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G.W.,, 6/30/97
I first heard of Neo-Tech through Alan Grant's 'Anarky' comic (the reading list in back is a great idea). My first impression of the site was of the incredible amount of information it contained. My first day on I read through 'Zonpower from Cyberspace' and was very impressed. A first-class site all around.

H.R.,, 6/29/97, Germany
It is quite astonishing, a new world.

A.B.,, 6/29/97, Russia
This is great, keep going

A.C.,, 6/29/97
Stay on the web? You bet! Go for it! Take over cyberspace.

D.D.,, 6/28/97
I am an avid reader, and I must say that the Neo-Tech/Zon information is the most integrated, realistic, powerful collection of literature and philosophy that I have ever encountered, or been exposed to. It totally shatters the misconceptions and outright, deliberate lies and B.S. that are, in many cases, purposely propagated by the `powers that be.' It gives the average person a way to truly understand what is really taking place on planet Earth. The world seems to be in a deep freeze, and most people are fast asleep, having no idea of what is happening, and how the world is changing so rapidly. This web site is a great way to introduce people to the NT/Zon concepts. Most people will not ever hear about NT/Zon, but will still be affected by it. I think that eventually, a critical mass of people will start a cascade of rationality and production that will not be able to be ignored by the backwards anti-civilization inhabitants, and then, the anticivilization will be left behind forever. I would like to thank everyone at the NT/Zon center for their work and dedication to the eradication of mysticism and neo-cheating.

M.G.,, 6/28/97, United Kingdom
Thought provoking Web-site, provides the mind with ideas that will change the essence of the current world ideology.!!

P.P.,, 6/28/97, Malaysia
I am using Neo-Tech every day in every way. Thank you for keeping this knowledge alive and please continue making it accessible to as many people as possible.

P.R.,, 6/28/97, United Kingdom
Your ideas are extremely valuable and liberating. Please continue with your campaign to vanish the parasites and scum who leech off the honesty and effort of business-oriented people.

P.C.,, 6/27/97, Germany
It's really fascinating to me.

B.H.,, 6/27/97
I am astounded as to how weird some of the writings seem but how much I realize that I actually agree with everything I'm reading. My mind is in a tizzy at this point and I'm anxious to hear/read much more.

M.H.,, 6/27/97

N.T.,, 6/27/97
I have prospered by integrating and using this knowledge. I have seen the predictions of a neothink mind unfold and see the coming of the new age rapidly approaching.

M.C.,, 6/26/97
Mysticism is truly useless. Let us all pursue its extinction immediately! Neo-Tech flows through my mind unblocked by mysticism! I am Zonpower. My children will be Zonpower. My business is Zonpower. My new international business hyperstructure will deliver Zonpower into the hands of 100 million individuals. The end of the irrational/mystical is here!

J.W.,, 6/26/97, U.S.A.
As I read, I can feel myself gaining in power and strength. I am hungry for more.

J.S.,, 6/26/97, Finland
All I can say is WOW! So motivational, I know that this will be one of my primary sites in the future, I will visit you often.

J.W.,, 6/25/97
YOUR INFO IS POWER. KEEP IT UP! Love to read the stuff you have on your site. IT'S ADDING TO MY MIND AND MAKING ME RICHER!

S.N.,, 6/25/97, U.S.
Free Your mind through Neo-Tech, and your soul shall follow. Unleash your unrealized powers with Neo-Tech. I love the values put forth through Neo-Tech.

C.G.,, 6/25/97, Germany
I love Neo-Tech material. Great stuff.

H.N.,, 6/25/97, New Zealand
Go Neo-Tech. Free Dr. Frank Wallace from the criminally insane parasitical elite so he can continue his incredible work. All value producing individuals and Neo-Tech readers must support Dr. Wallace in order to collapse mysticism and to enhance freedom and prosperity for all value producing individuals.

D.B.,, 6/25/97
Neo-Tech is valuable information that can help people transform their lives. Over the past two years I have scrutinized the information contained in the Neo-Tech Zonpower package. It has supreme value to those that apply it to their lives.

Z.M.,, 6/25/97, Malaysia
It is just the best philosophical ideas I ever came across.

E.S.,, 6/24/97, South Africa
I read through chapter 1-5 of Zonpower last night and was surprised and amazed by the information I found there. Finally something that makes me think.

