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ID#6604 j.l., 2006-11-15 [ 46800- xativa(valencia), ]

i'm very interested in neo-tech information.please send me it .somebody wants that i had this information. i'm waiting years ago.i'm waiting to have it as soon as possible.thanks.

ID#6606 M.j., 2006-11-15 [ Roseau, ]

I have own and read the publication of THE NEO-TEK WORLD. since then nothing exciting has happened to me... i am still not wealtyh and powerfull. i was told in this publication that i would become the omnipotent God Man,who is powerfull,in control and have anything my heart desires. i still am not sure how true thi is.... i am thinking that this might be some kind of scam to take people money. i am willing to give it one last try... i am going to purchase the GOD MAN/NEO TEK DECODED.

ID#6608 J. ., 2006-11-15 [ Saudi, Louisiana]

I browse and saw you website and I found it very interesting.Thank you for the good work, greetings

ID#6611 A.H., 2006-11-15 [ Norwich, CT]

Neo-Tech should remain on the web. If anything, the website should be expanded.

ID#6612 H. ., 2006-11-15 [ Malaysia, NY]


ID#6616 N. ., 2006-11-15 [ New York, N.Y.]

Negative and Positive, it all depends on the balance of opposites...well, doesn't it?

ID#6617 M.B., 2006-11-15 [ Sacramento, CA]

I love the information online, I bought the book, was offered another book, that I didn't get, got the same one I had. I was told to write a letter from the lady where the book was shipped from. I would love to commuicate with others in neo-tech, there doesn't seem to be any source for that.

ID#6620 J.S., 2006-11-16 [ Palm Harbor, FL]

I am excited and anxious to recieve the latest info.

ID#6621 E. ., 2006-11-16 [ Saudi, Delaware]

I\'m love this great website. Many thanks guyf

ID#6623 j.d., 2006-11-16 [ bristol bs4 3sp, ]

neotech has allways been part of my daily life

ID#6624 U. ., 2006-11-16 [ Brazil, Massachusetts]

Oh o ho! very nice site!o

ID#6625 R. ., 2006-11-16 [ Saudi, Minnesota]

Buy D

ID#6626 Z. ., 2006-11-16 [ Bowie, MD]

Neo-tech Concepts are enlighting, refreshing and honest. Please keep doing what you are doing.

ID#6627 M.S., 2006-11-16 [ Niles, Ohio]

The First Immortals, is a very powerful book. I wish there was a teacher like Miss Annabelle when I was in grade school. I feel like my whole life is starting to make sence. Please add more information that I can absorb. Thank You, Senda

ID#6628 J. ., 2006-11-16 [ Zealand, Connecticut]

Sentimental and nostalgic. Great.o

ID#6630 . ., 2006-11-16 [ , ]


ID#6632 U. ., 2006-11-16 [ Brazil, Georgia]


ID#6634 S. ., 2006-11-17 [ Zealand, Delaware]


ID#6635 t.s., 2006-11-17 [ johnstown, pa]

i threw away my application i will not turn from my God for no amount of money or any thing else for that matter

ID#6636 M.S., 2006-11-17 [ Niles, Ohio]

I love how my mind is opening up with this new way of thinking. I can't wait to meet and interact with the society. I lost my job of 12years to the big business elite. Now I am 46years old enemployed returning college student. But I do love the way Neo-Tech has helped my mind start to work in a new way. keep up the good and honest work. I really look forward to being a part of this new and right Civilization of the Universe.

ID#6637 P. ., 2006-11-17 [ Arabia, Hawaii]

Free love D

ID#6639 j.s., 2006-11-17 [ Perth, western australia]

soaking up all the information we can get. very important to us to survive transition in life. have five beautiful children and wonderful husband. Neo-Tech answers ours questions and gives direction to evolve. Important reading for everyone. keep it on the net.

ID#6640 o.d., 2006-11-17 [ des moines, iowa]

I want to learn more about the laws of attraction I feel that you can teach these truthes to me I will remain open and receiptive to the knowledge you share .

ID#6641 K. ., 2006-11-17 [ Sweden, NY]

Goko D

ID#6642 K. ., 2006-11-17 [ Sweden, NY]


ID#6644 S.E., 2006-11-17 [ , ]

We have gotten a letter wanting to sell us a book and wanted to know more about it. It sounded interesting but not fully reasuring that it isn´t a way to take the little of the money we have. What I read on the web so far sounds interesting and in line with my thinking.

ID#6645 C.A., 2006-11-17 [ watsonville, ca]

I think this is a very good website!!!! I would like to learn more about what you can teach. Thanks :)

ID#6647 M.C., 2006-11-17 [ Grant, Michigan]

Needs to redirect back to basic elements for all through Universal Laws! A fit body and a sound mind will benefit from NEO-TECH. Keep NEO-TECH site remain on the Web.

ID#6650 N.W., 2006-11-17 [ Decatur, GA]

Truly amazing! Every word put years of searching for the truth to an end. It's like my life from childhood until now was being relayed back to me. Most of the experiences touched home base, because they were some of the exact experiences that I have gone through during my life-time. I felt like I had been rapped and brutally striped of every ounce of joy and happiness. I couldn't understand why I could feel so good under any circumstance and everyone else could not, but after reading all three books. It is so clear and at times I felt like a complete idiot with so much time wasted on nonsense. "Soon will know". Most of what was written was already inside myself (my mind). Looking forward to real-time experiences.

ID#6651 R.N., 2006-11-17 [ Bellmawr, NJ]

I've recently become a member, and have yet to receive my introduction to the private meetings. I do believe in what you are teaching and can't wait to join the elite society of the Neo-Tech World!

ID#6652 E. ., 2006-11-17 [ Arabia, Colorado]

Nice site its very interesting site! your site is fantastic.%

ID#6653 N. ., 2006-11-17 [ Germany, Los-Angeles]

Call free D

ID#6654 A. ., 2006-11-17 [ New, Forces]

Hi, all. Nice site...I really like your site ! Good job man.h

ID#6655 j.r., 2006-11-17 [ virginia beach, va]

please email me back, i have purchased the Big Black Book and I read thought this book.... Maybe that don't know that i should be looking for. how to get blessings,,, and I have not seen a change in my family... it seem that the trouble in my family have gotten worst..... Please assist... you can feel to call me asap (cell phone # 1-757-477-7291//home:757-464-6064

ID#6656 V. ., 2006-11-17 [ , ]

Not negative nor positive feedback - just wondering how so many people, claiming to be Christians, can have such harsh and nasty comments about this. A true Christian can not be brainwashed and can still read this book - they are just more discerning and can read between the lines. But to mention murder and rape with the negative comments only succeeds in telling me you are no better then they are. How dare you! You state you are a Christian - what true Christian would believe someone deserves murder or rape? Hate is a man made word, not a Christian word. Good and true Christians lead by example, practice their beliefs and teach the Word. I have not read the book, just being curious, but have to say that the negative comments only tend to make me more likely to read it. I believe I am a good and true Christian and if that is true this book cannot hurt me.

ID#6657 K.B., 2006-11-17 [ , ]

I love Neo-Tech and everything that it touches. My life is so ready for the future and looking forward to each day. I want to go the Church of God-Man as soon as I can go. Please let me know if there is one. I have felt the same way the neo-think, neo-tech and the God-Man speak of for many years, before I read your books. I honestly believe that business and love can rid the world of evil and neo-cheaters for good. Looking forward to meeting the God-Man of this world. Kathy in Texas

ID#6658 K.B., 2006-11-17 [ Panhandle, Texas ]

I love Neo-Tech and everything that it touches. My life is so ready for the future and looking forward to each day. I want to go the Church of God-Man as soon as I can go. Please let me know if there is one. I have felt the same way the neo-think, neo-tech and the God-Man speak of, for many years, before I even read your books. I honestly believe that business and love can rid the world of evil and neo-cheaters for good. Looking forward to meeting the God-Men of this world. Kathy in Texas

ID#6663 K. ., 2006-11-17 [ New, Massachusetts]


ID#6665 J.M., 2006-11-17 [ , ]

I am dating back to dealing with you when your books where numbered by hand.

ID#6666 S. ., 2006-11-17 [ Zealand, Forces]

receipes-from-restaurant-chains a

ID#6667 R. ., 2006-11-17 [ Fresno , CA]

I would like to know more about this "secret society". As of right now, I don't belive any of it, but am curious. Money, power, and romantic-love, the same theme as in the letter I recieved. I wonder if this is another scam...

ID#6668 J.M., 2006-11-17 [ Toronto, Ontario]

I am dating back to dealing with you when your books where numbered by hand.I can not wait to hear more about biological immortality .Neo Tech has widened my understanding of the neocheating world.

ID#6672 . ., 2006-11-18 [ , ]

I support Project Life! KJW

ID#6675 K. ., 2006-11-18 [ , ]

Count me in on suing the IRS!

ID#6676 F.H., 2006-11-18 [ Terlton, OK]

I have Books I II & III of NeoTech society and I'm a believer in everything that is written. I know there will be people that will not except the truth in your words, but they are the ones that will be left behind. As a child I wondered why if Christ took away our sins, we were still dying. I also saw the world as it was. The goverments and Churches were using the people to get rich and having the "rush" that they were greater than "God". Since we were from the earth, I never understood why we were going to "HEAVEN" instead of living is the beautiful Earth we are on. Keep up the good work and send me "THE BOOK" I would like to meet the twelve people taught by Miss Annabelle and meet her and her husband and Jessie & Jasmine. All of the rest of the people in Miss Annabelle's book written by Mark Hamilton. This world they have shown to me is more real than the one we live in today. Bring it forth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if any one would like to discuss the books. I would love to meet some of the Civilation of the Universe. ...............and write to them too. Florence Harris

ID#6677 S. ., 2006-11-18 [ Leonni, Minnesota]

You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.

ID#6678 B. ., 2006-11-18 [ Zealand, Marshall]


ID#6680 K. ., 2006-11-18 [ Leonni, Alaska]


ID#6684 B. ., 2006-11-18 [ Arabia, Pacific]


ID#6685 H. ., 2006-11-18 [ Malaysia, Georgia]

I enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work! Feel free to visit my page. It\'s cool too.o

ID#6687 F.B., 2006-11-18 [ Paddington, London]

I am a past Neo-Tech customer. Have ordered most of your past publications and have unfortunately lost them through a very unfortunate incident of life. If you wold search my past customer orders over the years and let me know what it would cost to replace everything I have orderd from your company. My name is Farrish Betton or Zicon Corporation.

ID#6688 E. ., 2006-11-18 [ Leonni, Illinois]


ID#6689 A.H., 2006-11-18 [ manzanillo, colima]


ID#6690 H. ., 2006-11-18 [ New, Delaware]

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ID#6694 . ., 2006-11-18 [ , ]

where is there a Church of God-Man?

ID#6696 M.L., 2006-11-18 [ Nashville, TN]

I"d like to know more about them and how you found out it? Thank you!

ID#6698 m. ., 2006-11-19 [ , ]

Wish the DTC technique was more fleshed out....this seems to be the skeleton of breaking out of the Anti-civilization. Was encouraged that reality can be controlled with conciousness, without a mystical-faith. Looking forward to more ideas and updates...

ID#6699 M. ., 2006-11-19 [ Malaysia, Armed]

Very good web site, great work and thank you for your service.>

ID#6700 P. ., 2006-11-19 [ New, Georgia]

Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)

ID#6701 K.S., 2006-11-19 [ Lake Park, mn]

I for now don't distrust the information they are about to send me but, I have questions about both the bad and good reports. First, According to what I read this book is supposed to be keep a secret and a profile is supposed to be done so the book is a secret why do all these other people receive what we received and are posting it on the web. And if we are waiting for are 2nd life cycle why are we giving this info to are kidds or partners in life. Do we ask before we give? And as far as having a school on these topics then what makes are traits different than others. I know I have traits that makes me better or willing to put everything on the line but there are people who have better traits than me but won't put them to the test. Second according to what I read Dr wallace did not invent this system or the words but made them easier to see or read so he is not the god but the person who perfected the words for a clearer image or idea. I HAVEN'T READ THE 1000 PAGE BOOK YET BUT LOOK VERY VERY FORWARD TO READING THEM AND i HOPE THE BOOK IS WHAT EVERYBODY ON HERE SAID IT WAS!

ID#6702 K. ., 2006-11-19 [ Malaysia, Alaska]

Oh o ho! very nice site!e

ID#6705 l.G., 2006-11-19 [ Yallambie, Vic]

l was approached by mail. Australia.

ID#6707 E. ., 2006-11-19 [ Chikago, Armed]

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ID#6710 U. ., 2006-11-19 [ Leonni, Kentucky]

I\'l be back... :)o

ID#6711 J. ., 2006-11-19 [ New, Minnesota]

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ID#6714 L.S., 2006-11-19 [ Olathe, ks]

I have completed the last volume. I am ready to step into my new life.

ID#6715 K.P., 2006-11-19 [ New York, NY]

Now that the "capstone" is firmly set, I am ready for the "main event" to begin. Let's do this!

ID#6721 H. ., 2006-11-19 [ Arabia, Illinois]

older-version %

ID#6722 j. ., 2006-11-19 [ auburn, ca]

yes freedom of speech, god blees

ID#6723 . ., 2006-11-19 [ , ]

Remember the Neotech Report? I do. You published my question in it. "Do you celebrate Christmas in a secular way, perhaps?" Yep, that was me. What happened to your website. No more access? Did you guys get hacked? Hope not. Hope everyone is well. Peace.

ID#6724 C.P., 2006-11-19 [ South Jordan, UT]

I have been doing research after recieving mailers. I find this intriguing and would like more info. thanks

ID#6729 S.E., 2006-11-20 [ Cedar City, UT]

From what I've read so far, your views are very much like my own

ID#6731 V.A., 2006-11-20 [ El Paso, Texas]

Edit Suggestions/typos: Zon Cyberspace, Chap 18, What is the Illuminati? What is Zon? Business-Controlled Master Plans, 2nd Paragraph, 3rd line, 6th word: undermin ing (delete space) The Illuminati's Business Plan for Depoliticizing Planet Earth, 1st Paragraph, 3rd line, 5th word: p resented (delete space) and last line: religiou sly (delete space) 5th paragraph, 3rd line, 5th word: Bec ause (delete space) 6th paragraph, 1st line: ill uminati (delete space) 7th paragraph, 6th line, 4th word: Inciden tally (delete sp) 8th paragraph, 3rd line, 5th word: journa lists (delete sp) 9th paragraph, 9th line, 9th word: u ltimately (delete sp) 10th paragraph, 4th line, 3rd word: weal th (delete space) 11th paragraph, 3rd line, 11th word: universe (delete space) The Most Moral Men On Earth 1st paragraph, 4th line, 5th word: c oncepts (delete space) 4th paragraph, 5th line, 7th word: ea ch (delete space) 5th paragraph, 4th line, 11th word: Sch indler (delete sp) 6th paragraph, 2nd line, 2nd sentence/4th word: rec ognize (delete space) 8th paragraph, 1st line, 7th word: mos t (delete space) 9th paragraph, 2nd line, 5th word: fro m (delete space) 10th paragraph, 3rd line, 3rd word: othe rs (delete space) 12th paragraph, 1st line, 7th word: bene ath (delete sp) [70] 2nd paragraph, lst line, 5th word: muse um (delete sp) [70] 7th line, the letter t end of section, should be placed on next line to complete the word: translations, which is the lst word of the 8th line [71] 1st paragraph, 4th line, 1st word: decisi ons (delete space) Under the block: The Neo-Tech Trojan Horse 2nd paragraph, 3rd line, 2nd word: Xonpow er (delete space) Thank you for letting me help with these corrections. I had previously seen them but was unable to get them to you at that time. Please forgive my delay in helping with this endeavor. And, thank you in advance for the offer to send me Money/Power and Romantic Love Information. Sincerely, Victoria Ann Wike

ID#6733 b. ., 2006-11-20 [ , ]

je nai pas trouve lenergie que un an apres depui hier soir je eu des cour de pensees positive le boock ne ma pas rendue heureuse encore sans gains...............................juste trois cent euros par mois je suis sdf.........eberge .on mofre le web. aide moi ou telephone moi vite merci

ID#6735 U. ., 2006-11-20 [ Saudi, Connecticut]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!j

ID#6736 M. ., 2006-11-20 [ Walchwil, ]

Interesting...need to know more...

ID#6740 D.H., 2006-11-20 [ CARLISLE, PA]


ID#6741 . ., 2006-11-20 [ , ]

Please keep on the web.

ID#6744 J. ., 2006-11-20 [ Malaysia, Armed]

Oh o ho! very nice site!

ID#6745 b. ., 2006-11-20 [ jackson, michigan]

he told me about this site cause he said it i my time whatever that means but he has prosper as never befor.

ID#6747 K. ., 2006-11-20 [ Malaysia, Louisiana]

I have your site for its useful and funny content and simple design.

