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ID#7596 s. ., 2006-12-19 [ jamestown, ny]

i would like to find out more about this sight because i have heard good things and some not so good things and i would like to find out for myself. thanks

ID#7598 D.B., 2006-12-19 [ Capital Federal, Buenos Aires]

Enlightening ! Only a few dare to publish such sincere comments and facts about what life and human nature really are...

ID#7599 E.M., 2006-12-19 [ Yerington, NV]

I just got my third invite to join nouveau- tech soc. In a lot of ways, honesty is not your best suit.Anyway, I just came across this part about ufos, like its not happening. I physically was involved with the construction of a "Venusian" style scout craft, and how I came to be involved is a very interesting story indeed. I was a bit surprised that Frank disconected here. It's all about consciousness as the ultimate tool of awareness and discovery, and the excape one may make from the bottom of the gravity well also relates to immortality, which he postulated was real and obtainable. There is just so much work still needed to perfect these writings and concepts, and I'd love to help you all, But, the truth is, I'm not going to annotate The Nouveau-tech Discovery unless you send me a copy for free, because It will take up a whole lot of my time to fix it. I don't endorse your marketing methods either. But, your not without hope, and I do hope you keep searching for the illuminated way!

ID#7600 w.b., 2006-12-19 [ llanelli, ]

I think neotech should remain on the web as its the most positive information I have ever read. Since reading neotech I have gained an enormous amount of inner strength and confidence and would certainly recomend it to everyone.

ID#7602 j.d., 2006-12-19 [ albuquerque, nm]

we never was able to get on the neo-tech site.. could not get on.could not get on..........................

ID#7603 R.M., 2006-12-19 [ Lancaster, Va]

I will take this space to share with you my current state and that should show my support for the expansion and solidification of the Neo-Tech Web Site. I have Read Volumes I and II of the Neo-Tech Book of Insider Secrets. The first book actually scared me because it was attacking traditional religion and I put it away. However, I have always had my suspicions about the scriptures and the use of scripture by the churches to manipulate and scare the masses into submission. I took a chance and ordered Volume II. I just finished reading it and as I sat watching the news this morning I was overcome with emotion. I began to realize the truths about Dr. Wallaces Insights. I began to cry. I became angry at the anti-civilization that has been so succesful in manipulating us out of our Zon given Creative Natures. Then I realized that I have been part of that system and have lived in that system my whole life. I AM NOW DETERMINED TO FIND MYSELF AND GET BACK ON MY LIFE PATH THROUGH LOVE AND CREATIVE POWER!! I tried to explain to my wife the revelation that I had experienced, and to my suprise she said that I was absolutely right. Karen and I have only known each other for two years and I have felt that she was special. Now, I realize that she has been living honestly and lovingly her entire life. She has been waiting for this very thing so that she will not be afraid to live her life as she knows she should. Now I will order volume III and complete my path to the beginning of a new life journey. I urge all honest humans to partake of the nectar of knowledge in the teachings of Neo-Tech. Rick P.S. I will need a mentor and a church in order to further my studies and to take that leap into full conciousness. I am located in Virginia. Any volunteers?

ID#7604 R.M., 2006-12-19 [ , ]

Your web site seems to be missing some very important information. First, the only links that appear to work are the comment links. Isn't there more?

ID#7606 M.H., 2006-12-19 [ Phoenix , AZ]

Looking for latest info and how to order more of your products.

ID#7607 K. ., 2006-12-19 [ Pomona, NY]

At least one light has to remain on top shining to clear darkness forever. If the Sun never ceise to be, why should the truth!!! For ever like the Sun so shall be NT. Thank you for being there.

ID#7610 R.W., 2006-12-19 [ RALEIGH , NC]


ID#7612 . ., 2006-12-20 [ , ]

Nothing but greed and manipulation

ID#7613 A.S., 2006-12-20 [ clearfield, ut]

Without knowing any details or having any idea what exactly i was in search for , but new there was something out there, some correctness, some real answers that really made sense with hard solid backing, I have been searching every where I could think of. Just when I was about to run into another empty lead down a road of non reality nonlogical answers to logical qeustions, simple qeustions I thought, again and again and again with no more direction on where to search next. What happened next was, just like I was beginning to realize had to happen, awsesome... The answers found me. thanks so much Nouveau Tech. I owe ya one.

ID#7615 . ., 2006-12-20 [ , ]

Keep Neo-Tech on the web.

ID#7616 . ., 2006-12-20 [ , ]

Please keep Neo-Tech on the web.

ID#7617 M.W., 2006-12-20 [ , ]

Very interesting, please send me more information about the work of Dr. Wallace. Thank you very much!

ID#7618 T.P., 2006-12-20 [ Miami, Fl.]

I have the Heirloom book package and have read through most of it. I do not think that anyone should be cencered that is promoting honesty, intergral thinking, love, and many other good positive things. Just because some of thier Ideas do not support the political and religious views that are drumbed* into us as we grow. They are saying that as individuals we should be able to govern ourselves with no outside authority through honesty, love and creating values. This means that everyone makes up thier own mind. Anyone can choose to disagree but to remove a positive influence does not make much sense. *Drumbed is a new word of mine meaning things that are dumb in some respects are drummed into us as we learn. Example is the religious views on selflessness. Every thing we see, hear, feel, read, experiance ect. is subject to interpitation based on our knowledge, experiances and self presevation reflexes. Point is we are capable of seeing the truth. I have gained new food for thought that has value to me and the world. Pretty cool.

ID#7620 G.M., 2006-12-20 [ , ]

Do I have to be a non believer in God in order to be in your program,I have nothing personaly against you guy's but I am into my god your book teaches good things when it comes to certain issues such as religion because people are afraid to disrespect who they believe in befor the Neo Tech I always plotted on how I apply good things to the world.

ID#7621 j.d., 2006-12-20 [ albuquerque, nm]

We cannot get on the neo-tech site for the meeting.

ID#7622 j.d., 2006-12-20 [ albuquerque, nm]

we could not get on line for last weeks meeting.

ID#7624 l.l., 2006-12-20 [ Reardan, wa]

it is great

ID#7625 M.N., 2006-12-20 [ Fort Washington, MD]

I am speechless. Many of the items discussed within the texts are feelings, ideas, and notions that I have had been questioning myself for sometime now.

ID#7626 V.S., 2006-12-20 [ Lauderhill, Fl]

December 20, 2006 I'm unable to log in with #9214333265 Please call me at 954-746-3878 or email - for Vilmal Salmon. Truly, Vilmal Salmon

ID#7628 S.B., 2006-12-20 [ great falls, mt]

I'm a 62yr young man. I've experienced antcivilization at its worst as far as crushing a fledgling business is concerned. If I had had your knowledge and assistance in the late 1970s I'm positive I wouln't be in the financial straights i'm in now. However I still have a product that will benifit all mankind in the production of food whenever the powers that be are stopped from strangling honest value creating businessmen. If anyone is interested I would be more than happy to share my experience with them. Thank you

ID#7629 L.S., 2006-12-20 [ Sacramento, CA]

I enjoy reading Neo-Tech Books because I belong to Neo-Tech I am a member my number is 1013298236. You are doing a good job

ID#7631 H.j., 2006-12-20 [ Fort Mcmurray, Alberta]

Freind...shared information.

ID#7632 N. ., 2006-12-20 [ Sweden, Maine]

Hello world

ID#7635 H.p., 2006-12-20 [ chula vista , california]


ID#7641 J.A., 2006-12-20 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

ID#7643 E.M., 2006-12-21 [ Yerington, NV]

I must be stuck in cycle 2 because you have been trying to draft me into your org, now, for the third time. So I keep looking around the site. I just can't get a real living person to talk to me, and that's sad because it's one of my criteria that must be met. I know perfectly well that you don't need my money, and if, on whatever basis you profile, you know so much about my abilities, which aren't all latent, by the way, then you would not be raising any obstacles, fiduciary or otherwise, to my joining you.I read Atlas Shrugged when I was 14, and I'm over 60 now. I can't help but feel I have walked into a war zone here. I understand. But this literature is mystical, if for no other reason, because you never really put anything usable in print. It's never been the way to cast pearls before swine! I have been searching for someone I could teach what I have learned , and keep this legacy going,but I'm beginning to wonder,Prodigies are born, not created.You people hide in plain sight, by spouting a lot of crazy retoric, but can you stop long enough to humor an old man?Talk to me!!!!

ID#7645 C.B., 2006-12-21 [ Chicago, IL]

first of all,I thank neo-tech members for the 1000 pages of second and final installment. But I don't understanding how to go about the whole thing.

ID#7653 D.M., 2006-12-21 [ TOURNAI, ]

Dear Sir, I've a problem. I ordered Le Monde Neotech I rceived a letter dated 18TH October 2006 telling me my order was I 've not received it yet reF/ 7597126 SENT BY ALICE KERN SOUTH BOULDER HIGHWAY HENDERSON NEVADA 89015 USA CAN YOU HELP ME? THANKS EMAIL ADDRESS:voyant.michel

ID#7654 G.B., 2006-12-21 [ , ]

I am a new member and am having difficulty in getting my message to you.I could not connect with the broad cast for my assigned time for west coast Calif.Please send me message

ID#7657 M.M.,@YAHOO.COM 2006-12-21 [ WATERLOO, IOWA]


ID#7658 N. ., 2006-12-21 [ HALLANDALE, FL]


ID#7659 A.W., 2006-12-21 [ Leoti, Kansas]

everyone is entitled to his and or her opinionl something is only evil if you perceive it to be.

ID#7661 . .,@yahoo 2006-12-21 [ , ]

I recently recieved some of your literature if you want to call it that and I will prey for you , very sick very disturbed people . I am not the most religious person but all I can say is God Help you all.

ID#7663 h.n., 2006-12-21 [ atlanta, ga]

i rec'd a letter and i mailed in my only cost me 1 stamp! i'm not loosing anything for openning up my mind to prosperity in life. the letter really motivated me to want better for myself...i believe in God, but i also believe in 'free will'...i'm very much a christian and can make up my own mind up on what i want out of life. God wants the best for me and i think the info provided in the letter was pretty got me to working on my 'purpose' in life. for the closed minded people who chose not to get involved in moving forward in life...don't read or order the info. as a matter of fact...the info is free, so what's the big deal. i had to laugh off the negative comments...we all weren't blessed with common sence. but, to each it's own... sincerely, blessed and devinely favored

ID#7665 W.B., 2006-12-21 [ Winona , Mo.]

Neo Tech sent me a letter of invitation, I have been learning more and more since then.

ID#7666 R.O., 2006-12-21 [ Rio de Janeiro, RJ]

Internet is not enough for Neo-Tech difusion. You should find out a way to spread Neo-Tech all over the world. In Brasil, for instance, I have never met anybody who knows Neo-Tech. I have not understood the death of Dr. Frank Wallace. Was it really an accident I am so sorry for it. It was a huge loss for Humanity.

ID#7668 D.T., 2006-12-22 [ Hot Springs Village, Arkansas]

I hope in the future we can make these thing happen, before it's to late for all of us.If everyone was honest, they would say they want it to.Long live GOD-MAN.

ID#7670 T.G., 2006-12-22 [ weston, oregon]

I would like to see more of everything i want to learn all see all.i want the neo-cheaters to know we are here to stay!!!!!i will fight to keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love Tricia future neo- creator!

ID#7672 g.W., 2006-12-22 [ poway, cA]

I am trying 2 sign up for the neo-tech meetings.... @ customerservice NC number,9214289666, will some one please sent me my sign up information ,,...thank you and ..bless you..

ID#7680 A. ., 2006-12-22 [ Columbus, Ohio]

I have read three of your books, they were very insitefull. More just insitefull there rite on piont on government and religion. It takes me so long to read them because after every insite I have to sit back think about it.But I think I took way to much time reading the First Immortals.

ID#7684 K. ., 2006-12-23 [ Pomona, NY]

Man don't want the truth that will set him free, but ironically continues to claim being the vanguard of freedom. As a result of continuous cheating of oneself the astraying in the wildness seems unredeemable. unless NT can intervene there will be no hope for such a lost humanity. Now who is who, and who is doing the job, those who stand on top of the mountain claiming to be the one doing everything or those unseen and unknown but are actively present in the serivice to self and others.

ID#7685 K. .,@hotmai,com 2006-12-23 [ pomona, New Y]

Before I red anything from neo-tech, I knew that I knew something but I doubted and I was reluctant to self acknowledge that reality. But, NT has help cleared the ambiguity. the war is far from being over. Thank you to you all out there living as NT. I look forward to our eternafthe day of

ID#7688 . ., 2006-12-23 [ , ]

Received a letter in the mail & decided to check you out

ID#7690 K..., 2006-12-23 [ Bloenfotein, FS]

Please keep this Fire burning, The part that have has change my life, am positive and I wise-to-live for ever.

ID#7691 R.M., 2006-12-23 [ Ingleside, TX]

Change maybe difficult if you let be, change can also be a blessing if you let it be! Accept change and make a difference in your life, today...

ID#7694 N.A., 2006-12-23 [ Universal City, TX]

Intergrated thinking has set me free to develop free from religious and government interference. I know that I am in control of my life, and my families, and many of those that are around me.

ID#7695 s. ., 2006-12-23 [ jupiter, fl]

this is the most informative information you will ever receive. open your eyes and your heart not all will accept the truth about what is... some will reman blind , while others will see picture parts drop into place and will grasp the big picture even before they realize what they are looking at that eureka emotion will bring tears to your eyes as you realise that its all true ..mankind was meant to live forever and i want to be there to welcome all of you who have the insight to look beyoun what is and make something of your lives add to the process get on the track to eternal happiness and live ,...yes live not just exist i mean live life to its fullest take back what has been stollen from you by this anti-civilazation. as a child i dreamed of how i wood build a castle and live there with my family those dreams where taken away but now i am well on my way to making those dreams a reality. you will never get wht you dream of unless you wake -up and see what is and then move towards what must be. thank you mark for pointing me in the direction of my awaiting what is to be reality..

ID#7696 C.D., 2006-12-23 [ Clearfield, PA]

Interested in the Neo- Tech's of world.

ID#7699 P.B., 2006-12-24 [ Gig Harbor, WA]

In one word........................ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID#7700 P.B., 2006-12-24 [ Gig Harbor, WA]

I desire to digest more and everlastingly information about Neo-Tech Romantic Love senerious! Love them dearly! Being a member of Nouveau Tech Secret Society, I am absolutely thrilled about he prospect of biological imortality here on earth in my lifetime

ID#7701 G.P., 2006-12-24 [ Balwyn North, Victoria]

I seem drawn to neotech, but I cant find enough information available

ID#7702 J.W., 2006-12-24 [ Bristol, Ct.]

I recieved the FREE portion of this discovery. Unfortunately, shortly after my life turned upside down, {Prior to being able to order } I have since set up a free email account with yahoo in order to get what i need from neotech. "HELP I NEED NEOTECH!!!!"

ID#7703 R.C.,@AOL.COM 2006-12-24 [ , ]

i have been trying to get to the secretmeetings,but the info that i have is not working. are you a member? if so you know what i am talking abouth, if so email me back as soon as posssible

ID#7706 A.P., 2006-12-24 [ Norwood, N.J.]

I LOVE THE INFO Iam reading on the web.I recently recieved a mailing and it got misplaced.Please send me info.

ID#7707 R.L., 2006-12-24 [ Melbourne, FL]

sinse i have been reading the neo-tech books i have come to the conculsion that if i could detox every elderly person.we could start to get rid of alot sickness as we know it.when the body has alot of toxins in the bowels or the colon it trigger many types of sickness.if there could be some kind of softgel that has vitimans and alaxitive so that the colon could be empty daily. tell me what you think of this idea

ID#7709 j.b., 2006-12-25 [ canton, mi]

I have been living in a world of deceit till neo-tech came into my life .I await for neo-tech's president of the United States Of America.thank you neo-tech zon bless U

ID#7714 k.s., 2006-12-25 [ aurora &north aurora, ill ]

i'm reading the 3 books also the bibleand i am unsure of the concepts of the two books i was taugh ti beleive the bible and your books seem to confuse me so help me find or start experincing money love and prosperity so my life can be an example to all who come into it

ID#7715 C.E., 2006-12-25 [ Lincoln, Ne]

I would love to learn more about neo-tech , if I could just get in .. Thank you keeper434

ID#7717 K.K., 2006-12-25 [ New Castle , Pa.]