T.L.,, 6/24/97
I would like to thank every one who helped bring out Neo-Tech. In a metaphorical sense, it has turned me right-side-up in an up-side-down world. Without it I would be terribly confused about everything but with it, I have much WORTH IN MY SELF and a very controlled sense of direction and lots of self-esteem. Thanks! Oh yah, I'm only 23 years old.

J.S.,, 6/24/97
`Fascinating!!!' as Spock would say. I feel like I found a gold mine. I look forward to reading more to find out who put all this wisdom together. I love the vocabulary and perspective on this web page.

J.Q.,, 6/24/97, United Kingdom
The best and most valuable information I have ever read. Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton and Eric Savage are worthy of a Nobel prize at least.

J.Q.,, 6/24/97, United Kingdom
It is an eye opener and the most valuable data I have ever seen.

J.C.,, 6/24/97
Thanks for what I estimate to be the world's most intelligent web site. There could be no more important and valuable site on the web. Thanks for assisting me in changing the world...NT forever.

V.C.,, 6/24/97, Uganda
Very well created. Keep up the good work!

C.W.,, 6/23/97, Monaco
I am very enthusiastic about what you guys are trying to achieve. I would like to complement you on an excellent Web Site and your efforts to bring about the Prosperity Revolution.

S.P.,, 6/23/97, Malaysia
Giving hope to life, and living life to our fullest potential. This is what I think describes Neo-Tech best. For there is no LIFE without hope, just mere existence.

K.P.,, 6/23/97
I have been reading and gradually integrating with Neo-Tech concepts since May 1993. Neo-Tech was THE pivotal point in my life. No longer could I look to some undefined, even unknowable heaven as my sole point of light to focus on in the vast darkness; now, I know fully that a.) my life is MY responsibility alone, b.) only I can decide to enter and prosper from or avoid and be out competed by the Neo-Tech World, and c.) the Neo-Tech World is worth holding out for.

My thanks to all Neo-Tech employees who unswervingly seek to bring Neo-Tech literature to the whole of the human race, but most especially to Dr. Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton for originating the basic Neo-Tech ideas and making them accessible to all who seek such knowledge. I am currently working on what I consider to be a Neo-Tech album and look forward to the time when I will be able to work side by side with all of you in the battle to end mysticism and bring about the Civilization of the Universe on this planet.

R.J.,, 6/23/97, Spain
The search engine is a marvelous way of looking up the vast amount of material published.

C.A.,, 6/23/97, United Kingdom
This is one of the most powerful sites that I have come across on the web, excellent

S.Z.,, 6/23/97, United Kingdom
I was first introduced to Neo-Tech in 1989 -- since which I have held the philosophy with the deepest respect. Not one to take anything for face value, placing the concepts into action has produced a degree in mechanical engineering, straight into business in 1992, successfully sold out in 1996, and now committed to a direct-mail computer software business turning over UK[sterling]700,000 per year. I possess a powerful skill to test new boundaries and the business hence grows at accelerating speed while focus on the means allow the ends to take care of themselves. I feel so intensely for people who go through life not realizing their potential, indeed the accurate perception of the new civilization which will come, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. Everything in my life revolves around a central core of strength that is Neo-Tech. Thank you sincerely.

J.T.,, 6/23/97, Venezuela
Neo-Tech is invaluable.

G.S.,, 6/23/97
You have some important insights that the mystic-minded people need to get well.

P.C.,, 6/23/97
Don't you dare pull this site off the web. It's great. Keep up the good work and don't allow the statists and envy peddlers to intimidate you.

G.P.,, 6/22/97
It is my hope that the whole world eventually gets a chance to read the wisdom contained within these documents. Transformation of the entire consciousness structure would result and the world would irrevocably be
uplifted from its dark and dismal plight.

D.T.,, 6/22/97, Nepal
Neo-Tech is the right thing for people to live totally free. Neo-Tech will pervade over all in the next century.

J.B.,, 6/21/97
I believe it does an excellent job of exposing the deeply rooted problems of our civilization. I was extremely pleased to find you on the Web.

O.H.,, 6/21/97, Netherlands
Very informative site.

M.P.L.,, 6/21/97
I read about this site in Alan Grant's recent comic book `Anarky'

P.L.,, 6/20/97, Japan
Your site is beautifully interesting and contains power-packed knowledge.

S.L.,, 6/20/97, Australia
Very professionally done web site with indexes which makes it user-friendly.

