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LD,, 3/31/00
Awesome. I find myself laughing and cheering out loud. This story is a powerful tool I can use to influence family & friends THANK YOU! My brothers and I have been following your business model and will be replicating it across the country perhaps as soon as next year. I've waited this long to say anything about what we're doing because talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words I'm confident we'll meet one day. I remember the day I received the NT discovery package in the mail. I flipped through it, seeing mention of And Objectivism, and ideas BEYOND hers. I felt a twitch of jealousy as I discovered that there existed an established competitor... NT was doing what I wanted to be doing...that was a few years ago. I hadn't been to your web site in quite a while, when just a few weeks ago I found "The story" & "the book." a new level of progress! I read when I can get to get back to the story!

Mr. Anderson,, 3/31/00
Comment: Hi. This is John S. of Houston, Texas- a NT owner since November 1988. Years ago, on the Neo-Tech Newsgroup, I spoke many times of my goal was to mine asteroids -- as a natural step towards Mars colonization. I am smiling from ear to ear, and I laughed out loud when I read, in Chapter 33 of The Story, "...mankind would be inhabiting Mars. We would be mining asteroids for natural resources, WHICH A BUSINESS IN TEXAS WAS ALREADY RESEARCHING." Was that just a coincidence, or did you recall my posts? I am highly motivated and excited beyond words to initiate or help initiate some paradigm ultimately leading to the C of U. It is so obvious, but the masses need to see a tangible reality to integrate it. The Story must be initiated. I am a combination of Jake, Ian, and Theodore (and a little Rico). A relationship-builder, spokesperson, physicist/scientist, and puzzle-builder. I commend your publishing of The Story as a BEAUTIFUL move that I did not expect! I'm shaking with excitement. Let's GET IT GOING. If things work out the way I 95% expect them to, I will be in a position to help with the mass exposure to these concepts, the first of which may indeed be a TV series of “The Story'.

M.S.,, 3/31/00

R.J.,, 3/31/00
This is the best story I have ever Read. Thank You Rufus John Wilson #-31 2000 Age 73

a.c.,, 3/31/00, EE.UU
Neo-Tech provides a voice of reason and clarity found no where else on the web or in the world for that matter. Keep the light of reason alive vote yes for Neo-Tech and the NT Party.

d.e.,, 3/31/00
Absolutely brilliant, great, great, great!

M.C.,, 3/30/00
Your work is the best reading I've ever purchased.

JJ,, 3/30/00, UK
A great site! The bulletin boards are a really good way of expanding your understanding of Neo-Tech and connect with others who are on this incredible journey.

K.V.,, 3/30/00, Canada
It is refreshing to see a new Idea -- it seems we actually see something NEW about every thousand years. You might get lynched because of it. I hope authorities do not fiddle with something so new. Good luck to you.

T.W.,, 3/29/00
Mr. Hamilton, I am amazed by your work. It has opened my eyes and changed my life in so many ways. I am 17 years old and you have given me something to live for when before there was nothing. Thank you for your inspiration.

A.P.,, 3/30/00
Dear Mark, to give you insight on the supremacy of 'The Story', allow me to tell you that in my four years in Saudi Arabia, more than two decades ago, I read all the English books in Abqaiq, Radhwa, Juaimah, three libraries! Not one of the best sellers can come close to the intimacy I had with the Neo-Tech characters in the book. The story burn my heart, even now, its been two weeks since I finished reading 'The Story'. The eloquence of the story was simplicity, honesty and mirror the real life of today. I would be surprise if it is not a real story! Fiction can not even approximate the reality from beginning to end. This is the story that is meant for a movie, so every lazy people who don't want to read or even people who does not know how to read, would know who are the neocheaters!

G.M.,, 3/29/00,
I would like to see this powerful Knowledge spread around the entire world! I have made the most wonderful discovery of self and I will be very rich soon! I love your book and it has opened my mind .In fact I already feel Immortal!

k.G.,, 3/29/00, U.S
Neo-Tech kicks major butt.

: M.S.,, 3/29/00,
I don't know about the Darwin evolution part, but after reading the STORY....all I could do for the next few minutes was...sit in front of this computer screen and quietly & happily....clap...clap...clap....clap...clap...clap...clap...clap...clap...clap...clap...clap....honestly...I couldn't stop as I reflected on the last thoughts & words of Miss Annabelle: 'So, back to what I said earlier, do not get confused by what you might hear about how love should be. The mixed-up world around you will take away your nature as man and woman. For instance, do not listen to that women lib talk. That talk is the first to balk at the idea of a woman giving herself to a man in an intimate relationship. Women's lib causes millions of women to deny their nature, which takes away the deepest happiness in a woman's life of being in love with a man she can look up to and admire, a man she can surrender to. Of course, girls, remember you can go as far as any man in any career, but your husband must be someone special -- that productive man you can look up to.' Something inside me had reached a cord! (For I've always known this to be true) I look forward to reading the other material further!

RM,, 3/28/00
An attempt to break the chains that bind us. You have a point of view which should be shared with others and explored with everyone who enjoys an open mind and a love of challenge.

L.H.,, 3/28/00, UK
Great web site.

T.G.,, 3/27/00
I Love the Information you share, you Free our Minds. We will never be the same again. And that's a good thing. (smile).

J S,, 3/27/00
Mark, The Story is majestic. All the while my mind elevated and I kept seeing a reflection of myself just as I were 25 years ago. I felt as though that child in me was being resurrected! The Story is sincerely a masterpiece contribution to the world. The Story IS the fulfillment and essence of Neo-Tech. Jacqueline

c w,, 3/27/00
Your novel The Story was the most incredible book I have ever read. I am a 23 year old male, and I have to admit that there were several parts in the book that brought tears to my eyes - tears of joy!!! By integrating other Neo-Tech works into this novel, it made my understanding of the philosophy so much more powerful. I have studied Neo-Tech for about 5 years now and see neocheaters everywhere I look. This novel helped me to realize that so many incredible things are possible if we dump the anti-civilization that we live in today. I have a couple of questions for you sir. First, how can I find out more about RIBI and their efforts to rid this planet of the biggest disease known to man - aging?? How can I send them a donation? I am working day and night on building a business, and there is nothing I would rather do with some of my profits then put them towards a great endeavor such as biological immortality. Thanks again for writing this unbelievable novel. Have an awesome day!!!

,, 3/27/00, England
This website is one of the most informative , intuitive and Interesting pages available.

G.R.,, 3/26/00
Expand the Marketing of this message, expand the site for all of the 'Books', to support the premises of Neo-Tech is to support the forces of Optimal Life.

K.B.,, 3/26/00
Superb site with superb information and concepts. Neo-Tech IS THE PHILOSOPHY of the future and of all surviving mankind. All those who decry it as 'Satanic', 'Evil', etc., need to calm down and proceed through Neo-Tech material step-by-step. If you can restrain your self for the span of time needed to internalize this information, your old, bizarre, world of superstition filled with Spooks, Spirits, Devils, Demons, Gods, Angels, and what have you, will dissolve and an entirely new, super-efficient, super-workable, comforting, inspiring, fortifying focus on what really is REALITY will form in your mind.

J V,, 3/25/00
Absolutely outstanding information needed for today's society!

R. C,, 3/25/00
Before I became a Neo-Tech women, I was making $12,000 per year. Now thanks to Neo-Tech I AM VERY HAPPY AND WEALTHY WITH MY $229,000 AND CLIMBING TO UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNTS OF CASH PER YEAR. Neo-Tech came to me through a friend.

R.M.,, //
It opens eyes.

R.F.,, 3/24/00
This is so amazing! The Story is changing my life as I read it. I can now feel positive about my life and my children's lives. I am going to teach them everything I know about the Civilization of the Universe and Neothink, as did Miss Annabelle with her students. I am going to grab every teachable moment with them. I have bow found something to integrate into their lives, something that is true. 'The Story' is so powerful and so true I have seen it happen in my life and others around me, it is so exciting and invigorating to see. I am ready to vote a Neo-Tech President into office to embrace the Civilization of the Universe. I feel so lucky, because I am a 21 year old mom and my oldest is 6 and my youngest is 4. I made my way through high school and I started college this year. What a gift you have given, and will continue to give! I am behind you 100%! If you make a movie, I would love to play Miss Annabelle, I think her Character is so great, and I would love to be a Miss Annabelle for my children and many other children because to spread the truth like she did is what I have been doing, only on a much smaller scale with my daughter and her friends! Go Neo-Tech! It is so important for the future of not only my children but all the children in the world! I would love too see my children grow up in the Civilization of the Universe, and myself too! The truth has finally been set free, and it makes me so happy! I no longer have to live the anticivilization lie! I love You Guys!

