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A.P.,, 3/31/01
You should make The Story into a movie

,, 3/31/01
This is terrific information for anyone!!!!

r.k.,, 3/29/01
Thank you for opening a new frontier for me.

F.N.,, 3/29/01
Good luck against all the totalitarians and mystics in the world -- they must really feel threatened!

C.B.,, 3/29/01
NEO-TECH is the most important information in the world today. Every man woman and child conscious today should be in contact with this knowledge. Those who are not will be left behind, uncompetitive and uninformed.

D.N.,, 3/28/01
I'm interested in immortality. I always thought that if we Could find out what caused the accelerated aging disease that we would be able to dramatically extend life if not making it last forever.

Charles A. D.I.,, 3/28/01
Reading and understanding as much as I could about Neo-tech and integrated honesty literally saved my life. If people who are threatened by neo-tech would only give it a chance most will probably change for the better. Honest values produced and traded fairly with our fellow man is what it's all about.

l.d.,, 3/28/01, Canada
I find Neo-Tech to be one of the best self improvement sites on the web. The articles are designed to help us overcome self imposed limitations and achieve maximum growth.

K.W.,, 3/27/01
Logic, Facts, Money, Power, Love, and Happiness.

D.B.,, 3/27/01, Canada

P.J.,, 3/27/01
I think Neo-Tech should FOREVER remain on the internet as long as god keeps putting people on this Earth solely to suffer.

S.G.,, 3/26/01
It has captured me with awe. The thinking is very profound in it's ideas and concepts and moves the individual in the direction and at the speed we all should have been moving at all along. I read a piece of literature once that said 'quote from God', 'and joyous will be the day when you realize that you need no God. On that day you will rejoice. Looking at this I have come to the conclusion that we are God and God is us, we are 'The God-Man'. Thank You for this wonderful piece of work. I look forward to continuing the process and journey.

P.M.,, 3/26/01, CANADA
The knowledge contained here has and will change countless lives.

P.S.,, 3/25/01
Hi. I'm a 17-year-old high school student. I've been studying Neo-Tech and objectivism for a while now, and I've learned far more about life and the reality of the world, things I'll need for real life, than I could ever learn in the public school environment (of course). Recently, I've really been noticing just how much the anti-civilization is prevalent in the school system. I speak out against it in class and look forward to doing so throughout my life. Also, thanks to my objective views about love, I've been in a wonderful relationship with a girl I introduced to Neo-Tech for the past year. I couldn't even imagine thinking any way besides logically and objectively now. It feels like suddenly having blinders taken off and being able to see the real world as it actually is.

S.A.,, 3/24/01
This site has enabled me to be a better person to myself and to the people around me and I thank you for that.

r.h., ., 3/23/01
Very eye opening, it answers the 'what's wrong with this picture' question I've asked for, many years.

C.B., ., 3/21/01
I owe a tremendous debt to the Neo-Tech writings and to Dr. Wallace and associates for helping me find my essence... the essence of an artist, a lover, a creator.

S.L.,, 3/21/01
The Secrets are unleashed! We are finally going to save ourselves and make life unlimited. It's so beautiful.

K. G. Snow, SGI.COM, 3/21/01
I was raised in a very religious family and for most of my life I obeyed my parents, did my schoolwork because I was told to not because I wanted to learn anything, spent long Sunday's in church - basically never really thought for myself. I was really on auto-pilot. Now, Neo-Tech rings true to me at a very deep level. I am trying to remember what made my eyes sparkle as a kid - trying to find my Friday Night Essence. Hopefully I will find it soon and can start down streaming to greater joy and happiness.

K.S.,, 3/20/01
Neo-Tech literature that I've so far read on the internet has been a spectacular mind-opener. In fact, there are lots of people out there thinking the Neo-Tech way, wondering why, in spite of their inherent integrity of thought, they are only doomed to be outcasts in the rotten societies the world over. The Neo-Tech literature is an invaluable source of strength to help reassure the rationally thinking individuals that all the devious bulwarks of 'anticivilization' are bound to collapse. Neothink is a spark to light up the way to a profound personal growth and happiness.

R.J.,, 3/19/01
I know Neo-Tech is spreading like wild fire. I support will Neo-Tech as long as I LIVE! and you should To!

K.S., SGI.COM, 3/19/01
I did find it disturbing however how anyone could call a life dedicated to complete honesty and hard work satanical. A brief glimpse into history will tell you that this is exactly the kind of negative comments that the pilgrims received in the old country. They had the opportunity to leave the old country and start fresh in the new, we however are left with the task of creating the new. Power to us and all the other hardworking, decent, honest folk out there who believe in the Neo-Tech C of U.

T.B.,, 3/18/01
It's unbelievable how after reading The Book you get this hunger for knowledge. If possible I'd like to receive more information about other Neo-Tech material. Thanks.

khu,, 3/17/01
I love Neo-Tech and its founders for bringing all this to us. Mark Hamilton, you are a wonderful author, congratulations on such a great piece of work!

stella,, 3/17/01, UK
Brilliant and worth reading again and again, fascinating.

A.C.,, 3/16/01
The information provided by Dr. Wallace and associates is priceless, and profitable if acted upon. The web site is one of the most important sites ever developed and is the sole source of information available that identifies the tyranny society unwittingly accepts.