ID#6748 S. ., 2006-11-20 [ Mexico, Samoa]

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ID#6749 S.O., 2006-11-20 [ San Jose, CA]

I have so much to offer to humanity and I strongly believe that Neo-Tech will give me the needed vehicle to reach this goal. Thanks to Mr. Hamilton and the rest of the members of this wonderful society of the geniuses of this era. I can't wait to be in your mist. Thank you. Can I recommend Friends and relatives to send Neo-Tech materials to?

ID#6753 D.H., 2006-11-20 [ Belleview , Florida ]

There is no need to remove it unless it is a financial burden. I think it needs more reference sites. I'd like us to join into a more perfect union to combat the hoax-sters often called parasites. Being able to recognize what is and why it is sometimes could have advantages. When you play to peoples corruptions for control. You end-up with a terrible parasitic network needing to be broken. Ironically it will destroy itself one day, but it may take millions of innocents with it. You can't destroy it completely because it is the nature of the beast.

ID#6754 D.F., 2006-11-20 [ Canyon Country, Ca]

This is the greatest thing I have ever found in my 47 years on this earth. I am not much of a follower or easily fooled. In the last 2 weeks, I have become a completely different person and feel confident as I continue on this path, find the life I have always been looking for. I realize it will be from my own mind and power that will create my new reality, but am still striving to be apart of this with others of like mind. If I have been 'brainwashed', please chain my to the walls. I need to stay here.

ID#6755 J. ., 2006-11-21 [ Brazil, Hawaii]

The site\'\'s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment - maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!

ID#6756 c.j., 2006-11-21 [ portola, calif.]

still studying my books that i purchased from you.

ID#6758 K. ., 2006-11-21 [ Leonni, Maine]

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ID#6759 B. ., 2006-11-21 [ Leonni, Georgia]

I like it and the background and colors make it easy to read6

ID#6763 K.W., 2006-11-21 [ Montrose, SD]

I endorse this website!

ID#6764 J. ., 2006-11-21 [ Sweden, Illinois]

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ID#6765 c. ., 2006-11-21 [ , ]

i m a NT discovery book fan.

ID#6766 L. ., 2006-11-21 [ Brooklyn, NY]

I am reading Neo-Tech from a friend's book and I am copying down ideas and concepts that I know works for sure. Any intellegent person can follow the ideas in that book and realize that they have a goldmine in their hands. I am writing a book now and will gladly request permission to include some of their ideas into it. It is for Kids. Mark Hamilton, I tip my hat to you. Please do not worry with the negative criticism you get. That is normal. When the light shines in darknes, shadows are created automatically, but as the light increases the shadows diminish to give way to light. Shadows have no being. Light has. In this Aquarian age when knowledge and Light are pouring in on the Earth, Those Who Are Ready can percieve and assimilate it and turn it into VALUES for mankind. Those who are not Ready, simply can't perceive it and miss the boat. To them it does not exist. L John New York

ID#6768 L. ., 2006-11-21 [ Brooklyn, NY]

I am reading Neo-Tech from a friend's book and I am copying down ideas and concepts that I know works for sure. Any intellegent person can follow the ideas in that book and realize that they have a goldmine in their hands. I am writing a book now and will gladly request permission to include some of their ideas into it. It is for Kids. Mark Hamilton, I tip my hat to you. Please do not worry with the negative criticism you get. That is normal. When the light shines in darknes, shadows are created automatically, but as the light increases the shadows diminish to give way to light. Shadows have no being. Light has. In this Aquarian age when knowledge and Light are pouring in on the Earth, Those Who Are Ready can percieve and assimilate it and turn it into VALUES for mankind. Those who are not Ready, simply can't perceive it and miss the boat. To them it does not exist. L John New York

ID#6769 M.L., 2006-11-21 [ Easton, MD]

I had a vision when I was young.Something was telling me that religion was being misdirected down the history of all our time on this earth.Even with my A.D.D. I knew something wasn't right about the records of the bible,but my mind would fight for along time.Neo=Tech is gradually guiding to me enlightenment.I have purely quit smokeing,and drinking.Plus I'm working out from the set of goals that i've designed for myself.Poison is every where you turn.You have to stand porter at the the gates of your mind from political,and religous ways of the world.Since Neo-Tech my mind is becomeing clean to a new and exciting world.The time for change is now.Wake up planet and claim the truth!!

ID#6772 K.W., 2006-11-21 [ Montrose, SD]

I can not conceptualize why so many God loving christians would want to wish such ugliness upon their fellow man, who is an inspiration to all of mankind. Neo-Tech deserves much more credit! Why not create values and sustain life?

ID#6773 . ., 2006-11-21 [ , ]

conceptualize vrs. "conceive"

ID#6774 L.S., 2006-11-21 [ Olathe, KS]

I found the novels very interesting. I have been victum of a few of the dis honest people and now I see right through them. I am very thankful for this. I am currently looking for supplemental income as being a working single mother it is difficule to makes ends meet on a single income these days.

ID#6775 L.R., 2006-11-21 [ Arvada, Co]

Very informative.Keep up the good work!

ID#6776 S. ., 2006-11-21 [ Germany, Massachusetts]

Interesting web page is, i\'ll see you later one more timer

ID#6779 V. ., 2006-11-21 [ Middletown, CT]

I think it would be better if Neo-tech would be less percieved as a "cult," and more like a group of rationally self-interested people who strive to be honest. I think if that could change, the ideas could possibly get through to more people. So. Get on that.

ID#6783 T.D., 2006-11-21 [ Cleburne, tx]

I have finished reading the Third package Mrs. Anabelle's Secrets and it was the most beautiful book I have ever read in my life, my soul has been shaking inside in a good way eversince..I cried for two days..and now I do not understand how anyone would not want all that is written in there......I understand now why you chose the people you did. I think it all has to do with erternal love.for all humanity...Hey it's a little lonely out here with out you. I have had 5 more breakthorough ideas for inventions since reading the third book. After going through hell over my first invention which should be patented by now after three years, I learned to stay quiet about the other 7 I have now. Please count me in on your Mission......even if my body gives out, I will not. I started to draw the different ideas in the mission they way I see it through your eyes and so far so good. Hey some guy called me up and asked me about Neo-Tech and I said he had to see for himself, I don't know how he got my number? But I was honored to help him. I love you guys heart and soul and Thank you so much Thank you Thank you....Did I say Thank you....LOL Thank you Thank you

ID#6784 A. ., 2006-11-21 [ New, Michigan]

You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!!t

ID#6785 S.F., 2006-11-21 [ Garland, TX]

I am confused somewhat about Neotech being on the web. In the letter I received from Neotech, it seems to be a private club for only a select few. I agree that if the information contained in all of the literature were available to everyone, the world would definately be a better place to live. I personally feel like a different person altogether than I was before. I feel that a place to meet others and communicate with them on a web site about Neotech would be wonderful. I really would like to communicate with the people in the group. Where can I find them????

ID#6786 M.B., 2006-11-22 [ SAN FRANCISCO, CA]

I love Neo-Tech ideas and philosophy, thank you so much for enriching my life and removing the mystisism from my life; I had no idea how much of a burden it had been to me; I am free of the shackles and feel alive and free for the first time since I was a child. Thank you. Maria - COLP Inc.

ID#6788 . ., 2006-11-22 [ , ]

I Love Each And Every One Of You! I LOVE YOU! You are Beauty to behold! And you Mr Mark Hamiltom, I Love You and Thank You for saving my life... I was ready and hoping for death, when you caught my attention and saved me with Neo-Tech, With Honesty, With LOVE... Again, deeper and purer than I ever knew COULD exist! You rekindled the spark, into a roaring flame! We MUST STOP THE MADNESS of the destroyers! We Must Stop and dissapate the illusions! We MUST get into HIGH GEAR and get the People to start seeing "What Is"! We Must end the hatred and envy... The parasites must be stopped... They're mad... sick... and it seems like they're ready to turn this paradise into a barren waste land, and we CANNOT LET THEM! When? They are scrambling like mad to bring destruction as rapidly as possible, like as if they Know their time is at hand, so they are scrambling like crazy to do anything they can to stop what Must be, even if it means wanton bloodshed! And I wouldn't put it past them to even either allow, or be the cause of world wide desolation, even to the point of this beautiful world to become like Mars... They hate life THAT Much! They Hate LOVE That much! And they HATE THEMSELVES THAT MUCH! Kenneth J Wilson PS: I have a question for Dr Ian about the significance of double sine waves...

ID#6789 B. ., 2006-11-22 [ Saudi, Alabama]

Very good web site, great work and thank you for your service.t

ID#6790 B. ., 2006-11-22 [ Zealand, Alabama]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

ID#6791 B. ., 2006-11-22 [ Germany, Arizona]

I consider that beside Your site there is future!o

ID#6792 S. ., 2006-11-22 [ NY, Armed]

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ID#6796 A.M., 2006-11-22 [ Johannesburg, GP]

Hi I received a letter in the mail, and must say i was very intrigued, and thus went and googled nt society, i must say I was almost dissapointed when I all I got on the first page was - scam this an scam that, I eventually happened upon your site and was glad to be able to read more on what this was all about, I would love to know more!!

ID#6797 B.W., 2006-11-22 [ Southern Pines, NC]

Keep up the Good work! This is the realist literature I have read in all my life! It is objective, and factual, just how it is objective and factual to all those that had written thier comments in the stream of cyberspace. At the same time, when their illusions crumble in their face and no one to run to, they just X'd their very own name out of the book of life.

ID#6798 J. ., 2006-11-22 [ Zealand, Minnesota]

You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.+

ID#6801 M. ., 2006-11-22 [ Leonni, Connecticut]

Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information...

ID#6802 M.G., 2006-11-22 [ Egg Harbor City, NJ]

I think having Neo-Tech on the web is good because it gives people an opportunity to see what it is about,giving them the chance to grow into the person they are from within

ID#6806 B.M., 2006-11-22 [ Edmonton, AB]

I think that it is crucial information that should be made available to all walks of life.

ID#6809 M. .,@cogeco,ca 2006-11-22 [ Burlington, Ontario]

Why would anyone want to remove it from the web. Have I missed something here? I have not read anything that should be construde as "against God" or against islam or against anything except teaching one to follow their heart and passions to create a great life. Pride is not a sin, conceit is and knowone should confuse the two when witnessing bragging.

ID#6810 B. ., 2006-11-22 [ New, Iowa]

interracial-blonde %

ID#6811 I.M., 2006-11-22 [ , ]

Neo Tech is one of my favourite places on the web. The kind of stuff here cannot be found anywhere else. It must stay on the web!!!

ID#6812 H. ., 2006-11-22 [ Sweden, American]

fat-pie %

ID#6813 H. ., 2006-11-23 [ Saudi, American]

A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work.y

ID#6814 K. ., 2006-11-23 [ NY, Indiana]

body-fat-scale l

ID#6815 J. ., 2006-11-23 [ Germany, Areas]


ID#6816 J. ., 2006-11-23 [ Leonni, Louisiana]

Cool!.. Nice work...e

ID#6818 R.G., 2006-11-23 [ Yakima, WA]

I never thought the illuminati would invite me as a member to thier society, I love being a part of this movement.

ID#6819 J.H., 2006-11-23 [ Blythedale, Mo]

I absolutely love the ideas and concepts discussed here. They are pure distilled genius. I own three Neo-Tech books. My favorite is Miss Annabelle's Secret. I was so inspired after reading it I wrote a 13 page paper discussing the epiphany I experienced. The conclusion: Leadership is seeing a people’s potential so clearly that they begin to see your vision themselves. Think of the potential productivity improvement if this perspective were adopted where you work. What would happen if people were treated as valued partners instead of liabilities, if they were listened to instead of directed, and were treated with respect? Can you imagine the difference this vision would create in your spouse, your children, your workplace, your community? It took me over half a decade to reach this perception shift. I cannot yet describe the view from the other side. For the first time I see a future bright with promise, joy, and prosperity. I truly hope this has given you a small glimpse of that world, a bright beautiful future, a Civilization of the Universe.

ID#6820 D.E., 2006-11-23 [ Spring City, Pa]

I use to have a copy of Neo-Tech manual, I lost it in a move sometime in My life. I enjoyed all that it contained. In My opinion it showed the truth. Neo-Tech web site should definitely stay online.

ID#6821 A. ., 2006-11-23 [ Arabia, Indiana]

Many interesting information on your site - keep up good worku

ID#6822 Y.k., 2006-11-23 [ , ]

Should neo-tech remain on the web? I guess that depends entirely on whether or not you really use fully integrated honesty. Even though you have done a great good in me, and your writings are powerfully created, the question remains concerning the actual validity of the organization itself. Unfortunately I ran across some extreemly negative web sites, that really put a hurt on neo-tech, and even give the impression that it is a home based business of inbreds, and charlatans... I still love you... You've opened my mind to new realms of thought processes, and helped me discover greater depths of thought, and love. As you say: pure love. And greater depths of honesty... But an ugly shadow has indeed been cast across this organization, and once you send me my pass code, I'll have some serious questions to ask. Am I mad for having believed? No, because one thing is sure... Jesus did teach pure love, and there is no denying facts now that I see differently, the manipulations of parasites... The only problem is that there are parasites EVERYWHERE! How many strong are we? Have we even found anyone to take the role of depolitisizing our nation? Is there anyone at all even researching the cure for cellular degeneration? Have any honest genius' been awoken? Ahhh, too many questions, and I'll have to solve this on my own. How close are we to launching the neo-tech party? Anyway, you have done a good in me, because I am not the same man I was 6 months ago. And many people see it and some have commented on it... Is there even a real Dr Ian, concerning physics? Is anything that you have submitted based on reality? So far, my curious researching has only shown me what you claim, and other very troubling information... Still, an unlocking of my mind has begun, and I have lost the point of no return, even if I must be utterly alone. We'll converse later after you reveal my passcode to me where I can enter the meetings... and the site Where I can log-in... I Am... Different now.

ID#6823 J.M., 2006-11-23 [ Phoenix, AZ]

Why is the link to 'pax neo-tech' inactive ? ? ? I wish to drive others to, but nothing is active, save for the comments ? ? ? Please, respond to (I own 5 Manuscripts: Thank You for showing me - We Are The Creators) Keep up the GREAT WORK

ID#6824 S. ., 2006-11-23 [ New, Kansas]

latina-sluts %

ID#6827 H. ., 2006-11-23 [ , ]

I am recently new to neo-tech. The literature I have read has not really changed my way of thinking, rather it has reinforced my way of thinking. It is good to know that there are others out there that realize there is a better way to think. I will continue to read, hoping to find that one puzzle piece that shows my the picture to the next level of consciousness.

ID#6829 R.H., 2006-11-23 [ Temecula, CA]

I have had The Book for a number of years. I have been searching for "my purpose". I have struggled financially and feel like I am just coming into my prime.

ID#6830 S. ., 2006-11-23 [ Leonni, Guam]

I have your site for its useful and funny content and simple design.1

ID#6831 E. ., 2006-11-23 [ Germany, Colorado]

The site\'\'s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment - maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!

ID#6832 D. ., 2006-11-23 [ Villa Park, il]

yes neotech has to stay online coz of constently drain by this society.

ID#6833 E.D., 2006-11-23 [ Union City, ca]

I believe in free speech and the right to freely organize in this country. Please send me the book so I can change my life for the good.

ID#6834 . ., 2006-11-23 [ , ]

Anyway, regardless of that mind blowing slap in the face I recieved last night, which actually caused me to doubt my own sanity... the facts cannot be changed. I personally have evolved from what I was to what I Am... and like I said last night, I've past the point of no return. Let's Get Busy! We have work to do!

ID#6835 . ., 2006-11-23 [ , ]

I forgot to ask about our foundation, Is there Anyone in our society, that's gearing up and ready to take the stand and run for President? we Need that to happen soon. Also, what are our numbers? how strong are we? Here, in the US?

ID#6837 B. ., 2006-11-23 [ Zealand, Samoa]

I\'m love this great website. Many thanks guye

ID#6839 M. ., 2006-11-23 [ Malaysia, Massachusetts]

The site\'\'s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment - maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!

ID#6840 j.g., 2006-11-23 [ plainview, texas]

i have already received my two installments. i already have a mentor. in the letter from my mentor he talked about the ten-second miracle i was so ready to hear what it was but he never gave it to me. if you are the one to reveal the ten second miracle please email it to me or send a letter. i was also told to mention my nc number which is nc60-1439-2350. this was the only way i could send an email. when i called the 716 # it gave me a email address but when i sent it it would not take it kept saying the address was illegal. my email address is i dont know who my mentor is because he says he must remain unknown. i am very anxious to know what the ten-second miracle is and who is suppose to share it with me. my mentor kept talking about it over and over and at one point i thought he was going to share it with me but never did. please can i get a response to this email. jeannie glenn sorry this was the only way i could get to send this email.

ID#6841 J. ., 2006-11-24 [ Saudi, Maine]

dick-in-pussy s

ID#6842 P.S., 2006-11-24 [ Richmond, B.C.]

It's really sad that the founder of Neo-Tech has died this year. But, the work must continue. Please can you keep the website running and the direct mailers for your new products coming. Please don't give up. The world needs Neo-Tech.