G E R.,, 3/24/00
Mark, I have read most of everything you have written in the last ten years, and have always been supremely happy with the values delivered, but you have struck 'pure gold' with this book, and have made it not only easy but enjoyable to warm one's attention of involvement with Neo-Think. Well done, kudos, kudos, KUDOS. Sincerely, Garwin R

G.C.,, 3/21/00, New Zealand
Excellent material. Thank you.

S.S.,, 3/23/00
I really enjoyed the story and have spent the past 2 days Reading it at your website, what a beautiful world without external authorities to keep us down. I think it would make a great movie, teaching presented as entertainment. Keep up the good work.

B.E.,, 3/22/00
The book makes it onto one of the many “Best Seller' lists—people increasingly buy the book and give it more word of mouth advertising than any previous book they've spoken highly of—The Book continues showing up on more and more best seller lists—word-of-mouth advertising has people scurrying from bookstore to bookstore to the Internet in order to buy The Book which is repeatedly selling out faster than any previous book— That sounds like what happened with “The Celestine Prophecy.' James Redfield was rejected by virtually every major publishing house so he self-published his book and sold it in independent bookstores. Warner Books came sniffing around after only they saw how many unit$ were moved $olely by word of mouth.

N.M.,, 3/22/00
'The Story' could be a great movie, as NeoBaj said. I think that I'd be delighted if a film was made from Mr. Hamilton's book. I think too that I'm not the only one who thinks so. Neither I nor most of the regular people know how to make a film. On the other hand, many people, including me, own about 200 $ on their bank account that they do not really need (which are not a vital necessity). So, I do this offer : If someone is capable of making a movie from Mr. Hamilton's book, and that Mr. Hamilton allows that person to do so, then I'm going to provide 200 $ to finance the project. What ? 200 $ to make a film ? You must think that I'm kidding. But please carry on reading, and you will understand my idea. Neo Tech means 'fully integrated honesty'. So, if Mr. Hamilton allowed someone to make a film from his book, we could trust that person, couldn't we ? The problem is that a lot of money is needed to produce a film. But, as The Story is a great story, it would be a great movie and financial success, wouldn't it ? We Neo Tech readers are convinced of the value of The Story. We aren't rich enough (yet...) to finance the whole project. But Neo Tech is sold all around the world, and has got millions of customers. If one hundred of them gave 200 $, 20 million dollars would be available. And once the movie would be produced and broadcast, the production could pay back all the small shareholders. Now, consider the risk : - if the project fails, you will lose 200 $ + if the project succeeds, you will lose nothing, and Neo-Tech ideas will become available to the entire world through a pleasant, exciting film. What do you think of that ?

S.S.,, 3/22/00
As a result of reading Neo-Tech I am more aware of the mysticism and neocheating going on in the world and around me in everyday life. Neo-Tech is valuable information that every individual should read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A.Z.,, 3/22/00
Wow! I really think you have hit the nail on the head Mark! I have only finished the first three chapters, but I am eager to read the rest. It's getting late and I must get up early and sell cars. I will continue reading Monday evening. This appears to be a very eloquent approach to making Neo Tech much more commercially viable. I look forward to finishing The Story! Keep up the awesome work Mark!

E.H.,, 3/22/00
Your books have helped me greatly. My eyes have been opened. I know I will never be the same.

N.R.,, 3/22/00
I've just read The Story and I've enjoyed it very much. Nevertheless, I wish it were available in a low-cost, small-size edition, so that it could be bought and offered to friends. Thanks very much for your integrated masterpiece,

T.S.,, 3/22/00
I have read 3/4 of the book , it has been a real eye opener for me. Mark Hamilton has a very distinct way with words, I now feel free to pursue my ambitions.

C.A.,, 3/22/00
I have purchased the book and since then my life has definitely taken a change for the best. the more I reread the book the more I progress in my life and my bank account. I always recommend the advise to others and am quickly on my way to becoming a millionaire. my friends are always asking what I'm doing, I just tell them I'm living life to it's fullest and leave it at that...hahaha thanks for showing me true life.

R.W.,, 3/22/00
Please do not remove the great light to the world. I'm a natural neo tech thinker, I just didn't know what to call it and didn't see the huge picture which your site revealed to me.

N.R.,, 3/21/00, Canada
I know the thought process neo-tech has taught me will greatly benefit me later in my life. there is no doubt to me about the value of neo tech to humankind. it is a great discovery, and I feel privileged to have gained this in-valuable knowledge. I am 9 years old and have not yet graduated high school.

Darlene T.,, 3/21/00
I found this information to be the most shocking, exciting, thrilling information I've ever read. Let the civilization of the universe come to pass.

J.H.,, 3/21/00
I have recently been reading the Book and I can honestly say it has already brought joy to my life. The thing is that I'm not even a quarter of the way through yet. Keep up the good work and keep producing values for people.

M.C.,, 3/21/00
I love what you have done, period. Thanks to you, I have discovered the 3 lies that cause mysticism. I will continue to help wipe-out mysticism!

F.S.,, 3/21/00
Dear friends, your are doing an amazing job.

H.B.,, 3/20/00
More people should know and become aware of Neo-Tech. I find great peace and fulfillment by spending hours reading it.

D.B.,, 3/20/00
I've been enlightened by Neo-Tech principles and concepts, and I'm am very thankful to have stumbled upon this information... Neo-Tech MUST remain on the web, and MUST further the cause of eliminating mysticism and dishonesty. I can't wait until The Neo-Tech philosophy purges the malignant cancers of religion and government. I'm here to help.

P.G.,, 3/20/00
We love the site.

Ella B.,, 3/19/00
Your site is a mind opener, all I can say is thanks a million for opening up my mine and opening the doorway of opportunity to remind me to continue with my dream.

D.D.,, 3/19/00
I am impressed.

Charlene B.,, 3/18/00
Most informative.

W.W.,, 3/18/00
The Story. most importantly I see ways of honestly dealing with the dishonest people, and some good ideas on how to help educate my own children a little simpler than it seems sometimes.

P.J.,, 3/18/00, United Kingdom
BRILLIANT, an education with principles one can apply to their everyday lives. It makes you feel as if a door has been opened.

J.M.,, 3/18/00
I have just been reading 'The Story' which is a very powerful revelation into life.

S.S.,, 3/18/00, England
Dear Sir, at even a most cursory glance this literature is both challenging and inspiring. For a great while I have been looking for a way to break free from the seemingly unavoidable bonds and I am greatly minded that this is that very way.

S.Z.,, 3/18/00
Perhaps some additional points are worth noting. I think it could be the most profitable due to several reason. But let me start by saying that, to the best of my knowledge, profit is secondary. ...A distant second at this point and time, and will become more distant as the jump progresses. Mass marketing will accrue huge profits. For which the retail cost would be fair market value. I equate that to low cost, not to dismiss the fact that—for reasons forthcoming -- people would willingly pay several times the fair market value. Yes the tremendous value/benefit to the reader/owner would warrant paying well over $100 for The Story. Which I think is the second book in The Book. Yet, even as a stand alone book it certainly holds its own value well over the $100 demarcation point. That brings us to the first priority which is mass marketing. Regardless of the extremely powerful advertising that can be created to sell the book, when the cost of ownership hits the $100 mark, sales reduce. For example, a printed information product will sell nearly twice as many at $97 versus $100. Interestingly, I have found that $117 out-sells $100. But still far less than $97, and the $97 still returns more front-end profit. Not to mention increased profit on the backend. [Teddy describes his frontend-backend plan in The Story.] The primary goal is mass readership. Perhaps the most effective mass marketing and advertising program will go something like this: A person can read They Story for free at the NT Web site, but if they want to buy it they will have to buy The Book—NTP's customer list is sent a direct mail package offering them first dibs on The Book at a special discounted price—they create a control direct mail package and test it on several of their best pulling rented mailing lists—it is learned that because of the general readership nature of The Story that it can be profitably sold to a wider universe of mailing lists—NTP receives offers and extends deals with other publishers to sell The Book to their list with the list owner's endorsement (even though readers' comments are the mitigating factor that causes most people to buy) -- The book makes it onto one of the many “Best Seller' lists—people increasingly buy the book and give it more word of mouth advertising than any previous book they've spoken highly of—The Book continues showing up on more and more best seller lists—word-of-mouth advertising has people scurrying from bookstore to bookstore to the Internet in order to buy The Book which is repeatedly selling out faster than any previous book— with offers coming in from several talk shows, a NTP representative, perhaps the author himself, Mark Hamilton, appears on a special showing of Oprah Winfrey to discuss what has made The Book, what is now considered almost a phenomenon, such a huge success.. doing a segment where Mark (or the rep) fields questions from the audience - it is on Oprah's show that Mark (or the rep) announces a specific piece of news that divulging it propels this already near phenomenon upward-outward spiral to harmonious-epidemic proportions. At that point in time people would be willing to pay $1,000 for The Book. But since mass readership is the primary goal, the cost of buying the book is less than production cost. With profits accrued on the backend. I don't know what backend products NTP is working on, has waiting in the wings or is joint venturing with. But as outlined in The Story, they will most likely be neothink puzzles that integrate with the Super Puzzle. As described in Book 1, think about a flood of people using neothink to build their Friday night essence puzzles. Some of them may become integral parts to the Super Puzzle fulfilling it's goal. NTP will sublime to the Super Puzzle creating the C of U on Earth. When I think of the ramifications of The Book and The Story they are exponential. To grasp what I've been trying to convey, but from additional perspectives, here's two insights that deal with exponential. The first is the numbers used to express how destructive the IRS is when they attack Miss Annabelle. Invert the premise and those numbers (63 billion dollars, not counting indirect loss that would dwarf that) reflect the profitability/value of The Book. The second example of the exponential ramification is more direct. It's called 'viral marketing'. A brief explanation follows: “In 1996, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith pioneered a great new product category—free web-based email. But many great ideas and great products have withered on the vine. The special catalyst for Hotmail's torrid growth is what we at Draper Fisher Jurvetson have come to call “Viral Marketing' -- not because any traditional viruses are involved, but because of the pattern of rapid adoption through word-of-mouth networks. Viral Marketing powerfully compounds the benefits of a first-mover advantage. And it's something we eagerly look for when evaluating any Internet startup company. As a founding investor in Hotmail and a member of their board of directors, we think Hotmail is a great case study on the impact of the Viral Marketing strategy over its full life cycle.'— Steve Jurvetson and Tim Draper Yes, people would be willing to pay a dollar a page for The Book, but they'll never have to. And if isn't The Book or The Story that is the front end product that is center stage of the phenomenon, well, then imagine a more powerful book that will fill the bill... Then write it and inject it into the market.

