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Toney R., 590260-9

I am a current Zonpower / Neo-Tech owner and it has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined! I can't even count how many experiences I've had that promised me a better life, more self esteem, success, etc. But all the books, tapes, seminars, sermons, prayer and therapy failed miserably to deliver. I was basically the world's "doormat", and believe me, there was an endless supply of people, from bosses to lovers, more than willing to walk all over me.

The book literally blew my mind. I think I experienced every possible human emotion while reading it, from rage to ecstasy. It basically stripped me clean of every value, philosophy, ethic and doctrine I had previously held so sacred and taught me how to rebuild my value system from the ground up.

After the second time thorough, people started noticing a change in me. No longer did people take advantage of me. People who previously wouldn't have given me time of day started taking an interest in me and actually wanted to be a friend. My boss kept saying things like "what has happened to you?". Almost overnight, I could easily make rational decisions where I had once been so wishy washy. People who once had intimidated me were now being intimidated BY me (I actually found myself having to back off sometimes). I did manage to stay with my wife for a few months and I couldn't believe how she started responding to me, especially in bed. Unfortunately, she couldn't handle not being the "boss" anymore. Plus, our value systems drifted too far apart (she is a committed fundamentalist Christian).

Although I feel I haven't even scratched the surface to what lies in store for me, I already feel that Neo-Tech has been a priceless treasure to me. I'm alone now, but I do not feel lonely at all. I am looking forward to a totally awesome future in the years to come.

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