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E.T.,, 12/31/02
The best book I have ever read.

J.R.,, 12/31/02
As a former Objectivist, I struggled with the Neo-Tech concepts. It took several readings of 'The Neo-Tech Discovery' for me to fully absorb its NT's impact on my consciousness, but I kept coming back to it again and again. Now, having read deeper into th e Neo-Tech/Zonpower literature (including 'Escape from Crash Hell'), I cannot escape the conclusion that NT represents a quantum-leap beyond Objectivism; it is the most incredible wisdom I have ever come across and is simply ingenious in the way it presen ts fully integrated honesty, consequently boosting one's self-esteem and productivity. I am convinced that NT constitutes the blueprint for the next step in Man's evolution, and I am eagerly looking forward to the further insights and integrations to be r elated in the forthcoming NT/Zon publications announced in 'Escape from Crash Hell.' No words of mine can begin to express my personal appreciation for your brilliant achievements on behalf of all who seek to realize the highest life-affirming values. All I can say is that you have my deepest admiration and gratitude. I wish you continued supreme success in all your future ventures!

L.W.,, 12/30/02
I'm riveted, very insightful.

W.Y.,, 12/29/02
Fascinating web-site. Very enlightening.

M.G.,, 12/27/02
Neo-tech open my eyes and now I see the truth about this harsh world and that is priceless knowledge.

C.C.,, 12/27/02, United State Of America
I am still in shock that everything that I was brought up believing could be fake. I am still at a state of confusion, but, open to the knowledge.

G.G.,, 12/27/02
I want a list of book titles available for purchase. Excellent web site!

J.M.,, 12/26/02
I love having the information of my Neo Tech Manual available at my finger tips while I work. I am able to absorb the information a lot better having access to it at both home and office. Thank you for keeping the site live.

R.J.,, 12/26/02
A joke is not understood, until you hear the punch line and sometimes you don't get it! Neo-Tech is not understood, until you read, experience, see, hear, feel and try every word from all the Neo-Tech writers and all the comments, from all over the world and then use your own educated integrated mind to find 100% HONESTY!!! Look back on your life only! You were given no free choice! You were told everything by some one, What to do! When to do it! Where to go to school! What to learn by teachers that were told what to teach you! Neo-Tech will never, never, never go away!!! BUT Dishonesty from all walks of life, will fade away, sooner than you think!!! You can help by spreading NEO-TECH or you can set by and procrastinate. You must Read and take action to l ive and prosper as you were meant to.

S.W.,, 12/25/02
Neo-Tech has helped me to see the world that I knew that I could be a part of. I love F.R.W, his work allowed me to break through, his honesty has saved my consciousness. I cannot thank you with a trillion tongues.

D.R.,, 12/24/02
Until I found this web page I never understood why the world was designed to be so hard to live in, now I see that it is really all just a ploy to keep us from continually evolving and the true un-need for controlling each other.

J.I.,, 12/24/02
Survival Pressures Identified; Answer The-Call! The purpose of humankind is to benefit the social economic organization of living existence, and to control the planetary forces of nature, right here on planet earth, and right now, at this time in our evol ution. The "ancient secrets" have revealed that rational, poor, and unsuccessful people have been robbed, diminished, and cheated, out of this evolutionary opportunity by irrational authorities. Therefore; as a result, these irrational authorities have ap pointed themselves as our sacrifice, and our front-line defense, against the "first waves" of disaster and devastation. Human extinction is at risk because of our industrialized, biological, and nuclear waste has altered the natural order of our ecology, and these alterations have created our own survival pressures. Because we have this ability to alter the status-quo of our ecosystem, all control over existence and the forces of nature is now relinquished to the capability of human-consciousness. For bet ter or for worse, this slow and gradual transition is uponn us, and someone must answer this call: Who among you can stop the disasters created by pollution and global warming? Who among you can stop the devastation of war and global terrorism? This call must be answered, "NOW," by the irrational rich and successful authorities, or they must relinquish the hope of all humankind to Neo-Tech.

