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G.H.,, 4/30/99
This is one of the great sites of all time. I do enjoy knowing other Neo-Techers and discussing mutual interests on the Neo-Tech forum.

F.A.,, 4/29/99, Australia
I have gained from Neo-Tech, my life could never be what it is today without Neo-Tech (the whole idea).The more people fully understand the value of Neo-Tech, the more the world can improve the quality of life for all individuals.

P.M.,, 4/29/99, Australia
Neo-Tech is extremely valuable. It has the power to break the mystical spell and burst the mystic bubble with which one is trapped. Upon reading Neo-Tech, the mind experiences (from my perspective) a mental explosion (a big bang) with it's medicinal tonic called honesty. At last, a new dimension of thought is here. This literature opens all doors that were previously locked in one's mind due to the contamination of an ugly language called 'mysticism'. Reality is now more enjoyable that I am free from the cages and machinery of madness that once padlocked my mind in a world where authority had all the keys. Neo-Tech is the ultimate natural medicine.

Anon.,, 4/28/99
NEVER remove this knowledge. It is too valuable.

K.L.,, 4/28/99
I think Neo-Tech is a revolutionary idea. I think this is our future, I can't wait. I think that this idea, God-Man, is something that everyone should be aware of. These ideas are really profound.

L.L.,, 4/28/99
The words in Neo-Tech are backed by good reason, facts, and science (something I've never notice in the Bible). It makes perfect sense! I no longer care about what others say, because I know now that there's nothing wrong with me; it's something wrong with them! They're plagued by the mysticism which I'm now working to rid myself of, and I've never felt so free! I can't wait to share this wonderful knowledge with others. Should this web site stay up? Of course! It may be the next best thing to ever happen to humanity. Just looking at the comments reinforced my belief that there's no room in our future for mysticism. The positive comments show individuals who honestly want to be happy and make that happiness last forever. And what's more, they do this through their own work, their own mind, and their own abilities while never seeking to oppress anyone. On the other hand, the negative comments are nothing but angry religious dogma spewed by fanatics who try to force their beliefs onto others with threats of 'Hell' and God's retribution. How can they pretend that their religion is just if those who believe are saved and those who doesn't are damned forever? The words they preach are not unlike those coming from Hitler or Stalin ('Do as I say or live to regret it!'). I did not hear any voice of reason in these comments and as such, why should the fate of this web site (and possibly the fate of humanity) rest upon such tripe?

C.H.,, 4/28/99
I have only begun reading God-Man and I'm very intrigued. I am a lover of Objectivism and Ayn Rand and I am very sympathetic to Neo-Tech. Good luck. Selfishness and Honesty

J.D.,, 4/28/99
This site is pure blasphemy. Clearly Satan is at the reigns of this organization. I hope you don't think you'll succeed this time, Lucifer. It is written in the book of Revelation that you will try, and FAIL. This is just another prophecy of the Holy Bible coming true. This site should be removed, censored, and in all other ways dispensed of. The Word of Jesus Christ is the only true path to Righteousness, success, and (spiritual) wealth. The Bible holds the ultimate value. This 'power' that neo-tech offers is nothing but an illusion. It will seem like you have everything you need, but when Judgement Day comes (and it's not that far away) you will realize that you sold your soul for a very, very brief period of happiness, which will only be followed by an eternity in Hell. You CAN repent. You CAN confess your sins. You can get back on God's good list. Please: anyone who reads this that has ever had a fear of God in them, do NOT buy this literature. It is the worst kind of evil in today's world. We are only here for a little while. I would like to see each and every one of you in Heaven. I would much rather live a life of poverty on earth and serve the Lord than drive a Viper and deny him. Where I'm going, wealth and success mean nothing.

J.L.,, 4/28/99
Neo-Tech is just starting to become a way of life for me and I love it. Let the ignorant who wish to ban it suffer there own fate for they will eventually force themselves to extinction.

E.S.,, 4/28/99
I think Neo-Tech is what this mixed up world needs to survive.

D.Z.,, 4/28/99
Neo-Tech opened up my eyes in this upside down world run by the parasitical elite class who live by usurping the livelihoods of the value producers. Enlightened by the works of Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, I will continue to provide productive values as we race against time to the Civilization of the Universe. Godspeed Dr. Wallace and fellow Neo-Tech'ers.

