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D.D.,, 3/31/98
What Neo-Tech is not is a system of faith, a package oftruths, or a “how to guide on how to run your life bus a series of thought integrations based on basic eternal undeniable axioms which are: A) The conscious individual is the highest value in the universe, B) Mankind is basically good, C) Mankind can flourish without control or force from external authority, and D) Everybody has an unalienable right to his/her own life and property (that which is earned).

Anon.,, 3/31/98

T.R.,, 3/31/98
I enjoy the new knowledge I have obtained...please keep it coming!

R.W.,, 3/31/98
I believe whole-heartedly in Neo-Tech and it's knowledge. I hope, no, I know Neo-tech will sweep across the globe and be accepted by millions of people. This web site is a good tool to aid in that spread.

M.A.,, 3/30/98, Australia
I am greatly impressed.

C.W.,, 3/30/98
I now see reality.

T.S.,, 3/30/98
I love your web site.

M.B.,, 3/30/98
Fascinating. Great job and great insights!

L.E.,, 3/29/98, Holland
Great site! This must be always on line.

J.E.,, 3/29/98
The most mind expanding document that I've ever read. I have read 2-5 books a day for over 40 years. I deal in logical data only and this book has increased my abilities. Only wish I had had it many years ago.

M.H.,, 3/29/98
Thoroughly enjoyed the read. For those who want to become free they can be. Unfortunately the majority of people are asleep & do not wish to be wakened. For those that do, they can achieve limitless feats & bring happiness into their lives.

R.S.,, 3/27/98
Neo-Tech is liberating, true education, frees the mind of guilt, and helps establish one in the truth.

V.P.,, 3/26/98
Interesting concepts and very valid. Opens up ones view, makes one question the establishment. Some great ideas.

M.K.,, 3/26/98
This is a great informational site.

L.D.,, 3/26/98
I, in the short time I have utilized Neo-Tech, find that it is informative and educational.

Y.E.,, 3/25/98, United Arab Emirates
Personally, Neo-Tech has benefited me in several ways. Though I am a dedicated non-mystical Muslim lady, I strongly feel Neo-Tech has honestly saved my life and given me better health. I am discovering new information each and every day. Thank you indeed for your assistance and guidance.

C.F.,, 3/25/98
I've been utilizing Neo-Tech for a couple of years now and sometimes I catch myself wondering how I ever functioned before using the slow, fragmented thought processes that have stagnated most minds. Should the IRS be abolished and all of its employees ostracized? Of course! That is unless they too make the decision to evolve into the Civilization of the Universe. For the first time in four years, I'm finally back in school and am Neo-Teching my way towards an associates degree in Computer Information Systems. It would never have been able to do this before Neo-Tech.

Anon.,, 3/25/98

A.J.,, 3/25/98, Singapore
This excitement is like traveling about from a small atom to the Universe. To the speed of Googool!

M.B.,, 3/25/98
I would definitely like to see this web site expand. I would like to see the teachings of this site to go public to radio, on to television, into papers and magazines. I believe this brainwashing and terrorizing by the neocheaters has to come to an end.

Cathy W.,, 3/24/98, Canada
Thank you for having the courage to create and maintain this site.

E.S.,, 3/24/98
I felt compelled by my inner self-leader, to report how and what the N/T literature and the underlying principles have performed in my life. Before N/T I was a mystical bible thumper with a zeal to promote my style of religion, I studied deeply, even to the point of wanting to become a minister of the gospel, I continued to study and studied myself right back out due to all the unanswered questions and from the lack of Honest factual evidence of the so called god. I then allowed myself to get caught up in the alcohol scene and was addicted for several years. Since owning N/T I have developed a stronger mind, body and outlook on life. I am now old, and may not live long enough to experience the C of U in my life time. But with this new knowledge I know I will live longer than I would of had I maintained my mysticism. I don=D5t go around preaching the N/T message as I did when a bible thumper. I am not a missionary, but I will not hesitate to explain to persons if they ask. If I should die before there is some break through to extend my life, I will know that I have been transformed into a self-leader, my thinking is clearer, I can concentrate for longer periods of time, I see through the neo-cheaters, I am pleased with my present state of mind and the continuing growth path I am now on, I no longer react, I analyze, then act. I started by purchasing the N/T discovery, from my mystical thinking I had the idea that I was purchasing a get rich scheme. I was looking for the lazy mans way to riches, what I found was a new way of thinking. The advantages were difficult to except at first because they were 180 degrees from my mystical thinking, but they now are my backbone, my foundation, my venue for escaping the anti-civilization, they are my ticket if you will to a real life. I have now found the wealth and riches I was seeking, but they are not silver and gold, it is wealth that was beyond my wildest dreams and imaginings. I have found the sovereign freedom I was seeking, the neo-cheaters may beat my body, but they will never control my mind, I will not surrender my mind. In a conversation just today with a young man at the hospital, I told him you first must be honest with yourself about yourself, and then you are truly being honest.

