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ID#1976 E.P., 2006-01-24 [ orlando, fl]

wrong email

ID#1977 P.S., 2006-01-24 [ Pittsburgh, PA]

i think Wallace Ward is an excellent writer with great ideas. I know that it is not a "cult" and I am certainly not a member. I am my own leader with the riches of thought, creativity, inspiration, compassion and integrative arts. I know that the riches of money and materilistic power are to be earned righteously and honestly, and just because a company forgot or refused to pay taxes- that happens all the time! who cares?!! i loved the book i got and i paid an outrageous amount of money for it. i should have known this stuff myself already, and some of it i did, but it was very re-educational and fun, and i guess i needed to remember this stuff. Objectivism and Ayn Rand are great introductions to the possible futures of the world, also. I am building a Temple upon principles such as these. I am more of a cult leader than Dr. Wallace is, LOL keep it up Wallace! best regards, Emmanuel Muhammed Allah

ID#1978 K.F., 2006-01-24 [ Los Angeles, Calif]

I am very anxious to learn all and everything I possibly can about neo-tech. I want to experience the new and exciting life neo-tech has to offer me!! My life is in a shambles! I need neo-tech NOW!! like yesterday!! Kenneth Folk

ID#1979 K.F., 2006-01-24 [ Los Angeles, Calif]

I am very anxious to learn all and everything I possibly can about neo-tech. I want to experience the new and exciting life neo-tech has to offer me!! My life is in a shambles! I need neo-tech NOW!! like yesterday!! Kenneth Folk

ID#1980 K.F., 2006-01-24 [ Los Angeles, Calif]

I am very anxious to learn all and everything I possibly can about neo-tech. I want to experience the new and exciting life neo-tech has to offer me!! My life is in a shambles! I need neo-tech NOW!! like yesterday!! Kenneth Folk

ID#1981 K.F., 2006-01-24 [ Los Angeles, Calif]

I am very anxious to learn all and everything I possibly can about neo-tech. I want to experience the new and exciting life neo-tech has to offer me!! My life is in a shambles! I need neo-tech NOW!! like yesterday!! Kenneth Folk

ID#1982 T.C., 2006-01-24 [ Little Elm, TX]

A very interesting philosophy.

ID#1983 t.n., 2006-01-24 [ las vegas, nv]

Letter in the mail from Neo-Tech

ID#1984 D.R., 2006-01-24 [ San Antonio, TX]


ID#1985 k.c., 2006-01-24 [ sparks, nv]

very well written material

ID#1989 M.J., 2006-01-24 [ , ]

this web site is a bit hard to in Maryland would like to get to gether with other members email me at

ID#1990 T.H., 2006-01-24 [ Kirtland, Ohio]

Got 1989 Cosmic Power and much more. Haven't heard from you since "Cassandra's Secret". Whats that? Got book from you circa 12 years ago that helped me fight off the time-destoyers at Alchohaulics Anonomis after a DUI. Thanx. Loved your Protection Kit. Got both hard and soft cover versions of Julian Jaynes's fantastic Origin of Consciosness. ...Wow! So, what have you been up to lately?

ID#1991 Y.G., 2006-01-24 [ San Antonio, Texas]

I'm not sure of what I was looking for, but your site seems to have the promise of an answer.

ID#1992 Y. ., 2006-01-24 [ New York, NY]

This is s^%& this site gives my f^*^&*^* mind an over hall for the worst. dont listen to these b****** they suck donkey balls!

ID#1997 J.P., 2006-01-25 [ Columbus, OH]

The group is super. The books are among the best I have come across in my life. The Inner-Circle Secret Books are unbelievable. They are the Bibles of my life.

ID#1998 K.L., 2006-01-25 [ Fall River, MA]

the world needs neo-tech to clean the junk out of their minds so they can think clearly and objectively

ID#2001 B.L., 2006-01-25 [ Huntington Beach, CA]

Although I have just recieved an invitation to the group and have not been able to research much yet what I have seen makes it clear to me that this site should continue. The ideas presented are logical and more importantly ground breaking. They parallel the way I have felt it should be for a very long time.

ID#2002 . ., 2006-01-25 [ , ]

I would like the free information offerd in the letter I recieved from you Sincerly Ed

ID#2004 N.D., 2006-01-25 [ scappoose, OR]

one in search

ID#2005 D.C., 2006-01-25 [ Portland, OR]

After several, dubious sounding, invitations to join the Neo-tech group I did send for a free set of "manuals" that would give me information to set me "free"! This was six or seven years ago. After reading full chapters throughout the two books I became aware that most of it was disjointed rantings by someone, probably, lost in the desert of Arizona, somewhere! The information therein did not do a thing for nor against my way of thinking I returned the literature. After reading through so many "religious" hipocrites complaints, I would welcome more, updated Neo-Tech literature!!!

ID#2007 G.A.,@AOL.COM 2006-01-25 [ , ]


ID#2008 M.W., 2006-01-25 [ Shingle Springs, Ca]

It is uplifting to finally hear from others that think instead of follow. Change needs to occur to stop the belief systems that have robbed humanity of it's ability to think independantly of political/religious aspects.

ID#2009 J.B., 2006-01-25 [ Catonsville, MD]

Hamilton TWO of Three...We need this website...It needs to be available to the many that need to know...We need to spread the truth!!!...(My I suggest a Better...Neo Tech Web Site...) We need to answer our issues of being brought up in our times...We need this to understand what did not make sense to us growning up in a religious background that was contradictive and confusing, that di not make sense. Now we makes so much sense to the people of my generation.I now value my life more than I ever did because you gave me the reason I needed and I should have always..our lives did not make sense...we were diseviled due to lack of knowledge, I am so upset with that point alone. (Injustice wise)...Once we have the knowledge, we can make our own choices...Hello... this is what we have always is our will because it is the only thing that has made sense to us through our lifetime...I'm upset the years wasted that I could have been more informed with what I know now because I would have produced more...What a waste!..I will make up for the lost time because we are on a deadline. Thank you Neo-Tech!!!! I am devoted to this revolution that has been so needed!!!That should have come sooner...I am there... with the Universe. Thank you.

ID#2010 J.B., 2006-01-25 [ Catonsville, MD]

Up-date the web-site for more authority. Give Information...the web site does not do justice of the truth of Neo-Tech!!!!!It looks non-authorative...non-truefully...give the web-site what it deserves.!!!!! Give it Neo-Think...

ID#2011 . ., 2006-01-26 [ , ]


ID#2012 L.L., 2006-01-26 [ edmonds, wa]


ID#2014 . ., 2006-01-26 [ , ]

right or wrong it opens your mind to boundless possibilities

ID#2015 F.D., 2006-01-26 [ Pontiac, Michigan]

I really enjoyed the scope, breadrh and depth of the information that was offered on the site.

ID#2016 B.C., 2006-01-26 [ Royersford, Pa]

Whare do I send The Money For The Third and Final Installment

ID#2017 B.C., 2006-01-26 [ Royersford, Pa]

Whare do I send The Money For The Third and Final Installment

ID#2018 F.D., 2006-01-26 [ Pontiac, Michigan]

Neo-Tech is a valuable, thought-provoking resource that should remain on the Web. I received an invitation by mail and want to know more. I'm sending this correspondence before I send my form back. I don't think it will reach you by the deadline.

ID#2022 j. ., 2006-01-26 [ dousman, wisconsin]

thank you for sending me your insight

ID#2029 . .,@cross.bones 2006-01-27 [ , ]

Let me guess, you picked out yet another colorful box with a crank that I'm expected to turn and turn until OOPS! big shock, a jack pops out and you laugh and the kids laugh and the dog laughs and I die a little inside.

ID#2030 M.D., 2006-01-27 [ Beaverton , Mi]

Of course, this site should remain on the web. And expansion should be a #1 priority. I like everything I've read about Neo Tech. I just wish I had more time to search and read more. Please DON'T TAKE ANY NEO TECH SITE OFF THE WEB.

ID#2034 J.K., 2006-01-27 [ Houston, TX]

I have been a Neo-Tech owner of literature since the early 80's. I have been looking for book for my three children to read.

ID#2035 . ., 2006-01-27 [ , ]

Since when is abortion a viable option to be included in a contract?

ID#2038 J. ., 2006-01-27 [ Johnnytown, MI]

Smells like cheese

ID#2042 j.h., 2006-01-28 [ Friant, ca]

Neo-tech is truly Integrated for human kind and very knowledgeable and God created and God-given-GodCreated Man in his own image and when we take the very essence of who we truly are we lose so much of our glorious power. The mind needs mind power-the book feeds the mind with good great thoughts to be used for good on this planet. Thank You Neo-Tech I cannot tell you how many times a day I say thank-you jeannie Hallal-Integrated Mind to the Power of ten2nd infinity and beyond.

ID#2043 D.W., 2006-01-28 [ Salt Lake City, UT]

I must say, I am impressed with this site. I've read several of the articles and have already noticed (in the past 30 minutes) a great improvement in my thought process. I realized what I was lacking in my life, which in turn has caused me to miss out on many successes. No more will that be the case. You have inspired me to research and grow, and improve my body physically, mentally, and spiritually. I look forward to further additions to your site, and stand by you against the closed-minded individuals who are trying to drag your good name through the cyber-mud.

ID#2045 Y.M., 2006-01-28 [ Holden, MA]

I came to a decision to change the name of my existing busines Therapeutic Massage Thechniques to Foresight Therapeutics... my clients feel, after a session with me, rejuvinated and fired up...they are always come back when in need...unfortunately to be good in what you do is only one component and it would not guarranty $ucce$$ in a long run...something must be done to a name that would complement my skills...

ID#2046 K.L., 2006-01-28 [ Fall River, MA]

neo-tech is the only thing powerful enough to strip the mind of 2500 years of mystisism and the value destruction that comes with mystical thought so please stay on the web not for those of us already femiliar with neo-tech but for those who are not

ID#2047 W.T., 2006-01-28 [ AKRON, OHIO]


ID#2049 . ., 2006-01-28 [ , ]

This site is a a rambling mess! The author seems to get satisfaction from expressing his political & social beliefs about the world's problems - but there is little here about personal solutions, actions, and how to benefit!

ID#2050 s.m., 2006-01-28 [ oxford, nc]

Slowly going through "Nouveau Tech Discovery". Read Jayne's book and Ayn Rand way back in the 60's, so alot of it's familiar. Trying now to understand and put it into practice - reality test, you know. HOWEVER, just finished reading the negative comments on this site, and am physically ill. I believe everyone has a right to his opinion, but seriously, alot of what people actually took the time to write is terrifying. It addresses little about Nouveau Tech, but speaks volumes about the psychosis, rage, violence, brutality and irrational hate around us right now, the globe over. I am shocked, stunned, and quite honestly frightened.

ID#2051 D.R., 2006-01-29 [ Erlanger,, Ky]

Dear N/T staff & family, I extend deepest heartfelt sympathy to the family & staff on their loss (World's loss) of this wonderful man . I was shocked as I know others were too! I know I will never forget him or his works! With sorrow, Don Rigsby

ID#2052 G.C., 2006-01-29 [ Pompano Beach, FL]

I am commenting because I received the letter for the the day of January 6, the letter said it must be filled out and have been postmarked and in the mail January 6. (kinda hard considering it was past closing time at the post office) So I still filled out the form and sent it in astounishingly I still havent recieved the book its been 22 days since I sent it when is my book going to arrive?

ID#2053 S.M., 2006-01-29 [ Tok, AK]

Neo-Tech simply put metiphoricly speeking: Red Delicious Apple. Wough, better put some cloths on my mind. Clean out the cobwebs. Put it in to service with some passion. Magnify with intensity. Temper with paitents. Feed with knowledge. Clean with reasioning. Add a little seasoning. Anchor with intregrety. Free with intergration. maintain with productivity. Defend with reallty. Control with consisness. Intergrate & Osterize (I&O)

ID#2055 d.x., 2006-01-29 [ bollwiller, ]

I'M SORRY,I HAVE TO SPEACK IN FRENCH FOR BEST RESULT !!!!! j'ai des document de la plus haute importance à faire parvenir à mr wallace,concernant une formule alchimique unique contre le viellissement cellulaire et je sais que le dr frank r.wallace saura en faire tres bon usage car ca concerne l'immortalité biologique;mais comme je ne suis pas un alchimiste ,je prefere laisser cette formule à des mains experte comme celle de monsieur wallace. p.s:je vous demanderais de bien vouloir transmettre ce message de la plus haute importance au dr WALLACE s.t.p p.p.s:could you translate this for MR. WALLACE please because it's very impotante.thank you

ID#2056 n.p., 2006-01-29 [ canterbury, kent]

such a shame there are so many sick blind idiots in this world what as there god done for them if he is there what the hell is he doing sitting on his hands wilst every one is killing each other in his name is that a careing all loveing god wake up and smell the coffe theres a world of wonder out there when you open youre eyes

ID#2057 D. ., 2006-01-29 [ Oakland Gardens, NY]

Neo Tech has inspired me to believe and things will work if you read into the secrets carefully.

ID#2058 R.S., 2006-01-29 [ Lady Lake, FL]

Free Invitation Form received on Saturday, January 28, 2006 too late to meet the January 27, 2006 deadline Account #: 0182835322 Manuscript#: 36255-9

ID#2059 . ., 2006-01-29 [ , ]

what the world needs?

ID#2060 J.B., 2006-01-29 [ Woodleaf, NC]

A tragic day came to my little world. I awoke to find an e-mail from Dr. Frank R. Wallace's wife. An untimely death. I beleive that there are people who don't know of FRW or Neo-Tech as yet that will someday miss him as well.

ID#2063 J.A., 2006-01-30 [ buffalo, NY]

This literature is insightful and tremendousely thoughtful. I fully enjoyed reading two out of three books of a three part Neo-tech system and I am looking foreword to the 3rd book. It has changed my hole trane of thought and outlook on my own personal life. I can't wait for the third book to arrive. It should definitely remain on the web. Thank you for your insight I look foreword to getting my 3rd edition. Then I would like to start reading more. Thank you.

ID#2066 R.L., 2006-01-30 [ Orange, TX]

I am very interested in this subject. I've read both sides (pro and con) and now understand the pros and cons come from anticivilization thinking!

ID#2067 D. ., 2006-01-30 [ , ]

an interesting attempt at real understanding but not really following the business or scientific approach properly so defeats its own purpose. Not artistic enough either so would appear to be a politically or religiously based biased just what is talked against. Needs more thought and integrity. Keep trying!

ID#2074 R.O., 2006-01-30 [ saddle brook, nj]

excellent web page full of info.

ID#2076 S.K., 2006-01-30 [ , ]

Ordered the book long ago. I am but lost within my own chaos of thoughts. Hard to stay focused. Looking for a way to understand the world. Remembered one word, "neo-think", and here I am, back again. Lost the book in moving.

ID#2077 M.A.,@AOL.COM 2006-01-30 [ OLDHAM, ]


ID#2078 . ., 2006-01-30 [ , ]

i agree and see most of what you say.. however you are missinformed about jihad. america is and has always been the leading threat to global peace. and america funds terrorism around the world. the talibad the native americans the african americans, jappanese, hell all non white races...and even a few anglo's have been rapped and pillaged by america since its conception. so it is we who are the terrorist

ID#2079 L.R., 2006-01-30 [ Hugo, OK]

Please leave the web site up. I can live without it but I sure don't want too. Soon you will hear a most amazing true account from me. I could tell you now but I want to wate until I feel the money in my hands to tell you the whole story. THANKS Lana Rollins 0093009 517 Southwind Acears Hugo OK 74743

ID#2080 . ., 2006-01-30 [ , ]

Après avoir lu les 3 livres déjà commandés, je vois ma vie évoluer chaque jour de façon positive : je souhaiterais rencontrer d'autres propriétaires pour partager toutes ces merveilleuses expériences et construire ensemble le monde neo-technologique de demain. Merci à vous pour ce merveilleux travail. Je suis heureuse de savoir que des millions d'autres personnes dans le monde pensent comme moi. Mon n° de membre est 1681818 ET JE SOUHAITERAIS QUE MES COORDONNEES SOIENT TRANSMISES A TOUS CEUX QUI SOUHAITENT RENCONTRER D'AUTRES PROPRIETAIRES EN FRANCE. je ne sais comment trouver les mots pour vous exprimer toute ma gratitude : vous avez su exprimer clairement tout ce que je pensais confusément depuis des années. Vous êtes dans le vrai et la réalité de ce monde, un monde meilleur que nous laisserons à nos enfants. Bravo et continuez !!!

ID#2081 A.L., 2006-01-30 [ Sydney, NSW]

I purchased the Neo Tech Manuscripts in the Mid 90s and it greatly enhanced my life. In all honesty i let the mystisicms slowly creep back into my life and everything in my life started to weaken me and my ability to provide values to others. I believe that your basic principals and philosophies can only make this world a better place as they make us understand that we are the only ones truly responsible and in control and teach us to provide good honest values to our fellow men and women. Thanks

ID#2084 C.D., 2006-01-31 [ Christiansburg, Virginia]

Knowledge is power. I believe that the freedom of speech is there for a reason if the government takes this away then where will they stop. I wanted to learn more about the illuminati after recieving a letter in the mail earlier this month.

ID#2086 j.c., 2006-01-31 [ Roseto, pa]

love it

ID#2087 M.W., 2006-01-31 [ , ]

There's no god. Not Neo-tech or Jesus or anything. Nothing is believable.

ID#2090 J.M., 2006-01-31 [ Monmouth, OR]

Greetings: I saw where my husband had two books and I asked him about it. He said he didn't understand what it was about. I decided after several days to just now look at them. I see where they are both the same. Don't know why he got them or where, but when I saw it said Inner circle secrets it got my interest. When I opened to a page that mentioned the Bicameral Mind. It really got my interest because for years I have had in my posession a book by Julian James on THE BICAMERAL MIND. Now I am 65 years old and have studied Metaphysics since I was only 10 years old. I am a Hypnotherapist/Massage therapist and Dr. of Metaphysics. My husband however who got your books, is totally the opposite, an engineer and into the stock market and health. He has had to live with me for 23 years. I was a Rosicruician and so was his mother, who is deceased. I found her information after I married him. He is 85. He is a Republician, I am a free thinker. So how weird it is that these books ended up in my possession. Sounds like it is up my alley of thought. I shall look forward to reading it. Janie Martin, C.Ht., L.M.T., MtD

ID#2091 L.C., 2006-01-31 [ Sandusky, Ohio]

N-T looks very interesting and to those who do not agree, perhaps you do not have the intelligence to do so... Plainly stated! I look forward to reading more.

ID#2092 D.O., 2006-01-31 [ Passaic, NJ]

A Leadership Bible is the way to go. David O.

