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J.B.,, 12/31/98
This Web-site should remain free and unfettered to disseminate knowledge and information key and integral for the advancement, prosperity, and happiness of humanity as we head into the new millenium. The outrageous, immoral actions of past and present governments, dictators, mystics, and Neo-Cheaters must be exposed long and often.

E.S.,, 12/31/98

M.M.,, 12/31/98
Neo-Tech is the most Amazing thing I've ever laid eyes on. I first heard about Neo-Tech 3 years ago from a friend of mine. He explained Neo-tech as 'Objectivism taken to another level. Being in love with Ayn Rand I decided to take a look at your Discovery. After reading the Discovery, I was amazed. I want to be part in the Neo-Tech revolution. As far as your remaining on the web, I KNOW it is critical for our survival.

M.P.,, 12/31/98
I applaud you for posting the negative comments, not doing so would have been dishonest. It seems that they are afraid to take responsibility for their live and want someone or something else to do that for them. I recently woke up and realized that I have been lied to all of my life, accept for Neo-Tech. I am ready to begin and travel the road of Neo-Tech today. I am about to start a new business and it will be run totally using the integrated Neo-Think method.

D.C.,, 12/29/98
I think Neo-Tech Publishing should create a body of work that emphasizes the 'neo-cheating ' that grips people on a more personal level. The 'neo-cheating' that happens between family and friends. Everyday stupidities. Most people understand, even at a very simplistic level, that politicians, lawyers, media personalities, etc are dishonest and corrupt, but a lot of people don't seem to understand the dishonesty and disrespect that happen to them everyday with family and friends! Most people I know accept the lies, manipulations and usurpation's from their own romantic love partners. I know that the neo-tech literature deals with all this. However, I feel freeing people of these personal chains would help them break out of the prison that is the anticivilization! Thank you for your time. My best to all at Neo-Tech publishing, and value-producers everywhere!

T.M.,, 12/29/98, Lebanon
Thank you for changing my life to its potential.

R.P.,, 12/29/98, Costa Rica
Neo Tech is a liberating experience. I found what I have been looking for all my life. Now, my job is more challenging and rewarding, and at the same time I found mental peace.

J.T.,, 12/29/98
Keep this site here by all means. Anyone with any sense at all would realize that honesty is the key ingredient to any worthwhile endeavor. Identifying dishonesty as the pervasive disease of humanity and getting it known to millions of otherwise ignorant people is a permanently noble and truly humane goal. Leave and even add to these words and pictures on this site so that all who come here can forge forward to the coming health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness revolution!

R.W.,, 12/29/98
I want to say this has been a good year. I want to thank Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton and all the others at Neo-Tech. For people new to Neo-Tech, keep reading NEO-TECH for Real Life -- NEO-TECH is the only WAY to go. PSS: Neo-Tech owners may write me.

Rosanna I.,, 12/29/98
All my life I have been catholic. I have been told pray and god will hear you. I have done it. I have prayed for years, and cried for years and nothing worked. I have tried everything. I always thought I didn't have enough faith or didn't believe enough, so I would try harder and pray night and day. the more I prayed, the worse things got. until this year something happened, my mom got a letter in the mail one time to send for this Neo-Tech book and my mom was curious so she sent for it. she read it, and told me what it was about. then I read it, and I started doing what the book said. I now notice that the people who believe in god or the higher power, are the worst hypocrites, these people are rude, they put people down, talk about themselves only, and you would think that they never heard of the word : sharing!!! and about honesty, they are the worst liars! not only that, but they are racist too. In the neo-tech book, it says to do the opposite, be -- be honest, share, and not shut people out. It seems most religious people are only helpful or kind because they want to get something out of you. All I am saying is that since I have been using Neo-Tech, I have all these friends who come to me which never happened before, and since I have been using neo-tech I have no reason for religion. This is because in religion it says if you want something, pray for it. In Neo-Tech, if you want something you have to go get it for yourself. That is the reality of it. so if you have doubts about Neo-Tech I'm living proof that it works.

B.W.,, 12/29/98
Hello, and thanks from the deepest thoughts of my mind. This has truly been an eye opener, for many years now, I have been applying the steps towards a better way of life. It's not all been easy, and that's a good thing, as it has brought me into incredible amounts of knowledge and power. This is a bridge to living in ultimate happiness through integrating honest production of goods, values and services. Now, through hard work and rationally thinking we have the ability to reach any goal

B.H.,, 12/28/98, Australia

M.H.,, 12/28/98, Monaco
I certainly enjoy your visionary material, and have done for many years.