This site is crucial to all members of neo-tech.

ID#7724 T.A., 2006-12-26 [ Sheridan , IN]

I thought I would be getting into a meeting but I guess I am not. I am beginnig to wonder if I am being scammed

ID#7725 J. ., 2006-12-26 [ Los-Angeles, Indiana]

Hello world

ID#7726 W. ., 2006-12-26 [ BANGOR, CA]

I missed my level one meeting dates. how do get inforations provided there in?

ID#7730 F.F., 2006-12-26 [ , ]

Being a Native American in Arizona I saw Neo-Tech as a White Man version of what traditional Native Ameicans have been saying for millenmum. I started my own business on the principles of Neo-Tech and have been very successful. My private company is called Native Enterprises Opportunities & Techologies, (NEO & Tech).

ID#7731 F.F., 2006-12-26 [ Ajo, AZ]

Being a Native American in Arizona I saw Neo-Tech as a White Man version of what traditional Native Ameicans have been saying for millenmum. I started my own business on the principles of Neo-Tech and have been very successful. My private company is called Native Enterprises Opportunities & Techologies, (NEO & Tech).

ID#7733 E.A., 2006-12-26 [ Manama, ]

Very impressive information for changing life to be positive, productive, happy and wealthy

ID#7734 E.A., 2006-12-26 [ Manama, ]

Very impressive information for changing life to be positive, productive, happy and wealthy

ID#7736 j.t., 2006-12-26 [ westfield, ma.]

tring to log in but unable to do so nc#9214319637

ID#7740 L.O., 2006-12-26 [ East Orange, N.J.]

My name is Lamar Odom, I am new to the Idea of what Neo-tech is and means to me as an idividual. 2005, is when I first recieved a introduction in the mail explaining some enlighting things that I never spoke of openly. I was struggling making ends meet and expressed as such in my return correspondence and I never heard from Neo-tech again. I no-longer have the same address of which I will include on the form. I need help is all I will say in short,so any and all information will be greatly appreciated..

ID#7741 c.b., 2006-12-26 [ tallahassee, fl]

i am a neo-tech member,and i'm just trying to figure out if this is really a lie or not. in the beginning i had great hopes, and feeiling for neo-tech, but i went too the blairsville, ga.,reurned home and got a check, and called to ask a question, and didn't feel as if this was real, or if i should continue to beleive, someone told me that i beleive in things wanting a better, productive, and creating jobs and lives for me, and other people, i need confirment, or like me go!

ID#7742 c.b., 2006-12-26 [ , ]

i would lke to talk too someone!

ID#7745 A.c., 2006-12-26 [ omaha, NE]

Not..... because this is to pawerful to a normal person or human of this planet...this sould be the same as the normal procedures of the natural force will be in the future. Alx chino terrero new to this world of power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID#7747 a. ., 2006-12-26 [ , GA]

Neo-tech is just another ploy of Hummanism! History keeps repeating itself. Just as all others, neo tech will fall! Jesus can't be catergorized with others such as Hitler and Stalin. You may try but it will not work!

ID#7749 j.C., 2006-12-26 [ florencia, Caquetá]

El conocimiento Neo Tech es lo mejor que me ha sucedido, pues con estos conocimientos aprendí a ser feliz, a ser una persona integra y a ganar dinero sin depender de otras personas.

ID#7751 r.h., 2006-12-26 [ Margate, Fla]

I need your help bad.I have lost everything.Can you help?Ron Hayes,6522 nw 1st court,Margate,Flordia,33063.Thank you.

ID#7752 J.W., 2006-12-26 [ Whittier, CA]

This information needs to be available to all who can use it!

ID#7754 T.C., 2006-12-26 [ Henderson, NV]

What is this organization all about?

ID#7755 C. ., 2006-12-26 [ Tampa, FL]

Freedom of speech, that is the basic, bottom-line reason it should stay on the web. People should be free to believe whatever they want to, as crazy as it may be.

ID#7756 D.R., 2006-12-27 [ Umatilla, FL]

I cannot understand why people would find any book so offensive let's keep neo-tech

ID#7759 R.J., 2006-12-27 [ Ewa Beach, Hawaii]

Very powerfull, very informative and guides individual to know more about him/her personal capabitities to live his/her life by the truth that are meant to be.

ID#7760 r.j., 2006-12-27 [ hammond, in]

neo tech is the truth that lifts a person from this mundane anticivilization to choose any future as guiltlessly as he or she pleases. i firmly believe i was born to do great things in my lifetime. neo tech gives anybody a chance to achieve greatness without the false guilt that government and religeon place on society.

ID#7763 P.J., 2006-12-27 [ Elkenroth, ]

Hallo Neo Tech,Neo Tech funtionirt 100% aber das ist Ihnen ja selbst schon klar.Durch die arbeit von Neo Tech,und der Arbeit von Dr Atkins und all den Menschen die mit daran Arbeiten das jeden Tag Mehr werte und neue Werte in unserer Welt hergestellt werden habe ich etwas erreicht das ich wohl ohne Neo Tech nich geschaft hätte ich habe mit dem Alkohol Trinken Aufgehört,ich habe mit Rauchen von Haschisch und dem Rauchen von Taback aufgehört.Manchmal erreiche ich Geistige Höhen der verständlichkeit die bevor ich Neo Tech bekamm nicht kekannt hatte.Ich denke das ich mit Neo Tech noch mehr Probleme in meinem Leben lösen kann. Ich hoffe das ich ihnen eines Tages Eben so große werte zurück geben kann wie ich Werte von Ihnen bekomme. Vielen Dank an Sie Alle die Neo Tech ernsthaft aufrecht erhalten.

ID#7764 a. ., 2006-12-27 [ phila, pa]

this is most uplifting i have ever read. dont stop and keep on trucking

ID#7765 M.R., 2006-12-27 [ TUNNEL HILL, Ga]

I have really studied both of the first two books. I have been trying to use Neo-think. Maybe it will come to me all of a sudden or perhaps gradually as I get rid of all of my mystic things learned over my lifetime. Keep up with your good works and don't stop the website.

ID#7766 B. ., 2006-12-27 [ , ]

Nice tease.

ID#7767 d.b., 2006-12-27 [ rankin, il]

i love neo-tech

ID#7770 T. ., 2006-12-27 [ Savonburg, Ks]

All I want to know is what is with the letters are they sent from your org. or not. I recieved one today and am if anything curious. Feel free to email me your response. I also welcome any material that might help to explain anything going on.

ID#7771 s.a., 2006-12-27 [ bristol, ct]

last time heard there was something called freedom of speech,if its still around then you guys should stay for freedom of speech.

ID#7772 R.L., 2006-12-27 [ , ]

I definitely think that Neo-Tech should remain on the web. It gives more people the chance to see their situation can improve through the principles of NT and gives them hope and instruction. In fact, I think that there should be MORE published on the web, so that those who need the information and have the drive to start their own companies to lift civilization can find out how and where to start.

ID#7773 A.L., 2006-12-27 [ Browns Mills, New Jersey]

I recieved a letter on July of last year..never opened it until today 12/27/06. Very interesting and intriguing,I rip the letter and then my intuition told me I shouln't have I pieced it together and read it and when to the net to research it and thats how I found you. Hidden Mysteries have always facinated me and I know God is Good.. so I thought I check you out... see what He has in mind :)

ID#7775 D.G., 2006-12-27 [ Hilo, HI]

Hi Neo-Tech freedom thinkers, Thank you and many blessings to you all. Its about time that such group as yours help those of us who were stuck/blinded by the ways of society and world governments. Thank you. May more people come to know you and wake up to whats going on around them. Also how they to can make a life changing decision to not give in or be part of such a trappped and delusional way of living and thinking. Again many blessings to you all. Aloha from Hawaii Dewey Gomes NC10 1465-8380

ID#7779 m.c., 2006-12-27 [ elkridge, md]

I have 3 neo-tech books and i like the reading of the books. I HAVE NEVER BELIVED IN A HIGHER GOD. I am trying to teach my son about neo-tech I got a letter last week from nbeo-tech but i could not do any thing at this time . I quit neo-tech for a while but i pulled my books out and looked at them again, so this time i will not give up. thanks neo-tech

ID#7781 H. ., 2006-12-27 [ Longview, TX]

I believe this concept of Neo-Tech thinking is very beneficial information.

ID#7783 D.J., 2006-12-27 [ Germantown, MD]

I trust that one day there will be a day to meet each other.

ID#7784 J.V., 2006-12-27 [ Abita Springs, LA]

I have read all three books and can't wait to be in on the meetings.

ID#7785 R.S., 2006-12-27 [ Renton , WA ]

I didn't get my letter until december and the offer expired in october. Update me please. Thank you.

ID#7787 J. ., 2006-12-27 [ San Mateo, Calif.]

I am one that has only begun to allow the words of these books to come into my brain, and am already experiencing a new balance in perception of what it is to generate the life I truly want. Thank you.

ID#7791 R.H., 2006-12-28 [ north vernon, IN]

keep up the good work

ID#7793 C.T., 2006-12-28 [ Falkirk, Scotland]

After a few years of studying this stuff I think I'm finally starting to get it. Actually very simple and inescapable truths we all know already.

ID#7796 E.A., 2006-12-28 [ Cumming, GA]

I have almost all of the literature. Thanks for enriching my life!

ID#7798 j.l., 2006-12-28 [ wenatchee, wa]

have been wondering where these summitt is realize now the full implications os mysticism collapse takes awhile to identify in oneself but had to admit neo-tech is the graetest work of century these words are misspelled deliberately thanks mr capps

ID#7799 V.T., 2006-12-28 [ Wesley Chapel, Fl.]

I feel Neo-Tech is the answer to all of Society's problematic situations. Finally, someone who will stand up for our individual rights and do what's right for a change. As a 64 year old man I have watched anticivilization gain more and more control over the populice all my life. Until now, I have had no idea how to combat it. We are continually losing our rights everyday. I humbly and proudly proclaim my support. As our numbers grow so does our strength. Honesty will prevail.

ID#7802 S. ., 2006-12-28 [ American Canyon, CA]

I find that knowledge is always good. There are and were things that I was unaware of and it is up to me to either accept them or not. If information was not available for me to interpret, then my rights as a human being would be limited to the whims of others... So, I appreciate all that I have read and will continue to read. Thank you for your efforts in my personal education.

ID#7804 a.7., 2006-12-28 [ missouri, ]

it amazing all the negative comments from so called God loving ppl no wonder this site has touched so many lives. If its love that creats so much hate then i'll take Neo-Tech

ID#7805 . ., 2006-12-28 [ , ]

read last

ID#7806 d.d., 2006-12-28 [ ellensburg, wash]

it is each peoples right to ether have heven or hell on earth whitch do you pick Dirk Dahms

ID#7807 c.c., 2006-12-28 [ Atlanta, Ga]

Where is Eric, where is Mark. Frank is gone now, will you, his son's carry out his legacy, or was he the only one able to see he C of U? Was he the only one,who was truly commited. True,this world is deeply embedded in the anti-civ, who knows how long it is going to take before we arrive at Shagrila, but we have to take action. I want to know what I & O is doing now. The world needs new material on your website!! Hell, I'll even write an article if I have too. Please let not his heroic efforts be wasted!! All hail to the mighty great Frank R. Wallace, truly a King amoung Kings! Chris Combs!

ID#7808 I.R., 2006-12-28 [ Calhoun , ga]

Neo tech give me a hope and feith on my selfl again. when everething was dark, and open my brain in diferent way.

ID#7809 R.N., 2006-12-28 [ , ]

I absolutely believe that Neo Tech should continue to be available to all people; all people that is who are willing to open their minds to the truth. Please, never remove the Neo Tech philosophy from the web. To do so would deprive humanity of a great and valuable resource.

ID#7810 R.N., 2006-12-28 [ Helena, MT]

I absolutely believe that Neo Tech should continue to be available to all people; all people that is who are willing to open their minds to the truth. Please, never remove the Neo Tech philosophy from the web. To do so would deprive humanity of a great and valuable resource.

ID#7813 B.M., 2006-12-28 [ Bethel, OH]

I'm amazed at the correlation of Neo-Tech philosophy and the will of the Farmer Zons. Since I am a Farmer Zon and periodically visit this planet, I'm impressed with their direction and so are the other Zons. We have much information to share concerning the transition from the anticivilation to the Civilization of the Universe.

ID#7815 G.C., 2006-12-28 [ Chester, PA]

I have been telling you idiots that I am here. Isaid that I am tired of reading. I don't want to read another#!*!!!!word. I get it already.Jeez!

ID#7817 G.C., 2006-12-28 [ Chester, PA]

I have been telling you idiots that I am here. Isaid that I am tired of reading. I don't want to read another#!*!!!!word. I get it already.Jeez! Just show me the money-I've been ready to clean house and I'm gonna start with some of your asses! Now- how come nobody called me like I said. Now I'm broke I'm fighting for my daughters mind/life in court who happens to be 17 and I'm 40 and a mastercarpenter right there in Wilm., DE --WAKE-UP! I've been here. I'm just human just like you who is just like me. To take the complexity out they only screwed up a couple of wires important wires but only a couple. Contact me now! I don't need to wait any longer and I don't need to read another book. That bi-cameral thing really got yall #%@!!!-up FREE YOUR MIND! GOD

ID#7818 G.H., 2006-12-28 [ Mead, WA]

This is the closest I have ever come to finding someone or something that confirms everything I have come to believe over the years. but in much more detail than I had realized on my own. I can't thank you enough. I was raised in a christian environment, and taught the BIG MYTH that most of us grew up with, but at a very young age, I just couldn't accept what I was being taught as being the truth. It just never made sense to me. The neo-tech books finally explain why I felt that way. It is great to know that I am not the only person who feels the way I do. You are doing the world a great service by having the courage to fly in the face of "conventional wisdom", so to speak, and bring the real truth to all who are ready to accept it.

ID#7819 C.w., 2006-12-28 [ , ]

BY THE WAY I allready bought the three books with the last one consisting of miss annybellies secrets. The whole cource was beautiful and I know that if we can get a daniel ward in the whitehouse than ancor 2 and 3 will automatically BE BROKEN. And we will be Imortal God Man being value creators in the C. O. U. FOREVER.

ID#7820 C.W., 2006-12-29 [ norcross, Ga]

BY THE WAY I allready bought the three books with the last one consisting of miss annybellies secrets. The whole cource was beautiful and I know that if we can get a daniel ward in the whitehouse than ancor 2 and 3 will automatically BE BROKEN. And we will be Imortal God Man being value creators in the C. O. U. FOREVER. ps. Im still not able to check my email but Ill give you the adress anyway. keep helping people and keep your informatiom up and running. If I can hook up with the God man Group Ill be allright and from there to evintually ZON.

ID#7821 . ., 2006-12-29 [ , ]

I recvied a letter in a first class envlope and after reading the scam imformation i will not send them it back.

ID#7822 W.S., 2006-12-29 [ Brevig Mission, Alaska]

I believe that this should stay on the web. Since reading the first book I have noticed my children being more happier. I also noticed that I no longer am "lazy" or feel tired to do regular house chores. All my life I have searched without finding the answer to life, why wasn't there anything else? Why am I being put down for all the good intentions I tried to do for people? Why do people who cheat stay on top? Why have I failed even if I had succeeded to bring a company out of the red. I failed in everything I have ever tried to do. Since reading the first and second book, my home based business is starting to grow. Although I still have to fight the mysticism instilled in me, I find it easier to cope with life now. I no longer feel "exhausted" after a full day. I get up each morning looking forward to the new day. This new philosophy has changed my life. I am now working to make life better for myself and my family, instead of just "going-with-the-flow." I am thinking of new projects/values that my community can use. Although, life is hard here in Alaska, harder than unban communities, life is easier to bare knowing that I have only one life to live and I must live it to the fullest that I can. Thank you for introducing Neo-Tech Discovery to me.

