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S.N.,, 6/30/99
The supreme beings of the Universe have come from crossing the Neo-Tech Threshold. We have come to that threshold in 1976 and are well on our way to joining our friends. Keep up the excellent/Objective work. I am supporting you every step of the way. My ultimate goal is God-Man of my Universe.

T.W.,, 6/30/99
It is through web sites like yours that the SLEEPING AMERICAN GIANT will finally wake up to the unconstitutional and extraordinary tactics of the IRS. I too have been in the belly of the beast. Keep up the good work!

P.S.,, 6/30/99
A fantastic forum with which to exchange ideas and gain more information about Neo-Tech philosophies.

C.D.,, 6/30/99
This web site should definitely stay up. I noticed all of the negative feedback is from those very violent and hate filled Christians. I feel that if they want to believe in god, they should realize they are playing the devils game: violence, hate, vulgar language. How are such things good? Now look at Neo-Tech: Kindness, honesty, freedom. Let us all learn from these teachings, and some of us may even expand on them, creating the next chapter in the conscious evolution of humans. Hurry before we bury ourselves in toxic waste, nuclear weapons, and hate.

W.S.,, 6/29/99
Humanity needs you to lead our world into the future. May the spirit of humanity guide you and protect you with love.

S.J.,, 6/28/99
I love this site, it is an inspiration to me, it has extremely valuable content which will help many, many people.

S.B.,, 6/28/99
The truth is finally out. Let the revolution begin. We must not let them brainwash us anymore.

L.H.,, 6/27/99
NEO-TECH is the only source of PURE LIFE ALTERING ,LIFE ENHANCING,LIFE ELEVATING information on the web or book form.

J.C.,, 6/26/99
The greatest book ever written.

G.M.,, 6/26/99, Canada
Neo-Tech is making me the man I've always known I was. I love it.

Kate K.,, 6/25/99
The first thing I noticed was the negative comments came from Christians. I got the impression that most of the people were mentally disturbed -- not because they are Christians or because they feel strongly about their beliefs, but because the comments were so shockingly irrational and malicious. I admit I finished reading the page only because of the entertainment it provided. People are rarely so willing to sound like fanatics. The second thing I noticed was the implicit belief that people are stupid blind sheep who are not able to evaluate the validity of a system of thought and so must be 'protected' from it through censorship. Anyway, I think Neo-Tech should remain on the web. Anyone who wants to know about it can look and decide for themselves.

Z.S.,, 6/25/99
I think that Neo-Tech is the best thing that happened to me in all my life. Neo-Tech is amazing. I would like to thank Dr. Wallace. I look forward to the Neo-Tech world, so that everybody can have abiding happiness, prosperity, health, a wonderful life and live the life that every person on this earth was supposed to live. I look forward to seeing our Neo-Tech world after 2001..

M.W.,, 6/25/99, Canada
I think your site is wonderful. Those who react negatively are obviously still weak enough to be influenced by 'higher authorities'. It really is too bad that so many live their entire lives never knowing freedom. It is shameful that governments and religion continue to dominate these poor people in this day and age. Oh well, at least I know that I am not a sucker, I run my own life. Thanks to Neo-Tech!

J.H.,, 6/25/99
Neo-tech is simply an independent, reasoning mind, applying wide scope accounting and fully integrated honesty. Simple, yet powerful and unstopable.

B.P.,, 6/25/99, Australia
The concepts contained in the NEO TECH manual remove all the garbage of this world from your mind -- if you let it!

J.C.,, 6/23/99
What you are saying makes sense. Your true story of James J. Hill, especially, touched me to the core. Mr. Hill, truly a remarkable man, one of the truly great Americans, rose to that level as a ambitious independent thinker. My parents were raised in the railroad community of Hillyard, a small town, now part of Spokane WA., named after this magnificent man. I shall never again look at Hillyard in the same way. The railroad is now gone, and basically it is just a collection of antique, pawn shops and small time merchants, but in its day, the railroad in Hillyard employed many people, including my grandfather and uncles. What is sad to know, is that this great United States and its politicians, being so corrupt, brought down the vision of this honest inspirational hard working man. I am convinced that greatness of the human spirit and achievement comes from the profound belief in self through independent, non authoritarian influenced thought and hard work. Your work promotes this concept.

C.D.,, 6/23/99
Hi, I'm 68 years old, I keep coming back to this site, I'm a glutton for eliminating the crap in my mind. I see the changes going on in this world, please keep up good work.

D.V.,, 6/23/99
There is MUCH truth here and people need to think and be conscious of this information. You're political ideology is great! Stay on the web. Thanks for your info!

L.J.,, 6/22/99
Neo-Tech is the wave of the future! A continuous Reality Check through Integrated Honesty is what this country desperately needs.

C.D.,, 6/20/99
I would like to see the coming of a new age. Through Neo-Tech it will happen. Time is of the essence, lets welcome our fellow man into a new dawn and a better universe. We are running out of time.

S.H.,, 6/20/99
I'm willing to do my part.

V.H.,, 6/19/99, Aruba

E.A.,, 6/19/99
I thoroughly embrace your methodology.

D.W.,, 6/19/99
I greatly enjoyed the article about Aristotle and his philosophies versus Plato and his philosophies. It seems that following the ways of Aristotle would have led man down the path of rapid advancement by disillusioning men everywhere to mysticism, etc. and by promoting pure rationality, free-trade capitalism, and other actions that are dictated by logic rather than belief in some supernatural power. We have lost much time and wasted many lives by following the delusions of Plato.

G.M.,, 6/18/99, Canada
I have just received 'The Book' and am 'hooked'! It is refreshing. I have been 'mysticized' for too many years and have long questioned my sensing of entrapment and longing for total freedom. The Bible says, 'You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.' When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Thank you Neo-Tech for appearing!