J.W.,, 12/27/98
I have received and read God-Man, it is the only book I have ever read that has changed my outlook on life so completely.

Maranda J.,, 12/27/98
I read several chapters of your literature, and find it very enlightening. Here I am (3) hours later still on your web site, I can't believe how great this literature is. I have never read anything like this. What a gold-mine of knowledge you have here!!

J.S.,, 12/26/98, Thailand

J.D.,, 12/26/98
It is absolutely imperative that Neo-Tech remain available to productive individuals.

Denise M.,, 12/26/98
An eye opener. Coming from a spiritual background this uproots everything I've known and lived my life by. However, I'm looking forward in reading and applying Neo-Tech techniques.

R.M.,, 12/26/98
As a long-time practitioner of Neo-Tech/Zon, I know the value of all things Neo-Tech. By following the original premise of Neo-Tech Marketing (i.e. giving values not just to customers, but also non-customers), the web is the best opportunity for wide-scale dissemination of Neo-Tech and liberation of the universe and life! Fantastic application of fully-integrated technology.

J.S.,, 12/25/98
You've done a 'GREAT' job putting together brilliant works. Thank you for Neo-Tech, it's been of great help to me personally and my business.

D.H.,, 12/25/98
Frank Wallace's ideas are extremely bold and ambitious. What a wonderful vision!

B.B.,, 12/23/98, Australia
I have been a Neo-Techer since the late 70's. You are certainly achieving your goals and then some? Truth and self honesty is the only way to survive.

D.T.,, 12/23/98
Neo-Tech is delivering the advantages of tomorrow's cyberspace society today. Now, neocheating is easily spotted when dishonesty people try to manipulate situations unfairly. Thanks for the truth.

S.K.,, 12/22/98
I have been reading Neo-Tech books since 1994. Now every new publication you come out with I automatically buy. I reread the older versions as much as possible always integrating new thoughts with each reading. Your latest book Government Free Cyberspace is excellent. Every day I work harder at my company and becoming a Neo-Tech man. I try hard (and it is sometimes real hard) to be completely honest in every and all situations. Everyday I use your principles to better my life and bring more joy, happiness, success, and wealth into it. Every day I work at completely eliminating mysticism in myself and one day my employees. Every day I realize more and more how stupid and inconsistent this anti-civilization is. Every day I work at becoming a citizen of the civilization of the universe knowing that one day it will happen. (Can't wait) Your work and publications have completely changed my life for the better. Ironically others, completely tied to this anticivilization, have also noticed the change (especially family) and think I am unhappy, way-to-serious business man that cannot have any fun. 'Lighten up' they say. Enjoy life, play some golf, have a drink, relax and you will be like us stuck in the netherworld. They think that is what 'fun' is. Well I know the difference and try to experience 'it' every day. I am truly happy, not faking it to seem important. I just can't wait till this upside down world crumbles and the 'real' world begins. Good luck and keep up the good work.

J.D.,, 12/22/98
This is an excellent site. this site should always be here and open to the public. Keeping this site here is letting the door open to any mind on the planet. I visit here often for reference and personal advice. Thank you Dr. Wallace and all others who have contributed to its birth into our world

T.K.,, 12/22/98, Malaysia
Wonderful job!

R.D.,, 12/22/98, Canada
I eat a dozen small eggs daily but under 40 grams of sugar a day. I am 5.11 and 145 I eat a lot of fat I work out daily never tired all because of continues integration of Neo-Tech! I can't say enough good praises happy new year! I'm a Neo-Tech owner since 89 and I love it!

P.B.,, 12/22/98
Powerful, potent, very insightful, created a number of positive changes in my life.

M.K.,, 12/20/98, Brazil
I am very interested in reading more about your approach. At first it looked to me like a rip-off of Ayn Rand's ideas. But on a slightly closer examination, it seems that your approach makes her philosophy practical (that is, applicable to everyday living) instead of being a theoretical framework for the endless and useless discussions that are common on 'Objectivist' newsgroups or the grounds for a personality cult. I think you are doing a terrific job at putting forth an organized exposition of a rational oriented lifestyle and philosophy. Why would anyone want to take you off the web? I have to conclude that your organized approach is scaring the holy bejeezus out of some people.