ID#7823 W.S., 2006-12-29 [ Brevig Mission, Alaska]

I my last statement I mentioned about neo-tach's philosophy. I misunderstood, it is not a philosophy, but fully intregated honesty and pure love.

ID#7825 M.G., 2006-12-29 [ Silver Spring, MD]

Wonderful first meeting.Interesting and easy to understand. I wish it were longer.Very anxious to recieving next month's package

ID#7826 A.M., 2006-12-29 [ Big Spring, TX]

Einstine's failure to recognise Consciousness as the Unifying Factor: YES, YES, YES! Understanding this, really understanding this, lifts consciousness itself into infinity. Grasping this concept is the path to godman. Understanding and developing the godman (there in every human)is one path to Immortality? Thank You Mr. Wallace for the missing factor. Thank you Mr. Hamilton for bringing it forth. WOW! I am having a good day!

ID#7827 C.W., 2006-12-29 [ brunswick, ohio]

I am looking forward to the meetings to come. I only hope that I may make a difference in this world, and help to make it a better and more prosperous place to dwell. Thank you for all the insite.

ID#7830 K.M., 2006-12-29 [ Oxford, CT]

This web site is very new to me, but it sure seems like a really good way to connect a lot of good people. After viewing the junk on most webs there has to be some good stuff for people to find in among the junk!;-)

ID#7835 N.M., 2006-12-29 [ Mesquite, tx]

I think Neo-Tech should be allowed to stay on the web because first of all it is freedom of speech. Second of all, they are not hurting anybody with their beliefs. If any thing they are trying to help people. They are trying to help me and I am grateful. I have only just hit the tip of the ice berg! I am too excited to see what my new found knowledge and life will bring!! With all happiness, NLM

ID#7839 . ., 2006-12-30 [ , ]

I think that neo-tech is a verry good thing and is out thare to help people succeed, in other words makeing them happy, i see no way that this could be evil. And for those who don't know what evil is I took the libirty and looked it up for you neggitive people: Evil- morally bad; harmful.

ID#7841 D.M., 2006-12-30 [ Girard, Pa]

I want to learn all that I can so yes keep the web site and thant you.

ID#7842 D.D., 2006-12-30 [ Stanley, NM]

What I have read has caused a shift in my awareness. I would like to know more, to meet with the people of New-Tech, and see for myself, experience what is possible in this relationship. If there is nothing, still I have gained much from the reading of the books I have. This is a different way of processing Life and I am interested.

ID#7846 J.R., 2006-12-30 [ Bedford, Tx]

I attended the meeting with Mark Hamilton on 12/17/06 and am just getting able to take time to log on to the secret webb site for comments and talk with other members. Now I can't find the webb site. I guess I'm late for a very important date. How can I log on to the site? I saw some of the comments about the great reactions of folks all over the world and it's very impressive but I need access. Thanks, Jack Settles. ps: My e-mail address has changed to

ID#7847 A.R., 2006-12-30 [ SLC, UT]

For 30 years I have been teaching and searching for people who believe in a society of united prosperity, where there is no inequality or poverty. I have discovered economic technology that I want to share with the world if needed. Up till now I have found few who understand how to set up infrastructure of sharing the wealth of the world and truly voluntary taxation systems that will work. I was told this group talks a talk like I talk. If that is true I would like to talk the talk with you and walk the walk with this group of people.

ID#7848 T.n., 2006-12-30 [ Rustenberg, South africa]

Pls send me how to make money info starting business with small investment how to end the poverty one is living neo tech for love and live

ID#7849 S. ., 2006-12-30 [ Santa Ana, CA]

No matter what, this website should stay on the net forever. Those who say other wise should become informed about what is going on around them,and find it within themselves to belive in themselves.

ID#7851 B.D., 2006-12-31 [ jacksonville, FL]

I had a problem with site pages trying to get my date and location of my first secert meeting please help thank you

ID#7852 B.M., 2006-12-31 [ ASTATULA, F]

i am william from williamsport Will I Am. born january 29th, 1969 at 1:11 in the afternoon as i near my 38th birthday(yet another 11) i am finding door after door, exposing talent after talent my perception is growing inclusive of SO MUCH MORE around me than ever before....i do not have the cash at the moment for the manuscript BUTT, I DO HAVE SUCH A NEED FOR SUCH A THING. JUST EXPLORING ON MY OWN BY TRIAL AND ERROR IS NOT ONLY CONFUSING AT TIMES, BUT QUITE POSSIBLY EVEN DANAGEROUS

ID#7855 L. ., 2006-12-31 [ Brisbane, 4011]

I have navigated around your web page and read your articles and loved the "buzz out syndrome" I like what I have read about Neo Tech teh story from your original letter to me has inspired me to move on and I would like to know more about you. Thanks so far .

ID#7856 I.R., 2006-12-31 [ RESACA, GA]


ID#7858 L.L., 2006-12-31 [ Reardan, wa]

I love it.

ID#7859 J.R., 2006-12-31 [ Bedford, Tx.]

I've been trying to log on and subscribe but your site wont accept my information??? I used 3 different credit cards all valid but the subscribe screen says they are all invalid??? What do I do next? thanks, Jack R. Settles,

ID#7861 J. ., 2006-12-31 [ , ]

I think it should remain on the web. If people dont like it, DONT READ IT.

ID#7864 . ., 2006-12-31 [ , ]

There is something amazing behind the writing of Neo-Tech .It has been awhile,sence the inner kid has felt the sunshine . These words encouage to reclaim my life ,and innere peace . Besides , the negative comments,are just another sign of one wanting to oppress someone else's right to think for themselfs.

ID#7868 a.a., 2006-12-31 [ , ]

I think the book has some very good points to it. what i did not appreciate is the way they sold it by the letters of promises. just opening the book and your life would be changed. To me the marketing lacks integrity. offering only 2wks and then the time is up? Is that really totally integrated honesty? Saying you only send it to a select few, when come to find out thousands have the letter. Is that what you mean by integrated total honesty? what you write about is not secret, these principles I have learned already about, nothing new. I really wish that i could get my money back. you made the letter sound so personal, is that what you call honesty? Why would you want to control anybody? you promise that you can do that, well isnt that going totally against your principle of non-force, the only law that you want, yet, you force your own will to control another? Just seeing through to the essence of things to what really is. Disappointed. please respond to my letter and use your principles to justify going against what you preach. thank you

ID#7869 t. ., 2007-01-01 [ lubbock, tx]


ID#7873 D. ., 2007-01-01 [ Orfield, Pa.]

long overdue

ID#7874 j.z., 2007-01-01 [ grandrapids, Michigan]

i am interested in the newer neo-tech publications from 2006 or 2007

ID#7875 E.M., 2007-01-01 [ St. Petersburg, FL.]

Hi: please do not take this site off the net, i am enjoying reading all the positive comments. I can't wait till you send me my meeting date and time on my level one debut meeting. I've read all 3 books i love them but there is still a lot i need to understand, but with your help i know i could do it. I just finish miss Annabelle's book i loved it so much that i'm going to read it again....yhank you..EVELYN M.

ID#7877 a. ., 2007-01-01 [ nftmyers, fl]


ID#7882 F.M., 2007-01-01 [ Caracas, Miranda]

I believe NT concepts must be known for everyone.

ID#7883 r.c., 2007-01-01 [ selden, ny]

this is secretm i completed level one, which inspired me greatly.however i did not receive an email detailing,date & time of next meeting please rsepond thankyou

ID#7887 s.n., 2007-01-02 [ ACCRA, GHANA]

we want helps to heal our broken hearts and brings better health,wealth,and true love. neotech gives you long life ,prosperity and happiness if you practice its laws. sam nimer

ID#7891 J.A., 2007-01-02 [ Cambridge, MD]

???I want 2 know more???

ID#7899 L.a., 2007-01-02 [ , ]

It is important for spiritual expansion to continue. Neo-Tech has many insights that free us from the misconceptions of stagnant religious philosphies. It is hard for most people who are mired in their dogma and mistranslations of holy books, to open to the possibilities of growth and harmonious evolution. It is understandable that anything new to people's physical, mental and belief systems can bring up a fear response. It is clear they are really stuck when they react with strong hatred. Any free thinking info like Neo-Tech is vital.

ID#7901 T.B., 2007-01-02 [ Scottsdale, AZ]

I am so happy to have found this web site!!

ID#7904 M.G., 2007-01-02 [ Berea, KY]

I couldn't afford the entire Neo-Tech packages when they were offered via hard copy only. There was a certain level of honesty to the logic of what I did read. Too bad the material isn't out for free in public domain 'fair use'.

ID#7905 H. .,@COMCAST.NET 2007-01-02 [ , ]

i cannot stand a net that downs God in any manner what a very shamefull site

ID#7908 . ., 2007-01-03 [ , ]

Earlier today I wrote positive comments about Neo-Tech. After reading much more of your website, I was saddened to see that there seems to be a disconnection and possible hatred of nature? These statements about people who care enough to help animals and the environment might actually discredit the positives I was finding in the material: business-hating/earth-first/"animal-rights" celebrities Greenpeace “environmentalists”, PETA “animal-lovers”, WOW, in order to be a positive imortality seeker, does one need to disdain nature and the environement? Too bad, the tenets seemed valuable before I read that.

ID#7909 A.R., 2007-01-03 [ MIAMI, Fl]

Hi guys!! Last week I wrote you about my points of view about the Iraq war and about some goverments I wish to overthrow. Today I have been asking my self why in the US ARMY free sex is prohibited. I am here by my self and I wish to get some of my colleagues females on my bed. I LOVE SEX !!!!!!! But here we don't do it. Can you imagine how I feel???? I just see a picture or a video clip with a sexy woman, not always is necessary porn, and sooner or later I go on private to self-satisfy my self throughout masturbation. It's horrible!!!! I am tired of that!!! SOS!!! SOS!!!! A.R.

ID#7910 t.L., 2007-01-03 [ JHELUM, ]

I am fond of reading new material for human development so i think yor material is worth reading asd we need to read and anylise it then decide abt its wrong or right side. Please send me material latest at given address. thanks tariq lodhi

ID#7913 J.H., 2007-01-03 [ yardley, pa]

I just finished the inner secrets and inner circle volumns and was blown away from what I read, very insightfull and mind opening. I don't understand the secret part for your mail marketing and find it hard to believe after 10+ yrs I nor any of my friends or family knew anything about it, why is it taking so long to get out? I think if people read All of what was in the books they would be more accepting of its teachings. I believe it needs to be marketed in a different way and that neo-tech needs a strong national spokesperson, this is too good not to share with mankind.

ID#7914 L.W., 2007-01-03 [ Hattiesburg, MS]

Hello: Books are great.I like the research on the historical aspects of neocheaters.It needed to be done.Thank you for the effort! In addition,I would like to network with someone about a job in teaching or research as soon as possible. A job of any kind if necessary(soon).I hope to be included in project life at some point,however;I need employment now! Leonard Wilson Hattiesburg MS

ID#7915 C.D., 2007-01-03 [ Prescott,, Az]

I have just completed reading the last of the books Miss Anabelle's Secret. I was told in a letter that I would be receiving a letter with my instructions to get to the first meeting of the society. I have either not received the letter or I have misplaced it. I would like to receive the information ASAP. Naturally I am more than curious and look forward to association with members of this group. I feel so strongly about what was passed on to me in the last book that I sit in fear that this may be too good to be true. I hope it is as it is purported to be!!!!! I await your answer by E-Mail.

ID#7916 . ., 2007-01-03 [ , ]

I am trying to get intouch with anyone that can help!

ID#7919 j.k., 2007-01-03 [ riverside, ca]

hello, in reading the after 2001 series in the liburary and i just hit the part on envy,near the end.for the last 27 years ive worked in new car auro dealerships in the parts depti work mostly wholesale and back counter( taking care of the service dept)almost all those years always shied away from the front( retail) counter because i dont like lying to sell a product. as a matter of fact,if someone comes in and asks for a part ill ask what his symtes are ,why he thinks this part will cure the problem. if ,from my experince i think he's wrong ill try to give him tests he can peform to be sure.a lot of times they will ask fon a expensive part but what they need is a cheap part. sorry i digress,,ive always hated the car salesman for the lies and tricks they use to get customers to buy thier car. i know that any more they newer sales staff are forcedto use these tactics by the older,more experinced salesmen now in charge. do you think im envy of these salesmen because of the way they make thier living. ive never thought of it in those terms,ive alwasy thought i disliked they for thier busness tactics. after reading the part on envy,im not sure. im striving for self honesty,i dont want a rationalition mixed in. do you have an opion on this? im open to suggestion,please. jerry kennedy

ID#7920 W.B., 2007-01-03 [ Enterprise, UT]

Please do stay on the web. The world needs to know what you have to offer. THE FORCE IS WITH YOU!!! I will be ordering "the book". I received the first info. Wiley Brooks/

ID#7922 M.G., 2007-01-03 [ Syracuse, ny]

Neo-tech eliminated all the confusion that cluttered my mind and now I see in all different directions because I know their is people that think like me.

ID#7924 K.H., 2007-01-03 [ Carmel, CA]

The mind, when allowed to think on itself, is empowered. The mind, when faith and confidence is generated within, is empowered. The mind, when informed of truth becomes its own truth. KHH.

ID#7925 K.L., 2007-01-04 [ , ]

First and foremost, would I be allowed to use the information provided in the article "The History of Love and Sex" for a research paper? Also, how would I cite this article?- author, date of publication, company, etc. Thanks so much for your help.

ID#7927 . ., 2007-01-04 [ , ]

the encapsulation of jaynes is to the point and valuable... the later assertions seem less so and the tone seems to degenerate into something that sounds as cultlike as the mysticisms you seem to desire to eschew... sounds like the bicameral demon of self promotion selling the message short... if you ask me... which in effect you did....

ID#7933 m. ., 2007-01-04 [ , ]

good information, just wish you had author information.

ID#7935 0.L.,@NETZERO.NET 2007-01-04 [ ONTARIO, CA]


ID#7936 r. ., 2007-01-04 [ Charleston, wv]

Stay on the Net? Of course! And any other method you can use to get information disseminated.

ID#7937 r. ., 2007-01-04 [ Charleston, wv]

Stay on the Net? Of course! And any other method you can use to get information disseminated.

ID#7938 S.N., 2007-01-04 [ Marrero, LA]

WhataBOOK! Thousand pages of unbiased truth. There is nothing like it anywhere, anytime. Took over 3 months to read it. Read it day and night. Wish that I could understand some of the over-my-comprehendsion info though. I'm sure I'll read it again and again. Please send me a catalog of all the literatures you have. Looking forward to opening myself to the Real Truth.

ID#7939 V.F., 2007-01-04 [ Sardis, Ga]

As I said above, I received a letter urging me to join. I opened the letter only yesterday and found that my time to join had already passed. The information was very interesting. I do have it. People are drawn to me. I know I am special. Just because I did not make your deadline doesn't mean I won't make it. It's your loss not mine. I would like to know if "The Nouveau Tech Society" is a hoax? They are the ones I recieved a letter from. Would this letter be considered literature from you?

ID#7941 S.C., 2007-01-04 [ Holland, MI]

Kinda tuff for a "secret society" to remain secret on the net. When I recieved your snail mail letter... I fully expected to NOT find anything about NEO TECH on the web. My reccomendation is to, at a minimum, "password protect" the actual material online. At least, make people "apply" online, in some fashion, to get a password. I eagerly await your package in my home mailbox. Steve Corneliussen

ID#7943 A.S., 2007-01-04 [ Swakopmund, ]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Is Neo-Tech now totally off the web? I check the website at leat once a week, but there seems to be no activities. Regards Andreas

ID#7945 R.L., 2007-01-04 [ Melbourne, FL]

i think the information is great and has helped me to see the big picture about life. to get rich and to be happy is lovely. i believe if sick could be stamp out and goverment control was lifted we could change the world robert durant

ID#7948 a.h., 2007-01-04 [ Keystone Heights, FL]

I am now reading the third edition. It is fascinating. I just cannot put it down! Awesome

ID#7949 s. ., 2007-01-04 [ brooklyn, new york]

i think i should stay online but there is a danger of hackers. so be carefull what information is given. next i am still waiting for my time and date of my first meeting. it was supposed to be sent me via email. plus the password. witch like i said before could be dangerous to send.

