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S.A.,, 9/30/97
I purchased one of the Zonpower manuscripts. Every aspect of my life has been enhanced. Zonpower in cyberspace has no equal. Removing it would do a severe disservice to humanity.

R.H.,, 9/30/97
I've just finished reading Neo-Tech for the second time. The sense that it makes is astonishing. I can literally feel some of my internal mysticisms falling away. I now realize my own laziness and dishonesty that have plagued me in the past and hope to work hard and rid myself of these mysticisms. Thank you!!

M.C.,, 9/29/97
After years of alcohol abuse and 5 years of AA, I am looking for a new life that is objective. I never wanted to give credit to a god or anyone else for my 5 plus years of sobriety. I know I need to live a life of honesty, integrity, and guilt free life. Thank you for this important web site.

R.M.,, 9/29/97
NEO-TECH is REALITY. I only hope that one day people can see the world as it truly is and take FULL responsibility for their actions.

G.C.,, 9/29/97
Very enlightening. It is amazing how much the general public lacks the ability to see the layers of deception and deceit around them. Dr. Wallace's and Mr. Savage's works are a tribute to value producers everywhere striving to accomplishment, success, and achievement. Thank you.

D.A.,, 9/29/97, Canada
Neo-Tech is the most valuable site on the web today. Delivering health, wealth and happiness to the individual.

N.U.,, 9/29/97, Singapore
I never came across anything (information) like this before. I would like to see this site expanded.

R.E.,, 9/28/97
Neo-Tech/Zonpower is the greatest discovery since the computer itself. The two were made for each other.

Y.S.,, 9/26/97, Indonesia
Neo-Tech is the only publication that dares to speak the naked truth of the present corrupt world that readily and happily exploits the ignorance of their fellow human beings.

S.G.,, 9/25/97
Neo-Tech changed my life. The concepts I took away from reading the material are still manifesting huge changes in the way I interact with reality. I am beginning to operate my mind in an non-reacting mode whereby I feel I have the ability to effect the future. Without Neo-Tech exposing the cheaters I could never have defeated religion and the rest of the parasites to gain the freedom to think on my own.

L.P.,, 9/25/97,
This is most unusual, yet I have gained much more than enjoyment from your site.

S.D.,, 9/25/97, Canada
This inf. is amazing --I just 'ate' up the text. This site is vital to keep those of us alive who die a little every day at our mundane jobs....

C.B.,, 9/25/97
When I read idiotic messages like 'Neo-Tech will destroy our nation' I feel like I'm being held back, like someone else is trying to control me, keep me in line. I hope that Neo-Tech moves forward with their philosophy and makes further attempts to broaden the conceptual abilities of all mankind.

T.M.,, 9/24/97, Canada
It is this type of readily available information that will help expedite the collapse of the neocheating infrastructure that exists today and at the same time open the eyes of those innocents that have been the real victims.

L.K.,, 9/24/97
I love any and all work that has been done on Neo-Tech/Zonpower. I've tried the techniques and they work wonders. Keep up the great work you're doing for humanity.

T.B.,, 9/23/97
Neo-Tech has been greatly beneficial to my life. The insight that I have gained through Neo-Tech has made me feel more alive than ever. I have undergone quite a transformation!

C.D.,, 9/23/97
Without Neo-Tech we would have been completely devoured by professional neo-cheating lawyers, religious fanatics, etc. long ago. With Neo-Tech, we are living again and know that life is getting better, fuller, richer daily. Neo-Tech literally saved our lives from total destruction & enabled us to see the chaos we were so deeply involved in & showed us a way out. Neo-Tech is our bible. THANK YOU NEO-TECH!

K.E.,, 9/22/97
A brilliant, zealously optimistic portrayal of humanity's potential. An infectious masterpiece.

C.C.,, 9/22/97
To all you critics of this site, before you judge, you should judge yourself. You have to ask yourself, do I really understand this information being given to me (free I might add)? Am I really being brainwashed by the parasites of society? Am I so far gone that I don't even see the truth right in front of me? Like it or not changes are taking place, wether you understand why or not they are still going to take place. Don't you want to be part of it? Look at the world around you as you read each part of this site, and realize that its time to retool your brain for the future 'THE NEO-TECH FUTURE'

R.R.,, 9/21/97
This information has been long in coming. Any person, that is aware, will leave all those behind that are awaiting guidance from the so called higher sources.

R.B.,, 9/19/97, Holland
About 8 years ago I came into contact with your information. The volumes turned my life around. I am now a very happy self-employed human being and I travel the world doing what I like.

B.T.,, 9/18/97
All I would like to say is: 1. Your position against the IRS is right. 2. Your goal of eradicating the IRS is right. 3. Your web site can bring these 'rights' to the people. Thank you for publishing the evils of the IRS.

D.P.,, 9/17/97
As an advocate of independent thinking, hard work, and continual efforts towards personal improvement, I, and many people I associate with, find sites such as Neo-Tech a refreshing and rewarding alternative to so much of the average, unthinking material available on the web. Good Job, great stuff.

