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D.D.,, 9/30/00
This materials should be read by everyone with the hope of changing attitudes about our present situations about government and religion

mw,, 9/30/00
Still trying to digest everything, I've always known politicians, lawyers, and religious leaders were nothing but phonies

W.S.,, 9/30/00
Neo-Tech changed my life forever.

R.M.,, 9/29/00
Being an ardent Objectivist I was glad to see Ayn Rand's huge contribution to mankind acknowledged. I see NT as a much more pro-active continuation of Objectivism, and I want nothing more than to see biological immortality come to fruition in my lifetime. Objectivism is a solid foundation and a good start, but NT is the future. Keep up the great work on the web site, it's scholarly and concise. It's a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief, and a great motivator all in one place. Thank you!

L.D.,, 9/29/00, WEST MALAYSIA
NEO-TECH is the BEST thing to happen to HUMANKIND, EVER! We can't do without the wisdom of Neo Tech in the New Millennium. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Greetings From Malaysia!

WADE,, 9/29/00

J.C.,, 9/28/00
I just read your newest edit on how to become invisible and all the phases John Finn & Dr. Wallace went through to finally end the anticivilization on earth and create a worthy Civilization of the Universe on earth... Ahhh.. The Faustian beauty of it all; thank you for showing me my future and soon to be present. Eric Flame has made it to his white Rolls'-Royce in a genuinely spiritual sense. I know through this that it'll be physical soon also as biological immortality will be for all value producers transcribed into the universal business civilization. Being of a Ray Kroc mentality, I hail this as the ultimate goal if we don't achieve an “anticivilization victory'. Thank you for your candor and I'll catch you on the world wide web later. The Master Zon Josh Clayton P.S. When you guys and I meet in The Universe, Inc. offices with Bill Gates and Mike Milken, it'll be one hell of a Advanced Concept game we'll tee-up for earth! Have a good'n!!! The Master Zon Josh Clayton

M.A.,, 9/28/00
Neo-Tech is the greatest. It saved my life and the well being of my family. My family is staunchly religious and gives me a hard time about it sometimes. But when they have an important decision to make or need professional/legal assistance, guess who they turn too! Funny as I'm only 22 years old. Neo-Tech is all the outlandish things it claims to be. I just started a new job in an entry level position three weeks ago and I've been selected as a candidate for management over people who have been there for YEARS! It is Neo-Tech power that I have used for this. My future is so bright and it's just beginning.

SNUBBY,, 9/28/00
I have been put through hell in the last 6 years. People say pray to god for strength. I must pray wrong because I always get the shaft. THE BOOK is the only thing that makes any sense. Live your life for yourself, wife, children, and money. And tell all the idiots to go to hell.

J.Z.,, 9/27/00, U.S.A
Neo-Tech is a real eye opener. It has helped me to release myself from the chains of false guilt and given me new direction in life.

L.S. Almond,, 9/25/00
Fascinating information.

R.S.,, 9/25/00, America
I have read neo-tech many times and the more I read it the More it expands. I seem to have a deeper understanding of my surroundings.

T.S.,, 9/24/00
Neo-Tech is very helpful because it empowers the reader with a clarity of vision unmatched by any other book

M.R.,, 9/24/00
Insofar as the continuing and beautifully woven fabric of life's real cloth, expertly and accurately expressed by the powerful Wallace/Hamilton/Savage word machine is glaringly obvious to those who make the effort to understand the concepts put forward, the most germane exercise for those of us who are on that continuum is the ten second reminder exercise. It has proven itself to me repeatedly in recent times. Thank you W/H/S and keep up the great work. MOR, Atlanta, Earth

a.c.,, 9/21/00
Since I received the book I have been seeing the world a little different.

A.D.,, 9/21/00, U.S.
I think neo-tech is the best. I learned to see life in a different way.

J.C.,, 9/20/00
A book I read on this site won me hundreds of dollars and I have SAVED probably triple that by using the information I learned on this site.

K.D.,, 9/20/00
I am very impressed with this great web-site. I wish there were more sites like it.

J.D.,, 9/20/00
The most valuable information on the information superhighway. You can take a major step forward in life.

