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J.P.,, 11/30/98
The Internet gives everyone empowerment to stop believing and start knowing. Neo-Tech and the Internet can eliminate authoritarianism and regulation giving everyone the freedom to knowledge. Honesty is absolute as is wisdom.

R.P.,, 11/29/98
Thanks for your philosophical work on making the world more coherent.

R.P.,, 11/28/98
Amazing stuff-- I'm thrilled with your explanation of the Illuminati.

T.S.,, 11/28/98
The very identification of Neo-Cheating, (theism, politics of envy, guilt advocates, scarcity advocates, end-of-the-world proponents, and others), makes it possible to move beyond their nonsense and experience a new universe of previously unimagined prosperity, health, wisdom, and happiness with Neo-Tech.

T.E.,, 11/28/98
I feel blessed to have neo-tech. The fact that it is not being distributed to clergy, attorneys and others like judges etc. makes me feel even more special.

D.B.,, 11/28/98
We have had the Neo-Tech and God-Man manuscripts for about 3-4 months now. We have read the entire manuscripts of both, parts more than once. We are very excited in the coming new-world.

A.A.,, 11/28/98
Very interesting. neo-tech does not require belief in anything. The emphasis on value-producing rather than value-taking is good. I like the values of neo-tech. The value that misleading others is wrong is sorely missing from our society.

Y.S.,, 11/27/98, Indonesia
I like to visit this site to follow progress in Neo-Tech concept and to gain ever more complete understanding. I am practically on myself here, as the others are still wallowing in the upside down civilization. They are frightened each time I try to introduce them to Neo-Tech.

P.A.,, 11/27/98
I think it is about time that someone stood up and tried to enlighten the masses. I had no idea what was being put into my mind. I thank you for this info.

E.D.,, 11/27/98, Ghana
lam very happy to become a neo-tech person. l have no words to say but its great.

B.P.,, 11/27/98
This is some of the most thought provoking information that I have ever come across. What a coincidence that I once worked for Dr. Wallace when he manage the dupont plant in Louisville, Ky in 1980. It is really nice to see how much Neo tech has expanded since I first was introduced to it. It has greatly helped me to see my way clear in so many ways in life.

R.S.,, 11/27/98
When I was growing up, I found a big, black book about Neo-Tech. I read it from cover to cover and studied it. My parents got a hold of it and I never saw it again. Since then, I have searched for truths. I have read many Ayn Rand and Robert Heinlein books. I am a strong atheist and libertarian. This Neo-Tech information is powerful and valuable! It can free people from the oppression of others! I think this web site should remain and expand in order to help people see the truth.

C.C.,, 11/26/98
neo-tech is absolutely incredible! I can't think of a perfect enough word to describe it. I'm thirsty for any and all knowledge neo-tech can provide me with! I can't get enough!

Patricia L.,, 11/26/98
I have been a reader of Neo-Tech for a couple of years now. It has literally changed the way I look at myself and this upside down world we all live in!

C.P.,, 11/25/98
It's intellectually challenging.

P.W.,, 11/25/98, United Kingdom
Your literature has helped me survive in hostile environments and certainly been an aid to being happy. I have seen, the past 10 years, that all you say about power thieves is absolutely and honestly correct. The majority of people go along and are pacified with this and get rude or bored if you mention the facts. I ask people what is the definition of a slave and how much will it take before they realize that Orwell's 1984 has arrived. And the torture description in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is upon us.

C.R.,, 11/24/98
Neo-tech has become my favorite site on the web. I can't imagine someone not learning from it. I believe the people running this site are doing a valuable service for the internet.

P.D.,, 11/23/98
An excellent and advanced idea of how and why the world works. I will spread the word.

Debbie M.,, 11/23/98
I was recently heartbroken by my boyfriend of 2 years that I trusted very much. I recognized in myself that I was afraid to care about anyone. I was searching for fear in relationships and found your site. I now realize I was blaming my boyfriend for making me afraid of relationships. With the help of articles from your site I feel I can now move past this experience and get on with my life. Perhaps this is not the type of feedback you expected but nonetheless, positive feedback about your site.

M.A.,, 11/22/98
Neo-Tech must remain on the web. That is how are we are going to collapse mysticism, see the fall of the anti-civilization, and achieve commercial biological immortality.

R.W.,, 11/22/98, South Africa
Surely there is no doubt. Honesty cannot be suppressed and must be at the bleeding edge of information dissemination/accessibility.

L.L.,, 11/22/98, Canada
This info is assisting me quite nicely with my re-discovery process. I LOVE being me NOW!!! I've turned my back on value-destroyers and continue to focus on something that has and always will be innate to me, producing value for others and consequently myself.

M.P.,, 11/19/98
I think Neo-Tech's presence on the web serves a valuable Public service. Irrationality has to be challenged. If it isn't, it becomes the standard.

R.R.,, 11/19/98
Your site and information is truly fascinating and awakening.

H.I.,, 11/19/98
Best thing I have ever read.

R.C.,, 11/17/98
Thank You for blowing the lid off of mysticism.

R.J.,, 11/17/98, Australia
The information blows me away after reading only half of the Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower) I am starting to feel much more in control of my life and believe that this feeling will continue to increase, and as a result, it will produce ever more amazing results in my life.