ID#2093 S.D., 2006-01-31 [ , ]

I would like to know what recent additions do you have since your last posting on the abuse page? I am sure that they have not ceased their activities. Thank you Steve DeCanter

ID#2094 S.D., 2006-01-31 [ , ]

I would like to say that you are misleading your readers as to the legality of the IRS. Your assumptions are erroneous. The following statement is not correct... This collection agency mentality of the Internal Revenue Service is even more dangerous then your local collection agency, as the Internal Revenue Service has the laws of the United States behind their actions. And, these laws imposing high taxes and extremely large penalties were mandated by your Congressional Representatives and Senators. Let your United States Congressional Representatives and Senators know you do not approve of these taxes and life-destroying penalties. If you would examine the United States Supreme Court rulings, you would discover that the rogue ahency known as the IRS is not only acting in an illegal nature by "LAW" (not color of law) but also do not even follow their own code. YOu need to do some deeper investigations into the liability of taxes as defined by law. Thank you Steve DeCanter

ID#2095 l.w., 2006-02-01 [ baltimore, 21214]

I found out about Neo-Tech from a first class piece of mail I got on Jan. 17th I also mailed my responce the same deadline was for nervous that mabey my info was mixed up in the mail...this is an opporunity that I cant wait to take part in. I would like to know how to become more informed about it. Thank You -Leon Williams

ID#2097 A.A.,@PEOPLEPC.COM 2006-02-01 [ Mt. Vernon, WA]

I have not recived any new thinking from you, may be because I have changed my e-mail address; however, here it My name is Abdelwahid Elhassan. please note my last Name has been changed to AGEEP. Please keep in touch as mush as you can. Thank you Abdel-Wahid Ageep 15090 Beaver Marsh Road Mount Vernon,WA 98273 U.S.A

ID#2102 D.M., 2006-02-01 [ idaho springs, Co]

Have read the first two ooks and find them very informal and educating. I am just now starting to understand what they are saying and starting to use thier ideas. Am looking forward to getting and meeting others of this group so that I may advance further and have a more properous life.

ID#2105 L.A., 2006-02-01 [ New York, N.Y.]

The information presented is likely to be the most reliable delinated ,veracious concept about life that I have ever encounter.Thanks

ID#2106 L.A., 2006-02-01 [ New York, N.Y.]

The information presented is likely to be the most reliable delinated ,veracious concept about life that I have ever encounter.Thanks

ID#2109 t.m., 2006-02-01 [ st. louis park, minn.]

I think that the information that I have gotten is the best. Things have been goingbetter for me since I first read book one, and now I'm reading book two for the secons time. thanks for all the help.

ID#2111 C.C., 2006-02-01 [ London, ON]

I found this site informative. Not enlightening because most of your methods were not in evidence here. I was looking for the system not just information about what it is and what it can do for me.

ID#2113 C. ., 2006-02-01 [ Milwaukee, Wi]

I read Dr. Wallace died.I am truly sorry and wish you all the best in continuing his work.

ID#2114 . ., 2006-02-01 [ , ]


ID#2115 G.V., 2006-02-01 [ SCOTTSBORO, alabama]


ID#2117 m.z., 2006-02-01 [ Petit-bourg, 97170]

Neo-tech is still the future of mankind.I just don't understand why it is not present in nowadays medias. It would gain if a neo-tech channel or magazine existed. I guess it's only a matter of time.

ID#2118 P. ., 2006-02-01 [ Brooklyn, N.Y.]

Everyday we need succesful comment. How we understand better way everything.Although this is too late for me.

ID#2119 R.C., 2006-02-02 [ Fairview, TN]

I have read more in the last 4 months than I have in the past 4 years-I couldn't put the books down and leave them alone! Everyday, I ran into situations that the books described perfectly! It is so comforting to know that there are others out there who now know the truth and that we are not alone!! What a new lease on life. Being in my 50's I am now looking forward to a happy, prosperous life for many, many, years ahead rather than planning my slow down, downsize, one last time fading life!I only hope the great things to come can still happen in my lifetime!I'm going to do everything in my power to help.

ID#2120 S.K., 2006-02-02 [ Maplewood , MN]

I have finally awakened after 34 years of frustration I can finally be who I was meat to be. Thank you so much Dr. Wallace.

ID#2121 d. ., 2006-02-02 [ conroe, tx]

some people just can't handle reality.i think you should broaden your message because lots of people are still unaware of your powerful truths. i have really enjoyed the masterful work you have provided.

ID#2123 C.Y., 2006-02-02 [ Chandler, AZ]

I think neo tech is the most valuable peice of technology to come to this civilization.

ID#2125 J.F., 2006-02-02 [ Owasso, Ok]

I bought NeoTech out of Henderson, Nv. in the 1980's. It has helped my life tremendously. I've been away from the Basic Manuscript for years, but even through tremendous problems and setbacks, NeoTech has again and again come to my rescue, to clear my mind of the only disease of conciousness into a new life. Thank you. I bought several other products, including the Grand Event and music that also enriched me. I lost touch through address changes and wanted to see if you guys were still out there. Glad you are. Jack Frost, Tulsa

ID#2130 W.S., 2006-02-02 [ Florence, KY]

YES! This is the best way to reach people world wide! I would like to inquire about three things. 1. "The Book" 2. Neo-Tech Physics 3. The Church of God-Man; Is there one near me? I live in Northren Kentucky. This is so exciting!!!

ID#2131 L. ., 2006-02-02 [ Chattanooga, TN]

There has been no information provided to me that stands as strong and as solid as this information does with and without the burdon of proof!!! I ,too, at one time in life was a blind-religious follower. It took my questioning of the contridictions presented to me by government politicians and the religious clergy, to read through your revelations of fully intergrated honesty. Since the purchase of the Neo-Tech Discovery I have been able to identify the neocheaters and make my way guiltlessly as a value producer. NOW, I stay hungry for more knowledge and I am constantly learning with each day that I am forever a student to logic as new logical ideas and truths present themselves. I am eternally greatful for the access to this information and look forward to more as it is revealed. Infinite Thanks unto the Author and the groups that work with him to spread this valuable knowledge. KEEP IT TRUE, KEEP IT REAL!!!

ID#2133 a.b., 2006-02-02 [ felton, de]

keep up the good work !

ID#2137 J.O., 2006-02-03 [ Salinas, CA]

This is a book with far-reaching implications and exposes Universal Laws and lets people understand their place in the universe and that Love, Happiness, and Wealth are possible by ordinary people who are take the time to understand, and then act upon those Universal Laws.

ID#2138 K.L., 2006-02-03 [ Lyndhurst, OH]

I am enlightened by Mark's visions...etc. It is very encouraging that someone has put into print, a guide for future wealth building instead of future repression. I look forward to influencing my share of future entrepenurs to what ever level of success they desire. I am about half way through the Inner-Circle Secrets and am amazed how what he saw is happening right now (ie: potential flu pandemic (bird flu) just last month)and of cource the continuing regulations and legislation that only help line the pockets of politicians. It is going to take some effort on our part, but I wholly agree that we do need a President that understands and will apply the principles of Neo-Tech. What a breath of fresh air. I am a manufacturers broker and am fortunate not to have employees and be subject to all of the employer regulations...etc that our government dumps upon us. I am very conerned about the number of personal rights and freedoms that the government is weaning away from us every year and nothing is being done to stop this. I served in the military and do agree that there has to be protection of the people and investigation of suspected terrorists...etc to keep this country safe from it's enemies. The middle east situation will change history to a positive for all concerned in those countries that choose to become democratic. Hopefully they will see this new found freedom as just that - FREEDOM. It will be interesting to see how the ruling Arabic...etc families handle this change. They have it pretty nice right now with the controlling of wealth in their respective countries. Democracy changes everything The abuse of power by politicians to suppress individuals can no longer be tolerated. We have to inject at an unsuspecting pace into society, that there is a way out of the pervebial rut. The politicians and regulators have to be put on the carpet and face the music. They have to know that their days are numbered and the new era will soon leave them behind. Their free ride will be over forever. The entrepenurers will once again rise to the occasion and take back control of this wonderful country and not be repressed by worthless regulation and legislation. I look forward to the future.

ID#2142 S.K., 2006-02-03 [ , ]

I have gone to ASU for many years and now realize what a liberal college it is. It is the largest universiyt in the US and located in the nation's fastest-growing urban area. The town of Tempe has to struggle with the cultural diversity and the many ideas on campus. I would like to be enlightened, my church kept me blind for many years and the women's restrooms are very different from the mens in our churches. Metaphysics is now being studied and used in many ways to control the minds of the masses. It is scary to me to see what is happening. Even the way you dress determines what exam room they put you in to see your doctor. I believe in a God with intelligent design, I do not believe in Darwin's theories or Freud's. I think they were very misguided men. I do not like the art of Picasso or Van Gogh, I prefer an artist like Michelangelo and his painting in the Sistine Chapel (I think it is a shame the art is there for I hear that Chapel has a very bad order in it). I do believe we all stand before the God who created us and that He wants us all to realize the plan He wanted for our lives, but that takes others to enlighten us,Universities that aren't out to destroy man's intellect by placing them in work environments that are designed to make the mind become entangled!! Christ did say that he ate curds and honey to discern good from evil. I still think that is good to make things crystal clear, but not all can receive it, only those who have purified themselves. I look for God's intelligent design everyday and mercies that He offers us and grieve much because man does not like to offer mercy or allow his fellow man to become more knowlegeable than he. I do feel our churches are just an opiate for the people and many pastors use their power to oppress and so do universities to their employees and even family members to their siblings and parents. Christ did say he came not to bring peace but a sword that would turn brother against brother, sister against sister-in-law, etc. I like to look at the positive side of things and eliminate negative thinking. I like to look for peaceful solutions and would like to see all the world able to drink pure water. The US will have a big problem for all the hazardous waste they have buried under almost every city in the nation and a speaker just tonight said Montana reeks of buried hazardous waste. I guess the US dumped it on them since they have the lowest population in the nation. Yes I have insights and know secrets, many of which I can't implement because I'm basically poor and psychiatrists have tried to destroy my mind with meds. Also I see things that many cannot see because they are blinded in their traditions and don't look for the truth. I basically think Paul Kurtz is headed down the wrong path and would never subscribe to "Free Inquiry". I feed my mind only with writers who indicate they have a love for their maker, and I think Paul detests his Maker!!

ID#2144 M.Z., 2006-02-03 [ Harrison Township, mi]

My friend gave a copy of your letter and I read it....then went on the internet to look you up......and found bad usual there are those christians whom think they can control our world and what is right and wrong..because the bible said so...are just complete idiots....Period......Let us think and rethink our purpose of life...let us change and make more changes for the betterment of our world...Take that chance read this material and open up your mind to many possiblities. Micheal in Michigan...........Artist, Business creator...

ID#2147 D.B., 2006-02-03 [ Thomasville , NC]

As with any writing,one must be open to the authors preception of object reality. We all create our own an it is what we perceive to be that is,be it real or created that is each individuals right.Any publication that promotes individualality and self leadership,as well as self discipline and personal acountability is good for society! I dont beleive it was Mr Wallaces intention to replace one form of leadership "I.E. biblical,governmental" with another"neotech". The mesasage I gleaned from the pages of neotech was not to be lead! PERIOD...... But alas,it is human nature to look for guidance and acceptance from an higher athority. And that is what neotech is all about.We as a people have to come together somehow someway,uncesored and unincumbered.To truely be free as creators and producers of value to eachother and the civilization of the universe we must be allowed to communicate freely and exchange those values and ideas.

ID#2148 D.B., 2006-02-03 [ Thomasville , NC]

As with any writing,one must be open to the authors preception of object reality. We all create our own an it is what we perceive to be that is,be it real or created that is each individuals right.Any publication that promotes individualality and self leadership,as well as self discipline and personal acountability is good for society! I dont beleive it was Mr Wallaces intention to replace one form of leadership "I.E. biblical,governmental" with another"neotech". The mesasage I gleaned from the pages of neotech was not to be lead! PERIOD...... But alas,it is human nature to look for guidance and acceptance from an higher athority. And that is what neotech is all about.We as a people have to come together somehow someway,uncesored and unincumbered.To truely be free as creators and producers of value to eachother and the civilization of the universe we must be allowed to communicate freely and exchange those values and ideas.

ID#2152 . ., 2006-02-03 [ , ]

you are a cult

ID#2154 W.D., 2006-02-03 [ Rumford, RI]

I am already a Member of the Nouveau Tech Society, but this is my first visit its Web Site.

ID#2155 E.W., 2006-02-03 [ Council Grove, Kansas]

I just received your letter by main today. It seemed to good to be true, and you know what is said about that. I did a web search and went to your site. The first feature I "clicked" on was negative comments. They were, without exclusion, from either Christian fundamentalists or Islamic fundamentalists. I found that very reassuring. I began to read. The more I read the more I realized that yours is a philosophy or mindset or approach to living (whatever term is the most correct), which most closely parallels my own. I have felt myself to be alone in these thoughts, very much alone. Thank you for shining some light into my darkness. EWW

ID#2159 P. ., 2006-02-04 [ GIG HARBOR, WA]

The comments were expected. I know that THE CHANGE has ALREADY taken place just NOW people are BECOMING aware of it! I am one of these people who is NOW able to make anyone do anything for me or for anyone else by using secrets not "stated" in this book, and thank you, thank you for being a model for success! For my Success and the Success of everyone. Success and Riches/Wealth in Positive Overflowing Unlimited Over Abundance is NOW available to everyone Here and Now! Patrick Bundy -- Shaklee Independent Distributer

ID#2160 L.W., 2006-02-04 [ baltimore , MD]

I just recieved the Neo tech 56 page book and i love it...i never read anything but this book basically read itself to me.....i am more excited about this book then ive been about anything in a while. this excitement is bitter sweet because due to some form of dumb luck i recieved the info in the mail was marked for jan,28th but i recieved it on friday the 3rd...the very last day to order that powerful book...i am told i am in cycle 2 in my life and seriously i feel like it is not over..i have dreamed of the things this book can offer and i need to know how i can fix this is saturday and i just called the number to find that i can not pay right now..but i will be attempting to send in my money monday morning...this cant be dumb luck..ive been waiting for something like this...ive been waiting for Neo-Tech... i know it. i really want to see for myself what this book can do...can anyone help me? my member number is NC10 0967-8070...i am not lieing to recieve something im not doe but i need the fair chance to get my book and im not trying for a freebie....i NEED to find out if this is what ive been dreaming of...Thank You!

ID#2164 J.N., 2006-02-04 [ Edwardsburg, Mi ]

neo-tech open my eyes to hole new world. see for the frist time in my life. I have the tools to reach my goals

ID#2166 . ., 2006-02-04 [ , ]

No one has the right to say this site or that site should or shouldn't be on the web.

ID#2167 H.L., 2006-02-04 [ Santa Fe, N.M]

Upon learning of Neo Tech I have done nothing other than become the happiest I have ever been in my entire life, I thank every exzisting help there has been in moving me toward this time in my life....

ID#2168 N. ., 2006-02-05 [ , ca]

what is the of ten-second miracles?

ID#2169 N. ., 2006-02-05 [ , ca]

what is the of ten-second miracles?

ID#2170 v.B., 2006-02-05 [ south holland, il]

I have The Nouveau Tech Package of Inner circle Secrets waiting for the person who introduce me to Nouveau Tech and studied my life

ID#2171 T.L.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2006-02-05 [ HAWTHORNE, NV]


ID#2172 R.L., 2006-02-05 [ Orange, TX]

New ideas always bring the best and the worst out of people. I have to say that Neo-Tech is the greatest thing to come across my desk. It will transform and reshape the world one mind at a time.

ID#2173 D.S., 2006-02-05 [ Bloomer, WI]

I am overall satified and very thankful for what I have read about Neo-Tech. But I urgently want your feedback on my situation where I have read books 2 of 3 over a lengthly period of time and I was also refunded for the second book for an unknown reason. I definitly want access to the meetings and to purchase the third book and more (The First Immortals). I am still a potetial believer in God based on what I call real evidence,a couple books, one written by a psychic called Prophecy. Although Neo-Tech is still real and very valuable to me. Despite my excitement to persue a future writing career because of Neo-Tech I feel there are some dishonest errors in the mailing advertising. The first free pamphlet I received had 5 exciting stories of how Neo-Tech automatically gave the new holders very good luck just by reading the material, everywhere from getting out of jail quickly, mind reading, and ex-lovers falling madly in love again. These ideas seem completely mystical sparking my very gullible mind. The people writing the letters also claimed good things will automatically start happening to me without lifting a finger. This turned out to be a big disappointment unfortunately. But I am still very happy to have Neo-Tech for it helped me find a potential career of my interest and to be open minded to trying to find new career possibilities. My one true hope is that Mark Hamilton's (mystical) 12 visions of seeing the future was a real event.

ID#2174 D.P., 2006-02-05 [ mission, tx]

the question is simpel,tell me of one person who has amassed mega financial wealth,by knowingly utilizing the NEO_TECH SYSTEM. DUKE PISTOKACHE 956-533-9380

ID#2176 . ., 2006-02-05 [ , ]


ID#2178 J.N., 2006-02-05 [ Vancouver, WA]

Reading The Book will lead to a fundamental questioning of the history of human ethics which yields priceless, mind-blowing results that both encourage maturity and will challenge you, as an individual, to cultivate a stronger character, a sharper mind and an optimistic resolve about life.

ID#2179 J. ., 2006-02-05 [ , ]

I am a Christian. I do disagree with some of the opinions of the authors. I have read the Holy Bible,The Urantia Book even The Book of Mormon,all of which I believe whole-heartedly are true. The Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon I believe to be scripture and the word of God. But the Neo-Tech writings are of man. Information to be taken with a grain of salt. For if you have the faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains.

ID#2180 J.S., 2006-02-05 [ Hartford, CT]

I am impatiently waiting for my third book. My member number is NC# NC10 0353-6266. I would like to get my copy of "The First Immortals". I think that last week would be a good time to send it to me. Thank you, fellow neo-tech landers.

ID#2183 H.S., 2006-02-06 [ Kelowna, BC]

It started with neotech discovery, then I missed several, next was the potent 3some and the last book zonpower, just started reading it! I'm a lot on the NET especially during the winter month and only in the last 2 weeks or so did I discover it on the Net. I really like it (the free part for sure, to bad I just dicovered it) Once I started reading, I read more in 2 month then I read in 20 years, so I'm glad it is here.... Horst PS; I have not become wealthy yet, but have at least some new hope.

ID#2185 k.l., 2006-02-06 [ fall river, ma]

it's incredible i want to learn more more more......i can't get enough fast enough

ID#2186 M. ., 2006-02-06 [ Mattituck, NewYork]

I think some people should leave other peoples business 's alone after all this Society has the right of free speach and free press , if you do not beleive in them just leave them alone for not everyone knows the secret's that they help you with. After all no one says anything bad about your business , this is a Secret Society and if you do not like it then stop all the comlaining , I know Neo-Tech Society sure does'nt bother you so stay out of our business.

ID#2187 m.c., 2006-02-06 [ cape town, ]

will be able to communicate better and much easier with you

ID#2188 D.P., 2006-02-06 [ Lafayette, In]

Keep the flame alive, stay on the web.

ID#2191 R.A., 2006-02-06 [ , CA]

Asking if Neo-tech should be on the web is like asking if a mud covered windshield should be cleaned. I have gained so much clarity from Zonpower/Neo-Tech, I could not begin to explain how much. Thank you Neo-Tech. I hope that one day you can restore your web site to the days when a good chunk of your material was available on line. I almost seems as though once your reduced your presence the world started it's decline. So please, (I hope you do not think I am asking you to be altruistic), Find some way to restore the Neo-tech web site to it's glory days.

ID#2192 S.D., 2006-02-07 [ Portland, Oregon]

After receiving the letter, I immediately sent back the last portion of the letter in order to get more information and then I went on-line to see what else I could find on this interesting way of life.

