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I.I.,, 5/31/99
At last! The answer that I always knew was out there.

B.L.,, 5/30/99, Australia
Great, I've never seen anything like it.

S.M.,, 5/29/99, United Kingdom

R.F.,, 5/28/99
If the people of this world could grasp and embrace the Neo-Tech way of living, things would be much more enjoyable for everyone.

E.M.,, 5/28/99, England
I think it is essential that Neo-Tech remain on the Web

S.S.,, 5/28/99, United Kingdom
On the whole the site has been put together very well, it loads very fast and the links are functioning properly. The contents are fantastic.

R.G.,, 5/28/99, Australia
At last a philosophy that integrates all the laws of success I have been studying over the past 5 years. It gives the most complete outlook towards total humanitarian success possible. Now I really am in control!

C.R.,, 5/28/99
The world needs to know this. There is a lot of mysticism and irrationalism to be overcome. Those negative comments are hysterical! Scary! Revealing!

S.R.,, 5/28/99
This site is so in depth and solid. It's great. It has really helped me in my long run thinking.

T.B.,, 5/28/99
I've found Neo-Tech to be a motivator to correct things in my life.

C.S.,, 5/28/99

N.R.,, 5/27/99, Australia
Neo-Tech is amazing, from learning how to keep fit and healthy to knowing how to deal with every situation. I cannot wait to help rid ourselves of the neo-cheats.

M.H,, 5/26/99
Keeping abreast of all the dishonesty in the world requires constant vigilance. To remain aware of the very nature of dishonesty requires hard personal effort. I try to read Neo-Tech on a daily basis because I realize that the most pervasive form of laziness and dishonesty resides in ourselves and not in others. After reading the Negative Comments, it seems that the most dishonest are the 'born-again' Christians, for they do not understand nor follow the teachings of Jesus, followed closely by politicians and journalists. One could say that the Devil can wrap himself in Christian clothes, speak the right words and all his sins are condoned, or even blessed.

Susan T.,, 5/25/99
This site makes Neo-Tech available to everyone. Which in the long run will help make this a better world.

J.H.,, 5/25/99
I'm deeply involved in 'integrating' the awesome experience of Neo-Tech - WOW! As an avid Objectivist, I always thought that there was something much more PRACTICAL that I should understand. It is truly a wonderful experience to discover that what I thought should exist does exist. It gives me HOPE, hope for mankind and my place within it.

Q.P.,, 5/24/99
The information given is very fascinating to read, probably more than any other book I have read. Expand it in whatever way possible.

Anon.,, 5/21/99
Thought provoking; unique ideas.

J.R.,, 5/20/99
A noble prospectus indeed. Certainly a worthwhile goal.

B.M.,, 5/19/99
This site abounds with useful information. I am passing this on to my adult children so they can get stronger goals for their future.

P.W.,, 5/19/99
I think this is a most excellent site. In the past one month I've had the opportunity to 'turn on' a handful of people to the concepts of Neo-Tech.

D.B.,, 5/19/99
Neo-Tech has really helped me in my business relationships. It has given me the confidence that I can develop a strong interpersonal relationship with anyone. I recommend your literature to anyone that feels they are stuck in a rut and want to advance further.

C.S.,, 5/18/99
With consciousness, only human beings can freely choose to live better or worse than their natures. Free choice determines the future of all human beings

Harmony N.,, 5/18/99
I feel it is a very mind-opening experience.

W.M., UCSC.EDU, 5/18/99
I can sense the power of this new knowledge.

J.S.,, 5/18/99
The only hope for a pathetic, violent world is Neo-Tech.

D.R.,, 5/17/99
I love Neo-tech. The more I read the more sense it makes. I was reading the negative comments and I'll tell you those born agains sure do know how to curse and swear. I never thought Christians had that kind of resentment and hate in them but I guess their god teaches hate instead of love.

W.F.,, 5/17/99
This is THE most honest available! Neo-tech has greatly improved my life .

Jo T.,, 5/17/99
Your information on working the vaginal muscles is very Insightful and very helpful for many women. Another benefit of this exercise however not mentioned, is a decrease in bladder control problems such as leaking.

T.R.,, 5/17/99
A new day has arrived and Neo-Tech/Zonpower is the answer.