D.S.,, 6/18/97
I think this is very powerful material that should be learned in school

M.M.,, 6/18/97
You provide infinite values for ALL in the world who want to listen and apply the keys to freedom and happiness. Thank you for reviving and catalyzing my productivity, self-protection and passion.

L.H.,, 6/18/97, Germany
I've read Neo-Tech, there is no other way of thinking and living for me.

M.M.,, 6/18/97
You provide infinite values for ALL in the world who want to listen and apply the keys to freedom and happiness. Thank you for reviving and catalyzing my productivity, self-protection and passion.

L.H.,, 6/18/97, Germany
I've read Neo-Tech. There is no other way of thinking and living for me.

T.F.,, 6/17/97, Canada
Your web site is a killer. My life is getting better.

M.L.,, 6/17/97
This site is a wondrous abode of the finest facts that are necessary for living on Earth. Without this site, I would have spent much of my life attempting to discover reality.

M.S.,, 6/16/97
Very interesting and thought-provoking.

Z.D.,, 6/16/97, England
I think your site is a great asset to the Internet.

D.C.,, 6/16/96, Canada
The site is good. Very important to human kind.

M.L.,, 6/16/97
Neo-Tech seems to be the realization and result of ultimate truth i.e. justice. Leaving Neo-Tech on the web will allow more people to find the truth instead of spending their entire life in search of it.

R.E.,, 6/16/97
You offer the self to anyone who will listen and use their mind.

J.B.,, 6/15/97
Neo-Tech is the first step in the direction to create a totally free world society.

D.T.,, 6/15/97, Nepal
Neo-Tech is preparing me for the 21st century, with factual information that is really helping me.

R.S.,, 6/15/97
Outstanding! Finally, a no-holds-barred guide to practical living.

C.I.,, 6/14/97, United Kingdom
The Neo-Tech site IS by far the most valuable site on the web.

S.H.,, 6/14/97
NT has really helped me understand who I am. Now I am better able to control my life, to live happily and successfully! Thanks NT, I waaas lost, but now I'm found.

D.E.,, 6/13/97
I am in constant pursuit of self-development and financial improvement. Neo-Tech is very informative and enlightening, refreshing and direct.

Shannon S.,, 6/13/97
This site is a great help to people.

N.G.,, 6/13/97, United Kingdom
The only way for the survival of human kind.

J.V.,, 6/13/97
Thank you for Neo-Tech, my life has changed drastically.

Lynn A.,, 6/12/97, Canada
This is powerful stuff, the stuff dreams are made of. Imagine the opportunities for those who embrace change and not fear it. This really is the new frontier for those with the vision to see it.

Z.S.,, 6/12/97, England
I have been searching the Web for months, looking for a site that gives useful, important information. I think your site is great.

D.P.,, 6/12/97
Neo-Tech has helped me think much clearer and I am doing much better in my business.

U.L.,, 6/12/97, Costa Rica
Power to the Value Producers!!

J.G.,, 6/12/97
I know that I want to live for 100 or 200 years and only the philosophies of Neo-Tech will power societies and encourage economic values to a point where we will be able to survive that long. Mysticism brings down advancement by stopping people from doing
things that seem `godlike' (i.e. cloning).

J.Y.,, 6/11/97, Philippines
Neo-Tech helps people in their daily struggle for survival. More power and long live Neo-Tech!

C.B.,, 6/11/97
I am enthralled, enamored by this wondrous/awesome system of knowledge.

J.E.,, 6/10/97
The views expressed in Neo-Tech are both interesting and bold. Neo-Tech could definitely be the radical step needed to project our society to the next level.

K.T.,, 6/10/97
Your web site is clearly the best value I've encountered. Your thinking is bold and revolutionary.

J.L.,, 6/10/97, Singapore
Well done! The articles in your web site are extremely practical, catering to the needs of many.

R.O.,, 6/9/97
Neo-Tech will be my `guide' back to the singleness of purpose I once had. Only now, I know I am not alone, a `voice in the wilderness'.

J.R.,, 6/9/97, Mexico
I find Neo-Tech amazing and interesting.

J.D.,, 6/9/97, Australia
Knowledge of the caliber that you disseminate should be spread by all possible means. Although not everyone is ready for its vast implications, everyone needs it desperately. Stay on the net at all costs.

C.D.,, 6/9/97
The Web Site is very impressive. I like how easy it is to obtain the information. I have visited this site four times now and each time I find some very, very interesting points.