Y.W.,, 3/18/00, Malaysia
Soldier on, you provide another viewpoint that is refreshing and in-depth. Controversial? May be, but your readers get smarter in seeing things and happenings around them.

A.A.,, 3/18/00
I remember the first time (1986)I read NT and I couldn't understand any of it. Then as I purchased each and every product I understood a little bit more. I always thought this was done on purpose. Now, NT is broken down into the simplest form in The Story. I love it, Thank You again NT, it looks as though the light at the end of the tunnel is very near.

J.H.,, 3/18/00
Thank you Neo-Tech for giving me the tools to get rid of mysticism. Now I take full responsibility for all my problems. My problems belong to no one else. Neo-Tech has also opened my eyes to how important freedom is, it sickens me to see politicians sacrifice our freedom and go against humanity. I now know that thanks to me, my future will be better.

N.N.,, 3/18/00
The Story is a good conceptualization of NT with real life. It would make a good movie, even an old-fashioned radio drama. I have often thought that when internet access gets faster and the right software comes along, anyone, with a fast computer, a good video camera, can turn their home or business into a broadcasting studio that can have live 24 hours a day broadcasts to the world just like any of the networks. Can you imagine having an unlimited number of “channels' to surf? How about millions of online auctions for goods and services? Talk about competition!

S.U.,, 3/18/00
Its so nice to know that there is people out there who are striving to change things to the way they should be.

R.R.,, 3/18/00
These ideas are good and certainly many people may gain wealth from the Story!

G.F.,, 3/17/00
A tremendous piece of work, all of us can benefit from it. Just maybe mankind will be saved.

R.S.,, 3/17/00
This is so good. How do I get a hold of The Story? I'd like a copy autographed! I can only anticipate the outcome. Let me know.

Julia R.,, 3/17/00
I love your story. I love Neo-Tech. You should see what I've done @ the fortune 500 company I work for. I am an Admin Assist. I go to school for Computer Technical Support and I have the President of one of the biggest companies in the world imitating me. I post little quotations all over my desk. Yesterday, at a company meeting while he was giving his kudos to the upper management, he included a quote in his presentation. I, and everyone knew who he was imitating. Now, everyone is curious to speak to me. I, on the other hand, have nothing in common with them. I have never had anything in common with most people. I always knew the reality of the world. No one would believe me. I have always been labeled as super intelligent yet nuts. I come from a long line of intelligent people. I am not native to the US. Where I come from my grandmother was governor once, my aunt an Olympic medallist. My father is also very intelligent. When I was in the 4th grade, I figure I was about 9 years old, I asked my teacher this question, ' do we know what words are?' She said we have definitions to explain them. I said, 'How do we know the words describing those words are words?' She asked what I meant. I said, 'Well, how do we know what words like, the, and, to, from mean?' She stood there in amazement. She had nothing to say to me. All she said is, 'Well...I guess we know because we actually see what the words mean.' I always knew reality was the key. Thanks for your great story. You may contact me anytime you want.

M.D.,, 3/16/00
I love what I read so far in 'The Story'. This story can be understood by those who are New to Neo-tech. It also connects emotionally with the reader.

J.C.,, 3/16/00
Has shown me everything that I need to know in life! Thank you all!

S.S.,, 3/16/00
From where I sit I think the writers at NTP have demonstrated an uncanny ability to write/express/convey with a high degree of accuracy while pushing the envelope of charting new frontiers. Anyone can use NTP's work to push their own envelope to greater knowledge and penetrate deeper and wider into new and existing markets.

S.M.,, 3/16/00, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech is the best education that anyone could ever have. No more guilt, no more political or government or church abuse. These people thrive on the sole purpose of destroying others. Neo-Tech allows the conscious mind to free itself of crap. Thank you Neo-Tech for helping me see the light, when all I could see before was darkness

G.G.,, 3/16/00
I had to take a break after reading chapter 3. 'The Story'. So many thoughts, what an experience.

E.D.,, 3/16/00, Ghana

N.N.,, 3/15/00
Dear Mr. Hamilton,I like very much your Story, and I hope it will be soon available in French. When you want to translate it, please send me a mail: it will be a pleasure to help you.

M.R.,, 3/15/00
Neo-Tech information is the most forward thinking self help literature available to my knowledge. Not to have it available would be an immense disaster to those of us who truly want to achieve continued happiness.

M.W.,, 3/15/00
And to Mark H and his The Story: All I can say is that I'm 'Speechless in Seattle.' You've outdone yourself (again!) :-) Thanks so much for such a wonderful story. I can't seem to get it out of my mind.

V.H.,, 3/15/00
Real good information for people who want to make more money, and have what they want in life.

: C.I.,, 3/15/00
In Response To: How to rescue Beorapparaus faster (Bob S) Surely earthlings/zons would be able to develop technology which could transceive Beorapparaus's consciousness, without the need for a 'physical journey'

M.C.,, 3/15/00
I, too, could not stop reading The Story. It is very well written and I think even young children could understand much of the content. My partner and I, Randy Fricke are also trying to 'enlighten' the masses through his music. You can check it out at We would greatly appreciate ANY feedback and ideas of how to promote the CD. Thanks for all your fabulous work.

G.M.,, 3/15/00

H.H.,, 3/15/00
Mark, As predicted, fantastic stuff, and I have put my comments on NTN13. Can't wait until the next one, and how soon too the movie. As I commented to Ted, (Fox). Steven Speilberg as director or NZ's very own Roger Donaldson. You guys are something else and your Dad, well, the words have not been invented, to describe this great value producing individual. You guys are going from strength to strength. FRW has been mine and millions of others Miss Annabelle. I want to wish your group every success in project life and if there is anything I can do, let us know. A NT friend in Aussie and myself are contributing Web Sites to NT. Mine will be on and We are negotiating with web designers now. That will be our contribution to NT. The main focus on our sites will of course be Neo-Tech and will have direct links to Any information that does not appear on your neo-tech site, for example promotions on political aspirations and information on project life that you may feel will be of use to consumers in this part of the world. Please send to us and we will include that info on our web page. Once we are satisfied with the final outcome of our contribution to NT, we will be promoting those pages in local newspaper advertising, for people to log on and learn something that will change their thinking from the current coercive, believe in higher authority stagnant mentality into the neo-thinking. The end result will be, well it's written in the last chapters of 'the Story'. Well done and congratulations.

Susan C.,, 3/15/00
Dear Mr. Hamilton, I woke up at 4am and had to get back to reading your story. I saw your e-mail address at the bottom of the chapter (has it always been there?) and I fought a battle with myself trying to decide whether to write you. I thought maybe I should read and study all the Neo-Tech material I could find first so that I would not seem a complete idiot...but my emotions overcame my fear.(As usual) I just wanted to tell you how much your story means to me. Learning about Neo-Tech has not been a shock or surprise to me, or changed my way of thinking...its been more like a coming home. Like “Wow, there are actually people out there who think like I do...I've just never been able to put my finger on it and categorize it into to a neat, simple, honest, easy to understand way of life. Maybe now that I am starting to see things a little clearer I can begin a real life, a happy life...just tell me that there are things like described in the story that are actually happening. I need that Hope.