ID#7950 N. .,@SBCGLOBAL.NET 2007-01-04 [ CLEVELAND, OH]

yes I wood like for the site to remain on the web.because I have question, and information from the society teachers or meeting group.I need help my mail box is fluded with check .My bank say its frud mail.Im trying to find the Secret.Im reading. the novus tek discovery so can you spend some time helping me find these secrets. sincerely NICCIE NEWBILL

ID#7951 S.H., 2007-01-04 [ athens, GA]

i would rather read the printed page than a computer monitor.

ID#7952 m.m., 2007-01-05 [ Glendale, Arizona]

Thanks for the new book.

ID#7953 a. ., 2007-01-05 [ , ]

I believe !!!

ID#7959 D.K., 2007-01-05 [ pomona, NY]

I always have hoped that the truth would be said pleinely someday. Right, this is it. Neo tech spells it all. unfortunately it sounds like a bomb that falls on top of this world. however, it's instead the best of remedies absolutely and urgently needed to cure this distorted universe.

ID#7960 D.K., 2007-01-05 [ POmona, NY]

Although not applauded,the truth is the truth and never die. keep up the good work.

ID#7964 P.P., 2007-01-05 [ Orlando, FL]

My dear friend told me about his neo tech manual, and the high regard he has for it. I've been reading information on the neo tech website, and I'm mesmerized by what I'm reading. I definitely would like to see this site continue and even expand.

ID#7966 g. ., 2007-01-05 [ Dawson Creek, ................................B.C]

Makes sence

ID#7967 G. ., 2007-01-05 [ , ]

Makes sence I do have some Neo-Tec literature

ID#7968 G. ., 2007-01-05 [ Dawson Creek, BC]

Makes sence I do have some Neo-Tec literature

ID#7969 B.B., 2007-01-05 [ , ]

I need some help I am a member I need to borrow $115,568 if someone could help. I could pay back at 500.00 per month. Beatrice Bryant 21 Bonnie Park Pine Bluff Arkansas 71601

ID#7971 D.C., 2007-01-05 [ , ]

Very useful information

ID#7978 M.C.,@Sympatico,ca 2007-01-05 [ Grimsby, 0n ]


ID#7980 . ., 2007-01-05 [ , ]

Hi Emma: New Format, Better Colors (change the energy). Less on opposing views of the Right and Left, and more on the positive value of Neo-Tech Principles. Stop fighting the system… it is a waste of energy, and only re-enforces the old ignorance. It creates resistance, and then more energy is needed to overcome that resistance. That energy can best be used offering the alternative entelechy. I have one of the original manuscripts #30EA Thank you, Jack

ID#7982 F.S., 2007-01-06 [ Englewood , CO]

I've just read some of the negative comments on this site. I can't seem to bring myself to believe that so many people are lost. None of them try to disprove anything through science. All of them seem to be to blind from there "religious beliefs". I challenge any of them to try to disprove any of the neo-tech philosphy with logic. They are always trying to destroy everything and everyone that doesn't agree with what they believe in. Further more I aplaud all who have given positive feedback. There is hope for those that realize the truth behind neo-tech.

ID#7983 A.H., 2007-01-06 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is the best thing I have come across. I love it and love reading everything I can about it. I sure hope it remains on the web forever...... Thanks Neo-Tech

ID#7990 I.B., 2007-01-06 [ Denver, Co.]

I have been a slow reader, but it is verry hard to put these Books down.I have learned so much and must keep going I realize I am a little Old but I have Faith in myself and you,have incouraged me more and more. I now hope to come to one of your meetings and find a Church here in Denver. Thank you. Ina B. Williams. NC92 1435-0053 BN02

ID#7992 K.K., 2007-01-06 [ New Castle, Pa.]

Let me tell all those who have just reached this website that if you have just discovered this website I would like to tell the Neo-Tech is right 100%. And did you notice that almost all the negative coments are from the same people? And they are never going against the concepts, just the people of Neo-tech? That is because they cannot argue with the trueth. They are all in denial (forgive me if I spelled that incorrectly). The purpous of the negative coments is to argue with Neo-tech and loose mysticism, not insult its members. I actualy think that insulting its members is illegal and that Neo-Tech can sue them.

ID#7993 D.M., 2007-01-06 [ Milton Keynes, ]

Have been sent the NT Society letters and would like to know a bit more before buying the book. Yours Duncan Martin

ID#7997 T.R., 2007-01-07 [ Palm Bay, FL]

I wish that the "literature" that I have that you sent me were on CD's so I could put it on my computer so I could read it much more quickly. Over a thousand pages each one puts me to sleep reading it all. I still haven't finished the FIRST one you sent, then you sent me the second one, and 3 weeks isn't nearly enough time for me to read EVERYTHING (as you put it.)

ID#7998 C. ., 2007-01-07 [ , ]

I am still reading the most recent book and have found it heart moving and eye opening, I look forward to learning and reading more of Neo-Tech. I thank you for bringing me into the light on many levels

ID#7999 C. ., 2007-01-07 [ Salt Lake City, Utah]

I am still reading the most recent book and have found it heart moving and eye opening, I look forward to learning and reading more of Neo-Tech. I thank you for bringing me into the light on many levels

ID#8000 m.o., 2007-01-07 [ angola, in]

I am just trying to make it to my first meeting.unfortunatly I am going to be in the dominican republic the week of my first meeting , and I dont know how to log in to change it. P.S. I am computer illitrate, please bare with me.

ID#8001 A.M., 2007-01-07 [ , ]

Now I understand how governments, courts, politicians, influential businesses and large corporates work. They follow your book.

ID#8002 C.W., 2007-01-07 [ Birmingham, UK]

I have not had any material yet off NT. But, im strongly in support of fact that will elliviate mankind out of poverty and misery. please help. how do i get get hold of your material and subsequently be one of yours.

ID#8003 W.v., 2007-01-07 [ Geertruidenberg, NB]

Hello, My name is Wim van der Kuijl. I'm from The Netherlands, Europe. And a former business owner of an it company. I received a letter and the first installment. Further, i paidand i'm waiting for the 550 pag. book nr 2. I hope it will come soon. I also have a spiritual background and i am a 5-times master and master teacher. I've studied and read a lot from many cultures and already seen a lot of simularities between high info of these cultures. Because of my cur. i went surfing ahead and came on this website. I started by reading the testimonials. I already see the hole picture in it and the positive force with it. A lot of people will go by the positive flow and help others. A lot won't, thats their choice. So i hope this site will stay online. I will spend my time on studying as soon as i receive the installment nr 2 book. Because i believe in this truth and happiness tool. May the Bright Light shine on all of you.

ID#8004 G.W., 2007-01-07 [ , ]

I have been captivated by book one and two. I am excited to have this information. I wish I could digest in faster. I believe this is the answer for a productive and rewarding life. I always believed man was at a level of goodhood, and that we could become the creator in a future life. I am excited how accelerated the concept of god-man is.

ID#8006 K. ., 2007-01-07 [ freeburg , IL]

I have never been enlightened so much. Everything that has been shared with me has such vitality toward life. All the views expressed are things we all believe but so many are afraid to admit or commit to. For their fear of being different from society & not being accepted, being destroyed for seeking honesty with ourselves & honesty in all things.

ID#8007 j. ., 2007-01-07 [ ORANGE, calif]

neo-tech has as much right to be on the web as any one else. To remove them from the web is like saying we do not live in a free and tolerant society. This would be the first step in making the web a goverment run system that would be controlled by an organization that does not see us as people with any rights at all.

ID#8008 I.R., 2007-01-07 [ c, GA]

All thas information is realy value for are society. given you a peace, hope, and happeness sucesfull. belive me because I now personal.

ID#8012 R.B., 2007-01-07 [ Montgomery, AL]

I was solidly into biblical reasearch for 15 years. The reason I broke away was because of the teaching and worsening trend toward obeying your leadership without question. I always had a problem with authority because of their decisions based on "their" opinion regardless of my life. I have always felt special because I am me. My life, my world, my universe has been shaped and controlled by neocheaters way to long, no more. I think God-Man is the wrong term to use. The word "God" was developed by neocheaters. "God" is mystical and undefined, without any mathematical exactness or scientific precision. Just like the phrase that was used in Volume 1 refering to someones untimely death "passed away". "Passed Away" means to pass from this life (physical death) unto the next life (spiritual life, body), where life is perfect. The Neo-Tech information has helped me put together my previous thinking about many things. I love the words "integrated thinking". My managers at work have been noticing a difference in me since I have started reading my "motivational book". They have stopped hasseling me and done more to help. I see everything from a different perspective now. I am working on starting my home business now (part time) and can't stop thinking about the "whole business". It sure would be nice to meet with some local people who have this material. I want to talk about the information I am learning but haveing a hard to relating it to people I currently know. Thanks for the change, I can't wait for everything else to start falling into place (i.e.:wealth, real love and perfect health).

ID#8013 J.E., 2007-01-07 [ St. Petersburg, FL]

The exchange of ideas is necessary for our advancement and survival. Now is the time when old and new ideas collide. Those with merit survive. I'm grateful for the powerful advantages I've learned so far.

ID#8014 k.j., 2007-01-07 [ flushing, n.y.]

I think that through Neo Tech information, one is able to rise above many so called " hard workers". Your web site and materials are so interesting, and really do work. In all ways. Thaks for the amazing web site and info. Stay on!

ID#8015 c.s., 2007-01-08 [ westlake, ohio]

Enjoying the book so far. Almost done with discovery. It makes a lot of sense and it very optimistic about the future. Keep the info coming.

ID#8017 R.N., 2007-01-08 [ G.Hills, CA]

Great information,great ideas.

ID#8018 M.D., 2007-01-08 [ Arlington, TX]

There are leaders and followers, all have the right to be present on the web. Each mind should decide for itself and not be some small minded person looking to justify his or hers existance. Hell yes leave Neo Tech on the web.

ID#8020 K. ., 2007-01-08 [ , ]

I was reading your negitive comments and I was saddened. I am a christian and intend to stay one. I can understand being upset by neo tech ideas, I am not. No matter how upset you get, as a christian it is not right to attack, threaten, or curse others. It is as much against the teachings of Christ as those you are attacking. I am speaking only to the Christians who are against Neo tech. Give a polite warning and move on. Talking of shotgun slugs and other voilent actions is just as much a sin as if you really did it. Prey then stay away from neotech if it bothers you.

ID#8021 K. ., 2007-01-08 [ NEWTON, NJ]

Am not finding the book or reading information on your site that I would like to have access to. PLEASE INFORM ME OF HOW TO GET INFORMATION AND/OR RESOURCES.

ID#8023 m. ., 2007-01-08 [ oakland, ca]

I received my letter late dated dec 7 2006 'cos I was on vacation . I need to activate my NC921439-5174 number, please.

ID#8024 B.T., 2007-01-08 [ Delta , Utah]

Ive read all three books and the help Ive obtained is priceless, thank you, anyone with an open mind and positive attitude will gain from Neo-Tech.

ID#8025 C. ., 2007-01-08 [ West midlands, ]

i purchased the neo tech discovery many years ago and was woken up to what life was really about after reading it. Slowly slowly over the years i slipped back into my old destructive habits and personal mystisms took control once again. After moving homes a few times the original neotech discovery i purchased got lost ( luky person who found it, i wonder if it changed thier life ?). it was always though in the back of my mind and then something personal happened to me that made me realize i had slipped back into my mysticisms so i put a search out for neo tech and i&o publishing company and found this site. i am so glad that you are still out their working harder than ever no doubt. My life has to change and i am trying to overcome my limitations but cannot remember all of the 114 neotech advantages i read all those years ago. I am reaching on the shelf metaphorically for neo tech for guidance but its not there anymore. please send me details how i can re order. yours sincerely christos

ID#8026 l.l., 2007-01-08 [ kyle, tx]

I would like to see a chat room where one could interact with other members,and grow at even a faster rate.

ID#8030 B.M., 2007-01-09 [ Arlington, VA]

I'm really thrilled, haveing been asked to join neo-tech. I can't seem to find the right link to enter My user name and password.

ID#8037 V.W., 2007-01-09 [ chicago, Ill.]

I am happy about my membership.valaree

ID#8038 K.F., 2007-01-09 [ , ]

I can't believe how many people posting negative comments are little more than religious fanatics (and I'm being as kind as I can be when I say that). Neo Tech isn't an instant get-rich-quick thing. But what it does do is help you purge your guilt and the extraneous garbage you've been lugging around with you. Hats off to Neo Tech for stating the naked truth. It may not be what everyone wants to hear, but it's definitely what everyone NEEDS to hear.

ID#8041 L.H., 2007-01-09 [ Broken Hill, NSW]

I think that it should stay on the Web, however I think that it should be only available to those who are serious about what Neo-Tech really means and not to be available to pranksters or idiots per-se. How this is only my opinion and not the voice of the many.

ID#8045 I.a., 2007-01-09 [ , ]

Free speach is a right we americans must defend. Our boys die to preserve freedom of speach. If someone is against someone stating something they believe and you don't. Shuting them up is not american.

ID#8047 N.1., 2007-01-10 [ , ]

I need info to access the second secrete meeting-

ID#8050 J. ., 2007-01-10 [ Sioux Falls, SD]

Let's not slip back into the dark ages!

ID#8051 J.F., 2007-01-10 [ Round Lake , Illnois]

Dear Sir/Madam I trully thought our first meeting would be in my front yard. I pictured all the important people in my life plus everyone else that wished were what I considered "In the Know" being in attendance, I had no idea how I would be able to accomidate everyone. I wanted to let everyone know there is something more, alot more, that we can do to advance this wastefull existance we now live in. At the time of these thoughts I did not think it would ever become reality, I just did not know what I would say or what we could do. I forsee that the edges of this grand superpuzzle is now complete. It seems just a matter of time before the rest of the masses become "In the Know" and complete what is our destiny. Thank You for all you have done and am sure greatfull that It wasn't my imagination gone wild when I seen in my mind a far better society than what we live in now. Respectfully Yours John F Dahmen

ID#8052 J.B., 2007-01-10 [ North Hollywood, CA]

I to was born to usher in the the new age. Neo-Tech is the laymans terms of transition, so well written that, yes for the first time in our lifes we are able to define neo-cheating and to identify it and and to point out to the people that it's time to grow into a new way of thinking. A way of thinking that will free the world of mind control and mysticism and to excell to the stars. Take reasponsibility to the true algorithm of the mind and find pease through intregrated honesty....

ID#8053 A.R., 2007-01-10 [ Philadelphia, Philadelphia]

It is a new way of looking at the world and its bankrupt system of lies and corruption.New knowledge always upset the ignorant and mislead,it also upset those responsible for masterminding or crafting the great lies that have deceived ninety percent of the human family. Neo-tech is just a wake up call,the greater truth is like a women in child birth waiting to be delivered.

ID#8056 o.y., 2007-01-10 [ kampala, ]

Neo tech is the best thing to ever happen to me.As a new member of this class of people,i would love to get more knowledge.

ID#8058 A. ., 2007-01-10 [ bensalem, pa ]

would like to buy the book

ID#8059 l. ., 2007-01-10 [ 69800 saint priest, ]

je n ai avant jamais senti ce sens de bonheur et d excitation dans ma vie

ID#8064 W. ., 2007-01-10 [ NewPortRichey, FL]

The only Gods or Demons,that do live. Are the which Life,we chose to give. A Individual,needs only to beleave in one's Self. One must diregard,mystical beleafs and remove them from one's shelves. Then and only then,one shal see Life,in a trure picture form. Not in the mystical,false and thus Deformed. The Time Writer 41154

ID#8065 J. ., 2007-01-10 [ , ]

I want to learn about your ideas and prefer accessing information via the web.

