i dont want to fall back in to bicammeral man i am ready for the fresh breath!

ID#1721 . ., 2006-01-03 [ , ]

an open minded outlook on how life is supposed to be. thank you

ID#1725 D. ., 2006-01-04 [ WARNER ROBINS, GA]

I think neo-tech will help my life and others that learn it. I want to get all the information I can about neo-tech discoveries. Please send me information on how I can get neo-tech literature.

ID#1726 J.G., 2006-01-04 [ PARMA, OHIO]


ID#1735 R.K., 2006-01-05 [ Ocean Springs, MS]

Ya'll are funny. Crack-pots, the lot of 'ya, really. It's just life man... there isn't a big conspiracy to do anything. People can't plan a shoe tying, let alone the course of history. You give humanity too much credit and take yourselves way too seriously. It's funny.

ID#1738 E. ., 2006-01-05 [ Burnsville, MN]

Neo Tech should keep secret... Because etc

ID#1742 . ., 2006-01-05 [ , ]

I was sent in the mail a personal letter from the neo-tech society. I have never heard of this organization or it's beliefs. After reading the comments written by many people on this website, i am very, very happy that I tore up the letter! I am very intuitive by nature, and this letter gave me the creeps! There are many sick and truly negative people in the world, and this person seems like one of them. Any organization that implies that they can give you power over someone else, is to be at all cost avoided! As peaceful God loving people, we should pray for this man, not judge or convict him.

ID#1745 M.H., 2006-01-05 [ Chicago, IL]

I had a dream of having the book in my hands. And numbers had gone through my head after reading it. The number went from 1-137 all in pictures and so quick. So, when I woke up I got online and typed in nouveau tech on a search engine and found this site. I read through a bit and thought that maybe it wasn't time for me to check this information out. That was in the year 2003. Soon thereafter I recieved an envelope in the mail selling nouveau tech and I just had to purchase it, so I'm through to almost the end of the second book. I can't wait till I get the third book in the mail. I'm on my way to happiness cause of this book. :_)

ID#1746 P. ., 2006-01-05 [ my city , my state]

I am just sitting here wodering why I have not fully released this power that I now hold in my hands I have learned more about my mind in two sessions of reading than my whole entire school career I just have to say that this is probbably the best thing that has happened to me as far as knowledge and the approach to business and productity I have ever seen. I am currently a business student and the power thinking schedule is the key to becoming a millionare I swore to myself at age 13 that by age 30 I would be a millionare and with this book I know that I will be on the way to becoming just that.

ID#1749 B.H., 2006-01-06 [ Chehalis, WA]

I certainly understand this parasite whereas I once was a US Federal Judge Advocate General's Corp Non-Commissioned Officer who no longer seeks to interfer with any other's legal (spirituality) Although I am a recovered influencial one who no longer seeks to change the world through my very own promotions. Although have come to learn this wisdom for love and aid of another's very own needs shall they deem the hold such and as they require in their very own opinions rather than my very own interpretation (promotions). In other words: "I apply attraction rather than promotion". I would rather help another's need for deliverence rather than mentor unto these who must need deliverence sooner or later perhaps in one lifetime. Hatred never deminishes evil... Anger never deminishes evil... Frustration never deminishes evil... Anxiety never deminishes evil... Sorrow never deminishes evil... Greif never deminishes evil... all other negative and unfavorable emotions never deminish evil...these merely add to this (evil); whereas all negative emotions are caused by fear. Success may very well be satisfaction although reducing chaos through love and trust which are winners here... Love and Trust are the answer's with Practicle wisdom and natural ordinary living that aid in this abilities to love and trust while being loved and trusted... I am absolutely anti-authority which is my only complaint herewith...sincerely with love' and trust'... Brian Hardie Useful Service Taoist

ID#1750 B.H., 2006-01-06 [ Chehalis, WA]

May this whole truth, all the truth, each souls truth, and each beings truth - ALL TO BE HEARD!

ID#1751 M.D., 2006-01-06 [ Beaverton , Mi]

Yes, please keep this site on the web. I need to know more. The whole world needs to know more about Neo Tech, for that matter.

ID#1752 . ., 2006-01-06 [ , ]


ID#1753 C.M., 2006-01-06 [ DOTHAN , AL]


ID#1754 J.R., 2006-01-06 [ Petersburg, IN]

Neo-Tech is changing my life. I am eternally grateful to all those involved in publishing these literary works. Just like you said, these words are everything that I always wanted to see. All my life I've felt that something was out of place in this mixed-up world we live in. And now I can finally pinpoint where my disillusionment was coming from. I am filled with such excitement each time I pick up the first and second packages I've recieved. I am even more excited to find Neo-Tech on the internet. I knew the Matrix had something to do with Neo-Tech,I've been thinking for a long time that it had to be more than mere coincidence, and now my belief has been confirmed. In closing, I would like to say this to Frank R. Wallace and Mark Hamilton: You are the fathers that I never had. In the last year, you have taught me more about life than my entire twenty-three year experience has. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

ID#1755 J.R., 2006-01-06 [ Petersburg, IN]