J.M.,, 3/15/00
Hello Mr. Hamilton; I feel a little strange knowing that I'm actually addressing you; someone I've, up 'till now, have only read and read about. I'm planning to purchase your Cosmic Business Control to further build on Eric Savage's Global Wealth Power. I just wanted to comment on the story of Miss Annabelle by saying that she reminds me very much of my sixth-grade teacher, Ms. B, who is still teaching at Marina Middle School here in San Francisco. The only difference is that the school has always valued Ms. B above most of the rest of their staff, as opposed to feeling as if she were threatening their mystical values. Although many were mystical, they never stood in the way of personal choice; even for children. Great story! And, continued success to Neo-Tech; its success is everyone's benefit.

D.F.,, 3/14/00
It took me getting your book to really answer all, and I mean ALL my questions about life, love, personal wealth, and everything for that matter. Thank you for giving me direction in life, and hopefully all those negative people see the error of there ways!!!

H.B.,, 3/14/00
I have found it valuable in so many ways.

H.R.,, 3/14/00, Germany
Humanity needs your vision more than anything else! I love you for your courage and compassion and I'll support you with all my energy and knowledge. Please continue!

K.R.,, 3/14/00
Neo-tech has made logical points to ponder on and stimulate my thinking in the direction that I felt I was always destined to follow.

A.S.,, 3/14/00
Hello Mark, thanks for letting me read the Story. I enjoyed it very much. Either we be productive or non-productive. That is all.

G.Y.,, 3/13/00, Australia
Neo-Tech can and will automatically open your mind to think outside the square. The more you read of Neo-Tech literature the more power and intelligence you inherit! VIVA NEO-TECH POWER! AND FRANK WALLACE.

D.T.,, 3/13/00
I have started reading the book and I have become more independent from outside influence. I enjoy work and have gotten a raise and a bonus just from my new outlook on life. I have learned that I'm not going to get anywhere without hard work. Unlike most young people who are waiting for a free ride I have rose above the rest. I'm 22 years old I own the house that I live in, I have a 4wheel drive truck, a hotrod, drag boat, a motorcycle, and a beautiful girlfriend. I cant thank you enough. You have put me on the right track.

K.E.,, 3/13/00
Neo-Tech has give me the vision, tools, and grounding I need to control my future and build the life I am driven to achieve. Upon each reading, I gain more and more insights and focus on achieving my personal goals. Thank you.

E.G.,, 3/13/00, Australia
Neo-Tech is the most important philosophy written.

E.R.,, 3/13/00
Are you offering any workshops on Friday Night Essence??? and related subjects. It is a very interesting subject and it would be helpful.

U.F.,, 3/13/00
Neo-Tech, to me is the only way to go, it promotes individual freedom.

L.L.,, 3/13/00
Dear Mark Hamilton, I just read The Story. I am amazed. I conceived of New Utopia to begin anew with what I thought to be the only escape from the villainy of so called democracies. I don't know that your 'Story' has changed my perception. I suppose that I still think that a new environment, with all the virtues, will set an example and others will follow. That somewhere a politician will see the light and do as Jonathan Ward did in your story. Unfortunately those who have tried to make even smaller changes have been struck down by the established system.

A.C.,, 3/13/00
The below was absolutely my favorite part. I now have a handsome one year old baby boy and a very lovely girlfriend. The joy and love I feel through constant DTC, FIH, and WSA is virtually indescribable. It must be the next level of emotions. 'That sound, Jake thought, that amazing sound! He stopped and looked at Little Jakey. His brown eyes were wide, brilliant and his chubby cheeks were rosy red. The corners of his mouth were curved up high, a smile so full of glee that it was crooked and out of coordination. He looked back at his father and cocked his head, looking almost as if he knew something and was wondering if his father was figuring it out. Little Jakey laughed again.'

G.R.,, 3/13/00
'The Story' literally blew me away. It is your best work to date. It is going to take something like this to elect a Neo-Tech president. You are going to need a Neo-Tech oriented media chain and talk show hosts to counter the liberal media. 'The Story' reminds me of 'The Harrad Experiment' that novel advocated a small group to reform society. Unfortunately it called for the use of government to achieve desired results. Keep up the great work. Together we can free this country from the politicians and other neocheaters. Neo-Tech publishing has helped me to see the fraudulent nature of most forms of media, talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, etc.. Your website gets better every week. It is a shame the author of “No More Lies' is no longer with us. Nowhere have I read such a clear explanation of Enlightenment. Your books are getting better every year. Give my deepest regards to Dr. Wallace. His Neo-Tech discovery book should be recommended reading for everyone. Just watching the news on tv, reading newspapers really reveals how much of a topsy turvy world we live in. I really enjoy reading the positive and negative comments on your website. The contrast between them is simply amazing. You can really tell who should be reading Neo-Tech and are losing out by not doing so.

B.T.,, 3/13/00
NYT Article on Rarity of Life:

B.B.,, 3/13/00
The more I understand NT, especially after reading The Story, the more I see what is going on. The deeper I go down the rabbit's hole, more and more I am beginning to *see* what is going on. Promote NT Values or Die,

: A.G.,, 3/12/00
Only read 3 chapters and already your story has moved me more than any other story I've read. Its a good read and I learn some things as well. You've always been my favorite Neo-Tech author. Dr. Wallace is ok but I don't always understand his stuff. Eric Savage is ok too, but it doesn't really move me emotionally like your writings. I don't always mean in a good way. Sometimes you piss me off and sometimes you sadden me and at times I resent you for making me see through the pretty illusions woven by “them'. Sometimes I wish I didn't know anything and lived in a state of blissful ignorance. But I love you. you have probably saved my life. I still have a long way to go on my path to rational thinking but I know that when I finally make the jump I wont even miss the old ways. That's all I have to say for now my friend.

P.D.,, 3/12/00
I haven't finished your story yet, I'm on chapter 18 and am a new comer to Neo-Tech, but I am very impressed. If I could wish one thing for the world, it would be that all the students studying to be teachers read your story. Before their minds have been corrupted by the world. I have many friends that home school their children, and I am so taken by what you have to say that I am printing up "The Story" to pass around to them. Home schooling is growing, within all of America, and it seems to me that those are the children that could be reached first, right now. I will admit that Neo-Tech is hard for me. I can't just read it, but have to study it to understand, with lots of stops to look up words, but "The Story" has made much of it fall into place for me. A lot of things in America have gotten out of hand, parents and teachers have lost there way along with most of "the people". They have forgotten that we are the united states of AMERICA and not the UNITED STATES OF america. Your story not only touched my heart, but my brain. I have always been an "odd ball" or called "weird" because I think on my own, I do on my own, and I walk in peace and love. People try to push me into there mold, but I refuse to go. Your story showed me that I am on the right path, I have a long ways to go, but I will get there. Thank you for reminding me of all the good things to come, as I continue on my journey.

S.W.,, 3/12/00
I feel that "The Story" has encapsulated the essence of the Neo-Tech Discovery, in such a way, that I no longer feel alone, after having cast aside the indoctrinated beliefs of my past.

T.T.,, 3/12/00
The Story is one of the most compelling pieces of literature I've ever read.

D.S.,, 3/12/00
Reading The Story, is having some sort of effect, and I'm not sure exactly what kind, but I've gotten up at 3 am to continue the reading, and even started reading it to my children.

N.B.,, 3/11/00
Finally, I'm done reading “The Story'. What a wonderful book of science-fiction. I must admit it's better than “The Matrix'. Reading “The Story' allow me to see the big picture of the Neo-World. At first, it wasn't easy for me to 'swallow' the story because I was trying to read it with my left brain(the same way I would read “The Neo-Tech Discovery' or “Think and Grow Rich'). After a few weeks of break, I realized I had to approach this book with the same state of mind I would use to read “Star Wars' or “The Apocalypse'. This book is made for the movies (I wouldn't mind writing the script, Mark). My conclusion: This is the most positive prediction of the future I've ever read.

J.C.,, 3/11/00
At my school: Morrow High School, in Ga. I tried to get on the Neo-Tech web page. It was intercepted by the school filter. I thought this was ridiculous. But then, I could get into a sight called the electric showing men after being executed by the electric chair. Which site is more apt to do damage to the teen mind? It seems they're more focused on keeping the children in our world supporting the government, rather than keeping them away from violence, and perverse displays. That's just another example of the government making choices for you!