ID#6845 m.a., 2006-11-24 [ Walton on Thames, Surrey]

i have been away from N/Tfor a while,and would like to know how things are progressing

ID#6846 C. ., 2006-11-24 [ Fredonia, NY]

I agree that the IRS is a leagalized Mafia that needs to be jailed like the rest of society who cheat, steal and destroy lives. The people who are performing these wrong acts should be scared for there day will come and the Lord will not have pity on them. Someone needs to stop them - But will our government help?

ID#6847 E. ., 2006-11-24 [ Malaysia, Connecticut]


ID#6848 S. ., 2006-11-24 [ Germany, Samoa]

Great Site - really useful information!

ID#6849 C.B., 2006-11-24 [ Conway, AR]

Neo-Tech, Giving vision to the blind and when you see it you will understand. What do you say about something that has given you your life back? Thank You...

ID#6850 S.K., 2006-11-24 [ Nairobi, ]

Neo-Tech is positive! Woe unto those who have not discovered the benefits that Neo-Tech brings. In the coming future many will be left out unless they adopt and Neo-Tech and become better man. I have experienced first hand the awesome force of Zonpower and cannot begin explaining its magnificence and ways. I have but only glimpsed an micro particle of the whole thing. My feeling is just how it can be and yet I KNOW IT SHALL BE! I'm a continuing Neo-Techer and time will prove them wrong. This is an idea whose time has come. A better world, thats Neo-Tech and A Better Man. Thank you FRW and all the Neo-Tech People.

ID#6852 H. ., 2006-11-24 [ Zealand, Armed]

i love this site.

ID#6853 K. ., 2006-11-24 [ Malaysia, Pacific]

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ID#6855 J.P., 2006-11-24 [ Perth, WA]

I was just browsing the web and i came across the term NeoTech. It caught my eye so i started exploring and i became intrigued. Now i would like to find out more. Thank you

ID#6857 N. ., 2006-11-25 [ Brazil, Illinois]

Found your site in google, and it has a lot of usefull information. Thanx.a

ID#6858 P.C., 2006-11-25 [ Los Angeles, Ca]

Where can I access the book?

ID#6863 . ., 2006-11-25 [ , ]

Yes... I see. And again, thankyou. We must get in gear. The funny thing is I'm still outside (even though I'm inside), and have no idea as to the width and depth of us. Disgruntled employees... an issue to be seriously considered. It's difficult waiting for the key, so much to discover. So much to do... so much to ponder...

ID#6864 C.D., 2006-11-25 [ Nancy, ky]

Ther's so much to say I don't know where to start!! It has been a life changing experience that's for sure.

ID#6868 R.W., 2006-11-25 [ Chevy Chase , MD]

Excellent !!!

ID#6869 F.T., 2006-11-26 [ Chevy Chase, MD]

Neo-Tech literature has taken my life and caused a complete 180 degree turn. I am not as successful as some of the promises have made, but am increasingly closing in on that "big bang" success that's promised. I have a hard time continuously practicing the tips and guidelines presented in the Neo-Tech literature, but have solidly realized the benefit of giving up mysticism. I did manage to start my own value producing business, so I see a new life on the horizon. I keep returning to the second book and the website for guidance and motivation in continuing my journey. When I look at the world today, and some of the rapid scientific and technological breakthroughs, it becomes evident that we are evolving into a neo-tech civilization. We need to really stick together and eliminate mysticism from the world in the beginning of this century; this disease is clearly the root of all past problems. Please keep the website up as it gives all of us a chance to remain connected.

ID#6870 R.G., 2006-11-26 [ Farmington, Utah]

The first two volumes of reading has confirmed what was just frustrating thoughts for many years, what a great feeling. Thank you!!!!

ID#6871 e.d., 2006-11-26 [ hornell, ny]

i believe neo tech has enriched my life. i no longer feel the guilt once put on me and the dtc is /has helped me thru some horrible times! thanks so much,neo tech is saveing my life and so shall it be for my children.

ID#6872 J.M., 2006-11-26 [ Pittsburgh, PA]

This site has to stay up.I'am not sure what more can be put up right now but i'll get it i know i will.I'am not a fast reader and i'am glad at this time i'am not i been reading for the last 22 hours i cant stop.I'am starting Book 2 Putting Together .As of sending this to you.I know if i start i'll be up all night again.But i cant stop.Theres so many things i'am thinking about and there not clear yet i have to pull it together.I guess it's mostly how can i help.Takecare Your friend John McGuinness

ID#6874 G.C., 2006-11-26 [ Chester, PA]

My name is Gregory Clements I would like to join the company. I've received to many letters. I've been having no luck e-mailing you. I'l see if this will go through.

ID#6880 . ., 2006-11-26 [ , ]

I have the first three books and am waiting very patiently

ID#6881 W. ., 2006-11-26 [ Jamestown, NY]

I really hope there are more people in this MESSED UP WORLD that hold some of the values that I do. More people need to read these books and join the society, I've been trying to figure out people all my life and these books ansewered questions that I've been trying to figure out for years. There is soo much more I could say about these books (but I can't), all's I'll say is the information in these books is PRICELESS...........

ID#6882 S.L., 2006-11-26 [ Mattapoisett, MA]

I have the first three books and am waiting very patiently for my chance to enter the meetings. Miss Anabelle's story moved me profoundly, having already adopted this philosophy as my own. Further convincing was not necessary, but, it made for a good read even though the writing wasn't presented in a well writen novel format.(I understood the need to present the information in an emotional format.) I am grateful that this website finally has a way for me to request further information. I would VERY much love to read Neo-Tech physics,(along with a list of other writings there is not enough space here to list). Please inform me of my oportunity to enter the meetings, and if there is a way to order other books published by I&O. I will be forever gratefull for any assistance you can give me on these topics, and look foward to a long and fruitful relationship with the Neo-Tech community. Thank you for your time and consideration! Steve LaValley

ID#6883 E.L., 2006-11-26 [ CHICAGO, IL]


ID#6884 . ., 2006-11-26 [ , ]

There need sto be a public forumn to relieve society from the corruption of beauracy.

ID#6886 M. ., 2006-11-26 [ , nj]

Of course Neo-Tech should be on the web. There is a ton of validitiy in much of what is presented. Form your own opinions, but don't remove this information.

ID#6887 K.O., 2006-11-26 [ Colfax, CA]

I have waited nearly 70 years to receive information like this that actually gives you the "how to do" formula for self emancipation. Now that I am old,and forced into retirement due to illness and accidents that crippled me, I have had no option other than to live in poverty due to my extremely paltry monthly social security check. I wish I was young now with energy to go for this in a super big way. Thankfully the dual curse of religion and politics is exposed and for that alone I am forever grateful.

ID#6888 J.B., 2006-11-26 [ Mt.Angel, Oregon]

All my life I felt like I was trapped in the wrong life ,or wrong time , thanks to neo-tech now I know why I felt that way.

ID#6891 R. ., 2006-11-26 [ Bakersfield, California]

Yes. Neo-Tech not only should remain on the World Wide Web, but, it must remain on the web. To me, it is that important.

ID#6892 T.H., 2006-11-26 [ , ]

seems like a pretty neat site, could be very insightful.

ID#6893 T.H., 2006-11-26 [ Lakewood, CO]

seems like a pretty neat site, could be very insightful.

ID#6894 J.J., 2006-11-27 [ , ]

I am amazed about our next steps. I am considering running for office to bring the people back into power and abolish all government. The only way we can really acheive our goals is to take over the government, peacefully. Bring the truth to the people and not sell them on it. Tell them about it and let them decide which side, which philosophy, they want to follow. Plato is dead and religion has caused to many wars in our lives. Let's bring an end to people suffering for mystisism.

ID#6896 R. ., 2006-11-27 [ GOSFORD, nsw]

Its amazing its like the jig saw puzzel has finally come together, great work FRANK. The mind is like a parashute, if you do not open it, it will not work.

ID#6897 B.T., 2006-11-27 [ Southampton, Hants]

Neo-Tech is fantastic! It points directly to a life of freedom and rationality. Look around you - see what is really causing the majority of the world's ills, schisms and wars and you will find the clear common denominator - religion, and the preposterous and puerile belief that 'My god is better than your god'. Let's be real - how can one figment of the imagination be better than another? Those that wish to close down NeoTech are threatened by it, and by the superior rationalists that choose to follow it - a path of obvious common sense over one of superstitious mystical drivvel. Long live common sense - Atheists of the world unite!

ID#6902 a.m., 2006-11-27 [ xfvhn, syjgh]

not bad but you need to break it down a little

ID#6904 T. ., 2006-11-27 [ , ]

everyone says this is a cult give me a website url or something and if its may god take pity on your souls

ID#6907 S.S., 2006-11-27 [ E. Fairfield, Vt]

You have cleared up the confusion in my heart and mind, that I have carried for my whole life.I could never get over the fact that the wisest (our elders) died, carrying all of their precious wisdom with them. Yet we were intelligent enough to put man on the moon. Why then were people still dying of old age? We have been told since childhood, we use only a fraction of our brains. Why then haven't we found a way to develope more of what our brains are truely capable of? After Neo Tech, the answers become very clear. The idea of life has since become VERY exciting for me. My own possibilities are endless. Thank you.

ID#6908 d.r., 2006-11-27 [ sarasota, fl.]

nice work ..i have received the third bood annabells.... over 6weeks ago the letter said meetings for a full year i never got any info. on the meetings that the letter said would follow the book three.please inform me what happened?thanks david rodgers

ID#6909 J.F., 2006-11-27 [ Sandy, Ut]

Absolutely mind blowing! I love your literature. It's truly amazing. Please keep the site up and keep freeing minds.

ID#6914 E.E., 2006-11-27 [ marengo, In]

I would like to know the location of a God-Man church of busniss alliance in the south center area of Indiana or louisville ky. area.

ID#6917 R.T., 2006-11-27 [ , ]

It would be a great shame if this site were to be removed from the internet. Having read just parts of my heirloom packages, jumping around different chapters for a time, the 3rd book ( which I have not finished reading) gave me assurance these books will belong to my family library. Miss Annabelle's secrets, helped me understand the other books, and it could not have been writtten any better; to be skeptical is natural when one grows up knowing nothing else than seeking outside gudance, learning what I have, I know I will do my utmost to make sure my children and grandchildren (especially when they turn 8 or 9) or any child in my domain as they reach that age that they learn the secrets the 12 children learned. There must be a way to educate would be teachers or reeducate those who now teach to specialize in 8/9 year olds that will open their minds as they learn to use their minds and be their own authority. I would have enjoyed hearing Miss Annabelle sing "To dream, the impossible dream" so now I sing it to myself a lot. I stand on this side to show my respect for all those who made such effort to share a knowledge that are truly above all other self improvement books out there

ID#6918 M.A., 2006-11-27 [ Clinton Township, MI]

Everything has its place and censorship of any kind eventually leads to a society of mindless sheep.

ID#6919 G.G., 2006-11-27 [ OLYMPIA, WA]

Glad to find a decent home !!!!

ID#6925 R.2., 2006-11-28 [ columbus, ga.]

I wished I'd read this Book when I was much younger.I found it in my mom's closet,after she passed.Anyway, I had a terrible accident and lost alot of memory.I started reading and studying,about 3 yrs.It gave me confusion at first,I kept on with good thoughts.I deeply trust what I'm putting in my brain.But,I have to continue to read to focus on getting my memory perfect like it was.Julian Jaynes was and still is a great genius as well as others that created a new and better Universe.NEO-TECH should be in public schools in my opinion.That will happen soon!Please stay on the INTERNET.I got alot to study.THANKS!!

ID#6926 . ., 2006-11-28 [ , ]

you sent me a stupid letter scamming me and i think your company should be shut down along with your stupid web site!! U suck

ID#6930 G. ., 2006-11-28 [ port pirie, S.A]

We need change. We needed it yesterday. The lies of the matrix should be shown for what there r. Time for the cosmic mind to be expanded. The time of fullness is upon us. Continue the fight Neo-Tech and free our minds. The time as drawing closer, every thing is speeding up. Yours G F Whitefoot . . .

ID#6931 S.J., 2006-11-28 [ Pearland, MO]

Just received the book and now reading it.

ID#6933 P.T., 2006-11-28 [ Westerville, OH]

I've finished 2 of your books and tonight will begin reading Annebelle's Secrets. I have a 3 year old grandson and he is so eager to learn and experience life. I want to keep the Neo-Cheaters from extinguishing the fire I see in his eyes and I'm hoping Annebelle's Secrets will give me the tools to accomplish this.

ID#6934 U.G., 2006-11-28 [ Umiken, aargau]

I am learning thinking with Neo Tech. My exhibition has started just know and I hope it will be sucessful and people will be like my paintings. I have working very concentrated for this exhibition! Thank you for the books.

ID#6937 A.b., 2006-11-28 [ harvey, lL.]

please send me everything I need to become an adult in neo-tech, for I am just a beginer. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

ID#6938 A.b., 2006-11-28 [ harvey, lL.]

please send me everything I need to become an adult in neo-tech, for I am just a beginer. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

ID#6939 A.C., 2006-11-28 [ Kerrville , TX]

Give me the pack. I'm ready for the business alliance. Thanks Amos Crider

ID#6946 J.R., 2006-11-28 [ Warrenton, Va]

I want to know who does the profiling and what is the criteria. I am willing to believe in extreme possibilities but they need to make sense to me. Why or how would such a network find a struggling horse trainer in rural America?

ID#6947 J.R., 2006-11-28 [ Warrenton, Va]

I want to know who does the profiling and what is the criteria. I am willing to believe in extreme possibilities but they need to make sense to me. Why or how would such a network find a struggling horse trainer in rural America?

ID#6948 E.R., 2006-11-28 [ Vancouver, WA]

I have wanted to read this information for years. I finally opened my own business and have time to check it out and form my own opinion. I look forward reading it.

ID#6949 B. ., 2006-11-28 [ , ]

I received a letter asking me to join some secret exclusive group, No names are mentioned. It seemed rather strange. It was very positive in tone, but I am leary of people who tell me I am one of a few people who have this special trait. I am a christian and I believe in Jesus Christ, God gives each of us special powers we can share with each other,

ID#6954 D.D., 2006-11-28 [ Chestervill, me]

At first i was skeptical,but now that i read your three books by Mark Hamilton i can't wait for more info.

ID#6956 T."., 2006-11-28 [ Dryden, MI]

The truth, and nothing but the truth is all I ask of you or anyone. And you have given it to me.

ID#6959 . ., 2006-11-28 [ , ]

I Believe that Neo Tech has a great and enormous impact on the way society is at the moment and the way it will be in the future. I look forward to more literature and I can't wait to experience the explosion of the Civilization of the Universe!!! I'm still currently trying to figure out how I can contribute to the rise of these efforts...

ID#6965 A.M., 2006-11-29 [ little Elm, TX]

I am interested in what you have to say. I think that your information should be on the web for anyone that is seeking the truth.

ID#6967 B. ., 2006-11-29 [ , ]

I know now that life is precious and a free mind evolves with universal knowledge when freed from the burdens of the anticivilization.

ID#6968 B. ., 2006-11-29 [ Calgary, Alberta]

I know now that life is precious and a free mind evolves with universal knowledge when freed from the burdens of the anticivilization.

ID#6972 R.E., 2006-11-29 [ columbus, ga.]

Of all the net pages that I have read,I see all the mistakes I've made.I try very hard to help others not do the same as I did.I've learned alot though,I'M going to continue to study,It's gonna take alot to store this info within myself.I think the most important issues where I made mistakes, were "external authorities"and being brain washed with religious numbsckulls,who stole my wealth,family,and my wisdom along with my esteem.I know I'm still smart enough to learn more,Thanks to NEO-TECH AND THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED IN BRINGING CONSCIOUSNESS to me.-R.E.B.2ND.

ID#6975 T.C., 2006-11-29 [ Cartersville, Ga]

I'm a truck driver who has had the opportunity to hear about the Illuminati on the radio. (Coast to Coast AM) I have always thought outside the box and my higher power confirmes my thoughs or puts someone on the radio just when I need answers.

ID#6977 r. ., 2006-11-29 [ sao luis, ma]

please, I necessity contatc John Flynt or I& O publishing for acquire book on neotech, neothing and neotech zoom.

ID#6978 d.a., 2006-11-29 [ Pinellas Park, fl]

Freedom of speech is one of our "Founding Father's" constitutional rights granted to each and every American. This web site should stay on the internet. It's obvious that many of the negative comments received are produced by many individuals who cannot think for themselves. I left the "Brain Washed" Catholic Church 25 years ago long before I was aware of Neo Tech. A majority of the worlds current destruction, and historically as well, has it's roots in various destructive "mind control" dogmas shoved down the brains of weak individuals looking for the easy way out. Religion has always been a favorite "tool" to control the foolish masses. The most "dangerous" people on the planet are the ultra right wing Bible Bangers who promote false prophecies, and have as their personal goal, to destroy this beautiful planet in their wacky "end of times" mission to prove that they not only right but will be saved!! Perhaps they need to be save themselves first!! Good luck!

ID#6979 j.w., 2006-11-29 [ kenton, tn]

I wish I had this information so many years ago.I am so at ease with what I now know to be the truth.If I were a dr.of medicine the neo-tech discovery would be the cure for depression.Knowledge is better than a pill.