Neo-Tech is changing my life. I am eternally grateful to all those involved in publishing these literary works. Just like you said, these words are everything that I always wanted to see. All my life I've felt that something was out of place in this mixed-up world we live in. And now I can finally pinpoint where my disillusionment was coming from. I am filled with such excitement each time I pick up the first and second packages I've recieved. I am even more excited to find Neo-Tech on the internet. I knew the Matrix had something to do with Neo-Tech,I've been thinking for a long time that it had to be more than mere coincidence, and now my belief has been confirmed. In closing, I would like to say this to Frank R. Wallace and Mark Hamilton: You are the fathers that I never had. In the last year, you have taught me more about life than my entire twenty-three year experience has. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

ID#1756 V.R., 2006-01-06 [ Kalaheo, Hawaii]

Through Neo-Tech Discovery, The Potent Threesome/ the other (2)Large Great Packages received & Now waiting on the Final 3rd Package of Secrets before entering & meeting in person the Great People in the Civilization of the Universe who have chosen me because of the Great Potencial Gifts hiden inside of me that can make a great impact & difference in the Society, my loved ones, my family, as well as myself for what I have found was shocking & appauling of the world we live in & why we live the way we live today & why with out this "KNOWLEDGE" we could not "CHANGE" the way life should truely be for all Humanity for what I have received just by reading the Packages received have released me Completely from Religous "Guilt", The Leaders of our Nation who have "Corupt" our standards to live for their own benefactors & all those Neo-Cheaters of the world to beware of & know who they are that will Harm Humanity & what Short Lives we live today."We need quick easy to receive Input & the Constant Connection to always stay on Track to our FUTURE".That's why we need this Web Site.

ID#1757 p. ., 2006-01-06 [ , ]

I't is essential that neo-tech remains on the web as it serves a most important purpose to the productive people of earth. The information serves as a solid foundation on which the people of earth can gain access to ever wider range's of honesty and power. Allow it to stand against the tide of madness that attacks it for merely by being here it has already won.

ID#1758 . ., 2006-01-06 [ , ]

anyone dumb enough to belive inthe nouveau tech society or that thing they call GOD or ALI go f--- your self

ID#1763 J.V., 2006-01-07 [ Daly City , CA]

Fuck! 40million visits? I thought it was 4 million. Man, I better get going.

ID#1764 C.A., 2006-01-07 [ Union, MO]

I would like to know where to go for Neo-Tech literature. I've read just about everything on the web I could find and need more. This is what I've been looking for. Thanks.

ID#1765 r.s., 2006-01-07 [ wolverhampton, ]

it has changed my veiw on society and myself.

ID#1767 l.m., 2006-01-07 [ winnipeg, R2W4Y8]

I need information like this from their website

ID#1769 . ., 2006-01-07 [ , ]

This is a start of the Antichrist, whoever falls for this ploy is destined to "Eternal Damnation

ID#1773 S.J., 2006-01-08 [ RANGELY, Colorado]

I have already read the Neo tech Discovery and helf way through The Nouveau Tech Package of Inner-Circle Secrets These are the greatest books I have ever read. I look forward to learning more Thank You Sharin Johnson

ID#1777 P.A., 2006-01-08 [ Sao Paulo, SP]

I own Neo-Tech I, II, III, IV, V (Portuguese version) and "O poder da Riqueza!" ("The power of richness"), by Eric Savage/Neo-Tech. My English is not so good (I'm still learning it), but I can translate English texts. I live in Sao Paulo city, Brazil. Talking about Neo-Tech (I,II,III,IV,V - Portuguese version), we (Brazilians)can understand the hole text, but there are lots of mistakes, especially orthography and words that aren't used by Brazilians. In the future, if you want, I could translate Neo-Tech texts (English to Portuguese), or I could revise Portuguese versions. By the way, I can speak Spanish too. Think about it. Thanks for your attention.

ID#1780 S.M., 2006-01-09 [ Taylor, MI]

I am really amazed that almost everything I have read so far in the first 2 Neo Tech manuals, I have already concluded or was very close to concluding, requiring only the confirmation of my theories. My major problem now, is I would really like to read "The First Immortals", however, I cannot locate this book anywhere on the internet. Prior to reading these manuals, I felt like I was all alone in my thinking and extremely different from all the people I have met. I have had long term friends say to me that after 25 or so years of acquaintance they still did not know me or understand me. I am different and have been a rebel against conforming to the universal “norm” since birth. I guess in a lot of ways, I did not want to leave the toddler stage because the world was so different than the world in my mind. I have a bachelor degree with 2 majors, one in Psychology and one in Sociology. I am employed by the State of Michigan as a Parole/Probation Agent. It was by accident that I acquired this employment. During this employment I learned so much about government corruption and was working in a job that I totally did not believe in, but I had to feed my children. I really need a lot more information on the next evolution into the Civilization of the Universe. This website is important to all human beings on the entire planet earth and this website must remain available to all.

ID#1781 S. ., 2006-01-09 [ Ilford, Essex]

Neo-Tech is not a religion. I am a freethinker and I love it.