ID#8066 p.s., 2007-01-10 [ houston, tx]

yes i do belive my mentor went into my brain to write book 2and 3 for me,and as such provides external verification of that which i have professed and pondered for most of my life. its like you took the words right out of my mind, or transcribed many of my speeches. my deepest thanks p.s. sign me up for project life

ID#8067 j.r., 2007-01-10 [ eastpoint, ga]

neo-tech has had a profound effect on my life... lets just say i never had a unlucky day after reading it.

ID#8069 J.B., 2007-01-10 [ Denver, CO]

Neo-Tech has not only changed the way I view Life and the anti-civilization, it has brought me profound enjoyment of the love I share with my family. Though I have not figured out how to use the website and the NTNs I feel that an establishment this great deserves to be on the web as much as anything else does. Keep up the great work.

ID#8070 H. ., 2007-01-10 [ Bend, OR]

Because of the way this gouverment is run people like me are sufering.

ID#8071 j. ., 2007-01-10 [ Nassau, N.P., Nassau, Bahamas]

Is an an assets to many, by being very informative and versitile.

ID#8072 j. ., 2007-01-10 [ Nassau, N.P., Nassau, Bahamas]

Is an an assets to many, by being very informative and versitile.

ID#8073 D.T., 2007-01-10 [ , ]

I would like to be involved in helping to achieve biological immortality and others in my area that want success and want to be self-thinkers. I want to meet those who may have begun the God-man church in my area.

ID#8075 k.d., 2007-01-10 [ scioto furnace, oh]

I really enjoy reading the books I have I've learned alot about people and how they act.I wish I could pick up on some of the messages that the say could make me wealthy, but so far I haven't. I'm still looking for them I won'tive up.

ID#8076 N. .,@YAHOO.COM 2007-01-11 [ BEACON FALLS, CT ]


ID#8077 T.D., 2007-01-11 [ Shelbyville, Indiana]

Let there be light!! There is much darkness in this world, and in our minds. I needed a Miss Annebelle in my earlier years. All this time wasted along the way. I CAN overcome the burden to become a value creator. I AM an excellant value producer surrounded by nonthinking, religious, manipulating people. I've been called a communist, revolutionary, and the fly in the ointment, among other things. I've read the three packages of SECRETS and Ayn Rand. Here,s to EVERLASTING love and happiness for all who want and need it including myself. I,ve been invited!! But have not responded as yet. This my first visit to this website. KEEP IT GOING!

ID#8078 L.c., 2007-01-11 [ Stockton, CA]

I have recently attended an exclusive Neo=TecgSociety members only meeting, and I am looking forward to my next meeting,although I do not know when the next meting will take place,I would like to know ASAP. Leonard Cabrera Neo-TechSociety Member

ID#8082 . ., 2007-01-11 [ , ]

Neo-tech should remain.

ID#8094 s. ., 2007-01-11 [ brkln, ny]

Neotech is lifechanging

ID#8096 . ., 2007-01-11 [ , ]

what a joke.!!!

ID#8097 J.A., 2007-01-11 [ Heath, OH]

No, I waited too long to read his letter so I never really ever found out all about neo-tech.

ID#8098 C.S., 2007-01-11 [ lemoore, ca]

I love this new way of thinking. I have been searching for something like this for years. Ill be waiting in the mail to get my free information. Thanks

ID#8103 A.L., 2007-01-12 [ Johannesburg, ]

Hello all at Neotech, Are we winning yet? what are the stats? I see that various neocheaters still rule here and there. Tell me, do your topical pages still open on your site? The only pages that open are this one, and the pos/neg comments pages. Has there been an info shut down? regards Adrian

ID#8105 m.c., 2007-01-12 [ north amityville, new york]

So far, based on what I have learned by reading "THE NOUVEAU TECH DISCOVERY SYSTEM", I'm still willing to learn more about the society.

ID#8106 N.R., 2007-01-12 [ Keystone, Spanish Town, ]

Ideas are rational and worth a study to determine its truthfullness

ID#8107 d. ., 2007-01-12 [ u6k, ik]

el ojo

ID#8108 d. ., 2007-01-12 [ diego, el ojo]


ID#8115 D.T., 2007-01-12 [ , ]

My first meeting will be next week. I want to know about any movements out there to promote neo-think and if there are any web sites or chat rooms for neo-tech

ID#8126 j.b., 2007-01-13 [ Glendale,, arizona]

the world needs neo-tech to survive

ID#8127 . ., 2007-01-13 [ , ]

I just finished "The Nouveau Tech Package of Inner-Circle Secrets". I look forward to meeting others who are involved in Neo-Tech. I'm, at this point, not comfortable with giving my email and address. However, with the number above, I'm confident that your material will reach me. AZ USA

ID#8130 E.D.,@AOL.COM 2007-01-13 [ TUCSON, AZ]

please help with neo meetings & times i`m having trouble with my pc

ID#8132 E.F., 2007-01-13 [ Franklin, NJ]

Knowledge is power. Power is fun & profitable.

ID#8135 A. ., 2007-01-13 [ Witchita, Ks.]

I "was" an avid reader of Neo~Tech and injoyed every moment reading it. That was until poor misguided,mysticly tainted, family members thoughtit was the Devils teachings,and was going to burn in Hell. So while @ work, procided to burn all of my Neo~Tech material. So I was very excited to run across your webbsite,cant wait until I can check it out futher. Keep up the good work. Sincerly yours, A.Johnson

ID#8140 R. ., 2007-01-14 [ , 87532]

Have Two Of Three. Want To Know More. Interested, Catching On To How Things Are

ID#8141 P.V., 2007-01-14 [ Pune, Maharashtra]

Very very incompatable atleast now to make comments

ID#8142 D. ., 2007-01-14 [ , ]


ID#8145 b.t., 2007-01-14 [ anderson, IN]

I have had problems trying to get into to the first exp. date is jan. 15 . the website says my password is invalad,but there is nowere to type it in.Plus there is no date or time for Indiana please help me I've read all three books and I ready for this to start.I' cant tell if I did something or what.

ID#8146 K.M., 2007-01-14 [ Creve Coeur, MO]

I's a convenient portal to "Secret Society".

ID#8148 W.L., 2007-01-14 [ Pawhuska, OK]

I have just completed reading the Second Book that I have ordered from Neo Tech and I am fasinated with the new way of looking at life and I'm ready for the Neo Tech Party and totally fed up with our present system. I retired at age 55 and I'll be 65 next month. I'm a busy person who is about 10# overweight. I love fishing, hunting, and trapping. I spend the winter's trapping and every day is challenging and I am on a constant learning curve. Your books reflect a person working for someone and then growing in that company then moving into their own company. What about the retired person living 2 miles from the nearest family?

ID#8150 G.G., 2007-01-14 [ Riverside , RI ]

i have lost my Neo-tech Documents due to relocations in order to go underground. I believe Neo-tech original documents were put together by a Dupont Chemist who was incarcerated by the U.S. government for his beliefs. I would like to regain access to the literature and migrate this into my present business. I believe this documentation is in the library of congress but i care not to search for it through a government web site. Please provide information which will enable me to come back up to speed with this theology and intergrate it into my present business enterprise Gsquare co llc. thanks for your support. i look forward to hearing from you soon.

ID#8151 G.G., 2007-01-14 [ Riverside , RI ]

i have lost my Neo-tech Documents due to relocations in order to go underground. I believe Neo-tech original documents were put together by a Dupont Chemist who was incarcerated by the U.S. government for his beliefs. I would like to regain access to the literature and migrate this into my present business. I believe this documentation is in the library of congress but i care not to search for it through a government web site. Please provide information which will enable me to come back up to speed with this theology and intergrate it into my present business enterprise Gsquare co llc. thanks for your support. i look forward to hearing from you soon.

ID#8156 k.M., 2007-01-15 [ Geelong, Vic]

wow ! still reading, about 3/4 way through well what an eye opener have always suspected neocheating going on cant wait to finish reading Kelly

ID#8157 K.R., 2007-01-15 [ Port Orchard, WA]

I am currently reading all three volumes of the Neo-Tech Package. Very intrigueing. I have lots of questions.

ID#8159 S.C., 2007-01-15 [ Davenport , Ia]

Neo-tech has changed my life and the way I look at things. I think world be a better place in the Civilation of The Universe. I'm ready for this to happen now!

ID#8166 P. ., 2007-01-15 [ bayonne, NJ]

I would like to read more about Miss Annabells How to raise a genius Through Five Minute Bedtime Stories. I would also like to see more info on the church of god man Also the newspaper patterson press

ID#8167 C.L., 2007-01-15 [ Summerville, SC]

I believe that more people need to jump on the band wagon and lets ride the wave. This a new and exciting future that we are talking about here and I think that if more people could just open their minds up and let a little neo-tech creep in then our goal could be acompalished alot faster and we could have this wonderful life now. People need to except change and lose the old ways. It hasn't wroked for us yet, so lets give something new a try.

ID#8168 V.A., 2007-01-15 [ Huntsville, UT]

im interested in reading more of your stuff

ID#8173 C.W., 2007-01-15 [ Milwaukee, WI]

I am a member I think . I'm waiting to view the meeting.

ID#8179 J. ., 2007-01-16 [ London, London]

I couldn't get into the site to check out yjr msterial.

ID#8183 D.F., 2007-01-16 [ Canandaigua, NY]

Great books, I just wish those poor born agains could understand what is happening to our world. I feel sorry for them not understanding the true nature of life. It's hard to believe they are still following the biggest lie ever told, it's like a fairytale they believe is real. Quit following the lies and get with reality.

ID#8186 B.K., 2007-01-16 [ Indianapolis, IN]

This is "THE" info everyhuman being needs to incorporate in their lives to seek impovement and change for the better.

ID#8187 C.C., 2007-01-16 [ detroit, mi ]

The site should stay on, and I would like more info.

ID#8195 J.A., 2007-01-16 [ Santa Monica, CA]

I'm Have a question: When I'm going to be invited to my first meeting? I'm still reading the twelve visions, and I have to finish the rest, but still I would like to meet some members. I have questions, and I going to make from this source. Thank you very much, Jose A. Rodriguez

ID#8196 t.b., 2007-01-16 [ baltimore, md]

I'm still trying to access the website to sign-in for the meetings...

ID#8197 M.M., 2007-01-17 [ Glendale, Az]

I would like to heip on my personal identification process, and in doing so, help others. First, id codes can be stolen. Voice id patterns can be reproduced. even dna can be stolen. Can fingerprints be stolen? I think there needs to be a way for an exact and simple way to id anyone. I don't know the answer to this problem. Can you help? Marc Manspeake1-16-07

ID#8198 R.B., 2007-01-17 [ Brooklyn, NY]

The information present by neo-tech is most valued literature i have ever read. I have read all three books and found them most interesting and enjoyable they have opened my eyes to a brighter future for which i am looking forward to a part of. As for now i am awaiting my chance to entered into these special meetings can't wait. Willing to do my part to cure the deased plagues that attack the existance of human life or immortality. Always told people from a young age that i was immortal, that i was over 500 years hope to make the come through. Thank you for your honesty and for the eye opener.

ID#8201 J.A., 2007-01-17 [ Amelia, Ohio]

I've read all three volumns and found the web site in the package of inner secrets. There is a wealth of helpful information in these three books and they have opened me to a whole new world and alot of the information I had realized at an early age but just couldn't confirm my thoughts and feelings with anyone especially clergy. Go figure! The epic novel Miss Annabell's secrets is great. I, now,am waiting for my password to participate in the meetings and looking forward to meeting Mark.

ID#8202 J.A., 2007-01-17 [ Amelia, Ohio]

I've read all three volumns and found the web site in the package of inner secrets. There is a wealth of helpful information in these three books and they have opened me to a whole new world and alot of the information I had realized at an early age but just couldn't confirm my thoughts and feelings with anyone especially clergy. Go figure! The epic novel Miss Annabell's secrets is great. I, now,am waiting for my password to participate in the meetings and looking forward to meeting Mark.

ID#8204 . ., 2007-01-17 [ , ]


ID#8206 D.C., 2007-01-17 [ , ]

When will your sight be back up? It's very refreshing.

ID#8207 V.M., 2007-01-17 [ Winsford, Cheshire]

I have read many of the volumes the book. god-man/neo-tech decoded zon power for riches but can't seem to get my head around the scientific concepts. Although I think some of the concepts could work, I feel the world has gone too far into madness to recover. I also can't see how the science can be proved anymore than the blind faith of religionists can be proved or dis-proved and the short life spans of mankind appear to cause interuptions in progress quite possibly through the deliberate controls of neo-cheating governments. Best wishes

ID#8209 T.H., 2007-01-17 [ chesapeake, va]

I think you should be able to stay on the web no matter what you say on your page. It's the web and people have certain freedoms.... freedom of speech. I would like to see more information in general about nouveau tech and maybe something where people can interact with each other on your site.

ID#8210 F.L., 2007-01-17 [ Madison, FL]

This is truely AMAZING!!! Thank you Neo Tech. I have shed most of the self mysticism I had been dragging around most of my life. I want so badly to make the jump. I will continue to apply everything I can to achieve that JUMP! I hope that more people will get past the religious hold that so tightly grips the subconcious mind, and feelings. That has been the most difficult part of this proccess for me. I am still admittedly struggling with that mysticism. HOWEVER, not for long. I am starting into the third book. Can't wait to see what's in store. Hope to speak with you soon. Again, thank you Mark and Dr. Wallace. Thank you for devoting so much of your lives to helping others. Mark, you should run for President in 2008!!! I would definitely vote for you.

ID#8213 H.R., 2007-01-17 [ Dania, Fl]

I was fooled by the literature. I don't want anyone being fool by this society and their many false promises.

ID#8214 M. ., 2007-01-17 [ , ]

This site seems very odd. The home page has no links to the contents within neo-tech which is just poorly designed. Also it seems very shady and very much like a cult. Some of the negative reviews i read seemed pretty crazy perhaps most of the people attracted to this site are somewhat crazy. I dont have anything crazy to say only that neo-tech sounds like and appears to be very much like a cult and cults are bad. Im not for neo-tech staying on the web but im not particularly against it either I suppose even a cult should be allowed to have a website.

ID#8216 T.N., 2007-01-17 [ Rustenberg, South Africa]

I owne neo tech discovery but i havent make money yet pls help me to make money systems that will work in south africa

ID#8217 L.H., 2007-01-17 [ ST.GABRIEL, LA]


ID#8218 K.A., 2007-01-17 [ Port Angeles, WA]

I am sending for the books as we speak

ID#8219 . ., 2007-01-17 [ , ]

I am having trouble signing in to get info. on first meeting. Please reply to

ID#8222 T.H., 2007-01-17 [ Akron, Oh]

What date will the second meeting be on?I finished the first meeting in December 06.No date was mentioned.He said one mounth.Thank You!

ID#8223 g.m., 2007-01-17 [ taft, ca]

kind gentle people neo tech is confirmation for me ive alwaysfelt that there were others that had the same feelings i will defend neo tech to my best .

ID#8226 J.S., 2007-01-18 [ Glenorchy , Victoria]


ID#8228 M.G., 2007-01-18 [ Mather, Ca.]

a close friend some time ago had mentioned there was something I should look into and after some searching I landed here........glad I found you!!!!!.......G.

ID#8229 N. ., 2007-01-18 [ Bloomfield, CT]

Great book but could use help getting started.

ID#8230 P. ., 2007-01-18 [ FORT MILL, S.C.]

I have been interested in the laws of our nations and knew there had to be something we, as people, coming together, could do to make this world as wonderful as it was intended to be. I have known about the "Universal Law" for sometime now. Most of the people I talk to about this law either do not believe it, or say " We can not do anything to change the world, so why should we concern ourselves with it at this stage in our lives. I would come back to this web site, because I feel that the more people who learn about the Universal Law, that is more people who will stand up and fight for our God-given rights. Any information you can send to we will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this.

ID#8231 G.R., 2007-01-18 [ Gervais, Oregon]

Neo-Tech is just opening my eyes and mind more and more on how life should be lived and experienced.Great info!Great everything!