Wanda M.,, 4/27/99
Neo-Tech is pretty amazing stuff. It has me very intrigued and wanting to learn more about how to develop these Neo-Tech skills.

J.H.,, 4/26/99
II am jus now starting to see the power of Neo-Tech. Without Neo-Tech....I probably would have committed suicide later on in life.

W.H.,, 4/25/99, United Kingdom
This site is a must. Three or four years ago I read for the first time The Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower). Although I knew it was a new concept that was truly amazing, I just didn't have the nerve to put it into practice. Now, I have read God-Man our final evolution and am reading Neo-Tech discovery, I can detect mysticism whenever it crops up in myself and other people.

R.J.,, 4/25/99, United Kingdom
I only recently got online and this web site was why. I have literally spent all day on this web site -- I haven't even paused to eat or sleep yet. I hardly even dare blink or breathe in case I miss something! I also have several of your books, I just can't get enough of this stuff! The literature is simply magnificent. It has delivered me a scintillating rainbow of values and knowledge, with a huge, glittering, and REAL pot of gold at its end. This literature I read it, I just keep thinking to myself, 'THIS IS IT!'. It's contains the most valuable knowledge I have ever seen. Ever since I can remember, my life has been steeped in and surrounded by mysticism. I have to exert a constant effort to remain honest and to continue my studies to become a value-producer, and the Neo-Tech web site and published literature are invaluable in helping me to do this. Please don't ever give up, don't ever give in to the evil mystics and neocheaters, they are festering sewage and need to be flushed away.

Carole D.,, 4/24/99
I LOVE Neo-Tech!! My life is drastically changed for the better!!! Thank you for opening my eyes!!!

R.R.,, 4/23/99
I think Neo-Tech is by far the most thought out way of not only learning about the neocheaters, but how to gain the upper-hand in dealing with them.

S.K.,, 4/23/99, Mauritius

C.S.,, 4/22/99
Neo-Tech is the greatest book written in the last 200 years!

M.S.,, 4/22/99, India

Dominique D.,, 4/22/99, Malaysia
Absolutely astonishing, mind boggling.

J.P.,, 4/21/99
The writing has had a lot of impact. I have not achieved all that I can be, I firmly believe Neo-Tech will be a valuable tool in that vain. I found it interesting (in the negative comments area) that these 'People of God' point to death, destruction, etc. to all that don't follow the flock. If they only 'hear' what they are saying, they would 'see' that it is a contradiction. Well in any case, I think the information is valuable and believe that it will provide many people the tool needed to transition from our current state to the next higher level of development.

T.H.,, 4/21/99
There is a big problem with mysticism in the world -- not enough people taking resposibility for their own lives.

A.T.,, 4/20/99
With Neo-Tech, people will break the bonds that restrict their abilities and limit their possibilities. Once the mystical, clouded, neocheating mentality is washed away, there will be a clear path toward success and happiness. People will learn to trust themselves again and stop relying on external 'GODS'. Keep on trucking Neo-Tech.... full steam ahead.

R.M.,, 4/20/99
I now realize my way of thinking is not working, and the fault is that I constantly use self-defeating logic. I find myself not reaching my goals because I always seem to be helping 'others' reach their goals -- believing the sacrifice was worthy, yet knowing in the back of my mind I had been cheated. The guilt trip was effective as an excuse: Thinking along the lines of Neo-Tech, I now see the hooey in my old way of thinking.

J.H.,, 4/20/99
I have found a lot of truth in Neo-Tech that you don't get anywhere else. I am really looking forward to a Neo-Tech world in the new century.

J.D.,, 4/20/99
I am encouraged from what I have read so far and am looking forwarded to learning more. Your web site offers a lot of good information in one place, and that is a valuable tool. Thanks

R.P.,, 4/20/99
Certainly a fresh new world view.

I.S.,, 4/20/99
I found the God-Man information to be extremely eye opening. The disease of mysticism had an effect that I may have never realized without the aid of Neo-tech.

D.D.,, 4/18/99
The Neo-Tech homepage has helped me grow tremendously Everyone should give it an open minded chance.