ID#6984 j. ., 2006-11-29 [ charlotte, nc]

You folks have a great site ,very infomative and well versed, keep up the great texts..

ID#6987 m. ., 2006-11-30 [ pasadena, tx]

sofu kool dna uoy lliw dnif!!!

ID#6988 m. ., 2006-11-30 [ pasadena, tx]

sofu kool dna uoy lliw dnif!!!

ID#6989 m. ., 2006-11-30 [ pasadena, tx]

sofu kool dna uoy lliw dnif!!!

ID#6991 D.G., 2006-11-30 [ Livermore Falls, me]

Can make no inteligent comment at this point. I have read pages published on the web and like what I have read so far but have not come any specific conclusions.

ID#6995 . ., 2006-11-30 [ , ]

No it should not remain. You just need to use a bit of common sence to understand this fact.

ID#6996 . ., 2006-11-30 [ , ]

Your rants are childish and silly. You are not presenting a complete picture of capitalism or altruism.

ID#6998 a. ., 2006-11-30 [ hertenbrd, ]

bisher war alles fürs geld sehr dürftig bis jetzt würde nichts auf den punkt gebracht

ID#7001 k.h., 2006-11-30 [ madison, ga]

dont really know what this is please send info

ID#7002 k. ., 2006-11-30 [ madison, ga]

dont really know what this is please send info, but all info should be available wheather it is good or bad so that people can make up their own minds

ID#7004 E.C., 2006-11-30 [ Moreno Valley, CA]

I'd give anything to live in the Neo - Tech World, because of all the curruption, poverty, depression, feeling of opression, unemployment, and I can go on and on. I know this is not the world God wanted us to live in. This could'nt be a coincidence, because I have been choosed into the Neo-Tech Family at a time where it feels as though I'm in a black whole and I can't get out. I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse/ Invester. Invester for the last two years. But I've made some bad deals or lead into making bad deals. Now I just got a letter informing me that my primary home is heading into foreclosure and an investment home is nearing default. I don't want to loose neither. Is there any way you can teach me how to become wealthy without lifting a finger? I read that in Book 2. I can't seem to get it yet.

ID#7005 S.S., 2006-11-30 [ , ]

What a joke! These people send out this letter that I could barely read without laughing. But of course they should remain on the web so anyone can actually see how rediculous they are without having to try too hard. Does this guy think he's some new L. Ron Hubbard?

ID#7006 T.G., 2006-11-30 [ Detroit, MI]


ID#7007 M. ., 2006-11-30 [ , ]

I have recieved a mailing from them this is now my second one and I thought if they are so secret....... would they actully have a website and well that is how I found this site. Thanks for the heads up

ID#7009 F.K., 2006-11-30 [ SPRING, TX]

Information to control one's life and outcompete competitors.

ID#7011 J.D., 2006-12-01 [ Bend, OR]

The wealth of information is increadible. I am starting to see the world in a way that I could not even imagine before. I am putting together a puzzle picture that I could not have ever imagined before I read through this information. This has given me a completely different perspective that has given me the power to see through a lot things that I looked at before, but did not put the pieces together to understand. I am intrigued to see what else is out there, and to help create a whole new world of super rapidly advancing technology. The future is today. Nothing will ever change unless we do it ourselves. I can't believe I did not see this before.

ID#7013 . ., 2006-12-01 [ , ]

There is nothing there!!!

ID#7018 w.s., 2006-12-01 [ portland, or]

hello my wife is a ex politican in the oregon legislature. we are also potheads and im a hack jazz musician. i take offence to many things said on your website. but i may be interested in reforming or leaving the country pending a nationwide media coverage and subsequent local, state and federal investigation into my past and the activitys of my associates. maybe its not too late for me to become a good person before this scandal hits the news and effects my family, friends and associates. Given the latest in dna technology, polygraphs and fbi profiles I dont think I could hold up to the pressure. What if my workmates at my cushy job at the beaverton high school of arts and communication found out about these things? I know now that my past will catch up to me and I made things way too easy for people in my past to find me and use my sordid past against me, my wife, the democratic party in oregon and the trifling jazz community. i've been thinking heavily about running to mexico and never coming back to the usa before its too late. i hope this message isnt intercepted by fbi or cia with keywords like plutonium, bomb, allah, jihad, nuclear, botulism, or serial killer

ID#7019 c. ., 2006-12-01 [ belchertown, ma]

Dear Emma Goldman, Yes I would like this site to expand on ways to save the world from neo cheats(such as myself)and more ways to eliminate mysticism. I would like detailed scripts on biological immortality and integrated evaluations on cas toxins. Thank you for you valuable integrated thoughts. If I can help by sharing my personal ideas please let me. I would like to be a value producer. Yours Truly, clayshiraki (please keep this confidential and anonymous)

ID#7022 a. ., 2006-12-01 [ , ]

Neo Tech has opened my eyes to the man I was truley meant to be in life! I can't wait to start enjoying the benefits of the meetings! Thank you for seeing the potential in me & helping me see it completly for myself! sincerely, Andrew Mikesell

ID#7024 R.N., 2006-12-01 [ Helena, MT]

I'd like more info than is currently available on the web. Is there an address that you can point me to? I've already received the manuscript and would like to know about the referece encyclopedia.

ID#7025 K.C., 2006-12-01 [ , ]

I have read all three books packages and have found alot of very good business and living fundamentals in them. I find it very interesting that all of the negative comments that I read are from religous zelots or at least touch on spirituality on some way. Kelly C.

ID#7026 K.C., 2006-12-01 [ , ]

I have read all three books packages and have found alot of very good business and living fundamentals in them. I find it very interesting that all of the negative comments that I read are from religous zelots or at least touch on spirituality on some way. Kelly C.

ID#7027 K.C., 2006-12-01 [ , ]

I have read all three books packages and have found alot of very good business and living fundamentals in them. I find it very interesting that all of the negative comments that I read are from religous zelots or at least touch on spirituality on some way. Kelly C.

ID#7028 K.C., 2006-12-01 [ , ]

I have read all three books packages and have found alot of very good business and living fundamentals in them. I find it very interesting that all of the negative comments that I read are from religous zelots or at least touch on spirituality on some way. Kelly C.

ID#7029 K.R., 2006-12-01 [ Webster, Fl]

I recently received a letter from the nouveau society. I was supposed to respond by December 1 which is today but my luck is beyond repair and I am almost homeless right now. I feel a sense of desperation I have never felt before, I need someone to get in touch with me at I am now living with relatives in another state.

ID#7030 G.s., 2006-12-01 [ Pointe-Claire, PQ]

I believe that what you are saying is true to the extent that I find the global governing political regimes are not doing a good job of conservation of world resources. I do not believe that wealth should be squandered. I do believe that natural balances control the Universe. These balances are unidirectional, that is to say if we make a mistake then we must pay for it, there is no forgiveness that is written about in the religious dogma. I wish you good fortune and happines forever. Bye

ID#7034 B.D., 2006-12-01 [ Baytown, TX]

Bryan D Criswell Dec 1,2006 6:48pm Well my current situation is sad but a reality. Ive been unemployed for a year and still in spite Im not discouraged. Ive also been exspoed to Neo-tech since I was sixteen and have always been infactuated with being a entreprenuer since a kid.Yet like so many of my brother and sisters I battle with mysticism everyday from within and out and it seems ive hit rock bottom. Instilled with the determination to never stop Ive took my poistion (got off my @ss) and am now looking for proven low-budget yet beliveable system to help me reach my most cherished dreams. Im not new to NEO-TECH but I appreciate the courage,discipline,intergity,and conscious effort to free your brohers and sisters. Im sorry for ranting sometimes this is the only way for me to escape the grasp of mytsicism sometimes by looking at my CURRENTsituation. Just to sum it all up thanks for listening keep up the good work and THANKS!

ID#7038 E.A., 2006-12-02 [ Hamilton, Ontario]

It is the best thing to have hit the press.I think it should stay on.Keep up the good work.

ID#7039 . ., 2006-12-02 [ , ]

hey- why would you take down all your books?

ID#7042 R. ., 2006-12-02 [ Aurora, CO]

Great site! The negative comments section is particularly revealing, as it shows just how far people are willing to go to defend their myths and delusions. Thanks, Neo-Tech for showing me a better way.

ID#7046 A. ., 2006-12-02 [ Elk City, OK]

Very interesting reading, and it is amazing how you can find reference to most everything life presents to you.

ID#7047 D. ., 2006-12-02 [ , ]

Love it.

ID#7048 R.B.,@JUNO.COM 2006-12-02 [ ALLENTOWN, PA]


ID#7049 r. .,@AOL.COM 2006-12-02 [ hampton, n.h]


ID#7050 J.K., 2006-12-02 [ Chinook, MT]

I have recently read Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets, tbe Nouveau Tech Package of Inner Circle Secrets and NVT Package of Miss Annabelle's Secrets. Eye openers for sure and at times I did feel as though I were reading a Harlequin Romance but I have enjoyed getting "educated" in the ways of the world that are so far removed from how I was raised (good Catholic family and all). When I was reading the first book, my brain went into overdrive with ideas. I still get wonderful ideas, but have to work a little harder to pull them out. I am excited to know that I don't have to continue this mind numbing, physically exhausting job of mine forever, that I have the power to make the change. I guess I always knew this, but you do get sucked in, to the way everyone else thinks, who doesn't know. This is my first visit to this portion of your web site. I have done some reading and printed a huge information packet for my son, who is 21 and so like me (knowing there is more, how do we achieve it). Oh my boy, my precious boy and my darling girl. I want so much for them and until now, have not allowed myself to believe that I have the power to do that. Now that I've read this enlightening literature, not only do I believe it for myself, but I can't wait to get started and to see the excited, happy, productive people my children and I were meant to be.

ID#7051 C.H., 2006-12-02 [ Greenfield, Wisconsin]

Have read 3 books and am very much in agreement and look forward to a really great life.

ID#7054 . ., 2006-12-02 [ , ]

Jesus, just browsing through the negative comments I can see all the fake so called christians talking about killing other people due to thier beliefs bieng violated. Good God people on the negative if remembered It did say Though shalt not kill. Even a threat is murderous. And they think we are evil. There the dead heads that need to find out what is going on without and innocent place like this to brutally threatened by these murderous people that dont know thier ass from the whole in the ground. Frustrated ignorants they are.

ID#7057 T.R., 2006-12-02 [ Toledo, OH]

I am currently reading the three manuscripts which I purchased. I am learning so much. I find my mind wandering as I read through the manuscripts and have to stop myself and write down my thoughts so that I can continue reading. Needless to say nothing has captured my attention like this in a long, long time.

ID#7058 R. ., 2006-12-02 [ West Valley, Utah]

Hi! This is Robert Neal; and Iv'e found that the information in the Neo-Tech Book has put my life in order. It has put love in my life and happines, and such joy and understaning about the power that lives in ones-self, that when neo-tech is applyed, the universe, opens up unto the person that uses the power, that is in the one that has understanding. You must have an open mind to the universe. and a deeper desire of your needs, in your life. Do not read this one time and lay the book down, if you do then think about the information that you just read. I recomend you to read this, at night just before you go to sleep and pick the book up in the moring. Be an obedant studant to your self in all you do in life. P.S. Thank You.

ID#7059 m.p., 2006-12-02 [ , ]

es bueno pero no se como adquirirlo

ID#7060 F.E., 2006-12-02 [ Bel Air, MD]

I haven't heard from you yet, and I've finished heirloom package # 3.

ID#7061 J.M., 2006-12-02 [ Belvedere, SC]

I have always been interested in the mind and how to think better. I am trying to read everything I can here about integrated thinking, conceptual thinking, and DTC etc. and adapt and use it in my career, the career I hope to develop, and at home.

ID#7062 R.K.,@ 2006-12-02 [ Budaberg, Qld.]

one of the best sites known to me.

ID#7064 m.r., 2006-12-03 [ campdouglas, wi]

just because it has its rightful space amoungst everything else in existence.

ID#7065 F.O., 2006-12-03 [ AMHERST, MA]

The topic 'God-Man' is a fascinating one for me. you have increased my understanding and appreciation of it Thanks.

ID#7067 R.A., 2006-12-03 [ Escondido, CA]

The internet is THE greatest medium ever invented by MAN. Where else can you find like-minded value-producers? When I feel frustrasted with the Anticivilization, I know that I can always come here and refocus my mind and recharge my brain.

ID#7070 J.H., 2006-12-03 [ Melbourne, Victoria]

Neo-Tech, once grasped and applied, instantly creates fusion in one's mind for INSTANT monetary growth. I am exorcising my MYSTICISM and the puzzle-pieces are Finally snapping together. I find it hard to sleep due to explosive excitement of a dawning of new idea's of mulitplying my everyday effectiveness. Now I get more done in one day that used to take me 2 weeks and am in the process of planning 9 major money making activities over the next 3 months. Mr Wallace, Mr Savage, Mr Hamilton, I take my hat off to you and you have my unwavering support, Cheers...

ID#7071 J.S., 2006-12-03 [ Tampa , FL]

The Neo Tech inside secrets book is nessesary for your journey in life. Just the first 60 pages are priceless, I cant even begin to imagine how I would have started my own business without it. I've read lots of book with vast wisdom in my life but nothing as practical. You think you know but you have no idea.

ID#7072 N.S., 2006-12-03 [ Stafford, Texas]

I think Neo-Tech has some very good ideas. The world needs to break loose of the chains that our so called masters have bound us with through government regulation and religious lies and return this planet to a truly free society that allows people to truly be spiritual beings and create values that otherwise would be lost. Thanks Neo-Tech for opening my eyes to these ideas.

ID#7073 B. ., 2006-12-03 [ Hayward, Ca]

With the simple fact of freedom of speech being put aside, the content has seemed to help so many enriching their lives nad their belief systems.. consequently changing their lives for the better, that I cannot start to wait for y copy to come in the mail and to start to read..

ID#7074 E. ., 2006-12-03 [ Sun Valley , Nevada]


ID#7077 R.M., 2006-12-03 [ Kempner, TX]

Would like to know where the closed store is to where we live.

ID#7079 d.p., 2006-12-03 [ las vegas, nv]

the pursuit of our true beings should be a global goal and i applaud you

ID#7080 H.F., 2006-12-04 [ port St. Lucie, fL]

Great article. Finally someone had the moral character to tell the honest truth, and explain in detail why religious people knowingly promote the "Greatest Hoax Ever Told" Thank you for giving me infomation to show people why and how they are deceived.

ID#7083 R.M., 2006-12-04 [ Lynwood, ca]

Although Neo-Tech saved my life, it has caused me a considerable amount of internal hurt. My life has been a waste without me even knowing it. I thought I was so much smarter than everyone else, but to my dismay, it has been just the opposite. The truth can be hard to swallow, but I am eternally grateful. I actually felt something in my head snap after this realization and I just can't seem to get enough. I feel like a kid with an unquenchable thirst for this knowledge.

ID#7084 t.s., 2006-12-04 [ maarssen, utrecht]

who knows maybe the site is not working wel but iget stuck on the first homepage. now i managed to get to this page. the website is not very clear. i can only read the positieve and negative comments. people talk about your book, but there isnt any link to where i can buy that book.

ID#7087 .a., 2006-12-04 [ st johns, ]

Sad to say i am over 40. I am on the young side of the generation that did not grow up with umbiquous computing. Neo tech is a place to find out what 5year olds already know. They don't always know how they do it so the terminology helps me keep the impression of older wisdom.

ID#7088 L.A., 2006-12-04 [ Billingham, Cleveland]

So far it seems to me that Neo Tech is a way of thinking in a humane moral way - shame that not more people realize how very necessary this is in today's world! A way of thinking and directions upon the way to becoming an autonomous being can surely not be seen as criminal.

ID#7089 B.D., 2006-12-04 [ Phoenix, az]

I have not been able to get back into the do I communicate with anyone if I hav no link. I was told I would be able to meet with the Neo-Tech. I am reading the last book Thanks, Barbara

ID#7091 T.D., 2006-12-04 [ oceanside, Ca]

I was sent a letter to join at the time i was broke and couldn't afford it. Can I still join ?

ID#7092 D. ., 2006-12-04 [ , ]

My deepest sympathties to the Wallace fam. TRAGEDY KNOWLEDGE will be missed.

ID#7095 J.C., 2006-12-04 [ Toms River, NJ]

As I recall from browsing the literature it presented an interesting philosophy. However, over the years the books were lost somewhere along the way.

ID#7096 S.A., 2006-12-04 [ Niles, Ohio]

I review the viedo, and I would like a hard copy of the 100-point credo that he was talking about. Thank You Senda

ID#7098 s. ., 2006-12-04 [ mansfield, ohio]

I recieved your snailmail..i am interrested in owning it but my funds can't meet your standards..i can make payments but i cant seem to afford the info @once..i try saving but time seems to run out before i saved up for there any way i could still get or stay in touch neo-tech neo-tech

ID#7103 D.D., 2006-12-04 [ Jensen Beach, Fl]

I once reserved by phone the information A( the text or book) on or of neo-tech after receiving mail from your group. Some of the information I received was certainly true relating to a time of major changes in my life. Some of these changes have indeed begun to occur. Lingering in the back of my mind has been Neo-Tech ever since.