ID#1782 L.J., 2006-01-09 [ Roswell, Ga]

This read is the most important that I have discovered, regarding any topic ever. Thank you sincerely Linda Joyce Hayden

ID#1784 J.K., 2006-01-09 [ Malvern, PA ]

Please send my third installment. Waiting for your corespondence. I lost my member#. J

ID#1785 I. ., 2006-01-10 [ Irvine, CA]

I have just found out that you have taken most of your information off the web. I was very sadden when I found this out. I was lookingo forward to learning about neo-tech and how to change my life for the better. Please come back, people like me need this information. In the state of things today this information is needed more now than ever

ID#1787 M.D., 2006-01-10 [ Beaverton , Mi]

YES YOU MUST STAY ON THE WEB SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE ME CAN FIND YOU. THANK YOU! I am still struggling with my own mysticisms. You see I was raised in a southern Baptist home. I went to school at a Baptist private school. Everything in Neo Tech goes against my whole life. I am 37 years old and I am just now realizing how much of my life has been wasted. Since I finished the 114 Neo Tech Advantages, I have quit smoking and drinking coffee. Not to mention I am a much more loving person than I was. I am soon to be married to my live-in boyfriend of 13 going on 14 years. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

ID#1788 J.P., 2006-01-10 [ Staten Island, NY]

Yes I would like this site to remain on the web. I would also like it to contain more informatin about you products. I'm also wondering how I can find out the date and location of the next Neo-Tech World Summit because I'd like to attend.

ID#1789 R.V., 2006-01-10 [ Crete, 60417]

I have the first 1000 page volume of the Neo-Tech information, sent in the buy sheet for the second package for $95 in late October, 2005 and received nothing back and was not charged either. Either the post office or your company dropped the ball. How do I get restarted?

ID#1790 H.C., 2006-01-10 [ Dillwyn, VA]

I have read Nouveau Tech Secret Society and am waiting for the other packages. I am a new member and thought that such a wonderful movement would have to be on the Net. I would have been disappointed if it were not there. Well, I decided to search and I have found this page.

ID#1797 . ., 2006-01-11 [ , ]

I've read some pretty unbelievable opinions on the net and this ranks up there with some of the most atonishing B.S. I have come across. The sweeping unsupported indictments the subtle racism and rank disregard for the truth have reaffirmed my belief that there is really no end to the dazzling light of ignorance. After reading everything you posted on the net I could give you a point by point response to the opinion represented as fact which make up the bulk of you argument. But why waste the time, as I am surprized thatI even spent the time to write this. I'm sure it will make no difference to the neo-tech devotees as your narrow close minded view will probably never open up to the true reality of the world. But I do hope this not to be the case.

ID#1798 F.E., 2006-01-11 [ Bel Air, MD ]

I've always thought something was missing, but could not figuire out what it was. This is giving me a new direction to look in. What I've read so far has peaked my interest. I'm retired and am on social security.

ID#1799 D.P., 2006-01-11 [ Miami, Fl]

I love all the great information that is available for pleople who are interested in freedom in all it's meaning,thank you .

ID#1800 D.V., 2006-01-11 [ Hawthorne, NJ]

Please end me info. Thanks

ID#1801 D.V., 2006-01-11 [ Hawthorne, NJ]

Please end me info. Thanks

ID#1804 . ., 2006-01-11 [ , ]

I'll support anyones right to remain on the web.

ID#1812 N.O., 2006-01-12 [ sunman , in]

i am a new member my number NC10 0898-6200 i recived a reservation form for my first meeting. the problem is that i had to return it by december 30 2005 and i didn't recive it untill jan. 6 2006 that isn't fair . can you please help me?

ID#1814 G.G., 2006-01-12 [ , ]

I beleive Neo Tech should stay on the web to let the world know that the dark ages are over I live in Northern Ireland and know more than most about the negative effects of religion and manipulating neo cheaters The people of Northern Ireland are mostly good people who are being led by politicians who in my opinion could not lead a dog and deliberatly do there utmost to divide the people into two camps for their own gain and twisted ideoligies I have read the Neo Tech Discovery Neo Tech World Neo Tech Business and these books have cleared my mind and I now feel an intelligence renewing in me that I always had but had got into a rut and I am hungry for more knowledge and would even like to attend a Neo Tech summit or become a Neo Tech associate member. Please could I have some more information about this. I have started to use Neo tech in my business and have found that instead of going under I am starting to turn things around and have found my Friday night essence with a biofuel/biodiesel project that I have started.My personal life has never been better my relationship with my wife and family is nearly perfect because of my new attitude. G.G

ID#1815 G.G., 2006-01-12 [ Co Antrim, N.Ireland]

I beleive Neo Tech should stay on the web to let the world know that the dark ages are over I live in Northern Ireland and know more than most about the negative effects of religion and manipulating neo cheaters The people of Northern Ireland are mostly good people who are being led by politicians who in my opinion could not lead a dog and deliberatly do there utmost to divide the people into two camps for their own gain and twisted ideoligies I have read the Neo Tech Discovery Neo Tech World Neo Tech Business and these books have cleared my mind and I now feel an intelligence renewing in me that I always had but had got into a rut and I am hungry for more knowledge and would even like to attend a Neo Tech summit or become a Neo Tech associate member. Please could I have some more information about this. I have started to use Neo tech in my business and have found that instead of going under I am starting to turn things around and have found my Friday night essence with a biofuel/biodiesel project that I have started.My personal life has never been better my relationship with my wife and family is nearly perfect because of my new attitude. G.G

ID#1819 J.C., 2006-01-13 [ Allen, Ne]

Because this is the best place to get your information out to many people. I have recieved much information from this site so please keep it on thanks

ID#1820 R.T., 2006-01-13 [ Magna, Utah]

I think this is the most important website on the internet today!!! Never take it down. I have recieved so much value from the Neo-Tech Information that I have read. I can't wait to get my hands on The First Immortals..