K.K.,, 5/17/99
PLEASE, PLEASE REMAIN AND EXPAND!! Wake up the 'duped' up! Thank you for saving my life.

G.N.,, 5/16/99, Canada
Stay on line, there is no one else fighting this fight.

J.B.,, 5/16/99, England
Neo-tech offers freedom from control and allows people to develop to their potential. It is essential.

W.A.,, 5/15/99
I like this whole honesty thing.

Linda B.,, 5/15/99
I have been struggling with bad thought jealousy for years and it is destroying my current love relationship. Never before have I read anything that came close to describing the struggle I have been facing. I am embracing this new thought process you have explained to me, and I hope it is the cure for my disease. If I don't find one, I will never be able to have a healthy, loving relationship.

K.H.,, 5/14/99

A.M.,, 5/14/99, Canada
This is the most powerful book ever written. It enabled me to understand and get away from the stagnant cloud I was living in for the past 50 years. It will finally eliminate the 2000 year old hoax of neocheaters and mystics. Are you ready too face the truth ?

J.H.,, 5/13/99
I am very interested in all the info. I have read so far. I am a young man and many great ideas. So I am going to read on and make positive steps forward about improving the way of life for everyone!

S.C.,, 5/13/99, New Zealand
Just a great all round site. Very interesting reading. Please expand this site.

Beth R.,, 5/12/99
Be assured...there are those out here implementing your words and following the path you have shown us possible. As you state yourself, the urge to give in to the daily get-along-games are strong(watching TV/mind-numbing movies/waste of time 'friends') and we occasionally slip but thanks to your guiding light, we always find our way back to the road. Young entrepreneurs, those like myself who have only fully integrated your words in the past few years, are only now shedding the final layers of parental trappings and societal standards to rekindle the fires of their imaginations and find for the first time what they really want to do in life! We are now beginning to grow and soon I promise you(and myself), Mr. Wallace, you will see the fruits of your efforts... Thanks for the fertilizer--MIRICLE GROW!

M.W.,, 5/12/99, Australia
The site has made way for closer nit communication between fellow Neo-Tech readers from all around the world.

G.O.,, 5/11/99
There are no words to express how wonderful this site is.

G.G.,, 5/10/99
I find the entire neo-tech discovery utterly fascinating and long over-due.

Peggy C.,, 5/10/99
I can't thank you enough for what you have revealed.

Mary H.,, 5/9/99
Truly awesome reading. A fantastic insight!

S.O.,, 5/9/99
Thank you Neo-Tech, for providing this forum to expose the Planned destruction of America -- last week I got my IRSS notice in the mail.

M.S.,, 5/9/99
This information helps people to be more productive versus dependant and parasitical. I've naturally purged anti-productive info from my our live as a result of the knowledge gained from Neo-Tech literature.

S.W.,, 5/8/99
A day does not pass without my reading passages for reference, inspiration, and enduring encouragement. Thank You!

J.R.,, 5/6/99, Australia
I bought Neo-Tech in July 86 and throughout the years have found the answers to most of my problems in the information packages. Now being able to access NT through the internet has opened up a new wave of excitement for me. Zonpower and the civilization of the Universe is the ultimate goal. Best of all is to know that I'm not alone. The Web is a link in this grand chain of our evolution.

C.T.,, 5/5/99
One of the most eye opening sites I had ever read. Thank you for enlightening me.

D.H.,, 5/4/99
I realize that some people may be offended by the information here. In my eyes, they aren't ready for truth, they are comfortable in their illusions.

M.D.,, 5/4/99, Canada
The information is invaluable and has allowed me to make real changes in my life. Thank you.

R.K.,, 5/4/99, United Kingdom
I can say that your site has encouraged me to look at the world in fresh and positive ways.

W.S.,, 5/4/99
Neo-Tech has become a catalyst to the desire in my life.

J.G.,, 5/3/99, Canada
Why would conscious rational thought not stay on the web? Why should irrational thought stay? There's your question.

M.S.,, 5/3/99
This web site combined with active promotion of Neo-Tech principles can begin the revolution against the anti-capitalistic, anti-intellectual, anti-reality, anti-life trends which dominate our society and culture.

April 1999

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