M.B.,, 3/24/98
Very nice site. Keep up the good work.

R.W.,, 3/23/98
Been reading Neo-Tech. Love it! Apply it to my life everyday. People around me are scared because of it. They are always wondering what I=D5m up to because their mystical minds can only understand status-quo bullshit and cannot begin to stay ahead of a Neo-Tech/Neo-Think mind. This is how AND why we will soon win the battle AND the war of the minds!!!

R.W.,, 3/23/98
Neo-Tech is the best web site. I can see Neo-Tech working throughout the WORLD and would like to do more to help bring peace and Harmony to the world sooner.

T.S.,, 3/23/98
I will devour all inf. on this site. New thinking does not scare me. Bring it on!

A.N.,, 3/22/98
I think Neo-Tech is great.

D.N.,, 3/22/98, Jordan
Your site is very helpful, thank you.

R.P.,, 3/22/98, Australia
A great source of very valuable information.

J.H.,, 3/21/98
This Neo-Tech web site is the 'bible' of my life! It must Absolutely remain as a dynamic catalyst to accelerate the eradication of those parasitic elites and dishonest value destroyers! Thank you very much, Dr. Frank R. Wallace, for your continuing monumental efforts and courageous deeds toward the emasculation of this anticivilization. My vote is still for Mark Hamilton for President!

D.Y.,, 3/21/98
I have just started to explore this site and it is a real eye opener.

P.M.,, 3/21/98
Neo-Tech is the only hope for the brightest future of mankind through its honest, rational, and enlightening ideas.

Anon.,, 3/19/98
Your company's philosophy sounds very much like Ayn Rand's philosophy. I agree with most of what I've seen. Keep it up.

A.C.,, 3/19/98
Hello, I just wanted to give your my support because Neo-Tech is the only way this world will survive self extermination...

I.K.,, 3/19/98
Neo-Tech helps people open their minds to issues they otherwise wouldn't consider. I'm very interested.

Barbara W,, 3/19/98
This is different and interesting to read.

B.K.,, 3/18/98
I have just started to review your site. I can see it is full of alternative ideas to current societal problems including religious and political/legal dogma. I am especially impressed with the page you have which includes negative comments about Zonpower. I don't know how many of the religious propaganda web sites have a section which allows refutations of their information, but I would doubt there are very few if any. I believe there are great changes brewing and Zonpower will help guide the human race into a great future.

L.B.,, 3/18/98
This is the most valuable information you will ever read, however it requires honest effort and an open mind to reap the awesome values and life changing harvest within.

Dixie E.,, 3/18/98
I like what you have to say, I am fascinated with the physical immortality. I want to know more about the effect that the religions/govt. have on us.

A.J.,, 3/18/98
A friend of mine who introduced me to Ayn Rand told me I should check out this site. All I can say is, 'WOW!' I admit I'm a little skeptical - I've been inculcated with the notion that there are no absolute answers yet I've always admired people like Jefferson, Rand, etc. who wrote that there is a higher level of reason. In any event, a lot of what I've read so far is impressive and it's hard to disagree with. Good work.