P.M., InfoAve.Net, 12/20/98
Keep up the excellent works! As a Neo-Tech student, I always receive a tremendous, mind expanding experience and value exchange from your products and services. The presence and organization of your web-site and other printed materials has been the 'seed' and energy for me and my partners to expand our business plan into the 'Cybercash' World for unlimited profits and value exchanges with our markets. Always Prosper! Never Age! Never Die!

E.R.,, 12/19/98
Neo-Tech should forever remain on the worldwide web. No one with any degree of intelligence will be able to honesty dispute that neo-tech and its staff is definitely onto something huge.

S.C.,, 12/18/98
The principles of Neo-tech are very sound both philosophically and morally. These principles are the only way to build a prosperous and benevolent civilization.

R.P.,, 12/18/98
It gives me a terrific feeling knowing Neo-Tech and its teachings will survive through time. The truth will never die. There is only one truth, Neo-Tech!

J.W.,, 12/17/98
The first time I read through the Neo-Tech discovery book; I was in such disbelief and denial that I barely read it. After several months, I read it with a more open mind. This time I would not let my mystic beliefs get in the way. And, sure enough I made the integrations and found the 'real' answers I was looking for. While I have become God-man in thought; I am still being held back by deep-rooted habits, behaviors, and just a lack of self-discipline.

Joan M.,, 12/17/98
I am learning so much this is a valuable tool.

B.C.,, 12/15/98
Neo tech is the best. It is the only honest way of living life to the fullest. Neo Tech has made my life better, the more I use it the more successful I become. Thank you Dr. Wallace, Mr. Hamilton and all the rest of the people at Neo Tech. When I need a laugh I read the negative comments from the narrow minded people who don't understand that Neo Tech is the future. I feel sorry for them but I can only take responsibility for my self. Long live Neo Tech!!!

M.T.,, 12/15/98
What is written opens my eyes more and more. I'm always amazed by what I've read. Things are changing very fast. Unbelievable!!!

J.A.,, 12/14/98, England
I have been given a copy of Zonpower and about three weeks ago. I tried your web site hungry for more of Neo-Tech. Your web site is fascinating. I want more please! My daily dose gives me such a lift and spurs me on

M.D.,, 12/13/98
Neo-Tech seems to have something to offer for everyone interested in making a change in their current and future existence on the planet.

K.N.,, 12/13/98, Singapore
I want to know more about Neo-Tech and liberate myself from irrationalities.

Carla R.,, 12/13/98
I am thrilled with the Neo-Tech.

C.N.,, 12/12/98
I am very glad that I found this information. The theories helped me organize my thoughts.

Annie C.,, 12/12/98
Frank Wallace is a genius!

V.A.,, 12/12/98
This is by far the best site I have visited all year.

H.H.,, 12/11/98, New Zealand
N.T has certainly changed my thinking for the better and my life has increased in value 10 fold in 4 years after stagnating for years before N.T. My company is prosperous and going forward and I now employ nine people. I enjoyed travelling to Vegas from New Zealand for the Ted Nicholas conference and in my view was money well invested. I look forward to similar conferences promoted by N.T. in the future. The ideas and knowledge picked up at the Ted Nicholas conference are invaluable and already my company is diversifying into other areas of marketing for a dynamic and successful 1999. I haven't been to the States for over 20 years and it was the dynamics of N.T. and putting the N.T. philosophies in place that has allowed me the luxury of travelling. Before N.T. that would not have been possible. Although I am in the early stages of Parkinson's, I am still able to work 12 hour days and I am optimistic there will be a cure in the not to distance future. I get my strength from the writings of such value producers as Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and others on the tough days.

P.S.,, 12/11/98
I enjoy reading Neo-Tech literature and it helps open my eyes to the evils of so-called fundamentalist Christian movement. That same Religious Right is a bunch of control freaks who are out to destroy our precious individual rights and personal freedoms that we now have.

Anon.,, 12/11/98

S.L.,, 12/10/98
I'd like you to know that this seems to be the most valuable tool for acquiring liberty. I'm a 20 year old high school dropout who read this literature and found a new sense of hope for mankind and since I've been applying these techniques my creative thinking has exploded into new realms.

J.T.,, 12/10/98
Just skimming the pages of Neo-Tech is like a breath of fresh air.