G.A.,, 6/8/97
I was looking for a great page like this one for long time.

G.U.,, 6/8/97
All of the information on this site has had, and will continue to have, a profound impact on my life, and the lives of those people in society that I come in contact with.

S.S.,, 6/8/97, Indonesia
It is a nice and helpful web site.

Aainaa R.,, 6/8/97, Malaysia
I must commend on a simple yet very effective mode of communication. Bravo!

L.H.,, 6/7/97
Very readable and understandable, I have learned a lot from it.

G.S.,, 6/7/97, United Kingdom
This web site is an invaluable source of information to any person wishing to lead a happy, successful life.

A.D.,, 6/7/97, Australia
It really made me think. I have taken some remarkable steps and made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot. Now, I travel the world, expand my awareness, and make a good living.

S.M.,, 6/7/97, South Africa
Very interesting information , keep it up.

M.G.,, 6/7/97, South Africa
I like the thorough indexing.

S.O.,, 6/6/97
The information is refreshing and very useful. This site is now my favorite and will be visited frequently.

Carlie.G.,, 6/6/97
By finding this site, I have found a new insight to a lot of different subjects.

J.M.,, 6/6/97
I am extremely glad I came across this information. I will apply it to my life.

K.J.,, 6/6/97
Thanks again for your awesome information and exalted quest.

S.J.,, 6/6/97, Turkey
I just began reading your site a few days ago. Even in this short period it has added happiness to my life.

L.L.,, 6/6/97
The short time I spent at this site has really given me a new insight.

R.S.,, 6/5/97
What I have read is truly powerful. More people need to be exposed to these ideas.

Lindy H.,, 6/5/97, Canada
Excellent site, if only every person with access to a computer could be able to explore it. So much truth is portrayed here. I will endeavor to steer as many people as possible to this site.

I.V.,, 6/5/97, Australia
The ideas and topics you raised are quite fascinating.

D.A.,, 6/5/97
This is the Greatest Site on the Web because it provides the vision of Hope and light. The ONLY elegant solution to all human problems!

J.A.,, 6/4/97
I found this web site very interesting and informative. I have already told my friends to read this web site.

K.A.,, 6/4/97
If the gov't is trying to censor this literature, then it must be good.

Z.Z.,, 6/4/97, People's Republic of China
It's exciting to read.

Marilyn O.,, 6/4/97, Australia
Neo-Tech is a fantastic concept and I fully support it. I can't stop reading it.

J.M.,, 6/4/97
Your site can help thousands. It is well prepared and easy to
receive. Thank You.

J.K.,, 6/3/97
If these ideas are put into practice, success is guaranteed. I urge everyone to read this with an open mind.

P.W.,, 6/3/97
I believe that you are doing important work on this web site and I applaud your efforts. Finally someone has something rational to say and a real solution to so many problems in this country and world-wide.

R.D.,, 6/3/97
I know your site will help me accomplish my business and life goals.

T.A.,, 6/3/97
I must thank you for the knowledge I have received on this web site and I shall spread the word to others about this wonderful web site.

Milly C.,, 6/2/97
Very interesting. I hope you get it out to a lot of people. The more I read the more I think, and the more I think, the more I realize how wrong I might be about a lot of things.

A.A.,, 6/2/97
Neo-Tech is the most concise depiction of reality ever.

W.L.,, 6/2/97
This college student loves Neo-Tech. My college classmates want Neo-Tech.

A.A.,, 6/2/97
A fascinating site. It expands your mind and helps form new ways of thinking.

M.H.,, 6/2/97
This web site contains powerful ideas.

B.L.,, 6/2/97, Canada
Without Neo-Tech, who will demystify people? Seems to me that the Net is THE WAY to spread Neo-Tech info.

P.H.,, 6/2/97, Australia
What a brilliant idea the Internet is! It has become the perfect distributor for worldwide Neo-Tech knowledge. Producers of values may unite from anywhere to everywhere on our earth. LOVE IT!!!

D.C.,, 6/1/97
Neo-Tech is needed for the maintenance of a free world for everyone.

C.B.,, 6/1/97
I can only believe that sites such as yours will pave the way for the development of a new world that is not so filled with ignorance and hidden agendas.

S.K.,, 6/1/97
I'm going to use Neo-Tech. Imagine, using honesty to solve all your problems.

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