M.S.,, 3/17/98
Neo-Tech is the greatest book ever written by mankind! It Completely changed my life, no more fear or guilt. Mr. Wallace, you are the ultimate value producer. I AM A FREE MAN NOW! I am now capable to think for myself and I am no longer a prisoner of mysticism. THANK YOU! YOUR EFFORTS AND BRAVERY ARE PRICELESS!

P.M.,, 3/17/98, Australia
I found it to be a life-changing experience.

A.S.,, 3/15/98
Keeping Neo-Tech on the Web exposes/provides a lot of curious people with an introduction to new technology for the perpetuation of the human species.

K.W.,, 3/15/98
I wish this honest material to expand. I read of its world Wide acceptance in joy. I am afraid, though I persevere wholeheartedly. My fear is that government(s) shall with all means try to stifle its progression. We can only do as good as we are allowed to do. The selfish envy of the dishonest, requires this material to expand swiftly and expansively to help stop the dishonest people.

R.P.,, 3/15/98, Canada
Neo-Tech has expanded my awareness of the Head Games around me. And that has aloud me be protect myself better.

M.E.,, 3/15/98, Australia
I love what Neo-Tech stands for. Words can not express the way Neo-Tech makes me feel. It feels like I've spread my wings and I'm free. Free from the professional mystics and neocheaters. My goal now is to become ZON!

W.M.,, 3/15/98
Neo-Tech is simply the truth and absolute reality.

K.S.,, 3/14/98
Your Neo-Tech info MUST remain available for everyone. My former boss gave me a significant raise because of concepts that I learned from the Neo-Tech system and put to use. THANK YOU!

G.M.,, 3/14/98, Scotland
Neo-Tech Zonpower is the best book I have read ever. Not a day goes by when I don't think of the contents of Dr Wallace's manuscript.

Anon.,, 3/13/98
Cool site dudes

R.W.,, 3/13/98, Canada
For me honesty is the only way. Honesty is a beautiful thing. 'I love you all' THANK YOU

Laura J.,, 3/12/98
What an eye opener your materials are. I would like to know that everyone has access to them.

W.B.,, 3/12/98, Canada
Its great to see Neo-Tech on the web. Now anybody can access its advantages. Insight as to how negative forces are at work in our daily lives and the checkmate moves to stop the attacks are awaiting the reader. Thank you Mr. Wallace for an incredible difference you made in my life. Its nice to have hope for the future when none was thought possible before.

D.S.,, 3/12/98
A good means of tearing down old paradigms, let me know more.

H.O.,, 3/12/98
Interesting facts, wonder if I'll ever find the guts to apply to my personal life.

S.M.,, 3/12/98
I am very interested in this new and different---and seemingly most logical---way of thinking.

D.M.,, 3/12/98
I would like to work with Neo Tech in stamping out mysticism and neocheating.

J.K.,, 3/12/98
I find Neo-Tech fascinating.

D.C.,, 3/11/98, AUSTRALIA
Don't ever remove the truth from peoples access. Eventually there will be no where else to turn to, once the people understand thanks to Neo-Tech.

Lena B.,, 3/11/98
I found your web site to be most informative.

Sheila M.,, 3/11/98
Neo-Tech is the breath of life to which nothing else can compare. AS Buzz Lightyear might say, 'Expand this web-site to Infinity and Beyond!!'

M.W.,, 3/11/98
We'd be up to our noses in this anticivilization BS without hope if it were not for our daily dose of Neo-Tech. This site is the life-raft for millions of individuals.

Cathy Y.,, 3/11/98
I think it is a very useful reference site that is helpful to a lot of people.

R.C.,, 3/10/98
The most positive, enlightening, and uplifting material I've read.

M.C.,, 3/10/98
The other day a Jehovah's Witness came to talk about the end of the world and reading the bible. Thank Zon I had something to read to flush that mystic waste out of my mind.

E.H.,, 3/10/98
I realize the value of fully integrated honesty, and all of the advantages it brings.

Pamela M.,, 3/10/98
Since discovering Neo-Tech I feel hope again!

T.F.,, 3/9/98
I feel that you are providing essential information to millions of people.

M.M.,, 3/9/98, England
I am very interested in your ideas.