ID#2193 R. ., 2006-02-07 [ , ]

Freedom of choice. Freedom of religion. Remember?

ID#2194 . ., 2006-02-07 [ , ]

I believe that Neo-Tech should remain on the web as do numerous other sites that allow people to chose for themselves. Ultimately is this not what life is all about? Making choices weather they be good or bad? I personally find striking similarities to Scientology and Atheist beliefs. I would hate to see the philosophies written here in come to fruition. The world should always remain a place where choice is prevalent. No one group should allow them selves to think that they are the end all be all to mankind’s ills. To sum up, allow them to exist and read what they say but make it your choice to join or abstain from joining. May we all find peace one day.

ID#2198 C.W., 2006-02-07 [ Rapid City, SD]

Also they said they would send me a book of some kind. I send the reply and haven't heard from any one in 2 weeks almost.

ID#2199 G.N., 2006-02-07 [ Libby, MT]

There hasto be more to life than what we are living now. Have now found a new begining. Would like to meet with people of like mind.

ID#2201 T. ., 2006-02-07 [ San Antonio, Tx]

Well.... If this company really was interested in me through the mail that I recieved, then I would've heard from them in a few days of sending my info, I checked yes, (and though my name was already on there) I put no return adress back,I was testing to see if this company really analized my info of myself and I don't see how your company would have too many individuals with my name, well at least with my full name...well, if I don't get any info, then I believe that nothing will become of myself and this interesting company...well, gud luk in your ventures...

ID#2203 S.W., 2006-02-07 [ , ]

I saw, in the past, a book written I believe by Wallace Ward along the lines of "How to make $1,000,000 from self publishing a book". Does this still exist. If so, where could I find a copy?

ID#2205 C. ., 2006-02-07 [ Van Tassell, Wyoming]

I want the the NTN's #2,3,5,11 and can't locate them on the net. Please send me directions. Member #NC1004858627

ID#2207 . ., 2006-02-07 [ , ]

I think Neotech is only for the highest beings in all existence and the people who don't have the time to integrate it are doomed as mystic fakes and foggy people who live by a sheep-people Wall Street.

ID#2208 . ., 2006-02-07 [ , ]

I think Neotech is only for the highest beings in all existence and the people who don't have the time to integrate it are doomed as mystic fakes or foggy people who live by a sheep-people Wall Street.

ID#2209 F.P., 2006-02-07 [ , ]

Neo-Tech provide substantial amount of education and a new awareness to change one's dream(s) into reality. An awakening to everyone. With continuous reading I am hungy for more. Thank You Neo-Tech. F.P.Brampton,Ont.Can.

ID#2210 F.P., 2006-02-07 [ Brampton, Ont]

Neo-Tech provide substantial amount of education and a new awareness to change one's dream(s) into reality. An awakening to everyone. With continuous reading I am hungy for more. Thank You Neo-Tech. F.P.

ID#2211 I.J., 2006-02-07 [ Nantucket, MA]

Hi! My name is Isabela, and I get to know what is Neo-Tech once when I saw this huge black book in my friend's car. I became VERY interested in the whole idea and since than I've been trying to find it! Well, here I am, I found you! And since than I haven't stop reading the articles, but I realy wish I could have a book for myself (even because I dont know if what I've been reading is the same that is in the book!!). So if there is anyway that I can have that book, please let me know! I am a businees owner and I am sure that your articles can open a whole new world for me! My email is And I will be waiting for your answer! Sincerely, Isabela Justo.

ID#2214 R.C., 2006-02-08 [ Cincinnati, Ohio]

Yes if you wer'nt on the web site. I was'nt going to sign up. And after I do all my reading I will send you guys a check. I hope and pray this works. GOD bless you and your familys peace.

ID#2215 M.C., 2006-02-08 [ Littleton, CO]

I find most of the Neo-Tech literature a real eye-opening, and mind expanding experience. I must admit the Neo-Tech makes me think. I believe that is the ultimage goal of Neo-Tech. I appreciate the data.

ID#2216 J.M., 2006-02-08 [ columbiana, ohio]

Recently I have had many discussions about religion, and todays society with a friend that has your book. I believe that religion was made to hold people back, to keep them in constraints as to control the population as a whole. This enables them to control society and people and to extract wealth from these mindless followers that have been brought up in their particuliar religious sect to uphold that sects values and views rather than, to teach, I do not even like that word let,s say to let a person come to an inner understanding, and find what is their truths and values. Their are no limits as to what an individual can accomplish if he believes in his self, knows his strengths and fears no obsticals that may contain him rather than to free him in his persuit, whatever his goals and talents can achieve. A person's achievements are only limited by his fears and the current governing society and indivual religious sect's. That was their design purpose and unfortunately the have accomplished these goals on a world wide massive scale. Evil,the devil, is what they teach most people to fear. They use these terms for control when in fact it is they, who best fit into their own terminology.

ID#2220 J.V., 2006-02-08 [ Daly City, ca]

The same way you guys write about Bill O' Reilly with his O'Reilly Factor, can you guys write something about what Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing? please.

ID#2221 F.S., 2006-02-08 [ Clifton, NJ]

You tell it like it is and aren't afraid to step on toes. This is what needs to be done in order for change to take place. It's time we all (our society) stopped "playing ostrich" and pulled our collective heads up out of the sand. Things need to change and they need to change now. I'm tired of all the lies and BS and we can only hope enough people will wake up so that change can take place sooner than later.

ID#2222 . ., 2006-02-08 [ , tn]

neo-tech keep up the good work

ID#2224 J. ., 2006-02-09 [ MODESTO, CA]

I want to know more. Where do I go to meet other Neo-tech minded individuals?

ID#2225 G.s., 2006-02-09 [ , ]

GOD will Laugh at them! The one who sits on the circle of the earth is above ALL!!! Blessed be the name of eternal creator of life!!!

ID#2228 S.H., 2006-02-09 [ Edmond, Ok]

i've heard of a 1000 page book that contains 2500 year old secrets, does it exist ? is neo tech a society with a membership ? i think everything on this site is great!

ID#2229 A.B., 2006-02-09 [ Boise , ID]

I like the information given on this site. It helps explain a lot of ills in the world. It's like looking at the world through a reversed telescope. The thing that was to be the savior of mankind being used to destroy human free and rational thinking. This information is very eye opening to me and powerful. Please keep this information available

ID#2230 L.M., 2006-02-09 [ Las Cruces, NM]

I have spent my past year reading the Nouveau Tech books. I have quit my job in a neo-cheating company and found happiness working with a woman who is all about the Neo-Tech way of life (even though she personally would not know what we were talking about). She has taken my "ideas" and used them in many sectors of her life and her business. We are about to reap a harvest that I can only describe as a "dream come true". Keep on doing it Dr. Wallace and company. Free at last!

ID#2231 M.G., 2006-02-09 [ Newport, KY]

Dear Sir/Madam, I have completed my second book and I can understand why you have a mentor. It actually gave me somewhat of an attitude.But, the books themselves were "Fantabulous"! I am waiting patiently for the third heirloom package. Is there any way my mentor can e-mail me and I can ask some questions? just talk..

ID#2232 M.G., 2006-02-09 [ Newport, KY]

Dear Sir/Madam, I have completed my second book and I can understand why you have a mentor. It actually gave me somewhat of an attitude.But, the books themselves were "Fantabulous"! I am waiting patiently for the third heirloom package. Is there any way my mentor can e-mail me and I can ask some questions? just talk..

ID#2233 M.G., 2006-02-09 [ Newport, KY]

Dear Sir/Madam, I have completed my second book and I can understand why you have a mentor. It actually gave me somewhat of an attitude.But, the books themselves were "Fantabulous"! I am waiting patiently for the third heirloom package. Is there any way my mentor can e-mail me and I can ask some questions? just talk..

ID#2234 T.O., 2006-02-09 [ , ]

have heard of Neo-Tech and had purchased the book 10-15 years ago

ID#2235 . ., 2006-02-10 [ , ]

Lots of good stuff here. I've thought of some of this before I discovered this site. But never could grasp the whole picture. Not through with the entire site yet. There is alot of material here.

ID#2239 D.H., 2006-02-10 [ WAYNESVILLE, Ohio]

I receive a letter about joining the group and thought I do some research.

ID#2242 . ., 2006-02-10 [ , ]

irs is an offshore private business personally owned and operated by jewish headhunters who feel they are owed reparations for crimes they caused on themselves they use the mafia to enforce their self made laws and employ local cops to stranglehold native citizens local churches are where you start to stop the spread of these malignant viruses catholic/jewish religions are part of this society and yet when both commit heatheny crimes against native americans nothing is done for starters--all preist who molested those boys should be brought before a judical board and held accountable for their bastardly crimes why not --you all rail roaded michael jackson just because some little faggot claims he had the little buzzard layiing on his bed as i see it now you are all about to reap what you been sowing and don't forget interests rates are at an all time high Renegade Avenger

ID#2245 M. ., 2006-02-10 [ , ]

Check out for how to shaft the IRS; it is now fun to receive any communications from IRS.

ID#2246 F.P., 2006-02-10 [ , ]


ID#2247 F.P.,@ 2006-02-10 [ FAIRFIELD, CT]


ID#2248 F.P.,@ 2006-02-10 [ FAIRFIELD, CT]


ID#2249 J.C., 2006-02-10 [ Pacific, WA]

How do you find the books you mention?

ID#2250 W.M., 2006-02-10 [ Bull City, AZ]

When I received my 2nd volume of the Neo-Tech package of secrets. I read it greedily hoping for new information. You can imagine my disappointment when I read page after page lifted directly from volume one. Also, the reptetivness of the analogy to the computer industry. was very disappointing. Have more respect for your readers. We are all very intelligent self starters, or we wouldn't be members. So we can grasp something without being beaten over the head with it. Wally Miller Nc# NC100858-3600

ID#2251 . ., 2006-02-10 [ , ]

If all you say is true .. you should know .. who I am and what Im about .. you sent me the packet in the mai ltoo

ID#2252 J.H., 2006-02-10 [ Blythedale, Mo]

I continue to immerse myself in this website. I have read and am re-reading the Neo Tech discovery, and am trying to apply mini day scheduling and neothink. Thank you for this volume of work. I am reading my son the story", we just finished chapter eleven. He's currently reading The Sea Wolf by Jack London and has found it "much better than Harry Potter". I own the Neo Tech discovery by Dr. Wallace, and a second book that I git from Neotech publishin by Mark Hamilton. I am trying to incorporate the ideas in my life. I'm re-reading the NT Discovery now.

ID#2255 J.S., 2006-02-11 [ Cass Lake, MN]

I must say that the more I read the happier I am. Thank you for publishing this to the web. I will never regret taking the red pill. Honestly.....

ID#2257 M.S., 2006-02-11 [ pequea, pa]

just finished the second manuscript.tis is great.everything written in the books really is true.if you sit back and watch people and the wrold around you,you can see there is alot of cheating people out there.and the thing is alot of people go right along with these false ideals that the so called leaders glad i amnot one of them.the only time the world will be a great place is when neo-tech gets to everyone.waiting for the third manuscript.

ID#2258 D.S., 2006-02-11 [ Redfern, 2016]

I recieved some info from you via mail. As it was asking for money I was sceptical, in some ways I still am. However regardless of what I or anyone else believes this site has every right to be online, the whole free world thing and all. As for these Christians who are so quick to judge. Luke 6:37 (Whole Chapter) [ Judging Others ] "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. or Matthew 7:2 (Whole Chapter) For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. By 'Gods' own words it's not mans place to judge. So regardless of what my final thoughts on this web site and it's beliefs be, it has every right to be here.

ID#2260 D.B., 2006-02-11 [ Acampo, CA]

I'm very disturbed by what is happening to our great nation. You've brought some light in my life, by understanding why I feel that I'll never get anywhere in this society. You've also scared the pants off me with the Muslems wanting to kill the Infidels. It all makes perfect sence, but how can I help to change the perception of todays world. It would give me great pleasure to be able to help my fellow man and woman to not only survive but to proper in the future of this great country. I've read both your books from the Secret Society, but have failed totally at trying to find my Firday Night essence. I'm just a carpenter who needs the direction of some one other the book to point me in the right direction. I've heard about and read that they are meeting to help people like me to open up out thought process and figure this out. I would love nothing more then to help this Neo-Tech Society to grow and get rid of this Surpressing Religous/political system that has proven over and over that it doesn't work!

ID#2261 S. ., 2006-02-11 [ Rockford , IL]

Great information, but I have more questions.

ID#2262 A.J., 2006-02-12 [ Christchurch, SI]

Hello, I simply had to write again and tell you how much I have been enjoying the two books I purchased, with some more on their way to me. My life is slowly but surely turning around. I am passing on the information to people whom I know will be interested and appreciative. AWESOME BOOKS! Yes, please please keep the website up. I have just been on here for the past hour or so, reading through the positive comments. I read through a few of the negative ones and was astounded at how apparent Christians could write such evil stuff. I am HAPPIER than I have ever been in my life! All thanks to you guys and your wonderful insights. I look forward to biological immortality!

ID#2263 M.R., 2006-02-12 [ CONCORD, NC]

The site should remain on the web.It's a good way to get Neo-Tech out to the world.I enjoy reading the positive comments it's good to hear from people who believe and feel the same way about Neo-tech as I do. I can't wait until we have a Neo-Tech President and then one day a Neo-Tech world.A world of one people,conscious man and the end to bicameral man. I have my first and second heirloom packages.I know when the time is right I will get my third package.Until then I will keep reading and learning about the world of Neo-Tech. Sincerely, Michael R. Lamberson

ID#2265 D.P.,@xs 2006-02-12 [ Harderwijk, ]

An amazing and challenging side, which I don't still understand; Neo-Tech ? what is the NEo, I need time to think it over and to see if I can 'grasp' the idea and what -if any - I can contribute

ID#2266 D.P.,@xs 2006-02-12 [ Harderwijk, ]

An amazing and challenging side, which I don't still understand; Neo-Tech ? what is the NEo, I need time to think it over and to see if I can 'grasp' the idea and what -if any - I can contribute

ID#2268 B.G., 2006-02-12 [ Elko, NV]


ID#2269 k.o., 2006-02-12 [ winter park, FL]

Thank you to give me tha future.!

ID#2270 T.G., 2006-02-12 [ College Station, Tx]

I am not pleased with the results I read about. I would like my money back. You guys caught me at a point in my life where I was desprite looking for a way to get of debt and my own personal problems. I am very displeased with a company that falsifies hope and prominance. I don't know why you people mislead others, but I will let you know, God will be your judge. You are going to have to answer to Him. I have found out the Holy Bible is the only literature that provides self prominance and it uplifts the spirit like no other. I believe in my own True Master, Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior. You guys need to sell letters and books about how Jesus died for our sins. I will pay for that. If your company has any backbone, then you would return my money back. In your letters, you have a money back gaurantee.

ID#2271 T.G., 2006-02-12 [ College Station, Tx]

Send my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID#2274 . ., 2006-02-12 [ , ]

the irs has hurt 1000000 of people and will always.they do not care about aney poor person

ID#2280 A.G., 2006-02-13 [ VICTOR HARBOR, SA]

Hi, can I still get God-Man, and is it still relevant today, and for making money in Australia? Thanks. :]

ID#2282 B.G., 2006-02-13 [ , ]

Freedom of speech should be protected.

ID#2283 B.G., 2006-02-13 [ Calgary, Alberta]

Freedom of speech should be protected.

ID#2284 d. ., 2006-02-13 [ , ] is reporting that Dr. Wallace died. Is this true or a hoax?

ID#2287 g.f., 2006-02-13 [ queens, n.y.]

neo-tech is the greatest thing happening to mankind,many are affraid of neo-tech honesty,afraid of been exposed or disposed so they would like to see neo-tech dissapear,thats really silly.when i confronted those who is trying to use fraud force or deception against me they become humble and threat me honestly.before you neo-tech i know what was rong,you teaches me how to handle the neocheaters,standing up for what is right is every human moral responsibility,you are the greatest thing hapening to manrind now and in the future continue this excilent mission.

ID#2293 D.A., 2006-02-14 [ oxford, NC]

I came to the web site,because i missed my chance to enter the next stage,or cycle#2,because of lack of funds.I was proud that i had a chance to be a part of something that only a few could be.But once again it didn't happen.I can only be upset with myself in this cast.I just would like to thank who ever consider me.THANK YOU OR YOU ALL.

ID#2294 K.F., 2006-02-14 [ Los Angeles, Calif.]

I am already a member of neo-tech, I received a copy of the first installment, but missed receiving my mail for the deadline of the second installment.I would love to learn the "Ten Second Miracle", as I Am deeply in debt. I need a money miracle like yesterday, I am also facing eviction. I need help, I would be forever grateful! Kenneth,

ID#2299 J.D., 2006-02-14 [ Colorado Springs, Colorado]

I have been a long time holder of the original neo tech and zonpower. I would like to see what is new and comming up in the information.

ID#2300 P.T., 2006-02-14 [ , ]

I am an avid reader. A friend loaned me a book written by Mark Hamilton. It was amazing because some of my personal theories were there, in writing. I have been reading MetaPhysical books for years. The manuscript that I read had many of the things that I believe in there, in writing. I have believed for years that we are God-Man. I asked my friend to get me a copy of this book. Neo Tech needs to stay on the web so that other people, exposed to the Neo Tech philosophy have a place to go for information.

ID#2302 S.G., 2006-02-15 [ Grantville, PA]

Thank you for all the thinking information.

ID#2303 H.C., 2006-02-15 [ Lake Arrowhead, Ca]

First, thanks for bringing to the world The God-man Discovery! I've now read The Book and Jaynes' seminal work The Origins Of Consciousness. Wow! The book has been a perpetual source of strength from an otherwise boring and repetitively irrational existence. Where are the Patterson Papers? I teach elementary aged Gifted children and wish to teach them to neothink. Second, I'd like to own the Neo-tech Reference Encyclopedia for more indepth explainations.

ID#2305 J.M., 2006-02-15 [ greenville, SC]

**DO NOT ADD TO COMMENTS. I am long time NT owner. It has been quite some time since I got a mailing from you guys. If I have dropped off of your mailing list then put me back on and send me the latest mailings. I appreciate it and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

ID#2306 . ., 2006-02-15 [ , ]

aLL Igot tosay to the Neo-cheater isif the truthhurts to bad

ID#2307 D. ., 2006-02-15 [ Cherry Hll, NJ]

Broad strokes, however, I believe in some of the applications discussed. I would like to see actual raw data and more specifics of the incredible advancement in biotechnology or more pertenent perpetuauting the species.

ID#2309 j.l., 2006-02-15 [ 46800-xativa (valencia), ]

i'm waiting for neo-tech information.i tried to obtain this information time ago.i think i could receive it by air mail .i'm not owner or neo-tech literature but i think it likes me. please send me as soon as possible.somebody told me i could to have it by card.thanks.

ID#2310 . ., 2006-02-15 [ , ]

Very disappointing! Frankly I don't care whether or not you remain on the web. There will always be gullible people who will believe anything, even obviously made-up positive and negative comments like the ones listed here. To think I almost believed that letter I got!