Dorothy P.,, 6/17/99

R.B.,, 6/14/99
I have finished about a forth of Neo-Tech and I'm very excited. I can't hardly put the book down. I have been seeking this type of information for a very long time. Thanks for this very valuable manuscript.

W.B.,, 6/14/99
A wealth of very valuable info.

D.G.,, 6/14/99
Hello: For anyone reading this: If you read THE BOOK and you only see religious implications, you are missing 99% of what it is trying to say. What THE BOOK does is open your mind to new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing and new ways of being. THE BOOK is about choosing for yourself.

J.H.,, 6/13/99
Dear people at N.T.P. My mind is still in paralysis from my understanding of how Neo-Tech works. It's amazing, it's so simple yet so powerful. All my life I subconsciously thought that I was totally hopeless. I guess, I could say that I'm blinded by what the future holds for me. But, after understanding Neo-Tech, I can now say that I'm almost frightened by the power and happiness of my future. An hour after I understood Neo-Tech, I decided to look in the mirror. And when I did, I honestly thought...'This is NOT the old me!, this is a handsome, happy man!' I've never been motivated by any emotion before. But, this was a NEW emotion. It was Neo-Tech excitement! I don't think that I have ever known this kind of excitement or at least I can't remember knowing it. The poor mystics and neo-cheaters think that they know what Neo-tech is. If they knew what it was, I don't see how they could possibly be mystics or neo-cheaters. Well, I guess it's because neocheaters used to hold lots of power, but NOW it IS dying. From a mystics point of view, Neo-Tech IS magic. Thank You.

A.W.,, 6/13/99

J.H.,, 6/12/99
Thank U, Thank U, Thank U. I understand: Eliminate all negatives to integrate positives. And that there are objective negatives. Even though I've just started, I can see that nothing can possibly stop me now. Thanx can never possibly be enough.

J.P.,, 6/11/99, Canada

W.M.,, 6/11/99
I have read and re-read a lot of the Neo Tech writings and cannot find a single flaw anywhere...It is so obvious how we have been duped by all of these political, religious, academic, NeoCheaters. They deal out death and destruction.

B.R.,, 6/11/99
Your books have brought me a long way from the days of being Ignorant. Thank You

M.G.,, 6/10/99

H.L.,, 6/10/99
I'm very satisfied with the information this site has provided me with. Not only should it remain on the Internet, but should expand.

J.D.,, 6/10/99, England
This stuff is so cool, keep it up.

F.H.,, 6/10/99
My life has been changed forever. I strongly believe this site should remain on the web for all the people out there to see and learn the truth about neo-cheating.

R.A.,, 6/9/99
This site is the closest and fastest way to enter a new world of enormous values and high moral standards. For some it may be a great place to get lost, but for me it is a place I call home! Like an urban center, just walking through its many streets brings new discoveries and unexpected observations. The human spirit lives and grows at NT.

B.H.,, 6/8/99
At fifty three years of age I started to give up, but the Neo-Tech way of life has filled me with new purpose. I needed you sooner, but its not to late. I feel like a new person.

A.M., tesconet, 6/8/99, United Kingdom
A breath of fresh air sweeping away the foolishness of modern life.

J.M.,, 6/8/99
The books are wonderful. I want to know more. Neo-Tech sure stopped all the phony things I was told all my life.

K.S.,, 6/6/99
Your web site. it is full of good information that people need to know about the IRS, and other agencies so maybe the American people can wake up from their comas and see what is going on.

J.P.,, 6/6/99
I noticed a change in my brother, and when I asked him about his sudden change in confidence and general happiness, he attributed it all to what he calls 'Neo-Tech'. I asked him how I could get this Neo-Tech, that is why I am here. If Neo-Tech can change a persons intelligence, happiness, and overall look of life, I, of course, want Neo-Tech too

A.M.,, 6/6/99, Colombia
Neo-Tech seems to be a logical that eliminates some of the mystery of life.

W.H.,, 6/6/99

J.Y.,, 6/4/99
Hello, I had a fight this morning with my spouse, I was unhappy, I had a feeling this was all unnecessary and due to imagined jealousy. I searched for 'jealousy -causes' and LO I end up in this most insightful site!! I have bookmarked it and sent the message of this wonderful site to all my friends.

D.M.,, 6/4/99, England
I am the proud owner of the Neo-Tech Discovery, the book that changed my life. Today I am a productive human being with an ever increasing capacity to think. It is blatantly obvious to me why people would like this site shut down. They would like it shut down because honest productive people, who can think for themselves, frighten them. Such people can see through their destructive livelihoods. If anyone thinks honestly about this, they will reach the same conclusion I did. The “they' are: politicians, clergy, media Thank you all for the advantages that you have given me in this wonderful life.

D.O.,, 6/4/99
Today while having coffee with a old good friend, he shared with me for the first time a book by Wallace on Neo-Tech. I ask about the book and he mentioned that someone gave it to him a long time ago. It has changed his whole life for the better. I got interested and asked my friend if I could access any information on the internet. This is valuable information that humanity needs to know to improve our crazy ways of living and thinking. I find this information very meaningful and important to understand and to study. This service is very valuable to civilization but only if we have the vision to dance in the brilliance of the Neo-Tech thought. Thanks a million, a new truth seeker of the Neo-Tech Knowledge and Light.

J.C.,, 6/4/99
Neo-Tech is the platform from which the final evolution of mankind will be launched. Thank you Frank R. Wallace

A.H.,, 6/4/99
What a way to really help the ones who don't know!

P.C.,, 6/2/99
The information is very mind opening and important.

K.B.,, 6/1/99, Canada
Your material helps people decide to improve their lives and the lives of people around them.

May 1999

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