J.M.,, 3/11/00
I really feel that the Neo-Tech movement towards the Civilization of the Universe has taken a turn for the better. It seems to me we are seeing an increasing amount of synergy between the writing of Dr. Wallace and his son. And I've been impressed lately by some of the very genuine compassion given and taken recently by contributors to these boards. I have felt for some time now that NTP was just a tad too clinical in its approach, albeit that, as far as I am aware, no monument has ever been erected to a critic, only to those who have been criticized. ( And what good is a monument anyway? ) This more emotional appeal seems timely to me, and, apart from its intrinsic value, will prove valuable strategically. I have thought for some time that it is not enough to win the minds of our fellow citizens, but that we need to win their hearts as well. One may be fairly convinced about the futility of trying to answer chicken-egg type questions, while still sensing that the essential ether of existence is a reservoir of ever present goodness, eternally available to be tapped. Some will say that is a mystical notion. Let them demonstrate the dishonesty or laziness in it. Some might even say that to allocate time to making a post like this is irrational, that the time could be better used writing information for sale. Such critics will also have to argue that The Story should only be available to those providing their credit card details. There is a fine line to be drawn between philanthropy and altruistic sacrifice, but I submit that it is a useful distinction. And there is little to be gained by a Neo-Tech clique. It is time for the appeal to be broadened and to be more all-encompassing and, dare I say, tolerant. Mark Hamilton's most recent endeavor comes across to this reader as most evidently a real labor of love, and consequently has the potential to attract many readers who might otherwise be repelled. It is, as you say, Gordon, heart warming.

R.T.,, 3/11/00, United Kingdom
The book 'God-man our final evolution/Neo-Tech Discovery' is the most liberating, empowering, courageous and inspiring book that I have ever read. Please continue with your wonderful, unique and life-enhancing work for everyone on planet earth. My thanks to Dr Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, and all the super and fabulous people at neo-tech publishing.

K.M,, 3/11/00
Dear Mark, Happiness is here to stay and your story made me feel so Great as all your other writings. PS: I am waiting to cast my vote for our neo President!

J.G.,, 3/11/00
Keep up with the Excellent work

A.D.,, 3/11/00
Dear Mr. Hamilton, I read “The Story' and found it to be every bit as enlightening, provocative and effective in teaching the basics of integrated thinking and outlining objective philosophy as Ayn Rand's “Atlas Shrugged.' As a parent, it is one of my highest objectives to raise my son to the best of my ability. In order to do this, I feel it is necessary to teach him the why of the scientific method, and the reasons behind the US Bill of Rights. I have a two year old son that would benefit greatly from a book like the fictional one written by the character of Ms. Annabel, “How to raise a genius with five minute bedtime stories.' I would greatly appreciate any information that you could provide on this subject and would like to know if a book like that been written? And if not, is one in the planning or writing stage? Congratulations on a well crafted story.

G.S.,, 3/11/00
This work will be used by me a great deal to fill my surroundings with advancing people, even NT people. It is something that I can refer to anyone and everyone I want to. Most importantly for me at the moment, I'll be able to shove it in the hands of 'girls' and say, 'get back to me when your a woman'. I'll breath life into the muddy lifeless bodies of my anticiv friends and hopefully bring one into dual essence mode, hmm what's Nicoles number. 8^) (No, I have to be sly with her, sshhhh) I'll let the 'women' give NT to the guys, so my leveraging power will be greater to influence them into value production (well it makes sense to me) I can also now plunge NT into the precipice of rationalizations in the mystical blimps around me. It will be interesting to observe them as they interact with me after they have read some or all of it. The Story cant be faulted, because it gives nothing that can be, its sort of ambiguous with its mysticism stomping Observations that will be interesting: that it is such an emotional book, I wonder what areas the 'blimps' will feel the emotions. After having done so, what are they going to be able to say, what will they do, will they expose their foolishness for me to behold as they try to deny the benevolence of The Story. Since they will have been deeply moved will they have opened up an exposed wound of rationalization that they can't heal over (until they are self-honest and leap). Will it compel them to seek more NT info to try and find acceptable rationalizations to their compromised 'bubble'. Also, will they be compelled to continue reading right through to the end. There'll be able to say they disagree and they believe in God almighty who is not knowable and is not your Zon, and a civilization like that cannot be made. Of course they can maintain there rationalizations but many will have to attack The Story, but The story will forever be an indestructible pole of reality that their mind will have to cover up in the vines of smoke and mirrors (to much mixed metaphors, to many metaphors period, I'll shut up now.) Its gonna be a real good show, and valuable) Like trying to think of the unpredictive 'new' sensations of listening to a piece of music for the first time, I really want to know how mystics and non-NTers will experience it. All those integrations in one go along with all that emotion. I cried many times reading it. Only very short periods of crying. The suddenness of some of my outbursts reminded me of doing the same thing sometimes when I watch a neocheater on TV, or when I come out of thought about the anticiv back to my conscious awareness. Mark Hamilton is quite some writer (though I'd expect nothing less from a near God-Man). MH uses a style of writing and depiction that seems very different. In the last few chapters, with the accomplishment of BI and all that, I didn't cry or feel like crying, I wonder why. I thought whilst reading Ch33/34 if MH will have set me up to cry on reading the end of 35. He did. Brilliant.

Delores S.,, 3/11/00
I thoroughly enjoyed the story about Miss Annabelle. It is unfortunate, at first I felt the story was fictional, too many times things such as this happens. I have no use for the politicians, judges, or lawyers. I applaud you. Count me in.

J.B.,, 3/10/00
I have the child of the PAST within me. I enjoy 'THE STORY' very much. I am still reading it. I am on Chapter eighteen, or somewhere around there. I am beginning to feel emotional in it also. The following is something I feel we must all do in relation to 'THE STORY:' This day; Sunday; January 23, I, Jerry B., place myself as though I were a student in Miss Anabelle's class maybe as much as over 30 years ago. What we deal with here is irrelevant to time. I feel as though I actually am in and am taught every thing Miss Annabelles' twelve students have been taught. Will Someone post a response please and will you tell me what you think?

B.A.,, 3/10/00
Zonpower is truly priceless. . THANK YOU! for showing me the way.

D.P.,, 3/10/00
This book is an excellent novel which integrates the Neo-Tech advantages with the outline of the future that the book God-Man does. It wonderfully inspires and evokes emotions to work to fulfill the story. I found it hard to keep from reading end to end. Great work!!! Thanks

G.B.,, 3/10/00
How about we search for the characters of The Story as recently released on NT homepage Could Theodore by Bill Gates And Salinski be either Gerry Spence or Howard Freeman

A.V.,, 3/10/00, Australia
I asked my husband to buy 'The Book'. I am loving it. I feel I am not alone in the way I have always felt about authorities e.g. the government and the church. I always believed there was more to a being a human and that we were capable of doing so much more for ourselves and for each other.

N.W.,, 3/10/00
Annabelle == Maria Montessori?? Not done reading yet, though. :-)

L.H.,, 3/10/00
The past few days I have been reading The Story in what little spare time I have. Ummm... everything is starting to click together now. The inner-child thing really got me thinking. In my younger days we used to play games like “what if this and what if that'. We had come up with some pretty wild ideas back then - why isn't that quality encouraged to grow and be applied to real life scenarios? If I ever would have thought of applying those creative juices to real life, then I would be a totally different person. The pieces are starting to come together. I have rediscovered my inner child and brought back that ability to think creatively to put the pieces together. It would be an absolute travesty if I ever let that ability fade in my daughter. As I make other breakthroughs, it will help me keep those alive in her as well. I have taken small steps; this is my first leap. Cheers to many more to come!

S.S.,, 3/9/00
I Loved The Story, it has wonderful insight into our future.

M.M.,, 3/9/00
The Story is very moving and emotional. Its story form helps the reader to learn the ideas presented very quickly. I can't wait to finish it and begin rereading!

Gavriel S.,, 3/9/00, United Kingdom
I wish I could leave where I am and go to this kind of community that has this kind of teaching, I would do it.

G.S.,, 3/9/00
I am not a very emotional person, but in the reading of the story I was over come with emotion several times. Even though I knew it was not speaking of a particular persons I knew it was the experiences of many. I have come to the conclusion that this story will be the break through that we have been seeking, the digital thinking and writing style of MH is beyond my imaginings.

J.R.,, 3/9/00
The story is the best tool you have to show people the possibilities behind neothink and all the advantages within this information. I cant wait to get to the next chapter. I'm trying to read as much information as I can before I start putting together something that I think will answer a lot of questions. Thanks

J.J.,, 3/9/00
Dear Mr. Hamilton, ever since my first encounter with your father's writings (Zonpower, Neo-Tech Discovery) 4 years ago, to say my life has improved tremendously would be a gross understatement. Within the last 4 years, I have purchased many works written by Eric Savage, Frank Wallace and of course, yourself. I hold a great respect for your writing. My concentration is always focused 150% when I read your masterful works. When I saw the release of “The Story' a few weeks ago, I immediately cancelled my plans for that Friday and Saturday, just so I could read it. I finished the entire work in two days and just recently read the newly added chapter 36. From my earliest memories and all through high school and now through my life today, I have always possessed an “unconventional' way of thinking. But like billions of people throughout history, I was slowly sinking into a death trap created by the criminally insane world that surrounds us. Neo-Tech has brought my “unconventional' thinking to heights I once could only dream about. I am a true “Believer' in Neo-Tech and from reading and charting your company's tremendous growth and progress over the last 4 years, I am excited to see “The Story' come to life. When I read it, I almost knew what you were going to say each chapter before I even read it. I wish I could express my feelings right now, but I haven't developed that writing skill yet! Thank you Mark Hamilton...I hope to meet you in the New World!