ID#2313 S.S., 2006-02-15 [ Albion, Illinois]

I got the first instalment of "Nouveau Tech: The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time," and am rather impatiently awaiting the second Installment, the 1000 page book. I've read through your webpage, and am impressed.

ID#2314 P. ., 2006-02-15 [ Liverpool, ]

Its always interesting to read fresh ideas. Freedom of speech and thought is essential for the integrity of any social group.

ID#2316 Q.C., 2006-02-15 [ Rocheport, MO]

This site is evil in its pure form. Money and power can never trully make you happy.

ID#2317 d.d.,@net 2006-02-15 [ dover, pa]

I went through the same thing. Iwas so hurt and disappointed.I am so glad that the lies are being exposed.I am telling everyone I know about the lies.The worst part for me is I am the one who got them to beleive in the first place. But the truth must be told. WE must be free. Keep up the good work.

ID#2318 D.D., 2006-02-15 [ Federal Way, Washington]

I received a mailing that ask me to join Neo-Tech I am stil not sure if what I joined was right. The paper I received touted the rewards of neotech and ask to buy the second part. But I noted that the paper no one bought it but was given to them by someone else. So I got on the internet to see what I could find. What is the 10 second miracle??

ID#2320 R..., 2006-02-16 [ ASTORIA, NY]


ID#2321 R..., 2006-02-16 [ ASTORIA, NY]


ID#2325 S.H., 2006-02-16 [ Hurst, Texas]

As a young child my mother use to tell me that I would own a company when I grew up. I must have believed it, because I do. She was a child psychology major and firmly believed in something called self fulfilling prophecy. I realize now, that by telling me those positive affirming statements that she set in motion my thought processes which started a chain of events that were irresistable and unavoidable. There must be a heap of unused potential that lives in all of us. I would like to harness my full potential for a greater good. I have only begun to scratch the surface of what my potential truly is. The readings in this site are brutally honest, and I would like to receive additional literature. The pages I read have started a fire inside me that had previously been stamped out by the day to day trials and tribulations of life.

ID#2326 B.l., 2006-02-16 [ southern pines, N.C]

Keep doing what your doing! Im on my way with the deprograming prosess.

ID#2328 A.B., 2006-02-16 [ , ]


ID#2329 J.D., 2006-02-16 [ Saint Helens, OR]

I see hoe the cheater lives, thuogh I have not finished my reading and I've held it for more than a year now; I am changing for the better and shedding pounds ant the mystical notions that have kept me down!

ID#2330 . ., 2006-02-16 [ , ]

I think that you guys are deluded by what you think you know. You are proposing ideas that were around before, during and after the French Revolution and that were probably its cause. I think we all know how that turned out- one of the most horrific and bloody revolutions known to man. And then its founders tried to make themselves god-like and they themselves were soon dispatched. There is no real hope, no real love and no real truth in what you propose. I would suspect that most if not all who subscribe to your idea of the world are destined for a deep state of depression or suicide. In fact, I can calmly, assuredly and unmystically gaurantee it. Sooo Sad!!!!!!

ID#2332 M.J., 2006-02-16 [ RENO, NV]

I,m a recent member. Completly computer illiterate!I,d first like to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! for chosing me to be a member! Why I was chosen is still a mystery to me as is the world wide web!!! Which brings me to my comment; I FOUND YOUR WEB SITE by simply typing the society name. SIMPLE but I do believe you do too much good for any moran to take your wizdom and exploit it the neo cheater way I Believe your web site can help many who havnt recieved the big black book secretly as I Have so stay online the cheaters have no chance of using your info to veil the truth. if anything it might make the cheaters too see things our way. I VE GOT TO GO PLEASE do what is needed to protect the society, but please know the time is NOW to use truth openly and aggressivly to beat the cheats there is no shelter to hide from truth real honest truth .........

ID#2333 M.J., 2006-02-16 [ RENO, NV]

I,m a recent member. Completly computer illiterate!I,d first like to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! for chosing me to be a member! Why I was chosen is still a mystery to me as is the world wide web!!! Which brings me to my comment; I FOUND YOUR WEB SITE by simply typing the society name. SIMPLE but I do believe you do too much good for any moran to take your wizdom and exploit it the neo cheater way I Believe your web site can help many who havnt recieved the big black book secretly as I Have so stay online the cheaters have no chance of using your info to veil the truth. if anything it might make the cheaters too see things our way. I VE GOT TO GO PLEASE do what is needed to protect the society, but please know the time is NOW to use truth openly and aggressivly to beat the cheats there is no shelter to hide from truth real honest truth .........

ID#2339 S.T., 2006-02-17 [ , ]

Yes I would like this this site to remain on the web as it has very liberating information.

ID#2340 S.T., 2006-02-17 [ Welkom, FS]

Yes I would like this this site to remain on the web as it has very liberating information.

ID#2342 M.S., 2006-02-17 [ Macon, GA]

I have benefitted from the Neo-Tech Discovery... I was in the U.S. Air Force when I placed my order. I wanted out... and about two days after receiving the Discovery I had separation notice thanx Dr. Wallace.... But, I was suppose to get the GOD-Man book free a day or so later... it was shipped and the military sent it back because I was gone home. Now I'm here in Macon, Georgia my hometown and I'm a licensed Realestate Agent in the state of Georgia... I would greatly appreciate you sending my copy of GOD-Man so I may continue to prosper and make improvements.

ID#2344 r.a., 2006-02-17 [ Williamsburg,, MI]

is the information on this website the same as that in the 1000 page neo-tech second installment? i recieved a mailing with a deadline to reply by today. i am still sceptical, and unsure if i want to spend the money if i can read the same info here.

ID#2345 W.V., 2006-02-17 [ springfield, TN]

William VB I just love the web site and I will be back to several times. Because i am a member of Neo-Tech and I like your web site. I wish Mark HamIlton would call memy phone number is 615-654-9196

ID#2347 . ., 2006-02-17 [ , ]

i ann maire bradley got the letter to get the book i just didnt have the money to get the real book you wanted me to get at a discount before feb 3 i was feelin sad and kind of mad cause i might get kicked out cause i have little or no money soo i said to myself lets see if they are on the net you were i was at peace with myself you guys gave hope i dont know you guys time limit to send the money if iam too late then i thank you for given me hope that i would have been apart of something good i thank you write back 4823 157th st. apt 3 oakforest il 60452 and again THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

ID#2349 n.y., 2006-02-17 [ burleson, tx]

The ablity to so solve the human condition. All you need to be able to find the answer is be willing to open your mind. For most, this is the heardest step to take. Neo-Tech to educate the massas.

ID#2350 l.c.,@AOL.COM and QCWRITER1@YAHOO.COM 2006-02-18 [ HAYWARD, CA]

Having read Neo-tech Discovery and the book noted above, I'm 100% pro Nouveau. Since, at this point, I am unaware of any dangers more significant than the values made available, my "yes" vote to remain on the Web was just as spontaneous and unequivocal as pre-consciousness bi-cameral man's response to right-brain directives.

ID#2351 j.b., 2006-02-18 [ park city , ks]

Thank you for asking me to join.Neo tech has changed my outlook on life and my way of thinking.

ID#2353 D.M.,@big planet@com 2006-02-18 [ ENFIELD, CT]


ID#2357 C.M., 2006-02-19 [ Medford, WI]

I am waiting to receive my Neo-Tech Discorvy Book and did a search to see what I could find. This is a good site and may 'open' some peoples minds to a 'new' old way of doing things. The world is out of control and needs to be fixed before it falls apart. I think it is great that the Society choose me to get their knowledge and look forward to reading it and learning more. I agree with what is on this site and am excited to learn how to use what I have always 'felt'. Thank.

ID#2360 N.A., 2006-02-19 [ Richmond Hill, NY]

Neo-Tech will free your mind of the illustions that have been create from our mystic societies over the centuries. Neo- Tech will help you regonize who, when, how 95% of human beings have been dupe thougthout history and present. Thus, Neo-tech is the only publication that has ID these manipulator in our societies.and therefore, needs to be present in the internet.

ID#2362 C.B., 2006-02-19 [ Nelspruit, ]

I hate the fact that a small minority rules the world and controls all events, even the mighty US of A and all its ordinary every-day-people. It's time that we put a stop to the Media indoctrination and start thinking for ourselves. This is the way the Master of the Universe(God or whoever) wanted and the teachings of Neo-Tech as I understand it. How can it go wrong? We are all part of one and therefore brothers.

ID#2365 B.N., 2006-02-19 [ Mt. Clemens, MI]

My life is greater now.

ID#2366 D.C., 2006-02-19 [ St Louis Park, MN]

I found your books interesting and boring at the same time. There are a few interesting spots in the two books that I have read, but for the overall - it is very dry material to read and it took me quite a long time to get through the books. The concept of there being no GOD is not conceivable to me. I have always believed and will continue to believe in GOD. I know that there are athiests out there and you may be one of them, but that does not mean your concepts in the books have to make people disbelieve in GOD. I don't like politics and you guys did a lot of politics at the end of the 2nd book - not cool! You have a few interesting thoughts but I have not seen anything yet to give me the visions as you have stated in the 2nd book. The work concept may be fine for you but in my line of work, it would be nearly impossible for me to put it into action since I have to deal with phones on a daily basis. I have yet to see proof that anything can come out of these books. Your ideas of this world becoming a violent-free world with no worries or cares is pretty interesting to me but I have yet to see anything like that happen. I know that your visions are big and we all want to make it someday where we don't have any cares or worries too but until then, I will have to keep on working to make my dreams come true! Like I said - your books are very dry material to grasp yet it had a few interesting qualities about them. Just don't take away people's ideas of religion. Also, please do not print my name or address on your website. Each person has their own ideas as to whether or not to accept your concepts. I read a few of the positive and negative comments and whew! the negative comments were pretty nasty!

ID#2367 H.P., 2006-02-19 [ Franklin Furnace, Ohio]

I would like more information about networking with like minded people.

ID#2368 H.A., 2006-02-20 [ Denton, Texas]

Not judging if good or bad, right or wrong, religious or blastphemous, everyone is entitled to their beliefs/choices. Those who are truly Christian should know of tolerance, after all, that is what Jesus Christ taught. Tolerence! In Beliefs, in Religion, in all faiths. Each person with half a brain's worth of intelligence has the right to make choices-good, bad, indifferent. We all have choices. And with the ability to chose should come tolerance. We all have seen what intolerence has gotten this world, Holy Jihad, kill all who are not Muslem, kill all those who are not Christians,if they can not be converted, racial intolerence, gender intolerence... What happened to "Turn the other Cheek?" When is humanity (people) going to be big enough to just let others live their lives without intrusion and tellimg them that they are wrong, because of skin color, religious beliefs or convictions or lack there of, gender orientation, financial status, social status, educationl level ... When will there be tolerence for all? Hopefully before it is to late for the people of the world... We are all of the "Family of Man" why can't we act like it?

ID#2372 B.A., 2006-02-20 [ Belmont, MI]

I find the information facinating. i received the letter about purchasing the manuscript but was not financially able to do at the time. So started to look for information on the web and ended up at this web site. Please leave it up for at least a while longer so i can get as much info as I can. Still trying to understand the ten second miracle sure could use one. Thanks B.A.

ID#2373 M.B., 2006-02-20 [ Colorado Springs, CO]

Already have information via mail.

ID#2383 C.A., 2006-02-21 [ Minneapolis, MN]

We need clear choices explained to people, especially about politics, taxes and neo-cheaters in society.

ID#2386 M.W., 2006-02-21 [ Williston, ND]

Always had a knowing that there was something missing in my thoughts and the way things took place and now I am finding the rest of the puzzel with Neo-Tech. thank you all Myra White

ID#2387 J.S., 2006-02-21 [ Seabrook, TX]

I just wanted to let y'all know that I will be purchasing several of your products in the near future. Not because of the mailing you sent me (which was very persuasive) but because I decided to check out your website after recieving the mailing and found that I agree with much of your material and find it very usefull. I have a seasonal company, and after the financial jumpstart needed to get going this year, and when a surplus becomes available, I will be purchasing some of your books. Some of your online material has already inspired me to discover new ways to more efficiently intergrate and run my company. Please note also, that my address has changed to: 4315 Stacy Ln. Seabrook, TX, 77586 Please send me an order form for The Discovery or the Reference Encyclopedia sometime around 5/1/06. Thank you! Keep it up.

ID#2389 j.m., 2006-02-21 [ san ysidro, CA]

neo tech web page is something that should be on the web because it reveals all the false that mand kind has live for the past 3000 years and now with the neo tech available for every one it will open peoples eyes and make a stop with all that has bin kept a lie, to know yor self and being unique and live in full happines, true love, and rich.

ID#2390 g.b., 2006-02-21 [ , ]

neo-tech is the only thing that makes sense in this upside down world. keep at it.

ID#2391 C.F., 2006-02-22 [ Midwest City,, OK.]

I enjoy reading your book. Did the people who made comments against your website read your books or are they just guessing you are evil? The books have a lot of good information in them. Information I didn't even think about until I read the books. "The Nouveau Tech Discovery" also known as "The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets" and also the other book is getting interesting too. I have just begun to read it. "The Nouveau Tech Package of Inner-Circle Secrets. I was hoping to own my own business and after reading these books I believe I will be able to. In the first book it jumps from Neo-Tech I to Neo-Tech III. Was Neo-Tech II left out on purpose or is it throughout the book as indicated by (i.e. 282,291,328-329,330-331,379, see also Neo-Tech Discovery psychuous concepts and, 334-336). Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

ID#2393 S. ., 2006-02-22 [ , ]

I can't imagine life without neo tech. it's been just under 2 years since I got my copy of the Neo Tech Discovery and it's already been a journey. first of all, I went from being a pothead who never picked up a book and couldn't hold down a job, not to mention- not any idea about how women think.. to becomming addicted to learning. reading every day, completely clear headed, running a mini company [just a baby now.. but already talking;)], in love with the most exceptional woman who treats me like a king.. but still my life is not perfect. since I've started reading neo tech, my entire family (all christians) have disowned me- can you believe that?! it seems kinda irrational, I mean since I'm working towards a happy and productive life now. when is Mark Hamilton's new book comming out?

ID#2396 e.t., 2006-02-22 [ bremonton, WA]

i finaly figured it out do the right thing and be honest and truthful i live my life the way i won't i live every day like i never experianced it before i never live my past and im excited and look forwored to my everyday life and my furuer loook's beautiful

ID#2397 . ., 2006-02-22 [ , ]

Its just going to start to get good from here on in-

ID#2399 q.j., 2006-02-22 [ tucson, az]

id like to see some more information on techknowledgy that is unorthodoxed[out of the box tech]

ID#2400 F.J., 2006-02-22 [ , ]

Only those with lower quality ideas and fear of exposure, need to suppress the idea's of others. Excuse me for not supplying my mailing address. I have been a Frank Wallace fan for many years and would like to be more trustworthy of others, but experience has taught me that Neo cheaters and their followers desire to harm honest innocent people.

ID#2402 M.B., 2006-02-22 [ , ]

Dear sir/Madam About six weeks ago i sent you a order form from a letter i recived from yourselfs for a copy of the nouva tech discovery. I am looking foward to reciving it but it has been some time since i heard from you last. here is my infomation. member num 004539057 order num a2051939 manuscript num 11560-a please could you reply and let me know when i can expect delivery. thankyou yours sincearly B Muzyczuk

ID#2403 C.S., 2006-02-22 [ Philadelphia, Pa]

Hi'I'm currently reading the 2nd book from NEO-TECH. I experiment often with the so called 10 second miracle and it seems to work in social situations however i'm fearful to try it in a gambling setting, possibly cause i'm broke.I'd appriciate any help you could offer. the litterature is mind awakening and just plainly makes sence.Thanks CS

ID#2404 L.H., 2006-02-22 [ Santa Fe, NM]

A couple weeks, ago I receive the first 1000+ page manual of Neo-tech secrets. I am very excited about its contents and am eager to continue reading! In the letter I received about the meetings, it stated that there will be more manuscripts in the future to purchase. I deeply understand the value of this information, and that the charge is only for the direct costs of producing the literature. However, I am currently in school (I'm 21) and am in a financial situation where I will not be able to purchase these much desired texts. Because the Nouveau tech society is so regal, and its members so prestigious, I wonder if there may be some fund, financial aid or scholarship for such a promising young individual as myself. My destiny is to become a neo-human, I can feel it. Please do not let someone with my potential slip through the system, I know I can be of great contribution to your society and to the planet Earth with the powerful knowledge that Nouveau Tech offers. Can you help?

ID#2405 R.C., 2006-02-22 [ willow springs, il]

I'm still anxiously awaiting attending the summit. When will I recieve such information?

ID#2406 . ., 2006-02-22 [ , ]


ID#2407 M.P., 2006-02-22 [ Midland, Mi ]

I always felt that the way I was brought up was very limiting. I know know why and how to more forward to grow into a value producing direction.

ID#2408 S.D., 2006-02-22 [ Spring Creek, Nevada]

Yes, please. I recieved a letter stating all kinds of claims. I looked up the name in the letter. On the Net."Dr. Frank R. Wallace". And found Neo Tech. The letter had no return address. Inside was an address "Nouveau Tech", Invitation Processing, P.O. Box 5204 Clifton, NJ 07015-5204 If you remove Neo Tech from the Internet how will poeple find the truth. Or as you say the honesty. Steven D. Andrus

ID#2412 . ., 2006-02-23 [ , ]

Value is not produced in offices, but in farms, factories, laboratories. The idea that currency=value is an illusion that we have all been deceived by for the last 700 years or so. Freedom of choice is not the ability to choose between a Whopper or Big Mac. Demystification is not total ignorance of anything beyond that perceived by our base senses. Freedom of expression is not mass-media advertising/brainwashing until we dont know what our hearts true yearning is. Intolerance will not produce a tolerant society, and war will not create peace. Linear, digital thinking is for dead robots devoid of any emotion, circular analogue thinking is for conscious life that cannot be so easily manipulated. Honesty is not arranging all the negative comments against your manifesto for a new world order so that one only reads the stupid remarks of simple minded religious fanatics and leave any intelligent remarks at the bottom of a long document that no-one will bother with. True integrated thinking is not achieved by exclusion of that which is a threat to your Orwellian blueprint but by understanding that all consciousness is one. Materialism leads to entropy and death. Your way is not the future but a nightmare of de-humanisation, for your own good, please do not twist truth into falsehood.

ID#2413 J.M., 2006-02-23 [ Lynn, MA]

I think this is good for everyone trying to get wealth and all shoud have a chance to be educated on the unfairness of our leaders. They do not have the right to take away our God given rights!

ID#2414 P.D., 2006-02-23 [ Littleton, CO]

I have collected Neo-Tech writings for fifteen years. They contain the most useful information on the planet, and consistently provide value in my life. That being said; is this website worth maintaining? Are the arrows of the ignorant enough to close this site? Neo-Tech existed before the web was accessible to almost everyone on earth, and it will exist even if the site is closed. This website provides a valuable educational service allowing the unenlightened a view through the smoke screens value destroyers set in place.

ID#2415 A.B., 2006-02-23 [ northport, al]

I am not understanding my The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets. Could you please send me a simple version?

ID#2418 J.W., 2006-02-23 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is one of the greatest achevements this century. I can't get enough.

ID#2419 J.W., 2006-02-23 [ Haines City, Fl]

Neo-Tech is one of the greatest achevements this century. I can't get enough.

