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Phil T. R-7829

As an owner of Dr. Wallce's Poker Manual, I was somewhat aware of his background and logic/reality based sense of life. I was then immediately attracted to the ad for the Wallace-penned Neo-Tech Information Package. The best way to relate the personal changes which ensued are as follows:

Before Neo-Tech, I was a person with a tremendous amount of self-inflicted internal mysticism, which I "rationalized" as a "defense mechanism"; a "natural product of a bad environment".

There was much in my life I knew I was capable of, and wanted to achieve, yet was simply terrified...I was quite literally, paralyzing myself, unable to initiate the rational actions and hard work required to be truly successful...independent.

I am still not perfect!...But I am now fully responsible for everything that happens in my life! I do not place the blame on others, or wait to be "discovered" by some fictional "higher power" who will recognize that I am "special" and worthy of great unearned wealth and prosperity...NO,NO,NO!!

Truth is, friend, I am special! So are you! We are all special when we take the responsibility to constantly live in the real world, to seize the opportunity available each day and ultimately realize the unlimited power of our individual consciousness.

Pounce on this Neo-Tech Information Package! Consume it! Purge yourself of internal and external mysticism and prosper forever!

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