G.S.,, 3/8/00
Its interesting to note that there must be so much psychology integrated into the story that the emotional feelings will be felt differently and peak at different places for any reader depending on their own minds. I just can't wait for The Dialogues and Quantum Crossings. I hope they are released.

K.A.,, 3/8/00
I am very impressed with the philosophy of Neo-Tech. Self responsibility is extremely empowering. Although empowering, it can be scary and I can see that people can be afraid of that self responsibility. It is an awesome power, yet until people realize it is a freedom they will continue to be afraid.

D.C.,, 3/8/00
Upon finishing “The Story,' I have realized that among the many emotions experienced during the course of the reading, one emotion stands above the rest: hope. Fighting the battle of disillusionment with our current world, while witnessing the injustices, the robberies, and the murders by society's “leaders' is a constant source of pain and struggle. Implementing and integrating honest and creative ideas is seemingly always met by strong and forceful opposition. We live in a bizarre and irrational world indeed. Yet the hope instilled in me by all of the NT publications was revamped and amplified in my reading of “The Story.' It provided a clear and understandable model of NT philosophy, but more importantly, it allowed me to experience The Civilization of the Universe now. I feel re-energized and ready to create and provide values that will help bring The C of U into reality.

J.J.,, 3/8/00
This is truly phenomenal! I am encouraging others to visit this website.

W.W.,, 3/8/00
The STORY is filling me with enormous emotions that are the kind I feel happy about - I feel I'm not alone any more. And there are thinkers like me who refuse to mind create reality and who cut through the illusions to see actual reality. I hope to meet in person some of you so that I truly never feel alone again. The STORY fills my being with happiness so great tears fill my eyes and make it difficult to read further. I don't know what else to say I'm wrung out.

K.B.,, 3/8/00, Canada
Fascinating material.

P.P.,, 3/8/00
Many thanks to the author of 'the story' 1-19. It was a fun way to re-integrate with the NT concepts. One metaphor I hadn't caught before was the idea that a Neothink success puzzle is like a map, and you can follow that map to the future instead of following external authority to an unchanging present.

M.H.,, 3/8/00
I think this site is wonderful and full all types of useful information keep it up.

K.A.,, 3/8/00
Thanks to “The Story', now Neo-Tech is in a context I can more readily assimilate. I am so excited! All of it is starting to make sense to me - not just bits and pieces here and there. I'm on Chapter 13 and I fear I may be shrugging off my regular duties in light of “The Story'. Nah, I'm not that bad just yet, but close. I hope it will be available in hard-copy; I don't know if my little printer can handle such a work load. To the future!

J.M.,, 3/8/00
I just had to send you another compliment on this publication. This story is awesome. This is really something new, different, and exciting. It really gets down to practical application of the NT philosophy. I have noticed from my participation on lists with other NTers that many of the newbies are constantly asking for examples of practical application. Well, I believe that you have really done that with this story. I have been speed reading with a vengeance for the past three evenings and I am totally into this story! You have presented so many of your concepts in a way that should be receptive to a vast majority of people out there. That is absolutely essential in order to spread the word to the majority of people. I definitely think that you are on the right track here. This is great work in progress. I would also like to repeat my request from last night. Please publish this gem. I want to own a bound volume of this publication. I can not wait to sit down with my son and read this with him. It is Neo-Tech in a very digestible nutshell! Now, back to my reading!!

D.K.,, 3/8/00
Thank you so much for "The Story". I'm almost finished with it but had to send you this email even before I finished. First of all, the book is outstanding. That's actually an understatement. It's uplifting, inspirational, educating and a very easy, captivating read. Everyone from age 9-90 should have a copy. It could simply change the world.

J.M.,, 3/7/00
I think that you have hit on a good idea with 'The Story.' I am through Chapter 12, I hope that you are planning on publishing this. I would like to be able to savor this as well as read it with my 16 year old son. It is a great read that embodies your philosophy in a manner that can be understand by many more than those of us who already grasp your philosophy. Please publish this and I will be sure to order.

B.M.,, 3/7/00
Neo-Tech is super new tech !!!

S.H.,, 3/7/00
Hello Mark, I am taking this opportunity to write you to thank you for The Story that I have just read. My involvement with NT goes back several years & my life has been enriched beyond anything I have ever imagined since reading NT discovery & other subsequent literature I have purchased from your company. The concepts & puzzle building skills & resulting conscious revelations & integrations have gained me results in all area's of my life & now 'The story' has helped me see the path that will lead to acceptance of NT by the masses! The story touched me deeply & I cried many times as I read it (both tears of joy & sorrow). The story is inclusive in it's goal of teaching the NT matrix & god-man concept, a basic need that will be required before biological immortality can be achieved. Keep up the valuable work & thank you. I look forward to the opportunity to buy more NT products in the future & have no doubt that OUR goal of biological immortality will be reached in OUR life times!

R.P.,, 3/7/00
Where was Neo-Tech when my parents were young? I feel if they were aware of neo tech, they could have provided a better life for themselves which would have naturally rubbed of on me and so on. Once this flame is lit, absolutely nothing can blow it out. if Neo-Tech was discovered earlier on, the neothink process that is now emerging, would have saved this planet from itself many generations ago. But as they say, 'better late than never'. Dr. Wallace, you got balls! Guts & balls mixed with full honesty is what's needed to deliver such powerful & rewarding information. What amazes me is that I could afford this information before learning how priceless it is. Having this information many years ago could have prevented so much pain & suffering through out the entire world. Neo-Tech fully integrated -- could solve any problem imaginable. Can't get any more real than Neo-Tech. I do believe Jesus would have been impressed with the outcome of 'the book'. I also believe Jesus would have been disappointed with the outcome of 'the bible'.

M.J.,, 3/7/00
Many sincere wonderful words have been told about The Story by others. I am not going to repeat them. Instead of words, you have my standing ovation. The Story is written by you, a man who once spoke a few words to me personally. That recollection gives me a lot of satisfaction.

P.P.,, 3/7/00
This website with all certainty is the beginning of the end of the great hoax that we call the anticivilization. Value producers and creators everywhere now have an easily accessible place in cyberspace to exchange in order to bring about the changes necessary to enter the C of U. Stay on the web and we ALL benefit!

P.I.,, 3/7/00
I can't wait to come home from work ever since I started reading 'The Story' from your website until I am done. I can see through my mind's eye the events unfolding before me, as if I am there present and observing what is happening, which touched me emotionally and moved me to tears as I read every chapter! It's great, unique, prophetic, and enlightening! Well done! And thank you for the intangible values you have given us.

P.L.,, 3/7/00
The web is the place where free thinkers thrive. Neo-Tech Belongs here!

T.T.,, 3/7/00
I have only read through the second chapter of your story, but I had to write you now! The feelings "The Story" gives me... are... just for the lack of a better word WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to continue to read the rest of "The Story" and I thank you for such a wonderful piece of literature.

Lorraine G.,, 3/7/00
It make sense and explains our existence better than any religion I can think of.

D.M.,, 3/7/00
I was amazed at how so many of the things that Miss Annabelle was teaching the students were already integral to my thinking, but I'd never felt that they would be welcomed by others.

B.S.,, 3/7/00
Thank you for a wonderful story, a great set of integrations and all your efforts to date. However, you shortchange your own Super-Society. When faced with exponentially exploding technology and a task of fixed size a different course of action can be taken. Do nothing.... for a short while. I had to make some gratuitous assumptions about how rapidly technology was moving and I assumed that the light-speed limit wouldn't fall. If Ian waited 6 months the following effects would follow: - Instead of .666c the ship should be able to attain .999c - The ship could be built in 4 months or less - Launch at 10 months - Beorapparaus rescued 11 years from start of project - Beorapparaus rescued 4 years 7 mo earlier - Ship returns to earth with Beorapparaus 21 years 2 mo from project start saving 9 yrs 10 mo And the most gratuitous assumption of all, if costs are dropping by half for every order of magnitude improvement the total cost of launching the mission should drop by at least a third. [Now, let's see ...a virtual 10% commission on project savings would be at least $30 billion.......perhaps Jake can earn it in the story and redeposit it towards the project.] I'm sure Dr. Wallace could play with the exponents and create the most accurate scenario. But what a society it would be where doing nothing actually improves my ability to do a task! Thank you again for a beautiful vision of the future.