ID#1821 A. ., 2006-01-13 [ , ]

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ID#1825 S.F., 2006-01-13 [ Lewisville, TX]

I am very intriged by this information and being exposed to it has and is opening my mind as well as my thoughts to new areas I was not aware of before.

ID#1826 G.R., 2006-01-13 [ Bowling Green, Ky]

Neo-tech has changed my life,opened my eyes and set me free. Hope you never leave the Web.

ID#1827 G.R., 2006-01-13 [ Bowling Green , Ky]

At 63 years of age I am a new woman and am finally looking forward to the future. How can I thank you all? Neo-Tech has opened my eyes and heart and I am free.

ID#1828 g.h., 2006-01-13 [ pendleton, indiana]

no comment at this time

ID#1829 o.s., 2006-01-13 [ dallas, or]

I would like to order The First Immortals

ID#1831 D.W., 2006-01-14 [ Fort Worth, TX]

I came across the Neo-Tech website after receiving a letter saying I had a special gift and I needed to be trained before it was too late. I did some research and here I ended up. I myself am a Christian but to read some of those negative remarks and threats made by those people just isn't right. I try to keep an open mind and do a lot of reading on a lot of religions and societies. I do agree with the fact that most of the population follows blindly and need to take control of their lives. I am one of them.

ID#1835 a. ., 2006-01-14 [ LA, CA]

Hi Frank. Just wanted to let you know that I do find most of your info fascinating. But, your recent assertions regarding Bush may not be entirely framed in reality. The Two World War you refer to cannot be won without the help of the religious right. For instance, I believe that it is the sons and daughters of the religious right that are enlisting in the army today or at least a majority of them. Without them, or their belief of a higher cause (God), the numbers in our army would be essentially nill. Just like what happens in "Atlas Shrugged," the secular right would be eaten up alive. But, unlike the book, this world would not be able to bounce back if the fundamental right (Islamists) win this War of Two Worlds. The secular right and the religious right must scratch eachothers backs to win this war. Thanks for reading this memo. CA 1-14-2006

ID#1837 B.H., 2006-01-14 [ Great Lakes, illinois]

I loved The Book. Please send me more info on other books. Thank You Bobby

ID#1838 K. ., 2006-01-15 [ DSM, IA]

Yes it should people should be aware of the mystism in the world and not fall into the government way.....

ID#1839 M.M., 2006-01-15 [ Bristol, BS20 6PF]

I have purchased a number of Neotech Publications and have an order outstanding for the third book - The Neo-Tech World. However I have still not received the book, (it was ordered approx 3rd October 2005). Whilst on the internet, I just decided to search for NeoTech World and I was connected to this website.

ID#1840 . ., 2006-01-15 [ , ]

I sent for the information discussed in the initial unsolicited mailing that 'identified' me as being in a special place in my life. However nothing arrived. So, I looked for the information on the internet and found this site. I'm happy it's here. I keep coming back when I have some time but it's taking me a long long time to get through the information. Okay... Bye

ID#1841 J.B., 2006-01-15 [ Oklahoma City, OK]

I have spent the last hour reading through a large amount of this website. At first, I disliked what was being said because I feel that Bush is a large part of the problem and felt that you were promoting him by denigrating those who rail against him. I still have misgivings in that regard, but when I read through the "Negative comments" section, I felt that there was a great deal of merit to what this diatribe was postulating. At any point in time, when a group so emphatically demonizes a treatise such as this, you feel that a severe nerve has been struck. When all that comes forth from these demonizers is hate and vilification instead of sane, coherent argument, one can only feel that a rug has been pulled out from under their collective dogma.

ID#1842 D.O., 2006-01-15 [ Ventura, California]

Neo-Tech brings to conciousness what we already know, then stretches that knowledge into new realms thinking.

ID#1843 t.h., 2006-01-16 [ camerrillo, ca]

without neo tech the average joe doesn`t have much chance for happiness.with neo tech he has hope to fullfill all his dreams. neo is are only hope to survive on this planet.

ID#1844 t.h., 2006-01-16 [ camerrillo, ca]

without neo tech the average joe doesn`t have much chance for happiness.with neo tech he has hope to fullfill all his dreams. neo is are only hope to survive on this planet.

ID#1845 G.n., 2006-01-16 [ Kuala Lumpur, WP]

I have been a disbeliever in governments and their controls for more than 20 years and lived a lifestyle to avoid their coercions. I believe we already live in a world where most of the cures for disease have been devoloped but held back by government. To live free (real freedom) would be a great outcome for man. Keep up the great work.