ID#2422 B.E., 2006-02-24 [ , ]

I'm a looking for the American Business Party online. But, I am unable to locate there web site. We need a free interprize government. I thought of this before I started reading Neo-tech then it appeared. The though of me being taxed to work appaled me and Neo-tech show that there is a political party that supports my ideas. Please help me locate this party. Thank You Bruce

ID#2423 B.E., 2006-02-24 [ Pensacola, Fll]

I'm a looking for the American Business Party online. But, I am unable to locate there web site. We need a free interprize government. I thought of this before I started reading Neo-tech then it appeared. The though of me being taxed to work appaled me and Neo-tech show that there is a political party that supports my ideas. Please help me locate this party. Thank You Bruce

ID#2424 B.E., 2006-02-24 [ Pensacola, FL]

My computer will not give me access to Crash Hell. What do I need

ID#2425 L. ., 2006-02-24 [ Alvarado, Texas]

I have been reading my books that was sent out and found your web-site. Thought I would investigate and see what I could learn. I have enjoyed reading what you have written on your web-site. It has been encouraging and straight forward. I'm a slow reader and it has taken me a while to read both of the books I have. I have enjoyed reading them. Now to put them to use is my goal. Thank you, Linda Berry

ID#2426 B. ., 2006-02-24 [ calgary, ]

Freedom of speech should not be jeapordized

ID#2427 T.O., 2006-02-24 [ Camilla, Ga]

I would like to know more about Neo-Tech. The letter was sent to my father but, I have to help him read sometimes. I was a bit skeptic at first and I still am. I would like to know more about you what you're trying to do.

ID#2428 M.P., 2006-02-24 [ Apple Valley, CA]

Why not stay on the web? Any way of getting info through to people is good. Once you have the information then it is up to you to either accept or reject. One always has free choice even though society/religion etc tells this is impossible & we must tow the line in order to conform. We must all take personal responsibility to think & act in creative ways to better the circumstances of this drowning planet.

ID#2429 S.M., 2006-02-24 [ , ]

Having just been introduced to Neotech I am in the process of digesting the information. I have recieved the 16 page book several weeks ago and nothing amazing has happened to me. (as indicated) I have ordered the 1000 page . Your web sight is interesting,and tends to following my deductive reasoning.

ID#2430 . ., 2006-02-24 [ , ]

damn, how little we know and quick to judge. breakes my heart really. i feel you, being here now tragically beautiful aint it.

ID#2431 t.m., 2006-02-24 [ st. louis park, minn.]

I believe that the information that i have gotten thru the reading of book one and book two, have help me with understanding who i am. please send any new information like the first inmortals.

ID#2432 T.M., 2006-02-24 [ St. Louis Park, Minn.]

THE BEST NEWS EVER! Keep up the good work.

ID#2433 F.T., 2006-02-25 [ Lancaster, Pa]

My kind of thinking -out of the box. Challenge the status quo. True urnesty is indivisible.

ID#2434 S.M., 2006-02-25 [ , ]

I am amazed at such burden lifting information.I have bound and restricted myself with religion for the whole of my life. I was not aware that there is such information on earth.I am looking forward to a brand new life.Thank you for giving me hope. I now know that I will become all that I was "meant" to be and will do whatever I want to do.I am the most important person.

ID#2435 S.M., 2006-02-25 [ Bloemfontein, Free State]

I am amazed at such burden lifting information.I have bound and restricted myself with religion for the whole of my life. I was not aware that there is such information on earth.I am looking forward to a brand new life.Thank you for giving me hope. I now know that I will become all that I was "meant" to be and will do whatever I want to do.I am the most important person.

ID#2437 J.L., 2006-02-25 [ Painesville, Ohio ]

Exciting, challenging, and insightful. Makes you step outside "the box."

ID#2439 G. ., 2006-02-25 [ Red Deer, AB.]

In my haste today to respond to a free secrets of the society information package,i mailed a letter without postage.This letter was from Kirsten Hart whom I believe to be some kind of recuriter.I was getting all kinds of special accolades about my personality from someone that has never met me;I was wondering how my address was attained but also became very curious about the society and the illuminatti,as I have read about such societies for years.It is very flattering to be selected to become a member of any pretigious society I should imagine let alone one that one doesn't know of anyone being in.If my non postage snail mail makes it to Henderson I will be very gratefull to recieve the free literature promised me,if not I will have to assume it simply wasn't supposed to be.I have reviewed a lot of the info on your site today and believe it to be very relavant to suvival in todays upside down,mixed up unbelieving,follow the crowd world.Be an individual think for yourself,stop spouting back the previous evenings news cast.Thanks very much for reading this.Best Regards,GERRY.

ID#2441 H.C., 2006-02-25 [ Hollywood, Fl.]

I am very excited about this, but cant find the chat room. I want to meet other members. People who dont know neo-tech dont realize whats really going on, I need to meet other believers. I have all of this, and no one to share it with. Please help with this.

ID#2444 J.P., 2006-02-25 [ Lithonia, GA]

Please send me another form to purhase the big book.

ID#2445 . ., 2006-02-25 [ , ]

they didnt forget so how dare u. lol. allz in da bullshyz. above all mad props, no betta way, hugh?.

ID#2446 . ., 2006-02-25 [ , ]


ID#2447 J.J., 2006-02-25 [ The Plains, oh]

I received an invatation on Feb 24/06 telling me I had three days to get my invatation in the mail and mailed back to Nouveau Tech by Feb 17th. I took it up on my self to correct an error and sent my info back to Nouveau Tech as soon as I received it. I am a very open minded person and refuse to be swayed by nagative comments without researching myself. So please send the info I requested so I can decide for myself the truth or false behind Nouveau Tech. Jack J. Warren P.O. Box 346 The Plains, Oh 45780

ID#2448 H. ., 2006-02-26 [ Houston, TX]

would like to learn more

ID#2449 J.J., 2006-02-26 [ El Paso, TX]

I'm in. I need time to get myself together. Susan, When is next meeting?

ID#2450 J.J., 2006-02-26 [ El Paso, TX]

I'm in. I need time to get myself together. Susan, When is next meeting?

ID#2451 J.J., 2006-02-26 [ El Paso, TX]

I'm in. I need time to get myself together. Susan, When is next meeting?

ID#2452 D.C., 2006-02-26 [ Göta, ]

I´v got a letter from someone who say they are Neo-Tech. So I started to look around the net to find out what it is. As I now realise that the letter I´v got not is from you. I would like to have some more information of you. if that is possible. Thanks. Dennis

ID#2456 e.g., 2006-02-26 [ enfield, N.C.]

i need a list of literature to purchase

ID#2458 P.H., 2006-02-27 [ Gloucester, ]

Even more fascinating..Read the entire website. I lovd the BAch analogy and the histories of humanitiy and events and philosophical tour of Nietzsche and Plato, Plotinus and all else..Quite coreect.I cannot think of any errors in you tour at all/ Fascinating........... Still oworking on the concept of the neo cheater and thinking of Macheivelli etc... The Tolerence principle also makes sense.

ID#2460 J.G., 2006-02-27 [ , ]

This is important enough it should always be on the Net

ID#2463 r.d., 2006-02-27 [ sarasota, fl]

I have eight of the neo-tech books i enjoye reading them. keep up the good work you have my support. thank you.

ID#2464 W.M., 2006-02-27 [ FERNLEY, NV.]


ID#2465 C. ., 2006-02-27 [ find me if you can, 6235]

i got a letter about a free book a few weeks back. i was just wondering if it is real or fake. See i have this problem with people lieing to me. So i will say this all i have ever dreamed of is finding where i belong. the Illuminati and of corse the Masons rock. yours truly in hell, Chappel

ID#2468 m.E., 2006-02-27 [ , ]

i found this site while i was researching a book , called creative fraud , by kirkman (1978) a freind had given it to me to read and i wonder what others had to say about this book.

ID#2470 A.V., 2006-02-27 [ White Hills, Victoria]

keep up the good work, words cannot describe the way i have changed and look at everything in my life now. Frank,Mark congratulations for being the pioneers of this new knowledge and soon the new world i will be forever greatful and one day do hope to meet face to face. All the best for the future.. Your Mate in Australia.. Adam Veitch ps am looking foward to the potent 3some

ID#2474 j.f.,@YAHOO.COM 2006-02-28 [ LAKEBAY, WA]


ID#2475 Z.A., 2006-02-28 [ Rosedale, MS]

I see you are good at what you do. Hi I am #0192530319. Yes I receive your letter. I think instead of hating you for scaming people I should start making money doing the mail advertising part of business. As of 3-1-06 I Zachary A. Atkins will start my own program offer buiness books for a little of nothing. However, I want scam people what you pay for is what you will get its that simple. NOW I saw your site you aren't telling me nothing I don't already know. People like me anyway without the Nouveau Tech program, I know the ways to get rich without Nouveau Tech program, and by the way Iam happy most of the time. See I live a small town in Mississippi (ROSEDALE). I always thought I was different. What I mean by that is: if I had a choice to buy a piece of clothing or to sell a piece of clothing. I would SELL my AXX off. NOW I vote to keep you on the web for one reason: YOU ARE MAKING MONEY! And I like those with MONEY! Everyone can check out my website: Also check out my ebay products for sell: (ebay user ID: atkinsretail411) If, anyone have any comments for Zachary A. Atkins please e-mail me at: The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer the cycle will never end!

ID#2476 I. ., 2006-02-28 [ Nantucket, MA]

Hi, again! My name is Isabella Justo and I have read a lot of the contents in your web site, and I wrote before... Im here once more to ask you: How do I get the book?? I really would like to read the whole thing, but you have to tell me how! Please, let me know! Thanks, Isabella.

ID#2479 M.C., 2006-02-28 [ , ]

Looking for material regarding monogamy and non-monogamy. How to have two individuals with different needs regarding sexual exclusivity create a bond and relationship (partnership)? Noticing a change in the way people are expressing their needs of love, sex, and marriage.

ID#2480 k.l., 2006-02-28 [ columbus, Ohio]

hi im kevin i ghot the litter and the frist book but i cant afroud the ohter book the nouveau tech discovery i need more time pleas contacek me.

ID#2483 N. ., 2006-03-01 [ , ]

There should be an open free chat room to allow people to interact with others in order to decifer weather "neo-tech" is or is not some sort of scam

ID#2484 P.B., 2006-03-01 [ GIG HARBOR, WA]

Send me information about ordering the Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia at 4405 Harbor Country Dr. Nw Apt # J-6 Gig Harbor WA 98335 Please and thank you so VERY much! I am already experiencing the benefits of Neo-Tech and Nouveau Tech Society! I desire to state that I can already see where my so-called failure came from in the first place and "wh" it was so hard to do much ofr anything on this ball of life we call planet earth! Patrick Bundy!

ID#2485 A. ., 2006-03-01 [ CAIRNS, Q.LAND]


ID#2488 P.W., 2006-03-01 [ , ]

I don't think there is any way that Neo-Tech should ever be taken out of circulation. Now, I have only read a small amount so far, but it all seems to click. All my thoughts, all my anger towards most peoples pure blind (apparent) idiocy, seem to be mentioned. This is easily the most truthful organisation. No hate for hates sake, just honesty.

ID#2489 j.f.,@YAHOO.COM 2006-03-01 [ lakebay, wa]

please once agian im writing keep this web site on im schizo and need people not telling me im crazy! which im not im felling fired up also please keep adding infomation onto this website once agian thank you for this great experence

ID#2491 C.C., 2006-03-01 [ Moreauville, La.]

Yes, please remain on the web. This is the best thing that I have ever seen. Thank you very much for such a wonderful opportunity.

ID#2493 R.S., 2006-03-01 [ twinsburg, oh]


ID#2497 M.A., 2006-03-02 [ Eugene , Oregon]

In Nouveua Tech Society Part of Neo-Tech?

ID#2498 M.A., 2006-03-02 [ Eugene , Oregon]

In Nouveua Tech Society Part of Neo-Tech?

ID#2499 S. ., 2006-03-02 [ , ]

I have ordered the manuscript and paid for it...waiting keenly foe delivery. From the small amount of information I have there seems no doubt that you will cause discussion most of it will be Negative and /or Positive depending on the readers CURRENT views and attitudes. I feel many people stop growing / learning in their lives far too early ...can be caused by many Social, economic, and so on. I want to understand as much as I can in a positive manner.

ID#2500 S. ., 2006-03-02 [ , ]

I have ordered the manuscript and paid for it...waiting keenly foe delivery. From the small amount of information I have there seems no doubt that you will cause discussion most of it will be Negative and /or Positive depending on the readers CURRENT views and attitudes. I feel many people stop growing / learning in their lives far too early ...can be caused by many Social, economic, and so on. I want to understand as much as I can in a positive manner.

ID#2501 S. ., 2006-03-02 [ , ]

I have ordered the manuscript and paid for it...waiting keenly foe delivery. From the small amount of information I have there seems no doubt that you will cause discussion most of it will be Negative and /or Positive depending on the readers CURRENT views and attitudes. I feel many people stop growing / learning in their lives far too early ...can be caused by many Social, economic, and so on. I want to understand as much as I can in a positive manner.

ID#2502 S. ., 2006-03-02 [ Brisbane, Qld]

I have ordered the manuscript and paid for it...waiting keenly foe delivery. From the small amount of information I have there seems no doubt that you will cause discussion most of it will be Negative and /or Positive depending on the readers CURRENT views and attitudes. I feel many people stop growing / learning in their lives far too early ...can be caused by many Social, economic, and so on. I want to understand as much as I can in a positive manner.

ID#2503 S. ., 2006-03-02 [ Brisbane, Qld]

I have ordered the manuscript and paid for it...waiting keenly foe delivery. From the small amount of information I have there seems no doubt that you will cause discussion most of it will be Negative and /or Positive depending on the readers CURRENT views and attitudes. I feel many people stop growing / learning in their lives far too early ...can be caused by many Social, economic, and so on. I want to understand as much as I can in a positive manner.

ID#2507 K. ., 2006-03-02 [ Sun Lakes, Az.]

March 2-06; I hope that you remember me,from many,many.years ago! Well, I am back,and to inform you that I own thousands of on-line websites,which that I am very proud of. I began Two and a half years ago, and am very sucessful in many career ventures. If you are interested in taking a look at one of many of my on-line businesses, then please take a look at this one; You will be BLOWN AWAY at how sucessful I have become. Please take the time to watch my movie,.and listen to the Explosive Music.And I strongly suggest foir you sign up as soon as possible. Thank you Signed Kimberly.

ID#2508 K.K., 2006-03-02 [ green bay, WI]

This is some of the greatest information ever put in book form and on the internet. Those people who 'hate' Neo-Tech will be unfortunately trapped in a society where no one can think for themselves and is continuously controlled and manipulated by others. Neo-Tech, simply put, takes the blinders off of people and opens the world up to what it really is. What scares so many people about Neo-Tech is that it throws tradition to the curb and opens the door to the future. Most people simply live their lives with traditional habits that have been passed down from generation to generation, however, when you realize that we do not live in the past and cannot continue to do the same things that were done in the past, individuals will arise to a whole new way of thinking that will empower them to easily out-think those who still live and do things in the old way. Neo-tech is not some mystical entity, but more of a philosophy of the way we should be looking at the world TODAY in order for us all to overcome any and all obstacle that ever get in our way. If Neo-Tech is the future, then religion, government regulations, and barriers are the past. Thank you Neo-Tech for opening my eyes to the world we live in, I'll never look at civilization the same way ever again.

ID#2509 m.c., 2006-03-02 [ la mesa , ca]

yes I think Neo Tech should remain on the web site it provides some of the worlds best knowledge known to man.

ID#2512 . ., 2006-03-03 [ , ]

Fuck you

ID#2513 J.G., 2006-03-03 [ Sydney, NSW]

Your information are worth their weight in gold! I don't care about people saying negative comments about you, and you shouldn't either. I've received your letter in the mail, and that was a very lucky day for me. I've ordered my book, but while waiting for it to arrive, I looked at some of your literature on the net. I couldn't believe what i was reading, and i cant wait to receive my whole package, my new Bible! Yes i mean it, because i cant spend the rest of my life just following political and religious rules, that have been forced upon me. It's that simple my friend/s i want to look, see & discover beyond my nose! Once i receive my whole package, i will send you another piece of comments, for the time being KEEP UP THE VERY GOOD WORK. Your friend J.

ID#2514 J.G., 2006-03-03 [ Sydney, NSW]

Very valuable.

ID#2515 B.S., 2006-03-03 [ Sun Praire, Wi]

I have been collecting and reading your books for almost a Decade now. Twelve Books and Hundreds of Pages of revisions and updates. I am glad that you decided to put the 114 Advantages and everything else back up on the web for all to read. Bravo!!!!! My last book was The Potent Threesome, (Book One) Is the next one available for sale? But, Wow it is truly amasing that now there isn't a single female out there that doesn't say Hi or Talk to me now. It was ok before cause I am smart and Good looking....but now Wow!!!! I think I frighten the Men sometimes, not purposly...Well Sometimes.. its fun,Hee,Hee I love it. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Keep it coming!!!!! Brian*** Wisconsin,USA

ID#2520 B. ., 2006-03-03 [ Salt Lake City , Ut.]

Well....Im kind of In The Middle Of The Idea Of Keeping It on The web Because My Mother Informed me that we are a Sercret Sociaty And with it on the Net I dont know how secret It can be. Since I am her only son she has let me read her book. Im am very interested in this whole new world I am going to see. I cant wait!!!

ID#2521 J.H., 2006-03-03 [ Ayden, NC]

I would like to get part 2 of bklet but I cannot afford it. I would like to get a copy so bad. I believe in neo-tech. now can neo-tech believe in me as they did when they sent me the letters. I know they said after 03/03 I would not be able to get one. If there is a way and neo-tech can help me have a fortunate life that I am destined to have, I know neo-tech won't dissappoint me.

ID#2522 P.W., 2006-03-03 [ APO, AE]

I have discovery a new and exciting world thourgh Neo-Tech I have experienced leaps of knowledge which I never thought were possible,Without fear and the influences of the anticivilation dogma anything is possible through power thinking and intense concentration. Complete and clear vision of Projects are not only possible but can be accomplished though time and hard thinking. Address change from 94 Old Forte Trl Spring lake NC 28390 to entry form below

ID#2524 s. ., 2006-03-03 [ Monroe, MI]

I have read the book once and I am starting thru again. I believe what it states. It will happen one day. Some beautiful day. I am waiting on my last book. I am being patient for the right time to come. Shirley

ID#2526 S.S., 2006-03-03 [ Bakersfield, CA]

I have been intriuged by the way every time I think about my books I bought to read by Neo-tech I have become more enthused and with great strength to forge through any abstacle that could take me down originally. I see it more and more each day since I read the books. Then if anything seems threatening to me I just remember what I read and then any threat just fades away like smoke! Its incredible! What a weapon for the mind. SS

ID#2531 D. ., 2006-03-04 [ Mount Gambier, S.A]

Very important information that everybody should learn & know about for expanding their minds with limitless knowledge.

ID#2532 R. ., 2006-03-04 [ espanola, nm]

cool things to read and apply want know more.

ID#2533 W.H., 2006-03-04 [ KC, MO]

I have prepared an attack document of about threeor four pages but I don't know how to get it to you.