F.H.,, 9/20/00
I commend the people responsible for Neo-Tech. May the light shine bright for you.

william,, 9/19/00
Thank you for the knowledge of money, power, romantic love, health, wealth, happiness, and joy . I know now that is the reason for our existence.

L.L.,, 9/17/00, Australia
I am only about a third of the way through THE BOOK l- I am not normally much of a reader -l but I find it hard to put it down and in particular the section entitled THE STORY. I found to be the most emotional thing I have ever read.

G.M.,, 9/17/00
Nothing but Love! Neo-Tech/Neothink Concepts were naturally integrated into my life the second after I read the first 5 Pages of 'The Book', by Mark Hamilton. Maybe that was similar to the 10-second 'miracle' phenomenon you talked about on this beautiful website!!

s.s.,, 9/17/00, united kingdom
wicked, words cannot express the delight.

j.t.,, 9/16/00
I believe an idea system as powerful as Neo-Tech should be more available to the common man, so keep spreading this valuable information!!!

E.H.,, 9/16/00
This site has me thinking .

J.C.,, 9/16/00
neo-tech has put my life on the right track.

c.l.,, 9/15/00
With Neo-Tech, the internet is just one of many ways in which mysticism will be erased.

R.G.,, 9/15/00
Neo-Tech is Perfect. Man can be Perfect. Life can be Perfect.

K.R.,, 9/15/00
My teacher mentioned the fact that he believes you guys are evil. Since I never buy any thing teachers say, I decided to check you out and I discovered that I really like what you are saying and would love to hear more!

Pablo,, 9/15/00
This is a great site. I really enjoy the stories and theories that are presented here. They are very motivating and inspiring. They make a person actually use his brain. Thank you very much for the all the great information.

A.M.,, 9/14/00, United Kingdom
Within 'The Book' have I found the missing puzzles. The powerful insights that are projected from within are exciting, absorbing and very desirable, I too want to be a God-Man.

B.B.,, 9/14/00

p.b.,, 9/14/00, England
I have been overwhelmed with the book, I have started to put the practice into play.

C.M.,, 9/13/00
My life view, upon which I began in the fifth grade, rests with the support of Neo-Tech. Now as a 19 year-old college freshman, I see literally no one in my midst in the public school system even remotely thinking for themselves or aspiring beyond what their religions would denote as 'heresy'. Few, very few people actually think, decide, and act for themselves in this world. Fewer yet actually devote their lives to the sole purpose of social improvement and the universal promotion of HONESTY. This is precisely what Frank R. Wallace does. This man is truly one of the greatest to ever live and his visions shall forever exist. In the bible, Adam and Eve are cast from paradise or 'bliss' for the 'crime' of eating from the tree of knowledge. Quite simply, the bible states that “ignorance is bliss'. As for me, I like being knowledgeable, and my aspirations for biological immortality are not for reasons of fear or greed, but rather for curiosity and love. My praise I endow upon Neo-Tech. -Kid Dynamite.

T.S., Sun.COM, 9/13/00, u. States of America
I do believe that 'neocheaters' suck the life out of many would-be happy people. I am a truth seeker, I see a lot of merit in your material.

N.C., Sun.COM, 9/13/00
I am fascinated and intrigued by the ideas shown to me in the Book. I have begun to view many things in life differently and I'm excited about what is happening to me. Although I know I have not fully realized the power of neo-tech as of yet, I feel confident that my potential is growing.

E.C.,, 9/12/00, Washington U.S>A>
This site is the only reason I got a computer!

M.O.,, 9/12/00, Germany
I love reading everything about neo-tech.

K.L.,, 9/12/00, The Republic of The United States of America
It used to be that we had to lie to survive, now, with Neo-Tech, we have to be honest to produce.

Y.G.,, 9/12/00
To come face to face with mysticism after 50 years of be in it, in one form or another, is freeing and scary at times. But there is no going back. I have also felt for a very long time that there is no reason for us to die. Thank you and this site should definitely stay on the web. Who would say otherwise, only those who promote death and destruction.

Annette, ., 9/11/00, Canada
Neo-Tech is one of the most advanced bodies of knowledge in the world today.