J.R.,, 11/17/98
I have made amazing breakthroughs in my personal & work life because of FRW, MH, ES N-T & the Neo-talk list. THANK YOU!!! Mysticism that has blocked my integration's (all of my life!) have been eliminated! Because I've integrated the N-T information into my life, the pieces to the puzzle have *snapped* into place, showing me the bigger picture. This has helped me through issues w/rationalizing, communicating & emotions. The information I have gained from reading many N-T books, doing research on the internet & subscribing to the Neo-talk group has lead to the happiest I've EVER been in my life! The forum of the Neo-talk group, however, has been the catalyst to my breakthroughs to happiness -- from the flame wars, to the great dialogues, to the neocheaters -- I've learned. THANK YOU MR. WALLACE!!

W.L.,, 11/16/98
I believe Neo-Tech should be distributed free of charge like the bible in every hotel room and for anyone who requests the volumes so that it can spread like Christianity.

Sheila W.,, 11/16/98
Wonderful site...this is just what I have been looking for.....

M.C.,, 11/16/98
Keep up the good work! Set the people free from the shackles of guilt & mysticism,

N.P.,, 11/16/98, Austria
Why cant people accept the concept of thinking for themselves and not relying on exterior forces to direct their life?

Anon.,, 11/14/98
Thank you for your interest and effort to help others sort out problems with your material. It helped me to get a handle on my emotions and make a serious decision about where my relationship was going and whether or not to end it. I hated being indecisive like straddling a fence. I had to make up my mind to get on one side of the fence or the other, but stop riding the fence! Thank you much.

C.M.,, 11/14/98
Ayn Rand? The greatest mind of at least this century (including Einstein since I believe her work will in the long run be more important). Frank R Wallace? Possibly the greatest mind alive: his refinements and further discoveries will continue to liberate and emancipate human beings from the triple oppression of gods, government and guilt and allow them for the first time since early childhood to experience the wonderful realization that might be summed up in the words, I AM THE GOD OF MY OWN LIFE AND EXISTENCE, I CONTROL EVERYTHING THAT PERTAINS TO ME, AND THERE IS NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE HIGHER OR GREATER THAN I.

A.J.,, 11/14/98
very advanced and clear thinking.

Melanie R.,, 11/12/98
Reading Neo-Tech is already changing my life in a positive way.

L.J.,, 11/10/98, South Africa
From what I have read so far it seems that this site is trying to save people form their ignorance. How can one soar with eagles when you got your head buried in the ground like an ostrich. Keep up the good work.

S.S.,, 11/10/98
I recently purchased God Man and I found it the most Interesting book of all times. I cant even begin to thank you for the most exciting and worthwhile information I have ever read. I feel at one with my self and with others. I am a much happier person, and a great deal more confident. I'm looking forward to reading any and all your literature. Thank you for putting a stop to all the neocheaters of the world.

K.D.,, 11/9/98
I am a research engineer (basically a technician) and have been thinking about how to get ahead and claim my own power over the BIG BOSSES that I have had to work for that are interested in only in their own welfare. Well Neo-Tech has given me some useful info and will either lead to a better position where I am or to reevaluating what I am doing and moving on to a happier more productive live.

M.S.,, 11/9/98, Canada
To survive in this world of ours is sometimes almost impossible without the proper guidance and help from sources that you can trust. I received my first copy of NEO-TECH in 1985 and it was an eye opener. I totally trust NEO-TECH.

R.E.,, 11/9/98, Canada
This is medicine for the mind. I obtained my copy in May of 98, and lost many nights of sleep, because I could not put it down. It has changed my life. Even in the eyes of others.

P.P.,, 11/6/98
Every human being on this planet should be able to see the vision that Neo-Tech promises. The world will be a perfect place to live once everyone realizes the power of Neo-Tech

S.S.,, 11/6/98
Neo-Tech comes closer to what we as individuals should strive to attain for ourselves and our existence than any religion in existence. Thanks for taking the time to develop this web site and maintaining it.

M.T.,, 11/4/98

K.S.,, 11/4/98
FINALLY, THE TRUTH!!! I have never believed in 'God' as taught by the neocheaters, but until I read your revelation, I did not know why. I have also have not voted for the past 20 years, not due to laziness, but due to my unexplained dislike for politics. Now, I know: WHY, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE and HOW. Thank you!!!

R.A.,, 11/3/98
Neo-tech is vital information for everyone and anyone who is interested in embracing new ideas for growth both intellectually and spiritually.

Beth R.,, 11/3/98
Congratulations on 12 years of outcompeting God and Government following the attack on your writing and research center. Thanks to all the staff at Neo-tech Publishing for making my transformation(and millions of others) possible. Ignorance once dispelled can never return -- thank you for 'popping' my mystical bubble and waking me to life before my life slipped away. May the memory of November 3rd live on forever.

Pamela H.,, 11/2/98
Wow, I'm beyond words once more. Every time I come to this site my heart and soul come to a new life. Things become so clear and my thinking finally finds true answers. I continue to search for truth in this world and I seem to find truth in what you reveal and teach. Thank-you!

L.S.,, 11/1/98
I received Neo-Tech a little over three days ago already I am starting to see where I went wrong all those years ago I practiced mysticism for a very long time to no great ends). Neo-Tech is helping me understand how to become a 'value producer' and I have since denounced all of my ties to the 'mystic lie'.

October 1998

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