ID#2538 L.T.,@Yahoo.Com 2006-03-05 [ Astoria, NY]

You guys rock!!!

ID#2542 A.S., 2006-03-05 [ Sun Vlley, NV]

FREEDOM OF SPEECH, Open-mindedness, these concepts have gotten you to whatever you enjoy in life today... Yes, even Christ practiced these ideas - which led to Christianity today!!! If you fell this materiaL IS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU-THEN DON'T READ IT. However, that doesn't mean you should not allow others from forming THEIR OWN OPINIONS.I promise not to force you to kneel to MY GOD, will you promise not to force me to kneel before yours?-FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS CHOICE.-BESIDES I THINK THE REAL GOD GAVES US FREEDOM OF CHOICE FOR A REASON, THE REAL GOD DOESN'T GET OFF ON FORCED LOVE AND DOESN'T WANT IT, WHY SHOULD WE?

ID#2543 R.S., 2006-03-05 [ Bromley, Kent]

There are many insights which many paople will not accept. This is because they are neo-cheaters and/or have to follow the status quo. It is a long uphill battle to change the world/univers. However the change may also be instantaneous. So be prepared!!!!!

ID#2545 W.H., 2006-03-05 [ KC, MO]

Book two listed a network of subwebsites NTN's including a news website and a job website. Ialso am loopking for the attack website. I have submissions to make and I want to know how to make them.

ID#2547 b.w., 2006-03-05 [ southern pines, NC]

This is knowledge in its purest form

ID#2548 A.P., 2006-03-05 [ Pompano Beach, FL]

Dear Mr. Hamilton, It would be so wonderful to be part of such an amazing and exciting future. But, I am 60 years old and German is my first language. I have little to no computer experience. Which I plan to take courses to learn, just to be part of something like this. I speak english but use a dictionary to read and write it properly. I am enthusastic to learn, ecspecially for this cause. If you think it would not be a waste of time and I could be an asset anyways. Please call me at 954-942-4667. Sincerly, Anita Patterson

ID#2551 J.J., 2006-03-05 [ Battle Creek, MI]


ID#2552 M.G., 2006-03-05 [ Edwardsville, IL]

A long time ago I read "The Book" and lost it to a fire.... is there anyway I can get it again? Do you have a catelogue??

ID#2555 E.T., 2006-03-06 [ Oklahoma city, OK]

neo-tech has changed my life,and has saved me 100 times over the money i spent on the book,there are so many cons and parisite people out there,but now i am able to look them in the eyes or just by there actions and know if they are an evil parisite or a good human like me,i have stoped many atempts some have tryed against me to bring me down mentaly and in money matters,and i owe all my thanks to what neo-tech has done for my life,it has made me confident,and with my mind not clouded i am now achiveing goals i would have thought before would not have been possible. it seems my mind is linked with others as yourself, and i thank you all for giveing me the information needed to take the correct path today and in the future thanks again, ERICK T

ID#2563 R. ., 2006-03-06 [ Sebastian, FL]

ID#2571 F.I., 2006-03-07 [ lindenhurst, ny]

well stick a finger up my ass and call me Sally!!! the best book ever I laid (F...) my eyes with... its practical...used....and hightens my senses....???? i can't wait to meet the author... Tip: ask your local pastor what a mystic person (a human being ) and well you will get my Tip of the day!!! answer: a mystic person per a catholic priest..."a person who can pray without using words...and has the ability to became one with the universe with GOD!!!...the key word is "GOD"... Shocking: the author never look it up...and spended every friday writing and elavorating mystic reasoning without looking up the meaning from the real genious of this world...Webster dictionary of catholic believers... a general understanding by the author of-course... If I have my wires cross...perhaps the author can write to me with an apology first then...perhaps with an explanation!!!

ID#2573 W.T., 2006-03-07 [ Idabel, OK]

I feel that Neo-Tech can be very enlightening to all people if they don't close their minds to all avenues to better their lives!

ID#2575 J.J., 2006-03-07 [ Battle Creek, MI]

Again I am astonished at what I do not know, an even more astonished at what I have been lead to believe... I am ready and begining my preperations for backing this movement 150%. I cannot thank you any of you enough especially Dr. Frank R. Wallace and his fellow writers Hamilton, Alexander, and Savage, I cannot wait to become as intrieging as your minds must be. Again thank you to an extreme... My journey has only started to begin. -A loyal future member-

ID#2576 t. .,@toto.mail 2006-03-07 [ toto city, toto state]

As there is a strong liberty of expression in the US and others democratic state, you should remain on the web. I didn't come through all the site, but when i will, i'll make sure to have my critical skills awake, as it seems strange to me that objective way of thinking leads to concept such as zon or whatever. Is immortallity the ultimate development of neo-think ? I hope neo-thinkers are not believing it too strongly.

ID#2577 T.S., 2006-03-08 [ Grove City, OH]

Tell Kevin I said nice try, and he's looking a bit thin on the TV. Cheers:

ID#2578 P. ., 2006-03-08 [ Corona, CA]

Very insightful. Neo-tech gives me a different perspective of life in contrast to the normal way of thinking. Neo-tech has brightened and broaden my horizon. Keep up the research and continue to bring us more neo-tech info.

ID#2582 B. ., 2006-03-08 [ calgary, ab]


ID#2583 L.L., 2006-03-08 [ Janesville, WI]

I got a letter in the mail from you guys and decided to do some research. I find this all pretty fascinating so negative comments for ya. I'll definitely be back to check it out some more.

ID#2584 J.B., 2006-03-08 [ San Clemente, Ca]

LOVE and EQUALITY are natural truths! The whole premise is wrong. Does shed alot of light on whats going on in the world today, thanks for the insight.

ID#2587 P.D., 2006-03-08 [ Brisbane, Qld]

Please confirm if you've received my response to your invitation to take step two. Am awaiting your wonderful publication - the step two package. Thank you. Wishing you continued success in your illuminatiing service Panduka (004214517)

ID#2588 a.h., 2006-03-08 [ Marietta, Ohio]

Thank for this chance to write and tell you how excited I am to get this message to you. I have a dear friend who has most of your works and does nothing but say how I should be reading and learning from you. Thank you once again for your time and trouble.

ID#2589 . ., 2006-03-08 [ , mi]

I DO NOT > APPRECIATE THE MAIL I RECIEVED FROM YOUR SITE. So coneiving, and intrusive. I have never visited your website before, and will never again. Some where you "Bought" My name and address !!!! I shall send this to the united states P.O. Talk about trying to "brain wash" Peope. well, I am not easily converted. And you are nothing but a cult of devils.

ID#2592 A.V., 2006-03-08 [ white hills, vic]

This Discovery was sent to me out of the blue and has tranformed my life in every aspect i cannot beleive who i have become although broke$$$ i have never been happier in life. I have no friends per se because we are no longer on the same level and find it boring to talk to them. Its know i can see the difference now to the old mentality im leaving behind because i have changed and they have not. so i now can see what i used to be like what a dork hey. Anyway I would love some corispondance with neo tech people in my area cause I want to be apart of the movement here in australia to free the stagnated societys feel free to drop a lonley soul some info all the best Adam Veitch

ID#2593 . ., 2006-03-09 [ , ]

What a WASTE of cyber-space ! But then....I've seen worse use of computing power.... Looks like....I will NOT respond to that "special invitation" letter after all....Looks like you guys have nothing but rethoric here.

ID#2595 D.D., 2006-03-09 [ , ]

all i want is a reply/e-mail comfirming if what i say is true. i heard that the founder was hit be a car. is that true. is Dr. Frank R. Wallace really gone. I have never met him. and would still like to. but ive got to know. is he really dead. i cant remember what website said that. bad memory. but it said he's gone. is that true. yeah, that is all. not a comment. so, bye. david.

ID#2596 R.A.,@AOL.COM 2006-03-09 [ FOSTORIA, OH]

was given "neo-tech discovery..zonpower" by a buddy...I'm impressed and wanting more. I've always known there is something wrong with traditional teaching/concepts and now I know I'm right. I want more!!!

ID#2597 R.C.,@AOL.COM 2006-03-09 [ IRVING, TX]

I have read alot of pages in theese two books that i purchased through those very flattering pieces of 1st class correspondance and nothing shocked me, as a matter of fact i believed most of what i read before i read it,pertaining to gov. and religion and i posess most of the traits cited as being needed for sucsess. however i found some of the technigues vaige, and my head still aches from scratching it. i am 40 and i have never met anyone who thinks as i do. ever! so it was nice to read your books even tohogh it was a hustle. hell i hustled perfume,i was able to becuase i believed in the product as i am shure you do. please make shure i recieve every thingh that i paid for i recieved the discovery and the inner circle secrets so far. ps some of theese sites realy blast you pretty good so keep hitting those nervs. its late and i am writing this on the fly so forgive the punctuation

ID#2599 . ., 2006-03-09 [ , ]


ID#2601 R.S., 2006-03-09 [ twinsburg, oh]

i love neo-tech.i wish it had found me sooner.

ID#2609 M.B., 2006-03-10 [ cheboygan, mi]

Is there any chance I can get the whole book in a pdf format so I can save and look at this info without going online?

ID#2610 H.M., 2006-03-10 [ Pawtucket, RI]

Neo-Tech should remain on the web, but certain parts could be password protected.

ID#2611 A.H., 2006-03-10 [ Bolton, ]

This is the most sensible and honest information ever put out for our ailing society.No doubt in my mind will ultimately cure the worlds ills Alan@yahoo

ID#2615 . ., 2006-03-10 [ Peekskill, NY]

I have read most of your first two books and in general agree with all that you say. I only worry that the opposition is too strong (all the neocheaters throughout the country and the world). It is a great ideal to aspire to however. Is this website what the literature is referring to where the next step is to get a mentor to communicate with? ...RB

ID#2620 D.D., 2006-03-11 [ ?, ?]

the neo-tech web site needs to stay on. it is only right. people have to know what is on this site. even if they dont like it. others will. they deserve it. and those who steal it. will pay for it later. somehow. but people have to know what on this site. it will change the world. that's what we all want . right? this is from david dennison.

ID#2621 A.G., 2006-03-11 [ Durham, nc]

Thank YOU all!

ID#2625 W.K., 2006-03-11 [ Brooklyn, NY]

Curious NYC and MASS. are mainly states in a nation. The US and the UK are nation-states in a world order, is it not? Large or small, each state (or nation-state)deserves the right, to one vote. With that one vote, that vote is to be honored. No state (nation-state) may dominate another. The UN is an administrative central body with a legislative body and a judiciary body in the world order, is that not true? This 'Body' can only do so much with the cooperation of its participating members. If there's no effort on the 'floor' or on the 'floor', will there be any results at all? For this to be effictive, shouldn't all individuals convince their nation-state(s) to cooperate in the UN and the Millenieum Development Goal programme(s) (MDG)? Wasn't the UN constructed with the intention to prevent war and maintain order by promoting peace and development? Wouldn't this identify the UN as more of a humanitarian project?

ID#2629 L.A., 2006-03-12 [ Galloway, N.J.]

I just read the negative comments section and all most threw up. I came out of a 10yr trek in christianity and I now realize that these are the victims of the people that have no pity or remorse. The need is great for the simple knowledge you offer at a minimum cost I vow to push forward and never give up until WE ALL wake up. Thank you for everything and any information you can send me feel free to do so. Again Thank You!!!!!

ID#2630 K.L., 2006-03-12 [ Lyndhurst, OH]

NEO-TECH is A Home Run for anyone with Common Sense. USA might as well be in the DARK AGES again. The DIVIDED STATES NEEDS TO RE-BECOME THE UNITED STATES ! NEO-TECH is the launch pad, if enough people GET IT !

ID#2631 B.R., 2006-03-12 [ Fond du Lac, WI.]

For the first time in my life I have information that adds up. Say what you will about Neo-Tech. By studing the material, I have recieved nothing but Sound, Positive, moral information. I haven't been told to do anything. I have been informed in a way that has for the first time enabled me to see things clearly. My life has changed for the better for it. If you see this way of thinking to be a threat, then it must mean you are hiding something and cheating somebody out of something somewhere in your life. Until finding Neo-Tech all information I have received has conflicted with my priciples and morals. Just take one look at the world today and tell me they're wrong. There could never be such a thing as a Holy war in a Neo-tech world. I look forward to day we begin the replacement phase of our current leaders. How can information that is morally sound be a bad thing. All others up till finding Neo-Tech, have been hipocrates as far as i'm concerned. Thank you Neo-Tech for showing me there is a non conflicting, moral way to succeed in this life. I'm a better person for it. I feel a great sense of hope knowing this information exists. If everyone were to read their material with an open mind, our world would be a much better place.

ID#2632 L.C., 2006-03-12 [ Cloudcroft, NM]

Must have a way to communicate

ID#2637 . ., 2006-03-12 [ , ]

Re: Dan Everett Member Number 004133580...has been deceased since Sept 2005. No further payments will be forth coming. ANy materials sent since then have been redirected to sender. Cancel order No A2051939 Manuscipt Number 11556-B. Please remove from your mailing list. Thank you for your compassionate consideration of the afore noted requests. Regards, The Estate of Dan Everett

ID#2639 B.S., 2006-03-12 [ Florence, ky]

As you say the internet is the way the of the neocheaters undoing and the quickest way that the average person can learn neothink and help with the neocheaters demise! I'm have a delima. I've started applying profound honesty to my life and I want to do many different things to promote Neo-Tech and all you have to offer. My problem is two fold. First; I would like to promote NT's name in news papers, bumper stickers and other things but I cannot do this without your concent, that's what I am now asking for. Second I have copied some of your info from the web to my computer so that I can print the material and read it through out the day where ever I may be. I did see the copywrite print "in part or whole" and I justified it by being able to read it at my leisure and head aches from staring at the computer so long. I was about ready to shread the material when I thought I would ask you before I did that. Thats my second delima. Is it ok to print this material for my own eyes? If not, fine please let me know so I can go on with my personal search and so I can figure out another Honest way to promote NT and all you stand for. Profound honesty hits at the core of our every day life that I'm just beginning to find out about. I can feel the rightousness of everything I'm reading about and I'm beginning to see just how dishonest my life really is!

ID#2640 S.T., 2006-03-13 [ Welkom, Free State]

Novus Tek information is electrifying and a great eye opener.Must remain on the Web.

ID#2641 D.A., 2006-03-13 [ Detroit, Mi.]

I have always had concerns about the groverment controlling ours lives and the same about big business working the masses for very little money. But now that I know that Neo-Tech is here , there is hope that either will happen.

ID#2642 c.n., 2006-03-13 [ Las Vegas, nv]

Most people dont get it, if you really are reading with an open mind you will see neo-tech is not saying jesus didnt exist in fact the bring him into the light.Besides what kind of loveing sends his son to die such a burtal death as a parent no parent is going to let anyone kill there child.OPen your hearts and your eyes neo-tech promotes wellness and life.

ID#2643 T.M., 2006-03-13 [ West Covina, CA]

I find it quite ironical that the creator/discoverer of the NeoTech system of applied thought and fully-integrated honesty -- a man who has added so much momentum to the positive and progressive evolution of the human mind -- died so ignominiously and tragically while jogging along the streets of Henderson, Nevada. To be killed so senselessly by a 21-year-old driver, whom, in a single, careless moment of inattention, perhaps chattering on a cellphone about trivialities, snuffed out the life and breath of a vigorously fit, 73-year-old man, who merely was doing his daily maintenance of that fitness, seems so incongruous to my thinking that I can scarcely process it. A man committed to the development and creation, through Darwinian capitalism, of biological immortality for all human beings, to be killed while doing one of the many things he did to enhance and increase the longevity of his own lifespan, is the bitterest of ironies, and seems to underscore, if not cruel fate, then at least what a cruel mistress this cosmos that we dwell in, can be.

ID#2644 A.B., 2006-03-13 [ Felton, DE]

its is the greatest advancement ever for mankind

ID#2646 j.z., 2006-03-13 [ grand rapids, mi]

i think neotech is a great tool for ridding oneself of mysticism gaining health wealth & happiness through fully integrated honesty & wide scope accounting.

ID#2647 J.R., 2006-03-13 [ COLUMBUS, OHIO]

#1007871460 I have completed THE NOUVEAU TECH DISCOVERY THE NOUVEAU TECH PACKAGE OF INSIDE SECRETS AND THE NOUVEAU TECH PACKAGE OF INNER-CIRCLE SECRETS on March 12, 2006. Now I'm waiting for my last manuscript. In the mean while I will be reading material from your WEB-SITE in which I printed out. Do to my interest, I purchase a DELL DEMENSION 1100 COMPUTER SYSTEM and I'm on a seperate phone line and this number is (614)338-0779. I have founded both manuscripts very interesting, because article reminded me of my past, all the way back when I was in a baby crib and and the dreams I had at that time. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

ID#2649 J.S., 2006-03-14 [ FLINT, MI]


ID#2650 D.L., 2006-03-14 [ Las Vegas, NV]

I need to know more about integrating the two hemispheres as I am not being able to do this yet why?

ID#2654 D.M., 2006-03-14 [ Rupert, ID]


ID#2658 K.W., 2006-03-15 [ North Melbourne, Victoria]

Your side is giving the opportunity for people like me who are interested in your work and philosophy to learn more. Friend of mine lended to me your book Our Final Evolution. It was an eye opener. Thank you ps. I would like to be able to purchase some of your books

ID#2662 . ., 2006-03-15 [ , ]

Very enlightening, keep up the good work!

ID#2663 W. ., 2006-03-15 [ Richmond, VA]

i like this site you learn a lot.And it is very educational.

ID#2664 r.m., 2006-03-16 [ canyon country, ca]

great site keep up the good work

ID#2665 . ., 2006-03-16 [ , ]

Text is unsupported by any sort of literature, or to put it simply, made up right out of the blue. Interpretations of history must be given reasonable support from previously written literature, or at least formatted properly.

ID#2666 P.M., 2006-03-16 [ Chicago, Illinois]

I very interesting please send mi more imformation.

ID#2667 C.S., 2006-03-16 [ Berowra, NSW]

Ijust began reading the material and so far I think is very interesting. I could be the truth that I have been looking for all my life. But I will not be able to be sure unless I study and digest all these information, which I am willing to do with your provision. Thank you! Regards, Claudia Sanchez

ID#2668 M.M., 2006-03-16 [ Bklyn, NY]

I haven't heard from you people in a long time so when do you plan on meeting with me for the last step. I would of called if I had your number for the 3rd and last step but I don't have it. I am god woman.

ID#2671 B. ., 2006-03-16 [ Cleveland, GA]

I read Neo-Tech back in the 1980's. I guess most of this just comes natural to me. Fully integrated honesty is how I have lived for almost all my adult life. I retired at 46, we purchased our paradise, happily married going on 25 years, I am so happy and free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even without Neo-Tech my grand parents are both still living in their own home and both are in their late nineties. I'm shooting for triple digit productive life, at the very least.

ID#2672 j. ., 2006-03-16 [ vgyy, ggg]

I was flicking through the web for homework on the industrial revolution and i found this.It's great and should remain for another 25 years so that i can show my kids when i am older

ID#2673 M.G., 2006-03-16 [ Oviedo, Fl]

Yes I would like for this site to remain on the Web, is extremelly important for this site to remain on the Web.