M.D.,, 4/18/99
I'm very impressed. I've always thought of the idea of self sacrifice to the point of unhappiness was very absurd, and I firmly believe in individual freedom and liberty. I've been interested in the mastery of life for some time now, empowering people with practical application techniques and theories is very important, I hail your effort.

L.C.,, 4/18/99
Very eye-opening.

S.H.,, 4/18/99, England
I've read The Discovery 11 times, I'm on the second reading of Outcompete and Cosmic Business Control. I've now laid the foundation for 12 books of my own, a clothing business, and have other ideas (Long Range Plans) to integrate into what looks like an AWSOME LIFE. I've tried telling others about Neo-Tech but they're to wrapped up in the hoax. I'm now rapidly demolishing every aspect of the hoax: I've stopped taking sugar, smoking, caffeine and am on the way to an astonishing future. I know its astonishing it is me who is creating it and who will develop it. The mystics want me to share it, to share me, to give up my “I-ness' so they can usurp it later in life, and have pleasure knowing that they destroyed my dreams. They have a problem, they wont be able to compete, but Neo-Tech will be their salvation. Neo-Tech is ruthless (Not everyone can handle honesty). Thanks Mr. Wallace, Mr. Hamilton, & everyone at Neo-Tech. “One last thought': Show me a mystic and ill show you a pile of SH...Well, you know what I mean. All the best Techies.

S.R.,, 4/17/99
I think that what you have written here on neocheating is nothing but pure genius. It is a simple way to learn the various methods of the art of cardsharping and defending against it. What you have written is invaluable to the intermediate gamblers who don't know everything there is to know about cheating. The knowledge in this book is so powerful that I think it should be saved for the loyal gamblers out there, the ones whose lives are greatly affected by gambling, and not for the open public. This book is for every gambler who has always searched for that certain “edge'. I will rigorously study it's contents and practice them until I become a neo master. I just started reading it today and already have begun to master its secrets. I thank you for this incredible knowledge but I must say that with a growing number of people learning this it's power will diminish. The fewer that know of it, the better. I hope that one day I will fully master this art. Thank you again for this incredible knowledge.

M.M.,, 4/16/99
I like your site, a good amalgam of science and philosophy.

A.T.,, 4/16/99
I read the 'Neo-Tech Discovery' years ago, but my mystical mind fought the process. Now a decade later, I'm back and ready to learn.

D.C.,, 4/16/99, Scotland
Your web site is incredible.

Susan M.,, 4/14/99
I find this information and point of view enlightening, fascinating, and very refreshing. Not to mention stimulating and motivating. I have been at your web site for 2 &1/2 hours tonight. If that gives you any idea how great your site is.

J.J.,, 4/14/99, Croatia
Great! Very optimistic! We need a better world for man. Really great!

O.O.,, 4/12/99
Your material tends to straighten out my thinking. it makes me aware of the neo-cheaters that surround me daily, and helps me to strategize more efficiently.

B.B.,, 4/12/99
Dr. Wallace is the perfect watchmaker, not harried, but sublime, leaves the watch in cyberspace, for us to tell the time!

P.V.,, 4/12/99, Australia
Thank you for making accessible such a wealth of information on neo-tech. I have returned to it again and again, assimilating more each time. I especially enjoy your self defense letters, once I understood their purpose. I love the way the site challenges my mind to expand to take in the ideas, rather than serving up a version in any way dishonest.

J.C.,, 4/12/99, England
I Feel people in general do not really know where they are going in life never mind how to get there! They need some positive guidance and the realization of how to follow one's dreams and expectations and then the Know-how to be able to realize those dreams and ambitions. Neo-Tech helps people along the way with simple and concise methods and instructions. A lay man's bible to the lost world of happiness and wealth. The story needs to be told and you seem to be able to enlighten us.

Carole D.,, 4/12/99
WOW!! that's the one word I chose to sum it all up! WOW! My eyes have been opened and I am SO happy now!! Thank you for making it clear!! My friend introduced me to Neo-Tech and I'm currently reading his book, I can't wait to finish it!!

L.R.,, 4/12/99
Yes, please stay on the web!! There is a New-Socialism out there on the web touting that Socialism hasn't really been tried. I hope that you never give up. Thanks, I will return.

C.P.,, 4/11/99
This is a great site! I like the new get involved programs. Keep up the good work.