ID#8233 m. ., 2007-01-18 [ adelaide, sth australia]

very mind enlitening ,the thinking has helped me move on from past disapointments which most people would find soul distroying. looking forward to reading more

ID#8235 m. ., 2007-01-18 [ laurelton, ny]

set up for level two meeting. have not done level 1 yet tried to reach you. this is the only way available. please advise asap

ID#8236 . ., 2007-01-18 [ , ]

Your web site was not very informative. Please add information about your beliefs, teachings, etc..

ID#8237 W.C., 2007-01-18 [ Brentwood, md]

Most Deffinitly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To this date there are no others like Neo-Tach trying to help others come to know themselves ,their true self,as God created them to be.People have misinturpted,missed God,there by missing themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID#8241 S. ., 2007-01-18 [ Medford, OR]

I recieved a letter inviting me to become a member. I was interested and have taken the time to read what you have on the internet. The advise and self examination and how to conduct business, has been very informative. Renewed my own ideas and enthusiasm about myself and the business world.

ID#8242 j.p., 2007-01-18 [ attalla , al]

how do i meet neo tech members in my area ?

ID#8243 N.C., 2007-01-18 [ Oklahoma city, OK]

I was able to read a portion of the original I&O NeoTech materials in the early 80's when my father purchased it. (I was in HS) When he passed away in '93. I looked for it and found only the NeoTechII book, but glad of that at least. It allowed me to skip Ayn Rand as a development point in my thinking as i had a lot of ground to cover- I was raised in a Catholic household (my father had even studied as a Jesuit seminarian) with catholic school and weekly activities. I was never totally comfortable there but kept my mouth shut mostly. After reading Dr Wallace's work, I was able to reach out and develop my true interests and am now a staunch Humanist. I wish I could have met Dr Wallace for further discussion but I am sure that I can find new material in his latest works.

ID#8245 S.T., 2007-01-19 [ Marshall, NC]

I am a publisher of a local free monthly magazine and would like permission to print several paragraphs of the information on your site about the history of love from the Greeks til now. It was taken from two books: The Natural History of Love, by Morton M. Hunt, and Sex in History by G. Rattray Taylor. We will, of course, give appropriate credit to your website. Thanks, Sandi Tomlin-Sutker

ID#8247 . ., 2007-01-19 [ , ]


ID#8248 J.B., 2007-01-19 [ , MA]

I couldn't go beyond the home page other then the positive and negative comments and this form...How do I access the site?

ID#8250 J.O., 2007-01-19 [ Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin]

I think that Dr Wallace was/is on to something here, there is too much that he is accurate about to make me not want to check out the concepts I'm honestly unaware of. Everyone should have the opportunity to discover truth. The Matrix (the corporatocracy) almost has us. It's time to take it back, our world, but to do so, we must unite. That is the true evolution, when we can all get together, to unite for the common good, the true "common wealth".

ID#8251 J.J., 2007-01-19 [ Amsterdam, ]

Neo Tech changed my life. It opened my eyes and it really should remain on the internet!

ID#8255 S.B., 2007-01-20 [ Kristianstad, Scania]

It's revealing, informative and entertaining.

ID#8257 B.L., 2007-01-20 [ Tacoma, Wa.]

I came. I saw, I found NO networking board links anywhere, not will the links to the other places on your homepage work, except for the comment sections. By the way-my email address IS NOT for inclusion in any marketing campaign , nor to be sold on a list!!

ID#8261 B.M., 2007-01-20 [ burnsville, mn]

I lost the letter that you sent me getting me on the net with the training etc. I was to start in December. My member number is NC60 0678-4028. Could you please get me hooked up with the site?

ID#8262 B.M., 2007-01-20 [ burnsville, mn]

I lost the letter that you sent me getting me on the net with the training etc. I was to start in December. My member number is NC60 0678-4028. Could you please get me hooked up with the site?

ID#8264 J.m., 2007-01-20 [ columbia, sc]

The book that I read that belonged to an inmate while incarcerated was one of the greatest books I ever read. I came out of prison in 2003 with no family support and not assets. I am on the brink of buying my own home now and have been more financially secure than before being imprisoned...

ID#8266 c. ., 2007-01-20 [ east orange, new jersey]


ID#8268 L.S., 2007-01-20 [ Tinton Falls, NJ]

Anyone should be free to accept or not to accept.

ID#8270 c. ., 2007-01-21 [ Fresno, Ca]

I own 3 books..

ID#8271 S.W., 2007-01-21 [ Bowling Green, OH]

It is a profound experience!

ID#8272 . ., 2007-01-21 [ , ]

A lot to think about. Integration in order to realize your potential and the perspective on politics are quiet interersting.Friday-night essence and the ability to rise above stagnation, stagnation robs us all of our potential. Life time learners and producers.

ID#8276 R.R., 2007-01-21 [ San Diego, California]

I have been trying to log-in to see and read my first lesson, Level One. This time I started Friday, 01/19/07, Saturday, 01/20/07, and today Sunday. Have been denied access from my computer. is somebody trying to stop people accessing your important information? Sincerely Reginald Apprentice, help

ID#8277 R.R., 2007-01-21 [ San Diego, California]

I have been trying to log-in to see and read my first lesson, Level One. This time I started Friday, 01/19/07, Saturday, 01/20/07, and today Sunday. Have been denied access from my computer. is somebody trying to stop people accessing your important information? Sincerely Reginald Apprentice, help

ID#8280 c.g., 2007-01-21 [ winona, ms]

understand me

ID#8283 A. ., 2007-01-22 [ berlin, N.H.]

My innerself has finally recieved a bit of recognition through a long period of insuccess. I still need help and work, but now understand why I know more most.

ID#8284 D.F., 2007-01-22 [ Placentia, CA]

Definitely stay on the web!!! What an awesome and refreshing alternative to the rigid, narrow-minded “path” we, as people, almost seem forced to pursue in our day-to-day lives!!! I have been “praying” to find my way to a prosperous and successful life--living the lifestyle, which I have always felt akin to, a part of… And suddenly there you were…right in my mailbox!!! You literally took my breath away. And at what a time--I had truly hit rock bottom, financially. Yes, I am one very fortunate lady to have been chosen by you, THANK YOU NTS!!! THANK YOU, Dr. Wallace, Mr. Hamilton, and company!!! To finally awaken to a new way of living ones life--one, which promises everything I have ever dreamed about--and suddenly it is within my grasp!!! Absolutely incredible!!! I have the “Discovery” right now and am just beginning my journey to ENLIGHTENMENT. So PLEASE bear with me, I’m going to need a little extra time. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for this opportunity. Again, thank you so much!!! Sincerely, Diane Forrest

ID#8287 . ., 2007-01-22 [ , ]

In The Origin of Conciousness, Jaynes expresses the notion that the Oracle(s) at Delphi had been "trained" to put themselves in a trance state because Jaynes personally could find no valid chemical cause to explain their prophecies as being hallucinogenic. However, recent scientific studies (and by no means quasi) show that just such a chemical, ethylene, once used in more modern times as an anaesthetic (and if taken in large doses, deadly) and more recently as a fruit ripening agent, was found in rocks and in the water, at the site; and, scientifically demonstated to show that it could vaporize through fissures in the base upon which the temple was erected. Ethylene displaces oxygen in the brain which can have the effect of putting a human subject in a trance-like, euphoric state which at certain levels of dosage also results in dream-like visions, distorted judgement, and drawing abnormal or illogical inferences. Care to comment on this?

ID#8288 B.H., 2007-01-22 [ Diago, Cal.]

Yes we should.WE can was the hard part.WE Did is the beauty of reality.All systems go Teem.Communications are under attack Shields holding.(Damage report)Time is runing at 20%hear 100%input and holding. Overwhelming has been neutralized hear.Computer skills and spelling at50%.

ID#8289 K.B., 2007-01-22 [ Scott, LA]

Neo Tech is the absolute BEST - by FAR! The best knowledge a person can learn about life - and most of all, about themselves. Without Neo-Tech, almost everyone is unaware of the dishonest illusions that affect our life and most of all-our happiness! I really wish I would have known about Neo-Tech several years ago. It should be taught in every school. Our world would be a much better - and happier - place! Together, we will accomplish this!

ID#8291 . ., 2007-01-22 [ , ]


ID#8292 L.J., 2007-01-22 [ Ilion, New York]

I am about to enter the meetings and hope to be enlightened

ID#8293 J.S., 2007-01-22 [ San Juan, ]

I would like to order the following products: Happiness Forever(Mark Hamilton,270 pages)Audio Cassette Tapes Neo-Tech Job Power!

ID#8294 R.J., 2007-01-22 [ EVANSVILLE , IN]

making promises of wealth, immortality, love might be just ways you make money selling books to weak minded inividuals. HOWEVER it's not illegal. rj reynolds and co. make billions of $ selling death and disease. lockheed martin make billions of $ selling weapons that are made for killing. you have the right to sell your product no matter how questionable it may be. and if anyone doesnt like it they can NOT BUY IT.

ID#8300 S.C., 2007-01-22 [ , ]

Free choice

ID#8304 J.V.,@SHAW.CA 2007-01-22 [ COURTENAY B.C., ]

I have the original manuscript 1st copy #125cj by Frank R.Wallace

ID#8305 S.B., 2007-01-22 [ Rhodhiss, Nc]

I have just been informed of the Neo-Tech way of thinking, and it is about time there is something out there that I can look forward to reading and becoming knowledgable about....thank you and I hope that more people follow this way of thinking....Please do not get rid of this site..

ID#8310 C. ., 2007-01-23 [ Wauwaotsa, WI]

I have not read anything at lenght regarding NT. I received an unusual, 6 page letter in the mail, and, googled it, to see if it was true or not. It mentioned Free information.

ID#8311 T. ., 2007-01-23 [ , ]

What makes people hate Neo-Tech, are thier fears based on fact or not?

ID#8313 T.O., 2007-01-23 [ Eustis, Fl]

Thomas (Lucifer) Olinger. NT member #NC10 1453 2815. ENTERTAINER. Singersongwriterguitaristkeyboardist. I have a popFIRE album and a Christmas rock album ready for production. I NEED FINANCIAL BACKERS/INVESTORS FOR PRODUCTION,MARKETING AND TOURING. I have references - my music speaks for itself. Will send a demo upon request. email:

ID#8314 n.m., 2007-01-23 [ , ]

Useful stuff. Please keep going.

ID#8317 N.H., 2007-01-23 [ Beacon Falls, Ct.]

WHAT IF What if you had the knowledge and ability to improve the lives of others? What if disease and pain caused by deteriorated, deformed, scarred, and badly burned bodies could be a thing of the past? What if bed-ridden invalids, paraplegics, comatose and catatonics were no longer restricted to their beds? Many years ago I worked at a Nursing home in Texas. I cared about my patients. In fact I would have given just about anything to see these patients on my and other Wings, have the ability to wake up the next day and walk out of their rooms as healthy, happy individuals. I’m talking about an people who should never have to be in the nursing homes at all! I’m talking about as an example, a brilliant, gentle, kind woman crippled from Polio who had to be placed in a lung machine, frequently in order to breathe. The only capabilities she had was to talk and when placed in a mechanical chair, to move rigged by way of her mouth. Her body was that of a very small child in which rigormortis set in. Her body was a “goner” , yet her mind functioned extremely well. Another that really stuck out was the famous cowboy, bronco rider who was trampled and lost all four limbs, and partial use of his spinal column. Where were his fans now when he was reduced to living on a bed that looked like a slab, restrained and suspended that had to be turned upside down and right side up every 4 hours? I have to admit that he was luckier than most that his wife turned out to be his biggest fan and she stayed faithfully by his side. Yet, what she would have given to have him back with the use of all his limbs! Another woman was so very bitter. She was restrained and when freed from her bonds, lashed out with her enormous arms at everyone within distance. She hated herself and her obesity that reduced her to a bed-ridden patient. She would have given anything she had to have a petite, youthful body! I didn’t have any badly burned bed patients but think what they must endure....constant pain and the putrid smell of rotting flesh! Now, think of that same person in a fresh new skin without any pain. Everyone has a relative that is or has been affected in some way. Someone so close to you that if it were possible to help them....Would you find a way? New research is advancing fast to where new scientifically designed skin, and human body parts will be provided. Men and women who otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to walk due to age, disease, loss of limbs, and frailty...will walk and without pain. Sounds like science fiction? No! Research is being done every day. Everyone has a relative that is or has been affected in some way that can benefit. New bodies will mean a chance to start anew! Research and brilliant minds coming together for the single and sole purpose of making life easier for each and every one by curing disease, aging ,death. They will bring the cure, the ANSWER to all these problems. I believe that with the help of such great men like Frank R. Wallace, and Mark Hamilton, Neo-Tech Scientists and businessmen and others like YOU and me, who have the ability to perceive the future and act upon it, WE will accomplish great miracles! The choice whether to help or not is yours! Your Friend, Nancy

ID#8319 T.O., 2007-01-23 [ Shaker Heights, OH]

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, the gates appear opened and the path is cleared. I have read both the positive comments and negative comments. You can read the love and caring comments in the positive side, the hate, anger, mean and nasty comments on the negative side. It is clear where the anger and resentment lay. We each choose our direction and path on this earth. We can be successful, wealthy, happy and giving or we can chose to be angry, bitter, full of jealousy and fear. The fact is regardless of our disposition the path must be taken. I say this, "if I must travel the path why not take the journey as a successful, wealthy, happy person who can give back to the world?" You are my guiding light

ID#8320 W.M., 2007-01-23 [ CENTRAL CITY, CO]


ID#8321 c.j., 2007-01-23 [ syracuse, n.y.]

please be fully advised that i,m still researching the society

ID#8330 W.S., 2007-01-24 [ Windsor, N.C]

I was amused to read the vulgar and violent language from what we call Christians.

ID#8335 C. ., 2007-01-24 [ starke, fl]


ID#8336 D.S., 2007-01-24 [ Taree, nsw]

Just by reading the negative feedback alone you can conclude the fear of self awareness that the religions (and their brain washed "beleivers") do not want the masses to know. I am aware to the truth and am keen to understand your reasonings.

ID#8337 D.M., 2007-01-24 [ Richmond, Ca.]

very informative

ID#8338 K.F., 2007-01-24 [ Lead, SD]

I am currently reading Miss Anabelle's story. I find my- self in a similar situation looking for a lawyer. Why are the NTN Bulletins unavailable? I'm ready to help launch the New Think and find myself treading water looking for a buoy or anything to stay afloat.

ID#8339 R.H., 2007-01-24 [ , ]

Freedom of speech,any has the right to publish or comment on anything they want on the web.It's no different than all these porn sites that pop-up(unwanted) on on your screen if you don't have a blocker.This site is not a cult,to get you turn over all your values and possessions.So in other words get a life...........

ID#8342 j.m., 2007-01-24 [ morrison, co]

Neo-Tech has opened a new world to me. When I hear people talk today about political problems and health problems and society in general I see the answers and understand the whole picture. I feel the future is bright and that I am now a part of it.

ID#8344 S. ., 2007-01-24 [ danville, va]

Yes please keep the site up so that all of us in belief can stay connected, and have someone in this crazy world to relate to and keep up with what happening with neo-tech progress...

ID#8347 m.h., 2007-01-24 [ denver, co]

i travel with my job alot. so when i received your invitation i gladly paid the intution fee. when a letter from neo tech came stating i would have to send feedback on my next book i did not receive the letter at the appointed time. due to my schedule i will like your return address to send back the neo tech book (undamaged) and request a refund. thank you. mildrien.