K.K.,, 3/6/00
The story is very exciting and enlightening. In fact I have realized we really have wasted the juicy part of our life. We were just schooled into the bicameral-values and just fell to all their directions. We were cowed into submission. There was no way I could have gone against the directions of my guardians at the time—our creativity vent was entirely blocked hence our collective plight in Africa. This situation is still going on presently in Africa and we find ourselves as culprits. Sometimes the way I talk to my small boy of eight also leaves much to be desired. I am to be blamed. I am still reading the story and will let you know my mind. Nevertheless this is a masterpiece. MH is just awesome. He is excellent. Neo-Tech is excellent it is extraO. It is liberating.

Tami K.,, 3/6/00
I really enjoyed the comments about honesty in all relationships and how without it a true romantic connection can not be has made me look at my own marriage in a different light..

S.S.,, 3/6/00
That's like asking 'What's the Neo-Tech Discovery all about?'-- removing negatives. In a nutshell, it's all about love and passion with a little anxiety woven in. It's the first true Neo-Tech novel.

R.M.,, 3/6/00
This site is important for mankind.

C.Y.,, 3/6/00
Your Story is the most incredible, powerful thing I've ever read. It truly puts into real perspective the Neo-Tech principles, disciplines, etc. I'm sharing it with my 12-year old and am seeing with a visual and mental clarity how I need to be HIS Miss Annabelle...and to my other two children as they begin their education beyond infancy. Words of thanks are hardly enough for what you have brought out for mankind. I simply cannot articulate the explosion of hope in so many areas of my life going on inside of me now. I have a whole new outlook on life and I know where I belong. But I do have one question: How do I help change the world to bring Neo-Tech to everyone? Heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

L.S.,, 3/6/00
Extremely interesting and worth reading.

S.M.,, 3/6/00, Australia
Neo-Tech is the ONLY opportunity for this world to progress. I have a home based business that is expanding rapidly because of the power of implementing NEO-THINK. Neo-Tech is for all of you that can walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

D.C.,, 3/6/00
Mr. Hamilton, I've only completed two chapters of your story so far, but it's already touched something deep inside me. I know this because a swell of emotions come up and makes me cry. I remember reading somewhere that crying because of happiness comes from years of repressed emotions...well, I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it has touched me so far. I absolutely love hearing about people that care. Annabelle really truly cares about her students, and that makes me happy. There are several homeless people who live around me here in Boston and I feel like going out and giving them food right now...a little inconvenience for me, but a BIG deal for them. That feels good too. I see where you are going...I run my own Internet business and am constantly thinking of new ways to create value for people...more ways to make money. I already have a 'staff' of people around the world that I pay for advertising services. My business grew 10 fold last year. I grossed almost a quarter million last year! And I'm still in my twenties! I really wish there were people like Annabelle out there. I don't know any. The only person who comes close, the only person who really encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit, was my mother. God bless her. All my teachers in high school and college sucked. I got a 'D' in every business class I took because I wasn't afraid to challenge what the tenured professor was saying. Anyway...I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Just thought I'd send a quick comment. You're awesome.

M.M.,, 3/6/00
With the honesty formula as presented in The Story the world must become a better place. without it there will be certain destruction.

C.F.,, 3/6/00
The bulletin boards are great.

H.P.,, 3/5/00, United Kingdom
Religion has dominated this planet for far too long.

G.B.,, 3/5/00
An excellent moving, heart warming and emotional format to convey to the world populace all of the C. of U. honesty, perspectives and advantages vs. the A.C. dishonesty, perspectives and disadvantages.

C.N.,, 3/5/00
I've just read 'The Story', this comes after starting to pursue my real essence years ago and then losing hope and enthusiasm. I feel the false burdens falling away and my motivation burning once again.

B.B.,, 3/5/00
Believe it or not, a patent search did come up with Patent#4666425 and it's title is: 'Device for perfusing an animal head' which can be tied to a book called 'If we can keep a severed head alive...' about lopping off a head and keeping it mechanically alive. It's from the late 80's.

J.O.,, 3/5/00, England
A useful site that gathers information, like-minded progressive value producing people and discussion in one easily accessible place. Keep it up and expand this site!

F.L.,, 3/5/00, United Kingdom
Right now I am in Chapter 23 of The Story, still being amazed by the story about Miss Annabelle and Mr. Melbourne. I'm reading about the two of them in prison and how they are coping with life. So far this book is simply amazing how it is written and how it makes one think how false life is. It makes you believe more in the way philosophers think vs the way life is. How false our lives really are but that all one has to do is free oneself to trust in oneself because we are all Gods. But how corrupted man can be just to be in control over another. Ego can be a bad thing and life can be forever, but the way society tries to influence one into believing that they are right and man has no other way to think. Thank you so much for writing this book.

L.L.,, 3/5/00, United Kingdom
I think this story is very psychuous! It gave me tingling sensations throughout my nervous system. It taught me the fundamentals of common denominators and how they get to the essence of happiness.

T.A.,, 3/5/00, United Kingdom
I am in the middle of reading The Story. It's brilliant. I feel that this story should be made into a movie. In my opinion, this Story is the perfect introduction to Neo-Tech for the masses. By coincidence, I happen to be a twenty-two year old college student and would be interested in playing the part of Jake. A long shot, but worth a try.

W.S.,, 3/5/00
Thank you Mr. Hamilton for the life rendering artwork called 'The story'. It has moved and touched my heartstrings of life.

J.L.,, 3/5/00
I think that Neo Tech is the most advanced freedom philosophy extant in today's world. It has helped me a great deal to better understand what is going on.

J.P.,, 3/5/00
The Story is the most powerful thing I've read on this Web site-A big 'Hell Yeah!!'

T.B.,, 3/5/00
Neo-Tech represents the most cogent, logic-based world view I have found. I am profoundly interested.

A.L.,, 3/5/00
In my 54 plus years of reading, this has been the most profound, eye-opening literature I've ever read. A positive step for human-kind. Neo-Tech should definitely be taught in schools. I wish I had had a teacher like Miss Annabelle instead of one like Ms. Minner!!

J.S.,, 3/5/00
The site is informative.

R.S.,, 3/4/00
Mr. Hamilton: The Story is fantastic!!! I haven't finished all of it yet. So far it has taken me on an incredible emotional roller-coaster ride. I have never had this kind of reaction to a story, not even Braveheart, which is my all time favorite movie, the only movie that I ever shed tears to. The only complaint I have is trying to figure the puzzle. I like a challenge, but this is killing me. Phantom-Bantom Software, Winter Wonderland, etc. Throw me a bone please. Is Ms. Annabelle, Katherine Applegate? Well keep up the good work & keep an eye on your 6.

A.F.,, 3/4/00
I am very impressed, I am opening a new world.

H.H.,, 3/4/00
What can I say, most of you have described Mark Hamilton's The Story' spot on. I liked the analogy of equaling the roller coaster emotional tide one felt in Braveheart as these value producers from NT bring us that battle cry of FREEEEEEEEEEDOM,love and away with the tyranny of the anti-civilization. Much of the story I felt reflected the lives of individual value producers from early Neo-Tech. And the early struggles of Miss Annabelle put on by the neo-cheaters in politics reflects the early struggles of Dr Wallace as both fought the anti-civilization corruption and ego-justice dogma. The Story gave me more satisfaction than Ayn Rand's Fountainhead. And that's sayin something. Rand's works were very powerful riveting messages and MH went beyond that. The significant part for me was the meeting up years later of the original class and their teachers Miss Annabelle and Mr. Melbourne. Mind blowing stuff. And the further integration of these rich and powerful neo-think minds into curing the aging process, the election of the NT party, and the added value of Operation 111 leaves one to ponder, if the early story reflects so much of early Neo-Tech, how much of the latter story reflects the current and future prospects of Neo-Tech and the C of U. How quickly are we as prospective zons going to see that future come true. I say the momentum is picking up a great deal, and I guess it's up to each one of us to contribute. Watch this space. All I can say is when is the movie coming out, it will surpass Titanic, Ben Hur, and the Matrix by far. The exposure and the revenue generated from that will be more than enough to get FRW elected into office. And I expect the Neo-Thinking minds will be working on it. nine out of 10 in my view. Can't wait for the next one.

C.I.,, 3/4/00, United Kingdom
The Neo-Tech web site is by far the best on the Internet. No other site comes remotely close when it comes to delivering values.

M.G.,, 3/4/00
Mr. Hamilton, First, let me say that everything I've read from you is nothing but great. I recently ordered 6 more books, including your Hot Tips and Business Cosmic Control. I know even before I get them, that they will give me value 100 hundred times their price. Due to my busy schedule, I have never taken the time to write to Neo-tech about the value of their books until now. I was refraining from writing a positive testimonial because the testimonial isn't even close to being finished. But, your latest creation 'The Story' has really changed me in many ways. I first read Neo-tech when I was 16. It was a shock, but after re-reading it 3 more times, I knew the book was the revelation of 'what is'. I have since read many publications online and have been struggling to find my way out of the anticivilization to the next level of God-Man. I can honestly say that I was getting closer after travelling abroad and finding my way out of extremely high stress situations, but 'The Story' has given me, what I believe is the needed boost, that will catapult me into the God-Man level. Every move I make writes my autobiography in my head. I'm writing 'The Story' in my head, MY STORY. And it is similar in many aspects to the stories of your characters in 'The Story'. I never had the mentor I needed. I always sought those who we're above me, who knew more since they were the fastest way to the highest level. Now, I feel the characters in 'The Story' are my mentors. I want to thank you tremendously for that valuable book. I definitely look forward to reading many more of your books.