ID#7104 . ., 2006-12-04 [ , ]

hitler was right

ID#7105 R.R., 2006-12-04 [ san antonio , tx.]


ID#7106 R. ., 2006-12-04 [ san antonio , Tx]

It saved my life ...gave it and my sanity back to me now thanks to Neo-Tech I can live my life...

ID#7108 P. ., 2006-12-04 [ scottsdale, az]

Neo-Tech has so much information u will take off in life immidiately. I read plenty of the negative comments and they seem too be focusing mainly on tne religion topic. Keep an open mind read the other info and keep supporting ur religion if u have one. Its all information u believe what u want.

ID#7110 B.C., 2006-12-04 [ holyoke, ma]

NEO-TECH in it's philosphy is called Objectivism. Neo-tech has applied it in laymans terms, Ayn Rand's one flaw.

ID#7111 S.B., 2006-12-05 [ Baltimore, MD]

I would like to know more and like to see what all the fuss is about. I tryed to look further on your site and was only able to see the comments, good and bad. I hope all is well with you and hope to learn more soon

ID#7112 H.S., 2006-12-05 [ Kelowna, BC]

being a very slow reader, I have not yet finished reading the 3 volumes I purchased with in the last 2 years, plus "the potent 3some" I'm looking for the dicussion board, and other connections

ID#7120 . ., 2006-12-05 [ , ]

Hi , my name is craig studley, I am the owner of manuscript 10864-j. Please help me to expell the mystism within my self, Im struggling and need some help to know Im on the right path and not alone .My wife jodie and I study and push ourselves very hard with total honesty and with 5 little children and a society that becomes more dog eat dog we struggle to see a bright future for any one . Give us some hope please , we have sold all that we had believing in a society that has increadible knowledge/power , can we have a personal mentor as you promised some 9 months ago , or am I just not seeing the forest for the trees. i am greatful for your help to get out of the religion box and see another world , and Ive been so aware of the white collar mungrels for 10 years I know I need to expell the wimp and stand on my own etc but I could sure use someone just to talk to Your Truely Craig Studley 109 Branksome Gardens City Beach WA 6015 Email 0413745317 mob

ID#7121 m.s., 2006-12-05 [ toowoomba, qld]


ID#7122 . ., 2006-12-05 [ , ]

I have done research. You are nothing but crazy cultists.

ID#7125 H.M., 2006-12-05 [ Carlton, MN]

I need to reach someone to ask about this information I keep receiving to be a member of the neo-tach society I have received my first book now they are saying I need two more is this for real.they did not say what the next 2 books cost and how many more are there. they say free but I will have to pay the cost the cost of shipping or the cost for the making the book up just for me. also invited to one year of seminars but what does it cost after that.thank you

ID#7128 R.S., 2006-12-05 [ Columbus , OH]

I can't believe the vitriol in the negative comment section. Challenge an irrational premise and hatred ensues. If God exists I am sure this level of hatred and spite would not be a part of his vocabulary. Freedom of choice means the expansion and growth of mankind's greatest gift - the reasoning mind. This does not include blind worship. Read Aristotle's explanation of the spirit and perhaps the bitterness toward others with a different point of view will leave.

ID#7133 a.s., 2006-12-05 [ , ]

Thank you this is the best information availabe to humans at this time. Expand this site and bring this to as many people as you can. Thank you for sharing this information Blessings, Love and Peace Ali Sharifzadeh

ID#7135 L. ., 2006-12-06 [ , ]

Are there any jobs available in Anchorage, Alaska?

ID#7136 D. ., 2006-12-06 [ Las Vegas, NV]

I have received and read all three books and I'm patiently waiting the pass code? Please respond

ID#7140 L.B., 2006-12-06 [ Lone Jack, MO]

I have almost finished reading the second package (inner circle secrets) and am about to begin reading the third package (Miss Annabelle's Secrets). I would love to be a part of a medical-technical revolution that creates and markets the cure for dental decay. I am a dentist in general practice, and I know that with the right technology, we can completely eliminate tooth decay. I just don't know how yet. If anyone's interested in helping me on this mission, please post your response on this website.

ID#7143 C.H., 2006-12-06 [ Milwaukee, WI]

I read the first big book, and it has added on to the knowledge I already own. I'm impressed with Neo-Tech. It must be the logical outcome of a great deal of thought. I'm not necessarily atheist, yet since I've had completely negative results with prayer all my life, I'm open minded. I take it nobody has honestly succeeded in proving that there IS a God, or god: But I can easily take the stance that since, as pointed out in Neo-Tech, all knowledge has not come in, yet. As illustrated by the model of Neo-Tech, the end of all new knowledge will never be achieved. So I am inclined to reserve judgement on the existence of an alternative (i.e., "supernatural") existence to a much later time, that is when sufficient knowledge of material existence has enlightened us. I should not to attempt to prove or disprove the existence of anything beyond that which is self-evident: The reality we presently possess. I may pray to Eternal One, as a courtesy to my own accumulated knowledge, but not for acquisition. For that, I Probably could surmise that I should pray to myself. For it seems that I am better equipped to answer and fulfill any request I make, even as I have so been endowed. So, I can thank you for one thing that I can no longer morally escape: Self-responsibility. I can no longer cop-out to religion, because it will accomplish nothing good, as it never had.

ID#7145 A.S., 2006-12-06 [ Sacramento, CA]

To all, people have the right to reach out and find the truth,and knowledge within themselves that needs awakening. We have the right to belong to our own selves,religions,and beginnings of thought, to inspire ourselves and to ask the questions others are afraid to answer, NEO is not afraid it makes a bold statement and teaches what others are afreaid to be aware of. Alexandria Stone

ID#7146 F.R., 2006-12-06 [ Mobile, Al.]

It should remain inorder to make the masses of people think about how they waste the most important commodity they possess... Time... unproductive Time...

ID#7147 . ., 2006-12-06 [ , ]

The revolution of the future.Hopefully sooner not later. What ZON gave you the insight? Thanks

ID#7152 e.l., 2006-12-06 [ high point , nc ]

i was sent the letter the first letter and moved shortly after and did not recieve the second letter until 5 days after the return date what do i do

ID#7156 J.G., 2006-12-07 [ Corpus Christi, TX]

I recieved a mailing a short time ago, but having a career that takes up a lot of time I didnt get to read all of the material. I am intrigued.

ID#7157 f.e., 2006-12-07 [ oakland, ca]

The stories were very thought provoking and neo tech ideas seem to make sense. Thanks and Keep up the good work (SMILE)!!!

ID#7161 E. ., 2006-12-07 [ Brazil, Alabama]


ID#7165 S. ., 2006-12-07 [ South Ogden, UT]

Neo Tech has changed my life for the absolute better! Thank you!

ID#7166 S. ., 2006-12-07 [ Youngstown, Ohio]

What is the peferred procedure for recommending people to our society, and get them on your mailing list, so that they can order these FANTASTIC insights?

ID#7168 c. ., 2006-12-07 [ san diego, ca]

Just dont worry about it.

ID#7176 J.S., 2006-12-07 [ Hamden, CT]

I was once sent litreature about NeoTech and all its glory, but had failed to submit it back because of my economic status or their lack of. I am but an empty vessel in search of the Zion of the mind. I look forward to learning more. My wife and I have sought out information online and discovered many interesting facts about Neo-Tech and the Illuminati as well as little things here and there about former presidents founding fathers of the USA all these things we discovered in the writings of literature and through film creations. We have hundreds of pages from printed information from Neo-Tech or Nouveau Tech Society (The New Illuminati). Interesting Illuminati, illuminate to enlighten or enrich.

ID#7178 M.W., 2006-12-07 [ Edmonds, Wa]

I want to join and read everything. This is somthing I crave, could and will support. It feels like I've found my long lost family!!!!!!!!!!! In just the short time that I've known about this site I can tell it's what I've been searching for all my life. This feels like what our creator wanted us to feel for each other all along. WE ARE CREATED EQUAL AND SHOULD TREAT EACH OTHER EQUAL!!! How can I be a voice?

ID#7179 P.J., 2006-12-07 [ 57578 Elkenroth, ]

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren von Neo Tech ich habe Ihnen am 09.11.2006 150 Dolla zu gesendet! Haben Sie die 150 Dolla erhalten? Haben Sie das Paket mit meinem Persönlichen Manuskript schon an mich abgesendet? Mit freundlichem Gruß an alle Neo Tech Mitarbeiter von Patrick Jung

ID#7180 h.c., 2006-12-07 [ bronx, ny]

have book love it

ID#7183 h.c., 2006-12-07 [ bronx, ny]

I would like to be a part of the group

ID#7185 R.W., 2006-12-07 [ Los Angeles, Ca]

My positive life I had started building after reading many of the New-Tech books came to a complete halt. I need and want New-Tech back in my life. Why to Go..Rich W

ID#7186 d. ., 2006-12-07 [ , ]

what's new?

ID#7187 J.H., 2006-12-07 [ Bullhead City, AZ]

I am almost finished with the Inner Circle Secrets, and expecting the third in the series soon. I am working to advance these philosophies and practices in my own life right now, and then outward from there through my website.

ID#7193 I.P., 2006-12-08 [ new york, nys]

After reading some of what you have on the webb,I would tend to agree with your views as regards to the future of this planet depending on the responsible use and developement of technology.I would also agree that organized religion is a hinderance as it stands,we just have to look at the potentially cataclysmic situation it has brought us to in the middle east.We can do better.Cheers!

ID#7194 P.K., 2006-12-08 [ phoenix, AZ]

Neo-Tech saved me from commiting suicide in college. No-one knows, (save for the wonderful work of the borrowed publication I read back in 90'-91')how much it has opened my conciousness. The publication to this day is still the anticdote to the horrors of the modern stupidities of man. The populace of the most powerful country in the world could not possible defend itself.Fragmentation of all simplistic methods, ways and means of living have been " FRAGMENTED"!Honest business is our only hope. Maybe one truly concious healed mind can tilt the neo-cheaters. Energy-E=M-Mass*C-Conciousness,squared. E=mC CONCIOUSNESS!!!!!!!!! sound waves at certain frequencies passed acrossed certein metals can disrupt the gravatational pull of the earth.

ID#7199 E. ., 2006-12-08 [ Brazil, Forces]


ID#7200 L.M., 2006-12-08 [ St.Louis, Mo.]

I have always researched for knowledge and understanding. My search is not over.

ID#7203 d.h., 2006-12-08 [ virginia beach, va]

real good, helped me on a prject, big help, like it a lot!

ID#7211 d.g., 2006-12-08 [ pace, fl]

Keep it online.

ID#7212 t.i., 2006-12-08 [ 33, 33]

I am a open minded muslim who does believe with GODS will we can achieve so much.However after doing my reaserch I found this person to be preying on the vulnerable people. I can understand why these people would make such a choice because I myself have made a choice like this once with a different organisation.I do not swear at these people from the NT neither do I wish anything dramatic on their famalies in this world or the hereafter.NT you have no right to tell people what to believe and its not too late to do the right thing, may ALAAH have mercy on us all for only he can judge us.

ID#7218 . ., 2006-12-09 [ , ]

This is the Scarub! I am real, you are all now my servents. Do my bidding! Your lives are mine for all eternity as the slaves to science and technology. My greatness will outshine the creator's. the scarub these words true

ID#7219 D.M., 2006-12-09 [ Union, MO]

I recieved my third installment of Neo-Tech literature over two months ago and I am still waiting patiently for my invitation to the meetings. This is life altering information! I look forward to the next step.

ID#7221 G.W.,@peabody.nxs 2006-12-09 [ Calm Peace, NH]

After reading your "book"; you people are more twisted than any religous zealots I've ever encountered! Your text is more contradictary than the "Bible"! How do you live knowing that so many members of the human race absolutely despise you and your twisted cynical perception of life? I suppose your gain is in the fact that so many weak people fall prey to your pandering (?). You Are Just Another False Prophet'(s)! Lie in your waste! Your reality will be your true PAYMENT!!! Eat worms or feel the heat! It's that simple, Bum!

ID#7226 P.V., 2006-12-09 [ West Palm Beach , Flordia ]

awesome I really loved reading everything.

ID#7227 P.V., 2006-12-09 [ West Palm Beach , Flordia ]

A real eye opener,I really am impressed, with what I learned. Looking forward to meeting everyone! I look back and see things that I didn't really see. Still a little nervous about everything. More and More things that I see now are things that I just knew were there. I know I will be happier then I have ever been. I feel a happiness that is fantastic!!! Thank You

ID#7228 P.V., 2006-12-09 [ West Palm Beach , Flordia ]

A real eye opener,I really am impressed, with what I learned. Looking forward to meeting everyone! I look back and see things that I didn't really see. Still a little nervous about everything. More and More things that I see now are things that I just knew were there. I know I will be happier then I have ever been. I feel a happiness that is fantastic!!! Thank You

ID#7229 P.V., 2006-12-09 [ West Palm Beach , Flordia ]

A real eye opener,I really am impressed, with what I learned. Looking forward to meeting everyone! I look back and see things that I didn't really see. Still a little nervous about everything. More and More things that I see now are things that I just knew were there. I know I will be happier then I have ever been. I feel a happiness that is fantastic!!! Thank You

ID#7230 P.V., 2006-12-09 [ West Palm Beach , Flordia ]

A real eye opener,I really am impressed, with what I learned. Looking forward to meeting everyone! I look back and see things that I didn't really see. Still a little nervous about everything. More and More things that I see now are things that I just knew were there. I know I will be happier then I have ever been. I feel a happiness that is fantastic!!! Thank You

ID#7231 P.V., 2006-12-09 [ West Palm Beach , Flordia ]

A real eye opener,I really am impressed, with what I learned. Looking forward to meeting everyone! I look back and see things that I didn't really see. Still a little nervous about everything. More and More things that I see now are things that I just knew were there. I know I will be happier then I have ever been. I feel a happiness that is fantastic!!! Thank You

ID#7232 P.V., 2006-12-09 [ West Palm Beach , Flordia ]

A real eye opener,I really am impressed, with what I learned. Looking forward to meeting everyone! I look back and see things that I didn't really see. Still a little nervous about everything. More and More things that I see now are things that I just knew were there. I know I will be happier then I have ever been. I feel a happiness that is fantastic!!! Thank You

ID#7235 P.B., 2006-12-09 [ Joliet, Ill]

I'm broke, unlike all of you,(my most valuable friends in neo-tech), where it had become difficult for myself to reasonably construct money making examples for myself. I have what it takes to make as much as all of you beautiful intelligent individuals that truely sub-divide yourself from the obstrosities of normalcy. For example purposes only, strictly being that, my plate is so filled I do not get the time to obligate money making terms for myself and dearly request you support. Are black holes a mass that on takes particle for annilation? Are black holes nothing more then vast desnsities of energy consuming all forms of mass and then making a by-product debirs termed better as heat and partical or dust? Do blackholes perpetuate all densities into recreating mass, as all the debris collaces then forms a new gallixey or solar system from the by-product of what is reamining after a black hole litterally eats up all of the mass that surrounds that black hole? I mean, I believe that I am onto something here that has a bit to deal with the General Theory of Relitivity, or the Big Bang Theory on the true creation of the Universe. I had been doing some thinking on this only for a momoent or two on prior knowledge. And, what I am developing is significant to me personally. I do believe the sound effect waves that still can be picke dup on in outter space is direct knowledge of a closed Universe, that subjects itself to the fact of possibilities that there are other like universes. In fact in believing this one contecpt, which io merely a thought, a theory if you will, but can be proven, then it explains somewhat the if there is a collapse of all energies, or matter if there is any left, then it provokes me to state that, that the true collapse of the Universe to create such a dynamic of radiation blast noises that do not dissipate, are telling signs that this Universe we live in is for one closed, yet at the same time, if the priciple of black holes is a real one I believe that i am on to a wee bit, then the collapse is truely all energy in form. That is evidence that would recreate itself by destruction and rebirth from one primary quality, energy alone. It is somewhat hard for me to concieve the fact that You can follow a path line of creation yet it desn't reverse itself the same way. It is sorta like a log that you put on a fire in a fire place. Originally it had came from the sky as a form of energy, only feeding off of the siol for minor nutrients, yet when the log is burned, the resultive is a meger pile of dust, and it's density had turned into a mass of energy released into an also closed principle, the closed system of this Earth. I am trying to find a pen pal to write to me at 408 Buell Ave, Joliet, Illinois 60435, just write Patrick on the envelope. I would appre3ciate any contributions. I have a very serious back problem, and I am unsure if it is the spine this time or if it is actually an organ. However, it is in the back lower left where the pain lately had been most excruciating. This is one reason why i can not get a job to make money. I have many unordinary injuries that are very hard to deal with. Also, With a full plate so to speak, it is also difficult to reasonablly manage so many other topics, and at least compell over them, for awhile before a solution is rendered as sufficient. Sometimes things have to be weighed out in time to see a reactionary of a total effect. I had given many examples how how I can easily do this. However, I do have palns for myself, and have many thi9ngs I would like to do, one of them is getting a car. Is there any memebers out there that would be willing to donate a car to my purposes? I can and will one day be fully as effective as possibly can be considered, however, when there is a matter of priciple at stake, yes, there are manyy selfish others who do not know me, nor know how to help me back,. Just ask. I gave many suggestions on how to get me some aid back, so I do not appear so disheavleished. But, my temper has cooled, I believe for now. Suggestion to contemplate on. How do we prevent Iran from further developement of nuclear endeavors? Can Noueaua Tech, please pass word around on this? They may have some rights to establish a wel fare a community that is safe and supportive of itself, however, I was informed of the very damaging effects that could take place if Iran does complete its nuclear program. We have to find a peaceful solution to this, as it is also proportional to Iraq next door. We need total Global Effort on this to really cool the jets of all of them over there. I am wondering what type of needs Iran has, and if we made the first step forward in offering, or even another country, if that would ease the tensions of Iran considering building a nuclear missle? There are amny ideas on the table, yet, I do not believe that Iran would like the war in Iraq currently, end up in their back yard either if it progresses that far. The World community must come together on this issue. It is an ORDER, and I do hope all of my genisuses that I love and cherrish so much in N.T.S. can manage this aspect without provocating a further dillemma. IN otherwords, do not be harsh in your words, please try not to crtisize at this time. Cool? Also, there is a law that is applicable to sidewalks and this act of god thing that they throw in there all of the ti9me. A sidewalk is not an act of god, and therefore must be maintained properly in every aspect. That means shouveling snow off of it, or even ice. Love all of you.