T.B.,, 4/9/99
I have read God Man our final evolution three times and have become more aware of the people and the world around me after each reading.

D.P.,, 4/9/99
Very thought provoking and thought out. Makes the 'extraordinary' believable. Nice thinking exercises.

N.O.,, 4/9/99
It is imperative to keep Neo-Tech on the internet because of the values it offers to anyone who becomes a student of neo-tech. I know that the experiences and personal values obtained from every day people who talk about neo-tech (either positive or negative) offer extreme values.

D.E.,, 4/8/99, Australia
I love Neo-Tech. Dr. Wallace, hope you make it as president.

E.D.,, 4/7/99, Ghana
I am excited about this web site, its getting better each time

L.H.,, 4/6/99
I am really enjoying Neo-Tech. At this point in my life, I am re-evaluating what I believe and how I feel about things.

Anon.,, 4/6/99
The information is very valuable. The world that Frank R. Wallace and Mark Hamilton describe is brilliant, incredible. I cannot wait until it comes to past

Tina G.,, 4/6/99
I have read some of your literature and I am convinced that Neo-Tech can help me change my life.

D.B.,, 4/5/99
I am a frequent visitor to your web-site, you have made a difference in my views of the world like no other. I thank you and keep up the good work.

J.W.,, 4/4/99
I can say my own personal experience in religion has been a non-productive one, even though I spent years of self sacrificing and toiling for 'Him'. I can say I have nothing to show for it other than a great deal of painful memories. Those in Christendom can be the biggest liars and demoralizers I have ever known. They are the most greedy, envious, dishonest and ruthless people I have ever known. They use religion as a crutch and excuse for their own weaknesses and then protest that it is these weaknesses that bears truth to God. Neo-Tech encourages us to use our god-like abilities to do good, to grow and to benefit mankind and in doing so ourselves. I want to someday reap the benefits of my hard work. I don't want to spend what short life I have left subsidizing the lazy indigents of this world and the neocheaters.

Christine M.,, 4/3/99, United Kingdom
I was really impressed by the information given on this site every thing makes sense, I feel as if I have just woke up and smelt the roses so to speak. For so long nothing in this world made much sense and now I know why. Thank you for this knowledge.

P.M.,, 4/3/99
I have made some great discoveries by being persistent and enduring, I was comforted by Neo-Tech. These discoveries are steeped in Neo-Tech philosophy. I have lived the Neo-Tech discovery and soon will be resurrected in my fight against the neocheating government.

P.H.,, 4/3/99
Still fighting personal mysticism, but have conquered many and I'm increasing momentum as I do. Each problem solved makes the new problems easier to solve.

Joan B.,, 4/2/99
Thank you Neo-Tech for teaching me everything I never learned in school and everything my mother never taught me.

R.G.,, 4/2/99
Neo-Tech is Perfect. Absolutely Perfect.

C.D.,, 4/2/99
Neo-Tech appears to be the true power of both the past and future. Also, simply because a few wimps have a couple of negative remarks about NT doesn't mean their opinions amount to anything, does it?- Find out for yourself the real power of man. Stop fearing what is not there and smell the coffee of life's most hidden power--yours to command.

T.L.,, 4/2/99
The masses need to be exposed to this extremely powerful knowledge that has been monopolized by the neocheaters.

D.C.,, 4/2/99
Hello, I am a 17 year old high school student Neo-Tech has changed my way of thinking and I plan on being mystic free for the rest of my life. I am glad that you are on the internet because it makes me feel like I am not alone, and that there are others who want to be prosperous in life and love.

R.F.,, 4/1/99
Thank you seems too humble to express my gratitude. Since reading the "God man and neo-tech discovery" I feel like a new person, the smoke has gone from before my eyes. Not only. I also have run up contracts for US$ 20 000 thanks to the priceless knowledge within. I am also projecting a major web project using integrated thinking to outwit the mystics and neocheaters. This should be on the web later this year; I shall keep you informed.

E.S.,, 4/1/99
neo-tech is the greatest thing that could happen. I want to start a neo-tech party. I want to teach & show people the way to a new and better life. Thanks for a new life.

J.W.,, 4/1/99
I Believe your site to be the most valuable information that I have discovered in the 3 years I have been surfing the web. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

March 1999

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