ID#1846 R.B., 2006-01-16 [ Laurens, sc]

Member Number NC60 0932-0944 Order Number 0000169823325 Manuscript Number 252 December 17, 2005

ID#1848 B.D., 2006-01-16 [ Sultan, WA]

I've been following the website for awhile and have the book and I see nothin g wrong with the website staying up.

ID#1849 A.P., 2006-01-16 [ , ]

The website is ok don't get me wrong my coment is based on protection from the HATERS. Please send new information Mr. Mark Hamlinton's lates publication, or whatever information is available. Thank You; Adrian Pratt

ID#1850 A.P., 2006-01-16 [ Brentwood, NY]

The website is ok don't get me wrong my coment is based on protection from the HATERS. Please send new information Mr. Mark Hamlinton's lates publication, or whatever information is available. Thank You; Adrian Pratt

ID#1852 J.L., 2006-01-16 [ London, ]

Where are the Neo-Tech people in London? I would like to know and meet people that knows about Neo-Tech.

ID#1853 b.a., 2006-01-16 [ ALEXANDRIA, VA]


ID#1854 d.h., 2006-01-17 [ alpine, wy ]

i just wish there was away to quickly and effectivly pass this info, knowlege, concept, or however you call it into every mind on the planet. also i am going to do everything i can for the cause

ID#1856 K.C., 2006-01-17 [ Knoxville, Tn]

please send me the second installment nouveau tech discovery book I have misplaced my statement papers but I would love to have this next book Thank You, Karen Capps

ID#1857 R.M., 2006-01-17 [ Corpus Christi, TX]

I'm so excited to know that you are on the web. I received knowledge about you through the mail. I didn't know if you were legitimate or not, but I took a chance and ordered your first book and then your second. I've believed the things in these books for years. But this is the first time that I have found anyone who believes so much like I have always believed. I'm so excited. I will support you all the way.

ID#1859 i.f., 2006-01-17 [ clearwater, fl]

Neo tech is a powerful force for changing the individual mind. please do not stop, neo tech is what this world needs to survive. although i have not read the neo tech discoveries book by, R Wallace i look forward to reading it as soon as i save up the money to buy a copy. I HAVE FAITH IN NEO TECH, A TRUE FORCE FOR GOOD THAT ALL MEN SHOULD FOLLOW.

ID#1863 L.D., 2006-01-17 [ Troy, MI.]

The time is right today for Neo-Tech, now its more than needed to give the world freedom from external authority.

ID#1864 T.B., 2006-01-17 [ Marion, WI]

i love u guys

ID#1867 n.o.,@blow 2006-01-17 [ , ]

my comments are rather easy to understand, YOU GUYS ARE F*CKED UP. it could not be any clearer!! HOW COULD A BUNCH OF DUMB F*CKS LIKE YOU POPULATE THE EARTH!!! hell is not good enough for you.

ID#1868 . ., 2006-01-17 [ , ]

If this information were so valuable you wouldn't have to charge for it because you would have everything you need. The motivation is greed. I therefore do not need it.

ID#1874 S. ., 2006-01-18 [ , ]

I still am not sure of how this is a good thing. I am trying to understand everything you have put here and soon, i hope, will have your book to help me. I recieved a letter in the mail today letting me know i was special and that i could do wonderful things to make my families life a whole lot better. If this doesn't work i will lose my faith in all. Please help me! Also, I believe I can control my destiny. With help it will be easier to help my loved ones too. I want so much to believe in something that will better my life. I hope this is right.

ID#1875 J.S., 2006-01-18 [ Cass Lake, MN]

Wow, i've heard such aweful stuff. I just had to check it out.=) We put a search out and at first all we found was nasty, hateful comments about it. We finally found this site and we were shocked. We understand the comments now. But we couldn't agree with you more. We couldn't stop reading. We never realized that there were people out there who thought the way we did. Please don't take the site off. We're not done reading and there is so much more.

ID#1876 S. ., 2006-01-18 [ Portland, OR]

The World Wide Webb was the best thing that happened to our world. It has given us access to information, unlimited. I love that people can explore other people's truths and decide for themselves what their truth is.

ID#1879 l.h., 2006-01-18 [ Mantachie, Mi]

i was sent a letter,wich i returned part of this am i am not real sure what this is all about but i have an open mind lawana hayward

ID#1880 C. ., 2006-01-18 [ , ]

I just received an invitation in the mail saying that I had special abilities that they were looking for to be part of the neo tech society. I read the whole letter and I admit was curious but had a bad feeling about it. I just thought it was some get rich quick scam. I decided to look up information on the net to see what I could learn about this. Boy was I shocked to see what all the neo tech thinking consisted of and I felt a sudden since of relief when I knew my bad feeling was just. I will never read the book they offered to send me for free. MY soul is more valuable than anything that they can offer me. I do want to be successful but I am going to do it by means of effort and hard work and sacrifice, not by selling out my creator and savior.

ID#1887 . ., 2006-01-18 [ , ]

It's a shame that free speach is even open to people like this. I beleive that people are entitled to beleive what the want but this is just wrong on every level. Its scary to think that people might actually beleive this stuff. May god help you.