ID#7236 P.B., 2006-12-09 [ Joliet, Ill]

We should leave it on the web, but also keep tract of every one's submissions, you do not want to ruin the transmissions of information, or have others misutilize that information. I tested that theory already. Others run there mouth a bit in a very negitive direcvtion, when they all have their own groups as well. I think the problem that we face is the fact there is a level of brilliance in N.T.S. that others will not have in this generation. Somehow, if we must strengthen this group, we must do so in numbers, and also hand picking strengths of potential humans of extreme intelligence etc. All benefitial productive elements are welcome. Yet, questioning and drilling in a way that prove honesty to the Society is so important I can not stress this enough. This is the new world, this is also our world, and we need to take it back, which is interpertated by intelligence, knowledge filled where there is life expectancies that are longer, and an atmosphere that is filled with clean air, as well as the water, and the such, at least enough to survive on so the next generations will be able to make some form of space craft to survive the human race with. I have the modest feeling that our planet is sicker then we do care to acknowledge, however, in the same token, will super conductors be able to help recreate an atmosphere? You al have a nice day. Is there any single women out there that are in need of a guy that is willing to comit to a decent relationship? See about hel;ping me out with money and a car in some way. Seriously, I really need your support I will put an SOS in a bottle and throwe it in the river in Joliet.

ID#7238 J. ., 2006-12-09 [ , ]

The current civilization we live in thinks that it is okay to point a gun at a value producer and force him to turn over his values to the non-producers. This is why you are receiving so many negative comments. Those who desire something for nothing ( I.e. Salvation through wishful thinking and Jesus, not effort, hard work and criticle thinking.) will have a huge problem with your works and claim it to be evil, when who is pointing the guns at who? You can't force men to think at the point of a gun. Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, ( To be made into a movie soon!) Looking forward to the collapse of our Anti Civilization. Jim

ID#7239 J.L., 2006-12-09 [ Weeki Wachee, F]

Already have the 3 books. So exciting to read of a time when all of us can and will enjoy the life we were meant to live. God/man is not an Idea, it is a reality. Janet Lefler, Florida

ID#7242 H. ., 2006-12-09 [ Brooklyn, NY]

New-Tech and The Secret two of the most powerful experiences in my life. It is my desire that our world,our love ones expose education, religion, and politics.

ID#7245 G.H., 2006-12-09 [ Omaha, Ne]

I am curious about your comments regarding the IRS as a major Neo-cheater group involving our political system as it stands today. Considering this entity compared to the ones mentioned continually by you, such as the FDA and social security, do you feel that this might be the biggest example of Neo-cheating in our present government and can you explain the purpose that it serves today. I feel that this one group in and of itself is the most corrupt of all. I would like to hear some feedback on this from someone that has done the research. Thanks.

ID#7247 R.S., 2006-12-10 [ Oklahoma City, Ok]

I have just finished reading The Nouveau Tech Discovery, which I paid for, and I am very interested in getting the next volume, although I have not sent the money for as yet. I was told to have it in by 12-3-2006 or you could not help me. I still have hopes to get the next book and still be a member.

ID#7249 D.H., 2006-12-10 [ Edgewood Edgewood, NM ]

As I am technology-challended,I wish everything be in simple terms. I have not completely read Miss Annables secrets. I do hope to finish by the time of my first meeting. In case I have not compeleted the tome what challenges do I face?

ID#7253 m.r., 2006-12-10 [ stourbridge, west midlands]

I can't 'find my way in' to the neotech site! I want to know what is happening with Dr. Wallace etc.! It's frustrating! Also, I want to know if you have an affiliate programme for promoting 'The Book', as I would definitely like to promote it. I look forward to hearing from you asap! best wishes, Miranda

ID#7256 J.B., 2006-12-10 [ Louisville, TN]

neo tech has opened my eyes to the misticism that surrounds us day to day!!!! Thankyou for the wake up call !!!!

ID#7258 j.c., 2006-12-10 [ silverton, or]

nc# doesnt work on my conputer

ID#7260 S.S., 2006-12-10 [ Seattle, WA]

Interesting. I am interested in discovering where more of your online books/information is located.

ID#7261 T.Z., 2006-12-10 [ Oxnard, CA]

I can hardly wait for the days to come. We should move forward without further delay!

ID#7264 T.L., 2006-12-10 [ Trenton, NJ]


ID#7268 D.S., 2006-12-11 [ Hickory, NC]

I click here occasionally.

ID#7269 J.O., 2006-12-11 [ Longview, WA]

The testimonies of people who have read and implimented Neo-tech approaches in their lives are quite encouraging. It seems as though traction is beginning to take place in my own life. Neo-tech literature confirms much that has been transpiring in my own experience. I was hoping to begin having direct communication with others exploring the world of Neo-tech at this website.

ID#7270 c.l., 2006-12-11 [ RENO, NV]

I found out about neo-tech on the web from Nouveau Tech Society

ID#7272 S.P., 2006-12-11 [ Casper, WY]

Neo-Tech is pure truth, which is what this World needs in order to wake up from centuries of lies and deceipt.

ID#7275 D.A., 2006-12-11 [ Reno, Nv.]

I daily read the info on this site or in my manuscripts. I grow daily with this new knowledge. Presently i'm working on starting my own value producing bussines. For the good of myself and others. The info. and guide lines I receive from Neo-Tech are most helpful to me. Thank you Neo-Tech

ID#7276 . ., 2006-12-11 [ , ]

must I give my name? I simply need info.

ID#7277 . ., 2006-12-11 [ , ]

must I give my name and address? My problem w/ the IRS isn't abuse I think. They made an error, according to my accountant, and applied the tax I submitted for 2001 to the year 2002. We, the accountant and I, wrote them and mailed a copy of the 2001 tax as proof. Now I just finally did my 2002 tax, expecting a refund. And I have a certified letter that they are disallowing what I sent, saying it is late for 2001. How do I get them to straighten this out?

ID#7278 K..., 2006-12-11 [ , ]

awaiting the arrival of NT Discovery was let down when I saw the scam mail on the web, but Im glad I found more info on you guys, waiting everyday by the mailbox for the arrival of your litrature to come, from what Ive read on your site so far, I cant wait!!!!looking forward to getting the NT Discovery Kelly.M. Vic. Australia.

ID#7279 R.E., 2006-12-11 [ Hagerstown, Md]

In order to learn more about my current membership and to get into the meetings that you have been telling me about.

ID#7299 S.H., 2006-12-11 [ McHenry, MD ]

I think this web sight being on the web will help us to enlighten others to the real world.

ID#7300 T.S., 2006-12-11 [ mulberry, in]

me name is Tim Stecyk, since i am a member i would like to know what neotech has to offer. pleas send me an email of a discription of what this is all about, pleas and thank you.

ID#7305 R.F., 2006-12-11 [ Port Washington , NY]

Please let me know where the meeting is going to take place at on 12/15/06 at 7pm.

ID#7309 J.K., 2006-12-11 [ Denver, NC]

I love neo techs new veiws and this new way of thinking will be for infiney

ID#7315 K. ., 2006-12-11 [ Middletown, CA]

Fascinating- encouraging. It is my belief that all points of view should be represented. This is how human beings learn and evolve. Give them as much information as they can handle, and then let them choose. This is what free will is all about.

ID#7316 . ., 2006-12-11 [ , ]

I allready have your books (awesome).....I think you need to stay on the web to keep trying to educate people serching for answers to some of lifes questions

ID#7318 . ., 2006-12-11 [ , ]

I want a copy of the material available for purchace. I would like a iist all churchs in New Mexico. I was given the address of Susan but cannot connect. Lloyd

ID#7322 E.R., 2006-12-12 [ Canyon Country, CA]

I am new to New-tech and I am looking forward to learning more about this. I am still reading about this concept, I find it both interesting and invicorating. I am a positive thinker by nature and do not associate with the negative. Hopefully this will put me on the path to both riches and happiness.

ID#7323 J.M., 2006-12-12 [ plant city, fl]

letter in the mail

ID#7324 M.M., 2006-12-12 [ Glendale, Az]

Check my new blogs out on under my name: marc manspeaker. I seem to be having investigators looking into me. They even read the newspaper at the library. I think they intend to arrest me. What can I do? I wrote about the subject: blank tablet clone. I have caused brain damage from either medication or drug abuse in the past. Do you think it is possible to repair the brain in such a manner? I have been having dizzy spells lately and have a suspesion that I am being poisoned. Do you have a way to check through DNA if this is true? I could send a sample of my DNA for analyisis. In a tub on a cotton swab. yes,if necessary. FBS,yes then a TBT. can this be done? no. Can you treat me through the internet? transport me to a BTC. Is this possible? power of attorney in writing.

ID#7325 J.M., 2006-12-12 [ charlotte, nc]

Why change a good thing,keep up the good work .

ID#7326 M.P., 2006-12-12 [ Springfield, OR]

I am interested in new NT publications. I have seen references to Mark Hamiltons new book "The First Immortal(?)" Is this available?

ID#7328 A.M., 2006-12-12 [ BATTLE CREEK, Mi]

I would love it if this site could remain on the internet, it may be the only way of receiving the information and answers to questions that I have.

ID#7333 K.T., 2006-12-12 [ Brighton, co]

I've really struggled with this, especially through the 1st book. The second book seems to give me more of what was needed to help to clear the fog. I've just finished the 2nd book and am ready for the third. Thank You

ID#7336 K. ., 2006-12-12 [ Lithonia, GA]

You guys speak the truth about the world.

ID#7337 T.L.,@Tiffany La' 2006-12-12 [ Harper Woods, Mi]

Ilove the neo-tech society very enlighting thank you for including me.I don,t know how I made it this far without your help. Now I have something to look foward to instead of the mundane chaos of anticivilization.We need to say a secert,most of the world is not ready.

ID#7339 L.O., 2006-12-12 [ , ]

I have read the Neo-Tech World. My question is when do we start to change the world to this much better place? I hope soon!!! Enough of war and fighting, lets see to it that we promote peach and harmony. Lennart

ID#7341 j.b., 2006-12-12 [ stilwell, ok]

neo tech is awesome and it helps people with troubles in there lives. Its great...

ID#7342 K. ., 2006-12-12 [ Cedar Rapids, Iowa]

These people are parasites feeding on poor peoples emotions. Taking Advantage of them.

ID#7343 M.F., 2006-12-12 [ Rockledge, Fl]

Always searching for knowledge and growth, Neo Tech philosophy was foreign to me until introduced to it recently. I have been awakened.

ID#7345 M.P., 2006-12-12 [ Wilson, NC]

Please send me literature, by standard mail A.S.A.P. Thanks, PDK

ID#7346 A.H., 2006-12-12 [ Ventura, ca]

For your info: Art Hawes - NC921431-3415 I do not have an email address as I do not own a computer. Please mail all correspondence. I need the email password for the meetings, as I will rent a computer.

ID#7347 L.M., 2006-12-12 [ midlothian, il]

I can't even begin to express my gratitude for opening up my eyes. I was raised strict baptist, then turned catholic, I have never totally bought into either. I was so tiered of being lied to them taking money from my parents, while they live the luxurious life, and others just can't even put food on their table. If I told you my story, it would take a very long time..I have to tell you that the honesty does break through the illusion so many people buy into. I couldn't buy into that, and I can't stand people who lie to me or anyone for that matter. You have actually helped me find me again, I am not a lazy person, never have been, but every door that opened, closed, so now I look for a window. Metephorically speaking. Thoughtfully Lisa

ID#7349 . ., 2006-12-12 [ , ]

in Jesus name,get this site off the internet.

ID#7351 . ., 2006-12-12 [ , ]

i just got the first book in the mail and read the whole thing, i went up stairs and told my fiance that this book was crazy. he took it from me and burned it in the garage and pissed on it. he didnt read it or anything. so then i looked it up, and someone else did the same thing.

ID#7352 E.H., 2006-12-12 [ Overton, NV]

I have recieved two different letters from you with two different ID numbers. It seems that the second one is backing up in what I have recieved. The numbers are - NC92 1426-9882 and 0243718772. The non-"NC" number seems to be the one "backing up" to offer me items I already have. What is happening?

ID#7359 C.B., 2006-12-13 [ Melbourne, VIC]

I came here to check out the NTN Boards, What happened to them? Is there anymore information/Links/sites on the web anywhere? How can I get others involved as in order additional copies of books for them and does the order of reading the books matter too much? Thank you

ID#7364 m.K., 2006-12-13 [ porvoo, N/A]

I have just read the NT Information package, books I&II. As I travelled trough the Neo-Tech Discovery by Dr.Frank R. Wallace and the Breakthrough to Enlightment by Tracy Alexander, I finally found an sensible answer and a rational explanation for so many questions that has confused my mind. Some questions followed me all the way from my early childhood, unexplained or explained the way I found very hard or even impossible to adopt and agree,untill now. A Great Thank for Dr.Frank R.Wallace and Tracy Alexander as They have shared all that wisdom and experience of their lives without hesitation and for the best of all individuals. Even though I have took the very first steps ahead for better understunding and integrating the Neo-Tech, I allredy feel greatly reliefed and so much less-confused also in front of dealing with my personal problems.For a long time I feel exitment and curiosity, I´m kind of refueled for a better future:)

ID#7367 M.E., 2006-12-13 [ , ]

I am fascinated and not surprised of the information I am absorbing from the books. I find it common sense, insightful, and extremely helpful. I have asked myself, "Where have you been all my life?" Stay on the web. Like with anything new, it will take time for acceptance.

ID#7368 J.z., 2006-12-13 [ Leeds, Utah]

anything that may help to better ourselves as a whole or individualy

ID#7369 E.S., 2006-12-13 [ Holley, NY]

Neo-Tech offers value to anyone open minded enough to be objective and honest in their own life and mind. Thank you for the value you continue to represent.

ID#7370 D.J., 2006-12-13 [ Houston, Tx]

Great information. Lot's of truth on the condition of the human mind. Love this site. Give me more...djs

ID#7371 . ., 2006-12-13 [ , ]

Neo-Tech should remain to allow all those who seek a better life for themselves and their children to prosper into the future.

ID#7372 G.H., 2006-12-13 [ Irvine, CA]

Hello, Your site has much valuable information to shut it down would do a dis-service to whoever looks to grow. " If our young men miscarry in thier first enterprise,they lose all heart. If the young merchant fails,men say he is ruined. If the finnest genius studies at one of our colleges,and is not installed in an office within a year afterwards in cities or suburbsof Bostonor New York, it seems to him and his friends right to be disheartend and complain the rest of his life. A sturdy lad from New Hamphire or Vermont, who in turn tries all the professions, who teams it,farms it,peddles,keeps a school,preaches,edits a news paper,buys a township and so forth, in succsessive years, and always like a cat falls on his feet, is worth a hundered of those city dolls." Ralph Waldo Emerson

ID#7375 R.S., 2006-12-13 [ San Jose, N/A]

I have read the Neo-Tech books before and have found them absolutely revealing and very, very useful. I do believe they can help improve, in light years, the well being of its readers!!!

ID#7376 f.m., 2006-12-13 [ bear, de]

I agree this info should stay on the web. also would you send any info you have?

ID#7378 C.W., 2006-12-13 [ COLUMBIA, MO]

former address:2121 Summer Rear Apt. Waco, TX76708 please inform whom ever

ID#7379 R.p., 2006-12-13 [ Bronx, ny]

i find it to be very interested

ID#7380 C.W., 2006-12-13 [ COLUMBIA, , MO ]

Am uenemployed, but need to acquire more info than purchased.