B.R.,, 12/10/98
I think this is a wonderful site that should do anything in it's power to continue to grow and make itself more noticeable to the average web-surfer. To get the average person, jumping head first into complete reality is likely to be scary. None-the-less, they still deserve to receive this information as it would be beneficial to cure their mysticism's and begin the fight against the neo-cheaters, especially those who pose the largest threat to most people: the government's of the world. I am ready to take on full responsibility for myself and live freely in every aspect of my life. The practice of neo-tech concepts seems to be the only thing that will save the human race from the concepts of the anticivilization that will surely kill us all if it is not stopped. Long live Neo-Tech!!!

F.T.,, 12/10/98
NEO - TECH ROCKS!!!!!!! ZON RULES!! MYSTICS LOOK OUT!!!!!!! P.S. I LOVE “GOD-MAN'(our next evolution),very eye opening!

C.O.,, 12/10/98
Excellent site.

E.N.,, 12/9/98
Extraordinary integrations.

F.T.,, 12/8/98

H.C.,, 12/6/98
A great discovery, the actual answer of enlightenment.

L.V.,, 12/6/98
The internet will expedite fully integrated honesty, removing Neo-Tech from the web is not an option.

J.L.,, 12/6/98
This is an excellent site.

D.B.,, 12/5/98
I think that I have found what I was looking for ... the beginning of a grassroots movement of rational thinking to move the world to the next societal level...the elimination of injustice on the planet. Keep it up.

J.T.,, 12/5/98
This literature is visionary, thank you.

J.L.,, 12/4/98
Neo-Tech is awesome!!! This is the best way to achieve all of my dreams.

B.M.,, 12/4/98, Australia
I think your web site is the most mind expanding information I have ever seen and I will be passing on the web site to other people .

Julia H.,, 12/4/98
This is the most powerful and moving information I have ever worked with.

R.B.,, 12/4/98
Yes, Neo-Tech should stay on the web. What do honest people have to fear from this? What incentive or criterion would anyone have to remove it from the web?. Let's get on with the class overthrow of the parasitical elites!

Loretta M.,, 12/3/98
I have enjoyed the Neo-Tech information. Thank you for being here. I was afraid that the Neo Cheaters had done away with you all.

E.D.,, 12/3/98, Ghana
It awakens you. You can really see neocheaters everywhere. It is really great to become a neo-tech person even if it might take some time to realize ones true dreams, it is worth the fight, it is very exciting indeed. LET US ESTABLISH NEO-TECH CENTER IN GHANA TO SERVE WEST AFRICA.

S.V.,, 12/2/98
I have detected some additional contrasts between Oism and NT. Oism was really Rand's baby and NT could rightly be called Wallace's. By the time FRW was formulating the first "psychuous" work he was reintegrating the splinters from the original Rand work. The ensuing development of NT integrated even more material from other sources. Specifically, Randian oism by the 70's had ejected or rejected N. Branden and Libertarianism (and indirectly Harry Browne). Rand had also made it very clear that she did not want the philosophy of oism to deal with human psychology in depth and that she did not want the oist metaphysics to deal with cosmology (which she said is better left to the scientists) just ontology. Neither did she ever explicitely identify the logical conclusion and "final destination" of her work--biological immortality must be the primary goal if the individual is the highest value. FRW wove all the incredible contributions of these great thinkers back together, tossed in Jaynes work on consciousness, contemporary physics and cosmology, revolutionary biological research and the computer chip and NT was born. With an in your face aggressive take no prisoners attitude it's no wonder he and NTP chose an unusual method of marketing. NT is not a philosophy. It has a philosophical component which is Oism. But NT is much more. It is a widely integrated action oriented "technique".

E.B.,, 12/2/98
I'm a 27-year-old man seeing the world on the dawn of a new age! Those people who refuse to see the world in any other light then the one they have been taught by Neocheaters should open their minds to the most enlightening, amazing and thought provoking revaluation to date. If you don't believe in what Neo-Tech is saying, at least use the information on life, love and money to improve your self!

J.A.,, 12/2/98
The best book I have ever reed

J.T.,, 12/2/98
To have available, this kind of valuable information for self development and promotion of a better life for all, and to throw it away because it offends your sensibilities is saddening to say the least. This is an opportunity for all to evolve into the higher state of being we have to be destined for. To throw it away means to waste a chance at becoming more complete than you have ever previously been.

D.S.,, 12/2/98

D.C.,, 12/1/98, Japan
I own Neo Tech and really love the information. It has helped me tremendously! I hope more people are awakened by your information, so keep up the great work.

K.P.,, 12/1/98
I think the web site is fantastic.

November 1998

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