ID#8349 H.H., 2007-01-24 [ Trapper Creek, Alaska ]

It is beyond my comprehension as to why? Your 3 books have viable data? As for your letters they are beyond my comprehension as to why you would use such sugar coated ass kissing with maniacal ego-mania slobbering to obtain customers for the books you are publishing. Yes, there are Secret Socities as "Socitie du Illuminati, Templars du Knight, Messiahaic Hebrew (must convert to judaism to belong as it was originally to follow the last Holy King of Israel Rabbi Yeshua)!" The concepts in your books are almost identical to what could be referred to as the first Neo-Tech accomplished and he was King Solomon! A Neo-Tech Society is an excellent Concept, but, it is not for all to belong to! There are standards and conditions which must be applied: political criminals, environmental terrorists who put profit before our fragile eco system, movie producers that produce porno are just a few tat are prohibited in the Society that maeks sure that I am safe, along with the wo societies that I beelong to. The spreading of Neo-Tech is a viable concept that has suceeded over the years and through time itself. Who am I, I am a new Neo-Tech Member that already is a member of two of the aforementioned organizations. This Organization has mert and does have a place in this fragile world of ours. I received the foolish letters as everyone else, but, I looked beyond the excessively kiss ass letters. Mark Hamiton has abrain with an ideatht is worth taking notice of. Tae a good look around ou and really look at wat is happening to us and our planet:it is time for a change! Want a web site that will shock you? I promise you will have a complete change of mind and want to learn a more honorable way to do things! and and and

ID#8350 M. ., 2007-01-25 [ Oceanside, CA]

I Finished reading the third Book: The Noveau Tech Package of Miss Annabelle's Secrets. This the last of the three books of which I just fiished reading. I enjoyed the reading, along with the inspiring knowledge, eye opening & uplifting insight of the world around meusing Ne-Tech. I enjoyed the time and motion theory of bussiness along with the logical opening of the mind with the Neo-tech unfolment. I was insired with the whole consept and the Love within I found as I read these books. I do hope I also will have intregated thinking soon. Again this concept excites me and brings energy into my consciousness. Being retired from 29 years in the Pharmaceutical bussiness "detailing doctors", I retired some 13 years ago as a successful Salesman. I am 76 years young and in very good health. I go to the YMCA three time a week to keep myself in shape. I take no oral prescription drugs. I am excited about my future using Neo-Tech yet I do not know what lies ahead. I have a inner feeling I can be a vaue proucer and later expand into a value creator. I want to enjoy a long poductive life. I truly expect to become God-Man in the near future after I am able to open my mind to innergrated thinking with full mental visions in my minds eye, thus being a Value Creator. I have made a hard copy of the material in the Web site. I intend to study it and digest it all. From scanning the material as I made the hard copies I do beleive it should stay on the web. Later many of us will want to refer to this material when we are away from the office where we have the hard copies. I would hope the Neo-Tech will remain on the web and it should be expanded with more enlightening material. I know I have a lot of reading ahead of me, yet after reading the three Nouveau Tech books, this will be be great review as well as new enlightening knowledge.

ID#8352 G.F., 2007-01-25 [ Destin, Florida]

Looking great!!

ID#8353 j.d., 2007-01-25 [ hendersonville, tn]

very interesting. i look foward to learning more.

ID#8354 B. ., 2007-01-25 [ Samara, California]

Hello world

ID#8356 J.H., 2007-01-25 [ Wilkes-Barre, P.a.]

I have changed my email adress and cant get back on youre web site.

ID#8357 J. ., 2007-01-25 [ , ]

Why can't your website be accessed thru your home page? Seems to defeat the purpose.

ID#8359 C.R., 2007-01-25 [ Bloomsburg, PA]

I am interested in learning more about Neo-Tech

ID#8365 J.R., 2007-01-25 [ ATMORE, AL]


ID#8366 T.J., 2007-01-26 [ Danielsville, Ga.]

For it not to remain on the web would be cheating mankind of some of the greatest ideas of all times.

ID#8372 G.F.,@WI.RR.COM 2007-01-26 [ , ]

I enjoy the new perspective that has been offered versus the centuries-old feeding of lies we have been exposed to. providing hope is essential to the growth of a neo-tech world.

ID#8374 A.H., 2007-01-26 [ Batown, Tx.]

An eye opener. I have been living blindly all my life. The books are rich and valuable resourses. I am still new to neo-Tech and I am confident that my future will be different is I adhere to the information, techniques I have beengiven by Neo_Tech family. Thank you so much.A.M.

ID#8377 S. ., 2007-01-26 [ , ]

I think you have went amiss in your thought process.I found not one original thought on you pages it is always a reference to anothers works. Man has not always been (in flesh) so how can he be expected to always continue in flesh cloning?.Do you mean to say that we are the masters of all things when we are not but infants in time no matter how you measure time. You seem to miss the fact that even in cloning is a degenerative state needing a NEW clone. It has been said that the only real thing inthis life is the choices we make. If that be the case then what choices have you made. Even in the christian faith (to which I belong) one is to be born again does that mean that you reenter your mothers womb NO of course see it is that a man is to be born to a new life in christ.The old man DIES and way of thinking are changed. You to want me to give up stuff my thoughts,home,way of life.You seem to have a great distaste for religions but have put yourselves up as GODS (supra gods).There is one person you never qouted Hipocatise in the hipocratic oath that says "DO NO HARM" but with such a statement resonsibility inevitably arises. YES, SOME IS ALWAYS ASKING US TO GIVE UP SOMETHING BUT YOU ASK ME TO GIVE UP HOPE AND I CAN'T GO FOR THAT. SINCE YOU SO FND OF QOUTE FIGURE THAT ONE OUT.

ID#8378 H.D., 2007-01-26 [ Sandton, Gauteng]

The information contained in Neo-Tech I - V together with the linking instructions is the key to peace and hapiness on earth. I know this may sound rather far-fetched - but is is the ultimate truth. As the manual describes - Neo-Tech is "fully integrated honesty". In a way, it is so simple once it has been pointed out. The key is for everybody to stop accepting non sequiturs!

ID#8380 R.L., 2007-01-27 [ Loveland, co]

I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw the good ideas of neotech being put down by people to blind to open there mind to health, prosperity and peace.

ID#8382 . ., 2007-01-27 [ miami, fl]

I love neo-tech it is tha true story of story real talk,... and I'm from tha hood now I'm out tha hood livein good just cuz of all tha money I'm now makein I still go there but I love tha fact that I got out life is fun with money thank you neo tech new member FE

ID#8385 j.p., 2007-01-27 [ Auburn, wa]

These are all very interesting. But in reading through all these manuscripts, I ran across something that was not explained in detail. That is : What is the 10-second miracle? I searched through the entire WEB; I searched through the Neotech web-sites. Nothing!!! Can you please tell me????!!!!

ID#8389 j.p., 2007-01-27 [ Auburn, wa]

what is this 10-second miracle? i am new member; who or where can i turn to when i have a burning question just NEEDING! a quick answer?

ID#8390 l.s., 2007-01-28 [ lauderhill, fl]

neo-tech deals with the truth and honesty.

ID#8392 . ., 2007-01-28 [ , ]

too honest for this world.......

ID#8393 P.R., 2007-01-28 [ San Juan, PR]

You people represent the most thorough effort to keep the human mind free of fears, illusions and madness. Those who live neglecting reality, consuming the drug of religion and sacrifice-based politics, unconditionally following manipulatives and ever-decepting religious and politician leaders, can neither accept nor tolerate discovering all their lives are embeded in a matrix of lies, manipulation and distortion. Go ahead spreading the light!

ID#8394 R.S., 2007-01-28 [ Bellvue, Co]

Didn't know anyone thought like I did. I've been delighted with all the information so far. I hope to learn to put the pieces all together to improve my businessand live happier.

ID#8395 S.H., 2007-01-28 [ pompano beach, fl]

The internet is home to all. We can look back and see if we were right or wrong whenever we need to

ID#8396 T. ., 2007-01-28 [ Smyrna, de]

Your website should remain. In fact it should expand to get the word out to as many honest people as posible.

ID#8397 . ., 2007-01-28 [ , ]

I own neo-tech but I will use it against all that is evil in this world. Do not fear neo-tech, fear the power of Zon.

ID#8398 C. ., 2007-01-28 [ , ]

Pls send me more info.. thanks

ID#8399 G.P., 2007-01-28 [ Red Hill, Qld]

Excellent stuff. Whilst I recieved previous correspondence from yor org, unfortunately I failed to recognise its significance. Would be interested in any future correspondence.

ID#8408 S.L., 2007-01-28 [ Auburn, Ca]

This is very enlighting information. I dont know how to explain it ,but I knew there was more to truth than what was being preached to me. Being the son of a minister I find myself in awe about what I read in your books. Thank you for showing the way to "life and more abundantly" sorry force of habit.

ID#8409 . ., 2007-01-28 [ , ]

after reading , I was able to quit smoking. Now the words ring out in my thoughts ,when I observe a neocheater, making empty statements of things to come. For now, I hold my words , and just keep waiting for the world to change. Looking forward ......

ID#8410 s. ., 2007-01-28 [ columbus, ohio]

meeting page for meet no:2

ID#8413 A.B., 2007-01-28 [ Westmead, NSW]

The site is very informative. The index page does not take you anywhere unless you know what page to go to, e.g. /zonpower. I find it very interesting and informative reading. I am very interesting in procuring the book "The Neo-Tech System (Book Two) by Mark Hamilton. Could you please advise me where I can buy a copy of this book? Thanks and regards Ajey Bhatia

ID#8419 a.m., 2007-01-29 [ phila, pa]

I find that neo-tech is honest and uplifting and what the people needs more power to neo-tech

ID#8420 m.b., 2007-01-29 [ lewiston, me]

i like to learn more about whats really going on!?

ID#8422 M.O., 2007-01-29 [ Englewood, FL]

I've read through most ur print and its helped me to strive for more. Thank you very much. Morgan Oates

ID#8423 L.S., 2007-01-29 [ , ]

I am a member Neo-Tech and I love what the stories are about they are real and honest to my knowledge, and I Thank You. Love, Lorenzo Murillo

ID#8424 . ., 2007-01-29 [ casselman, ont]

Please remain on the Web We need You Neo-Tech

ID#8426 J.B., 2007-01-29 [ Brooklyn1, NY]

if there are enough stupid people that believe this tripe, well, i'd like to say that i'd be shocked, but there are a bunch of stupid people in the world.

ID#8429 s.k., 2007-01-29 [ richmond, va]

Neo-Tech has been an inspiration to me due to the fact it tells you what really is happening and who are the real benifactors of society,the producers of value. It has made me more aware of everything going on around me,and has given me a clear perspective on the way to persue prosperity and happiness to live as guilt-free as I possible can always.thank you so very much for this valuable knowledge.

ID#8430 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8431 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8432 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8433 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8434 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8435 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8436 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8437 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8438 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8439 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8440 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8441 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8442 A.R.,@yahoo.ccom 2007-01-29 [ dallas, tx]

I have been able to break through the religious hoax of today with the help of neo-tech. your finend Alan Rearden

ID#8443 J.C., 2007-01-29 [ Henryetta, OK]

Still attempting to learn exactly what the "society" does. Have seen several warning postings.

ID#8444 T.n., 2007-01-29 [ Rustenberg, South africa]

Pls send me info on how to make money

ID#8445 F.G., 2007-01-29 [ Colonia, Yap]

I really want to known about the NT Secret Society. I mean the truth. Can they make me weallthy, powerful, and well like as they promised?

ID#8447 D.S., 2007-01-30 [ Stanton, NE]

Your Ideology is great! You reveal TRUTH the way is meant. These religious quacks have absolutely no concept of Neo-Think. Many are kept in the dark, by the lies of Neo-Cheaters.

ID#8448 t.s.,@big 2007-01-30 [ , ]

still waiting for my book you have my momey order number a2051939 trish

ID#8452 C.J., 2007-01-30 [ Bromley, Kent]

Of course it should remain on the web. Cyberspace is supposed to be free and by that criterion everything ahould be allowed on the web whether anyone agrees with it or not. And your stuff may be controversial, but so is all truth at first: it's by the barring of such that humanity is thrust backwards.

ID#8453 S.R., 2007-01-30 [ Leeds, West Yorkshire]

Neo-Tech is the best thing to ever happen to me. It's the only cure for the stupidity disease of mysticism. Let the revolution begin!

ID#8454 j.g., 2007-01-30 [ memphis, tn]

i looked at these stories as if i was having nightmares. it seems that "we the people" can't do nothing about these devils at work. they have the power to do anything they want, weather you live or die. they say unity among one another is strong. this country has two legs in the grave if "we the people" don't change history in the making. i'am also one of the irs' preys. feeling that i have no reason to live, but i must stay strong, because the candle dosn't only burn on both ends. it burns in the direction of a pagen symbol. my love goes out to all that has been bitten by the bug and more to come.

ID#8455 N.S., 2007-01-30 [ Faith, MD]

I've done my home work and ascertained that you are scamming people. Be gone with your lies.

ID#8456 H.N., 2007-01-30 [ Wilmington, NC]

I have just received "The First Immortals" and have not started reading. I have read my first two books. I am writing this after reading the postings on the negative comments page. I don't wish to hinder the opportunity for people to disagree with Neo-Tech views, but I find the hostility as almost Laughable. I currently live and grew up in the Bible Belt and I am amazed that people could be this closed minded. If they truly believe in "God" and Jesus Christ as the savior then they would realize that they are forgiven for their sins. Therefore reading and listening to different opinions would only re-enforce their beliefs. In the Christian belief system, Jesus Christ died for their sins over 2000 years ago. I have always had questions about the church and the belief system that I was raised with. Not for the God Belief or even the Christ Belief, but more for the fact that what we are taught to believe has no working relevance in our society. I have personally found that my belief system simply stood in the way of me taking ownership of myself and my life. In its most simple form- If I chose to wake up tomorrow and not eat until God saved me, I would Die. In addition, since starting my studying of Neo-Tech, not once have I had the thought that I want to go back and kill, urinate on or say anything negative to those who in my opinion mis-lead me. I respect anyone's right to disagree, but once again, I find the hostility laughable...

ID#8458 M.G., 2007-01-30 [ Lake Ariel, PA]

This is very freeing. Guilt is the worst feeling one can accept. Zon gives us our own power and a way out. Believe should you wish and discard should you wish.

ID#8460 . ., 2007-01-30 [ , ]

Information NTN#

ID#8463 m.s., 2007-01-30 [ opelousas, la.]

Recieved letter for invite, but lost my info. Would like to get another.

ID#8464 A. ., 2007-01-30 [ Kherson, ]

It is most great idea i ewer heared!!!

ID#8465 d.R., 2007-01-30 [ Erlanger,, ky]

Inquery about the new Dvd with FRW,discusses 11-3 attack,plus does "Proof" presentation. My question: Is this "talk only"? I mean,do we see FRW on the dvd as he delivers the messages?Is this a video of him that we will see? I have never seen FRW,but I have heard him talk. Please advise,as I am interested! Drr

ID#8466 A.B., 2007-01-30 [ Fort Myers , FL.]

my name is Albert Bolden and my e-mail is I have finished all three books of the Neo-Tech Heirloom Packages, and was thrilled with the contents. I would like to particapate in the online meetings. Please send me the PASSWORD. Thank You, Albert Bolden

ID#8467 . ., 2007-01-30 [ , ]

i have read this and love it

ID#8468 J. ., 2007-01-30 [ Madera, Ca]

I'm not going to attack this website. I don't believe in the The understanding. I do however have something to say to those whom. Call themselves Christain. To you Jesus would never have cures these people. Jesus came to seek and save the lost,misguided,crooks the sick ect.. He would admonish you whom call yourself by his name. And say appoling things, and your judgement,you shall be judged according to your judgement. I do love you my fellow Christians. Please Beloved, watch for all opertunities. Jesus loves all, and is all powerful. No need to be nasty. Just believe!!!! Jenni

ID#8469 M.C.,@YAHOO.COM 2007-01-30 [ LOS ANGELES, CALIF]


ID#8470 K.J., 2007-01-30 [ Susanville, Ca]

I love your insights, it has really helped me to get motivated and get through my online photography class. Who knows where else it will take me. I read some of the negative comments, WOW are those people bent up or what. I appears that they cannot let go of the god thing. They really need help, they scare me!!!!

ID#8471 S.Y., 2007-01-30 [ lomira, wi]

i think publishing this on the internet is a bad idea because i don't think people are ready for what you really have to say and it could bring trouble.

ID#8474 R.R., 2007-01-30 [ La Habra, CA]

I'm intrigued and so eager to learn more! Stay online...!

ID#8475 A.Y., 2007-01-30 [ Anchorage, AK]

I am not anti-theistic, just anti-goverment.