ID#2674 n.d., 2006-03-16 [ , ]

yes you should remain on the net because you give out positive info everyone should get to know for free!

ID#2675 J. ., 2006-03-16 [ Aledo , TX ]

This is a good book to read. It will help you in time because you know what you are going to see then. That is what i love about this book.

ID#2676 j.s., 2006-03-16 [ cocoa bch , fl]

how do you win a war of the mind, when you think what your tinking is you.. and when you explain whats going on to people they are blinded.. is what im going though real or am i fuct up

ID#2678 L.K., 2006-03-16 [ Wintersville, Ohio]

I have never read anything as eye opening as NT.Everything I have read in NT volume 1&2 has changed my outlook on life. NT is the knowkedge that should be taught in our schools. What a good world that would be Louie NC10 0011-8596 PS still waiting for vol. 3

ID#2679 D. ., 2006-03-16 [ dover, pa]

I love this stuff. At 46,My unanswerred questions finally have answers.Its now making sense I always knew they were against us,Not for us.Eliminate them.Anything Ican do?Im going to use ego justice terminator at a hearing against township.Good idea or bad?

ID#2682 v.c.,@aol 2006-03-16 [ tucson, AZ]

This is not a negative comment. This is a question? I recieved the Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secerts and have read it all. I however, did not find any of the things I was to learn as stated on page 20 and 21 of Nouveau Tech: The Greatest keep Secret of All Time or that I would learn on page 7 of the John Flinn letter from which I ordered the th above Manuscript. I really only learned what I already know. What I thougt was you had perhaps found a way to intergrate the left brain with the right brain to come up with the 10 second mircle. Also i did not find the 10 second miracle. Would you plese explain what I got from you as opposed to what you said I would get? I am looking forward to the letter of the meeting. Thanks , Vernm

ID#2683 N.M., 2006-03-16 [ Romford, Essex]

Read The Book in Dec 2000,I have been a student of metorphysics since i read my first jonothan seagull book aged 14 in 1971...and had read as many books as i care to remember since then to find out what made everthing tick in the universe and how it all fitted you know the more i read there was always more questions than answers..and then i read the only book in my whole life,that when I finished, had not one question left in my was like finding the missing piece to a gigantic jig-saw puzzle and i could see for the first time in every honest word spoken in THE BOOK it had swept away every dishonest word in the countless books that the neo cheaters had cunningly disguised as real books to educate ones self from, and from that moment onwards i knew what real peace inside felt like,and that i would gladly exchange anything in my life for the knowledge gained from THE BOOK...everything in fact and gladly start from scratch again, son is visually impaired and i have raised a beautiful child who shines like a beacon of light in what seemed a darker world before...and just by applying the neo tech honesty and love for mankind into our father-son relationship,How incredibly lucky i have been! in having the same way that my son would like to be treated,applied equally to myself..what a fantastic teacher my son has been by reflecting back to me the values and love that i want for son is a leader in life by being a whole person who recognises,neo cheaters at 100paces and has a chuckle inside as he views their neo-cheating ways,as an adult would look at a pre school childs tall stories of pure fantasy that they want you to believe is real..lots of love to each and everyone of you out there at Neo-Tech,because with out you lot... we would still be the real people in the young childs tall norman and terry....7 digit no #8871515

ID#2684 S. ., 2006-03-16 [ , ]

Negative comments are from very closed minded people who show their lack of love for the world. Organized Religion is the biggest hindrance to someone leading a spiritual life or finding God. Religion is responsiable for most wars. Whether I agree or disagree, I like all points of view.

ID#2685 K.D., 2006-03-17 [ Scioto Furnace, OH]

I find your book very interesting I've really injoyed reading it.

ID#2686 j. ., 2006-03-17 [ GOODYEAR, arizona]

this website is needed to stay where it is,because it provides information that is hope for people who have no other available hope.regards,Jack

ID#2688 D.S., 2006-03-17 [ Oak Harbor, Wa]

Neo-Tech, I salute you all. I salute you with honor. I cannot believe that you allow the negative comments to sit on your home-page waiting for people to view, and I did. I can't believe I used to be a Christian. In Oct. 2000, I stopped, and joined a different small group, we practice base Judaism. I am currently just riding the fence so to speak, going through the motions, (although those in my group don't realize this.) Is God real? I can't decide at present. I think I still believe, but don't know how to believe. I do know that many of the negative comments are totally ludicrous. Is cussing and cursing all those people can think to say?!? I am a new member, and have recieved my first installment, 1000 pg manuscript. I don't know if I can implement some of the techniques, and I do have a "specialized" job. But there is much value in "mini-days". Likewise,ergo, concordantly, there is alot of other beneficial material in that manuscript. (How long do I have to wait for the next one?) It should be noted, that the nay-sayers have not made ANY effort to really search Neo-Tech out. You cannot truely Judge anything by what is on the bare SURFACE- you have to search deeper, and define more clearly what you are looking at. Without TRUE research, judgement is false and blind. I anticipate the next volume eagerly, in the hopes that my patience and persistence in seeking the truth of Neo-Tech will result in my true birth into a new world of securety and freedom.

ID#2689 G. ., 2006-03-17 [ , ]

This is the greatest, written work of the computer age, or any age, these words are the key to life on this planet. The words become vastly more important, and clearer each time they are read. Fantastic work, by all concerned, true heroes.

ID#2690 B.A., 2006-03-17 [ Morrisdale, PA]

Neo-Tech sounds like the answer to all our current problems.

ID#2691 R.G., 2006-03-17 [ Albuquerque, NM]

I have bought and read two (of three) books and am definitely wanting to know more. Eliminating the political influence worldwide and bringing knowledge to the masses about man-kind historical 'thinking' must be upmost in teaching the world a better way to fulfill Gods' plan for everyone. How do I receive the third book? Send me a list of reference books.

ID#2692 D.D., 2006-03-17 [ Abbiville, La.]

helps members of neo-tech to inform the rest of the public

ID#2694 R.R., 2006-03-17 [ San Diego, California]

I missed sending in my reservation form by November 11, 2005. after reading the two books you sent me, "The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets", and "The Nouveau Techg Package ofInner-Cicle Secrets". I sure hate to be left out. Sincerely Reg Reeve

ID#2695 A. ., 2006-03-17 [ , ]

I received Installment #1 and was excited about learning more. Further research has shown me that the brochure was grossly misleading. The thoughts expounded in this website are in diametric opposition to what I believe. I respect your right to believe as you chose, but I wll not pay my money to have you say it to me. In ALLLLLL Peace to you.

ID#2697 J.M., 2006-03-18 [ Lake Oswego, OR]

Don't be alarmed by the negative comments elsewhere Come into it with an open mind and be amazed at the power it brings to you.

ID#2709 N.T., 2006-03-18 [ Corona del Mar, ca]

This is excellent. Its the first overall document on Consciousness and Civilization that puts it all in perspective so that at the very least there is a reasonable explanation of what happened and what it going to happen.

ID#2710 J.M., 2006-03-18 [ Phoenix, AZ]

As a Neo-Tech owner, your company has changed my family's life forever. Thank You, and let me know if I may be of assistence. Let us all, bring about the world Dr. Wallace spoke of.

ID#2712 m.&., 2006-03-19 [ lexington , mn]

just one more question, does neo-tech believe in the god of abriham "i am that i am" the one who gave us the brains to acually discover this way of thinking? please get back to me on this. sounds like commin sense to me, is'nt god lodgic and commen sense? thanks matt

ID#2720 k. ., 2006-03-19 [ surinam, wanica]

i like it so i took it as an advice i hope it will helps me from my problems mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ID#2724 F.H., 2006-03-19 [ Palm Springs, ca]

I purchased the Heirloom Member book for family. I would like to receive more information as I am a very progressive forward thinking individual. I would like to advance the ideologies of Neotech in any manner possible. I currently live in Palm Springs, Ca. I am currently learning web technology and am interested in attending online meetings. Any information would be helpful Thank you in advance. Lucky H

ID#2728 Z.Y., 2006-03-20 [ Petach Tikva, ]

Interesting. Need more information.

ID#2731 E.N., 2006-03-20 [ randleman, nc]

I would like to see this site stay alive

ID#2732 S.L., 2006-03-20 [ , ]

Quote: However, the prestige of being the greatest machine tool maker in England probably belongs to John Wilkinson, the Ironmaster (1728-1808). He invented the cylinder boring machine (the boring mill, circa 1775) that made Watt's steam engine a practical source of power. He was the first to demonstrate that coke made from coal could be used in place of charcoal to produce quality iron on a large scale. He designed in 1779, the first all-iron bridge constructed in England (1781), and his factory cast the iron for it. During the late 1780s he minted his own "wage tokens" when the English government failed to produce enough coins for him to pay his workers. At the same time (1787) he built the first iron barge to transport his iron products down the River Severn. He was an able businessman and an industrial genius, whose name is attached today to Wilkinson razor blades. Wilkinson offers us a significant example of the power of the producer, a man who was an inventor, creator, builder, and businessman. I suggest you look into the history of the Abraham Darbys with regard to the above paragraph. Abraham Darby I is credited with the use of coke as a fuel to smelt iron around 1709 - almost 20 years before Wilkinson was born. Abraham Darby III is the one that built the bridge. ~S~

ID#2733 . ., 2006-03-20 [ , ]

I think NT should stay on the net. All of the negative comments are from religiuos extremists who are not willing to open their minds to anything else but what they have been brainwashed with since birth. It is sickening how these folks pass judgement onto others, even though a major premise of christianity is to not judge others, let God handle it. Stay on the web

ID#2734 J.I., 2006-03-20 [ dublin 7, ]

This has to be the most positive context ive ever read in my life i xant believe what im reading is true,i`d love to shake the persons hand who put this(pax neo-tech)together.although i wish to know if this is the actual book the neo-tech discovery, if not how do i obtain it i`d be obliged if you could let me know your`s sincerely,, JOHN IVORY.

ID#2735 J.I., 2006-03-20 [ dublin 7, ]

This has to be the most positive context ive ever read in my life i cant believe what im reading`s true(metaphore) i`d love to shake the persons hand who put this(pax neo-tech)together.although i wish to know if this is the actual book the neo-tech discovery, if not how do i obtain it i`d be obliged if you could let me know your`s sincerely,, JOHN IVORY.

ID#2736 B.H., 2006-03-20 [ Eugene , OR]

I haven't heard anymore. Supposed to recieve the "next" step.

ID#2738 C.B., 2006-03-20 [ hayward, ca]

Well I got a letter in the mail. that if i send it back within a poriod of time they will send me a free book that will help me full fill my life and others. But I opend it up 2 days after the time they ask me. They said I hade special qualities and so on? you know the rest? well Ihope I still get a chance and get the book I have been waiting for all my life. Yes i do feel like some thing is mising in my life and till i got this letter i feel like my answers have been answered, But to this day i still look @ my mail box to see if it came? still waiting I hope soon it will come. So i can see life as you do. thank you, Carlos Banda

ID#2741 R.K., 2006-03-20 [ Monticello, IN]

I noticed that all of the negative comments were of a Christian nature, burnin hell, Jesus will get you, and so on. Well, I am not a Christian, and would not take money to be one, so this must be for me. Right on!

ID#2742 Z. ., 2006-03-20 [ San Antonio, Tx]

Hi. My journey has brought me to be a aware of the Higher Power. The power found commonly through the pages of the Bible. Uncommonly in the heart that I continue to gain healeing and made whole for the pure love we are created to bring to the scenes of life. This site should expand and reveal the writers ideas and hopes for the future journey now in store for a person without the Wonderful Counselor. I am always listening to those who seek understanding and by seeing more of the writers insights I will be equipped to reach out to those seeking for little taste of what an awesome ruler of this huge universe will do.1 Thessalonians 4:11

ID#2743 L.J., 2006-03-20 [ Kansas City , Mo ]

thank-you for your pages their is lots of good news. Thank -you

ID#2744 B.M., 2006-03-21 [ Bluefield , VA]

The Neo-Tech Illuminati has gracefully grasped my open-minded attention by the guts of my very soul with their ingenious views and ideas on the true reality of life. Approximately two months ago, I was stunned when I received a breath-taking invitation into the Neo-Tech Illuminati. As it may possibly be by fate, the second letter I received, which included the order form for the 1000 page Illuminati book, was unintentionally trashed by a family member. As of today, I am saddened to speak the words that my personal calling was ended on February 20th. With nothing of the letters left in my posession, I was forced to leave it in my past and move on with my ever-happy life. To complete the initial task of my entry, I am most excited to inform you that your elite group of master minds is most undoubtedly on the correct path to executing the most unimaginable, heart-stopping, brilliant plan of all Earth's existence. I, too, was aware years and many grade-school classes ago that there was a more just, level-headed approach to running this so-called society in which we live. In conclusion...YES!...This website should forever remain attainable by any and all peoples who wish to access it. Yous Truly, Brittany!

ID#2748 D.D., 2006-03-21 [ Fuquay, NC]

I have know of neo tech since 1987

ID#2749 A.C., 2006-03-21 [ HELENA, MT]


ID#2750 L.A., 2006-03-21 [ Galloway, N.J.]

Friends, Thank you and continue the work that will free all mankind. I am still waiting for my 2nd package and love the web info this site has provided. sincerly, Louis A. Silva 3rd

ID#2751 . .,@comcast.netp 2006-03-21 [ manchester, michigan]

i got a personal invitational.

ID#2756 s. ., 2006-03-21 [ , ]

We need to remember that in the USA we are free to think, speak, and pursue individuality. This site needs to stay on the web to demonstrate this freedom, if you take the website away, this will only strengthen those you opose in the first place.

ID#2762 . ., 2006-03-21 [ , ]

I don't really like you guys, truthfully. It seems to me that you use big and elaborate words to make it seem as if you know what you're talking about, when in reality you're probably sitting in yr 8 bdrm mansion laughing your ass off at the masses who have unknowlingly payed your mortgage. Now, if you feel that YOU are God, how do you explain the large amount of successful christians who do not put all of their success on their shoulders, but point to the hands of God as the real Savior and Provider?

ID#2763 h.w., 2006-03-21 [ san francisco, ca]

whether one agrees with neo-tech or not. the most important thing is that of freedom. we should all have the right to express our opinions and ideals freely, otherwise, what kind of world do we live in.

ID#2766 . ., 2006-03-22 [ , ]

Neo-Tech what a JOKE!!! Don't buy into it.It's a big lie.

ID#2767 E.B., 2006-03-22 [ McArthur, CA]

I recieved a letter only today and just finding your site! Hello to all of my long lost hopes and dreams! I've found that I am not the only one with whom feels/thinks this way!! Thanks for ALL the help I am already recieving!

ID#2768 E.B., 2006-03-22 [ McArthur, CA]

I recieved a letter only today and just finding your site! Hello to all of my long lost hopes and dreams! I've found that I am not the only one with whom feels/thinks this way!! Thanks for ALL the help I am already recieving! P.S Sorry for the double take, forgot to vote!! :)

ID#2771 . ., 2006-03-22 [ , ]

I read your manifesto online and I'm puzzled by the contradictions. You sneer at "neocheaters," who are demagogues killing people indirectly through immoral policy, and yet you praise Reagan for his "free market" promotions, which ultimately exacerbated poverty. As governor, he closed down state mental hospitals and left the patients to wander the streets. How is the Gulf War, fought to protect friendly dictatorships and secure oil profits at the expense of peoples' lives, any different from the wars launched by religious fundamentalists? Furthermore, you sneer at religious fundamentalism, but Joan of Arc, your de facto patron saint, was the poster child for religious fundamentalism. She had visions of the saints and did everything she did in the name of God. Explain this to me.

ID#2772 G.T., 2006-03-22 [ , ]

You see I say yes because I was raised to beleive in my freedom of speech and if I wish to continue to have my freedom of speech then I can not take that from others no mater what or who they beleive in!!we are all intiteled to our opinions NO MATER what they are if you do not agree then that is fine start a blog or forum open your mouth and express your opinion!!!!!!

ID#2773 G.T., 2006-03-22 [ Snowflake, AZ]

You see I say yes because I was raised to beleive in my freedom of speech and if I wish to continue to have my freedom of speech then I can not take that from others no mater what or who they beleive in!!we are all intiteled to our opinions NO MATER what they are ...

ID#2780 T.M., 2006-03-22 [ Bloemfonteib, Free State]

Neotech has changed my mind completely.I do belive that Novus Tek will is the future "bible" Information is so awesome, so challenging.

ID#2785 L.V., 2006-03-22 [ Ashtabula, Ohio]

I am not sure what to believe so please send an email at .

ID#2786 . ., 2006-03-22 [ , ]

I want no literature or or acknowledgment. I consider myself hyperlogical. You can never defeat relgion or politics. I believe that most of the people that gave negative responses are religous or think that when you mentioned wealth you meant actual money. I need no physical posessions and believe real wealth is friends, family and the ability to recognize differences. From your literature I believe you really want the world to avoid destruction and progress in knowledge. I see no way to defeat the close mindedness of so many people. You may have to hide till they kill each other or build an army to defeat them.

ID#2787 B.H., 2006-03-22 [ Great Lakes, Illinois]

I read The Book several years ago. I believe that Neo-tech will change the world.

ID#2788 . ., 2006-03-22 [ , ]

Never underestimate the power of persuasion

ID#2791 . ., 2006-03-22 [ , ]

your a loser, get a hobby jackass

ID#2795 N. .,@HOTMAIL.COM 2006-03-23 [ OREGON, FL]

You should be ashamed of sending letters & trying to get money that way. You should be ashamed of caliing All Muslims killers. If we are all killers,than why are you sending your letters to Muslims, stating that he/she is special person possessing rare traits. Finally, how come that we are chosen ones AND the worst thing of all is your little secret society(gifted people?!) chose us. Ha,Ha... SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

ID#2796 . ., 2006-03-23 [ , ]

What fascinating entertainment, what a cast of characters, primitive bicameral man (bc), neo-cheating man (nc) neo-tech man (nt) mystical priest (mp) god-like man (gm) and the elusive god himself (g). All the world is a stage and what a play this is! Full of drama, comedy, tragedy and irony after irony! I have read the Neo-Tech material and all of the positive and negative comments on the website - and what a mental battle this is over the future of humanity. How close some on both sides come to particular elements of "truth" and how far others fall into confusion by not fully understanding their cherished paradigms or their hidden limitations. How fiercely many polarize themselves into a corner (or more accurately a pole!) - instead of asking the questions "Have I freely determined what my goals are?" "Does what I believe and do actually lead to the achievement of these goals?" How ironic that the places of worship of the “true believers” were built by value producers (probably "illuminated" Masons) and how their lack of full blooded support for producers (even Jesus since he was a carpenter) may eventually lead to the apocalypse that many of them seem to long for. How ironic that those that identified the characteristics of the bicameral mind did not know enough about this mind to communicate to it in such a way that it would be led to understanding instead of a book burning frenzy or a crazed vitriolic attack! (More to follow once this appears on the website)

ID#2805 K.T., 2006-03-23 [ Piedmont, ca]

Waiting to hear about Neo-Tech meeting. It is changing my life already.

ID#2806 m.d., 2006-03-23 [ lenexa, ks]

second book

ID#2807 P.C., 2006-03-23 [ Butler, Pa.]

de aware of.