M.M.,, 3/3/00
I love what you are doing keep up the great! WORK

R.K.,, 3/3/00
Mark, This is a very powerful story. It reached me emotionally in a way that no other Neo-Tech literature has done. I found myself in tears at points in the story. It seemed that certain emotional blocks in my life were being broken through. I find myself valuing life and hating death at more of an emotional level as a result of your story.

R.C.,, 3/3/00, Canada
After seeing all these comments my curiosity is off the scale.

R.L.,, 3/3/00, United Kingdom
I'm on chapter 24 of The Story and I can't stop. I have read most of your books and really like them, but this one helps me put the basics into other members of my family in an easier way.

M.C.,, 3/3/00
I think that expansion of this site is inevitable.

L.H.,, 3/3/00, United Kingdom
I am enjoying reading the story immensely I have felt myself brought almost to tears in parts (e.g.. the part where the innocent children were asked to tell how much they enjoyed time with Miss Annabelle, which they thought would help her, only to have their innocent comments used out of context to incriminate her) I think ' The Story ' will switch a lot of brains on !! The reason I am writing this is that my son is 21 months old and I would love to see him become a great value producer, and I was excited about the idea of telling him bed-time stories about great value producers and if there is any one out there who could write a few and post them up on the net that would be great. I would also like to get a book of 5 minute lectures like the ones the children are exposed to I could give my son. Any one out there have any good thoughts on this. All the best Keep integrating.....keep yourself honest.......look through to the essence of things.....always ask yourself who is the value producer…who is the value destroyer ? more protein and less carbohydrates.......go after your dreams........keep track of the numbers.......keep yourself aerobically fit.......find romantic love........outcompete others.....use the mini day/power thinking tool everyday........don't stagnate/drive projects through.......LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TO LIVE IT.

C.M.,, 3/2/00
Mark Hamilton's the story is phenomenal. It is the best work of art I have ever come across. I was excited and emotional through out my reading, and my mind couldn't stop wondering off with ideas and integrating new concepts. I had been worried and pissed off at no signs of the establishment collapsing due to a Y2K a crisis, and not to mention where the business and prosperity party stood with the NOV 2000 elections. But after reading the story and book 1, I now have nothing to worry about... knowing that we are so close to the civilization of the universe. Mark Hamilton has definitely made the leap into the God-Man mentality, it is now down to the rest of us to make that leap by identifying our Friday night essence so we can start creating a technological paradise. I have known for a long time what my Friday night essence is, but to hear Mark Hamilton mention it in that way has got me excited all over again. Thank you Mark Hamilton and NTP, for the renewed motivation and confidence injected into my being. I am with you all the way. To every one in the anticivilization, it is time to restrain the forces of nature once and for all, overcome it by keeping it real as conscious beings. This includes all pip squeaks, shysters, beady eye monsters, slackers, killers, players, player haters, the entire parasitical elites. Please recognize that the end is nigh, and you can still save yourselves and live in the technological paradise ... its not too late. Become God-Man and quit being Dog-Man. Peace! Forever integrating honestly

J.O.,, 3/2/00
Just got done reading The Story, so powerful. Is there anyway that it will be made into a movie format? By the end of the story I didn't want to leave that world. Thank you for sharing the picture with me, it has change my life forever.

K.A.,, 3/2/00, Germany
I have first read the Neo Tech discovery when I was 14 years old, and since then it has changed not only my life but has greatly enhanced my conscious thinking. Many thanks to the authors of NT, for enabling me to see the obvious difference between black and white, and enhancing my chances of getting in complete control of my life, future, and business success. I'm feeling better than ever before.

M.C.,, 3/2/00
O.K. Hamilton, Mike here again.... I've already submitted my comments on “The Story' a few days ago. I was on chapter 6 then, and now I'm on chapter 30. At this point I feel compelled to say that I think that it is the most brilliant thing I have ever read. As a long time NT associate of sorts, I didn't think there was anything you guys could do that would shock me, but I was wrong. This thing will shake the guts out of anyone who thought of themselves as NT people as well as all the good hardworking people who haven't been exposed to NT before. It was incredible how you have seamlessly integrated every important NT concept and advantage as well as the experiences of Nov.3rd into a highly enjoyable and readable narrative... (I didn't realize that this had happened until about chapter 21.) Don't expect this to be the last you hear of me about this incredible work, for the more I read the more I feel like shouting out how great it is!

J.G.,, 3/2/00
Since first reading this material I have not been able to sleep and that's been over a year. I don't even like to read but I can't seem to put down Neo-Tech down. My new perspective on life, I believe, has prevented me from becoming a self-destructive alcoholic like my father. I just wanted to say thanks for showing me Reality!! I know that my 6 yr old son is destined for greatness. I don't feed him to much Neo-Think right now, but I do slowly open his eyes to political, religious and neocheating views that he can contemplate in his early stages of life.

M.C.,, 3/2/00
An interesting realization that I've come to, is that these people in the Story, while factually based recreations, DO represent what is available to us NOW! They too started off in the anticivilization, yet when they started expunging personal mysticism, they entered the C. of U. ,through injecting their natural creativity in society. This was particularly true of the children ,as they BEGAN with much less mysticism and therefore had less obstacles to be overcome. That Teddy Winters; man! The thought of a nine year old running a national ,million dollar business.. Can you imagine the pride his Dad and Miss Annabelle must have felt? That gave me hope and showed me the way things SHOULD be in society. Also near the end of the story, the death of Martin ... that was one of the most touching parts of the story. An innocent man with the best of hopes and intentions, courageous enough to be a pioneer to help save himself and everyone else, struck down by the inane stupidity of death.... that point really struck home..

N.B.,, 3/2/00
Chapter 11 That's where I am so far; the book is certainly attractive and sure seems to wake that sleeping child in me. But yet I'm just starting to read it(24 chapters left). I found myself asking questions that were launching my imagination and creativity. For example when Jake asked himself: 'What is the common denominator in that third-grade classroom?', I tried to find the answer; I stooped reading and started pacing in my room thinking: What is the common denominator in that third-grade classroom? -They were all happy to learn, to discover new things. But why? -Because they realize their whole life is about living their dreams! Because they had a strong desire to realize their dream, by doing so create incredible values for humanity. They wanted to make a difference in the world! But how did it happen that this desire was so strong in them(and not in the other kids)? -Well at some point they all realized how important life is, how important they are as human beings! The other kids probably started to buy into the mystic idea that they're worthless. Great but is that all? I mean is that the common denominator or could we try to look deeper? What made them see the importance of their lives? -Oh yes! They were all self-thinkers in that class! They were challenged to think for themselves. They were not memorizing pre-built concepts(naďveté), but actually using their mind to build new concepts! They were discovering what is under the shadow of what seems, thus that feeling of happiness, fullfillness like the one I'm feeling right now! Believing that I got it, a feeling of satisfaction and passion for life passed through me. Yeah, that's HAPPINESS! I found in Chapter 9 an excellent example of how to deal with a mystic mind(even my own for that matter).

G.D.,, 3/1/00

B.C.,, 3/1/00
You should make 'The Story' into a movie, it would be a sure hit, and think of all the lives it could touch and change.

K.J.,, 3/1/00
am in awe over The Story. I had constant tears of joy, frustration and empathy throughout this eloquent account of the anticivilization and the Civilization of the Universe. Thank you Mark Hamilton. You have written the ultimate epiphany. I hope this is what will transpire.

J.D.,, 3/1/00
The Story is one of your most powerful creations yet. I've Never read anything like it. I couldn't stop reading it. I was moved by the characters and their thoughts. This story made me think about so many things, my childhood, my family, my future. I would give almost anything to have had a teacher like Miss Annabelle. It would have helped me understand why I resisted authority as a child. I could have avoided so much pain if I had known then what I know now. Its like learning to speak a new language, its so much easier to pick up as a child than it is as an adult. But it can be done. The same holds true for neo-think. I want to thank you for sharing this great value. I feel I owe you something for it. If you ever publish this story I will buy it! I hope you do. I think it could be the tool I need to open the door to neo-tech and spark the interest of my friends and loved ones. I would like to see more stories like this. I thank you again and keep up the excellent work!

J.P.,, 3/1/00
Very interested in Neo-Tech cosmology/physics and the Implications for our own evolution. I feel exhilarated to discover a place where like minded people come together.

February 2000

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