ID#7381 C.B., 2006-12-13 [ Reno, Nv]

Hello to Mentor number 5 and 12, A pleasant day to all of you,I just have a question regarding the last book or should I say the 3rd book that I was suppose to receive? It has been charged already in my credit card and that was about Oct24th'06 But I still did not receive it in my mail.I am excited to read that Annabelle story book but to my dismay (till now I'm waiting) I'm starting to doubt your credibility as a trusted company.What about the principles you have in the first two books you send me?I guess whoever's behind this, should understand that TRUST is an important factor in every kind of relationship existing in this earth.I am still hoping. Charina B.

ID#7383 j. ., 2006-12-14 [ , ]

At least keep it on the web until I can make sense of it! A huge amount of knowledge-not sure where to start

ID#7384 b. ., 2006-12-14 [ belle plaine, mn]

did you hear paul harvey today 12-13-06 suger cube size device said to be able to store a whole person's life on available on High street in london he said?

ID#7386 D.M., 2006-12-14 [ , ]

I am just beginning to read the Inner Secrets and I am overwhelmed and encouraged by what I am reading. I am struggling with my Friday Night Essence since I seem to have alot of different interests and find it difficult to focus on one. Also I find it difficult without having a mentor to talk to and bounce off ideas. I am very excited by what I am reading but I am finding it difficult to apply. Thank you for this information.

ID#7387 D.M., 2006-12-14 [ Colorado Springs, CO]

I am just beginning to read the Inner Secrets and I am overwhelmed and encouraged by what I am reading. I am struggling with my Friday Night Essence since I seem to have alot of different interests and find it difficult to focus on one. Also I find it difficult without having a mentor to talk to and bounce off ideas. I am very excited by what I am reading but I am finding it difficult to apply. Thank you for this information.

ID#7388 Y.R., 2006-12-14 [ TROTWOOD, OHIO]

I've been trying to find where my meeting is being held and can't get thru. I keep getting access denied, could you tell me why? from Ohio

ID#7389 T.G., 2006-12-14 [ weston, or]

Please stay after reading the neg. comments of the "religious" i wouldnt want to believe in God.They talk of killing us or having our loved ones beaten and raped.They judge and speak such language i would not want my children to experience "the christian way"istopped believing long before reading your books.You reinforced what i believed in already.Ive seen first hand the loving christian way and its evil! Freedom of choice is all our rights and freedom of speech.

ID#7394 M.P., 2006-12-14 [ Woodhaven, NY]

My name is Michael Petschauer. I have received all three books and just recently received the letter with the link to the meetings. I don't know how but I can't find it anywhere. I tried finding it on the web and no luck. Please send the link to me at I am ready to become fully involved and just need the information to get going. I have successfully started my own business of creating values to people. I own a gym/fitness center in Queens and I am a personal trainer and also teach self defense through Mixed Martial Arts.

ID#7395 k.S., 2006-12-14 [ Belchertown, Ma]

A few weeks ago I receieved a letter ,in this letter it stated that I was chosen???which still puzzle me..but Im glad...little uneasy.To make a long story short.I sent away for THE BOOK.I have recievec it ..but I justdont know where to start .I just cant seem to make sense of much,right now..this BOOk keeps pulling me back...I"m not a very educated man ...but far from stupid.Other than starting from the first page could someone give me advice on how to go about this life changing manual.I would deeply apreciate any helpful input.Thank you... kds

ID#7397 G.V., 2006-12-14 [ Bloomington, IN]

its the best way for people to learn the truth about our society and what cab be done about it.

ID#7398 M.A., 2006-12-14 [ Chester, CT]

To all who have posted negative comments... Neo-Tech believers are not atheists. Conversely, we acknowledge the existence of God in all of us. We are all God-Men and therefore accept responsibility for creating value (primarily through business) as we go through our lives. When Jesus lived on this earth, he was portraying a God-Man example on how we should all live. Unfortunately, many of his teachings were hidden or manipulated by those seeking power and control of the masses. Wake up people! Religions and governments operate as corupt businesses with essentially wealth at the top and support provided by the "worker bee" masses. Embrace them only if you need a crutch to get through life, and are too afraid to take responsibility for your own existence and actions. As one lives in honesty and practices value creation as Neo-Tech teaches, the need for religions and governments becomes laughable. In closing, thank you Mark Hamilton et al for opening my eyes and providing answers to so many questions I've struggled with for years. I look forward to meeting other Neo-Techies as I continue my journey.

ID#7400 C.P.,@AOL.COM 2006-12-14 [ , ]


ID#7404 P.M., 2006-12-14 [ FORT MILL, S. C.]


ID#7405 C.A., 2006-12-14 [ North Truro, MA]

Neo-Tech is one of the most informative sites on the Web. Do all that is in your power to remain on the web. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have found you.Claudia Sutton I am about to receive my second installment, as I sent the order form in on Dec. 12th. I am looking forward to the material covered in the 2nd Installment.

ID#7408 s. ., 2006-12-14 [ , ]

free country this was a freash out look at an old subjuct it makes you think and you have to ask your self in the land of the free why would we need to vote on something that seems to be somes expression of free speach. if someone would feel threatened by such a simple belief then i think there's a underlying problem with the statics pro. when you watch our world growing and people are getting smarter i guess its a bit hard to keep lieing to the people and telling them that the world is flat and the weather baloon that crashed at roswell didnt have anything to do with the advances in technology or that hell is a hot place where bad people go to spend eternity so wait a minet if we would live an eternity in a firiry hell then we should be able not to die .or if god desides that enough is enough and takes the evil out of mankinds presents and makes us live forever in a paridice earth to what end to what purpose. well lets take a look at what would have to happen for this to take place. first we would have to untie the hands of the reshacher so that he could formulate a plan that would slow down and eventaully stop death all togather. ask the fda why they tie the handsof the very people that could right now extend our lives three fold. and then whats wrong with going back to a protect only goverment that what the constitution states by the people for the people not at the people. what is freedom really. why do we feel that we our god and have to police the whole world. jesus said if you see me you have seen the father his one request that was stressed through his retire ministery was that we " LOVE ONE ANOTHER" YET WE HAVE WARS FOR NO APPEARENT REASON OTHER TO TAKE FROM SOME ONE ELSES BELONGINGS THAT THEY OULD MORE THAN LIKELY GIVE US IF WE JUST ASKED ... THINK ABOUT IT EVERY WAR THAT HAS BEEN FOGHT HAS BEEN BECAUSE OF OUR NOT FULLING OUR PURPOSE OF LIVING HAPPY FULL LIVES NOT USING OUR OWN HEADS TO THINK BEFORE WE ACT AND THEN NOT ACTING TOGATHER AS A SINGLE RACE OR KIND OF PEOPLE WE ARE HUMAN AND WE ALL OF US DESERVE TO BE HAPPY NOT JUST THE SELECT FEW..

ID#7410 D.C., 2006-12-14 [ Temple City, ca.]

so far i think very up lifting, the letter was sent to me. But to my suprize i all ready owed it but never did any thing with it but in my life i could sure use it now,my ? is to the staf i sent in the formes and to ask our the books you have to day are the same as 10 years ago if so i have them and don'y need to buy if this is true

ID#7411 D.C., 2006-12-14 [ Temple City, ca.]

so far i think very up lifting, the letter was sent to me. But to my suprize i all ready owed it but never did any thing with it but in my life i could sure use it now,my ? is to the staf i sent in the formes and to ask our the books you have to day are the same as 10 years ago if so i have them and don'y need to buy if this is true

ID#7414 A. ., 2006-12-15 [ , ]

Right now, I pray that the blood of Jesus Christ cover all who recieve these letters, and that their minds be clear and their eyes opened so they can see the truth of what is behind this sight and this company. Father, I ask, in Jesus' name that anyone and everyone involved with this company be set free completely and brought out of the darkness they're in and into your marvelous light. Let all who are tempted be set free before they have a chance to enter! SO BE IT in Jesus' name!

ID#7419 J.R., 2006-12-15 [ Yankton, SD]

This has givin me a clear concept for what life is and how to succeed in it. Some of the Ideas I have caried all along as my personal beleifes and what I have observed to be true. I have been critisized for these belifes and scolded or ostrisized. It is amazing how much of what I held true as a child and was forced to ulter that are right on the money. I fell I have been lied to my whole life. As such I thought felt monipulation and force where acceptible behavior providide I thought I was doing right or the end would justify the means. But I always had a guilty or suspitious mind of what I was doing was wrong.

ID#7421 . ., 2006-12-15 [ , ]

Was invited to join

ID#7422 . ., 2006-12-15 [ , ]

There are certain esoteric truths I could relate too.

ID#7426 J.C., 2006-12-15 [ Boulder, CO]

I have ordered many Neo-Tech products over the years, absolutely changed my life, attended a NT sales conference in Las Vegas and was able to meet Mark, Eric, and Mrs. Wallace. I am grateful for the website.

ID#7428 . ., 2006-12-15 [ , ]

intéréssant et étonnant...

ID#7429 R.T., 2006-12-15 [ Deerfield Beach, Fla]

I chang my E-Mail Was now Thank you Rev. Thomas Saunders

ID#7432 B.D., 2006-12-15 [ Concord, CA]

sent money for Miss Annabelles Secrets but my manuscript has not be deliverd.

ID#7433 K.D., 2006-12-15 [ Cotopaxi, CO ]

Is there now or has there ever been a human being such as Miss Annabelle with a class of third graders of 12 students? Why base all things upon total honesty, then not follow up on promises in letters? "Two weeks" turned into more like two months to finally receive a private invitation to a "Secret Meeting" where I was promised I would "meet" incredible people. Now I learn it's an internet "meeting". Why call advanced God-Men "Xon"? Why not just say it's God-Man replicated in our own Universe? Why lead me to believe ONE book was all I needed to know all these secrets, then sell me two more before I could know them? Is that integrated honesty? How did you learn about me? Was I referred to you and by whom or cold mailing?

ID#7435 T.I., 2006-12-15 [ Logansport, In]

what are you guys doing I should have ben through page 631 by now my first meeting is this sunday ben reading for this sunday but it supprised me abit shouldn't have though but so far from begining I have first call recognition of all this I had to stop for a second to rest didn't start reading till wendsday and 1100 pages is alot I take brks but I got to this part and its good but it seams like a copy of myself

ID#7436 k.p., 2006-12-15 [ baton rouge, la]

i got a new computer and i can not get in to the site. your computer will not let me in. so could you please help me in trying to get on. please put this computer on your computer. thanks, kenny powers

ID#7440 o. ., 2006-12-16 [ , ]

Hi..would you be interested in selling

ID#7443 T.H., 2006-12-16 [ astoria, n.y]

the first meeting was very interesting i am looking foward to the second meeting thank you very much mr MARK HAMILTON

ID#7445 t.s., 2006-12-16 [ reno, nv]

i was there now...i am there now...i will be there now.. i didnt want to be here then,i dont want to be here then, i wont want to be here then... there and here........where i am ..........

ID#7446 J.C., 2006-12-16 [ Los Angeles, CA]

I've learned to truely look outside of the box and live this life, since I've started reading my three books I have started a real estate company, mortgage company, and a escrow company. I can honestly say I'am increasing in wealth, happiness, and knowledge. Thank you,

ID#7449 L.A., 2006-12-16 [ New York, N.Y]

Neo-Tech information has increased my awareness of myself and the universe enormously. I also enjoys my life and fellow humans in a more responsive and responsible way. I became alert aware and at the same time enthusiastic about life and the meaning of life.

ID#7454 P.P., 2006-12-16 [ Burton, Texas]

This site is amazing and eye-opening!!!!! I have not read all but I will. It makes the mind open. I always felt under rule by our crooked government and religion. Continue Please!!!!!!!!

ID#7455 T.G., 2006-12-16 [ Reidville, NL.]

I became a member of Neo-Tech. I however, read the first book and now have the second. I have not read all of the second as it has so much to offer it can consume you. I will be getting back to it I know. Tks. for the amazing outlook and gifts.I did find your advertising a little over whelming and have not really received the promises given. Truth is in the writing, but the further steps seem unattainable for me.

ID#7456 D. ., 2006-12-16 [ Alexandria, VA]

Neo-Tech is powerful. I can't wait to learn about anti-aging and how you can prevent death?

ID#7457 P.(., 2006-12-16 [ Pleasantville , NY]

This is the only thing that makes me understand the world I live in. I need to get out of it fast. Thanks for all your help. I understand now what it's like to live in closed box. I am in the first grde with Neo-Tech and cant wait to get further. With honesty Pavel(Paul) Nayberg

ID#7458 C.M., 2006-12-16 [ Franklinton , NC]

Dear Nt, I'm having trouble getting to the meetings can you help? I'm not one to deal with computers. Technology and I don't mix but I try. The problem was when I put the username and password in. A security block came up and thats as far as I got. I must have messed up somewhere.

ID#7459 A.O., 2006-12-16 [ New haven, CT]

no so bad I like it i read it hierloom 1,2,3 I really like it because these books explain and learn you reader something you never met it during the university studies - neo-tech opens the pathway of a new thinking to achieve a gaol so to conclure that a web neo tech suppose to be for anyone who needs to achive a realm life

ID#7460 N.&., 2006-12-16 [ peoria, Arizona]

My significant other and I have recently read the neo-tech books and were shocked at the obvious truths contained. when applied to an honest way of life, the neo-tech knowlege can only help you understand the misleading ways of the earth. It is obviously the beginning of the end of all humanities lies and anti-civilization.

ID#7463 T.B., 2006-12-16 [ Colorado Springs, CO]

You should be ashamed of the way you potray your organization. I fell for your first book which did nothing for my intelligenance, let allone my wallet. An awfull lot of nonsence with know real anything behide it. You claim a lot, put a time table on it, charge a lot of money and nothing happens. I am a slow reader which means that there was no way I could keep up with your time schedule. Now that your time schedule was not met by me you still send me request forms to go on with what ever. Prove yourself or get out of my life. First time, Shame on me. Second time Shame on you. I would gladly send your book back if I new I could get a refund, but that's going to happen. Sincerely Thomas

ID#7464 J.C., 2006-12-16 [ Hernando, FL]

Tuned in at 6:00pm December 16th as instructed. Video and sound started but stopped. Started all over again but it stopped again. If you want me to attend these meeting, you had better provide a better communication technique.

ID#7467 W.S., 2006-12-16 [ Cape Coral, Fl]

I'm very impressed with Neo- Tech and especially with the scientific background that all the Neo-Tech people possess. I'm a yacht designer of some 30 years and have been playing with boats all those years. Now, I'm in to waterfront properties and I will be playing with them for some time to come. Tank you very much Mr. Hamilton for the first meeting and I'm looking forward to the next meeting. Wolfgang

ID#7468 D. ., 2006-12-16 [ Belleview, Florida]

The secretiveness aspect of the society may not be served on the net. However, I have never seen any anti-establishment slogans, so why worry. As a novice, I wrote many things as were written in the Heirloom packages. Mark H. is an excellent writer with proper technique. Stagnation is our biggest worry. It allows personal biases to be injected into the purest of concepts. Greed and power protection are hard to overcome. Biases are how we learn. They do not have to be correct. Obtaining money and power with these non-evolving issues creates problems for the entire population. I don't like contradictions, but situations change. The magicians hand tricks are understandable, but there are illusions that change your and my situation daily. Ridiculousness offends me. People that can't see past the length of their arms are discussing. I do like the 3 stooges. You see I can't even get though language without contradiction to a certain degree. I would think there is a type of qualification to be invited. I don't know what that is! Secure communication this isn't. I have seen many systems in various societies that I've always see past. I'm sure there are some I haven't seen or they didn't spring up in my mind. The future is apparent, but not of my doing. That guilt will be on others shoulders. Logical forethought isn't in great demand by the masses in general. They like to go with the flow or is it don't rock the boat thinking. Any way I have never been one that thought that way. LOVE

ID#7469 N.O., 2006-12-16 [ Lovingville, il]

I find this literature to be quite comparable to the bible. Lots of contradictions, truths and hogwash. Keep the real knowledge in the hands of the few to remain in control. My eyes are open till 2012 and beyond

ID#7471 R.B., 2006-12-16 [ Columbus, In.]

I have not read all three of the books i purchised as of yet,but i have read deeply into them and i love their teachings.It is something i will gladly pass on for my family.

ID#7472 L.F., 2006-12-17 [ Miami, FL]

I Read some of the negative comments and found them to be frightening. I had no idea that still so many people live with such deep pain and fear. It's one thing not to be interested in the material, burn it if it makes you feel better but to wish for someone's faimly to be raped and murdered is barberic. Totally bicameral , it's difficult to get much more primitive than that. Many of us are affraid to take responsibility for ourselves and must be led. It seems that many of the negative comment were from religious people. They appear to be in worse shape than non religious people, observe their language and choice of words. They are engulfed with rage, anger, and fear. It makes me sad to think it might be hopeless for so many people. These people are unable to take charge of their lives. It took 5 hours to down load the meeting. Why?

ID#7474 D.L., 2006-12-17 [ Gainesville, Fl]

I love reading the books that say what my heart and soul already know. I have longed for this sense of belonging that is now mine. Thank you for finding me and making the Neo-Tech material available.