ID#2808 E.A., 2006-03-23 [ Hamilton , ontario]

I have enjoyed reading everything on this web site .This is material that I haven't read yet.I own Neo-Tech Discovery and Neo-Tech systems also Neo-Tech World,and am waiting for The Fist Immortals. Thank you Eileen Anderson

ID#2810 H.S., 2006-03-23 [ Titusville, FL]

I don't need more info. I already find I am in agreement with most everything you say. I also have been much happier since giving up dogma and superstition.

ID#2811 J.L., 2006-03-23 [ El Paso, TX]

I have only read two works of the literature, and have enjoyed both. I am in the process of trying to get my life together and start my own company. I still have a few things to work on before I can get it going. And, YES, I can imagine the world as related by the Neo-Tech material. I hope that the Bio-scientists will find the answer for extending life in our current bodies. Thanks for sharing your ideas. They are similar to mine. Errie. I could use some more material. I hope to see you all in the future. John

ID#2813 S.L., 2006-03-24 [ Olympia, Wa]

After recieving 2 letters in 2004 asking me to purchase the Neo-tech Discovery, because i was entering the correct cycle (?) to absorb the information and make changes to better my life. I was told that some prominent people knew who i was, and wanted me to join them. The cost, I was told was over a hundred dollars, and I have limited means. To My delight, I have found this information for free, on line, I have read a little (no significant changes have happened to me yet, i am still broke, but am willing to give it time) I like what I have read so far, it should start making more sense any time now. YES, please keep this information online. Not everybody can afford to pay the purchase price of the book, and I believe that we all deserve a go at it. Thank you, Sadie VanSchouwen

ID#2816 p.m., 2006-03-24 [ , wa]

impressed by the "discovery"

ID#2818 S.L., 2006-03-24 [ Boiling Springs, PA.]

Thank you for chosing me to receive your priceless information. For 16 years, I was a value-destroyer, dependant on my husband for everything, for he would have it no other way. I am now studying to be a real estate agent and I am progressing rapidly. Thank you for putting some purpose into my life. I have applied every technique that you stated to achieve romantic love, but have not succeeded yet. I will look forward to hearing from you again.

ID#2823 T.H., 2006-03-24 [ Hyattsville, MD]

Yes NEO-TECH should definitly stay on the web. What other organization emphasis honesty? Not the government, not religion, so from a 61 year old, thank you NEO-TECH.

ID#2825 L.B., 2006-03-25 [ sacramento, ca]

I discoverd neo-tech only a few months ago, but i must say i havent stopped thinking about and discussing it sense. it has already made me think about thing differently. just as when i read "A PEOPLES HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" by Howard Zinn made me see our government in a different light. I say yes keep neo-tech alive.

ID#2826 S.W., 2006-03-25 [ Inala, Qld]

no matter how much neo tech is attacked. People need to know about the anticiv, so the c of u will evolve on planet earth.

ID#2828 E.S., 2006-03-25 [ Zaltbommel, Gelderland]

I love the neo-tech books

ID#2830 . ., 2006-03-25 [ , ]

I called to buy the book 2 months ago - so far no book & I can't see where I been charged For It. I submited a Good working Charge Card...

ID#2831 . ., 2006-03-25 [ , ]

This is sad. Accept Christ and he shall set you free.

ID#2834 D.C., 2006-03-25 [ High Point, NC]

Dear Neo-Tech, My name is David Nicholson and I use to always get Neo-Tech books and reading material because I agreed, with the idea's that Neo-Tech had. Now I don't get the books no more because I didn't meet the deadline for sending my request form now I wish I had sent it on time because I really enjoyed, the illumination of the mind in which you have given me as a person, in that most chaoic world. I was in my second installment of the Three installments you have to read before you come into the Neo-Tech meeting. If I could do it all over, I would have sent that request form in on because I really wanted to make it that meeting that was before me after, I read the second and Third installments. Please Neo-Tech tell me what to do to get my third installment, I already have the two of the three installments now. P.S I hope you keep on spreading the Neo-Tech/illuminati word around the world for years to come.

ID#2835 j. ., 2006-03-25 [ green bay, wi]

i enjoy the substance of the seems with every page a new insight is i find myself saying yaay i thoght of that but i kept quite ,because of retaleations or mabee because i was young and didnt have the confidence whatever im just glad someone put it in writing as far as the books go i think there as significant as the bible but without the controls.thank you for your work.

ID#2836 j. ., 2006-03-26 [ green bay, wi]

i would like to find a list of all the books in the neo-tech library that was mentioned in book two ones like the first of the immortals and neo-tech physics the latter is of special interest to me .i see from the writing it concerns a objective approach to meta physics which i am whole heartedly into.thank you

ID#2837 M.J., 2006-03-26 [ Irwin, pa]

This is what i've been waiting for.

ID#2838 d.v., 2006-03-26 [ PHX, AZ]

to gary

ID#2839 d.v., 2006-03-26 [ PHX, AZ]

to gary call 623 2057578 please call!

ID#2840 J.D., 2006-03-26 [ Tucson, AZ]

I think neotech is the best thing to come out since ever priceless information

ID#2841 w.p., 2006-03-26 [ bastrop, tx]

I am looking for a better live. The way the world is to day I am so tired of working like a dog and getting nowhere. With what i have readed so for about Neo-Tech my be I can find away out,and be able to find away to secure my own future, because it won't happen with the job i have now,there is no future, I work for the State of Texas. Please send me the latest information about Neo-Tech and Neo-Tech employment. Because I'm not having any luck in finding a honest business to build from. It's always once you get the start you package then you need more money to make money and like i said I work for the state of texas. Pay check to Pay check.

ID#2842 J.G., 2006-03-26 [ poughkeepsie, n.y.]

I have read this info and to date cannot find any of the promised outcomes from just having the manuscript nor from just reading the headlines as inferred in your advertising to entice persons to purchase! It's not that I am not in agreement with the basic tenents of your outlook, but , just as I found it to be well founded I also have a hard time trusting any entity that is not forthright in it's effort to promote itself. Therefore I reserve any comment that would be positive or negative. Maybe you could explane where to find info on "The Ten Second Mirical? "

ID#2843 d.w., 2006-03-26 [ , ]

it stills amazing me that some species have the nerve and no sense of respect to attempt to sucker people into a cult. I give them only 1 kudos...the first letter was free and they asked for no money. hook, line, and sinker. Nova tech get a life

ID#2845 t. ., 2006-03-26 [ , ]


ID#2846 J.S., 2006-03-26 [ Santa Ana, CA]

Nicelly done!!

ID#2849 J.K.,@NETZERO.COM 2006-03-27 [ WAPWALLOPEN, PA]


ID#2856 L.F., 2006-03-27 [ Albrightsville, PA]

After reading the small book and reading the 1000 page manual and reading all the sub titles as promted to and starting to read the full manual i see no change in my life style, no improvements, actually nothing of what you say has happened. after two months i have met no body like i was told i would. i have gotten recsquation to buy another book. i thought after the first book lit. would be free?! I feel no differant today than two months ago. it seems like the 1000 page manual is telling me how to run a business when i have two that i own already a cleaning business and counstruction business, which is family owned and operated. is there something i am missing HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Respectfully yours,

ID#2857 R. ., 2006-03-28 [ Midland , Ontario]

I hope you have help for boys who are not too bright. A few months ago I bought two books from you. I read them and sent away for more. I then got very involved with Neo Tech thinking it was you people. This cost me about Three Thousand dollars, and turned out to not be you though it had the same name. When you sent me the free " The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time" I realized it was different. I received two books to-gether months ago and the tiltle was Neo Tech Discovery, part one and two there were 553 pages, same as you are saying I should order now, Would you please straighten me out on how many books there are and what I need to order. So far I seem to be having a problem seeing the secrets. Is there a secret to finding the secrets? Ronald Waters, Midland Ont. E mail Thank you.

ID#2859 C.G., 2006-03-28 [ Tampa, Fl]

This web site is what the world needs......

ID#2860 C.G., 2006-03-28 [ Tampa, Fl]

How do I get to the Neo-Tech networking part of this web site? (excuse my ignorance) I'm @ the library now so all comments will have to be by mail for now. I wanted to post something on the 1st networking discussion board. Thank you Catherine Goyette 6808 Middlewoood Ct. Tampa, Fl. 33634 (813)290-7986

ID#2863 R. ., 2006-03-28 [ Midland, Ontario]

I would like this site to remain and give us more information to show why Neo Tech is true, and prove it as opposed to what they, who condemn you, call the true way, not one of the comments called to punish Neo Tech has shown any sign of working. It neither works for or against. As long as they try we will never get a perfect way of life, so I have hopes all organized religion will fall and that we will finally get smart and learn how to live.

ID#2864 H.A., 2006-03-29 [ Benton, AR]

Need book on tape or cd due to being visually impaired.

ID#2865 J.C., 2006-03-29 [ Vancouver, WA]


ID#2866 C.C., 2006-03-29 [ Moreauville, La.]

Dear Mr. Hamilton, I truly must thank you for the priceless opportunity that you have given to me. It has made such a tremendous impact in my life, I cannot describe it through just an e-mail. I have two of your books now, and truly would like to continue to read all of your books. The last letter I received said to be patient. I'm still waiting patiently, but I just wanted to say that your time and effort will not be wasted, and that I truly agree with all that you have written. I would also like to say that I would be honored to shake your hand and be able to have a conversation with you and Dr. Frank Wallace some day. At the moment, there are some amazing opportunities that are coming my way and I must get back to work. Until my next letter comes, thank you once again for everything. C.D.C.

ID#2868 R.E., 2006-03-29 [ Warrington, Cheshire]

I belive in free speech provide it does not incite mass insurrection

ID#2872 p.m., 2006-03-29 [ mt helena, wa]

finally i have found some truth in life

ID#2874 K. ., 2006-03-29 [ Swanreach, Victoria]

I am weighting on my copy of the Neo Tech Discovery Time will tell all that is if its real deal

ID#2875 y. ., 2006-03-30 [ hamtramck , mi]

why are you doing that? i am member or not?

ID#2880 C. ., 2006-03-30 [ Pont Canavese (TO), ITALY]

I'm Egle Cena excuse me, but I would know because Neo Tech Discovery has not arrived.You have withdrawn the sum requested in 9/02/06 through Visa Card. Salutation CENA EGLE

ID#2882 R. ., 2006-03-30 [ , ]

Do you have any opinions regarding The Venus Project ( )?

ID#2883 M. ., 2006-03-30 [ , KY]

I can not say whether this is a demonic organization as others have said. I think it is information enough to research and make your own choice as to what you think it is. My main comment is, if the person who sent me the info. in the mail knew me so well, why don't they know that I can not afford to purchase the materials to further my studying of Pax Neo-Tech and just send it free to me as they did with the other materials?

ID#2885 R.K., 2006-03-30 [ Texas City, TX]

I do believe that if you can do what you say you can do then you should be allowed to let anyone who is willing to step out from behind their one frame and take a look at the bigger picture.

ID#2886 D. ., 2006-03-30 [ lynnwood, WA]

great site keep it up.

ID#2888 R. ., 2006-03-30 [ Fredericksburg, TX]

I started out looking at religious sites, but nobody could answer the questions I had. Then I started searching for different philosophies, and after looking at deist sites, atheist sites, objectivist sites, I sort of, well, meandered my way here. It's been a strange trip to here, and I've come to one conclusion. That most priests, rabbis, mullahs, high-priests, and high priestesses are total frauds, and none of them are selling anything I want to buy. Same goes for most politicians, left and right. Got no use for them either. ( Oh well, I always had a problem with authority anyway.) Good site. Well-put together, and easy to understand. Thanks Guys!

ID#2891 C.P., 2006-03-31 [ Minneapolis, MN]

This site should definately stay here as a testament to the power of Pax Neo-tech and the many ways it has benefited mankind as a reluctant whole. Many people are neo-thinkers. Revolutions take many formats and this is the best format for changes that are needed by the masses. I could speak for days about what benfits I have recieved from neo-tech and reading the book put many things into perspective for me. It was hard leaving my religious beliefs at first, especially being from a background of poor blacks. Mysticysm has taken its toll on the many good people who don't know or want to know about neo-tech. As long as this site is here there is some remote chance that they may better understand one day.

ID#2892 J.A.,@NETZERO.COM 2006-03-31 [ CARNEGIE, PA]


ID#2894 . ., 2006-03-31 [ , ]

Sources of Free-Will Destruction -- You: "[...] Pax Neo-Tech shreds and nullifies the quadrangle of paired free-will/free-choice-destroying toxins. Those four venomous pairs comprise: (1) biases and prejudices, (2) faiths and ideologies, (3) religions and irrationalities, (4) politics and dishonesties." Besides simply being uninformed or too young to understand intellectually, consider (sub-) culturally transmitted enemy memes to be the main source of all forms of mysticism/non-rationality.

ID#2902 D. ., 2006-03-31 [ Quinwood, wv]


ID#2906 J.G., 2006-03-31 [ Toledo, OH]

I consider "The Book" by Mark Hamilton to be the most significant book that I have ever read. I have encountered many "neocheaters" myself which worked to my great detriment. I never knew that books existed to inform the citizenry (such as Mark Hamilton's) about such things. I agree with Mark Hamilton and I'm doing as much as I can to support that agenda. However, to keep things in proper order my wife and I are most interested in becoming "prosperous" as Neo-Tech strongly advocates. We presently have two companies of our own but quite frankly we know that they both have inherent limitations and we wish to break through to greater-much greater-prosperity. We wish to at least somewhat follow in the path of "Annabelle" the school-teacher from Buffalo, NY. who fled to Australia and started up a computer/website style internet business. We need for someone to simply steer us to a possibly already written book (preferably a Neo-Tech publication) that would outline how to establish such an internet enterprise. We are ready "to get cracking" on it as they say.

ID#2910 K.B., 2006-04-01 [ Lakesentrance, Victoria]

its no way as bad as all the smut thats on the internet keep it up

ID#2911 S.R., 2006-04-01 [ Waycross, Ga]

Since I was introduced to the neo-tech world my life has made a wonderful turnaround of spectacular events. Everything I read about love, power, and wealth was absolutely correct, not realizing it until months after reading two large books. I started living the neo-tech life without realizing that I was living the neo-tech life. It still amazes me today to look back and see how simple life is if you really neo-think about it. I was lost, not knowing which way to go, almost zero self-esteem, and extremely broke. First came the soaring self-esteem, which in turn caused the ladies to run to me. This took some adjusting because I never had many ladies. Wow. I started to see the world the way I was meant to see the world. Life started becoming easy and enjoyable. As of this writing I have not started a business, but my mind is seeing all sorts of oppurtunities. Thank you neo-tech and especially you Mark Hamilton for saving my life. I can only hope that many more people can enjoy the life altering benefits of the neo-tech world. With All My Best Wishes and Thanks Stephen Reginald Douberly,Jr.

ID#2913 J.J., 2006-04-01 [ Pocatello, Id]

I like Neo Tech.... I am studying it so far and the only questionable thing I have found so far is this hatred towards religion, and mysticism. Many have come to the great ONE True REality... universally speaking that reality all were trying to speak of is this: "Anything that Is Real can't be threatened. Anything that isn't real doesn't exist. If perfect love casts out fear, And if fear exists, Then there is NOT perfect love. But Only perfect love REALLY exists. If there IS fear, It creates a state which does not exist. Believe this, and you WILL be free. Only God can establish this solution and THIS faith IS His gift." Buddah, Christ, Krishna all taught to go within and find the truth. Their teachings were misused, changed and abused by humans. The humans who abused their teachings are what you would call neo cheaters, and such. I know Neo Tech is searching for the answer to the solution of some of the ways of the universe. I know Neo Tech is still searching for more answers period. The begginning of Knowledge is to know your self first. Go within to where you begin and end. Where creation starts and the void begins. Then go within the void and where all creation as a whole beyond the duality into the infinite. From there i would sense, look, listen, feel, and know thyself. Go within so far inside yourself that you meet yourself. Then you will know yourself and this is the begginning of Knowledge. To postulate and have ideas like some of what Neo Tech does isn't knowledge it is belief. I feel at this time Neo Tech doesn't know some of the things it teaches, but only believes. Neo Tech can and I see a probabilitity that is will become just as grostesche as any religion or mysticism. This is because it doesn't matter if it is a religion, secret society, science, or philosophy.... Human kind has a tendency to abuse things, to form illusions from their own ego, and has insticts of survival, and an instict to over power and become the dominant person of their race. Until we all get past the ego and it dissolves, and until we can intelligently control our reptillian brain where all the insticts are..... things will continue to repeat themselves, and mankind will live in one illusion or another.

ID#2916 L.B., 2006-04-01 [ North York, ON]

I see some validity in this but it is so very final in its cutting off the normal way of living we are all used to. If there is no ultimate Creator to whom we should be obedient to, what is the rationale of anticivilization? There must be a plan, consequently, a planner. Mindless, come-by-chance seems to me very fatalistic.

ID#2918 M. ., 2006-04-01 [ Philadelphia, PA]

Sent me information to become a 100% member and I look forward.

ID#2921 K.B., 2006-04-01 [ Lakesentrance, Victoria]

All you cristions no nothing THERE IS NO SUTCH THING AS GOD You are all rong religion was made up to control the masses Stop fooling yourselves

ID#2922 J.F., 2006-04-01 [ Williamsville, MO]

I do believe that this information needs to be more readily available. It is the future and more people need to be aware of it.

ID#2923 B.D., 2006-04-02 [ Littlehampton, S.A.]

I think these books are great and I look forward to reading more. I love the idea of biological immortality and now see how religion and politics are blocking it.

ID#2924 J.W., 2006-04-02 [ Pullman, WA]

I realy realy love this realality, keep up the great works.

ID#2925 m. ., 2006-04-02 [ , ]

do you have to be crazy to post a comment here? I think you should let it be, and let people decide for themselves. How else can people learn the difference between what makes sence, and what is a little crazy, except they practice weighing out there options.

ID#2926 D.J., 2006-04-03 [ Oakland, Ca]

This revalation should be the ###1 concepts in all of mankinds awareness.I myself think there should be a public broadcasting network that could air to the public that has driven mankind into suicide.

ID#2928 P.J., 2006-04-03 [ Boston, 02116]

I found some good ideas on your site

ID#2931 M.F., 2006-04-03 [ Houston, TX]

I truly feel that Neo-Tech is the only way out of the terrible situation the world is in today.

ID#2932 M.C., 2006-04-03 [ New York, New York]

Hi this is Maria Garcia. I received your phamphlet in October 2005. Or sooner... I bought both books which I am still reading..Lately, I have not been prospering at all. but It is my health. I have read those negative comments and My Lord. I see so much hate in the people of God. I say we live in a free America...All have the right to express their views and ideas to all.. If you dont like what they say turn the page....Hello... Why so much hate... I am still waiting for my instructions...I am going to re read both books....again.. anyway, though i am a Christian...there is much learning to do from the business part of your books. what else should i wait for... I like being part of the Noveau Society....I just want to learn more about how I can get deeper into the spiritual aspect of the society.... do you have a site where I can go and get more knowledge on how I can trully prosper... are there ancient writings that will finally help me break through...I feel that something is trying to hold me back so strongly.. When I read the book all hell breaks loose and I can not even finish a paragraph.. Please help me....Love Marti

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