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Randy S. M. R-3912

Since receiving the Neo-Tech Information Package (I-V) in November I can very honestly state that my life and the lives of my family cannot ever again by the same. Neo-Tech is, indeed, THE discovery which places one squarely into the future. A future undreamed of by me until recently.

To the uninitiated, it must seem incomprehensible that between the black and white covers of "The Neo-Tech Discovery" lies more solid, unvarnished truth than all the aisles of any modern bookstore.

Neo-Tech has touched virtually every aspect of my life; it has freed me from the guilt foisted by Christianity (I had renounced the church years before but only the Entelechy removed the residual guilt), it dispelled the doubts I silently held about my own intellectual capabilities, and it has taken Romantic Love and Sex to new and deeper levels of pleasure and satisfaction.

These benefits and many more personal gains were realized within months of acquiring Neo-Tech information, but indeed, the greatest benefits of Neo-Tech to any man or woman come with constant study and application of the broader-based principles of Neo-Tech. Only by consistently measuring reality against this standard and then integrating Neo-Tech values with one's own standards and situations can a person gain the long-range, all-encompassing, multi-dimensional aspect of Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech has been effective in evaluating employers and prospective employers, in gaining insights in the under-pinnings of the psychology of a competitor or associate, as a rapid sorting mechanism for business opportunities and as a quick-lock guidance systems in dangerous or uncertain situations.

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