ID#1888 D.L., 2006-01-18 [ Ogden, Utah]

I have received my two books, and with the information that I have received I am suppose to receive 1 more book and some correspondance from you. Please let me know where I stand. I am intriged with the books that I have read, and I believe this company has the intergrity to keep up on the promises and will not let me hang. Thank You Doug Larsen

ID#1889 P.T., 2006-01-18 [ El Cajon, California]

I was reading the Spanish translation into English and the subject matter was about romantic love/freeing oneself from guilt. There were several words which were jumbled up within the structure of the sentence in the subject matter. It was mildly disconcerting to read, although it did not disrupt my overall understanding. Because I had read it before within my books. I had just wanted to compare notes; and to decide for myself just how worldwide the organization really is. Impressive! I'm not sure that a Neocheater would ever have the ability or inclination to identify themselves as such. But it was a reminder to myself to not let my guard down; I too, have my moments of mystical thinking: where I ascribe NeoTech as being able to control reality, my reality, through a nonviolent, irresistible way. I have also read Frank Wallace's papers about his courtroom trial and what led him to develope his NeoTech philosophy. Given what has happened today with the present administration in America, it seems like we have an administration that wants to change itself into a kingdom, with George Bush being the King. Striving to speak for some higher authority. Frank Wallace is a genius! And his past experiences only resonate louder in our present political reality. And this is all because I had Internet access through my school at Mesa College in San Diego, California. My name is Peter Thornton. My e-mail address is I do not want to be seen as pontificating so forgive me and thank you for reading this.

ID#1894 . ., 2006-01-19 [ , ]

Very hard to understand...not in english!

ID#1899 j. ., 2006-01-19 [ Mcalester, ok]

I'm ready to join! juan hill

ID#1903 W.B., 2006-01-19 [ Rochester Hills, MI]

I am a long time customer of NeoTech. When will Hamilton's second book of the trilogy be released? The first book was riviting and read within hours of receipt. It's been torture waiting for the second book in the sequel. When, exactly, will this book be released for purchase?

ID#1904 A.J., 2006-01-19 [ AuGres, Mi]

This website is very informational, and I stongly believe that this website needs to stay online.

ID#1905 W.R., 2006-01-19 [ new london, wi]


ID#1906 w.r., 2006-01-19 [ , ]

please send me some financial help,i am member nc10-0458-4371

ID#1911 S.G., 2006-01-19 [ Sun Prairie, Wi]

I just wanted to give a heads up on an important book I have been made aware of recently by Bart Ehrman who chairs the dept of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, I truly hope you will pass this along it is a real eye opener to the history of religions. The book title is Misquoting Jesus. Mr. Ehrman has 12 other titles to his name as well. Kudos still waiting for book 3

ID#1913 N.K., 2006-01-19 [ Lauderhill, Fl]

Sincerily wonderfull, I love this web site. Never stop.

ID#1914 J.g., 2006-01-19 [ Portsmouth, hants]

i am older now so i have picked up my manuscript i bought nearly 20yrs ago in the hope i can now understand its contents.

ID#1918 L. ., 2006-01-19 [ W Sacramento, ca]

It's not For everyone Some people wont understand Or wont want to comprehend its meaning

ID#1922 D.D., 2006-01-19 [ COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado]

i think neo-tech should stay on the web. But when i try to go to something on the website it says the the page doesn't exist. that should be fixed. and i think all the words should be translated. I hope this makes sense

ID#1924 A.D., 2006-01-20 [ , ]

I should like to know more about how to become this "honest and knowledgeable super man.

ID#1926 M. ., 2006-01-20 [ , ]

I love you! Thank you for bringing us this priceless information. I have read some of the negavitive comments about Neo-Tech and I know that many of those obviously religious minded people have closed minds. (If they weren't closed minded who would keep the evangalist, preachers and politicians raking in all that money). When they come to the end of their religious illisions they will have no other choice but to think deeper about what Neo-Tech is bringing to a world on the brink of disaster. There is not one religion, politician or entity that has had any success in leading the world toward prosperity, health, wealth and great romance. Although many of these "Christians" claim that Neo-Tech is about money and sex they really have it all wrong. It doesn't matter what they say about Neo-Tech, they all want wealth, health, and great sex and they all want it right now. They have been told what they are supposed to want for so long that they themselves are fearful to admit what it is they really want. They have been conditioned to fear all that they want and surrender to a life of sacrifice and poverty. They are simply not in their right minds; because anyone that does not want wealth, health, prosperity and great romance is only lieing to themselves and everyone else. Please never stop what you are doing until our world in a safe place for our kids. Please never stop what you are doing until everyone has had the chance to read and judge for themselves what is true or not. Please let no one or thing discourage in anyway from doing what no one else has ever done, including the god of those religious zealots. I love you! and when the rest come the their senses so will they. Yours Truly, Maria

ID#1927 . ., 2006-01-20 [ , ]

I have gone through enough of your website to agree with you on most of your points, especially regarding religion. But I have great trouble with your emphasis on gaining personal wealth through gambling, etc., as well as your emphasis on power, and power over others (womanizing - and I've done my share). I see this emphasis as a self-centered. I see an emphasis on "greed" and not much else. It is a contradiction to your higher-minded philosophies regarding religion, mysticism, ignorance, etc. How do expect to change the world as we have come to know (and fear) it, but enriching yourself at the casino?