ID#8478 T.F., 2007-01-31 [ tacoma, wa]

soon i hope to follow in the footstep of the rightous before me. it is the duty of my life to advance the human race. to move beyond government, religion, and race, so that we can sail the stars as people of earth

ID#8479 R.O., 2007-01-31 [ yokohama-shi, kanagawa-ken]

Already I am NEO-TECH woman. Thats book is amaizing contents. Be able to write Japanese,I wont it. Last year novenber & discenber I ordered "ZON" & "Second Step".But not recieve yet, please send me hurry!

ID#8480 J.R., 2007-01-31 [ Greenwood Village, Co.]

neo-tech has changed my life. i was raised cathlic, democratic, and i am minority woman. i wihed i had received the invite to join neo-tech while i was younger but will make the best of what time i have left. i am reading the third book miss annabelle's secrets. received the book during christmas and began reading it yesterday i can not wait to meet you all. i always knew that i was god-woman thank you for confirming that. don't stop your work the world deserves to know that they too are god. nothing is impossible if given the time.

ID#8481 R.Y., 2007-01-31 [ Racine, WI]

The world wide web is a tool for people to get information. If you disagree with the info then just go somewhere else. I can't believe all the closed minded people that want to shut down the site. My parents tried to raise me Catholic, I don't agree with their teaching but I don't go around trying to close down churches. People that want to censor things in my opinion are DANGEROUS!

ID#8483 D.O., 2007-01-31 [ Istanbul, ]

Neo-Tech should definitely stay on the web. With the millions of websites in cyberspace, Neo-Tech is among the very few sites that really serve a benevolent purpose for mankind at these critical times on earth. I look forward to reading what actually transpired since the termination of the active presence on the web.

ID#8486 m.b., 2007-01-31 [ lewiston, me]

I would like to know how we are doing in changing the goverment to neo-think cause it seem the people that are in there doing nothing for us the people. And it seems that we are stuck in a way of slavery?

ID#8490 . ., 2007-01-31 [ , ]

The www is a free speech anomoly...all other sources are just run by the no matter what is on the web it should not be censored, even if it is not to our liking. We as internet users are always at choice...we can choose to look or not to look...all have to excercise the mind and come to our own conclusions.

ID#8492 J.W.,@EARTHLING.NET 2007-01-31 [ EFFINGHAM, IL]


ID#8494 D. ., 2007-01-31 [ Bartlesville, ok]

what i have read in my letter and on this site is very interesting i want to learn more. i am also a minerval 0*degree initiate in the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) it is very magical and very interesting. every one should chek it out.

ID#8496 M.A., 2007-01-31 [ Gatlinburg, Tennessee]

Not only do I believe the site should remain on the web, I firmly believe it should be expanded to reflect all aspects of the Book, the Visions, and grow into the number one source for information readily available to anyone ready to (as jim morrison said) break-on-through to the other side.

ID#8500 D. ., 2007-02-01 [ , ]

Where can I find a list of all articles on your site? I keep happening upon them in google searches but can't find an index. Please help. I am a web developer, if you need support maybe I can help.

ID#8501 A.V., 2007-02-01 [ Salem, OR]

I like the Neo-Tech books. I have three of them. Reading my way to being connected the meetings of the geniuses. I feel that I am a genius and have been surpressed all these years. Reading the books just opens up the view that my subconscious has known all a long.

ID#8502 B.R., 2007-02-01 [ Ridgeway, Ontario]

Brian,Ontario Canada Made my breakthrough to Enlightment and enjoy the feel. All my life I always mistrusted government and limited thatr catholic god to a pin-head size. Now it has gone the route of the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause. Gone. I would LOVE to meet other Neo Teh people. I was close to Neo Tech without the realization. Built my own house. Operated all aspects of my own business. Thank you for showing me that I'm not alone.

ID#8505 s. ., 2007-02-01 [ , ]

am intrigued to learn more there are many things helddear by many that are untolerated by modern religious cultures

ID#8506 C.N., 2007-02-01 [ , ]

I have changed my address from 2 aitkenson st Mackay, QLD Australia,4740 to 29 Mckenzie st Mackay, QLD Australia,4740

ID#8507 s. ., 2007-02-01 [ casper, wyo]

am intrigued to learn more there are many things helddear by many that are untolerated by modern religious cultures

ID#8508 C.N., 2007-02-01 [ Mackay, QLD]

I have changed my address from 2 aitkenson st Mackay, QLD Australia,4740 to 29 Mckenzie st Mackay, QLD Australia,4740

ID#8510 c.w., 2007-02-01 [ norcross , Ga]

well I found out about the hypnotise and I would say that the sandich tactic was a good hypnotic move and play. I learned that its good to keep controll of the money flow and make sure that I keep my poor players in the game eaven if it means getting rid of a good player for the poor players is the key to my wallet. Im enjoying the ride

ID#8511 O.B., 2007-02-01 [ Newark, CA]

There is other website that can be trusted in regards to the destiny of conscious being here on earth.

ID#8512 r.w., 2007-02-01 [ chicago, il]

I have entered neo-tech thinking in my life .It has taking me to a new level. I was hoping to fine employment in the neo family.I fine something in Neo-tech thing I support this with my life.

ID#8515 P.G., 2007-02-01 [ north las vegas , nevada]

THANK YOU!!!!!! This site should not be takin out... The literature has open my mind to reality.....

ID#8516 P.G., 2007-02-01 [ north las vegas , nevada]

THANK YOU!!!!!! This site should not be takin out... The literature has open my mind to reality.....

ID#8520 D.Y., 2007-02-01 [ Holley, NY]

I'm not a gambler, but I was curious about the book by Frank R. Wallace. this site gave me the information I was seeking and has peaked my interest. Thanks for some insight and for the confirmation.

ID#8521 . ., 2007-02-01 [ , ]

wow i find this highly hilarious. ALl of you complaining about something and going insane over it XD you're all idiots....neotech and normal people. God is not real deal with it.

ID#8522 F.A., 2007-02-01 [ MAYFIELD, ky]

i i am trying to get in touch with you my member name is Burgess. my email is

ID#8523 J.C., 2007-02-01 [ Rockport, TX]

My name is James C. Harbour. It is said that Mark hamilton is my mentor.

ID#8524 . ., 2007-02-01 [ , ]

Wow, you people are deranged idiots.

ID#8529 L.M., 2007-02-01 [ Melrose, NM]

I do believe Neo-Tech should stay on the web, but be made available to members only. If only members are allowed to access the site we won't have the negativity of the non-believers.

ID#8530 v.v., 2007-02-01 [ modesto , c.a]

neo-tech is the only tol that will win the war for man kind of live over death nothing will stop it is new brand new tood using it bring life for every more

ID#8532 D.A., 2007-02-01 [ RIVERSIDE, CA]


ID#8533 . ., 2007-02-02 [ , ]

In the corporate realm they (THE POSSIE) think they have the rights to play like a (GOD) but they dont realize "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND" Playing with means beyond their control. When you try to play with mortal means everything will eventualy become evolutionary rebellion to teach mortals "GENERATIONS"; How to be educatively agressive against corporate surveillance. They (THE POSSIE) can and will learn surrender to a superiority not as a lamb but they will learn about the true secession of mortality "THE LION OF THE EARTH". Respectfully Signed, I,Be Me.

ID#8534 J.B., 2007-02-02 [ , ]

Thanks to highly intellengent, confident, honest, hardworking, individuals ( The future of the human race ) people all over the world are learning to beleive in themselves and in the amazing acomplishments that they are capable of. Future reality is our responsibility. We are all evolving into superhumans with superhuman intellegence. We must beleive in the intellegence of the human race to propel us into the future. Neo-Tech will teach you that. Neo-Tech should never be persicuted for their beleif in themselves and reality. Neo Tech is the Future.

ID#8535 J.B., 2007-02-02 [ Wilmington , NC]

Thanks to highly intellengent, confident, honest, hardworking, individuals ( The future of the human race ) people all over the world are learning to beleive in themselves and in the amazing acomplishments that they are capable of. Future reality is our responsibility. We are all evolving into superhumans with superhuman intellegence. We must beleive in the intellegence of the human race to propel us into the future. Neo-Tech will teach you that. Neo-Tech should never be persicuted for their beleif in themselves and reality. Neo Tech is the Future.

ID#8538 T.M., 2007-02-02 [ , ]

A lot of valuable reading

ID#8540 A.D., 2007-02-02 [ FRANKFURT AM MAIN, HESSEN]


ID#8542 L.J., 2007-02-02 [ Beaver, Ok]

My only complaint about The Neo-Tech Society is that after finding the meeting sites on the web, I can't get into them because of not having access to my own computer, nor are any addresses available for physical face to face networking. At least not in the Kansas/Oklhoma/Texas area. I realize us Hethen Rednecks ain't got no sofistikayshuns, but some of us do have some interesting ideas about how to use products or reach out to people other than more Hethen Rednecks.

ID#8543 J.G., 2007-02-02 [ SanJose, CA]

Hello. My name is Joshua Galindo. I Am responding to the Neo-Tech. So far I've read most of Book one and two. I have seen all the negitive type of people and I feel like I have no hope to survive in this prison of a world. Can you please help me somehow with more teaching or something to help me out greatly. Your teachings give me a great deal of hope, however=These books have confused me about everything now. I'm so lost and My life is going in a direction to where I don't know what will happen. should I give up on hope?

ID#8547 S.D., 2007-02-02 [ Didcot, Oxon]

Don't forget there are other countries outside America that are just as special! I love you though, The First Immortals reduced me to tears, as I realised my life would never be the same way again. Please send me info on all your books, t-shirts and everything.

ID#8548 F. ., 2007-02-02 [ , ]

This is a free country and I tink people should focus more on getting child porn and chomo's off the net than worring about somthing you don't have to be involved in if you choose not to!!

ID#8550 B.B., 2007-02-03 [ Surgoinsville, tn]

I find the litrature most intreging

ID#8551 R.B., 2007-02-03 [ A, ]

Interesting infromation and well written in terms of vocabulary, content, content and perspectives.

ID#8552 R.B., 2007-02-03 [ Albuquerque, NM ]

Interesting infromation and well written in terms of vocabulary, content, content and perspectives.

ID#8553 C.H., 2007-02-03 [ Asheville, NC]

Since it has been quite some time, I wished to find out what is new in the Neo-Tech universe. I had picked up Mark Hamilton's God-Man Neo-Tech Decoded for a fresh read and was wondering where things stood currently. It used to be possible to read extensively online. Now, I am unclear what might have been happening recently. I am currently doing research on an investment business with the intention to funnel profits toward much more sophisticated data mining. It would be excellent to receive guidance on the use of broad scope accounting to predict and neutralize the ever more harmful destructive actions of parasitical elites. It is envisioned that the creation of a distributed screensaver could perform the kind of calculations necessary creating an ad hoc supercumputing solution to locate malevelent actions in the making and to spotlight them before they become activated. Rather than creating a general purpose "ostracism matrix", its function would be much more precise like a scalpel.

ID#8555 M.M., 2007-02-03 [ Mars, PA]

I am very interested in learning as much as possible about how I can contribute to the Neo-Think movement. I am excited that I can find information on the web about this way of thinking that I pretty much have always had. I am glad to know that I'm not crazy. Nor am I alone although at this time in my life I feel very alone. How can I get in touch with like minded people? I really need to connect with others who think and feel the way that I do about things. Please let me know as soon as possible. I feel like Miss Annabelle right now when she was doing all of the right things but not seeing good results. It's extremely frustrating!

ID#8561 w. ., 2007-02-03 [ , ]

Other than the title page with links to comments, there is no viewable site. Where is the site's and information?

ID#8563 L.D., 2007-02-03 [ Monterey, TN]

I only wish the site went farther and provided a way for the owners to communicate and meet each other.

ID#8565 A.O., 2007-02-03 [ zephyhills, Fl]

Reading the BOOK and thenouveau Tech Secret Society and everly good Reading keep it up Thank You, aho.

ID#8569 J.W., 2007-02-03 [ Snellville, Ga.]

Yes,keep the website. The internet is the largest single source of information availible. Anyone that hears about Neo-Tech can go to their computer and find all the information they need.

ID#8570 D.D., 2007-02-04 [ Lake City, Fl]

I have been introduced to neo-tech since I visited a siminar in Miami International airport in the 80,s and I attended the first neo-tech world summet in Las Vegas in l986

ID#8578 L.D., 2007-02-04 [ Monterey, TN]

I noticed an error in the Nouveau Tech Secret Society, the Package of Inner-Circle Secrets. On page 134, the results for mailing 245. The split test: 2 ZE Brochure vs ZW Brochure at the bottom of the page, there is an error in the math % for ZE Should be 1.24 and ZW - 1.06. You might want to change before your nest printing.

ID#8580 G. ., 2007-02-04 [ chicago, IL]

The books just blew my mind and i would like to thank the NeoTech society and Mr.Hamilton and Miss Annabelle for sharing with me there lifes work this book is trully amazing I didn't no so much was going on and I couldn't believe anyone or not many would have the nerve to do all that or even some of that ("O" NO YOU DIDN'T)"HA" "HA",you all are just wonderful people,thank you for all your hard work and medical research please do keep it up!

ID#8582 K.M., 2007-02-04 [ Huntington Beach, ca]

reading newspapers and watching news on tv about politics versus the people im geting angry at times of what is hapening. I come to the conclusion of the way goverments work it is time to find a new way or system for any country of the way we make decisions of living our lives.politicians seem to be very selfserving ignorant people that want to have the power to control our lives that instat of improving it gets harder for too many of us to get in to a higher standard of living.I know that there are posibilitys to make imense amounts of money but there is a very fine line betwen succes and failing.

ID#8583 c.a., 2007-02-04 [ new haven, ct]

it is good and they is wright

ID#8584 c.a., 2007-02-04 [ new haven, ct]

it is good and they is wright

ID#8585 e.j., 2007-02-04 [ banner elk, NC]

If truth and honesty are really what drives you, then Neo-Tech should definitely stay on the web.

ID#8587 . ., 2007-02-04 [ , ]


ID#8591 A.R., 2007-02-04 [ Denver, CO]

I am waiting on to be invited to the Secret Meetings in Denver,Colorado. I am on the 2nd book Annbelle's Secrets. Over half through the book. Is there a God-Man Church in Denver, Colorado? Please, let me know. Thank you!

ID#8593 j. ., 2007-02-05 [ sam rafael, ca]

Thak you neo-teck for open my eyes to the new way off life.iam omos finished reading the book and a has change my way off thinking to beter mylife and others for ever. thank you. Julio

ID#8594 f.k., 2007-02-05 [ klamath falls , or]

Please expand the site, the value to revuie without reading the entire books is incredibly effective,time saving, to be able to scroll through the info,to gather review that quickly has the greatest value! thank you

ID#8595 e. ., 2007-02-05 [ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\, wa]

i like the book and i will by the others

ID#8596 N.B., 2007-02-05 [ London, ]

I like to search for Neotech updates periodically as a subscriber to the literature.

ID#8597 A.A., 2007-02-05 [ Woodland Hills, CA]

Keep up the good work. Thank you.

ID#8599 m.m., 2007-02-05 [ Placerville, CA]

Are any of the Neo-Tech publications available on DVD?

ID#8600 C.P., 2007-02-05 [ , ]

After reading the many negative comments, I realized that the majority came from very closed minded individuals. Many fundamentalist I have met, have "hell" centered thinking. If your thinking is not in line with theirs, you are going to hell. Anyone that questions, thinks right brained, or seeks a positive life style without fear to most fundamentalist are what they see as evil. Please continue this site!

ID#8601 C.P., 2007-02-05 [ Winston, OR]

After reading the many negative comments, I realized that the majority came from very closed minded individuals. Many fundamentalist I have met, have "hell" centered thinking. If your thinking is not in line with theirs, you are going to hell. Anyone that questions, thinks right brained, or seeks a positive life style without fear to most fundamentalist are what they see as evil. Please continue this site!

ID#8603 E.L., 2007-02-05 [ Alexandria, VA]

I just recently moved and lost two books. I would like to order these books again and also a few others if possible. Do you have a list of the books you have for sell? If so I would like to have that at my disposal.

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