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DD,, 4/26/03

Neo-Tech is great! It has become apparent that everything I was taught is total mysticism, and I am moving in the direction to becoming a Neo-Tech man.

DL,, 4/26/03

Refreshing and insightful.

JC,, 4/26/03

The site is great, I appreciate all the knowledge and wisdom. I am putting it to use in my day-to-day.

MM,, 4/26/03

I am inspired by the work and efforts of the persons who are dedicated to the eradication of what you refer to as 'mysticism'.

AR,, 4/24/03

I feel like a kid in a candy store. I find myself reading anything related to neo tech daily.

SK,, 4/22/03


GG,, 4/22/03

It as given me a new sense of hope.

W.D.,, 4/19/03


AA,, 4/19/03

It change my view in life now positively. Always looking ahead without intervention of mysticism. More control of myself set by my own standard. Definitely, its for everyone who loves life. Sad for others who donít know about neo-tech.

RC,, 4/18/03

One is are either green and growing or ripe and rotting. Neo-tech is green and growing!!!

RM,, 4/18/03

The information on your web page is every fresh, and is a great read, and also has a relaxing side to it, it frees up the way we think, and how we do thing's everyday. So please keep up the good work, not just for me but any one that wants to break free from this worlds thinking.

EH,, 4/15/03

There is no question that Neo-Tech should remain on the web. By remaining on the web it will no doubt continue to have a positive impact on the world.

LM,, 4/14/03

The article I read on PHYSICAL BEAUTY, ABUSE OF PARTNER, POTENCY LOSS, SEXUAL ROLES was excellent and insightful.

A,, 4/14/03

You have prompted me to positive actions in my life, and allowed me to believe in myself again. Neo-Tech has given me inspiration and courage to get back on top again, where I know I belong. Many years ago I gave up on the Rat-Race, because I believed it was 'fixed'. Now I truly know it is, but I understand the rules of the game and at last Iím feeling like a winner. Time to escape my own 'Crash Hell'. PLEASE REMAIN ON THE WEB. THANK YOU SO MUCH NEO-TECH.

MT,, 4/13/03

Neo-Tech is the greatest book ever written. It has completely changed my life.

SR,, 4/12/03

I just want to say, that Neo-tech is a shinning light, in the fog of mysticism. I admire, respect and have genuine love, for all individuals who help in the process, of bringing this wonderful information to the world. I want to be a part of it.

MP,, 4/12/03

We need bodies like you to challenge the despots of the world.. You help to evolve humans.

HK,, 4/12/03

This web site was {is} a real eye opener. I wish I found it a hell of lot sooner in my life. There has been alot of so called christian leaders that have taken advantage of my efforts and said ha ha he is stupid!.

JM,, 4/11/03

The brilliance of the articles is quite remarkable.

GR,, 4/10/03

Neo-Tech has changed my outlook on life but I'm still having trouble applying it consistently. THE STORY is really helping me destroy integration blockers.

Beth,, 4/10/03

I cannot express the extent of my gratitude to the people of NTP for helping to change my life. With the aid of DTC, FIH, and WSA, I have been able to break through the layers of mysticism and develop into the honest, value productive woman I am today.

B,, 4/8/03

I have always felt there had to be something more to life than, what will be ,will be or Gods will, so to speak, NEO-TECH is that something more!! YOUR OWN WILL.

DN,, 4/7/03

All my life I'd been forced to go to church. Even though I didn't want to believe, I couldn't reject the idea of God, and Jesus Christ. It was brain-washed into me. Even when I told people I didn't believe, I prayed every night. I prayed because I was afraid of what would happen if I didn't. I feared God. I spent most of my life afraid, even after I left home, and no longer had to go to church. But as the years have gone by I've found it easier to think for myself. Instead of asking God to fix my problems. I needed to face them head on, and fix them myself. As soon as I started thinking this way, my problems seemed to go away. I started going to sleep at night without a prayer. I started to be happy. I began to have a vague idea of how to look at life. Neo-tech is helping me focus what I already felt.

MA,, 4/7/03

Neo-Tech just might be the holy grail for business people.

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