ID#1928 M.L., 2006-01-20 [ Sunnyvale, Ca.]

Please update my DOMICILE given here and forward to The Noveau Tech Society. Thank You, ML

ID#1933 R.B., 2006-01-20 [ Novato, CA.]

Hi: I beleave with All my heart that this website should remain open to those that UNDERSTAND what neo-tech is about. I have received my 2nd book, and I'm truely amazed. Somehow I always had a feeling that a unique group of people like this exsisted. I want to learn so much more. I have found changes in how I view the World and the Universe. And I also have seen changes in myself as well. I am now waiting for my 3rd book. I have so many questions. Ans yes I have kept an open mind while reading these books. Thanks..........Roy

ID#1934 D.M., 2006-01-20 [ Springfield, MA]

I find this very interesting. There is a good deal that requires much more than a superficial reading to absorb and to play with in thought. Which is to be expected for what has to address complexity and do so selectively and concisely. There has to be what creates a standpoint where one can see clearer. Then to adjust one's mind and place. Nothing that is made in minds is immutable. It's good to recognise this and see that change is not impossible to inspire.

ID#1936 a.v., 2006-01-20 [ sydney, nsw]

the pax neo tech book i printed from the net was very interesting but i still dont get how you apply the techniques also is that the manuscript you get sent to you send the 150 us, also where can i read more neotech theorys as i found them to be very interesting it makes you think about is it really true what there saying its a very good theory, keep me posted with other stories and will reading this info make me rich,immortalityand prosper in life with the maximum rewards i really hope so as money isnt very good at the moment and its straining my relationship with my girlfriend thanks for the good read i liked it

ID#1937 M.K., 2006-01-21 [ Kirkland, WA]

I think that Neo-Tech should remain on the web because it represents the middle of which the "Liberals" and the "Conservatives" represent. True every day creativity is seriously lacking in today's "society" and Neo-tech is potentially the way to help people see the outside of their "bubble". I seemed to have the same ideas even before reading the two books I own now. Neo-tech helped me bring it all together into a rough concept which I am still working on solidifying. Thank you Neo-tech and all of your authors and staff! Max K.

ID#1938 J.M., 2006-01-21 [ Phoenix , AZ]


ID#1939 D.W., 2006-01-21 [ , Cheshire]

The neo-tech information I have read on your site is interesting and thought provoking.

ID#1940 m.j., 2006-01-21 [ Reisterstown, MD]

I just want to thank you for all the info an for setting me free from the neo cheeters. I have descovered that the father I go the eazier they are to see

ID#1941 W.S., 2006-01-21 [ Johnson City, NY]

This is inpirational in these times.

ID#1942 . ., 2006-01-21 [ , ]

I say keep ot on. I can always use a good laugh. Talk about muddled irrational thinking...

ID#1943 M.X., 2006-01-22 [ Lakeland, Fl]

It is great, although not perfect.

ID#1944 P.J., 2006-01-22 [ Auckland., ]

It cannot be denied by the rational mind that much of what you people espouse is the unbiased truth of the thinking mind, yet you are clearly obsessed with only the “hear and now” and seem oblivious to the big picture. This tiny earth and those temporarily attached to it are mere specks in the true nature of things. Any intense focus and attachment to what is unfolding on this planet merely binds us to the illusion that what we experience here is reality when in fact it is little more than a tenuous hologram not unlike vapour. At your intellectual level, you should be well aware (as you do speak of quantum physics) that matter is an illusion and as such is an entrapment or impediment of the enlightened consciousness. The myth you seem to be supporting, that true happiness can be found in sex and or material wealth would suggest to me that you are prepared to stop well short of where your searching minds may take you. The fact that you strip bare so many lies and deceptions can only be applauded but you are just as trapped in the physical boundaries of this reality as any of the false religions you seek to expose! This attitude could be described by a true seeker as rather shallow and very limiting. Are you people oblivious to such concepts as the evolution of consciousness, reincarnation and enlightenment? Do you honestly believe we live one small life and that’s it? Your wisdom and vision can only be the accumulated bi product of numerous lives and you can surely see this by any simple comparison with so many of the utter incompetent ignoramuses you write about in your literature. Like so many others in this world you appear to be suffering from the same old Ostrich head in the sand syndrome gentlemen. I own #31507 172BT.

ID#1945 . ., 2006-01-22 [ , ]

Is there anybody out there whom actually purchased the 100-something $ book and then MET SOMEONE IN PERSON from the Nouveau Tech Society?

ID#1946 M. ., 2006-01-22 [ Littleton, CO]

This site should most definitely be removed from the internet as it will do nobody good and can only do evil.

ID#1947 d. ., 2006-01-22 [ craigavon, n-ireland]

ibought the neo tech books about 3years ago what i've read to date makes a lot of sense and i have been intrigued by them although i have been brought up a catholic i have not bothered with religion for about 5 years i now think that religion is one big con also politicans but i must say im scared of my new standing but i wont back track

ID#1948 N.O., 2006-01-22 [ sunman , in.]