ID#7477 . ., 2006-12-17 [ , ]

cool beans keep it up!

ID#7480 T.I., 2006-12-17 [ Logansport, In.]

my comment may not be correct but it is written as i wrote the book in 93

ID#7482 L.S., 2006-12-17 [ McDonough, GA]

I am a member of Neo-Tech.

ID#7486 C.N., 2006-12-17 [ Summerstrand, Easterncape]

A complete eye opener

ID#7488 c.b., 2006-12-17 [ manteo, nc]

i,m glad to have been chosing

ID#7489 R.T., 2006-12-17 [ Grand Blanc, mi]

the only comment I have is that I couldnt get connected to the level 1 meeting so what can I do to get the information

ID#7493 C.E., 2006-12-17 [ Port St John, FL]

Mark: I am 58 years old and have received and digested all 3 of the Heirloom packages; and was really thrilled at the knowledge there. In fact, much of it was knowledge I have learned in my years of growing and working in the Medical profession for 40 years. I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman for 20 years, and carry 11 clinical specialties as a clinical assistant. Upon retiring from the Navy in 1987, I became a Medical Transcriptionist. I am now a quality analyst (independent contractor). This is the only business I know that the minimum quality score for holding the job is 98%. The amazing thing is -- my Friday-Night Essence is teaching! For over 40 years I've always put it this way -- my biggest joy in life is teaching and watching others grow and improve their lives. I have worked with many orphanages, children's groups, as an instructor in various medical fields while in the Navy, and now as a quality analyst my job is instructing MTs in how to produce those 98%+ quality documents. Yes, the "job" is truly "play time" for me, and has been for years. One of the things that I have often thought about is -- mankind is meant to live eternally; why do we die? Biologically, cells are damaged and replaced. Roughly every 7 years every cell (except the brain cells) has been replaced; so why do we grow old and die? I know the "scientific" answers of "the stem cells wear out over time" ... but that does not ring true to me. I'm 58, and most take me to be about 35-45. My mind is always active and sharp. Everything I do in life is "play time" -- in fact, if there isn't some aspect of fun and enjoyment to it, as well as helping others grow and learn, then I don't do it! I have felt since teenage that I am truly an immortal; but living in a finite world. I don't really have any questions at this point; just a comment -- Everything I've learned so far falls right in to what I have believed for most of my life; and I'm really happy to see that there is a group souch as Neo-Tech who feel the same. I am really happy to have finally met another group of "immortals" like me! I am anxiously awaiting the remainder of the training sessions, and discovering even more joy and pleasure -- especially as I begin passing knowledge and hope on to others.

ID#7495 D.P.,@iowatelcom,net 2006-12-17 [ Carpenter, Io]

Thank for seeing in me talents that seem to invite this invatation of expresion of full truth I am a True seeker of this and the working birth of being intouch of such a deep level of geeting in touch within all of our being to the core of how our bodys regenerate our existence happens every 7 years so do ya have any info on what to do for this out of the box way of getting this done?For mental phsically and also dietary suport of what to eat. and I dont mean the atkins way Ok Is there a better aprouch to become a PH Balanceof our internal fluids because we are 70% water 30% matter Just like this earth! Science has said so From a doctor I know Robert O Young!!!

ID#7497 C. ., 2006-12-17 [ , ]

Awareness of your own abilities to connect with the creative powers and working with the creative power to the realization of your goals!! Human consiousness is the highest authority, using your own honest integrated thinking with total responsability for your own personel result. Going through life with a loyalty to honesty will attarct to you more of the same! Becoming aware of your bad habits programme to you by distructive mistics and mistesim and further enforced envious neocheters and replacing them with good constrctive habits with repetision....!

ID#7498 C. ., 2006-12-17 [ , ]

Awareness of your own abilities to connect with the creative powers and working with the creative power to the realization of your goals!! Human consiousness is the highest authority, using your own honest integrated thinking with total responsability for your own personel result. Going through life with a loyalty to honesty will attarct to you more of the same! Becoming aware of your bad habits programme to you by distructive mistics and mistesim and further enforced envious neocheters and replacing them with good constrctive habits with repetision....!

ID#7499 D.P.,@iowatelcom,net 2006-12-17 [ Carpenter, Io]

Searching for the secrets on next level to get ready for next month . This universal out look is it seems a little laking in oxygne for concern to all peopleis it possible to have a more eartly wave of depth to be so creational to are conscience grouth to refreash our creation of nutirants to feed our soul body and mind for a real PH aproach to balance. To connect our whole being in balanced with substanable engery in our diet so to creat our energy to not be a False sudeo energy such as sugar is know to be the effects of ex treme highs and lows in our moods of actions of searching for truth of a earthy realty? Also Iam Interested in someStock tips that will grow a progesive sum to my wealth have any tips to give a member? Iam a window cleaner by Trade so I also am trying to clean up this perso witch is me David so I do a great amount of reasch and have much to offer to people and this info cost me a preety penny too. I to will ask for a fee to help so as to fund my own progress in eternal life. So do You Mark Hamilton offer any value in this to help me grow in our Quest of Refresh revalued birth within all people Equally Unconditionally for all, With out judgement of any kind? Please give feed back Ok I wait!!!

ID#7500 H.J., 2006-12-17 [ Ridgeville, IN]

I was trying to access the and this is where I ended up please E-Mail me the link so I can join it

ID#7501 . ., 2006-12-17 [ , ]

Cool site

ID#7503 R. ., 2006-12-17 [ Layton, Utah]

Dear Sirs: This will make a good documentry for tv viewers on the market in vidio stores...I Have this book with me for years, watching the the world thew new vision I see the problem,idots running the world....were doomed..

ID#7504 N.s., 2006-12-17 [ , ]

Just reading a few of the negative, insanely frightened comments of the religious idiots opposed to Neo Tech only reinforces my low opinion of them. They won't rot in hell. They face a worse fate by their present standards. They will eventually become Neo Tech producers themselves.

ID#7505 W.W., 2006-12-17 [ , ]

Who do I send some questions and comments to for some answers I need?

ID#7506 j.w., 2006-12-17 [ cedaredge, co]

very interesting , i would have continued to buy all books but could not afford them at the time. thank you

ID#7507 G.S., 2006-12-17 [ Goshen, IN]

I think that Neo-Tech could help solve many of the world's problems if our old thoughts would allow. I am very sorry that Dr. Wallace got killed. I wonder if it was an accident.

ID#7509 n. .,@YAHOO.COM 2006-12-17 [ Gilbert, AZ]

Hello, yes I have not finish reading my book and I need to know when and if my time for my free meetings will start when i finish my book as soon i recieve the letter? thanks nancy

ID#7510 S.B., 2006-12-17 [ Blue Ridge, Tx]

I love neo-tech! I have so much hope for the future now. I know that life will be wonderful someday. I only wish it would hurry. I find it very hard to live in the anti-civilization now. I know it is not the way things are meant to be. I am trying to instill this in my children so they will not lose hope for their own futures. They are excited now also. I feel sorry for people that live in the anti-civilization and believe it is normal.

ID#7511 C.M., 2006-12-17 [ , ]

Now that I have ordered 3+ books, I cannot access site for meetings as promised!

ID#7514 . ., 2006-12-17 [ , ]

need to know of meetings.nc92 1433-2275

ID#7515 D.N., 2006-12-17 [ chesapeake , va]

I've finished reading Miss Annabelle's secrets,and admired the faction novel. Mark Hamilton is a very captivating writer,and I look forward to more of his books in the inevevitable "ETERNAL FUTURE"

ID#7516 S.A., 2006-12-17 [ Randolph, WI]

Neo-Tech is the way. A real eye opening way on how to save the world.

ID#7517 C.H., 2006-12-17 [ Greenfield, WI]

I would like to know if there is a Church of God-Man. Realy enjoy reading about Neo-Tech and Neo-Think Thankyou for all the work being done to help society in it's venture and workings.

ID#7519 j. ., 2006-12-17 [ oklahoma city, ok]

i am in the neo-tech society. i am still trying to figure everything out. please stay on the web sight.

ID#7522 P.D., 2006-12-18 [ Medford, MN]

Great site, I tell all my freinds about it

ID#7526 A.F., 2006-12-18 [ Coachella, CA]

The web site is informative. I would hate to see it go down.

ID#7529 H.G., 2006-12-18 [ Hoover, Alabama]

I have studied this material for years and the book by Jaynes on tne bicameral mind. I find it so interesting that the real truth which should free us scares us.

ID#7530 L.J., 2006-12-18 [ Richmond, Vermont]

My first meeting was different then any thing I have seen. It was a reinforcement for me. However I had some questions that I wished to have an answer for which were not a part of the night nor were they questions about what was covered. My questions deal with my family members and when can I let them have the material I have. My business is a one person business and I am 62 years of age and will not be continuing this business for to many years as it is a physical one.

ID#7531 J.B., 2006-12-18 [ Warsaw, Ind]

My only concern, because I don't understand why it is, is that I don't seem to be able to talk with anyone connected to Neo-Tech. Can someone please answer that question?

ID#7533 m. ., 2006-12-18 [ Cedar Creek , tx]

Brought daughter home from hospital yesterday. Sorry I missed your call. Are there any follow through with this? Thanks, MNS

ID#7534 V.S., 2006-12-18 [ Lauderhill, Fl]

Unable to loggin with #9214333265 for level one debut meeting. Any question please call me at 954-746-3878 or email

ID#7536 C.R., 2006-12-18 [ lehigh acres, fl]

it will be through this media that our society will grow to the army needed toput into action what we believe

ID#7538 . ., 2006-12-18 [ Cuba New Mexico, ]

cant find correct web site

ID#7540 G.M., 2006-12-18 [ Omaha, NE]

I want out of this program because it is interfering with my relationship with god. I feel like I have been tricked into your program by learning certain things and then all of a sudden Your trying to teach me that god is not real and I dont know if my god accepts that kind of action. I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone for not believing the same beliefs you do and it is not fair to hurass someone who want nothing but peace in his life everything is still a secret but leave me alone for not wanting to do with the program ,because I am a christian.

ID#7542 m.p., 2006-12-18 [ n.y.c, n.y]

so far I know everything in the three book that i received lookingforward to all of the other book

ID#7543 m.p., 2006-12-18 [ n.y.c, n.y]

so far I know everything in the three book that i received lookingforward to all of the other book

ID#7546 T.n., 2006-12-18 [ Rustenberg, South africa]

I have the neo tech i m iterested in making money pls help me thomas south africa i m tired of poverty

ID#7547 g.c., 2006-12-18 [ louisville, ky]

send me info on neo- tech.

ID#7550 P.K.,@AMSA.COM 2006-12-18 [ , ]


ID#7551 M.M., 2006-12-18 [ Waterloo , Iowa]

having difficulty getting into online status for communication. This opprotunity is my purpose.

ID#7553 j.d., 2006-12-18 [ albuquerque, n.m.]

we cannot get on the web sight for the meetings on fri.sat.sun and mon night. so what do we do. we had site pass word etc. but no joy on web.........

ID#7554 B. ., 2006-12-18 [ Germany, Massachusetts]

Hello world

ID#7557 L.J., 2006-12-18 [ Kansas City, Missouri]

Please, send me any new information that you may have concerning Neo-Tech. It seems that all of your web site information are literature has been cut of at our Central Kansas City Public library;at all other public sights that once let you read Neo-Tech literature. If their is any way that you can get back online with Neo-Tech information, I would like to Thank-you.

ID#7559 j.k., 2006-12-18 [ charlotte, mi]

my name is Joshua kiss NC101374-8562 BN08.i want you on the web because ive read all three secret manuals, got my user name and password, but my password didnt work. Ive been looking for a group like this my whole life.Please respond to me @ I had to miss my debut meeting because of my password.Itried it the day after, but it still didnt work.sincerely joshua kiss.nc101374-8562

ID#7561 L. ., 2006-12-18 [ , ]

I need to subscribe but my email address is not found

ID#7563 R.P., 2006-12-18 [ ozone park, ny]

all those who have been successful have been using Neo-Tech without knowing...imagine if they knew about Neo-Tech the success would be amazing! I've experienced unrealistic events like getting a raise at work, finding my dream girl who loves me to death, and found the fastest way to get my dream body with the least amount of effort and time!!! Neo-Tech lives and flows within us all... Enjoy the benefits by just being aware of it!!!

ID#7571 D.B., 2006-12-19 [ Basingstoke, Hants]

Very iN-Teresting. faN-Tastic stuff! Rings true. I can't work out why I want to kill myself slowly with drugs and booze or be unhappy when I've known these "secrets" in the back of my mind for years. I know it is down to me to break through, and that I will be better for doing it, but I know there is no turning back from the Neo-Trip and in a way I am more scared of having super NEO powers than dying unfulfilled and in pain. I will read more of your stuff and will hopefully turn NEO very soon. I am curious though as to why you don't publicise this more and why more people don't know about it. Surely it would benefit everyone if we were all NEO? I will be interested to hear your thoughts. Kind regards, Dan P.S: The negative comments from the god botherers are hilarious. They profess to try and follow in the footsteps of a man who preached unconditional love towards all humanity whilst threatening to rape your female relatives and kill your pets! You gotta love them Christians!

ID#7573 R.G., 2006-12-19 [ Farmington, UT ]

Having searched for many years to find answers to questions about life, I must say that the three volumes I've just completed are very well received. Ray

ID#7575 A.L., 2006-12-19 [ Ogden , UT]

I had a chance to read only two paragraphs and I realized that this is only another BIG thing because so little are aware of our natural human capabilities and what we dont know we fear but trust me Ignorence is bliss so when you fear these things its probably best you prepare yourself for a miracle. And lets be even more honest 12 realms exist 7 within 5 without but they all exist in one. the only problem with the world today is that we are controled in our beliefs. A large amount of our society no longer uses the seventh sence because they are ignorent of it. And to those that think nothing is FREE think again. The sky is free the mountains are free love is free and a library card is free,however the way we look at things in the now could destroy all of what is to come and only we decide what we want to be unless someone else is naturaly making that choice for you its time for the people to start using that 7th sence and make your own individual BELIEF My opinion keep up the good work NEO you ROCK! p.s in regaurds to Q. I would like be an owner of neo-tech literature

ID#7578 D. ., 2006-12-19 [ Phoenix, AZ]

Yes, Neo-Tech Society needs to stay on the web as it is the best way for all of us: level one's, level two's, etc. to the Immortals can talk to each other and all learn each and every day how to grow and teach to each other. Dolly

ID#7579 A.L., 2006-12-19 [ Ogden , UT]

I sent an incomplete email adress can you please correct that for me, and if possible could you please send me info on where I can find a book or more literature on Neo-Tech I am very interested in more of the views you are currently sharing. Thank You and good luck on all of your Travels, sincerely AlishaLee

ID#7580 D.L., 2006-12-19 [ , ]

geeze... I thought jesus freeks were supposed to be nice. I am completely oblivious to the teachings of neo-tech, however regaurdless of the content, it is in mans free will to create, as it is mans obligation to interpret and decide his existence. I fail to see how the anyone who claims to know and be with god could be so ignorant and mean. Instead of demeaning and insulting a beings choice of existence, one should take the lesson and alter their own existence. And people wonder why the holy war never ended.

ID#7581 b. ., 2006-12-19 [ , ]

Fuck frank wallace

ID#7584 . ., 2006-12-19 [ , ]

really religous people are scary, i mean i dont really need all those powers over people dont really want it neither just the money, but im not gonna send you straight to hell either. thats not my job thats the most high what i really want to do is tell the folks in the negative comments is relax,relate,release. smoke a joint or a blunt let go and let god cause yall doin the opposite of what he/she want chill the f*ck out dude ,that make people want to see what the hub-bubs about.

ID#7585 F.W., 2006-12-19 [ South Daytona, FL]

If Neo-tech didnt exist on the web today.. I would not have the chance to read what I did. Thus there are many who will find it and learn from it. Web presence is very important. Obviously those that do not have an open mind have blocked themselves from the opportunity of success. Reading Savages work. was interesting because i knew it before I red it.. it was like the inner self talking to me again.

ID#7586 F.W., 2006-12-19 [ South Daytona, FL]

If Neo-tech didnt exist on the web today.. I would not have the chance to read what I did. Thus there are many who will find it and learn from it. Web presence is very important. Obviously those that do not have an open mind have blocked themselves from the opportunity of success. Reading Eric Savages work for example was interesting because i knew it before I red it!.. it was like the inner voice talking to me again.

ID#7590 . ., 2006-12-19 [ , ]

Keep it on the web.

ID#7591 . ., 2006-12-19 [ , ]

Please keep it on the web.

ID#7594 J.B., 2006-12-19 [ Portage, Indiana]

I am thrilled to be exposed to "NEOTHINK" and the fact that there is an alternative to the OBSCURITY of the true meaning "living" that has dominated humanity for thousands of years. Thank You for the most timely "WAKE-UP CALL." John B.

ID#7595 O.M., 2006-12-19 [ Bristow, OK ]

how do you know where to go to meetings in Oklahoma? The things that I received did not have what town to go to @ 6:00 p.m. on sunday december 16th.

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