N.L.,, 9/17/97
Dear Neo-Tech, I think it is very important for this site to stay on the web. It is a great source of information for all. Within days of first reading Neo-Tech, I was able to eliminate many unnecessary things from my life. And I effortlessly began making an estimated $1000 a week. I think all anyone has to do is read this and open their minds and the possibilities are endless. I owe a lot to Neo-Tech. I would like to thank Neo-Tech for making my life so much better and allowing me to do what I only before dreamed of. I am now live a life of total happiness and am able to get anything I want in life. Thanks again

T.B.,, 9/17/97
I have long awaited this information to be available to the common person. After reading Neo-Tech, I realize that this IS the future of our world. There ultimately will be no stopping this, it has already begun. Thank you.

A.M.,, 9/17/97
There were times when I was reading that I felt like I had finally found what was missing in my life. Very enlightening.

D.W.,, 9/16/97,
An amazing discovery. Neo-Tech is a better, healthier, more exciting way of living.

M.L.,, 9/16/97, Australia
I see the changes that are occurring in this world. Neo-Tech has changed my life so much for the better. You are making a difference for the better for this world.

R.H.,, 9/15/97
I am so excited about the future and what it holds for our civilization. I'm looking forward the next World Conference and the new book from Dr. Wallace. In closing, with Bill Gates buying Webtv and wanting to put a computer with Internet access into 95 million homes, and with Webtv expanding into the international market, this partnership will further the goals of Neo-Tech and bring the world to the Civilization of the Universe. To Dr. Wallace and all the people who have worked so hard to get this vital information out, THANK YOU!

S.P.,, 9/14/97
The keys are here we just need to unlock the door.

J.H.,, 9/14/97
I can't get enough, I love reading all this stuff.

M.T.,, 9/13/97,
Neo-Tech is pure unadulterated honesty. The only people who have anything to fear from Neo-Tech are the dishonest.

S.J.,, 9/12/97
Most informative and honest site I have ever visited on the Web.

D.C.,, 9/11/97
A genuinely sincere thank you to all involved with Neo-Tech and its goal of vanishing irrationality and mysticism worldwide.

S.K.,, 9/11/97
Neo-Tech is exhilarating, and powerful! Its hard to believe the absolute honesty written within the pages. Neo-Tech leaves me stunned with the new found thoughts of myself and world!

R.W.,, 9/10/97
Neo Tech has given me the tools I've needed. ... The view through Neo-Tech eyes has removed the fog that has had me encased and shackled in this anticivilization. The view now is awesome, wide-scope and Iron Grip.

J.H.,, 9/10/97
When I bought my discovery I was 17 years old, confused and zit ridden, and working in a public park hauling garbage. I have just turned 21, and am a professional actor. I have just finished an off-Broadway play in NYC, and will be shooting my first film in November. Hail life! And thank you for exposing me to Objectivism.

M.P.,, 9/9/97
Welcome to the new world of peace and harmony!!!!!!

M.P.,, 9/9/97,
Just finished Zonpower, will take deep breath and reread. See neocheaters everywhere now. Hide the women and children (and your wallet), there are a lot of bad folks out there. Keep up the good work. Great page, lets beat the 2001 goal..... Zon here we

B.W.,, 9/8/97
For it matters not if Neo-Tech remains on the web. The seeds have been planted, germination taken root, and blossoming for all the universe to see.

L.W.,, 9/6/97
Just started reading the Zon/Neo-Tech site today and have not been able to stop. You've produced an expanded version of Rand's philosophy for the common man. Stay on the Web and spread the word. Keep the bastards in their non-productive place!

B.M.,, 9/5/97, Ireland
It is a refreshing way to look at a very clouded world

M.M.,, 9/5/97, Australia
Why shouldn't the best information in the world be available to everyone? Neo-Tech has/is and will continue to change the world. Neo-Tech has 100% of my vote because they are conducting a needed and moral service for all individuals. I constantly spread the Neo-Tech address over the Web. Down with Mystics/Neocheaters.

S.P.,, 9/5/97
Reading Neo-Tech gives me peace of mind, confidence, and self-esteem.

S.C.,, 9/3/97
The visibility of such information is needed. And more importantly WANTED. Light is best broadcast upon darkness from ABOVE...not below.

H.D.,, 9/3/97
Neo-Tech is a time bomb

M.W.,, 9/3/97
Neo-Tech saved or rather is saving my life.

J.P.,, 9/3/97
I seem to feel more calm than usual during and after I read Neo-Tech information. Most people are blind and don't understand, they just walk through life doing as the government or 'society' tells them to do. With Neo-Tech, there is understanding rather than confusion.

D.S.,, 9/2/97, England
Neo-Tech is probably the greatest single human achievement since the invention of consciousness. The change it will bring can already be felt, and I think the neo-cheaters know this. They are running scared, and with good reason. Keep on battling guys. You're the only thing that will save mankind from itself.

Anon,, 9/1/97,
It's great to know the truth

T.A.,, 9/1/97
In a world that seems to be on the verge of self-destruction, Neo-Tech offers hope. The reason Neo-Tech is so controversial is because most people cannot admit that their lives have been entrenched in a fallacy. I think that everyone should have the access to the cutting-edge information that Neo-Tech makes available. It is up to each individual to choose it or not.

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