B.M., ., 12/24/02
Incredible. I was raised a Mormon and therefore am very comfortable with the idea that ordinary humans can rise to become Gods. Yet to have this idea laid out in such a scientific fashion, in simple stories and explanations without all the 'thou shalt' m entality clouding the experience is something so new, so fresh and so concrete that I hardly can explain it. I've read and read again a lot of Neo Tech literature. This is the best.

S.S.,, 12/20/02, United Kingdom
Let the Neo-Tech web-site flourish, with its interesting and enlightening ideas. It is clearly a place from which positive lessons can be learned.

J.R.,, 12/19/02, Canada
Absolutely great thinking model.

A D Alborough,, 12/19/02, South Africa
Neo-Tech is the way forward.

V.J.,, 12/18/02
I refer people to this site all the time.

l.v.,, 12/17/02
I love it.

C.R.,, 12/17/02
It is a great reminder of how important it is to think for ourselves. This site provides me with concise and well written thoughts that help me gather and express my own thoughts.

Y . Hussain,, 12/17/02
The ideas and reasons given are awe inspiring-especially the premise about religion. I find your material so profoundly motivating for change -- it is incredibly different.

,, 12/17/02
neo-tech ought remain as a obelisk for the ages to wonder.

S.C.,, 12/17/02
Neo-Tech has opened a new door for me.

Louis T.,, 12/16/02
The greatest 'discovery' of all time!!! My life has drastically turned around in a very short period of time. I was doubtful that this would really work, but I was shocked to find out that not only does it work, it works much greater than you even say! Th ank you so so so much Dr. Wallace and the rest of NTP!!!

D.S.,, 12/15/02
Incredibly powerful material.

O.A., ., 12/14/02, Nigeria
Honesty is the word. Neo-tech truly has powers beyond your imagination.

G.O.,, 12/11/02
Without Neo-Tech there is no chance for survival. I am looking forward to The Civilization of the Universe. Also waiting for our Neo-Tech President. Thanks for all your valuable information about latest developments. There is so much to learn from Neo-Tec h.

V.V.,, 12/9/02
I believe that Neo-Tech is the way of and to the future. We need Neo-Tech now more than ever to show us the true path to wealth and happiness.

r.w.,, 12/7/02
I love the information contained in this material. It has helped me understand some events that have occurred in my life and has provided many options to consider as to the new direction my life will take. I feel that in time this new feeling of self-empo werment, that realizing my dreams of the future will have a solid and powerful impact on my success as an individual, husband, father, and future business owner.

D.C.,, 12/6/02
I have been fortunate to have had neotech material for about 3 years, these books have opened my eyes to the deceptions that are perpetrated on us continually by neocheaters. There is no other information source that I know of to learn the real truth abou t our 'institutions'. I had 40-some years of deceptions foisted upon me to usurp my power, and neotech is the most powerful antidote I have found. I believe someday, Dr. Wallace, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Savage will be recognized as some of the greatest thinkers of all humankind. Keep up the good work!

J.H.,, 12/5/02
Frank Wallace has discovered the answer for what I consider to be the most important search in anyone's life; the discovery of self.

S.P.,, 12/5/02, uk
Exciting, wonderful stuff, lets leave this anticivilization once and for all, and welcome reality and happiness as quickly as possible. Praise NT

D.B.,, 12/4/02
I want the access, However I'm not sure everyone should have access.

R.S.,, 12/3/02
Very positive and inspiring work. I received my manuscript about 13 years ago. My life as taken a positive turn ever since then. The faucet of Cash, health and prosperity never stops flowing.

m.h.,, 12/2/02
I love your poker section.

N.T.,, 12/2/02, Canada
words wont express my gratitude to all involved, but thanks just the same. This backwards-assed human race we call 'civilization' desperately needs Neo-Tech. This site should definitely remain on the web.

E.S.,, 12/2/02, U.S.A
I love the Book it open my eyes 100 %.

M.M.,, 12/1/02, Germany
I think that Neo Tech is the single most important work of literature to be available to the public, ever. I truly know, in the very core of my being that this is the right way forward. At least for me. I read and re-read my manuscript often and have owne d it for a few years now.

M.D.,, 12/1/02
I have found reading the books to be a life changing experience. A very powerful tool for shaping ones future view of life. I know it has mine. When I look at my life their are two chapters, before Neo Tech and after Neo Tech.

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