D.T., ., 9/9/00
Your web site is astounding. Thanks for the help!

J.S.,, 9/9/00
I am quite intrigued by these thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and truths that are Neo-Tech. I look forward to reading many, many more.

H.M.,, 9/8/00
As there is a great need to learn more about our evolution your website is quite valuable for many people.

R.J.,, 9/8/00
For those who Do not understand Honesty or NEO-TECH it comes down to this: Produce value for yourself and others, it will do you the most GOOD!!! And It will make you happy. signed Godman!!!. Bye Bye

S.C.,, 9/8/00
There is nothing else like it out there. The one book anyone ever needs. It replaces the ridiculous Holy Bible and many other mystical beliefs. Thank You Neo-Tech

C.B.,, 9/8/00, GREECE
It is valuable for the earth

M.N.,, 9/7/00
The more I read about Neo-Tech, the more I want to know. It's like the I've found the source of REAL answers and advice I've been looking for. Very helpful and uplifting information. Thanks for all your hard work!

F.H.,, 9/7/00
Keep up the good work and bring all clear-thinking people to the realization of the true reality.

Jennie,, 9/6/00
Very thought provoking web site. I will be reading and rereading all the articles for a long time. Finally real there are real solutions.

B.G.,, 9/6/00
Everyone should have access to this material. The negative statements about NT are made by just the people who would benefit from it the most.

T. O.,, 9/6/00, Northern Ireland
I feel like I've learned more in cyberspace in the last six months than I have in the last thirty years. Thanks to neo-tech, for the first time in a long time I'm cautiously optimistic about life and the future.

A. P.,, 9/6/00
Neo-Tech should stay on the web forever. I am patiently waiting for the time when everybody living on planet earth will be informed and integrated about Neo-Tech FULLY INTEGRATED HONESTY.

K. J. T.,, 9/4/00, AUSTRALIA.
IT WOULD BE A SIN TO REMOVE NEO TECH FROM THE fascinating. ==================================================== Date : Wed Sep 6 8:49:20 2000 Hostname : Name : KEVIN J. THORPE weird.. Country : AUSTRALIA. WWW. THERE`S NOTHING LIKE IT.

N.B.,, 9/3/00, U.S
After carefully reading the negative comments, I have drawn to the conclusion on how neocheaters effectively dump loads of mysticism upon millions of people. It is a terrible shame to see such wrecked minds. I think it is very important that this site should remain on the web. Keep up the good work!

R.A.,, 9/3/00
The neo-tech information is extremely powerful and the web-site availability is making it a lot easier to absorb more and more of this life-giving power.

R. T.,, 9/3/00, U.K.
Neo-tech provides a lot of lateral thinking ideas!

M.A.,, 9/3/00
Please keep up the great work. Neo-Tech has changed my life forever!

M.l.,, 9/3/00
I have The Book and I simply love it. Thank you with all my heart.

J.H.,, 9/2/00
I flipped! Neo-Tech is enlightening, it gives a clearer feel to reality.

A.K.,, 9/2/00
It is good to know that there is a global effort to transform this planet we all live on.

S.M.,, 9/1/00, australia
Thank-you most gratefully.

B.A.,, 9/1/00, Canada
I wish that everybody knew that such a wonderful world awaits us here on earth. I can't wait for biological immortality and maybe travelling the cosmos

J.R.,, 9/1/00
I am reading the story of Mrs. Annabelle, and it is very interesting and also sad in some parts, I have not finished reading it, but, I plan to finish. To tell you the truth, since I went to school I have never sat down and read a book, but this one is so interesting that I cannot put it down.

M.D.,, 9/1/00
Great Web, ultimate, Never better, the best

K.K.,, 9/1/00, Austalia
... Now, I feel more relaxed and at ease with myself (I also have had lovers, with my new found confidence) ... and will be starting a business very soon...

A.k.,, 9/1/00, U.S
I found the Neo-Tech Web Site so interesting I would like to order the book.

,, 9/1/00
Neo Tech allows personal growth and happiness. Neo Tech information enhances psychological understanding of the natural action of the human within the individual. Thank You for Neo Tech!

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