To The Liaison Member I Love the book but since i recived it i recived a letter it was my Reservation Form to the Nouveau Tec Society Secret Meeting it was dated 12/24/2005 and i had to respond by 12/30/2005 but i didn't recive it un till 1/6/2006! Please (HELP ME) i have send a e-mail but didn't get any responds back. My Member Number is NC10 0898-6200 since i got recived my book in dec. i have lost my business because of neo-cheaters as of 12/31/2005 now i can't find a job. In my Orientation Booklet it tell of a story where twelve children who grew up to become very wealthy and successful the story told how their wealth was attained i couldn't find it in my book PLEASE E-Mail me back before it's too late for ME.

ID#1950 s.h., 2006-01-22 [ snowflake, az.]

hay it'a new year whats new and exciteing? we hope you'll have a good year Stephen

ID#1951 . ., 2006-01-22 [ , ]

Everyone has a right to express his opinion whether or not you or I agree. You seem to me to be a group of atheists intent on destroying religious belief. If religion brings people comfort, what right have you to take it from them? From what I've seen on this sight, you offer nothing I haven't found in mysticism. Prayer and possitive faith have done much for me. I suscribe to no particular religious views, but I do believe in God and would not turn my back on him to follow some far fetched theory that seems to advocate little else but becoming an atheist to set my self free from the very faith that has given me much comfort and direction in my life.

ID#1952 G.R., 2006-01-22 [ Princeton, Ky.]

Im' just learning.

ID#1955 A.B., 2006-01-22 [ , ]

Starting to read NeoTech, wanted to know more.

ID#1956 G. ., 2006-01-23 [ Tulsa, OK]

You know, I have had thoughts similar to what I've read all of my adult life. I'm glad to find people that share my views!!

ID#1960 M.R., 2006-01-23 [ Fort Dodge , Iowa]

I have read the Book God-Man Our Final Evolution, & All I can Say Is WOW!!! I've known for years that Neo-Tech was the way to go & have lived my life with Neothink, & life just keeps getting better. Thank You Mr. Frank R. Wallace Yours Truly M. Bryant

ID#1962 A.S., 2006-01-23 [ SAINT CYR L'ECOLE, ]

Attester pourquoi pas

ID#1963 M.S., 2006-01-23 [ Mobile, AL]

I am going under a transformation because Neo Tech. I plan to slowing introduce my son to these principles and concepts. I wished that I had found this book years ago.

ID#1965 S.A., 2006-01-23 [ HIghland, MI]

It's been quite some time since I've heard from you folks, I'm wandering if you have any intention on sending me volume 3. What's happened? I was quite pleased to find that I was not the only person in the "civilized world" who thought in such a manner. I have no faith in politics, religion or any other external authorities that may try to impose their way into my life. I am very interested in obtaining volume three which explains how I can deliver myself from these evils. I'm poised to begin living my future but I need the tools to do so. I'm sending this from a library computor so I don't have an e-mail address for you.

ID#1966 u. ., 2006-01-23 [ right, sc]

I dont really know whta to think about this neo-tech but i can say BREAKTHROUGH!

ID#1967 a. ., y 2006-01-23 [ El Oro, Mexico]

Hace al rededor de 5 o 6 años recibi un sobre con un cupon para adquirir la obra de neo-tech discovery del Dr. Wallace, pero no tenia dinero para adquirirla, siempre he estado interesado en comprar la obra, ojala pueda lograrlo ahora, se por lo que he leido que es una obra super interesante y deseo seguir informandome sobre ustedes., mil gracias y aun mas si me dan esa oportunidad de adquirirla. saludos Armando.

ID#1968 s. ., 2006-01-23 [ sdg, ff]


ID#1969 E.M., 2006-01-23 [ Grand Rapids, MI]

Why aren't you publishing any more books. I have bought a bunch of them. They are of great value. I miss your publications. Any chance you resume publishing?

ID#1972 S.H., 2006-01-24 [ Oxley Vale, NSW]

My personal Neo-Tech customer number is 1774948, and I wish to read the "Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia", frequently referred to in "the Neo-Tech Discovery", and get access to some of the other referenced books (eg. Mark Hamilton). Your web-site is sometimes difficult to navigate, but please keep it going!

ID#1973 D.S., 2006-01-24 [ New Albany, Mississippi]

I had received a letter in the mail from John Finn and I decided to try to search for more information. I'm very interested in Neo-Tech,not to play cards, because I play.But,I would like to be more in control over different situations in my life. I don't think that it should continue on the web simply because I feel that this type of information will be abused by some. As long as the right kind of people use it,everything will be all right.

ID#1974 r.c., 2006-01-24 [ orange park, fl]

I would like to know more.

ID#1975 E.P., 2006-01-24 [ Orlando, florida]

I knew that thre was a reason i didn't like going to church and teir belives and i don't think ishoul give my hard earned money to someone that lives better than me I drive a used car because i can't afford a new one and they drive oround in new ones payed by the poor and when you ask for help they send you to the other freeloader the goverment. I was at the verge of giving up on everything till i got this letter in the mail that some how got me to send for this book that change my hole way of looking at life. thank you

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