B.B.,, 3/15/01
My mind is moving about 300% faster. I have so many new ideas that I'm not sure where to start. Neo-Tech is completely mind blowing. YOU were created with a mind of your OWN, to make YOUR OWN decisions, to create YOUR OWN future. Use it. Neothink. I love it. Creating and producing honest values for yourself and society. How much easier can it get. That's all it takes to be happy? Honest values. Don't let the anticivilization steal any more of your precious power. Join us in the Civilization of the Universe. Don't wait another moment. We need to move forward in positive growth as quickly as possible so we can save our loved ones and ourselves. Feel the power of true love. Feel the power of true happiness. If you don't know already, its time to find out.

M.C.,, 3/14/01
I love reading 'The Book'. And I love the way that my new found excitement is changing my life. Live the life your were meant to live. I think that when everyone is using web tv in their homes, neo-tech will really take off. All people need is to have the right information given to them, and they all will make the right choices for their lives.

E.S.,, 3/13/01
Neo-tech is the manifestation of the thoughts of every sane person's subconscious beliefs and desires. Everyone who does not wholeheartedly support it is either not being honest with themselves or still a bicameral thinking Neanderthal. Soon, all will either become immortal Zons or dust in the wind.

C.W.,, 3/13/01, Australia
I have not been able to hold my own in this world competitively ever since I was a kid. Now I can feel that power coming back again, and its rubbing off on my friends too. I am sure that that's just the tip of the iceberg. Now I know how to really have an influence on people. Many thanks to all of you there, I look forward to the success I deserve.

G.O.,, 3/13/01
'Without Neo-Tech there is no hope for survival' I am looking forward to The Civilization of the Universe and Biological Immortality.

CK,, 3/13/01
Awesome, I always knew this deep down in my soul. PRAISE be yours for bringing this lost knowledge to the light of day!!!

Tibor,, 3/12/01
This will be high school stuff for people of the future. It will be basic learning for everyone who chooses

ROZENDO,, 3/11/01

r.m.,, 3/11/01
This has to be the most interesting web site I've ever seen.

R.R.,, 3/10/01
The Neo-Tech/Zon thinking mode has helped me integrate my thinking with reality. This neo-think reality is a cutting edge life style ('philosophy') that strikes me as the 'true & honest' way to conduct one's life. I want to progress even further and am excited about what the future holds. The first book ('The Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower) Manuscript') gets credit for opening my mind. I feel I was truly 'saved' after reading this. Now I understand what the Baptists' mean and possibly feel when they say they have been 'saved'!!!... So, when I have a discussion with people of various religions, I usually tell them how I was saved with my new thinking about life. Of course, I am labeled a 'heathen' at times, and conveniently called an 'atheist', but it's OK with me.

Paul L. S.J.,, 3/10/01
I love this site! It's really opened my eyes, I was into the metaphysical new age movement, so I have been away from mainstream religion for a few years now. Something about it always seemed a little off though. Like there had to be more to life than 'pretending' all was well. Now I'm starting to feel the power that is rightfully mine. This all makes perfect sense to me. I finally know why I'm here and what I have to do. Thank you Neo-Tech.

T. Hix,, 3/10/01
Being the mother of an 11 year old high functioning autistic child, I am on a constant search to understand how his brain works. Chapter 28 contains insight from Dr. Jayne's book on consciousness and bicameral mind thinking that opened my eyes to why my son is on autopilot so much of the time. I know how to proceed with his therapy now!

R.F.,, 3/9/01
NeoTech is mankind's only hope for passing through the nuclear decision threshold and advancing growth, love, and prosperity into the future. In short, NeoTech concepts make one healthy, wealthy, and wise in the purest sense of that meaning.

T.B.,, 3/9/01, united kingdom
I feel like I've died and gone to heaven and discovered I'm in charge.

T.S.,, 3/9/01
This work may well be the most important development of our time.

M.S.,, 3/8/01
Reading NT is like taking a shower after losing a bitter, hard-fought athletic contest. It is the antidote for weariness and depression, for the aches and pains of fighting toward success in life against a tide of cheaters and mystics.

E.B.,, 3/7/01
If everyone had this material the good old U. S. A. would better off. If more people don't get this information we may be in trouble

s.c.,, 3/6/01
Awakening of knowledge is a blessing.

J.Y.,, 3/5/01
I am proud to be a neo-techer. I have found the love of my life thru neo-tech standards. My values changed after reading your literature. I became a real person. I believe many other people have examined their own values or lack of, just from knowing me and learning from my example. I don't preach, and I certainly don't claim to know all that much about 'Neo-Tech' but I know it is good, and this info should be available for the rest of the world to examine if they choose to.

H.A.,, 3/1/01
I believe that the truth should be told, and that all mystical beliefs should finally be put to rest, so the world can prosper and grow into the civilization of the universe. I understand most are afraid of the truth because the thought of being in charge of your own life, and decision making, opposed to being a puppet for the real life value destroyers is a lot to take in, but who cares how the truth comes as long as it comes, right? Finally, I know neo-tech should remain on the net, because without it how can we possibly thrive as a true civilization when what we have now only reinforces anti-civilization. meaning that the blind will continue to lead the blind further into this anti-civilization, until that mystical matrix is stripped away, and the truth can be seen by whole world!

M.C.,, 3/1/01
I guess some people just aren't ready for the power of Neo-Tech. That certainly doesn't mean that everyone should lose the opportunity to discover Neo-Tech. I sincerely think this is the greatest web page I've ever come across and believe it would be a terrible loss to humanity if it were removed.

O.R.,, 3/1/01, India
Mind-blowing and mind-expanding concepts and ideas. Keep up the good work!

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