T.M.,, 3/9/98, ENGLAND

E.M.,, 3/9/98
I love your beliefs and I agree with you.

R.F.,, 3/9/98
Firstly, you know that cyberspace is the key to the destruction of this anticivilization and secondly, making your literature free on the web is the ultimate testimonial to your commitment of destroying this anticivilization and thirdly, (law of nature/physics) being on the web has increased the momentum of the penetration of you message to the world. The revelation of living in a world that is the Civilization of the Universe finally came together for me. And what a wonderful world it is! It is truly that state of heaven on earth. Now everyday my whole world, with the promise of what is to come when Neo-Tech is everywhere, glows even brighter for me.

M.H.,, 3/9/98, United Kingdom
My discovery of your web site is a true inspiration. Please, please keep adding to the site as I need as much as possible.

K.N.,, 3/9/98, Singapore
I am learning to walk and to know my Identity. Keep your site up as I wish to open my eyes to the world.

J.W.,, 3/9/98
Great page. I learn a lot.

R.B.,, 3/8/98

F.F.,, 3/8/98, England
Neo Tech purges all demons from the Cosmos.

J.B.,, 3/8/98
I am interested in real success and prosperity principles, like those found in your materials. These materials are the most logical, practical, philosophically sound information I have read since I last read Atlas Shrugged.

S.G.,, 3/8/98
I love you guys for what you do.

A.B.,, 3/8/98
My search for stability and direction has led me to Neo-Tech. A reflecting pause reveals that you're frank, simple, direct to the point and very sure of your statements. I like that. I'm very attracted to your positive, forward moving 'entropic' nature and I believe we will cause a change for the better. I'm doing what I can to find my own role in this, I believe there's nothing else worth doing. Please, do keep pushing and 'don't ever stop'. Your attention is greatly appreciated,

V.H.,, 3/7/98, ARUBA
Putting Neo-Tech on the INTERNET is the ONLY way to massively share the knowledge and insights of this 'might' with MILLIONS so that we all can usher the world into the NEO-TECH ERA.

Anon.,, 3/7/98
I am really enjoying my discovery, The Neo-Tech Discovery.

Anon.,, 3/6/98
I get more excited every time I read Neo-Tech literature. I am seeing the universe waiting to be taken control of by the benevolent value-producer. There is so much knowledge to gain and Neo-Tech/Zonpower unleashes all that knowledge through fully integrated honesty. LOVED the subliminal Zon story. Dr. Wallace is a true hero!

M.G.,, 3/6/98
HELLO, NEO-TECH PUBLISHING CO.. I would like to thank you for showing me the true self inside of me. I developed a better understanding of life and I learned how to focus my thoughts.

E.E.,, 3/5/98, Costa Rica
Your site is great.

Maria D.,, 3/5/98
I really love my Neo-Tech Manuscript. I would not sell it even for $6,995.00. When I am angry and disappointed I run to my best friend and read for about three or four hours without stopping, not even to drink water. I read, reread, and reread Neo-Tech Manuscript because I feel so relaxed and at home when I am in company of my best friend. I find very much truth in it. It is like I moved from one world to another world. Thank you again, and keep up the good work.

Flora K.,, 3/5/98
A lot portrayed in Neo-Tech are things that I knew about, but did not know how to put in words. I did not know how to stop professional mystics into neocheaters from usurping my values. I could see, feel, and experience the why's, when's, and where's (effects) but I have always looked for the 'how's' and Neo-Tech is the first to show me the how's (cause). Neo-Tech is the way. Keep on keeping on (Bravo).

D.C.,, 3/3/98
Your web site is superb and I often find myself digging deeper and deeper into your archives.

J.E.,, 3/3/98
Excellent web page! I spend a half hour all most every day rereading the 114 concepts. Thank you for posting these writings on the web.

M.W.,, 3/3/98, Canada
Neo-Tech rules!

Anon.,, 3/2/98
I enjoy your site and find it insightful.

C.D.,, 3/2/98
A hard hitting series of ideas that opens the mind to a different view and way of examining the world and our place in it.

K.G.,, 3/1/98, Australia
Great site especially after you read Julian Jaynes.

February 1998

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